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Okay … that moment is here. Now is the time to “Be who you are”. The world is calling out for open, clear vehicles. Forget all those thoughts about “not yet ready”, “need more time”, “not worthy”. You are ready, no time is needed, and you are worthy … just as you are. The world is reeling right now and conscious channels for peace and clarity are required. You are part of the plan. If you have caught a glimpse of the Eternal Vastness that sits at the heart of you, it’s time to allow for This to come to the fore. If you have tasted of Its magnificence but still entertain notions of, and identify with the “little me” ideas that so dominate the thinking … the moment is upon us. If you haven’t done it yet for yourself then do it now for the world. Take note: You are not who you think yourself to be. Look … really look. Who are you without all those ideas about who you are? See This … know this directly. Stop! Just where you are… right here, you already are all that which you have been seeking. Don’t go looking in your thinking mind for the truth of your own beingness. What you are … you already are. See this. No need to change your thinking, simply recognise that your thinking is not who you are and the thinking will change very naturally in response to this. The world now needs you. Just as you are. Don’t believe those thoughts about all the work that still needs to be done to get there. This is it. You are here … now. You are awake and if you rest in This for a moment, you will discover how so very close It is … how available and accessible This always is. It’s the very truth of you. Do you feel it? Look around you. There’s nowhere left to hide. Clarify by simply being present. Be here and ac-

tively listen with your whole being. Simply breathe … be … allow. This is where all your strength and inspiration comes from. Be This now.

Beyond words ... beyond thoughts ... No, before words ... before thoughts ... yet not far away, in fact no space for distance at all. This is where I find You. I look and You are seen. My heart opens ... and You are felt. Here ... yes, here You are. I take another breath and breathe This in ... Here You are. How else can I say it? I don’t seek to hold You, I wouldn’t dream of trying that any more, it always leads to defeat. No, no more trying to do anything ... simply falling back into This that is here ... This that You are. Another breath and my heart opens a little more. No distance ... no gap ... just This. I breathe in again and in this very moment, the delicate taste of Your always-already presence is felt anew. What a gift ... what a precious gift! I let it go immediately. And yet, here You are in this moment ... rediscovered afresh ... anew. In ... out ... up ... down ... light ... dark ... no difference. You are here. How simple. How clear. How pure. How real ... simply This ... simply Here ... simply You. Beyond words ... beyond thoughts ... yet not far away at all ... Love, Leo & Enza

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A Human Approach to World Peace BY THE DALAI LAMA When we rise in the morning and listen to the radio or read the newspaper, we are confronted with the same sad news: violence, crime, wars, and disasters. I cannot recall a single day without a report of something terrible happening somewhere. It is ironic that the more serious problems emanate from the more industrially advanced societies. Science and technology have worked wonders in many fields, but the basic human problems remain. There is unprecedented literacy, yet this universal education does not seem to have fostered goodness, but only mental restlessness and discontent instead. There is no doubt about the increase in our material progress and technology, but somehow this is not sufficient as we have not yet succeeded in bringing about peace and happiness or in overcoming suffering. I am not at all against science and technology - they have contributed immensely to the overall experience of humankind; to our material comfort and well-being and to our greater understanding of the world we live in. But if we give too much emphasis to science and technology we are in danger of losing touch with those aspects of human knowledge and understanding that aspire towards honesty and altruism. Science and technology, though capable of creating immeasurable material comfort, cannot replace the age-old spiritual and humanitarian values that have largely shaped world civilization, in all its national forms, as we know it today. No one can deny the unprecedented material benefit of science and technology, but our basic human problems remain; we are still faced with the same, if not more, suffering, fear, and tension. Thus it is only logical to try to strike a balance between material developments on the one hand and the development of spiritual, human values on the other. In order to bring about this great adjustment, we need to revive our humanitarian values. I am sure that many people share my concern about the present worldwide moral crisis and will join in my appeal to all humanitarians and religious practitioners who also share this concern to help make our societies more compassionate, just, and equitable. I do not speak as a Bud-


dhist or even as a Tibetan. Nor do I speak as an expert on international politics (though I unavoidably comment on these matters). Rather, I speak simply as a human being, as an upholder of the humanitarian values that are the bedrock not only of Mahayana Buddhism but of all the great world religions. From this perspective I share with you my personal outlook - that: 1. Universal humanitarianism is essential to solve global problems; 2. Compassion is the pillar of world peace; 3. All world religions are already for world peace in this way, as are all humanitarians of whatever ideology; 4. Each individual has a universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs.

Solving Human Problems through Transforming Human Attitudes

Of the many problems we face today, some are natural calamities and must be accepted and faced with equanimity. Others, however, are of our own making, created by misunderstanding, and can be corrected. One such type arises from the conflict of ideologies, political or religious, when people fight each other for petty ends, losing sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a single human family. We must remember that the different religions, ideologies, and political systems of the world are meant for human beings to achieve happiness. We must not lose sight of this fundamental goal and at no time should we place means above ends; the supremacy of humanity over matter and ideology must always be maintained. Whether they belong to more evolved species like humans or to simpler ones such as animals, all beings primarily seek peace, comfort, and security. Life is as dear to the mute animal as it is to any human being; even the simplest insect strives for protection from dangers that threaten its life. If we, as intelligent human beings, do not accept this fact, there will be more and more suffering on this planet. If we adopt a self-centred approach to life and constantly try to use others for our own self-interest, we may gain temporary benefits, but

in the long run we will not succeed in achieving even personal happiness, and world peace will be completely out of the question. In their quest for happiness, humans have used different methods, which all too often have been cruel and repellent. Behaving in ways utterly unbecoming to their status as humans, they inflict suffering upon fellow humans and other living beings for their own selfish gains. In the end, such shortsighted actions bring suffering to oneself as well as to others. We must have the proper perspective that of the universal life process, so that the happiness or glory of one person or group is not sought at the expense of others. All this calls for a new approach to global problems. The world is becoming smaller and smaller - and more and more interdependent - as a result of rapid technological advances and international trade as well as increasing trans-national relations. We now depend very much on each other. In ancient times problems were mostly family-size, and they were naturally tackled at the family level, but the situation has changed. Today we are so interdependent, so closely interconnected with each other, that without a sense of universal responsibility, a feeling of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, and an understanding and belief that we really are par t of one big human family, we cannot hope to overcome the dangers to our very existence let alone bring about peace and happiness. One nation’s problems can no longer be satisfactorily solved by itself alone; too much depends on the interest, attitude, and cooperation of other nations. A universal humanitarian approach to world problems seems the only sound basis for world peace. Although the increasing interdependence among nations might be expected to generate more sympathetic cooperation, it is difficult to achieve a spirit of genuine cooperation as long as people remain indifferent to the feelings and happiness of others. When people are motivated mostly by greed and jealousy, it is not possible for them to live in harmony. A spiritual approach may not solve all the political problems that have been caused by the existing self-centered approach, but in the long run it will overcome the very basis of the problems that we face today.

Compassion as the Pillar of World Peace

As one brought up in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, I feel that love and compassion are the moral fabric of world peace. Let me first define what I mean by compassion. When you have compassion for a very poor person, your compassion is based on altruistic considerations. On the other hand, love towards your wife, your husband, your children, or a close friend is usually based on attachment. When your attachment

changes, your kindness also changes; it may disappear. This is not true love. Real love is not based on attachment, but on altruism. In this case your compassion will remain as a humane response to suffering as long as beings continue to suffer. Whether one believes in religion or not, there is no one who does not appreciate love and compassion. Right from the moment of our birth, we are under the care and kindness of our parents; later in life, when facing the sufferings of disease and old age, we are again dependent on the kindness of others. If at the beginning and end of our lives we depend upon others’ kindness, why then in the middle should we not act kindly towards others? The development of a kind heart (a feeling of closeness for all human beings) does not involve the religiosity we normally associate with conventional religious practice. It is not only for people who believe in religion, but is for everyone regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. It is for anyone who considers himself or herself, above all, a member of the human family and who sees things from this larger and longer perspective.

World Religions for World Peace

Every major religion of the world Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism has similar ideals of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice, and the same effect of making their followers into better human beings. And, although we can find causes for preferring certain interpretations of religious truths, there is much greater cause for unity, stemming from the human heart. Each religion works in its own way to lessen human suffering and contribute to world civilization. Conversion is not the point. I do not think of converting others to Buddhism or merely fur thering the Buddhist cause. Rather, I try to think of how I, as a Buddhist humanitarian can contribute to human happiness. I do not advocate one particular religion at the expense of all others, nor do I seek a new”world religion”. All the different religions of the world are needed to enrich human experience and world civilization. Our human minds, being of different calibre and disposition, need different ap-


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A Human Approach to World Peace by the Dalai Lama

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proaches to peace and happiness. It is just like food. Thus, the point is clear: humanity needs all the world’s religions to suit the ways of life, diverse spiritual needs, and inherited national traditions of individual human beings. It is from this perspective that I welcome efforts being made in various parts of the world for better understanding among religions. The need for this is particularly urgent now. If all religions make the betterment of humanity their main concern, then they can easily work together in harmony for world peace. I believe that all the major religions of the world can contribute to world peace and work together for the benefit of humanity if we put aside subtle metaphysical differences, which are really the internal business of each religion.

Individual Power to Shape Institutions

The current conflicts in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the North-South problem, and so forth arise from a failure to understand one another’s humanness. The answer is not the development and use of greater military force, nor an arms race. Nor is it purely political or purely technological. Basically it is spiritual, in the sense that what is required is a sensitive understanding of our common human situation. Hatred and fighting cannot bring happiness to anyone, even to the winners of battles. Violence always produces misery and thus is essentially counterproductive. It is, therefore, time for world leaders to learn to transcend the differences of race, culture, and ideology and to regard one another through eyes that see the common human situation. To do so would benefit individuals, communities, nations, and the world at large. The greater part of present world tension seems to stem from the “Eastern bloc” versus “Western bloc” conflict that has been going on since World War II. These two blocs tend to describe and view each other in a totally unfavourable light. This continuing, unreasonable struggle is due to a lack of mutual affection and respect for each other as fellow human beings. Those of the Eastern bloc should reduce their hatred towards the Western bloc because the Western bloc is also made up of human beings men, women, and children. Similarly those of the Western bloc should reduce their hatred towards the Eastern bloc because the Eastern bloc is also human beings. In such a reduction of mutual hatred, the leaders of both blocs have a powerful role to play. But first and foremost, leaders must realize their own and others’ humanness. Without this basic realization, very little effective reduction of organized hatred can be achieved. I suggest that world leaders meet about once a year in a beautiful place without any business, just to get to know each other as human beings. Then, later, they could meet to discuss mutual and global problems. I am sure many others share my wish that world leaders meet at the conference table in such an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding of each other’s humanness. To improve person-to-person contact in the world at large, I would like to see greater encouragement of international tourism. Also, mass media, particularly in democratic societies, can make a considerable contribution to world peace by giving greater coverage to human interest items that reflect the ultimate oneness of humanity. With the rise of a few big powers in the international arena, the humanitarian role of international organizations is being bypassed and neglected. I hope that this will be corrected and that all international organizations, especially the United Nations, will be more active and effective in ensuring maximum benefit to human-

ity and promoting international understanding. It will indeed be tragic if the few powerful members continue to misuse world bodies like the UN for their one-sided interests. The UN must become the instrument of world peace. This world body must be respected by all, for the UN is the only source of hope for small oppressed nations and hence for the planet as a whole. As all nations are economically dependent upon one another more than ever before, human understanding must go beyond national boundaries and embrace the international community at large. Indeed, unless we can create an atmosphere of genuine cooperation, gained not by threatened or actual use of force but by heartfelt understanding, world problems will only increase. If people in poorer countries are denied the happiness they desire and deserve, they will naturally be dissatisfied and pose problems for the rich. If unwanted social, political, and cultural forms continue to be imposed upon unwilling people, the attainment of world peace is doubtful. However, if we satisfy people at a heart-to-hear t level, peace will surely come. Within each nation, the individual ought to be given the right to happiness, and among nations, there must be equal concern for the welfare of even the smallest nations. I am not suggesting that one system is better than another and all should adopt it. On the contrary, a variety of political systems and ideologies is desirable and accords with the variety of dispositions within the human community. This variety enhances the ceaseless human quest for happiness. Thus each community should be free to evolve its own political and socio-economic system, based on the principle of self-determination. The achievement of justice, harmony, and peace depends on many factors. We should think about them in terms of human benefit in the long run rather than the short term. I realize the enormity of the task before us, but I see no other alternative than the one I am proposing which is based on our common humanity. Nations have no choice but to be concerned about the welfare of others, not so much because of their belief in humanity, but because it is in the mutual and long-term interest of all concerned. Under present conditions, there is definitely a growing need for human understanding and a sense of universal responsibility. In order to achieve such ideas, we must generate a good and kind heart, for without this, we can achieve neither universal happiness nor lasting world peace. We cannot create peace on paper. While advocating universal responsibility and universal brotherhood and sisterhood, the facts are that humanity is organized in separate entities in the form of national societies. Thus, in a realistic sense, I feel it is these societies that must act as the building-blocks for world peace. Attempts have been made in the past to create societies more just and equal. Institutions have been established with noble charters to combat anti-social forces. Unfortunately, such ideas have been cheated by selfishness. More than ever before, we witness today how ethics and noble principles are obscured by the shadow of self-interest, particularly in the political sphere. Politics devoid of ethics does not further human welfare, and life without morality reduces humans to the level of beasts. However, politics is not axiomatically “dirty“. Rather, the instruments of our political culture have distorted the high ideals and noble concepts meant to further human welfare. Naturally, spiritual people express their concern about religious leaders “messing“ with politics, since they fear the con-

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EVOLVE IN LOVE BY SKY SHAYNE INNES Through Relationship We Come To Know The One She is a truly beautiful woman, with a refined sensuality. He is fun-loving with a delicious twinkle in his eye. Lovers (his word) for four years, they are on the point of calling off their spring wedding. In today’s session, he has suggested they speak to each other, to express their respective points of view. In the space of five or six minutes, the atmosphere becomes heavy, like an oncoming storm, dark clouds and flashes of lightening. I watch and listen carefully. The word intractable comes into my mind. They are not listening to each other. They are defending their respective points of view. Her expression has become cold and closed, as she fidgets with her engagement ring, her eyes unseeing. I sense tears very close by. He looks ready to explode with resentment and barely controlled emotion. Their relationship, once again falling apart, for the simple lack of true relating. Through relationship we come to know life. Everything about life is about relating. We are relating all the time, whether it is to our surroundings, other people in our surroundings or the computer screen. Relating - such an ordinary word, and yet a word that refers to the heart of life. Love as the essence of existence is also the essential relational word. It infers relationship. I love you. Without an ‘I’ and a ‘you’, the word love makes no sense. Relating is what relationship is all about. By relationship we often mean intimate relationship with that special person, the one who we connect with in such a way that the very boundaries of our being are intertwined, like the branches of a jungle canopy. I often ask the question, “What is the most important relationship you have?” When the answer is about a partner or child, friend or pet, I ask it again in a different way. “What is the most important relationship you will ever have?” Put this way, the question prompts insight and the answer, “With myself.” Sadly, all too often, it is answered without conviction or passion. All too often, it is answered with a hint of disbelief and even disappointment. Somehow the relationship we have with ourselves is less significant than the relationships we have with others. We don’t understand that the relationship we have with ourselves is a direct reflection of how we will have relationships with others. We don’t understand that the relationship we have with ourselves is a direct reflection of our relationship with the Divine. In this ordinary little word, relating, is the entire mystery and means of experiencing life in a vastly different

and vibrant way. By way of example, the other day I sat down in front of my computer to start my day of work. My desk looks out onto the garden, and this day was a day of clear blue skies and the last lingering mist heralding a hot day. Inside my office it was cool but outside called, outside walls and ceilings, outside with fresh breezes, butterflies and dragonflies, still wet green grass soft underfoot and the warble of doves. Listening beyond my routine mind, I heard the summons of nature to connect and experience her cornucopia of delights. Two minutes later I was down the back steps and in the river; twenty minutes later I was dreaming with trees and sunlight on water, relating to life in a way that brought something so sweet, so enlivening. Too many times, we miss these golden moments in the hectic race and pace of daily life. We don’t listen and can’t even hear “the still small voice”. To be able to relate in this way, we must turn inwards to ourselves, to our multidimensional self, and awaken those senses, long dormant and asleep. This is where we explore those senses, those dimensions of our being forgotten in our animal past and childhood. It is how we learn to see our world, how we learn what we are actually feeling and how we want to respond. It awakens an instinct for life, much like we see in animals where all behaviour has an integrity and authenticity arising out of the moment. Nothing is planned and worked out and yet there is an intelligence and order to it all. Developing the relationship between me and myself enables a balance between how I think, and that mysterious other aspect of intuition and insight; that bridges me and my multidimensional self. The relationship between me and another is founded on the relationship I have with myself. If it is a good relationship, the chances are I will have good relationships with others. If it is poor, this will show up in some or other way. For example, poor selfesteem typically shows up as compromise, compliance, saying “yes” when you mean “no”, and so many other crippling behaviours reflecting self-doubt. Psychology is excellent at diagnosing self-esteem but not so good at healing it. In my experience true healing of issues of Self, comes from an awareness of the spiritual dimension. With such awareness, how we relate to ourselves and each other is fundamentally changed. Then relationship becomes a way of awakening. It opens the way to embracing the beloved. We evolve in love. What informs how we relate to each other? There are only two ways

innerSelf newspaper of relating - out of love or out of fear. Every reaction, every thought or feeling, every attitude, either arises out of love or fear. How we relate in any given moment, any situation is always directly attributable to our awareness of love or its lack. When love appears missing, when fear in some form is present, this is the message to pay attention to how we are relating. Going back to our session, when I asked them to practice heart awareness to enable enlightened communication, there was an instant difference. Feelings of wellbeing and wholeness mean we relate in a very different way. We are able to hear what is really being said. We are no longer frightened or offended by the other person’s point of view, not least because it is only a point of view and not the truth, of them or ourselves. Awareness of love is awareness of the truth and gives rise to an open heart and a willingness to see, hear and respond in love. With this comes an experience of Oneness. For in relating to the tree, the ground below my feet, the dragonfly or my lover, I discover my Self. I learn that it is all my Self. Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit


Motivating Conscious Being BY ISIRA Meditation, more than a practice, is a state of being. It is a space in which we embrace our self and existence simply as it is... and we do this consciously. Most spiritual seekers would agree that meditation is central to the journey. And, most honest seekers would also agree about a shared frustration: the apparent struggle to maintain motivation for the practice. Over the many years I have been sharing conscious presence, I have heard this same enquiry arising in most people: “Why is it a struggle to keep up the practice? “ It seems that for many people the energy to apply oneself to meditative practice all too often fades into the mire of the mind’s objections. Of course these objections can take on many forms: an uprising fear of letting go, a sense of apathy, a fear of one’s own true power, disillusionment due to lack of results and a whole range of clever ego reasons to avoid going deep into our inner being. Although the symptoms are varied the cause is most often the same: the mind’s misconceived desire to get to something else. This desire is generated by underlying beliefs and illusions ... the disbelief in oneself and the universe, the perception of separation and the notion that we are not perfect already as we are and therefore need to become something else. Sadly this desire to get to something else is contrary to the true meaning and motivation of meditation. Meditation, more than a practice, is a state of being. It is a space in which we embrace our self and existence simply as it is... and we do this consciously. Fundamentally it has nothing to do with becoming something better or getting to another state. It is not even about achieving some outcome like enlightenment. Yes, transformation and enlightenment may emerge from a meditative state of being, yet if we use these goals as our motivation for meditation we quickly lose the energy to stay present to our experience because we are too focused on gaining something other. And that “other“ simply never arrives... at least not in the way our mind is hoping and expecting. So naturally the mind responds with disappointments and tactics to retract from the meditative experience. Our ability to relax into a state of being rests on a deeper understanding and acceptance: that the only thing that really is real IS the moment of now. When we embrace this truth and take it deep into our awareness, we become ever more curious and open to our self and existence as it really is in the moment. A deep desire to experience it draws us naturally into a meditative state: simply being deeply centred and aware in the moment. A slowing down occurs. And in that slowing down is a letting in: a surrendering into the space that IS our very being. In this space is

a natural momentum of deepening. When we let into this space of simply being we can’t help but to enter deeper and deeper into the source within us ... the source that is awareness itself. The source that is “beingness“. And that beingness IS existence as it is. Although spiritual seekers conceptually understand the notion of letting in to our natrual state of beingness, the inevitable question still arises ... but how? How do we create the conscious experience of beingness? How ironic it is that we already are this beingness yet we struggle to meet ourself consciously as such! The apparent paradox for the seeker to resolve then is in understanding the balance between the motivation (the desire to experience our true being) and the mechanism (the tool or practice that helps us connect consciously with our true being). It is a paradox because the mechanism is tied to the mind that seeks to become whilst the real motivation is actually simply to be awake to what already IS. This is why I always bring the questioning mind back to the importance of aware breathing. Aware breathing is really the foundational tool (the mechanism) that allows us to move easily into alignment with true motivation: to surrender to the state of simply being in the now. Why? Because breath IS in the now. Through our breath it becomes easy and natural to experience the presence of our self simply as we are. Through our breath we can slow down and experience the beauty of letting in ... free of the minds objections. Even though mental activity may still flutter around, with aware breathing the attention shifts from thought identification to energy awareness. When this happens mental activity simply becomes an echoing backdrop ... like clouds simply floating through the sky ... they are there yet do not overtake the clear sky of vast being. Once we occupy a state of aware energy we encounter the direct experience of simply being. We suddenly realise the true depth and beauty of the being we already are. The beauty of this encounter awakens in us an even deeper appreciation and gives us the conscious motivation to maintain a meditative state in our life. We see for our self the miracle that is existence in each and every moment... ONLY in the Now. How then could we wish to be anything but truly consciously present? How could we be anything but truly available to this which is radiant and alive ... right here ... right now ...? With this understanding our motivation to be meditative is based in something very real and achievable (because it actually already IS!). And when we align with that which is real the ego simply cannot hang around for the ego can-

not be present in a space of true being. The true motivation for meditation or conscious being then is actually about being REAL. Once we truly understand this it follows naturally that we rest easily into our meditative self. It is no longer a task but a presence, a miraculous gift revealed to us by those who have been graced with the realisation that is waiting ... always here ... within. Once we realise and accept this gift in our own life it is inevitable that we our self become the presence ... the living gift of meditative being. Gone then is the conundrum of motivation ... swallowed up in the joy and freedom to truly live ... awake in the Now. Isira is Australian-born. She came into this world conscious and awake, and at the age of 29 fully awakened. Isira’s presence is a sacred blessing field of consciousness that activates our energy field and reveals enlightened answers. Through her consultations, programs and books including “A Journey of Awakening” Isira inspires and supports us in our own awakening.


