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Your Holistic Community Guide in VIC


Volume 27 - Issue 2

Proudly serving the community since 1988

5 Questions for bestselling author Lama Surya Das

John of God visits Australia Tips, Quotes and Koans for Peace and Serenity

by Barbara Ann Kipfer

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In God's Hands









8 Q&A ON ENLIGHTENMENT with Linda Clair











One breath and you're Here. This is the natural state. This is the place where we cease diminishing who we are by thinking we are something else ... smaller, bigger, stronger, better, more loving, more pure. This that we are in this breath is always already awake, pure, whole and eternally free. When the mind takes hold, This takes a back seat, simply allowing and observing ... no rush, no desire ... simply being and lovingly allowing. It's funny how we can lose ourselves in those thoughts and feelings about ourselves, about our lives, about others. It's funny how we continue to fall back in to attached forgetfulness even once we've seen the truth of our essential eternal beingness. Our innate freedom lovingly allows even this. How compassionate This is to allow it... so patient and compassionate with ourselves. God loves us so completely. We can be whoever we dream ourselves to be. We can stay away from the Truth for as long as we choose to. But eventually we come Home. That soft burning love in the Heart ... steers the ship anyway. No matter what we do, where we go, Love will always win out. One breath and you're here. Do you know this? This is all it takes. You're breathing anyway, why not make good use of it? When we remember to come back in, all is clear ... immediately clear, pure, true and transparent. We can hang on at the edge forever, wondering when God will raise us up ... we will be waiting forever. The edge asks us to let go and drop back in. "Be here," it whispers. "Be here and drop in..."

There's no other way back. It takes all you've got. It takes more than courage. It takes the letting go of the "little me" view of things. Love calls each day, each moment ... your suffering is the measure of resistence and denial within you. This is what holds you captive yet this also can be your compass. See this, and you're in God's hands ... and suffering ends. One breath and you're Here. It's not a big ask ...really. Simply give all you've got ... all of it! Simply be who you are. This is the maxim: Be who you are. Could it be any simpler than this? Strip back to the bare aliveness within you. Don't stop with any thought. No thought will ever measure up. Be willing to simply fall back in. And This is here, forever here ... simply waiting for your return. One breath and you're Here. Ever-patient ... ever-compassionate ... ever-present. Ever-in God's hands. Affectionately Leo Drioli and Enza Vita

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Your Holistic Community Guide in NSW


Volume 27 - Issue 2

Proudly serving the community since 1988

5 Questions for bestselling author Lama Surya Das

John of God visits Australia Tips, Quotes and Koans for Peace and Serenity

by Barbara Ann Kipfer

DISCOVER YOUR PSYCHIC IN NSW A New Start Courses for the Body & Soul in NSW 3 MONTHS MOON CALENDAR JUNE-AUGUST 2014 Astrology Eye in the Sky June-August 2014

VOLUME 27 - Issue 2

Proudly serving the community since 1988

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what’s on around Melbourne sense of inner connection and wellbeing. Find out more about upcoming courses and retreats by visiting Color Me Cooper socially conscious shops in Woodend and Daylesford have on offer an exciting range of fair trade clothing that are designed in Australia and made in Nepal, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Cambodia profits go to www. which they set up themselves. You can read more on www.colormecooper.

Melbourne at a glance for June - August 2014

There’s plenty on offer around Melbour ne over the next three months. Here are some of the highlights: The MIND BODY SPIRIT Festival is back in June at a new location, the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. You can learn to conquer stress in minutes, discover the latest herbal supplements, or realise your psychic powers. Perhaps you’d like to know how to find your soul mate, enjoy the mysteries of tantric relationships, find that highly prized work-life balance, or balance your chakra. There is something for

everyone searching for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Friday 6 - Monday 9 June 2014. In the Hear t of Richmond, 87 Swan Street is C & J Crystal Harmony - New Age Crystal Shop with stunning natural gemstone jewellery, tarot and oracle cards, gift ware, incense & candles. Owner Jasmine Fricker is a spiritual and energy healer and provides services in healing therapies and runs courses in Reiki, Meditation and Crystals. 6 days (closed Tues) ph

(03) 9428 8000 facebook C & J Crystal Harmony

Personal testimony! Check out The Om Reiki Centre Traditional Japanese Reiki Courses & Retreats North Fitzroy Reiki level 1 June 28-29, Daylesford Retreat Reiki Level 2 June 14-15 & Master Reiki Level 3 August 22-24 www.omreiki. Mob: Jeremy 1300 853 356 0417328457. Jeremy also offers a healing system called Pellowah, which expands consciousness, unblocks and realignsthe meridians within the body, creating a deep

Mad Gallery & Café Lancefield one for the Arty-foodies! Sink into comfy lounge chairs, enjoy wholesome home-made soups and gourmet food made from ingredients from Macedon Ranges local farmers and producers. Mad Gallery have a well known reputation for putting on art exhibitions that features contemporary and leading edge fine art - 2D & 3D - from emerging and established artists, from all geographic locations, including this region and overseas.

Saturday & Sunday for breakfast from 8.30am and closes at 5pm. There is also a nice range of local produce for sale too. Facebook: Hock the Ruby Another Creative Enter prise based in Tullarook is Far Away fairies ….Beautifully Designed and hand crafted fairies by ar tist Robyn Monro, I can attest that these ‘little Carers of Nature’ fairies are truly delightful and each one has a colourful individual personality. Robyn uses old laces, hand dies them and uses a range of beautiful fabrics to create the clothing and adorns each one with wings to fly! with each one carefully crafted to your design specs. For orders go to FaceBook; Far Away Fairies

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As you drive into Tullarook you cannot help but notice the creative artwork painted on the front of the newly launched Hock the Ruby Café . Rebecca and her team serve Gold Award winning Reverence Coffee and a wide range of on-site freshly cooked food. open Friday,

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Self Publishing Your Book!


Download 3 chapters from “ALWAYS ALREADY FREE” by Enza Vita, publisher of InnerSelf. Brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity. — Lama Surya Das, bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Genpo Roshi, bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

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Leo Drioli

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Blissful Mind, Blissful Body

The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life. As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart. The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.

a book by Enza DeLuca,

This novel approach to manifesting the body weight that your heart desires brings together ancient yogic practical wisdom, the Law of Attraction and Enza DeLuca’s own studies into “naturally thin” people across the planet. 6 copies of this new release Blissful Mind, Blissful Body to be given away.

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Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar ACT


CANBERRA Majura Hall, Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT Phone (02) 6288 5242

GOLD COAST 3/14 Lavelle St., Nerang QLD Phone (07) 5527 2677



SYDNEY Brown St Community Centre, 8-10 Brown Street, Newtown NSW Phone (02) 9212 2100

MOORABIN ECK Community Centre 10/3 Tuck St., Moorabin Vic Phone (03) 9532 0523

PORT STEPHENS Corlette Hall, 49 Sandy Point Rd, Corlette NSW (02) 4984 4445

BELMONT South Barwon Community Centre 33 Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont Vic

BOX HILL Box Hill Community Arts Centre 470 Station St., Box Hill Vic CASTLEMAINE The Leistureville Centre 30 Williams St, Castlemaine. VIC Community HU Chant SOUTHBANK Mind Body Spirit Festival Melbourne Exhibition Centre , 1 Clarendon St, Southbank VIC

WA MAYLANDS Eckankar Centre of WA Maylands Commercial Centre 9/168 Guilford Rd (crn Eight Ave) Maylands WA Phone (08) 9271 8020 EAST FREMANTLE Glyde In 42 Glyde St East Fremantle WA Phone 0408 957 514 HEATHRIDGE Spiers Centre corner Poseidon Rd & Albatross Court Heathridge WA Phone (08) 9406 8198

For more information about Eckankar Events in your community please visit,


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14 Day Free Trial

Peaceful Parents - Quick & Easy Live Meditation Sessions that can be accessed by phone/online. Find Peace of Mind while saving time!

Are your kids driving you bananas? Do you have a baby or toddler at home and need a bit of "me time" but the thought of getting to a meditation group and paying for a babysitter stresses you out even more? Or do you just want to join a like-minded community and chill out? With no need to travel and sessions between 15-30 minutes, this is a parenting solution that you DO have time for. Nobody wants to be a grumpy parent, but with the pace of our modern lives and the constant needs of our children we can't help but feel less than peaceful and loving at times. Research shows that meditation helps relieve stress and anxiety while providing numerous other health and wellbeing benefits. Even if you already feel great it will make you feel even better! A Happy You = Happy Kids = Happy Family! Sessions starting soon. For more information. Sign up at or Contact: Michelle Coassin Mobile: 0413 074 767 Email: Website:

Spiritual Healer

JOHN OF GOD, in Sydney November 22-24 Many believe John of God, to be the greatest spiritual healer of our time. Millions from all over the globe have journeyed to the remote corner of Brazil known as Abadiânia to see him at his Casa. Now, for the very first time, he will visit Australia for a 3 day meeting of healing, prayer and meditation at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, November 22-24. So why is this humble Brazilian, Joâo Teixeira de Faria known as John of God, considered by so many to be

New film release Tim Strachan @ Unity Gallery

is pleased to announce the release of his new film

Healing the Unconscious Scream It is a film about my work as an artist and my approach to life. Our life is like a train journey where, through dialogue and discussion with others, and sometimes helpful books and teachers, we find our path through life and realise our true sense of self and connection to the Great Spirit of The Universe. Peace and compassion for self and for others are essential elements of life's journey as we grow into the light of universal consciousness. It is only with silence and stillness that we will hear the universe speak its truth - Tim

Search Tim Strachan on YouTube to see film. Call Unity Gallery on (08) 8388 4668 for appointment to view works

the most powerful spiritual healer in the world? Many credit John of God and his

work as the reason they overcame illnesses considered incurable by modern medical standards. But how can a malignant tumor disappear from someone’s body, or a blind person suddenly see, or a lame person walk? These are valid questions. But these are but a few of the many life-changing events people have reported after visiting John of God. Although people r ecognize him for facilitating their physical cures, he is also widely known for his gifts of emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Many people, on returning from their visit to John of God, have found emotional and spiritual healing , truly becoming more at peace with themselves even though their physical healing may not have manifested. The Casa De Dom Inacio, is the healing center where he dedicates his life to caring for anyone who seeks his help. Each day, thousands of people from all walks of life line up before him. Most report being touched in one way or another. Some report not experiencing anything, only to be surprised later by some unexpected gift. We estimate between eighteen and twenty five thousand Australians have visited him. Recently Oprah Winfrey made the journey to Abadiania to experience John of God’s work first hand. Dr Wayne Dwyer –credits him for a miraculous healings from Leukemia and another from a neck injury. Indeed, millions of people around

the world have benefited from John of God’s gifts. But with true humility, he is quick to point out that he has never healed anyone. Only God heals he says. American author and Teacher Josie Ravenwood states, “If this is the case, John of God is a singularly powerful medium of God’s work and love and an invaluable resource for those seeking healing of body, mind or spirit.” This is the first time John of God will visit Australia, and it is a remarkable chance to be in the presence of unconditional love. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime oppor tunity to engage with the healing energy of the Casa de Dom Inacio here in Sydney, Australia. The event will be held over 3 days, from 22 -24 November at Sydney Showground. Every one participating in the event will have a chance to go before John of God and be in his direct presence. This faceto-face encounter will be brief but he will have enough time to give you a direct instruction. This instruction will be relayed to you by a translator. One day tickets for John of God Sydney 2014 are available, though it is recommended that you attend for all three days, if you can. The event runs from November 22-24 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. To purchase tickets visit www. or call +61 2 9266 4051.

John of God in Sydney. November 22nd-24th Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park Known around the world as John of God and considered by many as the greatest spiritual healer of our time, Brazilian Joao Teixeira de Faria will visit Australia for the very first time. Over 18 million people from all corners of the globe have visited him in rural Brazil. Dont miss this once-in-a-lifetime weekend of healing, prayer and meditation.

Go to or call +61 2 9266 4051 to book your ticket.

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awakening one community at a time . . .

awakening one community at a time . . .


Q & A on Enlightenment Linda: You don’t have to do the body scan every time. If you want to go through feeling various sensations in your body, do that. Bringing the attention back to the breath is something that I suggest you do throughout your sitting. By that I don’t mean focus on the breath. To focus on something means to exclude something, and this practice is about being completely open and not avoiding anything. Be aware of the sounds around you, and then come back to the breath. Watch your reaction to the sounds around you. Watch how you comment on things - even something like the wind . . . ‘Ah, the wind sounds nice.’ See that, break it, and come back to the breath. I’m not saying to stop listening to the wind, but to watch the judgment, the comments about the sound of the wind. See how difficult it can be to use your pure sensations to simply hear the wind, or anything else. Use any sensations you feel to bring your attention back to your body. The body is a sensory organism. It’s made up of the senses, but the senses have been corrupted by the mind Question: There seems to be a contradiction between stillness and the movement involved in attention.

Linda: You can only see motion if you’re still. When you’re really still, you can see every little movement. But, real stillness is actually a very highly energetic state to be in. Question: Where do thoughts play into that?

Linda: Do you mean thinking or thoughts? Thinking is a movement away from here, from now. A thought is the imagined object that

you are moving towards. It’s only your interest in the thought that creates that movement. It doesn’t really matter what the subject of the thought is. It’s that movement you need to see, rather than focusing on the thought that you want to go towards, which is not real, which doesn’t really exist. Once you start to get a taste of how it feels to be really here, really present in your body, thinking starts to lose its attraction. It becomes more and more obvious that the thoughts are not real. The body is not real either, but it’s the closest thing that we have to reality in this existence, and much more tangible than the mind. Question: Does what you’re saying apply to the motion of attention? For example, attention to the wind and to sensations?

Linda: Does that attention need to be in motion? If you’re purely listening to the wind, why does there need to be movement in that? There’s only movement when you start thinking about the wind. To simply hear the wind, you don’t need to think about it. Can you sit now, and just hear the wind? Let the wind come into you, rather than you going towards it. Question: If I take a stop from daily activities and sit quietly with my eyes open and direct my attention inwards I find I travel down a welltrodden path to the deeper regions of my inner body. It always seems like I arrive at the same place but the sensations are usually different. For example, if I have been connected to my past with worry or busyness there is a gross sensation around my abdominal region and if I am light and more connected to the now, the sensations are finer and tend to encompass the whole body. Either way I always end up experiencing a



Question: Is the basic instruction to bring your attention to the belly, and then do a body scan?



The Ultimate Goal of all Striving

common sensation that is telling me that I am alive in this body. These moments of pause can last for a few minutes to several hours, depending on my schedule. My question is, can this type of practice replace formal meditation practice?

Linda: While the practice that you’re describing sounds great, I would not advise you to totally replace your formal meditation practice with it. Why not use both practices? They are very closely connected . . . Look at the intention behind this question. Is there some resistance to continuing your more formal sitting practice? I still formally sit almost every day. While there is no intention behind it now, I can see that it keeps me humble, and it is an expression of the deep respect that I have for this practice. Linda Clair is a non-sectarian teacher and author of the book, ‘What Do You Want?’ She holds meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canada and the USA. Currently she is also working on her second book. For more information, please visit or phone Christian on 0451 595 092

Meditation “Enlightenment is not a state of mind...” Non-sectarian meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne with Linda Clair or phone Christian on 0451595092

Buddhism captured my attention over 40 years ago when I was a university student. The idea that our needs and preferences are the source of our suffering made immediate sense at an intellectual level. Having what we don’t want, and not having what we do want, is the recipe for all our pain, upset and dissatisfaction. If we can free ourselves from the ‘need’ for things to be different, or to stay the same, we have discovered a state of unconditional freedom. This is what is meant by the term ‘nirvana.’ It is the state where nothing needs to be different.

