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ASTROLOGY November-January 2013/14

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awakening one community at a time . . .

From the Editors The Only Thing we Need to Do “The only thing we need to do is be.” -Lao Tzu

Meditation The joy is not in getting anything, but in knowing there is nothing to lose. . . Non-sectarian meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne with Linda Clair



4 The gateway to freedom with Peter Fenner, PHD 4 The spiritual teacher with Linda Clair 5 To die before we die by Enza Vita 6 Getting back in touch with the journey with Stephen Denham 6 What is truth by Isira 7 Breakthrough to your Heart with Sky Shayne Innes


10 WHY ARE YOU HERE? with Dr Andrew Powell


9 FOLLOWING THE DAO with Simon Blow 14 2L & STILL DEHYDRATED? with Robert Reeves


ENERGY HEALING 20 We are but a speck... by Anthony Craig 23 SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE AN ENERGY BLOCKAGE by Rachelle Terry


8 What are the Akashic Records? by Jo Fuller

10 In Brief Reviews Books, CDs, DVDs 12 Moon Calendar

17 Astrology: NovemberJanuary 2013/14 with Gerry Crow

16 Tools for Healthy Living

21 Our Sixth Sense with Amanda de Warren

22 Christmas Gift Guide

19 Classifieds

FEATUREs 18 Conscious Courses IN SA 21 Discover Your Psychic

PLANET HEALING 8 The Game of Life by David Lane 14 The destruction of sourth west native forests in WA by Patrick Wier and Eugene Chattelle

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FREE VOLUME 26 - ISSUE 4 Proudly serving the community since 1988



23 Why am I waking up in the middle of the night? with Nicole Cody


thought “Let it happen”. On the out breath, think the thought “Let it go”. That’s it … that’s all you need to do in these 10 minutes. And, you may find it won’t be easy, but stay with it and keep bringing yourself back to the exercise. As thoughts arise, your addiction to them will tempt you to follow them and drop the exercise. Watch carefully yet gently. Notice the desire to stop practicing … really see it, then simply continue, back into observing and “doing” the technique: On the in breath, “Let it happen” and on the out breath, “Let it go”. You may come to the point of wanting to stop the practice once, twice, three times or more in the 10 minutes … simply take note, but keep going. These 10 minutes may well be the most important 10 minutes in your life. By simply taking note of what is, watching carefully all our caughtupedness and addiction to thought, and simply “Let it happen” and “Let it go”. In fact, this exercise doesn’t need to stop after the 10 minutes. Take it out into your day and see what happens.

Breathe In … Let it happen Breathe out … and let it go Breathe In … Let it happen Breathe out … and let it go The only thing you need to do is be. In the Flow Leo Drioli & Enza Vita

awakening one community at a time...

& Christmas Gift Guide for everyone on your list

20 QVSWPP™ the 22nd century multi-dimensional healing by Kaveeta & Suniel or phone Christian on 0451595092

Do … do … do … driven by doing. Not just outer doing, but inner doing too. The mind is constantly in overdrive to do, looking for the next thing to do now, or to put on our “To Do” list for later. This constant scurry of activity or “movement of the mind” is the driving force in most people’s lives, and creates all our suffering. Making time for “being” can be challenging as we try to carve space out of this constant drive to do. Yet, in truth, it’s the only real necessity. The only thing we really need to do is to be, as Lao Tzu said all those hundreds of years ago. If we stop for a moment, most of us find it difficult to stay in the “not-doing” placeless place of being for very long. As soon as the next thought arises, usually about something that needs doing or we desire to do, we immediately get caught in its stickiness and mindlessly, unquestioningly go forward to do its bidding. How often do you find yourself in that place that could be a relaxing into emptiness, into simply being, and fill it with the seeking out what to do next, or what to do now. How about just being? For most, easier said than done. There’s that word again … it’s a slave driver, constantly demanding our attention: Do … do … do … Try doing this: Sit down for 10 minutes. Not 30, not 20 … just 10 minutes. And with the intention to sit for the full 10 minutes. As you sit in silence, you can “do” this: Watch your breath. On the in br eath think the

ASTROLOGY November-January 2013/14

GLUCOMANNAN FIBRE The Weight-Loss Supplement Dr. Oz Loves

Volume 26 - Issue 4

Proudly serving the community since 1988

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awakening one community at a time . . .

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awakening one community at a time . . .


what isEnlightenment? with Linda Clair

with Peter Fenner, PHD

The spiritual teacher

The gateway to freedom

If you expect your life to be up and down, your mind will be much more peaceful. - Lama Thubten Yeshe We live most of our lives in constant reaction to the ever-changing realities of our conditioned existence. We speak about our problems as though they shouldn’t be happening. “What’s wrong?” we wonder. “Why is this happening to me?” How often do we think, “I’m not meant to be doing this,” about our work and family obligations. I know an Indian doctor who works day and night, seven days a week, at a tiny clinic treating impoverished villagers for routine complaints and more serious conditions such as malnutrition. Yet he’s always joyful, passionate, and appreciative. Why? One of the reasons is that he isn’t thinking that it isn’t fair, or that he should be doing something else. He fully accepts and owns his circumstances. He doesn’t indulge thoughts or conversations such as, “This isn’t the right line of work for me. I’m meant to be doing something easier and less demanding. I should move on to a different calling.” We habitually resist the reality of our experience. It can be difficult to take a trip across town, or spend a day in our office, or an evening at home, without someone or something disturbing our peace and serenity. We reject the volume of music in a restaurant, the actions of our politicians, our own and other’s appearance, the quality of the produce in our supermarket, the way people speak to us, the time we have to wait in line. This constant denial saps our energy and demoralizes us because we’re engaged in a losing battle with a reality that simply isn’t interested in our existence. Nearly everyone participates in this denial. In the affluent West it’s easy to take pleasure and satisfaction to be our birthright and live with a profound denial and rejection of pain and discomfort. Often we seem to share the insane belief that we shouldn’t suffer at all! Yet, we all suffer and will probably continue to do so until we die. Problems and dif-

ficulties are a natural part of life. Only a fully enlightened person—a buddha—ceases to create problems. Even though unpleasant experiences continue to manifest, year after year, we continue to operate as though our rejection would deenergize a negative experience. If this was how things worked surely we would be able to remove unpleasant experiences expeditiously and with ease. The energy in denial or resistance is always wasted. Not one ounce of our energy makes a productive contribution to changing our experience. The source of our suffering lies not in the circumstances of our lives, but in our resistance. When we resist reality, we tighten up. Our bodies become tense, we feel paralyzed or agitated. You might like to flash through some of the times you’ve powerfully resisted what’s happening to you, in order to connect with how resistance shows up in your body. Don’t try to interpret the experiences. Just scan your body for how denial manifests in your chest, belly, groin, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, throat, face, mouth, brow, and scalp. Where are the feelings located in your body? Is the energy stable or moving? Is it solid, like a constriction, or vacuous, like an absence or a gaping hole? The solution to our predicament is to cultivate of a more expanded, inclusive and realistic relationship to life. I call this “broadening the river of life.” We have ups and downs; great times when life flows smoothly, and difficult times when things get heavy and intense and don’t necessarily work out well. That’s life. If we act as though life shouldn’t be like this, we deny a fundamental aspect of our existence. By acknowledging that we do suffer we aren’t committing ourselves to suffering. We accept our circumstances without becoming resigned to our lot in life. Instead, we may think: “At this point in my evolution, I suffer from time to time because I’m still controlled

by judgments and preferences. Even so, I don’t feel resigned. I’m definitely not committed to the inevitability of this situation. I’m working with my reactive emotions so that, over time, the situation will definitely change. I can even accept the fact that I get resigned from time to time.” By broadening the river of life, we increase our capacity to be present to the whole range of human experience. We welcome what is, and this welcoming becomes a gateway into the nondual state. When we welcome what is, our suffering dissipates. We let what is happening happen, and don’t object to it. There may still be pain, but it no longer causes suffering. Ultimately, the only way to break our obsession with resistance, denial and suffering is by getting real and accepting the nature of our conditioned lives. We acknowledge and accept that suffering still happens for us at this point on our path. We cut through the fantasy that something is wrong when we suffer, and we stop making a problem out of having problems! We accept the basic structure and patterning of our experience, our life circumstances, not in a defeatist way, but with dignity and grace, because we know that “welcoming what is” is the gateway to freedom and liberation. Peter is a leader in the adaption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom worldwide. He is a pioneer in the development of nondual therapy and creator of the 9-month Radiant Mind Course® ( and the 10-month Natural Awakening: Advanced Nondual Training ( He was a celibate monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for 9 years and has a Ph.D. in the philosophical psychology of Mahayana Buddhism. He teaches in North America, Europe, Israel and Australia. His books include Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness (2007); The Edge of Certainty: Dilemmas on the Buddhist Path (2002); and The Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy (ed. with John Prendergast and Sheila Krystal, 2003).

Dr. Peter Fenner will be offering the 10 month Natural Awakening Training in Australia for the 1st time in 2014 Awaken to the bliss of awareness in one-to-one contemplative sessions with Peter.

Q: Could you describe what you felt being around your teacher during your practice, and what do you see as the value of having a teacher? Linda: The more time I spent being around my teacher; the more I craved to be near him. I was never completely comfortable being around him, but I didn’t want to feel comfortable – I wanted to feel alive. Sometimes I would feel incredibly self-conscious. Other times it was – I can’t describe it, I wouldn’t say ecstatic but part of it was that – I would feel this deep bliss. I couldn’t work out why I felt this way. On the surface he just seemed like a reasonably ordinary human being, but there was something incredibly attractive about being close to him. It was almost like there was a magnetic pull towards him. I realised that it wasn’t him in the personal sense that I was attracted to, but what he represented, which was reality – the unknown. You could say that an enlightened being is a representative of reality – the embodiment of reality. Being in contact with someone in this state is incredibly powerful. I could feel my consciousness speeding up when I was around him - it was the catalyst for the whole enlightenment process. But I didn’t want to depend on just being around him all the time. I wanted something that I could practice independently. So, that’s when I really started my formal meditation practice. Question: Could you say more about meditation? Linda: Most people underestimate meditation. It’s actually a really difficult thing to do, and can take one into incredibly deep states of stillness. Many people think it’s sitting and visualising being somewhere else, feeling nice, feeling bliss, feeling relaxed. It’s not that at all. You start to feel more at ease but that’s very different to feeling relaxed. At times your body can feel so tired and so much pressure that it feels like it’s going to explode. At other times you can feel so incredibly at peace with just being here that

you forget that you have a body. But that’s what meditation is; watching, coming into your body, grounding yourself in your body so you’re able to see how much control the mind has over you and how much fear is associated with that. The fear is that if I let go of my mind my body will die. We believe that the mind has total control of the body and that the mind needs to exist for the body to function. But in meditation you start to realise that this is not true. The body is actually far more intelligent than the mind. But you have to prove it to yourself in your own body. Nobody else can do it for you. That’s why you’ve got a body – so that you can realise this in your own body. Q: Isn’t there the danger of becoming too attached to a teacher? Linda: For a long time I was very attached to my teacher and being around him. Some people would see that as a bad thing, but for me it was the attachment that broke, eventually, all my attachments. I needed that to hang on to. While everything else was falling away, he was the only thing that I could call home, reality, because everything falls away beneath your feet. You don’t know what’s happening. And there’s just this beacon sitting in front of you saying, ‘It’s OK.’ Linda Clair is a non-sectarian teacher and author of the book, ‘What Do You Want?’ She takes meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne , Adelaide, Canada and the USA . Currently she is also working on her second book. For more information, please visit www. or phone Christian on 0451 595 092

Meditation The joy is not in getting anything, but in knowing there is nothing to lose. . . Non-sectarian meditation sessions and retreats in Melbourne with Linda Clair

Don’t hesitate as sessions will fill up quickly For information about Peter see phone 03 9016 3988 • email or phone Christian on 0451595092


awakening one community at a time . . .

To die before we die

Q & A with Enza Vita, author of “Always already free - what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway?” Q: I want to face my fear of death before the body dies, but how do I do that? ENZA: Right now as I write, my cat, Shimla, is sleeping peacefully on the chair near the heater. My other cat, Pushkar, strolls in and with a graceful roll of his body, lies face up on the warm pavement in front of the heater with a blissed-out look on his face, totally unconcerned with what may happen next. If death should come the next moment, so be it. There is no concern. He is too busy living life moment-by-moment to be concerned with the future, totally releasing one moment and welcoming the next. As human beings, we are very rarely in the present moment. Rather we tend to be “lost in our thoughts,” one moment thinking about our past and the next about our future. If we stop chasing past and future, we land in the present moment, here and now. From here, death is happening in every moment. One moment subsides and that is the death of that moment. Then another moment arises and that is the birth of another moment. The truth is that we go through bir th and death continually. They take place every moment. Learning to recognize this moment-to-moment birth and death is to go behind our ideas and concepts about death. The essence of death is discovered in the gap between one moment ceasing and another one beginning. That essence is the wakefulness that is our true nature.

Facing the fear of death

Death and dying are taboo topics in the western world. While we all know the inevitability of death and the fear that it inspires, this is not a reality we like to face. We would rather deny, repress and run from death. This, however, will not help much because in the end, death always catches up with us. Death was part of the contract when we accepted the idea of life, and facing death before we die gives us the

choice to rediscover the awareness and the love that will guide us when we have to confront this most feared moment of our lives. Our bodies progress from childhood to adulthood to old age. But there is something within us that never changes, never becomes anything other than what it has always been. This is the truth of the essential self. It is who we are when we are born, what remains unchanging as our bodies age, and it will still be the same when we die. The only thing that changes is the appearance and there is no appearance that can touch what we really are.

Only the form changes

Our bodies are temporary vehicles and they appear and disappear in the awareness that we always are. No matter how many billions and billions of bodies come and go, awareness remains unchanged. The appearance may shift, but our awareness and being are still the same. Only the form changes, like you would change your shirt. Consider an outfit you used to like. You wore it, looked good in it, were comfortable in it, and when it no longer served its purpose or got worn out, you threw it away. Our bodies are like that, but our true nature, as awareness, is not altered by death. If we let our minds wander to envision ourselves beyond death, we lose sight of our true nature as everpresent awareness. Time is a concept in awareness, and it is created by the mind. But awareness exists outside of time, independent of bodies coming and going, unconcerned with any temporary appearance.

What does death mean to you, deep down, in your gut, nakedly?

How we define death is how we will experience death and this is an important question that will guide us in how to die well. To die well, we need to learn to live well. Living well is learning to die every day, every moment, to our thoughts, to our emotions, even to our life. Only by

learning to die to everything can we meet life and death fully. Every story comes to an end. Every moment comes to an end. What we call our life and our story is just one moment after another, a million moments succeeding one another, giving the illusion of continuity. But if we look closer, we see that this continuity is illusory and that each single moment is born and then dies, and then is born again like the ocean’s waves. The I in the story with which we identify also arises and dissolves each moment. If we watch closely, we will notice that the I of this moment disappears when the next moment arrives and the next I is born ever fresh, ever new. Only the mind strings them together as the same continuous self. By obser ving this continuous ebb and flow, we start to understand how death and life are intimately connected. We see that it is only through death that something new can be born. Life without death would be a state frozen in eternity. No reality, no creativity, no new discovery would be possible. By learning how to die in each moment, we discover that with each death there is rebirth. Only by releasing our grasp on the continuity of our own individual existence do we have the opportunity to see the luminous space from which all forms are born and die. Then our mind relaxes, becoming open and accepting of the inevitable changes and deaths that are part of any life. Welcoming the sensation of fear with complete openness slowly softens the barriers that we have created with our habitual patterns.

