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the next headline. The hopelessness without becomes the hopelessness within. Just to survive, we separate ourselves further and further. Ultimately our aim is not merely to ties frombut thistoinner realm.Today, We don’t do survive live fully. to live this isto no getlonger a better understanding, fully about self-gratificaand often is no coherent explation. It is athere transcendent awareness nation. Instead, thereisisnorevelation, that as the One, there peace or an uncovering of the mysterious that wellbeing possible while another sufbringsThe insight, andcaring guidfers. way ofinspiration love teaches ancesharing, but remains always a mystery. and compassion and deep Thereforisall. a purpose forare every asrespect We know we happipectwhen of our livesconnected. and a protocol for est we feel manifesting as the life, divine. When we ithonour withTrust all itsis the key. Total that whatever you diversity and trust astonishing multiplicarequite creating now, peace it is always about ity, naturally is present. manifesting Peace is onetheofdivine. those qualities that Your life is aWemessage to the divine. is indivisible. are either at peace Your journey or, We your talk ofstories, ‘fightingyour for peace’? haspeace no other purpose thanfrom to manino is going to come fightfest the form.means ‘a violent ing. Thedivine word initself To do this we have know life’s struggle involving the to exchange of sweetestblows gift, which love.ofActually, physical or theis use weaplife is More love but we can experience life ons’. importantly, fighting for either from love peace keepstheusperspective locked in aofconor its opposite, fear. Life separation lived in love sciousness of division, means that you trust that everything and conflict. - every experience, every ‘As within, so without’ - anobstacle, alchemeverywisdom tribulation there for the ical of the- isAncient Ones, single purpose to the handed down to ofusawakening through generadivine.ofWhen your life a painful extions ignorance andisfinally coming perience one way another, it isfor an to light. Ifinwithin youorare fighting invitation to remember, recognise, peace, without will be a to reflection of to realise. of the invitation, this duality,Because this polarity of incompatlife isenergies. perfect exactly as it is. ible Love has many qualities perWhen I think of the greatbut peacehaps theofmost demanding of makers our time - nelson quality Mandela, love, is trust. If youAung can San accept Mahatma Gandhi, Suuthe Kyiin-vitation, rise tothey a freedom they don’ttrust fightgives for peace, stand andpeace spaciousness the face of the for and theyinstand so powermostinchallenging experiences. fully a consciousness of peaceTrust that thatcan youfeel arethe walking yourofpath exactly we strength their love as you need to walknot it. You and deep respect, justmay for trip, the stumble,condition even fall but along but human forthe theway, whole spectrum of existence. As an integral quality of love,

and respecting its messages. I have long understood this but I am now so much more receptive, aler t and respectful. The other is the gift of choice and creative choice at that. Do I go along with what the doctors say (and if so, which one?) or do I withhold agreement manifest peace is my found through and a very short differently? This does journey within, into not the mean hear tI fly andin facejourney of their wisdom. athevast without.This Whatmeans doesI take vast responsibility for it,like? trusting my this journey look It looks guidance forand theflows, rightalways suppor t and harmonious toward I confessItI includes came close to atreatment. natural balancing. many, handing responsibility but my many actsover of kindness and some of antennae forespecially fear stoodof me in good forgiveness, ourselves. As I writerights this, I cannot tell you Itstead. recognises as universal a story resolution but Ibe canabused, tell you and thatofnothing should of my resolution to trust that life is wasted and squandered - nothing perfect as it is. and no exactly one. It sees that everything is Trust deconstructs the dynamic story of precious and sacred in this fear. Toofbelife.willing to trust that it is all dance divine invites transformaAs adesign process, lifereal guides us totion. Every joy andIt every in life wards the light. opensbump pathways is recognised the divine matrix that initiate our as heartfelt desires. But designed to first growcleanse and evolve, not Initiates must the blocks just you but from the whole that that keeppersonally us separate our true you are. Then we flow, we dance with lineage. Imperfection invitation to a light footprint, iswethe follow our bliss realise perfection is always, and gift the life with our truethat humanity. already here.