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CATHARTIC STYLE BREATHWORK THE FUTURE OF THERAPY BY JAAN JARAVEK Breathwork has been around since the beginning of man developing systems to feel happier, improve health and be more connected to the universe. In the last five decades Breathwork has evolved to a whole new level, and has been developed into the art and science that we know as Rebir thing Breathwork or the more “Cathar tic” style originally called Holotropic Breathwork. Thanks to the explorations of Leonard Orr, an American spiritual disciple and Stanislav Groff, a Czechoslovakian Doctor of psychotherapy, we have been given the greatest psychotherapeutic discovery since the distinction was made between the conscious and the unconscious motivating layers of the mind. The main distinction the traditional Breathwork facilitators agree upon is that a “Breathwork” session is based upon an “emotional energy

cycle“ completing through a “connected breathing technique“ of breath control. That is, the inhale is connected with the exhale and the exhale connected with the inhale. No gap between the two. A continuous breath results. It is often viewed that this continuous connected breath results in what most spiritual and therapy disciplines are trying to achieve, the connection between inner and outer consciousness, the merging of the conscious and the unconscious mind. The “Emotional Energy Cycle“(EEC) length can differ though. The EEC is the cycle of an emotional pocket in the unconscious being penetrated and discharged thoroughly. The length of the EEC combined with whether it is nasal or mouth breathing, and whether it is a gentle or energetic breathing style drastically differs the results of a session. The EEC can take approximately one hour for

“Rebirthing Breathwork“ to up to three hours for “Holotropic Breathwork“. The merging of conscious and unconscious is what genuinely results. The near magical quality of this style of breathing, results in the 1st session onwards, a breaking down of the barrier between the conscious and unconscious mind, and results in the client experiencing unconscious “emotional level memories“ coming to the surface. I want to emphasise the “Emotional Level Memory“. Mental level memory recall is nothing new or special. Hypnotherapy and other effective psychotherapeutic “regression“ techniques are very capable of facilitating a person remember long forgotten about or “repressed“ events. This style of Breathwork enables people to access the “emotional level memory“, the emotional aspect of past incidents. The actual deeply buried, traumatic emotional aspect of an experience that may not ever be accessed through other means. Emotions from as early as the womb, birth and infancy, let alone childhood periods. It is the feeling of these emotions, not analysing mental level memories, that results in deep healing and change relatively quickly. In your average session some people release anger and rage, which are some of the main foundations of relationship issues and self sabotage. For anger is a very powerful energy that can only do one of two things, either it goes outwards, is expressed and leaves the system. Alternatively it is turned inwards, becoming self directed anger and rage which is the true cause of self sabotage of one’s life. I am not talking about reactive anger we experience whilst driving or with our partner for example, I am talking about the real reason we carry anger, which present day situations and people trigger off in us. Just because a person is comfor table to express their anger at home does not mean they are healing the real cause of their anger. It usually means the total opposite, as we are never really angry about what we consciously think that we are angry about! It is usually an earlier childhood or school period disempowerment getting “re-triggered“ that is an adult’s genuine cause of anger. At times the anger is a “cover up“ of deep hurt/grief. Some people on the other hand have their anger buried so deeply that they do not experience it as the “raw emotional energy“ of anger. These people will be so out of touch with their emotions that they will experience only the “mental level symptoms“ of anger which are having critical thoughts of others and themselves, making people and themselves wrong or judging harshly and fantasies of arguments with people who they feel wronged by or who they have not communicated their truth to. Some people will not even be aware of that level and will simply experience the very end result of holding onto anger which is lack of energy, personal power, motivation and inspiration to do things. This is because buried anger is such a massive amount of our life-force trapped, they have very little energy left with which to “truly live“. Some people release built-up grief. Which is one of the main foundations of Depression and all “Self Worth“ issues we suffer from. People do not realize that the grief they hold in, are not even aware that they are holding onto, is the early life “heart wounding“ that is at the foundation of “Self Worth“ orientated issues. Issues with abundance, feeling joy & happiness within oneself, letting in supportive and nurturing relationships, feeling good about oneself and so for th. These are all grief/ “heart wounding“ orientated issues at the end of the day. To heal self worth issues most people need to heal their “heart wounding“ issues, and the main way to do this is to let themselves grieve. Some people will have their grief buried so deeply they will only be aware of the “surface level symptoms“ of grief. Lack of energy, tiredness, insomnia and hypersomnia, sinus issues, alcohol and “depressant drug“ addictions such as tranquilizers and marijuana, feeling generally “negative“ and pessimistic about life and money issues – for a hear t closed off by grief to receiving the abundance currency of love, is a heart closed off to receiving other abundance currencies such as money. Some people experience intense fear and terror which is one of the real foundations of anxiety. All of the anxiety symptoms we suffer from are a result of the “fight or flight“ response being kicked in. Hyper vigilance, sweating, on edge feelings, hear t palpitations, lack of restful sleep and so forth, are all reactions that our primal defence system has kicked in because it senses danger or something that is a “threat/unpleasant” around the corner. It is fear of our emotions themselves and the fear itself that triggers this “fight or flight“ response. Deal with the fear and fear of emotions and the mechanism rests. No more anxiety symptoms. No need for medication

or long term therapy. Just a need to let ourselves in on our deeper emotions. The thing we try to avoid like the plague, and as a result try and find a “simple overnight“ solution or blame our anxiety (or depression) on some “mysterious“ unknown cause and choose a lifestyle of medication, avoidance and mental “illness“. The problem, unfor tunately though, has been that since people have not had access to the “defence displacement technique“ that “Cathartic Style Breathwork“ is, people have not had a direct experience of their unconscious “emotional level memory“. Hence they are not aware of having any unconscious emotional pain that they are holding onto. Countless people have been in traditional therapy for a one to two decades and have not been able to get past the defences that stop them from feeling the pain. Therapy is not supposed to take that long. I had a client at one stage who spent years and thousands of dollars on various treatments, therapies and workshops. This client came in with the issue of not being able to “manage“ his anger and also not being able to have a healthy long term relationship. This client told me how he regularly experienced intense anger at people on the footpath who did not “respect“ his space, or move out of his way. He also had the same degree of anger triggered whilst driving and people “cutting“ in front of him. When I asked about his relationship with his mum, he spoke of a “great“ relationship with her with a few frustrations here and there, nothing out of the ordinary. It took only a few sessions to uncover how he actually experienced his mum as “smothering“ and overprotective and how he wanted to push her away in anger when he was young because she did not “respect his space“ and give him ‘room to move’ and be himself. The anger released from him was very strong. Whilst the anger was leaving him gradually, so too was his reaction to people not giving him space on the roads and footpaths. The first part of his issues was dealt with quickly. Then the next part opened up with the discovery that because of his deeper mum issue not being dealt with and him wanting unconsciously to angrily push her away to have

“space“, he had been unconsciously pushing potential adult par tners away in fear of being smothered and not having space. This is the power of the unconscious defence barriers between conscious and unconscious. Years of mental level, talking-style-therapy and seminar style workshops could not resolve what a few sessions of feeling pent up, deeply buried emotions accomplished. Our “denial mechanism“ is a very powerful mechanism. He told me what he told dozens of therapists before, what he had been telling himself forever, that his relationship with his mum was great and there were no real undealt with issues with her. How many people do you know view their childhood through such “rose coloured glasses“ and suffer from a major emotional disorder such as depression, anxiety or anger issues? Let’s face it, nearly all of us, because if you are human you have the same unconscious denial mechanism. This is why we are viewing this as the future of therapy. Healing of issues does not lay in analysis and using your mind to “managing or control“ surface level symptoms. Real resolution lays in dealing with the root cause once and for all. This style of Breathwork results in us ‘displacing’ the defence barriers that stop us from feeling, hence releasing “emotional level memory“. Mental level memory can be accessed through hypnosis and “effective“ psychotherapy. We are though talking about the “Emotional level memory“, very different to simply remembering. Emotional level memory means we are able to “remember“ the emotions and re-experience them, hence heal them. Jaan Jerabek is the founder of Transformative Education International and ‘The Depression Solution’. He Directs the Southern Hemispheres largest and most successful Breathwork training organization. To Contact TEI & The Depression Solution call 1300 500 881 or visit: or

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Therapy: A Calling, not a Career BY TRA-ILL DOWIE I believe it was Kahlil Gibran who wrote, “Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms to the people who work with joy”. He is referring here to a notion which has steadily been lost in the post-modern age, a loss which Marx wrote about some 150 years ago with his notion of alienation. So often today the everyday pressures of life manifest as a relentless force of coercion and seduction, constantly alienating people from Gilbran’s simple sentiment: that work should be a creative and joyful enterprise, which allows one to sustain one’s sense of purpose and action in life. It was Pablo Neruda, who captures how lost this mode of being is becoming, in the way only poets can when he wrote, “Monday burns like oil at the sight of me arriving with my jail face on”. So many of us know all too well our Monday morning jail face, the dread of another boring empty monotonous week of soul-less drudgery, trapped on a road, heading to somewhere we don’t wish to be. And why? Because so many of us have been bought, because so many of us have sold our magnanimity in our lust for prosperity. The real question that must be asked is: “is it worth it?” Is what you do, worth what it costs? If the answer is “yes”, you are lucky! If the answer is “no”, then I would contend that you need a calling more than a career or vocation. For what is there that is more valuable than your greatness? Financial prosperity is wonderful, but surely not at the expense of your moral integrity. The success that is so lauded today is almost exclusively concerned with issues of personal security. But what I want to ask is “where is your willingness to do something for others?” For it is ultimately this that makes life and work rewarding, this is what Gilbran is reminding us of. Gilbran is gently saying there is more. Here that critical yet almost forgotten Greek notion of paideia, is critical. Paideia is that special type of education that comes out of maturation of one’s soul through death.

Death of what one thought and believed, to expand and allow greater possibilities. Maslow believed that in order to be self-realized or self-actualized one must have a connection beyond the self or society, what he infers is the need get to past ourselves and contribute to something greater in order to be our best. Such sentiments always remind me of Theodore Adorno’s statement that “the condition of all truth is to let suffering speak”. So the question that surely must follow is in what way is your career in service to others. In what ways do you attend to the weak and the wretched of this earth, in your work and attainment of prosperity? For as Gilbran reminds us, if your work is not love made visible, you are best to simply sustain

7 those whose work is. As a psychotherapist I am constantly reminded of this, by virtue of the fact that my profession is such a powerful privilege to be a part of; the word “psychotherapy” etymologically is derived from the Greek psyche meaning soul and therapeia meaning to service or care. Thus therapy is an act of attending to the soul and suffering of another, such an act is a calling and not a career and it is a setting that is dedicated to a love made public. I am lucky to have found such an undertaking in this life, and I hope that you find a mode of work which calls to you. One which allows you to prosper, mature and to deeply consider what type of person and human you wish to be and in what kind of world you wish to dwell. By all means prosper, enjoy the fruits of our age, but I believe we all do well to remember the words of Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” With Masters qualifications and several degrees in the humanities, Tra-ill comes with a wealth of academic and training experience. Currently Tra-ill is the senior lecturer in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy. Tra-ill has been practising as a psychotherapist for the last decade in long-term psychotherapy and brief interventions. Tra-ill has specialised in group work, including men’s groups, encounter programs and psychodynamic process work. Tra-ill has extensive experience in working with youth, and has formerly run adventure and outdoor programs as well as consultancy based programs with a number of high schools. If you feel like you have a calling to help others and would like to know more about Ikon courses, contact the Ikon Institute on 0439 016 763 or for your information pack. Ikon provides Nationally Accredited Diploma Courses in Art Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Counselling and Youth Work in SA, WA and Qld. Visit to find out more.

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KIDNAPPED BY TECHNOLOGY BY DR. JOE DISPENZA With the advent of technology, it should be obvious by now that environmental factors like video games, mobile phones, text messaging, television, MP3 players, and Internet sites such as play an unseen hand in fur ther affecting our children’s brain physiology. Many of us who are raising children likely have grown accustomed to the trance-like indifference and absent state of mind that our youth can masterfully turn on in a matter of seconds (it looks like an extended lapse in consciousness). We have probably all talked ourselves into thinking these “short trips” are normal. But has anyone wondered why it takes ever-increasing volume and inflection to catch a glimmer of attention or elicit a response from our best genetic contributions to humanity? I often wonder, “Did I look like that when I was young, or is this mental glazing-over the product of our times?” Many parents of teenagers have seen the amazing trance-like brain states, and it’s difficult to tell if these kids are experiencing tran-

scendental enlightenment or if anyone is really “home.” Experts tell us that as we reach our teenage years and the struggle for our own identities begins, the major factor causing the young changing brain to make a quantum developmental leap is primarily under the reins of a genetic program. In the adolescent timeline, between raging hormones and the normal progression of brain development, most of the body’s blood flow and energy is shunted to the emotional centres located in the hindbrain and away from the forebrain. This means we’re prone to react more and think reasonably less - not that we don’t experience any of this in our adult lives as well. Within the forebrain is the frontal lobe, essentially the brain’s executive,

which controls attention, decisionmaking, emotional reactions, impulsive behaviour, and purposeful planning; it is the home of our identity. But for you parents of teenagers, here’s the interesting news: we’re told that the frontal lobe, which helps us make sense out of life, doesn’t fully finish maturing until we are 25 years old. Think about this: we can drive a car at 16, vote at 18 and drink alcohol at 21 - while the brain’s most important centre does not finish forming until we are in our midtwenties. So don’t take it personally when your teenage daughter tunes you out while you’re intently speaking to her, or your adolescent son impulsively reacts without forethought. It can be seen as evolution’s gift that parents are baptized with the steep karmic debt of their own actions. As we all know, it is not solely the genes that cast the dice of our destinies. We are, in fact, very capable of learning from different environmental stimuli, and it is through these interactions, that we become such amazing creatures of personal development and change. The waltz between nature and nurture gives us a broad playing field. But is it possible that the present cultural and environmental conditions are impacting the very function of the human brain?


With the advent of technology, it should be obvious by now that environmental factors like video games, mobile phones, text messaging, television, MP3 players, and Internet sites such as play an unseen hand in further affecting our children’s brain physiology. Technology is influencing our mind states to escalate in the direction of increasing emotional entropy by hijacking the brain’s natural reward centres. Therefore, if you want to add more insult to injury in a teenage household, just add more technology to a developing brain, and rest assured you will feel totally left out of your children’s lives. The latest research has proven that a healthy diet decreases violence and aggression while improving brain activity. It also has been obser ved that the long-term use of video games alters the way the normal brain functions. When a child plays a computer game, each time they blow something or someone to bits, shoot down or destroy a plane, ship, UFO or any vehicle, break through a wall or barrier in order to move to the next level, or beat a character to severe injury, the brain responds chemically. In fact, it is proven that the pleasure centre begins to release high amounts of dopamine, the brain’s natural pleasure chemical. The bottom line is that dopamine makes us feel good, especially when we’re winning at such a high pace. In addition, when accomplishment is coupled with excitement, the brain produces the adrenalines norepinephrine and epinephrine in order to wake itself up with a boost of heightened awareness. This chemical cocktail is the perfect mix for problems in normal brain function. To reiterate, this type of computer game stimulation is not so bad for a short run, but begins to cause problems in the long term. As the brain’s reward centre is repeatedly activated and the strong chemicals are released during the gaming, pleasure zones become overstimulated. As a result, the reward system becomes desensitized and then recalibrates itself to a higher threshold. In other words, it will need more of a chemical rush to produce the same feelings. A side-effect of this mechanism is addiction … and when it is tied to attention and learning, serious effects manifest. As the brain’s physiology responds to a mind exposed to these abnormal virtual activities (no child blows up people or things in real life), the brain is fooled into thinking it is almost real. Additionally, the continuous release of chemicals on the nerve cells’ receptor sites (the cells’ docking points for chemical information) finally causes the receptors to become desensitized to the same level of the chemical rush. Therefore, the next time a youth engages in the game, it’s a guarantee they will need more of a thrill to excite their brain. It’s like living with a spouse who always yells at you - eventually they need to yell a little louder to get your attention, because over time that intense stimulation is considered normal. Receptor sites are the same way. If you keep over-activating them, they become numb and require more and more substantial hits. The sideeffect: the brain needs unrealistic highs to feel happy and satiated. In the absence of such high-level stimulation, the mind turns off, and your offspring do too. So when your kid’s computer activity ends, count on your child looking like a drone because you’re probably not all that interesting compared to what he’s just been experiencing. In truth, everything in life will seem boring. Simple things like watching a sunset, playing with the dog or even visiting with a grandparent will seem like trivial nonsense. Why? Because

nothing in the normal, mundane world can match the ecstasy of the virtual world or the super high it produces. Sounds like an addiction. And without proper restraint, future choices may be married to things that produce more heightened stimulation: drugs, pornography, gambling, excess shopping, overeating … all because the brain’s satiation centre may never be fulfilled.


Let’s take this scenario one step further. What about when a child, between Gameboy mania and a MySpace chat room, goes to school to develop his mind? Shouldn’t learning be a reward in itself? Attention spans inevitably will shorten for the gamer who sits in the classroom trying to pay attention to a topic that doesn’t turn his brain on or make his body feel alive. As the young brain goes through withdrawal in the classroom, the perfect stimulation might be to cause trouble by acting out. Getting in trouble causes high adrenal activity and, unconsciously, the child is making the brain turn on again to provoke similar chemical releases as gaming provides. Fidgeting, falling asleep, interruptions, emotional outbursts, provocative and disrespectful comments are all side-effects of attention problems. It isn’t too difficult to reason the etiology in a child with no genetic history of ADD and ADHD, no head injury and no exposure to toxicity. How do we make necessary changes in the best interest of the young developing mind? It is the parent’s job to think this complexity through to its end. If we propagate

JOE DISPENZA the use of technology without an emphasis on developing personal values, providing an environment for skillful learning, practicing reverence for all cultures and beliefs, performing daily rituals, participating in family and social activities, exposing our kids to nature, motivating them to exercise, debating philosophy or providing an environment for interpersonal evolution, we can surely predict how well - or how poorly - future generations will thrive on a planet with so much opportunity. Joe Dispenza, D.C., best known for his role in What the BLEEP Do We Know?!, has authored several scientific articles on the close relationship between brain chemistry, neuroscience and biology, and their roles in physical health including his latest book, Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind. For more information on Dr. Dispenza please visit his website at This article was first published on AZNet News under the title Hijacked by Technology. He will be in Melbourne & Sydney for evening lectures and a weekend Intensive in Sydney, call Chris Hooper on (03) 5844 5379.

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Switching Back to our Natural Polarity

We live in times where there has been great distortion of the polarities, such that many women are more masculine and many men are more feminine. Why have men become more like women and women become more like men? We have been living in times of a polarity reversal and it’s about time for it to switch back to a natural flow. This is where Tantra plays a part in bringing balance to our society – supporting men and women to connect with the inner and outer masculine and feminine aspects. We refer to the feminine and masculine aspects as polarity within a person or within a relationship – negative polarity and positive polarity – like two ends of a magnet. The positive polarity is where the charge is generated and directed from and the negative polarity is where the charge is received. When in natural flow with his polarity the man will use his masculine as the way in which he interfaces with the world. Using his ability to direct and generate energy through his body and actions in life. A man’s connection with the external world will be to use his strength and ability to clarify and problem solve – he will

show the world his stronger side. On the inside, a man is soft and in touch with his inner feminine, he shares this with his closest beloveds, allowing them to nourish him and being open to receiving their gifts. He will also know how to use compassion and intuition for his inner journeying and will use his creativity in problem solving. This creates a beautiful combination of masculine and feminine in his life. When a man is overly engaged with his inner feminine, he comes across as too soft and is unattractive to women unless they are looking for a man whom they can control or manipulate. Equally, if a man is caught up in being the macho type – aggressive and domineering, it will be a turn off to a woman. A woman wants to feel that the man is able to bring clarity, direction and strength on the outside, but be soft and tender inside so that he is able to bring nurturing, compassionate, loving to his relationships and also that he knows how to feel and receive a woman. Any man or woman engaged

in the masculine all the time will burn out, the masculine is externally focused and provides strong direction of energy – anyone using masculine energy needs to know how to create balance, relaxation and nourishment by falling into the feminine. A woman’s natural polarity is the opposite to a man; she is soft on the outside, engaging with the world through her inner feminine. Allowing others to see and feel her hear t, creativity, nurturing and compassionate nature. She receives the world and the environment around her in the way she talks, walks and moves through life. When a woman is connected with the world around her in this way through the feminine, others instinctively feel her and respond to the warmth she emanates. This quality of feminine has been missing in our society for some time, as women have turned away from the feminine, having judged the feminine as too soft or weak. Conversely, a woman in her feminine will use her inner strength to stand up for what she believes in. She will speak out against anything which is against herself, against the environment or against humanity. We have moved from the 60s picture of women - where the housewife stayed at home and lived in a submissive way – a repressed and withheld picture of the feminine to a 90s version of women – competing with men in boardrooms and being aggressive and dominant in their lives. Where is the middle road? A woman can use her masculine for setting direction and purpose for her life – knowing who she is and what she is contributing to the world. And yet, she is able to do this using her

9 softness, her intuition, her creativity, her ability to effortlessly and gracefully bring nourishment to herself and everyone around her. So she knows that her real and true feminine power comes through her vulnerability, not through trying to be like a man. Many women have taken the roles and characteristics of men as their way of being in the world and wonder why men aren’t being men – it’s because women haven’t allowed space for them to be men. We can bring balance back to this by falling into our own feminine, taking care of our feminine gifts and leaving space for men to be men. Through tantric practices, women can restore their femininity, men can reclaim their masculine and we can bring balance and complementary support back to all of our lives. It will be a more harmonious world to live in when the polarities are restored and women bask in their feminine radiance and men own their masculine presence. Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming has been actively exploring sacred sexuality, tantra, breathwork, energetic healing and shiatsu for over 8 years. Martina’s vision and passion is to inspire men and women of all ages to feel their own natural energy, joy, vitality and bliss. She facilitates a space of greater awareness, openness and receptivity for people to experience the essence and freedom of their inner being. Martina offers mixed workshops, courses for women as well as Tantric consultations to women, men and couples to expand their knowledge and energy. For more information, visit or phone 02 9664 1110.

Pearls of Wisdom WITH DR MARY CASEY Illness is rife in our society with hospitals filled to capacity as well as long waiting lists for surgery. A friend recently needed to see a doctor and rang around trying to get an appointment and couldn’t get one; in fact many doctors’ surgeries said that they were too busy to take on any additional patients which meant that they had enough regulars to keep them in business! The local phone book had literally pages and pages of doctors listed, so it wasn’t as though there was a shortage of doctors. This is alarming and most definitely it is a clear indication that we have a serious problem in relation to the amount of sick people in our society or more importantly, our country. The questions that need to be asked here are: Why is this happening? And, what are we doing about it? It seems that there could be many reasons for this; however from a professional perspective from the psychological and spiritual realms, there appears to be a distinct link between illness and how we live our lives. For instance, many people take anti-depressants obviously because they are depressed. But what depresses them? As recent as last month a friend of a friend who was taking anti-depressants claimed that she didn’t know what made her de-

pressed. In discussing her lifestyle, it became evident that she had a drinking problem, drinking a bottle of wine a night and also she was in a dysfunctional relationship, which she claimed made her drink. What a vicious cycle! Do you think that taking the anti-depressants will resolve this lady’s problem? You see, we don’t look at the real issues. Many times we take the path of least resistance and go to the doctors and get medication. This is a bandaid solution only. Getting to the root cause is what needs to happen. This of course is easier said than done, however to fix it, this is what needs to happen. We need to somehow get through the pain and emotional turmoil and work out the deep-


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seated problem that lies within. In this case, this lady needs to, possibly with professional assistance, work out why she is in a dysfunctional relationship and work on the issues associated with that. Another example is of a person who is suffering enormously with a bad back. Their back was injured some time ago and they had to undergo surgery which they did. It was successful. They began a physiotherapy regime in order to get back to work. They were not improving so they returned to the specialist who ran further tests which did not show any other problems. So it seemed that no one has been able to identify why this person isn’t improving. No one including the patient in this case, has taken into account that this person is at least sixty kilo’s overweight. There is no doubt that overweight is a problem in itself in that there are usually some sort of emotional issues involved with obesity. In this situation again it has become a downhill spiral out of control and no one identifying these two major issues. These are just two cases of thousands where the people involved are in denial. What we need to do is: To not bury our heads in the sand. Look at and observe situations for what they are; not what we want them to be or what is too difficult for us to deal with. Take a Truthful and honest inventory of our lives, admit our weaknesses and flaws and do something about them. If you take the analogy of a mountain where we are all striving to get to the top; the path of least resistance is to go straight up the side of that mountain. It is so steep that we keep falling off when we get to a certain point. If, however, we take the long way (around and around as opposed to straight up), we eventually make it. The same principle applies to illness in most cases. Take the long way – examine what is causing the stress, anxiety, addictions and physical problems and fix those first. This can be a long and painful experience; however we actually heal in that process. By taking the quick fix approach sets us up to fall. Dr Mary Casey is founder of The Casey Centre for Health and Education based in Casula NSW. Mary’s mission is to raise people’s self awareness so that personal worth, responsibility and integrity become commonplace in families, communities and government. Contact for further information.

PERSEVERANCE ON THE PATH Strengthening our “spiritual muscle” when the weights get heavy BY CLAIRE HENNEKAM When Kevin Costner was Robin Hood back in 1991, he posed a question to a young archer, who had been showing off his skills to the group by shooting arrows at a mock target in the distance. “Can you do it with a little distraction?” He asked the boy. “Can you make the shot when you must?” Moments later, he was put on the spot when Maid Marian remarked with a smile, “Can you?” There is so much valuable information available these days to help us ensure our wellness, prosperity, joy and love. We know what to eat, how to go about our day, how to relate to others. We know the value of meditation, yoga, Reiki, crystal therapy, hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy – the list goes on and on. As we try out different things, we learn what works best for us; what we best respond to, relate to and can stick to…at least most of the time. But for all we say and do and learn, what happens when the pressure is really on? When the distractions set in? Can you continue with your daily meditation when the kids are sick and the deadlines are pressing and you’re fighting with your partner? Does Reiki still help you centre and heal when you’re in the midst of a crisis of faith? In other words, can you make the shot when you must?


During a training session one day, my personal trainer pulled me up on the fact that I had been skimping on the last couple of repetitions in every set of a particular exercise. I said that I was struggling to get through them and surely the ten or so I’d already done each time was enough. He explained to me that there is little value in the first three quarters of a set in weights training. You lift a weight enough times for your muscle to fatigue, but then

it’s in the final few repetitions that you’re really pushing the muscle – that’s what strengthens it. Just doing enough repetitions to reach that point works the muscle, but it has no lasting impact. There’s no growth in that. I see how the same is surely true for all of the healing work we do for ourselves and our spirit. If you get into the habit of meditating every day, every week, or whatever it may be, you are training your mind to quieten and to get “out of the way”, so to speak, so that you can commune with the stillness within. Naturally, the mind is likely to protest, first loudly, but then subtley – subconsciously creating distractions to draw you away from your meditative practice. It’s how you respond to this that determines whether or not you strengthen your healing resolve. This is not to suggest rigidity within a routine (unless that’s desired). If you need to change when you meditate, or even how long you spend, you can of course be flexible, but it’s when you start abandoning your practices on the “bad days”, because you’re usually “so good”, that you may be missing the point of the exercise.


We all have days that flow nicely and feel harmonious, and then others that are more reminiscent of trying to teach an over-caffeinated monkey how to drive a manual car. Sometimes the techniques we’ve learnt over the years to remain centred, to connect to our higher self, to attract abundance into our lives and so forth, are much harder to tap into than usual. It’s in these moments – in the darkness and in the confusion – that we at least need to try. Back at the gym, my trainer said that he would rather I try to finish all of the reps, even if it meant he would help me lift the weights, rather than giving up with one or two left to go. It’s better to ask for help and push through the space

you’re in than to write off your experience into the “too hard” basket. That experience may be exactly what you need right in that moment to shift through an old pattern or belief, or simply and old way of doing things that no longer serves you. So do you give up and go back to the “old familiar”, or surrender to the experience and open up to something new? What a difference there is between surrendering and giving up! A more extreme example of this would be a crisis of faith. When the walls come crashing down and you don’t know if you even believe in what you’re doing anymore. Sometimes this signals a change in course. But sometimes there’s a still, small voice that suddenly seems so close and so distant at the same time, that’s willing you not to give up. In those cases, simply acknowledging that inner, sacred voice - just knowing that it IS there, no matter how inconceivable that might seem to parts of you at the time - is exactly what is needed in order to push forward. It’s in lifting the heaviest weights that we build our physical muscle – and in lifting our heaviest burdens that we build our spiritual muscle. When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” ~Author Unknown An astrologer and Reiki master, Claire Hennekam runs workshops and weekly meditation sessions in addition to seeing her own clients. She works out of Sahu Healing Space in Melbourne (, a centre she created to provide the space and resources for clients and practitioners to pursue their own healing journeys. You can contact Claire on 0407 359 347, or email

Experience the



is the motto of T he T heosophical Society Society,, founded in 1875 The Sydney Branch, Blavatsky Lodge has, since its inception offered Members and Visitors a wide range of activities, such as Guest Lectures, Workshops, Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi. The Ad Adyyar Lending Libr Librar aryy, Level 3 of Theosophy House, has a unique ar collection of over 13,000 books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, audio and video tapes, covering topics such as theosophy, religion, mysticism, yoga, health and healing. There is a large reference section. Browsing, reading, playing videos & dvds is free, low lending rates.Non-Members of the Society are welcome to join the Library. Ph: 02-9267 6807, Medita tion, our programme includes sessions most lunchtimes and early Meditation, evenings. Please see our website for more information. T he Ad Adyyar Bookshop at 99 Bathurst St, near Town Hall, is owned and managed by The Society. Established in 1922, it is one of Sydney’s oldest bookshops, carrying the largest range of authentic metaphysical literature, music & gifts.. The word Theosophy originates from the Greek “Theos” and “Sophia”, meaning “Divine Wisdom”, and can be seen as a worldview that gives meaning to life and as a way of service that leads to peace and understanding.

THE 3 OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY 1 - To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour. 2 - To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science. 3 - To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in the human being.