You are the One that witnesses death

Investigate the natural life cycle of one single moment. It doesn’t have to be any moment in particular; you can use your next moment. Watch the moment being born, watch it live, and watch it die. Take note of what happens when that moment dies. Do you die? Awareness is totally and completely present when

each moment dies. This Eternal Presence is the only constancy. All else is temporal. In recognizing the illusion of continuity, we have the opportunity to stop fearing death and to know the deeper reality that exists underneath and beyond death. We realize that we are not the one that is frightened. We are That which is witnessing fear. We are not the one who dies. We are the One that witnesses death. Then we are no longer afraid of death because we know that death is not apart from the life that we are, and that only That which is able to renew itself is truly eternal. Enza Vita, founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings, was born in a small village in Sicily. From a young age she questioned everything around her, constantly seeking out the point and purpose of our life here on earth. Her search brought her to emigrate to Australia on her own at the age of seventeen and led to her work in the consciousness community as editor for glossy magazines Woman Spirit and Health & Wellbeing in the 90’s, and as co-editor of the newspaper Innerself for the last 12 years. Through her job, she was blessed with the opportunity to meet and study under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world. Culminating in a profound spiritual realization in 2007, she began to write and answer questions for those who came to her … which eventually became her soon to be released book Always Already Free – What is Enlightenment and What Does It Matter Anyway? Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free, guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the ever-present reality always available here and now.

always already free

what is enlightenment and what does it matter anyway? Whatever experience is occurring right now, cosmic or ordinary, supersedes every other one because it is the one happening in this present moment. Every moment is in fact a perfect mirror of the divine impulse to manifest into the world. Life’s mystery and its mundaneness are equally divine. This brilliant contribution to our modern understanding of authentic identity and Presence brings us to a new awareness of ourselves and our innate wholeness and completeness. Enza’s personal awakening story, in the first few pages, is worth the price of admission. Enlightened wisdom is like an endangered natural resource today, which we overlook at our peril; let’s join in exploring and developing our own innate transformational resources for a change. — Lama Surya Das, international bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within This is an outstanding offering to our appreciation of the genuine voice of Pure Presence. It brings us to a deep awareness of what it truly means to study and realize the self and our intrinsic true nature as that which is already perfect, whole and complete. A book absolutely worthy of your time and attention. — Zen Master D. Genpo Merzel, international bestselling author of Big Mind, Big Heart

For FREE book download (3 chapters) visit

me it’s positive. A trig ger of trigg time would be 11:11. These inciWhen I see the number 11:11, I remembr ance emembrance dents intensified. I would be checked pray for sick children and world For many years the number s into hotel rooms on floor 11 room peace, the prayer takes a moment 11:11 have been mysteriously ap1111. I started noticing these digits but it’s very powerful. Please if you pearing to people all over the world. on computers, microwave ovens, can do the same I believe it helps!!!! Often appearing on digital clocks, the cars, documents, etc. I decided to I believe that people who have sightings of 11:11 tend to occur durawakening one community at aphe-timeing. .times . of heightened awareness, write about it on my website. I was constant contact with the 11:11 immediately inundated by hundreds nomena have some type of a positive having a most powerful effect on the people involved. This causes a reactivation of our cellular memor y banks. There’s a stirring deep inside, a hint of remembrance of something long forgotten. The appearance of 11:11 is also a powerful confirmation with Stephen Denham that we are on the right track, aligned with our highest Truth. Throughout the years, I have personally encountered thousands of people all over the world who, have experienced repeated sightings of 11:11. They all want to know what is happening to them and why. What does the 11:11 ploring various ways and traditions, “Life is a journey, not a destina- bell refers to the work of German signify? or thatiswea should dismisstrigger them all, tion,” said American icon of the free philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer 11:11 pre-encoded bar the which has a memory special resintooneour cellular spirit, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803- (1788-1860) who observed that placed onance us; descent that we may choose 1882). It’s interesting to ponder one can look back over a lifetime banks prior for to our into matfollowwhen for ourselves. diversity what he might have said about the and see an intelligence at play, an ter to which, activated,The signifies different expressions technology-driven acceleration of time ofcultural completion is near. of order and a plan, almost as if one’s thatofour truths is itself a revelation; life in this second decade of the life had been composed by a novel- Thishuman refers to the completion of dualit wasthe this, which inspired Joseph 21st century, where speed has be- ist. Events and encounters that may ity. When 11:11 appears to you, it to pursue his own journey Campbell come a measure of success. So in have seemed random at the time is your wake-up call. A direct channel intouplife’s meaning today’s world of instant gratifica- can later be seen as indispensible opens between youand andmystery. the InvisThe this convergence manytoretion – where we are accustomed to factors of a life story; thus begging ible. When happens, itofis time ligious beliefs, you spiritual traditions getting what we want without delay an intriguing question - “who com- reflect on whatever are doing for and practices from the east to the - what has become of the journey? posed this plot?” a moment and Look Larger. A translights upYou thecan journey of life If life truly is more about what hapWhile Schopenhauer has an in- fer west, is in position. enter the like aReality bejewelled pens to us along the way than just teresting point, there is still a dif- Greater if youChristmas wish, praytree. or It is cause celebration, confirming getting through a bucket list of to- ference between understanding meditate andforseed your future and teaching have do or must-have items, then it is your life in hindsight rather than as also,that youwhatever can be seeded bywe themay Invisfrom call out important to explore ways to make it unfolds in the moment. Surely it is ible.chosen You can asktheformany helpthat in some to us,area it has the stamp authenticsure we don’t lose touch with the the here and now that is the focus of specific of your life or of simply lisas well asreceive being right for us on an unfolding, moment-by-moment na- Emerson’s journey. How do we live ten ity quietly and a revelation. level.of 11:11 is an alture of human experience. our lives now, rather than be pre- Theindividual appearance The practice Fortunately, pioneers and seek- occupied with unresolved baggage ways beneficial act of self-rememberDivine Intering istelling yet another wayit of becoming ers from different cultures and tra- from the past, or anxieties about vention you that is time to to the journey; or like ditions throughout history have the future? Campbell refers to the takepresent a good look around you and seethe bodhisattvas, acting left behind a legacy rich in the wis- Buddhist state of nirvana and also whatBuddhist is really happening. It’s time to in the the spirit of of“joyful participation”. dom we need to negotiate life in what the American Navaho call the pierce veils illusion that keep The ultimate mayworld. be enlightenthe fast lane. In fact, looking for “pollen path” which is described in us bound to angoal unreal You “self-actualisation” as the such “information” today has never their culture as follows: “Oh beauty havement, beenorchosen, because you are humanist psychologist, Abraham been easier. We can Google spiritu- before me, beauty behind me, beau- ready, to step into the Greater Reality. Maslow described it – into but whatever ality, meditation, breath awareness, ty to the right of me, beauty to the To lead the way for others a new to be our destinamindfulness, stillness and innumer- left of me, beauty above me, beauty waywe of may living,conceive into a Greater Love. To tion, can there really ever be an end able other ancient practices, all of below me. I’m on the pollen path.” to what growth is possible for us? In which offer ways to cultivate a more For Armenian mystic G.I.Gurdjieff conscious, integrated self – just (1866-1949), sustained effor ts this sense, Emerson is right and it is as we can search online for cloth- to live more consciously begin to important to cultivate ways to draw ing, music, videos or e-books. The release us from what he called man- nourishment from life experience in challenge is not accessibility but kind’s “waking sleep”; we begin to every sense – physical, emotional, focus – first, our ability not to be experience life in a whole new way. psychological, spiritual. May the distracted by the relentless wave For Gurdjieff, self-remembering was journey never end! of information that demands our a key par t of raising the level of attention 24 hours a day; and sec- one’s consciousness. By remember- Steve Denham has had articles ondly, to simply to do it, to practice ing ourselves, we can experience life published in Insight Magazine and Living Now newspaper. He is the the discipline we have chosen. Time or “worlds” governed by fewer and author of a number of ebooks (nonflies when you’re having fun, but it fewer laws. For instance, in world 96 fiction, fiction & poetry), and his flies even faster when you’re in a (governed by 96 laws) mankind is book “A Plate of Eggs”, dedicated constant state of distraction. No mechanical, no real change is pos- to the mateship of soul, is now also one would wish to live their life this sible; but through self-remembering available for kindle at way, only to find they have run out we can experience worlds 48 (48 com/author/stevedenham. Since of time. American mythologist Jo- laws), 24 (24 laws) or 12 (12 laws) 1982 he has been a member of the seph Campbell (1904-1987) had and so on, through to what it means Sydney-based group Leonis (www. a wealth of material to draw from to fully realise our God-like potential. dedicated to bringing the to illuminate the idea that life is You might take the view that dif- benefits of stillness to everyday life. Personal details: Stephen Denham essentially a process. In a series ferent teachings all express es- 3/4 Findlay Avenue, Roseville NSW of interviews presented under the sentially the same thing. But this 2069 title of “The Power of Myth”, Camp- doesn’t mean there is no value in ex-


Getting back in touch with the journey

The 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral of evolution. The symbol of 11:11 was pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks long ago. Returning our cycle of incarnations upon the Earth. The 11:11 has rested dormantly within us since that faraway position under time-release mechanization, combined with sealed orders which would only open when the 11:11 was fully activated. It has been gently sleeping, awaiting the moment of triggering. And now Isira theby 11:11 is finally activated. 11:11 is theinpre-encoded trigger Everything the universe, by its andown thenature key toisthe mysteries truth. It is as it of is. the universe beyond. Howand simple and peaceful life can Some of you recognized this really be whenhave we comprehend this. symbol something of significance, Yetasthe human nature seems to


A Power Beyond Tragedy

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What is truth?

want so much to define and make concrete concepts of what is ‘true’ or ‘false’. This is at the core of dualistic perception and is the basis for a great amount of our conflicts. As such we live in a world of turmoil and fear. The sense of separation inherent in this polarised perception only serves to enhance our fear of the unknown and dread of mortality. It makes it quite understandable then that most people have a deep need to discover what is ‘true’. It is one of our most commonly shared quests. Everyone is looking for some version of truth. Throughout our searching we may not even realise how much we shape our perception of existence – we may even be part of shaping the universe – but even so, it all is, simply as it is. Our definition of truth relates to the way in which each of us perceives our self and the world. Quantum physics also reveals that the observer is playing a direct par t in determining the object that is observed. How the observer sees influences how the object is manifesting. We may also distinguish between subjective truth and what I call abiding truth. Subjective truth relates to a given moment and how it is perceived by any individual or collective of people. It is subject to variety, and to change. Although it may be true to one it may not be true to another. And although it may be true in one moment in another it may not be. Abiding truth points to the fundamental nature of continuing laws. At a deeper level it is an abiding truth that how the world appears is changing from one moment to the next and that the only constant is the moment of now. Our perception of these variants depends on our own degree of awareness and conscious presence. The state of our consciousness (or mind) determines what we are able to perceive. This results in the variations of truth that appear to cause humans such confusion. The fact that truth can be determined by, or perceived through a state of mind gives a profound insight into why the world appears so

in actuality these minds are not really individual or separate – they are the many por tals of the one self manifesting in form – they are the many viewing points of the one great conscious being! It is also very good reason to accept and embrace the diversity of paths we are taking – mostly in the same quest – yet framed in different ways. To argue against any individual’s process for understanding their self, life or the universe (or God) is in opposition to the ‘suchness’ that is life. It is also irrelevant when it IS the work of the ONE infinite self. Some schools of thought discuss the matter of Truth in relation to permanence and non-permanence: Truth is that which always remains – anything that passes cannot be true. However, this is more so a question of fundamental essence and is very relevant when addressing the question ‘who’ am I? Who is the ‘True’ self? It is in the very nature of manifestation that the transient world is a vehicle for expression. This does not make it false. It is true as it is in each moment. However it is not inherently ‘real’, permanent or fixed – it is but a dream. If we have attached our identification to it (such as the body-mind) – and confined our perception of our self to something with time related boundaries – then we have developed a false identity of self. To ‘realise’ our true self requires us to be awakefully aware of the Self that has always been – the consciousness behind, within and preceding all transient events AND awakefully present to the transient vehicle – the play of manifestation as it is in the NOW – moment to moment. This is what the sages mean when they say self-realisation is the play of the self, awake in the dream. However, it is more common to spend most of our time looking through the impressions of the mind. And to a great extent without much conscious awareness. Consequently we do not even see life as it actually is. Instead we are most often projecting mental images onto an event. We are disconnected from the truth of our inner being

can occasionally result in some insight as well as some improvement in our situation, and our ability to deal with life’s difficulties. However, it does not result in freedom from them - a transcendence whereby we are no longer tied to conditions to feel happy, secure, loved or at peace. This sor t of change is really only temporary, because it is still associated with a conditioned identity that will continue to create problems and suffering in more subtle and creative ways. What I am pointing to here is a greater power, a deeper solution that frees us from the whole conditioned identity. Whether we know it yet or not, this is what we are seeking. What we truly want is freedom from the condition that creates our suffering in the first place. When you use the mind or ego, it is like rearranging furniture in a prison cell in order to make it more comfortable. When you (our essential eternal and the enter awareness – pureself) consciousmoment, a life of illusions: ness – youliving leave the prison cell altoimagining and gether. In and fact,believing you seethat thatwethere everything is to something never was a else prison start with!other The than what it actually is – we prison was just a projection of are the asleep – lost in the dream. mind. our analytical we ItFree is theofliberating power ofmind awareare able to beoffer present to the myrness that can the greatest help iad of these life astimes ‘suchness’. When we during of trauma or unare consciously with this ease. Not only canengaging it aid you at a ‘per‘suchness’ profound sonal’ levelwetoexperience regain a sense of joy and Webut simply peace andfreedom. trust in life, it cansee be and ‘know’tothings as they are. Wea extended others, enabling are in an open and greater solidarity andreceptive capacity state, for us the universe as it aptoencountering unite in the aftermath of tragedy. pears. Weawaken are alsomore a conscious As you to your parown ticipant – able engage without essence, youtobecome a fieldthe of projections of definition. peace and love – you shine as this Through stilling mind we maya peace and love. Youthealso become transcendofitstrue projections and capaattain presence compassion, a deeper state of ble of extending thisconsciousness. deeper awareWith this becomelives. centred ness into state otherwe people’s You in the moment, observing simply become the presence of a deeper viwhat is.that We see withthe innocent bration affects whole ateyes, the free of level, past but projections unseen at a very or realfuture level this way we begin to –imaginations. the level in In which we truly are all see the ourpeace self and ONE andtrue in nature which of true is of life around us.type We awaken within known. This is the of help that is the dream. Not only do webybecome all-reaching, unhindered physicala consciousorparticipant… we realise distance limited conditions, conwe are of theallconsciousness and the necting people in all places – Truth within all things. the true harbinger of peace, wellbeing and happiIsira is a presence ness.

of unconditional l o vis eAustralianand Isira c o m p She a s s i came on born. a p othis w e r world that into inspires, uplifts conscious and a n d cand h a natgthe es awake, lives. As a Master age of 29 fully of meditation andpresence is a sacred awakened. Isira’s consciousfield development, she is here blessing of consciousness that to help us to awaken to create activates ourallenergy field and revealsa world of love,answers. peace and well-being. enlightened Through her With over 26 years’ experience, Isira consultations, programs and books brings powerful change through her including “A Journey of Awakening” consultations, programs books Isira inspires and supportsand us in our including “A Journey of Awakening”. own awakening. Her presence is truly enlightening.