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .


to instant gratification in many areas new being, whose circumstances of life, including those where such an were unsuitable for the ways of the expectation is simply dysfunctional. ancients. Theweslyare,man, therefore, beginning. our being. To recall hamlet’s The teachings of Armenian mystic did not withdraw from the in our right The Gurdjieffian path to becom- famous question,world we forfeit George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff who was human orderbeing to achieve enlightenment; ing a fully developed to be. In effect, we choose not to be. revolves around of key learned Or to put ithow yet another way, we cease active in the first half of the 20th cen-a number but instead to work concepts and practices, the mostwithtonormal be; we lose with our soul. tury, revolved around the developcreatively life touch conditions with STEPHEn DEnHAM with STePhen DenhAM fundamental of these being attenModern studies reveal there is ment of an awarenesstion. of energy and andofdemands. The ‘self-rememAttention is the basis “self- a substantial level of mental effor t practical effor ts to remembering” enhance one’s bering’ exercises andto tasks given work on by which Gurdjieff required simultaneously personal manifestation of it.theGurdjieff to students their all-round meant process of being present fostered multiple tasks. Multitasking is counto what doing – that is, going -terproductive for two basic reasons: referred to his approach as one ‘theisway development physically demanding life without distracted 1) employees simply cannot multitask of the sly man’. And about perhaps it is abeing so work, the seeing and non-expression or divided. With sustained effor t, like a computer, and so switching from The ideas of the Armenian mystic statement linked closely to his view testimony to the low public profile ofwas a of learning to results self-remembering keynegative factor in emotions one task and to another ultimately George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866- that in the normal flux of life we are a his pupils, that this way is rarely ac- the detach one’s gradually breaking hypnosisoneself of in from loss of time thoughts and efficiency; and 1949) may at first glance seem far collection of many different selves or knowledged or heardday-to-day of today. life, Whatthe rulership of the through sustained 2) theself-observation. demand and effor t involved removed discussion of multi“I”s. forKirlian each of photography us, at any given moThere is from morea to chemistry than the of nature and accident and the vagaries of generates ever the case, does it law haveof something In today’s world of considerable informationstress for tasking in the 21st century – and yet ment, there may be a different “I” in beakers and Bunsen burners many the human aura suggests that enerof our-the way employees, overGurtime can have to offer us in 2012? the many “I”s - those parts overload, of the which sly man key elements of his teachings speak charge, depending on our emotional selves with different needs and wants additional negative consequences for ofto us recall from our high school getic fields are a defining attribute only complement current thinking us now with a striking relevance. state or the situation at hand. In this The way of the sly- that mankeep wasuspredjieff first demonstrated to Western in a state of waking workplace productivity. days. Chemistry can alsosorefer living on an everyday BY JERABEk and the findings sented of workplace life isJAAN accelerating in 2012, muchto the divided of state, we things; cannot dowhile because as astudies, short cutslumber. to the breaking of theare 20th According to thissociety system, in thethe early Manypart strategies suggested by but reveal a whole other dimension quality each us like attracts level it islist common to self experience difso that of theenergy old can of seem there isand no consistent, reliable Things were notdays always going well for the goes on. But behind all vastsleep’ majorityGurdof men andcentury women are of the habitual ‘waking today’sas psychologists to counteract presents surprisingly to how we might approach life in this notprojects very long ago – saygiven two or three directing our behaviour. This idea - emotions or at any moment. ferent qualities of energy out of balance, meaningpertinent. they tend to His the negative effects of multi-tasking: me. I was always emotionally of “I”s these is the experience/mis-interinsights and methods decade jieff of thesaw 21stmankind century. immersed in; and at most, or even just last year.stuck, of many bears an- as interesting Ityears isofsurprising how neglected the and feelings a result of second interacbe inner predominantly orientated toward for