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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Your Holistic Community Guide in WA WHAT’S WITH THIS WEIGHT GAIN?

By Dr Sherrill Sellman

FORGOTTEN WINGS Q&A on Spiritual Enlightenment by Enza Vita


By Amanda De Warren

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Volume 26 - Issue 2 Publishing since 1988




our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .


10 GREEN SMOOTHIES with Robert Reeves

21 ASTROLOGY:MAY-JULY 2013 with Claire Hennekam

10 WHAT’S UP WITH THIS WEIGHT GAIN? by Sherill Sellman, ND









17 CHANGING THE PROPHECIES by Rod & Megan Middleton1


This Moment is You


18 WHAT CALLS US HOME? by Geraldine Moran





22 WALKING WITH SPIRIT by Joy Brisbane



This Moment is you. In this moment, you are, you exist. But it’s more than just the “you” you believe yourself to be, so much more. The “you” you believe yourself to be is one small wave of Presence in the great Ocean of Infinite and Eternal Beingness. And this vast Expanse knows no bounds. This vast Expanse contains all things, allows all things, is all things. This you are. And in this moment all and everything is accessible and available to you. See It Drop back in and let your hear t see This …. It doesn’t take much, no effort at all really. Simply a gentle and very natural fall back in to This … In to what? This? Yes This. This is what all of life emanates from and what all of life is. Emptiness is form … form is emptiness. See This … The Hear t naturally and effor tlessly “sees” … all it takes is that last step …. That final “one last drop” … where the wave is seen as part of the Ocean and the Ocean lovingly allows for the wave to simply be as it is. To simply be. See It … Know It Yes know It, but not in the way we normally know things, with our thoughts and imaginings about what we see. No, know It directly by becoming intimate with It. How? By simply acknowledging Its constancy. This is always here. This is always available. This is It. Allow for the unspoken silent and ever-present gift of in-sight to reveal Its mystery to you … to reveal Its magnificence and Its self-evident “not knowing knowingness”. This can’t be known with the mind yet it’s always already known by the Heart. Simply listen … look … and allow.

And with the profound presence, this ageless vast and pure beingness reveals Itself to you. This can be known … intimately known as the All and Everything … this that you are. Know It. And Be It What else can you be when all things are in truth This anyway? All things come from This and all things go back to This. Be This that you are. Not become … there’s no real becoming, all that becomes, in truth already is. Be It. In allowing yourself to drop back into a sweet relaxed “nothing to do” surrender to This … it becomes evident and obvious that this you always are …. Always have been, always will be. This you are … Now, create no gap around what is and what you see, know and be/are. Allow the Being to simply be … no effort to be, no waiting to be, no changing to be … simply Be. See, know and Be This and … You are free.

With Love, LeoDrioli & Enza Vita

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Your Holistic Community Guide in SA WHAT’S WITH THIS WEIGHT GAIN?

By Dr Sherrill Sellman

FORGOTTEN WINGS Q&A on Spiritual Enlightenment by Enza Vita


By Amanda De Warren

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Volume 26 - Issue 2 Publishing since 1988

VOLUME 26 - Issue 2

Proudly serving the community since 1988

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . TM


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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .


Will this Practice Fix my Life and Make Me Happier?

A question that is very often posed to me is, “How will doing your practice change me?” “Will I be more effective?” “Will I suffer less?” People would love to hear that their lives will be richer, more harmonious, and that they will be better able to deal with challenging situations. It’s tempting for people to project that such changes will happen. People in Radiant Mind and similar programs often offer personal accounts about how they feel more peace and openness through engaging in the nondual perspective. They report how their relationships and communications improve, and their fears and anxiety decrease. This is really beautiful. However, the truth is that from a nondual perspective, we can’t promise anything. There are two reasons for this. First, the focus of our work is on nondual awareness. If we give attention to what’s happening at the conditioned level—feeling better, etc.—this throws us into time and causality. And this attention doesn’t create an entry point into nondual awareness. In fact, it distracts us from the unbounded panorama of pure awareness. Second, we can’t know how the infusion of nondual awareness within a mindstream will influence someone’s evolutionary path. Even here, in saying that nondual awareness influences how we think, feel and perceive, I am telling a story. I am moving away from the language of the unconditioned where there’s nothing to say, nothing to describe, where the nondual can’t influence anything because it isn’t a force or power or energy. It is nothing. Wonderful things do happen when we engage with the nondual awareness. People experience super-deep, super-smooth and to-

tally effor tless sessions of natural meditation. They are able to feel totally complete, even blissful, in the midst of illness, irresolution or environmental threats. My approach is to acknowledge these as wonderful “side effects,” but not dwell on them. They don’t become a focus of the process. In fact, these types of effects arise more consistently and comprehensively when we don’t give them any attention. People often attribute these changes to what we are doing together. It can be tempting to agree and to interpret positive change to the space we are sharing. I listen to these reports with pure listening. I don’t reject them or accept them. I’ll say that’s great, but I don’t make a link between Radiant Mind and the positive changes that are happening. It is a trap to attribute such changes to spending more time in nondual awareness. We then begin to assess the effectiveness of abiding in the nondual in terms of changes that are happening at the conditioned level. But the unconditioned isn’t ongoingly revealed and presenced when we are anticipating and tracking changes at the conditioned level. When we anticipate and track changes, we are no longer engaged in resting in unconditioned awareness. Another reason I don’t make promises that people’s lives will improve is that I don’t know what will happen for someone, tomorrow, next week or next year. While I’m sure that nondual awareness only serves people positively, it’s impossible to know what’s up ahead, in a someone’s life. We can’t know what those challenges will be. Someone’s life may move from being peaceful and easy to becoming demanding and stressful overnight. This happens

all the time. Everyday thousands of people are facing the challenges of broken relationships, welcoming a newborn child into their family, and dealing with the news of a terminal illness. The stresses involved in some of these experiences can last for months or years. Engaging in nonduality doesn’t provide insurance against relationship problems, financial loss, illness or death. All we can confidently say is that the more time we spend in nondual awareness, the better we will be able to handle life’s challenges, no matter what they are. Once we’ve experienced unconditioned awareness, this healing experience percolates through the layers of our conditioning. There is a natural and effortless process, which is different for each complex being, and it happens in its own time. At times, this de-conditioning can happen quickly, and then we might regress and find ourselves confronting something that has been deeply held within our conditioning. At other times, de-conditioning happens slowly and steadily. The entire process may take more than a lifetime. It is unlikely that we will reside permanently in unconditioned awareness in this lifetime. We have no concern for this. We can simply let this wondrous process unfold in the inevitable way that it will. Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy and creator of the 9-month Radiant Mind Course® ( and the 10-month Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training (www. He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 9 years and has a Ph.D. in the philosophical psychology of Mahayana Buddhism. He teaches in North America, Europe, Israel and Australia. His books include Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness (2007); The Edge of Cer tainty: Dilemmas on the Buddhist Path (2002); and The Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy (ed. with John Prendergast and Sheila Krystal, 2003).

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Why the Story Matters

Those who are wandering the spiritual path are well aware of the framework of the ego. Put simply, the ego is a collection of stories we have become attached to. So attached, in fact, that the real sense of self – and life – is lost under a constructed identity. But these stories shape our lives. They determine either our health and well-being or demise, so it is a worthwhile and important area of examination; one that is pressing and relevant right now. And this is not just a personal struggle — it is the very thing we face as a collective human experience. The stories we have been telling our selves for millennia are determining our relationships with each other and our entire connection to the world around us. We may be able to look to a Truth higher than the ‘stories’ and have an understanding that – at a greater cosmic level – all is perfectly in order. However, it is quite evident that the stories we hold, tell and live out on this planet, are indeed a source of great destruction. Now, more than ever, is a time to take stock and re-assessa our personal (human) and worldly stories. If we are to steer ourselves towards a healthier world we must let go of the small stories and resume our place in the sacred story of the universe: one that tells us we are NEVER alone and that we are intrinsically interwoven into the fabric of every living thing. We are all connected to this universal, sacred story. Through the very fabric of our being, we are imbued with the senses, intelligence and consciousness that can charter the way for harmony between all living things. ‘Story’ is so relevant to our human experience, because it is the way we hold the world in our mind – it is how we grasp the wonder of existence and negotiate our way through life. However, whilst we hold desperately to the small story – the one of fear and separation – we continue to perceive the world as a hostile place and remain in fear of having our life torn from us. This small self has lost sight of the real story of the universe – one of wonder and of a great continuum. Our awakening is about rediscovering the great conscious agreement and participation we have with the universe. It is the recognition of the self in all things and all things in the self. There is always great trepidation when we are faced with the notion of giving up the small story - the story of the little self we have become so fixated with! We are so entrapped and mistakenly comfortable in our small stories that we are willing to defend their false grounds at the expense

of greater Truths. We are even willing to give up truly living (and loving) just so the ego can continue to be ‘right’. Yet the inescapable fact is that we need to let the little self ‘die’ in order to truly live. This is our greatest discovery: the loss of the small self is the recovery of our greater Self. This small self created the illusory boundary between our great Self and existence. By letting go of the little self, we can let reality all the way in. Any pain we undergo is simply the breaking of the shell that encloses us from true understanding, and from all that we truly are. We are not cramped by birth and death at all. We extend in every direction, in every place, in every time. We transcend even these apparent parameters and discover that we are being and becoming itself. The entire universe is composed of this beingness. It is not fixed in time or place, is never born and can never die. The small self dies into this eternally present, grand Self. It is truly astonishing to emerge from the ego to discover that you are empty of all you thought you were. This revelation is the instant return to the fullness of being. This is what I call ‘empty full’. We are truly boundless – all open – all empty and therefore that which contains all that is. Nothing is left OUT of what I am and can be. Every thing is present. This is the cosmic story. It is the awesome story of the universe as it is. It is the profound story of each and every one of us... of every being on this planet, of every particle in existence. This is the only story that can guide us to a place of well-being for all on the planet. It is the only story that can mend the perceptual divide we have created between the micro and the macro. And, it is only when we take up this cosmic story in person that we can embody a deep enough connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm – consciously.

Why is this relevant to us all?

How many times have you heard the complaints, that politicians are fixated on short-term solutions? If you look closely at EVERY problem we face it is because of this blind, short-term, ‘micro’ view we have. As individuals and also collectively we take up and act upon limited solutions, without care or consideration for the longer-term ‘macro’ balance of the whole. It is because we are blind to the ‘macro’ that our collective stories continually teach us to stay attached to, and manipulate the ‘micro’. And, as a consequence, we ignorantly destroy what we have and ignore the greater reality of what we

are and what we truly need. The attachment to our micro stories keeps our lives bound within the parameters of unrealistic perception and unsustainable needs. We can never stretch far enough beyond our imagined fears to let life in deeply enough. This keeps us rapaciously hungry – like cancer cells – consuming everything in our path at the expense of the whole (macro). Only by our little self ‘dying’ can we re-awaken to the cosmic story and to our whole Self. The discovery awaiting us is that we have always been imbued with everything we ever needed to live in harmony with the whole. This is a story so worthy of embracing! This is a story that can equip us with the strength we need to readjust life as we are living it now. It is a story that serves us to know and believe in our capacity to act with the greatest efficacy and timeliness – to steer our world towards one of wellbeing for all. The choice is simple: Change nothing and serve the limited, micro version of our self at the expense of the whole – or liberate the inherent power of the grand Self for the whole to thrive. This is the cause of awakening, and it is why the journey of awakening is the liberator for us all. It is the only passage that can bring us out of our world of destruction and into a world of co-creation. The prospect of changing our stories may sound confronting. And that may be a good thing, because this is a matter of urgency. This is the reality we are facing right now. If we can recognise this, something truly powerful happens. The shock at the micro level becomes the charge of energy needed for us to begin to let in the power of the macro again. It becomes the impetus we need to give our priority and attention to the whole again. And the sooner we start, the sooner we realise that in doing so – EVERY one of our needs are met. The struggle falls away into the grand working of our self in the universe. Isira is a presence of unconditional love and compassion - a power that inspires, uplifts and changes lives. As a Master of meditation and conscious development, she is here to help us all to awaken to create a world of love, peace and well-being. With over 26 years’ experience, Isira brings powerful change through her consultations, programs and books including “A Journey of Awakening”. Her presence is truly enlightening.

5 concept, emotion, or experience, you are here. You must be to perceive it. As soon as your attention goes onto others who have it or don’t have it, you overlook that which is fully present and shining here and now in you. It’s easy to slip into endless speculation about who is awakened, and then fail to notice what is being pointed to, which is the very fact of the presence/awareness that is available right now illuminating your every thought and containing everything. So now you can stop all your wonderings and worrying and anxiety. You can be silent and have a taste of what is already present within you, as you. There is nothing outside of you that must be brought in. Your very nature is what I call enlightenment. It doesn’t exist somewhere, waiting to be found. It is you, your very core.

Forgotten Wings


“This isn’t something that you can gain or lose. It is permanent, and it exists right now in this present moment as you, just as you are.” Q: How will you actually know when you are enlightened, and how can you determine if someone else is? Enza: What it comes down to is the lack of identification with an I. You can tell the depth of the awakening by how much of the “seeker” has been wiped out. But instead of worrying about who

is awakened, why not turn your attention to what is awake inside you right now. Put those concepts aside for a moment and ask yourself where am I right now? Can you find someone or something outside of your present awareness? Who or what knows all these concepts? Awareness must be there first for those to be experienced. Before the next thought,

Q: I have read a lot of stories about enlightenment, and I’m tired of looking for my own story to be as dramatic as the ones I have read about. Still, I would like to experience what it is to be without doubts. Enza: What you describe is the illusion that happens when a seeker looks to attain oneness with something he perceives as being outside of himself. You cannot be awakened or enlightened in your future. The future does not exist. If you spend time wondering when you will reach doubtless enlightenment, you will just be giving more energy to the thought that obscures the light that is always present. You carry

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . this awareness inside you and you always have! This is not something that exists outside you. You are enlightenment. Enlightenment is who you are. So you don’t have to go looking for it anywhere else! No matter what happens, the tr uth of who you are cannot be stripped away. Spiritual paths, satsangs, meditations, if legitimate, can only point to what is present right now. Look for yourself and see. Looking for yourself and seeing for yourself is all that it takes. This is something you can do in this instant. This is all you need to understand. No matter what path you follow, if it is a legitimate path, it will lead you right back to seeing for yourself. Nothing else but your own direct seeing will do. Any teacher who is really aware and in tune will keep pointing you in the direction of your own self. What you are seeking is not anywhere else but here, now, as the presence/awareness that you naturally are. You are the whole wide blue sky and the sun rises and sets within you. All that exists in manifestation is contained within you. It is a part of you. It is what you are made of, and it is made of you. This isn’t something that you can gain or lose. It is permanent, and it exists right now in this present moment as you, just as you are. Stop following thoughts for a few seconds and observe what remains, what is still here. This is a good time to stop reading for a moment, and just for five seconds stop following your thoughts and see what remains. You will notice that something is still present, a field, a background,

when the attention on the thoughts is gone. This background doesn’t exist in space and time and can’t be comprehended through thinking. However, it can be sensed or felt if you divert attention from your thoughts long enough to become aware of it. Awareness, the sense of being, the sense of being aware, can be felt whenever you take the time to stop, right now. Just be present, still, and aware to notice it. You don’t need to think about it. You don’t need to bring up memories of how you experienced it in the past, nor do you need to seek outside yourself for explanations for its existence. Just notice what this presence is by directly looking at it. This formless seemingly empty space, without boundaries or substance, is awareness. Empty simply means “without form,” yet it has unfathomable intelligence and lucidity. By questioning those assumptions, you begin to get back in touch with the presence/awareness that you are and which contains everything, including your thoughts and beliefs. Without awareness, nothing is possible. Just the simple shift in focus back to what is present in this moment is all that it takes. Your essential nature, this present awareness, exists independently of any thought of its existence. “Looking forward” to what you think awareness might be at some grand point in the future keeps you from seeing the truth of its presence right now. You are aware at this moment, aren’t you? You are already here, so keep your focus here. Your

essential nature does not and will not change. No cosmic experience is needed because you are already that, now. Enza Vita is past editor of Woman Spirit and Health a n d We l l b e i n g magazines and coeditor of Innerself newspaper for the last 11 years. Through her job, she was blessed with the opportunity to meet and study under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world. After a profound spiritual realization in 2007, all her life’s work came into a clear, sharp focus, as she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book Always Already Free – What is Enlightenment and What Does It Matter Anyway? Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free, guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the everpresent reality always available here and now.