We make huge demands on the environment

It seems we are relatively incapable of ‘just being with ourselves,’ simply sitting and being with ‘what is.’ Instead we need to be entertained, amused, distracted or unconscious. The external resources that are required to keep us just marginally content are quite phenomenal. We spend enor mous amounts of money on our appearance: wearing the right clothes, trying to look young and attractive. In some weird way we expect to be in optimum health, right up until the moment of our death! The alternative is to discover how we already have everything that’s needed to be fulfilled in the most comprehensive way possible. There are hundreds of thousands of great spiritual masters throughout the ages that have shown us that this is possible. There are sages who lived in ‘great bliss’ in severe environments without any heating or air-conditioning, without the latest gadgets, and without the security of knowing that quality medical care

was close at hand. The ultimate benchmark that these sages offer us is the possibility of making the journey through aging and dying without losing a connection with the supernal bliss of unconditioned awareness. For these sages, death itself was a non-event. As the 16th Karmapa of Tibet said on his deathbed in 1981, ‘nothing happens.’”

Present moment awareness gives us everything we need

We can make our own experiment right now. Here we are. How do we discover, first-hand, the very same reality that allowed the sages of the past and present to remain unperturbed in the face of the very same experiences that throw us into confusion, obsession, anger or fear? How do we remain unperturbed and tranquil in the face of the inevitable challenges that arise in life: changes in our fortune, our health, the loss of loved ones and ultimately the loss of everything we know at our death? The remarkable news is that nothing is needed in order to make this discovery. We don’t need ‘more time,’ to be somewhere else, or receive a superior teaching. All that’s required is to see that “in the moment” we have everything that’s needed to be fulfilled. In this moment we don’t need anything more. We don’t need more money, a different body, a different partner—not in this very instant. This moment gives us everything we need. That’s the magic of the moment. We don’t need to be entertained, right now—enough is happening. We don’t need a flashy car—we’re not in it! In this moment,

we don’t need a different standard of living, or a better return on our investments—we are clothed, fed and comfor table. We have everything we need, in order to rest with ‘what is.’ The beauty of this moment is that it’s effortless and uncontrived. The magic of this moment is that it’s ungraspable and ineffable. We can’t hold onto any particular moment. We can’t say what ‘this’ moment is. It leaves without a trace or history. We can’t think about ‘this’ because there is nothing to think about. This is exactly what the sages mean when they say that ‘this’—the ultimate reality—is indescribable. And now we can also see that if we are ‘here’ at the moment of our death, we have no fear. If we were to remain in this state, our death would be uneventful. The process of dying is nothing more than a continual letting go of everything at the conditioned level: our body, our friends, our possessions, our memories—in fact, the entire known world. At our death we say goodbye forever, to everything that we know and we never return. If we are here—resting in unconditioned awareness— everything can drop away with no grasping or attachment.” If you look at it, everything we do is ultimately aimed at being here. Even if this recognition only lasts for a few moments, in these moments the work is done. We’re abiding in the ultimate state. We’re resting in the state that’s the ultimate goal of all human endeavours in every field. From conducting wars, to entering into relationship, to trying to make a billion dollars, whatever it is, it is all aimed at being here. And here we are at that point, at least in this moment. There is nowhere further to go. And what’s so incredible is that it’s not even an accomplishment. Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy and creator of the 9-month Radiant Mind Course® ( and the 10-month Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training (www.


awakening one community at a time . . .

Nothing to Get, Nothing to Grasp Q & A with Enza Vita, author of “Always Already Free”

5 Questions for Lama Surya Das, bestselling author of “Awakening the Buddha Within” Lama Surya Das, affectionately called by the Dalai Lama as “The Western Lama” has spent over forty years studying Zen, Vipassana, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism with the great masters of Asia. He has twice completed the traditional three year meditation cloistered retreat and he is an authorized lama and lineage holder in the Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism. What started you on the spiritual path?

I don't know. I think it must have been my karma. While in college I met my first Zen master at the Rochester Zen Center in New York and I tried to learn to meditate. I wanted to find peace, to embody peace and bring peace into the world. I thought I would find something like that in India, I guess. I went to India when I graduated in the 70s. I met Tibetan lamas in the countries around Tibet and I also lived in Japan studying Zen and teaching English to make a living. I stayed with my teachers for a long time. I was away the entire 1970s and 80s. So you studied under spiritual

teachers of various traditions... I have studied with Hindu teacher, Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba), Tibetan Buddhist Lamas Thubten Yeshe, Kalu Rinpoche and His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. In 1973 and 1974, I lived in Kyoto, Japan, where I taught English and studied Zen Buddhism under Uchiyama Roshi. I also studied Vipassana in the 1970s, with S. N. Goenka and Anagarika Munindra, of the Theravadin tradition. How would a beginner start on the spiritual path?

By slowing down a little bit and simplifying his life. Our schedules are so cluttered that we just go from one chore to the next. So I think, simplifying and clarifying our life and cleaning out our closets or cleaning out our garage or cleaning out our schedule or cleaning out our mind

a little bit. Meditation really helps us clarify and simplify our minds. So then what's important to us is more evident. So it's not so packed just with commitments and obligations, but we really choose what's valuable to prioritize. What's valuable to us. We’ve lost a lot of our spiritual roots and traditions and everything is kind of a fast supermarket today. So it’s kind of a spiritual supermarket also. Which is good because you can get whatever you want. But there’s a downside to it too. Which is, you can get so much that you don’t know what you want, you don’t know how to decide what you want, you don’t even know what fits. You want what’s new and what’s happening and so we have events instead of training. Spiritual events instead of any kind of spiritual life. So I think that’s a downside. We would like to talk about your practice in the Tibetan tradition of Dzogchen or the Great Practice?

Dzogchen basically deals with the innate intelligence or intrinsic awareness which all beings possess. Remember we are all Buddhas. There is a great story about a cook in Adzum Trungpa’s tent camp. Adzum Trungpa was a great master, and one day his cook, who was unlettered and untrained, burned his hand in the fire and “woke up”. He came running to the master and told him what he had realized. Everything fell apart in that moment of burning his hand; he had a total satori breakthrough and nondual experience. He realized who he was and the nature of all things. The master said, “That’s it!” And the cook said, “Now what?” And the master said, “Keep cooking.” That cook became a great yogi, and he just kept cooking. But he had that big view, which is not intellectual. it’s not a philosophical view. It’s your intuitive highest wisdom. It’s your gestalt, your over view,

which is pre-thought, really. It’s how you see the world. So Dzogchen has nothing to do with knowledge or sophistication, or with this or that school or tradition?

Dzogchen is beyond “isms” and “schisms.” It’s beyond Buddhism. We’re all Buddhas, some asleep and some awakened. A sleeping Buddha and an awakened Buddha are both Buddhas by nature. From a spiritual perspective you have to see that light in all of us. I think that’s really where the future lies: really love life and cherish life in all its forms and cherish each other and not just try to find out who’s right and who’s wrong, or which religion or which culture is the best, and then weed everybody else out. And for that, we have to really open our hearts. It’s a matter of the heart, not just of the head. But the head and the heart in tandem.

Q: I have just read “Become the Sky” in the latest copy of InnerSelf and have a couple of questions.When a concerted effort is made to question reality the mind can throw up many mysterious ‘visions’ relating to the senses which in Buddhism includes consciousness. So when one experiences Emptiness how is it verified as true? Secondly what is in that Emptiness?

A: Nothing is in the Emptiness. Emptiness is empty. Emptiness is not a thing, an absolute or a special realm of existence. It is not an object of perception but a mode of perception where we look at everything with no thought of whether there’s anything lying behind them, empty of the ideas and the stories we usually add to our experience in order to make sense of it. The experience of Emptiness is verified as true by the unique ‘aroma’ of nothingness: nothing appears other than emptiness. When we fir st realize emptiness, we can do so conceptually through an image. By continuing to experience emptiness over and over again, the image gradually become more and more transparent until it disappear completely and we see emptiness directly. One never stands apart from emptiness beholding it from somewhere else. The taste of emptiness in the body, mind and spirit, is the knowingness that what happens is just what happens. You see directly that everything is empty, like misty smoke or like the blue sky, floating

and forming and reforming in a vast endless sky. We feel the cloudlike nature of thoughts, emotions, desires, body, actions, and words. If we look at anything it disappears like a cloud, and the cloud disappears into a cloud. We realize that all is emptiness but this doesn’t mean we are apart from life. Quite the opposite in fact: It is impossible not to be connected with everything and nothing is beyond our concern. The only thing real is connection: emptiness touching emptiness, free and yet nondifferent from our self. When we begin to understand and to live in this way, the sense of alienation from a reality existing as separate from us - is gone. The sense of a solid, separate self is gone. The anxiety we may have experienced about the spiritual puzzle (“Am I experiencing Emptiness or is this illusion?) is gone. We know that there is no ultimate truth or view to claim, including a view from nowhere. There is no place to land or stand and so there is no place to fall. Q: Who or what realises enlightenment?

A: It’s the ocean that realizes itself in you. You are the ocean, yet you have believed yourself to be just one of its limited waves. As a wave, yes you are limited. You have a birth and you will suffer a death, crashing against the shore, never to be seen again. We call these waves “conscious-

ness.” They contain your entire life story yet they are limited expressions of what you are. The reality is that you are actually the ocean itself, the very source of all waves. When the wave is no longer interesting, there is the opportunity to step back and notice your infinite presence as ocean. As long as you take yourself to be something contained within the temporary, you will never know the limitlessness that you are. In truth, you are never limited, only seemingly so. Just as the ocean taking itself to be a wave does not actually divide the ocean into parts, so taking yourself to be a limited entity does not limit the totality that you are. Realization is not about you, the wave, realizing it is the ocean. The ocean realizes itself in you and reveals itself to have never been just a wave. Nothing changes except the falling away of a false belief. Enza Vita is the co-editor of InnerSelf Newspaper and founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation , a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings. Through her job, she had the opportunity to meet and study under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world. Culminating in a profound spiritual realization in 2007, she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book Always Already Free. Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free, guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the ever-present reality always available here and now. Free download of 3 chapters from the book are available from www.

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always already free

recognizing what is always naturally present Whatever experience is occurring right now, cosmic or ordinary, supersedes every other one because it is the one happening in this present moment. Every moment is in fact a perfect mirror of the divine impulse to manifest into the world. Life’s mystery and its mundaneness are equally divine. This brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity and Presence brings us to a new awareness of ourselves and our innate wholeness and completeness. Enza’s personal awakening story, in the first few pages, is worth the price of admission. Enlightened wisdom is like an endangered natural resource today, which we overlook at our peril; let’s join in exploring and developing our own innate transformational resources for a change. — Lama Surya Das, international bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within This is an outstanding offering to our appreciation of the genuine voice of Pure Presence. It brings us to a deep awareness of what it truly means to study and realize the self and our intrinsic true nature as that which is already perfect, whole and complete. A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Genpo Roshi, international bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

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The Rise and Rise of Conscious Music

BY SKY SHAYNE INNES I have just returned from a visionary conference in Japan where speakers from all over the world gathered to present their inspired view of where we are at, and how we are going, in this great shift in consciousness. Whilst there was a wonderful diversity of messages and many truly uplifting stories reflecting the shift, there was one common theme that we all spoke about. And that was love. It didn’t matter whether the presentation was from the most scientific point of view or a more philosophical point of view, we all wove our presentations around the principle of love. Today I feel that love is commonly understood by most of us to be what is needed for the shift. But even in the most recent past, I have been questioned for holding love as the transformative force we need, indeed desperately need, at this time on the planet. So it was wonderfully gratifying to see this recognition reflected at the conference. There may be much talk of love but what does it actually mean to live in love? How do we make this awareness a reality in our lives? And what does it mean in practical terms? I am a psychologist and the fo u n d e r o f H E A R T h e r a py © . HEARTherapy is founded on two key areas. As a psychological model, it is based on Quantum Psychology which in turn is derived from Quantum Physics. The way we have been perceiving life needs to be expanded to incorporate the new consciousness of this astonishing science, which is really the proof, if you like, of ancient wisdom. Psychology, by definition, is the study of the human mind and its functions. Quantum Psychology is the study of consciousness and how it functions through the human mind. We don’t know much about this yet but we do know that iťs

very powerful. Quantum psychology repositions the psychological self. Instead of it being the core identification, it is recognised as only one point of view, one perception learnt from past experiences. Psychologically, we think, feel and believe that we are this mind/body mechanism operating in a world that exists out there. Quantum psychology helps us recognise that we are so much more than this and that we create the kind of world we live in. The second key area is based on the new science of the heart which is a direct reflection of the ancient wisdom of the heart from all of the great traditions going back thousands of years. The bridge between these two crucial areas is the recognition that consciousness is all there is, and its nature is love. As a process for healing, the vibrational frequency of love is fundamental. Without this frequency, true healing cannot happen and we remain locked in our prison of fear. This is also the bridge between the new sciences and the perennial wisdom of the mystics. With this new expanded intelligence, Quantum Psychology bring the awareness of who we truly are. This is vital to access, in really practical ways, the alchemical power of love. It is the way we tap into the infinite field of possibility. Without accessing this realm, we cannot change. Pure consciousness or the Zero Point as it is often called, literally dissolves all maladaptive ideas of who you think, feel and believe you are. To understand the principles of Quantum Psychology is one thing. To feel them, overriding the feeling of being a separate human being living in the world is another thing altogether. This is where the heart comes in. It helps you feel who you truly are.

Many teachings help you understand but until you feel it, you cannot embody it. To heal the illusion of separation you must feel your wholeness and your divinity. You must feel it in spite of the bodily sensations of your separate, psychological self. This is where your hear t plays such a crucial role. It becomes the portal out of the jungle of consensus reality. In Quantum Psychology, we talk about sympathetic resonance. This is a kind of energetic signature associated with emotion. Emotion is energy in motion, or resonance. The emotions you feel, whether you are conscious of them or not, are like a sounding board broadcasting to the universe. For example, if you are broadcasting the resonant frequency of “not good enough” this energetic signature attracts a world to reflect that. Such fear-based perceptions may be completely unconscious but they are informing your life. How you feel about the conditions, circumstances and events of your life inform your life. If they reflect limitation, you are creating limitation. When we have a scarcity consciousness, we live with lack. When we have an abundance consciousness, we enter the realm of vast, unlimited possibility. Without awareness, you can only react, and react, and react. Find the source of your fear and you find the way out from its spell. Finding the source means you have to dive into the fear, not run from it. Diving into it is not to re-traumatise but to feel what is really going on. It is removing the mask or coping strategy. Then, and only then, can you change your vibrational signature to resonate with a different outcome. The healing property of love cannot be properly understood by the mind. It can only be fully appreciated

through the heart because it is an experience of who you truly are. Such an experience cannot help but change you. And it does this at the quantum level of pure consciousness, the Field out of which it all arises. At this level you have an entirely different energetic signature, one that resonates with the vibrational frequency of love. You cannot change your energetic signature through your mind. That is why so many of your attempts to change in the past have failed. No amount of affirmation or prayer will bring the changes you long for through your mind alone. Your heart, with its vibrational frequency of love, brings real change with an inner conviction that pervades your entire being. It is the kind of conviction, that as sure as the sun will set, so it will rise again. This kind of knowing is the change agent. Exploring this astonishing phenomenon that you are, through your heart, is the most fascinating, wondrous and powerful thing you can do. Founder of HEARTherapy©, Sky is a psychologist, spiritual coach and author of the book Love's Alchemy. Working internationally, Sky offers courses and private sessions to help you evolve a cosmology for real transformation and growth. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit www.


