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The AGE of


2012 and The Inca Prophecies


RETREATS for Body and Soul

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THE AGE OF AWAKENING Q & A with Eckhart Tolle




THE POWER OF STILLNESS by Christo Norden-Powers


GENTLING THE MIND by Sky Shayne Innes



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THE JOURNEY OF A WOMAN by Nathalie Himmelrich



YOU ARE GOD Q&A with Wayne Dyer 23

THE YOGA JOURNEY by Katrina Smith











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ART AS THERAPY by Glenda Needs




INITIATE TOURS by Helen Gregoriou


MYSTICAL PERU by Lorraine Webb











THE JOURNEY by Mish Morski




EARTH CHANGES by Yolanda Morabito








Why are you reading this paper? Curiosity ... entertainment ... habit ... or is it love that’’s drawing you in? In truth, Love calls to each and every one of us at every turn, wastes nothing and uses everything. The time is upon us. Are we open and available to Love’’s flow or are we still waiting behind excuses... Not yet ready... not aware enough... too many other things to do. None of it is real. Love is calling... are we listening? I came across an Oasis song recently that tore my heart out... For me, the gut wrenching plea from Noel and Liam is the call for each and every one of us to move into a position of full and complete responsibility and acceptance... the words of the song breathe life into me as I hear the pain of the world moaning: Who kicks a hole in the sky So the heavens would cry over me...? Who stole the soul from the sun In a world come undone at the seams...? This agonising heart-felt plea invites the Beloved back in. And yet, lover’’s plea and the Beloved’’s response are one and the same: Let there be love... Let there be love... The chorus is both a prayer and an affirmation... an asking and an accepting in the very same breath... ““Let there be love””. I love the way that what we all seek is already, always before us... wherever we are, here it is. Rumi says it so eloquently: Lovers share a sacred decree to seek out the Beloved. They roll head over heels, rushing towards the Beautiful One Like a torrent of water. In truth everything and everyone is a shadow of the Beloved and our seeking is His seeking and our words are His words ...

It’’s this immediate. What we so desperately seek is already here, always already here... simply awaiting our acceptance. Rumi continues: We search for Him here and there, while looking right at Him. Sitting by his side, we ask, O Beloved, where is the Beloved? In realising that all we are to do is to open up and allow for the Eternal Vastness to be both our constant companion and our expression, we will ““see”” what isn’’t normally seen... we will ““know”” what isn’’t normally known... And the moment is upon us... all we need do now is stop... open... look... listen... and allow... Simply allow and here it is, in all its radiant magnificence. If you too feel Love’’s pull to deepen... honour it. Remember, it’’s not simply for yourself that this is happening, you are being called to do it for one and all... open up and be Love’’s instrument. If ever there was a time... it’’s now. Let there be love... Leo Drioli & Enza Vita

You can visit Leo Drioli’’ lo g Drioli’’ss online bblo log Reflections from Eternal Vastness at Va Relections http://leodrioli.blogspot.com


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The AGE of

2012 and The Inca Prophecies


RETREATS for Body and Soul


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The Age of Awakening QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH ECKHART TOLLE countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet. Eckhar t Tolle, Spiritual Teacher and Author was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he began to work in London with individuals and small groups as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada. Eckhart Tolle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Ear th, which are widely regarded as two of the most influential spiritual books of our time. Eckhar t’’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped

Q: Are you hopeful about an awakening of consciousness? A: Things are both getting better and getting worse. The madness is accelerating but an acceleration of the new consciousness is also coming in. However, this latter development is less apparent when you listen to the media. The media still mostly reflects what is happening in the sphere of the old consciousness. Q: Do you believe that humanity is ready for this transfo r m a t i o n? A: Yes. I see signs that it is already happening. For the first time there is a large scale awakening on our planet. Why now? Because if there is no change in human consciousness now, we will destroy ourselves and perhaps the planet. The insanity of the collective egoic mind, amplified by science and

technology, is rapidly taking our species to the brink of disaster. Evolve or die: that is our only choice now. My estimate is that at this time about ten percent of people are already awakening. This is probably enough of a critical mass to bring about a new earth. So the transformation of consciousness is truly happening even though they won’’t be reporting it on tonight’’s news. Is it happening fast enough? I am hopeful about humanity’’s future, much more so now than when I wrote The Power of Now. In fact that is why I wrote that book. I really wasn’’t sure that humanity was going to survive. Now I feel differently. I see many reasons to be hopeful. Q: Although ultimately nobody can do it for you, a teacher is no doubt helpful some would say essential during the process of awakening. What is your message to all those awakening beings who rely on you for guidance? A: Don’’t rely on me. Whoever and .A: whatever you rely on externally will let you down sooner or later. All forms dissolve, change, die, leave you. Many people feel they are being drawn to me, the ““form”” of Eckhart, but they are wrong. They confuse form with essence. When people come to a talk, an intensive, or a retreat, they don’’t come to be with me,

From Leo Drioli, editor of InnerSelf

A book to keep by your bedside

““If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit. Leo has a unique wwaa y of con et convv e ying dee deepp tr uths using simple simple,, yyet beautiful language. His words follow a direct route from the mind to the hear t, and can touc tter wwher her touchh an anyyone one,, no ma matter heree the theyy ar aree on the spiritual pa th. interna national lecturer er,, healer and writer path. th.”””” - Denise Linn, inter na tional lectur er Available from good bookstores or direct from InnerSelf for $19.95 (inc p&p). Ph 08 8396 6752

You can visit Leo Drioli's blog at: http://leodrioli.blogspot.com



www.innerself.com.au although this is how it may look on the surface. They come to be with themselves, or rather, to be themselves more fully. Something shines through the form of Eckhart, and it is one with the essence of who you are. The peace, stillness, joy or intense aliveness you feel in the presence of the spiritual teacher emanates from the one Source within yourself, inseparable from who you are at the deepest level. The teacher cannot give it to you. He or she reveals to you what is already there, within yourself. The teaching is continuously available to you through the books, tapes, videos. For those who are ready to awaken, they are just as powerful as the physical presence of the teacher. But beware of excessive attachment to these things and the constant need for more, which is not a true need but a mind-created one. One needs to see when the point has been reached where that which is helpful, that which puts you in touch with the truth of who you are, has served its purpose. Buddha had the beautiful analogy of the ““raft crossing the river”” - once you have crossed the river, you don’’t carry the raft around with you. As long as you need the raft, the teaching is there. Through the books, tapes, videos, the teaching is there in its full power, and that teaching, if you allow it, will put you in touch with the only living teacher there is: your own innermost being. But the egoic mind keeps saying: I need, I want, I must have. The mind’’s need for more is a way of avoiding and truly being with the teaching. Which is here now. Q: Does the fact that this awakening is occurring convey a sense of hope for the world? A: Yes. The question is, does the old consciousness need to carry on until it actually brings about its own downfall through chaos and collapse? Or is the new consciousness arising that can gradually replace the old consciousness without excessive destructiveness? I don’’t know the answer to that. We’’ll have to wait and see. All we can do is take responsibility for our own lives. Q: If awakening or living a life in an awakened state does not change the natural or der of things order things,, duality duality,, the tension between the opposites, what does living a life in the awakened state do? Does it affect the world, or only one’’s subjective experience of the world? A: When you live in surrender, something comes through you into the world of duality that is not of this world. Q: Does that actually change the outer world? A: Internal and external are ultimately one. When you no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear, and when there is no more fear, you think, speak and act differently. Love and compassion arise, and they affect the world. Even if you find yourself in a conflict situation, there is an outflow of peace into the polarities. So then, something does change. There are some teachers or teachings that say, nothing changes. That is not the case. Something very important does change. That which is beyond form shines through the form, the eternal shines through the form into this world of form.

7/2/2010, 12:39 PM

The Self

Transcendent & Immanent BY ISIRA If what we truly are and what we seek, already is –– if our true nature is already the liberated Self –– then why do we ‘‘need’’ to do anything –– why are we always seeking? Does this question sound familiar to you? It cer tainly is a question that I have heard on many occasions –– and it is a question worth exploring and understanding more deeply. It is a question that may lead us to a greater embrace of what it means to be spiritual. Typically each seeker is on the quest to attain awakening –– a quest to arrive at the place that is one of absolute being: freedom –– love –– oneness. The effor t to GET somewhere else implies we are trying to get away from what we are. It points to the erroneous belief that we, our self, are not what we are seeking: that somehow we need to become something else. We perceive our self and what we seek to be as separate realities. We are stuck in a mind of subjective perspectives. While we are immersed in this subjective field, all we can see is contrasting reflections –– a polarized view of the world –– so it feels and looks as if that separation is real. This is what drives the notion that we must somehow get to or return to oneness. But the ironic truth is this: we are ‘‘oneness’’ already! Therefore, we cannot attain what already is. What is the seeker supposed to think now? If this is so, why are we not truly knowing and experiencing that oneness in each and every moment? Why are we so driven by all this seeking? Existence and truth are indeed absolute. But we only experience life subjectively and relatively. Truth is considered to be something transcendent –– beyond our realm. It is thought that we must become something other to be enlightened –– or to attain the gift of oneness and divinity. We mistakenly believe that our subjective experience is devoid of the di-

vine or somehow tainted and separated from wholeness and perfection. Consequently we are forever trying to fix everything in our subjective world. We are bound to our erroneous beliefs and along with it the pain and suffering of our fears and judgments. Yet this perceived subjective realm is produced by the absolute as a field of context representing the experience of all that IS. It IS the manifesting nature of the absolute. As a manifest experience we perceive life through polarities. Our experiences are born from this dynamic state of contrasts. Without these contrasts there IS no experience. And without this apparition of duality the infinite potential of the universe cannot be fulfilled or experienced; this includes the wonder of living and feeling love, freedom, joy and oneness. If we look deeply enough we can see that we are meant to be having the subjective experience –– not attempting to transcend it. This IS the tool of God. This is the very dynamic through which God is made alive. Understanding this turns the direction of our seeking on its head. It means that instead of trying to get somewhere else –– somewhere beyond –– we can stop right where we are. We can surrender into deep presence with what IS –– right here! By surrendering with deep presence to what is simply here, we enter the state of being. And along with this ‘‘beingness’’ is a ‘‘seeingness’’ of our true nature –– a seeing of the light and divinity that is already here within us –– within each moment. That God –– the Divine –– is immanent. As we begin to witness again the true nature of our self –– of life –– we open up a state of acceptance, which allows that which IS to emerge from within us. The love, peace and wholeness that is our being radiates through us and emanates into the world around us. Through being present with what IS we begin to infuse the world with divinity. This is


what it means to be spiritual. THIS is the quest –– to infuse our life with the qualities of our true nature; to bring joy to each moment; to give love to every living thing; to feel peace with all that is; to w all IS one. be truly in our power; and to kno know Through our seeking we are driven to be consciously present and aligned with our true nature –– we regain attunement with our transcendent Self. But not somewhere else –– not in a place beyond us. Instead we make it alive, in our here and now. In each of these moments we bring the gift of true joy into the world. We fill our subjective experience with something that IS unconditional –– something that has transcended our usual limited perceptions of polarized happiness and sorrow –– the pervasive wheel of suffering –– and instead we awaken to the game of divinity within our life. As such it is not that the field of context is erased. Pain versus joy does not disappear –– but rather we see it for what it truly is –– the field of experience. Each appearing aspect IS the ONE. And in order to experience life as it is, what appears as contrasting is ESSENTIAL. When we see it in this way we are no longer in conflict with it. We release our self from our attachments and aversions and we live in a state of oneness with all as it IS. We discover that the transcendent is already present in the subjective realm of experience. So rather than trying to get out of the subjective world to get to some apparent transcendent rrealm, ealm, it is our oppor tunity to enter ever more deeply into what appears subjective in order to make the transcendent an immanent experience. We are born and created to feel the power of God –– our infinite consciousness as something which is alive. We are born to feel. We are born to experience and pursue the smorgasbord of feelings –– to partake from the bounty of endless experiences that is our very self –– our infinite self –– making itself alive in the subjective world of form. This –– the dance of the subjective world –– is the very tool of the eternal self. For this which appears subjective is never ending. Each moment emerges from the previous and falls into the next –– forever enfolded in the absolute presence of the ever constant now. It is through this that we can fulfill the experience of love that never ends. This is the gift: to be able to reach for our self –– to touch our self –– to meet and see our self from every possible angle. When we realize this we truly enter the game. We enter the mystery. We surrender the fight –– the delusional attempts to explain the mystery –– to fix it or solve it. We simply become the dance. We are transfixed as a lover of the beloved. Transfixed by the magic, the wonder, the miracle that is our Self –– alive –– alight and immanent in every moment! Isira is a universal spiritual master who embodies love, peace and liberation. It is her goal to assist in raising global consciousness. Her teachings show us the certainty of our inner power so that we can live and respond in Presence, to impact the earth and humanity positively. Her core teaching, The Presence, is a living meditation, enabling us to experience and access the power of true presence within. Isira has been presenting regularly in Australia and overseas for over twenty years and has published her extraordinary autobiography –– ““A Journey of Awakening””. Her celebrated teachings facilitate awakening through profound, practical and simple tools. For more information and program schedules visit www.isira.com or phone 02 9091 6833 or 0404 162 285




Accelerate Awakening

Mystical keys to unravelling the inner universe Retreating from the world for any length of time and deciding to practise presence allows us to focus our consciousness peacefully and inwardly to begin the spiritual journey home. We are literally lightening our load. It is important to recognise why we may desire to under take the meditative process. For some it may be to realise the transcendental or enlightened state. For others it can be to overcome habitual patterns, reduce anxiety or ease depression. Our intention is therefore crucial in determining the outcomes of this practice. Whatever our reasons, deep down we are looking to feel deeply nurtured from within and to re-establish an innocence of ‘‘being’’. It is here that freedom is truly experienced. Because our minds were conditioned, we somehow arrived at a place in space and time that became full of challenges. How could we unknowingly create something in earlier years, that later has caused us so much uncertainty and despair? This happened because we learned to adapt our behaviour and gradually became more unnatural to keep the peace. Our childlike joy was suppressed and we started to lose our energy and passion. We gave our power away and conformed to mainstream mentality. As our awareness matures, the brain does realign itself into a relaxed and conducive state allowing us to identify things in our life that have held us back. Addictive behavioural patterns such as alcoholism, drug dependence, sexual obsessions and other imbalances tend to lessen in time or disappear completely. Likewise, various mental and emotional distractions that once disturbed us can begin to leave. Once these programs in the mind are released, we create our lives from a new and exhilarating perspective. Rather than using the mind for a specific outcome, we can actually begin to observe it. If we desire to find real and lasting peace, meditation becomes a journey of insight, watching the backlog of information stored in the subconscious until it slows down and eventually ceases.

Witnessing thoughts within a field of sensation, is essential in deepening perception. During the meditative journey, there can be many thoughts. One requires absolute trust that there can be an end to unnecessary thought and this often motivates us at a certain point to seek reassurance and guidance from a proficient teacher; i.e. one who knows the journey of meditative insight from beginning to end. The role of a teacher is also to transmit a glimpse of absolute reality. As the disciple deepens, the teacher can be more revealing about the spiritual process because of the increased speed at which the seeker recognises the mind. The teacher will direct the disciple to observe the physical sensations within the body. These are manifestations of the fire, water, air and ear th elements that arise and pass away. Breath awareness is also an essential part of honing the mind. This technique keeps us grounded in the here and now. As one becomes more skilled at watching the breath, the mind progressively speeds up to maintain its own identity. My teachers encouraged me to keep practicing knowing full well that ‘‘the eternal’’ would only be fully recognized through a deeper dissolution of ‘‘my self.’’ The conscious mind is very bewildered by the idea of seeking truth, for dissolution means disappearing but not in the way the mind imagines, because it’’s actually about ‘‘coming to life’’ and the amazing benedictions that follow. To come to the recognition of real peace, meditative practice deepens over a substantial period of time. It is a continual process of being more conscious of everything that has made us unconscious and habitual in the way we behave. Obser ving thoughts, feelings and reactions are therefore an integral par t of our meditation journey. As we focus inwardly, we have the ability to surround the past with ongoing awareness. This helps us to create more balance in our lives. Now the awakening process continues and the rational part of the brain tends to have less effect in the way that it controls our response to

the world around us. In becoming more authentic, we star t to get in touch with our ‘‘being’’ and are increasingly observant and objective in the way we see things. So why meditate for an hour or two a day, or for longer periods such as on a meditation retreat? Stillness and silence support our endeavor. The journey into the psyche is mysterious and profound. At its culmination, there will be an uninterrupted, undiminished perception of oneness that exists as pure sensation. Presence is now established. The mind is bathed in silence and the body feels at ease. This enlightened state is now our true home. PeterJi is a warm and inspiring spiritual teacher. His enlightenment began in 1980 and deepened profoundly by sitting for long periods of time with Burmese teachers and Barry Long. He has since taught in Australia, Thailand and the US, incorporating both traditional practices and a 21st century practical approach to life. He inspires all to open to the benediction of meditation and loving relationship. His recently published book, ‘‘The Secret of Eternity ‘‘ has had an energetic effect on many readers. During meditation retreats, PeterJi sits with the group and offers private daily counsel with each student so they can finely tune their practice. A week with PeterJi and his partner April Mai can be life changing. For further information, visit www. peterji.com or call 07 55 350 848.


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The Power of Stillness BY CHRISTO NORDEN-POWERS We all experience what are sometimes called ‘‘moments of grace’’, when for a few seconds or a few minutes, we are transported to a different level of awareness, and see the world in a way that we may not have seen before. Those moments are the soul knocking on our door, showing us our true nature, a taste of what our lives could be, the way to the inner Self. Have you ever walked on the beach at sunset and experienced a moment of exquisite peace?

Or felt a deep inner peace, connected with nature as you walk in the bush? Perhaps you’’ve felt a deep love flowing between your soul and the soul of a friend, lover, parent or child. Have there been moments where you unexpectedly experienced a pure happiness that arises within you? Or moments of insight when you intuitively knew the answer to a problem, and the answer seemingly came from nowhere?

Maybe you have had an experience when you were able to perform some action (such as sport, exercising, work) in a state of effortless free flow, in which the quality of your performance far exceeded your normal performance. We all experience what are sometimes called ‘‘moments of grace’’, when for a few seconds or a few minutes, and sometimes longer, the mind becomes still, we are transported to a different level of awareness, and we see the world in a way that we may not have seen before. In those moments it is the same world, but different. We are still in the world, but are functioning and relating in an extraordinary way, a way that is peaceful, content, connected and loving –– and exhilarating. We are able to sense a power that is usually outside our sensory perception. And we know in those moments that it is real, tangible and intimately connected with our Being. It is the power of Stillness, the deep field of Consciousness that permeates the universe. That experience is the natural expression of who we really are. Those moments are the soul embracing us, showing us the way to the inner Self. During those moments, we are being given a glimpse of just a fraction of the extraordinary beauty and power of the Self within us, without the usual layers of conditioning that we have acquired since we entered this life. Those moments are pointers to our true nature, a taste of what our lives could be, for in those moments the deepest part of our Being is revealing itself to us. The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is simply a




slight shift in our state of consciousness that occurs at those moments. If we could capture and maintain that experience, and bring it consciously into our everyday lives, imagine how different our lives would be. Fortunately, we don’’t need to capture the experience, because it is already within us –– always has been, always will be. We don’’t experience it constantly, or at least more often, because we have forgotten how to access that par t of our Being. It is there, but it’’s covered by layers of conditioned beliefs, and our attention is diverted from it by the constant activity of our mind. However, with a little practice, we can readily access those states of consciousness. The secret is the practice of Stillness. It is not a new process. It has been around since the beginning of Creation. It is the natural way for us to be connected with our inner Self. Stillness is the nature of the higher Consciousness from which life, breath and mind arise and are sustained. By learning how to recognise and open the door to Stillness, we can tap into the source of wisdom, inner peace and contentment, and the deepest love. It is not difficult to do. Every person already has the tools available to open the door. Every breath you take, every thought you have, every action you perform is a door to the deepest experience of Self, well beyond the brief ‘‘moments of grace’’ - if you know the way in. Breath, mind and body are the natural portals to the soul. You need no longer look outside yourself. Just look within.

The state of Stillness is a profound and beautiful spiritual experience that can flow with grace to all parts of your life. Great Masters have, over the millennia, passed on the secrets of how they enter into Stillness and immerse in higher Consciousness while living in the world. This book explicitly describes, in simple language, natural techniques using body, mind, breath and awareness by which you can embrace Stillness in your everyday life. It is truly a practical book for the soul, and will fulfil you for a lifetime.

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THE 3 OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY 1 - To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour. 2 - To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science. 3 - To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in the human being.

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Christo NordenPowers has taught Stillness meditation techniques in Australia and overseas for 40 years to many thousands of people, including to executives and boards of major companies, and to Olympic athletes. His primary mission is to enable people around the world to bring Stillness into everyday life. He is the author of The Practice of Stillness: the secret to inner peace, happiness, wisdom and love . Christo conducts workshops and retreats on Immersing in Stillness , and is available for individual consultations and coaching. The book and information on the workshops, retreats and consultations are available at www.thepracticeofstillness.com


The Sydney Branch, Blavatsky Lodge has, since its inception offered Members and Visitors a wide range of activities, such as Guest Lectures, Workshops, Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi.

The word Theosophy originates from the Greek ““Theos”” and ““Sophia””, meaning ““Divine Wisdom””, and can be seen as a worldview that gives meaning to life and as a way of service that leads to peace and understanding.

literally a breath taking experience –– when for a moment the breath becomes still, the mind becomes still, and we feel a deep and profound connection between our inner being and the world and people around us. The experience comes from within. It is always within us. There is never a time when it is not with us. And with a little practice we can learn to access and maintain those transformative states while going about our normal lives. In the next issue I’’ll outline some techniques that you can use every day to enter into Stillness effortlessly. In the meantime, if you would like to practice one of the techniques, go to www.thepracticeofstillness.com and click on the Inner Self icon to hear a free recording of the technique.

the practice of

is the motto of T he T heosophical Society Society,, founded in 1875

T he Ad Adyyar Bookshop at 99 Bathurst St, near Town Hall, is owned and managed by The Society. Established in 1922, it is one of Sydney’’s oldest bookshops, carrying the largest range of authentic metaphysical literature, music & gifts..

Between each breath, thought, sensory perception and action there is a moment of Stillness, which can be readily experienced. Remember the proverb ““Take time and smell the roses””? It’’s a little bit of wisdom from long ago. The ‘‘roses’’ are the underlying power and beauty in the world around us, and within us. We pass it by at an ever increasing rate unless we stop, or pause, and notice what is really here. What is really here is what various spiritual teachers refer to as Now, Presence or Spirit. The Now is not a time frame. The Now is a field of Consciousness, in which the usual sense of separateness of every ‘‘thing’’ from other ‘‘things’’ and from ‘‘me’’ transforms into an experience of a connection with everything and, with practice, to an experience of Oneness. The field of Consciousness permeates the entire universe, and is the fabric from which our individual consciousness is woven. It is available at any time, every day, whatever you are doing, wherever you are. There are no limitations on who can access that state, or when they can access it. In fact, that state is our natural state of awareness. All that we need is a way to move from the limited awareness that we have learned to associate with everyday life, and shift to another, expanded state of awareness in which we can experience the immense power that flows from Stillness. It takes only a moment of Stillness to reconnect with that beauty and power. We know that moment of Stillness because it takes our breath away ––

This powerful double CD guides you stepby-step through the Stillness techniques, enabling you to immerse fully in the process of Stillness and connect with your inner Self. Order Now - Book and CD available at www.thepracticeofstillness.com

WORKSHOPS & RETREATS ‘The Practice of Stillness’ Workshops

2-day, non-residential workshops July – November 2010 Sydney • Melbourne • Brisbane • Canberra Learn powerful processes for entering Stillness and find inner peace, love, wisdom and happiness.

‘Immerse in Stillness’ Retreat

A 5-day residential retreat (24-28 November 2010) at a spectacular resort in the beautiful Yarramalong Valley, 70 minutes drive north of the Sydney CBD. Dive deep into the Stillness techniques and learn how to apply them in everyday situations including work, relationships, healing, and your spiritual journey. This is a Retreat you will always remember. Pamper your soul.