Blavatsky Lodge of The Theosophical Society Levels 2 & 3, Theosophy House, 484 Kent St, near crn. Bathurst St. Website bsite: Email Email:


At Sahu, we are building a healing community by holding space for individual and global intergration through taking personal responsibility and embracing authenticity of self and others without blame or judgement. Conscious business practices within an environment that nurtures the soul rather than the ego make Sahu a centre of healing and transformation for clients and practitioners alike.

Inspired Healing and Teaching Discover the cause of whatever doesn’t feel right in your life, rather than endlessly chasing the effects. Learn how to be your own healer and get support to stay on track to rediscovering the joyful, healthy, successful YOU that resides within. • Inspired Healing Sessions • Massage & Body Work • Reiki • Energy Healing • Astrology • Divination • Classes & Workshops

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Yoga FreeYou holding this one Hand Position for a length of time. In this ar ticle I will show you the Flower of Love Hand Position. Place the heels of your hands together. Then place your little fingers together. Then place your thumbs together. Then open out your index, middle and ring fingers so that it looks like and open flower. Breathing empowers your body with energy. Physiologically, one molecule of glucose gives you two molecules of energy (ATP). If you add oxygen into the equation one molecule of glucose gives you 38 molecules of energy (ATP). That’s 19 times the energy! To get maximum oxygen you need to open your airway and do relaxed, diaphragmatic breathing. To open your airway simply place the tip of your tongue over your bottom teeth and down on the string that runs between your bottom gum and bottom lip. This is called the Cramps Relieving Tongue Position. So place your hands in the Flower of Love Hand Position and your tongue in the Cramps Relieving Tongue Position. Continue with relaxed, belly breathing. This is contemplation on love. Now add bliss. If you are by yourself look in the mirror and star t laughing. If you are with a friend look into your friend’s eyes and star t laughing. Then enjoy a little silence. Then laugh again. Then enjoy silence again. Let the experience deepen. Immediately you will notice that




There are eight limbs of yoga. Three of them - focus (Dharana), contemplation (Dhyana) and bliss (Samadhi) - may be combined into one technique of profound meditation called Samyama. In early 1978, I learned this technique so that I could levitate physically, go invisible, increase my compassion and play with other yogic powers. Once I understood it I applied it to natural health. In 1986 I discovered how to regrow, reduce, reshape and realign body parts naturally, including natural face, breast and tummy lift. And I discovered how to make this process of Samyama so easy that even children can do it. In the next four issues I want to show you how to use Samyama to transform your life and achieve Liberation. Spiritual growth occurs when your centre of attention drops from your head to your heart. Quakers say “Put your mind in your Hear t.” Thankfully, using Samyama, this is easy to do. There are 60,000 to 80,000 ner ve endings in your hands. So Hand Reflexology massage may be used to tell your brain what to relax, and your brain then tells your body what to relax. Alternatively you may use a position of your hands to tell your brain what to do, and your brain then tells your body what to do. So in this, easy version of Samyama, your focus is on one Hand Position (Hasta Mudra). Your effortless contemplation is gained by


Cut Your Past & Create Your Future!

you have dropped from your head to your Heart. Your centre of attention is in your chest. You have learned what unconditional love can be like. Your effor tless focus is on the Hand Position. You feel the energy in your hands. Your effortless contemplation is on the Hand Position. You feel the energy between you and your partner. Your effortless bliss is with the Hand Position. You feel your centre of attention in your Heart. You have FREED your head from its monkey mind, from its continual yadayadayada. You have made Samyama on the Hand Position, for a short time. Well done!In the next issue I will show you how to sustain Samyama - and therefore your FREEDOM - for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Donovan More, BA (Australian National University), Dip Mass, Dip ID, Dip Back Pain Relief Reflexology, Face Lift Yoga. Donovan More has over 47 years of experience in the fields of meditation, nutrition and natural health. He is the Managing Director of the Back Pain Relief Association, a fully registered, not for profit, natural health charity, the father of Skeletal Reflexology and the grandfather of Face Lift Yoga. FFor or mor or ma tion phone moree inf infor orma mation 02 6676 1759.

I believe one of the most challenging things a human can do, is completely cut the energy ties with another human. Some of you may be brilliant at it, some might be good on the surface, yet deep down are allowing the ”what if” to creep in (which is denial of your truth – a perfect example of an energy leaking valve and we don’t know why we feel so tired?) and some of you may suffer from the paralyzing disease of the ”Reframe Syndrome” – maybe they will grow out of it, maybe they are having a bad day, month, year! Maybe they didn’t mean to say that, in such a hurtful way, maybe they will realize how much they drain my energy all on their own! This form of 20th Century mindset breads illness and long term emotional repercussions – my mother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, at 73yrs and is finally awaking to the fact that she can speak her truth…it’s OK and welcomed. Wherever you are in your life path or what you have observed to be socially acceptable – I’m here to say…all of the above is normal. As humans, we can spend copious amounts of time, energy, money on lattes and wine to ”discuss” this person/s who do not add value to our life. Some of us even create anxiety pains about this person and still smile, an-

swers their texts and calls and puts up with it. Now, I know you are very aware, that’s why you are reading this and I must place a disclaimer on what I’m about to say. Not everyone is afraid to let go, but everyone on some level is afraid to be the person they were truly born to be – to live their truth and purpose. If we had it all together, we would all be the Dalai Lama (perceived projection that he has ”it all” together). If you are a clear boundary setter – more power to you! Most of us at some point need to re-learn the feeling of personal power and by cutting the ties you create space for what you truly desire. As you are aware, as we raise our vibration to the next level of compassion, self love and self honour – some people will support us and some will test us in every way. If you are strong enough to maintain the boundaries – four things will happen. 1. You will become even more self confident, self assured and your intuitive and life navigation muscle will increase instantly and profoundly. 2. You will meet new and exciting people who are at the new vibration. And the hangers will fall away without a conversation of any kind…and do their own work. 3. You will keep your core group of

encouraging friends who will always be your support team. 4. You will need to make a decision about ”who you are” when you are with the group who do not support you … now. The way I see it – it’s all a win/win – but the moment of truth, when it’s time to cut and back your self, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. It can feel like you are doing something wrong, guilt can be present and even fear of ”what if I need them one day!” – its all normal. I’m here to say – no-one needs to have a conversation ”about cutting the ties” Phew! I have another way which I’m sure you will enjoy. A few weeks ago, a friend and I were in a space of saying goodbye to a few people. Some were from the past and some were present now. We wanted to do something physical with an intention of serving ourselves and the other person. We went out into the backyard with four pieces of string, white, gold, red and navy blue (colours we chose intuitively for the ceremony), scissors, white sage and a little metal bowl for the burning. As my friend stood in my backyard, she tied the four pieces of string loosely around her waist and I cleansed her with sage as she took in three deep breaths and called in all her guides, higher self, ascendant masters, universal energy, angels and


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so on. With the scissors in her hand, ready to cut – she named everyone she would like to let go of, which linked her to the belief system about herself which no longer serves her now. Yes, this did include Timmy at school (no story required), we simply spoke out names with love. No anger, aggression or extra passion – just names and breathing. When she was done, she cut the ties of the string and let them fall. As she opened her eyes, she noticed an aura around the trees and flowers which was expansive and reflective of her true essence expanding. Then it was my turn. Same thing, when I opened my eyes – same expansive feeling flowed through me and around me. We made a commitment after this experience, to share it with people who are ”ready to let go and let in love” and speak our truth with love, no matter what. The next section was even more fun. We placed the letter of our true self’s future in the metal bowl and burnt them with salt and danced around the bowl. Sounds a little nutty and we are mature women, but this was not planned – our energy was so free, our inner child and quirks simply surfaced and wanted to celebrate. Cool huh!

Would you like to know how you can do this too?

First of all – get your journal out and answer these questions: 21st Century Goddess Letting Go Exercise: 1. Are your needs being met by the people around you? 2. What are your 5 top core needs that you love about your suppor t friends and how do they meet them? 3. Write down the names of the people who give you energy versus take your energy. 4. Who from your past do you truly need to cut ties with, which, when done, will give yourself and them an oppor tunity to be in the Power of Now even more? (Eg: Ex boyfriend, old school friend, old boss) 5. Write a list of the people that you want to let go of, with an intention of meeting you at your ultimate vibration if the journey serves them Once this is done… 1. Write a letter to your true self – outlining the vision for you - Where you are? What you believe? Where do you work? What do you wear? Who is around you? 2. Fold it up and get ready to burn it. 3. Dancing is optional. I would love to hear about what has happened after your ”ceremony” – feel free to e-mail me on Elizabeth Tyrrell – Director, Coach and Trainer. 21 st Century Goddess: F e m i n i n e Leadership Training – With

Spunk. Goddess Mobile: 0422 021 385 Elizabeth Tyrrell is a trail blazer in the art of Feminine Leadership! She believes every woman has an internal power that is only activated when women are collectively aligned with their inner purpose and power. She’s an NLP Practitioner, Certified coach, Trainer and Launching ‘1 Million Western Women Leading The Change! Inc: Soul Purpose BluePrint Coaching $12 x 12 Months STARTS: 1 st January 2011! The 21 st Century is Our Time Live On Purpose!

A Human Approach to World Peace by the Dalai Lama

Continued from page 4 tamination of religion by dirty politics. I question the popular assumption that religion and ethics have no place in politics and that religious persons should seclude themselves as hermits. Such a view of religion is too one-sided; it lacks a proper perspective on the individual’s relation to society and the role of religion in our lives. Ethics is as crucial to a politician as it is to a religious practitioner. Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and rulers forget moral principles. Whether we believe in God or karma, ethics is the foundation of every religion. Such human qualities as morality, compassion, decency, wisdom, and so forth have been the foundations of all civilizations. These qualities must be cultivated and sustained through systematic education in a conducive social environment so that a more humane world may emerge. The qualities required to create such a world must be inculcated right from the beginning, from childhood. We cannot wait for the next generation to make this change; the present generation must attempt a renewal of basic human values. If there is any hope, it is in the future generations, but not unless we institute major change on a worldwide scale in our present educational system. We need a revolution in our commitment to and practice of universal humanitarian values. It is not enough to make noisy calls to halt moral degeneration; we must do something about it. Since present-day governments do not shoulder such ‘religious’ responsibilities, humanitarian and religious leaders must strengthen the existing civic, social, cultural, educational, and religious organizations to revive human and spiritual values. Where necessary, we must create new organizations to achieve these goals. Only in so doing can we hope to create a more stable basis for world peace. Living in society, we should share the sufferings of our fellow citizens and practise compassion and tolerance not only towards our loved ones but also towards our enemies. This is the test of our moral strength. We must set an example by our own practice, for we cannot hope to convince others of the value of religion by mere words. We must live up to the same high standards of integrity and sacrifice that we ask of others. The ultimate purpose of all religions is to serve and benefit humanity. This is why it is so important that religion always be used to effect the happiness and peace of all beings and not merely to convert others. Still, in religion there are no national boundaries. A religion can and should be used by any people or person who finds it beneficial. What is impor tant for each seeker is to choose a religion that is most suit-

able to himself or herself. But, the embracing of a par ticular religion does not mean the rejection of another religion or one’s own community. In fact, it is important that those who embrace a religion should not cut themselves off from their own society; they should continue to live within their own community and in harmony with its members. By escaping from your own community, you cannot benefit others, whereas benefiting others is actually the basic aim of religion. In this regard there are two things important to keep in mind: self-examination and self-correction. We should constantly check our attitude toward others, examining ourselves carefully, and we should correct ourselves immediately when we find we are in the wrong. Finally, a few words about material progress. I have heard a great deal of complaint against material progress from Westerners, and yet, paradoxically, it has been the very pride of the Western world. I see nothing wrong with material progress per se, provided people are always given precedence. It is my firm belief that in order to solve human problems in all their dimensions, we must combine and harmonize economic development with spiritual growth. However, we must know its limitations. Although materialistic knowledge in the form of science and technology has contributed enormously to human welfare, it is not capable of creating lasting happiness. In America, for example, where technological development is perhaps more advanced than in any other

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Eye on the Sky with Robert Crawford, Astrologist and Teacher

April – June 2011


April – June introduces the need to tune-in to Neptune entering Pisces (5th April) and turn-on your ”mojo”, your authentic-self whilst Uranus moves through Aries (12th March). The elemental nature is ”fire” Aries atop ”water” Pisces. The planetary instigation is Self-individuation (Uranus) immersed in fellowship (Neptune). Fire and water at first appear incompatible. Yet when the fiery impulse is tempered toward serving others or a collective goal your individual purpose and qualities become self-serving. This is the stage set and taking shape over the next seven years whilst Uranus is in Aries, beating to the drum and the final stages of the Piscean Era. Like anything new, Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces hold centre-stage to the coming months. Interactive with the other planets, April is rich in activating new and improved advancements to ser ve whatever situation is most pressing in our lives. Mid-May and the planetary energies begin to settle into the swing of things, in a quest to build upon what has previously been initiated. June is engulfed by the ecliptic influence and sets up some disparities whereby acting on knowl-

edge and information alone without wisdom can prove self-defeating. As a result Neptune in sensitive Pisces can become despondent and lose focus.


The fiery nature of Aries with the motto ”to set forth” is packed to the rafters with 7 of 10 planets moving through its constellation. Ideologies are itching to be set in motion but appear slow to ignite. This is due to information based Mercury in Aries and authoritative Saturn in Libra (retrograde and counterpoint one another) considering all the angles; ”strategy is key”. This can be used productively if contemplation is not based on avoidance. The New Moon phase from the 4th - 6th April is prime time to set forth new ideas that support your individual qualities based on long-term goals. Your birth chart will better indicate the area of life to be initiated.


Not only the Sun but Mercury, Venus and Mars enter Taurus by the middle of the month. These are the planets that are closest to Earth. They are termed the personal planets for good reason as their effects become personalised within our behaviours. Tau-

rus is a ”solid” sign of Earthly context and our behaviours beckon toward practical and productive measures, determined to build on what has been initiated. The negative impacts are stubborn resistance, detrimentally immovable.


Mercury, Venus and Mars have similar transiting speeds and presently are in close proximity; moving through Aries in April, Taurus in May and Gemini in June. In Gemini they meet Neptune in Pisces and any underlying challenges come to the surface. As a guideline the challenges are “communicative” June 2 - 4, “relating” June 9 -12 and “action oriented” June 21 – 25, cour tesy of Mercury, Venus then Mars square to Neptune. The Lunar, Solar then Lunar eclipse on June 2, 16 & July 1 respectively are June’s main events. There is a cer tain level of friction within these eclipses as they polarise Gemini and Sagittarius behaviours, creating disparity when cleverness can get in the way of wisdom. People’s opinions will be staunch and can work against harmonious relations on the 2ndJune & 1stJuly, when the SunMoon is in ”hard” aspect to the lunar node.


Neptune in Pisces and the hills are alive with the sound of music, the arts and fashion. Interchanging with Uranus in Aries who likes to run the show and new technologies in these fields is to be presumed. 3D television to hit the ground running and many more advances in information technology to be anticipated. Also Mars synonymous with surgery and conjunct Uranus in April /May could induce medical advances and surgical procedures; Mars has domain over the skin and head? The best predictor to future events is often reflected by past patterns. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was the 18 th Feb 1848 and Carl Marx publication ”the Communist Manifesto” was published followed by ”Das Kapital” revolutionising the societal world and the plight of the working class. It was also the beginning of the French Revolution. We can then anticipate socialist movements, ideologies based on fellowship as well as revolutionaries where different belief systems oppose one another. This line has already been drawn in the sand with social upheaval shaping more and more countries. As a timely reminder if I may draw your attention to the adage ”world peace begins with innerpeace” as we tune in to Neptune and turn-on our ”mojo”. Make a difference, be a ”working class hero” by your emanating qualities – utilise your natural resources and uniqueness. Show empathy toward others and we will all be etching a future through our present engagements.

Regular Planetary Review by Astrologist Robert Crawford Planet Arc Astrology Centre PH: 07 4057 4554

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Is There Science Behind 2012 Prophecies? AN INTERVIEW WITH GREGG BRADEN In an interview with Dr. Laurie Nadel, scientist Gregg Braden, the best-selling author of “Fractal Time,” talks about the Mayan 2012 prophecies and what they mean to us today. Q: You say that 2012 is not the end of the world but the end of a world age - a 5,125-year cycle of time? Braden: Some people speak about 2012 like any other news story that you hear about every day. Others who may not have heard anything about 2012 say, “What’s the big deal about a date?” Q: Maybe they think it’s like Y2K. Braden: Precisely! I was an engineer, working in the defense industry in the 1980s when I first began hearing about the year 2012. Some people were saying, literally, “It’s the end of the world.” Others said, “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” And some even said, “It’s the beginning of a thousand years of peace.”

Everyone I asked had a different opinion. What I discovered as a scientist was that the only way that I would know what 2012 was all about was to understand the people who created the calendars that tell us about 2012. And the only way to understand them was to understand great cycles of time. Q: What do you mean when you say, “cycles of time?” Braden: Science now is telling us that we, on this planet, our lives, and our planet in general, are under the influence of great cycles of time; cycles within cycles, within cycles. Some of the cycles we know about, like the 24-hour cycle of the day for day and night, or the 28-days of a woman’s cycle. But the great cycles cover such

vast periods of time that we don’t remember them from one civilization to the next. Our present great cycle is a 5,125-year-long cycle linked to an astronomical event that occurred in the year 3114 B.C. Q: Now, that’s almost incomprehensible for people - 3114 B.C. Braden: It ends on December 21, the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 A.D. Q: And in that moment or on that day, the sun, you say, is going to move into an alignment with the equator of the Milky Way. Braden: What happens during this time - and we have to be really careful when we talk about this - there is an alignment that’s occurring because Earth does this little tip and this little wobble over long periods of time. As Earth changes - tips and wobbles in its orbit, it changes the scenery of the night sky. It changes our orientation in space with respect to the centre of our own Milky Way galaxy. Scientists have discovered - and they are publishing this openly - hat the center of our Milky Way galaxy is a very powerful source of magnetic energy. The term they use is “magnetic filiments” that radiate from the center of our Milky Way. Where we are, in relation to that source of energy, has a huge effect on planet Ear th. Sometimes we’re fur ther away, and we’re tilted away from it, and the effect is less. Sometimes we’re closer or we’re tilted toward it, and the effect is greater. On December 21st in the year 2012, we have a straight shot - a linear shot, unobstructed by any other planets or any other bodies in the solar system–where we have direct ac-

13 cess to that field of energy. Q: Now, does this mean that the magnetic poles are going to shift, and we’re going to have three days of darkness? Braden: There is no scientific evidence to support that. Q: I’m glad to hear that. Braden: There has been a lot of speculation about it. The magnetic poles have certainly reversed in the past. I can tell you as a former geologist that we can see that in the geologic record, 14 times in the last 4.5 million years. Each time, before the magnetic fields reversed, they had to weaken to a certain point before that reversal happened. Even though we have seen a decrease in the magnetic field strength of the Earth over the last 100 years or so, it is still so much higher than the measurement that is needed for it to reverse that the probability of this happening in the next three years between 2009 and 2012 or even a year or two after, it looks like it’s a slim probability. We’ve got so many other things to worry about. Q: Are there new discoveries that show that we can think of time as an essence that follows the same rhythms and cycles that govern everything from particles to galaxies? Can we think of these things that happen in time as places within cycles? Braden: The bottom line is that time is essentially a wave that is moving in one direction. Right now it’s moving from the present to the future. So, the seeds for things that are happening today and events like 2012 that are yet to happen have already occurred in the past.

If we know where to look into the past, it gives us a good idea of what we can expect in the present and the future. Time’s waves follow natural rhythms, cycles, and natural progressions. This means that we can measure, calculate, and predict when the seeds – the conditions for an event are going to happen again, and again, and again. This means that we can take the year 2012, calculate backwards, using natural rhythms to the times in our history when the seed for 2012 was planted. Looking at the seed, we can determine when the patterns and events that will happen in 2012 were set into motion. We can go into the geologic record to see what was happening then on the planet. Or we can go into the archaeological record to see what was happening to people to give us a really good idea of what we can expect over these next few years. Q You talk about how the conditions for the Mayan end-date of 2012 have already happened in our past. Braden: Absolutely! Q: What can we do to prepare for Earth changes that are going to happen in 2012? Braden: To prepare for whatever is happening, we have to understand what it is that’s going to happen. This is the value of knowing precisely where to look in the past to understand what we’re about to experience or what we’re already experiencing now. Q: Now, you talked about Pearl Harbor and 2001 as being years that were kind of hot dates when, in fact, the United States was, both times, attacked. What are some of the other

GREGG BRADEN hot dates that you refer to in the book? Braden: For 2012, the records show that when we look into the history of the Earth, into the ice cores in Antarctica, for example, it preserved a record of Earth’s past. When we look into those ice cores at the dates that are the fractals or the seed patterns for 2012, they tell us that in those dates the magnetic fields of the Ear th became weaker. The energy from the sun was stronger so that the ice on the poles began to melt. The oceans began to rise, the climate began to shift, and the weather patterns began to change. Q: We are experiencing that now. Braden: Precisely, and that is the whole point. Has the Ear th gone through a big change? Yes. Does it mean that something is wrong or something is broken? No! It always happens when we reach this point in a great cycle. When we are this distance from the energy source at the center of our Milky Way, when Earth is tilted and oriented the way it is, apparently, this is what always happens. Therefore, to a large extent, we are already experiencing the great changes that so many have predicted. We are already seeing cities wiped off the face of the Earth near

14 shallow coastlines. We are already seeing major magnitude ear thquakes and tsunamis. We are already seeing forest fires raging across vast, open spaces. We are seeing millions of people die from disease. The United States is blessed in that we’re not experiencing as much here as in other parts of the world. But such change can happen anywhere and everywhere. Q: The take-away message…? Braden: It is good for us to prepare and to help other people that are having the problems of feeling the brunt of these changes. But here is the core: The geologic records show that the changes are intense; absolutely intense, but that they’re brief. They don’t last for generation, after generation, after generation. The archaeological records show that when past civilizations reach the point in their cycle where we are in right now, they made a mistake that we don’t want to repeat today. Q: What was that mistake? Braden: When the world began to change, civilizations of the past didn’t understand the change. They began to fight one another for the resources. In that violent competition for what was left when the world was changing, everyone lost. Nobody won. The civilizations collapsed. For example, Egypt’s 20th dynasty absolutely collapsed during precisely this period of time and no one even knew about them until thousands of years later. We are at a point right now where we must choose to work together for this brief period of time to bring ourselves through this time of change. If we make the mistakes of the past and everyone loses. This why I feel that this book is so important right now. Q: A lot of people kind of feel helpless when they start listening to stories about ancient civilizations collapsing. They think about tsunamis and Katrina, and it’s very hard for people not to feel overwhelmed by the great scope of planetary movements and fractal time. For what can people hope? Braden: The Global Coherence Initiative is all about our relationship to the Earth through heart-based living. Q: What is heart-based living? Braden: In the past few years, our own science has made a radical, revolutionary discovery that changes everything about the way we think of ourselves and the world. What they found is that when we create heartbased feelings of gratitude, appreciation, care - literally, using the muscle of the heart to create these feelings - what we’re actually doing is generating a magnetic field inside our bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth that undergoes the change. The Earth’s magnetic field rises, falls, and regulates everything from climate to ice caps and sea levels. This magnetic field joins all life on Ear th from a blade of grass, to an ant, to a goldfish, to a hamster, to us. When many of us come together and create a common feeling, that experience is called “coherence.” “Coherence” can actually be measured. It is 0.10 Her tz. That is the measurement of the coherence created between the heart and the brain. Scientists first found out about this during 9/11 when our satellites 22,000 miles in space began to register changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, when humans were having feelings about September 11th and the World Trade Center. This is a surprise to science. They asked, “Why

innerSelf newspaper would people experiencing 9/11, why would that possibly affect the magnetic fields of the Ear th? There’s no connection, right?” Well, wrong. They found that there is a connection and this has led to what is called the Global Coherence Initiative Project. Scientists are now building the sensors that can measure these magnetic fields and put them up onto the website where you can watch the fields change everyday in real time. In addition to measuring this field, the Global Coherence Project aims is to teach people how to create coherence in their everyday lives. It’s not a hard thing to do, and you don’t have to change your lives to do it. You don’t have to change your meditations, your prayers, or any practice. It’s a way of being in our hearts as we go throughout the day that’s very easy to learn. Q: So, it’s kind of an awareness or biofeedback-type training. Braden: That is part of it. When we create this coherence inside our bodies, it triggers about 1,400 biochemical changes. Anti-aging processes begin. DHEA level - the lifegiving hormone - surges in our bodies. Our immune systems become really strong. We think more clearly. We become less aggressive. The magnetic fields of the heart are now being documented. We are facing the greatest challenges of 5,000 years of recorded human history. As we face the great challenges of our time, we are asking, “What can we do?” Here’s what we can do: We can learn the language of the magnetic field that is creating the changes and help bring that field from chaos into order. We can influence the very fields that are creating the change. The fear about 2012 is stressing a lot of people but we have the ability to regulate the magnetic field by regulating the way that we work together through our hearts. The key is: we’ve got to work together to do it. New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Gregg’s work is now published in 17 languages and 27 countries. Dr Laurie Nadel’s show is Your Place to Explore the Unknown.