(first three chapters) “Always Already Free” by Enza Vita is available from

always already free

what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway? Whatever experience is occurring right now, cosmic or ordinary, supersedes every other one because it is the one happening in this present moment. Every moment is in fact a perfect mirror of the divine impulse to manifest into the world. Life’s mystery and its mundaneness are equally divine.

As a satsang book, Enza, I am blown away with your clarity. I truly think you are one of the clearest authors I’ve ever read on this subject. I have edited for quite a few teachers, including Gangaji, Eli Jaxon Bear, Issac Shapiro, John Sherman, Om Parkin, and Amber Terrell, not to mention the many others I’ve been exposed to, so I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that your expression is exceptional. And I love it that you actually figured out how to offer a “practice-less practice.” —Shanti Einolander, editor of the magazine “ONE”, “The Diamond in Your Pocket” and “You Are That!” by Gangaji Enza’s book is a true book in that it continually brings the attention to what is the immediacy, the actuality right now. The uncontrived spontaneous naturalness. Being constantly reminded in various ways in every chapter that there is only life essence (awareness) the believed in entity is seen to have no self-nature and not stand on its own. In this recognition the book has done its work and that is That. —“ Sailor Bob” Adamson, author of “What is Wrong with Right Now Unless You Think About It?”

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .



“I’ll star ve!” exclaimed a very bright young woman to my question in a recent session. I had asked why she was worried that the agency had not phoned with temporary work for her that week. “Rubbish”, I replied, “but what you are telling me is what a frightening world you live in.” We can all understand the fear behind the words, “I’ll starve!”. Without a job, there is no money and without money we can’t pay the rent or buy food. Nonetheless, it was easy for me to point out that the gap between no temporary work that week and real star vation was enormous (unlike many people on the planet); that the resources she had ready access to, meant that starvation was most unlikely, and actually represented fear. As a student, Lily relies on temp work to support her studies. When this work does not come in she becomes very anxious going into a very real fear of not surviving. We all know this fear only too well the enormous electricity bill, the rent increase, the downturn in the stock market, the redundancy, the ill-health which means loss of work. I used to call this my ‘bag lady’ fear. Such fear is massively prevalent in the world today. Our future looks so insecure at so many different levels - corrupt monetary systems, superannuation that disappears at the stroke of a politician’s pen, job security a thing of the past and banks collapsing on the back of entire countries’ financial collapse. And this is just the economic picture of doom and gloom. Little wonder there is such fear around survival even in the “lucky country”, notwithstanding all those boat people coming to take our jobs! What do we do with such fear? What can we do, both with the less rational fears of bag lady and the more plausible fears of financial undoing. Indeed, what can we do with any of our fears that feel so beyond our personal control like global warming and other ecological horrors? One of the questions I ask most frequently of my clients is, “what kind of world do you live in?” This question nearly always brings a rather baffled look to their faces, partly as

if I am crazy to be asking it and partly because it is a question that is rarely asked. It baffles us because we take for granted that we know the world we live in and have evidence of it all around us. But do we? Do we have a comprehensive and clear perception of the world we live in? What do I see in my world? Is my world ‘a beautiful place’ or is it ‘struggle street’? Do I feel safe and secure in my world or am I constantly frightened and living with fear around my survival. When I ask this question, and after the inevitable pat answer, it becomes a question that stops us in our tracks and makes us think. It invites conscious consideration of our belief systems and world view. It highlights the polarities and paradoxes between what we think we believe in, and how we actually behave. The person who believes that everything is created from a god of love and yet shuns his Moslem neighbours. The person who is ecologically vocal about saving the planet and yet throws rubbish out of the car window. The person who denounces exploitative corporate behaviour and yet trades on the stock market, seeking personal gain from these same corporations. These contradictions in our behaviour reflect conflicted world views and our unconscious reactions to them. The desire to believe in a loving god is outweighed by the fear of terrorists, and by association the Moslem neighbour is snubbed. Traditionally, religion has been our point of reference for what we believe. It gave us our values and guided the way we lived and how we behaved. As a belief system with a moral code of behaviour, it gave us a cosmological context for our lives here on earth. It informed our practices, rituals and ceremonies. It supported our systems of governance, justice and authority. Before religions came to dominance, people lived in accord with spirit beings and mystical signs. Allegiance was to chiefs, elders and ancestors. The clan preserved sacred sites, objects and memories. Rites of passage were observed as were seasonal cycles and various aspects of nature. Such tribal customs shaped and defined the world we lived in.

To date, we have turned to spirituality, religion and philosophy as having authority and giving us information about the world and how to live in it. Today this is changing. More and more of us are realising that we need to discover our own world view, not from a source or authority out there, but from within ourselves. In the last fifty or sixty years, we have turned to everything - from Buddhism to communism, from shamanism to consumerism - to find a way of living that brings happiness and wellbeing. We have learnt, grown and found many things enormously helpful. At some point, we find that we need to put the books and trainings down, let go of the isms, and turn inwards to find, not the world we live in but the world that lives within. We need to decide whether this world is benevolent or malevolent. We need to choose how we are going to experience the events that happen in our daily life - from a consciousness of fear, survival and resistance or from a consciousness of love, trust and flow. In his mystically insightful way, Einstein said is so perfectly. “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” So what kind of world do you live in? What is you cosmology, your world view? Are you merely surviving or are you living? Are you supported? Do you trust in the process of your life knowing that you are taken care of in every miraculous moment? What kind of world are you creating? It’s up to you. Sky is an inspiring spiritual teacher. Her incisive insight combined with an engaging presence, add power and magnetism to her message. Author of the book Love’s Alchemy, Sky’s focus is on the transformative power of love. She is a psychologist and spiritual coach with her consultancy in Sydney where she offers courses and private sessions. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Teaching in Australia, Japan and the UK, Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit



Breathing our Way Toward the Reality of Being The saying ‘The lights are on, but nobody’s at home’ may have humorous origins, but the technology-driven acceleration of life has given it new relevance for us today. Now it might be seen as a sobering reminder to cultivate a sense of one’s authentic inner self in a busy world, where it is all too easy to get lost in the constant demand of competing priorities. In his book ‘Stillness Speaks’ Eckhart Tolle says ‘when you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world’. And that great advocate of ‘Know thyself’ Socrates left western civilisation a profound legacy for those who would pursue truth. At his trial for heresy in 339B.C., he is reported to have declared, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. But today, more than just scrutinising the assumptions that underlie everyday ideas and concepts, if you were to take a step deeper within and put the world of your sensory experience itself under this probing lens; you would likely find yourself in the realm of enquiry known as self-remembering. Self-remembering is something we rarely hear about today - and not surprisingly, less understood. Yet as an ancient practice in one form or another, it has played a central role for many seekers in the more familiar quest for presence, heightened awareness or deeper experiences of being. The following sutra from the ancient Indian text on meditation, the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra has been interpreted by one commentator as an exhortation to self-remembering: ‘Lotus-eyed one, sweet of touch, when singing, seeing, tasting, be aware you are and discover the ever-living’. The commentary makes it clear that self-remembering cannot take place in the mind; it is not involved in thinking or thoughts, but rather in sensing or feeling the simple, pure reality of being. The work of Armenian mystic George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866-1949) - often known as the Fourth Way - might well

be summarised as the quest to remember oneself. In the Gurdjieffian system, self-remembering was a key process in liberating mankind from what he called its ‘waking sleep’. In Jeanne (Madame) de Salizman’s book The Reality of Being - based on her notebooks as one of Gurdjieff’s most prominent pupils - she observes ‘The practice of being present is self-remembering. Instead of being taken outward, the attention of the functions is turned toward the inside for a moment of consciousness. I need to recognise that I can understand nothing if I cannot remember myself’. If self-remembering was easy, the world we know today and the way we respond to it might well be very different. As it is, life in this second decade of the 21st century poses many challenges to any attempt to break the habitual side of our nature and follow the path that leads to new being. In this age of information, the digital screen in all its permutations large, small, portable, desktop, personal, professional - has become the ubiquitous interface through which we conduct business and commerce, stay in touch with family and friends and ‘experience’ much of the world around us, be that near or afar. So to truly remember ourselves today we must find ways to get back in touch with who we are; away from the immersive, screen-based world so many of us inhabit every day and the information that bombards our senses day in, day out. Learning to regularly focus our attention on the breath is one such technique of self-remembering. It has long been recognised by ancient teachings and meditative practices that the way we breathe holds a fundamental key to our spiritual evolution. In fact, the breath might aptly be said to form one of the key axes of being; in this sense, learning to breathe consciously becomes a portal to other realms of experience and

knowledge. It can play an integral role in our embarking upon the path toward self-realisation and our quest for deeper understanding. The automatic nature of the way we breathe is nature’s way of maximising and prolonging our life. It signals the miracle of birth and from that moment onwards, sustains and maintains us for a lifetime without the need for intentional effort or intervention. However, this inbuilt survival mechanism is both a blessing to our physical existence and a challenge to our efforts to develop the quality and level of our consciousness. There is probably nothing we take more for granted than our breath. So before we can begin to transform it, we need to tune into and understand the habitual nature of the way we breathe - even while we depend on it to sustain our physical existence. The conscious breath on the other hand, offers us a way to break our preoccupation with our thoughts and open ourselves to different dimensions of heart, mind and spirit. In 2013 there is no doubt our ‘lights are on’, as the idiom goes, but they are all green for ‘GO’ for ceaseless activity. Constant busy-ness will only keep us in a state of distraction - ‘nobody’s at home’ so to speak. One way to turn on the white, inner light of illumination is to become aware of our breath, and through the practice of self-remembering, begin to open ourselves to the reality of being. Steve Denham ( has been published in Insight Magazine and Living Now newspaper. His book “A Plate of Eggs” (now available as an eBook at stevedenham)was published by Zeus in 2011 and is dedicated to the mateship of soul. Since 1982 he has been a member of the Sydney-based group Leonis (www. dedicated to bringing the benefits of stillness to everyday life. Stephen Denham



EMOTION - THE LIFESAVER OF THE WORLD At a recent training we had 70 plus women and 6 men! I saw that back in the 80s and thought surely things have changed but it seems not so much! I know from our men’s workshops that there are conscious men out there who are committed to making a difference in the world, who want conscious relationships but where are you? I hear many men complaining about the fact that they don’t get enough sex... maybe it is because for many women sex becomes boring and both sexes could do with some lessons in how to communicate better, how to ask for what you each want and how to be better lovers. I hear both men and women complaining about the other constantly. I was recently inter viewed for a new book about to be launched about the Regeneration of Men. It made me think! I see three categories of men. Those who are afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to stand up for themselves and just go along because it is the easiest thing to do. (A close relative was like that, ‘yes dear, no dear’ and he finished up with cancer of the testes). Then there are the macho men who know everything and are equally as afraid to be vulnerable but rather than giving in, they defend their views and rights to the end. Then we have the third group which must mean you if you are male and

reading this column. Men who yearn to be vulnerable and be accepted as that. Men who don’t always know the answers, who would often rather be held in bed rather than make love, because they don’t have the energy really and they are exhausted from trying to be everything and provide everything for their loved ones... plus they always always have to perform for their woman sexually. Men who are conscious and are doing some work on themselves to change the patterns that have held them bound in their knight’s armor allowing no one to see what is really going on inside. When are both sexes going to admit that neither sex have the answers? I believe all of us are doing the best we know how to do with the tools available and both sexes need to learn to communicate better and complain less. If we only remembered that everything is a reflection of ourselves and that what we see in others is a reflection of what we have in ourselves and most “stuff” is just the past coming up to be healed then we could be on the way to the future... a future which allows for men to be vulnerable and to feel what they feel without being embarrassed about those beautiful tears in their eyes... One that would allow men to deal with their anger and understand it is okay to feel that feeling rather than have it explode out onto some-

one they love. Men who truly feel... who don’t turn something serious and hear tfelt into a joke. My wish would see men healing their relationships with their parents, being able to tell their fathers that they love them and that they want to be respected and loved for who they are and not for what they have or have not done in their life. Emotion is a powerful tool for healing. Recently I had a huge public healing which revealed parts of myself unknown to 99.9% of the group. Afterwards I felt fantastic but people were still in the depths of their own emotions as my session brought up their own pain. two particular people came to me, both upset, one said I have just rung my father and told him I love him and the other said I had to go and ring my son and tell him I am sorry I wasn’t the father he needed but I will do better now. I was touched that my release assisted others that day however I know it was because it was a safe setting for them to heal in and in our everyday lives we don’t give ourselves permission to go there. My wish for you all is that you do the work on yourselves to allow your past to be healed so that you might be in present time consciousness and thus create relationships that will support you in that growth as you both dive into and out of the well of emotion, which in the end just could be the life saver of the world. Diane McCann Mathews facilitates The Goddess Within for women and together with her husband Robert, run Man’s Inner Journey and Tantra for Couples. Contact her on www.beyondtheordinary. Phone (08) 82481281 or email

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COMING HOME TO YOURSELF! If you had an opportunity to be in a space where you could be “authentic”, where it didn’t matter what your past was or even if you couldn’t see your future; if years of past pain or present challenges, confusion, job/relationship issues could transform like magic in 48 hours into clarity… If you were accepted simply because you were there… if there was no judgement, no need for you to smile if you didn’t want to, or even talk if you didn’t have the need to… If you were given the gift of transforming how you feel about yourself and your life in two short days… would you take it? Well, thousands of women in countries like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and UK over the past twenty six years have had the opportunity to do just that by attending a women’s seminar called The Goddess Within! And so they come…. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers… some dragged by friends, others paid for by someone who loves them, some have come wearing the mask of “I’m fine” while inside they felt broken. The majority come willingly, knowing somehow in their psyche, that they just had to be there, but not even knowing why! For some their lives work and they choose to give themselves a Gift. For others, the pain is deep and shows in faces lined with hurt, shoulders carrying burdens, hearts broken, but come they do. Not to have to share the story of their pain, or scream and cathart about their life, but simply to be in a space of incredible transformation, made that way by a woman of vision with a passion for peace and her team of women who come to assist and give back because of their own transformations from attending the course. When asked how they are 48 hours after stepping into the space, women say: Heart connected; Reconnected with my Femininity; Brought me Home; Life changing; Self healing; Realigned to my inner worth; Empowered; Life-saving; Aweinspiring; Transformed; Healed and whole; Grateful… and the words go on but more importantly so do the women. They go on and continue to change, not just their lives but the lives of those around them. Like Faizah who came to Goddess, completely broken from discovering her husband had an affair and an impending divorce was her future and she had two tiny daughters. Today she is a member of Parliament in Singapore making a huge difference especially in areas of women’s issues and the environment; or Saleemah who contemplated suicide and, in her words said: “I was crying all the time - crying about being abandoned and traumatised over incest that happened in my family. Now I am helping underage girls who have been sexually assaulted and who have been forced into prostitution in this region through an organisation called UNIFEM of which I am the President”. Or Pat, whose husband left, she just “knew” she had to attend and 17 years later is still there, giving back by preparing beautiful food for the new women to nurture their souls while they heal. Or Elizabeth, so totally invisible and scared that once she hid in a cupboard to avoid people coming to the house. She is now a renowned storyteller and is a practitioner helping others. Or Rebecca, who was an anorexic addict who left school at 15. After Goddess she went back to Uni, got a degree, became a belly dancer, discovered her inner artist and is about to begin teaching dance. The women’s stories are all different but the essence of their “now” is the same. They all have learned to love themselves, honour their place in this world and they all continue to do what they can to make a difference in this world of ours. The Goddess Within is where you will find answers. You will discover the patterns that keep you stuck, you will learn about the effects of particular birthing styles on your life. You will see the power of your mind and learn the difference between what you are consciously attempting to create and the way to shift the subconscious stuff that keeps popping up. You will receive an entire tool-box of tools to be able to transform your life into one where you are creating an intentional life that works rather than reacting to subconscious patterning. You will heal, grow, become inspired, get in touch with your Core essence and from there, anything is possible. Are you ready…. To heal, to grow, to be the best that you can be? Then contact Beyond The Ordinary on 08-82481281 or email or for more information.