For more info and bookings go to www.thepracticeofstillness.com MagEastWest21.pmd


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GENTLING THE MIND BY SKY SHAYNE INNES Ancient scriptures describe two golden birds perched next to each other, one the ego and the other the Self. Your world is a reflection of yourself. If your world is full of pain and suffering, sorrow and loss, you must believe in pain and suffering, sorrow and loss. If your world is full of love and trust, you must believe in love and trust. The mind of love and trust transcends belief, returning home to its true nature. Witnessing with the awareness of the Truth transforms misguided belief to omniscient knowing. This is the universal mind, the mind of absolute love and trust. When it comes to waking up, your worst enemies are your greatest friends. To see an ‘‘enemy’’ is to see how your mind is made up, what your mind is made of. To see an enemy is to see that your mind is made of fear, resistance and judgment. The practice of witnessing gives insight to your conditioned and reactive behaviour. It meets you where you are with your very human fears and limitations, with all your judgments and all your baggage. Witnessing is gentling the mind. It is a practice intended to heal the illusion of separation. To do this the egoic mind is addressed so that the belief in separation may be surren-

dered; the mind is gentled in order for it to let go of what it is holding onto as reality. The mind identified as witness is not identified with the ego, but with objectifying it. I remember reading in Ken Wilber’’s extraordinarily wonderful book, Grace and Grit, a comment he made about Zen: ““I can tell you from personal experience that Zen has done much to let me live with my neuroses, and not much at all for getting rid of them.”” Witnessing may or may not get rid of your neuroses, but it will certainly give insight to them. And with insight we may find we can respond differently. As a spiritual practice, witnessing has been used through the ages, and is profoundly valuable for ‘‘wet wood to dry out in the sun’’. It is what the separate self can ‘‘do’’ to realise there is no doer. The witnessing mind is like a boat on the river, not landing at either side, simply watching it pass by, until it merges with the ocean of being. Witnessing is the practice of self-observation that helps us wake up from our identifications. In other words, it stops us living on automatic pilot. In witnessing I recognise what I am not! If I can see it, it cannot be me. Who is seeing it? Who is witnessing my anger, my joy, my pain? Witnessing is the state in Con-

sciousness of seeing. It is the seer. The seer sees ‘‘something’’. The eternal Subject is seeing the objects of existence. It is not pure awareness. Pure awareness is aware of what is really real. There is no subject-object relationship. There is only pure aware being. In a somewhat dualistic manner of speaking, pure aware being is Consciousness conscious of Consciousness. Witnessing is recognising what is unreal, what comes and goes. It is a practice to gentle the mind out of its identifications and judgments. It is like coaxing and cajoling your slipper from your dog’’s clenched jaw. Our minds are very rarely in a state of peace. By this I mean at ease with simply being. An ease of being. We are so used to habitual unease that we are unaware of it and consider it a normal state of being. This lack of wellbeing is overlooked because our minds are always active with something from the past or concerned with something about the future. We are very rarely ever present. In a manner of speaking, we are trapped in our mental machinations, imprisoned by our egoic mind, which is invariably struggling with something or other. Not surprisingly, there is no peace to be found in such a mind. It is only when we become the witness that we notice the underlying unease permeating most of our waking time. This is an important first step toward a true awareness: a consciousness that is more conscious. We become more aware of how we avoid being present, how we avoid simply being. What you are aware of specifies your experience of reality at any given moment in time. For example, if you feel anxious about not having enough money to pay the bills, your awareness is of lack. If you feel resentful about having to do all the domestic chores, your awareness is of unfairness. A friend may attempt suicide and you may feel helpless. Your awareness too is made helpless. When watching the news, you may feel horror at the atrocities of warring factions. Your awareness is of suffering. You may feel outrage at a particularly self-serving politician. Your awareness is of injustice, and so on.

Eckankar Community Events You ar ar ml vited to JJoin oin other s aree wwar mlyy in invited seeking to bring more insight, spiritual freedom and divine love into their lives.

JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER 2010 Sydney : Brown St Community Centre, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown. Contact: 02 9212 2100 Sunday Jul 11 - 10:30am to 11:30am: Lear ning to Tr ust Your Inner Guidance Sunday Aug 8 - 10:30am to 11:30am: What is Self Responsibility? Sunday Sep 12 - 10:30am to 11:30am: Beginnings Tur ning Endings into Be ginnings Stephens Por t Ste phens: Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette Contact Cynthia: 02 4984 4445 Sunday Aug 1 - 11am to 12pm: How Divine Spirit Manifests in Our Life Sunday Sep 5 - 11am to 12pm: How to Recognize God’’s Love ollongong Wollong ong: Corrimal Community Centre, 15 Short St, Corrimal Contact Bronwyn: 02 4256 9549 Saturday Jul 24 - 11am to 12pm: Guardian Angels or ECK Masters? Saturday Sep 25——11am to 12pm: Havve You Had a Spiritual Experience? Ha Free Community Workshop Presented by ECKANKAR EXPERIENCE THE LIGHT AND SOUND OF GOD




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How you experience your reality is your reality. As your mind perceives, so is your experience. If your mind perceives in terms of right and wrong, so will your world be. Thus your mind is made up. When you are identified with your mind, it is your past that determines your future. In other words, it is your perceptions, conditioning and beliefs that inform your future. No matter what good fortune may occur, the same patterns from your past will infiltrate your future, simply because this is the way of your mind with all its paraphernalia. It is not possible for the mind to comprehend its own transformation, any more than the caterpillar can comprehend itself as a butterfly. Suffering is a call for change, an invitation for transformation and an opportunity to look at the blocks obstructing our view of the Truth. Witnessing is the means of interception. You can only be identified with ‘‘something’’ –– and reactive –– in moments when you are unaware of the Truth. In such moments you are unconscious of who you truly are. Witnessing intercepts misidentification creating a gap in which something different can happen. It provides the opportunity for insight and healing our pain. Extracted from Love’’s Alchemy by Sky. Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’’s Alchemy, Sky’’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 02 9362 9866 or visit www.lovesalchemy.com



Art as Therapy BY GLENDA NEEDS I recently attended a conference in Sydney and saw the Gyuto Monks of Tibet create a beautiful sand mandala over two days. This art is all about the moment. The creation lasts for as long as it takes to make it and then this beautiful art work is ‘‘deconstructed’’ using a ritualistic process where the vividly coloured sand is usually poured into a river. As I watched the monks intently working on this project, I was amazed at their tenacity. How many of us would spend two full days bending over minute detail only to have it destroyed as soon as it is complete? As a society however, we are highly focussed on product, on things; especially on things we can keep. These monks maintained the value in the process, not just for themselves in the creation, but for those that witnessed the process. I, for one, have taken some ‘‘thing’’ away. It is a lesson, a vivid memory and the capacity to share this. As an art therapist I often need to remind my clients and my students to value the moment. The value in the therapy is not in the product, but in the making of the product. Thus the art work does not have to be of lasting artistic value, I do not expect to be thinking ‘‘wow’’ about what I see, but perhaps so, about the process I witness. When a person creates an art piece in therapy, it is not with the intention of exhibiting the work. The

perspective and accuracy of the realist representation is not important. The goal is for the client to create an art work that resonates with their lived experience. The act of creating art around a personal issue, causes the client in therapy to dwell with the issue for extended periods of time. This time is preferably not cluttered with words but with a quiet and gentle internal reckoning of events. When a problem is discussed in talk therapy, it occurs in a reasonably ordered and linear fashion, with some words and phrases left behind, as others seem to hold most promise and so are further explored. Art enables the teller of the story to go back and forth, add a minor detail, correct a slightly less satisfactory mark to include and retain the big picture. It is an organic process, growing, adjusting according to the thoughts, understanding and intent of the client. The client can also stand back, see the whole picture and then step in again to make adjustments that better resonates with their experience. Without any other engagement with the therapist, many clients find this process gives them insight, allows them a method for extended reflection and frees them from the standard verbal phrases they, and others have used for similar experiences. It gives them an opportunity to identify their unique experience and feelings. An art therapist would support a


client through this initial process and then apply one or many of a vast variety of tools to work with the art, consistently focusing on the images rather than the spoken (or written) word. Many pieces of ar t may be generated in one session, perhaps none of them anything that I can recognise, and almost certainly none of them something I would hang on my wall! At the end of the session some or perhaps all of this art will go into the recycling bin, the client deciding that the value has been had, that the product itself is not valuable. The process has done its work. An ar t therapist does not, of course, work without words, but merely places the emphasis upon the art marking. The closing process for many sessions is in developing new words that reflect the new awareness created through the art. Humans use words as the primary means of communication, and outside of the consulting studio, clients will use these words to communicate their new understandings to family and friends. These words also act as short reinforcers for maintaining new beliefs or behaviours, when the option to pull out some paints and watercolour paper whilst serving a customer or cooking dinner for the children, is usually not an option! The beautiful sand mandala created last week is gone, but the lessons in witnessing this process remain with me. The experience reminded me that even if a client spends two days creating a single art work, they can still throw it away at the end and perhaps retain considerable value from the process. And, just as I have done here, the words that the client combines to describe the experience can provide a means to share it. If you would like to know more about becoming an art therapist (mid year intakes now open in SA) contact the Ikon Institute –– providing Diploma’’s in Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling and Counselling in SA, WA and Qld. Please visit www.ikoninstitutesa.com, contact Simon Paul on 08 8350 9753 or e-mail info@ikoninstitutesa.com .

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A Conversation with Dr. Wayne Dyer You are the same as your Source. You are God. Because you come from God, you cannot be anything but God. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has been teaching people to live better lives for nearly 40 years. First coming from the perspective of a psychologist and then as a spiritual teacher, his books, recordings, and talks have influenced millions. After four decades, his core message has become incredibly simple and equally profound: You are the same as your Source. You are God. Because you come from God, you cannot be anything but God. All of Dr. Dyer’’s current work boils down to helping people realize this fundamental truth and overcome obstacles to living lives that fully recognize it. Q: Star ting with T he Secret , which has reached such a wide audience, the emphasis in today’’s popular understanding of the Law of Attraction is predominantly about material wealth. What are the consequences of that kind of skew to this teaching? Dy er : First of all, I Dyer think the law of attraction has been misstated. You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are. That’’s how the law of attraction works. Twenty-five centuries ago in ancient China, Lao Tzu said there were four virtues. If you live them if you live in a place of God-consciousness - the universe will give you God-consciousness. If you live in a place of egoconsciousness, though, the universe will give you more of that. One vir tue is reverence for all of life. You revere all life. You never kill, you never harm, you never wish harm, and you never have thoughts of harm directed toward yourself or others. Another vir tue is natural sincerity, which is manifested as honesty. Just be honest with who you are.

Don’’t pretend to be something you’’re not. Don’’t be a phony. Walk your talk. That’’s how God works, so doing it is emulating how Source works. The third vir tue is gentleness, which manifests as kindness toward all others. The fourth vir tue, which is relevant here, is supportiveness. If you say to the universe, ““Gimme, gimme, gimme,”” which is what a lot of the work around the Law of Attraction says because of a misinterpretation, then the universe gives you back what you offered out. You get more ““gimme, gimme, gimme.”” ““Gimme”” means you don’’t have enough. You have a shortage. The universe just keeps giving you more shortage because of what you’’re thinking and saying. If, on the other hand, you say to the universe again and again, ““How may I serve? How may I serve? How may I serve?”” and you live a life of constancy reflecting that principle, the universe will respond back, ““How may I serve you?”” Q: With an approach centered on lack and need, even if you are getting things things,, the f eeling of shor tage keeps coming back to you. So no matter what you get, you still always feel the need, don’’t you? Dy er Dyer er:: Exactly, and that’’s why I say you don’’t get what you want, you get what you are. When you live the virtues——when you live in that place of God-consciousness——all these rules we have about cause and effect, beginnings and ends, don’’t have any impact or relevance. As Joel Goldsmith said, in the presence of the God realized, the laws of the material world do not apply. That’’s why people who live steadfastly at a place of God-consciousness can perform miracles. They can create. They can make virtually anything happen. From the space in-between, that last inch is the critical inch you have to take to reach that place. Every once in a while, I get to that place of God-consciousness, and miracles do happen. Q: So, just to be really c lear ha lear,, wwha hat’’ t’’ss the big biggg est thing t’’


people need to learn in order to help them get beyond the excuses? Dy er Dyer er:: They need to know that they are God. We mostly do not recognize that. We’’ve lost the sense of our own divinity. We think that we’’re separate from God, but we can’’t be. We must be like what we came from, and we came from an infinite, loving, kind, beautiful Source. We’’ve forgotten that. So, you have to recognize that God isn’’t something outside of you——a cosmic bellboy to whom you pray in order to get this or that if you do the right things. Those kinds of understandings are all ego talk. Everybody——you, me, Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler——we all came from the same Source. Then we took on these egos and began to practice all kinds of things based in not having reverence for life, whereas that which is God has reverence for all life. All excuses are nothing more than misalignments with God. Just imagine the great creative Source needing an excuse. It doesn’’t have any concept of, ““I’’m too busy. I’’m too old. I’’m too afraid. Things are going to take too long.”” Source doesn’’t work like that. The Tao does nothing, Lao Tzu writes, but it leaves nothing undone.

Q: What are you most excited about today? What gives you hope? Dy er : What I’’m most excited Dyer about is that there’’s an openness to this shift, and I do think that there’’s a shift happening. We can sit here and talk about all the negativity, which we’’ve done a little bit, but for every act of evil in the world, there are a million acts of kindness. Basically, our nature is to love each other and care about each other, and most of us do that. Most of us have no quarrel with anybody who’’s living on another side of the planet and who might have a different religious persuasion. It’’s just these small minorities to the far right and the far left who get all of the news time and print space. But we’’re starting to look at a new way of being, and I know ultimately that it will triumph. I think it’’s coming soon, too. WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of selfdevelopment. He’’s the author of over 30 books, has created many audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

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The Yoga Journey What does ‘‘Yoga’’ mean to you? This can be a difficult question to answer given that Yoga, like everything else in our modern Westernised society, is increasingly bombarding you with so many different ‘‘styles’’ of Yoga, schools of Yoga, books about Yoga, Yoga DVD’’s, and now even iPhone Yoga ‘‘apps’’!!! It can all get a bit confusing, contradictory and very overwhelming... The Yoga journey is extremely personal and unique to each individual. People are first drawn to Yoga for many different reasons, and they are all good reasons as the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Yoga are endless and can be experienced in a very shor t time. Here in the Western world, most people are introduced to Yoga through the physical exercise of Yoga poses (asanas) –– to increase flexibility, to gain muscle strength, to normalise weight, to name a few. As the pace of the modern world continues to speed up, more people are turning to Yoga to learn how to relax, to reduce stress, to sleep better, to enhance emotional well-being, or to simply get more out of life. At first it will usually be the physical and mental benefits of Yoga that are most obvious to you; however, as you progress along the path of Yoga you begin to discover the much deeper rewards of Yoga, and that there is much more to Yoga than merely exercise and relaxation. Yoga is a path of Self-discovery, so to ask yourself the question ““What does ‘‘Yoga’’ mean to you?”” it helps to stop looking outside yourself for the answer and to start looking within. Swami Chidananda, in A Call to Liberation, explains the psychological tendency to move away from your centre to search externally, rather than internally, ““...we always think of it as something beyond, something distant or remote, something that requires a long journey to reach. We always think in terms of a long process, but they (the Yogic scriptures) point out to us that it is an inner journey. We do not have to cover distances. We only have to remove obstacles within ourselves –– the greatest obstacle being ourselves.”” Yoga is the personal process of stripping away all the veils and barriers you have erected throughout your



life, to facilitate the journey inward back to your Whole Self. Yoga cannot be practiced on you, or for you, by another person. You must do the work yourself to discover what ‘‘Yoga’’ means for you. The Sivananda philosophies and teachings of Yoga combine the ancient wisdom of all Yoga paths into five basic principles: proper relaxation (savasana ); proper exercise ( asana ); proper breathing (pranayama); proper diet; and positive thinking (vedanta) and meditation (dhyana). Together these principles allow you to easily integrate the disciplines of Yoga into your daily life. The deeper rewards of Yoga are experienced only when you develop a disciplined, regular home practice that is personal to you. So where do you start on the Yogic journey? Let us start, as we should start each Yoga asana session, with the first principle of Yoga: proper relaxation (savasana). One of the most difficult challenges faced in the fast-pace of modern life is to stop and relax. Most people can’’t even find the time to relax as they feel constantly under pressure to do this and that. The body and mind are being continually stimulated and overworked to the point of exhaustion. As a result, most people live in an ongoing state

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

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of ‘‘fight or flight’’, even whilst they are asleep! Proper relaxation is vital to give the body time to rest and recharge. During proper relaxation, only a small amount of energy is spent maintaining the body’’s basic metabolic processes, and the remaining energy is conser ved to top-up the body’’s stores. Even a few minutes of deep relaxation can leave you feeling more rested and energised than many hours of restless sleep. An essential part of your Yoga practice must be to reach a regular state of proper relaxation.

The Corpse Pose

The Corpse Pose (Savasana) is the classical Yoga relaxation pose. It is suggested that you always commence each Yoga session with at least 2 minutes in savasana to bring the mind into the breath and into the present moment, and always finish the session by remaining in savasana for at least 10 minutes in Final Relaxation. To practice savasana, lie flat on your back with feet apar t, arms away from the body, palms face up. Tense and then relax each part of the body in turn from the toes, to

the fingers, to the crown of the head. Now lay motionless and scan the body with your mind, consciously releasing and relaxing any areas of tension or tightness. Rest the mind on the breath. Let go completely with each exhalation. Allow the breath to carry you deeper and deeper into total relaxation. Allow any muscular tension in the body to be carried away with each outbreath. Allow the nervous system to be soothed. Allow the mind to be stilled by the breath. Allow inner peace to infuse the body, mind and soul. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om Peace Peace Peace Katrina Smith has been practicing Yoga for over 13 years & is a qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher. She is the author & artist of the Art of Yoga Cards, teaches Yoga on the Gold Coast, & holds Yoga workshops & retreats throughout Australia. For more information E-mail: katrina@angelsisters.com.au Web: www.angelsisters.com.au



Cathartic Style Breathwork The future of therapy BY JAAN JERABEK The majority of psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors will agree that the real foundation of mental and emotional wellness and healing is the ‘‘feeling of our emotions’’. Letting ourselves get in touch with ‘‘Emotional Level Memory’’ is what results in genuinely deep and permanent change. I wish to expand on ‘‘Emotional Level Memory’’. Mental level memory recall is nothing new or special. Hypnotherapy and other effective psychotherapeutic ‘‘regression’’ techniques are very capable of facilitating a person to remember long forgotten about or ‘‘repressed’’ events. Cathar tic Style of Breathwork

enables people to readily access the ‘‘emotional level memory’’, the emotional aspect of these past incidents reliably. The actual deeply buried, traumatically emotional aspect of an experience that may not ever be accessed through other means. Emotions from as early as the womb, birth and infancy, let alone childhood periods. It is the feeling of these emotions , not analysing mental level memories, that results in deep healing and permanent change relatively quickly. A session of Cathar tic Style Breathwork consists of 60 minutes or more, up to 2 & ½ hours in some advanced versions (when enough preparation and after session super-

vision is available, such as on long residentials), of connected breathing, through the mouth and is done at a medium to semi fast rate and there is a focus on breathing ‘‘energetically’’ on the inhale. This style of breathwork, when faciltated by an experienced professional who will use specific techniques to suppor t the process, results in a temporary ‘‘defence structure displacement’’ and results in the accessing of your deeply buried emotional pain that sits behind your unconscious defence system. In your average session some people release anger and rage, which are some of the main foundations of relationship issues and self sabotage. For anger is a very powerful energy that can only do one of two things, either it goes outwards, is expressed and leaves the system. Alternatively it is turned inwards, becoming self directed anger and rage which is the true cause of self sabotage of one’’s life. I am not talking about reactive anger we experience whilst driving or with our partner for example, I am talking about the real reason we car ry anger, which present-day situations and people trigger off in us. Just because a person is comfortable to express their anger at home does not mean they are healing the real cause of their anger. It usually means the total opposite, as we are never really angry about what we consciously think that we are angry about! It is usually an earlier childhood or school period disempowerment getting ‘‘re-triggered ’’ that is an adult’’s genuine cause of anger. At times the anger is a ‘‘cover up’’ of deep hurt/ grief. Some people on the other hand have their anger buried so deeply that they

www.innerself.com.au do not experience it as the ‘‘raw emotional energy’’ of anger. These people will be so out of touch with their emotions that they will experience only the ‘‘mental level symptoms’’ of anger which are having critical thoughts of others and themselves, making people and themselves wrong or judging harshly and fantasies of arguments with people who they feel wronged by or who they have not communicated their truth to. Some people will not even be aware of that level and will simply experience the very end result of holding onto anger which is lack of energy, personal power, motivation and inspiration to do things. This is because buried anger is such a massive amount of our life-force trapped, they have very little energy left with which to ‘‘truly live’’. Some people release built up grief. Which is one of the main foundations of Depression and all ‘‘Self Worth’’ issues we suffer from. People do not realize that the grief they hold in, are not even aware that they are holding onto, is the early life ‘‘heart wounding’’ that is at the foundation of ‘‘Self Worth’’ orientated issues. Issues with abundance, feeling joy and happiness within oneself, letting in supportive and nurturing relationships, feeling good about oneself and so for th. These are all grief/ ‘‘heart wounding’’ orientated issues at the end of the day. To heal self worth issues most people need to heal their ‘‘heart wounding’’ issues, and the main way to do this is to let them selves grieve. Some people will have their grief buried so deeply they will only be aware of the ‘‘surface level symptoms’’ of grief. Lack of energy, tiredness, insomnia and hypersomnia, si-

nus issues, alcohol and ‘‘depressant drug’’ addictions such as tranquilizers and marijuana, feeling generally ‘‘negative’’ and pessimistic about life and money issues –– for a hear t closed off by grief to receiving the abundance currency of love, is a hear t closed off to receiving other abundance currencies such as money. Some people experience intense fear and terror which is one of the real foundations of anxiety. All of the anxiety symptoms we suffer from are a result of the ‘‘fight or flight’’ response being kicked in. Hyper vigilance, sweating, on edge feelings, hear t palpitations, lack of restful sleep and so forth, are all reactions that our primal defence system has kicked in because it ‘‘senses danger or something that is a threat/unpleasant’’ around the corner. It is fear of our emotions themselves and the fear itself that triggers this ‘‘fight or flight’’ response. Deal with the fear and fear of emotions and the mechanism rests. No more anxiety symptoms. No need for medication or long term therapy. Just a need to let ourselves in on our deeper emotions. The thing we try to avoid like the plague, and as a result try and find a ‘‘simple overnight’’ solution or blame our anxiety (or depression) on some ‘‘mysterious’’ unknown cause and choose a lifestyle of medication, avoidance and mental ‘‘illness’’. Understandeable though this is, as most people are not aware of fear when they are feeling it. For most of us know how to feel and express sadness... tears, sobs, snottiness etc. Most of us know how to feel and express anger... scream, grunt, punch and kick etc. But what about fear? How is that felt & expressed? Unless

people feel a real adrenaline pumping surge of fear or sheer terror, people find it hard to feel fear that is present. Many people do not realize though that they are feeling fear, just like anger and sadness, 24/7. There are tell tale signs though. Feeling cold and needing to rug up constantly... fear. Constantly needing to know in advance what is going to happen... fear. Constant thinking and analysing...fear. Contraction of the body hence a closing off of energy/ hear t... fear. Driveness towards alcohol...fear. Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms...fear. Constantly aler t mind and hyper vigilance....fear...Digestive disorders...fear. Many are the symptoms. This is why many view Cathar tic Breathwork as the therapy of the future. People gain access to these trapped emotions from the first session onwards. I see Cathartic Style Breathwork as the single greatest discovery in consciousness work since the distinction was made between the conscious and the unconscious motivating layers of the mind. Try it. Jaan Jerabek isan authority on emotional health & Breathwork. He is the founder of Transformative E d u c a t i o n International and ‘‘The Depression Solution’’. He Directs one of the Southern Hemispheres largest and most successful Cathartic style Breathwork training organizations. To Contact TEI & The Depression Solution call 1300 500 881 or visit: www.jaanjerabek.com or www.thedepressionsolution.com

Desert Heart Retreats • RAINBOW SERPENT JOURNEY • Healing Retreats • Training Retreats

2010 Alice Springs

Dian Booth - Master Soul Healer Sounds from Aboriginal Australia, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria. Come to the heart of our wonderful country and listen to the sounds of your soul. ““One of the truest healers of our age”” (Alan Gutierrez, Emerald Energies, USA) Sacred Journeys, Healing CDs, Tapes. Diploma in Sound and Colour Healing Ring Dian: 0417 800 219 www.soundhealing.com.au dian@soundhealing.com.au


Seeking Psychic Protection?