AlkalineBODY with SANG WHANG

How Acidosis affects your Health It is now believed by many authorities that most disease develops because of a lowering of the function and resistance of the body due to chronic acidosis. In this connection, Dr. George W. Crile, past head of the Crile Clinic in Cleveland, USA and one of the world’s greatest surgeons says, “There is no natural death. All deaths from so-called natural causes are merely the endpoint of a progressive acid saturation.” Acidosis precedes and provokes disease. The body succumbs to physical disorders when its own acid debris accumulates to the point where resistance is broken down and the body consequently becomes susceptible to cold, fatigue, nerve exhaustion and degenerative disease. When the body reaches limits of increasing toxins within the body, the digestive tract, or any of the body tissues, it begins a house-cleaning process that takes various forms: diarrhoea, headache, colds, skin eruptions, abscesses or boils, rheumatism, inflammation of the eyes or other organs, catarrhs, chills, fevers, or anything that we recognize as acute disease. But all these spring from a common originating cause, an accumulation of acid waste in the body. Commercial foods are acid foods. Acid foods are addictive, causing over-eating and weight management problems. Whole natural foods have a balanced pH. Live people need live, whole, alkaline, green food. This is a difficult concept because of the green taste. We have to cultivate a taste. Then our bodies will reject dead commercial foods, salt and sugar. Also, you have to take whole live foods over time in order to reverse the effects of many years of eating commercial foods. Adults are more like children than children. They will make a very brief attempt to change to raw whole foods or Barleygreen®, and after a few days they quit, muttering that

30 D Back ay Money Guara ntee!

didn’t help them. How can anyone expect to reverse the effects of years and years of poor eating habits in only a few days. Most people don’t have the determination to overcome their bad eating habits! You won’t get a simpler solution for a return to health than God’s creation of whole live food. Now more and more MDs are accepting the fact that too much acid is the cause of disease and death. After all, cancer cells are acidic while healthy cells are alkaline. This is what I have been telling the world for over ten years. My book, Reverse Aging, explains it scientifically. Health professionals all recognize the need to reduce our body’s acid accumulation. However, they try to solve this problem with alkaline food. Many exper ts do not agree that natural and live foods do indeed reduce body acid. The dietary approach may work if the diet program is just right for that individual and that the individual is persistent; however, an unbalanced diet could result in nutritional deficiency. The world is missing the point of using alkaline water for acid reduction. Alkaline water works better than diet because it does not add more wastes in the process of reducing acids. All special diets and exercise create more acidic waste. Alkaline water

with any diet and/or exercise regimen works extra well. Alkaline water with any food will do wonders. Alkaline water, special diets and/or exercise mean that there must be a change of lifestyle. It is very difficult to change one’s eating habits. Drinking alkaline water is the perfect solution for today’s fast-lane lifestyle. Many MDs misunderstand that stomach acid neutralizes alkaline water and drinking alkaline water is, therefore, useless. This is not true! The fact is that if the stomach gets too alkaline or less acidic due to drinking alkaline water, the stomach must produce more hydrochloric acid to maintain the original acidic state. In the process of producing hydrochloric acid, the stomach must also produce sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline buffer, and put it into the blood stream, making the blood more alkaline. The stomach makes hydrochlo-

ric acid by this formula: H 2 O + CO 2 + NaCl = HCl + NaHCO3 Water + carbon dioxide + salt = hydrochloric acid + sodium bi-carbonate. I learned this from a pathologist, Dr. Stephen Weiss. Pathologists know this process, but most MDs do not. If we look at the stomach alone, we can come to an erroneous conclusion. When we look at the body as a whole, there is a net gain of alkalinity when we drink alkaline water. This is why it doesn’t make any difference whether one drinks alkaline water on an empty or a full stomach. Acid leads to pain, disease, and death; while alkalinity leads to better health and longevity. Sang Whang is an engineer, scientist, and inventor, Mr. Whang specializes in electronic filters, chemistry, and water among other fields.

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A Natural Approach to ECZEMA

Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis can be a troublesome and uncomfortable condition that many children and adults suffer from. There is often a strong family history with eczema and you will often find that if your child has eczema then either mum or dad had eczema too. The reality is that there are many prescription creams available these days that can suppress the eczema and make the skin appear healthy, however many view this as pushing the eczema fur ther into the body. These creams may be useful as a quick fix but will not be ideal for your health if used over a long period of time. An interesting pattern that we now tend to see is that a child with eczema will often be more prone to developing asthma, and some have even gone as far as to suggest that asthma may be considered eczema of the lungs. The pattern then continues into hay fever and allergies which the child may very well bring with them into adulthood. Therefore in order to give your child or yourself the best possible outcome you need to focus on the eczema treatment in a wholistic way that corrects the imbalances of the body and does not suppress the symptoms.


Energetically eczema tells you that your body is not happy and it is becoming irritated with what you are feeding it and what you are surrounding it with. Your body is struggling to deal with the toxins and unnatural products that you are using in your diet and in your lifestyle. Take this as a wake up call to notice what you can improve in your diet. Eczema also says that you are dealing with some unresolved anger that you need to release, please do not push these emotions back down as now is the time to fully release them and move forward with a healthier, happier, and clearer skin in your future.


From a Naturopathic point of view

food allergies and intolerances are the number one cause of eczema. When I say food allergies, I am talking about foods that our body is not able to fully digest properly leading to your digestive system creating inflammation. Often these intolerances cause a delayed reaction, for example you may have a glass of milk and feel fine, however your body sets up an immune response to the milk and creates inflammation. Since this reaction occurs more slowly over time it may cause a worsening in your skin condition over the next couple of days rather than immediately. The most common foods that are problematic include dairy, wheat, eggs and peanuts. I often find that people are addicted to the foods that they are most intolerant of, so if you crave dairy and eat large amounts of it then you may want to re-consider and possibly stop all dairy intake for a week or two. You are able to have some tests performed to identify your allergies, some can be performed by your Doctor such as the skin prick test, and others can be ordered through your Naturopath which involve blood tests that measure your body’s reaction to a wide range of foods. A simple way of identifying these allergic foods is to make an educated guess looking closely at your diet. Again, using our example of large amounts of dairy in your diet, you may consider an elimination of all dairy for 2 weeks. Notice your skin changes for improvements. When completed you can then re-introduce the dairy and again monitor your skin. If you notice an increase in symptoms over the next few days then chances are your body is struggling to digest this food group. It

15 would be to your best interest to avoid this food for several months to give your body a rest and allow your eczema to improve and in the meantime we can look at a few other interventions to get your digestive and skin health back on track.


Homeopathic medicines made from the foods you are intolerant of can work wonderfully at de-sensitising your body to the foods. Basically these medicines contain minute amounts of things like dairy and wheat that gently restore your digestive function back to normal.


Some of the main nutrients that are beneficial for eczema include Vitamin A and Essential Fatty Acids. They help to correct the skin function, reduce redness and regulate your immune system. The easiest way to use all at once is through good quality Cod Liver Oil. It can make it easy for giving to children and adults alike and contains Omega 3’s and Vitamin A. All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before under taking any of the above mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath whose passion for helping others started as a young boy, spiritually gifted and highly intuitive. Robert uses his psychic insight and mediumship abilities with his Naturopathic training to help his clients reach their utmost potential. Phone: (02) 4648 4200 or 1300 668 772. E-mail: Web:

TOOLS FOR HEALTHY LIVING Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract

From immune system support to your digestive health and cardiac wellbeing, the proven benefits from olive leaf extract are endless say our customers. Although olive leaf extract has been available in Australia for the past ten years, a new innovative brand has now entered the market. 100 percent Australian made and owned, Koroneiki pride themselves on using only the freshest leaves and naturally derived ingredients in their production of Olive Leaf Extract. Product quality is imperative to the Farm; all batches of Olive Leaf Extract are independently tested before distribution to ensure only the highest quality. Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract is produced using freshly picked leaves from their Plantation, which is home to over 25,000 olive trees. The Farm also recycles their raw material (olive leaves) through composting. The compost is used as mulch on the olive tree plantation to enhance the nutrient value and fertility of the soil, thereby ensuring the health and vitality of the olive trees. Recycling this raw material through composting also helps to reduce landfill, minimising environmental impact. For more information on where to buy Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract,

contact Yes 2 Green whose mission is: To supply products that will assist you in choosing a Healthy Lifestyle for protection of your customers, family, the environment and future generations.

Zazen Essential Water

Scientists studying the health and longevity of many of the world’s oldest & healthiest people, discovered the secret lay in the quality of the water they drank every day. What the scientists discovered was that water underwent a transformation as it bubbled and cascaded over mineral rocks in pristine mountain streams and as it gushed from underground streams. They discovered that indeed - not all water was the same! These waters had properties that enhanced life and they called it the Water of Life. Today those same scientists have recreated nature’s processes to produce zazen Essential Water, with the same exceptional qualities so we can help you nurture yourself and your family. We know your body will love you for it! Our zazen Essential Water system, replicates Mother Nature’s water cycle transforming your drinking water into healthy, filtered, alkaline mineral water that tastes great and assists you to hydrate immediately at a cellular level.

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We bring you natural bamboo charcoal products to purify your air and drinking water, absorb odours and moisture from around your home and beauty products that uplift and revitalise. Bamboo is treasured for its healing powers, beauty and versatility. A special heating process creates bamboo charcoal with billions of porous pockets and powerful ability to absorb odours, moisture, chemicals and electromagnetic waves from the surrounding environment. Bamboo charcoal also purifies drinking water and enriches it with minerals. Freshen and balance your home with the Moso range; Remove strong odours with the Powerful range; Pro-

innerSelf newspaper tect your clothes with the Natural range; Cleanse your skin and hair with the Revitalising range; Beautify your home with unique bamboo charcoal products from the Design range; Absorb strong odours and moisture from clothing with the Travel & Fashion range. The benefits of Pure bamboo products: No Fragrance or chemicals; 100 percent natural Moso bamboo; Grown in Taiwan in pesticide-free forest programs; Ancient technology – proven to remove odours and moisture; Purifies water by absorbing harmful chemicals and releasing nutrients; Absorbs electromagnetic waves from appliances and computers; Releases negative ions which improves sleep, digestion and circulation; Unscented and hypoallergenic; Creates a more calm and healthy environment; Cleanses and nourishes your body and hair; Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. Pure Bamboo Phone: (07) 3425 2575 Email:

A Unique Way to Relieve Pain 0DQ\SHRSOHUHFHLYH$WODV352ÂżOD[ treatment when all else has failed or when only temporary relief KDG EHHQ DFKLHYHG :H JHW WR WKHVRXUFHRIWKHSUREOHPLQRQH The Atlas carries the weight of treatment! WKH KHDG DQG WKHUHE\ IDFLOLWDWHV THE TREATMENT VXVSHQVLRQ EDODQFHDQGFRQWURO of the spine and skeleton. If not $WODVSURÂżOD[ LV D QHXURPXVFXODU in its correct position, the Atlas release technique which is gentle LV UHVSRQVLEOH IRU D YDULHW\ RI and completely safe to apply to children and adults of all ages. ailments and illnesses. A GENTLE, one-time only The Atlas is the passage way WUHDWPHQW Âą $WODV352ÂżOD[ Âą EHWZHHQWKHERG\DQGWKHEUDLQ provides pain relief and healing for all the major life force elements RQ PDQ\ OHYHOV ERG\ DQG PLQG WRĂ€RZWKURXJK:LWKDPLVDOLJQHG This revolutionary modality developed in Switzerland has VZHSW WKH ZRUOG DQG KDV ÂżQDOO\ reached Australia. A unique, Safe and Non-invasive correction of the Atlas alignment, WKHÂżUVWFHUYLFDOYHUWHEUDDWWKH top of the spine.

Rene Schumperli suffered GHELOLWDWLQJ SDLQ PRVW RI KLV OLIH DQGQRERG\ZDVDEOHWRKHDOKLP ,QWHQWRQ¿QGLQJDVROXWLRQDIWHU years of research, he realized the FRQQHFWLRQ EHWZHHQ WKH EDVH RI WKH VNXOO DQG WKH ¿UVW YHUWHEUDH at the top of the spine – the atlas – is out of alignment in most people. The solution developed E\5HQHLVDVLPSOH\HWSURIRXQG soft tissue procedure that creates proper alignment and secure FRQQHFWLRQ EHWZHHQ WKH KHDG and the spine – with only one application – naturally, safely and permanently. The structural symptoms are restricted QHFN PRELOLW\ rotated pelvis, differing leg lengths, scoliosis and many other S U R E O H P V  Physiological impairment also results, FDXVLQJFRQVWULFWLRQRIEORRGDQG ÀXLGV FRPSUHVVLRQ RQ YDULRXV nerves and lymphatics, which causes a weakened immune system with a lack of optimum ÀRZEHWZHHQWKHEUDLQDQGERG\ Other factors which impact on this situation are falls, whiplash, sport activities or work – including long hours spent at a computer. As the atlas plays such a central UROH LQ RXU RYHUDOO ZHOOEHLQJ PDQ\KHDOWKLVVXHVFDQEHWUDFHG EDFN WR LW $OWKRXJK WKHUH PD\ EH PXOWLSOH FDXVHV ZH KDYH witnessed positive results as well as complete recoveries in people of all ages.

Atlas we are compromised, not H[SHULHQFLQJ OLIH DW LWV IXOOHVW potential. COMMON SYMPTOMS To a greater or lesser degree, a misaligned Atlas will cause a wide range of symptomatic illness and ailments. Many symptoms OLNH WKHVH PD\ EH UHVROYHG RU GLPLQLVKHG ZLWK $WODV352¿OD[ treatment: ‡$UP 6KRXOGHU3DLQ ‡,QVRPQLD ‡&DUSDO7XQQHO ‡0LJUDLQH ‡&RQFHQWUDWLRQ'LI¿FXOWLHV ‡$Q[LHW\ ‡'HSUHVVLRQ ‡,PSDLUHG9LVLRQ ‡+LJK%ORRG3UHVVXUH ‡6KRXOGHU3DLQ ‡+LSNQHHORZHUEDFN3DLQ ‡70‡,PSDLUHG+HDULQJ ‡:KLSODVK :28/'1œ7,7%(*5($772+$9(

Pain Free Living Mental Clarity Sense of Ease and GRACE Take a Giant Step towards your +HDOWKDQG:HOOEHLQJ Contact an Australian Practitioner, WUDLQHGDQGFHUWLÂżHGE\WKH $WODVSURÂżOD[$FDGHP\9DODLV Switzerland. 3OHDVHFDOOWKH%ULVEDQHFOLQLF to make an appointment 0411 884 164 or for more information, email: atlasprof@freedomservices. SPECIALIST

Colour Your World with Safer Hair Dye BY MAE ZAYDAN

Organic Food You Are WHAT YOU EAT BY STEVEN PRAHIN, NATUROPATH We need to get maximum nutrition in to feed our cells. This would be 100% raw, fresh, organic, vegan foods. This is a big step for some and hard to grasp at first, so try eating more live, organic raw foods. A healthy life requires effort. There are many aspects to good health and the more health promoting principles you apply to your life, the healthier you will be. In fact, instead of degeneration, you can have regeneration set in. Some of the following health principles are useless unless put into practice and made a part of your everyday life. Being simple, they are easy, but if you do not pay attention to the list, you will not make the changes and you will not get well and stay well. Applying them all at once and with intensity can push your body to where you will feel younger. Getting in the fresh air everyday with deep breathing, vigorous exercise and exposure to the sun, resting one day a week and going to bed early, drinking plenty of pure water, having moderation in all good things and trusting our loving Creator are just as few of the lifestyle tips that form the foundation and base of your healthy house which is your body. We need to get maximum nutrition in to feed our cells. This would be 100% raw, fresh, organic, vegan foods. This is a big step for some and hard to grasp at first, so try eating more live, organic raw foods. If you can get 75% - 85% raw, you will have an energy explosion within your body. Fruits offer high calories but vegetables and greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds should all be included. Try to eat less nutritionally dead foods like cooked starches, sugary processed foods and animal products which can have parasites, heavy metals, antibiotics, chemicals and pesticides. Eggs from healthy hens may be OK if you have heavy metal poisoning like mercury fillings. But if you are seriously ill, raw food and juices are imperative. A vegetarian or vegan diet does not necessarily mean healthy. Always eat a variety of different foods. Beans and legumes are a good animal-free source of protein, but even better are nuts, seeds and sprouts. These can be consumed with every meal. Healthy fats are only found in plant-based foods like linseeds, nuts, avocadoes, coconuts and olives. It is important that you never cook with olive oil but rather use coconut oil. Eat only 2-3 meals a day and leave 4-5 hours rest be-

tween meals to the give your stomach the break it needs. Consume nothing between meals but liquids like water. Most people today are overfed yet still, nutritionally depleted, which can cause everything from poor blood, low energy, weak immune system and virtually any disease. Your ability and speed of recovery from disease are greatly decreased when you are malnourished. Modern life can take its toll with huge levels of stress, prescription drugs, EM radiation, heavy metal toxicity and a myriad of health-degrading practices, even maintaining a raw vegan diet is not enough to counteract this constant bombardment. Our loving Creator has blessed us with certain foods and herbs that are so nutritionally potent, concentrated and complete that they have come to be commonly known as superfoods. Spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, barley and wheat grasses are just a few of some perfectly balanced superfoods that will supply you with the widest range of natural food source vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace nutrients. Your body will rejoice and come back to life. Many want to boost their immune system but you cannot build immune cells from pizza, beer and cigarettes. You need super nutrition to feed your immune system and your whole body. Steven is a naturopath and master herbalist from Dr Christopher’s University of Natural Healing in the USA. To contact Steven please visit

EdenFood superfood formula from Eden Healthfoods is a great tasting, superior combination of these superfoods and a whole lot more. This may be the missing link in your quest for powerful health. For more information check out the Eden Food ad on the back cover of this edition of Inner Self or visit for the best products on the planet.

While the debate continues as to whether or not you can get the same “performanceâ€? from organic and natural makeup as you can from synthetics, the jury has rendered their verdict when it comes to hair care: natural products create healthy hair. When it comes to Hair Dyes the long term results are even more dramatic. Using the best natural and organic hair colouring products, your hair not only looks healthier, it actually is healthier. Most hair colours consist of toxic chemicals such as Ammonia, Peroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) which can swell the hair follicle, damage the hair and initiate allergic reactions in some people. Recently published results by Swedish researches, showed that women who dyed their hair with chemically laden hair colour for at least 20 years have nearly doubled the chances of developing rheumatic arthritis. And there’s more‌a University of Washington study found a 50% increase in the incidence of NonHodgkin’s Lymphoma in long term hair dye users. According to a Har vard School of Public Health study, women that dye their hair 5 times per year or more are twice as likely to get ovarian cancer. While more high quality research is required, the number of findings regarding the ill effects of hair dye are increasing and are a cause for concern. Permanent hair dyes are the harshest, opening up and penetrating the hair cuticle to deposit colour, posing the most potential health risk. Through my work, anecdotal evidence suggests, people can be fine with a product for, say, 21 applications, then have an allergic reaction on the twenty-second. The safe op-

tion is to do a patch test for sensitivity before every application of hair dye, both at home and in salons. All you do, is dab the product on your scalp, behind the ear or inside your elbow, leave for two days, then look for itching, burning or other reactions. Semi-permanent colour is safer as it stains rather than open up the hair cuticle with colour, covering grey hair more gently. Colour tends to fade gradually after 6 to 8 shampoos. The most natural hair dye option is to use organic henna and plant materials, since they contain no synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or harsh oxidizing chemicals, such as ammonia. These pure vegetable products do not alter the structure or natural colour of your hair and actually condition your hair while imparting colour and sheen. Remember this advice for keeping coloured hair as healthy as possible: • Protect and condition your hair and scalp regularly. • Don’t stray far from your natural level and tone. Dramatic colour changes require more upkeep, since outgrowth becomes very obvious very soon. • Be especially vigilant about protecting chemically treated and naturally coloured hair from the sun. • The less you chemically process your hair, the more healthy it remains long term. Be prepared to know how to read a label. A good rule of thumb is to divide the ingredients into thirds: the top third makes up 90-95 per cent of the product, the middle about 5-8 per cent, and the bottom about 1-3 per cent. And know what the ingredients are: A great resource is The Chemical Maize by Bill Statham. Next time you colour your hair, why not try a more natural hair dye and feel the difference – your hair will thank you!

Mae Zaydan is founder of, with a passion for making available natural health and beauty products which make a positive difference to people’s personal health, beauty and our precious planet. She has a degree in Economics and Law, and has written widely on health and natural beauty. Mae can be contacted via

innerSelf newspaper Australerba Herb & Honey Compounds for Colds and Flu Australerba Herb and Honey Compounds are a combination of pure unrefined bee’s honey and spagyrically prepared extracts from selected herbs species from different parts of the world. Made from Elder Flowers, Yarrow, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper Varieties and pure unrefined honey. Honey is the processed nectar of flowers, a wonderfully balanced energizer and suitable carrier of principles obtained from herbs through our special extraction methods. They are highly concentrated, syrup like consistency and pleasant to taste. They can be taken from a teaspoon, or mixed with milk, water, fruit juice etc.. For enquiries phone Australerba on 08 8346 0631 or visit


ORGANIC PRODUCTS Rosnay Organic Wines

Rosnay Organic Wines has reached a landmark 15 years of organic and biodynamic farming at Canowindra. Back in 1997 when they started, they went organic and biodynamic from day one, much to the ridicule of their neighbours. Now, they are winning medals regularly and are one of a total of four organic vineyards in the Cowra wine region, and are leading the charge to make Cowra a leader in sustainable viticulture. Sam Statham, who planted the vines with his father Richard in 1997, said: “We are fortunate to be able to subsist in a beautiful place and do what we believe in with our family business.”

Have a look at a great little video at

Robinvale Wines

Robinvale Wines produces a variety of top quality Table, Sparkling, Preservative Free & Fortified Wines, Sparkling Non-Alcoholic alternative beverages, Pure Grape Juice, Dried Fruit & Table Grapes. Robinvale Wines specialise in Bio-Dynamic and Organic wines which are made from grapes grown without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and with low level of sulphur. Most of our wines are suited to a

vegetarian and vegan diet. It goes to show that Certified Organic & BioDynamic Wine has come of age and that you can produce excellent quality wines from Cer tified Organic & Bio-Dynamic agricultural methods.

Robinvale Wines, P.O. Box 314, Robinvale Vic 3549 Phone: 03 5026 3955

Feeling tired and lethargic and wanting to get healthy for 2011 and beyond?

We are all aware that our modern diet is not serving us well and more and more of us are succumbing to chronic diseases as a result of this. Diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Glaucoma and Heart Disease are just some examples. At Sungods Superfoods we are dedicated to helping people understand that there is a better way. And it’s not complicated, as we can provide you with all the extensive information you need to introduce these Superfoods into your daily diet. Sungods Superfoods was formed in early 2010. After trying to source quality organic Superfoods on the

market with no luck, we decided to seek out the highest quality Superfoods direct from the farmers who produce them. We are now delighted to be able to present you with the highest quality organic Superfoods, direct from these organic agricultural industries from around the world. We have invested a vast amount of time with these farmers knowing that they suppor t both a global sustainable environment, and their local communities. Our mission here at Sungods Superfoods is to provide premium organic functional foods that increase energy and enhance health. Par t of this effor t is to continually search for the world’s most beneficial natural foods. We specialise in organic nutritional foods, and strive to lead the industry in this expanding market. Health conscious individuals choose our nutrient-rich products because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Our premium quality “Superfoods” are always free of additives and Trans fats; the absence of these elements speaking to the purity and effectiveness of the products. Sungods Superfoods is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. We source our premium functional foods through direct par tner ships with far ming communities around the world. An essential part of our mission is to create economic oppor tunities

among indigenous people in developing countries, and our support of native agriculture helps expand development of global organic farming practices. We are also proud to be suppor ting Bedford Industries in South Australia; our products are packaged in ISO 9001:2008 and HACCPVer: 2003 Quality Assured conditions. As our par tnerships evolve, we will continue to introduce more intriguing functional food products - helping you meet your nutritional needs deliciously, naturally, and simply.

You can purchase direct online at or see our retail stockist list for retail outlets. Sungods Superfoods Bringing Healthy Back!

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MOON CALENDAR You could be in this space ffor or $242 (inc ludes design and ad ar tw or k) (includes artw twor ork) plus a 50 w or ds ad torial with pic wor ords advver ertorial in another section of the pa per paper per.. Phone innerSelf Newspaper on 1800 451 317




1 2 M A Take the initiative and be prepared for

1 2 M B Be practical about what can and cannot be

1 M C Keep your ear to the ground as news

new challenges.


3 4 ] New Moon A A tough time as any new initiative is put to some tough scrutiny, especially if it is in opposition to those in authority. The temptation is to act in haste or on impulse but this will only attract a heavy handed reaction. Be prepared to work through things slowly and with caution. 5 M B A practical outlook is needed in order to realize potential.

6 7 M C Information is important so take note of what is needed.

8 9 10 M D Nurture what is slowly developing. 11 ‡ 1st Quarter D The challenge is on to

continue what you are doing in spite of what seem to be unending obstacles in the form of delays and disputes. Do not take this personally. Instead gird your loins, nurture what has been started, put in the effort required and take things one day at a time. 12 ME Take pride in what has been achieved to date.

13 14 MF Look after details as they are essential for good results.

15 16 MG Do not compromise personal objectives or bow to others’ opinion for the sake of keeping the peace.

17 18 … Full Moon G Moon enters H Things now become much clearer and the realization that there is still much more to be done can seem disheartening. The best way is to objectively measure progress, redouble efforts and concentrate on one thing at a time. Obstacles in the form of those in authority may come as a result of cutting corners and this will add to delays and

3 ] New Moon B The new cycle brings up the twin issues of commitment and responsibility. This is not just about saying the right things but following up with action and more importantly, results. Some may find the expectations too great, but for those who are willing to persevere the dividends will be beneficial. 4 5 M C Take account of all information as this will be of importance.

6 7 M D Increased sensitivity makes you protective. 8 9 M E Be careful that pride does not undo your best efforts; humility achieves better results.

10 11 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon E Moon enters F The

impetus to move forward with a project must be balanced with the well-being of all concerned. Although the element of risk and excitement is catching, there is a need to balance this out with a practical approach as to how goals will be met. As the Moon moves into Virgo later in the day, take the opportunity to methodically go over what is required.

12 13 14 M G Consensus can achieve much but make

sure that everyone does their part.

travels fast. 2 Solar Eclipse ] New Moon C The New Moon follows a solar eclipse and brings with it an urge to expand however there is frustration, inhibitions and a sense of loss. This may result in isolation for some as a result. Endeavours started now may be slow to mature or may entail a need for cooperation which will not always be easy. 3 M D Nurture what is slowly developing but refrain from hanging on.

4 5 6 M E Be careful that pride can cause problems.

7 8 M F Look after the details but be prepared to be flexible.

9 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon F As things start to take shape, be methodical in getting things done. There may be those who will want to criticise or condemn what has been started but the important thing is to keep focused on the goals but be realistic about ideals. 10 M G Cooperation and compromise are called for.

11 12 M H The intensity of emotions catches some off guard.

15 16 MH Be upfront with all your dealings and avoid

13 14 M I Take a bird’s eye view of things to

underhanded or secretive actions. 17 … Full Moon H Strong feelings rise to the surface as things become clearer. Be careful that sharp words or underhanded actions do not undermine what has been achieved so far. There is a real chance that misunderstandings can occur as a result of rash actions or hasty decisions. 18 M I A bird’s eye view of the situation will help you see things not presently apparent.

gain perspective.

19 20 M J Take control of matters at hand but avoid being autocratic.

15 16 Lunar Eclipse … Full Moon I Moon enters J The Full Moon brings something or someone from the past into the present situation and although there is a sense of expansion, underlying tensions or even competition may trigger frustration and inhibitions. As the Moon moves into Capricorn later in the day, the need for control over matters may see a separation or loss.


frustration. Keep emotions in check and only deal with facts and not feelings.