Manifesting Paradise

The Book Of The Manifesting Paradise Teachings

BALBOA PRESS ISBN 978-1-4525-0975-4

This is one of the most important books ever written. Everybody needs to read it! This book is a beautiful divinely guided manual for Personal, Global and Planetary healing which provides important facts about climate change, short term human population predictions, impending food and water shortages and the impending global humanitarian, social and environmental catharsis which will soon befall upon us all if the divinely given guidance and simple solutions that this important book provides are ignored! The many important topics including The Divine Laws for humanity, Cultural Standards, Human Rights, many New Age prophecies, Metaphysical manipulation, principles of Manifestation, Attunement techniques, diet, Yoga, comparative Spiritual Teachings, and many personally experienced Miracles, are covered with deep insight, humility and sincerity. Channelled and written down over three years by reclusive Australian channel and seer Matali, it is a truly remarkable, positive, inspiring and important book. ‘Paradise was and STILL IS the Divine plan’

Published by Balboa Press (a division of HayHouse) Distributed by Phoenix Distribution. Available in all bookstores Australia wide and from the author - Available from all bookstores worldwide! Ebooks available online from Amazon and Sony


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- Part 1

BREAKTHROUGH TO YOUR HEART Sky Shayne Innes Twenty five years ago, after a horrible argument with my then fiance, I had a breakthrough moment that changed everything. I was in Bali with the man I was going to marry, staying at one of the most exotic hotels I had ever been in. And I was crying my eyes out. I couldn’t stand another moment of his being in my presence. So I left and went for a long walk amongst the emerald green rice paddies of Ubud. I was distraught. My whole life was in shreds. I felt utterly alone. Besides him, I knew no one there. I had left my job and home in England to be with him. My beautiful future suddenly felt like a black hole, with no way of finding the light. Walking aimlessly and unseeing, anywhere away from him, was all I felt capable of doing. It felt like my heart was broken, smashed into tiny fragments, and I was appalled that my prince could be such an unkind and cruel troll. Lost in emotional tur moil, I walked and walked, going around in circles for all I knew, through those lush fields. Blinded with misery and self pity, I felt engulfed in the most abject despair and disappointment. I had walked around in this state for so long it had grown dark and I had no idea where I was or how to get back to the hotel. My feet were sore in thin sandals and my body felt like a punching bag, bone weary from the battering of my emotions. Eventually, I sat in the near dark on a little stone wall listening to the water of a stream. Looking up I saw a cloud of hundreds and hundreds of fireflies dancing above my head. Blinking in and out of existence, they danced and danced and danced. I felt this beautiful sensation in my heart. My heart was opening and a deep calm crept over me. I felt safe and taken care of. It was as if I was looking into the darkness with the eyes of love.

Soon after, a little girl carrying her baby brother on her back appeared out of the early evening gloom. I asked her if she could show me the road to the hotel. She took my hand and led the way back. It wasn’t very far. I had been walking in circles. The breakthrough that changed everything was the breakthrough to my hear t. It changed everything because it gave me a transpersonal experience of myself. Within my hear t, I was no longer alone, frightened and disillusioned. I was calm and strong, absolutely certain that I was inexplicably cared for. I could go back to the hotel and face the music knowing that whatever happened, it would be alright. So, what actually happened there on that painful night, in the dark, with all those exquisite fireflies? Some would say an epiphany. Others would say that Earth, the Great Mother intervened. I say I was blessed with an insight into my own true nature. It was like awakening from a bad dream, a really awful nightmare, to experience the place you always knew was there, but just couldn’t find. Yes, an epiphany, an intervention that served as a turning point in my life. I learnt that it is not the hear t that is broken or shattered, ever! It is only the hard shell of protection around it. This shield can make us feel broken, aching and shattered. But our hear t, the hear t energy centre, can only bring the feeling of true divine love. It is our essence and holds the flame of divinity that we truly are. In this experience, I discovered love’s transformative power. And, thus, the concept of Love’s Alchemy was formed. This breakthrough changed the way I lived and brought together many years of study in both Eastern and Western thought. It was a slow change that I built on with many more years of research

and practice. But I had my key and it unlocked the treasury of my heart. Breakthroughs are powerful moments, not to be overlooked, as is so frequently the case. Breakthrough power is experiential and alchemical. It is a moment of transformation which offers a new way of being. For a rare few, that moment is enough. All is changed. For most, that breakthrough moment brings insight that needs to be cultivated and embodied. If not, like bubbles when burst, after a little splash they disappear into thin air. Ecstasy often keeps company with agony. As with my horrible afternoon in Bali, by evening the fireflies brought breakthrough. But even with amazing breakthroughs and insights in many different ways, we seem to have great difficulty integrating them into our lives, embodying it so completely that we really do have extraordinary lives. I have become so familiar with the blocks and hinderances to embodying and living our spirituality. Working with love’s powerful alchemy has taken me on a journey that has become more and more crystal clear. Today this is the clarity of how to make spirituality really real in our lives so that we actually get the results we long for in our lives. If it’s not practical and is not making a difference to our lives and those around us, then it is nothing more than a nice idea that may bring comfort, perhaps, when things are particularly bad. Practical spirituality is about healing cancer and other diseases; losing weight and keeping it off; letting go of anxiety so that you never have another panic attack; having the relationship you have always longed for or healing the one you have; manifesting abundance; achieving success, and still having time for family, friends and those passions that get overlooked in

awakening one community at a time . . .

How places affect our health, creativity and relationships and how to transform them.

By Lucy Crawford the busyness of daily life. In other words, not just having a better life but living the life you came here to live. In days gone past we might have been able to get away with a parttime spirituality but today, if we want to really transcend the limitations we have created, we need to live our spirituality, to embody it so completely that it is natural and extraordinary in its ordinariness. And for the Great Shift in consciousness, nothing less will do. Like church on Sundays with pious good behaviour that looks altogether different in the board room or at home with the family, spirituality is nothing more than empty platitudes without the active attention and awareness you give it. I invite you to break through the limitations you believe in. I invite you to dive into the agony to break through to the ecstasy. I invite you to discover the treasury of your own heart. Founder of HEARTherapy©, Sky is a psychologist, spiritual coach and author of the book Love’s Alchemy. Working internationally, Sky offers courses and private sessions to help you evolve a cosmology for real transformation and growth. She also runs retreats in the Promised Land, a beautiful valley near Bellingen in northern NSW. Sky is an awakener. Her invitation is to awaken to your true nature and, thereby, fulfill your purpose. For sessions or details of events call 0417 288 642 or visit

Spring cleaning feels intuitive when nature renews growth and heralds new life. We are inwardly called to purify and renew our life forces and our relationality to others and to our home or work environments. It feels great to declutter, rearrange, have new discussions, sow new seeds and feel the surge of vitality that is Spring. However, what exactly are we Spring cleaning in places? Places have an energy fabric, and this can become stuck, restless, negative, or at worst become deeply traumatised and very unwelcoming. Sometimes if this is left uncleared for many years, it can create illness and be disruptive to the flow of positive life situations. Ideally we would renew the whole energy of spaces at least as often as we service our cars, and carry out a smaller weekly cleanse. There are many ancient and contemporary shamanic practises for energetically cleansing space. However, some places have ‘ugly negative spots’ that are continuously draining despite Spring cleaning. They are hard to clean, like stains. So why do some places have such negative energies? We need to consider the structure of energies in a place. Similar to people spaces have physical, etheric, astral and spiritual aspects. Uncovering the causes is ‘energetic archaeology’ because there are

many layers of energies. These can commonly be assessed by geomantic practioners, and instruments. Let’s begin with what spaces should be like. Energetically, places should feel welcoming, and have a vitality; an atmospheric radiance. T hey should have a level of uplifting, nurturing, or creative subtle energy. Beyond this, if they have exquisitely refined energies, they are in the realm of the deeply sacred, and support our opening towards spiritual realisations and deep connections with the wisdom body of the earth and cosmos. In terms of land energies, the ‘energetic ecology’, should be balanced for life forms to thrive. Physically, a place has a geology, an electro -magnetic field, a land shape and perhaps a built structure which all influence the energies. Draining energetic situations can be caused by factors such as fault lines, earth radiations , human made electromagnetic fields, or disturbances in the natural energy fabric caused by cuts such as deep foundations, cellar s, large ear thwor ks, and trapped water . Physically there can also be very good places, or even sacred geologies, highly sought after by ancient peoples for ritual or healing sites. Etherically, the life force (prana, chi flow), in a place is naturally af-

Does Egypt Call Out to You? There are moments in our lives when the mysteries of the universe call us on a journey, no place holds these mysteries like Egypt. I invite you to join me on a journey of a lifetime and discover and reconnect with ancient Egypt. If you feel a spiritual connection or attraction to the land of Egypt, to the Gods, and myths of the ancient land then this journey is for you. By joining me on this adventure in May 2014 you will have an opportunity to meet and discuss your beliefs and experiences with others on a similar path. We will be accompanied by an Egyptian Egyptologist who will offer insights and knowledge into ancient Egyptian history and culture, as well as modern day Egypt.

JOIN ME ON MY NEXT VISIT TO EGYPT IN MAY 2014 “A modern day pilgrimage” is how Mark Anns, a psychologist with an interest in transpersonal psychology, described the tours he accompanies to Egypt. Mark was trained by Mary Shaw (Consciousgateways), and in May 2014 he will accompany a small group of participants, who will explore their own connection to the ancient land of Egypt. When asked why Egypt, Mark stated Egypt has a fascination for many, and there are those who feel a calling to journey to the ancient sites. The tour offers the opportunity to immerse yourself and experience this connection.


awakening one community at a time . . . fected by cycles of earthly and cosmic forces. Chi flow is affected by underground water, springs, trees, surface energetic streams (lley or ritual lines), and the arrangement of a built structures. Chi can flow gracefully, creating positive etheric movements. Conversely, it can move too quickly, become sluggish, frenetic, and entangled. In intensely negative spots it has become a vortex of deranged patterns, dense negative, blocked energy, drawing in more of the same, and making the place feel deeply uncomfortable. In the Vedanta philosophy these are known as negative samskara vor tices. Consciousness, and in particular human thought, deeply affects the energy flow of places as it creates thought patterns in the fabric of the flow. In harmonious, natural landscapes there are beautiful plant like patterns of etheric energy. Celtic peoples knew this well, and it is reflected in their style of jewellery. Many busy public spaces, and especially shopping centres have intensely disordered chi, reflecting frenetic activity. This restless energy encourages more ‘quick shopping’. In many airports and shopping centres in Asia this situation is remedied through the widening of movement pathways to incorporate places of stiller activity. This includes the integration of tranquil fish ponds and butterfly enclosures which dissolves frenetic chi, and refocuses human attention to a more orderly and calm form. In the next article, I will talk more on the good, the bad and the ugly, in terms of at the astral and spiritual aspects of places, and how we can transform places. Lucy Crawford Sandison is a registered architect, and principal of Hafren Architecture (formerly L u c y C r aw f o r d Architecture). Lucy offers the design of sanctuary environments, retreat centres, natural acoustics spaces, multi-faith space and Quiet Space for homes and businesses. She holds workshops on sacred space, including teaching geomantic arts, labyrinth design and carries out land assessments to help owners to form a deeper connection with the ‘spirit of place’. You can contact Lucy on 0408 849259 e: hafren@westnet.

The Game of Life By David Lane Imagine that you are looking down upon ear th and watching a game called life and humans are the players in the game. What would you see? You would see a myriad of variations of the game being played. Even if cer tain groups of players have chosen the same game, no two players would be experiencing the game in exactly the same way as anybody else because each player is so individual and therefore; unique. Every game is heavily influenced by an exhaustive variety of options that each player can choose, and the game itself is also affected by the choices they make. The characteristics and rules of the game change in response to the choices and decisions made by the players. Each player leaves their mark of influence on the game and as they depar t, the legacy of their participation is passed on to those who follow in their footsteps. The game is moulded and it evolves by the choices and actions of its players over the generations, thus; the game and its rules is not the same as it was many generations ago. It could be said that the game is an evolving entity with an energy of its own. This evolving entity is known as human consciousness. Each player enters the game at birth and they have to quickly learn and adjust to the rules that they encounter. It does not matter whether they like the rules or not, the game has a momentum all of its own, therefore; their best option is to learn to play the game as quickly as possible if they want to capitalise on the experience. Many are preoccupied with creating safety, wealth and happiness in their lives whilst others

emotionally painful to own they are the ultimate creator of their own destiny. Rising above the negatives in our life normally requires a lot more than becoming a positive thinker. We know that positive thinking and creating does work, however; it does not always work. If our conscious and subconscious beliefs are in sync then it is easier to successfully create positive outcomes. However; if there are opposing subconscious belief systems then it is normally very difficult to create the outcome that we consciously desire. This is because thoughts create our future and a very high percentage of all our thoughts are being generated at subconscious level. This means that they have the greatest influence over what we are creating in our life and many people don’t even know they have them. Exercise; have a quick review of your life. Be aware of what par ts of your life are working for you and what par ts are not. Now look at the parts that are not working and see if you can understand how you are creating them. If you cannot see how you are consciously creating them then know that they are being created by your subconscious. Because the subconscious is so powerful; it is either your best friend or your worst enemy. It makes sense that a major part of exploring self-awareness in order to gain Personal Power will involve being able to expose and then change or control your negative subconscious thought patterns. I have found that my greatest spiritual advancement has come from healing my negative subconscious thought patterns

are struggling to survive. The first experiences of life can be likened to being thrown into the deep end of a swimming pool; we either sink or swim! The analogy of the game is referring to the life we choose in order to experience who we are and provide us with the challenges that we need to raise our consciousness and develop our personal power. Thus; there is more purpose to life other than just sur viving tough physical and emotional environments or enjoying and capitalising on its resources. The ultimate purpose is to evolve our consciousness. We need to increase our vibration through becoming more consciously aware which sets the stage for us to develop our ‘Personal power’. This means that there is a direct connection between our personal power and how we evolve; both individually and as a human race. One of the main measures of how much personal power we have attained is by the lack of fear that we David Lane’ s spiritual journey started out with Christianity but now experience. Per sonal power puts us in includes many other understandings charge of our life, whereas; the lack drawn from a diverse range of information. He believes that we of it makes us vulnerable to becomare all individuals who have come ing a victim to outside forces. Victim- to tread our own unique spiritual hood is like a debilitating disease path. David’s first book called ‘The that stripsstops us of the energy needed Handbook Heaven’ is about how we What you from achieving yourtopersonal power? to rise above it to take charge of our spiritually evolve and how to monitor do who you work it out! our journey and is available online. life. The world is full How of victims You will find the answers on thealso website developed an on-line blame forces in the outside world David has for their situation. For example; they course on ‘Personal Power’. Check blame other people such asout: theirOnline courses; Davidto Lane Handbook Heaven’ spouse, family, Book: friends,‘The employers, Laneway work situation, governmentand and More! to Personal Power even life itself for their predicament. David Lane Some go fur ther andLaneway blame the to Personal Power352 211 Mob 0414 for their Creator or Universal Mind perceived unlucky or ill-fated life. Mobile: 0414-352211 They do not realise or find it too

