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Switching Back to our Natural Polarity

We live in times where there has been great distortion of the polarities, such that many women are more masculine and many men are more feminine. Why have men become more like women and women become more like men? We have been living in times of a polarity reversal and it’s about time for it to switch back to a natural flow. This is where Tantra plays a part in bringing balance to our society – supporting men and women to connect with the inner and outer masculine and feminine aspects. We refer to the feminine and masculine aspects as polarity within a person or within a relationship – negative polarity and positive polarity – like two ends of a magnet. The positive polarity is where the charge is generated and directed from and the negative polarity is where the charge is received. When in natural flow with his polarity the man will use his masculine as the way in which he interfaces with the world. Using his ability to direct and generate energy through his body and actions in life. A man’s connection with the external world will be to use his strength and ability to clarify and problem solve – he will

show the world his stronger side. On the inside, a man is soft and in touch with his inner feminine, he shares this with his closest beloveds, allowing them to nourish him and being open to receiving their gifts. He will also know how to use compassion and intuition for his inner journeying and will use his creativity in problem solving. This creates a beautiful combination of masculine and feminine in his life. When a man is overly engaged with his inner feminine, he comes across as too soft and is unattractive to women unless they are looking for a man whom they can control or manipulate. Equally, if a man is caught up in being the macho type – aggressive and domineering, it will be a turn off to a woman. A woman wants to feel that the man is able to bring clarity, direction and strength on the outside, but be soft and tender inside so that he is able to bring nurturing, compassionate, loving to his relationships and also that he knows how to feel and receive a woman. Any man or woman engaged

in the masculine all the time will burn out, the masculine is externally focused and provides strong direction of energy – anyone using masculine energy needs to know how to create balance, relaxation and nourishment by falling into the feminine. A woman’s natural polarity is the opposite to a man; she is soft on the outside, engaging with the world through her inner feminine. Allowing others to see and feel her hear t, creativity, nurturing and compassionate nature. She receives the world and the environment around her in the way she talks, walks and moves through life. When a woman is connected with the world around her in this way through the feminine, others instinctively feel her and respond to the warmth she emanates. This quality of feminine has been missing in our society for some time, as women have turned away from the feminine, having judged the feminine as too soft or weak. Conversely, a woman in her feminine will use her inner strength to stand up for what she believes in. She will speak out against anything which is against herself, against the environment or against humanity. We have moved from the 60s picture of women - where the housewife stayed at home and lived in a submissive way – a repressed and withheld picture of the feminine to a 90s version of women – competing with men in boardrooms and being aggressive and dominant in their lives. Where is the middle road? A woman can use her masculine for setting direction and purpose for her life – knowing who she is and what she is contributing to the world. And yet, she is able to do this using her


www.innerself.com.au softness, her intuition, her creativity, her ability to effortlessly and gracefully bring nourishment to herself and everyone around her. So she knows that her real and true feminine power comes through her vulnerability, not through trying to be like a man. Many women have taken the roles and characteristics of men as their way of being in the world and wonder why men aren’t being men – it’s because women haven’t allowed space for them to be men. We can bring balance back to this by falling into our own feminine, taking care of our feminine gifts and leaving space for men to be men. Through tantric practices, women can restore their femininity, men can reclaim their masculine and we can bring balance and complementary support back to all of our lives. It will be a more harmonious world to live in when the polarities are restored and women bask in their feminine radiance and men own their masculine presence. Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming has been actively exploring sacred sexuality, tantra, breathwork, energetic healing and shiatsu for over 8 years. Martina’s vision and passion is to inspire men and women of all ages to feel their own natural energy, joy, vitality and bliss. She facilitates a space of greater awareness, openness and receptivity for people to experience the essence and freedom of their inner being. Martina offers mixed workshops, courses for women as well as Tantric consultations to women, men and couples to expand their knowledge and energy. For more information, visit www.tantricblossoming.com or phone 02 9664 1110.

Pearls of Wisdom WITH DR MARY CASEY Illness is rife in our society with hospitals filled to capacity as well as long waiting lists for surgery. A friend recently needed to see a doctor and rang around trying to get an appointment and couldn’t get one; in fact many doctors’ surgeries said that they were too busy to take on any additional patients which meant that they had enough regulars to keep them in business! The local phone book had literally pages and pages of doctors listed, so it wasn’t as though there was a shortage of doctors. This is alarming and most definitely it is a clear indication that we have a serious problem in relation to the amount of sick people in our society or more importantly, our country. The questions that need to be asked here are: Why is this happening? And, what are we doing about it? It seems that there could be many reasons for this; however from a professional perspective from the psychological and spiritual realms, there appears to be a distinct link between illness and how we live our lives. For instance, many people take anti-depressants obviously because they are depressed. But what depresses them? As recent as last month a friend of a friend who was taking anti-depressants claimed that she didn’t know what made her de-

pressed. In discussing her lifestyle, it became evident that she had a drinking problem, drinking a bottle of wine a night and also she was in a dysfunctional relationship, which she claimed made her drink. What a vicious cycle! Do you think that taking the anti-depressants will resolve this lady’s problem? You see, we don’t look at the real issues. Many times we take the path of least resistance and go to the doctors and get medication. This is a bandaid solution only. Getting to the root cause is what needs to happen. This of course is easier said than done, however to fix it, this is what needs to happen. We need to somehow get through the pain and emotional turmoil and work out the deep-


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Innerself Issue 24 - East West / 2011  

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Innerself Issue 24 - East West / 2011  

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