19 20 MI Sun enters B Enthusiasm and inspiration will help spur things along. Tenacity, pragmatism and sensuality are the characteristics of Taurus

21 22 M J A hands-on approach is called with an

emphasis on practical matters.

23 24 25 Moon enters K ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon K Be

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4 Moon Diary 2011

This 18th year of the ever popular Moon Diary by Shekhinah Morgan is a beautifully designed handy pocketsized reference and keepsake. Richly illustrated by Jade Baderle and Kellie Gough, each page uplifts, instructs, affirms, informs and guides … a unique Southern Hemisphere tool for journeying through this new year of change, healing and awakening. Pub: Moon Diary Productions


The Dr Detox Ion Cleanse

The Dr Detox Ion Cleanse is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being. By placing your feet in the supplied tub your can experience Dr Detox. We recommend once a week for 6 weeks then once a month for three months. Then start the weekly programme again. Many people report an increase in energy, mental clarity, better sleep, along with a reduction of bloating and a general sense of wellbeing. You may also experience a decrease in any symptoms from ailments that are caused by toxic build up, which could be many. Why does the water look & smell bad? During the treatment you will notice progressive change in the colour of the water. This is perfectly normal and happens mostly due to electrolytic reaction between metallic array and saline solution (i.e. salty water). You may also see some deposits floating in the water. Again, this is perfectly normal and can be caused by many different factors, such as water source remnants of dead skin cells on your feet. Available from most heath food stores or call us direct on 03 98999800 or visit

prepared to look at things differently as there may not be a precedent for what is being considered. Those in charge may be opposed but rely on reason as well as appealing to a sense of loyalty and camaraderie. An emphasis on safety and security coupled with innovation should help move mountains.

26 27 M L Emotions are close to the surface and

21 Sun enters C Curiosity and the ability to gather

18 M K A lateral attitude may bring the results

and disseminate information are Gemini characteristics. 22 M K A lateral and objective approach is called for.

19 20 21 M L Intuition plays a role in decisions to

23 24 M L Be prepared to back your intuition, as it may prove too important. 25 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon L As things come to a close, there is a sense of restlessness about and this may undermine what has been achieved to date. Do not lose focus and complete what has been started otherwise the momentum will be lost.

26 27 M A A desire to get things moving again and a challenge is always welcome.

28 29 M B Stability is important but avoid hanging on simply for the sake of it.

30 31

there is an increased sensitivity.

you want.

be made.

22 Sun enters D Caring, compassion and creativity are the hallmarks of Cancer. 23 M A ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon A The results of recent efforts demand one last push. Finding the energy may be problematic for some, but see this as a challenge and push on. However, any action taken must be realistic and undertaken with full awareness otherwise there may be a sense of disappointment that things do not work out as planned.

24 25 26 M B Be practical about what can be done and work things through systematically.

27 28 M C Be careful that rumours are not the only source of information.

28 29 30 M A Take action and accept the challenges

29 30

that are presented.

A GUIDE TO THE ZODIAC SIGNS A Aries - fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo - earth

These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

G Libra – air H Scorpio - water I Sagitarius - fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces - water

0421 326 001 or 08 8563 9182

LUNAR PHASES AND PERSONALITY TYPES Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic” . The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day

of birth, however, we can easily discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the

coming issues. A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart. Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:




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What’s your STORY? with NICHOLA BURTON

Business Survival Kit

Chec xtr aor dinar Checkk out this eextr xtraor aordinar dinaryy Online Business Ver is a bbusiness usiness ffounded ounded on tr aditional principles and vvalues; alues; an uf actur inno ocused, inter net-based compan innovv a titivv e , people-f people-focused, companyy. W e man manuf ufactur acturee , impor t and e xpor t health and lif estyle pr oducts ute and sell all our pr oducts and lifestyle products oducts.. We distrib distribute ser vices thr ough our unique RReseller’ eseller’ through eseller’ss Pr Proo g r amme amme.. Find out wwhh y people ar dayy aree joining us eevv er y da our mor tg ear s offf yyour tgaa g e in 2 to 3 yyear • P a y of • Pay off c/card and clear debt within months or mone • Value ffor moneyy • Adding income • Repeat sales • No stocking of product • No monthly requirements ho do mor e ear n mor e • R eseller s wwho er y one is a winner • Ev Ever • Lot of savings • Profit sharing • So easy anyone can do it om all wwalks alks of lif • P eople fr from lifee ar aree par t of Ver yGood ef er • Pr Pref efer hatt is this? errr ed Customer – wwha ha alian Businesses • Suppor t A ustr ustralian •· Change the way you do your business and change your life Ev er uying and someone is selling our Sales selling.. Get paid on ALL yyour Sales.. Ever eryy da dayy someone is bbuying Ask me how to achieve this.

eryGood Invita vitation Onlyy Ver yGood is bbyy In vita tion Onl Contact FFaa y e , RReseller or mor e Inf or ma tion & Managg er on 0402 300 402 ffor Infor mation eseller Mana In vita tion to become a RReseller eseller of Ver yGood Invita vitation

Email: v er y g • We bsite: www .v er y g www.v .ver

Since 2011 dawned we have been treated to weekly headlines of disasters around the world. We’ve had devastating flooding and mud slides in Brazil. Destructive cyclones, ravaging bushfires and relentless floods in Australia and then the earth began to move and shift first in Christchurch, then in the unprecedented disaster in Japan coupled with a catastrophic tsunami and an unthinkable nuclear emergency. Each day, the global media sells the daily drama in the ebb and flow of stock markets around the world. Governments struggle with debt and uncertainty. Millions of people across the Middle East find their voice and take to the streets to fight for change. Politicians, local and global, scrap like stray dogs fighting over the last scrawny bone, each feigning and fawning like B grade black and white silent movie actors. The images that stop us in our tracks meet our endless questions in a quagmire of doubt. So in this time of media focused uncer tainty, it helps to remind ourselves that these times are par t of the natural cycle of Create and Destroy – Winter and Summer. As perception may influence a market, being prepared with a sound business survival kit gives us the tools to redefine and revalue our brand perception and create our own business certainty. In times of crisis, without essential services, humanity typically reorganises in accordance with the hierarchy of the highest power amongst them whether that is government, religious, family, neighbourhood, financial, resource or physical strength. Similarly, markets - whether local or global reorganise in accordance with these same principles. Setting up your own business survival kit to empower your brand in as many areas as possible is one strategy for these uncer tain times. Here’s what’s in my kit: Business Identity – Know ex-

actly who your business identity is. What is your brand? What value do you offer? Who do you offer it to? Consolidate and focus on the core of what you know and do best. Your certainty is your source of power. Market Branding – In times of challenge, many businesses cut advertising first. Develop your In House marketing campaign to ensure your brand is out there in the market where consumers need to find it. You don’t have to maintain your budget spends, just your marketing activity. Value your Database – Review your registrations. Can your customers opt into your website? Do you have an active Social Media campaign building your customer base, collecting referrals and creating community interest in your products and services? Knowledge Management – Is everything backed up? Do your back ups have a back up? Are your precious paper files safe, water tight and fire proof ? Can you operate without power for a few days? Do you have a manual system in place that you can easily use in the meantime? Do you have a process ready to go for when the power comes back on and you need to reorganise and update? Resource Management – Do you know what resources you have? Can your staff work from home if the roads are flooded? If the local printer went under water, do you have access to suppliers that you don’t normally use to maintain your operations and ser vices? Do you have a current stock inventory ready to go if an external enterprise needs some assistance in times of challenge? A couple of my clients actually won new business by providing access to Internet, Phone Chargers, Laptops and Office Equipment during the flood to Neighbouring businesses. Financial Management – Do you have a cushion to cover you for a couple of months? A smar t financial strategy for business is to save 10% and keep 10% for a cushion for times of market volatility. Having that cushion in place takes away some of the stress associated with surviving in times of disaster so you can focus on rebuilding your business instead of focusing on every cent. Leadership – When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, can you step up and lead your business, customers, suppliers and network par tners through to

the other side? The countless Disaster Relief events and projects that occurred in Australia after the floods and cyclones in January provided business opportunities for several strata of products, services and enterprises all coming together for a good cause while strengthening business relationships and building valuable market networks. Vision – do you have a Business Plan incorporating Strategic and Operational plans that include contingencies for times of crisis? Does your vision only include times of prosperity or do you envisage the tough times? It is in these times when market leaders emerge and great brands are born. Le Levv er eraa g e the Oppor tunity –Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said the slump in Japanese equities after the March 11 earthquake is a buying opportunity. Can you spot the opportunity in the crisis around you and maximise its potential? Has a gap opened in the market that now needs to be filled due to the crisis? What commodities are now sought after as a result of this event and ensuing need? How many businesses around the globe have faced extraordinary losses due to natural disasters in the first three months of 2011? Those of us lucky enough to remain operational can take stock of this timely reminder and review our business survival kit to meet every oppor tunity and challenge that awaits us in the natural ebb and flow of the business cycle. Nicki works with clients across the globe when they get to a point where they mean business and want to take the next step. With training in Business Management, Creative Industries and Human Behaviour, her two decades as CEO for a major music, Events, publicity company have taken her over the threshold of a diverse range of enterprise experiences. She’s been where you are right now. Her unique talent is to guide you through your specific business challenge and get you to the heart of its beauty and wisdom in your life. Email her: Visit her website:

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BE yourself


Finding the splendour and richness of relationship

The real magic of connection with parents souls in connection. Love, however, is a good word to remind us of our true consciousness, a sign we are close to the magic. It’s great to have guides, angels, even god and goddess helping us, but do we get on with our parents? This is major to our evolution! In my talks I often ask people to raise their hands to the height of the spiritual connection they feel with their own mother (left hand) father (right hand), with ear level being 0% and full stretch equal to 100% connection. Give it a try yourself right now. You’d be amazed at what I have seen over 5 years (bent arms and painful expressions). I then ask them to tell me how long they could hold their arms in the air; many say 5 minutes. I remind them to feel the strong spiritual connection (like tuning a radio) with these two significant beings (if you believe in a grand design, or evolution) and I do my best to demonstrate how to keep my hands in the air for an hour or more, through a real connection to spirit. Some find it hard to get their hands down, as this connection is strong. Remember our hands are connected to our heart chakra, so any emotional blockage with your father or mother will not only weaken you, but leads to problems with all men and women in




After 15 years full time in Personal Development, thousands of hours in session, and 500 weekend retreats with a wide variety of people, I want to share a basic key to our evolution. I want to share the purpose of and magic of parents. We all do our best as parents don’t we? Yet sometimes we think we are the first generation to have done this. The first thing I learned after many years of spiritual search is, that with all the high falutin’, the real growth happens in family. I often forgot, on my quest, the wisdom my parents possess, and the abundant spiritual connection I naturally have with them. It is possible to tell a person’s level of evolution and abundance simply by observing their level of connection with their parents. After much ”work” I can now feel where my parents are at, without using a mobile! When we are in a conscious connection with our parents, great consciousness and knowledge flows from above. The consciousness of the ”good” and ”bad” in any communication with our parents comes through feeling. If we react or respond to them, it tells us if either our ego, or our real self is present. The closest word to conscious connection is love. But no one word truly describes the magical feeling of


general. I then show that one block leads to a blockage with everyone and everything. So if God did turn up, you would just miss her! Blocked to parents equals blocked to intuition. Once people connect with their mother and father on a real spiritual basis, they are happier, easier to talk to, less reactive, more responsible and more beautiful. The soul is home in the body and the eyes show it! This is conscious evolution - to grow with your parents, not in separation. When we learn from the generations above, our soul is present, and we live in heaven on earth. In any moment of being present I have never noticed or created problems, only seen the divine in all people and things. Could the measure of the connection we have with our parents truly tell us how evolved we really are? Ram Das once said “If you think you are enlightened go spend a weekend with your parents”. When we come from this simple place of spiritual connection, we will learn with our family, not in spite of them. We have all had good and bad times with our parents to draw growth from. When I choose to live a responsible life, my life is a reflection of the level of connection or consciousness I choose to live by. I can give up and blame, or self realise and

grow. What I put out I know I get back so that I may evolve. The biggest problems are often with our parents during the formative years. It’s the big growth. The trick is to pass on more conscious parenting to your offspring without the judgement of the parents. Every generation attempts this real maturity. How are you doing with this? The main place I initially look for any lack of consciousness, or blockage is relationship with parents, and it works.There is always a new level we can develop of our unlimited potential. All real (take it to heaven) success stems from real connection learned in relationship or what I call real ationship. To understand a level of the parent/child relationship, ask yourself this - Have you ever loved or been so overjoyed to see your parents, so much so, that your eyes were moist with love? Don’t wait till it’s too late. Kean Buckley is the founder of His focus is on self realisation and relationship. Kean is a mentor, facilitator and teacher and a keynote speaker for the last 4 years in Byron, The Gold Coast and Brisbane’s leading consciousness raising festivals. He has 4 girls and a beautiful wife Kathleen.

It would be fair to say that the subject of relationships is of enormous significance as far as our personal growth and expansion as a human being. I have been doing a meditation on relationships for some months now and have to say that I have most definitely reached a place of deeper awareness about my relationships with others and how valuable they are to me. Are you someone that from time to time finds that most of your relationships with others are oftentimes challenging? There is no doubt our interaction with each other certainly helps us define our own personal preferences and therefore becomes the foundation of our individual expansion. Many years ago, I used to believe that only pleasing relationships had value and I now realise that nothing could be further from the truth. The relationships we have with those who push our buttons and with those we feel most uncomfortable with, are also contributing significantly to our growth and understanding of who we are as individuals - way more than we realise. They are helping us define the aspects of relating and of ourselves, that are wanted and unwanted, that feel good and that don’t feel good.

There is no denying that the benefits from contrasting differences that are apparent within our relationships are the cornerstone of deeper understanding and solution, resulting in an improved situation (if we allow it). For me, when I can make peace with those who differ in desire and belief and behaviours from my own idea of what is appropriate or not, then I stop perpetuating what I consider to be wrong. Instead I am aligning with the solution side of the equation. I become an allower. I am reminded in my meditative process that when it seems like others have the power to negatively affect my experience, it is never true. It is only ever my response to them that has the power to pinch me off from the naturally good-feeling person I am. Once any of us can clearly understand this and grasp it, then we intuitively bless each and every experience, all human encounters, and especially human relationships, for we finally see them as constructive, in the highest sense. The other side of this coin is where there is a belief that our happiness depends on the response of another. It is that approval ”thing” we develop as a child trying to win over

22 our parents/teachers and feeling happy when we receive the pat on the head for being a good boy or girl. We glow with happiness! Of course, when others are pleased by our behaviour it feels good! Sadly though, if our behaviour is influenced by the desire to keep another person happy we have lost our connection to who we are. When any of us are feeling discomfort from seeing other people in a place of neediness, distress or torment and from that place of discomfort try and make right or fix the situation, there is no lasting value. Firstly, you are unlikely to be heard because if the other person is so focussed on the unpleasant details of their current situation then they will not even be able to catch a glimpse of what you are trying to offer and secondly, you are amplifying the situation by feeding the energy around it. One of the most significant understandings I have come to fully feel and know is being able to discern what is my business and what is not. The same can be said for when others lash out at me in anger with words or some other sort of action, simply put, their battle is not with me but with themselves. The opinions that anyone has regarding others has far more to do with how they are feeling in any given moment. It is nothing to do with me. If we can release all concern about how others feel about us, and focus only on how we feel about them, then we will find an abiding happiness. At our core, we are all more alike than different, we all want to feel good, to be of value, to feel progress, to be engaged with life, to learn new things and to feel love. Yet so many of us are looking for love in all the wrong places. At the end of the day the best relationship we can ever have is the one with Ourselves so we can come to know Who We Really Are. Then it is certain that we will find the splendour and richness of every relationship that we desire. Marie-Elise Allen is the face behind Sassy Vibes, an online boutique for the purchase of safe, chemical-free pleasure products. Phone Marie-Elise on 1300797090 OR visit

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The Power of Sacred Sites




DIY Therapy Kit

For those who are very keen on self-healing and personal development the following suggestions will help you create an accessible, organized self-help resource (i.e. a DIY Therapy Kit) that is suited to your own needs and wants. Store all of the material mentioned below in a basket, box or case as this makes it easy to take with you when traveling, moving etc.


Purchase a notebook to record the type of information listed below. Before you begin number the pages but leave the first one blank for the ”Table of Contents.” Then, categorize the information by the following headings/sub-headings: 1. Favorite Stress Relieving Techniques This can include your best relaxation methods, physical exercises, remedies, hobbies etc. You can create sub-headings for these techniques and products, such as, ”Meditations”, ”Natural Remedies” and so on. My various lists include the following: writing, walks in nature, reading inspirational material, taking the Rescue Remedy, meditations involving the ocean and repeating the mantra “This too shall pass.” 2. Preferred Therapists and Practitioners Here you can include doctors and medical specialists as well as psychological therapists and alternative healers. My list is a mixed bag – medical doctor, kinesiologist, spiritual/energy healers and counselor, including all of their contact details. Over time you will add and subtract from this list as your therapeutic requirements change. 3. Other Useful Self-help Resources These resources include a range

of things such as websites, self-help/ support groups and organizations. They are useful if you want or need some other specific type of assistance (e.g. for an addiction, a medical condition or immediate (phone) counseling). These can be found in the phonebook but creating your own list makes them much easier to access when needed.


If your most important self-help/New Age/Holistic/inspirational books and magazines do not fit in your Kit then find a place to keep them that is easy to access (e.g. in one section of your bookshelf or a corner of your desk). You may want to photocopy some pertinent pages and keep them in a folder in your Kit. My stack of publications includes aromatherapy books, a divinatory book and some Holistic magazines.


Make your own cards using words or phrases that will help you decide what to do in a difficult situation. Buy a pack of visiting cards or cardboard pieces. You may use coloured paper and writing material. Get creative and draw on the cards or use other decorations like glitter and stickers. Some of the words/phrases in my deck include – YES, NO, BEWARE, TRUST YOURSELF, WAIT and ADVANCE. Ask one of these questions as you shuffle the cards: “What do I need right now?” “Is this a good idea?” or “What should I do?” You may also create a deck of inspirational quotes created by yourself or others. Choose one when you are feeling down or to motivate you at the beginning of the day. Here are some examples of very empowering and thought provoking quotes:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” (Oscar Wilde) “The Power is not in you - IT IS YOU” and “Love yourSelf by being yourSelf.” (Helen Papadopoulos) “You are the ones you have been waiting for.” (Hopi Prophecy) “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) “Just trust yourself then you will know how to live.” (Goethe) Happy Healing! (This article is a modified excerpt from the book “DIY Therapy: Simple, Self-help Skills.” I am interested in any feedback that you have to offer in relation to the selfhelp tips mentioned here so feel free to drop me a line.) ©2011 Helen Papadopoulos is a self-help author, consultant and tutor. She has developed a healing method named ‘The Three-point Therapy Technique (T3) ™’. Helen has written two books which outline her self-healing tips simply and succinctly: “DIY Therapy: Simple, Self-help Skills” and “DIY Therapy Chart: an Emotional Healing Guide.” For more info call 0401 041 391 or email h e l e n @ n e w a g e p o w er. n e t ,

There are places of concentrated power on planet earth. Places where the window to the Divine is wide open, the mists are clear and our spirits are able to take flight easily. These sacred places are sites where there is high vibrational energy that can heal us on many levels. They are portals to other dimensions and direct apertures to Divine wisdom and knowledge. Visiting sacred sites is a pilgrimage in itself, a journey taken by a seeker to deepen their connection to Source and to come to know themselves more deeply, transforming the self en route. There is an amazing science of sacred sites, what makes these places special and how they can help us heal as individuals and promote planetary evolution. If we consider the planet as a living being rather than an inert rock floating in space it is easy to understand that the body of Gaia, Mother Earth has energy channels and pathways much as the human body. On a gross level we can compare the rivers that traverse the planet, both on the surface and underground with the ar teries and other channels for liquid in the human body. Individual hairs can find their equivalent in trees and even the atmosphere around the planet is comparable with levels of the human aura. Some people may put this down to childlike imagination but as we are beginning to remember there is much more to both than at first meets the critical eye. On a subtle level there are energy pathways criscrossing the earth comparable to the meridian and acupuncture points of the body. Places where pools of energy are more easily accessed and pivot points for attuning the well being of the com-

plete being. It is on these meridians and “acupuncture” points that sacred sites sit. The major ones are equivalent to the major chakras of the human body. Just as each energy point on the human body has its particular frequency, flavour and access to experience so is the case with the earth’s nodal points. Visiting the different sacred sites will bring particular experiences, insights and healing to the open-hearted pilgrim, depending on the energy that that site expresses. The most powerful of these points can be considered as Mother Earth’s chakras or major energy vortices for transforming and expressing energy and the most powerful of these has to be the crown chakra of the world, Mount Kailash, in Tibet. Whilst it is the most spiritually potent place on the planet, it is also probably the least visited sacred site due to its spectacular and remote location on the high Tibetan plateau, making its energy field pure and pristine. The abode of Shiva, this amazingly powerful site is said to have the ability to clear all the karma from your current life, through a single devotional kora. The 53 km circumambulation of this giant crystal brings enormous merit to one’s life. Darchen (darshan) is the name of the town at the foot of Mount Kailash and the first place of contact and it is where we receive the Gang Rinpoche’s darshan. Buddha flew to Mount Kailash with his energy body taking a thousand disciples in his slipstream and the footprints of other enlightened masters can be found in other places around the mountain: namely Guru Rinpoche and Padmasambhava. The ascended masters and Buddhas are

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also said to inhabit the higher realms around Kailash and descend once a year for Wesak festival, the festival of the Buddha’s enlightenment and paranirvana. Buddhists say the spirit of the Buddha unites with Kailash on that day. Pilgrims can see the Buddha’s face in the mountain and the mood of the Buddha dictates the mood of the mountain and weather. You can see the demarcations of steps to the higher realms and the abode of Shiva. It is called Gang Rinpoche, Snow Jewel by Tibetans, the reason being its peak is perpetually covered in snow despite actually being below the snow line in summer, with other higher peaks nearby having no snow. Mount Kailash is particularly significant as the Buddha is the only master of our time to gain complete enlightenment to the highest level. It is the ultimate pilgrimage site for four religious traditions and the devotional circumambulation by numerous Tibetans over the millennia has had a profound impact on our earth. Jose Arguelles, who is largely responsible for bringing the wisdom held in the Mayan Calender and teachings to the western world, tells us that the human brain is mapped onto the land mass of the planet with each region directly corresponding to a part of the human brain like on a phrenologists skull. This is ”as above so below” described in acute detail, showing us that

national boundaries are not arbitrary but par t of the grand design of the evolution of consciousness. As many of us could have guessed the region of the planet known as Germany corresponds to the part of the human brain to do with order and systemization. The East of China and the area around Israel relate to the part of the brain associated with spiritual insight - this correlates with the great Avatar Jesus coming from this region, as well as many other Kabbalah Masters and the East of China is famous for highly attained masters living in the mountains and is the home of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Of course every country has its distribution of people of varying mentalities yet the overall flavour of a region or country will lean towards its human brain correlation. Further there are more and more people around the world reporting that their body is a barometer of global affects, for example if there is a flood or rioting in a country it will show up as pain or discomfort in a particular part of their body, this is verifiable to show up in identical body parts for people in varying locations and not surprisingly women seem more in touch with this form of body empathy. But we should not be surprised at the intricacies and connections between us and the greater whole, our bodies are a microcosm of the macrocosm as displayed in the branches of the Mandelbrot set and

the model of an atom compared to a solar system. We are a grain of sand in the dune, of course we will reflect the whole. The planet also has its own kundalini energy, auras and other energetic phenomena. For many years the kundalini of the ear th was situatied in the Himalaya, the seat of the Divine Masculine and centred around Mount Kailash. So when the kundalini point is in a particular place, that area shows profound spiritual awareness and growth, as has been the case with Tibet and India. It is vital for us to visit the sacred sites on the planet, we can raise our consciousness massively by doing so and open ourselves to the Divine, speeding our own awakening through the healing and transformation. There are numerous examples of people having spontaneous past life memories and healings at sacred sites or epiphanies and major transformations. We are blessed to have these places of high energy and direct portals to Source as boons on our spiritual journeys. Azriel Re’Shel is a writer, yoga teacher, wholistic counselor and mother of four. She and her husband Jeremy Ball run Transformational Tours, a tour company taking people on sacred journeys to sacred sites for healing and transformation. You can contact her on 1800 88 68 77.

What is Kinesiology? BY LYNETTE JORDAN Kinesiology is a natural healing modality and communication tool that enables a person to access and improve how they function in all areas of their life. It is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. Using muscles as monitors of stress and imbalance within the body, it enables people to detect and correct various imbalances that may relate to any area of their life. This could include nutrition, learning problems, injuries, emotional imbalances, concerns related to stress and any other issues they meet in their daily life. Kinesiology allows you to achieve your optimum potential through a state of total balance. It can transform your health, increase your inner peace, enrich your relationships, and increase your prosperity and success. It can help you to grow as a person, embracing life to the fullest. Developed by Chiropractor George Goodheart D.C. in the early sixties, Ki-

nesiology has come a long way from those early days. Initially using muscle monitoring to evaluate muscle function, posture and general body imbalance, he continued his research and through his work and the work of countless others, Kinesiology has developed into an effective tool for finding where and how imbalances are held in the body. Using this information, the Kinesiologist is able to find the best options to assist in bringing the person back to their optimum health and wellbeing. Every person is unique and so there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions with Kinesiology. Each individual is treated in the way that best suits his or her needs at the time. To the uninitiated, Kinesiology can be a puzzling experience. New clients often comment, “I don’t know what the practitioner did, but it seemed to work because I definitely feel better”. A Kinesiology treatment is known as a ”Balance”. During the balance the client remains fully clothed. After

23 taking a comprehensive history, the practitioner uses “Muscle Monitoring” to address energy imbalances. So what is muscle monitoring? The body never forgets and because it doesn’t, the Kinesiologist will be able to find this hidden information using muscle monitoring. Placing specific muscles into a position where the integrity, not the strength, of that muscle can be monitored and asser ting gentle pressure upon the limb, indicates how well the person is coping. An unlocking muscle indicates a disturbed energy flow, making this is an effective and versatile tool for detecting and correcting various imbalances in the body. This method taps into the subconscious and monitors a range of physical/structural, emotional, mental, nutritional, and spiritual aspects. Stresses left untreated may manifest into some form of disease, an accident, poor nutritional or postural habits, unresolved arguments, personal trauma or crisis. During a balance, people are often surprised to find themselves recalling long forgotten incidents. The person however, never forgets because our survivaloriented structure means we hold all memories, particularly memories of negative experiences, somewhere in our system. The unconscious mind projects these experiences into the body, mind and soul, an outcome that gives rise to ”feelings”. So what does all this mean for you? Kinesiology encompasses a vast array of balancing modalities with most of these emphasising the impact emotions have on an individual, par ticularly unresolved negative emotions. Muscle monitoring can pinpoint these emotional triggers,

24 and by bringing them back ‘on-line’, the person is given the opportunity to re-evaluate the event and the circumstances surrounding it. The power of Kinesiology lies in the ability to get to the cause of the problems Kinesiology can help with a wide range of personal issues such as stress and muscular and nervous disorders. It can also detect allergies and nutritional deficiencies and assist with emotional problems, learning and behavioural difficulties. The body’s energies can also be stimulated and untapped potential can be released. A session will generally take about an hour to an hour and a half. Your practitioner will take a full medical history to gain an understanding of where you are in your life. You may wish to work on a specific issue, or just look at increasing your energy and zest for life. Kinesiologists have all witnessed amazing and sometimes extraordinary changes in client’s lives through this unique form of natural therapy. Lyn Jordan is a professional Kinesiologist, providing SOLUTIONORIENTAATED KINESIOL KINESIOLOGY ORIENT OGY. She uses gentle techniques to restore YOUR body’s ability to heal itself and maintain wellbeing.Lyn can be contacted on mob: 0407 800 903 To find your nearest registered Kinesiology practitioner, go to the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. website, email: or phone 1300 780 381. The Kinesiology Association of Victoria is holding a Kinesiology Expo on Sunday May 29 th at the Abbotsford Convent. For details see ad on previous page.