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Overwhelm A Modern-Day Epidemic

Does this sound familiar... I finally roll in the door at about 8:30pm after a super-busy day in clinic- some days it just seems like everyone has extrabad pains, problems and issues. As I come up the driveway I can hear our beautiful little baby boy Harry yelling his lungs out. When I walk through the door I can see why- my wife grabs me and says urgently “can you please fix my neck, it’s killing me and I can’t feed him properly”. No wonder he’s not happy- the little guy’s only 12 weeks old and he needs to eat, like right this second! Once wife and baby are under control I squeeze in a quick bite to eat before turning my attention to the hundred emails waiting for me… gotta get through those before I can get stuck into the article I need to write- it’s already way past the deadline! Not only that, there’s ten other things on my to-do list that just have to be done before I can finally stumble into bed for a couple of hours until the alarm goes off and I’m doing it all over again… if only there were 40 hours in a day I might have a chance of getting everything done! Aaaaggghhh!!! OVERWHELM!! The exact details of the scenario may be different in your life, but I’m pretty sure you can identify with the feeling I’m talking about. Modern life seems to just get busier and busier. Every year speeds by faster than the

last and things seem to pile up on our plates faster than we could ever possibly clear them. Whether it’s my clients in the clinic, whose bodies are breaking down due to the relentless stress, or my money mindset mentoring clients, whose financial situations are breaking down for similar reasons, I keep hearing the same story again and again… “I can’t keep up with it all. I’m totally overwhelmed!” This feeling of overwhelm is a huge stealer of people’s dreams in our society. We get so busy running around trying to juggle everything that we end up just spinning in circles and not achieving much at all- revolution rather than evolution. Or else we get so overloaded that we reach a place of total paralysis and just end up doing nothing. Either way we are stuck, not making any real progress towards our dreams or creating true freedom or abundance in our lives. It’s hugely frustrating. Normally when we have a problem there is something we can do, some action we can take that will get us back on track, but when it comes to feeling totally overwhelmed adding more actions just makes the situation worse! So what can we do about it? Breathe. The first answer is to simply stop and breathe. Do it deeply and slowly. Try it right now. Breathe right down into your belly and lower

back. Feel that area fill completely before the breath rises up into your chest. Once your lungs feel comfortably full, gently and fully exhale. Do this for a few easy, relaxing breaths. Then start to become aware of the rest of your body- feel your feet connected to the floor. Feel how you are sitting or standing. Feel all the way up to the crown of your head and right down to the tips of your fingers. Simply connecting with your body and your breath in this way is one of the most powerful ways I know of bringing yourself back into the present moment. Overwhelm doesn’t exist in the present moment- it is always a result of our mind projecting into the future or obsessing over the past. Right now, in this moment, there is only ever one thing to do. Exactly what you are doing now. It’s funny, but worrying about all the things we have to get done actually makes us less effective at doing them. Now I’m sure your mind will throw up all sor ts of reasons why you have to, need to and should worry about all that stuff- I know mine does. That’s OK. Don’t argue with

Uncover Your Inner Millionaire

8 your mind… that only encourages it. Simply thank it for its input and then bring your focus back to the present moment and the task at hand. Reconnect with your body and breath if you need to. The amazing thing I’ve observed in my own life and in many of my client’s lives is that when you do this all those things on the to-do list actually get done smoother, faster and more effectively. Our conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time, it’s just built that way. So forget multi-tasking, it’s a myth (even for women). Focus on one thing at a time. Stay present in your body. It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when you approach life in this way. Your life starts to flow, and the overwhelm just drops away. Sound too good to be true? Believe me, it’s possible. I lead one of the busiest lives of anyone I know, yet I’m able to stay present, be incredibly productive and still enjoy every moment. Yes, days like the one I described above do still occasionally happen, but thanks to the mindset tools at my disposal I’m able to move through them with much more grace and ease than I ever would have thought possible just a few years ago. Life is so much more fun without the overwhelm. I wish the same for you in your life. Dr. Andrew Powell is a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist at Hills Spinal Health in Castle Hill, NSW. He is also the author of “The Money Is In The Mindset- The 7 Subconscious Keys To A Profitable Practice” and the creator of the Money Mindset Mastery Program, a unique system for transforming your relationship to money and attracting more abundance into your life. You can grab his 3 Free Videos at

Is it the ‘Trees for the Forest’ or the ‘Forest for the Trees’?


Many of us are often guilty of ‘failing to see the trees for the forest’. As a child, my influence of the ways of life was my best friend,my Mother. She taught me lessons that upon reflection could all be directly related to this previous quote. When was the last time you felt the world was coming down hard on you, that your day ran out of hours, your weekend had just begun and yet you were preparing for Monday’s return to work… the walk you had promised yourself to do or that workout at the gym, had simply been passed up as you were too busy or perhaps you were finding yourself in that place where there’s still too much ‘month’ at the ‘end of the money’? If you are able to relate to any of those or indeed, if you can add some more like missing out on your child’s spor ts day event because you are too busy…then you’re definitely ‘failing to see the trees for the forest’. How is your health? When was the last time you went for a walk for 30 minutes? Are you drinking coffee and carbonated drinks every day and how many are you having? When was the last time you cooked yourself and your family a healthy meal without all the fat, sugar and butter? What did you have for breakfast today? If someone took a photo of you and compared it to one taken five years ago, what differences would you see? Stand up right now… reach your hands above your head, clasp them together… stretch them right up then forward in front of you and right down to touch your toes… don’t bend your knees. Were you able to do it easily and effortlessly or??? How is your bank account? How is your

savings account? Do you easily pay every account when it arrives in your letterbox, without stress or worry? Is your mortgage paid off or is that new home deposit on track? Are you able to say ‘yes’ every time your child asks if they can go on a school excursion or they have new sports shoes and clothes? Are you counting the days to your fabulous, overseas holiday that you’ve fully paid for and have savings to spend whilst you are away? Write down on a piece of paper the amount of money you’re required to spend every month on all your living expenses; rental/mortgage payments; food, clothing, multiply that amount by 3. EG total monthly expenses $3500 x 3 = $10,500 Do you have $10,500 in your savings account right now that will not be used for anything at all? If the answer is YES then that’s good as this is the amount that you need to survive if today, your monthly income for some reason stopped completely due to a job retrenchment; personal accident for instance. If the answer is NO then clearly, it’s time to stop ‘failing to see the trees for the forest’. I used to be one of those people who was guilty of having those days, and then I met my Mentor, Mr Jim Rohn. I was doing in-

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9 credibly well in life, or so I thought. I had an outstanding job in a highly paid corporate position in the industry that I am passionate about. I was able to provide for my family whatever they wanted. I travelled the world without concern of money. I swam every day and ate healthily and certainly felt I had no issues in life. Jim was quite candid and blunt in our first session together and wow… did it make an impact. I was clearly arrogant about the realities of life. From that session onwards I took a step back, revisited the life lessons my Mother had instilled in me and reassessed my life. We often hear the saying ‘Life is too short’ however do we hear that and allow complacency to move it through our mind quickly? Why should it be that for many it takes a life threatening situation either to themselves or to one of the loved ones, before they assess their lives and make the changes necessary to truly live and enjoy the gift we have been given? Stop here and go back to the beginning of this article… re-read the questions and answer honestly the questions. Ask yourself “Am I happy, really incredibly happy?” Then ask yourself, “Am I in physical and financial pain?” Once you have completed that exercise simple write down the answer to this question, “What 5 things do I want to change in my life today?” You’ve now started on a very special journey…you are now taking the small, simple steps to making change to improve your life. The reason is that if you are healthy, happy, financially in control and stressfree…your friends and family see that and they cannot help but be positively

affected by it. It simply takes one person to start to make a change…that’s all..just one person. There is an answer to becoming free of physical and financial pain and what comes with this is genuine happiness, more time freedom to do what you want, when you want…and an ability to not simply create the life you truly deserve, however contribute to helping others achieve the same. In recent years I have received a new Mentor following the passing of my Mother and Jim Rohn. He’s ‘taken up the slack’ that the passing of the others created as I wallowed in grief and loss. He simply reshowed me the lessons and has given me more and now I can truly say I am living the life I truly deserve…completely free of physical and financial pain…happy and stressfree and with time for my friends and my much loved sons and family. You can too… its not hard, its not difficult…its actually quite simple and its waiting right now! Jaynie Morris has over 30 years experience in the health, wealth, happiness and personal development profession. She’s an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker Internationally, Author, motivational trainer and featured regularly in the media on radio and television and is part of the Australian ‘A Team’ with Mel Dee on PowerFM. Her business operates worldwide in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and China. Empowering and educating others on simple steps to achieving the awareness and tools required to create an amazing life is her personal passion. For further information contact Jaynie direct at Skype jaynie_morris of contact +614 00 880 274

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

What stops you from achieving your goals? BY DAVID LANE

Do you believe that your gaols are realistic? Yes! - then that’s not the problem! Have you made a real plan and applied effort towards achieving them? Yes! – That’s probably not the problem either! So what’s the problem? Why aren’t you achieving your goals and dreams? One thing is for sure; you haven’t failed – not unless you have completely given up. There must be other factors affecting the outcome! There is a very high chance that the problem lays silent, but very active within! It has been said that ‘we are our own worst enemy’. It may be more accurate to say that our ‘negative subconscious thought patterns’ are our worst enemy. They quietly fester away generating outcomes that can often totally sabotage any conscious positive thoughts, goals and dreams. They have the ability to make some people’s lives unbearably hard, so hard that they get to a point of giving up, even on life. Who needs enemies when we have these types of negatives running undetected and rampant in our subconscious? Strong positive Universal energies are enhancing the earth plane and our personal energy fields, more now than any other point in our lifetime. We have a great opportunity to capitalise on their support. It is easier to create outcomes now than it was as recent as last year. This opportunity coincides with the predicted consciousness shift in December

2012. Our planet’s ride through the photon belt is also at a peak and this means that the amount of photons (light energy) bombarding earth is as its strongest. It could be said that our energy field is super charged at the moment. These are very exciting times for those who want to create positive outcomes or spiritually evolve. How does all this affect how we can achieve our goals? It means that we are now swimming with the tide of change instead of against it or (to use another analogy); we are now swimming downstream instead of upstream! This greatly enhances our ability to change for the better. Our biggest stumbling block to change is our negative subconscious thought patterns that are hindering and in some cases; destroying our ability to create what we want. Negative conscious thought patterns are destructive enough but at least we are aware of them (if we choose to look). Negative subconscious thought patterns are much more obstructive and even devastating because we are not aware of them. These patterns can run unbridled, causing all sorts of problems. Humans tend to blame the outside world and other people for the obstacles or emotional pain that they face nearly every day. They are looking in the wrong place. The main generators of their problems lay hidden in their subconscious and unfortunately; not many know how to uncover and monitor them. Most of us know and have experienced the reality that ‘positive thinking’ will generate positive outcomes. What is not so readily understood is; that this will only work if the energy created by those positive thoughts is stronger than any negative subconscious thought patterns that are creating an opposite outcome. When there are two conflicting energies being generated by the mind; the strongest will always win! It does not matter what level these thought patterns are being generated on – conscious or subconscious. If you have tried to positively create something and it did not come into fruition; it does not necessarily mean that you have not done it right or that you are

a failure. It is more likely to mean that you have a negative subconscious thought pattern generating a different outcome. We can imprint new beliefs into our ‘long term memory’ to effect change in our beliefs. People can do this through concentrated mind activities such as prayer, meditation, repeating thought patterns such as through affirmations. More recently; activities such as EFT (emotional freedom technique) have been introduced. All these have shown to be effective. These methods are great if they work and still holding after a year or more. If they are slowly becoming less effective or do not work at all; then it is highly likely that there is a subconscious thought pattern creating a different outcome. These negative thoughts will keep on generating negative energy and creating negative outcomes until you either change them; or die. Changing them sounds like a much better option to me! It is possible to change these sublime negative patterns. We need to be able to identify them – recognise the belief systems that are creating them - understand the origins of the belief system. Then we can move into the healing process of changing or transmuting the beliefs. We can only heal something to the level that we understand it or are ready to surrender to, or accept it. This whole process of tackling our negative subconscious thought patterns is a little more complex than the last paragraph suggests. If you want to explore this subject further; you will find relevant information and exercises on my web site. Some of the

information is free. David Lane Laneway to spiritual wisdom David Lane’ s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. David’s first book called ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ is about how we spiritually evolve and how to monitor our journey and is available online. David has also developed an on-line course on ‘practical spiritual evolution’. David’s focus is on taking the mysticism out of spirituality by bringing the concepts of spiritual truths and science (quantum physics) together. He does this by seeking explanations found in both institutions that complement each other. This exploration has uncovered many common denominators which give (often) profound new understandings of how our Creator operates. These include the Universal laws and how they affect the process of creation right through to how they affect our everyday life. This is a practical way of understanding spiritual concepts and what makes us tick; physically, mentally and spiritually. For more information go to David’s new website ; Check out the new website! or phone david on mob 0414 352 211

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yourNATUROPATH WITH ROBERT REEVES Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Green Smoothies for Greater Health

Green smoothies conjure terrifying thoughts of bubbling cauldrons carefully watched over by a sinister individual. This needn’t be the case. Green smoothies can be tasty, delicious, and a heart opening experience. They are an excellent way to include more vegetables in your diet. Many people find it challenging to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. Time can often be the excuse that leads people to easy, unhealthy food instead of taking time to make something better. Green smoothies are easy, quick, and incredibly nutritious for your body. You’re likely familiar with the concept of smoothies. Fresh juice blended with ice, and maybe yoghur t, milk (cow, soy, or almond), or protein powder. But what exactly is a green smoothie? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. A bright green drink that’s freshly made from liquefied greens. In this article we will uncover the health benefits of green smoothies, simple methods of preparation, and how you can feel so much better by enjoying nourishing greens in this way. They can be an effective means to get good quality greens into your child’s, teenager’s, or even your own diet. My teenage cousin refuses to eat vegetables (especially green ones!). She will pick them out of her meal, set them to the side, and

glare at them as though they have offended her deeply. However, when I make green smoothies she is the first to line up for a glass. On one hand she is repulsed by green vegetables, but on the other is quite happy to drink them. By drinking her greens she is receiving all the health benefits of vegetables in a simple and enjoyable way. How to make a green smoothie

This all relies on the blender you have. If you have a high powered blender the process is very easy. You pop all your vege’s and fruits in the blender with a little water and ice. Blend on high for a minute or two and then enjoy. If your blender is unable to break the foods down small enough you might need to make it a two-step process. First juice any harder foods like apples, and carrots. Then, add the juice to a blender with soft greens like spinach, kale, or lettuce. If you enjoy your green smoothies consider investing in a good quality, reputable blender. Find one that can liquefy anything it touches such as a Vitamix. These powerful machines pulverise the food so it’s smooth, and keeps all the fibre present. Nothing is wasted. By blending your greens it increases the nutritional value. Count how many times you chew your food before you swallow. Chances are it’s only a handful of times. The recom-

mendation is to chew your food 20 – 30 times each mouthful. Not many people spend this amount of effort chewing their food. So, when the greens are blended they are broken down into much smaller par ticles. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the beneficial nutrients. Star t with smoothies that are a balance of fruits and greens. Then, as your body gets used to the healthy foods you are drinking you can increase your green content. It’s also impor tant to rotate the types of greens in your smoothies. Like everything in life, moderation is the key. Raw greens contain minute toxins. This is nothing to concern yourself with as long as you rotate your greens. So, have kale one week, then spinach, dandelion greens, silverbeet, cos lettuce, parsley, or rocket for a peppery drink. Also mix up the fruits that you enjoy, but keep it simple using only one or two a time. It’s a great idea to freeze your favourite fruits when in season. I’ll often peel and halve mangos and store them in the freezer. This way you can have a ready supply of tasty fruit all year long. Here’s a nice recipe to get you started: • 1 ½ - 2 cups of kale • ½ cup green grapes • ¼ cucumber • 1 slice of lemon • The flesh of a whole mango • 2 cups of water Blend all of the ingredients with some ice until smooth. This combination will give you loads of nourishment, detox your body of chemicals and toxins, and taste good. The emerald green colour of these smoothies connects to the hear t chakra. To drink green smoothies is a way to love yourself. The energy of the smoothie opens your heart and reminds you to take time to nurture your soul. The emerald green is also connected to Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. After just a few days of drinking green smoothies you will feel lighter, more energetic, and happy. Your hear t will sing as you let the healing energies of natural food touch your heart. Enjoy green smoothies as part of your healthy eating plan. You could have one for breakfast, or as a midmorning, or evening snack. Then have healthy, natural foods at your other meal times. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience of having green smoothies in your life. You’ll learn to love yourself through the magic of greens. All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before under taking any of the above mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath and bestselling author of Flower Therapy. He blends herbal medicine with his psychic abilities to help his clients reach their utmost potential. He gives self-help workshops, and runs a successful natural-therapies clinic. Phone: 1300 668 772 Web: www.RobertReeves. Facebook: RobertReevesNaturopath

What’s Up with this Weight Gain? BY SHERILL SELLMAN, ND Like so many women, the mid-life middle spread sneaked up on me. I had just emerged from 2 years of major life changes with its accompanying stress. Well, really, to be totally honest, MAJOR STRESS! However, I was not at all prepared for my doctor’s rather blunt comment. Rather tactlessly he said. “ What has happened to you? You look like you are six months pregnant.” I knew I had been carrying some extra cortisol-induced weight around the midriff, but I guess denial is a really wonderful thing. I really didn’t think I was that overweight. Certainly not enough to look six months pregnant! But, stepping onto his scale really lifted the veil of illusion from my eyes! Whether we like it or not, the older we get the less efficient our body becomes at detoxifying, maintaining a dynamic metabolism, balancing hormones and managing blood sugar. All of these issues can add to ever upward-creeping weight. Medicatoins also play their part. HRT, the Pill, anti-depressants, statin drugs, and blood pressure medications all list weight gain as side effects! I thought I was doing everything right but my weight loss was stalled. I couldn’t get it to budge. My waist had disappeared and my clothes were mysteriously shrinking, as they kept feeling increasingly uncomfortable. I was baffled. I felt defeated not to mention depressed and frustrated. What’s a girl to do?

