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Issue 23 • East/West

The Truth Beyond the Myth ECKHART TOLLE

Best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now

ECKHAR GUELLES VIA ECKHARTT TOLLE, GREGG BRADEN BRADEN,, JOSE AR ARGUELLES GUELLES,, SYL SYLVIA BROWNE, FRANK JOSEPH, DR RICHARD FISHER, MENCHU TUM AND MANY MORE tell us why the theyy belie believve 2012 will mar markk an exciting er ama tic cchang hang werful oppor tunity eraa of dr drama amatic hangee and po pow

JOSE ARGUELLES Decoder of the Mayan calendar, and cofounder of Earth Day

GREGG BRADEN Best selling author of Fractal Time, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix


Mayan Nobel Peace Prize winner

BARBARA MARX HUBBARD Renowned Futurist and Evolutionary Visionary


Re-Discovering True Health by Isira Importance of Emotional Release by Jaan Jaravek Creating Real Intimacy by Martina Hughes Eye in the Sky Astrology January - March 2011 by Robert Crawford A Natural Approach to Headaches by Robert Reeves Illumination-The Shaman’s Way of Healing by Alberto Villoldo & more

SYLVIA BROWNE World Renowned Psychic and Medium



FROM THE EDITORS See Through The One Who Sees “He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy. But he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity’s sun rise.” William Blake















WHATEVER WE SEE... by Dr Mary Casey


HOW DOES ART HEAL? by Glenda Needs


THE BODY & THE SUN by Katrina Smith




OUR AUTHENTIC SELF by Marie-Elise Allen




EYE ON THE SKY by Robert Crawford


















666 by David Lane




THE ORGANIC MIND by Michael Morel














MAKING 2011 THE BEST YEAR EVER by Mark Anthony


THRIVING AFTER TRAUMA by Helen Papadopoulos












Each moment is pure ... sacred ... real ... true. Not the moment just passed, not the moment yet to be, these are phantasies stuck in time ... no, only this very moment. Have you noticed how this moment is the only thing that truly satisfies? Have you noticed how we subtly cling to the “good” moment and flee the “bad”. Both are imposters. In truth, this moment as it is, is neither good or bad ... it’s just this moment. If we stay true and clear within this moment, nothing compares to it ... as it is, the living waters of Loving Truth crash through our being ... revitalising with ever-freshness ... ever-newness ... with “This-is-It-as-It-isness” ... for the very first time every time. Yet, it’s so tempting for the mind to continue trying to hold it, or flee it. Take note: Be here ... now ... look ... listen ... allow ... It only takes an instant and you’re here, absolutely present and free ... right now , how and where you are. Take note: Your mind will try to claim this, hold it, keep it, know it ... but as soon as it does, the moment is gone. The mind cannot hold it ... it’s absolutely unholdable. Why? Because This ... this moment is this moment ... alive with pulsating presence. When the mind tries to take hold, it’s immediately a snapshot, a memory. It’s extremely subtle but it’s the past masquarading as the present again ... and if you look carefully, all the juice has left it.

The joy of the moment is only experienced in this moment now. Take note: Deep breath in ... look ... listen ... allow... In an instant you are here ... now. This moment is totally fresh, new, thrilling with beingness. Stay present. Don’t be tempted to cling or flee ... be here. Ah ... this moment ... evernew ... everfresh. Do you notice ... if you don’t think about it, it simply is, just as it is. Life is simply living ... You are simply being ... What ... nowhere to go? Absolutely nowhere, this is It! All of it too ... not just some of it, or part of it ... This is it! Okay, one more time ... Take note: Deep breath in ... look ... listen ... allow ... You are here ... instantly! No yesterday, no tomorrow. No last moment one moment ago even ... only this. This is it. Look ... listen ... allow ... This is it ... everfresh ... evernew ... always already here.

“One instant in eternity; eternity is the now. When you see through this one instant, you see through the one who sees.” Wu-Men Love, Leo & Enza

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Body, Mind & Spirit

Your guide to local news & events FREE


Issue 30 • SA

The Truth Beyond the Myth ECKHART TOLLE Best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now

ECKHAR GUELLES VIA ECKHARTT TOLLE, GREGG BRADEN BRADEN,, JOSE AR ARGUELLES GUELLES,, SYL SYLVIA BROWNE, FRANK JOSEPH, DR RICHARD FISHER, MENCHU TUM AND MANY MORE tell us why the theyy belie believve 2012 will mar markk an exciting er ama tic cchang hang werful oppor tunity eraa of dr drama amatic hangee and po pow

JOSE ARGUELLES Decoder of the Mayan calendar, and cofounder of Earth Day

GREGG BRADDEN Best selling author of Fractal Time, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix

MENCHU TUM Mayan Nobel Peace Prize winner

BARBARA MARX HUBBARD World-class futurist and evolutionary visionary


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Importance of Emotional Release by Jaan Jaravek,

What will 2011 BRING for You? by Diane McCann The Times of the Quickening by Lorraine Webb Your Ego isn’t a Problem by Persephone Maywald A Drug Free Solution for Childhood Ear Infections by Dr Rob Hutchings Divine Planning & Energy Forecast for 2011 by Elisabeth Jensen


ISSUE 23 East/W est Edition East/West Jan-March 2011

World renowned psychic and medium

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4 2012



The Truth Beyond the Myth ECKHAR GUELLES VIA BR O WNE, FRANK ECKHARTT TOLLE, GREGG BRADEN BRADEN,, JOSE AR ARGUELLES GUELLES,, SYL SYLVIA BRO JOSEPH, DR RICHARD FISHER, MENCHU TUM and more tell us why they believe 2012 will mar k an eexx citing er a of dr ama tic cchang hang w erful oppor tunity amatic hangee and po pow tunity.. The most discussed date in spiritual history is just round the corner: 2012. What lies ahead and what should we do?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair . . . Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities English novelist (1812 - 1870) This celebrated line from Charles Dickens’, A Tale of Two Cities , has never been used with more justification.


Even as I write this, terrorism apart, turbulence is peaking. Prices are spiralling, placing the fulfilment of basic needs beyond the ability of the common man. Stress is soaring, family relationships are fraying, and conflicts, depression and divorce are the gloomy fall-outs; environmental degradation is destroying thousands of species and polluting the soil, air and water. Illnesses have never been more rampant or resistant. Alzheimer’s, cancer, Aids, and frightening pandemics are reaping countless victims. Conflicts are heating up. Everywhere there is a sense of things falling apart.


Now turn the lens in another direction and what do you see? A rise in consciousness. More people meditating and practising some form of spirituality than ever before. Spiritual articles printed in mass market newspapers and magazines. Personal growth and spiritual books and CDs selling in millions. Spiritual gurus and meditation teachers rising in thousands. Internet dispensing spiritual wisdom as casually as it does the daily news. People across the world campaigning for peace, environmental protection and freedom from pollution. More and more talk of a need for a different way of life – a life of peace and joy and simplicity.

At one and the same time we are seeing the death and decay of the materialistic age and the possible rise and resurrection of a more spiritual one. Observes writer Eckhart Tolle, “We are witnessing not only an unprecedented influx of consciousness at this time but also an entrenchment and intensification of the ego.” Both good and evil seem to be pitted against each other in one final overwhelming confrontation. And the convergence of this historic clash seems to be 2012.

WHY 2012?

Surprisingly there is a lot of evidence going for it. There are many traditions recognizing 2012 as a major transition point between the last cycle and a new one. The ancient Maya were obsessed with watching the stars and making astrological predictions. Each night the astrologers would go on the roofs at midnight, and through 2 crossed sticks “XX “ make their calculations. This symbol “XX “ is found on many ancient Mayan buildings still, denoting places where the astrologers would go to watch the stars at night or early morning. The Mayan calendar has been proven to be precise and accurate – it predicted, for instance, that whiteskinned bearded gods would descend upon them from across the sea on March 5, 1519, the exact date when Cortez discovered the New World. The Mayan astrologers predicted the end to civilization as we know it in 2012, and their calendar actually ends on Dec. 21, 2012! Frank Joseph is the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine and the author of Atlantis and 2012, The Destruction of Atlantis, The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, Survivors of Atlantis , and The Lost Treasure of King Juba. He lives in Minnesota. Based on more than 25 years of research around the globe and statements from Edgar Cayce about Atlantis and its Pacific sister civilization of Lemuria, Frank Joseph reveals that the Mayan Calendar was brought to Mexico by survivors of

Atlantis. Uncovering the Atlantean influences in both ancient Mesoamerican culture and ancient Egyptian culture, he links the demise of Atlantis with the bir th of the Olmec civilization in Mexico (the progenitors of the Maya), the beginning of the first Egyptian dynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar. Joseph explains that the Mayan Calendar was invented by the combined genius of Atlantis and Lemuria and describes how it predicts an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal. Correlating this recurring cycle with scientific studies on glacial ice cores and predictions from the Hopi, the Incas, and the Scandinavian Norse, Joseph reveals that 2012 could be the star t of a new Ice Age and the advent of a massive solar storm. However, Joseph shows that the Maya knew the way to re-establish civilization’s cosmic balance before time runs out. Menc hu Tum, Mayan Nobel Menchu Peace Prize winner, said that “We’re in a period as we approach 2012 when things are dissolving because time is dissolving and we are going to enter a new era when time begins not just for Mayans but for all people ...It’s going to be a time of change and maybe chaotic change. It depends on us. It’s up to humanity to decide how well the transition goes.” The Hopi Indians of the American Southwest tell of four worlds, or ages, all ending in natural disasters instigated by the unbalanced behaviour of mankind. They predict a Day of Purification, when Saquasohuh Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. In other words, modern civilization will be shattered as the Blue Star appears in the sky. In the Hopi language, Qatsina, or literally “life bringer,” refers to anything in the natural world or cosmos, including natural phenomena, whether good or evil. Dr oss Dr.. Allen CC.. RRoss oss, a Santee Dakota educator and Lakota language scholar, relates that the same prophecy was uttered during the most important Hopi ceremony, the Wuwuchim, at least as long ago as early 1914. It may, in fact, predate this early 20th-century instance by many years, perhaps generations. It forecast, in part, “You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the Earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease. These are the signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deser ts not far from here. You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. Turtle Island could turn over two or three times, and the oceans could join hands and meet the sky.” Prophecies handed down from generation to generation of the Australian Aboriginal Elders also speak of the coming of the end times of one dimension as we enter another. One of their prophecies has to do with “black rain” falling at the end time. This 2012 date also appears in the Cherokee prophecies prophecies. The Pleiades star system is also prominent in one of the most treasured and famous Cherokee prophecies, the Prophecy of the Rattlesnake, a sign in the heavens that is evolving toward the end of the Cherokee calendar in the year 2012. The Cherokee calendar says that the world will come to an end in 2012, just as the Mayans do. To the Cherokee, “the end” in 2012 signifies that all will be reborn. Uncannily enough, the Chinese I Ching Ching, or Book of Change, has also indicated a similar prophecy. The I Ching makes personal predictions based on 64, 000 hexagrams, each of which has a precise meaning.

When writer Terence McKenna decided to plot the hexagrams along a time line, he found that it was an accurate map of time. The odd thing? It came to an end on December 22, 2012.


After 10 years of comparative slumber, the sun is waking up - and it’s got astronomers on full alert. Scientists have forecast a solar storm on that most Hollywood of disaster dates - 2012. Astronomy lecturer and columnist Dave Reneke said “The general consensus among general astronomers (and certainly solar astronomers) is that this coming Solar maximum (2012 but possibly later into 2013) will be the most violent in 100 years. They can even trip circuit breakers and knock out orbiting satellites, as has already done before” . Dr Richard Fisher, director of NASA’s Heliophysics division, told Mr Reneke the super storm would hit like “a bolt of lightning”, causing catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken. “We know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it is going to be,” Dr Fisher told Mr Reneke in the most recent issue of Australasian Science. “Systems will just not work. The flares change the magnetic field on the Ear th and it’s rapid, just like a lightning bolt. “That’s the solar effect. “The energy released from a flare is equal to 100 million hydrogen bombs,” added Clara Y Yatini, of the National Aeronautics and Space’s (LAPAN) Solar and Space Division. She explained that increased so-

ECKHART TOLLE, best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now

GREGG BRADEN, best selling author of Fractal Time, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix

BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, the highly regarded, world-class futurist and evolutionary visionary



is the motto of T he T heosophical Society Society,, founded in 1875 The Sydney Branch, Blavatsky Lodge has, since its inception offered Members and Visitors a wide range of activities, such as Guest Lectures, Workshops, Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi. The Ad ar Librar aryy, Level 3 of Theosophy House, has a unique Adyyar Lending Libr collection of over 13,000 books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, covering topics such as theosophy, religion, mysticism, yoga, health and healing. There is a large reference section. Browsing, reading, playing videos & dvds is free, low lending rates.Non-Members of the Society are welcome to join the Library. Ph: 02-9267 6807, Medita tion, our programme includes sessions most lunchtimes and early Meditation, evenings. Please see our website for more information. The Ad Adyyar Bookshop at 99 Bathurst St, near Town Hall, is owned and managed by The Society. Established in 1922, it is one of Sydney’s oldest bookshops, carrying the largest range of authentic metaphysical literature, music & gifts.. The word Theosophy originates from the Greek “Theos” and “Sophia”, meaning “Divine Wisdom”, and can be seen as a worldview that gives meaning to life and as a way of service that leads to peace and understanding.

THE 3 OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY 1 - To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour. 2 - To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science. 3 - To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in the human being.

Blavatsky Lodge of The Theosophical Society Levels 2 & 3, Theosophy House, 484 Kent St, near crn. Bathurst St. Website bsite: Email Email:


lar activity would cause magnetic storms to hurl energy particles toward earth and the flares would likely affect satellites, telecommunication towers, power grids and global positioning system (GPS) equipment. A bold statement and one taken seriously by those it will affect most, namely airline companies, communications companies and anyone working with modern GPS systems. Geophysicists also claim that on December 21, 2012, the earth will be in exact alignment with the sun and the centre of the Milky Way, an event that occurs only once in 25,800 years. As a result, the North and South Pole positions could change, spelling largescale climatic changes and shifting sea levels. If the event happens too fast – well, doom could be the outcome.


Looking at the planets in 2012 there is a very special alignment that occurs only every 26,000 years, and the outer planets and Venus will be making transits that in the past have lead to civil unrest. The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count), represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution aatt eexactl xactl xactlyy 11:11 am GMT GMT..

ALIENS AND 2012 Michael C. Luckman Luckman, who has been called 2012’s Billy Graham., was responsible for leaking a story to the press of a secret report financed by the late billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller and distributed to 1,000 movers and shakers on the world stage that found extraterrestrials are visiting Ear th. The late John F. Kennedy, requested that Luckman send him a copy of the same UFO briefing document sent to all members of Congress. Luckman has also offered to personally brief President Obama about the existence of highly advanced extraterrestrial visitors “Whether the world ends in 2011, 2012 or even years from now isn’t the point.” he said. “Clearly the key point is that the handwriting is on the wall for all of us to see and to accept. This isn’t a test. I repeat, this isn’t a test. The message is loud and it is clear. The time may finally be here to meet our makers. UFOs are the new religion, extraterrestrials are the new gods,” declared Luckman. ” Luckman plans to officially launch his ambitious Cosmic Majority 2012 campaign in New York City during the 2012 World Preparedness Expo. Mayan elders will be special guests at the groundbreaking conference, underscoring the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. Some 40 world renowned speakers will lecture on such topics as the End Times, the New Age, UFOs and Planet X. The prime objective of the Cosmic Majority 2012 will be to make contact with alien intelligences. Michaell’s book, Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, has been praised by celebrities like Bono, Steven Spielberg, Sylvester Stallone, Shirley MacLaine, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Dan Aykroyd, David Lee Roth, Matthew McConoughey, Penelope Cruz, Bianca Jagger and Angela Bowie. MacLaine was blown away by Luckman’s personal encounters with the paranormal. The Emmy award winning actress, who shares Luckman’s belief that Planet X may soon be knocking on Earth’s door with potentially disastrous consequences, called him a “vi-

sionary” on her popular Internet radio show. Sylvia Browne, foremost american psychic and author, believes that one of the most dramatic headlines in 2012 will be the discovery of some mysterious debris in a California/Nevada desert. It will be impossible to tell what the original shape of the large, mangled object is, but whatever it is made of clearly isn’t manufactured from earthly materials. A group of civilians will come across it and, for a refreshing change of pace, will thoroughly document the event and notify the authorities rather than the tabloids. As a result, the government won’t have the opportunity to “spin” the debris into nonexistence, nor can those who discovered it be accused of trying to perpetuate a fraud by selling their story. This discovery will occur in conjunction with a series of untraceable signals that will disrupt satellite transmissions and wireless communications throughout the world. And by the end of 2012, having finally put two and two together, organized groups of explorers, researchers, government agencies, and other experts will undertake formal worldwide expeditions in search of extraterrestrials. “Of course, extraterrestrials have been here for millions of years and they’re here now, calling as little attention to themselves as possible as they contribute to our society through careers that their advanced knowledge make possible” she added in conclusion. Monsignor Corrado Balducci Balducci, a Vatican theologian, said on Italian National Television: “Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much information now about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its embassies in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela.”


But don’t tear up your insurance papers yet. Despite grim prophecies of disaster and destruction in the year 2012, man can take comfort in several writers’ visions of a spiritual and regenerated new earth. guelles Ph.D. decoder of the ancient Mayan Jose Ar Arguelles calendar system, initiator of Harmonic Convergence, and co-founder of Earth Day, considers the shift as a time of transformation, when man will awaken from the illusion of a technological utopia by questioning the viability of technology that has brought our planet so close to destruction. Man will reject the mass mind that has opted for governments, institutions and mechanical conveniences, choosing instead the path beyond technology. He predicts a return to the ancient wisdom established in the systems of the Mayan Galactic Code, the I Ching and the Book of Revelations through which man will open his heart to receive information from intelligent life forms in other dimensions In the book, The Mystery of 2012, author and scientist, Peter RRussell, ussell, asser ts that 2012 will create what he calls a singularity in time. He explains that evolution has been speeding up relentlessly since the beginning of time, as we ourselves can recognise. This could eventually lead to a mind-boggling implication. “Evolution – whether human, machine, or a synthesis of the two – would continue at an ever-increasing pace. Development timescales would continue to shor ten, from decades to years, to months, to days. Before long, they would approach zero. The rate of change would then become infinite. We would have reached a true mathematical singularity.” Gregg Braden Braden, best selling author of Fractal Time, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix, refers to a Zero Point magnetic field. By 2012 we reach 13 cycles per second. 13 = zero point. He believes that at that time, the planet will stop rotating on its axis, most souls will go to sleep for 3 days, after which the planet will spin in the opposite direction. Planet Earth is going through a Collective Initiation as frequency increases and Earth’s magnetic field is slowing

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5 2012 down. Earth’s magnetic field will stop at 13 cycles per second, zero point magnetic field. By 2012 we reach 13 cycles per second. 13 = Zero pPint. Initiates in ancient civilizations were placed in chambers to bring them to a place of Zero Point Magnetics wherein they could experience and prepare for what the world will go through around 2012. He fur ther suggests that this is not the end of the world. “There’s no scientific evidence that we’re approaching the end of the world,” he says. “We are in fact living a rare, precious moment in the history of our world and of our civilization that most people are identifying around a date that signals the end of a cycle on the Mayan calendar: the winter solstice December 21 of 2012. But the more I researched, what I found, and it was very clear, that it’s less about the date of 2012 and more about a window of time or zone of opportunity. “One of the things I think is really important and very empowering to understand is that when we talk about the beginning and the end of cycles of world ages, they are marked by astronomical phenomenon. We’re talking about alignments between solar systems and planets and galaxies. And these are huge systems that move slowly over long periods of time. These systems are so huge that they look like they’re moving slowly to us. So what that means is that 2012 cannot possibly happen in a day. The alignments that we’re talking about happen gradually over a period of time rather than a heartbeat, in a moment of time. So it’s not like we go to bed December 20th in one world and we wake up after midnight on December 21st and we’re in another world. “But what the science shows is that the alignments create what we can think of as a zone of time, or a window of time when these changes are happening. And that we actually entered into the 2012 window of change right around the year 1980. And this is now 2010 that we’re having this conversation. And the zone closes right around the year 2016. “So what that means, of the many things that that implies, is that number one, we are over halfway through the window of time and well into the changes, whatever changes we’re going to see, we’re well into those changes. The very changes that so many people are anticipating and fearing and preparing and waiting for, they’re already happening.” On December 21, 2012, our sun reaches its nearest alignment with “the Great Cleft” which, according to Dr Dr.. Christine PPaa ge , author of 2012: Bir thing a World of Unity and Compassion “…leads directly to the Galactic Centre, or hear t of the Great Mother” where we may “experience the fullness of our potentiality, the unlimited realm of possibilities, and come to know the true meaning of immortality.” Based on this interpretation of visions she experienced while in deep meditation, Dr. Page encourages people to take advantage of this opportunity of proximity to reacquaint themselves with the Creatress: “The stage is now set to undertake a spiritual journey that is essential for this particular time in our history.” With the expected spiritual change tied not only to the lyrical and spiritual Age of Aquarius, Page and others suggest that a woman-centered era may be at hand. This matriarchal time of peace depends on reawakening consciousness, however; it isn’t necessarily inevitable - “It is only when women decide to respect and honour their gifts that the necessary changes will take place in the human race to bring natural rhythm back into our lives.” John Major Jenkins Jenkins, a pioneer of the 2012 movement and the author of nine books including Mayan


Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance Carl Sandburg


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The Truth Beyond the Myth FROM CONTINUED FR OM PPAAGE 5 Cosmogenesis 2012 and The 2012 Story, is responsible for creating awareness of the galactic alignment and for providing information on why the December 21, 2012 date is important. He also discovered the true day count of the Mayan calendar amongst the many versions that are being used. Jenkins’ research shows the Maya knew about an alignment of the sun with the center of the Milky Way that happens only once every 26,000 years. The alignment which occurs in the years around 2012 is often referred to as “galactic alignment 2012” causing people to believe that on one specific day, December 21, 2012 the sun aligns with the centre of the Milky Way, finishes the alignment and moves on. This is misleading as the alignment does not just happen on one day, but over a period of years. Because the disk of the sun is about ½ inch wide, it takes a period of 36 years for the alignment to complete its transit across this point. According to the calculations of Astronomer Jean Meeus, the alignment began around 1980, exacted in 1998 and will end around 2016. So we are now in the zone of time when the alignment is occurring. This supports my belief that the shift is happening right now and occurs over a zone of time rather than just on December 21, 2012. “So then we must ask, “What is the meaning that the sun and the centre of the galaxy are aligned?” I believe that due to higher vibrational energies flowing from the centre of the galaxy, a consciousness shift is being triggered. If the Universe is an alive, sentient being then an alignment with the centre of our galaxy would put us in sync with the aliveness emanating from it. “The value of knowing about this zone of alignment helps you understand these times of unprecedented change and also attune to the awakening shift that is birthing a new species of human and a New Earth.” So if the alignment is happening right now, then what is December 21, 2012 about? Again, Jenkins has given us some clues. “The December 21 date is the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar as shown by astronomical alignments in Mayan architecture and by the symbolism on their stone monuments. “So not only are we living in the 36 year period of the galactic alignment but also in the ending days of the Mayan Long Count Calendar- two factors that support an awakening shift.” Daniel Pinchbeck Pinchbeck, author of several books including the best selling book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl , embraces technology in his vision of the New Earth as a tool that will influence man’s inner experience of identity and self. He sees the Internet as an ex-

InnerSelf pression of the shift in psyche that is already taking place. With the weakening of ear th’s magnetic fields, man is becoming more psychically attuned to a responsive and intelligent universe. More people are beginning to have experiences of synchronicity, telepathy and manifestations of thought. The Internet, a technology that literally manifests thoughts within seconds, has become an apt metaphor and tool for real development in man’s psychic power Barbara Marx Hubbard Hubbard, the highly regarded, world-class futurist and evolutionary visionary, sees 2012 as a natural planetary “due date” and considers the shift as an expansion of consciousness when man will step into an evolutionary jump towards the emergence of a new species, a new being that is multidimensional, possessing expanded capacities for empathy, understanding and enlightenment. “This new being”, she suggests, “is the new humanity that will arrive because” man will reach critical mass for this human by 2012". “2012 is humanity’s greatest opportunity for the long-awaited conscious shift toward global convergence, coherence and co-creation.” she said. Writes Dr Sunny Satin, in his book, Incredibly Believable. Everything you wanted to know about The Shift, “Planet Earth has been raising its vibrational rate or frequency since 1983, and will complete this transition to a higher level by December 2012… To sur vive in this New World, each of us must raise our own vibrational rate.” According to Dr Satin, such shifts have been happening to the earth every few thousands of years, but formerly it was always accompanied by a total decimation of existing life forms. This time however, we get to go along in our current physical bodies. He adds, “Since this Shift is so unusual, there are a number of civilisations that are watching us carefully, to make sure we go through it successfully.” And finally Tibetan monks monks, in 2009, remote-viewed the sequence of events that are going to happen between 2010 and 2012 and the UFO Intervention that will save the world in 2012.