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HOW TO BE TRULY HAPPY BY MARK ANTHONY In these changing times it is very easy to get caught up in the details of our lives and forget about being Happy. I was talking to a very dear friend the other day and she asked me are you happy? I answered yes straight away but then I looked into the question a little further. The obvious answer is always the pre-programmed yes response but when you take a real look into

your life, Are you really happy? You begin to assess whether you are truly happy or just going through the motions of life. I began to ask myself some deeper questions to determine the depth of my happiness. I asked myself, What does Happiness really mean for me? My mind took me straight to all the wonderful things I have and am manifesting in my life. Is it my amazing wife and children, Is it the dream home, the cars, the money and toys that it buys. Is it working with clients and teaching my workshops. The truth of the matter is that when you look into all those things they will give you happiness but the true happiness comes from a place much deeper inside. Happiness is loving who you are and where you are going. When you truly love yourself with all your faults and positives there is an acceptance within that allows everything else to complement your life. Self Love and Acceptance is where it all begins as you allow yourself to be worthy of all the amazing things life has to offer. If you are insecure then you make it difficult for your partner to love you and that will stop the abundance from flowing into your life. I work on myself every day using ThetaHealing to change any subconscious beliefs that no longer serve me as I, like you, am living this life to become the best me I can be. In my youth I would have told you that having the material possessions meant happiness for me and I really believed it. I would work ridiculous hours to create financial success to buy all the things that would bring me happiness. Today I have been blessed with many life experiences that have taught me that Happiness comes from within regardless of what you have surrounded yourself with. Life is such a gift and, as quantum physics is teaching us that, we are a part of ”All That Is” then anything is possible for us to achieve. This tells us that we can truly achieve anything we desire as it is a part of our true essence. The only thing stopping us is our beliefs. We are part of this energy and really cannot fail if we truly step into our power and live with happiness. When you live in this knowing it becomes very clear that all fear, doubt and disbelief are all man made illusions created to hold us back from living our potential. Happiness comes from within. I look at my life today and see that I am truly blessed to have a wonderful wife that supports me in all areas of my life. I have two amazing children that I am working with to create them to be the best they can be while growing and improving myself through them. I have the most amazing students and clients and witnessing them heal in many cases instantly is one of the most gratifying experiences any human can have. The material possessions really don’t mean very much other than having choices to do what you want, when you want. I have found in my life that I had to be grateful for every experience in my life whether good or bad, to be truly happy within. From there the happiness in all areas of your life comes naturally. It is truly having a balance in all areas of life that creates true happiness. Perhaps after reading this you may also want to reflect on WHAT MAKES YOU TRULY HAPPY - Are you holding on to subconscious beliefs that are blocking you from finding your TRUE HAPPINESS? Mark Anthony is a ThetaHealing M a s t e r , ThetaHealing Certificate of S c i e n c e , ThetaHealing A u s t r a l i a Representative Australian Publisher of All ThetaHealing Books & DVD’s Phone: (+612) 9613 0712 Co-Creation ThetaHealing

Return to the Temple of Destiny BY AMBER ST CLARE “It looks so different now”, I thought, “not at all the way I remember it”. We trudged across the stones and sand towards the temple at the end of the long walkway in the blinding heat of an Egyptian summer, it felt quite strange and yet somehow so familiar to be here again. Although those memories seemed far away and rather hazy now, but as I looked around at the arid, shimmering moonscape that surrounds Dendera, in my mind’s eye I saw it as it once was, encompassed by gardens bursting with flowers and fruit, shaded by trees and cooled by flowing water and the sacred lake. The sacred lake was crammed with blue lotus flowers whose exquisite scent would fill the air and permeate through the temple itself. Now the scent was of desiccated earth and rock blasted by relentless heat, but as we entered the cool, stone depths of the temple I thought that I detected a faint trace of that familiar perfume. Could it be after so many years, or was this part of my far memory too? I was relieved to see that so much of the interior of the temple was still perfect, as if time had stood still, unable to penetrate this far inside its doors. The artwork that covered the temple walls, ceilings and pillars, in many places, looked as it was when it was new, still in the beautiful turquoise colour that belonged to Hathor, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Music and Dancing. The atmosphere in this temple is charged with a refined feminine elegance so typical of Hathor herself. Its priestesses were musicians, singers and dancers, midwives and dream healers. It was also the abode of the astronomer priests who spent endless years throughout many millennia gazing at the night sky from the roof of every temple in Egypt. They knew the exact movements of the sun and moon and every star and planet in the heavens and much of this knowledge is still in evidence on the walls and ceilings of Hathor’s temple, the

Temple of Destiny. For isn’t our destiny written in the stars at the very moment of our birth? Doesn’t some part of us at the very depths of our being resonate to the heavenly bodies that inhabited the sky above us at the moment of our very first breath? Automatically I turned towards the hidden stairs and began to climb towards the roof; it was then that I noticed how the stone of each step had been worn away by the feet of thousands of priestesses who had walked here before me. As I stopped to gaze at them I rested my head against the wall of the stairwell and immediately my ears were filled with the sweet, pure voices of the women who had sung in praise of Hathor so long ago, their voices imbuing the very walls of the temple with their undying love for Her. Amber St Clare is an Esoteric Egyptologist who takes boutique tour groups to Egypt. This is an extract from Ambers soon to be published book, “The Mirror of Eternity”.

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New Treatment for Anxiety based Disorders


Self help treatment and master your own emotions


The Hidden Gifts In A Crisis

We often use the expression ”Opportunity of a lifetime” to encourage ourselves to make the most of those once-in-a-lifetimemoments-of-opportunity that sometimes present themselves in our lives if we are so fortunate. However, what about those once-in-a-lifetime-crises that also present themselves? Are we meant to simply battle against these moments as we try to outrun the pain and suffering they cause? Or are we meant to make the most of our life crises as well, perhaps digging a little deeper to find the hidden gifts and opportunities presented in those ”not so pleasant” experiences in life? Whether it be a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity or a once-in-a-lifetime-crisis, both can potentially provide healing, learning and growth if we learn to approach them in the right way.

Fill Yourself With Love

When dealing with a life crisis, be it a job loss, divorce, illness, trauma, the loss of a loved one, or any other situation or experience that causes us suffering, worry and pain, the first step we need to learn is to ”Fill Yourself with Love”. When we get caught up in a crisis we can find ourselves moving into the place of fear, losing our grounding and centredness in the

process. Remembering to bring love to ourselves and the situation, to fill ourselves up with love from the inside out, is vital to remedy this, and part of what we are meant to learn from our crisis. If life is challenging, remember to reground yourself within your physical being and reconnect with your higher spirit. The best way to do this is to breathe deeply and fill yourself with love from above and below. Remind yourself to love yourself more, to know that you are loved by spirit, and to remind yourself that the source of all love is right there within you. Take time each day to breathe deeply and reconnect with the earth, your heart space, and your spirit. Feel the love within you and feel the love of your higher self flowing down through you into the earth. Fill yourself up with love and let its healing energy ground, centre and soothe you.

Accept What Is

The second step in dealing with a life crisis is learning to ”Accept What Is”. Whatever our life crisis is, no matter how terrible or bad it may appear to be, what is ”is”, and the sooner we can accept that fact and deal with it, the sooner we can stop fighting with it and adding to our own suffering. When we resist what is, we fight


with the flow of life. We keep a hold of the very thing we want to move away from. The more we resist it, the more we hold its energy firmly in place in our lives, and the longer it stays with us. It’s easy to assume that if we accept something then we will be condoning it and giving it permission to stay in place in our lives. But actually the contrary is true. When we learn to accept what is, we stop resisting it and focusing on it, and this in turn enables the energy to start shifting and to clear. When we move out of resistance and into acceptance, we allow the energy of the crisis to flow whereever it is that life needs it to flow, such that things can move forward more easily. So in ”accepting what is” we actually help enable the energy to pass, rather than keeping it stuck in place and causing us more suffering. Which brings us to the third step in uncovering the hidden gifts in any life crisis…

Drop Your Stories

When we’re in crisis we inevitably start telling ourselves stories about our crisis, ourselves, the world around us, and about what we fear will happen next. Whether these stories are positive or negative, expansive or

limiting, is up to us. But any story that is negative or limiting in its nature will only serve to worsen our own suffering and extend our crisis. It is our stories that add to the drama of what’s happening in our lives, generating further illusions that can then manifest because we believe them to be true. Working our way through our stories and understanding the truth or falsity of them, helps us to take back our inner power in any situation and reclaim our wholeness and greater magnificence, regardless of what is or isn’t happening around us. Whether it be a story about how our life will be over, that no one will love us, that we will be left homeless or starving or destitute, that life is always a struggle, or that life has lost all meaning, these are all simply stories we’re telling ourselves that do nothing to help our own situation. And more often than not they are simply not true. No matter what our situation, every crisis offers us the opportunity for us to become more aware of the stories we’ve been telling ourselves and to choose to write different stories that expand our lives and remind us to appreciate the beauty and joy that is within us, even when times are challenging. If we can learn to write ourselves more positive new stories, whilst filling ourselves up with love and letting go of any resistance to whatever is happening, then we will be transforming our life crises into life oppor tunities. Then we will be guaranteed to uncover the priceless gems hidden beneath the surface, appreciating them for their beauty and power as they light the way forward for us to be enjoying greater health, wealth and happiness on all levels of our being. Juliet Martine is a professional Energy Healer, Soul Intuitive & Manifesting Coach. She works with clients throughout Australia and overseas, to help clear your health and life issues, tune into your true life purpose, and teach you how to truly master manifesting so you can create what you want and be living a life you love with greater health, wealth & happiness. Phone Juliet on 0413 199 649 or visit

Treat yourself quickly and gently with subconscious freedom a new self help treatment for those who want to be in control and master over their own emotions. How many of us suffer from an unresolved emotional problem that just won’t go away and/or know someone with such a condition? The problem has not been your effort to get better, you may have spent many years trying to control your emotions, which is impossible as your emotions lie in your subconscious mind and until now you have not been able to treat your subconscious mind by yourself. Your thoughts will often trigger unwanted emotions. Any sustainable treatment can only be achieved by your own subconscious mind. The new self help treatment developed by the Center For Subconscious Research called Subconscious Freedom uses one’s own intention to gently treat your emotions without any need for you to revisit the thoughts that produce these unwanted feelings. This new technique has been developed by the Center for Subconscious Research and uses ”Cue Word Therapy’” developed by Dr Larry Nims Ph.D. in America. Your conscious mind may think it knows what needs to be treated and why. But, it is important to know that only your subconscious mind knows what to treat and how to treat it. Therapists and scientists throughout the ages have always worked on different psychological theories to treat different types of psychological disorders. Unfortunately these techniques are often based on treating the conscious mind (your thinking). The problem is usually an unwanted emotion that just won’t go away. And from those unwanted emotions come unwanted thoughts. If these known theories had worked, there would be no need for so many visits to therapists and counselors keeping them in long term therapy. With this in mind it is logical to consider, why don’t these therapies always work on everyone every time? Given some people stay in a state of severe anxiety for many years without any major emotional advantage. Imagine that you have a spiderphobia, and you know that the fear that you are experiencing is far more debilitating than the logical relevance of the size the spider. Your own fear imagines the spider is twice its actual size and the fear is out of proportion to the circumstances of which you

find yourself. To understand this you need to understand why the fear has been programmed into the subconscious mind in the first place, in many cases the sufferer does not even have a memory of a fearful experience with a spider. At a subconscious level the fear may not even be related to a spider. Many therapeutic theories are often ”hit and miss” in their effectiveness. Usually their base is around reframing the thought and/or desensitizing the sufferer around the spider. So often the treatment can be long and emotionally traumatizing in itself. In these treatments the person may have to face their fears around the spider in order to experience an emotional change. Often the subconscious mind will sabotage this process and the fear of the spider alone will be enough to stop the sufferer from engaging in treatment. You do not have to revisit your upsetting memory to get full emotional freedom using the new therapy, ‘Subconscious Freedom’. The Center for Subconscious Research has spent many years researching and developing a new technique by treating the most traumatized and drug addicted clients in the community in order to understand what is effective in the treatments of anxiety, depression and addictive disorders. The first thing the Center for Subconscious Research was to ascertain was, what is known about the subconscious mind and to utilize this information with what we knew about ”Cue Word Therapy”. This included: • The subconscious mind is where your emotions are triggered from. • Your emotions are programmed into the subconscious mind to protect you and the emotions will come up even when you consciously don’t

26 want them to. • Your subconscious mind is literal and cannot think. • Subconscious forgiveness can produce sustainable emotional change. • The subconscious mind can treat trauma without the need for the conscious mind to be aware of the problem being treated. • Your subconscious mind is programmed to keep the problem. • Your subconscious mind is the only thing that knows what to treat. • Your subconscious will always remember everything even though your conscious mind may forget. • By giving intent at a subconscious level, this has the same emotional impact as the placebo effect. • Dissociation is a form of subconscious protection and can be treated by Subconscious Freedom. Little is known about the workings of the subconscious mind and many have fear of it, as it is common to fear the unknown and because they don’t understand it they may have the perception that treatments such as hypnotherapy can do harm to people. This is a myth that is due to stage hypnotists and is difficult to shift. Subconscious Freedom is not traditional hypnosis but is a form of self hypnosis where you have complete control, and as only your subconscious mind knows what the problem is and how to treat it. Once you have gained emotional peace from your individual problems you will be taught by your Subconscious Freedom practitioner how to treat yourself from any further emotional stresses you may encounter in the future, as they arise. This will give you complete control over your emotions. For severe emotional problems it is advisable to see a ”Subconscious Freedom” practitioner in conjunction with listening to a Subconscious Freedom CD. This is to enable you to achieve freedom from your distress. If you want to start treatment the Center for Subconscious Research has produced a CD for you to listen to which will start your treatment on your distress and will give you some relief, but for severe anxiety disorders it will be necessary to visit or talk to a Subconscious Freedom Practitioner. For less emotionally distressing conditions a Subconscious Freedom CD will be sufficient to get relief form your problem. But you will need to follow the plan suggested in the CD cover. For further information visit or phone the Center for Subconscious Research ph 0413 347 233.

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Flowing Chi with SIMON BLOW

Discover Inner Peace

If the flow of Qi becomes blocked, stagnate or disturbed it can cause illness (both physical and emotional) and can decrease your quality of life. Qigong is a powerful healing system developed in China many thousands of years ago and is one of the components of the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong (pronounced Chi-Kung) is a new term that has been used over the last fifty years to describe all the Chinese energy techniques. The word Qigong is made up of two Chinese characters, Qi refers to the energy of life, the vital energy which flows through the network of meridians in the body and connects with the energy or Qi of the universe. In Japan and Korea it’s known as Ki and if studying Yoga the term Prana is used. Most cultures have a similar terminology for life energy. Gong is a term which translates to work, mastery and training. Qigong therefore translates to energy work, working with the energy of life or mastering the energy of life. There are thousands of different styles and systems of Qigong, using different static postures, movement, breathing techniques, mental training and visualisation methods, either done standing, moving, walking, sitting or lying down. Traditionally Qigong is used for training of the Qi energy for martial, medical or spiritual purposes.

“Qi is the energy of life, it’s cultivated through work expressed as creativity, shared through humanity enabling us to merge with the universe returning to nothingness.” Simon Blow


If the flow of Qi becomes blocked, stagnant or disturbed it can cause illness (both physical and emotional) and can decrease your quality of life. With regular practise Qigong can help stimulate this powerful energy, helping release stress, increase health and vitality as well as developing spiritual perception, serenity and awareness. It helps the individual take more responsibility for his or her own en-

ergy helping improve quality of life.

“Too much colour, the eyes cannot enjoy. Too much noise, the ears cannot receive, and music cannot be heard or appreciated. Too complicated, too prepared, or too processed food causes the tongue to lose its taste. Too much rushing around, hunting and searching, maddens the mind. Too much interest in hard-to-obtain goods distorts one’s behaviour. The wise one likes to maintain one’s inner essence, and thus is not enslaved by sensory pleasure. Sensory pleasures and t he outer search for material goods create burdens and cause one’s life to become scattered.” Lao Tzu, Dao De Jing, Chapter 12 Simon Blow is an author of numerous books, DVDs and audio CDs about this ancient healing art. A near fatal accident at the age of nineteen lead Simon to investigate various methods of healing and rejuvenation a path he has been following ever since. He is a Sydneybased master teacher (Laoshi) who has been leading regular classes, workshops and retreats for beginning and continuing students since 1990. Simon has received training and certification from Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and Buddhist Monasteries in Australia has been given authority to share these techniques. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom. Simon is a Standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing. or call (02) 9559 8153

PEACE BY DAVID LANE How can we help the world find peace? First, we must focus on developing our own inner peace and then we are in a better position to share our love to help create peace in the rest of the world. Peace : the Collins dictionary describes peace as ”the state existing during the absence of war” as well as a ”state of harmony” and ”the absence of mental anxiety”. The common denominator of these three explanations is that peace is experienced when there are no ”opposing forces” creating a conflict, whether it is an outer or inner experience. It is our ability to find the balance between these two opposing forces that creates harmony which in turn leads to a peaceful state.


One of the ways by which we experience the third dimensional reality of the earth plane is through duality energy. This energy creates opposite polarities or opposing forces of energy. It is our inability to understand and process the energies behind these two forces that creates much of our imbalance and disharmony. It takes wisdom to be able to see the deeper purpose behind any imbalance and anyone who can do this will be displaying a high level of awareness or consciousness. When any energy is out of balance, it is because one polarity is stronger than its opposite. The only way to achieve harmony is to balance the two out. It is easy to understand that anger can be balanced out by applying love but the Universal Laws

apply to both sides. This means that an overcharge of love will bring with it the ”potential” for its opposite also. Many people do not understand this principle and get wounded by the opposite energy that they create when they love somebody. Confused? Well please hang in there! Humans have made this subject very confusing because they do not seek to fully understand the difference between ”conditional” and ”unconditional” love. The ”human aspect” of ourselves is third dimensional and therefore it lives within and is subject to the laws of duality and opposites. One side cannot exist without its counterpart. Love and fear could not exist without each other and therefore we need both. They provide us with reference points so we can make comparisons and choices that will help us spiritually evolve through the third dimension to the next. It is through the choices we make in regard to these two forces that displays or reflects our level of consciousness. Our humanness seeks to give and receive love and it loves to be loved. It usually looks outside of itself to find love and when it finds love, the byproduct creates a state of harmony and so peace is experienced. This peaceful state is held so long as the love continues to flow. It is easy to see that we could become dependent on this external supply of love in order to have peace in our lives. If the sup-

ply chain breaks, we become stressed and our peace is broken! This type of love has conditions attached to it (conditional). Our spiritual self is multidimensional and therefore it is not affected by duality energy. When we evolve to a level where we are operating out of our spiritual self then we can rise above being affected by these opposites. This is a very empowering state of mind and it creates a permanent ”inner peace” that is not affected by the outside world. This state does not depend upon the flow of love; instead the flow of love becomes a byproduct and therefore is totally unconditional. Humanity is also being challenged to find peace. We see much chaos and disharmony when we look around the world so it is understandable that many people are sceptical about the possibility of any world peace in the near future. However, a change to the old structure or paradigm can be seen happening now. Science understands that when one structure gives away to another, there is a point when neither is in control. This is a point of chaos and it is always a part of the process of change although the length of its duration can vary greatly. We can expect to see more chaos as many changes start and continue to take place. The greater the chaos - the greater the potential for change. The more inner peace we have, the less we will be affected by the outside chaos. How can we help the world find peace? First; we must focus on developing our own inner peace and then we are in a better position to share our love to help create peace in the rest of the world. The fear already exists and now we need the love to create the balance. Please be encouraged by the growing evidence that love is being generated on a massive scale and we are already having a huge positive impact on humanity even if it is not very obvious so far. We can win! The change to a new peace based paradigm (the golden age) is under way. David Lane David’s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. David’s first book called ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ is about how we spiritually evolve and how to monitor our journey. David is now on //!/ SpiritOneInfo

Practical Enlightenment! The Handbook to Heaven - Our Spiritual Evolution This practical and enlightening book will show you how to: • Understand how we spiritually evolve • Know the steps FREE CHART Call today and receive your FREE CHART on “How • Observe your progress to change your unwanted thought patterns”

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• Be a part of and share your story with an interacting online community se • You will also have access to an ‘online’ self de devvelopment cour course • Understand your personal journey and uncover its messages. • Obtain the knowledge and tools to help you evolve • In your own time and at your own pace. or contact David on 0414 352 211


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The Power of Affirmations

Imagine living a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Have you ever wondered how you can change areas of your life? Do you ever feel stuck and have a sense of wasting your life? Louise Hay is an inspirational lady who has shown us through her own life experiences that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. As Louise says, “it’s only a thought and a thought can be changed”. Louise says, “the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences”. Her message is simple yet so powerful. Release and let go of your limiting beliefs and emotions that may be stored deep within. You can love and accept yourself on the path to achieving your dreams. Allow and know that you deserve the very best in life. Louise Hay’s intriguing personal story and simple philosophies have assisted millions of people to discover and use the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self healing. In her bestselling book “You Can Heal Your life”, the key message is “if we are willing to do the mental work almost anything can be healed”. Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness and she shows how you can change your thinking and improve the quality of

your life. Her central message is that when you truly love yourself, everything in your life works. The Heal Your Life® work gently guides you through understanding how your thoughts have limited you in the past, and how you can change them and create a wonderful life.

So what is Heal Your Life®?

Heal Your Life® is the catalyst for self love and discovery. Let me share with you some outcomes: • Learn how to love yourself and others more fully; • Understand your family dynamics and barriers to love; • Release negative emotions that block your joy and creativity; • Improve your health, relationships, prosperity and bring more peace into your life; • Learn to use affirmations that bring about positive changes; • Discover your own power, strengths and inner wisdom; • Nurture your inner child.

“Every thought I think and every word I speak is an affirmation for my future,” says Louise. Affirmations are a very powerful tool in suppor ting positive thinking and are effective in changing our life patterns and outcomes. The benefit of positive thinking is medically well

established. Affirmations allow you to consciously harness the power of positive thinking. You then have the choice of directing them to specific areas of your life that need attention or where you want to bring about change. The great news is that affirmations really work and can transform your life. ”Remember, you are the only person who thinks in your mind. You are the power and authority in your world,” says Louise. An example might be, “I am so concerned about my weight at the moment, it’s really getting me down”. This is in fact a negative affirmation. Only positive affirmations and self talk, where you focus on the outcome you desire, will bring about that change for you. It would be more powerful to say “I am healthy and enjoy eating nourishing food and exercising every day so that my weight is perfect for me”. By continually putting yourself down and instilling in your subconscious mind that you are overweight and can’t do anything about it, is a recipe for continuing as you are. Only when you change the way you think about health and weight with a definite affirmation of support will the mindset begin to change. This change then allows the process of losing weight to begin and open new doors of self love, acceptance and endless opportunities. It could in fact turn your life around. Building a strong inner foundation begins with a change in thought – ”I am worth loving”. The key is moving that thought from a mental level to an emotional level that really takes hold in the conscious and subconscious minds. Through positive thinking you can break the cycle of negativity in your

27 life. Through Louise L Hay’s healing techniques and positive philosophies you can learn how to create more of what you want in your life including complete wellness in body, mind and spirit. You can Heal Your Life ® and achieve your dreams - NOW! Susie is the Heal Your Life® Teacher Trainer for Australia and New Zealand and truly passionate about life with a wealth of experience and expertise. You will be enriched by her extraordinary teaching skills and exclusive energy as she touches the lives of all who attend her courses. Susie loves Louise Hays philosophies on life and lives them daily. Susi’s inspiration from Louise Hay’s transformational work, combined with her own life experiences allows her the perfect opportunity to teach and empower people. Susie has been working in the healing industry for 20 years and is the Heal Your Life® teacher trainer for Australia and New Zealand. She is passionate about training successful workshop leaders who will then take Louise Hays Heal Your Life® work to people from all walks of life. Please contact Susie for all information Louise Hays’ new book Modern day Miracles is reviewed on page 34.

A Human Approach to World Peace by the Dalai Lama

Continued from page 12 country, there is still a great deal of mental suffering. This is because materialistic knowledge can only provide a type of happiness that is dependent upon physical conditions. It cannot provide happiness that springs from inner development independent of external factors. For renewal of human values and attainment of lasting happiness, we need to look to the common humanitarian heritage of all nations the world over. May this essay serve as an urgent reminder lest we forget the human values that unite us all as a single family on this planet.

I have written the above lines to tell my constant feeling. Whenever I meet even a “foreigner“, I have always the same feeling: I am meeting another member of the human family., This attitude has deepened My affection and respect for all beings. May this natural wish be my small contribution to world peace. I pray for a more friendly, more caring, and more understanding Human family on this planet. To all who dislike suffering, who cherish lasting happiness - this is my heartfelt appeal.