This practical booklet by international lecturer and teacher John Fitzsimons explains how to get (and keep) you, and your home and work environment “clearer”. Send $10.00 (postpaid) to Aspects Pty Ltd, PO Box 5171, Clayton Vic 3168 Australia. For details of Australian SEMINARS, MEETINGS and CLASSES on PAST LIVES, HEALING, MEDIUMSHIP, PSYCHIC PROTECTION etc, write to the above address or contact us by email or phone. (See us in person for individual counselling or book purchases on these topics)

WEB: www.vicnet.net.au/~johnf PH: (03) 9562 9707 (also after hours)



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Wholistic Health News Two Arthritis Powerhouses Even Stronger Together

New research shows that omega-3 fats and glucosamine work together to provide additional benefits for people with osteoarthritis. Scientists gave 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate to the study participants, but some also received 200 mg of omega-3 fats. Both groups had about the same number of par ticipants who reported a 20 percent or less reduction in pain. But according to Dr. Christiane Northrup: ““However, when researchers asked those who experienced an 80 percent reduction in pain, those in [the glucosamine plus omega-3 group] reported reduced morning stiffness and pain in the hips and knees by between 48.5 and 55.6 percent, compared to 41.7 to 55.3 percent for those in [the glucosamine only group].”” Sources: Christiane Northrup, MD March 30, 2010 ; Advances in Therapy September 2009; 26(9):858-71

Broccoli Component Limits Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli, could help treat breast cancer by targeting cancer stem cells, which fuel the growth of tumors. Sulforaphane was tested in both mice and cell cultures. It targeted and killed the cancer stem cells and prevented new tumors from growing. Science Daily reports: ““Current chemotherapies do not work against cancer stem cells, which is why cancer recurs and spreads. Re-



searchers believe that eliminating the cancer stem cells is key to controlling cancer.””

Sources: Science Daily May 5, 2010 Clinical Cancer Research May 1, 2010; 16(9):2580-90

Resveratrol Boosts Brain Blood Flow

A new study shows that high doses of resveratrol may improve brain blood flow and could potentially boost brain health. Resveratrol is a bioactive compound found in grapes and red wine. Interest in the compound began in 2003 when research showed that resveratrol was able to increase the lifespan of yeast cells. NutraIngredients notes that: ““Since then studies in nematode worms, fruit flies, fish, and mice have linked resveratrol to longer lives. Other studies with only resveratrol have reported anti-cancer effects, anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular benefits, anti-diabetes potential, energy endurance enhancement, and protection against Alzheimer’’s.”” Sources: NutraIngredients May 5, 2010 ; American Journal of Clinical Nutrition March 31, 2010

Dark Chocolate Guards Against Brain Injury

Researchers have discovered that epicatechin, a compound in dark chocolate, may protect your brain after a stroke by increasing cellular signals that shield ner ve cells from damage. An hour and a half after feeding mice a single dose of epicatechin, animals that had ingested the com-

pound suffered significantly less brain damage following an induced stroke. Eurekalert reports: ““While most treatments against stroke in humans have to be given within a two- to three-hour time window to be effective, epicatechin appeared to limit fur ther neuronal damage when given to mice 3.5 hours after a stroke. Given six hours after a stroke, however, the compound offered no protection to brain cells.””

Sources: Eurekalert May 5, 2010 Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism May 5, 2010 [Epub ahead of print]

Green Tea Could Reduce Glaucoma Risk

Catechins in green tea could help protect you against glaucoma and other eye diseases. New research finds that the ingredients travel from your digestive system into the tissues of your eyes. Scientists analyzed eye tissue from rats that drank green tea. They found that eye tissues such as the lens and retina had absorbed green tea catechins. According to NutraIngredients: ““The [study’’s] authors said that oxidative stress causes biological disturbances such as DNA damage and activation of proteolytic enzymes that can lead to tissue cell damage or dysfunction and eventually many ophthalmic diseases.”” Sources: NutraIngredients April 26, 2010 ; Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry February 10, 2010;58(3):1523-34



Rats on Junk Food Pass Cancer Down the

When pregnant rats were fed a fatty diet, both their daughters and granddaughters proved to be at greater risk of breast cancer. In fact, even if the daughters of the first generation of rats ate healthily, their offspring —— the third generation —— were still at greater risk of disease. According to the New Scientist: ““... a fatty diet may cause ““epigenetic”” DNA modifications that can be passed on to future generations.”” If this is also true for humans, it means that genetics could be only one of several reasons why a family history of breast cancer increases your risk for the disease. Sources: New Scientist April 20, 2010

Bad Habits Can Age You 12 Years

Smoking, drinking too much, lack of exercise and poor diet can age you by 12 years. The findings come from a study that tracked close to 5,000 British adults for 20 years. Over the course of the study, 29 per cent of the people with all four unhealthy behaviors died. Only 8 percent died among the people with none of the four habits. USA Today notes that: ““The findings don’’t mean that everyone who maintains a healthy lifestyle will live longer than those who don’’t, but it will increase the odds.”” Sources: USA Today April 26, 2010 ; Archives of Internal Medicine April 26, 2010;170(8):711-8

7/2/2010, 12:40 PM


A Natural Approach to Fighting Colds & Flu’’s As the days become cooler we often find that the frequency of colds and flu’’s increase. Most of us have experienced a cold at some stage and whilst they may not be as severe as the flu, they still impact our immune system enough to prevent us from running full steam ahead for a few days. There are several interventions that you can make use of to reduce the severity and duration of your cold or better still prevent the infection from taking hold in the first place.

Energetic Meaning of Colds & Flu’’s

Whilst I enjoy looking at things from a clinical perspective I also can’’t deny my connection with my spirituality, and as such I often find it insightful to look at conditions for their energetic meaning, or what the body is trying to tell us, and also asking the Angels and Spirit what other information there is regarding these. Colds and Flu’’s are the body’’s way of telling us that we are doing too much at one time, take a break, get some rest and re-build your energy stores. The Angels say that if we continue to work through a cold then we are defeating the purpose of it entirely and putting our bodies through even more stress. If we fol-

low this pattern They say that we will have repeated infections until we finally get the message. Allow your body to come back into balance, as often after a cold we have a shift in our lives. This may be a speeding up of business, a romantic change, or a change in diet. Pay very close attention to the thoughts you have during your cold as these may point you in the direction of what you need to change. This is a time for us to focus on ourselves and treat ourselves the way we deserve each and every day.

Warm drinks

This is a beautiful time of year to enjoy herbal teas! Please note that I said herbal, so no coffee, black tea and even green tea don’’t technically count. They have caffeine in various amounts and can add extra stress to

12 HEALTHY LIVING the body during infection. There has been research into the use of green tea as an antibiotic agent yet you need a lot to achieve this. Ginger is a great tea to enjoy as it has warming properties to the body and helps to fight infection and relieve congestion from a cold. You can use either dried or fresh ginger, about ½ tsp in a cup of boiling water. You may add honey to taste but give it a go on its own and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Vitamin C

Almost everyone has heard of Vitamin C for colds and immune health but what we often overlook is the correct dosage of Vitamin C. As a general immune boost to prevent infection you may want to take around 3000mg per day, or if infection has star ted you can bump it up to 4000mg. Just be aware of your bowel tolerance at the higher dose. Notice how much of a difference there is compared to what most products will state on the label? On average they are suggesting between 500 –– 1000mg per day, and honestly this is not going to achieve the desired results.


Zinc is an important mineral and it has been estimated that zinc is involved in over 400 reactions in the body. A large number of these reactions are connected to the immune system and as such to assist our immune system and increase our defences from the dreaded colds & flu we can consider zinc supplementation. For most people 30mg of zinc is generally enough. If you are taking zinc by itself then aim to take it away




from other medications and supplements, so it is often easiest to take your zinc just prior to bed.

Herbal Medicine

There are numerous herbal medicines that can be useful during colds and a few that can help us fight the Winter nasties, mthese are Echinacea, Andrographis and Garlic. Echinacea is now rampant on the retail market yet it doesn’’t mean that each product is going to work for you. Look for Echinacea angustifolia or Echinacea purpurea and make sure the preparation is only of the root as this is the best part. Andrographis is another herb that helps us fight infection along with the classic Garlic. Look for a good supplement by checking the Garlic has measurable amounts of alliin or allicin.


If you are suffering from nasal congestion try steaming by having a steamy shower and aim to remove as much of the mucous as possible. The more mucous present the more chance for bacterial infection to set in which is evident by the colour of the mucous. All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before undertaking any of the above-mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath that uses a range of natural therapies to assist you in achieving your goals. Phone: 1300 668 772 or (02) 4648 4200. E-mail info@robertreeves.com.au Web: www.robertreeves.com.au


Flowing Chi


Restoring Natural Harmony Viewing the body as a holistic organism

From ancient to modern times, Qigong self-healing exercises have been used to help improve people’’s quality of life. Qigong is one of the therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and like other TCM modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, cupping, moxibustion, and nutritional therapy, can be used to treat a broad range of both chronic and acute illnesses. Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient medical system that takes a deep understanding of the laws and patterns of nature and applies them to the human body. At the heart of TCM is Qi –– the force that animates and informs all things.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An impor tant principle underlying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the understanding of the balance and harmony between human beings and our environment. Daoism and TCM view the human being as a micro (internal) representation of our macro (external) environment. It is based on the concept that the human body is a small universe with a set of complete and sophisticated interconnected systems, and that those systems usually work in bal-

ance and with the forces of nature to maintain the healthy function of the human body. TCM seeks to heal the root causes of dysfunction or disease and has been practised for over 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest and most widely used systems of medicine in the world. In this ancient vision of the body, the internal organs function differently from the way they are understood to function in Western Medicine. Unlike the Western medical model which divides the physical body into anatomical structures, the Chinese model is more concerned with function. Thus, the TCM heart is not a specific piece of flesh, but an aspect of function related to consciousness, mental vitality and unclouded thinking. Each solid organ (Yin) has a corresponding flowing organ (Yang). TCM understands that everything is composed of two complementary energies; one energy is Yin and the other is Yang. They are never separate; one cannot exist without the other. This relationship is reflected in the black and white Yin/Yang symbol. No matter how you try to divide this circle in half, each section will always contain both energies. The organs also correspond to the Five Elements, relating to different seasons, colours and emotions. The belief that the human body is a microcosm of the Universal macrocosm means that humans must follow the laws of the Universe to achieve harmony and total health. The Yin/Yang and Five-Element theories are observations and descriptions of Universal law, not concepts created by man. These essential theories form the basis of TCM and are used today to understand, diagnose and treat health problems. The network of relationships is complex, and scholars study and meditate for many years to fully understand these connections between the internal and the external world. The ar t of Qigong consists of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises. Qigong describes all the Chinese energy or Qi techniques that promote the flow of Qi through the energy channels of the body and connects the body with

7/2/2010, 12:40 PM

the energy of the universe. If practised regularly, Qigong can promote calmness of mind, vitality, good health and spiritual awareness. When our mind is at peace our Qi flows smoothly creating harmony with the universe. Exracted from Simon’’s Book/DVD No 3, Restoring Natural Harmony. Simon Blow a near fatal accident at the age of nineteen lead Simon to investigate various methods of healing and rejuvenation a path he has been following ever since. He is a Sydney-based master teacher (Laoshi) who has been leading regular classes for beginning and continuing students since 1992. Simon has received training and certification from Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and has been given authority to share these techniques. He has received World Health Organisation Certification in Medical Qigong clinical practice from the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom and is a Standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing. Simon Blow is an author and publisher of numerous Books, DVDs and audio CDs on this ancient healing art. Phone (02) 9559 8153 or visit www.simonblowqigong.com

““Too much colour, the eyes cannot enjoy. Too much noise, the ears cannot receive, and music cannot be heard or appreciated. Too complicated, too prepared, or too processed food causes the tongue to lose its taste. Too much rushing around, hunting and searching, maddens the mind. Too much interest in hard-to-obtain goods distorts one’’s behaviour. The wise one likes to maintain one’’s inner essence, and thus is not enslaved by sensory pleasure. Sensory pleasures and the outer search for material goods create burdens and cause one’’s life to become scattered.”” Lao Tzu, Dao De Jing, Chapter 12

InnerSelf Some Major Health Effects as a Result of Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

How Clean is our Indoor Air Quality? And is it Harmful to our Health? From the Australian Government Department of the Environment It is important to ensure that the quality of our indoor air is of sufficient high quality to ensure the ongoing health and well being of you and your family. This is particularly important because Australians spend up to 90% or more of their time indoors. Whether it be their work environment, home, or indoor recreational activities, it is now generally accepted that poor indoor air quality can result in health problems, and which may carry a substantial cost burden. The CSIRO has estimated that the cost of poor internal air quality in Australia may be as high as $12 billion per year.

Major Factors Contributing to Poor Indoor Air Quality

· Inadequate ventilation · Contamination from inside the building or home - Cooking, Cleaning Products, · Contaminants brought in from outside the building - Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Radiation · Microbial contaminants Moulds, Viruses, Airborne Bacteria etc. · Chemical contamination Sulfates, Sulphur Dioxide. · Building material contamination - Formaldehyde, Asbestos, Fumes and Gases

It has been shown that occupants of buildings with poor indoor air quality can suffer from severe effects, such as asthma, allergic responses, to other more mild and generally nonspecific symptoms. Some health effects may show up years after long or repeated periods of exposure. These effects, which include respiratory disease and cancer, can be severely debilitating or even fatal. Several studies have found that mechanically ventilated office buildings and homes often fail to meet current Government ventilation guidelines. Building related illness (BRI) is a clinically diagnosed illness directly related to indoor exposure ““Sick Building Syndrome”” is a offset of BRI that comprises an excess of chronic symptoms and often goes undiagnosed due to the many complexities that manifest with BRI. Some of These Symptoms Manifest Themselves as · Irritated, dry itching or watering eyes · Irritated, runny or blocked nose · Dryness, itching or irritation of the skin · Headache, tiredness or lethargy It has been shown that indoor air quality is dramatically influenced by two major components: the amount and quality of outdoor air getting into a building, and indoor sources of contamination. The influence of outdoor air quality on indoor air quality depends on the air exchange rate; this varies with climate, lifestyle and building design. Concentrations of



Unique Way to Relieve Pain A GENTLE, one-time only treatment –– AtlasPROfilax –– provides pain relief and healing on many levels: body and mind. This revolutionary modality developed in Switzerland has swept the world and has finally reached Australia. Rene Schumperli suffered debilitating pain most of his life and nobody was able to heal him. Intent on finding a solution, after years of research, he realised the connection between the base of the skull and the first vertebrae at the top of the spine –– the atlas –– is out of alignment in most people. Furthermore, this situation can cause a myriad of symptomatic ailments and illnesses. The solution developed by Rene is a simple yet profound soft tissue procedure that creates proper align-

ment and secure connection between the head and the spine –– with only one application –– naturally, safely and permanently. When the atlas is out, even a miniscule misalignment can affect the entire spine, causing compensatory patterns and imbalances. The structural symptoms are restricted neck mobility, rotated pelvis, differing leg lengths, scoliosis and many other problems. Physiological impairment also results, causing constriction of blood and fluids, compression on various nerves and lymphatics, which causes a weakened immune system with a lack of optimum flow between the brain and body. Other factors which impact on this situation are falls, whiplash, sport activities or work –– including long hours spent at a computer. As the atlas plays such a central role in our overall well-being, many health issues can be traced back to it. Although there may be multiple causes, we have witnessed positive results as well as complete recoveries in people of all ages. Many people receive AtlasPROfilax treatment when all else has failed or when only temporary relief had been achieved. We get to the source of the problem, in one treatment! THE TREATMENT Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular release technique which is gentle and completely safe to apply to children and adults of all ages. Why Is The Atlas So Important?

The Atlas is the passage way between the body and the brain, for all the major life force elements to flow through. With a misaligned Atlas we are compromised, not experiencing life at its fullest potential. COMMON SYMPTOMS To a greater or lesser degree, a misaligned Atlas will cause a wide range of symptomatic illness and ailments. Many symptoms like these may be resolved or diminished with AtlasPROfilax treatment:: Arm & Shoulder Pain Carpal Tunnel Concentration Difficulties Depression High Blood Pressure Hip, knee, lower back Pain Impaired Hearing Insomnia Migraine Anxiety Impaired Vision Shoulder Pain TMJ Whiplash WOULDN’’T IT BE GREAT TO HAVE: Pain Free Living Mental Clarity Sense of Ease and GRACE

A unique, Safe and Non-invasive correction of the Atlas alignment. The Atlas carries the weight of the head and thereby facilitates suspension,

balance and control of the spine and skeleton. If not in its correct position, the Atlas is responsible for a variety of ailments and illnesses.

The first cervical vertebrae at the top of the spine, called the Atlas.

Take a Giant Step towards your Health and Wellbeing - Contact an Australian Practitioner, trained and certified by the Atlasprofilax Academy, Valais, Switzerland.

Australian Practitioners



Hansini Koralage 0411 884 164 Carindale, Brisbane atlasprof@freedomservices.com.au

Constantin Ioannou 03 94372225 Eltham, Melbourne atlasprof@bigpond.com

Neil Pont 07 3409 2713 Greater Brisbane Neil.pont@bigpond.com

Sidika Ashauer 0427 805 405 Rose Bay, Sydney sidprem@telcogreen.com.au

Janine Michael 03 9841 7475 Donvale, Melbourne janinemichael@optusnet.com.au

Alison Princic 02 427 42250 Port Kembla Beach, Sydney ali@surfsidehealth.com.au

Gina Hutchings Broso 02 62866322 Torrens, Canberra ginashumantuning@teknet.net.au

Barbara O’Malley 07 5478 0608 Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast atlas.prof@westnet.com.au

Raymond Shapcott 07 5429 5520 Godwin Beach, North Brisbane rjshapcott@bigpond.com

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Read on to

14 HEALTHY LIVING suspended particle matter which are to small to fall to the floor, away from our breathing space, were found to contain higher amounts of vehicle exhaust and coal combustion particles.

Hyper Sensitive Sections in Our Community

Significant proportions of the population have a greater sensitivity to pollutants, These commonly include newborns, young children, the elderly, heart patients, those with bronchitis, asthma, hay fever or emphysema and smokers. These members of the population will be at greater risk from pollutant exposures and, according to the Allergy Sensitivity, Environmental Health Association (1998) deser ve ““special consideration”” when it comes to their indoor environment. The higher risk to children is due to their higher metabolic rate, higher intake of airborne pollutants and lower resilience, resulting in a two to four times higher absorption rate. (Gilbert & Black 2000). A study conducted by EPA Victoria concluded that allergic diseases are significant and on the increase in the mortality figures in Australia. Most, asthmatics are allergic, and allergy is the single greatest risk factor for asthma. The most common allergens for asthmatics are Mites (about 80%), Cats (37%), Rye Grass (31%) and Fungus (16%).

Common Indoor Pollutants Found in Most of Todays Home

Scientific tests show indoor air is considerably more polluted than outdoors. The World Allergy Organization has stated that more than 50% of the world’’s western population suffer from allergic diseases or asthma.

The Solution?

Unfor tunately it’’s a complex and ever present problem. But a wise decision would be to ensure that your family is not subject to a home environment that may have many of the harmful airborne pollutants that we mentioned. The obvious and simplest solution would be an Air Purifier that is capable of eliminating and neutralizing. Source: Australian Government Department of the Environment




Alkaline Water & Stomach Acid BY SANG WHANG Among the people who question the validity of alkaline water, the biggest question is, ““What happens to the alkaline water once it reaches the stomach, which is highly acidic?”” People who have some knowledge of the human body, including medical doctors, ask this question. Let me answer that question once and for all to erase any doubts about the health benefits of alkaline water. In order to digest food and kill the kinds of bacteria and viruses that come with the food, the inside of our stomach is acidic. The stomach pH value is maintained at around 4. When we eat food and drink water, especially alkaline water, the pH value inside the stomach goes up. When this happens, there is a feedback mechanism in our stomach to detect this and commands the stomach wall to secrete more hydrochloric acid into the stomach to bring the pH value back to 4. So the stomach becomes acidic again. When we drink more alkaline water, more hydrochloric acid is secreted to maintain the stomach pH value. It seems like a losing battle. However, when you understand how the stomach wall makes hydrochloric acid, your concerns will disappear. A pathologist friend of mine gave me the following explanation. There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body. If there were, it would burn a hole in our body. The cells in our stomach wall must produce it on an instantly-as-needed basis. The ingredients in the stomach cell that make hydrochloric acid (HCl) are carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and sodium chloride (NaCl) or potassium chloride (KCl). NaCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + NaHCO3, or KCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + KHCO3 As we can see, the byproduct of making hydrochloric acid is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3), which goes into the bloodstream. These bicarbonates are the alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood; they dissolve solid acid wastes into liquid form. As they neutralize the





solid acidic wastes, extra carbon dioxide is released, which is discharged through the lungs. As our body gets old, these alkaline buffers get low; this phenomenon is called acidosis. This is a natural occurrence as our body accumulates more acidic waste products. There is, therefore, a relationship between the aging process and the accumulation of acids. By looking at the pH value of the stomach alone, it seems that alkaline water never reaches the body. But when you look at the whole body, there is a net gain of alkalinity as we drink alkaline water. Our body cells are slightly alkaline. In order for them to produce acid, they must also produce alkaline, and vice versa; just as a water ionizer cannot produce alkaline water without producing acid water, since tap water is almost neutral. When the stomach pH value gets higher than 4, the stomach knows what to do to lower it. However, if the pH value goes below 4, for any reason, the stomach doesn’’t know what to do. That’’s why we take Alka-Seltzer, which is alkaline, to relieve acidic stomach gas pain. In this case, hydrochloric acid is not produced by the stomach wall, therefore, no alkaline buffer is being added to the blood stream. Alkaline or acid produced by the body must have an equal and opposite acid or alkaline produced by the body; therefore, there is no net gain. However, alkaline supplied from outside the body, like drinking alkaline water, results in a net gain of alkalinity in our body. Mr. Sang Whang is a successful i n v e n t o r, scientist, and engineer. Mr. Whang has discovered a new theory of aging and reverse aging. He explains the health and aging processes in layman terms in his book, Reverse Aging, regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging.