Laneway to Personal Power

Laneway to Personal Power What stops you from achieving your personal power? How do you work it out! You will find the answers on the website

Check out: Online courses; Book: ‘The Handbook to Heaven’ and More! David Lane Laneway to Personal Power Mobile: 0414-352211

What are the Akashic Records? By Jo Fuller

“Akasha” being a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “ether”. The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness (an energy field) that contains a vibrational record of everything, including a record of every soul’s journey through its many lifetimes and a history of the cosmos. Akashic because it is composed of Akasha, (the energetic substance from which all life is formed); and Records, because its objective is to record all life experience. A more simple analogy is to imagine a library filled with volumes of books on never ending shelves. Every subject that you could imagine available for you to read. On a shelf is a book, take it down, dust it off, look at the cover, it is your story. It is a record of your soul’s current life, past lives, relationship patterns, heartbreak, love, every word, thought, action and emotion that you have ever experienced. This is your Akashic Record. A scientific explanation. Ervin Laszlo, 2004, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything postulates that a field of information (Akashic Field) as the substance of the cosmos. Laszlo describes how such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious life forms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process. How do we access the Akashic Records? Some people use a sacred prayer process, the prayer has an energetic vibration that acts like a key to open the Records. Often people access the Records while they dream. Others, like the “sleeping” prophet Edgar Cayce used an unconscious deep trance meditation. The Akashic Records are accessible to everyone. Many artists, inventors, and musicians claim to have accessed their Akashic Records. These include John Lennon, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Mozar t. Salvador Dali once wrote, “I am the first to be surprised and often terrified by the images I see appear upon my canvas. I register without choice and with all possible exactitude the dictates of my subconscious, my dreams….” Dali was able to replicate on canvas every minute detail and aspect of his dreams. Almost, every culture has ac-

knowledged the existence of the Akashic Records, including the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and more. The Akashic Records is not a religion, yet we find it mentioned in many sacred texts. The records or The Book of Life in the Bible (Psalm 69:28, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27) are described as being in a non-physical plane described as a library. Ancient Tibetan scrolls and Buddhist writings prove the validity of these records. In the Samkhya philosophy, the Akashic records are recorded in the elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. Information from the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future into our current life. We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of reaction. Jo Fuller is the Founder of Akashic Studies Australia. She is an Akashic Records Certified Advanced Practitioner. Her ser vices include soul readings, past lives, energy work, ancestral patterns and healing through the Akashic Records. Jo is currently studying to be an Akashic Records Certified Teacher through the Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies USA. She is also studying an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage. She believes in a wholistic approach to disease and health issues, a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit is the key and the Akashic Records are a perfect tool to achieve this. Jo is available for appointments Mob: 0418 817 854 or email: akashicstudiesaustralia@ b i g p o n d . c o m w e b : w w w.

AKASHIC STUDIES AUSTRALIA What is your Life & Soul’s Purpose? Do you have Limiting Life Patterns? Why not learn more about yourself?

Soul Readings, Energy Work, Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Healing through the Akashic Records. Jo Fuller: Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Mob: 0418 817 854 • Email: Web:


Flowing Chi

with Simon Blow

Following the Dao When I started my journey with the Chinese Healing arts in 1987, initially it was to improve my health and to gain physical strength and flexibility after a serious accident in 1979; but what has kept my interest and become my passion was the underlying philosophy of the Dao.The Dao (Tao) translates to ‘the Way’, it’s not a religion but a way of harmonising with nature and our environment. Its origins are in ancient Chinese culture dating back over 5000 years.

Lao Tzu, a historical figure from 500 BC, was the first great master to write about his understanding of the nature of the Dao in his book, the ‘Dao De Jing’. Some of the other healing ar ts originating from the Daoist tradition include acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, Feng Shui, Qigong and Tai Chi. When we first start our journey into the Chinese healing ar ts, initially it’s important to connect with

and discover our Qi or life force energy. Usually we have blockages and stagnations in our meridian system cause by a variety of factors and this can cause problems both physically and emotionally and if left unchecked it can cause illness and disease. When we are affected by illness and disease it affects our quality of life and our ability to connect with and interrelate to others on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

awakening one community at a time . . . By staying unoccupied and being peaceful, You can observe the coming and going of all people and all lives After reaching prosperity All lives must know to return to the root To return to the root is to be still and quiet This is how the life force is able to return Lao Tzu, Dao De Jing, Chapter Sixteen

Simon Blow a near fatal accident at the age of nineteen lead Simon to investigate different methods of healing and rejuvenation a path he has been following ever since. He is a Sydney based master teacher of Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. Simon is the author of numerous Books, DVDs and Meditation CDs, as well as a sought-after speaker and workshop presenter. He has been working for over thirty years to help spread the benefits of meditation, peace and love. Simon works with many different groups helping them to develop self healing skills to manage their stress levels and improve their quality of life. In 2004 Simon was accepted as a resident student at the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. He has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si meaning Genuine Wisdom and is a 29th generation of the ancient Dayan - Wild Goose Qigong. He also is a Standing Council Member of The World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing China. or telephone (02) 9559 8153

Have you had a spiritual experience?

This may seem like an intriguing question, but very few people have a hear t-felt answer to it. That is one reason why hundreds of people gather from everywhere in Australia every year at the Australian Eckankar Seminar. This event attracts many people who understand that there is more to life than meets the eye. Many come to enjoy the unique benefits that arise from: • discovering a beautiful mantra – HU, that brings love and joy into life • learning simple spiritual exercises that bring a greater understanding of the highest laws of life • techniques for personal experience with dreams, past lives, Soul Travel, and one’s spiritual destiny

• finding out how to bring greater meaning and purpose into life • learning about an advanced spiritual study program • meeting international guest speaker, Anne Archer Butcher, author of the newly released book, “Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright”.

You are warmly invited to a FREE session of the next Australian Eckankar Seminar “Living the Spiritual Life” on Sunday, 12 January 2014, from 1.00-4.00pm. The venue for this event is the Novotel Sydney Brighton Beach, The Grand Parade, Brighton-le-Sands in Sydney. To register or for more information: (02) 9212 2100 or eckinfo@email. com

Have you had a Spiritual Experience? E C K A N K A R presents...

Living the  Spiritual  Life

A seminar where you can:

Sunday 12 January 2014

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Learn about an advanced spiritual study course Discover an ancient mantra for divine love Find the spiritual gifts in everyday challenges Discover a greater meaning to life Unlock the key to greater love and wisdom Understand your spiritual wake-up calls Discuss your spiritual experiences with likeminded people and more... Meet the author of the newly released book, “Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright” To register or for more information,

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moneyMindset with Dr Andrew Powell

Why are you really here?

It’s one of the big questions, right? Humans have been asking themselves this question for millennia… probably since we first evolved the capacity to think. Of course, no one seems to have come up with the definitive answer, the one we can all agree 100% on. However when you look at all the great religions, philosophies and schools of thought there do seem to be some commonalities. For one thing, everyone seems to agree that life is not really about having a bigger, better house, or a sexier car, a sweet boat, bigger biceps, more money, more holidays… in short all of the things that our materialistic culture tells us we should want. Yet it’s so easy to fall into that trap. We are constantly bombarded with it. And life is great at challenging us. It’s like the universe says“Oh yeah, you think you’ve got this issue sorted? What if I throw it at you at a whole new level?” Let me give you an example. Recently I became a Dad for the first time. What an amazing trip. Obviously it’s one of those life-changing things that you can never be totally prepared for, no matter how much you might try. The whole experience has brought with it incredible joys… but also incredible pressures. All of a sudden I’m a sole provider, part of a 1 income family. Not only that, I’ve suddenly got a million new expenses… things I never even knew existed! It’s a whole new world when it comes to babyland, let me tell you. If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not… well, sometimes ignorance is bliss! So now here I am, with this newfound drive to provide (which by the way advertisers are only too keen to encourage… gotta have the best new baby brain-developing gadget or your child will never reach their potential!!). Not only that, everyone tells me it just gets more expensive from here. What about those school fees? And shouldn’t you be saving for college now? In fact, I just read the other day that the average cost to raise a child from birth to 17 in the USA is $368,000 (although that’s just the bare essentials, some estimates place it much higher). That’s just until 17- it doesn’t even include a university education… and who knows what that will cost by the time my little guy gets there. Talk about overwhelming. The story, the illusion, the materialist trap can be so convincing! Yet we already agreed that life isn’t just about making money. As a young man I was lucky enough to have this clearly pointed out to me. During my chiropractic studies I worked in a clinic massaging people before the chiropractor came in to adjust them. This meant that I got to spend a fair bit of time chatting with people with much more lifeexperience than myself… something that the average 20 year old generally doesn’t do. So I thought I’d make the most of it, maybe learn a few lessons and avoid a few pitfalls along the way. As I got to know my clients, I

would often ask them what were the biggest lessons they had learned in life? What did they regret and what were they most grateful for? Studying chiropractic is 5 year process, so I was able to carry out my informal survey on quite a large number of people, from all different walks of life. Guess what I learned? Life is definitely about more than money. Not one single person ever said “I wish I worked more” or “I wish I drove a nicer car”. In fact most people’s biggest regret was not spending more time with their kids, family and loved ones. So now fast forward 16 years and here I am, facing the same age-old dilemma. It’s like a war in my headyou gotta be there vs you gotta provide. It’s such a sneaky little sabotage- if you don’t pay attention it can so easily take you away from what’s impor tant. Even when I’m with my little boy Harry, if I’m really worrying about paying the bills instead of being present then I’m actually missing out on both counts. At the end of the day, I’ve found you’ve got to bring it back to why you’re really here. What is abundance, really? Truth is there’s abundance in a baby’s smile. There’s abundance in those moments of shared connection… even in those moments when you and your partner connect over how simply exhausted you are. Studies consistently show (real

studies, not just my informal survey) that creating value and contributing to others creates greater satisfaction, happiness and fulfilment than simply focusing on ourselves or our material needs. It’s simple- you want to experience abundance, help create it for those around you. So decide why you’re really here. It may be to change the world, through visionary leadership, an incredible invention or new way of thinking, or it may be more humbleit may just be creating joy each day for the people around you, or raising the best, healthiest, most enlightened kids possible. Decide what abundance means to you, and then focus on all the ways you already have it right now. The more you do that, the more abundance will come to you. Don’t strive to one day live the life of your dreams. Ask yourself how you already are, right now. Don’t sacrifice today for an imagined better tomorrow- always just bring yourself back to why you’re really here, in this moment, and you will always live an abundant life. (And yes, somehow the bills keep taking care of themselves, despite my commitment to spend less time working and more with Harry… I’d rather raise a son who always knows he’s loved, respected and valued than one who always has the latest iphone…) Dr. Andrew Powell is a Chiropractor & Kinesiologist at Hills Spinal Health in Castle Hill, NSW. He is also the author of “The Money Is In The Mindset- The 7 Subconscious Keys To A Profitable Practice”. Every month he helps hundreds of people achieve wealth, abundance and freedom through his VIP Prosperity Circle vip-prosperity-circle


Books • CDs • DVDs magic of Love... Enjoy”

Contact Judy at judy.wilkinson@

Moon Diary 2014 The original Southern Hemisphere Moon Diary is back in 2014 now with extra blank pages for notes and a handy bookmark with a key to the astrological symbols. This edition has also been printed using solar power, minimising the Moon Diary’s environmental footprint. It is this attention to detail that has established the diary’s reputation as a companion and keepsake for 100s of women every year.

Freespirit - At Last I am Free to Be Me By Judith Wilkinson – Zernig T his tr e a sur y of insights is a compilation of themes that aim to bring Healing, Love and Freedom. Each chapter offers words of encouragement and guidance highlighting that every part of our life is a gift: “Life is an adventure, experience it, live it and love it and then you will find the

Do You Hold Yourself Back When It Comes To Prosperity?

22:44 Our Hidden Gift By Tricia La Bella Tricia’s life was tur ned upside down when she heard the word no one ever wants to hear : C a n c e r. O n c e she recovered from the shock, she changed her life to save her life... and she did. Five years later, she heard the word again - this time, for her husband. In this remarkable book, you journey with Tricia as she

describes how the power of love and suppor t can pull anyone through the darkest of days. For Tricia and her husband Steve, their special gift arrived at 22:44

My Life of Love & Truth By Barry Long T his is an unsettling book... unsettling to the ego anyway. In this extraordinary story, told in detail for the first time and now published posthumously, Barry Long lifts the veil on exactly what it takes to live an enlightened existence.

The author speaks:

Claudio Silvano comments on his Destiny of Fire trilogy. Destiny of Fire is much more than just another fantasy trilogy. It is actually a journey into the mythical and spiritual dimensions of the human spirit, of the soul. By writing this trilogy I have set out to explore what it is that we humans truly are. Despite thousands of years of growth, development and more recently, unprecedented achievements in the realms of science and technology, we still find ourselves where we have always been: at the beginning, unable to answer the most simple and fundamental questions about our existence. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of this life? Is there more to this than meets the eye? In the beautiful land of Theregon things are not as they seem, for deep beneath a calm and peaceful exterior, the cogs of fate rumble perilously towards disaster. Seven Chosen are summoned to Kuon, to help unravel the dark mysteries that plague the city and to embark on a race against time to save the entire land from falling into a second Devastation. These seven Chosen, unremarkable men and women who seem to share nothing in common, having been summoned by power, magic and prophecy, embark on a journey they hope will deliver their world from darkness. Meet Illiom, one of the Chosen and the heroine of this tale, who lives alone in self-imposed exile in the beautiful but unforgiving Sevrock Mountains. It is her fourth year of solitude, but now finally the world is about to draw her out and away from her sanctuary. Someone is coming to bring her back into the world that she has shunned and to face, willing or not, her deepest fear: her own dormant power. Meet Tarmel, Rider of Queen Eranel’s elite Black Ward and the one tasked to bring Illiom back to Kuon. Loyal, dedicated and skilled in the art of death, he finds himself challenged and out of his depth with Illiom. How will he deal with this young woman who brims with mystery and potential for power and yet seems hopelessly lost in her fear-filled inner world. All reviews from

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with Dr. Andrew Powell’s VIP Prosperity Circle

• Vibrantly, eloquently and masterfully written, this story takes me on a journey, felt to my very core. OOnagh Scott • An enthralling read. Ros Betts • Smooth as silk, beautifully descriptive … great mystical storyline and spiritual undertones. Spiralstar • Cannot be put down. Martin Quinlan • A mix of fantasy, metaphysics, a high stakes thriller, and with rich characters placed in an imagined world of rare colour and beauty. Phil Auckland • Finally a fantasy that has more depth to it than simply a rocking good story. Martial Depczynski • Highly recommend reading this if you enjoy having a story impacting long after you have put it down. Darlene Leeson

Download the first 2 chapters for free - or order the paperback from


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Books • CDs • DVDs From his early days as a journalist through to his search for truth in India, and on to his early days as a spiritual teacher in England... no stone is left unturned. For those wanting to learn about the man that taught and inspired Eckhart Tolle, this book is packed with incident, acutely observed and brutally honestly told... in Long’s inimitable way. A gem for all seekers and finders of Truth.

are required to attain “Paradise Consciousness”. This book is both a synthesis of traditional spiritual teachings and Matali’s own personal revelation. If you are seeking “Paradise” in your life, this book offers a simple way back through Love.