Getting to the Real Cause for Stacking on Those Kilos

The latest research reveals a new paradigm that explains the root cause behind the weight gain. The problem of obesity is to be found within the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The main function of this master gland is homeostasis, or maintaining the body’s status quo. Ultimately the hypothalamus can control every endocrine gland in the body. It also regulates other factors such as blood pressure, body temperature, fluid, carbohydrate cravings, electrolyte balance, and body weight. It appears that our 21st-century diet and lifestyle is a serious threat to a healthy, well-functioning hypothalamus. An imbalance of the hypothalamus results in intense and constant hunger, low metabolism, and excessive and abnormal storing of fat in abnormal fat reserves known as problem, disfiguring areas in the abdomen, hips, thighs, waist and various fat pads placed around the body. Resetting a dysregulated hypothalamus gives proper instructions

Dr. Sherrill’s Fat Loss and Rejuvenation program is based on a highly supportive Holistic perspective. A Proven and Superior Program for Fat Loss, Body Rescupltimg and Rejuvenation In a world desperately needing a weight loss solution, a new paradigm has arrived that tackles the very cause of the obesity epidemic. The source of the body’s tendency to store fat resides in a part of the brain, which oversees fat burning called the hypothalamus. What lies behind the inability to burn stored fat reserves is the impaired communication from the master gland, the hypothalamus. This protocol restores proper brain communication. Best-selling Author and internationally acclaimed holistic Women’s Health Expert, Dr. S. Sellman will be touring Australia - June 2013

Curious? Find all about it, go to this link: or

11 to release stored fat reserves in the belly, hips, thighs, etc. This occurs because by restoring proper communciation from the hypothlamaus long-term stored fat to be now availabe to be released and used as fuel. And the most amazing thing is, this unique protocol allows people to lose approximately .5 kilo a day. along with the melting of centimeters! The real bonus of this program is the benefit to the body’s metabolism. When the program is followed precisely, you are able to regain a healthy metabolism by actually increasing your basal metabolic rate.

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Vibrational Essences & Sprays

A Skeptic’s Experience

TRIM TEA, an integrally prepared herb tea which rids the body of waste and pr omotes elimination. It is prepared from Senna Pods, Burdock Root, Fennel, Chapparel, Yellow Dock, Uva Ur si, Dandelion, Centella Asiatica, Elder Flowers, Juniper Berries, Cloves and Cardamom. Useful during periods of cleansing the system from waste. Simply put a teaspoon or two of the extract into a cup, add hot water, and a cup of the finest blended herb tea is ready for your benefit and enjoyment. You may sweeten it if you wish. You will be surprised what they can do for you. Available in 200 ml bottles. Price: $22.50

These products where developed I was introduced to a unique pro- by Robert Reeves after years of regram based upon a homeopathic for- ceiving guidance. The result is a mula that was proven to re-establish very pure vibration. Each healing communicaotion with the hypothala- product is made and labelled by hand mus. To say I was skeptical would in an ego-less environment. The pobe an understatement. But, I was tent energies in each bottle include assured that the homeopathic drops crystals, angels, and environmental were absolutely safe and effective. vibrations. The beautiful aura sprays So I embarked on this experiemnt. contain the healing energies of the To my amazement, I would step essences in combination with pure, on the scale each morning and liter- high quality essential oils. Also availally discover that a half a kilo of my able are Vibrational Essence Stock fat had literally dematerialized from Kits allowing you to create your own my body overnight. healing essences. But it wasn’t only about the ki- Order through For more information visit los. It was also the centimeters. My old clothes were literally falling off me. And best of all, I wasn’t hungry and pose a real threat to our bodies and my energy was off the charts. and our environment. And before my eyes I saw my our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . But now, there is an alternative – body transforming. The midriff disAustralian chewers no longer have to appeared and my hips and thighs glucomannan group also repor ted Diabetes feel bad about their gum habit! slimmed down. An accomplishment reduced hunger. The reasons for this One benefit of the ability to regulate Introducing Chicza Organic ChewI never thought possible in this lifeare simple: soluble fiber increases blood sugar levels is seen in Type ing Gum, which has just landed in time! And wonder of wonders - my bulk, and slows food digestion. 2 Diabetes. Konjac Glucomannan Australia straight out of Mexico’s muscle tone actually improved. There has shown potential to reduce blood famed Mayan Rainforest. It boasts all was no sagginess, hunger or fatigue glucose, insulin and serum lipid levels after meals, an effect that seems to be During this 23-day protocol, I lost “CHEWING GUM, THE WAY natural ingredients and is fully certified organic and 100% biodegradenhanced by glucomannan’s relatively 7 kilos and 2 dress sizes! I then folNATURE INTENDED” high viscosity compared to other able. Making it the ultimate Fair Trade lowed this round with a second go. I Most of us don’t swallow chewing product; it even suppor ts 2,000 soluble fibres. transformed a bulging 76-kilo, size gum so we don’t give the ingredients farmers and their families who have 12 body into 63 kilos of svelte, easily a second thought, but a quick scan of come back to protect their rainforest Hyperglycemia and donning a pair of size 6 jeans! Hypoglycemia today’s popular chewing gum brands and harvest the Chicle used in proThe most impressive par t of Konjac Glucomannan attracts water in reveal a long list of toxic ingredients. Cardiovascular and ducing this unique product. this amazing program was that, my the digestive systemfood, and becomes JapaneseCerebrovascular and Chinese have been eating Konnyaku as a health for over a Even if you don’t digest the gum, Diseases It comes in four delicious flavours: weight has not varied more than a .5 gel, slowing digestive processes and 2000 years. In the beginning, it was a precious gift shared between monks in Glucomannan can effectively inhibit these toxins still make their way into Mint, Spearmint, Cinnamon and Lime. kilos… and that was four years ago. the formtheofabsorption medicine of andcholesterol cakes. and bile trapping carbohydrates so that blood your bloodstream in high concen- For a list of stockists and wholesale sugar family levels are stabilised. Beyond the kilos and centimeters, acidisthrough lipolysis inthrough in- every Konjac quite popular Japan;the almost eats Konjac in every Nigella Lawson’s dramatic trations through the walls of your enquires visit: there are tremendous health gains testine, promote fat excretion, reduce meal. It is still the most favored food in Japan. The Ministry of Health in Japan weight loss was down to mouth. Materials used to mass-prothe amount of fat and i.e. chronic pain disappears, blood dles made from Konjac root implemented that konjac foodcholesterol should bein used in the cafeteria for all schools. duce chewing gums include artificial the blood, and reduce the amount of sugar and blood pressure level norRight now, Japan is the largest consumer of konjac foods. petrol-based polymers composed of and triglyceride in serum. nan fibre not only contains more than positive results in the treatment of aThe cholesterol malize, cholesterol improves, diabetheblood Konjac root is glucomannan fibre. Glucomanrubber, plastic, 16 aspartame and dye, Itmain can ingredient also preventofhigh prestypes of amino acids, but is a number of conditions, including: tes heals, sleep andKonjac moodorimprove, nan fibre not only contains more than 16 types of amino acids, but is a lowShirataki Konnyaku is a sure, high lipids, and other cardiovasenergy increases, skin tone Japanese rejuve- health food made low-protein, low-fat, high-fibre food. traditional protein, low-fat, high-fibre food. Thus, Konjac can lower LDL cholesterol and cular diseases. Thus, Konjac can lower LDL cholesnates, hormones get balanced and perennial plant terol and blood sugar. from a herbaceous blood sugar. called “Amorphophallus Konjac”(K. food cravings disappear. Cholesterol Made out ofHigh a soluble dietary glucomannan fibre and scientifically proven Made out of a soluble dietary gluKoch), water and It’s not often that a weight losscalcium hydroxide comannan fibre and scientifically attaching to bile Benefits to makeByyou feel fullitself faster, theyacids can inbethe helpful asOther part ofHealth any weight loss, low or such oxide calcium extracted from eggdigestive system and program. moving them program can deliver fabulous proven to make you feel full faster, of Konjac Fibre carb or weight management shells. out of the body,fibre glucomannan sup-scientifically they can be helpful as par t of any 1. Reducesproven fat absorption results. In fact, there is no other The glucomannan has also been to lower cholesThe Konnyaku is cultivated for food plements can help lower cholesterol 2. It contributes to healthy bowel flora weight loss, low carb or weight manweight loss program that I know of terol and high blood sugar which can prevent heart disease and diabetes. It only in Japan, but wild forms grow Konjac was listed as one of and reduce the amount of fat present 3. It cleans the stomach agement program. that can safely release long-term fat Asia and China. has also been shown to aid the digestive system, assist with elimination, and naturally in Southeast the top ten healthiest foods by in the blood. In a placebo controlled The glucomannan fibre has also 4. It detoxifies. reserves or reset the Japanese hypothalamus Weight Loss and Chinese have been preventstudy, constipation andlevels diverticulosis. World Health Organization. cholesterol in men were been scientifically proven to lower The efficacy of konjac for weight loss reduced by a significant amount, and 5. Anti food-poisoning properties for ongoing weight maintenance. eating Konnyaku as a health food, for cholesterol and high blood sugar 6. It is the best alkaline food I have no doubtover that2000 in ouryears. diet-In the beginning, it which can prevent heart disease and relies on its ability to absorb up to tryglycerides were reduced by 26%. 7. It regulates the immune system twenty times its own weight in water. This may be due to bile binding efwas adesperately precious gift shared between crazed world of people diabetes. It has also been shown to 8. It is a natural antibiotic in theis form seeking solutions, monks this truly the of medicine and aid the digestive system, assist with The glucomannan expands after in- fects, or the fact that glucomannan 9. It may prevent cancer gestion, and this tends to promote a fibre slows the absorption of these 10. Preferred calcium supplement elimination, and prevent constipation ultimate program cakes. for fat loss and feeling of fullness as it travels through lipids in the intestines. Konjac is quite popular in Japan; 11. Prevents Constipation body-resculpting. almost every family eats Konjac in and diverticulosis. the digestive tract.


Konjac Root Japan’s best-kept secRet for lasting weight loss, health and wellbeing.

Konjac Root Japan’s bestkept SECRET

for lasting weight loss, health and wellbeing.

What is Konjac?


every meal. It is still the most favored S h e r r i l l food in Japan. The Ministry of Health Sellman, N.D., in Japan implemented that konjac N at u r o p at h i c food should be used in the cafeteria Doctor is an for all schools. Right now, Japan is the edu cator, largest consumer of konjac foods. women’s natural The main ingredient of the Konjac health expert, root is glucomannan fibre. Glucomanpsychotherapist , radio host, and journalist. Dr. Sellman is the best-selling author of Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know About Their Hormones, and What Women MUST Know: To Protect Their Daughers From Breast Cancer To learn more about the Ultmate Fat Loss and Rejuventation Program visit


The Nutrition and Health Benefits of Konjac Foods

Clinical studies specific to glucomannan supplementation have shown

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Several glucomannan weight loss High Blood Pressure studies have produced impressive As a corollary to glucomannan’s benresults. A 16 week study repor ted eficial effect on cholesterol levels, one that glucomannan supplements can study has demonstrated a decrease aid weight loss. At the end of the (including postage & in systolic blood pressure in healthy study, the glucomannan fibre group handling anywhere in men after a four week course of glulost 4.52 kg compared to .79 kg on comannan supplements. Australia) average in the control group. The

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Dr.OZ recommended Konjac root fibre as number 2 of top 5 revolutionary metabolism boosters!

Japanese Organic Certified

Only 5 CALORIES Japan’s Best-Kept Secret for Lasting PER 100 gr

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1 MK Some lateral thinking produces surprising results 2 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon K What has been realised is now ready to be utilised however patience is required as the outcome of efforts are still to come. For some there is a sense of struggle and strength of will as well as commitment are called for. A good time to undertake tasks which need perseverance. 3 4 M L Hunches and intuition have a role to play. 5 6 MA Take action to get things moving in the right direction. 7 8 MB A practical and common sense approach is called for. 9 10 ] New Moon B Solar Eclipse The New Moon brings a sense of expectation especially with the solar eclipse signaling the clearing of a lingering matter and the easing of tension. Some may experience a sense of loss or grief as the final letting go of something which has been present for a while. But as one door closes, another opens bringing a sense of completion as well as optimism for a new beginning. 11 MC Keep your ear to the ground to gain information needed. 12 13 MD Increased sensitivity makes you protective. 14 15 16 ME Relish the attention when it is earned. 17 18 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon E M enters F The challenges of this time are to implement changes that are needed in spite of resistance however it is not about forcing an issue. Subtlety and patience will achieve much more especially if they are grounded in practicality. Look after the details are they are the key to making things work. 19 20 21 MG Sun enters C Interaction with others is important but do not compromise your opinion simply to keep the peace. Versatility, Communication and Logic are the characteristics of Gemini 22 23 M H Intense emotions may surface so be prepared for overreaction to seemingly ordinary situations. 24 25 M I … Full Moon I Lunar Eclipse The Full Moon sheds its light and together with the lunar eclipse highlights a time when certain matters are now passing. There may be an increased optimism as what was once a worry is now resolved. As with the previous eclipse, the sense of loss and grief lingers for something or someone that once was prominent but is now no longer the focus. 26 27 MJ Take responsibility and be credible in all activities. 28 29 M K Be prepared to look at things differently with knowledge and information emphasised. 30 31 M L Increased sensitivity impacts on matters at hand.