How to Find the Right Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Doctor As I travel quite often to different areas and meet with a wide range of people, when they find out my background, and ask me questions about their personal health, they inevitably ask me this question…… ““How do I find the right Acupuncturist or Chinese medicine doctor for myself?”” Here’’s some of the key areas that you should think about when choosing a Chinese medicine doctor. What are their qualifications? Does the practitioner have a university degree, a diploma or certificate? Where did they get their qualifications? Chinese medicine and acupuncture courses are now offered in universities and private colleges. You have to make sure the practitioner did not just do a weekend crash course or a very short term course. That is actually not uncommon for practitioners of other disciplines. Some of them are trying to cash in on the growing popularity of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine by doing a short course and claiming themselves to be a ““fully”” qualified acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist. Sure, some of them could be reasonably good. But most of them would not do acupuncture or Chinese medicine justice simply because they haven’’t gone through the proper training. It is part of my consultation routine to ask my patients if they’’ve had acupuncture or Chinese medicine in the past. Since some may have had poor experiences and misconceptions about it, which could actually impede their treatment progress. Never ever base your decision on price I know many people do price shop for practitioners. But if you seriously think about it, this actually does not make sense at all. This is your health and your body that we are dealing with. Ask yourself, what item that you are wearing right now was bought because it was absolutely the cheapest item of its kind. Unless you are seriously poor or broke, I doubt you’’ll honestly have any item on you or within your household that was purchased because it was the cheapest (it may be cheap, but I am sure it’’s NOT the cheapest). If you were to need elective brain surgery, would you prefer to see a surgeon with a fee of $20,000 and has a waiting list or someone else who can see you right away and will only charge you $1,000? I’’m not sure about you, but if I ever needed one, I’’d pick the $20,000 surgeon any day, and find a way to pay for it. So when it comes to your health, do you want someone that is cheap and could be nasty, or are you after quality service, value and results? It’’s your life; it’’s your call Are you comfortable with the practitioner? There is really no way of knowing this prior to meeting the practitioner. But you should be able to work this out in your first or second visits. Can you communicate with each other clearly? Is what the practitioner saying making sense to you? Are they confident and knowledgeable? Do they work out a plan of action for you? Giving someone the authority to work on your health is a big decision. You must make sure you are comfortable with it. What form of herbs does the clinic use? There are actually many ways to take Chinese herbs. There is raw herb, powdered herb, pills, and herbal extracts. What are the differences you ask? Traditionally, everyone uses r aw herbs which are indeed very effective. But it is very time consuming, takes about 2 hours of your day just to brew or cook the herb. Also, it is easily burnt. The major drawback is the fact that you have no way of testing for contaminations with heavy metals, chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides etc. which unfortunately often exists in the raw form. Powdered herbs are just that, raw herbs made into powder. You are basically taking in a lot of fibre; it has not been cooked so certain active components cannot be released, therefore the result is often slow or ineffective. Once again, contamination could be a major issue. Pills Pills. These are mostly powdered herbs mixed with honey or other substances to roll them into pills. Pills can have similar drawbacks as powdered herbs. Then there is Herbal Extracts Extracts. Here, the trouble-

7/2/2010, 12:40 PM

some cooking process has been done for you, levels of contamination tested and it is made sure that the herb is safe for long term usage. The extraction is done under controlled environment in herbal pharmaceutical companies, so you get all the effective components of the herbs. This is the best way to take Chinese herbs. A word of caution: just as not all cars are made the same; not all herbal extracts are the same. Some are of higher quality and therefore give you better results than others. Hopefully the above tips have been useful in pointing you in the right direction for finding the right acupuncturists and Chinese medicine doctor for yourself.


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Eye on the Sky

with Robert Crawford, Astrologist and Teacher

Approaching a Planetary Crossing The harbingers of new ideologies and technologies –– Jupiter and Uranus in Aries have prompted awareness to what we want for our futures. July - September is like a ‘‘cool off’’ period with a need for implementation in order to achieve our goals, synonymous with these two planets commencing their retrograde phase (appear to move backward). Jupiter and Uranus working toward improvements (in Aries) find resistance to keep the status quo (Saturn in Libra) within the powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn). This planetary alignment forms a T-Square that can be likened to a T-Junction in which cars come to a three way intersection. So too do our opinions come from different fields of thought in a bid to transform (Pluto) outmoded belief systems (Jupiter) that are no longer working for our best interests or ‘‘higher good’’. This is occurring in our personal lives as well as collectively. Jupiter and Uranus retrograde back into Pisces and the urge to merge, to pool our resources for a common cause, the objective. The planetary alignments through this

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period centre on and activate the Moon’’s axis through Earth, the lunar poles or Nodes as they are termed. This corresponds to a heightened attention on the way we relate. There is a need to be action-oriented as well as receptive and responsive to others’’ opinions, to balance the masculine/feminine sides of our nature for ‘‘right human relations’’ to transpire. When we become opinionated &/or fundamental in our beliefs (Jupiter in Pisces) revolt and discord (Uranus) is reactionary. Likened to the T-Junction analogy, neither vehicle of expression wishes to give way. 6 th July: Uranus retrogrades 12 th July: Solar Eclipse - 19x Cancer The asteroid of cooperation Juno joins the Sun and Moon in family oriented Cancer. Securities within the home &/or housing. Reconcile whilst honouring ours and others needs are appropriate themes. The Ecliptic chart cast for Canberra highlights overseas trade negotiations and commerce. Overlayed on Australia and China’’s charts reveal concern with regard their investments and the actions to be taken. Negotiations appear to be centred around 23rd Aug –– 15th Sept when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, prominent in both countries charts as well as Kevin Rudd’’s. 24 th July: Jupiter retro-

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grades 30 th July: Mars in Libra Mars conjoins Saturn in Libra, one of the arms of the T- Square formation previously mentioned. Qualities in leadership and determination come to the fore. Taking action to improve situations &/or relations is a healthy objective. The call for immediacy within this planetary mix can easily over-ride self-restraint. Eruptions and volatility are close to the surface whilst Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. 4 th A ugust: T-Squar -Squaree @ 3xCardinal Mars, Jupiter and Pluto form an exact T-Square at 3 degrees Libra, Aries and Capricorn respectively. Shattering news comes to the surface, a nervous economy waits. The 4th –– 10th August is intense by planetary design. It is through this intensity that breakdowns can become breakthroughs when a shift in perspective is achieved. Venus joins Mars and Saturn with Hades entering Cancer and the T-Square now becomes a Cardinal Cross. Venus brings compromise into situations and as grim as the transneptunian body Hades symbolises, it has been noted with medical breakthroughs. The last time it entered Cancer was the 1920’’s, the discovery of penicillin and the use of insulin for diabetes came to be. Hades rests on Barrack Obama’’s natal Venus as he celebrates his birthday on the 4th August; health care reform looks to be notable. Venus and Mars travel through Libra in close conjunction to the end of August and personalises world events into our everyday lives. It also softens action-oriented Mars with diplomacy and consideration. 23 r d Se ptember : A utumn September Equinox Sun entering Libra (the Autumn Equinox) is also a Full Moon

15 HEALTHY LIVING that falls right on the T-Square we have been discussing. Moon - Jupiter - Uranus opposite Sun - Saturn both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. All this planetary activity is housed around the Lunar Nodes reiterating the theme to transform outmoded ways of being and the way in which we relate both to ourselves and to others. The Full Moon is a time of revelation and celebration to the growth we have gained and the experiences we have attained. The Autumn Equinox presents the beginning of a new season, spring in the Southern Hemisphere. We turn our attention toward propagation and exchanging ideas and implementations that were seeded in the winter months. Jupiter and Uranus have both returned from the Promethean fires in Aries to the reflective waters of Pisces in order to pool our resources prior to embarking a new frontier in Aries in 2011. We have been riding the ecliptic wave in these three months and the surf is still up with the outer planets remaining in a T-Square, T-Junction formation to allow the left and right eye a central focus and united vision. The cyclic nature and inter-connectivity of events, links back to 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn now in opposition were conjunct and 2001 when the ecliptic path was of the same sequential series. Robert Crawford is a consulting astrologist. A member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers. A private consultation personalises the horoscope to your life reality, present and upcoming developments. Ph: (07) 4057 4554 Email: planet.arc@hotkey.net.au

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1 ML Increased sensitivity can make some feel

1 2 MB Be practical but not stubborn about what

1 MC Information can come from any source, so


2 3 MA Take the initiative with the challenges presented

4 5 ƒƒ 3rd Quarter Moon A There is an urge to move things along quickly and wrap up what is nearly completed. A feeling of optimism is in the air but be careful that you do not count chickens before they are hatched. Therefore, resist the temptation to be hasty or impulsive and focus on the goal. 6 MB A practical approach will be the best option.

7 8 MC Ensure that news or information received is dealt with in a timely manner.

9 10 MD Be prepared to nurture what is important. 11 12 ] New Moon DM enters E Solar Eclipse The New Moon highlights a period where emotions will be heightened as long-term worries, which may include illness, come to a head. Matters may seem to become worse before they clear and there is a successful outcome. Humble thanksgiving is called for.

13 14 MF This is not the time for criticism instead be prepared to sacrifice time or effort.

15 16 MG Be prepared to voice your opinion even if it is not the accepted one.

17 18 ‡‡ 1st Quarter Moon E The optimism of the last week continues and plans made now may have to be tempered soon. Make sure there is flexibility as delays and frustrations heralded will dampen both enthusiasm and hope. 19 MH There may be emotional overreactions to seemingly ordinary situations.

20 21 MI The focus changes and a broader perspective is called for.

22 23 Sun enters LeoMJ Proud, generous and creative are the hallmarks of Leo. Take control of matters in order to get the results you want.

24 25 26 MK…… Full Moon K The Full Moon brings to light frustrations and delays to plans. This may be caused by communication breakdowns including simple misunderstandings. For some there may be deceit and disappointment. Be objective and deal with what you can and be patient with the rest. sms only helpline 1800 700 190

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27 28 ML Hunches and intuition have a role to play. 29 30 31 MA Take action to clear up what has been left undone.

These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

do not dismiss possibilities. 2 ƒƒ 3rd Quarter Moon C The first results of efforts may be visible now however there are still many obstacles. Enjoy the immediate achievements, keep expectations realistic and deal with challenges as they occur, rather than trying to anticipate them. 3 MD Manipulating a situation to advantage may not have the outcomes you want.

you want. 3 ƒƒ 3rd Quarter Moon B The frustrations of this time centre around the need for change while maintaining the status quo. Force will not solve the impasse although for some it may be tempting and this may result in accidents. The best action is to take one step at a time with a practical view to solving small dilemmas rather than trying to engineer a solution for the whole situation.

4 5 ME Take pride in achievements but ensure there

4 5 MC Keep your ear to the ground as news 6 7 MD Increased sensitivity makes you

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will improve what you can offer. 8 ] New Moon F The New Moon highlights doing the right thing especially where responsibilities and obligations are concerned, regardless of obstacles. The delays will continue so patience is required when making plans for the next few weeks. 9 MG Consensus can achieve much but make sure that everyone does their part.


8 9 ME Take pride in successes and accept wellearned acknowledgement. 10 ] New Moon E The new cycle starts and although some of last month’s frustrations may still be evident, there is an increased sense of optimism especially to expand horizons. There may be some opportunities which call for quick action but more importantly do not give up on plans made previously. 11 MF There is value in getting details right.

10 11 MH Be upfront with all your dealings and avoid underhanded or secretive actions.

12 13 MI Enthusiasm and inspiration will help spur

12 13 MG Interaction with others is important

things along.

14 15 ‡‡ 1st Quarter Moon I Plans made recently

but do not surrender your opinion simply to keep the peace.

start produce the first results and there is optimism. However keep feet firmly on the ground and keep expectations realistic as there is a danger that overoptimism may work against successful outcomes. 16 MJ Take control of matters at hand but avoid being autocratic.

14 15 MH Be upfront in all your dealings. 16 17 ‡‡ 1st Quarter Moon HM enters I The first test of plans is at hand so do not be discouraged if there are delays or setbacks. Keep emotions in check as tensions will be high so deal with what is at hand rather than what might be. The effects of decisions made now will be seen in the long term so changes will have significant effects.

17 18 MK Be prepared to take some risks and you may be surprised by the outcome.

19 20 21 ML Back your intuition, as it may prove to

18 19 MJ Take control of the situation and be


22 23 Sun enters GMA…… Full Moon A Equality,

prepared to accept responsibility.

20 21 22 MK Think outside the square and you may

objectivity and interaction are Libran characteristics. The Full Moon highlights the optimism that has been the hallmark of this period. It is also a good time to be active and meet the challenges of living up to expectations and making the most of opportunities.

be surprised by the results.

23 Sun enters Virgo Patience, practicality and

24 25 26 MB Take note of practicalities before

organisation are the hallmarks of Virgo 24 ML Be prepared to back your intuition. 25 …… Full Moon L You may be surprised by the results of intuitive actions which are visible now. There is also heightened sensitivity to what is around and for some there will be the temptation to either ignore or turn away from these feelings.

attempting anything.

27 28 MC A good time to emphasise communication. 29 30 MD An emotional connection to something or

26 27 MA Challenges which come up are best

someone influences things.

met by action.

28 29 30 MB Be practical about what can be done


A Aries - fire B Taurus –– earth C Gemini –– air D Cancer –– water E Leo –– fire F Virgo - earth

and work things through systematically.


G Libra –– air H Scorpio - water I Sagitarius - fire J Capricorn –– earth K Aquarius –– air L Pisces - water



How can you retain your youthfulness and vitality. Are you ready to let go of built up stress, anxiety or resentment?

6 7 MF Take the time to attend to details, as this

travels fast.

easily discern our ““Moon”” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues. A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than

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Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a ““first quarter”” ““full moon”” or ““balsamic”” . The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can

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45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart. Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email: mgarcia55@bigpond.com

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Time & Money –– You Can Have it All! BY TRACEY STRANGER Life is a dance with time and money. Live in the flow. Does money flow to you or away from you? Or both? Is it a balanced flow? Are you the master of time and money, or is time and mone moneyy the master of you? ““I haven’’t got time.”” ““I’’ve got the time but not the money.”” ““I never have Time AND Money.”” Have you ever listened to yourself about what you say to yourself? Especially about money. Do you have ““limited time and money”” thinking? STOP right no w.

Time is subjective

Ever noticed how sometimes time flies and sometimes time passes so

slowly? It’’s all in the eyes of the observer and the boundaries or limits we self impose. Yes self-impose. We live in an unlimited universe that is eternal, never-ending and evolving. There is an eternity of time. Have you experienced ““timelessness””, for example when daydreaming, playing golf, your favourite sport, hobby, game, meditation, contemplation, prayer? Then, whack, back to ““reality.”” Who’’s reality? Human-made (man or woman made) limitations of time and money.

What is Time?

Time is subjective. It’’s what we make it. · The moon was used to calculate time as early as 10,050 BCE,

and possibly even 28,050 BCE. · The reforms of Julius Caesar in 45 BCE put the Roman world on a solar calendar calendar. · The Gregorian calendar was then slowly adopted by different nations over a period of centuries, but is today by far the one in most common use around the world. Be in the flow of nature’’s cyclic time. Take a deep breath and let go. When you give yourself time, you are not cluttered, you are not rushed, and you are not stressed. You can think more clearly. Change your time-poor paradigms to powerful-abundant paradigms: · ““I have an abundance of time and money, right now.”” · ““I always have plenty of time to do what I need to do.”” · ““Now I naturally prioritise my day so that I achieve everything I set out to do because I have an abundance of time.”” Think this, feel this and believe this every morning you step out of bed. Be persistent. You will be amazed at how different your day can be when you set the stage with abundance. Shift all limiting paradigms.

What is money?

Money is energy. Everything is energy. Don’’t be fooled by form. ““Money makes the world go round.”” Cabaret ““Money is the root of all evil.”” George Bernard Shaw ““The trick to money is having some.”” Stuart Wilde ““I am having an out of money experience.”” Author Unknown Money is an abstraction, idea or con-


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www.innerself.com.au cept where physical bills or coins are carried and traded. · Currently, most modern monetary systems are based on fiat money. · Fiat money is simply money (or anything accepted as payment) declared legal by a government. · For most of history, money was commodity money, such as gold and silver coins plus gold, silver, copper, rice, salt, peppercorns, large stones, decorated belts, shells, alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis and even candy. So money is what we make it. A good question to ask yourself is: ““What other ways can I achieve what I want without using paper money, (value assigned by the government of the day)?”” · Be of service –– share knowledge, skills, be there for others · Swap or trade your skills so it is a win-win · Share your knowledge, skills, resources for a win-win Change your limiting money paradigms to powerful abundant paradigms: ““I am a massive money magnet every day.”” ““Now that I am a massive money magnet, I can help so many more people.”” ““I have an abundance of money to make a significant contribution to and difference for my family, friends and humanity.”” Think this, feel this and believe this every morning you step out of bed. Be persistent. You will be amazed at how different your day can be when you set the stage with abundance. Shift all limiting paradigms. I now have the perfect balance of time and money, thank you for this Peace of Mind.

Without Inner Peace, How Can We Make Real Peace? HH The Dalai Lama Tracey Stranger has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Microbiology), Certificate Modern Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy, is a health writer and an author. She is available for private consultations and group workshops. Her book How to Overcome Stress Naturally foreword by HH The Dalai Lama is available at all good book stores. Contact Tracey on 0409 879 271, inspire@traceystranger.com or www.HowToOvercomeStressNaturally.com

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The Crossroads BY DAVID LANE We may be a technically advanced civilisation but our spiritual awareness has not advanced at the same rate. We are at the crossroads once again, a time where our technology has the capability to destroy our very existence because our spiritual consciousness has not kept up with it. Humans have been at this point before and there are many ancient writings and symbolisms that attest to this .The big question is; Will we repeat the patterns of self destruction that is recorded in our ancient teachings - we are about to write history once again. The divide between those who believe that civilisation is about to destroy itself and those who scoff at the idea is widening. There is also a deepening of the divide between those who believe we are about to go through a major shift in our consciousness and those who don’’t. No matter who is right one thing is for sure –– the lines are being drawn and people are being challenged into making a choice about what they believe. The hidden negative side of the human race is being exposed as well. It is getting increasingly difficult for people and organisations to hide the information that they don’’t want others to know about. There currently seems to be an explosion of exposure of the many cover-ups; from the Catholic Church cover-up of the sexual abuse by some of its priests to funds mismanagement by corporate bosses through to lies and deceit by our celebrities including our sports stars. The major exposure of the corruption that underlies our financial systems and economies. The list of exposures goes on and it seems that anybody who has misused their authority may be challenged to come clean. This exposure is painting a pretty grim picture of our so called civilised world ... so why is all this exposure happening now? One of the reasons is the current increase of the vibration energy of our solar system. It seems that we are passing through the higher density energy of the photon belt as predicted to happen at this time. With it comes the strengthening or intensifying of the positive and negative energies. This means that their polarities are also intensifying. As these positive and negative energies become stronger they become harder to control and therefore it becomes increasingly more difficult to control their effect on us. It becomes more difficult to keep a lid on the

negative energy contained in the lies found in our dark secrets. They are becoming exposed for all to see whether we like it or not. As the positive and negative energies increase so do their associated energies of Love and Fear. They are becoming more polarised and so the line or difference between the two is becoming more obvious. When our beliefs become more polarised the opposing positions become more extreme and highlighted. For example; an attitude of indifference will give way to a definite ‘‘YES’’ or ‘‘NO’’. People will know which side you are on, but more importantly –– so will you. It is going to become almost impossible to ‘‘sit on the fence’’ of indifference having no opinion at all. This increase in the polarities of positive and negative energy will continue over the next few years and so the division between the two will also increase. As this divide broadens it will be become more obvious which side of the chasm we are on. It will be impossible to remain ‘‘Luke Warm’’ because as the positive and negative polarities gather power so will their intensity and thus the difference between the two will become more obvious. You will know whether you are ‘‘Hot or Cold’’. This is actually a positive because it will take away any confusion that someone may have about interpreting their own feelings and beliefs. For example; you may think that you are at peace with a particular aspect of your life when you actually have a deep fear that you have suppressed long ago. This fear now lays hidden deep in your subconscious so you are totally oblivious to its existence. You may say things like ““I am ok””, ““it does not affect me”” or ““I have dealt with and healed that issue or fear long ago””. You may not have got to the bottom of the issue or you may even be in some sort of self denial. If it is still a hidden negative then its intensity will increase. This will cause any deep hidden negatives and fears to rise

Practical Enlightenment! The handbook to heaven Our spiritual evolution

This practical and enlightening book will show you how to: •• Understand how we spiritually evolve •• Know the steps •• Observe your progress Monitor yyour our jour ne journe neyy Call today and receive your FREE Chart on ““How to change your unwanted thought patterns””

with the innate inbuilt feedback loop

www.realise-who-you-are.com or contact David on 0414 352 211 7/2/2010, 12:41 PM

InnerSelf into your conscious mind for you to address and heal them. Any karma in your field will also get played out in increasingly stronger cycles until you deal with them. I find this very exciting because it gives me a wonderful chance to clean out the closet of any negatives that may hold me back from further spiritual growth. This opportunity for growth has not happened for thousands of years. Many people believe that we are on the brink of a major consciousness shift. It does not matter what you believe, whether it is in the second coming of Christ, a shift into a higher dimension, ascension or whatever –– the preparation is just the same. We need to get ourselves ready for whatever happens to be able to give ourselves the best chance to be able to go with the change. My personal view on what may happen has changed many times as I gain more knowledge on the subject. I now believe that there will be a major shift in the vibration energy flow that will positively affect earth and her inhabitants. How and when this occurs and what form it will take is totally open to conjecture. I have seen several predictions and interpretations of prophecies on this subject pass without coming to fruition. Many people are now focusing on the year 2012 as the time for ascension. There is no doubt that the world is in turmoil at the moment and the evidence supporting this timing of such an event is building. The one thing that all predictions have in common is that as we build up to this change there will be an increase in the chaos that the human race will experience. That seems to be happening more and more. I believe that the positive out of all this is the golden opportunity we have to re-evaluate our positive and negative belief systems and their associated affects on our emotions and well being. One of the main negative areas to be addressed is our karma because it cannot ascend to a higher dimension. From this perspective we may be able to see that this polarisation of the energies is not only positive but very necessary for the human race. These can be very negative, torrid times or very positive wonderful times for self-exploration. The choice is yours! David Lane’’s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. His passion is about supporting people to discover and master their own path. He discovered that we all have an inbuilt feedback system that tells us how spiritually evolved we are. David has recently released his first book called ‘‘The Handbook to Heaven’’ which is about how we spiritually evolve. It describes the steps that we need to take and how to monitor our journey. For more information visit: www.realise-who-you-are.com, email davidlane49@optusnet.com.au, or phone David on 0414-352211


Discover Inner Peace and Improve Quality of Life

Set of Books/DVDs By Simon Blow Australian Qigong Master Simon Blow has just released this wonderful new three book/DVD series. The exercises and meditations are presented in a clear, easy to follow format, incorporating history, theory and inspirational stories from those who have benefited from the ancient healing art of Qigong. The Art of Life, book/DVD 1, is an introduction into the basic principles of Qigong, explaining impor tant practices and concepts such as Mindful Meditation, the Five Element Theory and a simple explanation of the body’’s meridian system. Absorbing the Essence, book/DVD 2, explores the ancient Daoist cultivation techniques that were taught directly to him at the sacred Wudang Mountain in China. Restoring Natural Harmony, book/ DVD 3, explores Guigen Qigong, the Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques that were taught to Simon by Dr. Xu Hongtao from the Qigong and Tuina Department of Xiyan Hospital in Beijing. For more information visit www.simonblowqigong.com Pub: The Genuine Wisdom Centre

By Lidija Pretreger If you’’re looking for a way to comfort a young one about the passing of a dear relative or friend, Angel Steps is a sweet bedtime book offering five steps for passing on their love through Archangel Gabrielle. Large print, beautiful colour pictures, perfect gift. Pub: Pick-a-WooWoo www.pickawoowoo.com

Love’’s Alchemy

By Sky Shayne Innes Drawing from the vast pool of the world’’s spiritual traditions both East & West, and her own awakened presence, Sky inspires, nudges, clarifies, reveals and guides the reader into that deep limitless ocean of love that we all are. Her words sing in joy the gift that living the Awakened Life brings, offering profound wisdom in the shape of the gentle whispers of a dear friend. A love drenched 300 plus pages that bring it all together for those seeking nothing less than the awakened Presence within. Pub: Heartfelt Publishing www.lovesalchemy.com

Art of Yoga Cards

By Katrina Smith This exquisite 44 card deck and guidebook will help you integrate all principles of Yoga into your life. A practical and inspirational tool to bring body, mind and soul into balance.

Pub: Pebble Publications www.pebblepublications.com.au

Call today 0406 404 082 www.heartbridge.com.au

Patricia Farren

Patricia Farren has always loved crystals so after many years in the film industry as a film researcher she opened her first Crystal Shop in Darling Harbour. Patricia has developed her healing skills over the years training in modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Counselling, Bach Flower Essences and Power of the Mind. She now runs New Lifenergy at Marrickville where she and her daughter Katie share their love for the work they do. A firm believer in the adage ““As you think, so you are.”” Patricia sees only the positives for the future, no matter how bleak the press like to paint it.

