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Perfecting Life Through Imperfection Sky Shayne Innes “Life doesn’t get better. Life is perfect exactly as it is.” I wrote these words in my book, Love’s Alchemy, with the crystal clear clarity that comes in those precious moments of true and perfect awareness. Yes, they are words that point powerfully to the truth, and because they are the truth, we recognise their truthfulness in our hearts. Nonetheless, even with heart intelligence, these words can trigger a howling resistance, a rage and an outcry that would make a mountain quake. How dare you say that life doesn’t get better, that life is perfect exactly as it is. How dare you say life is perfect when my wife has left me; when the diagnosis is cancer; when my child comes home in tears again because of the bullying. How dare you say life is perfect when another species is now extinct for no other reason than we have chopped its natural habitat down. And, we have chopped it down in the name of energy, ignoring the energy of the sun and wind and water. How dare you say life is perfect exactly as it is, when I have yelled at my best friend because my tolerance is non-existent for lack of sleep, because the back pain turns night into a hell-realm filled with the crazies. How dare you speak of perfect life when the abuse still plays out in my life fifty years later and my hear t is broken again.

How dare you! How dare you?

As a question, it is well asked. How, indeed, can we find life perfect exactly as it is? How, when life feels like a burden and not a gift, a “to do” list and not an awesome experience of wonder and delight. And, if it is perfect exactly as it is, do I sit back and put up with it, with my addiction, my anger, my wound, my harmfulness, my pattern, my intolerances and my prejudices? The alchemy in these words is to do with your point of view. If your point of view is informed by the material world you appear to live in, then these words are outrageous in their inaccuracy. If the divine informs your point of view, then these words are sacramental, inviting the mysterious and the sacred directly into your present moment. The invitation is to tune in to your wisdom body, awakening your inner guidance. This is where you have to give up your sureties of who you think you are and what it’s all about. The world we see with our eyes open is the conceptual world, our consensus reality and, ultimately, the illusion. Close your eyes and you begin to see the rest of the world, the possibilities and the potentials of this great illusion. Every aspect arises out of your creativity. We close our eyes, not to escape but to explore infinite possibility. We enter new dimensions and other reali-

ties from this inner realm. We don’t do this to get a better understanding, and often there is no coherent explanation. Instead, there is revelation, an uncovering of the mysterious that brings insight, inspiration and guidance but remains always a mystery. There is a purpose for every aspect of our lives and a protocol for manifesting it as the divine. Trust is the key. Total trust that whatever you are creating now, it is always about manifesting the divine. Your life is a message to the divine. Your life, your stories, your journey has no other purpose than to manifest the divine in form. To do this we have to know life’s sweetest gift, which is love. Actually, life is love but we can experience life either from the perspective of love or its opposite, fear. Life lived in love means that you trust that everything - every experience, every obstacle, every tribulation - is there for the single purpose of awakening to the divine. When your life is a painful experience in one way or another, it is an invitation to remember, to recognise, to realise. Because of the invitation, life is perfect exactly as it is. Love has many qualities but perhaps the most demanding quality of love, is trust. If you can accept the invitation, trust gives rise to a freedom and spaciousness in the face of the most challenging experiences. Trust that you are walking your path exactly as you need to walk it. You may trip, stumble, even fall along the way, but know that no matter what, everything is always okay. In recents weeks, I have faced an assortment of challenges, the most difficult being to do with my physical health. Blessedly healthy for most of my life, this health issue came as a very unwanted, imperfect and somewhat nasty surprise. It also delivered two precious gifts. One is the gift of listening - listening to my body and respecting its messages. I have long understood this but I am now so much more receptive, aler t and respectful. The other is the gift of choice and creative choice at that. Do I go along with what the doctors say (and if so, which one?) or do I withhold my agreement and manifest differently? This does not mean I fly in the face of their wisdom. This means I take responsibility for it, trusting my guidance for the right support and treatment. I confess I came close to handing over responsibility but my antennae for fear stood me in good stead. As I write this, I cannot tell you a story of resolution but I can tell you of my resolution to trust that life is perfect exactly as it is. Trust deconstructs the story of fear. To be willing to trust that it is all divine design invites real transformation. Every joy and every bump in life is recognised as the divine matrix designed to grow and evolve, not just you personally but the whole that you are. Imperfection is the invitation to realise the perfection that is always, already here. Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an eng aging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’ s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit www.