1 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon L There may be confusion or a lack of clarity with regard to what has been achieved to date. Exaggerated claims either on the positive or negative side should be taken at face value without corroborating facts. 2 MA Take the initiative and lead the way in finishing what has been left undone. 3 4 5 MB A practical approach will get things done. 6 7 MC Avoid relying on hearsay to gain information. 8 9 ] New Moon C The New Moon emphasises a need for clear, objective and reliable information. Extremes or exaggerations should be avoided as they will not provide a clear picture. Take time to instigate initiatives based on reliable data as this will help ensure good outcomes. 10 MD Avoid letting emotional ties dictate your actions or responses. 11 12 ME Take pride in what has been accomplished but do not rest on our laurels. 13 14 15 MF An analytical view of things may help you find what you are looking for. 16 17 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon F M enters G Detail and analysis will be critical as things are set in motion. Take the time to ensure that what is required is both at hand and in good working order. For some, the practical application of creative effort and skills are called for. As the Moon changes sign, the focus shifts slightly and the need for cooperation is emphasised but not at the expense of individual goals. 18 19 MH Emotions run high and there is a tendency to overreact if challenges are perceived as threats. 20 21 MI Sun enters D Inspiration and a bird’s eye view will help move things forward. Nurturing, Creative and Protective are the characteristics of Cancer. 22 23 MJ … Full Moon J A hands-on approach is the best way to ensure that things are done properly as the Full Moon highlights the need for responsible action and credible outcomes. The latter may not come about quickly so patience and perseverance are required in order to realise the goals set. 24 25 MK Value knowledge gained even if it is from unusual sources. 26 27 ML Increased sensitivity impacts on matters at hand. 28 29 MA Take the initiative and lead the way in finishing what has been left undone. 30 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon A Effort is required to break through the remaining obstacles however it is important to apply some discretion as to when and how the effort is applied. Timeliness and precision will ensure good results.

1 2 MB Be practical but not stubborn in your pursuit of goals. 3 4 MC Consider all information, as this will be of importance. 5 6 7 MD Emotional bonds with friends and family dominate. 8 ] New Moon D The New Moon colours this time with an emphasis on establishing and maintaining close contact with those that matter. There is a need to take the initiative where communication is concerned otherwise relying on others may cause misunderstanding at best or disagreements at worst. This is a time to engender a good foundation based on mutual trust, respect and need. 9 ME Take your pride in hand before it can cause problems. 10 11 12 MF Look after details and you will be surprised by results. 13 14 MG Consensus can achieve much but make sure that everyone does their part. 15 16 ‡ 1st Quarter M G M enters H The continued emphasis on good relations requires effort especially in ensuring that others are not taken for granted. Ensure others are kept informed but also maintain good relations by keeping their needs in mind. Maintain a united front in order to repel challenges. 17 18 19 MI Enthusiasm and inspiration will help spur things along. 20 21 MJ Take control of matters but avoid being autocratic. 22 23 MK … Full Moon K Sun enters E The Full Moon brings things into perspective highlighting the need for enthusiasm and action balanced with prudence and patience. Many things are still uncertain so the need to keep the momentum up is important. The goals for this period are centered on doing the right thing and maintaining credibility in spite of difficult circumstances. Proud, Energetic and Commanding are the characteristics of Leo 24 25 ML Be prepared to back your intuition, as it may prove to important. 26 27 MA A desire to get things moving again and a challenge is always welcome. 28 29 M B Stability is important but avoid hanging on simply for the sake of it. 30 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon B The sense that an ideal has been achieved should be tempered with a strong dose of realism otherwise disappointment and disillusionment are possibilities. Keep the feet firmly on the ground and do not get carried away with the dream as you may end up tripping. 31

A Aries – fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo – earth

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G Libra – air H Scorpio – water I Sagittarius – fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces – water

These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on Guiding Energy Mediation

0421 326 001 or 08 8563 9182

LUNAR PHASES AND PERSONALITY TYPES Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic”. The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can easily

discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues.

A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart. Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers. For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:

Reiki & Seichim Healing Chakra & Aura Balancing

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Cleansing Workshop

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Belinda Dickinson Tarot Reader

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

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Being health and environmentally conscious shouldn’t mean you have to miss out on the little indulgences in life, like good wine. The Caracatsanoudis family understands this philosophy, and that’s why their business, Robinvale Wines, has been such a success since it first began in 1976. Today, Steve and Nancy Caracatsanoudis run the winery along with a 30 hectare biodynamic vineyard. The winery has its own bottling facilities and cellar door sales, and is listed among the district’s tourist attractions. So when you come in to sample the amazing flavours of their organic wines, you know you’re somewhere very special. Robinvale Wines produce a wide variety of wines including table, sparkling and fortified, organic, biodynamic and preservative free wines. For those who choose to avoid all animal products whether it’s for ethical or health reasons, there is also a range of vegan and vegetarian friendly wines. If you avoid alcohol altogether, there’s no reason for you to feel left out at your next par ty or get together. There’s a great variety of non-alcoholic beverages at Robinvale Wines. They come in still and sparkling and are made from biodynamically grown grapes which do not contain chemicals. By choosing organic methods and avoiding pesticides, Robinvale Wines have made a commitment to put no chemicals in our wine glasses and aim for a more natural flavour. This philosophy and process has won the winery numerous prizes. To add to their accolades from competitive Australian wine shows, Robinvale Wines took home a number of prizes from last year’s Mildura Show. That includes two firsts for their liqueur cabernet sauvignon in the sweet wine section, and for their Oak chardonnay in the dry white section. Robinvale Wines is located at 243 Sea Lake Road, Robinvale. Call (03)5026 3955. If you can’t make it to Robinvale to sample the flavours, visit www. to buy online, or to download a fax or mail order form. Robinvale Wines will deliver anywhere in Australia.

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Scent of Samadhi is an ancient, herbal, all-natural deodorant powder used by the yogis of South India. While wearing Scent of Samadhi, we experience the feelings of being ‘beautiful and wonderful’ inside-out and a sense of well being. These positive vibrations actually enable all good things to happen around us. It is for this reason that the yogis of India consider Scent of Samadhi to be Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of spiritual and material abundance. Ingredients: All natural ingredients which include red sandalwood, clove oil, tulsi and a secret blend of proprietary herbs.

There are no colours, chemicals or animal products in Scent of Samadhi. Sensitive Planet, heart’s endeavor: The attractive sari pouches made by a community of single women and the physically challenged. Each jar of Scent of Samadhi comes in a beautiful cloth pouch made from the traditional South Indian sari material. These pouches are sewn in India as part of a project to provide a means of livelihood for women from broken homes and the physically challenged individuals. Visit or phone 1300 662 543 or

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Ro s n ay O r g a n i c Wi n e s h a s reached a landmark 15 years of organic and biodynamic farming at Canowindra. Back in 1997 when they started, they went organic and biodynamic from day one, much to the ridicule of their neighbours. Now, they are winning medals reg-

ASK US HOW The Natural Health Society of Australia

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stril ues. uite

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son l e, ail: and


Flowing chi Chi Flowing with SIMon BloW with SIMON BLOW

Nothingness is the Best Ancient Healing for Prescription

the Modern World

Guigen is a chinese ter m which translates to returning to the root or Fromreturning ancient to to the modern times, source, primordial Qigong self-healing exercises have energy from which everything emergused to help es.been Guigen Qigong is aimprove Medical people’s style of qualitydeveloped of life. Qigong of the Qigong by Dr isXuone Hongtao methods Traditional a therapeutic specialist doctor fromofthe Qigong Chinese (TCM)Hospital and like depar tmentMedicine at the Xiyuan TCM such as acuinother Beijing. Themodalities six sections of the dypuncture, herbal medicine, massage, namic Guigen Qigong are followed by nutritional thecupping, stillnessmoxibustion, meditation and section helpcan be used toharmony treat a broad ingtherapy, to restore natural and range oftheboth chronic andquality acuteofillimprove human race’s nesses. medicine life. TheseTraditional self healingChinese techniques are is an ancient medical system that prescribed to both in and out-patients a deepHospital understanding the attakes the Xiyuan as a paroft of lawstherapy. and patterns of nature and their applies them body. At I first met Dr to Xu the whilehuman I was leading heart of TCM is Qi –inthe force that a the study group to china September animates informs all things. 2002. Ourand group made an official visit to the Xiyuan Hospital, a large Traditional Chinese Traditional chinese Medicine (TcM) Medicine hospital with over 650 beds, treating important principle underlying overAn 2,000 outpatients each day in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) various departments. isWethespent understanding theDrbalance an afternoonofwith Xu in harmony between human beings theand Qigong department after touring our environment. Daoism and theand hospital. Dr Xu had a very friendly, TCM view therelaxed human manner being asabout a miapproachable, croas(internal) representation our him we discussed many ideasof remacro Qigong, (external) environment. It is garding health and spiritualon the concept that the human ity.based He talked about the importance of body is a small a set of meditation. Whenuniverse we enter with a “realized complete and sophisticated interconnected systems, and that those systems usually work in balance and with the forces of nature to maintain the healthy function of the human body. TCM seeks to heal the root causes of dysfunction or disease and has been practised for over 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest and most widely used systems of medicine in the world. The art of Qigong consists primar-

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

state”, or the state of nothingness, there is no disease or illness, only ily of meditation, relaxation, nothingness, he explained. Thephysical regumovement, lar practice ofmind-body meditation integration will change andenergy breathing exercises. There are the in our body and mind, thousands of different styles and helping to cure disease and improve systems different our qualityofof Qigong, life. This using concept was of staticinterest postures, movement, breathgreat to me! ingFrom techniques, mental training and his own research and experivisualisation either done ence working inmethods, this department for standing, moving, walking, sitting or over 20 years, Dr Xu has developed lying. TaiQigong, Chi is one style secGuigen its popular six different tions harmonise the different orBenefits of body. Qigong gan meridians in the Although the flow blocked, our Iftime with ofDrQiXubecomes was only brief, stagnant or disturbed can cause he kindly taught us theitmovement illness (both the physical emotional) “Stimulating Waterand Element” for andkidney can decrease your quality of life. the and bladder channels. As With practise Qigong help we left,regular I told him I would love tocan return stimulate and strengthen thishepowerand study more with him, and gave fulan energy, helpinglook release stress, me encouraging and nodded. When I returned home to Sydney, I had an email from Dr Xu. He had been looking at my website and congratulated me on the work I’ve been doing to spread the healing benefits of Qigong in Australia and invited me to study with him at the hospital. We corresponded regularly by email for a few years until I worked out an appropriate time to take a break from my busy teaching schedule and return to Beijing.

increase health and vitality as well was attending a World Medical as Ideveloping spiritual perception, Qigong in Beijing in May serenityconference and awareness. It helps the 2004 and take arranged spend time individual more to responsibility with theenergy same trip. He imexfor hisDrorXuheronown helping plained that he prove quality of could life. either teach me privately at my hotel outside of his working hoursaccident at the hospital, or ofA near fatal at the age of ficially at lead the Simon hospital. However, to be nineteen Blow to investigate different into methods of healing and accepted the hospital for clinical rejuvenation a need path to hebehas been practice, I would a doctor following ever since. He is a Sydney or have some formal qualifications in based master teacher of Qigong, the TcM, andChinese as I don’t, with ancient arthe ofchecked relaxation, the directors of the hospital. healing and rejuvenation. Simon isThey the asked submit an account my author me of to numerous Books, DVDsofand Meditation as wellexperience as a soughttraining andCDs, teaching in after speaker and aworkshop presenter. Qigong. I wrote brief, 8-page hisHe has been working for over thirty tory of my professional background years to help spread the benefits of –meditation, which youpeace canand findlove. on Simon my website works –with andmany sent different it off to Drgroups Xu along with helping my the Artskills of life themtwo to Qigong developDVDs, self healing to manage their stress and improve and Absorbing the levels essence. A short their later, quality In 2004 Simon time he ofwaslife. pleased to inform was accepted as a resident student me that my submission had been at the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. He accepted. has been initiated into Dragon Gate The World Academic Daoism and given the nameSociety of Xin of Si Medical hadis organmeaning Qigong Genuine(WASMQ) Wisdom and a 29th generation of the ancient - Wild ised the conference I wasDayan attending. Qigong. He also is a previous Standing IGoose had been to one of their Council Member of The World Academic conferences in Beijing in August 1998 Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing China. and had become w w w. s i m o n b l o wa qmember. i go n g . cThe o m chior nese Government officially telephone (02) 9559 8153 recognises the WASMQ and its importance as an association to help foster the development of Medical Qigong and the international exchange of academic research and training. For the first time, I was presenting a paper which was to be on the work that I had been doing at teaching Qigong at Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centres in Sydney over the previous 12. My talk was a great success and I felt quite honored that I could mix with many high level professors, doctors and Continued on page 34

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The MindBodySpirit Festival

The MindBodySpirit Festival is the most successful exhibition of its kind in Australia. Devoted to the pursuit of

more fulfilling lifestyles, it brings together the best of health and wellbeing, fitness, organics, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality and personal growth. Held annually since 1989, the MindBodySpirit Festival is Australia’s longest running and most respected wellbeing event. It attracts predominantly women from middle to upper household incomes

between the ages of 20 and 54, who are genuinely interested in health and wellbeing products and services. Attracting over 6,000 visitors to the inaugural Festival in Adelaide, growth is anticipated for the second, running over Adelaide’s Labour Day long weekend, 5 – 7 October at the Adelaide Showgrounds. The Festival will give your company enormous sales opportunities and market exposure. By exhibiting you’ll connect face-to-face with a targeted audience seeking health and wellbeing solutions. Sell to 1,000’s of buyers in 3 days, demonstrate your products and services along with its benefits and raise brand awareness. Stands sell out quickly so avoid a waitlist and contact us today. For more information about exhibiting or visiting, please contact the MBS Festival on 03 9276 5555 or email

Australian School of Tantra Established Tantra school for over 25 years offers training for professional or personal use. Add to your own modality to assist enhancing relationships and sexuality issues. Be eligible to be listed with us as a professional Tantra Goddess with referred clients, or for individual use for you to incorporate these practices into your own life, initiate your man into Tantra: physically, emotionally and spirituality. The training was developed by Kerry and Diane Riley authors ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ and ‘Sexy and Sacred’, also DVD

Fo wit

‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’ 200,000 copies sold.

Leo Drioli

editor of InnerSelf

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His words follow a direct route from the mind to the heart, and can touch anyone, no matter where they are on the spiritual path.” - Denise Linn, International Lecturer, Healer and Writer Phone: (03) 9775 4122 Sick Building Syndrome Consultants Research and Education


of “Sexual Secrets for Men” & DVD “Secrets of Sacred Sex”

“If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit. Leo has a unique way of conveying deep truths using simple, yet beautiful language.

Developed and manufactured in Australia by


See web for details of the training. With Kerry Riley author 0404 764 894

For a review of your course, event or workshop, please contact



Available from good bookstores or direct from InnerSelf for $19.95 (inc p&p) by phoning 1800 451 317 (free call) with your Credit Card details or download an E-version for $4.95 from our website,

Visit Leo Drioli’s blog “Reflections from Eternal Vastness” at:


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Events, Courses and Workshops for the Body & Soul Is Egypt calling you? Felt a strong connection to this great land? Perhaps you’ve been there before.

Hello my name is Sue Bunnett and I have my own healing practice, Isis Blessings in Crystal Brook, gateway to the Flinders Ranges in the Mid North of South Australia. I am an Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner and Authorised Teacher, Intuitive healer, and Remedial Massage Therapist. Having had a life-long passion and fascination with Egypt that goes back to my early childhood,I first experienced this magical and mystical country in 2007 when I accompanied Elisabeth Jensen, Principal of Isis

Mystery School, in Adelaide South Australia, on my first trip to Egypt. If I was asked to choose my best experience I would find it extremely difficult because there were so many. From the bustling and vibrant Khanel-Khalili markets to the stillness at the break of dawn, standing in the semi darkness amid the paws of the majestic Sphinx, watching the sun rise in the sky and its rays cascade down over the Great Pyramid. Or the tranquil water s of the Nile with its picturesque lush green banks or wandering the dusty tracks

amongst the many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, it’s hard to choose. Being immersed in the history and culture of this incredible country of the great pharaohs and visiting the monumental Temples, another. Imagine for a moment walking in the footsteps of the priests and priestesses, entering into the Temple of the Goddess Isis on the Island of Philae and walking into the place of daily worship; the Holy of Holies, to quietly go within and contemplate what has gone before. Whatever your belief, the energy you feel in Egypt changes you, so much that I have been back a total of three times.

Serenity Love

Classes at Serenity Love - School for Meditation, Healing and Transformation!

Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to bring you a wonderful, enriching opportunity to experience Egypt for yourself.

Visit for details

Are you ready to shift up a gear? Can’t get to our power site?

‘Symphony of Sounds’ Crystal Bowls Healing Class with 17 Powerful Bowls Unit 1/26 Preston St, Jamisontown 4732 4031

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See advert or visit for a detailed timetable of our special healing and transformation place.