You can visit Patricia at New Lifenergy - 153 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, 2204 or Phone (02) 9519 9821

Guardian Angel Psychics

Hello all you beautiful souls out there! A little about me. My name is Ves, I was born in a long line of psychics and have been exposed to fortune telling for as far back as I can remember.

Animal Reading Empowerment for all

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon

Affirmations for Women

What if all your resources to Live Your Best Life, and move through life’’s challenges with choices and ease, are available to you somewhere in your subconscious mind? If you want to be the best you can be, why limit yourself? Seize the opportunity The HeartBridge® Process offers to bridge the gap between you and Your Best Life!

For enquiries you can email me at guardianangelpsychics@msn.com

Pub: Angel Sisters www.angelsisters.com.au

60 Card Deck by Pebble Forest Stop... take a breath... pick a card... Each card offers an uplifting inspiration affirmation that will help you clarify, purify and uplift your consciousness. Created for women, this lovingly produced deck will help improve your wellbeing and reduce tension in your life.


Remove Limiting Beliefs

Angel Steps Love You, Miss You

By Martin Meader OK Harry Potter fans, get ready…… this wonderful book by Mar tin Meader (producer/co-writer of the Hollywood movie, Paradise Road) is exactly what you’’ve been waiting for. Written for his son Charlie-Moon as a story to read to him at bed-time, you’’ll thrill as you journey through this marvelous tale filled with fun, adventure, action and laughter. Reminiscent of Roald Dahl’’s work, this book is a delight for all children and children at heart. If it’’s magic you’’re seeking –– look no further. Pub: Crow Flies Press www.crowfliespress.com

Long-distance reading and healing from wherever your animal friends are in the world. You will be provided with a clear, precise and informative reading. By knowing and understanding how your animal friends feel, what they think, desire and what they want you to know, you have the insight and wisdom how to make them TRULY happy. It is an amazing opportunity to learn how you can honour them and enrich their lives with specific personal care and help create a world where they can live their life to the fullest.

Phone Manon on 0431 286 940 aurareadingandhealing.com

Shé D’’Montford

Shé D’’Montford, the psychic who found the little boy lost on ““The One””


Download a free copy of ““Understanding how to deal with Karma”” at realise-who-you-are.com or email David at davidlane49@optusnet.com.au for your free copy





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teaches all aspects of psychic development. Shé is joining forces with the legendary Cassandra Eason Sept-Nov (See Moon Calendar for details)to help as many Australians as possible develop their psychic abilities. Ring 0402793604 to find out how you can begin your journey of psychic growth.

Personal Peace

Online Seminars offered by counselling psychologist using EFT Find Your Personal Power: Learn how to clear emotional blockages and limiting beliefs. Stop the self sabotage and live the life you really desire. Find your happiness! This is life changing.

FREE INTRODUCTORY VIDEO at www.personalpeace.com.au/ landing1.html

Eckankar Community Events July, August, September 2010

Sydney: Brown St Community Centre, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown. Contact: 02 9212 2100 Sunday Jul 11 - 10:30am to 11:30am: Learning to Trust Your Inner Guidance Sunday Aug 8 - 10:30am to 11:30am: What is Self Responsibility? Sunday Sep 12 - 10:30am to 11:30am: Turning Endings into Beginnings Stephens Por t Ste phens : Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette. Contact Cynthia: 02 4984 4445 Sunday Aug 1 - 11am to 12pm: How Divine Spirit Manifests in Our Life Sunday Sep 5 - 11am to 12pm: How to Recognize God’’s Love Wollongong : Corrimal Community Centre, 15 Short St, Corrimal. Contact Bronwyn: 02 4256 9549 Saturday Jul 24 - 11am to 12pm: Guardian Angels or ECK Masters? Saturday Sep 25——11am to 12pm: Have You Had a Spiritual Experience? (Free Community Workshop) For events in your area visit www.eckankar.org.au

Rose Smith PSYCHIC

In 2000 Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS had a dream of Archangel Michael who wrote the name ‘‘Absolute Soul Secrets’’ on her forehead. At the time, she had no idea what this meant, it was a soul secret even to her! However after about 3 months, a series of ‘‘coincidences’’ led Rose to believe it was a new business endeavour she was destined to start. More dreams confirming her new direction led to the international psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets. 10 years later Absolute Soul Secrets is the most reputable and well known psychic network in Australia and New Zealand. Only genuinely gifted psychics are invited to read on this network. So if you want a good reading with a good psychic that doesn’’t cost a for tune, call Absolute Soul Secrets today! 24/7 pay by your phone account call 1902 221 596 $2.97 pm (mob more, Callucopia), credit cards 1300 850 196 $2.45 pm, or for a quick message sms ““Self”” to 1977 4748 $3.50 per msg pair, helpline 1300 850 196. Check our free astrology on www.SoulSecrets.com.au





ARC 2010 National Reiki Conference 8th -10th October ““The world is currently facing a series of crises that suggest a new paradigm for operating in the world is needed. In healthcare this will mean moving from an illness model that focuses on a medical industry that deals with pain and established diseases to a wellness model that embraces joy and fulfillment from life and deals with lifestyle and preventive measures. It has been said that ““the currency of wellness is connection’’and this can be applied to our connection between ourselves and our community and environment as well as connection between practitioners and patients and between practitioners from different disciplines”” - Professor Marc Cohen, Keynote Speaker at ARC 2010 National Reiki Conference We as Reiki practitioners know that Reiki brings about a sense of wellness and wellbeing. The main aim of the conference is to promote the integration of Reiki

as a Complementary Therapy into Mainstream Health Care and Community Settings. This conference brings together a variety of eminent speakers each with their own field of speciality, yet all have a common theme: putting the patient first, be that patient human or animal. Speakers confirmed to date: Professor Marc Cohen MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons), FAMAC, FICAE Professor Marc Cohen is a registered general practitioner with degrees in western medicine, physiology and psychological medicine and PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering. He is currently Foundation Professor of Complementary Medicine at RMIT University where he performs research and leads the worlds first online Master of Wellness Program. He is exper t Advisor to the Complementary Medicines Evaluation Committee (CMEC), and

a member of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) Consultative Committee. Anna S Petterson PhD Anna was appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the SolarisCare Foundation; in October 2008, Anna is also a Medical Art Psychotherapist. Currently Anna is building the research profile at SolarisCare and is actively engaged in national and international collaborative research projects. This research focuses on the use of complementary therapies addressing issues of grief and loss and psycho-oncology, especially the trauma associated with a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. A number of publications are currently being prepared. Efterpi Soropos –– Founder & Creator of Human Rooms. Efter pi is a lighting designer, educator and researcher. In the past, Efterpi has designed lighting for productions around Australia, and has created critically acclaimed installations. Recently, Efterpi has been researching the use of immersive ar tistic environments in palliative care. In 2007 Efterpi completed a Masters in Community Cultural Development, at the Victorian College of the Ar ts, Melbour ne University, theorising about the environments people are in hospitals and at end of life and how art can effectively alleviate suffering. Molly Carlile RN, FRCNA, CA FAICD AICD,, AFCHSE, MAIPC MAIPC,, MA MACA Molly has extensive senior management and executive experience in both rural and

metropolitan health services. She has a clinical and leadership background in palliative care nursing, counselling and education. Molly is the manager of the largest metropolitan palliative care consortium in Victoria and sits on a number of Victorian Department of Health advisory committees in addition to representing the sector in numerous policy and strategic development initiatives. Her book Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, has been strongly endorsed by Drs. Andrew Weil, Mehmet Oz, Christiane Northrup, and others. Ingrid D’’Andrea: Ingrid is the founder and principal instructor of the Australian Academy of Reiki in WA. She is also the founder of Innovative Perspectives, a coaching, consulting, mentoring and training business, specialising in educating organisations on effective communication and human behaviour in order to integrate a multi-generational workforce. Ingrid is also highly skilled in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis with education in business and psychotherapy and she is actively committed to the evolution and implementation of Reiki as a selfcare model within the medical healthcare industry, with a focus on the integration of Reiki for the well being of carers. Maria Lacey is a Reiki Master Teacher, wor kshop presenter, Meditation Facilitator and qualified Counsellor. She is the author of two Guided Meditation CDs and has created such practical programs as Women Nur turing Women and a Men’’s Workshop developing skills to destress. Reiki, her chosen path, is her passion, and she feels truly privileged to work full time in this field. Maria uses her skills to mentor, teach, and to empower others on their personal journeys, and she is continually inspired by their courage and tenacity. Sarah Messina is a Reiki Practitioner and professional animal communicator & healer. Her services are sought by pet owners and animal rescue groups worldwide. Animal Reiki healing is a natural pet care treatment for animals, it is commonly used to treat older and sick pets. Sarah uses her ability to talk to the animals in combination with her background in professional counselling, reiki healing and other therapies. She is passionate about working holistically with the animals. For more info xxxxxx

Holidays with a Difference ... Bali Bali is an enchanting mystical island, a ‘‘mecca’’ for Australians since the 70’’s. Why? Bali embraces many aspects of contemporary Australian spirituality. Colourful traditional Hindu Ceremonies create a backdrop for luscious tropical vegetation, hear t-centered Balinese hospitality, glorious volcanic mountains, magnificent surf beaches, all swift flowing rivers meet pounding surf beaches These grids on her property are vortexes which align to her other sacred properties around the world, exclusive access to these portals is by invitation only. All this some 2.5 hours from the airport. The energy surrounding you is palpable and real ... this sacred location embraces a frequency of multi dimensional reality, where you are transported into an oasis of breathtaking beauty which allows you to journey to your heart through bathing in jewel encrusted mosaic sriyantra and Kundalini pools, midnight, full-moon meditation ceremonies on the rooftop of a traditional Balinese palace, where intricate jewelled mandalas/mosaic whisper their secrets of immortality and assist your transformation. Layer by layer your stress dissolves into the ethers as gentle yoga awakens those taut muscles, luscious vegetarian cuisine organically grown on the property entices your taste buds allowing for instant detoxification. Crystal Devas, whose twinkling facets wink at you as powerful talismans of jewelry which can be worn as por table shrines, are lovingly manufactured in the sacredness of the land. Power of the stones embrace in a visual kaleidoscope of

stunning beauty. Breathe into your heart right now, feel it opening to a sensuous, magickal carpet of sound and experience as tools of light heal your weary spirit. All of life is expressed in this postage stamp oasis of magic as you attune to the divine Immor tal Ones, embracing and caring for your journey of being human, in your Quest for Immortality. This location is one of Bali’’s best kept secrets. The cat is out of the bag! Allow yourself to open up and explore the ancient aspects of Bali’’s sacred heart. The essence of Bali lies in the mysteries of its divinely feminine energies through traditional culture which embraces ritual, daily yoga, meditation, ceremonies, offerings, creative arts and dance. Bali whispers her secrets when you allow yourself to go to your heart. Bali Tour 2011 De par ts 17th - 24th Mar Depar Marcc h Japan May 2011 Egypt Nov 2011 Carmel Glenane, B.A., Dip. Ed. , internationally published author of ““The Immortal Woman””, founder of Atlantis-Rising Mystery School & Healing Center. A channeled writer, spiritual teacher and sought after healer of 17 sacred journeys. Carmel’’s spiritual adventures are tailored for you to experience transformation through ceremonies, meditations, teachings, in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Contact 07 55 367 399 info@atlantis-rising.com.au www.carmelglenane.com www.atlantis-rising.com.au www.facebook.com/ carmel.glenane

With Sa & Claudio - 7 –– 13 October 2010 Inclusive Would you like to be free of the weight of the past? Would you like to live fearlessly? And courageously envision and create the future that you want? The Munay Ki are the Nine Rites of the Inca shamans of the high Andes of Peru that will place you firmly and securely on the path of Life Mastery.

Contact Julie at Journeys of the Spirit phone: 0427 766 716 •• spirit@iinet.net.au •• www.journeysofthespirit.com.au



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Femin-Essence of India BY DEBBIE KINDNESS Visiting India for the first time, I had no idea how my life would change. It was never the ashrams or gurus that attracted me India was simply a fabulously exciting, fun, crazy and amazing place to travel. In no time I had fallen deeply in love with the country and all things Indian. A decade or so later and many moons of living and travelling India, I woke one day to find I was a Reiki Master, a practicing Yogi and had become very spiritual. It almost seemed to happen by osmosis. India does that. These days, every time I step off the plane in India, I feel like I’’ve come home. From a woman’’s point of view, I find India an utterly fascinating country. The most important God of the Hindu Pantheon is Devi, the Mother Goddess, and women in Indian culture are highly revered. I’’ve come to love the experiences to be had as a woman traversing the length and breadth of this amazing



part of the world. Women travelling without the ‘‘protection’’ of a man are considered an oddity but are certainly respected. After all, India has a history of acknowledging remarkable women, such as Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa. India can be a challenging country for the uninitiated; it can be exciting, exotic and spiritual! It blends tradition unashamedly with the bizarre and unexpected. It is a great place to meet like-minded travellers and make friends with the locals. In my years travelling India, I’’ve learnt where to hang out with movie stars in Mumbai, and where to learn to dance Bollywood style. I’’ve found the best Ayurvedic massages and where to experience a sunrise yoga class on the rooftop of a Heritage Rajasthani Castle. I’’ve discovered the soul journey that can be experienced riding into the desert on a camel and sleeping under the stars, and the mystical beauty of walking along the holy Ganges at dawn. I’’ve attended

traditional Indian weddings and visited the Taj Mahal at dawn dressed in my finest sari. I’’ve shared meals with women in remote villages of Rajasthan and shopped for amazing tribal jewellery and fabrics in the bazaars. I’’ve dressed like a Maharani for dinner in a palace and learnt the secrets of cooking an authentic Indian curry. I’’ve meditated and watched the sun rise over deser t dunes, and climbed a hilltop to commune with nature as the first rays of a new day kissed the nearby holy lake. Travelling with a small group escorted by a fellow Aussie who knows the ropes and will smooth your ride, you will have the opportunity to create your ultimate Indian experience. So whether you’’re into the glitz and glam of Bollywood, the traditional textiles and jewellery of Rajasthan, the food and tastes of India, a spiritual soul-enhancing holiday or a cultural and experiential tour –– Debbie and Incredible Indian Tours will offer you a journey of a lifetime.

You can join Debbie this September for a wonderful 23-day women’’s-only trip. Come with a girlfriend, or alone and make new friends as you experience the best of India from a feminine perspective. One thing’’s for sure, this will be a journey that you’’ll never forget and one that might just change your life. With 16 years of experience, Debbie escorts tours to India and N e p a l . Specialising in small groups and private itineraries, join one of our organised tours or let Debbie and the team at Incredible Indian Tours create an itinerary to ensure you get the most out of your Indian experience. For more information contact Debbie Kindness on 0431 120 792 info@incredibleindiantours.com www.incredibleindiantours.com

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Initiate Tours Every ““Initiate”” experience is as individual as it is a defining adventure of self-discovery Initiate Tours will take you to places you think as yet exist only in the imagination. We all walk and talk but most of the time we are somnambulists.

Change catalysm

Corporate lawyer turned Change Catalyst , Helen offers personalized excursions to outback Australia with a twist. Helen invites you to join her on a magical journey of self-discovery on sacred Indigenous land. Helen uses her 15 years of corporate experience coupled with her knowledge of the 5000 year old Indian Ayurvedic ‘‘science of health and wellbeing’’ on her voyages impar ting her knowledge and teachings to empower you to initiate the changes needed for the life you deserve.

Our journeys

Initiate Tours have been specifically designed to accommodate a myriad of genres for progression in spirituality and wisdom for all dharmas and every personality type. Become one with the land and the



Self. Learn of ancient Aboriginal dreamtime Tjukurpa (history, knowledge, religion, morality and law) that has successfully guided indigenous life for over 60,000 years.


Retreats & Holidays for the Body and Soul

Modalities and activities offered

Initiate Tours include a guided Ayurvedic consultation for every voyager. No prior knowledge or understanding required. Each Initiate Tours explorer group can choose from a variety of differing modalities, tools and activities to make your journey unique and individually tailored for your needs. The opportunities are boundless. Take home tools specifically crafted for your needs will enable continued growth in life long after your outback experience

The experience

There’’s something on every grain of red, magnetic, majestic outback earth for everyone. In the vast, scorched, ochre stained landscape of central Australia, a morphology of feeling permeated Helen’’s soul ““Waking at 4am to cheat the blistering sun, the smell of the previous evenings burnt embers sends the pulse of life coursing through my veins. Rising from my swag, I dust off the red-stained earth from my boots. Body synapses fire waves of exhilarating nervousness and excitement in anticipation of the days climb. The stillness is thick as fog in the air....... Unfamiliar effervescent sounds and smells impress themselves upon me imparting the centuries aged wisdom generated by the indigenous caretakers of the land. As I gaze across the vast pastel stained expanse before me, I catch my breath being drawn in and slowly out of my chest and sense the dry dustiness stroking the tip of my nose. Standing on tip-toes, hand to brow staring up at the mountainous rock that is the days mission, a consciousness of feeling intoxicates me with its sticky hue. The damp morning air particles gently stroke my skin in this arid place of abundance…… I feel as a euphoric child, sense the tender embrace of mother, I am daughter..sister. It would be no longer possible to ever return to the nothingness again””

The wisdom

The wisdom that we can learn from ancient cultures is as infinitely magnetic and spiritual as it is stimulating, symphonic and rewarding ““I wanted to do something with my life that gave me pleasure and absolute fulfillment as well as giving something back. Initiate Tours is my labour of love””. Close to Helen’’s heart is her involvement and exchanges with indigenous Aboriginal people which she combines with Initiate Tours expeditions in an innovative way. An exchange of wisdom has a power that can only be experienced not talked about Are you ready to make the change? Be the change and it will be so

MYSTICAL PERU AND THE COMING AGE Having founded the Adelaide Healing Energy Centre in 1999 my journey since that time has been one of immense growth and joy. It was in 2000 that I became aware that I had many guides that worked with me but in par ticular I was shown that I also had an Indigenous initiated tribal that I was channeling. He came and shared the secrets of healing the ‘‘old’’ way with me and showing me that once I was ‘‘the keeper of the secrets’’, and now I was to share that knowledge with anyone that would come seeking me. This was profound for me and led to many more journeys than I have time to discuss here so perhaps for another time. In 2006 my guidance came to me very strongly telling me that I must from this time on teach my Energetic Healers Course in Central Australia at Uluru, and it must be done in ten days! No longer as I had been doing, over four months! I was skeptical that this could be done but as usual the guidance was correct and it is Divine, now many have experienced the life changing effect of my teachings in line with the love and support of the powerful heart energy of the rock. I love the way ‘‘Spirit’’ works guiding us one step at a time always leading you toward your divine purpose often without us really being aware. This was what was happening to me, the next step was the day someone walked into my shop and said you need to be taking groups to Egypt! I know very well when I am being presented with something that comes from Spirit, so in 2008 I took my first

group to Egypt. From beginning to end the journeys have been spiritually enlightening for us all from seeing the orbs around us to meditating in the Kings Chamber and spending magical nights in the Sahara Desert with the ‘‘real’’ people of Egypt. It was all Divine! Then last year I began dreaming of flying over Machu Picchu, I knew the next journey for myself and others was to be Peru! So in early May, I along with three others, journeyed to Peru to see what it has to offer my clients for next year and to discover what Peru had to show me. I was not disappointed! I went with three questions on my mind, asking for clarity on each and asking to be shown the way. Very clearly before I left Peru I had the answers to each of my questions. Peru is a beautiful country green and lush, a country of rushing water ways, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Lorraine is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master. She t e a c h e s meditation classes, Spiritual Development and a four module healers course and facilitates the life changing 11 day Uluru Healers Retreat. She developed the very popular inner child workshop and is the author of ““Practical Guide to Healing the Inner Child”” and had 2 self help CD’’s and the ““Living and Dying Consciously”” DVD.

ACCELERATE AWAKENING Master Meditation Retreat September 9th - 16th, 2010 Malen Malenyy, Sunshine Coast,QLD

A 7 days Master Meditation Retreat in Spring with PeterJi, a spiritual teacher who embodies awakened presence, and his partner April Mai. A nur turing silent space to recharge spiritually and physically. Deepen into stillness, and strengthen ‘‘being’’ with one of Australia’’s most valued spiritual teachers. Satipatthana insight meditation is a beginning for some and an ongoing deepening for others. PeterJi sits with the group & offers private daily guidance. Excellent food, rest periods, zen style walking in nature & evening Q&A all add to inner peace & wellbeing. A little taste of heaven might change your life forever. If you are seeking truth, balance, clarity, and transformation, heed that inner call by enquiring at Stillwaters 07 55 350 848 or visit our website www. peterji.com to download information flyer and registration form.


Treat your body, mind and soul to 5 days of inner peace as you learn to dive deep into Stillness using breath, mind, body, consciousness and nature as the portals to the Self in one of the most serene environments imaginable. Bask in the sheer beauty of this magnificent, luxury retreat property among the hills near Yarramalong Valley, only 70 kms from the Sydney CBD. This is a residential retreat, where you will have all the time you need to immerse in Stillness. Full accommodation and delicious, nutritious meals are included.

Helen Gregoriou is a corporate lawyer and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Helen Gregoriou runs selfdevelopment journeys through spiritual discovery, imparting her knowledge and teachings to initiate the changes needed for the life you deserve. For more information, contact Helen on e: helen@initiatetours.com | m: 0423 550 668 www.initiate-tours.com Contact Initiate Tours P: + 61 2 96655718



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Christo Norden-Powers, contemporary spiritual teacher and author of The Practice of Stillness: The secret to inner peace, happiness, wisdom & love , will guide and coach you through the exquisite practice of entering Stillness and the practical application of Stillness to the way we work, relate to each other, love, heal, express creativity, interact with nature, maintain inner peace and happiness, and connect with the deep wisdom within each of us. The retreat is designed to enable you to bring the power of Stillness into all parts of your life, using specific processes that have been passed down through the ages by great spiritual masters. Many of those processes are little known in western countries, and have largely been kept secret, until recently. Christo has been practising, applying and teaching those processes for over 40 years and is a masterful teacher and coach.

sonal transformation. Recommended highly for those with chronic medical conditions. MAGICAL EGYPT: 17 days, departing 12 th November 2010 . This is a magical tour through the temples and tombs, spending two nights sleeping out in the Sahara Desert, plus 4 days sailing the Nile. MYSTICAL PERU: May 2011 - 16 days. Visit amazing Incan townships, Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon and of course magical Machu Picchu. Spend a night with the Quantati people on their floating Island. Experience shamanic sacred ceremonies.