It goes without saying that music is a vital par t of our daily lives. It can lift the heaviest heart, can bring back a memory with the start of a single note and can motivate a nation to action. Grammy nominated producer, Frank Fitzpatrick described music as “the most consistent and dependable way I’ve found to connect to my inner voice, lift my spirits and bring myself back into balance. Music has turned the most mundane and the most challenging moments of my life into deeply resonating human, and often indescribably divine, experiences.” So what exactly is conscious music? Bhakti mantras? Southern gospel songs? Traditional hymns, indigenous sounds or street hip hop? This is the topic that is open for discussion on the free online Power of Music Forum, a gathering of some of conscious music’s most popular artists and producers; and also the question we faced when we commenced countdown on Soul Traveller Radio. Organiser of The Power of Music online conference, DJ Fabian Alsultany said in a recent interview with Soul Traveller Radio that conscious music is “a music that is able to say a story of truth. And that story is one that is touching on The Divine, Love or Human Rights and Justice. For me those are the 3 Pillars that express what conscious music is.” Whilst DJ Fabian has described it as 3 Pillars of Conscious Music, internationally acclaimed musician and sound healer, Chris James believes there is a 4th and vitally important pillar that we tend to neglect with conscious music. Energy. “For conscious music to be completely effective, the connection to Source is integral.”

Attending the Conscious Living Expo in Melbourne, Chris was one of 4 panel members on a discussion we held about Conscious Music. All 4 panellists, Chris, Kavisha, Lou Van Stone and Sika agreed that having conscious lyrics was not enough. Instrumentalist, Sika, agreed that for music to be considered conscious, especially his as instrumental, there was a connection to Source that was vital. “How do you classify instrumental music within the conscious music field. It has to come down to the energy behind the music. I set an intention and connect with Spirit before I commence playing to ensure that I come from a pure place.” Whilst we all have our personal preferences of what pillar of conscious music we prefer to lean on when we really listen, it is the energy behind the song that becomes the driving factor. Is the singer tapping into a source far greater than their own poetic ability? Is it driven by love, faith or understanding what needs to change? Most importantly does it motivate you to change? Let your music be the light on the path to your inner journey and ultimately the calling of your soul. Shayne Locke is the Program Director of Soul Traveller Radio and Producer of Sage Magazine. After many years of supporting Independent Music, Shayne is now taking his music passion and combining it with his own personal conviction to help bring conscious music to the world through Soul Traveller Radio. E: W:

  

   

     


        

               



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Courses for the Body & Soul in Melbourne Consciousness

Many think of health or wealth, but few think of Consciousness. Within everything from the atom to the largest Galaxy, there is Consciousness. Everything and everyone in the Universe, including you, expresses a Consciousness corresponding to their level of evolution. Evolution is ongoing. Consciousness can be developed. The Spiritual Path is really for those who are not satisfied with the status quo - those who feel there is something more to life - those who want to expand their Consciousness and take control of their destiny. At the Foundation for Higher Learning we are given both the theory and the practice for the expansion of Consciousness whereby a new layer can dawn inside us. Through knowledge, mantra, meditation and chanting we can gradually and safely alter the level of our Consciousness and escape its limitations. Conditions after death obey the same Law as in life. Practices, as mentioned above, will not only alter your life now, but it will alter your life in the after-death condition and ultimately it will liberate you altogether. Therefore if we really want to change our Consciousness in this lifetime we must start working. Right Now!

The Foundation for Higher Learning invites you to join us on this exciting path.

The Next Wave

We are in such exciting times….. My guides keep telling me that at no other time in Earth’s history has Humanity grown in Spiritual awareness as it is right now. As those on a Spiritual path move through the energetic blocks that have been slowing them down,

the ripple effect of that helps EACH person on the planet. So as Humanity’s consciousness grows so does our connection with the cosmic consciousness hence the amount of contact we are having with extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional beings on a psychic level. What I am finding now is that there are many spiritually aligned people who have an even stronger fire growing within them, driving them with great passion to let go of anything that slows them down to help Mother Earth and Humanity. If you feel this, connect with other people who feel the same. The story that comes from the Indian Nations is that at the beginning of white settlement of North America the medicine men and women of many tribes were given visions of these strange people that were coming. The visions talked of the killing of all the buffalo, the damage to Mother Earth and the deaths of the warriors. The visions also talked of the warriors coming back. It was thought that the warriors were to come back in that generation. That was not to be. The warriors are coming back now! They are not only here as spiritual guides they are also here within us. The people here, now who feel a fire inside them to help mother earth and to help humanity. The new wave of warriors are waking up! It is Mother Earth’s time to heal. The tide is changing! Matthew Greenwood is a shamanic healer, counsellor and medium. He runs personal and spiritual development workshops, talks and healing sessions in Adelaide, Perth and interstate. He also runs tours to Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, USA every August taking small groups to experience a little of what he has

learnt living, eating and breathing with the Lakota People, meeting elders, doing ceremonies and seeing sacred sites for 2 weeks.

He can be contacted on 0410 658 797.

Amanda Pippos

Embrace Change and Realise Your Goals Now!! Create Per son al Em powerment For the Life You Want To Live! Have you tried different self-help techniques with good intentions, but can’t seem to move any closer to your goals? Whatever you desire in your life, you DO have the power to create it. Any obstacles blocking your success can be cleared. Old programs in the subconscious mind can be replaced with newer, better programs which support you, and align your subconscious mind with your goals. Unlock your creative power and passion, increase confidence, understand the process of manifesting, and ultimately attract greater success in every aspect of your life! Amanda offers personal consultations, as well as unique experiential workshops and retreats from her 20ft Native American Tipi, blending ancient tribal and ceremonial wisdom with modern cutting edge mind power techniques. Amanda is a consulting clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and workshop facilitator with over 15 years’ experience. Many people are using these techniques to trance-form their lives faster than ever before! Learn how you too can tap into your personal power and really make your dreams come true.

CONTACT Amanda Pippos N.D., C.H. M Phone 0409 173 105 Facebook amandapippospage Website www.amandapippos.

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It is true for us that to be loved and to love another is the one true happiness, and with connection to our spirituality brings completeness to our lives. We are born to question our existence – our experiences, relationships, and pain and suffering, to map a course through life that will bring us meaning, joy and peace, and ultimately connection to a loving, nourishing environment. With silence there is much to be learned from our instinct and intuition, and the helpful teachers in our lives. The noise of distraction, struggle and conflict, prevents us hearing and realising the truth. We share our joys together as we sing our hearts out. If we did not have the ability to love we could not sing, we would not sing. We have all come to be supportive of each other as we all deal with our lives and the way it affects our interactions. As one of the group I feel so blessed and welcome your presence. I look forward to sharing my love of life and others, and my connection to the Great Spirit that has brought us together to share our love.

For details of Tim Strachan’s work check out his movie on YouTube.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


Tips, Quotes and Koans for Peace & Serenity In her book Self-Meditation: 3,299 Mantras, Tips, Quotes and Koans for Peace and Serenity, bestselling author Barbara Ann Kipfer offers a wealth of inspiration for practicing kindness and breathing in the beauty of daily moments and the miracles that are our lives. Here are 20 of our favorite suggestions from her book. 1.Let small chores act as a stop sign to “breathe, relax and experience peace.” 2.Sit down and “become a human still life.” Don’t do anything. Just breathe. 3.When you’re driving, focus solely on that experience. “Feel the steering wheel, the pedals, the seat.” 4.“Listen for the quietest sound.” 5.Focus on your sense of smell. Take something you’d like to smell, such as a flower or food, and put it up close to your nose. Notice the changes in the aroma. Focus on the sensations in your body as you inhale and exhale. Then try to focus on other fragrances around you throughout the day. 6.Focus on your sense of touch. Focus on the sensation of your hands touching each other, “your clothes brushing against your skin, and the air moving across your face.” 7.In the beginning of the week, pick an activity you normally do on autopilot, such as washing your hands, applying makeup or getting into your car. Pause for several seconds before starting the activity. Then perform it with your full attention. 8.“Imagine that you are a kite soaring in the sky. Surrender to the wind, but be aware of the string that anchors you to the ground and keeps you safe.” 9.When you’re perfor ming a chore, focus your full attention on your hands. “Note all the sensations

in your fingers, your palms, and your wrists.” 10.Send yourself some lovingkindness (or “metta”). Focus your attention on an aspect of your mind or body that you feel separated from. Acknowledge this. You might say something like: “May I accept this. May I be filled with loving-kindness toward this. May I use the pain of this experience for the welfare of all.” 11.As you’re trying to fall asleep, “imagine that with each breath you are melting into an ocean of light and space.” 12.When you turn on the faucet, focus on the bigger picture. “See the water flowing down from the glaciers and mountains, running deep into the earth, sustaining you and all life.” 13.When you wake up, feel your feet touch the floor. “Be aware of their weight, the floor suppor ting your body, and the motion of your feet and legs as you begin to walk.” 14.When you get home from work, every day, stand in front of your door and appreciate the moment. Rejoice in it. “Breathe in and out three times.” 15.Set an alarm to ring every hour to remind yourself to “wake up and appreciate the miracle of every moment. Say, ‘[Your name], wake up!” 16.Picture your thoughts as balloons floating by. 17.Visualize a mountain lake with a smooth, glassy surface. A breeze sends ripples across the water. As the breeze quiets down, so do the ripples, and the water returns to being smooth. When something ruffles you, return to this visualization. “Feel the ripples and then let them settle.”

GREENWOOD GREENWOOD Spiritual Journeys SpiritualSpiritual JourneysJourneys


GREENWOOD Spiritual Journeys Spiritual Journeys

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Experience feeling totally Balanced & Refreshed NO more dieting – Weight Loss in a new fun and easy way

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Soul Song, Sound, Crystal & Energy Master Allow the love and light of God to shine Within

Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing • Distance Healing through Phone and Internet




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1 2 ME Enjoy the attention but keep your feet firmly on the ground. 3 4 MF Pay attention to the detail as this will make all the difference. 5 6 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon F This is the first test of what has been started and there will be a temptation to wing it. A better way would be to critically consider actions and the results to date and then make detailed plans of what needs to be done and when, so as to obtain the desired results. 7 MG Cooperation is a two-way street so be prepared to ask for input. 8 . 9 MH Feelings run deep so do not be surprised if some are caught unawares. 10 11 12 MI Look at the big picture and dare to dream beyond the limits of your horizons. 13 …Full Moon I Things become much clearer and it is now important to consider the wider ramifications. You may also want to make sure that information you have is reliable as the results could be either very good or very difficult. One way of ensuring this is to verify the sources of your information as well as its veracity. Do not take anything for granted. 14 MJ Take responsibility both for what is planned as well as the results of previous actions. 15 16 MK Stand back and give yourself some objectivity. 17 18 ML Increased sensitivity impacts on matters at hand. 19 20 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon L Moon enters A Now you can start enjoying or experiencing the results of endeavours over the past three weeks. Keep emotions in check as this will only colour your objective appraisal of what has been achieved. As the Moon changes sign into Aries, the change in energy provides the impetus to start the final phase. 21 Sun enters D Caring, protective and sensitive are Cancerian traits. 22 MB A practical outlook will provide both stability and security. 23 24 MC Information becomes important so be prepared to search for what you need. 25 26 27 MD ] New Moon D The New Moon in Cancer heralds the beginning of a new cycle which will bring a sense of idealism and also unreality. Be careful that what is planned now is done so on good foundations. Otherwise, without a supporting structure or sound basis, any effort will only be disappointing at best and fraudulent at worse. 28 29 M E This is not the time to stand on ceremony; humility achieves better results. 30


1 2 M F Refrain from being critical if you cannot offer alternatives. 3 4 M G Interaction with others is important but do not surrender your opinion simply to keep the peace. 5 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon G There may be strong opposition to the matter or situation at hand so an important point to keep in mind is to maintain integrity. This is not a fight but it is a test of integrity. Stand your ground and do not let others set the agenda. 6 7 M H Be upfront in all your dealings. 8 9 M I Enthusiasm and inspiration will help spur things along. 10 11 MJ Take control of matters in order to get the results you want. 12 … Full Moon J The light of the Full Moon illuminates what still needs to be done. There is no easy way out, so instead of bemoaning the difficulties, shoulder the responsibility and take control. In this way, you know that things will get done properly. 13 MK Be prepared to do things differently and think outside the square. 14 15 ML Hunches and intuition have a role to play. 16 17 MA Take action to complete what has been started. 18 19 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon A Moon enters B The frenetic activity comes to a peak and this is when haste and urgency must be balanced with prudence. Do not allow yourself to be rushed into anything especially by those that simply want to ‘get things finished’. It is important to focus not only on endings but also on where and when the new beginnings will be. 20 21 22 MC Ensure you keep focused as there may be a tendency to scatter energies. 23 Sun enters E Proud, generous and creative are the hallmarks of Leo. 24 MD Attempts to manipulate a situation to advantage may not have the outcomes you want. 25 26 27 M E ] New Moon E This New Moon is full of promise and activity. Recognition and advancement are on offer but be aware that no one receives a pat on the back for just standing to the side. The challenge is to put yourself forward, prepare to take on challenges and drive things on. 28 29 MF It is important to do things properly even if it requires more effort as results will speak for themselves. 30 31


1 MG Make sure that relations are cordial if not harmonious. 2 3 MH Play your cards close to your chest but be careful you do not do anything underhanded, 4 ‡ 1st Quarter Moon H There will be many doubts as to whether the course of action embarked upon is the right one. For some, it may feel that they are doing everything on their own. Regardless of circumstance, take heart that the effort you are putting in should help you realise a very good outcome. 5 MI The focus changes and a broader perspective is called for. 6 7 MJ There is a need to step up and take responsibility for what is going on. 8 9 MK Objectivity is called for as matters come to a head. 10 11 … Full Moon K Moon enters L Do not let others undermine your confidence, maintain your focus and concentrate on doing the best job you can. Make sure also that you maintain perspective because there will be a shift as the Moon changes signs and you may have to keep a check on emotions if you want to see the matter through to a conclusion. 12 13 MA Initiative is needed to push things to the desired outcome. 14 15 16 MB Keep your feet firmly on the ground and maintain a steady focus. 17 ƒ 3rd Quarter Moon B There is much at stake now so be prepared to be flexible as well as practical. There are opportunities to maximise your results but you will need to weigh this up: take a high risk option or go with the status quo. 18 MC Do not rely on rumour or gossip as a source of information. 19 20 MD Take the time to gauge yours and others’ feelings before taking action. 21 22 23 ME Sun enters F Generosity goes a long way especially when it can win you the favour of others. Precise, Focused and Practical are the characteristics of Virgo. 24 25 MF ] New Moon F The Virgo New Moon highlights a cycle which emphasises precision and detail however there are a few challenges. Idealism looms large and this may overrun any practicalities. The way to bring these two together is to keep your feet firmly on the ground and work out the best option for putting these ideals to work for you in a practical and measured way. 26 27 28 M G Make decisions with objectivity rather than trying to please others 29 30 M H Take the time to understand what is going on instead of simply reacting as this will lead to intense encounters. 31

All healings assisted by angels, goddesses and ascended masters Pina Di Ghionno

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Download 3 chapters from “ALWAYS ALREADY FREE” by Enza Vita, editor of InnerSelf. Visit Brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity. — Lama Surya Das, bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Genpo Roshi, bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

A GUIDE TO THE ZODIAC SIGNS A Aries – fire B Taurus – earth C Gemini – air D Cancer – water E Leo – fire F Virgo – earth

Roosy’s readings areare highly recommended! Roosy’s readings Bookrecommended! a reading with Roosy today and highly Book Roosy today seea reading whatwith comes up and from Spirit for you! “Am amazed... Roosy was spot on!” “Am amazed... Roosy was spot on!” – Jessie Turner – Jessie Turner

Matters of heart the heart Matters of the & more & more

Amazing, clairvoyant, tarot reader, Amazing, clairvoyant, tarot reader, psychic & energy healer psychic & energy healer

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The Mid-Heaven Medium Your Connection to Spirit

Call 0449 865 473 Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Reader Healer Teacher Gerry utilises her direct Spirit Channel thru: v The Tarot v Astrology v Psychometry v Shamanic Healing v Meditation In Person and Phone Readings Group Meditation, Workshops, Courses

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These are generic interpretations for each of the zodiac signs. For a more personal interpretation, astrological consultations are available by appointment on

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see what comes up from Spirit for you!