FREE FREE FREE Every Saturday at 4.30pm

Serenity Love meditation hall is beautifully filled with Love and Light as peace and relaxation fill the space, which can hold 70 people comfortably. The energy is enormous and powerful for any person who enters the experience of Serenity’s Love. Our beautiful place is also now filled with a New Age Gift shop, which promotes gorgeous clothing, gift items and a food section filled with gluten free, wheat free and organic products and we have all types of meditation classes and of course our Crystal Bowls Classes, which we are giving away for free. Bring the advert along and receive a free class. You will NOT be disappointed!!

The Essences and Crystals will bring you here! Orb Photography Retreat at the winter solstice 22-23 June Spiritual Essences - ON SALE NOW Vortex Crystals |

ECKANKAR IN YOUR COMMUNITY The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart. The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar ACT


CANBERRA Majura Hall, Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT Phone (02) 6288 5242

GOLD COAST 3/14 Lavelle St., Nerang QLD Phone (07) 5527 2677



SYDNEY Brown St Community Centre, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown NSW Phone (02) 9212 2100

MOORABIN ECK Community Centre 10/3 Tuck St., Moorabin Vic Phone (03) 9532 0523

PORT STEPHENS Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette NSW (02) 4984 4445

BELMONT South Barwon Community Centre 33 Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont Vic

BOX HILL Box Hill Community Arts Centre 470 Station St., Box Hill Vic CASTLEMAINE The Leistureville Centre 30 Williams St, Castlemaine. VIC Community HU Chant SOUTHBANK Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne Exhibition Centre , 1 Clarendon St, Southbank VIC

WA MAYLANDS Eckankar Centre of WA Maylands Commercial Centre 9/168 Guilford Rd (crn Eight Ave) Maylands WA Phone (08) 9271 8020 EAST FREMANTLE Glyde In 42 Glyde St East Fremantle WA Phone 0408 957 514 HEATHRIDGE Spiers Centre corner Poseidon Rd & Albatross Court Heathridge WA Phone (08) 9406 8198

For more information about Eckankar Events in your community please visit,


Changing the Prophecies

BY ROD & MEGAN MIDDLETON These are the days of great change – the days of the prophecies – which many claim are the last days. All religions, indigenous faiths and individual seers have forseen great upheavals in our world prior to a new age soon to be born on this earth. Hundreds of books, DVDs and movies have been produced on this subject outlining these prophecies which involve all aspects of life. To name a few, the prophecies of: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, The Mayan Calendar, The Hopi Indians, The Holy Bible, and Saint Malachi. All of these outline major events ranging from the end of the world to the return of Christ and the birth of a new age of peace and enlightenment. Many people see prophecy as something set in stone, whether that prophecy is for the world or their own personal life. It is possible that this view is held because we believe a prophecy is an insight into divine will

and a result of karmic occurrence (the law of action and reaction). The founder of The Aetherius Society - western Master of yoga, Dr. George King had a tremendous understanding of karma. He stated that karma was: a Divine pressure applied to you the mind and you the soul to lead these towards You the Spirit. He also believed and proved through his actions that karma and prophecy could be changed both individually and globally. Every time a prophesied event fails to take place many people question if any prophecies are true at all. If prophecy is the result of seeing the future then why is this vision not being fulfilled? It is a law of the universe that if you know the past and the present in their entirety then you can see the future. This has always been the domain of the seers both past and present who could view the ether – (the invisible substratum of matter).

What the seers often cannot see is an aspect of the law of the universe called Divine Intervention. This, along with spiritual actions of people both individually and globally, can often offset the fulfillment of the Law of Karma which we call ‘Prophecy’. There always has been a Divine Plan for this Earth – a Cosmic Plan of evolution for this planet and all who live upon her majestic body. This plan has been held up by the actions of mankind who in ignorance have refused to cooperate with it but instead used their freewill to weave a pattern of involution - a world of competition war and ignorance instead of spiritual oneness, peace and enlightenment. Dr George King opened up a window for mankind into the modern day changing of the prophecies, through his amazing contacts with Cosmic Intelligences together with his tremendous spiritual abilities and their use in Service to the world. T hese Cosmic Master s have watched this planet for centuries and at pivotal times in our history sent their emissaries on missions of intervention to our world. Great beings such as Krishna, Patanjali, Buddha, and Jesus have descended from the cosmos to manipulate Karma and in the case of Jesus to change the prophecies of the world as a result of his mission on earth. So what has been happening behind the scenes in the last 60 years which has changed the predicted future of the planet and mankind? • In 1954 the Cosmic Masters brought into orbit of earth 4 times a year into the future, a special craft called Satellite No.3 to potentise

The Aetherius Society The Aetherius Society is a worldwide spiritual organization dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity. Founded in 1955 by the late Western Master Dr. George King, The Aetherius Society practices a powerful new form of Karma yoga. This new yoga is based on the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of old as well as new wisdom released by advanced spiritual masters in response to humanity’s scientific advancement and its dire need. Twelve Blessings Service Held every Thursday 7.30 – 8.30pm. Specific healing energy to individuals and any areas that have been affected by natural or manmade disasters. (Operation Prayer Power). Divine Service Held every Sunday 10.00 – 11.00am. Our service includes prayers given by the Master Jesus, mantra, a playing of one of The Twelve Blessings transmissions and an address. All are welcome. The Aetherius Society Brisbane Group (07) 3892 5253 mob: Rod 0419 020 804 or email: P.O. Box 6140 Fairfield Gardens. QLD 4103

“Man dwelleth in a world of selfishness – God dwelleth in a world of selfless expansion. Bridge this gap – and be a GOD.” – The Master Jesus

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

all spiritual actions performed by mankind • Between 1958 & 1961 – 19 Mountains were charged throughout the world to give to mankind unique spiritual energies otherwise not available on this earth. • Between 1965 & 1969 – Six specially trained Cosmic Masters completed a mission in the lower astral realms of ear th to cleanse these realms of powerful centres of evil. This included the transmutation of the entity called satan. • On July 8th 1964 – The Cosmic Initiation of this Earth was performed which changed the future of this planet and all who live upon her. • In 1966 – Dr George King invented a mission called Operation Sunbeam in order to give back to the Spirit of this ear th a token of energy on behalf of mankind. This act has changed the Karma of all life on Earth. These are a few of many spiritual actions which have taken place behind the scenes, which have invoked and manipulated great tides of spiritual energy in cooperation with the Cosmic Plan. The greatest crisis on this Earth today as in the past has been the lack of use of the great tides of spiritual energy. We all have the ability to tap into this energy and send it out to others in any action of selfless service. When we do this we change our Karma and also the world’s… we change the prophecies. For further information visit:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. Jim Rohn

Nurturing Your Child’s Intuition


“I’m so sorry. I don’t know why she keeps staring at you!” Mouth gaping, eyes wide open, and, to her mother’s frustration, refusing to finish her lunch, midspoonful. I wanted to explain to this mother that her baby was staring at me because she was watching the gold/ white light, which was pouring through my crown chakra, as I sent distant healing to a client in need. To others, I was doing nothing stareworthy. My head was down, apparently browsing through my phone, just like you may find the majority of people in a café on any given day. She wasn’t the first little undercover agent who has tried to blow my cover. It is a frequent occurrence for me to notice babies seeing the same thing as I am, such as changes in auras or interesting light and energy formations. On the odd occasion that a client has brought their baby along to a consultation, they watch with fascination, as lights explode around the room, their mummy, and myself as the healing takes place. This begs the question, if so many babies show signs of powerful intuition, where does it go? At what point do they shut it down? Was it when they were told that their psychic experiences were “silly” or “just their imagination”? Worse still, were they reprimanded for “making up stories”? You may even remember hearing these words spoken to you. I once had a nine-year-old client. She was struggling with the inhumanity of playground politics. Girls who she thought were her friends were turning without indicating and it was becoming very sad and troubled by their treatment. After I had read her aura and described what it looked like, we were halfway through she session when she piped up. “Did you know that I see colours around people?” When we established what she saw, I asked, “And what colour do you see around yourself?” Having never been asked this question, she wasn’t sure so I got her to run into the bathroom, look in the mirror, come back and tell me what she saw. It was green. I then asked her what colours the bullies were. She described their colours as brown and the more compatible children (with whom she needed to spend more time) as a bright yellow. I asked her to imagine what colour she went when she was around the mean girls. She

said her colours turned muddy and dull. And when she was around the friendly girls? Brighter and shinier. Next time I was in town, her previously skeptical father asked her mother to book the rest of the kids in to see me after the change he saw in her mood and life. Imagine the potential of a child who can make choices based on what is in line with their higher truth? By tapping into their own innate abilities? So what can you do? I’m glad you asked. Luckily, you are a conscious parent because you are reading this article. The following tips could help you and your little Jedi: 1. Be curious, ask questions and find out what he or she is seeing. 2. If your child has a psychic experience, such as seeing colours around people, coloured light or angels encourage him or her to share it. If the vision is a spirit of someone who has passed, advise not to fear but to send lots of love (they can imagine this as a pretty, warm, pink or gold light enveloping the spirit or energy pattern). 3. When he or she is upset ask, “What are you feeling? If that feeling had a colour what would it be? Where is that colour (it may be in the head, the stomach or even outside of their body)?” This encourages a multisensory awareness of their states and feelings and the link between the body and psyche. 4. Encourage imagination and play. I found something which I wrote when I was 14. It said, and I quote myself (because no one else will),“Intuition is received by the imagination and repelled by doubt”. Where can you find intuition? In the playground of the creative mind. For consultations o r m o r e information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Sk ype or in-per son consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: auratherapist@ *Baby and child readings also available*

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Pet Supplies our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . GreenPet Naturopathy and natural

Hoogendyk believes that anyone can shift their consciousness and learn to operate from a place more in tune with their core belief and a successful future. “But people need tools to access them, especially in a fast changing world,” he says.

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By Stephen Denham (Destiny of Fire) [Kindle Edition]. T his book is “ Ua nwdoe nr d e rv feurl y fear lies a hidden collection of power, probingquietly conw templations, aiting to be claimed.” lliom is a young woman with insights, explono traceable genealogy, a foundling rations of realwho forever questions andspiritual doubts ity and herself and fails to questioning. understand the A purpose of her life.Plate Sheofbelieves Eggs to be instruction tainted; something is herself not a spiritual handbookin her pastbut must the curse however, it willaccount stir youforsufficiently of power thatyoushe keepsown deeply enough to get to your rehidden.ofThis is isa true land and where magic alisation what real. As mistrusted, those who wield it a is student of theand Gurdjieff/Ouspensky are often shunned, not persecuted. movement, Denhamifhas embraced This unhealthy legacy of power the multi-level approach to Truth drives Illiomthrough to seekmany refuge in the that explores spiritual mountains,how where the traditions it isisolation that we seems come to protection for Now beonly trulyviable human . A wonderful isolation coming to anatend; toIlliom’s read slowly, oneisshort chapter a someone is coming for her, time, and journey through and toto draw our herawakenings from her hiding place and take own as we do. her, willing or not, back to the world of humans, the very place where she feels most vulnerable. ‘Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy’, is the first book of the ‘Destiny of Fire’ trilogy, an epic fantasy series that follows Illiom as she emerges from her selfimposed exile.

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a practicalSpirituality spiritual path based on meditation on the Know Thyself as inner soul. Light sant and Mat Sound, ethical is a practical spirvalues, service to itual path based on meditation on others and love the allinner Light for creation. and goal Sound,is ethiIts to cal values, serenable the soul vice to others and love creato return and merge intofor its all source; tion. its goal of is to enable soul to the purpose human lifethe described return and merge its source; the by mystics of all into traditions. Focus purpose of human life described by and sincerity are essential, as is the mystics of all traditions. Focus and help of the living spiritual Master. sincerity are essential, as is the help Know Thyself as Soul Foundation is a of the living spiritual Master. Know non-profit association. Thyself As incorporated soul Foundation is a nonItprofit offers its services free of charge. incorporated association. For For further information contact 1800 further infomation call 1800 462 193 462 193 or visit or visit

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stay in the “High Official” room there. I had been staying at a luxurious hotel during the conference and this arrangement sounded interesting. But when I arrived at the hospital, Dr Xu told me in his usual joking way, “Sorry, a High Official is staying in your room, so we have organised a nurse’s room on the second floor of the inpatient’s department for you.” I met the directors and other main staff of the hospital and commenced my training as Dr Xu’s personal assistant. I would star t at 8am at the WITH GERALDINE MORAN Qigong clinic and he would teach me the six sections of Guigen Qigong in between patients arriving for treatment. We would break for lunch at 11.30am things that brought us sadness? When inner self defines course andOur recommence at 1pm.theFrom 3pm we begin to change the focus of our of our destiny. We try to understand to 5pm, we held Qigong and meditation thinking and see all things as a blessthis and yet sometimes it seems so far practice for patients and other doctors ing then we can truly begin to bring in removed from the daily grind and the in the department. When word spread the things in our life that lead us to a world that won’t let us stop. What is that a foreigner was in the Qigong de- greater understanding and clarity of at our core? How often do you allow partment, lot there? of doctors came meet purpose. yourself toa go Is our coretothe I have had the opportunity to study me, practise their English and discuss same for us all, do we just have difwith many wonderful thinkers, but I what I was studying. Soon, I had a few ferent coverings and masks to hide Qigong students, confirming that the have had a great privilege in recent and confuse our purpose? Purpose best wayustotolearn is to teach. I spent years to do some study with Dr John guides our destiny but where Demartini. How fortunate was I, that valuable time with Dr Xu at the hospital, do we find the guidelines to show us he read my manuscript and agreed to we a common goal andour desire ourshared purpose. Jung described core to help people their quality of life. write the forward for my book. I was as ‘the twoimprove million year old person blessed that he would do this; that he within us’the On my firstcollective morning unconscious with Dr Xu, he took the time to read what I had written that me guides and the callsfirst us home to told thatusI was Australian and to comment on the contents. He is our destiny. Qigong teacher to learn Guigen Qigong a beacon for so many people in that he are often andThe thatguides he wanted meunspoken to make aand DVD lives his dreams, fulfils his mission and areitthere forothers us everycould day. benefit. Sometimes on so that I pro- creates the opportunity for many other it is just chance conversation with duced theaDVD “Qigong - Restoring Nat- people to do the same. an old friend; inmeeting with a new ural Harmony” that same year, 2004, If we all could find our purpose colleague discovering and now thisand instruction bookcommon published and be on target with our mission and that packaged lead to creating a vital ininterests 2010 and together with dreams what would the world be like? new project; the map is there for each the original DVD. I have returned many Richard Branson also invokes this of us if we choose to look for it. times with groups of students to share through his company and his enthusiI was given the opportunity to pubastic living of life. It would be great to Dr knowledge, also to continue lishXu’s a book about Miracles. We oftenmy ask him how many failures he had, and own understanding and development of talk about coincidences, but what if how he dealt with them to lead him to Qigong, TCM and Chinese culture. we began to see these coincidences where he is today. What if Walt Disney in a different way. What if we saw them had never had the vision and dream Simon Blow is the author of numerous as the map guiding us to our destiny. for Disneyland, how many children books, DVDs and audio CDs about this How does it work? We often dismiss ancient healing art. He is a Sydney-based would have missed out on the magithings as being too unusual to be conmaster teacher (Laoshi) who has been cal world he created in his mind and nected but what if this was a way that leading regular classes, workshops and brought into reality through the stories mapped our in life. if we retreats for journey beginning andWhat continuing and adventures of Disneyland. could say thank you for the things students since 1990. Simon alsothat leads Our inner core guides us to our broughtstudy us happiness as well ashe thehas unique tours to China were


What Calls Us Home?

destiny, how do we hear it? We create opportunities and we often get challenged or supported. This challenge or support also tests our convictions in terms of outcomes. What if we could be grateful for both the challenge and suppor t in heading to our dreams. That attitude of gratitude truly opens doors for us and the more we are grateful for, somehow the more we receive. The more grateful we are, the more in touch we are to our core and the more in touch we are to our very essence of being, the greater potential we have to achieve our dreams. What if Thomas Edison had given up inventing before he made the electric light. How many failures did he have? How many failures have you had, go back and see the blessing they provided, really shoot for the core of each failure and you might be surprised how they helped you move along. How have they helped you move toward your purpose and what about that twomillion year old person, what are they whispering to you? Geraldine Moran is a coach and business owner who also wanted to put something back into her community using her skills. She set up a Not For Profit to help youth at risk and has enjoyed the challenges and the joys that go with stepping into an arena that is new to her. The greatest thing that we can do is step out of our comfort zones as this allows others to believe that they can achieve those things that live deep inside them. Not only has The Centre For Hope been able to help young people in a regional area in NSW it has brought together a wonderful team of volunteers who share the desire to assist young people and who are willing to give freely of their time and skills. What can you do to make a difference? Phone 0438 466 029.

received training and certification from Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries who have given him authority to share these techniques. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom. Simon is a Standing Council Member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong in Beijing. or call • indset (02) 9559 8153

Empower Your Life using Geraldine’s 7 M.I.R.A.C.L.E. Steps!