For more information on any of the Journeys contact: ADELAIDE HEALING ENERGY CENTRE CENTRE, Phone: (08) 8342 4109 healing2@adam.com.au www.adelaidehealingenergy.com.au

Information and bookings at www.thepracticeofstillness.com or 0439 755 593

Nirvana Luxor Boutique Resort & Retreat the best choice on the Sunshine Coast for your next Residential Retreat Venue””

Munay Ki Retreat in Bali With Sa & Claudio Silvano 7 –– 13 October 2010 Inclusive

Would you like to be free of the weight of the past? Would you like to live fearlessly? And courageously envision and create the future that you want? The Munay Ki are the Nine Rites of the Inca shamans of the high Andes of Peru that will place you firmly and securely on the path of Life Mastery. Contact Julie at Journeys of the Spirit. phone: 0427 766 716 spirit@iinet.net.au www.journeysofthespirit.com.au

Spiritual Journys with Lorraine Webb

In these precarious times self development and discovering your ‘‘Authentic Self’’ is more important than anything else. Your relationship with your ‘‘Higher Self’’ and following your ‘‘inner guidance’’ is what is required.”” ULURU EXPERIENCE: September 19 th to 29 th - 11 nights . Held at Uluru Central Australia. This journey is for those wanting to train as Energetic Healers or those wanting a per-

Uniquely Balinese themed Nirvana Luxor offers a Sanctuary for the Soul, where the ““World Weary”” can discover peace, tranquility and a true sense of spirituality. Walk through our gateway, welcomed by the Malen Merda guardians to be greeted by Ganesha and into a lush tropical heaven nestled under watchful Mount Coolum. The ideal alternative for small group residential retreats for up to 12-20 persons sharing our fully airconditioned apartment suites, tastefully decorated with a subtle combination of traditional Asian décor with modern living. Suitable for meditation, yoga retreats, counseling workshops and other special interest groups. 90 minutes from Brisbane and 10 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport, Nirvana Luxor has superior facilities with a dazzling pool for swimming or lazing by, stunning gardens and is only a short 5 min walk to the beach. We have a number of spa or massage services that can be arranged to suit your needs. Daily meals can be arranged directly through our recommended caterer, to meet with your requirements.

www.nirvanaluxor.com E: info@nirvanaluxor.com Ph: 07 5471 6288


The Journey of a Woman Taking the Sexual Initiative BY NATHALIE HIMMELRICH


Being born in a female body undeniably brings challenges with it. I remember as a child I was comparing the pain of childbir th for a woman with the challenges of having to shave every day as a man and having to attend military service, which at that time was still obligatory in Switzerland where I am from. That comparison resolved the question around: ‘‘Would I prefer to be a woman or a man?’’ –– in which I obviously didn’’t have a real choice anyway. Growing up I observed the dynamics between my Italian heritage patriarchal father and my French heritage mother. My mother was a stay-at-home mum, raising two girls, looking after house and garden and sometimes working parttime but mainly being the housewife. My father was hard working, out most nights, working late, going out with the boys. When he was home he tried to catch up on the education of the children by being stern and tough, so that I started to dislike him coming home and enjoyed evenings alone with my mum and sister. I remember those rare lunch times that he was home and we had to eat in silence because the 12.30pm radio news was on. Without much being said I had come to some interesting conclusions about what it meant to be a woman. From what was said I remember things like: ‘‘You don’’t need to cry’’ or ‘‘Stop crying and talk to me rationally’’. Other times it was about ‘‘You listen to me…… ‘‘, followed by what seemed to be a long preaching about the silly mistake (crime) that I had committed. Another significant moment in my life was when I was about 18 years old, and my father told me that ‘‘I (my father) was here to bring in the money, and your mother was here to provide the love and care’’. I think I was so shocked that I can still remember his words now 23 years later! Following on from that I remember my first boyfriends, heartbreaks, let-downs etc which etched yet some more of those beliefs, limitations and rules that I had

When we start out on the loving and sexual trail, it is so full of emotion that it is almost impossible to contain the feelings of lust, the smile that dances at the corners of the lips, the heart bursting with anticipation every time the phone rings. We ride the waves of ‘‘being in love’’ for all it’’s worth. Surfing the white frothy sea of heightened emotions, wiping our salty, sweaty palms, the noise of our pumping heart so loud we are sure everyone can hear it. We know we are alive. Soaring above day to day challenges flying through minor problems that present themselves, we are totally enveloped in the physical sensation of being in love. Then what? When does life take over in a relationship and the flame of lust and love begin to flicker? Is it boredom that sets in? Is it feelings of exhaustion that over ride potential orgasmic interludes? Is it emotional emptiness? Taking the initiative would generally imply that males would seek solace elsewhere either with another or turn to their work and women would focus their attentions more and more on the children or their work, not that there aren’’t women who would turn their attention towards a tryst of some kind as well. It requires effort on an ongoing basis to keep that flame of love burning. What does it take to do an impromptu slow dance? What does it take to don your man’’s shirt over your naked body after you’’ve had your shower, the kids are in bed and saunter up to him. What does it take to knock on your front door when you come home from work and let your lady see you standing there with a bunch of flowers (and a sexy smile on your face)? Non-sexual qualities are another avenue worth exploring. One never knows where they might lead! Being affectionate towards each other, laughing with each other, being willing to listen to each other, being playful, simply going for a walk together, leaving a note stuck on the mirror in the bathroom for the other –– all of this fostering like-mindedness and yes –– sexual compatibility. Recently I had a conversation with a

come to believe about being a woman. I was also really good at attracting men into my life that were physically, emotionally and/or mentally unavailable. Pretty obvious, isn’’t it? You get the picture: Just an example of a life that shows up born in a female body. My Journey of being a woman has led me to various different discoveries, courses, book etc and finally to ‘‘Journey Woman’’, a weekend workshop run in the Hunter Valley. For me I clearly saw the programming that I had picked up through the years and the damage it had done in my life. Clearing out, letting go and moving on, I was able to embrace the selves in me that I was previously repelled by, integrating the energy that I needed to be fully in control of my life’’s experience as a woman. For me that was my vulnerability and my power, seemingly opposite energies that I had totally disowned. For others it was their sexuality, sensuality or strength and authority. It can be whatever you want it to be from ‘‘divine femininity’’ to ‘‘powerful strength’’. Journey Woman is not a course for wimps, it’’s about you being ready to meet whatever has been hiding in you all those years longing for freedom. Just like the song: ‘‘I am woman, hear me roar……’’ by Helen Reddy, and I know that most women in Australia are familiar with this song…… Nathalie Himmelrich is a counsellor with extensive experience in coaching, counselling and education of adults and children for the past 16 years. She specialises in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TBT (Time Based Therapy), NRT (Neuro Relationship Therapy), Hypnosis, Journey Therapy, Touch for Health (Kinesiology) and Voice Dialogue, using them alongside traditional counselling methods. For more info visit www.reachforthesky.com.au



good looking male who was feeling impotent in the truest sense of the word. He was feeling so ineffective within his marriage, which was sexually empty, yet so full in his role as father and grandfather. In fact, that was how he coped with all the emotional and sexual rejection from his wife, he lived for his grown children and the grandchildren. He was happiest when he could fish, surf and boat with the kids thereby gaining a sense of belonging within the extended family unit. The wife worked, that was all she liked to do. Work at her job, work at keeping the house clean, work at cooking up a storm, work at being there for her children. It appeared she had no yearning to have a warm and intimate relationship with her husband. They slept together in the same bed that was all. Any attempts from the husband to broach the subject of intimacy was consistently met with argument and rejection. He was even aware that the possibility of a traumatic earlier childhood sexual experience may have been the root cause of this rift in their relationship. In this instance, the husband took the initiative to out-source what he was not receiving at home. Leaving was out of the question. Having come from a broken home himself, there was no way he was going to duplicate that phase of his childhood no matter whether his own children had left home or not. And so their marriage continues. Speaking with a woman in her late for ties who has been married for 28 years, I was delighted in her account of her wonderful life with her husband, her one and only sexual experience. The love of her life. They have a great, functional and healthy sex life and are always planning how to make time for each other around the business of day to day family life. It was refreshing as she announced with humour that she was determined to keep herself looking good, feeling happy and wrinkle free by ensuring she had at least three orgasms a week. It showed. I think that this friend may have really meant three orgasms at each session three times a week! Mutual sexual initiative results in keeping the love alive, we send those endorphins, pheromones and oxytocins running around our bodies and brains resulting in waves of joy for all to see. There is lightness to our demeanor and generally a smile dancing on our face that lights up rooms. No partner? Then have that love affair with self! Especially if you are a woman. Give yourself permission to really get to know your sexual self. Those three orgasms a week will possibly become four or five! You are never too old to let your fingers do the walking! Marie-Elise Allen is the face behind Sassy Vibes and the originator of www.marieelise.com. Sassy Vibes provides women and men with an online boutique for the purchase of safe, chemical-free pleasure products. In addition to this, Marie-Elise is a key-note speaker and offers workshops and various opportunities for all those wishing to delve deeper into self-enquiry of which sexuality is an integral part. Phone Marie-Elise on 1300797090 OR visit www.sassyvibes.com.au ©copyright 2009 Marie-Elise Allen




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The Essence of Tantra The essence of Tantra is the integration of the masculine and feminine energies, through the expansion and opening of one’’s physical and energetic bodies. This occurs in our internal dance with self –– opening to feel and embrace both polarities and with our external dance with the opposite sex. The feminine longs to open and surrender through her hear t, the positive polarity for women. The feminine essence is about intimacy, feeling, receptivity and connection. The masculine desires to penetrate with his positive polarity, the penis. The masculine essence is about action, achievement based and externally focused. In our western world, sex and some tantric teachings, have taken a more masculine focus, looking for an outcome based experience, focusing on performance…… How long can we make love for? How many orgasms can I give her? Will my erection be strong enough? And for the women –– will I be able to please him? Will I be lubricated enough? Will I be able to orgasm? All of these expectations focus on the outcome of the experience, rather than the experience of simply being together and enjoying feeling each other. So is it any wonder, that many of our women become disillusioned with sex. Feeling pressure for it to be a cer tain way, based on the images they have seen in movies, magazines and the ideas they have taken on from past relationships? Most women long for connection and intimacy but do not feel this as part of their sexual experience, and so close down sexually. The good news is that through tantric practices, it is possible for women to open up sexually and feel the heart connection with their partner in lovemaking. And the even better news is that a woman can create this through a deeper and stronger connection with her own heart, feelings and internal sensations. If we look at our genital anatomy, it is indicative of how men and women operate. For a man, his penis is on the outside, for a woman, her vagina is more internal than external. So when it comes to sex, she feels more internally, whereas he is more externally focused on where his penis is going. However, when it comes to matters of the hear t, a woman is more likely to be able to speak and

Painting by Willow Arlenea express her feelings and emotions, whereas a man is more internally focused when it comes to the expression of feelings. A woman’’s ability to connect with feelings is part of what brings a man towards her, as her ability to feel helps him to feel. Through connecting with a woman who is soft and tender in her heart, the man will begin to feel his own hear t more strongly; he will feel her opening and penetrating him in the heart, encouraging him to know his own inner feminine more completely through their union. Men often become disillusioned with sex also. They are happy sexually in younger years and comfortable focusing on the performance and end result. However, as they get older, they start to feel the desire for something more. A man may seek to find this through multiple partners, risky sex or having lots of sex. What he is truly seeking though is to feel the connection of heart and sex together in the union with woman. This is where tantra comes in –– bringing hear tfelt sexual experiences to men and women. If a woman is able to relax into her body and feel her own heart, then she is much more likely to be able to bring this heart energy to a man. This is her feminine essence, and the man will feel nurtured, nourished and extremely loved, if he simply allows himself to receive this energy from the woman. The woman too will feel much more empowered, knowing that she has given and received in her ex-

24 EARTH CHANGES change with the man. In conventional sex, women often receive through the genitals, but stop the flow of energy to the heart, never experiencing the joy of giving energy back to the man through the heart. It is this experience of energy flowing from her heart to his heart that supports her to feel more feminine, more centred and loving in the exchange. She then experiences a fullness of self love, shared love, connection and intimacy. And the man has the opportunity to feel his masculine power reflected back to him through her lovingness…… the greater the lovingness he feels from her, the more deeply he knows he has touched her inside and outside. Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming has been actively exploring sacred sexuality, tantra, breathwork, energetic healing and shiatsu for over 8 years. Martina’’s vision and passion is to inspire men and women of all ages to feel their own natural energy, joy, vitality and bliss. She facilitates a space of greater awareness, openness and receptivity for people to experience the essence and freedom of their inner being. Martina offers mixed workshops, courses for women as well as Tantric consultations to women, men and couples to expand their knowledge and energy. For more information, visit www.tantricblossoming.com or phone 02 9664 1110.



Navigating theSHIFT


It’’s obvious that we are in the midst of what could be our biggest personal and global crisis, concern is mounting as we recognise just how unstable everything in our world really is. People are struggling to deal with daily pressures, illness, cancer, depression, suicides are all rapidly increasing, our emotions seem amplified and you’’re struggling to understand why. Science has finally caught up and is now on the same page as the ancient prophecies. Science just like the ancient cultures now recognises that everything works in cycles and we are presently heading towards the close of several significant cycles of time. This is a time of great change, this is not the end of the world but the end of the world as we know it. Please note this is not about a particular date but a phase in which we are travelling through. Ancient scripts have all prophesized about this challenging time and science finally agrees. We are all in this together, no-one is excluded, there is always a beginning, middle and an end. And how we close this cycle lays the foundation and becomes the beginning of the next. We are in a position to write our collective story and if we make positive empowering choices that future can be one in which we all live in peace and harmony with each other and the earth. For the earth, these challenges as we’’re already witnessing include, increasing earthquakes, volcanoes, severe storms, heat and freeze waves.


For humans we are personally and collectively travelling through a set of circumstances in which our personal worlds will be shaken, we will be challenged mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This must happen as we transcend our limitations and come into new ways of being. The outcome is positive, however times of turbulence always precede new beginnings. Quantum leaps of evolution always occur during crisis, this is nature’’s way, it always has been and always will be. We grow and evolve when we have to and chaos is the driving force. We are right now being prepared for a new world of higher vibration, however, transition without awareness and preparation is rarely easy. For the Mayans and many of the ancient wisdoms they understood that everything worked in cycles, that we are all one and that there is a great interplay between celestial events and natural phenomena. Their calendars and scripts tell us not only of where we have been but where we’’re going and what to expect. We are one with everything therefore we effect everything and everything affects us. Most people are unaware though of the impact our sun has on us. Our sun is a fiery ball of gases, and often these gassy sunspots build up sending out solar flares and matter which have a direct effect on our geomagnetic field. There is a direct correlation between heightened solar activity and seismic activity, earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather con-

www.innerself.com.au ditions. This activity can affect satellites, airplanes and can shutdown power and computer systems. These explosions also have a huge biological and psychic effect on us contributing to much human disruption. Our pineal gland which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production is sensitive to the magnetic field and it appears that the geo-magnetic storms can desynchronize this rhythm. The heightened activity has a profound effect on the brain and heart with a marked disturbance in the electrical balance of the brain increasing poor decision making, seizures, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, suicides and psychiatric admissions. Studies have found that blood viscosity doubles and a massive increase in heart attacks occurs during this period. The geo-magnetic field is essential to life but its levels affect us profoundly.

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Solar cycle 24 has begun and is predicted by NASA to be 50% stronger than its ‘‘record breaking’’ predecessor cycle 23. The sun is expected to reach its solar maximum in 2012. Awareness and preparation are the key, being forewarned is being forearmed There is an up side to this increase in solar activity, during periods of high activity an index of K-5 or higher, our ability to connect with the field and send out intentions increases. An important fact to remember is if you feel anxious, overwhelmed, more stressed than usual or a sense of heaviness, that it will soon pass and more than likely it’’s due to extra solar activity. Drink more water, smile more, be happy and positive and take time to meditate and put your positive intentions out there. To view current solar activity visit my website daily and click the link to

the live solar data chart at the bottom of the home page. Of the six charts the bottom middle is of most importance, a K-5 or higher is depicted as an orange bar. Join me in future issues as we explore the prophecies, where we have been and how we collectively can make better choices and create the highest possible outcome. Joanne Antoun is a lecturer in the field of Personal Growth and Collective Consciousness. A Gifted medium, Joanne sees clients for personal sessions of CTC –– a life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail and runs regular seminars that inspire, motivate and empower, leaving you feeling a new level of connectedness and awareness that motivates you to be the best you can be. Visit her website at www.joanneantoun.com


The INCA PROPHECIES of Hope and Revelation BY ALBERTO VILLOLDO Etched in the collective memories of the Inca shamans are twelve prophecies and revelations that detail the coming of the end of time and the arising of a new human species. They predict a time of great upheavals in the hearts of men, and ensuing chaos in the world, leading to the dawn of a golden era. These prophecies have been closely guarded by a group of Incas that escaped to 17,000 foot high mountain peaks to avoid the iron fist of the church and the conquest. They have had no contact - not even with other Indians - for nearly five hundred years. They have been the keepers of a secret about our destiny and future evolution that has been handed down from shaman master to student for a thousand generations. This secret has been kept by the poorest Indians in the America’’s, medicine men and women who live on the frozen potatoes and tiny corn that grows above the tree-line. Yet they are the noblest and most exalted peoples of the Andes, keepers of ancient traditions and timeless ritual objects sacred to their people even today. The secret they have been keeping follows from a mastery of invisibility and of time. These last Incas, 600 of them in all, have lived invisible to progress, church, and state for half a millennia. They understand that time not only flies like an arrow, but that it also turns, like a wheel. The later, known as sacred time, was non-linear, non-causal. In sacred time one could influence the past and summon destiny from the future. For five hundred years these Incas waited, keeping their knowledge of a time to come secret, even from themselves, recognizing that until the moment was right it was not the secret that was important, but how they held and served it, for it took great skill to not allow their knowledge of what was to come to spoil their actions or their intent. The Q’’ero, as these last Incas are known, believe that they have been the keepers of a set of keys that will unlock doors important to our collective destinies. They believe the time is now. In June of 1995 they began the last of a cycle of ceremonies done once every 500 years. They now read the prophecies for the last time. Speaking to the Medicine peoples of the Andes, to the Hopi in the Southwest, and to large public gatherings in North America and Europe. They will bring a golden staff into Nor th America and one to Europe and bury it in power places known to them. And they will turn the keys and open the gateways that they have been charged with since the beginning of time that we may begin to emerge into the ‘‘fifth sun’’. And then they will return to their mountain tops, their mission complete, and according to their legends, return to the stars. The Incas have never had a written tradition, and their prophecies



are not etched in stone or papyrus they are preserved in the collective memories of their people, and in the sacred mountain of the Ausangate. While every Inca shaman has access to the entire body of the prophecy, it requires a council of twelve to read them precisely. Legend has it that each time the prophecy is read in its entirety, destiny is nudged, influenced in the act of reading it. The prophecy has not been read in its entirety in 500 years. What we have are the revelations handed down in the oral tradition over the last half millennium since the last reading. Tradition has it that this will be the last reading. It will take place during the winter solstice June 21 at the Snow Star, the high-temple at Mt. Ausangate. The prophecies tell of the end of time. Not the end of history - they speak about the beginning of a millennium of peace, of an era of gold the end of ordinary time. They speak of the return of Pachacuti, the great Inca who built Machu Picchu and other Inca cities in the clouds. Pachacuti is the one who made time stand still - Pacha means earth or time; Cuti means to step beyond. The prophecies announce the end of causal, ordinary time, where we live in the grip of ‘‘karma’’ , of psychological trauma from our childhood, of the nightmare of our violent past and of history. They tell of stepping into sacred time, where we define ourselves not in terms of who we have been but of who we are becoming. They speak of evolution taking quantum leaps, of the body never dying, of reshaping ourselves into a new species within our lifetimes. Here are the twelve classical steps to becoming a Luminous Warrior: 1. To shed the past. The way the serpent sheds its skin - all at once, as an act of love and power. Not psychologically, the way we do it in the West, but mythically, calling on heaven and earth to bear witness to an act of courage and love. Shedding the myth of being cast out of the garden. Re-learning to walk with beauty on the Earth. 2. Munay - Selfless love love. Forgiving ourselves and others. Healing our relationship with nature, with our families and with the Great Spirit. 3. Purification. Setting free the hungry ghosts that haunt us from the past. Fire ceremony. These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior acquires to pass the tests of TUPAY, the age of confrontation and chaos, the first stage of the prophecies. 4. Stepping beyond death. Facing fear. Shedding the death that our culture has planned for us. Stepping beyond fear. 5. Freeing ourselves. From the grip of our genetic and ‘‘karmic’’ lineages, so that our body and our heart are no longer informed by who we have been in the past, but by who we are becoming.

6. Awakening the LumiBodyy. nous Bod These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior acquires to pass the tests of TINQUY, the age of challenge and adversity, the second phase of the prophecies. 7. In visibility Invisibility visibility.. The active practice of non-violence. 8. Mastery of Time. Stepping into and functioning in Sacred Time. Calling on the three great organizing principles in Inca shamanism to bring new order to our Uhu Pacha (inner or lower world), Kay Pacha (middle world of everyday affairs), and Hanach Pacha, (spirit or upper world). 9. Emergence. Actively participating in the transformational processes of the prophecies; manifesting them in our lives. These are the three great skills the Luminous Warrior must master to pass the tests of the TAKE ONKOY, the final stage of the prophecies, and the time of communion and the great gathering of the peoples of the Earth. 10. Summoning our Destinies. The legends say that while everyone has a future, only few have a destiny. A destiny (great or small, but infused with meaning and purpose), must be summoned, invited to stalk us as we stalk it. 11. Transforming our bodies. Consciously evolving, unwinding another strand of the genetic code within our bodies, freeing ourselves from disease and conventional aging. 12. Transcending our mor tality tality.. These are the three gifts the Luminous Warrior receives with the return of Pachacuti, the completion of the prophecies. The prophecies are a window of opportunity that will open for many. Some will choose not to pass through this opening, and according to the legends they will become extinct. In the past only few master medicine peoples were able to cross this threshold. Sorcerers for centuries have attempted to leap through the jaws of death, mostly unsuccessfully, not dying, yet not living. The Inca prophecies speak of a time of emergence available to all. The Hopi and the Maya have similar prophecies about our times. Unlike many other traditions, the Inca elders remember not only the prophecies, but how to read them and help each one of us manifest them in our own lives. They are keepers of ancient processes, of keys that can unlock powerful doorways in the individual and collective destinies of their people, of our people, and the Earth...




Accelerated Growth in The Year 2010 Over the past twelve months there has been a noticeable ““worldwide acceleration”” of esoteric information available to be accessed, absorbed and assimilated into the daily reality of the masses. We are being showered as never before (in this current cycle of historic time) with the ability to source good quality, mind expanding, paradigm and illusion busting knowledge that only up until ten years ago was restricted to the very few. I liken it to the gap between truth and falsehood diminishing at rapid rate. Everywhere we turn we are seeing deceit being uncovered and lids being lifted on lies that have been perpetuated for hundreds of years. Governments going into bankruptcy, celebrities being ousted for years of cheating on partners, cruel mass manufacturing methods in countries like China and India being revealed, all outpourings of something even more intense going on under the surface of our known perception. Life in the omnniverse moves in cycles, like concentric rings in a pond, patterns repeat and repeat and repeat. We on Earth are now again at a point in the cycle of repetition where spiritual technology is rising to the surface of our consciousness and affecting every aspect of our lives. Mind power, crystal resonance, the

For more information about Alberto Villoldo’’s and The Four Winds in Australia, please contact Chris Hooper Promotions –– chris@chrishooper.com.au www.chrishooper.com.au

Alber to Villoldo ., Alberto illoldo,, Ph.D Ph.D., psychologist and anthropologist has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Inca shamans for over 25 years.

7/2/2010, 12:43 PM

harmonics of sound, light and time, multiple layers within dimensions, time warps, ear th grids, tectonic plates, intergalactic soul travel, reincarnation, past lives, dimensional travel, star gates, earth changes, wireless technology are all becoming common terms that are easily accessible on any computer system……ESP is moving mainstream. And we can’’t get enough new information, fast enough. Consciousness is accelerating and with it we are being forced to wake up from our spiritual slumber on mass and become aware beings able to make choices with integrity and from a basis of personal truth. I read recently that it took some 38 years for radio to engage 50,000,000 users worldwide whereas it has only taken Facebook 9 months to engage 100,000,000 users. It speaks volumes that as information has become free on the world wide web (courtesy of the spiritual technology of crystal quartz programming) our soul truth has awoken and become empowered and with this mass awakening, personal integrity is required in equal measure. The more aware we become the more responsible we must also become. This requires constant direct communication with your heart when asking to know the truth about a situation or piece of information that

25 EARTH CHANGES has come to you. The answers will all be found within your heart chamber as it contains the greatest concentration of your soul essence whilst you live in your human body. To access communication with your soul, it is as simple as placing your left hand on your hear t and your right hand over your left, breathing in and asking ““Is this true, speak to me now””. Listen intently, as your answers will come as words or feelings on the out breath. We are constantly ““intuitively hearing”” the truth to all of our questions from the hear t but we can refuse to give the answers and feelings we are receiving any credence as it can be easier to rely on others to do this for us. Yet, part of the life test we are all under is to see what we will ““personally create”” with the heart information given to us. Will we let it increase the capacity of soul truth our hearts can generate (thus increasing the energy of love around the planet) or will we continue to hand our power over to others? As we move further and further into 2010 and particularly around the winter solstice point of June 20/ 21 and spring equinox of September 21/22 we will be feeling great unrest, and why? Because we are supposed to be making critical personal choices to shorten the gap between what is truth for us and what is lies. Did you know that within the gap between truth and untruth exists the dimension of time? You will notice that as you begin to act on your personal heart truth (your soul truth) more and more, time literally shrinks for you. There is no longer a great urgency or rush to complete tasks

26 ENERGY LIVING because you will be in the direct pulse of life AND living in your truth every day.



Accessing the Inner Healer

Is the Mainstream Media Making us Sick?