Manifesting Paradise By Matali The Manifesting Paradise Teachings clearly identify the essential moral, ethical and cultural standards that

Prayer for the Journey (DC) By Devaraje A wonderful collection of Hear tsongs coupled with age old mantras and mystic hymns to the Divine

Pearls from the Heart by Sa Silvano

“Pearls from the Heart” is a book that offers loving and compassionate guidance to live with greater consciousness. For times when life is difficult to manage, this book offers shining pathways that gently guide you out of confusion, enabling you to embrace your life in a deeply accepting and loving way. This book holds insights and wisdom gained through the experiences and lessons of the author’s own personal healing journey. Some of the topics explored include Ego, Truth, Courage, Love, Forgiveness, Shadow, Choices, Relationship, Life and Death.

An excerpt from “My love makes a difference”

We can either allow love to flow or we can stop love from flowing. When we hold back the flow of love, we miss out on the sweetness of that love because in truth we cannot experience love when it is not flowing. Love is a flowing luminosity. As love flows through us, love loves us.

An excerpt from “Ego”

We go to extraordinary lengths in our efforts to be perceived as humble, non-judgemental and non-egoistic. So much so, that it can become uncomfortable to claim who we are and what we do because we are unclear whether that would be a form of self-aggrandisement. We lose the ability to simply be ourselves because we end up constantly judging every thought, word and action in avoidance of the dreaded ego. This causes confusion and imbalance. On the one hand we want to be ourselves, on the other hand where does being ourselves and expressing who we are cross over into egoism?

An excerpt from “Truth”

Each one of us experiences the truth through the lens of our personal perception. In turn our personal perception is governed by the belief systems we have accepted and embraced in our lives. These become fundamental informing principles on how to perceive ourselves, our lives and everything and everyone in the world around us. We then proceed to create truth according to this personal perception. About the author I was born in India and came to live in Perth, Western Australia with my family when I was twelve years old. As an Anglo-Indian, I experienced the heritage of a multi-cultural upbringing with all of its blessings and challenges. My spiritual journey began when I realized that I was neither living comfortably with myself nor was I living life to its fullest potential. Determined to free myself from my conditioned and self-imposed limitations I delved into my own psyche, driven by a deep knowing that healing is possible. My natural love for writing has culminated in the creation of “Pearls from the Heart” which contains elements of my own personal healing journey and of the lessons, gifts and inspiration that I have picked up along the way. My partner and I live in beautiful Bedfordale, WA. We offer private sessions and facilitate workshops and courses in healing and consciousness-raising. My desire is to inspire and empower people to help themselves and to foster love, compassion and kindness in the world. Sa Silvano, P: 0422 746 269 – 08 9399 1000 Email: - Web:

each of these 9 tracks is another immer sion into Presence. Devaraje bring together an inspiring collection of Sacred Music that brings one to Unity.

The Story of You and Me By Myriam Sampson “Who am I ?” “Why am I here?” This book brings a new perspective for our children. Highlighting our connection with all Life and our most Precious Gift ...Love. Self-Value ~ Self-Love are attributes that foster Compassion and Unconditional Love for Others ~ bringing Harmony and Peace to our World. au

Meditations for Manifesting By Elizabeth Joy Here’s a gift for that special someone (maybe yourself) that will help them rise to a new level of Being. A great way to start the New Year! Each meditation offers a clear and easy way to a stronger alignment, awareness and acceptance of your highest potential. “Anything is possible when you believe … So make sure what you believe is positive.”

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, hare a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises. Leo Buscaglia


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my new single “Here & Now” has been completed and is ready for release! The song is a bouncy celebration of living beyond the confines of the mind … written and performed in a light-hearted and fun way. It’s different to “Give It Your Love”, and I hope you enjoy it just as much. For many, the present moment is so elusive … a doorway that is too infrequently entered, yet in truth we have never really been anywhere else. All of life flows out of the Here & Now and all of life goes back into the Here & Now … it’s all taking place in this forever one timeless moment. So why is it so easily overlooked? The song’s lyrics touch on this. Written over a blues/pop song structure, reminiscent of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll be the Day”, the song came about after doing my first 10 day meditation retreat, sitting around with a couple of dear friends, Nigel and Michael … and it simply flowed out from the “Here & Now”… Here’s the lyrics …

Too many words, not enough action Constant slave to your own reactions Ain’t it time you found some lasting satisfaction Livin’ in the moment here and now Too many voices pushing up and down Too many choices spinning round, round and round Ain’t it time you found that sacred ground Livin’ in the moment here and now Yeah yeah…it’s so sweet Yeah yeah…it’s so complete Yeah yeah… come on and dive in deep Surrender all that thinkin’ And let your body sink into this… Hereness nowness it’s all there is No “wheres” no “whys” no “whos” just this Come on and get your dose of this eternal bliss Livin’ in the moment here and now Sweet love, no beginning and no ending Sweet love, the end of all pretending Sweet love, that continuous transcending Livin’ in the moment here and now All of life flows out of the Here & Now... Much love, Leo

Just log on and follow the link to get your free pre-release copy

Angelic Divine Universal Healing Pina Di Ghionno

Soul Song, Sound, Crystal & Energy Master Allow the love and light of God to shine Within

Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaman Healing • Distance Healing through Phone and Internet Goddess and Angel Retreat 15-17 November 2013 details on website All healings assisted by angels, goddesses and ascended masters Pina Di Ghionno

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“Am amazed... Roosy was spot on!” “Am amazed... Roosy was spot on!” – Jessie Turner – Jessie Turner

Matters of heart the heart Matters of the & more & more

Amazing, clairvoyant, tarot reader, Amazing, clairvoyant, tarot reader, psychic & energy healer psychic & energy healer Readings are for guidance only

Readings are for guidance only


The Mid-Heaven Medium Your Connection to Spirit

Call 0449 865 473 Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Reader Healer Teacher Gerry utilises her direct Spirit Channel thru: v The Tarot v Astrology v Psychometry v Shamanic Healing v Meditation

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Let your future unfold …

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Belinda Dickinson Tarot Reader


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Now available in Rice, Fettuccine, Penne, Spaghetti & Lasagne

JAPAN’S BEST KEPT SECRET FOR LASTING WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTH & WELL BEING Our noodles are made out of all natural, organic, vegetable Glucomannan fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects backed by medical researches for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation!

Konjac has been grown and used in Japan and China for over 2000 years as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body.



The 5 calories and 4g of carbo per 100g are primarily non-absorbable fiber.


“Japan’s Best-Kept Secret for Lasting Weight Loss, Health and Wellbeing” Register online at:

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08 8121 5889 E: •


Replace one meal per day and cut over 2,000 calories per week. A great weight loss tool. Elizabeth McDonald, Weight Loss Dietician Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals without loading up on carbohydrates and calories. Noodles without the guilt. Robert Reeves, Naturopath Finally a konjac noodle that actually taste good without that fishy smell. Even Italian customers like them. Antonio Giardina, Italian Chef


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yourNaturopath with Robert Reeves

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

2 L and Still Dehydrated?

The destruction of south west native forests in WA

by Patrick Wier and Eugene Chattelle The continued assault on South West Native Forests under the proposed forest management plan due to be signed this year by the Minister for the Environment will further degrade forests that are already under severe stress and threaten a number of endangered species. If implemented the plan would establish a logging rotation of just 57 years. This timing would not allow the forests to recover. Jarrah forests need a rotation time between logging of 200 to 300 years if the trees and the ecosystems were to reach stability and maturity. On a recent tour of the Ashenden Forest in the upper reaches of the Canning River, just outside Roleystone the ‘Forest Legacy’ of W.A, saw first hand the mismanagement of our forests. Native marri trees had been poisoned to make room for a monoculture of jarrah, which destroys the fine balance required for our native animals, birds and insects ( bees in particular are reliant on our Marri tree’s ) to survive and flourish. Grass trees hundreds of years old (which are protected), had been bulldozed to make way for machinery and 300yr old jarrah trees cut down only to be seen as not viable due to cracking and therefore left to rot on the ground, when they could have been left standing. This kind of activity has to stop, we have to make a stand for the preservation of our forests and realize that they are irreplaceable! It takes many hundreds of years for forests such as these to grow to maturity and we behave as if they are in endless supply and we only look at their value in terms of dollars not ‘sense!’ Western Australia is the driest state on the worlds driest continent, only one small area, less than 1% of the state, has tall forest. Remarkably this area in the south‐west of Western Australia is listed as one of the world’s 34 Global Biodiversity Hotspots because of its large numbers of endemic species and the serious threats to its biodiversity. 36 Scientists with knowledge and understanding of the forest ecosystems of the south‐west of Western Australia, recently signed a document stating that they have concerns about the future of these ecosystems and believe that improved protection and management is essential for this internationally recognised, biologically rich and highly valued landscape. Is it OK for a society to knowingly destroy the habitat of species of plants and animals leading to their extinction or is this a sign of a society so focused on it’s own needs that it cannot see the needs of other species? What value do we place upon a

tree, what does a tree provide for us? Well according to the US department of Agriculture “One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people.” Trees control climate by moderating the effects of the sun, rain and wind. Trees also lower the air temperature and reduce the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect by maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide. They are the lungs of our planet and crucial to our survival and yet we constantly overlook their value in terms of our survival and continue to clear vast tracks of land leaving it barren and open to erosion. With what we know about the importance of trees to the existence of all living things, to continue to do this is actually a form of insanity! How can we put a price on the millions of birds that make their homes in trees? The insects that could not survive without the roots, branches and leaves of trees and the animals that rely on trees for their food? The only way we can really appreciate the impact of the loss of one tree in any environment is to live into, through our imagination, what it is to be a tree and to consider life without them. We are in danger of destroying the very planet that suppor ts us. We have all the information we need in order to turn this devastation around, and it begins with saving our old growth forests that provide the seed stocks and the genetic blue prints for the land on which we live. Patrick Weir, Coordinator, Forest Legacy Project t. 9496 0514 m. 0414 418 353 e. Patrick has played a significant role in the debate over the way in which our South West Native Forests are managed. In 1995 he organised the ‘BIG FOREST RALLY’ held on the Pe r t h E s p l a n a d e and attended by an estimated 20,000 people. Several years later he organised the ‘OLD GROWTH FOREST - UMBRELLAS RALLY’ in the forecourt of the Perth Concert Hall. Patrick was instrumental in Designing the ‘BUY PASS BUNNINGS’ pledging system and also the ‘Feathaleaves’ that you will no doubt see around the state in the lead up to the ‘LAST STAND FOREST RALLY’ at midday on the 19th of October in Forrest Place Perth.

As the warmer months approach we must become more conscious about our water intake. Yes, you always hear about drinking 2L per day but recently I’ve discovered that you could still be dehydrated! No, I’m not asking you to drink even more water. Just make a few little adjustments to your drinking habits so your body can make the most of the fluid you drink. I’m a naturopath, so I understand our nutritional requirements. This includes water, and so water forms my primary beverage. I drink glasses and glasses every day and even more when I’m at the gym. Yet it wasn’t until a recent, unexpected trip to hospital that I discovered drinking all this water wasn’t working the way I thought it was. You see drinking water is one thing, but allowing your body to make use of it is a whole different ball game. When you exercise you sweat and when you sweat you lose fluid. Did you know that even just sitting down or sleeping also loses fluid? You lose around 1L of sweat every day and even more if you visit the gym. And so we have our drink bottles in hand, we make sure we drink more when the weather is hot, but we forget about a very key ingredient – electrolytes! Spor ts drinks contain electrolytes but they also contain artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and who knows what else. I don’t recommend drinking these as your source of hydration. Let’s instead take a look at ways we can make our own electrolyte drinks and give our body exactly what it’s asking for. Electrolytes are microminerals that give water an electric charge. This allows your body to absorb the water and use it in various metabolic processes. If you lack electrolytes you with experience muscle aches, pain, headaches, twitching, muscle cramps and spasms, difficulty concentrating, and restless sleep. Certain foods contain excellent amounts of electrolytes. Two of these are lemons and limes. So you can add a good squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice to your water for a refreshing electrolyte replacement. I add them to my morning juices since they also help alkalise the body by clearing away acids and inflammation. They are highly antioxidant and will protect your cells from damage. There is also some vitamin C present that will help with your general health. One of the more complete sources of electrolytes is good quality, natural sea salt. It contains all the minerals of the ocean and is jam packed with microminerals. Sea salt is completely different from table salt so you cannot use table salt as a substitute. Table salt is just sodium and chloride, where as sea salt can have over 80 different minerals. Look for Himalayan, Celtic, or Atlantic sea salt at your local health food store. It’s a good idea to get a nice drink

bottle too. This not only helps you keep track of your water intake, but it also means you only have to mix up your solution once per day. Glass bottles are the best for your health as they don’t leach impurities into your water. Consider buying a nice spring or mineral water that comes in a glass bottle. Once you finish it just continue to refill it with your own mixture. Some companies have started to sell glass drink bottles. They have a glass interior and then a protective housing to prevent breakages. You can also consider stainless steel drink bottles that are quite safe and less likely to cause a mess if dropped on the ground. Fill your water bottle and add to it a tiny pinch of natural sea salt. You only need a few grains as you don’t want your water to taste salty. If the salt is coarse you can crush it in a mortar and pestle, or by placing it between two spoons and pressing firmly together. Take a pinch of this powdered salt and add it to your water. Give the bottle a good shake to make sure all the granules dis-

solve and disperse. I’ve forgotten the important step of shaking and have gotten to the bottom of my bottle only to end up with a mouth full of salt water! You can add an extra layer of electrolytes by including a slice of lemon or lime in your bottle. By drinking this solution your body absorbs and utilizes the fluid you drink. I’ve found since then my body feels much better. I no longer have soreness after the gym, in fact my endurance is better. My mind is clearer, and I’m adequately hydrated all day long. So try this method for a couple of weeks and notice how you feel. As the weather heats up ensure you drink plenty of electrolyte enriched water.

All of the preceding information is meant as a guide only and is not meant to replace proper medical care. Please speak with your health care professional before under taking any of the above mentioned advice. Robert Reeves is a Naturopath and best-selling author of Flower Therapy. He blends herbal medicine with his psychic abilities to help his clients reach their utmost potential. He gives self-help workshops, and runs a successful natural-therapies clinic. Phone: 1300 668 772 Web: Facebook: RobertReevesNaturopath


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Tools for Healthy Living Antioxidant in Vegetables as Good as in Statin Drug

A natural antioxidant found in fruit and vegetables can protect against heart disease just as well as a powerful statin drug. The antioxidant - an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase (or GPx3) can dramatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. People with high levels of GPx3 were six times less likely to have heart problems, say researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School. The antioxidant is found in fruit, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and Brazil nuts, and appears to have the same protective effect as a statin drug, but without the sometimes dangerous side effects. [Note that cooking vegetables will remove most of the glutathione peroxidase.] The researchers estimate that low levels of GPx3 put one in four adults at risk of a fatal heart attack. They hope that eventually blood tests for GPx3 levels will become a standard way of assessing hear t attack risk.