BY SKY SHAYNE INNES It’s not the devil in the detail, but God SRI BHAGAVAN & SRI AMMA, the founders of the Golden Age Foundation in India CHRISTINE PAGE, M.D., author of 6 books, including 2012 and the Galactic Center and The Return of the Great Mother MASTER CHARLES, Meditation teacher and originator of the Synchronicity Experience MEG BLACKBURN LOSEY Ph.D., is the author of 7 books including The Mysteries of 2012. JOHN MAJOR JENKINS, a pioneer of the 2012 movement and the author of nine books including Mayan Cosmogenesis 2012 and The 2012 Story DANIEL PINCHBECK, author of several books including the best selling book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl “The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time” they said. “The earth is blessed and is being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even aware of. As our technologies progress we will realize how external forces saved us”. When asked if these extra-terres-


London is a city that I have always loved from my very first visit at the ripe old age of seventeen. So when I say that my arrival in London this year was filled with disquiet and unease, you will understand that this was not usual. In fact it was very surprising and very uncomfortable, not least, because I couldn’t put my finger on why I was so out of sorts. Looking back, I suspect that this was a foreboding of what was to come; a presentiment of the challenge on the horizon. As far as challenges go, ours was not particularly unusual or dramatic. Awakening in the middle of the night to find my beloved man in excruciating pain, trying to make sense of the messages from his body. Finally, going to hospital where the workings of the emergency room remove the very sense of emergency and turn you into a patient. A journey begins, to discover what is wrong and a world emerges of medical procedures, so familiar to beings called doctors and nurses and startlingly unfamiliar to us, with next to no hospital experience at all. In hospital, I found a worldview that wasconfronting in fascinating and significant ways. In this hospital world the disease model is the norm. The body is viewed in purely mechanical terms. The procedures aim to improve mechanical functioning. Little, if any attention is given to cause, prevention or the effect on the rest of the body, mind, emotions or soul. The priority is to keep the body alive and get the broken bits fixed. For the most part, the technology we experienced was highly sophisticated and the mentality highly refined, but all within the constraints of disease. It is a very compelling model – tangible, straightforward and simple. When the broken bits are fixed, what a relief! Yet, what struck me in my hospital experiences is how little real healing seemed to happen. I watched people come and go. I saw physical recovery and I saw relief and often,

deep gratitude. But I witnessed very little true healing. If anything, I noticed a greater susceptibility to helplessness and fear around the fate of the body. There is great beauty in this vulnerability, a humility that is so much more innately attractive than overconfidence. Yet I longed to see the deeper beauty of certainty and knowing that comes with the awareness of what cannot be touched by any condition however challenging, however convincing – that no scalpel can disturb, that no pain can interrupt. I longed to sense the inner shifts that such experiences invite – indeed, that we must be open to receive. Sitting in the near dark of a hospital room, I watched my beautiful man sleep, finally free of pain, his face still showing its debilitating effect. Seeking the highest truth of “There is nothing wrong and nothing missing” brought peace to me in stark contrast to this world where so much appeared to be wrong and quite a lot missing too! I was struck anew by the power of the mind, how easily and effortlessly my world shape-shifted to reflect this truth. It is with deep gratitude that I can say grace was found in this and every one of these situations - the uncanny synchronicity of events; the support of friends and strangers; the perfect timing of how things turned out. Without such awareness – awareness of the highest order of things, of nothing wrong and nothing missing ever, of love as the essential quality of all life – without such awareness, there can only be the inevitable conclusions that bring lack, limitation and the suffering of a diseased mind. Mind is so much more than what we think, or our attitudes. Mind IS the mystery, the miracle and astonishment of life. How we think and feel and see has something to do with this mystery - something to do with how it takes shape and form, something to do with how we experience each moment and how we receive

from each precious moment. How we think and feel and see is the creative principle. The big question is at what level are we creating? At what level are we thinking, feeling and seeing. So much of it is through the filter of our ego, of right and wrong, good and bad. Until we transcend this way of perceiving, we cannot evolve into higher expressions of ourselves. We are turning our backs on vital data or information that we have invited to learn more deeply our own true nature. The gateway is found in the detail of your life exactly as it is now. Using the details of our lives to connect with the Oneness at many different levels opens dimensions of awareness undreamt of. By way of illustration, I offer John’s account. The message from his body was to do with healing stuff from childhood around his father and, therefore, the masculine principle in his adult life. Along with this message came a direct experience of two of his guardians, angels supporting and preparing him for what was to come. Different realms bringing deeper empathy and insight into the human condition were revealed. There was also a strong directive, and support, to let go of a particularly nagging behaviour – smoking – which he quit with comparative ease after many failed attempts. Perhaps sweetest of all, was a precious encounter with a healing energy from a very pure and innocent source, like the hands of a baby tenderly and lightly healing the sore places where the knife had done its work. This is how we discover that it is not the devil in the detail, but God. The details are the information we need to give guidance, direction and insight; and keep us true to our purpose in this incarnation. After all, this is why our soul chooses to incarnate into this dimension with the attributes of physicality, polarity and forgetfulness – not to suffer but to grow and evolve in love. To end, London has its place in my affection again, John’s body is recovering beautifully and I am so excited about the depth of exploration and activation I have found to be possible in every circumstance, situation and condition. Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy , Sky’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 02 9362 9866 or visit



The Value of True Thoughtlessness What happens when we truly quiet the mind and let stillness guide us? I recently took part in an experiment to do with selfawareness. Part of this experiment was to become increasingly aware of how often one is thinking (be it pondering, day-dreaming, stressing or obsessing), and to what extent that thinking was constructive. Thought itself enjoys a greatly elevated status in our civilisation, amongst many others, going right back to ancient times. We tend to always view the process of thinking in a positive light, implying that those who do not think are somehow “less than”, and bowing down to “the great thinkers” of past and present alike. Having now taken part in this experiment, I place awareness and presence much higher on my personal scale of values than I do thinking, as I have found that one’s awareness of themselves and their present situation is far more useful than one’s somewhat arbitrary ability to think. The truth is, that for most people, thinking is constant. I discovered that from the moment I woke in the morning until the time I went to sleep at night, my mind was relentlessly asking questions, pondering situations, both past and future (very rarely present) and casting judgements, such as how I could have handled a situation better, what my life would be like if this were different or that were different and other equally pointless ruminations. Anyone that’s tried to meditate (or even does so on a regular basis) already knows this. Try to quieten the mind and listen to it protest! Most of us recognise the value of meditation, how such a practice gradually allows the mind to settle and allows one to find that inner stillness and peace, despite (or perhaps because of) our cultural obsession with thought. When we speak of someone being “thoughtless”, we usually mean that someone has not taken others’ wellbeing into account, or have acted rashly or selfishly. This strikes me as more of a lack of awareness rather than a lack of thought, because that person might well have been wrapped up in thoughts about what they were going to eat for dinner, how they were going to make more money, when they’d get time to wash the car, etc… and simply had no awareness of what was going on in the present moment. It is a wor thwhile exercise to spend some time staying aware of your thoughts. In the car or on the bus, in the shower, over breakfast, in a waiting room, sitting at your desk at work, whilst cooking or cleaning, and so forth. How productive are your thoughts at these times? Thought absolutely has its place. This article wouldn’t have been written today without some thought going into it. Most people’s jobs require them to think, as do many of our activities. Yet when you catch your thoughts out throughout the day, you may well find that most of your thoughts are in no way connected to the activity you’re engaged in. Recently (and not so recently) there has been some discussion around the notion of “multi-tasking”, with arguments being put for th to say that there is actually no such thing as “multi-tasking”, there is only

attention-switching. The more things you try to do at the same time, the less focus you are able to put on any one of them. There is a Zen saying that simply says “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” Yet how often do we do this? These are not habits that can be changed overnight. Even after this experiment I still catch myself in the shower thinking about how I want a meeting to go, or even just what I’m going to wear that day. When walking, I still like to listen to my music and drift off into little daydreams that don’t involve the pavement under my feet or the trees I’m passing or the birds chattering away in them. But it’s a start. And a valuable one at that. In those moments where I do catch myself now, I find it much easier to still my mind, if only for the shortest time, and tune into whatever situation I am in – I experience heightened awareness and presence which allows me to better respond to a situation, rather than simply reacting to it. My decisions have started to become more inspired because I am learning to get out of my own way. When I do find myself in situations requiring thought, I enjoy greater clarity and less fragmentation and clutter. My thoughts are driven by purpose and presence, rather than getting

Re-Discovering True Health ○

lost in fruitless chases into the past or future. I am moving gently towards a state of compassionate thoughtlessness. Care to join me? An astrologer and Reiki master, Claire Hennekam runs workshops and weekly meditation sessions in addition to seeing her own clients. She works out of Sahu Healing Space in Melbourne (, a centre she created to provide the space and resources for clients and practitioners to pursue their own healing journeys. You can contact Claire on 0407 359 347, or email

BY ISIRA Although we live in a fast paced world, leisure is still one of the most vital factors for a life of healthy well-being. One of my favourite regular things to do is take a walk along the sea front. It’s a leisure that most of us enjoy but that not everyone can achieve. Why? Because many people are either simply not well enough or live a life of denying them-selves such wholesome activities. Yet we are all aware of the simple values a small stroll and fresh air can bring us. One of the locals I pass along my way however is astutely aware of these benefits: evident by his constant hail to every passer-by... “Your health is your wealth”! Yes...our health IS our wealth. What much can we do or enjoy without it?

Experience the


At Sahu, we are building a healing community by holding space for individual and global intergration through taking personal responsibility and embracing authenticity of self and others without blame or judgement. Conscious business practices within an environment that nurtures the soul rather than the ego make Sahu a centre of healing and transformation for clients and practitioners alike.

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And why, when we understand this, do we ignore some of the most fundamental basics for health and well-being? Most people would recognise that despite all the knowledge we have about creating or suppor ting a healthy lifestyle many people still sabotage themselves by compulsively driven opposing habits. So, what is it that drives this? Where does the shift from wholesome well-being begin? Our spiral of dis-ease all begins with our perceived disconnection from Spirit. We live in a perpetually dis-oriented state. Indeed, all of our behaviours which deny the gift of vitality, joy and well-being stem from our disoriented state. In such disorientation, having taken on the belief and illusion of separation, the human lives in a perpetual state of fear and perception of lack. This state is further impacted by an increasing focus on our physicality as our identity and sole reality. Limited by our attention on the physical world we see no option but to look for solutions outside of ourself. Although our inner-being is starved we look to fill the sense of emptiness with more food, bigger flavours, more objects, bigger possessions. And those things that are transient we struggle to make permanent. We are constantly struggling against the stream of our true nature. In this state, there is no thing that can ever truly fill or fulfil us. In continuing to suffer the consequences of such futile efforts we begin to store deeper and deeper layers of resentment and disillusionment. We contract from life, creating an even larger barrier between ourself and the abundant world we are actually connected too. Gradually, over time, the contractions we create in our mind, emotions and energy field manifest as restrictions in our cellular body... producing a myriad of symptoms called illness. However if we really look into the true nature of the human body and “illness” we discover that there really is no true disease... only an opportune condition in which pathogens can multiply happily. Likewise... any sense of imbalance is simply a developed condition... a shift from the natural state and order of our natural being. The most natural state of our being is ONENESS Ironically, even though this always remains our true nature, we can and do radically reduce our capacity to utilise

the limitless energy of our being when we live in a contracted state. So, simply put... all illness arises from contraction. And all contraction arises from our dis-oriented relationship with our true Self. We may continue to search for answers outside our-self forever and never find true resolution. The moment we begin to return to our innermost being is the moment we begin to return to our whole self. It is when we cultivate a relationship with our true self that the way to balance and well-being is revealed. By re-connecting with our innerbeing we are able to regain an open state. In this open state we are able to see hear and understand how WE have adopted behaviours that do not support or reflect the true nature of our self. As we begin to see consciously for our-self, we begin to experience our true Self again. We regain our seat of power and the ability to respond to our self and life in ways that are naturally nurturing. And... it is a process. Having journeyed so far out of our centre it can take some time to truly regain a deeply connected relationship with our conscious Self. And even when we do, there is still the journey through many stages of regaining a balanced flow of consciousness and energy. So where do we start? Surrender. We must be willing to give up our futile approach and accept a state of NOT KNOWING. We must let go and let into ourself simply as we are. We must let deeply into what is. And when we do, we must be willing to sit in a space of “non-outcome” first... for however long it takes for us to regain the centred connection we need for true insight and transformation. Without surrender, even our efforts to enter stillness will be tied to the identity that is striving with the wrong approach. A part of the self will have its attention focussed externally... deludedly hoping that the external circumstances will change without first changing internally. As long as this tie is present it remains impossible to truly re-connect with our inner-most being. By stopping and being present to simply “what is” we can gain access to our inner space... a space of stillness and silence. When we have a deep enough connection with this, our journey of re-awakening and transformation can truly begin. Our connection with our most conscious self is awakened. We also begin to establish an open and connected state of flow with the universe. The more we can cultivate this the more we can unleash transformative and healing powers. Creating moments of leisure in our life again are not just important opportunities to stay well and enjoy our life, they are opportunities also to create the essential space we need to stop and go within. Isira is Australian born. She came into this world conscious and awake, and at the age of 29 fully awakened. Isira’s presence is a sacred blessing field of consciousness that activates our energy field and reveals enlightened answers. Through her consultations, programs and books including A Journey of Awakening Isira inspires and supports us in our own awakening.



Importance of Emotional Release ○

BY JAAN JERABEK After 20 years experience in emotional release work, both with my own inner awakening process, and 17 of those years professionally facilitating other people’s emotional release process through “Cathartic style Breathwork”, the importance of “emotional integration” is still the main message I have for people who wish to be free of Depression, Anxiety, Relationship issues such as lack of boundaries, recurring patterns of conflict and sexual issues or simply wish for more inner peace. When I speak of ‘emotional integration’ I am not talking about self help books, listening to seminars, CD’s, mental level talking style therapy etc etc. I am not even talking about finding more insights and realizations into human nature and conceptualization of issues such as ‘’since mum was not the hugging type and did not tell me she loved me enough and since dad was both physically and emotionally absent I decided I was not good enough’’. My favourite saying is “An insight/ realization and $5 gets you a cup of coffee and a muffin’’. Insights/realizations/conceptualization of issues is a necessary component of our journey, they are the foundation stage of the journey, but they are not the journey itself. Many people wonder why listening to seminar style information sessions or “talking style” therapy can go on for years and yet they still suffer from numerous life issues. There is a simple explanation why... I do not even put this first “insight, reading, mental level conceptualization stage” as a stage in genuine healing. Genuine healing begins when we start to feel the emotional pain behind having a physically and emotionally absent father, or a mum who could not fulfil our love and emotional needs. The emotional pain of frustration and anger we felt that we could not communicate on an emotional level with them and ask our needs to be met by them. Or it could be having the anger we could not express around not having our own space and being suffocated/smothered by attention due to a fearful/overprotective/ co-dependant mother or father. The sadness and despair of wanting them to hold us more, tell us how special we were to them, wanting to experience being fully seen hence acknowledged as an individual. The loneliness and isolation of living in a house full of people yet, due to no one really connecting with themselves and their true heart feeling like we were all disconnected and alone under the same roof surrounded by others. The fear of thinking there was something wrong with us because we simply had these strong feelings and experienced a lot of drama

simply being a child with feelings, yet we energetically picked up that there was no room for these emotions and no-one else is really feeling them so it must be “us” with the problem. The list goes on. Our emotional experience was a very significant and powerful one when we were young. These emotions were stuffed deep down inside of us. The above reasons I gave for just a few of the emotions in us may not seem like much to the adult mind. They are massive influences in our adult state of emotional health though. We call these scenarios “Subtle trauma”, not “Gross trauma” like sexual abuse or physical violence. Subtle trauma is what we ALL suffer from and is behind all the depressions/anxieties and relationship issues and breakdowns in the world. It is ONLY by “FEELING” these emotions that we “HEAL” these emotions. FULL STOP. We need to scream the anger out, punch it into a pillow, stomp it into the ground and have the tantrum we were not allowed to as a child. We need to cry and cry and cry, let the grief out of our systems over and over, head down in despair, foetal position, snotty and streaming tears. We need to let ourselves get hysterical and process the shame around our anger and sadness, and the guilt we have for even having these feelings

after “poor suffering mum and dad did and sacrificed soooo much”. Then enough fear around being ourselves will be processed and we will be more freed up expressing what is real, who we really are, as a natural by-product. EASY REALLY. Get into enough anger and sadness and the 3 other primary emotions of fear, shame and guilt are released spontaneously. When was the last time a “Self Help” book took you there? Or a CD or seminar provided you with such a deep opening into your stored emotional pain and allow such emotional integration to occur? Chances are, due to the brilliant suppressing job your unconscious did in the first place, you have only been let into the surface level of these emotions and experienced the joys of surface release. For if the depression/anxiety, relationship and self-worth issues are still there, it means emotional integration of your issues has not actually occurred yet. This means your understanding of your issues, your awareness of them is just that, an awareness, and you are still at the mercy 24/7 of the unresolved emotional pain behind those issues. If I have not got my message across about the impor tance of emotional integration to deal with issues, look at the simple process of the “being in the now” and meditation issue. Even this has undealt with emotional pain as a foundation. We should have a choice as to when we think and have an active mind and when we “switch” it off to meditate or simply “be”. Why can’t we do this? 99% of people use their thinking to escape having to feel. You are either in active, male mode of thinking or passive, female mode of feeling. The more emotional pain you felt as a child the more you escaped into your head as a refuge, either into fantasy land or thinking/obsessing about hobbies land. The more pain, the more into your head you went. We do need to develop our mind and intellect, don’t get me wrong, but for most of us it is “thinkaholism” just like ”do-aholism” and “workaholism’”or any other “ism” we use to avoid our pain. Things we use to stay in the active mode so as we do not have to go into

passive feeling mode. This is why it is so hard to switch of. The more pain, the more active the mind...Meditation anyone? “Hell, no...I am lucky if it quietens enough so that I can sleep some nights.” The solution: Feel the emotional pain you are running from and the mind does not have a reason to be so active. You can then finally drop into

your heart and body and be more present in the now effortlessly. Even peace of mind/meditation results from emotional pain integration. The solution? Cathar tic Style Breathwork. Genuine emotional integration. Jaan Jerabek is the Director of ‘The Anxiety & Depression solution’. He has been in private practice for 17

years and t r a i n i n g facilitators of Breathwork Therapy for the last 10 years. a n d or he can be reached on 1300 500 881


Pearls of Wisdom



The Truth Beyond the Myth

Whatever We See... One of the finest pearls of wisdom is the ability to firstly observe and secondly admit our own flaws. We are always quick to pick up on someone else’s shortcomings but never our own. In the same vein we are also swift to judge someone as opposed to trying to understand them or their situation. The amazing phenomenon with this theory is that whatever we see in someone else is purely a reflection of ourselves; something deep within us that we do not recognise. This is difficult to understand however it is true both from a psychological and a spiritual perspective. What happens is, that we are not prepared to take a close look at our inadequacies; instead we readily see them in others. Let’s face it; this is much easier and less painful! Conversely when we do not judge others or see their imperfections it is a very good indication that we have happiness and joy within and insight and awareness about ourselves. This theory is a great tool to use to measure our success or our level of enlightenment. We often like to think we are successful or enlightened but then we talk negatively about others or we speak badly to our children or we behave inappropriately with someone we love. We are only human so we need to not be hard on ourselves if we do or say wrong things. There is a difference in being hard on ourselves and having insight. To have insight is to take responsibility. It is when we can say “Okay, I should not have done/said that and I am sorry and I will not repeat this again”. Being hard on ourselves and saying “I’m stupid for doing that” or “I’ve failed again”, is not empowering ourselves or becoming enlightened; it is the opposite. Success and enlightenment can go hand in hand depending on how we view it. For example real success is not just having everything you desire in life but also being completely happy, having inner peace and living a life filled with pure joy. The same applies to enlightenment. When you live like this you don’t need to or want to look for the negative in others or their situations. In other words, you are so happy with yourself that you only ever want to empower and support others. Most of us like to think that we are enlightened or that we are at least a good way along the path to enlightenment. So using the measuring tool above, let’s observe how we view others. Take the time to choose people who are currently in your life. It may be friends, relatives, in-laws, work colleagues, customers etc. Now choose any one or more of those who have a negative impact on you. They may annoy you, make you angry, frustrate, upset or confuse you. Now observe what the issue is that affects you. Once you have done this, there are two things to ask yourself: 1. Why does it affect me? 2. Why do I attract something that affects me like this into my life? You see, we are always attracting that which we think we are worthy of. Or to put it another way; We are always vibrating at the same level (high or

low) to those with whom we are connected. To understand this theory fully and if we are prepared to struggle along the path to enlightenment, we recognise these people or negative situations in life as gifts. They are what help us to become truly ourselves; who we are meant to be. By knowing what it is that upsets or bothers us about them is the very key to enlightenment because once this fact is recognised, action can then be taken in order to heal the injured parts of ourselves. Gaining an understanding of someone who has a negative influence on you does not mean that you have to continue to have them in your life. It simply means to understand where they are coming from. You can let them go and continue to love them. Sometimes it seems impossible to like, let alone love a person who hurts, annoys, frustrates or lets you down. To be able to however, raises your vibration, sets you free from inner turmoil and speeds up your journey towards enlightenment. So, in short, we can thank all those who drive us mad because they are the very ones who help us grow faster, learn to let go, gain the ability


to love and in the process, find our Truth; the Truth within that gives us peace. Dr Mary Casey is founder of The Casey Centre for Health and Education based in Casula NSW. Mary’s mission is to raise people’s self awareness so that personal worth, responsibility and integrity become commonplace in families, communities and government. Contact for further information.

trials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers the monks gave is that they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us will be scared. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them anyway. According to these monks, in world politics something will happen in and around 2010 which will set the stage for the world powers to threaten to destroy each other. After this event, between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate doomsday. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress. In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war. At that time something remarkable will happen, they said. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction. The monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in the area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, our technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the rela-

THE HEALING POWER OF TRUTH • Do you have the feeling that there should be more to your life? • Are you suffering with an illness, chronic pain or depression? • Do you have people around you who take advantage of you or make you feel bad? This is probably because you are not living y our Tr uth uth! ace the tr uth... and the People wwould ould rraa ther die than fface truth... theyy do! This is a very sad statement but unfortunately so true. It doesn doesn’’t ha havve to be tr ue ffor or yyou ou true ou. Along with practical self evaluation exercises, this beautiful book is the key to: 1. Digging deep and increasing your per sonal aaw war eness in order to live personal areness your truth 2. Facing your fears, understanding your obstacles & finding the courage to move forward 3. Living a healthier and happier life ind Visit us on www www.f.f.find indyyour tr to view an excerpt of the book or call us on 1300 175 783 to get your copy now!


tion between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of “God”.


The many rivers of wisdom seem to be converging into a unified field of consciousness, guided by those who have acquired a mastership in the field of enlightenment. According to these masters the outer realm is not where salvation lies but within the mind itself. Joel Goldsmith, Eckhart Tolle, Master Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, and Native American teachings all suggest a spiritual answer to questions surrounding life and mortality. These and many other teachings, prophets and texts point to 2012 as a significant time in the evolutionary cycle of the earth and its inhabitants. Ec khar t Tolle Eckhar olle, best-selling author of A New Earth and The Power of Now writes , “Responding to a radical crisis that threatens our very survival – this is humanity’s challenge now. The dysfunction of the egoic human mind, recognised already more than 5,000 years ago by the ancient wisdom teachers and now magnified through science and technology, is for the fir st time threatening the sur vival of the planet. A significant portion of the earth’s population will soon recognise, if they haven’t already done so, that humanity is now faced with a stark choice: Evolve or die.” “We are in the midst of a momentous event in the evolution of human consciousness, but they won’t be talking about it in the news tonight. On our planet, and perhaps simultaneously in many par ts of our galaxy and beyond, consciousness is awakening from the dream of form… It can remain conscious of itself, even while it creates and experiences form …How does consciousness do that? Through awakened humans who have learned the meaning of awakened doing.” Tolle recommends three qualities of awakened doing. These are acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. If we cannot bring any or all of these modalities to our doing, we will bring suffering to ourselves and others, he affirms. According to Bhagavan Bhagavan, the founder of the Golden Age Foundation in India, Ear th entered the Golden Age, the age of enlightenment, in June 2004 during the Venus Transit. This process will come to a conclusion at the next venus transit in 2012. The time in front of us, says Bhagavani, will be be filled with unprecedented changes, challenges and turmoil. It is not much mankind can do about it. But those who have worked on setting all their relationships right will have a much easier ride than others. Meditation teacher and originator of the Synchronicity Experience, Master Charles Charles, puts the whole issue in perfect context when he says, “The most anticipated, controversial and, in many cases, misconstrued focal point among the spiritually aware is 2012. It is an event that most view with a mixture of fascination and fear. Yet, from a more holistic perspective, it is nothing more or less than an appropriate and timely expression of the progressive evolution in Consciousness… on a collective scale. “The ‘fall-out’ from 2012 is rooted in the fear of transformation… resistance to change… cling-

MENCHU TUM, Mayan Nobel Peace Prize winner

JOSE ARGUELLES Ph.D., decoder of the ancient Mayan calendar system, initiator of Harmonic Convergence, and co-founder of Earth Day

SYLVIA BROWNE Internationally known psychic and medium ing to the old and outdated ways of living and being. Nevertheless, this leap is inevitable and Consciousness will move forward to a more holistic and unified experience for all of humanity… even while those who cannot go with the flow will be greatly challenged.” And about personal effort, this is what Master Charles has to say, “We must focus on holistic models of reality… truthful, inclusive, love-based ways of being and living. We must invest in Oneness within ourselves… in a more holistic awareness… a more co-creative and mutually supportive relationship with each other and the planet. In other words, we must learn to live with balance and create a balanced world in which life-supporting values and experiences are the primary focus. Love must dominate over fear… truth over illusion… harmony over conflict… experience over concept… and we over me.” According to Yo g a Master Yo gir aj Gur una th Sid dhana th, unath Siddhana dhanath, a living teacher from the Himalayas, the 2nd advent of Christ is already in motion. The passing of the torch occurs in 2012 from one set of deities to the next. In order for the world to be in readiness, teachers such as himself are among us now as servers of humanity. He speaks of the alchemy of transformation, whereby a soul gets in touch with the Higher Self on the path to enlightenment through meditation and spinal breathing. There is a “fundamental urge for your larger parent source” from which humanity feels separate and yet this parent exists at “the core of every atom.” Dattatreya Siva Baba Baba, an Indian mystic and teacher who counts among his students the best-selling author Wayne Dyer, is known to many followers as the “YouTube Guru” be-



cause of his frequent video transmissions on everything from yogic meditation practices to quantum mechanics. He predicts a new age of enlightenment for 2012. 2012 as being the time when the Grace Light comes out most strongly. “We are coming to the end of one Yuga (the Kali Yuga or ‘age of darkness’), and beginning of another (the Satya Yuga or ‘age of truth’) he said about 2012.


Ever since man first appeared on planet earth it has been the collective dream of all humanity to live in peace, love and harmony. Through all the horrors and traumas of our blood-soaked history, artists, visionaries and sages held on to that dream and renewed our quest with their teachings and personal inspiration. For too long this dream has been considered hopelessly Utopian by all but a few evolved souls. Today, however, we may be standing at the threshold of realising that dream. It hardly seems possible but there is a very real chance that you and I will see the dawn of a wonderful new world. How can we do that you ask? By changing ourselves. This is one dream, one revolution that begins with the individual. When we can free ourselves of our ego, immerse ourselves in the oneness of creation, and open ourselves up to the majesty and grandeur of our Creator and his creation, then we will naturally flow into fellowship with other humans. We will not need elaborate codes of conduct or laws to guide our interaction and lives. We will naturally serve, naturally give, naturally love. The more of us who do it, the greater our influence on the rest of mankind and soon, there will come a time when all of us will operate from this same selfless exalted standpoint – fully focused on the larger good, fully free of individual needs and desires. Can we do all this in a few short years? After all, we are talking of nothing less than enlightenment and that has traditionally been an enterprise of blood, sweat and tears over lifetimes. Teachers and gurus around the world are asserting that “ yes, we can do it... “Evolve or die” is the chioce now.


It is unlikely that the world will end in 2012. Almost definitely what we are seeing instead is the birthing of a new consciousness. Yes, there will be turbulence. But how traumatic the birth pangs will be, depends entirely on us and our willingness to change. Following is a suggested “ Spiritual Modus Operandi for the times ahead”: • Stay calm and peaceful no matter what confronts you. It’s all happening for the best. The suffering is voiding a lot of collective karma, and it will leave us and the earth more purified. All disasters are opportunities for growth, personally and collectively. • The change starts with us. Each time an event releases negativity into the environment, we need to become adept at swallowing the poison. Instead of turning against other communities or losing faith in the government or human nature, we need to use the All the more reason principle: “All the more reason to support and practice peace, unconditional love and acceptance. All the more reason to care for the world. All the more reason to knit the fabric of society closer together.” • Make up your mind to uproot hate, anger and disquiet within you. Remember you are doing this not just for you, but for the world. Take that role upon yourself in your family, your office, your club, your satsang. Let that be your personal mission. • Take responsibility for the event no matter what – bomb, flood or tsunami. All of us have conspired knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously in creating the present situation. There is a concept called Ho’oponopono in Hawaiian spirituality which affirms that we need to take total responsibility for whatever happens and to heal it. How? By saying these four statements: I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you. We can say it to ourselves, to society, to the environment, or to God. It reintegrates our shattered unity and makes us whole again. So chant! • Get together with your spiritual group or friends circle and explore other ways to heal the devastation in society and the environment. Pray or meditate. It’s the most powerful thing we can do. As seekers we have a special responsibility in healing and purifying the atmosphere. • Rely on a higher energy and listen to the messages that come and know that you and I will be taken care of. Be open to submitting your will, and being taken care of by a higher power. • Finally and the most non-negotiable. Work on yourself. The future of the planet depends on you. Use every opportunity to grow in wisdom and understanding, in love and compassion, in generosity and selflessness. Whatever we uproot within ourselves we are also uprooting from the body politic. Whatever goodness we nourish within ourselves, we are also nourishing in the outside world.