Healing = Effectively Accessing the Subconscious

the next FIVE months

So for the next FIVE months in 2010 we can expect an acceleration in: -leaving relationships that do not honour you - leaving low paid jobs that do not empower you - standing up to those who ridicule you - sinking into your heart everyday to get to know your soul - questioning everything that you do not understand - speaking up from your heart - honouring the Earth by putting your feet into the soil everyday - expanding your knowledge of spiritual science and natural healing - practising self-love and acceptance so you can mirror this to others around you - following your heart into an area of life that brings you great challenge, purpose and joy. We are now in an exalted position to become aware stewards of our soul and directly partake in the unfolding of truth on planet Earth and throughout the limitless universe. Elizabeth Peru of Deltawaves Sacred Sound & Colour Transformations is an International Soul Teacher, Soul Wellness Expert, Spirit Channel and Sound & Colour Healer. Based in Adelaide, Australia with a global outreach she is well known for her bi-weekly Global Energy Report The Tip-Off and global healing services. www.deltawaves.com.au P: 0422 002 917 E: elizabeth@deltawaves.com.au

How to maintain a steady ship in an ocean of fear, panic and macula degeneration

BY HELEN PAPADOPOULOS It really is this simple –– your subconscious (or SC) contains the answers to situations that need healing or clarity because it is the part of you that knows and sees ALL –– your ‘‘issues’’, emotions, thoughts, biology and spirituality (i.e. information from the higher realms accessed via your intuition, dreams, visions etc). The SC is usually tapped into by relaxing the mind then focusing on the problem in order to find a positive outcome or a lesson in the experience. There are five ‘‘life lesson’’ questions listed below which you may refer to when using the SC accessing techniques outlined further on. You must TRUST your response(s) and follow through with the information you receive.

Life Lesson Questions

1. What is the purpose of the experience? 2. How can I learn from this? 3. What is significant about this event for me? 4. What can I do differently next time? 5. How can I see this more positively?

SC Accessing Techniques Meditation

As long as you are relaxed and focused you are meditating. Some simple ways to meditate are: · Sit on grass or under a tree, look into the distance or close your eyes and breathe deeply

· Visualize yourself in White Light until you are at peace · Pray in any way that suits you.

Ask Your Bod Bodyy

This involves asking the part of your body that is in pain what it needs to heal as physical pain usually conceals a life lesson. Once you are in a meditative state –– place your hand(s) on the area or focus your attention on it, then ask your question (What do you need to heal?). (Seek medical attention if pain persists.) An example: Sally experiences headaches every time she visits with her family. One day she decides to discover what is causing this by focusing on her temples and asking what they need to heal, the response: ““Speak up! You need to give them a piece of your mind.””She took this advice and after about three months her headaches evaporated and her family star ted treating her with respect.

Frontal-Occipital Holding

This scientific term sounds daunting but the technique is quite simple –– it involves holding your head with both hands, one on your forehead (the brain’’s Frontal lobe) and the other on the back part of the head where the skull protrudes slightly (the Occipital lobe). This helps circulate blood to the brain which reduces stress and creates mental clarity. After a few minutes you will be focused enough to ask a question.

Empowering Self-Help ““T he PPoower is not in yyou ou - ...IT IS YOU!”” ““The Helen Papadopoulos

Learn how to deal with your stresses and ‘‘issues’’ easily using some or all of the following: ERelaxation techniques (meditations, natural products etc) EStrategies to cope with loss/grief EA new psychological processing method ““The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3)TM”” EMeans by which to release negative emotions and reinforce positive ones EReferral to other helpful resources (organisations, books, websites etc) There are a variety of products and services to choose from which will help you help yourself: tions - advice on a particular issue or crisis involving an explanation of what you Consultations Consulta are going through as well as how to manage your situation (online and in-person service). Tutorials - learn the theories in the eBook ““DIY Therapy: Simple, Self-help Strategies”” in a three month course (online and in-person service). EBooks - ““DIY Therapy: Simple,Self-help Strategies”” focuses on changing your thinking. ““DIY Therapy Chart: an Emotional Healing Guide”” assists you to transform negative into positive emotions. (online only) Ar tic les - FREE downloadable pieces on healing and other areas of self-empowerment (e.g. Artic ticles metaphysics and social issues).

Free eNewsletter Subscription

Simply email your name to subscribe@newagepower.net Phone 0401 041 391 •• Email: helen@newagepower.net






Analyzing your dreams is a great way to resolve your problems. If they are too ‘‘symbolic’’ you may not understand them and other people’’s interpretations may not be relevant for you. It is possible to ‘‘program’’ the SC by asking it (i.e. telling yourself) to give you answers, in a literal, easily understood way which will be effortlessly recalled by you in the morning. An example: George finds it difficult to trust women. He is aware that this is related to the fact that his mother cheated on his father when he was six years old but this knowledge does not help him. He asks his SC to show him what he needs to learn, then has this dream: George is sitting opposite his mother at the family dining table and begins speaking of how her actions have affected him……he becomes enraged before he is handed a piece of paper by her with the word ‘‘forgiveness’’ on it.


Keeping a journal (including your dream interpretations) is a good way to determine life lessons. You can do this by answering specific questions about a problem which will leave you with a record of how you dealt with it that can be accessed when needed. You may also purge all of your negative thoughts and emotions on paper about a specific issue which then clears the way for insight from your SC to emerge.

Di vina tor Divina vinator toryy Tools

Tarot and Angel cards, Runes, the I Ching are all divinatory tools which directly access the SC. Ask one or more of the life lesson questions when using any of these tools in order to get more specific guidance. An example: Ellen found herself at a crossroads in her life when she was offered an oppor tunity to collaborate on a project overseas. She understood that she would be leaving everything/one she loved behind and that she would also be taking a huge financial risk. Ellen asked her Angel cards as she shuffled them ‘‘What is the purpose of this experience for me?’’ and chose the word ‘‘Faith.’’ This would again be one of those rare occasions where she was going to take that leap.

Happy Healing! © 2010 Helen Papadopoulos is a self-help author, consultant and tutor. Her qualifications include a BA Soc. Sc. (Law& Psychology), Reiki, Kinesiology and a Diploma in Professional Writing. Helen has developed a self-healing method named ‘‘The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3) ™™’’. For more info call 0401 041 391 or email h e l e n @ n e w a g e p o w er. n e t , www.newagepower.net.

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There are a great deal of ads, shows and news stories being thrust out to the public across all mediums these days telling us of all the dangers in society –– what foods are bad for us, how many ways smoking can kill us, how dangerous the roads are, why it’’s not safe to walk around the city at night –– the list goes on and on. Recently I saw an ad telling me that I could already be going blind, I just didn’’t know it yet. That’’s odd. I would’’ve thought that if I were going blind, something would have tipped me off by now. For the most part, these warnings come from people and organisations genuinely concerned for our welfare. The problem is that they are all unconsciously adding fuel to a collective creative force that manifests without discrimination. What we believe, we conceive. The more we believe in rising violence, road tolls and illness, the more we create it. Our society’’s phenomenal ability to create without limits has long been hijacked and used as a fear factory that has served to control and manipulate the population and the time has come to reclaim this power and start creating that change we all wish to see in the world. Don’’t believe the hype We all understand that smoking is not particularly helpful to our bodies. But to take this as a just one example of the impact of mass media today, remember that various peoples of the world have been smoking for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Just looking at one or two generations back, there are a multitude of people who have ‘‘amazed’’ modern scientists by living long lives that ended by some cause completely unrelated to the fact that they smoked one or two or more packs of cigarettes a day since they were a teenager. It is unlikely that our generation will have so many of these stories. The ‘‘amazing’’ stories of the next generation may well be the ones who live to old age despite being exposed to passive smoking in their youth. But how much of this is because smoking has suddenly become so much more deadly, and how much of it is because we have, as a society, convinced ourselves –– and thus our creative will –– that exposure to cigarettes will make us very sick and will almost certainly kill us? ““Every cigarette is doing you damage”” –– an entire campaign was concocted around this extremely destructive affirmation that needled its way into the subconscious of millions of smokers (not to mention nonsmokers). Evidently it helped some people to quit (albeit out of fear), but most did not, meaning that the most substantial consequence of the entire exercise was to make it more likely that the remaining smokers would develop smoking-related illnesses due predominantly to mass suggestion, as now would their passive smoking counterparts. It is perhaps a radical idea, but how many lives might be saved by getting rid of the profoundly disturbing words and images, deliberately crafted to have a deep and lasting impact, off the television, radio,

newspaper and cigarette packets themselves? Don’’t get me wrong. This is by no means an endorsement of smoking, nor is it meant to dismiss the dangers of reckless driving, city violence or chronic eye diseases. My point is that the current means that are being used to address these issues are quite possibly exacerbating the problems rather than solving them. People often smoke, drink, drive fast or lash out when they are stressed or angry. What if, rather than devoting time, energy and millions of dollars on flooding the collective consciousness with news and warnings about these ‘‘increasingly prevalent’’ dangers, those resources were spent on ads, news items and shows aimed at helping people relax, develop more patience and learn how to deal with their anger and tension? What if, instead of telling us that we’’re ‘‘bloody idiots’’ and ‘‘dickheads’’, that drowsy drivers die and smoking kills, our televisions and radios sent positive, uplifting affirmations deep into the heart of our collective creative will, helping to eliminate the initial cause of our destructive tendencies instead of feeding them? But what can I do? I’’m only one person? In one of the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons, the giant advertising mascots came to life and started to destroy the city. The only hope for the citizens of Springfield was summed up in the jingle, ““Just don’’t look!”” Easier said than done, in this case, but reducing your exposure to mass marketing, television and radio advertising is a plan with several desirable outcomes (more time to yourself being one of them). Another tip is to watch how many of these negative affirmations you take on through watching, listening or reading unconsciously. Stay centred when you’’re tapped into these collective broadcasts and consciously choose not to take on anything that is clearly a product of fear, guilt, blame or shame. For ‘‘only one person’’, you are jam-packed with divine goodness –– with the secrets of the universe in the mix –– and you already know what’’s best for you. Make your daily choices out of your desire for life and vitality, not out of a fear of sickness or death. An astrologer and Reiki master, Claire runs workshops and weekly meditation sessions in addition to seeing her own clients. She works out of Sahu Healing Space (www.sahu.com.au), a centre she created to provide the space and resources for clients and practitioners to pursue their own healing journeys. You can contact Claire on 0407 359 347, or email claire@sahu.com.au.


Begin Seeing Auras BY SHÉ D’’MONTFORD Here are twenty simple steps to enable you to begin seeing auras again. For this game, you will have to get up early in the morning as the sun’’s rays first begin to light the sky. This is a special time of day. There is a quiet stillness. The earth feels as though it is taking a deep breath. The Sufi’’s maintain that the hour at sunrise and sunset are when the angels, who are the guardians of day and night, change guard. Dawn is undeniably a high energy, uncluttered time, as opposed to dusk when, in an average household, the family is reuniting after a long day’’s work, the evening meal is being prepared and many personal issues of the day are weighing on your mind. Much of my esoteric work is done at the dawn hour or at moon noon after all others have retired for the evening. •• Rise early when only defused light is on the horizon. (Check your local time of sunrise then rise approx. 1 hour before) •• Do a few minutes of deep breathing. Become the clear, calm pool of reflection

•• Begin to visualise your breath coming out of your third eye and your hands •• Your face and hands will begin to heat slightly. This is called Tumo •• Raise your dominant hand in front of your face towards the lightening horizon •• Rest your gaze on the middle knuckle of your hand for about 30 seconds without blinking •• Let your eyes go slightly out of focus •• Keep your eyes open. What do you see? Most of you will begin to see an outline around your hand •• At first it will appear misty colourless or white like a ripple in a saucer of water. Then it will appear to glow a little like a white light around your hand. With practise, colours will begin to be perceived. Colours are rare and usually only seen during moments of emotional intensity •• Look down at your other hand and you will see the same effulgence around it and around your legs •• Look at other objects; animate and inanimate. You will now begin to see effulgence around them as well

•• If you have been practising this in the company of a friend, turn to them and look at their whole body. You will notice that the light and mist vary in depth around different parts of their body. If there appears to be a break, split or very narrow part to their aura, mention this to them, and ask them if they have had any pain, injuries, or trauma to that par t of their body. These can be emotional as well as physical. If their aura is particularly large around any area of their body, mention this to them, and ask them if they have been playing sport or exercising that part of their body. (Or perhaps made love the night before) There you have it; you have just acquired the life skill of being able to see auras. It’’s that simple! Shé D’’Montford, the psychic who found the little boy lost on ““The One”” teaches all aspects of psychic development. Shé is joining forces with the legendary Cassandra Eason Sept-Nov to help as many Australian’’s as possible develop their psychic abilities. Ring 0402793604 to find out how you can begin your journey of psychic growth.

ANIMAL READING - Empowerment for All Wondering what is going on in their life? • What they think? How they feel? • What they want you to know? IMPROVE LIFE QUALITY OF YOUR ANIMAL FRIEND! Long-distance readings Ph: 0431 286 940


Experience the


Animal Reading Healing BY MANON DE JONGH Have you ever wondered how your animal friends feel about life, about you and about how you care for them? Have you ever wondered about the wisdom of your animals? How happy they are? What they think, how they feel? As an Animal Communicator, I intuitively tune into their character, their feelings, their likes and dislikes, ask them questions and hear what they have to say. That someone talks to them and listens to your animal friend can be very healing for him/her. I also use energy healing if they need emotional or physical healing. The audio recording of the reading is informative, insightful and helpful.

Benefits of an Animal Reading and Healing:

* Getting to know and understand

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your animal companion better * Learn to know what is going on in their life * Insight into specific behaviour, feelings, thoughts and beliefs * Discover possible changes to make their life better * Your greater understanding creates more harmony and improves their quality of life * You learn how you can communicate better with your animal friend * Renewing and deepening your relationship with him/her * Have your questions to your animal companion answered Manon de Jongh has always had from an early age a strong awareness that we are more than just a physical body and that there are different

levels of consciousness. Eager to develop herself on a spiritual level, she completed a 4 year intuitive Healing and Aura Reading Course in the Netherlands and participated in a series of energy and intuition courses, Animal Communication courses, Theta Healing courses and Australian Bush Flower Essences courses. ““I am dedicated to the raising of consciousness on our planet and creating a better world for animals”” For long-distance reading from wherever your animal friend is in the world, email: manonaurareading@gmail.com or contact +61 431 286 940


At Sahu, we are building a healing community by holding space for individual and global intergration through taking personal responsibility and embracing authenticity of self and others without blame or judgement.

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My Journey BY MISH MORSKI Being an outdoor instructor with a par ticular interest in rock climbing/ abseiling, I was at my fittest. I did motivational training, worked with youth at risk, and ran corporate team-building and personal development (mainstream that is). I loved my job, loved the people around me and I was having a lot of fun. Suddenly the path I was travelling on came to a devastating holt. I was involved in a car accident in 2001 that left me unable to use my body the way I always had. I was told I would never be able to climb again or work in the outdoor industry with the injuries my body had suffered. I couldn’’t believe that only weeks prior I was on a climb that took 7hrs.Then suddenly I was in great pain! I went down extremely fast not being able to work. Over a few months I fell into severe depression and then became suicidal. I began hearing voices and losing time! I thought I was going crazy. I moved out of the city and closer to my parents. I locked myself away in my house and spent most of my time sleeping and in numbness, wondering what had happened to me and questioning who I was. I felt like I was

going to leave the earth. I started to prepare for death. Here is a part of a letter I wrote to myself at that time. ““My heart aches and my eyes are constantly filling up with tears, but I don’’t let them escape, I just feel very sad! I feel so very, very sad. Constantly thinking about death. Why?? I don’’t know. Maybe writing will help. I want to write all the things I want to say to everyone before I die, and I feel an urgency in the back of my mind to do this. I don’’t want to be sad anymore. I don‘‘t feel suicidal at all but I feel like I am going to die soon. Need to prepare for it and write letters to everyone telling them how much I love them all. Is this depression? Sadness every time I have a moment to myself- such a deep aching of sadness. Darkness is engulfing me”” I started writing letters, funeral notes and a will. This feeling lasted a long time. I kept wondering how I was going to leave. I contemplated that maybe it would be a car accident, or possibly a drug overdose, being shot, cutting myself, dying in my sleep, but none of it made sense. If someone had asked me if I was suicidal I would have said not (although in hindsight I had definite tendencies). The

months went past and I shut out all friends, I thought they had no idea of what was happening to me and I didn’’t want them to know. Then out of the blue, or black I should say, change was on its way- little did I know. I found an advertisement for a course on Reiki. At this stage my mother was experiencing her own depression (no doubt due in some part to my own condition). I find this adver t and thought it would be a great gift for her if I paid, in return for all her suppor t. Low and behold when I arrived at her house that day we both pulled out the same ad insisting we pay for each other! Strange? So strange in fact that I agreed to do it at least for her as I thought. I had not been spiritually minded, as it was I didn’’t believe in any ““healing stuff”” ––scientific yes –– spiritual, what you can’’t see ––NO, too far off the planet for my liking. The woman who taught us Reiki was also an FSP healer (Full Sensory Perception) She offered a healing and I accepted thinking ……””yeah whatever””. It was the most extraordinary healing. We sat opposite each other, her eyes closed; mine wide open looking for any hidden tricks. And she proceeded to tell me my deepest confronting fears along with connections to others that were very unhealthy. Then she showed me a way to clear and change them. She told me I would know when to come back and as she was leaving the area to live elsewhere, she put me onto another woman who did FSP work. Two months later I went for another healing. Wow, my life in the next three months was totally transformed. I


enrolled in a holistic counselling course (even I was surprised at this!). I continued with 5 more healings. I was absolutely fascinated at how I was changing my life! I had to know more, I had to learn how I could do this healing work for myself. Unexpected financial compensation arrived in ‘‘Divine Time’’ (see Divine Time in my next ar ticle). The accident that caused such devastation in my hear t and soul now became the gift of my enlightenment and I too became an FSP healer for myself. Amazingly I learnt that all the voices I had heard were my guides and the ‘‘lost time’’ was deep medative states of being, a preparation for what was coming. My Guides had to wake me up somehow because I was so ready to leave the earth. The accident was the catalyst to my awakening. Through FSP work I came more fully into Being. I looked forward to living. What I had experienced with the healings and teachings became a passion. I have been reading and healing others for nine years. I am now guided to teach others how to heal themselves and change their lives, as I did. I love it and love my life! What an amazing journey! Mish Morski holds a Dip in Health Science, (Holistic Counselling), Reiki CI & II, FSP levels and teaching I, II & III, Trainer in Motivation and Self Development and is a Flower Essence practitioner. Call Mish Morski for an appointment on 0412 444 867 or contact by email evolve@iprimus.com.au and visit www.mishmorski.com

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Scared or Feeling depressed Tired or Low on energy Low in self esteem Post Trauma Angry or Stressed Abused - physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally Live with negative thoughts Revolving negative thought forms consistently Always doing too much Physically unwell Defensive or Worried what others think of you Having relationship issues Not confident to speak your truth Uninterested in life Psychically attacked Having unhealthy relationships

Do you want?

Evolve, Love and accept yourself Work towards full body enlightenment Grow and Find your spiritual path Speak your truth and Live with integrity Increase your energy levels Be more present Become more positive Be able to make decisions and Trust yourself Get rid of some baggage Have more balance in your life Learn to heal yourself Find your path Move towards ascension Live for your highest of good Change the way you live Manifest your desires Allow your dreams to become reality Change the way you think Get rid of attachments Clear your chakras Allow your intuition to guide you Clear your house and Land of negative energy Become a healer to heal others



Full Sensory Perception Healing works on cancelling beliefs, contracts, patterns and removing any darker energies that stop you from living as your highest divine being. It brings balance, empowerment and happiness back into your life. Mish holds a Dip in Health Science, (Holistic Counselling), Reiki CI & II, FSP levels and teaching I, II & III, Trainer in Motivation and Self Development and is a Flower Essence practitioner. Her passion is to help others on their journey as she has been helped on hers. She also teaches courses I, II & III in FSP. All teachings are of the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. Call Mish for an appointment on 0412 444 867 or email evolve@iprimus.com.au, or visit


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Earth Changes - How do we cope? BY YOLANDA MORABITO So, the earth is going through a change! What we’’re talking about here, is simply evolution. The planet, in fact all the planets are evolving fast, along with every living entity that breathes. There is nothing new about this, as evolution has and always will be, although we can readily see these changes speeding up around us as we venture into the peak of vibrations. Some are calling this ‘‘the endings’’ of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Firstly, this is not the end; it is simply the beginning of a new era, a new consciousness of the planet. Secondly, as the ear th changes, so must the human way of being, functioning and processing. We can see the change as natural disasters reform the ear th’’s structure. There is no end to this quickly. And it is rapidly increasing. We can also see these changes in the human race as our new born children of the last ten years. They are so much more evolved and alive, and function in a completely different spectrum than that of old. These changes are af-

fecting governments, religions, schools, relationships and organizations in general. Many, are breaking down, changing or reforming. These are obvious things to those who are looking. People are becoming more conscious, changing their direction or simply letting go of old ways, as these new energies enter the atmosphere. For those who are not serving their highest ideals, or simply put, following their heart’’s true desires, are finding they are losing passion or their positions are taken from them by no influence of their own. Unfortunately, for some, this can be a daunting process. If you are a person who has never looked inside yourself or developed or undertaken self improvement, this might come as a shock, fear or overwhelm for your life’’s journey. Blaming others for the way things are going can be a definite drawback to understanding the entire picture. Those who are consciously developing themselves, opening their hearts and following their true inner instincts, are most

InnerSelf likely to experience the blissful awakening of the planet inside of themselves. I believe we have an amazing opportunity to enlighten our spirits, and come into a place of love and wor thiness. Of course, everything that exists is a paradox, a duality of experience and therefore, we have the choice to experience these changes in consciousness any way we like. But, I do not believe we, as a human race, have a choice in the matter of the initial change. It is happening loud and clear. We are all subject to the frequencies of energy entering our planets as they line up for the big event in 2012. This galactic alignment has everything to do with the ear th, the galaxy, the human race, the animal kingdom and of course, Mother Nature in general. We are all par t of nature and all must evolve with the change. There is no escape and to deny these things, would place a person in extreme danger of internal turmoil, depression or simply cut them off from life and those moving with the accelerated growth and accepting graciously, their inner changes and these matters of the world. So how best can we cope? Metaphysically speaking, our bodies are layered with emotional, mental and spiritual energies and as the frequencies of the planet rise, these are greatly affected. There are many new experiences that people are having as far as feeling new energies entering their bodies, especially around the cycle of the full moons. These may be felt as waves, vibrations, tremors and pins and needles, especially when relaxed or in meditation. Go with the flow by moving your awareness inside of yourself and allow the process to take place. Resist-

ance will only create tension and stress to your body and daily lives. Let go, surrender and accept, knowing that there is no choice in the matter. Cleansing the body with natural foods to help clear negative thought patterns and emotional energies is a must. Meditation is a wonderful tool to help integrate the change in consciousness, as well as focus and observation of self rather than what others are doing. Doing what your inner self is guiding you to do, taking responsibility, coming into independent thinking and ‘‘being’’ is very important. Mastery of mind in matter (going within or internal focus) can and will connect you to a higher power that you are and simply allow for the flow of this life force. In these times, our intellect is limited because it cannot know what it has not yet experienced, so do not try to work it out mentally. On an emotional level; try to trust the process and let go of fearful imaginings, as it just adds to the negativity of the planet and is the absence of love. We’’re all in this together. Yolanda Morabito is a meditation teacher, qualified studies with v a r i o u s philosophies over 20 years. S.O.L.A.R institute (Egyptian mysteries, quantum physics, science, astrology) Practitioner for Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Rebirthing and spiritual advice. 7 years lecturing around Australia, Owner of Innerlight Journeys Healing centre in Penrith and currently teaching and practicing in Balmain. www.innerlightjourneys.com.au


3 Steps To Living On Purpose Every soul on earth has incarnated for a specific purpose. It’’s just that when we incarnate we go into a sort of deep sleep and lose sight of what that purpose is. Then we go about filling our lives with continuous activity and busyness, only to wake up at some point feeling that there’’s something more we’’re meant to be doing, but not sure exactly what that is. I believe that as a soul we incarnate into life on earth for three primary reasons: 1. To Experience par ticular aspects of our soul self; 2. To Enjo Enjoyy our experience in this physical world; and 3. To Expand in our understanding and consciousness. When we’’re fulfilling these three E’’s, living life in such a way that we’’re fully experiencing life, enjoying our experiences and expanding in our understanding of self, then we’’re fulfilling our spirit’’s reason for being here. But how do we do this? How do we ensure that we’’re actioning these three E’’s? From my experience there are three key principles that ensure you are living in alignment with the three E’’s and your soul’’s purpose in being here. Firstly, you need to practise Being Present . We can only ever re-

PAST LIFE THERAPY IN ACTION Past-Life Therapy is a widely recognised as a valuable technique to eliminate problems. Your fears, phobias and attractions come from some events or series or events or series of events in your past (this life and past lives).

ally experience life and ourselves within it if we are being fully present in each and every moment. If we are not being present then we are stuck somewhere in our mind, either in our stories about the past or our concerns for the future, and we are missing out on the physical experience that is happening for us right here in the now. When we practise the discipline of calling back our awareness into the present, we become more aware as to what is happening for us not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well, and we are better able to experience all the wonderful aspects of our soul self that we’’ve come here to explore and fulfil. The second principle we need to practise is Follo ollowing wing Our JJooy . In order for us to enjoy our experiences here in this physical world we need to follow the guidance of our heart and do what brings us joy. As a soul you did not come here to suffer. You came here to experience all the wonders that life has to offer and to make positive choices that enable you to blossom and be who you have come here to be. The best way to do that is to listen to your heart and to follow where it guides you, rather than constantly being driven by the mental chatter and fear-based limited thinking that runs through your



Needing clear guidance and direction from a higher level? Juliet Martine is a professional Energy Healer and Soul Intuitive. She sees clients for life-changing healing sessions in her Sydney clinic as well as doing Soul Intuitive readings in person and by phone for clients all over the world. For more information visit www.julietmartine.com.au or phone Juliet on 0413 199649

Psychic and Soul Intuitive Juliet Martine does readings in person and by phone for clients all over the world. During your Soul Reading Juliet provides information about why you are here, what your Soul’s plan was for you this incarnation, what past life patterns you have come here to address, and what the next steps are on your path. If you are feeling lost, stuck or simply unsure as to what direction you are meant to head or how to get there, a Soul Reading provides you with the guidance and direction you need to help you start living your life with greater meaning, purpose and joy. Get clear in your life direction and start living your true purpose.