Vibrational Essences & Sprays These products where developed by Robert Reeves after years of receiving guidance. The result is a very pure vibration. Each healing product is made and labelled by hand in an ego-less environment. The potent energies in each bottle include crystals, angels, and environmental vibrations. The beautiful aura sprays contain the healing energies of the essences in combination with pure, high quality essential oils. Also available are Vibrational Essence Stock Kits allowing you to create your own healing essences.

Glucomannan Fibre The Weight-Loss Supplement Dr. Oz Loves

With new weight-loss supplements coming out all the time, it's hard to know which ones really work and which ones won't do you any favors. Where does glucomannan (a natural thickening agent) fall on the spectrum? According to the famed Dr. Oz, it's "one of the best ways to control your hunger," "the best appetite suppressant," and "nature's skinny sponge."

Order through www.RobertReeves.

What is Glucomannan?

Chicza! The world’s first 100% organic, biodegradable chewing gum now available in Australia.

Most people don’t give the ingredients in chewing gum a second thought, but an analysis of today’s top brands reveals a litany of toxins that can make its way into your bloodstream just through the process of chewing. But now, there is an alternative - Australian chewers no longer have to feel bad about their gum habit thanks to Chicza Organic Chewing Gum, which has just landed in Australia. Coming straight from Mexico’s Mayan Rainforest, Chicza boasts all natural ingredients, is certified

organic, 100% biodegradable and considered ‘beyond fairtrade’ with all the profits from the company going directly back to the 2000 ‘Chicleros’ - the farmers and guardians of the rainforest that produce the gum. Chicza’s natural taste aims to capture the essence of fresh and wild fruits, herbs and spices, and that original gummy and chewy consistence that only natural gum can give. “Upon first chew, we loved the texture and flavour of the gum and were so impressed with the pure ingredients we realized that this was something the Australian market

was crying out for,” said Emily Segal and Maria Drakopoulos, whose company Organic Imports own the sole distribution rights in Australia. Chicza Organic Chewing Gum is great for people with egg, wheat, and nut allergies as well as vegetarians and comes in four delicious flavours – Cinnamon, Mint, Spearmint and Lime. To find your nearest stockists or purchase online pleases visit: www.

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Ear Candles by Danielle

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Glucomannan is a sugar made from the root of the konjac plant that has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese cooking as a thickener or gelling agent. It's so renowned in Japan that it even has it's own nickname--"the broom of the intestines" -- which gives you a pretty good idea of how it works. For just a few calories, glucoman-

  

  

  


                     

   


nan creates a sense of fullness by absorbing water and expanding to form a bulky fiber in your stomach. "When consumed, glucomannan “sponges” up water in the digestive tract, reducing the absorption of carbs and cholesterol and thus supporting weight loss. This supplement also makes you feel full without leaving you gassy or bloated," Dr. Oz explain. The "bulky fiber" is then expelled from your body via the natural route. This cleansing effect has been said to help with a host of medical woes like reducing cholesterol, helping control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, and constipation.

Does It Work?

In one study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, participants taking a glucomannan fiber supple-

ment lost approximately 10 pounds in 16 weeks compared to 1.7 pounds lost in the placebo group. Another study, showed an average of 5.5 pounds lost over eight weeks, without making any other diet or lifestyle changes.

How Do You Use It?

First and foremost, you need to be vigilant about drinking enough water. Dr. Oz advises drinking at least 8 ounces of water with 1 gram of glucomannan before each meal. If you don't drink enough, the fiber can literally gum up your digestive system, causing constipation. Start slowly and work up to the full dosage to give time to your body to adjust.Dr Oz recommend taking it 15-30 minutes before a meal. (Again, don't forget to drink your water with it!)

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awakening one community at a time . . .

Imagine a world where noodles & pasta are calorie & carb free

ZERO NOODLES is a zero calories, wheat intolerance or allergies to zero carbs, zero fat, precooked gluten or soy. They can be used in and wok-ready glucomannan fibre any recipe for pasta and noodles as noodles from the konjac root, a a replacement. You can remove the guilt and plant grown and used in Asia for over 2000 years as both a healthy give into the craving of pasta and food and a traditional medicine to noodles. excrete waste and toxic elements from the body. Asian women have WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY been consuming this product to ABOUT ZERO NOODLES stay slim and healthy. Glucoman- Replace one meal per day and cut nan fibre is listed as one of the top over 2,000 calories per week. A ten healthiest foods by the World great weight loss tool. Health Organization and Dr.OZ rec- - Elizabeth McDonald, Weight Loss ommends it as 2 of 5 revolutionary Dietician metabolism boosters. It has shown beneficial effects, backed by medical Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals withresearches, for Type II Diabetes, out loading up on carbohydrates Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipa- and calories. Noodles without the tion! If you’re on a low calorie, low guilt. carbohydrate, low GI, fat free, sugar - Robert Reeves, Naturopath free or detox diet, ZERO NOODLES are the perfect alternative. These Finally a low calories konjac noodle noodles are also suitable for veg- without the “fishy smell” etarians, vegans and people with - Antonio Giardina, Italian Chef diabetes, as well as people with For more info and orders: Phone 8121 5889. (FREE Skype Call) For FREE 80 page eBook visit

Fast start your health this Christmas and MS:New Year Do yourself a favour and check out When you first look at them the range of LadyShip Organic Essence Extractors. Blending, juicing, macerating, grinding, chopping, or mixing, LadyShip Organic Essence Extractors have the power and torque to get the job done easily and effortlessly and cleaning is a breeze. Recently we talked with the owner of LadyShip Australia, Mark Shepherd... IS: “How did the LadyShip come to be in Australia?” MS: “Having been vegetarian for many years we were searching for a cost effective machine to make green smoothies. The blender we had at home just wouldn’t cut it. During the process of doing my research we happened to be in Taiwan and stumbled upon the LadyShip and were amazed at the performance and value. I said to my wife Holly “lets check this out”, so we followed the demonstration around for a week, spoke with existing customers about their experiences and decided to purchase two machines. Six months later we were the sole distributors for Australia and NZ”. IS: Why did you start distributing LadyShip in Australia? MS: We have been consciously creating a healthy lifestyle for some time now and love it. We love the LadyShip so much that we thought why not lets see if we can help as many people as possible get healthy and stay healthy and lets make that as affordable as we can and thats our mission now. IS: What is different about the LadyShip?

you see the tap, but there is so much more. The patented filter system is incredible, it gives you so many options... blending, juicing, milling, chopping, mixing... its fast and easy to use and the AUTO function is awesome for doing the smoothies and soups. IS: What can you make with the LadyShip? MS: You can make a lot. Apar t from the smoothies we use it to juice with, omg... the almond milk we make is divine and it only takes about 10 seconds to make and NO nut milk bag. Holly uses it to make soya milk, slushy’s, sorbet, buckwheat flour, soups, dips, pestos... etc, oh and her favourite ABC juice... (apple, beetroot and carrot). Really the only limitation is your imagination. IS: How many models are there? MS: We currently have 3 models. The LS-658, LS-758 X Power Booster™ and the NEW IS-588F and they range in price from $250 - $800, however right now we have them on sale for Christmas. IS: And what about support? MS: We have warranty, parts and back up support here in Australia. We also do public and private demonstrations as well as Facebook and videos on You Tube IS: If someone wants to buy what do they do? MS: They can purchase through one of our distributors or affiliates or order online au or call 1300 787 088 IS: Sounds like a great investment thanks for sharing with our readers.

Tools for Healthy Living Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis By Rebecca Lang BHSc (Comp Med) Adv Dip Nat; Adv Dip Ntn; Adv Dip W.Herb

Qualified Naturopaths in Australia have many areas which they can choose to specialise in. Naturopathy can include a large variety of tools and programs to utilise when analysing a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. Naturopathy also includes a large scope of treatment programs including herbs (liquid or tablet), vitamins, minerals, homoeopathics, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition, aromatherapy, body work, Reiki etc. The tools and treatment programs that we tend to continue using are the ones that give results. When I star ted my practice 8 years ago, I spent a lot of time researching effective tools and programmes and came across BioCompatibility Hair Analysis and Wellness Program. This is not a mineral analysis program, which many people have used. The BioCompatibility System is the result of over thirty years of research and development by qualified Naturopaths in Australia and the Naturopathic Wellness Program is used in more than 20 countries. A sample of your hair (about the size of your finger nail, doesn’t matter if it is coloured) is tested against 500 foods and household items. The technique is based on the way in which the foods and products benefit the individual person. One thing I have learnt, as a Naturopath, is that everyone is an individual and unique and ‘one size does NOT fit all’. Each person has his/her own nutritional and energy requirements. You may have noticed that you feel tired/sluggish/bloated after eating certain foods or certain combination of foods but have not been able to pin point exactly which ones. These aggravating foods or household products may be interfering with the immune system and preventing the

body from being in optimal condition. They may also promote other issues such as skin rashes, eczema, bowel problems, IBS symptoms, colic, behavourial issues, acne, ar thritis, headaches, earaches, sleep disorders, hayfever, sinus, PMS, asthma, bad breath, thrush, hives, etc Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis is about finding local foods and household products that suit the individual. It is not based on Nutritional advice nor is it a Medical programme designed to treat disease. This 6 month Wellness Programme follows the Naturopathic principle: “Feed the body correctly and allow the body to repair itself” Some people are aware of foods that they are highly reacting to, these foods and household items are in the 80-95% test range and will usually show up on blood tests and skin testing in our medical system or you may be aware due to lips swelling when eating strawberries etc. This particular test shows those items in the 60-80% range that may not show up in other available testing and this is where I have found it to be highly effective for my clients. It is particularly ideal for children as it is non intrusive and is painless and assists the parents by not having to do an elimination diet. Even adults would like to avoid doing an elimination diet. There is also tests specific for babies and another for pets. There is also a test for Indian diets. A report is emailed, usually within 10 days and it is a 16 page report which explains your 6 month wellness programme and highlights the local foods and household items that may be causing inflammation in your body. 500 items are tested for $247. Rebecca Lang is a highly qualified Naturopath who owns and operates

two successful clinics in Bargara, Qld and Perth, Western Australia. She can be contacted through The Clinic of Natural Medicine on (08) 9592 4445 or 0427 827 414. Email: Rebecca Lang BHSc (Comp Med)

Adv Dip Nat; Adv Dip Ntn; Adv Dip W.Herb au Forms can be downloaded off this website


Eye on the Sky with Gerry Crow


November-January 2013/14 In the heavens the current planetary transits are demanding humanity to change our old human (self) centred ways, shift into expanded paradigms of consciousness, connect and relate with every species on the earth, act with real respect of self and others and thus touch the unconditional love that resides deep within our true hearts. How do we accomplish this gigantic leap of commitment to ‘The Whole’ is a good question and an overwhelming one. Globally we are currently still much divided and isolated by war, beliefs, greed and fear. The cycles of life demonstrate that chaos precipitates change and that the obstacles before us, like the elephant in the lounge room, require acknowledgement to be resolved. It is in the Uranus square Pluto, ‘job description’ to expose the bad and the ugly which will in turn reveal the good. During the path of any squaring transits there is always a level of resistance, and this needs to be worked through by all parties concerned, before resolution across the spectrum will succeed. The established bases of authority (Pluto in Capricorn) throughout the civilised world need to be questioned and part of the answer is the call for the inclusion of power to individuals and communities (Uranus

in Aries) and the sharing of resources. This requires identifying each section of society to be restored and that every individual takes action in response to the change. These are really the preliminary steps to be achieved. Since Pluto entered Capricorn the down-sizing of economies has continued world-wide, bringing uncer tainty around our ability to sustain the financial systems we had grown accustomed to over the previous fifty years. Financial guarantee for those who had secured their futures through superannuation, stock investments, real estate and other traditional ways, were now disillusioned as banks were bailed out by governments, big businesses collapsed and other financial governing structures crumbled. Then Uranus advances into Aries, adding to Pluto’s disintegration an unexpected force of reform and amplifying the revolution. Added to the mix is the falling of the Catholic Church, challenges for the worldwide Media to act ethically, Climate Change and looking after those who are vulnerable. The major premise is set; the certainty of what will and won’t work within the norm of societal structures, such as the global finance systems, corporate business bod-

ies, governments or religious organisations, no longer exists. Hence the climb to rebuild these fallen institutions, in a reformed holistic way is the big challenge. Over the next quar ter, we continue to experience the intensity of deep change on global and personal levels, bringing the opportunity to own every reflective shadow and to reap the light that awaits us all. As stated previously, the main culprit (transit) at the forefront of this imploding upheaval is Pluto exact square to Uranus. This defining transit is hurling electrifying and terminating energy to insist; we deeply change and reform our ways for the good of all, now! During most of November for those of you who have planets, between 9 and 14 degrees in the Cardinal signs; Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra, the transiting Uranus and Pluto square will be influencing your life very strongly. You will find yourselves stretched to your limits on the home-front and work. Relationships on every level will seem to be taking their toll. However if you steer clear of impending dramas by acting in a loving detached way, which will be difficult as these challenging situations will continue to land at your feet, you may experience this time as empowering and transforming. It is imperative that you plan to take the space to ground and keep balanced, remembering the basics need attending to first; eat a nutritious diet, take regular exercise, yoga, tai chi and meditate. Opportunities are on offer, beware though, you don’t have to do everything, simply do to what you have time for. On November the 3rd there is a total solar eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio, with a Saturn conjunction at

Is Egypt Calling You?

awakening one community at a time . . .

13 degrees of Scorpio. The eclipse cycle on the Scorpio/ Taurus axis began earlier this year, in late April, with the lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Scorpio, followed by the solar eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus, in early May. At that time the themes within to be faced and healed were unveiled, for those strongly influenced by this eclipse. Now six months later, invoking the energies of this total solar eclipse in Scorpio, with a Saturn conjunction, the resolution of what was initiated then, will come to pass. Hence there will be a greater awareness concerning Saturn/Pluto matters. For example looking to the areas of your life where you need to take more or reduce responsibility, firm up boundaries in relationships, valuing yourself enough to attend to your needs first, balancing money matters, right action of authority implemented (yours and others). Also career advancement could be your motivation or you may consider making more of a commitment to your health, i.e. putting in place diet and exercise disciplines that assure longevity. Situations with older relatives could be the focus, resulting in adjustments and obligations that feel a sacrifice of your time and energy. The jour ney through these eclipses of the Moon within the Scorpio/Taurus axis can be paralleled to walking the labyrinth; a process of remembering the past through the senses, being present with your emerging feelings and true self knowledge being revealed. This enables you to vision the future consciously and allow the new you to step out of your old skin, leaving what has died behind to move forward. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo,

Scorpio and Aquarius are strongly affected by the influences of these eclipse cycles. Therefore if you have your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant or Mid-heaven in these signs, be mindful of this time. Summer Solstice As the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd of December, Summer Solstice is launched and the season of fruition, manifestation, joy and celebration dawns!! Be ready to reel in your hopes, dreams and wishes. This is the longest day of the year, in terms of light. Therefore, at this time, 4.12am to be precise, the pinnacle of light will metaphorically illuminate your world, offering a time to acknowledge; where you stand within your chosen path, the accomplishments you have gained throughout the year, and what has changed within and around you. Your awareness will awaken the understanding to choose the next steps for your life journey and the ways to achieve it. Following that day the night begins to call; slowly and gently you will start your retreat and hold a place within, to commune with Hecate the Goddess of the underworld, or the Hermit or your own representation of inner Spirit Guidance. The cycles continue.... The New Year star ts with the New Moon 11 degrees in Capricorn at 10.14pm initiating the Cardinal Lunar cycle. Pluto is conjunct both the Sun and the Moon empowering our resolutions, wishes, hopes and dreams for 2014, with practical means and transformative energy. Mars in Libra offers a driving force to balance and harmonise while Uranus in Aries is clearing the way ahead radically, for change is afoot.