How Does Art Heal? ○

BY GLENDA NEEDS One question I am frequently asked in my role as an ar t therapist and teacher is “How does art heal?” As any art therapist will tell you, art making is a healing process, but our understanding about how this happens is not yet clear. Some interesting studies over the past few years demonstrate that art making is not merely a distraction technique, but that it can be a significant mood regulator. Two studies at Boston College in the United States examined this phenomenon. In the first study completed in 2005 by Petrillo and Winner, and reported in the Journal of the American Ar t Therapy Association, 42 participants were exposed to material chosen to elicit a negative mood. These participants then completed one of two tasks. The first group were asked to create a drawing of anything that they liked, based upon how they were feeling at the time. The second group were instructed to copy the shapes provided onto another sheet of paper. All participants were then asked to report on “valence” (or pleasure) and “arousal”


at the end of the drawing phase. These two measures of valence and arousal are well proven measures of mood, and require a person to simply mark a point where they “fit” on an “Affect Grid”. After studying the drawings and shape copying of the participants, along with their self-reported mood, it was clear that those people who drew pictures, rather than copied symbols, achieved a much happier mood. So copying symbols, or the simple task of putting pencil to paper may not be enough to generate mood change, but drawing pictures can create more positive emotion. A second study by Dalebroux, Goldstein and Winner, published in Motivation and Emotion in 2008, used a similar method with seventyfive par ticipants to examine how mood repair occurs with art making. These researchers were interested in whether the power in ar t making came from catharsis, (expressing the negative mood), from distraction, or from positive emotional redirection. This study is particularly interesting in that it demonstrates that distraction alone is not as effective as di-

recting positive imagery connected to, but moving away from, the precipitating factors for the negative mood. Freud believed art making was a means of developing positive outcomes in a fantasy form, and thus creating an internal reckoning with events. This process of drawing a positive picture as a sequel to the negative imagery fits well with Freud’s theory. Most humans are motivated to achieve a “feel good” state. We seek out methods of regulating or improving our mood. Often this is a combination of cognitive and behavioural strategies that is done with full effort or concentration, in order to change a perceived uncomfor table state. Many of these strategies have been previously tested by the individual and deemed an effective tool. Some people choose venting activities, some choose distraction and others choose consciously uplifting methods. Art making allows for an individualised process that can be a venting, distracting or positively focussed activity. We also know from earlier research that engaging in art making

can reduce blood pressure, self-repor ted stress levels and enhance perceptions of control. It is no surprise then that many people, at many times in life, engage in art making, at some level or another. Aside from professional artists, many other people doodle, sketch, photograph, collage or find some other means of expressing themselves artistically. Perhaps it is the innate physiological and mood regulating qualities of art making that draws them to such pursuits. As an ar t therapist, one of my most privileged experiences is in witnessing the journey of a client, from the initial visual representations of darkness and despair, to the blossoming imagery of positive outcome, even when circumstances have not yet or cannot be changed. Creating this positive imagery frequently enhances the quality of life for the client. It is often easy to forget that anything we wish for, we must first imagine! Art Therapy enables a vivid imagining of a positive outcome and often gives great hope for the future. Much of the research into art as a mental health tool has so far focussed on the outcomes of engagement, with positive results, and thus we have reports of many people’s lived experience that supports the use of Ar t Therapy. Despite no scientific “proof”, those who use art in therapy will attest to its remarkable power. Perhaps we do not yet know exactly how, but we do know that art heals. Glenda Needs, BA, GradDip CAT, MDisSt, GradCertNeuroSc, Head of Art Therapy Diploma, is the Senior Lecturer in Art Therapy at the IKON Institute of SA, QLD & WA. She has been a practising Art Therapist for many years across a remarkably broad range of client groups. If you would like to study Art Therapy and experience its potency and make a difference to others, then contact The IKON Institute on 0439 016 763 or for your information pack. IKON provides Nationally Accredited Diploma courses in Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Counselling, and Youth Work in SA, QLD, and WA. Visit to find out more.

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body gain flexibility in preparation for other asanas, or practise the sequence alone for 10 minutes whenever you can...


Sun Salutation


The Body and the Sun On our spiritual journey we must not forget or deny our body. Yoga teaches us that the physical body must be attended to first to enable us to accomplish anything in our spiritual lives. The next principle of Yoga we will look at now is Proper Exercise (asana) – the practice of Yoga postures. Asana is a Sanskrit word meaning “steady pos”. Originally, asanas were designed to prepare the body for sitting in meditation for long periods of time, and to keep the energy channels open and flowing freely for Yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) . Now in the modern world, asana exercise is practised for many different reasons. For whatever reason one practises Yoga as a form of exercise, the benefits of establishing a regular practice are endless. Some of the rewards to be reaped are: asanas work on all systems of the body simultaneously, not only on the body’s frame but also the internal organs, nervous system and glands; increased muscle strength, tone and length; improved flexibility and increased range of movement of the body; enhanced physical balance; massage and detoxification of internal organs; topup of energy stores (whereas other

forms of physical exercise expel energy out of the body); strengthened immune system; weight control; regulated blood pressure; awareness of the body and mind state; reduction and control of stress; enhanced confidence and self-esteem; improved concentration and focus; release of emotional and physical blocks; improved quality of sleep; and enhanced emotional wellbeing. There are endless modern forms of physical exercise, but the ancient Yogic system of asana exercise is the most complete form of exercise, benefiting far more than just the physical body. Although we use the physical body to perform the asanas, they also profoundly affect our energy body and train and discipline the mind. Asanas are meant to be held with deep breathing, inner focus and inner awareness. When practised in this way they progress from being merely physical exercises, to exercises in relaxation, concentration and meditation. Sivananda teachings put it beautifully: “One hour of practice will give one hour of exercise, one hour of deep relaxation and one hour of meditation through developing the concentration powers within the pose.”

Anyone can practise Yoga asanas, regardless of age, religion, physical ability or condition. Many people think that to be able to practise Yoga they need to be flexible, to be able to touch their toes, to look like the Yogi in the magazines, or to be able to get into the “perfect pose”. No... you can start as you are! There is no “right” or “wrong”, only the importance to practise safely and stay true to the level you are at. If you suffer from any specific medical conditions your asana practice can be modified accordingly under the direct guidance of a qualified Yoga teacher. Also, the beauty (and convenience) of Yoga exercise is that you don’t need any special equipment, nor do you need to attend any specific venue – all you need is a small amount of space to practise wherever or whenever. And realise that you don’t have to wait for an hour of “free-tim” to practise Yoga. A little practice is better than none! The following Sun Salutation sequence (Surya Namaskar) can be practised at the beginning of your Yoga session to warm up the spine and help the


A series of 12 postures combined with deep breathing performed as one continuous exercise. Each round made up of 2 parts, first leading with the right foot (in positions 4 and 9) and then leading with the left in those positions. 1. Exhale: Bring palms together at chest. 2. Inhale: Stretch arms overhead and arch torso backward slightly, opening the chest. Arms alongside ears, look up at the hands. 3. Exhale: Fold forward from hips, bringing hands flat on floor next to feet. Bend knees if needed. 4. Inhale: Stretch right leg back into a lunge, bring right knee to floor. Look up. 5. Retain breath: Bring left foot back to meet right into “plank position”. Body is in straight line from head to feet. 6. Exhale: Drop knees, chest, then forehead to floor. 7. Inhale: Slide chin and nose forward, arch chest up and head back (Cobra Pose). 8. Exhale: Tuck toes under, push up through hands, lift knees, push hips up high (Downward Facing Dog). 9. Inhale: Bring right foot forward into lunge. Drop left knee to floor. Look up. 10. Exhale: Bring other foot forward and fold forward from hips (same as position 3). 11. Inhale: Stretch up and arch back (same as position 2). 12. Exhale: Bring arms down and return to starting position. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om Peace Peace Peace Katrina Smith has been practising Yoga for over 13 years & is a qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher. She is the author & artist of the Art of Yoga Cards, teaches Yoga on the Gold Coast, & holds Yoga workshops & retreats throughout Australia. For more information: E-mail: or visit Web:


Creating Real Intimacy Part 2 Intimacy is about being present and available to feel your feelings, to express yourself, and to allow the energy of your feelings to move through you physically and spiritually. Real intimacy comes from knowing these experiences within you. When you have intimacy with yourself, creating real intimacy with another can flow more freely. Last edition, we looked at ways of creating intimacy with your self, through acknowledgement of your values, taking time to listen to your breathing and responses in life and being grateful for everyday moments. Now, we are going to have a look at how you can create greater intimacy with your beloved partner, friends or family using the below suggestions.


A few minutes of eye gazing can create intimacy, however many people find it awkward to look into each other’s eyes. I have worked with couples who have been married for many years and find it difficult to look into each other’s eyes. During lovemaking most people close their eyes to avoid the deep intimacy of really seeing each other. Begin gently; sit in a non sexual position and spend 5 to 10 minutes looking into each other’s eyes. This is an oppor tunity to practice being present in your own body whilst being present to the other’s feelings and experience. What do I mean? Tune into what you are feeling in your own body, notice feelings of warmth, coolness, sensations of numbness, buzzing, whilst also feeling your partner. Are they relaxed, connected, are you able to receive their energy whilst experiencing your own. Have your eyes soft and gentle drinking each other in (it’s not a staring competition). Feel yourself ab-

sorbing your par tner’s energy through the eyes. You can look and feel deeply into someone through the eyes, when you drop the mind’s inclination to label and judge everything it sees. Take the experience of eye-gazing into lovemaking - spend shor t periods of time with your eyes open until you can comfortably stay with the intensity of the energy - moving in your own body, receiving from your par tner, whilst sharing the feelings and vulnerability through the eyes.

Learn to listen

Become a great communicator by learning to listen. It is my experience that many people are great at talking but find it difficult to listen with presence and an open heart. Ask your loved ones – family, close friends, lovers to share from the heart what is happening in their life - what is creating joy and what is creating challenge. Give the gift of listening lovingly, staying connected without the mind racing off somewhere else. We all know the difference between when someone is fully in the room with us or they are planning what they are going to say or do next. Your loved one will feel fully received, when you know how to listen without judgement or placing your own agenda into their experience.

Touc h and be touc hed ouch touched

Touch is incredibly valuable for bonding as it releases feel good hormones, which promote connection and open hear tedness. There are many ways to enjoy touch. I like to hug my friends and family each time I say hello and goodbye to have that feeling of connection and body meeting with them. In my hugs I like to breathe, relax and feel the other person and enjoy an exchange of energy. Stroking someone’s back can be incredibly soothing - whether for a partner, family or friend. If you want to feel connected – take turns to stroke each other’s back. Other alternatives for non-sexual touch which create connection include a head massage, hand massage and foot massage. With your lover, you may choose to engage in sensual massage as part of your sexual play. With any of the touch activities, let the other person know what feels really good with sighs and sounds of appreciation. It will help to create a complete experience for both of you.

Learn how to give authentic compliments

Notice the way your lover’s body moves when he walks or when she dances, let your friend know that you enjoy her soft tinkling laugh or her

12 RELATIONSHIPS raucous laugh, appreciate your mother’s talents in the kitchen. Acknowledging each other creates a flow of energy particularly if you are feeling the compliment as you say it. If you say something without connecting to the feeling and energy behind it, the delivery can come across as flat and empty – leaving the other person wondering whether you really meant it. When you are feeling it, the other person feels appreciated and they know that their gift was shining in that moment. Also important, when you are on the receiving end of compliments to learn how to receive and allow the gift of the acknowledgement in, if you are unable to receive a compliment, you will block the flow of energy between the two of you. Be loving, patient and compassionate with yourself and your partner, family and friends on this journey of deepening intimacy. Most of all, enjoy playing with new tools and finding new ways of connecting with each other! Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming has been actively exploring sacred sexuality, tantra, breathwork, energetic healing and shiatsu for over 8 years. Martina’s vision and passion is to inspire men and women of all ages to feel their own natural energy, joy, vitality and bliss. She facilitates a space of greater awareness, openness and receptivity for people to experience the essence and freedom of their inner being. Martina offers mixed workshops, courses for women as well as Tantric consultations to women, men and couples to expand their knowledge and energy. For more information, visit or phone 02 9664 1110.


Our Authentic Self ○

BY MARIE-ELISE ALLEN Our authentic self - that internal beacon of truth and powerful internal compass - is often silenced by the noise of daily living. Many of us wake up in mid-life, look around and realize that we have no idea who we are and indeed begin to wonder if we ever did. We’ve been busy building lives children, partners, careers, friendships - and have gotten out of touch with the most meaningful piece of our lives . . . our centre! Actions and behavioural choices, are the most obvious choices that are made, however there are subtle more profound choices that affect who we have become, choices of what we think and feel, the attitudes we hold, the principles and values we choose to abide by, or not, as the case may be, especially when it comes to our sexual self. Every choice we make has an impact to a greater or lesser extent on who we are and the life we live, each one like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples, the ramifications, spreading out into our future and other areas of our life. When you realise you have the power to choose in any given situation what you want and what happens in your life, you awaken a new level of empowerment, responsibility and self-determination, and as such, you are better able to change it. Most of us find great peace in being comfortable, safely snuggled into the known even when it no longer ser ves us. When we’re comfor table, we don’t make changes. And without changes, we cannot expect any personal, professional, creative, spiritual or sexual growth. We can best step onto the path of life toward a vibrant future by realizing that our choices can lead us towards change and enable us to grow in ways we would never have thought possible. The one area of our lives that is often overlooked is the area of our sexual self, the sacral chakra. The part of our bodies where the energy centre is associated with feeling, emotion, desire and it this sexual energy centre that has much to do with

self image. Our sexuality is part of our authentic self. It is not to be ignored. If it was not for the sexual act itself we would not be here on this planet! The more women (in particular) that I meet on my journey, the more I grow to understand that influences from earlier times in their life, (especially religious influences), or the collapse of a relationship, has led them to close down, ignore, and over- look their sense of sexual self. Often this leads to action whereby they put everyone and everything else first, whether it be work, children or friends. Anything to repress, oppress, and suppress any sexual feelings or desires that may come up. We do not remember being a toddler yet we have so much to learn from them. They live in the present moment, in awe of everything that is in front of them . . . a stone on the pavement, a feather on the path, a puddle after a storm, an empty box. They cry one moment in frustration, then pivot and laugh and giggle in the next. Never carrying resentment and angst from what upset them in the first place. They also are very interested in their body parts, especially the genitals! What happens to that inquisitiveness, to the touching, to the fondling that feels so good, to the carefree and gay abandonment of being naked? In meeting women from all walks of life, there are those with a common thread that links them when it comes to choosing self-exploration as a way to expand one’s sensual palette and open the door to new sexual sensations. So often, they have a belief that it is wrong! Women are afraid to explore their own bodies, to touch their nipples, thighs, breasts, labia, neck and belly, anus or any other area that is sensitive to touch. For those who are single, the desire to self pleasure (should it come to mind), reinforces their lack of a partner, their unworthiness, even that they are unlovable, so they resist the urge.

However, when the choice is made to open up to new possibilities, to get to know oneself, to find the inner lover, to get in touch with sexual feelings and desires, the vibration and energy of the body shifts and changes. We radiate from within, the eyes sparkle, the skin glows. Orgasm releases stress, helps us find appreciation for our amazing bodies and therein lies the possibility of loving ourselves in a way we never thought possible. The bonus is - we become more lovable! The simple fact is, sexual experience with a par tner or alone, is healing not only to one’s self, but also to one’s relationship with the world. Marie-Elise Allen is the face behind Sassy Vibes, an online boutique for the purchase of safe, chemical-free pleasure products. Phone Marie-Elise on 1300797090 OR visit


The Sacred Goddess Power ○

BY YOLANDA MORABITO It is of great opportunity that we are standing here in this moment of time as we venture into the power of the Goddess Nature (representing the Feminine as Mother). Ancient prophecies predicted a time in which the Sacred Feminine would reemerge and restore our planet in healing and health. Jewish and Greek mythology and many other traditions, foretell times when the Great Mother Energies are regressed and denied, to later rise again in bringing balance and reconciliation. These prophecies predicting a rebirth of the Feminine energy are simply the Feminine principles that are needed to heal our planet and help transform the last two thousand years of suppression. We are now in these times that the spirit of the Feminine rises in our Earth. We all share this sacred energy and it represents much greater opportuni-

ties for us to heal deep traumas from past and present lives and planetary and global fears as they begin to surface from the affects of the unleashed suppressed Sacred Feminine. These energies affect every living being in the planet and as we open to heal our own core issues, we assist in the anchoring of these same energies in the planet. This Sacred Goddess is moving back into power on our planet and it is especially anchored by the wonderful women of the ear th. This is not to say that males are not playing their role, although, there is a significant number of female’s energies displaying the powerful principles of the feminine so beautifully. This power is not the sort of power “over” another, but rather a deep personal power of “being”. As we (men and women) begin to open into the true expression of our Divine Power and beauty, we will heal and re-

store the earth from years of depleted love and compassion. The dominance of the masculine energies that subjugates the wills of others, tortures, torments, corrupts, divides, undermines and enslaves others to its own purposes have reigned on our earth for two thousand years. The masculine is explosive, dynamic, intense, and expansive, annihilates and destroys. It is arrogance and self righteousness. The feminine energies are the intuitive side of our natures, sheltering, protecting, cooling, contracting, soothing and attractive, nurturing, supportive, receptive and gentle. The feminine draws together bonds, unites, accepts and affirms, she is all encompassing, all embracing, receptive, and openly reflective. Other principles and attributes are contentment, calmness, happiness, serenity, tranquillity, peace, kindness, gentleness, empathy, tenderness, sensuality, compassion and love. Both these energies are needed for a fine balance. This union brings together the seeds of creation and manifestation. Really, one side cannot exist without the other, although the feminine has been repressed. When in balance with both energies, our spiritual and physical worlds can come together and this is the time when we can descend our spirit into matter, simply because the Sacred Feminine is unleashed again to balance the undirected energies of the mascu-


line. To be whole “beings” we must have both energies working together as they create our thoughts into reality, allowing us to be co-creators with the Creator. In other words, stand in our own power, in independent thinking, being and doing what we love, that which inspires our own soul’s light, that which opens our own hearts and is directing us towards our own Divine Path. Now is our time to come clean, so to speak, to let go of thought forms that are holding you back from “being”, to express yourself in your true power and overcome self judgements and criticisms, to forgive those that you are still holding energies towards, or allowing to take your power away and to simply let go of everything that is blocking you from truly “being” who you want to be. Thank you to all these wonderful people of the planet, that “get it” and bring to the ear th these strong Feminine powers of healing and love to restore and anchor the rising frequencies that are needed to help everyone else along. Y o l a n d a Morabito is a teacher for Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Touch for Health Kinesiology and Alternative Healing Practises. Practitioner for Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Rebir thing and Spiritual Healing.



BY AZRIEL RE’SHEL Lion shaman and protector, Linda Tucker is a modern day warrior woman. As protectress of the white lions, not only one of the world’s rarest animals, but also beings of great spiritual power and healing significance, she has learned to walk in absolute trust of the worlds beyond this one. A triple Piscean, she described herself as dreamy but her night encounter with a pride of lions brought her down to earth with a mission. On a visit to Timbavati a magical wilderness reserve in South Africa, Linda and a group of friends roared into the night in an open top jeep to view some lions who had recently had cubs. The jeep ran into engine trouble and they were stranded in the pitch darkness surrounded by a pride of aggravated lions. As the group panicked in absolute belief that this was soon to be their last experience on earth, an Afri-

can woman appeared out of the darkness carrying a baby on her back, holding the hand of a small boy and walked through the lions, climbing into their jeep. The woman, Maria Khosa, turned out to be a shangaan shaman and her presence calmed the lions and prevented an attack, giving the group time to reach help. This experience was to set Linda Tucker on her life’s mission. Staring directly into the amber eyes of the king of the beasts, one of Mother Earth’s most powerful creatures can only be the greatest initiation to the path of Mystery. Linda Tucker answered the calling and opened her life to the miraculous as she stepped into Divine trust and surrender. She studied with Maria Khosa and African shaman and lineage holder, Credo Mutwa and was told that she too is a lion shaman.

Linda Tucker founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002 and has made it her mission to return white lions to the wild. She has a reserve in the Greater Timbavati region where she has the only pride of wild white lions in the world, rescued from canned hunting camps at great expense and danger. She says that the white lions, as the highest vibration animals on our planet, have a powerful message for humans at this time and that they are here to help us rescue our planet from the untold havoc we humans have wreaked on it. “I believe that the white lions carry the consciousness of the Original Source, the Creator identifiable with the solar Logos. Like the shamans of Africa, I accept that the White Lions are agents of light: Lions of God.” Timbavati lies on the main energy meridian of the Africa and to many, of the planet. This energy line runs in a straight line on the eastern side from the northern tip of Africa where it is marked by the pyramids at Giza, down with the path of the Nile following it


first on the surface and then as a subterranean river down through Lake Victoria and the two great mountains of Africa; Kilimanjaro and Kenya. In fact the Great Rift Valley is a physical counterpart of this energy line and many temples throughout Ethiopia and the incredible Zimbabwe Monument and then Timbavati in the south all lie on it. The line runs on to Durban and ends at a point in the ocean where fresh water flows into the sea. As well as an underground river the length of Africa the ancient seers say there is a river of alluvial white gold and on the surface as the miners would attest is a seam of yellow gold, the mining of which has disrupted the energy flow through the land. The Sirians, the lion people of the Universe and father energy for the human race inspired the building of he pyramids at Giza if not oversaw them, the original Sphinx was a seated lion protecting the energy line. Now as predicted by shaman in Africa and as promised by the Sirians when establishing the pyramids, that they would return at the end point of this cycle of evolution. They have shown up as White Lions on the other end of the Nile meridian, the main energy channel of the body of Mother Earth.


All great steps in consciousness on the planet are marked by a meteorite large or small embedding itself in the planet, like a cosmic sperm penetrating the celestial ova that is Mother Earth. This was prophesied to occur in the area of Timbavati and four hundred years ago wise men witnessed a great ball of light hitting the earth and in the days that passed snow white animals of all variety were born in this region. This is were the White Lions came from, they are significantly bigger than tawny lions, with snow white hair and often a golden tinge. Their eyes are piercing blue and sometimes gold. They differ genetically and are definitely not albino lions. They are the kings of all the prophetic white animals to appear on the earth. It is vital they live to roam free on their land Timbavati and walk in the energy of the stars into the grids of the ear th in this place in the manner the gods intended as they are returning the light to the earth. The White Lions are the emblem of divine leadership and the return of the good and faithful kings in service to the people as marked by luminaries such as Madiba, Nelson Mandela, who to African people is synonymous with a White Lion. Timbavati in the local shangaan language means place

of the stars. There are ancient stones there that were toned to the vibration of the stars and the ancient shamans could play the constellations and bring through the various vibrational frequencies from the cosmos. To hear the sounds these rocks can make is spine tinglingly beautiful. It is fitting that these star beings reside safely in this, their home and it provides global inspiration for a new world order in harmony and balance where we live in Spirit. The message of these agents of the light, says Linda Tucker is for us not to succumb to our fear as we face apocalyptic environmental changes. “They are here as the symbol we might draw upon to overcome this fear - and change the consciousness that is heading us into devastation. As the symbol of the hear t of humankind, they are here to teach us the power of being brave and truly lionhear ted. We as a species can evolve - not only physically, but ultimately also spiritually. We can overcome fear by summoning principles of courage, faith, and love. Love, in shamanic understanding, is faith in a divine presence. It is the knowledge that we are not alone, that we are all connected, we are all One.” Azriel Re’Shel grew up on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, one of the major sacred sites and power places of this planet. Azriel is a writer, yoga teacher, wholistic counsellor and mother of four. She runs Transformational Tours with her husband Jeremy. You can contact her on 1800 88 68 77. For more information see:

Western Women Leading The Change ○

BY ELIZABETH TYRRELL Recently I read a quote from the endearing and inspirational Dalai Lama who pronounced that “Western Women Will Change The World”. As a leader, I’m sure you are aware of the changes moving through the universe right now and it excites me, that we as a collective (women of the western world) are on the right track! Like you, as woman living on purpose, it’s an absolute honour and privilege to connect with you all in the 21st century at this time. I’m sure you can feel The Shift (as Wayne Dyer refers to it) in the universal energy and boy is it moving fast! As mother earth gentle turns the tides of time to reflect her inner truth…we are seeing the gap being bridged from the masculine energy dominance to the balance of the feminine/masculine heart space. I often wonder if Mother Ear th could communicate freely amongst the masses “What would she share?” I’m sure she would affirm that the gentle re-balancing of her energy back into feminine and masculine heart space; is all a part of her plan to raise consciousness. I believe that the shift is not only helping people to see that “there is another way of treating each other and ourselves” but also the conversation of finding “our soul purpose” is a popular topic of recent times. Considering, some of us were asking “Do we have a purpose?” only 4 years ago! I meet entrepreneurs, business owners and powerful healers weekly and they feel the same way! Being in the powerful positions to influence change means we must connect deeper into our power and passion to make a difference in every moment – in our balanced feminine energy. Women are noticing “It doesn’t have to be this hard!” There is another way of being and you don’t have to act like a man to get

what you want anymore – what a relief! This is a massive shift in awareness for the masses and all my clients are amazed at how easy life is when we put down the sword and allow our body, mind and spirit to heal, trust and listen to our inner guidance. We have also begun to ask better quality questions and I’m sure you have also noticed that when we learn to ask: “What does it truly mean to be a woman?” and “Why were we born a woman in the 21st century?” our personal reality changes. As we ask these questions, we unlock a prolific amount of inner wisdom which has laid dormant in many of us for hundreds of years. We are now activating our feminine power again and it’s very exciting to see our hear ts opening even more and women all over the world uniting for one cause. To live in our feminine power as a woman! So, once we have asked the bigger questions – what’s next? Glad you asked! Once you know Who you are! The most common question is “How do I stay permanently connected to being the woman I truly am?” I know that some of you have kids, a beautiful warrior and friends who love and adore you – but even those amazing souls are here to test you from time to time. The solution to staying connected is simple! As you know, simple solutions can be simply overlooked and the concept of ‘Simple, not Easy!’ theory arises.

3 Vital 21st Century Goddess Questions:

1. How many people’s needs do you place before you own needs? 2. Do you know your own vital needs to stay energized? 3. Do you have clear boundaries and non-negotiable rules of how you

love to be treated by others? What I have discovered is – even the most successful women on earth are challenged when it comes to personal energy and boundaries. Some women are brilliant healers, business owners and even women in powerful leadership roles, give too much energy away! So how can we turn the tides around and align our true feminine, yet powerful natures with Mother Earth? The answer: Through rituals and affirmations! You may already know this and you may already do this…but if you are inclined to forget about you and your energy, I have an easy fact for you which may place you at the head of the energy line. Women lose 40% of their energy when they give energy out from a place of guilt, shame or fear of taking the lead in their life! 40 % of our energy is gone every time we entertain the energy and thought of “Oh, I can’t do that – how would they feel?” or even “I can’t tell them about my success and dreams, they will put me down!” When I realized this, I thought – No more! You only get one life and “Women Of The Western World Will Change The World”. We better get our skates on and hang out with women who are heading in the same direction! Mother Earth is very proud of us – she wants us to shine! So start your affirmations today, here’s one to get you started: “I am strong, powerful, loving, lovable, passionate and compassionate, I’m grateful for all I have and all I’m attracting – Thank you!” Give it a go… Hope to see you on the Party Bus to changing the world! Whoop! Whoop! Elizabeth Tyrrell – Director, Coach and Trainer. 21st C e n t u r y G o d d e s s : F e m i n i n e Leadership Training – With

Spunk. Goddess Mobile: 0422 021 385 Elizabeth Tyrrell is a trail blazer in the art of Feminine Leadership! She believes every woman has an internal power that is only activated when women are collectively aligned with their inner purpose and power. She’s an NLP Practitioner, Certified coach, Trainer and Launching ‘1 Million Western Women Leading The Change! Inc: Soul Purpose BluePrint Coaching $12 x 12 Months STARTS: 1 st January 2011! The 21st Century is Our Time Live On Purpose! (Mention this advert and Call for a FREE Feminine Power CD!)