For more information and bookings visit the website or phone: (02) 9575 4888 Free call Australia wide

Prime Tuning of Cells Modality at the forefront of Energy Medicine PTC is an accredited modality with Energetic Healing Association and OAMPS Insurance Brokers. Whether you are an existing health practitioner, or would like to offer PTC as your principal therapy, PTC will integrate well with your own unique skills. The Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibrations is an energetic healing modality which uses the skill of muscle testing through a set of uniquely channelled manuals to identify and clear energy blockages at the core of the imbalance. The application of this modality has proven to be highly effective as a stand alone modality or when combined with other forms of complementary health. It can be used by both practitioners and the general public. PTC is an accredited modality with Energetic Healing Association and OAMPS Insurance Brokers Brokers. Sue Larkin is the approved Teacher for PTC in Sydney; she practices out of her own busy clinic in Concord and is an active member of her local Council Public Health Forums and Community, with a personal interest in training compli-

mentary health practitioners. If you are interested in a unique healing modality, please contact Sue Larkin on (02) 9743 4017 or to learn more about this ground breaking technique at the forefront of energy medicine. Whether you are an existing health practitioner, or would like to offer PTC as your principal therapy, PTC will integrate well with your own unique skills. Sue provides PTC Workshops and runs the Accreditation Program for Practitioners. Elaine Croker will be available for private healing sessions on May 17,18 and 19 at our Concord (NSW) clinic. (Bookings are essential). To book please contact Sue Larkin on (02) 9743 4017 or Come and experience the energy of Prime Tuning.

Learn how to talk your Cells and Cell Balance your family, friends, and clients with Elaine Croker and Sue Larkin. ƩĞŶĚĂƉƌĞƐĞŶƚĂƟŽŶďLJůĂŝŶĞƌŽŬĞƌĂŶĚ^ƵĞ>ĂƌŬŝŶ ƚŽůĞĂƌŶŵŽƌĞĂďŽƵƚƚŚĞWƌŝŵĞdƵŶŝŶŐŽĨĞůůƐ͘ Phone: (02) 9743 4017 Workshop Dates Level 1: 14th - 15th May 2011 Level 3: 24th - 25th Level 2: 21st - 22nd May 2011 September 2011 PTC IS AN ACCREDITED MODALITY WITH THE ENERGETIC HEALING ASSOCIATION AND OAMPS INSURANCE BROKERS



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Reiki Education Services

Snake and Whimsy Curios

Australia’s oldest and largest Reiki training organisation is the Usui Reiki Network. Learn from experienced professionals who keep to traditional methods and content. Complete Reiki I and receive certification at that level in Usui Shiki Ryoho. We support our students throughout their seminar, and afterwards. Training takes place over two and a half days and lasts at least 20 hours - learn to treat others and yourself, improve stress levels and sleep quality, develop an understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and how it impacts on physical health. For further details phone 1300 824 354 or email

Hi There! I’m Tracie Tait from Snake and Whimsy Curios. We’ve been offering Herbs, Incense and selected curiosities and to our clients for over 12 years. But times change and so have we. We’re now online only for quick and fuss free shopping using the safe and secure Paypal Credit Card service. We’ve also expanded our gift lines to include more eclectic style gifts for those folk who are difficult to please or for that friend who has everything. Our gifts will change often so visit us at Connect with us on Facebook for gift ideas and updates.

Carma Burchell

The Kinesiology Association of Victoria is holding an Expo on Sunday May 29th at Abbotsford Convent and it’s FREE. This is an opportunity for you to find out about this gentle and effective modality. To the uninitiated, Kinesiology can be a perplexing experience and new clients often comment, “I don’t know what the practitioner did, but it seemed to work because I definitely feel better”. Come along and find out why. There’ll be ongoing information sessions and stalls manned by practitioners and teachers. Find out how you can become a Kinesiologist. Complementary health products will also be available for sale. For more information see our ad in this issue or email

Carma can draw upon a wide variety of skills to achieve desired outcomes in improved wellness and energy. By providing a customised personal program based on a series of friendly tests to reach the underlying cause of imbalances in the body and to rebalance them with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal and energetic preparations, flower esscences, clinical nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programmes, and Lightwave energy infusion technique culminating in a return to the natural harmonic balance inherent in each individuals matrix. Carma is a registered member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia and the Computerized Electro Dermal Association. Email: tel: 0421 866 088

Awaken Crystals & Gifts

We carry only natural crystal pieces and stones. We avoid fake and even dyed pieces. Even in tumbled stones, we choose higher grades and pay a little more, but figure that there is so many beautiful natural stones, we will focus on them. Our sell prices have worked out cheaper than elsewhere! This means that at Awaken Crystals you will buy higher grade/higher energy Crystals and pay the same or less than you are used to paying for Crystals. We also stock: Over a thousand Spiritual and Inspirational Books; Guidance Cards, Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards; Spiritual and Relaxation CD’s and DVD’s; Gemstone Jewellery in Sterling Silver ; Karma beads; Zulugrass Jewellery; Feng Shui Charms; Tibetan Bowls, Bells and Cymbals. Meditation Aids.; Incense; Essential Oils and Aromatherapy; Supplies; Spiritual Sky Organic Perfume Oil; Handmade Goatsmilk Soap Scented and Unscented; HandPoured Soy; Wax Candles and more. Shop 2/350 The Kingsway, Caringbah NSW . Ph: 02 9540 2744, Email:

Kinesiology Expo 2011

Anxiety, stress or fear of success??

With over 20 years of helping individuals not only to achieve but accelerate in their own personal and professional goals- that could be health, success, work or relationship goals. Qualified and nationally accredited clinical hypnotherapist/counsellor (member of credible associations such as ASCH, AHA). For more information www.smar or call Ankica 0416 258 793

Transformational Tours

It is the heartfelt intention of Transformational Tours to: Facilitate personal healing through connecting with Mother Earth at her sacred sites and sharing the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha); Bring people to the realization of the interconnectedness of all life and how to live in harmony by connecting with wisdom traditions and indigenous leaders; Develop a community filled with awe and reverence for our planet and universe through sacred journeys/pilgrimage and through shared experiences. Telephone: 1800 TTOURS or 1800 88 68 77. Email:

The Sacred Tree - A uthentic

Flutes of Joy and Peace Everyone can be a musician. Learn a beautiful form of self-expression that opens your heart while bringing peace, joy and fulfillment. Feel embraced by a positive energy that restores and revitalizes. Gain a heightened awareness of your deepest self through playing the Native American flute. Our flutes are very durable and have a bright clear voice, especially on the high notes and are made out of a single piece of wood, reducing the possibility of the flute splitting. The shor ter flutes are very easy to play and learn on. The longer bore flutes have a deeper voice and are recommended for those that already play the Native flute or any other wind instrument. ‘How to Play’ workshops are available. Beginning students will learn Basic Flute embellishments, Basic Scales, learn the Zuni Sunrise Song and the History of the flute. Enjoy a profound sense of inner peace. See us at the Body Mind & Psychic Expo in Adelaide 4th and 5th June. ph/fax 08 9848 1487

CITY HEALING CENTRE Sydney’s newest natural therapies centre

Sydney’s newest natural therapies centre opened its doors in Darlinghurst on December 1st. Located close to the Sydney CBD, the City Healing Centre is only a 5 minute’s walk from Museum Railway Station and 13 minutes from Town Hall. Owner and long time healer and teacher John Gray says the Centre boasts four treatment rooms, Reception and welcome area, a kitchen and workshop facilities. Therapies currently offered at the City Healing Centre include, Acupuncture, Hawaiian massage, Remedial massage, Hypnotherapy, past life regression, Reiki treatments, Spiritual healing and Psychic readings. John has been a well known psychic healer in the Sydney area for more than 15 years and was until recently Manager of the famous Adyar Bookshop. John is very excited to be finally opening his own Centre. There are already 10 Practitioners and teachers working with him. For more information please feel free to contact the City Healing Centre on 02 9358 2227

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Angel Essence House. Angelic gift shop, blessed handmade artworks, Healings, Readings, Courses. 94 Eagle Heights Road Mount Tamborine, QLD 0402504415

Healing Only at the MindBodySpirit Festival can you find exciting new experiences, ideas and products for your health, physical and mental wellbeing. Try yoga, find the latest herbal supplements, have a psychic reading, receive a massage or foot detox. Buy crystals, jewellery and unique gifts. Enlist the services of a life coach, spiritual teacher or healer. With 200 exciting exhibitors - plus dozens of free seminars and free performances - you will discover new ways to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Festival Highlights Experience 1,000’s of wonderful wellbeing products and services that will get you glowing and feeling fantastic about yourself. Have fun with a psychic reading and discover complementary medicines, natural health, organics, nutrition, massage, yoga, spirituality, astrology and much more. Enjoy a Psychic Reading Experience a reading from Australia’s leading psychics. You’ll have great fun finding out about your career, love, relationships, family and finances. Arrive early to avoid missing out. Fun Free Seminars Join the wellbeing exper ts as they share their experience and knowledge with you over more than 40 inspirational seminars. Show Specials Most exhibitors offer show discounts, so it’s a chance to pamper yourself without spending the earth. Upcoming Festivals Sydney Thursday 19 May - Sunday 22 May Melbourne Friday 10 June - Monday 13 June Brisbane Friday 24 June - Sunday 26 June Prices: Adults $16 Concession/Student $13 Children under 14 free For all enquiries telephone or visit

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Inspired Healing Sessions – using a combination of Reiki, astrology and more to rediscover the Divine YOU. Contact Claire 0407 359 347.

Organics Bluewater Organics. Certified organic Mini Mart. 36 Thuringowa Drive, Townsville Qld. Ph (07) 4723 3300 Be Beautiful, Healthy & Safe. Shop at Organic Beauty World for Green healthy bodies inside and out! Free shipping – friendly service. Phone 1300 662 543

Personal Development Merge Personal Development with extra ordinary income opportunity. Platinum, internationally awarded products. A philanthropic company built on integrity, empowerment & leadership.

Reiki ARC Inc. Australian Reiki Connection. Australia’s Leading REIKI Association Est. 1997 - Run by Members for Members with fellowship and support. Access to Insurance. FREE Membership of [AARP] Association Australian Reiki Professionals National Referral Directory. Discounts on Massage Tables, Music CD’s Salt lamps. Informative website & Forum ARC INK Quarterly Magazine. Ph. 0411 604 753 National ph 1300 130 975

Self Employment

Specialise in You. Brilliant opportunity to have more time, more money, more fun! No stress. No boss. Training and support provided. No selling/telling, not MLM. Phone (03) 9443 0127 and email

Pet Supplies


GreenPet Naturopathy and natural products for animals. Free mail order catalogue Australia wide. Phone + online consultations available (07) 5449 1453

Alex’s Handcrafted Soaps & Shampoo Bars. Palm oil free, range includes goats milk & dog soap. or Phone (08) 83889467



Aliz’s Psychic Solutions. The most popular psychic line you will ever call. Liz’s truly caring gifter advisors. 1902 215 584 $2.97pm mobex, creditcards $2.95 pm call. Liz 0352661174 or Holly 0352483001. Over 30 readers.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy ENERGY MEDICINE

Know Thyself as Soul. Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others and love for all creation. Its goal is to enable the soul to return to and merge with its source; the purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Discipline and dedication are essential, as is the help of a competent living Master. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a non-profit incorporated association. For further info call 1800 462 193 or visit



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ness consultation, any Issue. Courses. Heal from doubts, fears, traumas. Carolyn 0438 790 641

Make it happen now! Publish your manuscript with Joshua Books. Contact us on (07) 5493 1700

Readings Accurate Tarot Readings/Theta Healing. Life direction, love, busi-

Weekend Workshops held regularly. “ Prepare for a Magical Relationship: Esoteric Tantra For Singles. Ecstasy is an everyday experience. For further details visit or phone 0412 716 238.

Desert Heart Retreats • RAINBOW SERPENT JOURNEY • Healing Retreats • Training Retreats

2011 Alice Springs

Dian Booth - Master Soul Healer

Sounds from Aboriginal Australia, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria. Come to the heart of our wonderful country and listen to the sounds of your soul. “One of the truest healers of our age” (Alan Gutierrez, Emerald Energies, USA) Sacred Journeys, Healing CDs, Tapes. Diploma in Sound and Colour Healing Ring Dian: 0417 800 219

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Navigating theSHIFT


The Journey to the Heart Centre ” The hear ts of all must be

touched so deeply that they are awakened to the true power that lies within, so that they, maybe for the first time, see clearly, for the first time truly know which way to go. If you were to play hide and seek, would you not try to hide in the last place that the seeker would look. Your true power has been hidden in this very place. The last place the seeker would look. Would it then really come as a surprise that the strongest most powerful part of you is also the softest and the most loving? The heart, your true power, a magnificent source that has the key to peace, contentment, fulfilment and balance lies in your heart.” From the Lips of Angels channelled by Joanne Antoun 2007 From the beginning of time great masters have always told us that all we need is within, find your heart and you will find your way. The problem has been that most of us get caught up in the chatter of the mind and spend so much time there that we ignore our heart centre because the voice of the heart is soft and subtle or too delicate. The power, this new intelligence that we all seek doesn’t come from somewhere in the brain, it comes from the heart. It is the way we think, the intelligence of the mind that has created our current circumstances; we can’t just think our way out of this one. As intelligent as we humans think we are, we have been very good at missing the obvious. Believing that our problems are big, so they require a big solu-

tion, where in actual fact if we remember to simplify everything then so too must the solution be simple. The mind can be the greatest story teller, creating stories through our limited perceptions and past experiences. However the heart always remains true, it does not exaggerate. Therefore we must learn to think with our heart. Do what feels right, not what you think is right. It can be hard to learn to follow the heart because of a lifetime of programming in the head. Often even though you intuitively know what you need to do, the head, your ego, because of its uncer tainty and lack of guarantee will often coerce you into keeping things the way they are. It requires a shift in attitude which does require courage. If the only true emotions that exist are love and fear, then the first step to moving forward is to recognise that it is fear that is keeping you stuck. Look beyond the fear, beyond your issues and your path will become clear. What you fear the most offers you the most and when you step forward in faith, miracles are yours. We need to get out of our head, focus on heart consciousness and create an alignment or quality of coherence that can be measured at 0.10 hertz. Heart coherence is a distinct mode of synchronized functioning that comes with positive emotion. It is a state of energetic alignment and full cooperation between heart, mind, body and spirit. In coherence, energy is accumulated, not wasted, leaving you more energy to

manifest intention and harmonious outcomes. When we are coherent, we awaken the magnetic field of our heart and this extends way beyond us and out into our world. This links us directly to our magnetic field and all of life on the planet. The key is in our heart, it always has been. In this space, if we feel feelings of peace, we create peace. Remember, choose peace as though peace is all there is, live from the heart. This is not just about sur viving it’s about transcending the changes. Living a life based on hear t consciousness has many benefits personally and globally. Heart consciousness vibrates at a level far greater than that of reason, that of the mind. High quality coherence or feelings of peace trigger around 1,400 positive biochemical changes in our bodies, our immune system is enhanced, anti-aging processes begin, DHEA - the life giving hormone, rushes through our bodies. We think more clearly and become much less reactive. The more time spent in coherence the happier and healthier we are. Each of our thoughts feelings and beliefs, every step we take, be it feeling positive or negative, resonates across all of time and space, affecting everything in existence. Let’s make them good ones. Within us is the power to heal the world, everything we need to heal the earth and create the life we desire is within our heart. Our science is only 300 years old and unfortunately in their beginning and need for physical tangible proof they decided to throw out the wisdom of the ancients. In effect disowning and dishonouring the innate power that had been passed on through ancient cultures. New science has finally caught up and is echoing the teachings of past wisdoms. Everything we need is within our heart centre and all we need to do is activate this power. The famous double slit experiment changed the way we view ourselves and the world. In simple terms it was a series of experiments that much to the shock of scientists proved without a doubt that electrons, quantum particles, the very stuff that our world is made of, is affected by the observer, the mere presence of consciousness alters the outcome, and the greater the amount of watching the greater the influence we have. This phenomenon became known as the wave-particle duality and proves that human consciousness impacts our physical environment. The implications are profound. Consciousness literally chooses between all already existing possibilities. Imagine having enough like-minded people activating heart consciousness and focusing on feelings of love and peace. Imagine the collective energy that this would radiate and the positive affect it would have, not only on yourself, but your loved ones, and the entire planet. When one thing changes, everything changes, the fastest and most direct way to change the world is to start with ourselves. A series of experiments have been conducted with groups of people trained in Transcendental Meditation (TM). These people, trained in creating high coherence, and feeling incredible feelings of peace, would together generate a unifying and integrating effect in society. This has resulted in a decrease of negative trends throughout society, such as crime, accidents and sickness and an increase in positive social, economic, and political trends. Scientific studies show that one square root of one percent of the population can produce enough coherence on a global scale to reduce negative and violent occurrences worldwide. The study shows that 8,000 people (the square root of one per cent of the world’s current population) practicing high coherence at the same time, would be enough to initiate significant global reductions in international conflicts, violence, negative trends, terrorism and destructive weather. The larger the group the quicker and more significant the results, a world of love, peace and compassion can be ours. The expansion of our heart consciousness amplifies the power of our heart’s magnetic field, strengthening our connection to all that is, and thus speaking the language of Earth’s magnetic field. It’s time now for the head and heart to function as a highly intelligent team, transforming chaos into peace. Reconnect with Mother Earth, get to know her, nurture her, and love her. If you don’t do it now, how will she know you when you go back to her? We must remember how to live together and how to love each other. Compassion and forgiveness is the path towards true liberation. Every day is an opportunity to learn from what life brings our way, every day we are being prepared, nothing of significance comes easy until just like Dorothy in the wizard of oz, you realise that you had the power all along. It lies within the sacred place that is your heart. All you need to do is activate it. Joanne Antoun sees clients for personal sessions of CTC – a life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail and runs regular seminars that inspire, motivate and empower, leaving you feeling a new level of connectedness and awareness that motivates you to be the best you can be. Visit her website at


Discovering your own inner psychic! The word ”intuition” comes from the Latin word ”intueri”. It is often translated as meaning ”to look inside” or ”to contemplate”. Psychic is defined as ”a person who is sensitive and receptive to non-physical information, energy, influences or forces and is able to effectively communicate this non-physical information”. Both these words are connected. Neither can be seen, felt, touched or sensed by any of the five senses of a human. They are the sixth sense! And, we all possess it! We are all born with intuition and psychic abilities, some more than others, so how can we tap into our own intuition to access and discover our true selves? Is it only a few that are gifted and can communicate with the spiritual realms? Or do we all possess the power to hear, see and feel ”vibes”? The short answer is ”yes, we do”! Tuning into your higher self is a rewarding and exciting experience. We are all able to tap into our higher selves and receive messages and guidance from the ”other side”. What’s more is that we are all born with this gift ... so why not use it? Some may be more open than others, but that is okay. We need the balance on this Earth to keep us focused and in touch with both the physical and spiritual sides. So, I’ve listed a few things to get you star ted on listening to your higher self and receiving messages for yourself. Try it and see how you go. 1. Create a sacred space. This is as easy as finding either a room, a chair or your favourite tree in the garden to go to and find some silence. Make it your space. Tune in to the space and feel the energy around you. Feel yourself becoming one with it and letting your inner guidance guide you. 2. Meditate. Meditation can take years to master, however, if you can find some time to be undisturbed and uninterrupted, close your eyes and begin. You can use some background music to lead you, or a guided meditation, or just listen to your surroundings. It is important to breathe whilst meditating. Maybe use a mantra, or focus on your breathing (in through your nose, out through your mouth). Let your mind become blank and just feel, see and hear what is happening within your own mind. 3. Protect yourself. I use sage to smudge the area where I will be working and to smudge any negativity off myself and anyone coming to see me. Sage is a beautiful herb to work with and clears the air of negativity. You can also use frankincense or any incense you prefer. I find that

anything that creates smoke is a good way to cleanse and clear out any negativity or negative vibe from the space you are working in. 4. Once you have followed steps one, two and three, you are ready to begin. Have a pen and paper handy to write down whatever comes to you. If you have a question, write it down and focus on the question when following the above steps. You may receive your answer in many ways; some see a loved one come to them, while others may just hear the message or have a feeling toward a certain direction. Whatever it is, write it down. 5. Let your mind wander. Don’t try to see, feel or hear anything. Let it come to you. 6. Become aware of your feelings and sensations in your body. Acknowledge them and let them go. (Some might feel a flying sensation, whilst others feel as though they are sinking) Let it all happen. TRUST! 7. Listen to the voices that are coming to you. Pay attention to any visions or ideas that pop in your head. 8. When you feel that it is done, and you have your answer, slowly breathe in and out again. Open your eyes when you feel ready. Write down what you saw, heard and felt. 9. Stamp your feet on the ground to ground yourself and bring yourself back to ”Ear th”. You may feel light headed at first, but that is normal. Sometimes wearing hematite crystal may help with your grounding. 10. Remember, if nothing happened, don’t be disheartened. Give yourself a good day break and try again tomorrow. Persistence is the key. Remember to keep at it. The Zen monks did not learn how to meditate for hours in a day! Keep trying. 11. Practice, practice, practice! Overall, TRUST what your intuition has given you. Keep a journal of your feelings as they come up and anything that may come to you later. This is just a snippet of what you can actually achieve. Also, release any fear that you may be holding onto. There is nothing to be afraid of. Trust yourself and your guides to take care of you, and soon, you will be answering your own questions in your own sacred space! Isabella Gentilin is a spiritual medium, healer and author of ‘Whispers of an Angel’, who has worked as a counsellor for over 12 years. Isabella believes in following her passion and listening to her higher self will bring peace, love and abundance to all. She runs workshops and continues to write for adults and children. For more information contact Isabella at .

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Cosmic Carol


PSYCHIC TRUTHS ABOUT SEEING AND CHANGING THE FUTURE A small clear quar tz crystal ball is my constant companion but more for the powerful healing energy it emits than my desire to constantly see the future! I have been psychic for many years now but long ago became aware of these four psychic truths when asked about the future. • Seeing the future is easy for a trained psychic mind – but changing it if we don’t like what we see takes more skill. • Our future is not fixed – there are many paths you can go down in your life and it’s following the path of your choice that’s important. • High levels spiritual beings offer clients (and myself!) a Map of the Future but they don’t offer a Manual. • Miracles and Divine Intervention are always possible.


We can all get a glimpse of our own future these days through the many Oracle Cards and psychics available to us. We can all easily see the future of a relationship when our friend or children insists on going out with a new partner we know isn’t suitable for them! We can all see and worry

about the future of this world. The challenge is to stop still and make the decision to let the pleasant visions of the future multiply and the unpleasant ones change. To change the future you need to free your mind of your constant worries and fears by handing them over to a Higher Power – God, The Angels or Divinities. My favourite Angel is Hamied, Angel of Miracles – I release my fears, cares and worries and place them in his hands and ask him to find a solution for me if I can’t see one myself. Then I imagine him handing me back a crystal ball of my future as a “Healed Reality” - that is one where all my worries are over and I am looking and feeling happy, relaxed and safe. I also recommend allowing enough time here to “See” these changes happening in your life without having to worry about how these beautiful events could possibly happen to you! OUR FUTURE IS NOT FIXED Many people are surprised by this statement and I am never quite sure why it surprises them. Before we incarnate on this ear th we make choices about where we are to be born, our parents, our physical abili-


ties and the Karmic Lessons we wish to experience. When we are born we forget this plan till reminded of it by our own insights or a person with psychic insight shows it to us. Many people just follow a path that their parents and school teachers lay out for them and that is often the easiest. Others make different choices and may face great challenges but find their rewards in assisting others - I see this more as following your Higher Self Path. Other people realise they have a Soul Plan, a Divine Purpose on this earth –all the great Saints and Spiritual Healers and Teachers of this world choose this path, often at personal expense on earth but realising in Heaven/The Light all will be well for them. Some psychics specialise in offering clients Soul Path readings and these are the best consultants to see when you are searching for meaning as opposed to just more of a fortune telling type reading.

good path to follow and which way will lead you totally astray is very valuable information. Again if you are seeking to follow your Higher Self or Soul Path and are open to a few diversions along the way a map is fine. Numerology and Astrology offer valuable markers on your map and may explain times of minor delays and frustrations or good times to make that big change in your life. High Level Guides, Angels and Divinities rarely give detailed instructions for your path – they inspire and encourage you to work with your own Intuition as well. They can clear obstacles for you and bring helpful people to you on your path and allow you to hold a Clear and Positive Vision of the future. Your relatives in spirit can offer guidance but it’s not wise to rely too much on this information I find.


Think of the great challenges we have experienced in early 2011 in Australia, plus in Egypt. It’s not been easy for many people but the final outcome has been much better than it could have been in many instances. Many LightWorkers and Healers, including myself, sent healings and blessings and made requests for Miracles just before and during these events. Requesting Divine Intervention then VISUALISING a positive outcome and HOLDING THAT VISION is the key here. We must also realise the final outcome of our request is not in our hands and allow the Divine Plan to unfold for the highest good of all concerned.

AHH ! Most psychics would love to be able to offer clients a detailed plan and full instruction manual but mostly it’s not given to them either. Really, guidelines about what is a


ELISABETH JENSEN is the author of Isis Lotus Oracle Cards and Principal of Isis Mystery School. She trains many professional psychics and healers worldwide. Elisabeth was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and is Vice President of the Australian Psychics Association and their Media Spokesperson. Please visit or see her advertisement.

Hi, I’m Carol Atkinson, aka Cosmic Carol. I am an intuitive, psychic counselor, using a combination of astrology and tarot – in light, love, wisdom and honesty – to illuminate and inspire you to your highest potential and assist you along your own, unique path. I can provide face-to-face, phone or email readings to give you clarity and positive guidance about the challenges you may be facing in your daily life, in areas of your soul aspirations, relationships, love, career, finances and per sonal growth. I am also very interested in interpreting the symbolic messages you receive in every day life and in your dreams. Please take a look around my website and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

to read , teach and attend Psychic Expos in Australia. For further information call Barbara Lynne on 0416 093 330.

Isabella Gentilin

Isabella Gentilin is a spiritual medium, healer and author of ‘Whispers of an Angel’, who has worked as a counsellor for over 12 years. Isabella believes in following her passion and listening to her higher self will bring peace, love and abundance to all. She runs workshops and continues to write for adults and children.

Contact Isabella at .

Phone 0439 846 111

John Gray

One of Sydney’s best known psychic healers, John Gray has been healing people for more than 15 years. Experienced in modalities such as Reiki, Theta healing and psychosomatic therapy, John now follows the directives of his Guides creating his own style which he simply calls ‘letting go and letting God.’ Call 0418 125 241 for an appointment.