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G Libra – air H Scorpio – water I Sagittarius – fire J Capricorn – earth K Aquarius – air L Pisces – water

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LUNAR PHASES AND PERSONALITY TYPES Lunar phases occur as a result of the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. This cyclic relationship produces the lunar cycle and everyone is born at a particular point in this cycle. A birth can be labelled as a “first quarter” “full moon” or “balsamic”. The lunar phase a person is born in refers to the relationship between the person’s Sun (the sense of self) with their Moon (their emotional expression and security). Therefore, the lunar phase that a person is born in can reflect how that person deals with life - the nature of the energy and their attitude to life and how they deal with it. The lunation cycle is a visible symbol of our place in the larger cycle of life. Without a calendar, we cannot accurately pinpoint our day of birth, however, we can easily

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discern our “Moon” birthday simply by looking at the phase of the Moon. Every month, each and every one of us resonates to that aspect of the Sun-Moon relationship that is imprinted in our psyches. This describes the basic capacity of the person to relate to life generally. In order to find the lunation phase you are born under, you can consult an almanac for the year and find out what the Moon phase nearest to when you were born. Dane Rudhyar, a famous astrologer developed the theory of phases and used it to develop the eight lunation types of personality which we will be discussed in a series of short articles over the coming issues.

A NEW MOON occurs when the Moon is less than 45 degrees ahead of the Sun. For a period of three and a half days every month, there is a New Moon and all births during this period will have a New Moon in their chart.

Energetix Wellness Consultant Reiki & Seichim Master Holistic Practioner

Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer. She is co- principal of ASTRO MUNDI, which offers astrological education for the beginner and the professional. Mari is a Council Member of the Astrological Guild of Educators International and is a founding member of the Forum of Professional Astrologers.

Sydney, NSW

For information telephone 8563 9182 or 0421 326 001 or email:

Leo Drioli, editor of InnerSelf Every Moment’s a Miracle

Realize the Joy always already here!

“If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit. Leo has a unique way of conveying deep truths using simple, yet beautiful language. His words follow a direct route from the mind to the heart, and can touch anyone, no matter where they are on the spiritual path.”


Tune In

- Denise Linn, International Lecturer, Healer and Writer Visit Leo Drioli’s blog “Reflections from Eternal Vastness” at:

Available from good bookstores or direct from InnerSelf for $19.95 (inc p&p) by phoning 08 8120 0600 (free Skype call) with your Credit Card details or download an E-version for $4.95 from our website,

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Don’t miss Out! Journeys in Nepal

By Jennifer Hogan

Having just returned from my second trip to Nepal, the home of majestical Himalayan Mountains, warm and welcoming people and rich cultural history dating back thousands of years, I came to realise how vital Tourism is to local Nepalese economy’s and how necessary it is to have connections with local tour operators who have an ethical and sustainable business outlook. Looking forward to time-out to rest and refresh away from the busy, always connected Western lifestyle I had come away from, I arrived at Gamcha Organic Farm (GOF), Located just 30 minutes away from the busy city centre of Kathmandu. GOF is located in the historical village of Bhaktupur and is a traditional 3 story red bricked Rana Home with a separate Mud Brick Guest House situated on two acres of farm land. I had heard of the excellent reputation that GOF had in hosting international groups of people who attend the organic farming training programs, guest house accommodation and tours. Umandana Dhugana GOF Farm Manager explained how organic certification had been awarded to Nepalese women farmers in the district, and have created a Women’s Farmers Co-operative with their own Non government Organisation (NGO) called Appropriate Agricultural Alternatives (AAA). The AAA today supply organic produce to over 20 local restaurants, run a home deliveries service and farmers markets stalls in Kathmandu, and I visited the farmers market where Nepalese fair trade companies sell their organic products from. On the first level of the guest house the mor ning sun would stream into my bedroom window as I did my yoga session, with a view to the garden pond, watching birds diving into the pond was a very tranquil time for me. I had a relaxing time reading books and also tried my hand at doing some voluntary work in the garden, and I even learnt how to make a mud render mix and applying to walls that needed repair work done. Lapka and Sariswati,

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two warm hearted women do all the guest house cooking, and help with the gardening from where most of the ingredients for the meals are grown, and dairy products from farm goats and cows. The 3 course yummy breakfasts is a welcome after my morning walks that go that go up to a high point view of the valley below and majestic mountains in the distance. After leaving Gamcha, I met up with friends to travel with a tour guide to a village where his family lived in far east of Nepal. After a flight and 2 day trek we reached the indigenous Tamang farming village of Lokhim. When we arrived school children had on behalf of all the village had made flower lehs which they adorned us with. We spent one week in and around the village and would love to return again in the future as we made lifelong friends. We were privileged to have met with the local spiritual advisor who is also one of the heads of the village and was invited to a special cultural ceremony that the village put on for us, before we departed the village to head back to Kathmandu. While on this trip to Nepal I also stayed at an Eco Village run by a family from the ancient Adhikaris tribe. Situated only one hour away from Pokhara, West Nepal the village is set on a beautiful ridge at the base of the Annapurna mountain ranges. Sitting outside of my stone cottage drinking tea made from fresh herbs in the garden, I had breath taking 360 panoramic views of the majestic Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges. Reflecting on my trip that was coming to an end soon, as eagles circled above in the sky, I knew at that moment that I felt more focused and clear about what can be achieved when we live our passion. Cultural Journey’s offers authentic cultural tours and health and wellbeing retreats - ‘Journeys that Connect’ - to places of rich cultural heritages and people that practice ancient traditional ceremonies honouring spirit of place and nature. We are committed to returning

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back into local communities we partner with and dedicate 10% of our profits back to support children’s education and developing sustainable communities through women’s leadership programs in areas where we work. Many of our tour and retreat operators already raise funds for such projects, and visits to these projects are offered within our tour programs. If you would like to know more about memorable and meaningful Cultural Journey’s please contact Jennifer on 61 433961999 e: www.

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Understanding Ayurvedic Body Type

The word ‘Ayurveda’ means the science of life which is the oldest therapeutic system in the world. In this time proven system of medicine, it is believed that everyone is made up of unique combination of the five basic environmental elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space which are combined in a cer tain proportions to make three different bio-energies called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These energies are also called Doshas which are responsible for entire activities in our body and mind.

Air and Ether combine to form Vata

Like its elements, Vata is light, dry, cool and mobile. It is responsible for all activities and dynamic functions in the body and mind such as movement as well as the rapid flow of ideas. It directs nerve impulses, circulation, respiration, and elimination in our body. When Vata is balanced, it promotes creativity and flexibility and evokes feelings of freshness, lightness, happiness and joy.

Fire and Water form the Dosha Pitta

Similar to its elements, Pitta is hot, sharp and spreading, bringing

passion and ambition to a person and is involved in digestion and metabolism in the organ and tissue systems. It is the heat energy, which is responsible for all the biochemical changes in the body. Processing of information or thoughts in our brain is also the responsibility of Pitta. When Pitta is in a balanced state in our bodies, it promotes intelligence, understanding and is crucial in learning.

Water and Earth combine to form the moist Kapha

The heavy cool Dosha Kapha, lends our bodies cohesion, stability, strength, vigour, calmness and endurance. Kapha is responsible for growth and protection. The mucosal lining of the stomach, and the cerebral-spinal fluid that protects the brain and spinal column are examples of Kapha.

The three doshas occur in everyone

These fundamental elements are present in varying degree in everything and everybody as well as in every cell, tissue and organ. They govern our biological and psychobiological functioning. When in balance, they create health, however all health problems are due to

imbalances in the doshas. Our aim is to keep them in a balanced state so that we can maintain optimum health.

skin is soft, moist and warm. He has sharp mind, outspoken and precise while talking with strong opinion.

Understanding Your Ayurvedic Constitution

As the quality of Kapha is cold, slow, soft, heavy, oily the typical Kapha person is the one with large and heavy body frame and wide shoulder s and hips. He always struggles to lose the weight and his skin is thick, oily and cold. He is relaxed and calm person with strong stamina. Choosing Diet and Lifestyle for Your Body type: In terms of selecting right food and lifestyle for your personal needs the simple principle explained in Ayurveda is ‘Like Increases Like, Opposite Balances’. Hence, once you find out your body type and understand the dominant qualities, it becomes easy to choose the diet and life-style according to the qualities of predominant Doshas. For example, as the quality of Kapha is cold, heavy & oily, when choosing food the Kapha person should prefer warm, light, and dry food and avoid cold places to balance his Kapha. Likewise, Pitta person should stay away from hot, spicy food and vigorous activities. Vata person should stay away from cold, dry, light & raw food and overwork. It is recommended to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to determine your body type and advise you on the right diet and lifestyle to restore or maintain a balanced, healthy body and mind.

A person’s body type is determined at the time of conception as a blueprint with specific levels of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This blueprint is continuously expressed throughout the rest of the person’s life. Thus, if a person’s blueprint is Vata predominant, then throughout their life they may show more Vata attributes physically, mentally and emotionally. Understanding your body type helps to make you aware of how unique your physiology, biochemistry and psychology really are. Once you know your predominant Dosha, you can select foods which can balance the doshas. You can also design an individualised exercise plan, stress management plans, nutritional suppliments and herbs, etc.

The Vata Person:

As the quality of Vata is light, dry, cold, active, unstable, a typical Vata predominant person has a thin and lean body and struggles to put the weight on. His hands and feet are always cold and skin is dry and rough. All of his activities are very quick. He seems to be enthusiastic, imaginative and excitable.

The Pitta Person:

As the quality of Pitta is hot, light, moist, sharp, smelly, a typical Pitta person always has flushed red face and has blond, red or light brown hair with premature graying or baldness. His body is medium built and

VIBRANT AYURVEDA natural path to healing... We are one of the largest Ayurveda Centers in Australia run by a team of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors, life-style consultants and massage therapists. We have wide range of quality Ayurvedic & organic herbal products from India's best manufacturers.

OUR SERVICES : Ayurvedic Consultation Diet & Life-style advice Herbal Natural Products Organic Herbs Ayurvedic Treatments Therapeutic Massage

How can we help you ? Stress Management Fat Loss Digestion Issues Liver & Kidney Issues Sinus Problems Circulation Issues

Contact us: Lungs-Respiratory Problems Body Pain & Arthritis Fertility issues Women's & Men's Health and many more.......

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The Kapha Person:

Dr.Pradeep Neupane (B.A.M.S.) is one of the few highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctors in Australia. He has recently established Australia’s one of the largest Ayurveda wellness centre and Ayurvedic pharmacy in Brisbane and conducts regular workshops on Ayurveda and cooking on the first Sunday of ever y month. His consultations are followed by personalised diet & lifestyle plan which make remarkable improvements on his patient’s health. His centre also offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments by highly qualified Ayurvedic therapists and practitioners. For more 43 Vulture Street, West End, QLD4101 Ph: 07-33426048, 0452506389

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ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY PTY LTD are the manufacturers and importers of premium organic cer tified Shirataki and Konjac noodles, rice & pasta in Australia. If you’re on a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low GI, fat free, sugar free or detox diet, ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY konjac products are the perfect alternative. These noodles are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes, as well as people with wheat intolerance or allergies to gluten or soy. All ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY products are pre-cooked and wok ready and they can be used in any recipe as a slim and healthy replacement for pasta , noodles and rice. The ZERO SLIM & HEALTHY range consists of: - ZERO Slim & Healthy Angel Hair - ZERO Slim & Healthy Rice - ZERO Slim & Healthy Fettuccine - ZERO Slim & Healthy Lasagne All packets are 350g net and are packed in a convenient stand up pouch. RRP: $3.29 from supermar-

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Think Yourself Happier and Healthier

It’s difficult to argue against the benefits of taking control of your thinking, to let go of fear and pessimism and become more positive and optimistic, we all know at a deep level that when we are positive we attract more positive experiences, this is the Law of Attraction in action. One thing I find particularly intriguing is the relationship between our habitual thoughts and body weight. Why is it that some people seem to be naturally thin despite eating whatever they like and leading an inactive lifestyle? Looking at the problem from a LOA viewpoint, the answer could simply be that those who worry about their body shape, are more likely to hold negative self-images of themselves and by LOA create a body they don’t like. This may sound too simple, but of course all truth is simple. Why not give it a try? I’m not talking about taking any strange drugs, eating expensive foods, or starting an impossible exercise routine, I’m advocating making a small effort to change your thoughts and beliefs with regard to your body. With the simple goal of learning to love the body you have right now and literally think yourself happier and healthier. Enza DeLuca, Author of Blissful Mind, Blissful Body

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Preparing for a Consciousness Shift in this article. I am not suggesting that we should ease back on all our other efforts to improve or raise our consciousness but I am strongly suggesting that we need to include the exposure and healing of our negative subconscious thought patterns. The journey into uncovering our subconscious thoughts is not an easy road with quick-fix remedies. It is a slower process of absolutely honest self-obser vation of the deeper thoughts and motivations that drive our conscious actions. This takes commitment and will power coupled with a strong level of humility. There is no room for self judgement and condemnation here, only self acceptance and unconditional self love. The revealing requires self monitoring over a long period because one of the main clues is found in the repetition of negative beliefs and behaviour expressed in our actions, reactions and experiences. The main measure of how consciously evolved we are is by how much balance, harmony and inner peace we have inside no matter what is happening in our outer world. This has to do with the universal law of balance which in effect means; when our personal truth is in balance with the relevant associated universal law then we will experience balance, harmony and inner peace in that part of our life. Anything less simply means that our personal truth is out of balance with the ultimate universal truth or law. Our truth is made up of our beliefs, perceptions which help create our reality. These all are dependent on the information that we hold in our long term memory. We are no longer conscious of much of this information because it was recorded at a very young age. However; every time we have an experience that is associated to a specific memory then that associated belief will get triggered and we will act it out. We also react to situations in the same way. This understanding is important because these initial actions and reactions are involuntary because our conscious mind has not

Ghost Whisperer Suzie Heaven on Earth

By Suzie Price In this new book by Suzie Price, also known as the Ghost Whisperer, we are taken into her world of psychic mediumship and what it took for her to get there from a near-death experience as child through to the highs and lows she faced handling depression, anxiety and a nervous breakdown. Through her stories, Suzie inspires and uplifts as she wends her way through every obstacle and challenge, bringing a clear sense of wholeness and purpose to this life we are all living.