As the world continues to undergo massive change, women are coming to the fore, leading the way in their own fields of endeavour. Here are some original, wise, strong, passionate, and creative women introducing themselves and what they do. ANNIE WISBEY My name is Annie Wisbey, I run Pause Yoga Studio in Cronulla. I am a Yogalates Instr uctor, have just completed a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy ...studied Yoga as Therapy... Meditation... Pranayama (breath work) Yoga Dance and have run numberous Workshops and Retreats. The female energy when in groups is amazing ... like a gestating womb. Inspired by spirit I encourage women to explore this deep wisdom and share what is hidden inside. In this wisdom, energy will ignite the souls fire and restore meaning, magic and majesty into the world. Namaste Annie. For details phone 0409 274 186

CATHY UECHTRITZ From growing up in Papua New Guinea, to boarding school in Australia, college in Switzerland, travelling Europe, marriage in the Australian outback to then operate vast areas of cattle and sheep properties, to a professional life in Sydney, the Middle East, Korea, SE Asia ... my journey through life has been fascinating but not without its challenges! My roles as a partner, wife, mother, grandmother, grazier, journalist (radio and television), Communications/PR/Issues Management advisor, documentar y maker, and Political advisor have

been paths I wasn’t even looking for but where my journey through life took me. Life now with my personal development business has been just as exciting but without the challenges! What an amazing feeling it is to have a successful business that EVERY DAY assists others to make positive changes to every aspect of their lives through our internationally recognised & awarded products at the same time as continuing to grow oneself. I just want EVERYONE to feel it!

Cathy Uechtritz Ph: +61 7 3358 3930 Mob: +61 417 763 303 Skype: cathyu61 catherineuechtritz

KATHRYN ALEXANDER K a t h r y n Alexander,D.Th.D.; Adv. Dip. Naturopathy; Gerson Therapist is an internationally acknowledged expert, with over 20 years experience in the field of detoxification and dietary healing, we will learn how our body can dramatically respond to specific dietary healing and detoxification protocols that remove the inner pollution, so creating the conditions for healing. Kathryn, an internationally acknowledged expert in the field of detoxification and dietary healing, holds 20 years experience since qualifying as a Dietary Therapist in 1987, having studied under Dr. Lawrence Plaskett at the College of Dietary Therapy, London. Through her work

with patients choosing the Gerson Therapy she has witnessed at first hand the fundamental role of specific dietary protocols in the healing of chronic disease. Over the last fifteen years Kathryn has lectured widely in the UK, USA and Australia, developed training packages for both professionals and members of the public, and is the author of two books – Dietary Healing, The Complete Detox Program and Nutritional Healing, A Patient Management Handbook and The Principles Of Detoxification (a 2hour mp3). Kathryn is presenting a Residential or Non-Residential 2 Day Workshop - 12th and 13th March, 2011 at Satori Springs Country Estate, Canyonleigh NSW 2577. Ideal for both health professionals and members of the public. For more information phone Satori Springs on (02)4878 9305 or visit

SUE LAKE-HARRIS Sue Lake-Harris, passionate about learning and reiki, has put her B. Ed. to good use to make a difference for reiki practitioners. Sue designed, and delivers, the Council of Australian Reiki Organisation’s Professional Practice course, filling the skills gap between reiki training and starting a practice. Sue teaches reiki with the Usui Reiki Network. For more info please contact :

SHÉ D’MONTFORD Shé D’Montford More Than Your Average Psychic, Shé (pronounced Shay) gets the job done. Whether it is finding little boys lost on national TV shows, locating ships at sea, gaining human rights presidencies in court, helping overturn unfair laws, or helping to halt the Australian nuclear agenda, if Shé takes it on, it is achieved. Yet this former Queensland Businesswoman Of The Year is mostly concerned about finding empowering solutions for individuals or corporations. Shé tours constantly, runs a publishing company and a charity to help teach these techniques to others. Shé is coming to Adelaide in June 2011.

15 WOMEN SUE LARKIN Sue Larkin is a professional Reflexologist with a busy practise and teaching clinic in Concord, Sydney. She attracts clients through word-of-mouth with her integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Her vast experience in digestive health, mind-body medicine, energy healing and nutritional medicine meld to provide unique client-based therapies and strategies. www.sueshealinghaven email Ph: (02) 9743 4017.

YOLANDA MORABITO Yolanda is a teacher of Meditation, Metaphysics, Personal Development, Parapsychology and Alternative Healing Modalities. Qualified studies with various philosophies over 20 years. S.O.L.A.R institute (quantum physics, science, astrology) Practitioner of Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Re-birthing and Spiritual Counselling. Founder of Innerlight Journeys Healing centre in Penrith and Balmain.

SAMANTHA GILLARD Samantha Gillard is a highly respected professional within her field, who combines her natural gifts of healing with her academia. Samantha is a compassionate Holistic Counsellor, gifted Energy Healer/ Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Doreen Virtue trained & certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Therapy Practitioner, a motivating and inspiring Teacher, and Soul Synergy Facilitator. Samantha offers a range of modalities /workshops /retreats aimed at integrating body, mind and soul, in order to achieve your potential. Samantha is the co-owner of The Sacred Soul, a beautiful Holistic Therapy clinic on the Sunshine Coast. For more information or to book an appointment/workshop/retreat visit

KAREN RICHARDS Karen Richards’ innate knowledge and passion for astrology surpasses this lifetime. Karen Richards merges her academic knowledge of astrology with her intuitive knowing to help people find their soul path. Specialis-

ing in two therapies (Astrology & Acutonics), Karen’s one of three acc r e d i t e d Acutonics® teachers in Australia. Acutonics incorporates sound/vibration therapy, meridian points and astrology. This modality uses tuning forks which are aligned to the different planetary frequencies to help clear blockages, restore balance and bring the body into alignment. Karen is the co-owner of The Sacred Soul (Holistic Therapy clinic) in Maroochydore. To book an appointment, workshop, or retreat visit

PETRA FISCHER My name is Petra and I proudly represent Litios Light Crystals in Australia, where I’ve been living since 2009. From the bottom of my hear t I am dedicated to ser ve you as well as All-that-is in the ascension process. Since my earliest childhood I have

been a seeker and on my spiritual path. The temple of my soul has been amazingly and fully restored and reconnected to the divine unity, through the contact with Litios Light Crystals and Antje and Edwin, which delights me every moment. That’s how I regained my own divine inner strength and I am more than grateful to them, the crystals and all the masters, archangels and angels coming with them. Litios Light Crystals are a fantastic tool to accompany and support us in the process of ascension within ourselves and Mother Earth.

For details phone 0414 948 154

VICKI McCARTHY Are You Struggling To Find Purpose In Your Life? V i c k i McCar thy runs Heal Your Life® Transformational Workshops in Sydney, based on the philosophies of Louise Hay. These workshops are about Change and Empowerment. Are you willing to change? If so, then together we can create the life you want.



• Give yourself the gift of a life changing experience •Improve your health, relationships, prosperity, and bring more peace into your life •Release negative emotions blocking you from living joyfully and creatively •Meet new like-minded friends •Learn to love yourself and others more fully Enquiries phone: 0414 393 035 or email: or visit our webpage: http://

NICOLE CODY Nicole Cody is a Channel, Soul Guide and Metaphysical Teacher. She works globally to help people discover and understand their Gifts and Talents through her channelled sessions, workshops and seminars. Her wish for everyone is that they come to know how loved, unique and necessary they are to the fabric and evolution of this planet. We all have a purpose. By being true to yourself you can come to know and live that purpose, and embrace the joy of inner peace that being YOU will bring. Nicole can work with you no matter where you are. or phone (07) 3256 0815

CARMELLA BAYNIE Carmella Baynie is an acclaimed singer, composer, yoga and voice teacher based in Sydney, with over 25 years experience, as an inspired and renowned facilitator. Carmella dedicates her life to facilitating sound as a healing force, a vehicle for transformation, vibrational healing and union with the Divine. Creator of the world renowned Voice in Yoga, Born Singing and Nada Method seminars, workshops and retreats. An enchanting devotional singer, Carmella is known and loved for the beauty and purity of her chanting. Carmella travels the world enabling people of all walks of life to awaken to the power and beauty of their voices.

AZRIEL RE’SHEL Azriel Re’Shel grew up on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, one of the major sacred sites and power places of this planet. Azriel is a writer, yoga teacher, wholistic counsellor and mother of four. She runs Transformational Tours with her husband Jeremy.

You can contact her on 1800 88 68 77 or visit

HELEN PAPADOPOULOS “The life journey which led to my becoming a selfhelp author, consultant and tutor began over twenty years ago when I first sought therapy for childhood trauma. The profound healing I experienced ignited my passion to help others heal.

My aim is to assist each client (via consultations and tutorials) to help her/himself by sharing my life’s wisdom and information gained through study (psychology and alternative therapies). This includes stress relieving techniques (e.g. meditations and natural remedies), a psychological strategy I developed to deal with personal issues - The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3) TM - as well as articles and eBooks on healing. Email or visit”

JOANNE ANTOUN Joanne Antoun sees clients for personal sessions of CTC – a life transforming C o m b i n e d Therapy Cocktail and runs regular seminars that inspire, motivate and empower, leaving you feeling a new level of connectedness and awareness that motivates you to be the best you can be. Visit her website


MARTINA HUGHES Mar tina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming has been actively exploring sacred sexuality, t a n t r a , breathwork, energetic healing and shiatsu for over 8 years. Martina’s vision and passion is to inspire men and women of all ages to feel their own natural energy, joy, vitality and bliss. She facilitates a space of greater awareness, openness and receptivity for people to experience the essence and freedom of their inner being. Martina offers mixed workshops, courses for women as well as Tantric consultations to women, men and couples to expand their knowledge and energy. For more information, visit or phone 02 9664 1110.

RACHELLE TERRY Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients, helping them in making huge improvements in their lives and health as well as clearing blockages, which may be preventing them from being “in flow”. In addition to transforming life patterns, Rachelle assists clients to raise their frequencies and adapt to the new light being downloaded onto Earth.

For phone, Skype or in-person consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: *Baby and child readings also available*

SUSAN MOT Susan Mot works with Crystal Reflexology, Connecting the Energies. “Crystals connect with universal energy. Reflexology connects with our inner selves. Crystal reflexology is a spiritu-

ally powerful combination that heals the physical and subtle bodies on all levels. My treatments create wellness and more, through complete harmony and balance - helping people become ‘conscious’ in their ultimate state of being.”

s Phone 0400 043 633

ISABELLA GENTILIN As a spiritual medium and healer, I work on a higher level, to create peace, love, tranquillity and healing. I offer readings, healings and workshops and have just released my first book Whispers of an Angel which gives the reader a message in itself. 0421 88 22 89

ELVINA MUNIR Elvina is an accomplished musician, healer, ar tist and engineer who makes hand-crafted Elfen Energy Chimes. Using these chimes and the amazing healing harmonics they produce in a powerful yet simple modality called Harmonic Healing, she makes deep relaxation and energy clearing through sound healing available to everyone.

BILLY-JOE STARR Billy-Joe Starr is a Therapeutic/Remedial Practitioner at OmMani Healing, offering: Therapeutic/Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Remedial Holistic Massage - facilitating change through the connectedness of the body and the mind. Peace, Love and Light (She will be offering KaHuna, Cupping and Hot Stone Therapy later in 2011).

Private Health Rebates apply. AAMT Member. Mobile Service. 7 Days a week. Phone: 0415 884 754

MARY CASEY At age 43, Mary Casey, a registered nurse, decided to star t her own business, Nursing Group. Working independently with a mobile phone in her pocket, Mary started out on an incredible and difficult journey and now employs in excess of 250 nurses and provides nursing services across NSW. In 2004 and with a shortage of nurses nationally, Mary decided to establish a Registered Training Organisation in order to train their own nurses. The Casey College came to fruition and now educates and trains hundreds of students annually. Mary has since star ted a counselling service as a third arm of her corporation and provides many types of counselling. Mary completed a Doctorate of Psychology in 2005. She has a strong belief that the most important form of education is personal development…perfecting one self. Courses in the Casey College all have a personal development component

which empowers students to gain confidence and achieve their dreams. All of the students who attend the college do just that. In the nursing courses, 97 percent of students gain employment by the end of their course. Today the Casey Centre is a multimillion dollar organisation which transforms lives through health and education. “With determination we can achieve anything” is Mary’s motto. PH: 02 8778 7777

ELISABETH JENSEN Elisabeth was voted Psychic of the Year 2010 (National) by the Australian Psychics Association. She trains many professional psychics in Australia and Asia.

Sign up for Elisabeth’s FREE email newsletter “Isis Blessings” on her website to keep informed or call 1300 558 075 for course brochures.

CARMEL GLENANE An internationally published author of The Immor tal Woman founder of Atlantis-Rising Mystery School & Healing Center. A channelled writer, spiritual teacher and sought after healer of 17 sacred journeys. Carmel’s spiritual adventures are tailored for you to experience transformation through ceremonies, meditations, teachings, in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. Contact (07) 5536 7399

ELIZABETH TYRRELL 21st Century Goddess: Feminine Leadership Training – With Spunk. ”Western Women Will Change The World” - the Dalai Lama. Hello Women of the Western World! Isn’t it an exciting time to be a woman in the 21st Century! We are living at a time when our voice, our energy, our compassionate hearts and our inner guidance are all necessary tools in nature’s grand plan of feminine and masculine balance. There has never been a time where we are intrinsically feeling the gravitational pull to unite our feminine power to assist fellow Goddess “Mother Earth” in the birthing process of the Heart Space Consciousness. This is our time to shine and I look forward to working with you! Goddess Mobile: 0422 021 385 (Mention this advert and Call for a FREE Feminine Power CD!)

JUSTINE CROWLEY A woman of immense service to humanity. What comes to many people’s minds when they hear about Justine Crowley - in a word: SERVICE. It is Justine’s mission to serve humanity and set people free from filthy habits such as cigarette smoking. “It is so extraordinary when I receive phone calls from my clients saying ‘thank you so much for all you have done for

me.’ This is a real gift, a real blessing.” - said Justine.

Justine can be contacted on 0403 790 303 or at Further information on Justine’s therapy and writing work can be found at http:// 19237 and at http://

MAE ZAYDEN Mae is the founder and director of Organic Beauty World, and online store specialising in natural and organic product to make you feel and look beautiful.

Info: 1300 662 543 (local call cost) or 02 9786 5257 or Visit

LIDIJA PRETREGER Lidija’s first book Angel Steps evolved to heal and comfor t her daughter after the passing of a loved one. She believes that storytelling is a great way to comfort children and inspire them to help themselves. Lidija resides in Adelaide, South Australia. She has a management degree and currently works full time as an Information Analyst. Lidija is also a Theta Healing practitioner. She uses this modality to meditate, channel ideas, and heal herself, family and friends. In her spare time she supports her Theta Healing mentor with group work to teach new students. For details about her book Angel Steps visit

CORAL SMITH Coral has been working with health equipment for some 16 years – promoting and selling all over Australia, mainly at Health Expo events. “However I have travelled to the country promoting good health and demonstrating my zen chi at field days. I enjoy taking my products to people who really do not have a chance to visit city events as they are hungry for the latest healthy living products. I have other massaging equipment available – I really believe this machine is a MUST for every household.

Contact Coral on (07) 3279 4308 or 0411 865 196

DIAN BOOTH Dian Booth has been practising, teaching and developing the use of Sound and Colour for Healing for over 25 years. Dian is also a Master Teacher of Meditation and Life Skills in the tradition of Buddhist Teaching and Practice. She studied intensively for 14 years with Roshi John Garrie, one of the most demanding Meditation Teachers of the Tibetan/Zen tradition in Europe. Sound and Colour are together an extraordinarily powerful healing modality, much used in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt. In her work, Dian spontaneously accesses past life knowledge as a Master Sound and Colour Healer in those ancient civilisations, and combines it with vibrational knowledge from Higher Dimensions and Other Worlds. The inclusion of her ad-

ditional skills and experience as a professional violinist and psychologist has enormously enriched her work. In 1997-1998 she was honoured by being given permission to use Aboriginal Healing Land in Alice Springs to give workshops. Her major life-goal at this point is to create the Alice Springs Hear t Centre, for Healing (Indigenous and non-Indigenous modalities), Spiritual Retreats, and Cross-Cultural Education Programmes, which will draw on knowledge from many cultures around the world. Dian currently runs a private practice in Alice Springs, offering combined psychological counselling and healing services. Phone/Fax +61 8 8952 2259 Mobile 0417 800 219 PO Box 1609 Alice Springs Northern Territory 0871

PATRICIA FARREN After leaving the film industry where she worked as a film researcher, Patricia Farren of New Lifenergy in Marrickville, Sydney, began her journey into crystals some years ago when a particular crystal introduced itself to her. From that time she has studied and researched crystals and their wonderful healing energies, and holds diplomas in Advanced Crystal Healing, Mastership in Reiki, Applied Parapsychology, Angel Intuitive, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Feng Shui among others. She currently has a “New Age” gift and crystal shop in Marrickville, having had several different locations in Sydney over the last 20 years. New Lifenergy includes a wide and interesting variety of giftware, crystals and crystal & gemstone jewellery. There are CD’s for meditation and relaxation, books and DVD’s for personal growth, quality essential and massage oils, incense, candles ... in fact everything to help you destress and unwind. Patricia feels for tunate to have found wonderfulllllll readers with many years experience and offers tarot/ intuitive readings 7 days a week. New Lifenergy, 163 Marrickville Rd., Marrickville.(02) 9519 9821

ROSE SMITH In 2000 Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS had a dream of Archangel Michael who wrote the name “Absolute Soul Secrets” on her forehead. At the time, she had no idea what this meant, it was a soul secret even to her! However after about 3 months, a series of ‘coincidences’ led Rose to believe it was a new business endeavour she was destined to start. More dreams confirming her new direction led to the international psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets. 10 years later Absolute Soul Secrets is the most reputable and well known psychic network in Australia and New Zealand. Only genuinely gifted psychics are invited to read on this network. So if you want a good reading with a good psychic that doesn’t cost a fortune, call Absolute Soul Secrets today! 24/7 pay by your phone account call 1902 221 596 $2.97 pm (mob more, Callucopia), credit

InnerSelf cards 1300 850 196 $2.45 pm. Check our free astrology on

MARLAINE NICHOLSONSMITH Marlaine is a gifted clairvoyant-medium who has been working professionally since 1998. After her mum died, she searched for a way to connect with her parents on the other side and soon discovered that she had inherited the ability of “clearseeing” from her Scottish ancestry. Working with her mediumship gift she is able to communicate with departed loved ones and uses Tarot and Crystals coupled with her clairvoyance for spiritual guidance and personal readings. She also specialises in Past-Life Hypnotherapy and Spirit Guide drawings. To book your meeting with Marlaine who works from the inner west of Sydney, simply phone 0419 267 084.

JULIET MARTINE Juliet Martine is an Energy Healer and Soul Intuitive. Juliet helps you to heal, to discover your authentic self, to step into your power and to blossom into your fullest potential on all levels. She sees clients in Sydney and does phone readings for clients all over the world. She is also the founder of Karmabelles beautiful energy-infused jewellery and clothing that focuses and empowers your energy to help you manifest your heartfelt intentions. or 0413 199649

SKY INNES Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose.

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CLAIRE HENNEKAM From software engineering to astrology, Claire has had an interesting journey. In 2006 she opened Sahu Healing Space, home to a growing healing community. Now a Reiki master, Claire runs workshops and meditation circles in addition to seeing clients. This year, she’s integrating her IT skills into her healing work by creating sacred healing space online for practitioners and lightworkers.

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NICHOLA BURTON As the CEO for a major Australian Music industry business since 1991, Nicki, nominated for the 2008 Telstra Business awards, consults for

corporations, SME’s and individuals around the world. A senior international facilitator for The Demar tini Method™, Nicki has worked with Dr John F Demartini in London, Dublin and across Australia since 2000 cofounding The Concourse of the Earth global association in 2007. Qualified in Business Management, Training and Human Behaviour, Nicki facilitates clients through a discovery of their unique language, currency and operating system and puts them to work in the business – the ultimate expression of your story.

FIONA LEE Fiona Lee is a spiritual lollypop lady who serves internationally to heal and activate people and places. She offers personal sessions (including skype, phone & internet) space clearing, sacred ceremonies and a wide variety of courses, retreats and playshops. Further details: or 0354 241 481.

IRIS DETENHOFF Iris currently lives in Mullumbimby, a little town at the foot of Mt. Chincogan in northern NSW. She enjoys working from home and is dedicated to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in tune with the moon.. She is the creator of the Moontime Diary. The Moontime Diary helps you to use the phases of the moon, you can determine the best time for everything from when to plant seeds, when to break up with your boyfriend, when to lay wooden floorboards. Find planetary tables, appropriate times for ritual and giving thanks to earth. Using the moon is plain physics and sustains a healthy lifestyle. w w w. m o o n t i m e d i a r y. c o m . a u PH: 02 6684 2770

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Eye on the Sky with Robert Crawford, Astrologist and Teacher

January – March 2011 Jupiter opposite Saturn – One foot on the acceler celeraa tor tor,, the other on the brake What an exciting period ahead of us. The pressing needs an increasing population and depleting resources presents atop a spiritual cry for unanimity with each other and with Mother Earth. Uranus entering Aries on the 12th March is the main event this quarter, last witnessed 84 years ago. It blends the intensity of Uranus and the fiery qualities in Aries to see a pioneering spirit lead the way in technological advancements to a digitally enhanced global audience. Jupiter enters Aries on the 23rd January and acts as the forerunner to this trail-blazing period and opposes Saturn in Libra at the end of March. The hopes and ideals of JupiterUranus in Aries are metered by the necessary controls to administrate progress that Saturn determines. Jupiter opposite Saturn is likened to driving with one foot on the accelerator whilst the other is applying the brakes. Mercury the messenger delivers some important information at the beginning and the end of this quarter. Mercury will also be reminding us of the need to check our progress on three occasions this year when retrograde in the exuberant fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. 4 th January: Solar Eclipse – Sun/Moon 13 degrees Capricorn Mercury is pivotal to this eclipse in Capricorn. Mercury is stating “act on information to attain a change of perspective that better serves the situation”. If you have planets between 10 - 15 degrees Capricorn, you will be riding this ecliptic wave over the next 6 months. Australia is a Capricorn country, the eclipse chart superimposed on Australia’s and our place in the world, our allies and overseas trade agreements are highlighted. 23 rd January: Jupiter in Aries – a 12 month influence. Acting on personal opinion and viewpoint to reap the rewards, is Jupiter in Aries and triggers the earlier eclipse anticipating “big ideas” pushed forward around mid-March. Jupiter opposes Saturn on the 28th March and is the benchmark from which we are acting out. The voice of Jupiter and Saturn in unison calls “to expand our horizon using well measured tactical responses”. This Jupiter, Saturn cycle started with its conjunction in May 2000, they are now at their opposi-

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tion and marks a significant turning point in both social and economic concerns. The symbols we use for Jupiter and Saturn are almost identical, being the upside-down version of one another. Their symbolic meaning implies the spiritual journey in a physical existence, guided by Law (Jupiter) & Order (Saturn). Jupiter’s association with Law is social, religious and philosophical. When I place this opposition over Afghanistan’s 1973 coup-d’état chart, it sits atop Mars opposite Uranus “discord and rebellion” then and inflammatory now. This Jupiter-Saturn opposition at14 degrees Aries/Libra can be difficult within relationships. Compliance to social expectations on a group level, or feeling on “the same page” as one another in personal relations can be strained. 12 th March: Uranus in Aries – a 7 year journey. New and improvised ideas is Uranus in Aries. Pioneering a new landscape in technological advancements is an exciting frontier and seven year journey to unfold. Uranus the Sky God does not like to be contained. To separate and individuate is its theme, to break free from that which contains, its forte. Compliance is not Uranus in Aries driving force, radical reform (or appears to be at the time) a much

more familiar concept. 21 st March: Sun in Aries – Autumn Equinox. The Sun entering Aries marks this season as one of incitement, fuelled by Uranus in Aries whilst Jupiter and Saturn try to establish the correct strategies to advance systematically. Mars is rushing forward to greet his ally Uranus and the sudden urge to take action applies. The 12 th - 22 nd March appears a volatile period igniting the early degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, taking with it any country or person with planets within this spectrum. If you have planets between 0 - 15 degrees of these signs, this is a time to take the lead, put yourself in a position to be seen and heard displaying your intrinsic qualities. What is it that makes you unequivocally you? This will enable you to break free of past patterns. “Ex-

posure with Composure,” will be making the most of Jupiter-Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. 31 st March: Mercury retrograde 24 degrees Aries. This is the first of Mercury’s three retrogrades in the fire signs. Likened to “Checkpoint Charlie” to make us think what our actions are doing for self (Aries) and how they affect others (Libra). This is a time to pause for breath; 20 days of less doing and more internal dialogue or discussions with those closest to you. Enjoy the drive *Australia - 1 Jan 1901, Melbourne 0:00 am, *Afghanistan – 17 Jul 1973, Kabul 5:00 am (times of day from personal viewpoint). Regular Planetary Review by Astrologist Robert Crawford Planet Arc Astrology Centre – PH: 07 4057 4554

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Carmel’s spiritual adventures are tailored for you to experience transformation through ceremonies, meditations, teachings, in a safe, nur turing, and supportive environment.

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1 MI The big picture is the focus and there is great expectation for what is to come.

1 2 MK Value knowledge gained even if it is from

1 MK A lateral attitude may bring the results

2 3 MJ Take control of matters and assert

unusual sources. 3 ] New Moon K The New Moon highlights independence as well as romance. There is the need to take an objective view of matters as idealism may colour perspective. Use the information available to select the best possible options. 4 ML Emotions are heightened and colour perspective.

2 3 4 ML Hunches and intuition have a role to

authority over the situation. 4 ] New Moon J Solar Eclipse The start of this new cycle affects groups or associations and there may be separations or divisions as a result of confusion or lack of boundaries. As a consequence greater responsibility or authority is called for in dispelling these. The initial feelings of separation will eventually result in a sense of joint achievement.

5 6 MK Knowledge and information are what is required. Be prepared to look at things differently.

7 8 ML Sensitivities are heightened and it may pay to go with intuition.

9 10 11 MA Time to take action and accept the challenges that are about to be presented. 12 ‡ 1 st Quarter A Be prepared for the unexpected especially where information or young people are concerned. The urge to take action must be tempered with practicality otherwise there may be unwanted results. 13 MB As a consequence of recent events be prepared to be flexible as stubbornness will only hinder matters.

14 15 MC Keep the lines of communication open but do avoid gossip.

16 17 18 MD Nurture and protect what is important. 19 20 … Full Moon D Moon enters E Sun enters K The results of the last few weeks are evident and you may see unexpected success. Take pride in what has been accomplished and accept wellearned acknowledgement. Aquarians are known for their objectivity and independence.

21 22 MF There is value in paying attention to detail.

23 24 MG Having an opinion is important even if it is not the accepted one.

25 26 Moon enters Hƒ 3 rd Quarter Moon H Emotions intensify and for some this may be a feeling of disappointment or betrayal which colours the outcome of the last few weeks. Rather than dwell on what may have been, examine the detail and see what could have been avoided.

27 28 MI A broader perspective is called for so start making plans now.

29 30 31 MJ Be prepared to take a practical and hands-on approach.

5 6 7 MA Action taken now must be swift and decisive. 8 9 MB Keep practicalities in mind as things start to take shape.

10 11 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon B Practical action is needed to implement plans made. Be prepared to be flexible otherwise the initiative may be lost and any gains made may be squandered. 12 MC Keep your ear to the ground as you may learn something to your advantage.

13 14 MD Emotional connections dominate a situation.

15 16 MEBe mindful that pride may not always serve you well.