instance, complete one job before full anxiety and riddled with physipretation that we are not being loved, the realisation of true growth dedicated to self-remembering are Present day strategies for dealAnd it’s not just fun that makes time relationship today with multi-tasking one of the three centres - intellectual, you move on to another; check your whole notion of personal chemistry tions othercomputer people. withwehighly and demanding, stress- Historically, this fly. ailments, not to mention broke and - a termand borrowed fromcore sci- areing cal allwith these beliefs what development. in effect a practical toolkit for inner physical, emotional - to the neglect of email only a few times a day; learn to andInenergy and effect on the or moreinpeople come ful workplaces operate at the our life, its it’s well recence in decided the When 1960s.totwo Sky is an never ableworking tois,achieve the abundance rationalize our mind why approach waslevel a development on its the midst of modern the others. for instance,development an intellec- indelegate better; and break up large of whatofGurdjieff called the “good world around us, not to mention the together there is an exchange ognised that if you are busy the Multi-tasking might be considered Si nk ys p i sr i na ng of love & money “I knew I deserved”. we were not experiencing ourhouseholder.” parents type woulddebe mentally focused to tasks intotomanageable predecessors, whichtualGurdjieff life, showing us how transformsub-tasks. Within the Gurdjieff day goes faster. But if the days are an important strategy in managing weinallmy bear for what we energy,some givingare risemore to something new; si np si pr i tr iu na gl having under-developed There are situations also a number Iresponsibility was constantly head, because love... thansystem, rationscribed as the way ofthe theextent fakir,ofmonk incoming impressions, andof what you rushing by then so is your life, and the demands a fast paced world;people, s p i r i t uHer al contribuute. whereof there are two thisthe “work” as it came to be emotional and physical expressions. teacher. might call being-focused practices Iindividually constantly tried to escape the emoalizations and were things we were and yogi; each of which corresponddemands into the lifted chemistry of known, could only be undertaken by it’s good to not lose sight of what’s in fact, as we find ourselves increasteacher.insight Her Gurdjieff’s work represented a recommended like deep, rhythmic incisive Energy might beinreadily assomight be calledover apriorities, third force; where students once they had established impor tant; not to get caught up in and ingly busy with competing tional trauma stuck my body told over and such as “You are ed to one of the three key aspects of new being. group-based, multi-faceted exposure breathing, stretching, progressive incisive insight combined with ciated with gaswhich or are aitfourth force and a basic mastery aover life conditions - is, the physical, ceaseless activity, atpainful the end of commonathere sense wouldthree, tell youboy” is esheart, so it was lesselectricity toused stay naughty/ bad or some were human being; that of this habitual, mechanical side of muscular relaxation, yoga, positive combined with an eng aging that is, they were able to hold down for cooking on. If one person is angry, another the heating day doesn’torleave you withpurposes. much. sential. so Current psychology, however, Denhamvisualisation (www.stevedenham. humancentres. nature, targeting Steve the different in my intellect. (Yes, poor intellectu- things we psychically picked employment, up on “I maintain and meditation. emotional and intellectual an eng aging presence, add a home, pay It is here that Gurdjieff’s teaching has something quite different to say We might also think of it in terms sad, Ianother happy oranother joyful, daughthis all published centres. The ultimate aimcom) was to has bringhad articles The strategies listedinabove are als... it is true) My thinking would wish had a son, not The fakir sought enlightenment e se er n ac ne d, p or w their bills and taxes, engage in stable us like a streetor sign, showing about it. One of a recent batch of that forms ofbeckons nuclear fission gravitational converges into the energy about a state of balanceInsight from which all commendable ways to becoming Magazine and Living Now add power and magnetism to her run 24/7. I literally used to think so ter” if your dad was inclined that way so on. bodily discipline, including magnetism to her message. Author us another way. In the early 1920s he courses rolled out to companies and relationships andthrough the individual could begin to awaken Hisgood to use the Gurdforces acting between earth and as a“Iresult. newspaper. bookhouseholders, ‘A Plate of Eggs’ message. Author