Pub: Balboa Press Phone: 0438 412 971

had time to think them through. Here is the first big clue to our negative subconscious thought patterns. Because we have not had time to involve our conscious mind then the actions and reactions are only coming from our long term memory data. This is the same data that is responsible for our deepest truths which are having the most affect on our vibration. If our actions and reactions are negative then we can be sure that we have negative subconscious beliefs that are holding down our vibration. Please don’t underestimate how powerful these negative beliefs are. Their negativity overrides many of our positive conscious actions. This will have a very real negative effect on our overall vibration. Self observation – ownership – acceptance without judgementwilling to change - continuously making higher choices = one form of healing our subconscious negative thoughts. David Lane’s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now includes many other understandings drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we are all individuals who have come to tread our own unique spiritual path. David’s first book called ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ is about how we spiritually evolve and how to monitor our journey and is available online. David has also developed an on-line course on ‘practical spiritual evolution’

Laneway to Personal Power What stops you from achieving your personal power? How do you work it out! You will find the answers on the website

Check out: Online courses; Book: ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ and More! David Lane Laneway to Personal Power Mobile: 0414-352211


BY DAVID LANE Consciousness is a form of energy; therefore it can be measured by its vibration. Every living thing has consciousness thus all of creation has a measurable level of consciousness. This includes all physical matter, even if it seems to have no life or intelligence that humans could recognise and measure. Some creation models maintain that there are 10 dimensions or levels of consciousness and we pass through and experience all of them at some point in our spirit or soul’s existence. We move to another level once we have fully experienced or mastered the one that we are currently on. Humans are experiencing and trying to master the third dimension and it is said that we then move onto the fifth dimension where the main focus is on love. We need to keep in mind that it is our spirit or soul and not our physical body that makes the shift. This means that we need to raise our vibration to a level that is compatible for a dimensional shift. If this is the case then it would be helpful to know what makes up our vibration. This model may be controversial or challenging for some people. It is intended to give you information that at the very least; is thought provoking. Most people believe that their actions help them lift their vibration; actions such as creating positive outcomes and doing good deeds for others. These are obviously positively productive and loving acts, but, quite surprisingly, they have little effect on our vibration. That may be a very challenging statement to some – it cer tainly was for me when I first realised this truth. Why? Because our thoughts and what is in our heart have the greatest effect on our vibration. The love that we hold in our hearts creates a very high vibration that contributes to our overall vibration, however; our thoughts have the greatest effect. The most challenging realisation out of all of this is that most of our thoughts are being created out of our subconscious mind. There is a lot of evidence to support this understanding, too much to explore


The Little Red Bus

By Lisa Stewart A gorgeous little children’s tale with Archangel Michael driving his little red bus along the road making animal friends along the way, each offering a special gift. A bedtime story that will have your little one happily learning about colours, health, chakras and more. Pub: Balboa Press Phone: 0408 881 509

Divine Meditations

By Marayah Rose Kis A collection of divinely guided meditations with accompanying CD, aimed at beginners through to advanced meditators. With 30 Meditations to choose from, we are offered a variety of visualizations of spiritual growth and healing. “My intention throughout this book is to give you choices in your spiritual discovery of self and the ability to apply these choices to improve the quality of your life and the life of your loved ones.” Pub: The House of Healing Angels Phone: 0420 572 588

Where To From Here? Spiritual Pathways

By Josef In 1976, Josef Boschitsechek began delivering a series of lectures at St. John’s Spiritualist Church in Pt. Adelaide. This continued on a monthly basis through to 1983, bringing through a diver se range of teachings from “His Master’s Voice”. This powerful book is a compilation of all of Josef’s transcripts, presenting clarity and insight into many profound esoteric subjects, including “Where is I?” “What is Spirit?” and “The Benefits of Duty-Kriya”. Published by Jacek Piesiewicz Phone: 0420 657 401

The New Planetary Reality

The Coming Avatara & the Nine Paths to Enlightenment By Imre Vallyon This book explores the 9 Gates to Everlasting Life or Enlightenment. Jour neying through each of the nine approaches, the reader is presented with a clear view of each path, from “The Way of the Spiritual Warrior” through to “The Way of Visualizing the Real”. Each approach is explained with precision and clarity, offering deep insight and spiritual practices to assist in your own awakening.

Pub: Sounding Light Publishing Ltd.

Angel Friends

By Jessica Dao Exquisitely illustrated and written children’s book that will help your child deal with those creepy shadows in the night. Filled with light, love and positive energy,each story will transport your angel into a place of deep, love-filled protection.

Publisher: Jessica Dao

Blissful Mind, Blissful Body

Think Yourself Happier and Healthier By Enza DeLuca This novel approach to manifesting the body weight that your heart desires brings together ancient yogic practical wisdom, the Law of Attraction and Enza DeLuca’s own studies into “naturally thin” people across the planet. Discovering a common element, that naturally thin people “expect to be thin and don’t worry about their weight” underpinning this whole book, we are guided to also discover how to create our own Blissful Mind, Blissful Body – naturally.

Pub: Balboa Press

Listen! The Angels Speak

Channelled Messages from the Realm of the Angels By Carolynn Milne A beautiful little book filled with hear tfelt wisdom and love, messages from the Archangels that uplift, connect and heal. An inspired collection of messages to start each day or attune to in time of need. Pub: Balboa Press

Stress – Free Health Management

A Natural Solutions for Your Health By Jenetta Haim The material for this comprehensive guide to natural health comes from over 30 year’s experience of hands-on practice as a natural health practitioner. If you are looking for a self-empowering approach to better health, this book offers exactly this. “The power is in your hands to start making simple, positive, and productive changes to create a healthier, happier and more joyful life.”

Pub: Balboa Press

Mind Chatter That Matters

By Liz Atherton Do you get confused with all your opposing voices in your head? Need more clarity on making decisions? Are you paralysed with moving forward because you are not sure of what decision to make or your fears holding you back? Mind Chatter That Matters will provide you with skills you can use for the rest of your life by learning to observe, analyse and act on your mind chatter to entertain, listen to and embrace the right voice to bring you the happiest and fulfilling life you desire. Liz Atherton shows you how to discover your voices' agenda and skills to work through how they oppose each other to follow the voice that will bring back your passion and purpose of your life.

Published July 14, 2014.


“Do You Believe in Angels?” BY JESSICA DAO Whether you believe in angels or not, angels are available and accessible to all who seek for their guidance, assistance and divine intervention! Most cultures believe in some forms of angelic presence. Western Christianity embraces angels as God's servants. Muslim traditions are based on the Koran (Quran) which was delivered from God through the Messenger Archangel Gabrielle. Many Asian cultures celebrate angelic beings in their artwork and literature as extraordinary, beautiful and magnificent beings who often decent to ear th from beyond this physical world. Angels are becoming more popular and widespread in recent years with the New Age spiritual movement, English as a common language and the readily accessibility of the internet. As the world enters the high of our civilization, humanity is facing the many challenges, reaping with catalysts for souls to evolve spiritually as they are given the ripe environment for learning and experiencing between Dark and Light. During this exciting and challenging time, waves of souls as volunteers have incarnated on Earth, and they are still coming. Their mission is to assist humanity with spiritual evolution while bringing light and enlightenment to this physical dimension. These are the Lightworkers and the Gifted/New/Psychic children incarnating amongst us known as the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children (named after the color of their aura). At this time, there are also other highly evolved souls coming through. However, unlike the volunteers, these are ‘old souls’ who have been incarnated on Ear th countless times before. They are taking on extreme challenges in order to resolve their remaining ear thly karma while guiding others as well as bringing enlightenment. These new waves of sensitive and highly evolved souls, the children, are the hope for the New Golden Age, the era where humanity reaches the higher level of spiritual awareness, living with Love and Light and practicing Oneness thus bringing Heaven into Earth. The challenges many children currently are facing are tremendous. On this earth plane, there is countless number of souls who have been stuck, being lost and confused, and not being able to find the way back to the Light where they are able to move forward on their soul journey. Others have been trapped in the wheel of karma of this Earth School. They are repeating their lessons and attempting to balance karma. These souls are frustrated, exhausted and are contributing to the already low vibration of Earth energy. Adapting to the heavy earth energy is a great challenge for sensitive souls who come with very high vibration.

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SoulConnection with NICOLE CODY


Simple Techniques for Increasing Intuition and Awareness

Sensitive souls also have to face the challenges in resisting the earthly temptations, so they themselves don't get trapped in the same wheel of karma. And like others, they too are struggling to stay spiritually awakened thus facing challenges in carry out their mission. When witnessing or experiencing animosities, aggressions and physical violence at a young age, sensitive souls would shut themselves off from the world, or they become confused, or numb themselves, or immune to these negative actions thus becoming unconscious and lose their conscience. They either give up or become corrupted and forget their mission. Many gifted children came with the abilities to see, sense and communicate with angels and spirits. They often refer to these light beings as “invisible friends”. As these children get older, most lose the abilities because their parents and loved ones dismiss or discourage them. They permanently switch off or block their extraordinary perceptions. Some children have been desensitized and numbed their senses by constant and high exposures to chemicals in the environment and in the food they consume; to negative energies such as domestic violence or violence in media; to negative discarnate entities; or being corrupted by temptations such as mind altering substances (eg. drugs/alcohol). When loosing these extraordinary abilities, these children become disconnected from the Divine assistance thus feeling alone and lost in the physical reality, which is overwhelming for them. We can assist these children by acknowledging their gifts and extraordinary perceptions, by understanding and addressing their sensitivities to energies and the environment which they are being exposed to; by creating a safe, healthy, loving and positive environment for them to nourish and grow; and by encouraging them to connect and access the divine assistance from their invisible friends who can support them in fulfilling their missions. The future of our spiritual evolution depends on our children. These children need supports in order to bring forth higher consciousness and enlightenment to this earth plane. The angels are here amongst us. They are silently, patiently and compassionately accompanying us through our earthly incarnation with their divine guidance, protection, intervention and unconditional love. They are readily available to all who seek for their assistance, and especially to the children who are most vulnerable and in need of supports. In my next article with InnerSelf, I will provide valuable insights to how children can connect with the angels and access divine interventions. Jessica Dao is an architect and a project manager based in Adelaide. She is also a spiritual healer specializes in advanced spirit releasement , emotional and soul healing, angel therapy, and spiritual counseling. In recent years, Jessica has been conducting spiritual healing, crystal and angel workshops throughout Australia. She is the author and illustrator for the children book “Angel Friends” (available on Amazon Kindle). Jessica is currently taking time out to complete her book on spiritual healing and spirit releasement. |04 22 563 794

Our thoughts and emotions have a strong impact on our vibrationary level. Know what I mean by that? Try this. Think of a time when someone or something really upset you. Go back to that time and relive it in your mind. Feel your body become tense and your heart rate increase. Feel the anger or sadness or whatever other predominant emotion you may recall begin to flood your consciousness. By invoking these thoughts and emotions you have consciously lowered your rate of vibration. Negative self talk is just as bad. Telling yourself that you are dumb, fat or not good enough rockets you into a lower vibration. So does listening to people who talk down to you or show you a lack of love and respect. Environments can have the same effect. Is there anywhere or anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable? Do certain places really bring you down? Pay attention to how this affects your life, your thoughts and your actions. Close your eyes and think of a time when you have felt positive, successful, happy or victorious. Feel the love of someone close, or of an adored pet. Imagine a beautiful place or natural environment. Notice how you begin to feel expansive, calm, happy, joyful and powerful. This is you moving to a higher vibration. You have done all of this just with the power of your mind! Now that you understand how this works, you can begin to consciously work with this power to lift your vibration and help you feel good about yourself. As our vibration raises we become more spiritually and psychically aware, and can more easily access our intuition and psychic gifts. It also enhances our body’s ability to heal.

Vibrationary triggers

Make a note in your journal of things you can use to help raise your conscious vibration. Experiment with clothes, colours and food – see how these affect your mood and self image. What makes you smile? Fresh flowers, a happy baby, a hug, a note from a friend, or maybe your favourite music? Place things in your environment that are positive emotional triggers, and that hold happy memories or thoughts. Watch movies or listen to music that uplifts and inspires you. Practice telling yourself how much you love YOU (this can be a hard one – but keep trying!) and remind yourself of your good qualities and talents, no matter how small. Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Practice patience and allow yourself to make mistakes, while being gently encouraging in all you do. Learn to tune in to your heart, and to trust that inner guidance. Remove items in your personal space that have negative associations. Whenever you find yourself feeling anxious or upset or angry STOP! Breathe…. Centre yourself (see info below). Remind yourself of the blessings in your life. Tell yourself that you are powerful and that you choose how you live in this moment. Breathe in LOVE and breathe out negativity. It works!


Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least ten minutes. Sit or lie quietly and focus on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths. Gradually you will feel yourself calming and becoming more relaxed. You will begin to have an awareness of your body and mind. This is a meditation technique called‘centering’. Centering is all about bringing our conscious awareness back to a place of calm. Become aware of a powerful positive energy centred in your body. You may want to visualise it as a white or golden ball of Light within your abdomen or around your heart. Strengthen your connection to this beautiful, pure energy. Notice any tensions and consciously let go of them, encouraging deeper and deeper relaxation. Know that any time, and at any place, you can bring your energy back to a place of ‘center’ just by taking a few conscious deep slow breaths and imagining that ball of Light within you. When you are centred you call back all of your scattered energy, and it helps you to remain calm and to be in your Power. Being centred encourages good decisions and fosters intuition and integrity. We can’t control the world around us, but we can make conscious choices about what we choose to focus on, and what thoughts we fill our minds with. It is worth the effort to manage our vibration – feeling good always leads to improvements and new opportunities in the world around us. It makes us magnetic to better relationships, and opens our mind to creative inspiration and divine guidance. Sending you all good thoughts and intentions for you to move to a place of better flow and awareness. Bless. Nicole xx Nicole Cody is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channel. She specialises in Soul Blueprints, Life Direction Counselling and Spiritual Mentoring. For more information contact 07 3256 0815 or Visit her blog: or find her on Facebook. Light and Blessings be Yours!

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Do What You Love & The Money Will Come?

We’ve all heard this statement, right? But is it really true? I often start my Money Mindset Reboot workshops by asking this question, and generally about 50% of hands go up for yes and 50% for no. Those who say yes tell me about times when it has worked that way in their own lives… but those who say no tell me the same sort of things about when it hasn’t worked that way in their lives. So who’s right? Generally the room comes to 100% agreement when I add a caveat to the statement- “Do what you love and the money will come… in the exact amount that you are ready to accept it.” Suddenly all the heads in the room start to nod. The next question I usually ask is “Who’s done what they loved and the money came, but it was just enough and nothing extra?” Now pretty much every hand goes up. It seems we’ve just about all had that experience. Most of us manage to get by, even when it feels like we aren’t going to. The money turns up somehow, enough to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, but it often seems there’s little extra to spare for those little luxuries or pleasures that add spice to our lives. This seems to hold true even when our income changes- our

expenses just go up or down, leaving us still in that place of “just enough”. Why does that happen? It happens because of our subconscious programs and limiting beliefs, what money guru T.Harv Eker calls our Money Blueprint. This is what creates every aspect of our financial reality. It’s the reason why some people create wealth easily, even if they have to star t again after losing it all (think Donald Trump), while others work every bit as hard but continually seem to struggle for little result. Our subconscious beliefs always manifest in all aspects of our lives. If, on an unconscious level you believe you don’t deser ve wealth, you won’t have it. Simple as that. If you believe money is evil, or that it’s greedy or immoral to have more than others, you won’t. The list of hidden beliefs that can sabotage our wealth is almost endless. In Australia many of us have strong working class values that include ideas like fairness, equality, justice, support of the little guy and working hard to earn a living. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these values, but when they become rigid “laws” in our subconscious they often limit our lives to having just enough to meet our needs and nothing more. If

we want more, we have to work harder… that’s just how our minds are wired. This shows up in other ways too. Often in our discussion in my workshops people will bring up an example of someone who did what they didn’t love and yet still made lots of money. This might seem to invalidate our idea about doing what you love, yet it makes sense once you look at other areas of their lives. Usually these people have achieved their wealth at the expense of other important things- they have paid for it with their health, or by damaging their relationships, or by sacrificing their personal dreams. These are people with strong “either/or” programs running in their subconscious. For example “I can either be rich or I can be happy”. “I can be wealthy but only if I work so hard I drive my body to the point of breakdown”. “I can make it but I have to give up time with my kids to get there”. They believe you can’t have it all, that you get nothing for nothing. These programs can be enormously damaging, and often when these people look back and reflect on their lives they will admit that given their time again they’d do it differently. So can we have it all? Is it really possible to do what you love and have all the abundance you dream of? The answer is yes, but only if you take control of your mind. You need to really examine the programs that are running your life. What kind of beliefs about money did you pick up from your parents, your family, your peers and your society? Are they helping you to get

Are You Attracting Wealth… Or Pushing It Away?