17 18 … Full Moon E Moon enters F Matters which are revealed may not seem as clear-cut or uncomplicated as they seem at first. There is a need to make a commitment but take a practical approach and look at all angles. 19 Sun enters L Pisceans are characterised by their sensitivity, flexibility and compassion. 20 MG Engaging others in a cooperative way brings results.

21 22 MH Intense emotions may catch you off guard. 23 24 MI Enthusiasm and excitement broaden opportunities. 25 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon I Results of the last few weeks are encouraging and productive. A leading figure also plays an important role bringing inspiration, excitement and new possibilities.

26 27 MJ Responsibility and credibility colour activities.


you want.

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5 ] New Moon L Heightened sensitivity colours actions taken now although a strong and determined focus will ensure a good start. Be careful however that determination may be perceived as ruthlessness. 6 MA Challenges which come up are best met by action.

Contact Marlaine Nicholson-Smith

A Aries - fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo - earth

G Libra – air H Scorpio - water I Sagitarius - fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces - water

These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

0421 326 001 or 08 8563 9182

pursuit of goals.

10 11 MC Stick to facts and refrain from listening to gossip or rumour.

12 13 ‡ 1 st Quarter Moon C There is the temptation to rush things through, take risks or simply want to pre-empt others. Timing is the key to good results so keep your ear to the ground and use what you know to make your move. 14 MD There is a tendency to sentimentalise but do not let it dominate actions.

15 16 ME This is not the time to stand on ceremony; humility achieves better results.

17 18 MF Concentrate on getting the details right as this will serve you well.

19 20 … Full Moon F Moon enters G The Full Moon brings results but also a dilemma where some may have to choose one option over another, with very little separating them. The important factor is to select what serves you the best instead of what is popular or what others expect. 21 Sun enters A Meeting challenges, taking action and being physical are the characteristics of Aries. 22 MH Be upfront with all dealings as any underhandedness will be caught out. 23 24 MI The shift in focus makes big picture options an important factor.

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take control of matters is coloured by the fact that there are strong arguments for maintaining the status quo as opposed to taking a new direction. The best option is to measure what has been achieved and plan for expansion in the next cycle.

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27 28 MK Think outside the square and the results will speak for themselves.

29 30 31 ML Be prepared to back a hunch as intuition is heightened.

LUNAR PHASES AND PERSONALITY TYPES Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic” . The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can

Litios®- Light Crystals Petra Fischer Litios Australia Sunshine Coast Australia mobile: 0414 948 154 e-mail:

easily discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues. A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than

0419 267 084

7 8 9 MB Be practical but not stubborn in your

25 26 MJƒ 3rd Quarter Moon J The need to


45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart. Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:





Flowing Chi with SIMON BLOW

Being Present When we walk into an art gallery, go to the theatre or experience live music a change of energy, a shift in consciousness occurs, we become a bit more awake. It’s similar with the healing and spiritual arts, when we meditate, practise Yoga or Qigong we become more present. Qi (Chi) is central to Daoist philosophy - it is the natural force which fills the universe, the universal spirit, the energy behind the continuous movement of molecules and atoms. In Japan it is called “ki”, and in India, “prana” or “shakti”. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as “ka”, and the ancient Greeks as “pneuma”. Native Americans call it “Great Spirit” and for Christians, it is the “Holy Spirit”. In Hawaii it is known as “ha” or “mana”. When we practise cultivation exercises one of the main principles is the concentration of the mind, when the mind is still and clear it will help to lead the Qi. To do this we need to be totally in the present moment. If we are out of present time and distracted by thoughts the Qi won’t flow smoothly. Qi is known as the energy of life and it will become alive when we are awake and alive. When we see the art works on the walls of galleries, the performance of an actor or musician we experience the intention and Qi of these artists. Through their concentration, training and ongoing practise their art becomes alive and this is what we experience. We are all artists in the practise of life and we can increase our quality of life by being more present. Attending regular meditation, Qigong and Yoga classes or any type of conscious exercises, being around

other people also practising being present, as well as practising on your own is very important in helping cultivate our self. The best present we can give our self this festive season is to be present. Simon Blow is an author and publisher of numerous Books, DVDs and audio CDs on the ancient Chinese healing arts. A near fatal accident at the age of nineteen lead Simon to investigate various methods of healing and rejuvenation a path he has been following ever since. He is a Sydneybased master teacher (Laoshi) who has been leading regular classes for beginning and continuing students since 1992. Simon has received training and certification from Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and Buddhist Monasteries in Australia has been given authority to share these techniques. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom Simon is a Standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing. Phone (02) 9559 8153

666 ○

BY DAVID LANE Applying some basic numerology principles to 666 provides more interesting data that may be very relevant to trying to predict this major consciousness shift. One of the fascinating aspects of prophecies is that they seem to be only truly understood once they have occurred. There are many different predictions associated with this current stage of human evolution. Some of these are positively exciting and others are frightfully negative. The Christian Bible has many prophecies that are presumed to refer to this current time. The mystery number of 666 found in the New Testament is often referred to as the devil’s number, the symbol of the anti-Christ and man making himself God. It has also been described as having a hidden meaning or code within it and it is said that if we can

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me. ~Author unknown, variation of an excerpt from “The Serenity Prayer” by Reinhold Neibuhr

decipher its meaning then we will have a clue as to the timing of the second coming of Christ - whatever we believe that to be. Many people have tried to unravel the mystery of this number over time. It still remains a mystery to many although some claim to understand its meaning. There have been several recordings of people going into the mountains or to sacred places believing that on a certain hour the world as we know it, would end. They believed that their interpretations of the prophecies would come true. These specific dates have passed with nothing coming to fruition and all concerned have been left with red faces of embarrassment because they were wrong. There is a lot of focus currently on the date in December 2012 as being when it will happen. This is because a major and very rare planetary lineup is going to occur. Some of the interpretations of the ancient Mayan Calender also point to this time in history as to when Humans will choose the direction of their future. There is no doubt in many people’s minds that the fulfilling of a lot of the prophecies are tak-

ing place at the moment so therefore it is possible that 2012 could be the time for such an event. There is a mountain of information and interpretations on this subject both in book form and on the internet. The time seems to getting nearer and the fruit seems to be ripening, so to speak (one of the clues also given in the New Testament). Applying some basic numerology principles to 666 provides more interesting data that may be very relevant to trying to predict this major consciousness shift. This form of numerology works on the principle of adding relevant numbers together to end up with a single digit. E.g. Adding the single digits of 1947 = 21. Add 2 + 1 = 3. Therefore a numerologist would use 3 to do a reading that involved the numbers of 1947. Now using this principle on 666 By adding 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 1+8 = 9 Even if we were to Multiply 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 6 x 6 = 36. 36 x 36 = 1296 added together = 18. 1+8 = 9 The year 2016 also adds up to 9. 2+0+1+6=9

All these combinations obviously finish in 9. What may seem just a coincidence may be a clue to the year 2016 because in numerology the number 9 is the number of ”ompletion” or the “end of a cycle”. The following year will be 2017 which will add up to the number 1. One represents the beginning of a new cycle. It is possible that 2016 is the date that many people are trying to unravel. The New Testament of the Bible has a book called “Revelations”. There is a strong emphasis on a final four year period mentioned in this book. It is predicted to be a very tumultuous time when there will be a major conversion of humans towards God’s ways. There are actually three lots of events mentioned and they will take four years each. However, some biblical scholars believe that these 3 events could run side by side in the same four year period. It may be that 2012 will be the start of or the trigger point in which these prophecies will get activated. This sequence of events star ting in 2012 is only a possibility but it nicely combines two major prophecies and gives an understanding to how they both could be accurate and without contradiction. Some astrologists believe that 2016/17 will be very significant years. The final 4 year period mentioned in Revelations is predicted to be a very cleansing time for humanity and therefore it makes sense that a major event would be needed to trigger the start. Maybe Dec. 2012 will be the trigger point. Astrology understands that planets have a huge affect on human consciousness and therefore; such a major planetary line up is likely to have a major effect. Whether it is an ascension of some kind, a major consciousness shift, the second coming of Christ or something else; time will only tell. David Lane’s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. David’s first book called ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ is about how we spiritually evolve and how to monitor our journey and is available online. will be an interactive ‘blog site’ on ‘twitter’ from Jan 2011.

Practical Enlightenment! The Handbook to Heaven - Our Spiritual Evolution This practical and enlightening book will show you how to: • Understand how we spiritually evolve • Know the steps FREE CHART Call today and receive your FREE CHART on “How • Observe your progress to change your unwanted thought patterns”

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• Be a part of and share your story with an interacting online community se • You will also have access to an ‘online’ self de devvelopment cour course • Understand your personal journey and uncover its messages. • Obtain the knowledge and tools to help you evolve • In your own time and at your own pace. or contact David on 0414 352 211



Could colour therapy really help me in my life? It seems so unreal even ridiculous to think that colours can heal us, but whoever has had a Spirale colour therapy consultation knows that it is a gentle, non intrusive and amazingly efficient therapy.

How does it work?

Colour works on the emotional level. We are attracted to a specific colour one day and could disregard this same colour a week later. This chosen colour is calling us. Colours relate to the chakra system which is nothing new. The colour as such is not healing us in itself but it is going to trigger an emotion which will show us where the cause of the sickness is. We are choosing a blue colour just when we have a sore throat or a stiff neck for example, and blue relates to the throat chakra, what a coincidence! Spirale colour therapy works also on the psychological, mental and spiritual levels. You choose 12 colours you like and the consultant shows you your purpose in life, your difficulties, blockages and excuses you bring forward in order not to move on, where you are right now in your life and where you are heading. You are the master of your own destiny, no one chooses the colour for you; you take full responsibility of your own life and therefore can heal yourself. If interested in becoming a consultant or having a consultation, check our web site: or contact Pascale on 0414 943 562

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The Organic Mind ○

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BY MICHAEL MOREL The mind contains the most powerful energy in the world! It is the very essence of our being and yet we have not been taught how to understand, control, or direct this energy for the benefit of mankind as a whole. We have mentors for sport, for business, politics, and war etc. We have personal trainers to get maximum performance from our bodies, motivational speakers who tell us how to make our fortunes, and a law to punish us if we do not succeed... Where are the Mind Mentors? Those wise souls who can guide us toward a rich and fruitfull life. Mankind has a history of enslavement. First manacled by wrist and ankle, which when removed was replaced with the bonds of religion. Now that some of those ties have been broken, we are still surrounded by the invisible strands of ignorance. As a civilisation we have been tricked into believing that there are only two aspects in life. Right and wrong (or positive and negative).This is what I call “The Traditional Mind”. It is this mind which creates conflict for we have been taught from an early age that to be right is to be rewarded and to be wrong is to be pun-

ished. Consequently everyone wants to be “Right” However there is another way. Imagine a set of scales in your “minds eye” We use the weight of words to make decisions, i.e. “on the one hand it’s right on the other it’s wrong.“ What I discovered at the end of my twenty-five year quest was that the pivot point or centre of balance was where the “Organic Mind” dwelt. This place I call “THERE” for I wondered where there was and often heard people talk about getting there one day. I now know that There is the spot between the rock and the hard place when both have been removed and nothing is in opposition. It is a place where right and wrong do not exist, where miracles are planned, and angels dwell. It is the Perfect Place and it exists within the minds of all human beings. It is a space of complete and unconditional freedom and it is where I live. Unfortunately, This “Organic Mind” has been covered with a mountain of lies, deceit, false information and ignorance of the facts for centuries. A few have discovered the secret but instead of sharing this knowledge with the world, have used it as a power tool to control oth-

Michael Morel is an ordinary man who has had some extraordinary experiences. Author of four books and Confidence for Life courses, he is a proficient speaker, tutor and storyteller. He offers free introductory presentations and is available as a guest speaker. Contact Michael at ph (08) 8294 4641 mob 0407 978 591

GLOBAL WARNING! When Michael Morel asked the question “God - What’s Life all about?” at a ge 39, he did not rrealise ealise it wwould ould tak ear ind the ans w er takee 25 yyear earss to ffind answ er..

more abundance and into your life!

This young, dynamic woman is one caring and compassionate healer and writer in the personal development industry. Justine Crowley is an individual who loves to be of service to help people gain more abundance, prosperity and joy in their lives from helping people break unpleasant habits such as cigarette smoking to teaching strategies to help people manifest more abundance and prosperity into their world, and has been doing this work continuously and with passion and enthusiasm for almost three years. This is one healer who has worked very hard and has invested countless sums of money to help individuals breakthrough and prepare themselves now, as well as for a new earth in 2012 and beyond...healing and personal development that all of humanity, including you beautiful Innerself readers need right now. “ It is just so awesome and liberating that I have been given this gift from the creator of the universe to be of service in the fantastic fields of new age thought and alternative medicine. It is also so satisfying when I receive referrals even twelve months later from satisfied clients who have read my first book or who have seen me to quit cigarettes for good in a one-hour therapy session, where I was their last hope, and now these individuals are feeling so alive and extraordinary being free of cigarettes, and they feel so great. You cannot put a price on such great results.” said Justine.

ers. The Traditional Mind (Conscious Mind) gets attached to “things”. It is attached to labels, titles, mothers, fathers, children, lovers, cars, houses, etc. and the grander the title the more important its owner becomes. Once one possesses something it becomes necessary to protect it. It is your possession! Many, in the search for inner peace abandon these earthly anchors, only to find that they are still attached to thoughts.To suggest to someone to stop thinking is like asking them to live their entire lives naked. Nothing could be further from the truth, for all one has to do is change their mind, and make the short transition from the Traditional Mind to the Organic Mind, which is like understanding the difference between thinking and awareness. There is only a fine line separating the two, but there is a world of difference once that line has been crossed. The answer is not to think but to instruct, for nothing is impossible to the Organic Mind. Language then is only used to communicate with others and not given power by the Traditional Mind. Therefore we need a plan of action if we are to embrace this new way of thinking by not thinking. Having unsuccessfully approached the Education Dept. Government, Correctional Services and others, I have come to the conclusion that change will never come from the top of the pyramid but from its foundations. The ordinary people. Those who seek change but do not know where to begin, I am offering information which will help to make this change, and am willing to travel anywhere in Australia to give a presentation. All I require is an audience of twelve or more. By becoming a “Mind Mentor” you can then train more Mind Mentors and so the information will spread. All action in this world begins as a seed in the mind, therefore because much of the growth is diseased we must return to the mind in order to rectify the problem. For the Organic Mind is not in the head but in the heart.

No w he is rread ead wledg Now eadyy to shar sharee this kno knowledg wledgee with other otherss. The solution to a totally free life is simple! ess! or tion - No mor No mor e conselling - no mor medication moree str stress! more moree wwor orrr y - No mor moree medica our mind and yyou ou under stand eevv er ything Under stand yyour ything.. understand Make the change from traditional to Organic I ha or m ula! havv e the ffor orm

Who is Michael? • Author • Lif Lifee Skills Tutor • Guiness Wor ld Record Holder (1999 world longest lecture on life) • Stor y Teller (Emmerson College) • Key note speaker


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and Vitamin-C • Increased cortisol stress hormone levels

Foods to Boost our Mood

Remember having a great dinner or meal and feeling wonderful afterwards? This is how food truly does affect our moods and also boosts serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin.


Happiness & Health ○

BY TRACEY STRANGER “I believe the purpose of life is to be happy. From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering. From the very core of our being, we simply desire contentment,” says His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Brain Chemicals that affect our Mood

There are three main chemical neurotransmitters in the brain which help send messages from one cell to the next. They are dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin. Dopamine and Noradrenalin are the brain chemicals that keep us alert: they have a tendency to make us think more quickly and they increase motivation, mental acuity and productivity. Serotonin on the other hand is the calming brain chemical: it produces a relaxed, more focused, less anxious, less stressed, more euphoric feeling.

Vitamin/Mineral Imbalances in our Brain Chemicals

All vitamins and minerals are involved in one or more biochemical pathways and/or physiological ac-

tions which influence the function of the human brain. Most vitamin and mineral deficiencies result in psychiatric symptoms in a significant number of people. For example, Low Vitamin D levels are extremely common and has been linked with SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder and other forms of depression. Chemical imbalances related to anxiety and depression include: •Reduced availability of neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, GABA and Acetylcholine. •Increased levels of toxic neurochemicals such as Homocysteine •Lower levels of serum Magnesium, Zinc or Potassium • Unhealthy, or deficient levels of essential vitamins like B6, B9, B12

• Protein encourages the production of dopamine and noradrenalin, which produces alertness, mental energy and faster reaction time • Fish such as salmon, mackeral and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 is used for building neurotransmitters, like serotonin, in the brain and helps reduce depression • Chicken and turkey are also recognised as being higher in their levels of tryptophan which naturally boosts serotonin levels.


hok es: Fat-free and a • Ar tic tichok hokes: good source of complex carbohydrates. A good source of iron, potassium, magnesium, copper and manganese • Broccoli: Broccoli is rich in beta carotene, calcium, iron, folate, vitamin C and E, and zinc. Broccoli contains about 15% tryptophan; an essential amino acid that aids in sleep and relaxation • Onions: A good source of fibre, potassium and B vitamins. Add red onion to your salad! toes: Tomato paste has • Toma omatoes: the highest concentration of antioxidants and a teaspoon a day is beneficial

How To Overcome Stress Naturally by Tracey Stranger with ffor or oree wor ordd bbyy His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama • 6 Experts in Natural Medicine: Ayurvedic, Integrative, Nutritional & Environmental medicine • Plus 5 everday people giving hope & inspiration sharing how they overcame depression naturally • Plus 20 page Resource Directory so you know where you can find natural therapy in your area A uthor er ed Astr olo uthor,, Speak Speaker er,, Hypnosis Hypnosis,, Soul-Centr Soul-Centred Astrolo ologg y ne Specialising in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy & Meditation Melbourne Melbour F or Pri tion Ph: Tr ace Privv a te Consulta Consultation aceyy on 0409 879 271 or inspir e@tr ace ystr ang er .com aceystr anger

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www .Ho wT oOv er comeStr essNa tur all lo www.Ho .HowT wToOv oOver ercomeStr comeStressNa essNatur .com/blo logg www ptance & Self Nur tur Plus FFrr ee mp3 – Self Acce Acceptance turee We all need to rremember emember to be our oown wn best friend dail y! daily! How often do we critisize ourselves? Do you give your friends great support yet give yourself a hard time? Does the “voice in your head” drive you mad? I have created this 15 minute mp3 for you to listen to daily so you can be your own best friend daily! To Order Email: or Ph: 0409 879 271 • Spinach: A rich source of magnesium that has a relaxing effect; good for anxiety and depression • Sweet potatoes: Eating complex carbohydrates sets off a process that results in boosting your levels of serotonin for mood enhancement Complex carbs offer far more nutritional value than biscuits, candy and soft drink, and they’re more slowly absorbed in your bloodstream, which contributes to keeping bloodsugar levels - and your mood - stabilized.


• Apricots: Rich in the antioxidant beta carotene and contain tryptophan, which helps to induce sleep and relaxation • Bananas: Need a quick energy boost? Eat a banana. This delectable fruit contains only 62 calories and is rich in potassium and vitamin B6 .

Nuts and Seeds

• Chia Seeds: Known to the Aztecs for hundreds of years. High in protein, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and have the highest level of omega-3 known • Almonds: Eating twelve almonds per day can provide you with the recommended daily allowance of essential fatty acids. Almonds are rich in potassium and are considered a “good” fat • Brazil nuts: Contain all the essential amino acids; making them a complete protein.

Circadian Rhythm affects our mood

Hormones and neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin) determine how we feel, our sleep patterns, our appetite, our sex drive and other sleep and mood-related issues. When our body is out of sync with nature, we suffer from a Circadian Rhythm Disorder. Oftentimes depression is the result of our bodies producing the wrong hormones a t the wr ong time of da wrong dayy. This imbalance in the circadian system can be caused from lack of sleep, stress, trauma, inappropriate timing of sleep-wake periods, poor eating, shiftwork or lack of light.

A Good Night’ p Night’ss Slee Sleep affects our mood

7 Reasons why you don’t get a good night’s sleep: • Hormonal and neurotransmitter abnormalities • Circadian rhythm disorders • Stress/anxiety/depression • Pain • Nutrient imbalances •Low blood sugar (hypo-glycemia) • Noise (e.g. traffic, par tner, neighbours, baby, etc.) MY TIPS: Be Mindful of eating well (as food definitely affects your mood), Sleep well (by eating well and balancing your nutritional intake) and most of all Be Kind to Yourself. Tracey Stranger is a Hypnotherapist, Health writer and Author. Available for private consultations and Meditation mp3’s. Contact Tracey on Mob: 0409 879 271 Her book How to Overcome Stress Naturally foreword by HH The Dalai Lama. (This excerpt taken from Expert interviews in my book) Buy online




The Alkaline Body My book Reverse Aging shows how the accumulation of acid waste leads to complications including osteoporosis. Understanding this biological function is vital to understanding why drinking purified alkaline water is important. Following are some disease which can be improved by combining your eating of organic alkaline forming foods with the drinking of negatively charged alkaline water for the very best health results.

Arthritis, gout

Many different forms of arthritis and gout are the result of acid accumulation in the joints. Heavy people add more pressure on their joints, thus speeding up wear and tear; however, a young person seems to do fine even if he is heavy. It is the accumulated acid that damages cartilages and irritates the joints. Unfortunately, the joints are where the blood cannot carry out wastes easily. Gout is the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. According to Webster, gout is a disease resulting from a disturbance of metabolism, characterized by an excess of uric acid in the blood and deposits of uric acid salts in the tissues around the joints, especially of the feet and hands: it causes swelling and severe pain, especially in the big toe. In today's medicine, there is no effective treatment for these types of degenerative diseases. Because it is painful, one instinctively takes pain killers; however, aspirin types are acidic and they can further irritate the joints. The sooner we accept the fact that these diseases are the result of too much acidic waste, the sooner we will find the cure for these problems.

The true cause of cancer

Dinking alkaline water will not harm healthy cells while it may destroy malignant cells. Research should be done to see how alkaline water may help in curing early stages of cancer, depending upon how far the cancer has progressed. I am sure that there is a point of no return. However since the healthy cells are alkaline and the malignant cells are acidic, drinking alkaline water will not harm healthy cells while it may destroy malignant cells. It is worth trying.

Degenerative diseases

In general, degenerative disease are the results of acid waste buildups within us. When we are born, we have the highest alkaline mineral concentration and also the highest body pH. From that point on, the normal process of life is to gradually acidify. That is why these degenerative disease do not occur when you are young. They occur usually after 40. The difference between the 20 year old you and the 40 year old you physically is that you have accumulated more acidic wastes at 40 than at 20.


The skeletal structure of the body is a “calcium bank”. When the body’s condition becomes too acidic, it frequently makes compensating withdrawal of calcium from the bones, leaving them brittle and subject to breakage. A bone is made out of proper combinations of calcium and phosphorus. When just the calcium is removed, the remaining bone becomes highly phosphorous and it becomes weak. The postures of many old people change and they seem to get shorter as they age. These are the results of losing calcium from the skeletal structure. Prolonged usage of alkaline water can help prevent this disaster of the modern diet. Ionized calcium can help to repair the damages. Sang Whang, is an engineer, scientist and inventor with many U.S. patents. An improvement and maintenance of his own health without medicine, diet or exercise caused him to investigate the phenomenon and led him to the discovery of his theory of Reverse Aging a book on how he reversed the early stage symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure.



A Natural Approach to Headaches From time to time many people will suffer from a headache. Generally speaking a headache can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day, regardless of the length of time headaches can become irritating and disruptive to your daily activities. The majority of people think nothing more of a headache and take a couple of painkillers to dull the ache and push through the day. Obviously I have a different view! Pain is our body’s way of telling us that there is something wrong with the system and that things are not running as smoothly and efficiently as they should be. Think of pain as the alarm bells of the body crying out and trying to get our attention. What happens when we pop the painkillers to take the headache away? We pull the plug on the warning system and now are in the dark as to the functioning of our bodies. Let’s take a look as some holistic methods of easing headaches and helping to prevent them in the long term.

Energetic Meaning of Headaches

Headaches are our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong

needed for our body to function at its best, yet many people struggle to get the full amount in each day. Also if you drink black tea or coffee your body will actually get rid of some of the water it needs and so you may need more water than you thought. If you are someone who suffers from, almost daily headaches then consider drinking 2.5L or 10 glasses per day and you will notice amazing differences. I know it sounds like a lot of water and you are probably thinking that you will be making trips to the bathroom every 30 minutes but trust me, the benefits and lack of headaches is worth the trouble, and generally after a week or two your body is used to the larger water intake.


and looking at it energetically the message is that we have too much going on at the moment. Your head is filled with constant, negative thoughts and your body is having a hard time coping. If you are particularly sensitive you may find that headaches star t to occur around people that are negative in their speech and don’t tend to have anything nice to say. A simple way to help this is to use an Amethyst crystal and place it over your forehead when you feel a headache start. If you know that you are going to be overwhelmed with constant thoughts or are going to see negative people then you may want to carry the crystal with you in your pocket for extra help and assistance.


The most common cause of headaches is lack of water intake. We are told that 2L or 8 glasses per day is

Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs to use for headaches. It is best as a liquid extract which you may need to go to a Naturopath or Herbalist for but it helps to ease the headaches and the pain by increasing circulation and oxygen to the brain. It also helps the liver function so that you can release any stored toxins that may be contributing to your headache problem. You may like to try an infusion or tea of rosemary by purchasing some good quality, organic dried rosemary leaf. The hot water will also help with circulation aspect a little more. Making a Herbal Infusion • Boil some spring/purified water • Add 1 tsp of rosemary into a tea cup and fill with boiling water • Place a saucer or plate over the top of the cup to prevent any steam escaping • Allow to infuse for 15 minutes then remove the saucer/plate


• Strain and enjoy your herbal infusion

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 helps with circulation and whilst not a specific treatment for headaches it is wonderful in an acute situation when you feel a headache coming on. The CoQ10 works quickly preventing the headache from taking hold or easing the pain to make it easier, reducing the need for painkillers. A 100mg capsule should be enough and is a good idea to keep a few in your handbag or desk in case you need them quickly.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis Stevenson


In this case we are talking about aerobic or cardiovascular exercise as we want the circulation and the oxygen to get right up to the head. This is important if you find you have poor circulation like cold hands and feet. Aim for 30 minutes per day, starting off light and working your way up as your fitness improves. All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before undertaking any of the above mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath whose passion for helping others started as a young boy, spiritually gifted and highly intuitive. Robert uses his psychic insight and mediumship abilities with his Naturopathic training to help his clients reach their utmost potential. Phone: (02) 4648 4200 or 1300 668 772. E-mail: Web:

30 Da y Mon Back e Guara y ntee!


InnerSelf viewed at and

Fresh Start Cleansing Retreat March 12 – 13, 2011 Ideal for both health professionals and member s of the pub lic public lic.. With Kathryn Alexander, an internationally acknowledged expert, with over 20 years experience in the field of detoxification and dietary healing, we will learn how our body can dramatically respond to specific dietary healing and detoxification protocols that remove the inner pollution, so creating the conditions for healing. This two-day workshop offers an in-depth approach to the practical and self-management aspects of dietary healing and detoxification, plus the opportunity for individual case study analysis. The course will provide a firm framework for general case assessment, treatment and monitoring and instill enough confidence to selfmanage your own case, or that of clients. During the course you will assess your case in relation to your inherited and acquired constitution, liver stag-

nation and digestive efficiency and make use of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interpretation in case study analysis. Indications relating to liver stagnation and digestive deficiency will determine the specific application of the therapy, the rate of detoxification and subsequent healing. In addition, a range of case studies will be reviewed for group discussion which will broaden your case interpretation and diagnostic skill and give the confidence to review other cases such as family members or within your practice. A tutorial accompanies this course. COURSE PROGRAM 4 sessions over 2 days that will give you clear direction on how you can achieve optimal health. Details on the full course program can be

DA DAYY 1 Morning Session (9am–1pm) • The biological basis of the high alkaline/high potassium therapy; how it reverses the disease process and enables healing. • Practical case-taking: assessing your constitution and digestive efficiency in order to determine the length of time and the program required to heal and rebuild. Selfevaluation of symptoms within a comprehensive framework and case study examples will be used along with group discussion.