This cycle then waxes (builds) into Aries at the first quarter and is the best time for you to make decisions concerning forthcoming ideas and take any action required for your dreams to manifest. The Moon climaxes (full) in Cancer at 26 degrees on the 16th of January bringing home and family matters into the limelight. The emotional influence of this Moon in Cancer is a very strong one, therefore be attentive to what family or close friends are reflecting to you. Make the changes necessary be it behaviour patterns, diet choices or new career goals that align with your intentions made at the New Moon in Capricorn. The Moon finally wanes in Libra at the last quarter bringing to balance any conflict that may inhibit the progress of your wishes. Debates and discussion needed with partners, families or friends will more than end in win-win outcomes. Gerry Crow is an internationally renowned and respected Psychic, Clair voyant, Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Her career expands an exceptional 35 years conducting professional, accurate psychic readings, successful healings and profound meditation, development classes and inspiring workshops. As well as having her many psychic gifts, Gerry has trained and studied at length in the esoteric sciences –including Astrology and Tarot, the healing arts, psychology, counselling and shamanic practices. She conducts her varied modalities, in person and over the phone. Gerry is also a regular guest on Psychic TV. Phone her on 0449 865 473; Email au ; find her on face book, Visit www.


Now available in Rice, Fettuccine, Penne, Spaghetti & Lasagne

ISIS BLESSINGS Sacred Journey to Egypt April 29 – May 13 2014

A wonderful opportunity for anyone who’s ever wanted to visit this great land. Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt with Sue Bunnett, Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner & Authorised Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Principal of Isis Blessing Healing Centre. Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to offer you this unforgettable and life changing experience. • Small group touring 16- 20 people,making for a better holiday experience. • Fully escorted with commitment to personalized care, comfort and reliability. • Private Egyptologist. • Stay in luxury at Mena House Oberio Hotel with pyramid view accommodation. • Immerse yourself in the personally selected cultural excursions and popular tourist attractions. • Experience three private visits: The Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and Philae Temple. • View the vibrant sunsets and experience the tranquility of the Nile River on our seven-day relaxing cruise on the beautiful ship, the Moon Goddess. • Visit the Egyptian monuments at Abu Simbel.

JAPAN’S BEST KEPT SECRET FOR LASTING WEIGHT LOSS, HEALTH & WELL BEING Our noodles are made out of all natural, organic, vegetable Glucomannan fiber, a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the Konjac plant, which has shown beneficial effects backed by medical researches for Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Cholesterol and Constipation!

Konjac has been grown and used in Japan and China for over 2000 years as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body.



The 5 calories and 4g of carbo per 100g are primarily non-absorbable fiber.


“Japan’s Best-Kept Secret for Lasting Weight Loss, Health and Wellbeing” Register online at:

For more info and orders:

If you are looking for a once in a life –time experience then look no further. Join us as we turn back the sands of time and Unlock the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Visit • for more details

08 8121 5889 E: •


Replace one meal per day and cut over 2,000 calories per week. A great weight loss tool. Elizabeth McDonald, Weight Loss Dietician Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals without loading up on carbohydrates and calories. Noodles without the guilt. Robert Reeves, Naturopath Finally a konjac noodle that actually taste good without that fishy smell. Even Italian customers like them. Antonio Giardina, Italian Chef

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Are you a little lost, not sure where your headed? Do you feel like you’ve lost your zest for life? At Infinity Health & Wellbeing, let us help you reconnect with the limitless happiness you deserve. We look at YOU holistically,

Classes, courses, worksops and retreats for the body, mind and spirit

angela wilson

Angela Wilson is an Australia accredited complementary therapist, with skills like Psychotherapy, Counselling, nutrition, Qi Gong, Regression Therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, Psychic readings, etc. She specializes in Time travel Therapy which covers past, current and future life energy healing. She, a 10th Generation Chinese Health Practitioner, has helped thousands of people worldwide to get to the root causes of their problems and to create astounding results. Angela has developed a powerful three-phased method that has dramatically changed the lives of people with a wide range of problems … from becoming free from life-long pain, surviving terminal illnesses, overcoming deep seated emotional problems… right through to achieving jaw dropping success in business.

During more than 15 years of practice, Angela identified that her clients had suffered in their personal and professional lives due to the complex accumulation of chronic physical, mental and/or spiritual problems. She developed her extraordinary methodology to get to the deepest root of problems seated at the level of the mind, the body AND the spirit, regardless of your specific cultural, racial and religious origin. She proved time and time again that when addressing all three levels, her clients experienced spectacular results. Angela is on a mission to help as many people as possible rid themselves of pain and suffering – permanently before it is too late. She offers her amazing holistic Therapy which unlock the secrets of one’s past, present and future lives … through tailored group Workshops and One-to-One service. Check them out at www.bmstherapy. org or phone her direct on 1300 793 989

SUE Bunnett

Is Egypt calling you? Have you felt a strong connection to this great land? Perhaps you’ve been before. Hello my name is Sue Bunnett and I have my own healing practice Isis Blessings in Crystal Brook, gateway to the Flinders Ranges in the Mid North of South Australia. I am an Isis Mystery School Certified Practitioner & Authorised Teacher, Intuitive healer, and Remedial Massage Therapist. Having had a life –long passion and fascination with Egypt that goes back to my early childhood, I first experienced this magical & mystical country in 2007 when I accompanied Elisabeth Jensen, Principal of Isis Mystery School, in Adelaide South Australia, on my first trip to Egypt. If I was asked to choose my best experience I would find it extremely difficult because there were so

many. From the bustling and vibrant Khanel-Khalili markets to the stillness at the break of dawn, standing in the semi darkness amid the paws of the majestic Sphinx, watching the sun rise in the sky and its rays cascade down over the Great Pyramid. Or the tranquil waters of the Nile with its picturesque lush green banks or wandering the dusty tracks amongst the many tombs in the Valley of the Kings, it’s hard to choose. Being immersed in the history and culture of this great incredible country of the great pharaohs and visiting the monumental Temples, another. Imagine for a moment walking in the footsteps of the priests and priestesses, entering into the Temple of the Goddess Isis on the Island of Philae and walking into the place of daily worship; the Holly of Hollies, to quietly go within and contemplate what has gone before. Whatever your belief, the energy you feel in Egypt changes you, so much that I have been back a total of three times. Isis Blessings in conjunction with Abba Travel are excited to bring you a wonderful, enriching opportunity to experience Egypt for yourself. Egypt (visit for details)



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SYDNEY: ! 3rd November 2013 ! ! One day workshop ! ! 16th &17th November 2013 ! ! Two day workshop GOLD COAST: 7th December 2013 ADELAIDE: 14th December 2013 ! TIME:10am - 5pm VENUE:TBC ! ! Subject to numbers

Audition techniques for Film & T.V




Edited footage available

Investment $200.00

To Book call Cinzia Coassin 0408 646 521 or email


selling; Australian Bush Flower remedies; Yoga & Meditation classes; Bowen Therapy, Hypnosis & NLP Therapy & Massage. Let us help YOU to reach YOUR full potential. (02) 4751 9545 Call today!

Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese National TCM registration has commenced on 1 July 2012. Registered TCM practitioners can be invited to treat patients in hospital. Nowadays alternative medicine practitioners are learning Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Contact Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SITCM) on 92612289 for your 2014 enrolment


Stephanie Dowrick..Dorothy Mcrae Mcmahon..Susan Murphy..Jane Ewins & Event Interlocutor Walter Mason; Will Be Gifting Us With Inspiring, Profound Answers Along With Their Truth. Why is Global Contact in Berry hosting this event? This value-for-money fundraising event will connect you to YOU in a way that suppor ts your own courage, honesty & memorable loving change. Our conscious evolution opens us to Wake Up; so many more can enjoy Peace & the many Miracles that Life presents. These Woman have created powerful ways to fill their own bare feet of truth: enabling us to do the same or beyond & awake to joyfilled sunrises.......... WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE...! “Our world is going to hell in a trillion shopping trolleys. Any dream of personal salvation now profoundly misses the point: We are all in this together with our stunningly beautiful planet...

into a Bachelor Degree  course. Open days: 16st Nov 2013 and 8th Feb, 2014. Also please book  for consultation and treatment for  your health problem in the school  clinic: level 5, 545 Kent St, Sydney.    Email to: Administration@sitcm. 


       

     

    

  


Let’s explore how we can seize the oppor tunity inside this great dilemma to induce not terror or numbing shame in ourselves but a profound healing crisis in consciousness. To turn our minds and hear ts towards the unavoidable spiritual opportunity it presents, a tremendous chance to discover who and where we really are as human beings?”

Susan Murphy Bookings :Global Contact Bookstore Phone:0244642121 email:

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au a le a d ing ex - invisible higher self that can and will guide you toward a mastery of the art GreenPet Naturopathy and natural per t on shame, Sound Healing Hoogendyk believes that anyone can products for animals. Free mail ora u t h e n t i c i t y, of manifestation. You can attain this shift their consciousness and learn der catalogue Australia wide. Phone Angelic divine universal Healing. and belonging, mastery through deliberate conscious to operate from a place more in tune + online consultations available (07) “Allow the love and light of god to control of your imagination! shares ten with their core belief and a successful 5449 1453 shine Within”. Sound, Colour & Crysguideposts on Publisher: Hay House future. “But people need tools to actal Healing • Chakra & Aura Balancthe power of awakening one community at a time . . . cess them, especially in a fast changPsychics ing • Reiki & Isis Healing • Spiritual Sensing Spirit Wholehearted living—a way of ening world,” he says. Guidance • Past Life Release • Shaby Mitchell Coombes gaging with the world from a place of Guiding Light Psychics. Readings man Healing. All healings assisted T h i s b o o k i s worthiness. with soul. 1902 256 002 $3.96pm by angels, goddesses & ascended • meeting international guest every year at the Australian Eckapacked with exEach day we face a barrage of mobex, Creditcards 1300 173 593 masters. Phone Pina di Ghionno Archer Butcher, aunkar Seminar. This event attracts speaker, Anne A Plate of Eggs traordinary realimages and messages from $3.60pm. caring guidance and inon 0414 295 629. Appointments & newly released book, many people whosociety understand that thor of thelife By Stephen Denham stories of sight 24/7. (Phone Aust.) and the mediathere telling us who, Gift shop www.angelicdivineuniverOurtouchDivine Birthis more to lifewhat, than meets the “Inner Guidance, T his book is people’s and how we should be.come We are led the unique right”. eye. Many to enjoy Readings Health & Healing Sprituality a wonderful ing encounters Publishing to believe thatbenefits if we could onlyfrom: look that arise Accurate Tarot Readings/ Earthing ...The most imporKnow Thyself as Soul. Sant Mat collection of with the spirit perfect and lead •perfect lives, we’d no Spirituality discovering a beautiful man- You are warmly invited to a FREE tant health discovery Theta Healing. Life direction, ever? and is a practical spiritual path based Make it happen now! Publish your probing conwor ld. Written longer feel inadequate. of us thatmost tra – HU, So brings love and joy session of the next Australian it’s FREE! ... read love, business consultation, any the book and be manuscript onKnow meditation on as with Joshua Books. contemplations, with warmth and Thyself Eckankar Seminar “Living the perform, please, into and life perfect, all the from doubts, amazed! 10% offinsights, all earthing prod- tactissue. the innersant LightMat us onCourses. (07) 5493Heal 1700 exploinsight, Mitchell offers an easy to folSpiritual Life” on Sunday, 12 January soul. while thinking, “What if I can’t • learning simplekeep spiritual exerfears, traumas. ucts if you quoterations or enter aisn da practical S o u n dspir, of discount real2014, from 1.00-4.00pm. low guide-book to discover how The to venue code: “barefootdreaming”. Carolyn 0438 Therapy 790 641. www. all of these balls in that the air? isn’t undercises bringWhy a greater ethical values, Polarity for this event is the Novotel Sydney ity and spiritual itual path based guidance. Phone (02) of the highest lifeyour own spirit sensing working harder andlaws oftap service to others on The Grand Parade, Have you had aeveryone elsestanding on meditation questioning. A Publisher: Brighton Simon & Beach, Schuster 8005 7433 • techniques What for personal living up to my expectations? will experiand love for all Brighton-le-Sands in Sydney. Reiki the inner Light Plate of Eggs spiritual experience? dreams, past lives, Soul To register or for more information: people think ifence I fail with or give up? When creation. Its goalethiAustralian Reiki Connection Pet Supplies and Sound, is not a spiritual instruction handbook This may seem like an intriguing Travel, and one’s spiritual destiny (02) 9212 2100 or eckinfo@email. can I stop proving myself?” iscal to enable GreenPet Naturopathy values,theserhowever, but it will stir you sufficientlyand Inc.(ARC) Est. 1997. Advocacy question, but very few people • finding out how toenbring greater com soul to return and merge In have her ten guideposts, Brown natural products for aniof the Usui System of Reiki. Run by vice to others and love forinto all its creaenough to get you to your own reThatour a hear t-felt answer to it.gages is minds, meaning and purpose into life the purpose of the human hearts, and spirits mals. Free mail order catalogue members for members with fellow- source; tion. its goal is to enable soul to alisation of what is true and real. As one reason why hundredsas of she people • learning about an advanced described by into mystics of all the explores how we can cultivate Australia wide. Phone + online ship & suppor t.Therapy National referral life return and merge its source; Polarity a student of the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky gather from everywhere in Australia spiritual study program andlifesincerity are by the courage, compassion, and conconsultations available (07) 5449 directory (conditions apply). Entitle- traditions. purpose ofFocus human described movement, Denham has embraced is the help of the livingand 1453 ment to membership in the profes- essential, nection to wake up in the morning mystics ofas all traditions. Focus E nErgy M EdicinE the multi-level to Truth Know Thyself Phone + approach online consultations sional branch of ARC – the Associa- spiritual and think, “No matter what gets done sincerity Master. are essential, as is theashelp that explores through many 1453 spiritual is a Master. non-profit available (07) 5449 www. Angelic tion of Australian ReikiUniversal Profession- Soul Divine Healing of theFoundation living spiritual Know and how much is left undone, I am traditions how it is that we come to incorporated association. It offers als (AARP) (conditions apply) ARC Thyself As soul Foundation is a nonenough,” and to go to bed at night Allow the love and light of God to shine Within be truly human . A wonderful book services free of charge. INK members’ magazine, informa- its profit incorporated association. For thinking, I amhad sometimes afraid, Experience? Psychics Have“Yes, you a Spiritual Sound, Colour & Crystal Healing For •further Chakra further information 1800193 to read slowly, one short chapter at a infomation callcontact 1800 462 AAAsk An Angel phone Psy- tive website. Access to insurance & 462 but I am also brave. And, yes, I am 193 or visit time, and journey through and to our & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis Healing reiki related products/services. or visit chics & Mediums. Experienced imperfect and vulnerable, but that Star Blessing Meditation E C K A N K A R presents... own awakenings as we do.1900 999 567 • Spiritual Guidance • Past Life Release Workshops • & Accurate, 24/7 doesn’t change the truth that I am & 11/11/11 au Ph. 1300 130 975 Workshops BRAIN GYM® 101 CERTIFICATE Shaman Healing • Distance Healing through $4.95pm pay/mob/xtra, Creditcards of love and belonging.” Initiations insideSunday the Great Pyramid of 12 January 2014 seminar whereworthy you can: COURSE Four days, two weekends; www. 1300 132 646 $4.95pm. Sound Healing Phone and Internet 1pmJensen - 4pm Publisher: Hazelden Egypt with Elisabeth Learn about an advanced spiritual study course Fest. 19th.20th October &The 2nd,Love 3rd (Telads Reiki Registration 12:30pm Angelic Discover an ancient mantra for divine love GoddessDivine and Angel Retreat This video was filmed inside the great Retreats and pro9-11 November 20122013, 9.30am–5.30pm. Find the spiritual gifts in everyday challenges Univ e rsa l vember, Pyramid of Egypt on 11th NovemThe BIG Picture cesses to deepARc inc. Australian Reiki conNOVOTEL details on website WATSONIA. Powerful Educational Trish is an accurate Psychic Discover a greater meaning to life “Allow Healing. ber 2009 – 11/11/11 numerologien, honour and Leading ReiKi Unlock the key to greater love and wisdom by Garry Gilfoy healings assistedKinesiology by angels,techniques to balance & Medium with 30 years ex- nection. Australia’sAll Sydney Brighton Beach the love and light enhance any lovcally. Elisabeth jenson transpor ts Understand your spiritual wake-up calls W e a v i n g t o goddesses and ascended Run by & integrate the whole The Grand Parade mind/body perience. Book a Reading at her Association est. 1997 of god- to shine ing relationship. Discuss your spiritual experiences with like-gether seven dimasters the viewer to a place of powerful yet Brighton - le - Sands Members for Members with fellowsystem. New Age Resource Shop Within”. Sound, minded people and more... Queensland, gentle healing in theSydney trustedNSW hands verse stories of ship and support. Access insur-295 Mary Nicholls 03 9435 0349 EmailBali Ph 03 5941 7800 Ph:&to0414 629 Crystal Colour and Shop beyond. www.dynamicgroups. Meet the author of the newly released book, Pina Di Ghionno Appointments & Gift courage, hope, of the Egyptian Divinities and Angels. ance. FRee Membership of Healing • Chakra Publishing “Inner Guidance, Our Divine Birthright” Phone 07 5494 4707. International Includes actual footage of auric enerpersonal growth & Aura Balancing • Reiki & Isis guest speakers Make it happen now! Publish To register or for more information, getic activity. FREE ADMISSION and self realisaAlden & Anne Healing • Spiritual Guidance • Past your manuscript with Joshua Books. call 02 9212 2100 Publisher: Isis Mystery School USA tion the Archer reader- Butcher, Life Release • Shaman Healing. or email: Contact us on (07) 5493 1700 is taken through All healings assisted by angels, the spiritualeworlds c k athrough n k ather eyes Be Published – Publishing Ser- goddesses & ascended masters. direct personal Presented byof ECKANKAR Australia. ABN 24 054 115experience. 589, a Chartered Affiliate The of ECKANKAR. Copyright © 2013 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved. vices. Handing-holding all the way. Phone Pina Di Ghionno on 0414 295 The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL and VAIRAGI, among others, are trademarks of ECKANKAR, PO Box 2000, Chanhassen MN 55317-2000 USA Shop www. author has created a worldview not to 0450260348 www.hear tspace- 629. Appointments Our& Gift A-Z ResOuRce Guide convince anyone but more to fill some is a products and services directory listed in gaps in the understanding of those who already believe in the reality of alphabetical order. the inner realms. Let Joy,integrating Helen, LuOne-stop therapy mind, body and spirit kas, Caren, Keely, Trish and the author Unlock the secrets of your past, present and future lives himself lift you to “The BIG Picture”.