You Are Exactly As Wealthy Right Now As Your Subconscious Programming Will Allow…. And unless you reprogram it nothing will change. If you’re ready to install an abundant program and attract more wealth, join Dr. Andrew Powell’s VIP Prosperity Circle for fast, effective, lasting change.

18 to where you want to be, or are they sabotaging your success? If they are not serving you, those beliefs need to be changed. Fortunately these days we live in a time where there are a myriad of ways to alter your subconscious programming quickly and effectively- my favourites are The LifeLine Technique™ and Neuro Emotional Technique, but there are many others out there… NLP, EFT, Psyche-K and hypnosis just to name a few. Once you have begun to master your subconscious, it’s time to do what you love. In fact getting rid of some of that old programming will often make it much clearer exactly what you do love. Focus on your genius- what do you do best? What really makes you feel amazing? What do you do that makes it feel like time just flies? Do more of that and less of the things you don’t love (there is someone else out there who’d love to do those things anyway) and abundance will start to flow your way… not only that, you’ll have fun in the process! Dr. Andrew Powell is a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist at Hills Spinal Health in Castle Hill, NSW. He is also the author of “The Money Is In The Mindset- The 7 Subconscious Keys To A Profitable Practice”. Every month he helps hundreds of people clear their negative programming and achieve wealth, abundance and freedom through his VIP Prosperity Circle vip-prosperity-circle

Stop doing that which is no longer serving you! BY GERALDINE TEGGELOVE Stop doing that which is no longer serving you! Easy to say, but not so easy to do! So many times in our lives we wish we could wave goodbye to repeated patterns of behaviour that do not serve us well and fill our lives with negativity. Instead, we sit and say to ourselves, ‘Why does this keep happening, or why am I drawing these experiences or people into my life over and over again? There must be something I can do to get off this merry-go-round that seems to take me back to the “same ol’ same ol’” - the same negative relationships, the same health issues, the same debilitating financial experiences!’ Yes, these so called negative experiences do play a significant role in our journey of life, but my question is “do we need to experience them over and over again?” How many people do you know who constantly jump out of one relationship and into another that once again has a negative outcome, or who are going through financial issues time and time again! Not sure about you, but having to go through this once is enough for me, and I don’t need to go back and repeat it all again, thank you very much! So what can we do to eradicate these repeated patterns of behaviour? It is time to get off the ‘no longer serving you merry-go-round’, and jump onto the ride of our lives which takes us to complete happiness, health and

prosperity! What is the secret? It is all about taking a long hard look at our emotional needs, and how we go about fulfilling these. We are so desperate to satisfy our emotional needs that we will even put ourselves into undesirable situations. We continue to seek out people or circumstances which can satisfy this incredible urge, regardless of whether they truly serve us or not. It is like a child who desperately wants attention, and will become naughty and display negative behaviour, just to make sure it gets the attention it is crying out for. Well, we adults are just the same. The trick is, to find out what our emotional needs are, and then begin to understand that we can fulfil these needs in far more positive ways. In order to accomplish this end, we star t by revisiting the values which are deeply entrenched in our hear ts. These are the foundation stones of our emotional needs. When we fail to fulfil the emotional needs found within our values in positive ways, we will continue to seek them in ways described above. Some of the following may ring a bell for you! Are you always the one who is doing all the work, or constantly running around taking care of everyone else’s needs? This speaks highly of the need to be loved, the need for attention, the need for praise, and the need for affirmation. Perhaps you are constantly trying to

19 make everybody happy, or you are always agreeing with the opinions of others. This is often a sign that you value peace and harmony in your life, and the emotional states that accompany these, above all else. A very wise person once said, ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes!’ It takes a great deal of courage to step out of repeated negative patterns, but whether you choose to do it now or sometime down the track, I promise you the time will eventually come when your spirit shouts ‘STOP’, and you are forced to listen. So how do we fulfil our emotional needs in positive ways on a daily basis? Always ask the question: ‘Is this serving me physically, emotionally and spiritually?’ The only way we can live happy, healthy and prosperous lives is by having all 3 working in harmony with the other. Check in with your heart and if it feels good, then run with it. If your intuitive guidance is questioning

the situation, then stop and check again! Recognise the emotional need which is being fulfilled, and if necessary, find a more positive way to enhance this need. Once you have taken the initial steps suggested above, then it is time to take action! If this means letting go of relationships, changing employment, or whatever else is not serving you, then do it! Be brave and courageous enough to make your life happier and healthier. Truly, why sit in a situation that will only end with you becoming ill, depressed or hating life? Know without a doubt that you are worthy and deserving of experiencing the very best that this amazing Universe has to offer, and then reach out with both hands to receive. Dr Geraldine Teggelove Ger aldine Teggelove D Msc,

is the creative director of Nature Spirits Speak. She is a Nature Spirit intuitive/clairvoyant, spiritual life coach, and healer. Geraldine is the author of the International best-selling book ‘Beyond Broke – recover & flourish from financial meltdown’, and her latest book ‘Today’s Note to Self’. Her most recent published work is the highly acclaimed ‘Australian Feather Magic Oracle cards’. Geraldine is the host of her own weekly International Radio show – ‘Nature Spirits Speak’ - where she shares with listeners her knowledge of metaphysics, and the practical action steps necessary to make their dream a reality. These aspects of her work are also followed through in her latest course ‘Oracle/Affirmation cards – from idea to market-place’. As a singer/ songwriter, Geraldine has released three albums of inspirational Celtic music which provide emotional healing for the body, mind and spirit. Mobile: 0432 641 812 www.

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Healing & Reconnection WITH ANTHONY CRAIG

Healing and Awakening Consciousness

Change is upon us and we MUST embrace that change. As humans on this planet and with the physical, mental and emotional experiences that we have here we are generally ‘out of balance’. Our intelligences are existing in lower energy thresholds and part of our journey is to go through a continual mutation. We must connect with the perfection that is us on all multi-dimensional levels so that we can evolve, coming back into full balance and harmony whilst moving forward and expanding our consciousness. Our brain must go through time acceleration. We must connect with the underlying crystalline structures within a harmonic grid arrangement using both the vibrational energy fields of sound and colour. In this way we make a connection with the highest level of information, thought forms and mathematical and biological coding that can change our levels of health and consciousness whilst activating our channels of Love and Wisdom. Healing and consciousness are intertwined and it is important to recognise this. What does this mean in plain English? As we enter this new era there are several things that we need to embrace. We must acknowledge that we are here to learn and advance through our Soul progressions, simplistically our karmic journey through lifetimes.

Also just as old science and spirituality said, and now the new sciences are reconfirming, is that we are all part of the One, The Divine, Higher Intelligence, Our Perfection that is and can be. This can be a very difficult concept to grasp and I believe that most people, including myself, do not have a full awareness of the vastness and depth of this. Most religions and their concepts of god only work within the local levels. Maybe the people who have near death experiences increase their understanding a little more. If we roll the concepts of Universal Love, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Compassion, Oneness, Unity (and Duality) Consciousness and the connecting of all parts of our Soul and combine all this with the science behind The Field, Zero Point, Quantum and Particle Physics, etc. (where a sub atomic particle can exist in many places at the same time – even multi-dimensionally), then we can slowly begin to understand the infinite nature and depth of this concept. As par t of our ongoing growth and healing we are more effectual when we initially vibrate at the core frequency of the earth system within a contemporary sacred space and from that we can more easily connect to the harmonics that are used for communication through the geometries and axiatonal connections. Through a process of discernment which can occur in multiple ways we can ensure that we are connecting with higher forms of intelligence rather than just any forms of intelligence. A connection with these higher intelligences allows for the transfer of the information and codings required for the imprinting and upgrading of our DNA and the exchange of higher wisdoms through thought forms. (The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch; Dr JJ Hurtak (1973), Keys 3.16 & 3.17) Through our continued discernment of connection, a core hear t space and brain space, with the use of SuperLuminal light and very specific sound frequencies underlaid with core mathematics both simple and complex sacred geometries combine to allow greater awakening and imprinting. It is impor tant to acknowledge both our past and our future within the concept of now. And so healing can occur on all levels- mental, physical, spiritual,

emotional etc. Work takes place with instantaneous transference by accessing higher fields of energy multi-dimensionally - Often healings beyond our old belief system, including those labelled as chronic or incurable. But not only can healing take place but our spiritual intelligence grows as well. Scientifically we are working with new thermodynamics, biological electrodynamics and magneto gravitational fluxes. All this and more underlies SPECTRA Healing through which a new level of healing and consciousness awakening can occur. WE must know that everything continues to evolve, particularly at this time when doorways are being opened to access greater levels of awareness. SPECTRA Healing moves beyond the old paradigm of energy healing operating within the confines of our local space systems and moves us into the new paradigm of beyond energy healing where, with simplicity, we are accessing much more of the greater intelligence of the infinite space systems. Opening ourselves to this higher knowledge is important for our journey here and now. But we must not sabotage this. Awakening our access to healing and our consciousness at these new levels is an important part of our ongoing evolution and advancement of the souls of mankind. To find out more, come to an information session or workshop on SPECTRA Healing. Practitioner training is also available. For more information or to contact and arrange an event in your area visit Anthony Craig is the founder (along with Divine Intelligence) of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker. Based in Adelaide he travels extensively as an Instructor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details in your area. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. For further information visit www.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller

awakening one community at a time . . .


Eye on the Sky

Ground Control to Major Tom

Reconnecting to Your Physical Realm



BY RACHELLE TERRY “I loaded the shopping into the trunk and sat down in the passenger seat. A moment later I remembered - I had driven to the shop on my own. I looked around to check that no one had seen me, and relocated to the driver’s seat.” My client laughed, retelling her unusual experience of feeling vague and ungrounded after a powerful spiritual experience. From time to time and to varying degrees, we have all had moments of spacy-ness after a deep meditation or giving and receiving a healing. Fortunately this is generally a temporary state. There are, however many of us who have struggled to be in our body for so long that we may not even realize that we are disembodied. Disembodiment is a defence mechanism, often learned in early childhood. It is sometimes caused by bir th trauma, shock or family disharmony. We could relocate our

consciousness to avoid the fear and pain, numbing ourselves to the experience. Nothing could hurt us if we were not there to feel it. When you are disembodied, your energy field appears in a fragmented pattern, split, splintered, diluted, pale and even slightly disconnected from the physical body rather than present, focused and concentrated. There is also a slightly light blue/ white appearance suggesting fear or shock was somehow involved when the pattern was formed. One client was so far away that all I could see was a structural representation of her consciousness, galaxies away, behind layer and layer of dimensions. There were doorways and tunnels to travel through and as I finally located and retrieved her soul/consciousness. *Bang*! She landed. Her gaze became focused. Colour returned to her cheeks. She was back. Later, pleasant side effects of re-inhab-

iting her physical body emerged - family relationships improved, energy returned and she had a new and unfamiliar clarity and presence. The complications associated with ongoing patterns of disembodiment include: - Exhaustion - Lack of vital force in the body, giving rise to health issues - Lack of assertiveness and inadequate boundaries - A feeling as though you are “here but not here” - A sense of loneliness Worst of all, numbness to pain also equals numbness to joy. Social Psychologist, Dr. Brené Brown discusses this in her book, “The Power of Vulnerability”. Results of this include the inability to enjoy physical pleasure, social connection or the joy of being in the moment.

Medical Intuitive Rachelle Terry

Your aura stores memories, blockages, shock waves and emotions resulting from previous experiences. If these are left unattended, recurring patterns can form, affecting your relationships, career, behaviours, health and life events. Rachelle, a Sydney based practitioner, sees and pinpoints the cause these patterns, using her ability to view the energy field. She then uses highly effective therapy techniques including Theta Healing to shift the negative patterns on a deeper level.

For appointments with Rachelle in Sydney (phone/Skype consultations also available):

Akashic Records

I use a specific sacred prayer to access your personal Akashic Record which works at a vibrational level. You may experience an energy shift, a sense of peace or love. Once your Record is opened you can ask your questions. The answers will be provided by the Lords, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Records and passed through Jo who has been specifically trained to give you only the information she receives in a direct, clear and unbiased form. The Lords of the Akashic Records are Light Beings who work at a universal level and are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Records. They also decide who may access the records and what information will be made available during a reading. They then pass this information onto your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLO’s). You will work with your MTLO’s to cultivate a rich relationship with the Records and ultimately learn to

unleash your highest potential. The Masters are a group of Light Beings who work with you at a soul level. Your particular masters are with you from your soul’s inception and are responsible for your growth and development. The Teachers of the Records are lesson specific to you. Once you have learnt a particular lesson, (which can take many lifetimes) the teacher will move on to work with other souls. The Loved Ones are people who you knew in this lifetime who are now deceased. They are there to offer support and to serve you and may not always be identifiable as individuals. The Loved Ones may reveal themselves during a reading if they feel you will benefit from knowing they are around to support you. At the end of the Reading, Jo will close your Records using another sacred prayer. After your Records have been closed, they are no longer accessible to Jo, or anyone else. Below are some comments from

clients and their Akashic Experience: “To learn and understand that I have chosen this life, my relationship’s and that I need to be consciously aware to let go and step back.” “It was amazing and great to find answers and confirmations of my direction for my business and finances.” “To know that through all the suffering and trials in my life it is all part of the bigger picture, to get to a better understand of myself and my experiences in order to progress into the next stages of my life.” “I really liked the ‘conscious way’ of interaction, it was very down to ear th, questions were answered accurately, and the knowledge and insight will be useful for the future improvement.” “Confirmation that I will always be in the right place at the right time and to TRUST in this process.” “To know and feel love at all times, to know that I am on a journey that has many paths, choices,

I’ll never forget the display of ecstatic joy of another client who, for the first time in her life, experienced being fully present in her body. It was the end of our healing consultation. She stood up and jumped around the room. If you have a long-term disconnection to your body, you may wish to explore this with your healer or therapist. Be sure that you do this at a pace that is manageable and safe. If you need a tool to help you during the day, the following exercise is excellent to re-centre: 1. Ask, “Where am I?” As soon as you ask the question, you are, grounding yourself because you are introducing mindfulness and lucidity that are missing elements when you disembody. 2. Throughout your day continue to ask yourself “Where am I?” Become aware of what or who is the trigger for your disembodying, e.g. it may be cer tain conversations, behaviors, people, or events. 3. When you have identified the trigger, find an anchor point in the body. I suggest the point behind your solar plexus (above the navel). For consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or inperson consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: *Baby and child readings also available*

and results all of which contribute to my inner spiritual soul growth.” Jo Fuller is the Founder of Akashic Studies Austr alia. She is an Akashic Records Certified Advanced Practitioner. Her services include general Akashic soul readings, past lives, energy work, ancestral patterns and healing through the Akashic Records. Jo is currently

June - August 2014 Mercury at the star t of June is in Cancer this can find us communicating with others in a nurturing manner, sensing the feeling behind words within our conversations and being cautious and concise in what we say to others. If your Mercury is in a fire or air sign communication at this time could prove to be frustrating, however if you sit back and allow yourself to listen attentively you may find that you are able to connect more deeply and emotionally in your conversations with others. The Messenger (Mercury) then begins a retrograde path in Cancer from June 7th to the 17th retreating into Gemini June 17th to July 13th, moving forward on July 2nd and back into Cancer by July 14th. Mercury's retreating pathways can cause our plans to become skewed therefore have ‘plan B’ to revert to. In spite of this, Mercury retrograde offers us time to reflect on the past, access our intuition and pay attention to our sixth sense. With Mars now moving forward in Libra (went direct May the 20th), we can access the drive to complete the changes needed in our relationships, create balance and harmony and see where in our communities, equality and justice needs to be more established. The New Moon rises in Cancer at 6 degrees on June 27th, with Neptune forming a trine to her. With dreaming Neptune and the Cancer Moon it would be very appropriate to be by the sea to send out your newly formed intentions and wishes. Appropriate themes for intentions at the new Moon in Cancer are: home, family, community and ancestry. This is a good time to focus on how you

relate with the women around you. In July Saturn continues to retrograde in Scorpio. The best way to utilise any planetary retrograde is to go within. Scorpio reaches into the depths of your psyche and soul. Saturn will persist until you understand what patterns and inner structures need to end and have the know-how to change them. Therefore take the time to contemplate and understand the lessons you have been learning with Saturn in Scorpio. Jupiter is hailed into Leo on July the 16th, and remains there until August 2015. Under this influence, those born in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, will have a fortunate thirteen months especially if previously you have put in the footwork. With Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius, it sits comfortably in the fire sign of Leo expanding the cosmic hear t, teaching us the actual truth and offering opportunity for growth and expansion. Locate which house Jupiter is transiting your natal chart as you may find remnants of past situations, from twelve years ago, that need closure. The next thir teen months is a favourable time to identify these issues and see how you have grown since 2002. Then it would be good practice to process entirely what has happened to be able to close the book on this specific chapter. The majestic New Moon in Leo ascends on July 27th, next to the Sun (ruler of Leo), aligns with Jupiter and squares Mars in Scorpio. The effect of this assembly is expansive, grand, deep, passionate, intense, and is accompanied by a directive charge. Through this alchemic magic and the mix of el-

studying to be an Akashic Records Certified Teacher through the Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies USA. She is also studying an Advanced Diploma in Natur opathy and Nutritional Medicine. She believes in a wholistic approach to disease and health issues, a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit is the key and the Akashic Records are a perfect tool to achieve this. Jo is based in Adelaide and

is av ailable for In Person, Te l e p h o n e and Skype Readings, appointments can be booked via Mob: 0418 817 854 or email: info@akashicstudiesaustralia. com web: www.