Afternoon Session (2pm-5pm) • Vegetable juicing: preparation, types of juice, equipment • The healing diet: allowed foods, prohibited foods, food preparation and cooking techniques, cooked and raw foods, specific requirements and practical application of the diet. Dietary methods of restoring the digestion and alleviating the burden on the liver will be discussed. DA DAYY 2 Morning Session (9am–1pm) • Practical case taking: assessing your liver capacity; self-evaluation of symptoms that relate specifically to liver congestion and stagnation. These factors will indicate the degree to which the liver is compromised, its capacity to detoxify and will determine individual guidelines for safe detoxification. • The coffee enema and its role in liver detoxification: the use of the coffee enema in detoxification; how it works, its liver protective effects, its preparation and administration.

Afternoon Session (2pm-5pm) • Managing toxicity and flareups: toxic, detoxification and healing reactions and the specific methods of managing each type of crisis. Management of fever, pain and inflammation using non-toxic treatments to alleviate, but not suppress symptoms. The clay pack and the castor oil pack will be demonstrated, and preparation of herbal tinctures. • Case monitoring: techniques in self-evaluation of progress throughout the program and the application of appropriate modifications to the regime. • Chemical pollution and its impact on health and fertility; its effect on the rise in hormone-dependent cancers, infertility, and chronic degenerative disease, including disorders of the nervous system. YOUR INVESTMENT RESIDENTIAL TWIN SHARE $645 - 2 nights accommodation, all meals & course costs. Early bird - $595 by 1/02/11. Limited to 12 participants Residential Dormitory - 7 beds in 1 large room $585 - 2 nights accommodation, all meals & course costs Early bird - $545 by 1/02/11. Limited to 7 participants. NON RESIDENTIAL $335 - All course costs and lunch, morning & afternoon tea Early bird - $295 by 1/02/11. Maximum 16 Non Residential participants For Full Program Details contact Satori Springs 02 48789 305

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Products and services that support the healthy living strategies you’re putting in place

ZAZEN Essential Water Scientists studying the health and longevity of many of the world’s oldest & healthiest people, discovered the secret lay in the quality of the water they drank every day. What the scientists discovered was that water underwent a transformation as it bubbled and cascaded over mineral rocks in pristine mountain streams and as it gushed from underground streams. They discovered that indeed - not all water was the same! These waters had properties that enhanced life and they called it the Water of Life. Today those same scientists have recreated nature’s processes to produce zazen Essential Water, with the same exceptional qualities so we can help you nurture yourself and your family. We know your body will love you for it! Our zazen Essential Water system, replicates Mother Nature’s water cycle transforming your drinking water into refreshing, alkaline mineral water that tastes great and provides the following essential health benefits all day every day! For information, visit

F r esh Star t Cleansing R etr ea t A Dietar xif ica tion Wor kshop with KKaa thr yn Ale xander Dietaryy Healing & Deto Detoxif xifica ication Alexander inter na tionall kno wledg ed eexper xper t and author nationall tionallyy ac ackno knowledg wledged Residential or Non-Residential 2 Day Workshop - 12th and 13th March, 2011 held at Satori Springs Country Estate, Canyonleigh NSW 2577 Ideal for both health professionals and members of the public This two-day workshop offers an in-depth approach to the practical and self-management aspects of dietary healing and detoxification, plus the opportunity for individual case study analysis. The course will provide a firm framework for general case assessment, treatment and monitoring and instill enough confidence to self-manage your own case, or that of clients. During the course you will assess your case in relation to your inherited and acquired constitution, liver stagnation and digestive efficiency and make use of both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interpretation in case study analysis. Indications relating to liver stagnation and digestive deficiency will determine the specific application of the therapy, the rate of detoxification and subsequent healing.

Alexander K a thr yn Ale xander is an nationall tionallyy ac ackno knowlinter na tionall kno wledged edg ed health eexper xper t and author,, with oovv er 20 author y ear s eexperience xperience in the field of detoxification healing,, she and dietar y healing teaches how our body can dramatically respond to specific specif ic dietar y healing and detoxification protocols that remove the inner pollution, so creating the conditions for healing.

In addition, a range of case studies will be reviewed for group discussion which will broaden your case interpretation and diagnostic skills and give the confidence to review other cases such as family members or within your practice. A tutorial accompanies this course.

YOUR INVESTMENT Residential Twin Share - $645 - 2 nights accommodation, all meals & course costs - Early bird - $595 by 1/02/11. Limited to 12 participants Residential Dormitory - (7 beds in 1 very large room) - $585 - 2 nights accommodation, all meals & course costs - Early bird - $545 by 1/02/11 Limited to 7 participants Non Residential - $335 All course costs and lunch, morning & afternoon tea - Early bird - $295 by 1/02/11 Maximum 16 Non Residential participants

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TOOLS FOR HEALTHY LIVING Australerba TRIM TEA An integrally prepared herb tea which rids the body of waste and promotes elimination. It is prepared from Senna Pods, Burdock Root, Fennel, Chapparel, Yellow Dock, Uva Ursi, Dandelion, Centella Asiatica, Elder Flowers, Juniper Berries, Cloves and Cardamom. Useful during periods of cleansing the system from waste. Contact Australerba, 27 Bligh St Ridleyton SA 5008. Ph 08 83460631

Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract supports healthy living for the whole family. Traditionally we know that the olive tree has been used for medicinal purposes, providing ancient remedies first recorded in 1000BC. Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract gives you a 100% natural healing with health benefits and effect from its natural goodness called Oleuropein. Because of its Antioxidant rich properties it enhances and improves the following; • For the symptomatic relief of sore throat and bacterial infections • Immune System Suppor t, helping to reduce the severity and duration of cold and seasonal ‘flu • Improve Cardiac and Circulatory Health Maintenance • Increase and maintain high energy levels • Fight free radicals and unwanted toxins • Strong levels of antioxidant properties • Daily strength and vitality • Digestive Health

• May help reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract is made in Queensland using natural farming principles, a combined effort of ancient Greek and modern Australian farming techniques. The leaves are sourced from young Koroneiki olive trees, of which only the freshest and most suitable leaves are selected. Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract product contains no sugar, no preservatives, no alcohol, no yeast, no gluten, no honey, no artificial flavours or colors and no ar tificial sweeteners. As time goes on further study and research written by independent doctors and universities in Australia and all over the world are discovering that Olive Leaf Extract is a natural remedy that can be taken twice daily with a dosage of 5ml for adults and half for children all year round, where traditionally it was recommended in the winter months. Further studies have also promoted the product for weight loss when put in coffee.

TGA accredited Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract can be found in Health Food Stores and Chemists. Email or contact Marol on 0401 21 5555 for further information.

THROW THE PILLS AWAY! Growing wild on Açaí trees in the Amazon Rainforest, this little berry contains one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of all foods. Antioxidants, as we know, slow down oxidative damage brought on by free radicals which can lead to many health problems including, ageing, tissue damage, heart disease or other nerve diseases. However, the Purpleberry, as well as containing a large amount of naturally occurring antioxidants, also contains a remarkable concentration of whole-food nutrients. Look at any superfood nutritional panel to see what it contains (organically) and the list is very similar to or better than any artificial supplement. The difference is that these superfood nutrients are from the earth and our cells know this. The Açaí berry boasts one of the world’s highest antioxidant concentrations (over 42 times the antioxidant concentration of fresh blueberries based on ORAC analysis) than any food. Containing also 19 amino acids, 17 minerals, a great range of vitamins as well as OMEGAS 3,6 & 9. Being WHOLEFOOD, all of these nutrients are recognised and fully absorbed by the body. In the words of Dr Linus Pauling (winner of two noble prizes), “Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”. We believe that supplementation with substantial amounts of organic whole-food nutrients will be the basis for treatment of all the prevalent diseases as we come into a new age of health.


All Acai berries come from the Amazon Rainforest. We now, more then ever before, need to work closely with local communities to preserve our precious rainforests and this is why what Amazonia is doing is so impor tant. Only Amazonia purpleberries are hand gathered and Fair Trade protected, ensuring strong financial incentive to preserve some 6.1 million acres of wild Açaí trees in the heart of the Amazon. The company goes further, by donating over and above Fair Trade requirements to the Sustainable Amazon Partnership, a public and private collaboration promoting sustainable management of the Amazon Rainforest.

Australia’s ONLY Source Of Fair Trade, Organic Acai Berry

Amazonia is setting an example that conscious business

Blood before taking ACAI BERRIES

(showing Erythrocytes aggregation)These red blood cells are sticking to one another and forming clumps, due to being coated in sticky proteins. This is a sign that there may be inflammation happening in the body. This inflammation could be associated with infection, allergy, toxicity, poor digestion or unhealthy dietary choices.

Blood 30min after taking A CAI ber ries (healthy blood, red blood cells are separated)We can then conclude; Your blood feeds every part of the body’s organs, tissue, cells, muscles, and most importantly the BRAIN. So imagine the all round effects of healthy blood.

practices, or business that benefit all those involved, are more powerful and effective than any ‘dollar-driven’ industry. The company is working hard to ensure that all ethical standards are met and continuously improved. As a natural progression, they have built up a caring and devoted team that is helping the rapid growth of the company.


Amazonia is a young company run by young people and we are passionate about what we stand for. We know sustainable superfoods will be the basis for all treatment of the most prevalent diseases that plague western culture. AMAZONIA is setting an example Jesse Kaniecki that conscious business is more AMAZONIA powerful and effective than any dolNational Manager lar-driven industry. If ever there were a message we truly want to yell to every corner of the globe it would be “Eat organically and naturally, do well by others and always remember you are a blue print of what you eat!”




What’s your STORY?

Navigating theSHIFT



Asking For What You Want For most of us, asking for what we want is the hardest thing that we can ever do. How often do we say: “I wish I had more money.” “I wish I had more time.” “I wish I had more love.” ... yet without making any real changes to the present structures of our lives. In New York recently I was fascinated by the increased number of beggars. Anytime day or night, on the subway, in restaurants, at the Port Authority and at theatre entrances, people had no hesitation about asking for money in a variety of creative ways. Some sang, some danced, some offered directions and many simply presented a binding obligation to feed them. One late night, while walking home alone along 8th avenue, one beggar grabbed my arm and asked me for money. He was imposing, taller and seemingly stronger than me, and with no one else around, I felt like I was in no position to ignore him. But instead of allowing fear to reach into my pocket, I looked him squarely in the eye as if he was one of my clients and I asked him what he intended to do with the money. He replied that he would spend it on food. So I said “Then what?” His face twisted in annoyance and refused to answer so I defiantly repeated my question. “When the money is gone and the food is gone, then what?” Finally he muttered: “I’m going to ask for more money.” So I asked again: “Then what?” His confused gaze asked:”Why do you care?” To which I responded:” Well if you want me to invest in your brand I want to know what I get out of it? You only eat once with the money I give you. Where’s the satisfaction for me? How much do I need to give you in order for you to eat for one week?” “Um Twenty Bucks?” “So in that one week, you now have the time to do something else – what will you do?” “I will ask for more money.”

“What for?” “Booze.” So I asked him: “How much do I need to give you for one week’s worth?” “Um Fifty Bucks?” “Congratulations now you have $70. What will you do with that one week now your food and alcohol is paid for? This man was very agitated now. “Why do you want to know?” hw asked. “If I’m giving you money and one week, I want to know what your plan is,” I replied, He let go of my arm and stepped back away from me and said “I will ask for more money.” With that I stepped closer grabbing HIS arm and looked him straight in the eye. “What you are doing right now is something that corporations and governments value highly. They need someone to relentlessly ask people for money. It takes exceptional skill to do this. Yet when I give you one week’s supply of food and alcohol, you continue to ask for money. You maintain the same high level of drive and enterprise. That level of determination, courage and persistence is regarded as one of extreme value to any corporation.” Tears rolled down his face. “I’m just hungry”. In essence, this down and out beggar on the streets of Manhattan was a finely tuned motivated focused sales manager in survival mode. His exceptional talent was crafted from a big challenge – he was hungry. He acknowledged his own need, made a public declaration, found the courage, taken action and invested his time in the pursuit of the fulfillment of this need. When I shared my appreciation of the value of his expertise, he began to sob. “People don’t like me asking for money.” So I asked him where he in turn failed to appreciate those

The Journey into Higher Vibrations

same people. Did he value where they too acknowledged a need, made a public declaration, found the courage, took action and invested their time in order to survive? The street hardened face that so frightened me late at night on the streets of Manhattan began to soften and lighten as he considered how the stressed, overwhelmed and harried suits of New York were exactly the same as him, hungry and in survival mode. And as I held his arm on this cold autumn night, I witnessed the extraordinary power of humanity to be able to dive into the depths of despair daily to find and apply courage, strength, determination and persistence in the face of guaranteed judgement. So ask yourself, where do you acknowledge a need, make a public declaration, find the courage, take action and invest your time to get what you want? What is your plan? How do you value your time and skills? To ask for what we want is merely the first step. When we get what we want, it is our value of the time afforded us in the return of our request and the continued management of our needs that is our next impor tant step. CEO for a major Australian Music Agency, Telstra Business award nominee, senior international facilitator for The Demartini Method™, Nicki is qualified in Business Management, Training and Human Behaviour and works with global clients producing Business best practice systems and spinning Publicity Campaigns.

Our journey into higher vibrations is a shift in consciousness, or a paradigm shift, which means at the very least a change in how we view our reality. Humanity as a whole is transitioning from third dimensional reality, through the fourth and heading towards the fifth. When you live and vibrate in the third dimension, you work with a dense reality. A reality that is only what you perceive with your physical senses, you need to see it to believe it, and even then sometimes you’ll talk yourself out of what you saw. In this dimension your thoughts, the intellect, rules the roost, what you think you know must be real. Divine either doesn’t exist or you feel a sense of separation, fear to some degree controls your life, fear of not having enough, fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of not having the love you want, fear of what others think, fear and anger over past experiences, even fear of fear. The Law of Attraction is simply whatever you place your attention on, you will receive. You’re so caught up in thinking about all the things that you don’t want, that you keep attracting more of the same. In this dimension we are bound by the illusion of limitations. Here people become prisoners to their limiting beliefs and situations. Fear is the weapon of the ego, it does what it can to keep you stuck and living life through your fears, limitations and insecurities, often por traying to the world what you want people to see, as you desperately hide what you dislike most about yourself. Here we also take on the attributes of victim, we judge others as having wronged us, we see our future through the lens of the past, always comparing and consequently creating more of the same. We don’t even realise that we have a choice, that we can choose where to invest our energy and create the life

we desire. In this dimension we are not aware that separation is a perception, and our perceptions, how we view the world, is relative to our level of consciousness. Our consciousness had been weighed down or held in place by the ear th’s magnetic field, which has been quickly deteriorating. This affects our emotions, our sleep patterns, animal life and even the weather patterns. This combined with the increase in ear th’s hear t beat, which our own body is desperately trying to resonate with, makes us feel as though time is flying by. However with all this change, we find ourselves questioning more and starting to see things differently, we become more open to possibilities that we would not have considered in the past. This is all part of the transition. The journey inward sets us on a path of self discovery, no longer can we point the finger and blame other people, things and experiences for how we feel, or how our life has turned out. We must recognise that we allow ourselves to lose our power to them. The more power you give something or someone, the more power or control it has over you, if you feed it, it will get bigger. If you want to truly heal on all levels, if you want to live your life in your full potential, and grow through the coming time more easily, then you must be here in present time. As the higher vibrations become more a part of your world, you may notice unresolved pain surfacing, you may feel more emotional and unsettled than usual, you may feel that you are being consumed by your thoughts and the busyness of the mind. No longer can these issues be ignored, they must be healed and released in order for you to move forward. Training yourself to be here in present time is vital, you decide to whom and for how long you lose your personal power, this is your life, your choice. If something bothers you allow yourself the opportunity to feel and express yourself, say what you mean, but don’t say it mean, try and speak from the wisdom of the heart centre, then let it go. Pull your energy back here into present time. In time and with discipline, you’ll come to realise that everything just is, and you’ll naturally choose peace as though peace is all there is. When you say you feel down or low, you literally are, you are vibrating at a lower frequency and in that space you can only attract to you that which vibrates at the same level. We simply raise our vibration by living more on purpose, be more loving and giving, be aware of what you believe, think, feel and say, be positive, have loving thoughts, speak from the hear t centre and have an attitude of gratitude. Start by giving thanks for all that you truly appreciate in your life, within a moment or two you will notice that you now seem to be thinking not with your head but with your

heart, your heart consciousness literally feels like its expanding. Not only does this make you feel great but instantly balances you and raises your vibration. It takes practice to tap into heart consciousness and maintain it, but the rewards far outweigh the effort, and in time, as you become more conscious, you will realise what it is you truly want, and that much of the stuff you thought you wanted, doesn’t bring the happiness and love that you thought it would. Early in the fourth dimension, we become more open to possibilities, we become seekers, more caring and hopeful, with a genuine desire to recognise and work on our own personal ineffective ways. In this dimension we consider the need for change and positive thinking, but don’t necessarily follow through. You try to work things out taking two steps forward and one step back, consequently being hard on yourself because you know that you should know better. In the lower fourth you’re continually searching for more of your drama to fix, believing there must be more, because you’re not happy enough yet. As you grow through the fourth, you become more serious about making the world a better place and helping others, you might even make some major life changes. The problem here can be that you might feel that you’ve got it all worked out and become blinded by all that you think you know. But still you feel that something is missing, you still lose personal power to situations, instead of working with the higher intelligence of the heart where you know that everything just is, and peace becomes an easy choice. The higher fourth is where true peace lives and is a constant companion, here you choose peace as though peace is all there is. Your heart feels expanded, you feel more alive, more positive, there’s a constant feeling of awe and wonderment, synchronicities abound. Magic, awareness and a very real connection to nature and all of life is who you are. You know that we are all one, there is no separation and you are aware of and completely responsible for your personal power. We are all being prepared for the higher fourth dimension but it will take a fair amount of fifth dimension reality to filter in before it will be enough to raise the consciousness of everyone, freeing them of the stress and dense matter of third dimension living. The fifth dimension is all about heart. Heart consciousness becomes the new mind, here you are guided completely by heart consciousness, your intuition, there is nothing to release because you realise there is nothing to forgive, you see beyond your old limitations and judgements. You recognise that we are all light, we are all one and there is nothing to judge. You carry with you the knowledge of past dimensions, but are nolonger ruled by them, wisdom and understanding of others is yours. Here you are truly self empowered. Here you know that the heart has all the answers. Joanne Antoun sees clients for personal sessions of CTC – a life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail and runs regular seminars that inspire, motivate and empower, leaving you feeling a new level of connectedness and awareness that motivates you to be the best you can be. Visit her website at



BY MARK ANTHONY Right now is your opportunity to choose to make this year the best year you have ever had. How many times have you started a new year with excitement and detailed plans of what you wanted to achieve only to find that you were so busy playing catch up that you didn’t have the time to achieve what you set out to. This year can be different by setting your goals/manifestations with a definite purpose to keep what is truly impor tant to you always at hand. This will allow you to keep the focus on the end result which in turn you will find yourself living more in the moment and free from the restrictions of the obstacles that come up for you. Yes you will have obstacles come up but you can choose to see them as opportunities that are taking you closer to achieving your goals in the areas of your life that you

choose. It is very easy to get caught up in the day to day struggles that life brings us but when we recognise that everything that is coming up, is due to the manifestations we are making. By holding the focus of your manifestations it will allow you to see the obstacles that are coming up as opportunities. This is done by recognising which manifestation will be benefitted by the obstacle and how that has served you in your life to date. Recognising how an issue has been serving you will allow you to move through it gracefully. It is easy to start a year with great intentions and huge dreams only to allow fear or other people’s perceptions of you, take over and the old mindset kicks in reminding you how many times you have tried to manifest and it hasn’t worked. This is your subconscious attempting to keep you

safe. At some point in your life there was an experience that you had that made you feel as though things were not working, there may have been pain, disappointment or heartbreak etc, so the subconscious decided it is safer to hold yourself back as the success was too difficult. This is what we call a misperception that can and often will hold you back from achieving your dreams. It is important for you this year to recognise these feelings and DO IT ANYWAY. The results will amaze and excite you. Here are some steps for you to create 2011 consciously and make it your best year ever. 1. Know with certainty what you are looking to achieve. Write down your manifestation as your subconscious will read it and visualise it. This is one of the most important steps. 2. Decide which vehicle you are going to use to achieve it. You may be in a job or own your own business but either way aim to be the leader in your field. It is critical that you love what you do, you may not at the moment but make a conscious choice to love it until you indentify what you are truly passionate about. You may finish the year doing something completely different to what you started but it will be perfect. 3. Love everyone you come in contact with. People will feel how genuine you are and will become your greatest asset in business as they will tell people they know about you. Every person has an amazing story to share and people are so special that we need to show them we genuinely care. Love is the only true energy in the universe and the more you give unconditionally the more you will receive. 4. Market yourself properly so people know who you are and how


you can help them. If they don’t know about you then you make it difficult for them to find you. 5. Treat your business/career as a business, meaning you should be making more than you are spending. You should also be saving 10% of your income for investment into your future and this should only be used for investing in things that will return a passive income. Read your manifestation every morning and every night as this will keep you on track and focussed on what you have set out to achieve. You are the most important person in your life and when you recognise your value and the value you add to the people around you, it will allow you to more fully appreciate yourself. The more you appreciate yourself, the greater your self worth becomes. With greater self wor th comes abundance in all areas of your life. You will see that you are always taken care of and the trust you have for yourself and your intuition will grow immensely. Following the guidelines above will make 2011 and beyond the best years of your life. Mark Anthony is a ThetaHealing M a s t e r , ThetaHealing Certificate of S c i e n c e , ThetaHealing Australia Representative Australian Publisher of All ThetaHealing Books & DVD’s Phone: (+612) 9613 0712 Co-Creation ThetaHealing


Thriving after Trauma Extremely painful physical and/or psychological experiences are traumatic (e.g. the loss of loved ones, any form of abuse, ailments caused by injury or disease, war time events, robberies, terrorist attacks etc). Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the clinical term for the psychological effects of trauma which includes the following: insomnia, flashbacks of the traumatic event(s), depression, rage, panic attacks, headaches and isolation – these symptoms may not manifest for many months or years after the occurrence(s) depending on how ready you are to deal with it. The suggestions outlined in this article will help you thrive when these symptoms surface. It is important to remember that the survival part of trauma occurs when you are living through the harrowing incident(s) – the psychological aftereffects are a sign that it is now time to heal and slowly move forward with your life. 1. SPEAK TO SOMEONE Talk to a wise, compassionate and non-judgmental person – this can be a friend, a family member, a religious/spiritual advisor or a therapist. When it comes to choosing a therapist make sure s/he is qualified, honest about her/his expertise (i.e. Does s/he specialize in trauma or grief counselling?) and that you are com-

patible (i.e. Can you work together as a team, in par tnership?). You do need to keep talking to whomever you trust for as long as is necessary. Avoid anyone who says “get over it” and keep searching for appropriate ongoing support. Self-help groups are useful as long as the focus is on keeping the participants inspired and uplifted especially after they have purged their pain. 2. SELF-CARE PTSD is a distressing time which will interfere with every area of your life (sleep, diet, social life, work etc). The natural remedies listed below will help with some of these things as will the following: try resting during the day if you cannot sleep through the night; eat small healthful meals or snacks if you lack (or have too much of) an appetite as well as reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption; have as much fun as possible (e.g. movies, theme parks, concerts – whatever is “fun” for you); if work is too difficult take some time off or resign (this is not an easy thing



to do especially if you have major financial responsibilities – for some, work is a lifesaver: your choice will be based on the severity of the trauma you have endured); give yourself anything else you need (e.g. personal time and space, a holiday etc). 3. NA TURAL REMEDIES NATURAL The physical and psychological symptoms of PTSD are a very mixed bag – they are also related to the effects of grief as trauma and loss usually go hand-in-hand. Below is a list of these symptoms divided into categories along with the appropriate aromatherapy oils to help you cope. Mental: Shock (including disbelief and numbness): peppermint, arnica; Confusion/poor concentration: lemon, basil, rosemary. Emotional: Sadness/sorrow: rose, chamomile; Anger: chamomile, rose, ylang ylang; Guilt: geranium, sandalwood, neroli; Fear/Anxiety: sandalwood, frankincense, geranium, lavender; Depression: bergamot, clary sage, geranium. Physical: Fatigue: peppermint, basil, lemongrass; Insomnia: lavender, chamomile; Loss of appetite, indigestion, heartburn: peppermint, lavender, chamomile; Headaches: lavender. Behavioural: Isolation, withdrawal: jasmine, frankincense, sandalwood. The following Bach flower essences are also helpful: Rescue Remedy for shock, panic attacks and flashbacks; Star of Bethlehem for grief; White Chestnut for insomnia. 4. CREA TIVE OUTLETS CREATIVE Your creative pursuits will help you in two ways: firstly, they allow healthy expression of your negative emo-

tions and thoughts and secondly, they keep you connected to your Self – your core, your power, your essence – and this will strengthen you. Do you love to write, paint, cook, build, sculpt or compose? What do you enjoy doing so much that it never feels like work, only bliss? 5. FAITH AND MEANING These two concepts are interrelated – they reflect the need to have Faith in something/one in order to give your life Meaning. This is important as it keeps you going during the inevitable almost-impossible-to-bear-pain – it is as impor tant as wearing a life preserver when lost at sea. For some of you, Faith is about believing in God (or a Higher Power) and/or yourself. Faith, however, does not have to be spiritual/ religious but it does need to give you a sense of peace and the understanding that everything happens for a reason. Here are some alternative examples of finding Faith and Meaning in your life: a belief that painful experiences are meant to teach profound life lessons which will allow you to evolve; your purpose is to help those who have undergone the same agony; your loved ones are so important that you want to be a positive influence in their lives, or, all of the above. Happy Healing! © 2010 Helen Papadopoulos is a selfhelp author, consultant and tutor. Her qualifications include a BA Soc. Sc. (Law & Psychology), Reiki, Kinesiology and a Diploma in Professional Writing. Helen has developed a self-healing method named the ‘The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3) ™’. For more info call 0401 041 391 or email h e l e n @ n e w a g e p o w e r. n e t , .


Is Your Soul Trying To Tell You Something? Have you ever felt that sense of “There’s got to be more to life than this.”? On paper you may be ticking all the boxes on life’s “To Do” list, yet you know you’re not as happy as you could be? You’ve got the home, car, job, partner, perhaps even the 2.4 kids and the money in the bank, but deep down inside it’s just not fulfilling you. Deep down inside you sense an emptiness, and you know there’s something missing, something more you’re meant to be doing. Or have you ever had that sense of “Life’s just too hard”? You’re doing everything right yet nothing seems to be working. Challenges just seem to keep popping up in life - financial problems, relationship difficulties, health issues. You’re doing your best but it all feels like a bit of a struggle, and some days it seems like it’d be easier to just pull the covers over and stay in bed! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Collectively we’re going through a period of massive change and transition into a new awakening and realignment. If you’ve been sensing these feelings it’s for good reason. It’s your soul’s way of trying to wake you up. To get your attention. To help you re-

connect with who you really are. These feelings are your soul telling you that it’s time for you to change the way you do things and start realigning with higher truths and higher ways of operating.

Reconnecting with your soul

So what are you meant to do? Firstly, stop fighting it. Realise that whatever you’re feeling, it’s a sign that you are transitioning and it’s all good! Let go of any judgement that what’s happening is bad in any way and know that wherever you’re at at the moment, whatever is happening in your life, is exactly what’s meant to be happening for your highest good to help you awaken more fully. In realising it’s all good, any resistance you’re feeling will drop away, freeing your energy to start flowing with the universe more. Secondly, surrender to your soul. Make the decision to let your soul back into the driver’s seat of your life. Your soul knows exactly where it wants you to go and exactly what it needs you to do in order to line you up with the opportunities it wants you to be experiencing in life. So make the decision to hand back the con-

trols and let your soul start running the show more, knowing it will take you in the best possible direction for you to be living your true path in life.