WHY OUR EMOTIONS ARE THE KEY TO PRONOUNCED AND LASTING CHANGE by Jaan Jerabek Things were not always going well for me. I was always emotionally stuck, full of anxiety and riddled with physical ailments, not to mention broke and never able to achieve the abundance of love & money “I knew I deserved”. I was constantly in my head, because I constantly tried to escape the emotional trauma stuck in my body and heart, so it was less painful to stay in my intellect. (Yes, poor intellectuals... it is true) My thinking would run 24/7. I literally used to think so much that there were times I would not sleep all night because my mind would be so active. I lived in constant hyper vigilance never having inner peace. Depression would come and go, addictions would come and go. I would systematically sabotage my relationships if I finally got the partner I wanted, that was when I was not chasing unsuitable par tners/love interests. I was a mess. I was your average human being. The only thing that really made a difference was emotional release work. Why emotional release work? On our journey of wholeness, our healing, there are 4 main stages we have to go through in order to resolve our “Core Life Issue” issue. I deliberately say “issue” singular because I have found that no matter what we are trying to deal with, whether it is dysfunctional relationship patterns, or lack of relationships. Whether it is family issues, life purpose issues, money issues, health issues, depression issues, anxiety issues, physical health issues...whatever the issue is, it actually ALL stems from your “Core Wounding” or two in some cases. The univer se actually made it rather simple for us, our poor minds have made it complicated and we segregate the areas of our lives when in fact all the different areas of our lives will be symptoms/expressions of the one thing that runs us and uses up our lives - our unconscious core beliefs. We are either driven by “I am not good enough, I am bad, I am not wanted, There is something wrong with me, I am not good enough as a boy for mum, or as a girl for dad” and the list goes on. But behind all of these is the experience/mis-interpretation that we are not being loved, and all these core beliefs are what we decided to rationalize in our mind why

we were not experiencing our parents love... some are more than rationalizations and were things we were told over and over such as “You are a naughty/ bad boy” or some were things we psychically picked up on “I wish I had a son, not another daughter” if your dad was inclined that way or “I wish I had a girl after my first boy” as my mum thought to herself... we know what goes through our parents’ mind when we are really young. The job of the therapist/healer/facilitator is to help you become aware of this unconscious part of your thinking process – that governs 98% of your decision making on an unconscious level AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, help you discharge the emotional pain that keeps that part of your thought process alive and running the show. The emotional energy literally keeps it alive and in charge of your reality... The painful emotions associated with these core beliefs and not experiencing love issue is the equivalent of an electro-magnetic energy charge that has to be discharged through crying/wailing it out to discharge the grief aspect, screaming/punching/ kicking it out to discharge the anger aspect and shaking in fear & terror to discharge the fear aspect. If you do not go through this and only uncover the belief aspect and then “decide to move on, forgive yourself and your parents” you are in “la la land” and will wonder why down the road you are still experiencing suffering, struggle and unnecessary stress in life. If you are undertaking a therapy that does not have as a goal the discharging/ expression from the system your built up emotional pain - your anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame, then you are wasting your money and you are wasting your time. Many therapists mean well, and genuinely desire to help you and want to see you get better, but if your therapist does not have the tools to facilitate in you the releasing of raw emotions, than chances are they have done a “mental learning” of human nature, or even worse they have studied statistics and other people’s case studies from text books, which the majority of psychologists have as training in university, and they are equipped to only give you “advice” around changing your thinking or

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Innerself Issue 38 EW/2012  

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