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LESSONS FROM THE SOUL OF MOTHER MARY MACKILLOP Mmm...I did hesitate to write this article but Mary Mackillop did indicate strongly she would like it written –– ““to put things into context””. As a psychic medium and channel for the spirit world I find when a powerful spirit wishes to pass on messages it’’s very hard to ignore them! As Australia’’s first Saint, Mary lived an extraordinary life being born in 1842 in country Victoria and at a young age establishing a strict religious order for Roman Catholic Sisters with the main focus being on providing education for poor children, then continuing this work even while suffering ill health for many years before dying on 8th August 1909. Her soul energy is very strong and vibrant and it’’s easy to understand how she could be responsible for many healing miracles now. While feeling a connection with Mary and her story it was only on a recent visit to the Anglican Church at Yankalilla to pray and meditate that I connected strongly enough to channel her messages verbally. This little church has been of course known as a place of miracles since 1996 but moreso from the visitations of Mary, Mother of Christ in both energy and some physical forms and it is now recognised as a Marian Shrine. It was of course in Yankalilla that Mary Mackillop estab-



lished her first country school for poor children in 1867. MESSA GES FR OM MAR MESSAGES FROM MARYY AT YA N K A L I L L A In the message from Mary Mackillop in the church she said she wanted to tell me that she had been watching me as a healer and mainly she wanted really to say that she ““Wished she knew in her life on earth what she knows now about healing and energy from her vantage point of being in the Higher Realms.”” Upon researching her life further I couldn’’t easily find evidence of healing miracles occurring then but certainly after her death her body had to be relocated as many people took soil from around her grave believing it to be blessed or having healing powers. Certainly she was regarded as ““Holy”” while alive and so having some Powers to Heal. WRITTEN MESSAGES FROM MARY MACKILLOP ““Yes I had the power to heal but I did it at my own sufferance and I did become too ill to continue upon this earth in physical form. My Sisters too, some of them by the Power of Prayer and by Touching the Sick did heal them but again like me some did develop severe Rheumatism and

die in a sad way. ““So in spirit I want to have a different focus –– all/most children now go to school. I want to show people about the Power of Prayer to create miracles but also that we are all ‘‘Holy’’ and we can all heal ourselves. A life of pain and poverty is not one that is now necessary but it was my way in my time to avoid the problem of being seen as only seeking payment for my efforts. But how we all suffered –– the other Sisters of Joseph and me! ““You see my method of healing was to take on the pain and suffering of the sick and the poor –– I thought God would then take it from me but the energy of the sick –– and indeed the souls of some of the dead –– stayed with me. SoIi was often sad (depressed today you say) and sometimes even angry and felt powerless –– indeed I died partly paralysed. Today I still see those in the church having no understanding of energy and absorbing the pain and sickness of others. So please look at my life and see me as inspired but do not seek simply to pray to God for Deliverance and Divine Intervention. He sent you Angels and Saints (like me!) and I want you all to know my energy is available to all who ask for it now, but seek more than me. Study about the Science of Miracle Creation plus call to the Angels and Goddesses and seek to clear your energy field often of others’’ anger and pain. Seek to ensure all Souls do truly go to God and The Light –– knowing that Heaven doesn’’t really exist but beautiful realms await you if you discover the correct path there before your death.

Past Life Regression BY TONI REILLY

MOTHER MARY MACKILLOP ““I am now what Elisabeth would call an Ascended Master with great powers to heal and influence life on earth in beautiful ways. ““I will not be reborn to this earth plane –– I am here in the Light with the Goddesses Mary, Quan Yin and Isis. It is my great joy to offer my soul energy and wisdom to those in need of healing miracles. ““Blessed Be from MMM.”” ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and teaches spirit communication and healing worldwide. A former Registered Nurse she is passionate about educating people about the need for energy clearing and spirit releasement. For more information please visit

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I want to share with you some wonderful experiences I have encountered whilst facilitating past life regression workshops. I love PLR workshops! Usually everyone is a bit shy at first, but after someone gathers the courage to share the regression they have just experienced, the whole circle will share. There is a lovely element of support. There is also genuine interest in each other’’s experiences, and how those past lives relate to their present lives. The workshop begins with guidance on how to ‘‘move around’’ as a spiritual rather than physical being. We discuss how to navigate through past lives, to gather the most information possible. We also discuss notable regressions and memorable experiences that occurred during previous workshops and sessions. Many questions are answered before I even guide the par ticipants into their past lives. A memorable incident happened to a woman in her late thirties who attended a workshop in Melbourne. Let’’s call her Amanda. During the workshop I asked the group to set their intention for what they hoped to clear, then I guided them into their past lives. Whilst everyone was in a meditative state, navigating through their past life memories, I noticed that Amanda had opened her eyes. I could not talk to her until everyone else was finished, so her and I sat quietly until it was time to bring the group out of the meditation. When I asked Amanda what happened she

described seeing herself as a German soldier who was mistreating a woman. Amanda was so distraught to know that she was this cruel man she did not want to see any more, so she opened her eyes. I explained to the group that we have all been good and bad in our past lives. We have to experience all realms to develop our emotions for soul growth. When I asked Amanda what she had intended to clear through the regression, she said she started to get asthma in her mid thirties. I assured her that she needed to go back into the past life to find out more information. Her higher self would not have shown her that particular event if she were not supposed to see it. When she did, Amanda discovered that she was the woman, not the German soldier. She was an attractive Jewish woman in her mid thirties who met her death in the gas chambers. This explains why Amanda’’s asthma

Innerself Issue 21 - East West / 2010  

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Innerself Issue 21 - East West / 2010  

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