Tune into your heart

And thirdly, reconnect with your soul self. Start reconnecting with your soul and listening to its guidance on a daily basis. Make it your habit at least once or twice a day to be still and to reconnect with your soul for 5-10 minutes. Taking deep slow breaths, still your body, allow your mind to settle, and tune into your heart chakra and the energy there. The heart is the seat of the soul and where we feel its movement. So practise stillness and tuning into your hear t space and feel the energy there. Does it feel at ease? Does it feel comfortable? Is there any reservation or hesitation? How does it feel? In feeling the energy of your heart area, you are detaching from the energy of your mental body and opening the door in a non-judgemental manner to reconnecting with your spirit or soul and the essence of who you are at the core of your being. If the energy feels peaceful, allow yourself to bask in that peace. Enjoy it. And then say the words, “I am here”. Let your soul know that you are waiting patiently for it, and it will then seek to communicate with you. Just sit in this beautiful heart space and say, “I am here.” Then what you choose to do beyond that point (depending on what it is you want to address, understand or experience) is entirely up to you. Just allow your inner knowing to guide you from there. And if when you sit in the energy of your heart area you feel a sense of chaos or turmoil, then this is showing you that you are not yet connect-

ing to your soul. You are connecting to your mind that is trying to sort out what has been occurring in your dayto-day life and has not yet completed doing so. If this is the case, just ask the question “What is needed? Please show me what I can do that will assist in enlivening the energy here?” Then allow the response to come. By asking this question you will find that your dialogue begins, and so you will be connecting with your higher self. By simply being still and taking the time to feel where the heart energy is at - because you are not going in with a preconceived idea of “this is what I need to know”, or “this is what I have to do” - you are engaging with the energy of your higher soul self. When you start by feeling where the energy is at, you are creating and engaging in a cooperative dialogue which says that “this is a sharing situation… as you assist me so I assist you…”, and this ultimately leads you to greater unity with your soul and its guidance. Then of course, your job is to trust in the guidance you receive and to follow it! Trust and it will take you wherever you are meant to go… Needing clear guidance and direction? Juliet Martine is a professional Energy Healer, Soul Intuitive, and author of ‘Boot Camp For The Soul’. She does healing sessions & soul readings for clients in person and by phone, as well as running life-changing 3 day life purpose retreats (next retreat is 4 th March). Visit or phone Juliet on 0413 199649 to get the help you need to be fulfiling your true potential and experiencing greater health, wealth & happiness.

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Learn how to deal with your stresses and ‘issues’ easily using some or all of the following: Relaxation techniques (meditations, natural products etc) Strategies to cope with loss/grief A new psychological processing method “The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3)TM” Means by which to release negative emotions and reinforce positive ones Referral to other helpful resources (organisations, books, websites etc) There are a variety of products and services to choose from which will help you help yourself: tions - advice on a particular issue or crisis involving an explanation of what you Consultations Consulta are going through as well as how to manage your situation (online and in-person service). Tutorials - learn the theories in the eBook “DIY Therapy: Simple, Self-help Strategies” in a three month course (online and in-person service). EBooks - “DIY Therapy: Simple,Self-help Strategies” focuses on changing your thinking. “DIY Therapy Chart: an Emotional Healing Guide” assists you to transform negative into positive emotions. (online only) Ar tic les - FREE downloadable pieces on healing and other areas of self-empowerment (e.g. Artic ticles metaphysics and social issues).

SOUL INTUITIVE READINGS with Juliet Martine Psychic and Soul Intuitive Juliet Martine does readings in person and by phone for clients all over the world. During your Soul Reading Juliet provides information about why you are here, what your Soul’s plan was for you this incarnation, what past life patterns you have come here to address, and what the next steps are on your path. If you are feeling lost, stuck or simply unsure as to what direction you are meant to head or how to get there, a Soul Reading provides you with the guidance and direction you need to help you start living your life with greater meaning, purpose and joy. Get clear in your life direction and start living your true purpose. Whatever your questions, a Soul Reading provides you with a direct conversation with your Soul to provide the answers you need.

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“Thank you for my soul reading - it could not have been more accurate, timely and relevant. I can’t thank you enough Juliet - the reading was comforting, confronting and powerful in more ways than you could possibly know.” Kim,37yrs

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Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing ○

BY ALBERTO VILLOLDO, PHD. The belief in two very different realms- the realm of Spirit and the realm of the flesh - has been present throughout history. Philosophers, theologians, spiritual leaders, and scientists have suggested that there are perhaps even several simultaneous adjoining realities that we’re capable of experiencing. Even Einstein, in his revolutionary equation E = mc2, divided the physical universe into two parts, the side of energy and the side of matter. Physicists have discovered that universes parallel to ours may somehow influence and inform our own, even though the passageway to them may be through black holes from which nothing, not even light, can escape. The shaman recognizes that what most people call reality, the Darwinian world of hunter and

hunted, of masters and slaves, and the Keynesian economics of scarcity, is not the only realm of existence. Alongside this world is the dwelling place of the creators - men and women who live in abundance and peace, an abode that we’ve named paradise or heaven. These two parallel worlds are separated by only the thinnest of veils. In neuroscience this veil is known as the corpus callosum, a structure in the brain that facilitates communication between our more primitive limbic brain and our neocortex, as well as between our left and right brain hemispheres. “Paradise” need not be an idyllic state that we can only attain after death or favours from the gods. Nirvana, the Elysian Fields, and Valhalla of Norse legend are just around the

corner. When Christ said that the “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21),” he suggested that it is within our reach right now. We can achieve paradise once we make a simple but crucial shift that awakens the faculties of our higher brain and the realization that we’re a spark of the divine, always in concert with Spirit. There is nothing else that we can be. This realization is achieved only through illumination, not through study, penance, or prayer. It must be a spiritual experience, not simply an intellectual understanding of how the brain works or how peace is possible. Paradise is where we see beauty while others see only ugliness, where we bring truth to places in which others only experience deceit, where we behave with integrity where others feel compelled to compromise, and where we take our place as co-creators amid the exquisite workings of the universe. This doesn’t mean that disease, death, or war cease to exist, but that anger, fear, and illness are no longer perceived as the constants in our lives. The suspicion, competition, and violence we witness daily is the result of our being tethered to a world where kindness and goodness are trampled upon by greed and wrath, and we fight with each other to get a seat on the bus. However, paradise isn’t separated from the “real world” by an impenetrable wall, but by a wispy and fluid membrane - a large, flat bundle of axons beneath the neocortex. We can allow paradise to seep through and offer us a new way of perceiving, characterized by courage, insight, joy, and creativity. After all, paradise is a brain state, not a place. When our base emotions are transformed into the higher neocor-


tical qualities, we create a sense of expansiveness and possibility. We star t to recognize that we can change the world with every thought we have and every word we speak. Feedback from the universe arrives instantaneously. If we observe the natural world, the law of tooth and claw seems to be dominant, and we become convinced that there’s only one reality, the predatory one. Richard Dawkins, a well-known evolutionary biologist, states, “The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive; others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear; others are being slowly devoured from within by parasites;

thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst and disease. It must be so. If there is ever a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored.” (River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life 1995) Indeed, in the wild, the relationship between predator and prey strikes a delicate balance. Even the animals at the top of the food chain become nourishment for the lowliest bacteria. Nothing remains the same: creatures are born, age, and die, and flowers bloom and fade until they finally decay, while their pollen germinates other flowers or becomes the honey that sustains the beehive. This is true. The world of creators is not a Camelot-like fantasyland where lions are vegetarians and

humans are always kind. Life continues to feed on itself, but your life is not a conjugation of the verb “to eat” but a conjugation of the verb “to create.” Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. is a m e d i c a l anthropologist who has studied the medicine traditions of the Jungle and the Amazon for over twenty years. Dr. Villoldo believes that the Inkas are the keepers of a body of prophecies and ritual processes that are not only translatable to our times, but also offer tremendous possibilities to Western culture. For further information phone (03) 9844 5379 •

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Dian Booth - Master Soul Healer Sounds from Aboriginal Australia, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria. Come to the heart of our wonderful country and listen to the sounds of your soul. “One of the truest healers of our age” (Alan Gutierrez, Emerald Energies, USA) Sacred Journeys, Healing CDs, Tapes. Diploma in Sound and Colour Healing Ring Dian: 0417 800 219



Prime Tuning of Cells Modality – at the forefront of Energy Medicine The Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations is an energetic healing modality which uses the skill of muscle testing through a set of uniquely channelled manuals to identify and clear energy blockages at the core of the imbalance. The application of this modality has proven to be highly effective as a stand alone modality or when combined with other forms of complementary health. It can be used by both practitioners and the general public. PTC is an accredited modality with Energetic Healing Association and OAMPS Insurance Brokers Brokers. Sue Larkin is

the approved Teacher for PTC in Sydney; she practices out of her own busy clinic in Concord and is an active member of her local Council Public Health Forums and Community, with a personal interest in training complimentary health practitioners. If you are interested in a unique healing modality, please contact Sue Larkin on (02) 9743 4017 or to learn more about this ground breaking technique at the forefront of energy medicine. Whether you are an existing health practitioner, or would like to offer PTC as your principal therapy, PTC will integrate well with your own unique skills. Sue provides

Manifesting Miracles by Fiona Lee Have you ever despairingly doubted the laws of manifestation? Me too. One day I angrily challenged my friends in other dimensions to prove manifestation works. The result was jaw dropping, humbling and wonderful. In 2000 I was living in London. I’d left my high paying corporate career and started doing a bit of healing and teaching work. I was managing to pay the rent, just. One night I got a phone call from my mother, excitedly telling me she was coming over to visit for Christmas. She had pretty much sorted out a three week itinerary for travelling all around Ireland and the UK. “That’s great Mum!” I put the phone down. “#%*%! I’ve got no money, how am I going to afford this? I want to pay my own way” At that time I was enjoying daily meditations in the bath. I was using this ritual to cleanse, ground and chat to my guides. The next morning during my usual “bathitation”, I really laid it on the line. It went something like this; “OK you lot, I’ve been doing as you ask to the best of my ability. I’ve made significant financial sacrifices to be of service. Mum’s coming, and I want to pay my way on this holiday. If all this intention %#@!%* works, prove it. I want 500 pounds (about 1,500 AUD at the time) and I want it by the end of this week!!” Dummy spat and foot firmly stamped, I headed in to Covent Garden to check out some potential rooms to practice in. As I sat on the train I wondered whether this could

somehow be the answer. I felt deflated as I inspected the space and knew it was not for me. Releasing all hope of a “result” that day, I shifted gears and headed off to have lunch with a new acquaintance. Shamin and I had met at a crystal healing course a few weeks previously and had hit it off immediately. We shared a sense of humour and enjoyed our partner work together. This continued over lunch, with an animated and wide ranging chat about all things spiritual. Suddenly in the middle of the conversation, Shamin stopped me. “Fiona, I have a proposition for you” “OK?” I responded curiously, and with a hint of caution.” “I’ll give you 1,000 pounds to teach me everything you know.” In that moment I received an enormous rush of energy as I realised I had my answer. I experienced wonderment, confirmation, gratitude, humility and my heart was bursting with love, joy and appreciation. I immediately burst into tears and proceeded to relate to Shamin the story of what I had done in the bath, just a few hours earlier. I asked her if she had come to lunch with her proposition in mind. No, it just occurred to her as we were talking, and felt like a good idea. Hearing my story was a wonderful confirmation for Shamin too. She insisted upon taking me to her bank (just a few doors away) and withdrawing full payment in advance!!! So I went home that same day with 1,000 pounds cash in my backpack, from a completely unex-

PTC Workshops and runs the Accreditation Program for Practitioners. You are invited to hear Sue Larkin and Elaine Croker, founder of PTC, present “The Prime Tuning of Cells” at the Energetic Healing Association meeting on Sunday 20 th March 2011. Sue and Elaine will be guiding you through an understanding of the power of this modality. Discover how this technique is so simple, adaptable and effective. Observe a demonstration and experience a mini group “Cell Balance” to cleanse and re-energise you for the day! To book please contact Sue Larkin on (02) 9743 4017 or Come and experience the energy of Prime Tuning.

pected source - Angel Shamin! My crew in other dimensions had provided double the money I had requested, and they had done it in a day instead of a week. It was an emphatic response. The biggest gift of all was Shamin’s trust in me, a woman she had only met twice. Shamin placed no limits on our exchange, no minimum time spent or number of sessions. No structure. The universe had delivered me an angel with the financial means to make such an offer, and the intuition and trust to follow those inner nudges. It was like a 21st century shaman’s agreement and it felt wonderful. When I arrived home that day I told my flatmate and landlord, Di “I’ve had a very interesting day.” We took a photo to record the moment, as I paid her rent in advance. I then quickly proceeded to my room to meditate and have a humble pie chat with my guides. I feel I had such a stunning response to my request that day for a few reasons; • I felt deserving • My request was made with passion and power • I was clearly aligned with what I wanted, and why I needed it •It was a righteous request (genuine and positively motivated) • I really needed an injection of trust at that moment in my life As a result of this experience, I now know, right down to my DNA, that we can manifest miracles. That “knowing” enables me to “pay it forward” by speaking, writing about it, and reminding you that we really are co-creators of our reality. Copyright Fiona Lee 2010

We Brought you Here to Bring you a New Frequency by Rachelle Terry It was 2:00am on a South Pacific island. I had not yet taken my bags to my room but had a strong urge to inspect what was to be my backyard for the next week’s holiday. While I sat gazing out beyond the lagoon to the ocean, a group of graceful, mermaid-like beings appeared out of the water. Their beauty was mesmerizing, bathed in a warm golden orange light. Though it might sound clichéd, some were actually blowing conch shells. As they danced toward me, I telepathically received these words: We brought you here to bring you a new frequency I was told that the earth was upgrading its energies to a higher level and that the new light which was to be “downloaded” at the end of September would need to be integrated for my clients and loved ones when I returned home. Buzzing with the light, feeling blissful and at peace, I thanked them and returned to my room. That was before I knew what I’d signed up for. Had I known, I wonder if I would have been quite so gracious. From the 23rd of September to the 10th of October I received new downloads of light which shook my body and psyche like an earthquake. The frequencies that had been downloaded appeared as four different colours. There was a light, electric, purple/white colour, a minty green/ white and a liquid, gold/white light. Additionally an orange/gold appeared occasionally. All of these colours appeared in my aura and those of my clients. In the month that ensued, I saw phenomenal changes within my family, my clients and myself as well as a huge increase in the power of my healing work. One of the “symptoms” of receiving light downloads can be unusual tempera-

tures. I experienced dramatic changes in temperature, alternating between bonechilling cold and burning heat. I woke one night to see that my partner was carrying his pillow to the spare room, accusing me of “burning” him. In addition, I experienced a distortion of time, which wasn’t helped by the fact that one day, every time-piece in my house - including battery-operated, electric and even my phone clock stopped. Unquenchable thirst and insatiable hunger were amongst the confusing and rather unpleasant sensations. One client going through a similar process commented that during those two weeks, she was eating “anything that was not tied down”. At least we could laugh about our weird and somewhat disturbing experiences. Within my psyche there were major shifts. I had a heightened sensitivity to noise, almost as if I was developing a “third ear”. As a result I found it harder to be in crowded, noisy environments as the vibration would make me feel disorientated and bring on headaches. It felt as if I could hear and feel the noise through my entire body. I likened it to a feeling a goldfish might have when somebody taps on the glass of its fishbowl. As strange as it seems, my work is usually quite predictable. I have seen auras since I was very young and even though there are different types of auras, patterns and chakra systems, essentially the outcome of my work is the same. When I see unhelpful emotions, patterns and blockages in my clients’ auras, I am able to remove them. Then they are replaced with pure light and information bringing about positive life changes. However since the new frequencies arrived, everyone’s auras had changed in colour, quality, shape and behaviour. The closest I could liken it to was the auras of

crystal children, which appear as a clear, jelly-like substance. I felt as though a new piece of software had been downloaded and I had no idea how to work it. The old rules had ceased to apply. Changes occurred in the structures of people’s auras. For example, the lower three chakras have become smaller and more energetic emphasis has been placed on the heart chakra which now looks like a large, football shaped, gold/white structure. The base chakra no longer appears as red and tends to look purple/white or gold/white depending on how energised it is. Additionally the nature of the aura now looks like a jelly-like, plasma substance. Despite my confusion, my clients were receiving healings at an astonishing rate and the power was definitely amplified. Even clients who are not naturally especially sensitive were commenting on the sensations, visions within the healings as well as the rapid rate at which they were occurring. While this article is about me it is also about you. If you have not yet felt these changes, you probably will at some point - and when you do, you will know that you are not alone. This light has been downloaded to everyone, but is being experienced in different ways. I found it helpful to see a healer who assisted me in grounding the new energies. This allowed me to not only ease the unhelpful side-effects of the changes but helped to activate the light that was already there so that I could begin to use it effectively in my life and work. If you are noticing changes, perhaps you need help in integrating these new energies. If you have noticed nothing, perhaps you need help in activating the light you have received. Frequencies are changing now at a rapid rate. Light is being poured down on the earth now on a regular basis. We are living in a very exciting time and it is also a time when we may need the help of those who have already experienced the strange and wonderful changes that are taking place.

Medical Intuitive Rachelle Terry

Your aura stores memories, blockages, shock waves and emotions resulting from previous experiences. If these are left unattended, recurring patterns can form, affecting your relationships, career, behaviours, health and life events. Rachelle, a Sydney based practitioner, sees and pinpoints the cause of these patterns, using her ability to view the energy field. She then uses highly effective therapy techniques including Theta Healing to shift the negative patterns on a deeper level.

For appointments with Rachelle in Sydney (phone/Skype consultations also available):

M - 0414 317 323 • E -


Spiritual Calling? Directionless?

SoulConnection with NICOLE CODY

Healing Rituals You Can Do at Home Often we look outside ourselves to find comfort, and to release and heal emotional and energetic blockages and traumas. While there are many loving and qualified people available to help us, sometimes the most simple and intense healings we can have are ones that we conduct on our own behalf. The necessary ingredient here is Right Intent. The purpose of Ritual is to focus your energy and concentration, and to put your Ego, conscious and unconscious Self on notice that this is important!

Ritual for Healing the Third Eye Chakra

Consultations & Workshops with

Nicole Cody! Acclaimed Australian Psychic, Channel and Metaphysical Teacher

Nicole Cody has the answers! Make the most of your life! Nicole’s ability to connect with her guides and yours, her spiritual gifts and her channelled wisdoms will really help you get your life on track. Discover how to make the most of your own gifts and talents through a personal consultation or workshop. Life Direction Readings.............90mins During a Life Direction Reading Nicole works with you to clarify the essence of who you are, why you are here, and what you can accomplish in this lifetime. No matter where you live Nicole can work with you through a distance or face to face consultation. Life Purpose Readings................30mins An intense 30 minute session where Nicole reads and interprets your Soul Blueprint, explains your Life Lessons and gives you a strong overview of your Life Purpose.

For more information about upcoming events, workshops and consultations see our contact details below: 07 3256 0815 PO Box 636, New Farm Qld 4005

The Third Eye Chakra is located about three finger widths above the bridge of our nose, on our forehead. This chakra is all about perception - about seeing beyond what we see with our physical eyes. This is our power centre for visualisation and shaping our futures based on the pictures we generate with our imagination. This is where we connect into dreaming, imagining, intuition, and psychic abilities to “see”. It is the gateway to our connection into the energetic world! When this chakra is in flow we are decisive, clear, self aware, interested in the world around us, spiritually curious, intuitive and we can easily dream, imagine and visualise. When this chakra is in overdrive from our own energies we become egotistical and cynical, we have headaches, delusions, nightmares and problems concentrating. Our vision may cause us problems and we will have poor memory and inability to “see” things clearly, including patterns and concepts. When this chakra has too little flow we can’t “see” anything at all. We often cannot imagine, create, dream a future for ourselves or visualise. We feel detached and disconnected. We get stuck in our head. We believe only what we can see with our physical eyes! Purpose: This simple healing ritual clears and empowers the third eye chakra. It is especially good for people who want to expand their intuition and psychic ability. It is cleansing, grounding and opening. Tools: A small amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz crystal, some pure sesame oil, a small bowl or cup, a white candle, a mirror, a journal and pen. Method: Read through this carefully before you begin. Leave yourself at least half an hour, and some quiet time afterwards for integration. Create a space where you can sit comfortably and can either see into a fixed mirror (on a wall, dresser etc) or where you can prop a small mirror in front of you. Position the white candle in front of you. Place the crystals in the bowl, and then add sesame oil. Light the candle, sit before it and concentrate on the flame. Draw the flame into the crystals with your intent. Visualise the white, pink and purple light of the crystals infusing the oil. You will feel when the crystals have been “charged”. When you are ready, bring your attention back to the mirror. Look into your own eyes and say “I am One with the Universe. I see this world with Love and Truth. I am ready to claim my gifts and talents. I am ready to open to flow. I welcome Connection, I welcome the gift of Sight.” Focus again on the flame, and as you do so, imagine the warmth radiating out and filling your Third Eye. Dip your fingers into the oil and rub this oil clockwise into the soles of your feet. Say these words “I Am in flow. I am grounded and connected.” Take more oil and rub it into the area of your third eye. Say “ I release all fears. It is safe to see. I am a powerful co-creator and I can shape my life with Vision.” Close your eyes and hold your hands in your lap. Let the energy of the crystals, and the healing Light of the Universe deeply penetrate your third eye. Visualise a bright purple flame spinning around in this chakra, energising and healing you. Feel the energy and warmth start to flow and circulate within your body. As you relax, say these words, “I am Safe. I am Worthy. I am Whole.” When you are ready, open your eyes, and once again gaze deep into your own eyes in the mirror. What do you ‘see’? Sometimes we see physically, sometimes we get impressions or information as feelings, or in our imagination/mind. Take your journal and record any impressions, colours, emotions or information you received. Enjoy this experience. If you need to cry, don’t suppress this or any other emotion, for this is a ritual of release. You may wish to perform this ritual more than once, as it is a powerful unblocker of what can be a very stuck chakra. Each night for a week, massage the oil into your soles and third eye before you go to sleep. ©2010 Nicole Cody is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channel who runs seminars throughout the World in Spiritual and Personal Development. She specialises in Soul Blueprints and Life Direction Counselling. For more information contact 07 3256 0815 or Light and Blessings be Yours!


IN BRIEF REVIEWS • BOOKS • CDS • DVDS IT IS WHAT IT IS The Personal Discourses of Rumi By Doug Marman This valuable addition to the translated works of Jalal al-Din Rumi transpor ts you across time and space to sit at the feet of this much loved world teacher. Marman has lovingly brought together a careful balance between these newly translated teachings and his own insightful commentary, unlocking the secrets within these timeless truths. This is more than just a book… it’s a personal study program with the Master himself.

Pub: Spiritual Dialogues Project

MOON DIARY 2011 By Shekhinah Morgan This 18th year of the ever popular Moon Diary is a beautifully designed handy pocket-sized reference and keepsake. Richly illustrated by Jade Baderle and Kellie Gough, each page uplifts, instructs, affirms, informs and guides … a unique Southern Hemisphere tool for journeying through this new year of change, healing and awakening. Pub: Moon Diary Productions

EARTH REBORN By Michael Morel Earth Reborn is a tale of possibilities and probable outcomes; a blend of fact and fanciful; of hope and redemption. This parable for our times provides a key for our spiritual destiny. Set in outback Australia, we are given a glimpse of what may be taking place as we speak … as the “Golden Ones” reveal their ancient plan. A fantastic story … science fiction, or is the search for “the three keys” our own race to save the planet?

Pub: Sid Harta Publishers

THE ANGEL AND YOU By Ninti Priskin This is a story of self discovery and realization, a guide to help understand your part in the unfoldment of the Great Plan. Shanada, the Angel of Oracles takes us through the Eight Teaching Universes … through to the realization of the Awakened Heart where “Anything is made possible!”

Available as an e-book


THE AUDIBLE LIFE STREAM By Alistair Conwell Impeccably researched and presented, this important book outlines the historical presence of the Primordial Sound Current - the Shabda or Nada – as It weaves Its way through the ancient teachings and practices of many paths across the planet. Coupled with modern case histories of NDE and OBE experiences & scientific research, and the increasingly popular field of sound as therapy, Conwell brings together a convincing argument for survival after death, and this most direct approach to spiritual awakening. Pub: O Books

KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS By Charles L. Richards “Karmic Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and all our relationships have a karmic dimension,” says Richards. This book explores, through case studies and the author’s own clear insight and direct experience how powerfully our past lives influence our current life. If you already believe in reincarnation, you’ll find here further proof and practical techniques for clarifying and deepening your own connections, if you’re not a believer – this book may just tip you over the edge.

Pub: Jodere Group

THE METABOLIC CLOCK By Julie Rennie This book will help you formulate and action plan to achieve a healthy and slim body via easy to follow strategies for experiencing the “right energy” at the “right time”. Built along the understanding that aligning our metabolic clock to nature’s rhythms, we can naturally and effortlessly balance our metabolism, burn away excess body fat and create more energy … by simply knowing what to eat, when to eat and which activities best suit us throughout the day, all in accord with our natural energy cycles. Pub: Rockpool Publishing

ECKHART TOLLE’S MUSIC TO QUIET THE MIND “Music creates a bridge for people to move out of thinking and into presence,” teaches Eckhar t Tolle. This beautiful collection of pieces is hand-picked by Tolle himself, purposefully sequenced to create a grounding and calming effect for the listener … becoming a golden thread into the vast spaciousness and power of presence. Pub: Sounds True

GUIDED MEDITATIONS TO CREATE HAPPINESS By Geoff Favaloro If you’re looking for an effective way to enter deeply relaxed theta states … move into the depths of your inner mind to open up to the Creative You to manifest with confidence and joy … and heal the past to create your new future … then this CD collection of guided meditations, offers all of this. Coupled with gentle uplifting music, the Happiness you seek is literally at your fingertips. Pub: Centre for Happiness




DIVINE PLANNING & ENERGY FORECAST FOR 2011 If we take time to consider and plan for few impor tant astrological and numerological events in our lives they will be much smoother. One of the first things I look at when giving a psychic reading is what year numerologically speaking a client is in – this is measured in a cycle of 1 – 9 years by adding up the Day & Month of birth with the current world year. So next year we will be in a World Year of number 4 – calculated by adding up the year 2011 – 2 +0+1+1 = 4. The number four is associated with solidity and stabilising. So if a client was born on say 11/ 7/1990 they would be in a personal year 4 as well – 2 +7 +4 = 4 (NB! 11=2 and in this case the year of birth is not counted) Very briefly let me show what each year means to ME –loosely based on the Ancient Egyptian System of Numerology.


ONE YEAR = A time of new beginnings – great for starting a new business or career path, but very difficult if stuck in a relationship or career you are weary of.. TW O YEAR = Increased sensitivity, TWO

relationship and par tnership concerns will arise. THREE YEAR = A busy and creative year is possible but difficult if you crave peace and solitude. FOUR YEAR = Good time to build up a business or career or bank balance, difficult if nothing is already established in your life. FIVE YEAR = Challenges and Changes and you will get there if you stay strong and keep the faith. Connected with the Goddess Isis and a good time to call on Divine Feminine assistance. SIX YEAR = Family and close friends take up lots of time – a wonderful year is possible eg marriages and births but not easy if you have many unhappy relatives to care for. SEVEN YEAR = A good time for meditation and exploring your spiritual path – or if you choose not to, it might be quite difficult EIGHT YEAR = Personal Power and Money Issues arise this year – people seem to want to tell you how to live your life. NINE YEAR = Completions and endings- might be loss of work, money or a death in the family or a loss of things and people you no longer need so it’s a positive loss. The best approach here is to con-

sider the year you will be in and make allowance for both the positive and negative events of that year. Most people consult me first in a five, seven or nine year so we will look further at them. In a five year don’t set yourself extra life challenges – you will have enough anyway. In a seven year take lots of time out to meditate and reflect otherwise you might experience health or spiritual challenges – and know this is the way to modify things if you do. In a nine year be prepared for some losses and take time out to prepare for changes through extra study – some people feel their whole life is falling apar t and find it a relief to discover this won’t be a permanent state of affairs. Not a good time to open a new business but good to make plans for one.