M • Infinite Intelligence • Recognise Results • Attitude of Gratitude • Captain of Your Soul • Love and Light • Emotional Mastery Are you: • Underachieving? • Frustrated?

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“Read “Miracles or Coincidences’ with an open mind and let it open your heart. You will begin to appreciate your daily life, your true magnificence and your new possiblities for living more fully.” Dr. John Demartini - best selling author of “Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love”

Geraldine has released some amazing results from people using her M.I.R.A.C.L.E. coaching technique – can YOU be her next success? Yes you can – phone 0438 466 029 or email Geraldine and quote coupon code MIR_ISJY






Shimla, Pushkar & Lama The following reading for the editors of Innerself’s three cats Shimla, Pushkar and Lama, took place via telephone link.

The moment I opened the lines of communication, Leo’s grandfather on his father’s side – who he’d never met – came through. He tells me that he passed very young and very suddenly. I smelt fire and I felt water in the lungs as in drowning and then I heard gunfire. Leo said that his grandfather died on a battleship that was bombed in 1932. He is a lovely man and tells Leo that he loves animals and has Leo’s that have since passed over. He shows me three cats that have passed over – one being a very long time ago that was hit by a car. The other two lived together and knew each other very well. He tells Leo that his 180-degree turn in career was the right move and that the magazine will do very well. The first of Leo’s three living cats comes through (Shimla) and says, “I am the boss and I run this household.” He is very authoritative and very suave and tells me he won’t give up his reign to anyone. Shimla tells me that he has seen a ginger cat on his fence line and wants me to warn the cat that “if you come into my yard I will ‘belt you up’.” He is in very good shape and about three years old and has a very strong, graceful,

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

elegant, powerful energy about him. Leo confirms that this is definitely him and I have him to a T. He also tells me that he does not like being picked up and if he does it is on his terms, and he is rather fussy with his food at times. He loves being a house cat but does go outside to a protected area but is usually not that bothered to go outside all that much. Pushka tells me that he is the mean one and Leo laughs and says he certainly is. He is mean to Lama, the other cat and will, out of nowhere, give Lama a wallop for no reason and then he will go after Shimla. Lama tells me that he used to be the boss but tends to keep to himself these days, and when Shimla and Pushka go at it then he hides in the cupboard. Pushka has started this only in the last month and will just go up and give the other two a clout. Lama is an observer and stays away from the other two most of the time. Pushka has a bit of tummy problems at times with the occasional diarrhoea but only every so often. They all thought every cat has a privileged life like theirs and were ‘shicked’ when they found out that is not the case. They thank Leo and his wife, Enza, for loving them and looking after them so well as they know they are very well looked after. Shimla and Pushka tell me that they

Burning the Past – A Ritual for Cleansing Pain

are related and Lama tells me he is the older of the three. As a professional medium & animal communicator, about 95% of my clients are female. With this issue’s theme being ‘Women Making a Difference’, it’s timely to talk about the power of women’s intuition.Many of my female clients have found that turning to their intuition and spiritualism for guidance has given them peace with their inner self. I’ ve helped facilitate this by connecting them to their passed over loved ones or pets (dead or living). The results have been so rewarding, with many women’s lives really starting to fall into place. Men see this and think, ‘I want what she’s got’. Well, why wait? Contact Amanda De Warren, Medium & Animal Communicator on 0434 713 615 or

A friend of mine has gone through some hard times recently, and now that these difficult times are behind her she asked me if I had a ritual to help her let go of this really painful period in her life. I love the use of rituals in our lives. Rituals cause us to take pause, giving weight to things that are significant for us. They help our brain focus and pay attention, and they help us orient ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Burning has long been used as a ritual of release, so today I’m going to show you a simple burning ritual for cleansing and releasing situations and relationships that have caused you pain. Many years ago, after a particularly painful relationship breakup, my sister, a girlfriend and I went to the local park and had a ceremonial burning of old letters and photographs one afternoon. I used a great big cauldron from my kitchen and we sat around on the grass, sipping champagne and feeding paper into the fire. The flames erupted from the cauldron in bright sparks and showers - all green and blue from the chemicals in the photographs. A little boy walked past with his mother and said excitedly, “Look Mum, real witches.” That made my day, although let’s be clear – I am no witch – it was just a very Macbeth moment! On the downside, my cauldron was never the same again… Here’s what you’ll need for your cleansing ritual:

Burning Equipment – a large flame-proof pot or bowl, or an outdoor fireplace. Matches or a lighter. Long tongs. Note: Don’t use one of your good bowls or pots! Go to a secondhand store and find a big old saucepan or cauldron, or see if you have an old brass or metal bowl in the back of a cupboard. You could also use a barbeque pit or a campfire, or a terracotta pot. Be sensible about your burning. Burn outside, observing fire restrictions and keeping your fire away from anything that might catch alight. Gathering Your Burning Fodder – Rule # 1 = Never burn in the heat of the moment! A calm, thoughtful and consid-

ered burning is much more powerful and effective. Begin by finding images, letters or other material related to the situation. Don’t burn any legal documents. Don’t ever burn anything out of spite. All you are looking for is material that can REPRESENT what you wish to release. For example, old photographs or letters, old newspaper clippings or advertising – anything that holds emotion for you and that you can afford to send up in flames. If you have no images or material, then sit down and write a letter to the person or persons involved, or a summary of what has gone wrong and what you wish to let go of. The Ritual

You can burn alone, or you can burn with friends or loved ones to support you. Choose what is appropriate to you. Sit in front of your pot or burning space, hold the images/ paper in your hands and just speak from the heart about what this represents to you and why you need to let this go. Finish with the words I release you. I am done. Then burn that stuff to ashes! Feel the flames eating up and rendering that old energy into nothingness. Let it all go. That’s why we need to do this ritual outside, where the old energy can escape and be diffused on the wind. You don’t ever want to do this ritual INSIDE your home – you want that old energy gone! Honour any emotions that come up for you, but allow the ritual to give you a sense of finality. When it’s cooled enough, dump your saucepan in the bin or keep it in the garage or garden at home for future burning needs. What next?

Celebrate the end of the Releasing Ritual with a beverage or some food – perhaps you might take a picnic with you, you could head out for a meal, or go home and have a cup of tea or a drink. Allow yourself reflection time, to recognise that you have closed the door on that part of your life. Celebrate your new life, and the new freedom that you are claiming for yourself. In burning the past, you leave yourself free to claim a brighter future. Nicole Cody is a channel, metaphysical teacher and Soul Guide. She gives readings to help you understand your Life Purpose and to make better sense of your gifts and talents. For more information: Ph. 07 3256 0815, www.nicolecody. com or come visit her blog


our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Kosmic Q & A



Kosmic Fusion invites you to have your Questions Answered, ‘The Truth Will set US Free’. Contact us below.

it, “enlightened” at the heart of our eternal beingness, what creates the semblance of the “not-so-awakened” life most of us are living?

Q. I have this feeling that something is happening in the world that I can’t quite put my finger on. What is going on?

A. What were your first thoughts upon waking up today? Was it “Today I’m going to remain in the ‘Now’ and I will listen to my Souls need wherever it shall take me!” Did you say to yourself? “I trust my ‘eternal beingness’, my Higher Self. That which is the guiding force behind my Souls quest to experience ALL that is Human.” Hmmm….perhaps not? Then the question is answered as to why we remain ‘not so awakened’ in life. We simple stop listening perhaps become disconnected from our Hearts & Souls. As we make our Mind, the dualistic separation experiences, a priority, our ‘eternal beingness’ disappears into the background and falls asleep again.

A. Yes, there is. In fact it’s a powerful time of change where humanity as a whole is invited to remember again the deeper Truths of our spiritual Nature and our Oneness in Spirit. This awakening is stirring from deep within. We are in a time of transition which may look like chaos on the surface where old systems and veils crumble, but there is a deeper perhaps invisible Intelligence at work. Q. I find it hard to understand how some people say ‘what you are going through isn’t real’ or is an ‘illusion’ yet events in my life and what others are going through seem very real with painful consequences. Are deaths, accidents, wars, betrayals, adoptions, miscarriages all illusions too?

A. “We are all in the gutter just some of us are looking at the stars” Oscar Wilde. It’s all about perception and perspective, if we could draw you out of the situation to show you the big picture, you’d cry with so much joy as you experience the Love within it. If you were then returned to the centre of this situation once you’d seen the purpose, would you not then see the entire mosaic in play? Perhaps you’d begin to feel tremendous Love and compassion for everyone involved? You’d understand it was to serve you at the Soul level and draw upon your best qualities. Illusion are overcome by shifting our perception of reality and becoming aware and informed that we all live in an energy matrix. Q. How do you end the flip/flopping … “awakened today/asleep tomorrow” game? Is there Freedom past this ‘game?

A. Perhaps another form of foot wear would work! ;) This is generally known in spiritual arenas as the separation game. The unconscious game of separation arises from identifying with the Ego’s reaction rather than with our Consciousness. In general, we have been programmed for so long in this ‘reality’ it takes conscious awareness and practice to see Life from a broader perspective. What does it take to watch Life unfold and yet still be in it and ‘awake’? That is the Souls quest for the human experience! Freedom arises from making empowered choices that serve our ‘eternal beingness’. Q. If we are already pure and, dare I say

Q. What is my Higher Self?

A. Your Higher Self is the part of the Mind (the Higher Mental) that remembers beyond a dual or separation perspective and records all experiences of your consciousness without judgment. It is the Self that knows there are no separate little selves, only One Self that has an infinite number of different experiences. Q. What does enlightenment actually mean?

A. To Lighten up! Literally to shed the density and throw Light onto an entangled state of Being. We are All born Enlightened, we are pure Spirit incarnated. Rather we are becoming RE-enlighten again, perhaps after years of programming and skewed belief systems, have we forgotten who we Really are? Enlightenment is a state of beingness that can never fully be known unless you are the one experiencing it. However, it is said to be a state of Conscious awareness, of self-mastery true connection, presence and Oneness with the Source of ALL THAT IS. Enlightenment is always in the NOW! Q Is Enlightenment a prerequisite for Ascension? Or do we begin Ascension first?

See our Website for full Answers and to submit your Questions. KaVeeTa & SuNiEL, founders of Kosmic Fusion, are one of the fully enlightened DNAactivated Diamond Light Master couples on Earth at this special time of 2012-2017. For more info, visit www.KosmicFusion. or contact Nat on 0400342811


DYING TO LIVE WITHIN THE LIGHT All my life seems to have been learning about death – experiencing several cardiac arrests and life threatening illnesses myself, working as a Registered Nurse later specialising in Palliative Care and being with countless dying patients then working as a Psychic Medium giving many readings from those in Spirit. Plus I read Akashic Records and see and experience clients’ past lives and deaths and as a Hypnotherapist I have regressed many people into Past Lives and through the death process! Finally after seeing many Souls leave the body and head toward the Light countless times I was shown how to actually go quickly right into The Light myself for healing plus how to take clients there for either healing or simply exploring what they did there between lives. Life Within The Light is an amazing and beautiful experience not unlike the Christian version of Heaven - except in Christianity there is no planning there for your next life.


Death is of course just a releasing of the physical body to allow the spirit to return home after our time on Ear th School. We come here to experience many things we have planned for ourselves while in The Light before incarnating. If you listen carefully to sensitive young children and ask them the right questions they will give many clues that they remember fragments of their past lives and planning for this life in The Light, but most seem about the age of five years to lose this easy recall. In the few days before death many people become quite clairvoyant and aware of loved ones waiting to take them to The Light and if they don’t have excessive fear of the process the Spirit/Consciousness leaves the body just before the heart stops and heads off to the Entry Hall of Healing. For those dying in fear or suddenly in violent circumstances involving drugs and alcohol it’s not so smooth often at death nor for those who caused much harm to others and have a heavy Karmic burden to repay – they often need much more time plus spiritual intervention and

rEb-eArTh from 3-D to 13-D Nat 0400 342 811

iN TrANs N e


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Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing


After being taken to a type of Healing Entry Hall for a short time to receive energy clearing and healing of the spiritual body the Spirit feels much lighter and then enters the actual Light. While only a few loved ones in Spirit are there during the death process and until this time there is then a huge celebration as Soul Mates – people you have known in many lives - arrive to greet you and welcome you home. There then seems to follow a time of solitude and intense healing and rest before you meet once more with your soul family to discuss and plan your next life on earth. In The Light are types of Libraries there too where you read about many things plus can even borrow an iPad type device called “Your Book of Future Records” to have a look at your possible future lives. When I see people looking at these there is a button I call “Outcome of Choices” so you can see that if you make a choice to study e.g. a certain Degree at University then your life will be like this and if not it will be like that. So

you plan and prepare for and discuss your next earthly life in great detail – your life is not a random event and although you don’t have conscious recall after birth of this planning it is hidden deep within your Subconscious Mind and the highest part of your soul knows your Life and Soul Plan and Purpose.


There is a process I have been shown to take myself up through the “Tunnel of Light” into the Entry Hall then right into the Halls of Healing and Planning. I take myself there for healing or to understand situations in my life. I sometimes take clients there too for healing and they find it a very blissful and amazing experience of being in bright light and surrounded by incredible Unconditional Love. Some people like to pay a visit to their “Wise Council Elders” to discuss their current life situation and receive their blessings to change cer tain contracts. Sometimes now when I talk with people I see them in three forms

simultaneously – as they are on this earth just at present, then if I look beyond I see them still within The Light also planning, preparing and watching themselves on Earth and then if I look even further I see the highest wisest part of their Soul in the distance beyond the Light sending them Light and type of Intelligent Energy Transmission to their mind and to their spiritual guides. For very anxious and depressed people who feel lost and disconnected this process is just not happening smoothly! It’s a very joyful experience when we finally remember we are multidimensional beings, prepared for every situation in this life and guided by our Souls and Guides at all time. ELISABETH JENSEN is an International Spiritual Teacher, was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and is also Vice President of Australian Psychics Association. For enquiries call 1300558075 or see www. for details of her many courses, consultations and meditation CDS.

Is Egypt Calling You? ISIS BLESSINGS Sacred Journey to Egypt April 29 – May 13 2014

A wonderful opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to visit this great land. Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt with Sue Bunnett, Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner & Authorised Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Principal of Isis Blessing Healing Centre. Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to offer you this unforgettable and life changing experience. • Small group touring 16- 20 people,making for a better holiday experience. • Fully escorted with commitment to personalized care, comfort and reliability. • Private Egyptologist. • Stay in luxury at Mena House Oberio Hotel with pyramid view accommodation. • Immerse yourself in the personally selected cultural excursions and popular tourist attractions. • Experience three private visits: The Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and Philae Temple. • View the vibrant sunsets and experience the tranquility of the Nile River on our seven-day relaxing cruise on the beautiful ship, the Moon Goddess. • Visit the Egyptian monuments at Abu Simbel.


QuantumVortex Scalar Wave – Photon Pulse

rMaTioN o F

prayers to reach the Light – but I believe most people reach there eventually.

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Powerfully experienced and felt by participants


Transmissions-Activations-Initiations Offered Virtually on Webinars

If you are looking for a once in a life –time experience then look no further. Join us as we turn back the sands of time and Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

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Eye on the Sky


Roosy’s readings come highly recommended! Book a reading with Roosy today and see what comes up from Spirit for you. Roosy is an Amazing, Caring, Compassionate, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and Psychic. She is an empath & works closely with her Spirit guides.