of the book Love’s a good houseof the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’s emerged from a twenty-year pilgrimtheir employees aboutI had how toamanage much that there were the times I would or wish girl after myToday, firsttherefore, extreme acts of physical endurance their latent capacities –published the higher in 2011 jieff terminology. by Zeus however, (www. the being other planets within our galaxy. For Shakespeare’s Macbeth laments would be someone ablethetomonk through masAlchemy, Sky’transformative s focus is on the agesleep throughout the east, to present or prevent burnout multi-tasking focus is on the power not all night because my mind boy” as myputs mum thought to holder herself... and strength; emotional and centres. or soul dimension of human nature is dedicated manage similar demands within the example, from approximately 38,000 that ‘life is a tale told by an idiot, full to the western world a rich gestalt of firmly in the “no no” basket. Despite transformative power of love. She is of love. She is a psychologist and This raises big questions formateship us presents itselfSince in questions would be so active. I lived in constant we know what goes through fast-moving our par- context tery of their emotions and feelings; to the of soul. 1982 of spirituof our technolmethods andaway, disciplines borrowed the factof it appears to be a necessary a psychologist spiritual coach with kilometres the moon’s energy sound awhen fury and signifying nothspiritual coachand with her consultancy today, in regarddisto what we are doing, ality more than popular psychology or hyper vigilance never having inner ents’ mind we are really young. and the yogi through the mental ogy-driven lifestyle, without comprohe has been a member of the Sydneyfrom different faiths, tides philosophies and has aspect ing’. of surviving in today’s this busi-observation herSydney consultancy Sydney she in whereinshe offerswhere courses moves the ocean on earth, Unfortunately, and the quality of how we go about it. empirical research. If soul is a quinpeace. would The job of the therapist/healer/faciliof their inner self spiritual teachings cipline of studying practicesDepression - with the purpose ofcome wak- and ness environment, multi-tasking is mising the integrity ( offersprivate courses and private sessions. When we jump from onebased task togroup an- Leonis and sessions. She also runs tessential aspect of what it means to been cited as an influence on the cannot be dismissed as irrelevant or succumbing to stress or burnout. ing addictions humanity fromwould what hecome calledand its go. now recognised stressful, even aware go, tator is toashelp you become of and ideas. The way ofother, the we slygenerate man or a stress dedicated to bringing thewebenefits She also runs retreats in the Promised that combe human, should beofconcerned retreats in the Promised Land, a female menstrual cycle and linked to today. In fact, you may well argue the While this in itself might be consid“waking sleep.” counter-productive. stillness to everyday life. I would systematically sabotage my this unconscious part of your thinking the fourth way as it was referred to by promises more than just the quality if our contact with it is under threat. Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen beautiful valley near Bellingen in ered a worthy enough achievement, insomnia, aberrant behaviour and In this sound and the fury are more One of Gurdjieff’s better-known context, of known our work.pupils, Over time this also has a Our multi-tasking overdrive is in effect relationships if I finally got the partner process –Gurdjieff’s that governs 98%forstrident ofGurdjieff your thisone of Gurdjieff’s best in northernNSW. NSW.Teaching TeachingininAustralia, Australia, northern represents just the sayings is that “Man cannot do” – a ings from century than ago, not crime rates around the world. andalmost morea furious ever, and even impact of on the quality of who a lack or loss of attention. But in the an awakener. awakener. I wanted, that was when I was not decision making on an unconscious P.D.Ouspensky, was negative a synthesis Japan and the UK, Sky isis an However, on a personal level, we more meaningless. But if this is the Her invitation is to awaken awaken to to your your chasing unsuitable par tners/love level AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, help the ideas and practices belonging to may think Iofwas energy as mainly somecase,discharge the question of what wepain do fulfill your your true nature and, thereby, fulfill interests. a mess. you the emotional these different approaches. By workthing we need each morning to get with our personal energy comes into purpose. For sessions or details of I was your average human being. that keeps that part of