We do not live in a world that is pre-

pared for a year four – therefore just as the economy was becoming more stable it will begin to show signs of collapse by November 2011. Many of us on a spiritual path will feel our lives don’t have the safety and security we crave and will feel an alchemical energy separation occurring in our bodies that is unsettling at times. SO the remedy is to remember we are in reality Divine ENERGY Beings experiencing a physical incarnation and if we meditate and call to the Archangels plus the Divinities to assist us to remember our own forgotten powers they will willingly come to give us more Light to speed up the dissolution process. 2011 is the year of the LightWorkers awakening en masse and stepping away for constant fear. The world will not greatly change yet and there will still be some chaos on this earth from June 2011 onwards in regard to global health scares and increased terrorism in Pakistan, UK and USA. Lots of miracles will occur from January this year in Adelaide but few will be widely reported. In 2009 I received intuitive information that there was no need to panic re the Swine Flu and sent many people a channelled meditation to avoid it – to my knowledge no person completing the meditation process contracted Swine Flu and indeed it was not the disaster many were expecting. Meditation and calling for Divine Assistance is the key to true safety and security in a world that seems to be falling apart but is in fact simply being slowly rebir thed into a Planet of Light.


Some Astrological events affect us all and trying to force things to happen will only cause delays, frustrations and confusion. Think of the election held in 2010 in Australia earlier this year during the time of Mercury Retrograde – the results were a long time coming! For myself I find just taking into consideration about Mercury Retrograde as a good time for rest and reflection but difficult for business, computers and organising people and events. The next Mercury Retrograde will be between March 30 to April 23, 2011. As you learn to flow with the rhythm of life you will be much better prepared to cope with change and be able to create a smoother path in life. ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Psychic of the Year 2010 (National) by the Australian Psychics Association. She trains many professional psychics in Australia and Asia. Sign up for Elisabeth’s FREE email Newsletter “Isis Blessings” on her website to keep informed or call 1300558075 for course brochures.

GEORGE KAVASSILAS “OUR JOURNEY HOME ” “The time of THE GREAT CHANGE is upon us, and is the outcome for those who embarked on a journey eons ago. All who have chosen to be here at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude that few on ear th can currently comprehend, and of which multitudes in the universe regard in the highest esteem - the transformation of our Divine Mother Earth and her humanity into Beings of Light and Universal Creators.” Geor Georgg e K a v assilas George Kavassilas has enthralled world-wide audiences on international radio programs like “Project Camelot” and “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation”.. His website receives tens of thousands of new visitors every month. George does not have any major academic achievements to speak of, a blessing in disguise as far as he is concerned. But what George does have is an immense wisdom gained through a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. He helps you RE-discover the truth of what life is really about beyond religious, scientific and new-age paradigms. George’s message empowers you from within, allowing you to make better decisions during this time of the Great Change. YOU are more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can imagine. George commences the first leg of his 2011 ‘Our Journey Home’ global tour in March with full day seminars across Australia. YOU will re--discover who we really are, where we come from and find an inner peace once again through remembering “Our Journey Home”. George has always seen the world through different eyes compared to those around him. Even from a very young age he was aware that the universe was full of life, and could see and feel life around him in a far more significant way than other people, which included the teachings of the so called education system, religious doctrines and society in general portraying a vastly different and limited perspective. The journey began for George as

GEOR GE KA GEORGE KAVVASSILAS far back as his memories of this current life allow, to around the age of five. He has memories of being taken from his bed at night onto ships, and being taken to other places on the planet and to other worlds. His interactions with other Beings on many different levels of realities have been occurring throughout his life. George always new that life was going to change on the planet in the very near future, and that he was going to play a role in that change. This feeling and knowing dwelled way beyond his mind, it was centred right into the core of his Being. Past experience had given George the gift of understanding the obligation and responsibility he felt toward humanity. Also, when he was in the presence of his greater family, the “Great Change” and the transformation of Mother Earth was what all were discussing and preparing for. For more information visit



KALEIDOSCOPE An informative guide to body, mind and spirit events in your community


Absolute Soul Sectrets

In 2000 Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS had a dream of Archangel Michael who wrote the name “Absolute Soul Secrets” on her forehead. At the time, she had no idea what this meant, it was a soul secret even to her! However after about 3 months, a series of ‘coincidences’ led Rose to believe it was a new business endeavour she was destined to star t. More dreams confirming her new direction led to the international psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets. 10 years later Absolute Soul Secrets is the most reputable and well known psychic network in Australia and New Zealand. Only genuinely gifted psychics are invited to read on this network. So if you want a good reading with a good psychic that doesn’t cost a fortune, call Absolute Soul Secrets today! 24/7 pay by your phone account call 1902 221 596 $2.97 pm (mob more, Callucopia), credit cards 1300 850 196 $2.45 pm. Check our free astrology on

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak. Sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go ~Author Unknown

COURSES for the Spirit- Classes, Courses and Workshops WORKSHOPS IN 2011 • Chakras • Ayurveda ...includes lunch • Dreams ..night journeys • Anxiety and and meditation • Menopause.... .with Yoga, meditation and nutrition • Art as Therapy.....journey with purpose • Sacred Women’s Circles All workshops are for sharing...healing...creating.....journeying and celebrating.

Workshops run monthly ....check website for details

BECOME AN ART THERAPIST OR COUNSELLOR Become an ART THERAPIST or COUNSELLOR and enjoy a Richly Rewarding Career Art Therapists and Counsellors commonly report that they have ‘finally found a career that is meaningful, where they know they are making a positive difference in peoples lives’. Ikon graduates work in a wide variety of settings, bringing their individual experience and passion to the process of helping others improve their lives. Enrolments are now open in Brisbane, Per th, and Adelaide for our 2011 Nationally Accredited Diploma Courses in: • Art Therapy • Transpersonal Counselling Contact us about VET FEE-HELP Information Nights - January 2011 - Brisbane and Perth CONTACT IKON FOR A FREE INFORMATION PACK (08) 8350 9753 | 0439 016

RECONNECTIVE YOGA WORKSHOP Learn how to integrate Healing into your Yoga Practise. Feel more relaxed, centred and experience oneness through this

new integration of Yoga & Reconnective healing. Discover this new energy Frequency. No prior Yoga or Meditation experience required this is an Introductory workshop. January 29th & 30th.

For further information contact Julie Jara 0403312316 or go to

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! 3 DAY LIFE PURPOSE SOUL RETREAT 4-6th March 2011 F e e l i n g stressed, unhappy, or lacking purpose & direction? Like to be connecting with your higher self, your life’s purpose, and learn how to move forward living a life you love? Join us at leading energy healer & author Juliet Martine’s life-changing 3 Day LIFE PURPOSE SOUL RETREAT and make 2011 your BEST YEAR YET! Just 1hr nor th of Sydney, get away from the busyness and stresses of life as you enjoy superb fresh food and life-changing experiences that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired & uplifted - money back guaranteed!

Gold Coast Convention Centre 28-30 January 2011 10.00am - 7.00pm Leaders and specialists in the field of health and wellbeing will come together at the Health, Harmony and Soul Expo. Those looking for a healthy, more inspired lifestyle may find just what they need at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from January 28 to January 30 where guests can enjoy free seminars and live stage performances. Event organiser Craig Matthews says the health and wellbeing expo showcases more than 100 exhibitors who can help visitors on a pathway to better health, options for self-improvement, alternative healings, natural therapies, spiritual guidance and much more. “Leaders and specialists in these respective fields will share their knowledge via our seminar room and the Rainbow Tipi,” he says. “With free seminars and workshops each day there will most definitely be something that you will want to experience. “These seminars will be on the hour every hour, and visitors can discover the answers to living a satisfying, successful and fulfilling life.” For more information visit

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY! Phone 0413 199649 or visit

USUI SHIKI RHOYO REIKI 1ST, 2ND & MASTERS DEGREE RESIDENTIAL Rosebud, Victoria. 4th to 11th February 2011, June 24 th to July 1 st 2011 Cost $2000pp for all 3 courses (Instalments Available). Includes 7 nights Resort Accommodation, All Meals. Materials & Activities. Limited places.

For more information or to reserve your place, contact Marcus at Complete Energies. 0449 162 091 or (03) 9311 2125

To ha our eevvent havv e yyour featured in this space phone InnerSelf Newspaper on 08 8396 6752

AWAKCON – the Conference A unique event scheduled for March 18 – 20 2011. Evolving Spiritual Consciousness a celebration of spirit where the mind meets the mystic. The Conference is a place where folks like you and I can share with philosophers, psychologists, historians, futurists, thinkers, alternative healers and metaphysical practitioners. Listen to a speaker or discussion panel, participate in a workshop and embrace the creativity of musicians and ar tists or venture into the Tarot Sphere or wander through the exhibition hall. Join us as we learn and discover together a united consciousness which integrates the theories of the

tough, rational minded with compassionate healers and visionaries. AwakCon is not for the dogmatic or the fearful but rather for the fearless seeker. Speakers and performers include: Gretchen Young, Walter Cruttenden, John Schumann, Amanda Jackes, Phil Golding, Grant Sarra, Emma Restall Orr, Melissa Donaldson, Shellie Morris, Samjjana, Chrissy Cush and more! - Contact Avalon on or 0419 792 022

CITY HEALING CENTRE Sydney’s newest natural therapies centre Sydney’s newest natural therapies centre opened its doors in Darlinghurst on December 1 st. Located close to the Sydney CBD, the City Healing Centre is only a 5 minute’s walk from Museum Railway Station and 13 minutes from Town Hall. Owner and long time healer and teacher John Gray says the Centre boasts four treatment rooms, Reception and welcome area, a kitchen and workshop facilities. Therapies currently offered at the City Healing Centre include, Acupuncture, Hawaiian massage, Remedial massage, Hypnotherapy, past life regression, Reiki treatments, Spiritual healing and Psychic readings. John has been a well known psychic healer in the Sydney area for more than 15 years and was until recently Manager of the famous Adyar Bookshop. John is very excited to be finally opening his own Centre. There are already 10 Practitioners and teachers working with him.

For more information please feel free to contact the City Healing Centre on 02 9358 2227.

The Power of Pilgrimage Travelling to sacred sites is a profound healing path for ourselves and Mother Earth. Interacting with the energies at sacred sites brings our bodies and spirits into alignment with Mother Earth and Divine Grace healing us on all levels. At this pivotal point in our evolution on earth pilgrimages are vital in helping us remember the way of Spirit and grounding this into our reality. Trans-

formational Tours offers sacred tours to the sacred places on this beautiful planet. Our tours are lovingly crafted for smaller groups and on tour we provide teachings and meditations using the Oneness Blessing at sacred sites as well as connecting with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers so maximum transformation can take place. Transformational Tours specializes in journeys to Tibet, the Andes, Southern Africa and Central Australia and is a registered travel agent. For more information see: or call Jeremy Ball or Azriel Re’shel on 1800 88 68 77

CELTIC PRAYER FLAGS The Celtic Prayer Flags are twelve prayers to send on the wind into the world to inspire hope and to know that we are Love in unity. The Celtic symbols are from the Celtic Prayer Flags, which complement this vision. As the prayer flags blow in the wind they disperse their qualities in conscious awareness to help seed a New Earth. One Earth One Spirit - Infinite Life. 0402 687 449 • 08 8339 6310

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The reason for spiritual enlightenment is not to escape life, but to learn how to live it richly, to enjoy it. Harold Klemp, The Language of Soul

You are warmly invited to

Eckankar Community Events The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.

Angel Essence House (R) Angelic gift shop, blessed handmade artworks, Healings, Readings, Courses. 94 Eagle Heights Road Mount Tamborine, QLD 0402504415

Bed & Breakfast Mirrabooka Bed & Breakfast is a place to get away from the world for a while, relax and rejuvenate your energies. We have no TV, instead we have a spa bath on the balcony over looking the Angus River, big mossy rocks, beautiful walks and private picnic spots.

Healing Inspired Healing Sessions – using a combination of Reiki, astrology and more to rediscover the Divine YOU. Contact Claire on 0407 359 347.

The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

InnerSelf Distributors

SYDNEY Brown St Community Centre, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown Phone: (02) 9212 2100

Atlantis Rising - 5/90 Griffith St, Coolangatta QLD 4225. Phone (07) 5536 7399

Sunday Feb 13 - 10:30am to 11:30am What Is Spiritual Freedom? Sunday Mar 13 - 10:30am to 11:30am How do Gratitude and Self-Responsibility Improve Your Spiritual Life? PORT STEPHENS Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette Contact Cynthia: (02) 4984 4445 Sunday Feb 6 - 11am to 12pm Life – the Divine Gift for Soul’s Unfoldment Sunday Mar 6 - 11am to 12pm Experiencing the Blessings of Divine Spirit

Bluewater Organics. Certified organic Mini Mart. 36 Thuringowa Drive, Townsville Qld. Ph (07) 4723 3300

Modern Skincare - Shop 2, 43 Cavenagh St, Darwin NT 0800. Phone Holly Fisher (08) 8981 6948 Young Community Centre - Main St, Young NSW. Beverley Walker, Community Exercise Programs inc Tai Chi, Chi Gong. Phone (02) 6382 1948


CANBERRA Majura Hall, Rosevear Place, Dickson Contact: (02) 6288 5242

Clairvoyant/Medium. Contact departed loved ones. Tarot readings for spiritual guidance. Spirit Guide Drawings. Past Life Regression. Contact Marlaine Nicholson-Smith 0419 267 084

Sunday Mar 13 - 10:30am to 11:30am Who are the ECK Masters? GOLD COAST 3/14 Lavelle St., Nerang. (07) 5527 2677 Everyone is welcome. Receive a gift HU CD, with light refreshments afterwards. Sunday Jan 16 - 9:45am to 10:30am Community HU Song –Sing HU to expand your awareness. Sunday Feb 6 - 9:45am to 11am ECK Worship Service - Awaken the Divinity Within, and when you recognize this same divinity in others, then you can begin to love truly. Wednesday Feb 16 - 7:15pm to 8:45pm Introductory Discussion - Keys to Living a More Meaningful Life: Expand your spiritual awareness of life. Call Kathie (07) 5533 7913. Sunday Feb 20 - 9:45am to 10:30am Community HU Song - To uplift your heart. Wednesdays Mar 2 ,16 & 30 - 7:15pm to 8:45pm Introductory discussions - Keys to Living a More Meaningful Life: Find greater love and harmony in your life. Call Kathie (07) 5533 7913. Sunday Mar 6- 9:45am to 11am ECK Worship Service: Experience the Abundance of God’s Love: You are a vehicle for the Holy Spirit, & in giving love, you will receive it. Sunday Mar 20 - 9:45am to 10:30am: Community HU Song – to bring freedom, wisdom and truth.

For a complete Calendar of Events in your community visit

Merge Personal Development with extra ordinary income opportunity. Platinum, internationally awarded products. A philanthropic company built on integrity, empowerment & leadership.

Pet Supplies GreenPet Naturopathy and natural products for animals. Free mail order catalogue Australia wide. Phone + online consultations available (07) 5449 1453

Psychics Aliz’s Psychic Solutions. The most popular psychic line you will ever call. Liz’s truly caring gifter advisors. 1902 215 584 $2.97pm mobex, creditcards $2.95 pm call. Liz 0352661174 or Holly 0352483001. We have over 30 readers. Readings call 1902 255 770 credit cards 1300 360 621 $3.63pm (mob extra) sms Guide 1990 2221 $3.50 s/r or for appt.

Polarity Therapy

Cranbourne’s Earths Treasures Shop 8, 33 High St, Cranbourne VIC. Phone (03) 5995 9777

Sunday Feb 27 - 1:00pm to 3:30pm WORKSHOP: Discover Your True Potential

Sunday Feb 13 - 10:30am to 11:30am How to Strengthen the Love Within

Personal Development

Polarity Therapy ENERGY MEDICINE

Publishing Make it happen now! Publish your manuscript with Joshua Books. Contact us on (07) 5493 1700



Be Beautiful, Healthy & Safe. Shop at Organic Beauty World for Green healthy bodies inside and out! Free shipping – friendly service. Phone 1300 662 543

ACCURATE TAROT Readings/ Theta Healing. Life direction, love, business consultation, any Issue. Courses. Heal from doubts, fears, traumas. Carolyn 0438 790 641

EXPERIENCE THE JO JOYY OF HU All Welcome • FFrree Right now it’s possible to rapidly transcend the human condition and move into profound states of expanded awareness. If you are seeking a way to experience these profound levels of Divine Love and spiritual freedom within yourself, then HU, an ancient holy mantra, offers a direct approach to achieving these sacred states. What is remarkable from a human perspective is that a rapid expansion of consciousness or state of enlightenment can be achieved through the singing or chanting of a single sacred syllable over a relatively short time period. This sacred syllable HU is unique in that no religion or spiritual belief system can lay claim to it. It belongs to no one and everyone can use it to enhance their spiritual life regardless of their religion or spiritual path. HU is a sacred, spiritually charged word, hidden from the masses for centuries. Now due to rapid changes in planetary conditions during this present era, it has been released back into the world for all to use on their journey to balance, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.

For information about Eckankar in your state visit

Reiki ARC Inc. Australian Reiki Connection. Australia’s Leading REIKI Association Est. 1997 - Run by Members for Members with fellowship and support. Access to Insurance. FREE Membership of [AARP] Association Australian Reiki Professionals National Referral Directory. Discounts on Massage Tables, Music CD’s Salt lamps. Informative website & Forum ARC INK Quarterly Magazine. Regional Rep. Kathryn McKie (Mt Gambier) phone 0406 355 249. SA State Rep. Christine Sinclair Ph. 0411 604 753 National ph 1300 130 975

Self Employment

Specialise in You. Brilliant opportunity to have more time, more money, more fun! No stress. No boss. Training and support provided. No selling/telling, not MLM. Phone (03) 9443 0127 and email

Soaps Alex’s Handcrafted Soaps & Shampoo Bars. Palm oil free, range includes goats milk & dog soap. or Phone (08) 83889467

Spirituality Know Thyself as Soul. Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others and love for all creation. Its goal is to enable the soul to return to and merge with its source; the purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Discipline and dedication are essential, as is the help of a competent living Master. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a non-profit incorporated association. For further info call 1800 462 193 or visit

Tantra Weekend Workshop. 2527 March 2011. “ Prepare for a Magical Relationship: Esoteric Tantra For Singles. Ecstasy is an everyday experience. info: http:/ / or 0412716238"

Travel Travel companions wanted to go to either southeast Asia or Latin America in Feb and/or March 2011, esp. to either the Philippines or Chile. 0414 229 854 333

A-Z RESOURCE GUIDE 20 words for $65 ($3.30 every other word) Colour photo/logo: $40

$199 PREPAID for 12 Months (For 20 words + pic)




3 One -CD by Kevin James One is an expression of the movement of realisation that’s spreading across the planet right now... the movement that honours a universal view of the ancient cultures and religions of the world, embracing their commonality... the One. Each track is a modern devo-


that enchanted and inspired the dreams of a generation is still as timeless as ever. An unforgettable ‘blue moon’ experience, Yusuf’s historic concerts were everything his audience hoped for. As one would expect from such an innovative and unpredictable artist it was not a just tour in the usual sense, but an extenuation of his musical life journey. Yusuf: Roadsinger Live in Australia

Awareness versus Self-Improvement

(Via Vision, $29.95) is available from all major retailers.

A healthy and sustainable life style In tune with the Moon Doesn’t cost the earth

Since 2006 the Moontime Diary has been promoting a natural lifestyle in tune with the moon and planetary phases. The overwhelming positive and encouraging feedback has contributed much to the improvements and popularity the diary is experiencing every year. Inspired by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe, influenced by Steve Jolley and suppor ted by Gisela Stieglitz, Iris has spent considerable time observing and experimenting with how the Moon and Planetary cycles affect our daily lives. “By tuning to the moon we go with the flow. Like fishermen going


Pub: Kevin James

Yusuf (Cat Stevens): Roadsinger Live in Australia DVD

There was celestial excitement in the Southern Hemisphere when the announcement of Yusuf touring Australia and NZ was made. When he last hit the road in Australia it was as the enigmatic Cat Stevens, a powerful and evocative singer-songwriter who brought the world Moonshadow, First Cut Is The Deepest, Wild World and so many other classic folk-pop hits. In 2010, thirty six years later, he returned, reminding us that the voice


tional hymn, a song of clear intent and purpose: to expand awareness beyond the thinking mind, to enter the unified bliss of the hear t. A beautiful Australian achievement.

out with the tide, instead of struggling against it, we too can save effort, time and resources. Tuning to the moon phases for garden activities, health and beauty treatments, housekeeping and all sorts of planning doesn’t cost the earth and we still get great results.” The Moontime Diary helps you to use the phases of the moon to determine the best time for everything from when to plant seeds, when to break up with your boyfriend, when to lay wooden floorboards! Find planetary tables, appropriate times for ritual and giving thanks to earth. Using the moon is plain physics and sustains a healthy lifestyle.

ergy, mental clarity, better sleep, along with a reduction of bloating and a general sense of wellbeing. You may also experience a decrease in any symptoms from ailments that are caused by toxic build up, which could be many. Why does the water look & smell bad? During the treatment you will notice progressive change in the colour of the water. This is perfectly normal and happens mostly due to electrolytic reaction between metallic array and saline solution (i.e. salty water). You may also see some


Iris currently lives in Mullumbimby, a little town at the foot of Mt. Chincogan in northern NSW. She enjoys working from home and is dedicated to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in tune with the moon. w w w. m o o n t i m e d i a r y. c o m . a u PH: 02 6684 2770

The Dr Detox Ion Cleanse - RRP $149.95

The Dr Detox Ion Cleanse is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which reenergises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being. By placing your feet in the supplied tub your can experience Dr Detox. We recommend once a week for 6 weeks then once a month for three months. Then start the weekly programme again. Every single body is different and therefore the results vary from person to person. Many people report an increase in en-

deposits floating in the water. Again, this is perfectly normal and can be caused by many different factors, such as water source remnants of dead skin cells on your feet.

Available from most heath food stores or call us direct on 03 98999800 or visit our web site

To be in the draw to receive one of these prizes, email with your name and address and the giveaway you would like to win.

Once we understand that the power of awareness leads us to essential humility and ordinariness, then we can grant ourselves permission to inquire deeply into all aspects of ourselves that constitute our identities. Often we are afraid to do this, imagining that if we were to look at the darker parts of ourselves and discover something par ticularly unpleasant or disillusioning, we would not be able to face it. But I am not talking about dwelling obsessively on the negative. As soon as we turn our full, nonreactive gaze on a difficult feeling, we are, by the very nature of awareness, already more than it is. Our identification with that feeling weakens. It is not what we feel or experience that we need fear; it is what remains unconscious that poses the real threat. Par ts of our sur vival psychologies, such as an unconscious need to feel loved and secure by helping others, eventually betray us. They will always affect our motives and inevitably distort our behaviour, undermining even our best intentions. This is why in my work, as I guide people to ever-deeper self-inquiry, I frequently ask them, “Are you undertaking this work because something is innately wrong with you? Do you believe you need to be fixed?” The true answer is “No!” This work is not about self-improvement. It is only and simply about developing a fuller awareness. We do this work not because it can relieve suffering but because, when we are suffering, this suffering, in whatever form it takes, is the truth of this particular moment. We must turn toward it as if it were a child who needs the full and loving attention of its mother. Remember: Anything we can become aware of, we are already greater than. Any attempt to change ourselves or improve ourselves as a means of avoiding a feeling only leads to

ceaseless self-manipulation or the manipulation of others, and it does not change the underlying sense of insufficiency from which we unconsciously continue to run. To turn toward what is, in the here and now, and to meet it with the full power of awareness, is to arrive all at once at the wholeness that is, and always has been, our essential selves. Transforming ourselves by means of this path requires us to become more aware in our suffering. Simply by being present, without blinking which means keeping the mind completely still as it gazes at the specific feeling - we cease to create the me that is the home of that suffering. The image of not blinking comes from my childhood enjoyment of Western movies, where, when two gunfighters faced each other, whoever blinked first was shot. At a deeper level, masters of martial arts know that the contestant who moves from thought, which is much slower than moving from presence or being, generally loses the match. There are legends in the world of martial arts that tell of victory being awarded in competitions even before any physical contact has taken place. Some judges are so attuned that they sense the movement in the minds of the competitors and call the match in favour of the one with the deepest stillness. In my work, to blink means that in the face of a difficult feeling, we let our minds move away from the feeling into thoughts about the past or the future, or into stories about ourselves or about the feeling itself. In so doing we leave the original feeling and become involved instead with these thoughts and the secondary feelings they engender. This propels us away from the Now, and this movement sustains and intensifies the me that is resisting the original feeling. We wind up suffering even more, but in a way that feels familiar because it preserves our usual sense

of me. If we don’t blink, me recedes. As we come into direct relationship with the original feeling, we evolve and our interior becomes more spacious. What began as fear of a feeling transforms into energy and presence. Then we can make our choices, such as leaving a job or a relationship, in response to a sense of openness and possibility rather than as a means to avoid a feeling. Awareness Is the Path If we begin unconsciously from the premise that we are insufficient, we end up caught in the endless cycle of reacting to our insufficiency and trying to fill ourselves. The only way to get off this misery-go-round is to begin by being aware that we are whole. Consciousness itself is that wholeness. It is like water: it can assume any shape into which it is poured, yet it never loses its own essence. Through the power of awareness, we can enter into relationship to anything whatsoever that we are experiencing and still remain, in our essence, whole and full. We can be aware of the most devastating feelings of insufficiency, and yet, the moment we say, “Here am I,” and turn toward what we are experiencing, the part of us that makes this awareness possible eternally receives us. Our experience may not change immediately, the pain may remain terrible for a while, but we know, even if only to the tiniest degree, that we are more than this pain. The essential part of ourselves is never broken, is never in itself corrupted in any way. The true self is not a thing we can know; it is an inexhaustible power that can carry us deeper and deeper into ourselves and into reality. How much more complete our knowledge of ourselves can become depends on how deeply we yearn to know ourselves and how much reality we can bear before fear chases us into a dream of our own fabrication. The limit to Self-realization is set the moment we reach a fear, such as the fear of abandonment, that we experience as too great to face, or an idea so compelling that we identify ourselves with it, like the idea of communism or the idea that there is only one Son of God. At such a moment, we lose connection to the beingness of human being and become only human. Like the aikido students learning to wake up when the master walks by, we have to wake up. We have to wake up out of the dream created when our awareness buries itself in our stories or roles, and particularly the dream created when we flee difficult feelings. The path to awakening consciousness is a path of conscious relationship to everything we experience and feel. It is ceaseless self-inquiry and necessary, conscious suffering, which must continue until more and more easefully we can rest in the fullness of being. Dr har Dr.. Ric Richar hardd Moss is an internationally r e s p e c t e d spiritual teacher and visionary thinker. He is the author of The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness and other books on conscious living and inner transformation. For thirty years he has guided people of diverse backgrounds in the use of the power of awareness to realize their intrinsic wholeness and reclaim the wisdom of their true self. His work integrates spiritual practice, psychological self-inquiry, and body awareness.



Innerself Magazine - East West / 2010  

Innerself Magazine

Innerself Magazine - East West / 2010  

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