Call Roosy on 0413-831-196 • Website:

Belinda Dickinson

With a background in art, art history, theatre and service, I lived in Italy for 25 years, weaving my own tapestry of creativity, psychic exploration and connection with past lives. My readings are dedicated to helping you retrieve your inspiration and creativity..shining a light on your fledgling dreams and uncertainties. Assisting you over personal crossroads and encouraging you towards living a fully original life and creating your own unique , dynamic and vivid life tapestry. I read in Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong Tel: 0415 353 794 email:



Lisa Williams returns to Australia in June 2013 after three sold out tours, two in 2009 and her last in 2011. Born in England, Lisa was discovered by Merv Griffin and introduced to audiences through two seasons of her own hit show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, along with Voices from the Other Side and Lisa Williams Live. All of these shows are now airing around the world. She has also appeared on Anderson Cooper, Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Larry King Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lisa is the granddaughter of Frances Glazebrook, a famous British medium. As well as performing in front of large live audiences worldwide, Lisa also offers workshops and courses in mediumship, developing psychic ability and intuition. She has recently launched Soul Connections, a website featuring spiritual advisors who have been personally trained and selected by Lisa to offer mediumship and psychic readings.

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Amanda De Warren is a leading and respected medium, psychic and animal communicator. She has brought comfor t and closure to thousands of clients in Australia and worldwide. Amanda first realised her gift at the age of six, and after putting it on hold for several years to raise her children, now dedicates her life to making connections for people so that their lives are enriched by receiving messages from passedover loved ones or past and present pets. On her appearances on TV and radio and in print interviews, Amanda has regularly been put to the test by sceptics and stunned them with her accurate insights. Visit or phone 0434 713 615.

May - July 2013

Ever ybody seems to be busy these days. Rushing around, no time to waste – running in every direction, bumping into each other as they stare into their phones. Right now, the planets seem to be doing much of the same thing (minus the phones). In early June, Neptune turns retrograde, followed just over a week later by Chiron, which could leave us needing to heal some feelings of disillusionment. Mercury will be getting up to mischief between 26th June and 20th July, so it’s the usual drill - double check all appointments and give yourself plenty of time. Saturn goes direct on 8th July, amidst a new moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Like Santa, Saturn likes to check everything twice, so you might find yourself back in review mode for a while, but the forward motion is likely to at least leave you feeling a lot more productive. Finally, Uranus turns retrograde mid-July, amidst plenty of watery action, but more about that later. It’s not really anything out of the ordinary – we get eclipses, aspects and planets changing direction every quarter – but something feels differ-

ent this time. Perhaps it’s just all that frantic Aries energy in the air. From North Korea to Boston – are we under a volatile sky? On 12th April, Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn, in the midst of a very heavy Aries presence. Within days, Mars and the sun were conjunct – these two usually meet once a year, but only rarely do they do so in Mars’ home sign of Aries. The last time that happened was in 1981 and on that day, an assassination attempt was made on then-President Ronald Reagan. This time around, two bombs were detonated at the end of the Boston marathon, which signalled the start of several days of fear for residents (and vir tual on-lookers), until the threat was finally eliminated, with the second suspect being arrested mere hours after the sun had moved out of Aries and into the much calmer sign of Taurus. Pluto’s square with Uranus (in Aries) is also contributing to a higher level of global aggression and perceived instability. With Pluto retrograde, these two facing off again with another exact square on 21st May is likely to reveal more secrets, both personally and politically. While the

sun is now out of Aries, the fire sign is still holding some influence, so military growling (if not biting) is likely to continue into May, par ticularly around the time of the eclipses. Putting some water on the fire Thankfully, by mid-June, a grand trine with start to form, maintained by Saturn and Neptune, with the last point of the triangle much like a relay, with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all taking turns, right up until the end of July. With Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and the others all moving through Cancer, this is known as a grand water trine. While it has the potential to cool the fires of Aries that are being stoked by Mars, Uranus and the sun amongst others, it can also stir up the emotions, perhaps leaving people, especially those who themselves are water signs, feeling particularly sensitive and vulnerable. Trines are usually very harmonious and healing, though, so it’s a good time to be gentle on yourself (and others) and just let any emotions that emerge during these transits come up and out of your system. The less opposition you put up, the less trouble they’ll give you as they move through. Dates to watch this quarter 9th May – The solar eclipse will be in Taurus for the first time since

Medium and Clairvoyant

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As seen on Foxtel’s W Channel BRISBANE | 10 June City Hall MELBOURNE | 13 June Hamer Hall GEELONG | 14 June tHe PlayHOuSe, GPaC PERTH | 16 June COnCert Hall MANDURAH | 17 June PerfOrminG artS Centre

ADELAIDE | 19 June Her maJeSty’S tHeatre CANBERRA | 20 June Canberra tHeatre SYDNEY | 22 June State tHeatre WOLLONGONG | 23 June illawarra PaC NEWCASTLE | 24 June CiviC tHeatre



our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . 1994. While Taureans and all others with their sun in a fixed sign (ie. Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel it most intensely, everyone may find their self-worth being shaken a little. This can be a valuable exercise in reducing the vice grip our egos often have over most of us, but for anyone feeling particularly vulnerable, plan if possible for a quiet day and try not to let it overwhelm you. 25th May – Although the lunar event in Sagittarius is not strictly an eclipse, the conditions, and thus energies, are very similar. Expect foreign and religious affairs to be in the spotlight again, while your homework will be more of a spiritual nature, pondering the deeper meaning of the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” 25th June – Jupiter moves into Cancer after around a year in chatty Gemini and suddenly the focus shifts from the mind to the heart. Cancerians might find Jupiter’s influence is bringing them out of their shells, only to find everyone else pulling back into theirs. Last month’s homework might come in handy right about now. 18th July – As Uranus goes retrograde, the grand water trine reaches the height of its potency, with Jupiter completing the last formation. This is not a great time to try to force your way through, but if you’re willing to go with the flow, it could take you a lot further than expected. Claire Hennekam is an astrologer and Reiki master w ho founded Emerald Astrology in 2005 (www. Claire works from home in the Melbourne CBD as well as from Sahu Healing Space (www., a healing sanctuary she created to provide the space and resources for clients and practitioners to pursue their own healing journeys. She prepares various types of astrology reports for her clients, as well as running ‘astro-healing’ sessions, where she uses astrology, amongst other modalities, to connect clients back to their true selves.


Healing Energies from the Crystalline Realms

By Fran Tomlin Beginning with a Breath Meditation this collection of guided visualisations transports you from the mundane through to Higher Frequency levels of deep relaxation. Fran Tomlin is a clairvoyant Healer and Psychic Channel/Medium who has helped many to access a Divine State of Grace, allowing for all healing to be made possible.

by Brother Wayne Teasdale who predicted that this would become the global spiritual view of our era. Emphasizing shared experiences of heart and unity consciousness that transcend all faiths and traditions yet comfortably embraces each path’s uniqueness is fast becoming the religion of the third millennium. Google the word “interspirituality” and you will probably find yourself among the many who align themselves this enlightened perspective. If you want to keep abreast of the leading edge of spirituality today, this book is a must read.

Awakening the Divine Heart

By Trish Blythman Sonnai This album was intuited and channelled directly through the Spiritual Masters and Angelic Realms and the soul vibration of Michael Jackson, creating both a unique healing tool and a musical revelation of inspired beauty and joy. Through sacred sound Trish utilizes voice and singing bowls, guiding the listener to inner peace, love and realisation.

The Coming Interspiritual Age

By Kurt Johnson & David Robert Ord This book is an important work. The term “interspirituality” was coined

Moon Rites

by Michelle Royce This book shines the light on the feminine path to personal power and enables women to connect with their unique spirituality. The book is divided into three sections- The Goddess Story, detailing the history of the divine feminine; the Moon Rites, covering the three life stages; and the Moon Goddess Journal, a

workbook corresponding with the thir teen lunar months with room to make notes documenting your journey. It is designed as a toolkit and contains suggestions for honouring these rites with rituals, affirmations, visualisations, and holistic therapies including herbal remedies, yoga, aromatherapy and dream interpretation. Alongside these tips are many interviews with women sharing their story. The Moon Rites are your birthright- it’s time to reclaim them! Go to to order your copy.

ant and powerfully insightful messages coupled with inspired angelic art from gifted visionary artist Josephine Wall. A beautiful set created to uplift, awaken, guide and inspire.

Mystical Oracle Cards


Inspirational Guidance Gaye Guthrie

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Mystical Oracle Cards Front of box.indd 1

3/04/13 5:53 PM

By Gaye Guthrie An exquisite set of inspirational guidance cards, from renowned spiritual teacher and clairvoyant/medium Gaye Guthrie. Each card offers poign-

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Walking With Spirit is Joy Brisbane’s second book, her other being When Do The Tears Stop? Joy is a psychic medium, trained in nursing and counselling. She facilitates workshops on grief healing, psychic ability and past life regression. She lives just out of Ballarat, Victoria, and combines her training and psychic abilities to help people move through traumatic experiences to reclaim happiness in their lives. Walking With Spirit is an extension of her work. It is a book of inspiration to guide you into knowing self-wor th and self-love and therefore happiness. Joy says, “Ultimately, we are all on this planet to learn one single lesson; how to live a happy and joyful life.” The thir ty chapters in Walking With Spirit are a guide to help the reader move beyond pain, de-

pression and anxiety. Joy addresses subjects such as self-love and forgiveness, guilt and resentment and the giant within us. She writes about using the positive power of the mind to overcome the negative power of the mind. COMMENTS FROM HER READERS “The book is very readable, not authoritative, at a grass roots level, from the hear t and above all, well written.” And, “Usually a small book like this I would read in one sitting but found I had to stop and reflect a lot. It is small in size but not in content; many words of wisdom with great examples.” Joy says, “When we learn to be powerful beings from a place of love instead of a place of fear, then our relationships with others will become joyful experiences. When we learn to love self, our love for others will

expand, grow and deepen because we will be in touch with who we truly are: beautiful and magnificent beings, the gods/goddesses within. And we will recognise the beauty in others.” Walking With Spirit can be purchased t h r o u g h Joy ’ s w e b s i t e w w w.


Why is Information important?


Healers have been using energy for quite a few years now. There is widespread acknowledgment that the universe, and that includes us humans, is made up from energy. But what gives shape to the energy? What creates the different cells with different functions in our body? What determines whether a par ticle of matter or a cell becomes a tree or a person? Science also tells us that everything contains vibrations. There is a groundswell of evidence towards the importance and effect of the vibrations we surround ourselves with and consequently, the effect they have on our health and general wellbeing. Energy (and its vibrations) tends to have limited form and by itself exists in a state of chaos rather than organisation. What is it that provides the ‘grand design’ and the perfection? Information. Since the mid 60’s, maybe earlier, scientists have been telling us that DNA can be affected by light and by sound, that is, the information contained within can alter the basic energies. The impor tance of information as a necessary part of affecting energy cannot be understated. Of course, the information needs to be coming from the highest source or intelligence in its purest unadulterated form. Many teachings express the knowingness that thoughts create our reality. Is this really an expression that energy plus information equals our reality? In the healing field we are seeing that when we move beyond just energy healing and bring in the second part of the equation – information- without dilution or effect from our human perspective, we are seeing a new reality – a new level of healing. One that challenges our old beliefs with the results as it brings life changes to previously challenging issues – healing beyond belief. Light and sound both carry information that can affect the energy and consequently the systems within us. We must remember that they are different frequencies and as one can never be the other, we do need both. When we use the information contained within superluminal light which is linked to the highest intelligence possible and mix it with combinations of very specific sound frequencies and tunings based within the universe and nature, we can recreate a contemporary sacred space that resonates and allows the healing information to come through the axiatonal lines connecting to the multidimensional aspects of space. The science of Cymatics supports the effects of different sound frequencies and the patterns or sacred geometries that are created, especially as we get into the higher harmonics based on cer tain core base frequencies. Some of these upper frequencies can only be created when we use speakers that shift the air. Headphones cannot create these same upper harmonics. The higher the frequencies, the more complex the sacred geometries that are created. There are many studies now showing the effect of both sound and superluminal Light on human, animal and plant DNA strands and cell structures. The new levels of healing are

moving beyond just energy and using the information (mathematical and chemical codings) that we now can connect to. Discerning what we connect to is of great importance. There are ways to ensure a connection to higher intelligence rather than just with any intelligence. Many bands of frequencies of information exist in the void and not all have the best intentions. Forms of healing that just connect without discernment become more hit and miss in the results that could be obtained. Information brings order and function to create the whole – at the highest level a perfect whole. Advances in science have shown that everything is made up of energy and that subatomic particles are all interconnected which supports the concept of oneness that many religions and spiritual practices have long advocated. As a healing practitioner it is important to include this and the associated concepts of universal love/compassion in our practice When SPECTRA Healing came through in 2011, the impor tance of facilitating the highest forms of information through both light and sound were explained, along with the specific sounds that were to be used to connect through to Divine Intelligence and our Lightbody. Special music was developed to incorporate this new knowledge and to create both a sacred space and inter-dimensional connections. Detailed information was also given on how to ensure the best connection to Divine Intelligence through Superluminal Light - aspects which included the importance of a certain brainstate, Universal Love and Compassion through a sense that we are all part of the same One, Gratitude, recognising our source and bringing through the Light. SPECTRA Healing allows us to facilitate the highest level of healing for ourselves and others in the most simple of ways without the need to diagnose or direct the healing process. How can this work for you? Learn to heal yourself in a 3 hour workshop or become a practitioner in 2 days. We become the observers as the move to perfection within our bodies takes place on all levels and our imperfections (physical, mental and other symptoms) just fall away. Build a bridge between the mind, body, soul and spirit in order to live your life to your optimum potential, health and reality. For more information visit A n t h o ny C r a i g i s the originator of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker . Based in Adelaide he travels extensively as an Instructor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. www.SpectraHealing. com

our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . .

Re-Think Watch!

The tool for positively changing your life by changing what we think and retrain our brain and our behaviour. The Re-Think Watch encourages us to become present to ourselves, in the "here and now" and in so doing we can become more aware of what we are thinking, and re-think negative thoughts to embrace new and positive ideas, and exercise greater control over emotional responses. You are the accumulation of all that you have thought and been told about yourself - the positive ideas and the not-so-positive. Every day we have between 50 and 60,000 thoughts! Some estimates indicate that in excess of 80% of our thoughts are negative and potentially destructive; dwelling in the past or the future; obsession about mistakes we might have made, battling guilt, planning ahead or worrying. As the Re-Think Watch gently vibrates at your pre-set intervals (10 minutes ... 15 minutes or your chosen time) you are reminded to STOP, take note of exactly what you are thinking and replace it with a positive idea or behaviour. DELIBERATELY frame all of your thoughts, focussing on what it is you want. Positively focusing on what you DO WANT will expand and draw it to you like a magnet! The Re-Think Watch serves as a reminder for you to observe your thoughts, re-think the negative messages and consciously replace them with positive messages, actions and affirmations to support you in living a full, happy and healthy life. A tool for positive life change. A gentle reminder device to help re-train our brain from negative to positive thought.

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our goal is to awaken one community at a time . . . TM

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Our noodles are made out of all natural vegetable Glucomann fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects backed by medical researches for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation! Konjac has been grown and used in Japan and China for over 2000 years as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body.


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“The ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles are virtually no calories, providing a substantial amount of food with very little energy intake. They may be useful for weight management and can combine well with other ingredients. Many patients struggle to enjoy meals when I’ve reduced their pasta or rice intake. These noodles give the ‘illusion’ of the missing carbohydrates without the guilt. My suggestion is to include these noodles as an ingredient in your stir-fry’s, soups, and snacks. Mix them with loads of fresh vegetables and protein sources. You shouldn’t eat the noodles as your only source of food. Whilst the ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles aren’t filled with nutrients, they serve as a carrier for the vitamin and mineral dense vegetables in your diet. Now you can enjoy healthy, nutritious meals without loading up on carbohydrates and calories. ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles are made from natural glucomannan fibre making them free from gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and sugar. I can’t think of a person who couldn’t tolerate them.” Robert Reeves, Naturopath

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