your thought ing simultaneously on all the centres out of and about our aday. sharp profile - par ticularly the events call 0417or288 642 orofvisit www. The For sessions details events onlybed thing thatgoreally made dif- process alive and running theinshow. the aim was to produce a fully While thiswas is true, there is much more context of today’s fast-paced lifecall 0417 288 642 or visit www. ference emotional release work. The emotional energy literally keeps oped, balanced human being. to understand aboutrelease the energy each and ofaccessibility of Why emotional work? itstyle. aliveThe andspeed in charge your reality... The Gurdjieff work was a boot of us has what we with it. information is rapidly associated conditioningwith us On and our journey of do wholeness, The painful emotions camp for modern day seekers of our healing, there are 4 main these core beliefs and not experiencstages we have to go through in ing love issue is the equivalent of Creative expression is often felt as a deep order to resolve our “Core Life an electro-magnetic energy charge Issue” issue. I deliberately say that has to be discharged through vulnerability and is not easy to show to people “issue” singular because I have crying/wailing it out to discharge the but there is much healing in showing the real you found that no matter what we grief aspect, screaming/punching/ are trying to deal with, whether it kicking it out to discharge the anger through your expression. is dysfunctional relationship pat- aspect and shaking in fear & terror to lack of relationships. discharge the fear aspect. If you do Learn to connect and embrace your expression to reachterns, yourorfull potential Whether it is family issues, life not go through this and only uncover and create a lasting legacy. purpose issues, money issues, the belief aspect and then “decide to health issues, depression is- move on, forgive yourself and your Let out your inner roar! sues, anxiety issues, physical parents” you are in “la la land” and health issues...whatever the is- will wonder why down the road you Your personal expression comes in many forms including language andsue communication, is, it actually ALLartistic, stems from are still experiencing suffering, strugmusical and other creative modalities and even the way you create moments in your life. or two in gle and unnecessary stress in life. your “Core Wounding” some cases. If you are undertaking a therapy At instant impressions we offer a coaching service to provide practical The tools, techniques universe actuallyand made that does not have as a goal the disexperiential learning process’s to help you to truly express to leave a long lasting impression. it rather simple for us, our poor charging/ expression from the system minds have made it complicated your built up emotional pain - your and we segregate the areas of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame, Creative expression weekend retreats when inemotional fact all the dif- then you are wasting your money and • Explore yourself, your creativity and your expression through all formsour of lives creativity, areasdeeply of our lives will be you are wasting your time. intelligence and circle talking experiences. Connect to your essence to ferent heal and symptoms/expressions of the Many therapists mean well, and connect. one thing that runs us and uses genuinely desire to help you and up our lives - our unconscious want to see you get better, but if your Workshops core beliefs. We are either driven therapist does not have the tools • Vulnerability in personal leadership by “I am not good enough, I am to facilitate in you the releasing of • Creative expression through Art, Dance and Singing bad, I am not wanted, There raw emotions, than chances are they • Voice health and expression is something wrong with me, I have done a “mental learning” of hu• Empathy and in2me communication to deeply connect am not good enough as a boy man nature, or even worse they have for mum, or as a girl for dad” studied statistics and other people’s

Self SElFRemembering Remembering

Reclaiming our Bringing to LifeARE theTHE of Soul WHYBirthright OUR EMOTIONS Chemistry of New Being KEY TO PRONOUNCED AND


Coaching • Creativity coaching • Expression coaching • Vocal coaching • Business and leadership coaching

The overall benefits from our services are: • Increased self awareness • A greater sense of your full potential • Improved emotional balance and wellbeing • Improved social and emotional intelligence skills • A deeper understand in how to connect deeply to yourself and others through your expression • A renewed sense of creativity

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Innserself - Issue 29 EW/2012  
Innserself - Issue 29 EW/2012  

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