“The Universe Loves and Supports You Always”


self and following what is right for us, rather than people pleasing everyone else. Being authentic means living fearlessly honouring our truth, or at the least being aware of our fears and being willing to move through and beyond them to let our inner light shine and grow and to allow our soul’’s magnificence to fully blossom. So there you have it, the three principles we all need to practise if we wish to live a full life and fulfil our soul’’s reasons for being here. If we make the choice to be more present, to follow our joy and to be true to who we are by letting our authentic self shine, then we will be living more and more on purpose each and every day. So I’’d like to give you a challenge: Beginning with today, what commitment can you make to start putting these principles into action? Make the commitment to start living the r eal you in the present moment following your joy, and you will begin to feel the inner peace and contentment that comes from living on purpose.


• Pre-birth decisions about your life • Past-life patterns • Problems and afflictions • Talents and abilities • Soul mate, lover or anyone else.

Carlos Delmond. Dip.Hyp.(App.) Sydney - Past Life Therapist, New Age Counsellor, Astro-Drama Facilitator. Carlos is new age Holistic Counsellor. He has a 24 year background in psychic investigations and human potential exploration. He is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, based his major work seaching into past life regression, linked with our present relationships and the emotional behaviour patterns which emerge from them.

head. So it is our responsibility to ask ourselves the question in each moment, ‘‘what would bring me joy?’’ and to then take action and follow where the answer leads us. Then the third principle we need to practice in order to fulfil our reason for being here is that of Being Authentic. In order for us to expand in our consciousness and understanding of self and the world around us, we need to be prepared to take some risks and live life being really true to who we are deep down inside. Your soul has come here to experience all of itself. To experience the real ‘‘you’’. This means that you have to be true to that ‘‘you’’ and who you really are deep down inside, and to not hold back on that. Yet for some reason we all become so conditioned to wear our masks, pretending to be someone else, focusing on what other people want, believing that we’’re not good enough as we are, that we limit ourselves. We lose touch with our authentic self, our essence, who we are at our core, and so we fail to learn and grow and expand in our being. In order for us to fulfil the third ‘‘E’’ for expansion and growth, we need to be real, be prepared to embody our strengths as well as our vulnerabilities, be honest with ourselves and with those around us, be willing to compromise in life, but not compromise on who we are inside. Being authentic means being true to

Feeling lost? Stuck? Unclear about your life purpose and direction?


0412 408 620



Whatever your questions, a Soul Reading provides you with a direct conversation with your Soul to provide the answers you need. “Thank you for my soul reading - it could not have been more accurate, timely and relevant. I can’t thank you enough Juliet - the reading was comforting, confronting and powerful in more ways than you could possibly know.” Kim,37yrs If you’d like greater clarity, direction and abundance in your life phone Juliet now on 0413 199649 to arrange your Soul Reading or visit

www.julietmartine.com.au 7/2/2010, 12:44 PM




LESSONS FROM THE SOUL OF MOTHER MARY MACKILLOP Mmm...I did hesitate to write this article but Mary Mackillop did indicate strongly she would like it written –– ““to put things into context””. As a psychic medium and channel for the spirit world I find when a powerful spirit wishes to pass on messages it’’s very hard to ignore them! As Australia’’s first Saint, Mary lived an extraordinary life being born in 1842 in country Victoria and at a young age establishing a strict religious order for Roman Catholic Sisters with the main focus being on providing education for poor children, then continuing this work even while suffering ill health for many years before dying on 8th August 1909. Her soul energy is very strong and vibrant and it’’s easy to understand how she could be responsible for many healing miracles now. While feeling a connection with Mary and her story it was only on a recent visit to the Anglican Church at Yankalilla to pray and meditate that I connected strongly enough to channel her messages verbally. This little church has been of course known as a place of miracles since 1996 but moreso from the visitations of Mary, Mother of Christ in both energy and some physical forms and it is now recognised as a Marian Shrine. It was of course in Yankalilla that Mary Mackillop estab-



lished her first country school for poor children in 1867. MESSA GES FR OM MAR MESSAGES FROM MARYY AT YA N K A L I L L A In the message from Mary Mackillop in the church she said she wanted to tell me that she had been watching me as a healer and mainly she wanted really to say that she ““Wished she knew in her life on earth what she knows now about healing and energy from her vantage point of being in the Higher Realms.”” Upon researching her life further I couldn’’t easily find evidence of healing miracles occurring then but certainly after her death her body had to be relocated as many people took soil from around her grave believing it to be blessed or having healing powers. Certainly she was regarded as ““Holy”” while alive and so having some Powers to Heal. WRITTEN MESSAGES FROM MARY MACKILLOP ““Yes I had the power to heal but I did it at my own sufferance and I did become too ill to continue upon this earth in physical form. My Sisters too, some of them by the Power of Prayer and by Touching the Sick did heal them but again like me some did develop severe Rheumatism and

die in a sad way. ““So in spirit I want to have a different focus –– all/most children now go to school. I want to show people about the Power of Prayer to create miracles but also that we are all ‘‘Holy’’ and we can all heal ourselves. A life of pain and poverty is not one that is now necessary but it was my way in my time to avoid the problem of being seen as only seeking payment for my efforts. But how we all suffered –– the other Sisters of Joseph and me! ““You see my method of healing was to take on the pain and suffering of the sick and the poor –– I thought God would then take it from me but the energy of the sick –– and indeed the souls of some of the dead –– stayed with me. SoIi was often sad (depressed today you say) and sometimes even angry and felt powerless –– indeed I died partly paralysed. Today I still see those in the church having no understanding of energy and absorbing the pain and sickness of others. So please look at my life and see me as inspired but do not seek simply to pray to God for Deliverance and Divine Intervention. He sent you Angels and Saints (like me!) and I want you all to know my energy is available to all who ask for it now, but seek more than me. Study about the Science of Miracle Creation plus call to the Angels and Goddesses and seek to clear your energy field often of others’’ anger and pain. Seek to ensure all Souls do truly go to God and The Light –– knowing that Heaven doesn’’t really exist but beautiful realms await you if you discover the correct path there before your death.


Past Life Regression BY TONI REILLY

MOTHER MARY MACKILLOP ““I am now what Elisabeth would call an Ascended Master with great powers to heal and influence life on earth in beautiful ways. ““I will not be reborn to this earth plane –– I am here in the Light with the Goddesses Mary, Quan Yin and Isis. It is my great joy to offer my soul energy and wisdom to those in need of healing miracles. ““Blessed Be from MMM.”” ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and teaches spirit communication and healing worldwide. A former Registered Nurse she is passionate about educating people about the need for energy clearing and spirit releasement. For more information please visit www.isismysteryschool.com

7/2/2010, 12:44 PM

I want to share with you some wonderful experiences I have encountered whilst facilitating past life regression workshops. I love PLR workshops! Usually everyone is a bit shy at first, but after someone gathers the courage to share the regression they have just experienced, the whole circle will share. There is a lovely element of support. There is also genuine interest in each other’’s experiences, and how those past lives relate to their present lives. The workshop begins with guidance on how to ‘‘move around’’ as a spiritual rather than physical being. We discuss how to navigate through past lives, to gather the most information possible. We also discuss notable regressions and memorable experiences that occurred during previous workshops and sessions. Many questions are answered before I even guide the par ticipants into their past lives. A memorable incident happened to a woman in her late thirties who attended a workshop in Melbourne. Let’’s call her Amanda. During the workshop I asked the group to set their intention for what they hoped to clear, then I guided them into their past lives. Whilst everyone was in a meditative state, navigating through their past life memories, I noticed that Amanda had opened her eyes. I could not talk to her until everyone else was finished, so her and I sat quietly until it was time to bring the group out of the meditation. When I asked Amanda what happened she

described seeing herself as a German soldier who was mistreating a woman. Amanda was so distraught to know that she was this cruel man she did not want to see any more, so she opened her eyes. I explained to the group that we have all been good and bad in our past lives. We have to experience all realms to develop our emotions for soul growth. When I asked Amanda what she had intended to clear through the regression, she said she started to get asthma in her mid thirties. I assured her that she needed to go back into the past life to find out more information. Her higher self would not have shown her that particular event if she were not supposed to see it. When she did, Amanda discovered that she was the woman, not the German soldier. She was an attractive Jewish woman in her mid thirties who met her death in the gas chambers. This explains why Amanda’’s asthma

InnerSelf had set in when she was a similar age to the woman she had been during World War Two, where she died of asphyxiation. Recently I had a one-on-one regression with a 39 year old woman we will call Cindy. Cindy asked for various things to be shown to her during the regression. Then, almost by accident, she mentioned that she had had eight operations related to Crohns Disease. We decided to target that issue. Cindy regressed into a life as a man named Neville, who lived in England in 1843. Cindy’’s regression was vivid. She described in minute detail the surroundings of her home and the events in that life. There were many incidents during that life time, but the significant event was a battle scene where Neville was slashed by a sword in his bowel. Cindy later reported major relief in her symptoms. In another regression, a 42 year old woman, who suffered from anxiety, saw herself as a man in Scandinavia dressed in animal skin. The man lead a nomadic existence and hunted to survive. While shifting with their tribe to escape bad weather, he had to leave the group as his wife was in labour. The couple took refuge in a cave and were snowed in when the storm came. The cave collapsed around them, suffocating them both. Another client suffered unexplained pain in her lower abdomen for years; there was no medical evidence to support it. She regressed to a life in the 1900’’s where she was milking a cow, and was kicked in her stomach in the spot where she felt pain in this lifetime. These are summaries of past life regressions –– there was much more detail to each of them. These regression examples depict events which were causing trauma or bad memories for the client in this life time. For most clients there is almost instant clearing or relief of their symptoms. Past life regression is a very gentle, safe process. It can produce life changing results. Occasionally during a regression, in the between lives stage when the client journeys into the spirit world, a deceased loved one may come to speak with them. This can be incredibly comforting for the person. Toni Reilly is a past life regression facilitator, and spiritual development teacher. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss in New York and facilitates private sessions, training and workshops around Australia. www.tonireilly.com.au | 0413 088 970 | info@tonireilly.com.au

READING BETWEEN THE LINES BY RACHELLE TERRY ““I thought you were going to tell me about my pretty colours. I wasn’’t expecting my whole life to change!”” It is interesting to listen to new clients’’ motivations for making the phone call to make an appointment with me. As with this client, some think I will just interpret the ‘‘pretty colours’’ to describe their personality, while others expect the therapy to be a hard, time-consuming, cathartic ‘‘slog’’. Nevertheless, perhaps, most commonly, because I see auras and conduct ““aura readings””, many people think I will be making predictions about their future. It is wonderful, I know, to hear positive projections about your future. The new love interest, the influx of money, the positive resolution to a difficult relationship, exuberant health and abundant energy, etc. And most of us at some time have received enormous help and encouragement in this way. However, I often wonder whether it is in fact permission that you are seeking from the clairvoyant. Permission to live your dream life; to hear that you are special; that you deserve a fulfilling life and have ‘‘earned’’ that future happiness. What I am more interested in is this: what do you want in your life, and why is it not happening for you? How often do you dream of the life you want, even feel as though you can reach out and touch it, but you cannot get to it. It is as if a huge pane of glass stands in the way. This is where my aura readings can be helpful. When I look into your energies, certainly, I will tell you about the beautiful colours you emanate and what they mean, but I will also let you know where your life path is being interrupted by some pattern or blockage that is preventing you from finding true health, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. Then, so that you will not continue to live out these patterns or try to achieve success and happiness in spite of the blockages that sabotage and frustrate you; I change these patterns and blockages, remove the bottom belief using a therapy technique I practice called ThetaHealing. One client I had been working with for some time had a frozen, grey in her aura, constricting her energy and keeping her in a state of fear. In spite of this pattern clearing each time I treated her, it would reappear by the next session. Before I became too busy in my practice, on occasions I made a home visit, which was appropriate at this time. One day as I was leaving her building I realised that the apartment block

had a cold, stark energy, which was the same energy present in my client’’s aura. While it was not the cause of the initial pattern, I wondered if it was contributing to her stubborn pattern. I used a ThetaHealing technique to clear the stark greyness and replaced it with warm, energising and life enforcing energy. When my client phoned to cancel her next session, she said, ““Rachelle, I want to thank you for what you have done. I am feeling really joyful””. I could hear the smile in her voice. Fear of loss and rejection is another common issue that I work on with my clients. A client experiencing this anxiety told me of her dependence and clingy behaviour and how it was pushing her partner away. She suffered from of a constant fear that he might leave her and even worried daily about him losing his life suddenly. I saw in her aura that there was a tie to another being, which had passed away. As there was a common occurrence of twins in her family, I suggested the possibility of her being the surviving twin in the womb in the early days of conception. This made sense to her as she had always longed for a close connection, which she felt unable to achieve in relationships. In our session, I was able to clear the cord and release her attachment and fears so that she could enjoy a state of loving detachment and a healthy, balanced relationship. Sometimes you can think it is all about positive thinking and while your attitude plays an important part in determining success, if you have issues and patterns which you cannot change on your own, all the positivity in the world will only be a band-aid over a festering sore. The greater percentages of thoughts occur in the sub-conscious mind, seeping into your behaviour and resulting in situations in your life that confirm your beliefs. It is necessary to find a way to change those basic patterns, in order to change the outcome. When you change your core beliefs, so too will your life change for the better. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients, helping them in making huge improvement in their life, health & being in ““the flow””. For phone or in-person consultations with Rachelle, ph: 0414 317 323. auratherapist@gmail.com Baby & child readings also available.

Medical Intuitive Rachelle Terry

Your aura stores memories, blockages, shock waves and emotions resulting from previous experiences. If these are left unattended, recurring patterns can form, affecting your relationships, career, behaviours, health and life events. Rachelle, a Sydney based practitioner, sees and pinpoints the cause of these patterns, using her ability to view the energy field. She then uses highly effective therapy techniques including Theta Healing to shift the negative patterns on a deeper level.

For appointments with Rachelle in Sydney (phone/Skype consultations also available):

M - 0414 317 323 •• E - auratherapist@gmail.com MagEastWest21.pmd




SoulConnection with NICOLE CODY

Healing Rituals You Can Do at Home

Spiritual Calling? Directionless?

Often we look outside ourselves to find comfort, and to release and heal emotional and energetic blockages and traumas. While there are many loving and qualified people available to help us, sometimes the most simple and intense healings we can have are ones that we conduct on our own behalf. The most important ingredient here is Right Intent. The purpose of Ritual is to focus your energy and concentration, and to put your ego, conscious and unconscious self on notice that this is important! Over the next year in Inner Self, I will write about healing rituals for each of the major chakras. Make sure you read each ritual thoroughly to be clear about what you need to do, and what tools you may require so that you begin in an organised and calm state. If you find these rituals helpful, please write and let me know. I love and appreciate your feedback!

Ritual for Healing the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is an open doorway, the anchor for our soul into our body, and the seat of the emotions. It affects our ability to love and be loved, our heart, lungs and circulation. When your Heart Chakra is open and balanced, you will be in a space of self-love, self-nurture, generosity, kindness, humour, empathy, non-judgement, happiness, tolerance, expansion, optimism and FLOW. You’’ll see beauty everywhere! When the Heart Chakra is out of balance you may experience too much empathy, and hypersensitivity to the moods and emotions of others, where you will process these emotions as your own or feel responsible for them. This is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually. When the Heart Chakra has low flow, you’’ll experience loneliness, a sense of not belonging, you’’ll shy away from intimacy and commitment, be overtly critical of self and others, be defensive and even paranoid. It is also an energy that creates addiction, including workaholism, because addictions mask and numb PAIN. In all instances, what the Heart Chakra needs is LOVE, and to feel good. Treat yourself and others with kindness, and spend time listening to your Heart. Your Heart holds all the wisdom of your soul, it truly knows what is best for you and what direction best serves you. All you ever need to do is tune in to that wisdom. Purpose: This simple healing ritual is for people who are blocked by fear, loneliness, grief and pain. It is especially good for people who are afraid to step into the Light and embrace their Divinity, and the Path they are Blessed to tread. The ritual gradually peels away layers of trapped and negative vibration, and allows a flood of healing light to rebalance and cleanse this chakra. The treatment is gentle, and can be used over time to allow deeper and deeper levels of trauma to be easily released. It can also be used for linear (this lifetime) and past life issues clouding your present direction and happiness. Tools: An unused white candle, a rose quartz and an amethyst crystal, some carrier oil in a china or glass bowl, and a few drops of bergamot oil. Method: Leave yourself at least half an hour, and some quiet time afterwards for integration. Place your candle and the bowl of oil with the two crystals on either side. Quieten yourself, then light the candle and say the following, ““I release all fear. I release all pain. I am Joy. I am Love. I now embrace my Sacred Self.”” Sit quietly in front of the candle and close your eyes. Visualise white Light surrounding your body and streaming into your heart. Feel the presence of Guides and Angels around you. You may also want to offer up a Prayer for healing at this time. When you are ready, take the oil, and rub it into the skin around your Heart Chakra in a circular anti-clockwise motion. As you do this, breathe slowly and calmly and recite the following ““I invite Love into my Heart. I invite Love into my Life. I am worthy and deserving of this Love. Love is my nature.”” Say this as many times as feels right for you. Feel your Heart Chakra gently softening, opening, and releasing the trapped energy. Visualise Golden Light pouring into your Heart. When you are finished, say a simple prayer of Thanks. Sit or lie quietly and allow your body to become accustomed to its new, clearer vibration. ©2010 Nicole Cody is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channel who runs seminars throughout the World in Spiritual and Personal Development. She specialises in Soul Blueprints and Life Direction Counselling. For more information contact 07 3256 0815 or www.nicolecody.com. Light and Blessings be Yours!

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Consultations & Workshops with

Nicole Cody! Acclaimed Australian Psychic, Channel and Metaphysical Teacher

Nicole Cody has the answers! Make the most of your life! Nicole’s ability to connect with her guides and yours, her spiritual gifts and her channelled wisdoms will really help you get your life on track. Discover how to make the most of your own gifts and talents through a personal consultation or workshop. Life Direction Readings.............90mins During a Life Direction Reading Nicole works with you to clarify the essence of who you are, why you are here, and what you can accomplish in this lifetime. No matter where you live Nicole can work with you through a distance or face to face consultation. Life Purpose Readings................30mins An intense 30 minute session where Nicole reads and interprets your Soul Blueprint, explains your Life Lessons and gives you a strong overview of your Life Purpose.

For more information about upcoming events, workshops and consultations see our contact details below:

www.nicolecody.com 07 3256 0815 PO Box 636, New Farm Qld 4005

Spiritual Journys

with Lorraine Webb

“Now is the time to feed your Spirit rather than your bank account as it will give much greater returns! In these precarious times self development and discovering your ‘Authentic Self’ is more important than anything else. Your relationship with your ‘Higher Self’ and following your ‘inner guidance’ is what is required.”


ULURU EXPERIENCE! September 19th to 29th - 11 nights Held at Uluru Central Australia. This journey is for those wanting to train as Energetic Healers or those wanting a personal transformation. Recommended highly for those with chronic medical conditions. Life is never quite the same after this! “I would recommend it for anyone who feels that they are missing something, this is the piece that is missing, the hands on, face to face with a truly inspiring woman who has seen it all. Right here in Australia! Go with an open mind, go with an open heart, but whatever you do, just go! I am truly looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.” Samantha Ansley, Sydney

MAGICAL EGYPT 17 days, departing 12th November 2010 This is a magical tour through the temples and tombs, spending two nights sleeping out in the Sahara Desert, plus 4 days sailing the Nile. Lorraine takes you on a spiritual experience from beginning to end! Book now don’t miss out!

HEALING THE PAST WORKSHOP This workshop was created by Lorraine in 2000 and has been running monthly since that time helping many to move on from past patterns and programs of behaviours. It is recommended as the ‘foundation’ work. For your life to work you must have a solid foundation.

FLINDERS RANGES RETREAT November 2010 - 4 days Includes bus travel, opening dinner, resort accommodation, bush walks and the successful HEALING THE PAST workshop, plus healing. Limited to small numbers so book early!

ASCENSION WORKSHOP June 19th & 20th November 13th & 14th Understand all that is transpiring in this transformation period on the planet leading up to 2012 and beyond and the role you play!

HEALING WITH LORRAINE By appointment at the Centre also for interstate, available over skype by arrangement.

MYSTICAL PERU May 2011 - 16 days Visit amazing Incan townships, Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon and of course magical Machu Picchu. Spend a night with the Quantati people on their floating Island. Experience shamanic sacred ceremonies. Let Lorraine guide you through this mystical place of beauty and simplicity.

FREE 30 MINUTE DISCUSSION on what would be right for you by appointment. For more information contact us.

For more information on any of the Journeys contact: ADELAIDE HEALING ENERGY CENTRE -112 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082 Phone: (08) 8342 4109 • Email: healing2@adam.com.au




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Profile for innerSelf

Innerself Issue 21 - East West / 2010  

Innerself Magazine

Innerself Issue 21 - East West / 2010  

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