AKASHIC STUDIES AUSTRALIA What is your Life & Soul’s Purpose? Do you have Limiting Life Patterns? Why not learn more about yourself?

Soul Readings, Energy Work, Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Healing through the Akashic Records. In–Person, Skype or Telephone Readings. Jo Fuller: Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Mob: 0418 817 854 • Email: Web:

21 emental fire and water, you can be sure that the drive to pursue your personal desires will be accessible and potent. Therefore ignite your wishes in the face of the Universe for they will be reflected back to the ear th and manifest beyond your wildest dreams! Mercury is moving directly this month from Leo to Virgo. With all systems forging forward the month of August should prove to be well organised in the office and around the home. Initially in the month you may find yourself communicating creatively through poetry, or other art forms however by the 16th August (Mercury into Virgo) your expression could be more to the point and very precise. Through Venus entering Leo and aligning with Jupiter, 12th to the 16th, there is sure to be opportunity for romance and to begin a heartfelt relationship with someone loyal and generous. Cour ting could prove to be a grand affair and with Jupiter in the mix, this person could be whisking you off on a weekend of mystical journeying, pondering together on different and interesting philosophies. Then again your first date may include visiting museums and looking at artefacts giving you both plenty of subject matter to talk about. Now moving at its usual pace, Mars swiftly travels through Scorpio and on the 25th August conjuncts Saturn. This could hold up tasks and assignments with work or home therefore get a head star t if you have deadlines on the day. The New Moon in Virgo on the 26th August brings in the mindfullness to reflect on your diet and exercise regimes and what else you need to establish, in your daily routine, in order to attain your optimum health level. You may also consider your inner dialogue to be sure you have let go of self-criticism. Be aware every time that it occurs to be able to consciously change these thoughts into positive self talk. Therefore intentions put out to the Universe this New Moon need to contain positive, potent affirmations regarding your true wor th. For example: ‘I am gifted in seeing the fine details in many situations’. ‘I honour the service I give to humanity and other creatures, through my work in the world’. ‘I value the care and attention I give my body, mind and spirit, through my healthy diet, exercise regime and meditation programme’. Gerry Crow is an internationally renowned and respected Psychic, Clair voyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Her career expands an exceptional 35 years conducting professional, accurate psychic readings, successful healings and profound meditation, development classes and inspiring workshops. As well as having her many psychic gifts, Gerry has trained and studied at length in the esoteric sciences –including Astrology and Tarot, the healing arts, psychology, counselling and shamanic practices. She conducts her varied modalities, in person and over the phone. Gerry is also a regular guest on Psychic TV. Phone her on 0449 865 473; Email au ; find her on face book, Visit www.

Australia’s Leading Psychics Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald is one of Australia’s most active psyc hic mediums, he has helped thousands of people around the world with his amazing ability to pass messages on to people from the spirit world. His knowledge of the Aloha Spirit from the beautiful islands of Hawaii has given him the name Jason Spirit, the spirit whisperer. Many people that experience a demonstration of Jason’s ability can feel the love reaching out from the other side. Jason knows hearing a message from the spirit world is a life changing experience and often the messages inspire us to be aware that we are more than the physical body. Jason has been doing public demonstrations of mediumship since the early eighties, giving freely of his time with unconditional love. He is a regular guest at spiritual churches, police, and fire brigade and hospital fundraisers and is the most popular regular presenter at the MindBodySpirit festivals around Australia. “I heard about Jason McDonald through a friend who found him at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in Brisbane almost two years ago. She put her name onto his waiting

list and when she finally had her reading was gobsmacked at the accuracy of this guy! After listening to her story (covered in goose-bumps the whole time) I decided I would go and check him out. So after waiting incredibly patiently (it takes 12 months to get an appointment!) I finally got in last month... The reading was pretty amazing. I am somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to psychics but this guy was mind blowing! He knew things about my family that no one could possibly know. Things he told me my relatives on the ‘other side’ were telling him, while I was sitting there! He was engaging in conversation with people behind him that I could not see, it was fascinating. It costs $95 for an hour with Jason McDonald, and your name goes onto a 12 month waiting list. It is most definitely worth it though. If you are into this sort of thing I suggest booking an appointment as soon as possible!” - Lisa N.

For further details and bookings visit or phone 1800 429 244 or 07 3266 1418 or check him out at the MindBodySpirit festivals in Melbourne and Sydney this June.

Jacquelene Close Moore

Jacquelene is a natural born psychic, demonstrating gifts from early

awakening one community at a time . . .

childhood, and has worked professionally since 1995 for clients around the world. She is an empath, can work with or without tools, and can tap into spirit using all five senses to a higher perception, as well as connecting with beings from a variety of dimensions from passed over loved ones to angelic realms. She has appeared at media, and party appearances for some of Australia’s most prestigious companies and functions. Jacquelene teaches a range of subjects from meditation, healing and psychic development through to spiritual business star t-ups and executive career mentoring. She also offers Readings focusing on insight and prediction surrounding work, love, relationships, career and money, as well as spiritual and business direction, Medium readings to connect with passed over loved ones for closure and healing, or spirit art with guidance to connect you with the energies guiding you in your life and spiritual direction. In healings:- she combines decades of multi-modality training and experience including chakra balancing, colour sound and crystal therapy, shamanic healing. Clearings: Personal clearings, as well as clearings for home, shops, offices and construction sites. Awards:- Jacquelene is the first ever Psychic of the Year in Victoria, awarded in 2004, lifetime membership awarded 2011 for services to the community, industry and association, and 2103, Psychic Ambassador Award all awarded by the Australian Psychics Association, which she was a member of the board. She has appeared on radio, TV, and print media locally, nationally and internationally. Jacquelene works in most capital cities periodically, as well as based in Victoria:

Phone 0439 488 558 or visit www.


A natural born Clairvoyant and

Clairaudient, Diandr a wor ks closely with spirit to bring you a clear, accur ate and uplifting Psychic Reading by phone. Connecting with you via breath to establish a firm Psychic connection with you from the very start she provides a thorough and at times breathe takingly accurate and impressive reading, giving names and information beyond a doubt that can only come from the other side via spirit. Working as a Clairvoyant Channel, medium and Psychic Intuitive since 1997 Diandra has developed a large base of clientele only too happy to provide glowing feedback in regard to her accuracy and testimonials are freely available. Extending her services to Holistic Beauty and Counselling in around 2005. She offers a full range of Holistic therapies to promote Health of mind, body and spirit. Distance Healing, Life Coaching, CBT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy are offered amongst a range of Holistic Beauty treatments. Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga and meditation classes are also offered through Warburton Holistic Healing. A Reiki Master/ Teacher Deandre blends a range of Holistic Healing such as Chromo Therapy to any in person healing session to achieve the results you seek. She laughs as she explains that her continual drive to study, learn and grow has brought her to a point of providing a full range of Holistic Healing Therapies for Spirit, mind and Body atop her Psychic Readings, Counselling and Life Coaching. Clair voyant Readings, Distance healing, Life Coaching & Holistic Counselling via the phone or Skype are offered Australia and worldwide. Speak with her when you want to heal your past, freeing yourself to become the person you deserve to be and achieve the results, personal or career you have always wanted. Heal to be your best you possible and find the happiness and calm you so deserve. Knowledge is power from a clairvoyant

reading; Healing brings peace, calm and happiness from the range of Holistic Healing available for body, mind and spirit. A breath of fresh air to the Soul, a new beginning for the Mind and Heart. Diandra is available 9am – 11pm Sunday – Thurs, and Fri/ Sat when available for phone readings on – 03 9444 0239 20 minute booking $55 by credit card. Phone Charge 1902 213 213 $5.50/min. * Pay and mobile phones more * telads

Jessica Dao

Jessica Dao is an architect and a project mana ger based in Adelaide. She is also a spiritual healer specializes in advanced spirit releasement , emotional and soul healing, angel therapy, and spiritual counseling. In recent years, Jessica has been conducting spiritual healing, crystal and angel workshops throughout Australia. She is the author and illustrator for the children book “Angel Friends” (available on Amazon Kindle). Jessica is currently taking time out to complete her book on spiritual healing and spirit releasement. |0422 563 794

Lisa Stewart

I am clairsentient, which is the gift of clear feeling/knowi n g. C l a i r c o g nizant, which is the gift of clear thoughts/ideas. Clairvoyant, this is the gift of clear seeing through the inner eye, and clairaudient, the gift of clear hearing. I have always been psychic, I just never knew what it was until later in my life. I remember as a small child seeing visions of dead people, having feelings about places and people, and just “knowing” things that would happen. I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist and Past Life Regressionist. I work closely with my Angels, Archangel Michael in par ticular. I became an Angel Intuitive certified by Doreen Vir tue several years ago. I have just had my first children’s book published “The Little Red Bus”, which Archangel Michael lovingly guided me to write. I am also strongly connected to Egypt; I love the magic of the country and its people. I will be taking this year’s pilgrimage over in late October; it is a resurrection of self, a spiritual journey of the soul. Rainbow Blessings!

To book a reading, learn more about my book or Egyptian tour go to www. or call Lisa on 0408 881 509


awakening one community at a time . . .

Australia’s Leading Psychics Wagih Samweil

Wa g i h S a m weil, or Sam for shor t, was born in a small village next to the Nile in Upper Egypt. Wa gih’s f amily has worked in the psychic field for generations (348 years to be precise), and they are still learning new things. Wagih is one of the best Egyptian clairvoyants in Australia with over 30 years’ experience and guarantees a high degree of accuracy in all his psychic methods. He helps in resolving relationship and family issues. He also assists in removing obstacles in your life path. He conducts readings with the use of Egyptian Cards and numerology which require special skills and hieroglyphic knowledge to interpret. Wagih is a well-known psychic in Singapore, Egypt, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France and New Zealand, and is also a certified member of the Australian and International Psychics Association. Wagih is their 2008 Psychic of the Year (VIC). He has also appeared on “A Current Affair”, describing him as Australia’s most accurate psychic. He will be giving readings at the Melbourne MindBodySpirit festival in June.

You can have a personal consultation from Wagih Samweil sent to you by e-mail by contacting Samweil at or phone 0414 792 038.


Rhoni - Psychic Medium. I grew up in a Funeral Parlour in North Eastern Victoria. As a c hild we used to jump in the coffins and pretend we were dead and going to heaven. I had my first supernatural experience on the afternoon of my Auntie Queenies funeral, three of us, my father, my sister and myself witnessed a can elevate approximately 3/4 of a metre and move 1/2 a metre across, stunned as we all were we knew it was her / an energy / too much of a coincidence in timing and we weren’t scared. My father said to my mother as she walked into the room “the beer can just elevated and moved on its own, “closer to you I suppose” she said, he turned to look at us and we just laughed. I was 19 and driving home from work one night after 10.10pm when I suddenly had a very profound feeling that someone was in the back seat, I thought I was going to be attacked my heart was pounding very strongly, I stopped my car and reluctantly looked over into the back seat, no one was there, that night when I got home I rushed in and said to my mother that “something had happened” she thought nothing of it. The next day my friend rang and said her father had died of a heart attack, he was found in the back seat of his car. He had died at around the same time as I stopped my car that night. I have been reading for over 20 years as a Psychic Medium, I’ve done over 5000 readings, working through shops, fairs and most

recently platform work. I believe in remaining humble and client focused. When the heart is in the right place you can see without vision and hear without sound.

For appointments call Rhoni 0422 524 738.

Ruanna Marie

Ruanna is a teacher of Tar ot, Astr ology, Numerology and as a Reiki Master can also attune students to this graceful healing practice. Ruanna runs all her classes and healings from her Tarot in Action shop in Moonee Ponds. Through the use of various modalities, the client receives the answers they are seeking and leaves the reading or healing feeling empowered. “My aim is for the student to become empowered so as to fulfil their goals and dreams.” – Ruanna As a reader, Ruanna has travelled around Australia at many various Psychic Festivals, the Mind Body Spirit Festivals, and now at the Conscious Living Expo in Melbourne. Invited to do Tarot readings at Hens Nights, Bir thday Par ties and also special Corporate Events and Christmas Functions. Since 2010, Ruanna has been travelling to Singapore to teach Tarot and Numerology Master classes over there. Combined with my Clairsentience and Clairaudience I can bring all these modalities together to get the answer the client is searching for. Ruanna is a seeker and loves exploring anything to do with Tarot, Psychology and emotional healing Ruanna is a professionally registered Tarot reader and teacher since 1995, International Psychic Assoc since 2013 and Reiki Master since 2012 with the Aust Reiki Connection Inc. Tarot in Action –

165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds. Mobile: 0418 388 712. Email: info@ Web: www. Facebook:

Andrea Lowrey

Andrea’s tarot, clair voyance and palmistry readings are conducted in an open-minded, warm, engaging and uncannily accurate manner. She is popular at a wide variety of events and is comfortable in the company of people from all walks of life. She has been wonderfully successful at 18th bir thday par ties, elderly ladies and gentlemen’s functions, family gatherings and hen’s nights Intrigued and hopeful guests form queues swiftly! Andrea has over 15 years’ experience with the tarot, and is also a reiki master, hypnotherapist and intuitive healer. She uses natural intuition to give you the intuitive guidance you need, and draws upon a wealth of study and practice in spirituality and metaphysical science and counselling. She channels what your true soul wants illuminated to guide you in the right direction and reveal all the possibilities. Positivity is used over negativity, healing over

prediction and empowerment over dependency. Understanding ourselves brings us the gift of free will. Andrea also teaches basic tarot lessons from her rooms in Beaumaris. For further details and bookings phone 0425 206 325 or visit www.

Claudine Duval

Claudine offer s a broad r ange of services as a spiritual medium and clair voyant and energy healer. She is also a professionally trained counsellor and Reiki Master, bringing together a full and comprehensive range of healing, psychic and counselling tools to help process all that’s happening in her client’s life right now. Having worked professionally for more than 20 years, Claudine uses Tarot Cards and is able to connect directly with her client’s Spirit Guides to help them come to a deeper understanding of their life issues and future direction. She is a reader and medium and presents regularly at the Brunswick Spiritual Church and I by phone and in person. Claudine also has worked extensively with Past Life Regression helping her clients to access the patterns and sub-conscious memories from the past that continue to manifest their life today. If you are looking for someone with the ability to delve deep and bring forward all that is holding you back in a balanced gentle way, Claudine has the insight and compassionate nature to truly help. She works in Brunswick and Preston and via phone as well.