Barbara Lynne

My Totem is the Dragonfly, they are the messengers of change , signifying our ability to travel our path of self knowing toward enlightenment. Lift the illusion of suffering and believe in ourself. I have been reading for over 20 years. I am commited to helping people and offer private and phone consultations with a combined reading using Clair voyance , Intuitive Tarot , Astrology , Numerology and Palmistry. Past lives I am able to access through the Aura. Photo Readings are also available. I frequently travel to different states

Absolute Soul Secrets

In 2000 Rose Smith BA, DRM, ATMS had a dream of Archangel Michael who wrote the name “Absolute Soul Secrets” on her forehead. At the time, she had no idea what this meant, it was a soul secret even to her! However after about 3 months, a series of ‘coincidences’ led Rose to believe it was a new business endeavour she was destined to start. More dreams confirming her new direction led to the international psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets. 10 years later Absolute Soul Secrets is the most reputable and well known psychic network in Australia and New Zealand. Only genuinely gifted psychics are invited to read on this network. So if you want a good reading with a good psychic that doesn’t cost a fortune, call Absolute Soul Secrets today! 24/7 pay by your phone account call 1902 221 596 $2.97 pm (mob more, Callucopia), credit cards 1300 850 196 $2.45 pm. Check our free astrology on


innerSelf newspaper Elisabeth Jensen

Elisabeth was voted Psychic of the Year 2010 (National) by the Australian Psychics Association. She trains many professional psychics in Australia and Asia.

Sign up for Elisabeth’s FREE email newsletter “Isis Blessings” on her website to keep informed or call 1300 558 075 for course brochures. Sign up for Elisabeth’s FREE email newsletter IsisBlessings on her website to keep informed or call 1300 558 075 for course brochures.

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The hidden AgendA Now is the time to be prepared for what is coming and is soon to overtake the world as an overwhelming surprise. There is a New World currency, a New World court and International Law, a New World Police Force and a New World Religion coming. A total societal system collapse is coming. Greetings to all, “God to himself is incomplete without you!!!” Course in Miracles. We are mostly aware of the pitfalls in life cleverly devised by ego to distract us from our authenticity and our divinity. Still with this knowledge, we continue to play games in life that classically set us up for fear. A physical functioning, so destructive, alcohol and drugs are a huge facilitator for illusion and pain. Peoples… There is enough within our picture reality to attempt to distract us, let alone you choosing to shoot yourselves in the foot!!! For those that don’t, good for you, for those, and you know who you are!! You cannot be AWAKE if you consciously choose to separate yourselves then to justify as to why!!! Within my practice I have seen thousands come and go, beautiful, spiritual people completely choosing ignorance over ”light” yet under the illusion that is the way to light!! Wow, what a dichotomy. Look ultimately, there is beyond right and wrong, we know this. However, with every action there is a reaction and consequence if you choose to pollute your wonderful physical temple so be it!!! But please investigate your state of being. If you feel joy, you’re clearly in alignment with spirit. If not, you are indulging in illusion, which is EGO. Never have I seen joy where there are drugs and/or excessive alcohol. Being an evolved being is quite simple. Easy to practice? Not necessarily. But also not impossible. It’s not about being perfect, it’s all about perfecting being imperfect then choosing to change situations whether mental,spiritual or physical to create better opportunities to embrace our divinity, allowing accept-

ance, forgiveness from ourselves to ourselves and those who play with us, the game of perpetrator and victim. At the end of the day, you want peace right? Then create it. We have so many wonderful tools for our oppor tunities and achievements. So make it happen. Be grateful, Be honest, Be loving, Be happy, Be humorous, Be clean. This is a topic so dear to me, as I see it as one of the biggest pitfalls on the physical plane. We as humans need to investigate and love our pain to peace. Not to run away or mask and to create more illusion. We need to take seriously the understanding and truth that we are not separate. If our buttons are being pushed, then “Why and what do I have to love?” Could be a great question. More often than not, we see people outside of ourselves and judge them so harshly only hopefully to realize that at some point we have been there or possibly could be there, so who are we judging? Yet we all do it. We are all trying to move beyond perception, which is so important. Perception, then projection seems to follow as humans, we are continuously seeing outside of ourselves and then creating more separation. There is nothing new and there never will be! We learn by repetition, that’s just how we seem to do it. The more we do whether it is perceived good or bad, we make it real. The only reality there is… is love. Everything other than that is illusion, we know this. So as my friend and colleague, St Germain often says, “Fake it till you make it.” Been said before right? Yep.

Sure has but do we practice it vigilantly? We are so programmable. Very robotic by nature, though Spirit is bigger than that, when you allow your spirit to speak you realize that nothing really matters. Then we know that perception is still a limitation or a belief. We are beyond belief. We are love in a body, so why not live it! Another wonderful quote channeled by St Germain is “Become the Warrior, not the Worryee!!” That quote came from a dream my husband used to consistently have. He was always fighting physically in his dreams but it was in slow motion and never connecting his punches. One day, he woke up enthusiastically and said he was able to punch out all those people he normally couldn’t. That was when he asked me to channel what was going on. Bless St Germain when he said the above. He went on to say that we give too much impor tance to dreams, whether they might be at night when we are asleep or in the dream “wake world. It’s all an illusion if it is fear. Become the Warrior means taking your power back and the Worryee is the fear! NOT REAL. How my husband got to the love bit is irrelevant here but the message is profound, we can all practice embracing our peace and it truly is a choice. Please let us join together and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Let us love each other and be kind, let us be wise and not pollute ourselves on any level. Let us accept our “Love Power”. May we know, That we are God. Blessings, Rael.

Intelligent minds of all walks of life can feel something decisive is about to take place. Things all around us seem to be reaching a climax, reaching a crescendo all at the same time. In the FREE Hidden Agenda Pack found in this edition of Inner Self you will learn exactly who this enemy is. You will learn of all her works. Spraying 10 megatons of aluminium and barium with biological material that eats away at your immune system from jet aircraft commonly known as “chemtrails”, “aerosol spraying” or “geoengineering” is just the beginning. In conjunction with HAARP technology and other similar technologies around the world to control weather patterns, natural disasters can be generated such as what we are currently seeing, not every decade or year but every month and every week. Hundreds of thousands of dead birds and marine animals are falling out of the sky and washing up on our shores and in our lakes around the globe. Even the mainstream media, The Daily Telegraph Friday January 7th 2011 reported on this mysterious spate of mass bird and fish deaths globally under the article title ”Prophets of Doom”. The next day, The Daily Telegraph had another ar ticle on the topic; ”The End of the World”.In the last paragraph they state “the internet was abuzz with conspiracy theories about secret government experiments while some claim the deaths are a sign of a looming Armageddon”. Devastating events that are called “natural disasters” occurring almost daily are blamed on “climate change”. But could climate change be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against mankind? It is obvious abnormal weather patterns are now becoming the norm. But the statis-

tics show that since carbon dioxide emissions have increased due to the industrial revolution, the average temperature of the planet has been on the decrease. Just last month 49 out of 50 states in the USA experienced snow storms. The month before that saw -7 degrees C during the day as the maximum temperature in London in the northern hemisphere and -7 degrees C at Thredbo in the southern hemisphere (Thredbo’s summer). The weather control engineers should be thinking of changing their slogan from global warming to global cooling.What about Denver airport where the barb wire fence points inside to keep people in? What about other concentration camps (FEMA camps in the US) world-wide? Yes Australia too, the lucky country. What about the global financial crisis of 2008? Was this a well-orchestrated hoax and is there another bubble on its way that will make the last depression of 2008 look like a walk in the park? Our former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd just before he was ousted by Julia Gillard said when he came back from a G20 meeting that “Australia has won a place in the New World Order”. Unfor tunately a place in the New World Order is not something that is won but rather, every country and continent will have no choice but to go along with. Former president Bill Clinton said before he became president, that he thought he would be running the country, but once he became president, he said someone else made all the decisions. He was just a puppet. So who is running the show? Who is making all the decisions? And what is their agenda? The finger gets pointed at Jews, Globalist Elite, all sorts of secret societies like Skull and Bones,

Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Freemasons and the Illuminati. But just like the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. There is a secret behind all secret societies. A secret society that controls all secret societies. In fact, this secret society created other secret societies to hide behind so that the finger could never point back to her. Now is the time to be prepared for what is coming and is soon to overtake the world as an overwhelming surprise. There is a New World currency, a New World court and International Law, a New World Police Force and a New World Religion coming. A total societal system collapse is coming. A close friend of mine has a reoccurring dream. He lives in a block of units and in the dream, the next door neighbours have no water supply. The rest of the unit’s residents are also in a panic, and as he checks his own tap, he finds he too has no water coming out of his tap. Thankfully there are answers to all these questions. There is a way for you and your family to sur vive the New World Order. Preparation time is NOW and the type of preparation needed may not be what you first thought. Order your FREE Hidden Agenda Pack today to find out the answers to all these questions and more. Send 3 stamps to; Hidden Agenda, PO Box 56, Beechwood, NSW 2446 Steven runs seminars and speaks on many topics, mainly on his research on health and investigating world events in relation to the New World Order.

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From “Blah” to Bliss Exchanging old patterns for new frequencies BY RACHELLE TERRY Early 2011 brought us the energetic equivalent of a mirror under fluorescent lights, bringing into focus the impact of all our de-energising patterns, habits, attitudes and relationships. Suddenly, whatever had been conveniently suppressed, ignored or tolerated over the previous year or months was now there, embarrassingly visible before our eyes; like a giant, angry zit! Anything old, de-energising or disempowering was no longer tolerable and needed to be addressed. The time had come to uncover and purge old patterns that had ceased to work for us. If you did not get to clear these patterns at the time, it could have been a very difficult period. Some of my clients, complained of bloating, heaviness and a general feeling of “blah”. This was the result of a ”stuckness” in their physical energy field which we shifted in their sessions. Clearing clutter from their homes/offices/garages after the energy clearing, was a welcome side effect of the healing they had received. A perfect analogy of the shifts going on in their psyche, body and aura. An impor tant element of the shedding of old patterns is that we begin to see what we truly value, rather than shaping ourselves and our lives according to what we believe others want. This attitude was exemplified in one of my clients who was having difficulty with healing from an injury. I was perturbed when I noticed that despite our treatments having very positive effects and leaving her feeling and looking great, within the week she had returned to a state of exhaustion. How was she getting rid of the energy she had received in

the session? Where was she giving it away? I felt like a parent packing a delicious lunch for my child, only to find that she had been giving her lunch away. Something was not adding up. When I focused on what was causing her to avoid “keeping” her healings, I saw a pattern in her solar plexus chakra which appeared as a tight belt. Generally the solar plexus holds that which we identify with, and the ”belt” energy pattern indicated a restriction. This was a restriction left over from childhood when she had received constant messages that she was doing something wrong – a message given by adults who were projecting their own guilt onto her. From this experience was born the need to continuously conform to the “good girl” role. Playing this out by placing other’s needs above her own and defining herself as a Stepford wife, ”super woman” and savior to all. She moulded herself according to the demands of others and felt too guilty to take the rest she so desperately needed. Essentially she had set her energy “default” to zero. As a result, if she were to accumulate reserves of energy she would feel, subconsciously, a sense of guilt and low self worth. We addressed this issue and I noticed in subsequent sessions she was able to spend time granting herself permission to heal, resulting in powerful and lasting changes. Do you have restrictions based on others’ past or present expectations? As a result, who have you become? What aspects of yourself have been suppressed, hidden or altered in order to be accepted and to meet those expectations? I believe that we will become increasingly aware that living authentically in every way will become essen-

tial if we are to evolve spiritually. One of the changes I have noticed during the recent energy shifts is that the heart chakra is increasing in size and dominance in the energy field. My feeling is that there will be more energy derived from the heart centre. The Divine will is accessible through the heart centre and when it is clear and activated, we are able to receive strong intuition about what we are here for. Pain which we have not resolved will be more evident than before and must be cleared in order to be part of the acceleration. In my experience, when a client has a blocked heart chakra, life will feel like a drudge. There will be lack of inspiration. I see manifestations of hear t chakra blockages occur in various ways: • Dullness: this leads to a feeling of “greyness”. The soul will feel as if it is suffocating as a result of being in a situation which is not fulfilling, a perfect demonstration of the saying his or her heart is not in it • Icy blue/white energy: Fear in the heart will paralyse the will and prevent the pursuit of one’s life purpose • Purple energy: Unresolved pain or grief or hurt from the past will cause wariness about trusting in the future When there are blockages in our heart we do not want to see what we need to see. We lack clarity in our purpose. In my healings sessions, blocked energies are removed from clients, allowing them to feel clearer. The solutions to their issues then flow to them. The excessive mental struggle which had been clogging up the head area with foggy, static energy is removed. Rather than trying to solve the problem mentally they find the answers come to them from within, making their innate wisdom accessible and useful. As Rumi, the Sufi poet said, “Only from the heart can you touch the sky”. Once the sabotaging patterns clear, you too will be able to invest your energy into your meaningful purpose rather than energy depleting distractions. Now is the time to re-evaluate, clear restrictive patterns and live according to your soul’s purpose! Rachelle, a Sydney based practitioner, sees and pinpoints the cause of these patterns, using her ability to view the energy field. She then uses highly effective therapy techniques including Theta Healing to shift the negative patterns on a deeper level. M - 0414 317 323 • E

Medical Intuitive Rachelle Terry

Your aura stores memories, blockages, shock waves and emotions resulting from previous experiences. If these are left unattended, recurring patterns can form, affecting your relationships, career, behaviours, health and life events. Rachelle, a Sydney based practitioner, sees and pinpoints the cause of these patterns, using her ability to view the energy field. She then uses highly effective therapy techniques including Theta Healing to shift the negative patterns on a deeper level.

For appointments with Rachelle in Sydney (phone/Skype consultations also available):

M - 0414 317 323 • E -


SoulConnection with NICOLE CODY

Healing Rituals You Can Do at Home

Often we look outside ourselves to find comfort, and to release and heal emotional and energetic blockages and traumas. While there are many loving and qualified people available to help us, sometimes the most simple and intense healings we can have are ones that we conduct on our own behalf. The necessary ingredient here is Right Intent. The purpose of Ritual is to focus your energy and concentration, and to put your Ego, conscious and unconscious Self on notice that this is important!

Spiritual Calling? Directionless?


The Crown Chakra is located right on top of our head – this gateway enables our SOUL to connect into wisdom, inspiration and energy that comes from outside ourselves, our physical world, and our own awareness (including intuition and ESP!). Its colour is white, which holds within it all the colours of the spectrum of LIGHT. It is the”‘seeking” chakra, helping us seek out spirituality and metaphysical development. The big issue here is that the Crown Chakra shares space with our brain, and our MINDS often get in the way of us listening to our Higher Nature. Energetic imbalances of this chakra can create strong physical issues like chronic fatigue, ME, MS, major immune dysfunction, musculo-skeletal problems, depression with no obvious cause, extreme fatigue, memory or balance issues, and hypersensitivity to noise, light, chemicals, etc. When our Crown Chakra is in flow, we know who we are and where we are going - or we are at least comfortable with the idea of the unfolding journey without having to have every future answer now. We trust. We can be in the moment. We are curious, decisive, clearthinking, rational and optimistic. We are present, insightful and inspired. We have faith. When this chakra is overactive from our own actions and thoughts, we can suffer frustration, irrational anger, depression, headaches and exhaustion. We swing between apathy and enthusiasm, optimism and pessimism, we start boldly but never finish, we break promises to ourselves even as we complete unimportant tasks for others. We can’t process intuition, we can’t connect into inspiration, or we get flashes of these but can’t seem to get started, or we start but can’t keep going... When this chakra is underactive we feel uninspired, disconnected and unsupported. We feel like our lives don’t matter and we have to do everything ourselves. We push ourselves to breaking point. We can’t feel anything. We can’t see anything. We just can’t connect. We just can’t get out of our heads. We feel confused, blank and we just don’t trust ourselves, our gifts or our ability to help others. Purpose: This simple healing ritual opens, connects and empowers the Crown Chakra. It is especially good for people who want to expand their intuition and psychic ability, or for those who feel disconnected from Source. Tools: A small amethyst and clear quartz, some jasmine oil, a glass of water, a white candle, a journal and pen. Method: Read through this carefully before you begin. Leave yourself at least half an hour, and some quiet time afterwards for integration. Create a space where you can sit comfortably. Position the white candle in front of you. Place the crystals in the glass of water. Light the candle, sit before it and concentrate on the flame. Draw the flame into the crystals with your intent. Visualise the white and purple light of the crystals infusing the water. You will feel when the crystals have been ”charged”. When you are ready, take a few drops of jasmine oil and rub them lightly into the top of your head. Inhale some of the fragrance from your fingertips. Close your eyes. Offer up a prayer for connection to Highest Good. Visualise soft warm rain falling on you, washing away your worries. Then feel a brilliant white light pour down from the Universe and into the top of your head. Slowly let this light fill up your entire body until you are radiant. In that space of radiance and connection, trust, and say “I am One with the Universe. I am open to Divine Guidance. I am connected and well loved. I am ready to receive.” Sit in this energy as long as feels comfortable. When you are finished, open your eyes, drink your crystal-infused water, and sit quietly for a minute or two What did you ‘see’ or feel? Sometimes we see physically, sometimes we get impressions or information as feelings, or in our imagination/mind. Take your journal and record any impressions, colours, emotions or information you received. Enjoy this experience. If you need to cry, don’t suppress this or any other emotion, for this is a ritual of release. You may wish to perform this ritual more than once, as it is a powerful unblocker of what can be a very stuck chakra. Nicole Cody is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channel who runs seminars throughout the World in Spiritual and Personal Development. She specialises in Soul Blueprints and Life Direction Counselling. For more information contact 07 3256 0815 or Light and Blessings be Yours!

Consultations & Workshops with

Nicole Cody! Acclaimed Australian Psychic, Channel and Metaphysical Teacher

Nicole Cody has the answers! Make the most of your life! Nicole’s ability to connect with her guides and yours, her spiritual gifts and her channelled wisdoms will really help you get your life on track. Discover how to make the most of your own gifts and talents through a personal consultation or workshop. Life Direction Readings.............90mins During a Life Direction Reading Nicole works with you to clarify the essence of who you are, why you are here, and what you can accomplish in this lifetime. No matter where you live Nicole can work with you through a distance or face to face consultation. Life Purpose Readings................30mins An intense 30 minute session where Nicole reads and interprets your Soul Blueprint, explains your Life Lessons and gives you a strong overview of your Life Purpose.

For more information about upcoming events, workshops and consultations see our contact details below: 07 3256 0815 PO Box 636, New Farm Qld 4005


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IN BRIEF REVIEWS - BOOKS, CDs, DVDs The Mirror of Eternity

by Amber St. Clare This beautiful 2 CD set takes the listener on an amazing journey through the Temples of Ancient Egypt and into the interior of the Great Pyramid. Each temple and pyramid was built for a specific purpose. These powerful hypnotic guided visualizations by Esoteric Egyptologist Amber St. Clare, transpor ts us to eight of Ancient Egypt’s most mysterious, magical and sacred sites … where a dream weaver’s spell is cast to allow the spirit to unfold and soar past earthly limitations to reach its ultimate destination.


by Kean Buckley Kean Buckley is becoming established as one of the leading presenters/ facilitators in the personal development field across Australia today. In his inimitable and authentic style, Kean presents 64 magical keys for personal transformation to help you “become more of who you already are.” Offering practical and hear tfelt wisdom and insight, if you’re looking for a way back into the clarity of your authentic self, this CD offers a simple, clear and effective approach. Phone: (07) 5476 2626

Australian Healthy Alternative Food Guide

by Krysia Potaczek This guide to healthy and nutritious eating is filled with “alternative” recipes for preparing meals with ingredients that replace sugar and processed foods. Highly recommended for people with food intolerances or simply health conscious eaters looking for a delicious selection of recipes. Pub: Starburst Publishing

Touched by the Dragon’s Breath

by Michael Harrington 2012 is now only months away. There’s a plethora of information available in bookshops and online about what we can come to expect. This book offers something a little different. Based on a series of Q & A’s between the author and John Redstone (The Chief), held in a series of meetings during 1987 at Colliding Rivers USA, the reader is given a birds-eye view of the prophetic wisdom teachings that transpired. Encapsulating in story form insights about the Shift as we enter the Photon Belt; Mayan, Aztec and Hopi prophecies; the Zero Point; the Golden Formula for transmitting the Seedbed; Changing our DNA and much more, this book is a great read.

Pub: Susan Creek Books

Modern-Day Miracles

by Louise L. Hays & Friends In this truly inspirational book, people all over the world express their appreciation for the writings and teachings of Louise L. Hay … and for the miracles she has brought to their lives. Through uniquely hear tfelt and awe-inspiring true stories, men and women of all ages and backgrounds reveal how one individual whose life has been devoted to spreading good can touch so many in a positive and miraculous way … and then those people spread the good to others … and on and on it goes, in a tremendous spiral of joyous energy. Included in each chapter are affirmations and exercises by Louise that will help you create miracles in your own life. Pub: Hay House

Awakening to Big Nature Feelings

by Lou Van Stone Be tr anspor ted into the heavenly realms of the hear t. This beautiful CD uplifts, inspires and awakens the listener to the profound depths of their own being. A loving, gentle spirit emanates through every track. Pub: Divine Release Records

Bliss Barometer off the Charts... by Herani Merrifield When I first saw the cover of the album ONE by Kevin James, I instantly experienced a feeling of connection, recognition and union - intuition prompted me to buy the album unheard. I was not disappointed. Playing it in the car on the way back home – the first track expanded my heart, the second uplifted my spirit and by the third track my bliss barometer was off the charts! This simple music with one main solo voice accompanied by a few simple instruments and a community choir, evoked and elicited such a deep stirring within me, I could not play anything else for a number of weeks. Intoxicated by the deep, melodious and repetitive chants from different spiritual cultures and traditions of the world, I knew that the voice I was listening to held a key to something much deeper than just the words or tune of a chant. I decided I wanted to meet with this relatively unknown local man who happened to live just down the road from me! Meeting Kevin was as simple and uncomplicated as picking up his album cover that very first time. A profound sense of recognition prevailed as though we were old friends catching up over a cuppa and a giggle. His humble, gentle manner belied his strong and passionate singing voice and as he sat quietly showing me his website that a friend had designed


and an ar ticle that another friend had written, I felt the goodness of his heart and heartfelt passion for what he was gifting the world through his music. “I believe that devotional singing is one of the most effective platforms for us to reconnect with ourselves and one other” he enthused. “Most of humanity’s suffering is caused by the illusion of separation and a focus on the individual ego and egoic needs and wants. Devotional singing gently leads our attention away from ourselves and towards God – when we focus our attention on a power greater than ourselves, we expand our awareness, experience openness of the heart and give the mind the freedom it seeks. Singing mantras which are repetitive affirmations, also cultivate new habits and responses that assist us in daily life. Music is love, expressed through the vehicle of sound and, like love, it reaches its fullest potential when shared.” In short, what I gleaned from my conversation with Kevin that day, was that singing devotional chants and heart songs is really, really good for us – on a personal and a collective level. They have a way of opening and uniting people regardless of race, creed or religion, toward a common and higher vision – that of celebrating both unity and our divinity. There was nothing left for it than

When Michael Morel asked the question “God - What’s Life all about?” at ear ind the ans w er a ge 39, he did not rrealise ealise it wwould ould tak takee 25 yyear earss to ffind answ er..

No w he is rread ead wledg Now eadyy to shar sharee this kno knowledg wledgee with other otherss. The solution to a totally free life is simple! or tion - No mor ess! No mor e conselling - no mor more moree wwor orrr y - No mor moree medica medication moree str stress! stand yyour our mind and yyou ou under stand eevv er ything Under Understand ything.. Make the change from traditional to Organic I ha or m ula! havv e the ffor

Who is Michael? • Author • Lif Lifee Skills Tutor • Guiness Wor ld Record Holder (1999 world longest lecture on life) • Stor y Teller (Emmerson College) • Key note speaker


For a FREE Ev alua tion of Your Evalua aluation Life, Play the Game of Life see wwee bsite www .mic haelmor www.mic .michaelmor Ph: 08 8294 4641

to attend one of Kevin and his partner Mel’s chant circles. “Singing circles are different from performances in that you sit in a circle and sing together – we empower the people to co-create the event with us rather than being entertained”, Kevin had told me. And that balmy tropical evening in December with maybe forty or more people gathered in a circle, I witnessed just that. Forty hearts joined together singing, bellowing, soaring, harmonising, drumming and dancing, certainly co-creating the experience of full open hearts and open voices joined as one - taking upliftment to a whole new level. Well I was hooked! And, it appeared when finally I opened my eyes and looked at the glowing faces around me, that everyone else was too! Kevin and Mel are now touring the globe, mostly Asia, where his chant circles are widely attended and loved. Why is this, I asked the question? Because devotion is already inherent in the Asian culture came the reply – it seems we Westerners have a bit to learn in the devotional, humility stakes. What better place to start our education than right here at one of Kevin and Mel’s heartsong chant circles ... keep an eye out for them when they return to Australia in August this year.

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A new book by Michael Morel This month I am publishing a new book titled The Organic Mind ...This book not only describes the difference between the Traditional Mind and The Organic Mind but gives a simple formula to follow which anyone can use to tap into this magic. P ar t one consists of ffour our teen shor t ccha ha phapters entitled: The Tradional Mind/The Organic Mind; The Unique Role of Women; Mar ria ning to Li riagg e; Lear Learning Livv e To g ether ; T he Role of Children in The 21st Century; Dealing with Destructive Emotion; Overcoming Addictions; Drugs and Depression; Past Events/PresentProblems; Self Responsibility; Go es; Stuf f; RReligion eligion Govv er nment and Tax axes; Stuff; and, A New Code of Ethics. This is followed by six chapters on “How To” wwhic hic hichh consist of T he T w elv elvee Skills; T he Game of Life; A New Paradigm; Our Future on Ear th; FFor or m ula ffor or T he Futur e; In ConFuture; clusion and Afterword.

The Organic Mind is written in simple,easy to under stand langua languagg e and is par t of a world wide plan to empower people. Such inf or ma tion, I consider infor mation, consider,, is of vital impor impor-tance as 2012 looms ever near and the futur e is uncer tain... T he Or Orgg anic Mind bbyy Michael Morel will be available in April and can be purchased on line. For more information contact ... This book along with others written by Michael form the basis for those wishing to teach others in The Mind Mentoring Programe [See pr e vious issue of Inner Self Self,, online aatt www .inner self] or vie w www.inner] www .mic haelmor ffor or fur ther inf or www.mic .michaelmor infor or-mation on Mind Mentoring or the Blog: Michael” “Ask Mic hael” .

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