For further information and/or bookings, you can call Claudine direct on 0401 013 643 or (03) 9378 2291.

Alex Mastoris

Coming a long way in a short period of time, Alex has astounded his clients with accurate information by connecting with their loved ones who are now in the spirit world. From an early age, Alex has been able to see and hear those people who had crossed over and it wasn’t until the age of fourteen when his clairsentience had begun to unfold. Alex has been guided by some of the world’s leading and most famous psychic mediums, stretching from Australia to the United Kingdom. Over the years he has dedicated much time towards studying the world around us and the role which we play in the theatre of life. By combining the proven scientific evidence with his spiritual philosophy he has constructed a course entitled ‘Understanding Our Existence’ to help people relate to what spirit truly is ‘Consciousness’.

For further details and bookings visit

Kim Platzer

Spiritual Medium, Clair voyant & Healer Kim Platzer. “T he

soul is the essence of you, it is crying out to be heard”- K. P I have the ability to see, smell, hear and even taste spiritual phenomena. For many this may seem strange or even frightening, but for me, I never knew it was ‘different’. Today, I choose to take time to share my experiences with others by helping them to connect to loved ones who have left the physical world. I offer validation of the spirit I am connecting to by bringing through proof of survival. This may be in the form of a memory shared between the living and the spirit, an object, or words. I have even had clients smell scents in the room which related to their loved one. The experience is unique for each individual. My clairvoyant ability assists people with guidance. I can see impressions of the past, present and even future. I find it may validate or even help people who seem confused or in need of changing their lives. My guidance is always channelled from spirit and may also pertain to health, changing patterns from the past which still affect the present. Many people leave a session feeling at peace or ‘lighter’. We all have the ability to connect to spirit and this NEVER leaves us even in our darkest moments. Sometimes we just need to speak to someone who understands, without judgement. Contacts: 0409 195 638 Readings by phone/Skype or in person

Josephine Celeste

An Ancient tradition for a modern world. Josephine Celeste is a Melbourne-based Shamanic Vibrational Healer, psy-

chic and Medium. Josephine was born multi-gifted and studied for five years under an Enlightened Master before commencing her life’s purpose of assisting others on their empowering and transformational journey. For the past 27 years, Josephine has consulted over 13,000 clients on various issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and relationships. She has also helped heal clients with various illnesses. Josephine’s areas of specialty include gift development, twin flame/relationship guidance, spiritual development, insights into past life experiences, Shamanic Vibrational Healing and Psychic Tarot readings enabling her to live between the physical and spiritual worlds. Josephine is a Doctor of the soul and can work on these areas for people to become aligned with their soul/spiritual self, which then in turn can mirror into the physical world. This can then lead to change in areas of your life that you are not happy with and can bring you to an overall wholeness.

For appointments please call or message 0410 190 593 or email us at josephinecelestehealing@ Alternati vely you can visit our website at www. or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/JosephineCelesteHealing

Kelly Cocker

Kelly is a gifted and genuine psychic, experienced in spiritual reading and healing & known widely for her talent and sensitivity in the realm of psychometry, spiritual grounding and protection; as well as the contacting of spirit guides and family for guidance and

healing. With her first experiences with the spiritual world as a young girl, she has grown and learned from her unexpected gifts, now using her ability not only to help those who seek knowledge and guidance, but to educate. Kelly also offers assistance with psychic attachments, clearing and releasing, aura and chakra reading and of course guidance from spirit guides loved ones and angels. You can work with Kelly to help evolve your own gifts or to simply find closure on a particular event in your life. Kelly is a kind, open and sensitive medium who understands her ability has been given to her in order to assist people to evolve and to understand the very real and powerful spiritual aspect of their own humanity. You can contact Kelly at Infinity Natural Wellbeing - A positive, calm & peaceful environment, offering you a retail and wellbeing store for all your inspirational gifts such as jewellery, crystals, books, cd’s and much, much more! Additional in store services include; spiritual reading, healing, mediumship, psychometry, hypnotherapy, past life regression, ar t therapy, reiki, Pellowah, sound healing, psychic ar t and tarot. Workshops also provided. Some of these include sound healing, shamanic drum making, meditation, chakra balance, doTERRA Oil information evenings, and reiki 1, 2 & 3, tarot and crystal bowl meditation... Contact Infinity Natural Wellbeing on (03) 9399 8117 or Check out our website and Facebook pages for all up and coming special events! www. infinitynaturalwellbeing

Psychic Pages

Reviews to Improve Your Business According to legendary copywriter, Joe Vitale, reviews are up to 500 times more likely to be read than a straight ad because it has what the reader wants, information on a subject they’re interested in. A review of your product or service is a great way to offer valuable information to your prospective clients. Prices below are only for 1 state. We have 5 editions of InnerSelf in NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, WA. Please add 20% for each extra state you want your review to appear.

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awakening one community at a time . . .


Rachelle Terry is a Sydney-based medical intuitive. She has had the ability to see, read and heal the human aura since childhood. Rachelle consults her clients locally and around the globe, both in–person and via Skype. People find Rachelle’s work very helpful for a wide range of issues including anxiety, health problems, sleep issues, weight, and releasing negative habits. Identifying and clearing patterns can leave room for more joy and clarity, confidence and ease.

For consultations or more information, visit:

Dr Jason Betts Psychic Line

The best platforms, like ours at au, have photos and descriptions of their readers and the style of the readings they offer. Some lines use thirty year old technology with only a magazine ad and a 1902 number, some have websites, some have websites with photos, and the best have live, interactive websites that actually show you whom is busy and whom is not. This is also very telling because you can see how busy the line actually is, which is a big indicator of its success. Another positive feature of an interactive website is its ability to communicate honestly and transparently to its customers. TheCircle. com has a rating system of 1 to 5 stars which can be entered at the end of the call - the computer then displays the real average star rating from all of the ratings and this is an excellent indicator of the satisfaction (and thus quality) of each reader. Likewise, the readings counter tells you how long they have been operating on the system - have they only done 3 calls or taken 3000? At 20 mins each that’s 60,000 minutes or 1000 hours of psychic reading. Another feature seen now is the typed comments from clients. I don’t know of any other site that does this other than where all clients’ comments, good and bad, are left to be viewed by everyone, forever.

Dr Jason Betts, Manager, www. Psychic Line (Australia) Now that’ s honest. For more information or to contact Jason please go to www.emeraldalchemy. com.

Blair Stewart

Blair’s journey becoming a Psychic/Medium and Ener g y Healer began soon after he moved with his family from Scotland to Zimbabwe (prev Rhodesia). In his early teens he started seeing kindly Spirit visitors and Auras. At twenty one he visited a close friend’s home who’s Granny on holidays from the UK turned out to be a Psy-

chic/ Medium. She offered to do a “Tea Leaf Reading” for Blair. Looking into his cup Granny informed him that in years to come he would have major health issues, move to another country with his new family and do this work too! Blair is a cancer survivor having had cancer three times. He was treated by conventional and alternative therapies. During many years of challenging health issues he also looked to other alternative modalities to improve his health, he became cancer free. He found herbs; energy healing and a positive outlook helped him overcome many issues. Later Blair studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master. His Psychic & Spiritual gifts returned which lead him onto a completely new life path and career. Yes! He also does “Tea Leaf Readings” too! For the past fourteen years Blair has worked as a Psychic/Medium and Energetic Healer. He sees clients in Berry on the South Coast of New South Wales and focuses on “Positive Life Directions” for his many clients.

Blair Stewart is available for in person appointments at Divine Bliss Wellness Centre in Berry NSW. He also does Skype and Phone Readings. Contact him on 0407 868 888 - www.

Suzie Price

Suzie Price is one of the best spirit mediums in Australia. Known as Ghost Whisperer Suzie, her ser vices are in high demand with bookings over a year in advance. Suzie’s book; Ghost Whisperer Suzie – Heaven on Earth (published by Balboa Press) is an inspiring biography about her life and how she overcame challenges to create her own piece of heaven on earth. From a near death experience at the age of 7 which introduced her to the world of spirit, through depression and anxiety and other medical issues, to finding true love and building her business. Suzie shares her beliefs on many topics as she talks about spiritual understanding, psychic development, meditation, chakras, energy fields and the law of attraction, plus much more. Suzie gives the reader a close look into her life and her mind as she provides insights on how to overcome your own obstacles in life to create a happier future, showing you how to develop your own intuition.

Ghost Whisperer Suzie – Heaven on Earth is available for sale at most major on line book stores as a soft cover book or e-book, for more information visit www.

Robin Sharee

American psychic Robin Sharee answering your questions about relationships, business ventures or par tnerships, finances, family and reaching out to loved ones in spirit. I offer accurate, helpful information to put you on the path to good health, wealth and the happiness you deserve in

your life. I am a recognized clairvoyant psychic with over thirty-five years of experience. My office is situated in North Adelaide and I am equally effective in person or via Skype or telephone. Do you have questions about where your life is heading? Do you have decisions to make and are unsure which way to go? Every client is treated with respect, confidentiality and kindness. I have worked for Adelaide’s 5AA radio and Adelaide’s CoastFM as their psychic consultant, answering listeners’ questions live.

For your accurate, professional reading call me today on 0402 449 186, email robinsharee@internode. You can also contact me through my Facebook page, Psychic Readings by Robin Sharee, where I offer weekly forecasts. I can also be found on the Australian and International Psychic Association website. Phone: 0402 449 186 Email: robinsharee@internode. Website: https://www.facebook. com/pages/Psychic-Readings-byRobin-Sharee/

Kate’s Psychic Connections

Kate has had her psychic gifts all her life and has been sharing professionally for the past 10 years. K ate provides guidance and practical positive solutions to assist you in experiencing a greater awareness of self and a more enriching and abundant life journey. By providing clarity and insight into your life’s most pressing issues, you will feel more confident in your choices knowing that you are on the right path. She offers guidance that is easy to understand, accurate and down to ear th with no-nonsense. Kate can help you discover your true destiny and have your life questions revealed with compassion, understanding, honesty and integrity. Kate travels extensively Australia wide offering her Psychic Readings, Crystal Journeys (past life work), and Theta Healing (a fast and effective healing modality that removes limiting beliefs and heals deep emotional and physical pain, including pain from past trauma and abuse by connecting with the theta brain wave, to remove limiting beliefs & heals deep emotional & physical pain including pain from trauma & abuse, improves health relationships, & finances. Theta healing offers instant results without the need of any medication. For further details and bookings phone Kate direct on 0429 406 975

Vicki Moonstone

I am a Reiki Master/Pr actitioner, Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. I operate under a code of love and light to provide healings and accurate readings to those who are drawn to utilize my services. I am an Earth sign and have a very deep connection with the Ear th and believe in connecting with her on a regular

and ongoing basis. There is much power and magic in the Earth and if we treat her well, she will always help us when asked. I am a deeply spiritual person and have been all my life. I grew up in a spiritual environment, my mother was a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant as well and I am blessed to have her gifts within me. I believe we all have these gifts; it’s just a matter of tapping into them and ensuring you are safe and grounded when doing so. I offer a variety of services for reasonable and competitive prices. I offer Reiki Healings and Intuitive Psychic Readings either in person if you live in Perth, Western Australia or via Distance/Remote Healing and Reading, wherever you live. I am also available for Private Psychic Parties for those that live in Perth, Western Australia. House Cleansing and some Workshops are also available for those who live in Perth, WA. Namaste.

Phone 0402 445 684 or visit EarthOracle

Carolynn Milne

My voice suddenly changed in mid-sentence. The words I was saying wer e beautiful and


elegant, but they were not mine! I was star tled and confused. What was that amazing energy flowing through me? After the initial shock, I quietened my mind enough to hear Maitreya. He was with me to teach me and to work through me. This little book is the beginning of these teachings. The Love, healing and wisdom of the Angels emerges from each page you turn, opening your hearts to love, joy, abundance and miracles. These messages and blissful experiences are not just for me. I am the catalyst that helps you to connect, but all that I am, and all that I do, you can also achieve. As you read these teachings, you will come to understand this, and so much more. Allow me, together with the Angels and Masters, to teach you how. Find the details of my new course, Listen! The Angels Speak, on my new web site: www.listentheangelsspeak Email: au or call my mobile: 0422 864 727

Where to from Here?

What is spirit? Soul? Wisdom? Love? Friendship? What is a spirit guide? Where do we go when we die? These are some of the topics delivered by Josef in the recently published “Where to from Here?”

Josef Boschitschek was a highly evolved medium who underwent many initiations. During his lifetime Josef used his knowledge, his wisdom, to help many people deal with problems in their lives. Using the Spiritualist Church as a platform, he discussed a wide range of topics chosen by members of the audience after a passage from the Bible was read. Josef used these readings from the Bible as starting points for considering how life in this world works: how to look at and understand what really happens, not what we are told to believe. What is the right way to live? This is the essential theme of these ‘talks’. Eighty three lectures were delivered and recorded over a period of eight years (1976 – 1983). These lectures or ‘talks’ have been compiled in chronological order in this book. Each subject is treated with clarity, while succinctly and powerfully challenging the reader to reflect and focus on his/her own experiences. In publishing these ‘talks ’or lectures it is hoped that the greater awareness promoted in them will assist the individual soul’s journey. Hence the title of this book: “Where to from Here?” To purchase copies of “Where to from Here?” please contact Jacek Piesiewicz. E: jpiesiew@bigpond. M: 0420 657 401


G R E E N P E T N AT U R O PAT H Y A N D N AT U R A L P RO D U C T S FOR ANIMALS. Free mail order catalogue Australia wide. Phone + online consultations available (07) 5449 1453 www. Phone + on-

line consultations available (07) 5449 1453

PUBLISHING MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW! Publish your manuscript with Joshua Books. Contact us on (07) 5493 1700

READINGS ACCURATE CLAIRVOYANT TAROT. Phone or Skype.Love, Spiritual guidance, any issue. Giving you back To your truth and wisdom, to who you really are. Carolyn 0438 790 641

REIKI AUSTRALIAN REIKI CONNECTION INC.(ARC) Est. 1997. Advocacy of the Usui System of Reiki. Run by members for members with fellowship & suppor t. National referral directory (conditions apply). Entitlement to membership in the professional branch of ARC – the Association of Australian Reiki Professionals (AARP) (conditions apply) ARC INK members’ magazine, informative website. Access to insurance & reiki related products/services. au Ph. 1300 130 975


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the love and light of god to shine Within”. Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing. All healings assisted by angels, goddesses & ascended masters. Phone Pina Di Ghionno on 0414 295 629. Appointments & Gift Shop www.


purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Dedication and discipline are essential, as is the help of the living spiritual Master. No charge at any stage. Know Thyself as Soul Foundation is a non-profit incorporated association. For more info call 1800 462 193 or visit


ACCREDITED TRAINING available in: Massage, Cupping, Ear Candling, Tarot Reading, Reiki, Waxing, Facials, Body Wraps for info: phone 0410 09 645. www.balanceforyou.


WORKSHOP/STUDIO SPACE FOR HIRE The inner space… a uniquely beautiful studio for hire - create unforgettable shared experiences in the serenity of the Blue Mountains

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(for one state. 20% for each extra state)

KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL: Sant Mat is a spiritual path based on meditation on the inner Light and Sound, ethical values, service to others and love for all creation. Its goal is to enable the soul to return to and merge with its source; the

Phone (08) 8396 6752 or email innerselfnewspaper@iinet.

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