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The King, the Queen and Wishes Fulfilled: the Mouse FindMastering out why BMS the Art of is unique by Ross Bonacci This book ishealth part ofexperience, Rossi & Lucy’s Offer Manifesting on-going decades of personal by Wayne W. Dyer tried and tested, and utilised every day series of educational Day-Time-Story T h i s b o o k i s books for children. Designed to teach Integrate Western Knowledge into Asian philosophy dedicated to young children beneficial behavioural Present a live,your secure guidance to your top health mastery of patterns, at a young age. “You are” the art of realand “I am” statements Hold formula that adapts to statements the individual izing all your are a great way of instilling strong Body Formula flexibility to suit all conditions desir es. T he values and virtues into a young mind. Mind Convert theorygrinto practice eatest gift Guaranteed to inspire young children. Spirit you have been Publisher: The Way of the Soul One-Stop holistic therapies M an ua l fo

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Angela Wilson,

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ThetaHealing®“Twenty Creating years from A Happier, now you will be more Healthier disappointed by the You!

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things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Theta Healing is a combination of applied quantum physics, So throw offand intention/prayer. meditation ThetaHealing the bowlines.® can change your life in may ways, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. To list a few… Sail away from the

given is the gift of your imagiInner Journeys nation. Everything that now exists was • Manifest anything by clearing personal blocks and reprogramming your subconscious mind to experience love, Winds of Change once imagined. And everything that safe harbor. joy, wealth, abundance, personal growth and success. By Paul Hoogendyk will ever exist must first be imagined. • Transform your personal and professional relationships, releasing recurring patterns that don’t serve you. By practicing the specific tech- This CD offers a double meditation Catch• the windshealth conditions and address imbalances. Heal quickly and with ease, releasing your Shine atrade light on Physical process inspired by the Native Amerinique for retraining your subconbody from pain and illness. scious mind, you are encouraged to can Vision Quest, working directly with in your sails. • Activate yourExplore. youth and vitality. not only place into your imagination the unconscious mind layering posi• Free yourself from Stress, Worry, Anxiety and Depression. Dream. Discover.” what you would like to manifest for tive suggestions whilst allowing you • Unravel Trauma, Fears & Phobias, Habits & Addictions. A review of your product or service a great wayspecifto offer valuable your the time information and space totofind yourprospective own yourself, but youisare given the •Mark Accelerate your Spiritual development. Twain and inner resources. clients. Prices below ics areforonly for 1 state. have editionsanswers of InnerSelf in NSW, VIC, SA,Paul QLD, WA. realigning your We life so you5 can • it can and will change you and the world that you create and live in - And as you know the real bonus is that as

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you change it has a ripple effect on those around you and shifts and changes the whole planet…how cool!

A Theta Session can be conducted by phone, Skype or in person - all methods are equally effective. ThetaHealing® can and will change you and the reality that you create and live in The added bonus is that as you transform it has a ripple effect on those around you. Michelle Coassin, BA majoring in Psychology is a ThetaHealing® practitioner. For more information, contact Michelle Coassin, The Miracle Well, Sydney, Australia Tel: +61 (0) 413 074 767 | Skype: mcoassin Email:

arrived in his u Officia have o second ment fo I me staff o my tra sistan Qigong the six betwee We wo and re to 5pm practic in the that a partme me, pr what I Qigong best w valuab we sha help pe On told m Qigong and th on it so duced ural Ha and no in 201 the ori times w Dr Xu’s own un Qigong

Simon books, ancient master leading retreat studen unique receive Traditi and Da him au He has Daoism meanin Standin Academ Beijing www.s (02) 9

QVSWPP™ the 22nd century multi-dimensional healing by KaVeeTa & SuNiEL

KaVeeTa & SuNiEL, founders of Kosmic Fusion, are Twin Rays who have come together in oneness to fulfil their Divine Purpose of bringing

rEb-eArTh from 3-D to 13-D Powerfully experienced and felt by participants

QuantumVortex Scalar Wave – Photon Pulse

Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing

Feel your Dense 4-D (astral/mental grids) Register on our Website & Find Out How! Nat 0400 342 811


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Anthony Craig is the originator of Spectra Healing and Spectra Activating Consciousness and a certified Hypnotherapist and Social Worker. Based in Adelaide he travels extensively as an Instructor and Practitioner, educating and expanding new healing work locally and worldwide and is available as a guest speaker. Regular information sessions, workshops and seminars are held. See website for details in your area. Anthony is also available for appointments ph: 0412 832 664. For further information visit www.

ger every single being on this planet. Being connected with QVSWPP has reclaimed the power of Vortex energy and telepathic connection, fully in sync with their Monadic Family. Have their heart Activated with the Photon Pulse from our Milky Way Galaxy’s Heart. Found the Power of the Scalar Waves, quanta of energy that holds the Universe together. Photon is the smallest spec of light that is also a wave and a particle. New Paradigm where creation is not just sound, light and sacred geometry. You can break the chain of unconscious evolution and linear

Transmissions from the SOURCE and share their fully enlightened DNA-activated Diamond Light with many of their own who have come to establish the golden wave on Gaia. The twin ray couple have been holding and emitting the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™), via the Galactic Centre from the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS since 2003. The energy touched them in one of their meditative moments. Their Divine Purpose was revealed to humanity only on 11.11.2011 to upgrade and activate the holographic light grids of as many souls as possible and train Facilitators to spread the upgrade work. KaVeeTa’s mission with her Twin-Ray SuNiEL is to eventually take this work free of charge to all awakening countries. Feel free to visit our website: www. and www. quantumvor for 5D+ AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN Workshop and Free Healing Clinic for more details.

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which has nine for different types of love. We can still work towards practising unconditional love, whilst remembering that love and like do have two different meanings. Along with unconditional love, we must also learn to detach from the duality of being judgmental. Many of the societal mores that are heavily reinforced involve judgments. As we stop conforming then we can change this. Why should we be judging other people as to the colour of their skin, their sex or sexuality, their looks or clothing, their religion or any other arbitrary external attribute. The growth of unity, or oneness and unconditional love, depends on this as we recognise that we are each and all par t of each other. The sub atomic particles that are within each of us also can exist in everything else whether it be person, animal, trees, rocks or buildings. It is thought – vibration -frequency that glues the one and same consciousness together, whether it is in this dimension or multi or inter-dimensionally. We are all one and part of each and every other thing. We must love everything as if it is part of ourselves. For instance, how would we really treat that other person if we thought of them as another fragment of our being. Hopefully we would treat them with the same love we would extend to ourselves. Exit being judgmental which, at the same time, does not necessarily equate with automatic approval. Remember the difference between ‘love’ and ‘like’. The important thing to remember is that my sub atomic particles are your sub atomic particles; my consciousness is your consciousness which is universal or god’s consciousness. Part of our journey is to bring ourselves back into synchronous vibration with all that is. There is a vibration and frequency - which includes superluminal light and specific sounds, brainstate and heartspace - to the universe with which we must align ourselves as we seek spiritual advancement and the healing and evolution that comes with that. And that is our responsibility.

Quantum physics and recent scientific experiments are radically changing our understanding of life, our reality, and our spirituality. Not only is everything energy, it’s also but an illusion - a virtual reality holographic 3D immersion matrix movie that only looks and feels real to us inside it. You can see energy and that energy is everywhere. Experiencing it is seeing it with your own eyes. It’s alive and it’s real. You see reality for what it is. If one looks around , currently on this planet work is done on the emotional, mental, Physical –Sexual or Psycho-Spiritual levels , Kosmic Fusion™ actually is a birthing point right now on the planet where one can totally eliminate these lower etheric–Karmic Garbage through a profound experiential method. The gift that is passed through KaVeeTa and SuNiEL, founders of Kosmic Fusion, to the participants is beyond words. They out a loving hand to all people including Facilitators, Healers, Psychics and the whole human race to go beyond the 3-4 Dimensional Band and 7 Planes of existence, they can give a tangible proof to everyone that the lower vibrations are there under the higher Light Bodies and no matter what level of meditation they have done or are doing they feel it. As Higher self conceives, physical brain receives, and physical mind perceives our experiences path in this world. Shor tcut to Ascension is created by Source in this time to lift the human consciousness with the Earth 5D vibrations. Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP™) is the key code to trig-

Ascension. The unique energetic signature of QVSWPP™ is transmitted through the Supra celestial grids of KaVeeTa and SuNiEL. QVSWPP™ is the core energy that is found in the model of Creation - the Spiral. The transmission of this energy has become available from 11-11-2011 for humanity, which comes right from Source - through the Galactic Centre. It is self referring, the most Advance Powerful and All Knowing at this moment. QVSWPP Transmissions are unlimited and exponential in it’s unfolding to be Experienced by You. Kosmic Fusion has activated the founder and members of the Fix the World Organization .They are active 5D+ light pulsars of QVSWPP™ and emitting this powerful energy to trigger every single being on this planet . Kosmic Fusion service mission is to lift humanity’s consciousness, we are here to fix the world effortlessly, by simply Being Present.


by Anthony Craig

With all the pictures coming back from the Hubble telescope we begin to see just how vast and infinite the universe is and what a very, very small space we occupy in that picture. We are seeing images that show us that there are literally billions and billions of galaxies out there and that everything is infinitely expanding. We must begin to understand that we humans here on earth are not the be-all and end-all and that we certainly are not the centre of the universe. The ties of the hegemony that exists here must be loosened. We are not the all mighty and the all powerful. Yet media, educational and other institutions, society and some religions still keep pushing the concept and constantly reinforcing we must become all about ego. All that ego does is reinforce the duality of our existence, and arrogance, here and this keeps us submerged in the lower and restrictive spectrums of our spiritual development. Ego keeps us divided and conquered as we play the mind games of power and control. We get pushed into toeing the line of conformity as we are continually ‘dumbed down’. In many ways it is very subtle – take eating processed food or being non selective or aware in our television viewing as examples. The latest scientific evidence, particularly in the worlds of physics and maths, now hints that underlying everything in the universe or creation is a universal field, which can also be called a ‘sea of consciousness’ or common vibration or frequency. As science acknowledges this, we must also begin to acknowledge that we are all one, that is, par t of the same whole. The speck that we are is part of our ‘biiig’ picture, our complete self, our multidimensional being, our soul: the perfection that is. Part of that acknowledgment of our ‘oneness’ is to remove our ego from the equation and from our interaction with others which, at the same time, reduces our power and our control. There are lessons to be learnt here. We can only control ourselves not others. It is with this recognition of oneness with creation that our spiritual journey really begins. As we begin to surf and float within that sea of consciousness we start to let go and bring through the love as we lose the dualities that exist in our lives. We must learn to love everything as if it were an extension of ourselves which in reality is the truth. We are all part of the same consciousness, the same vibration, and the same thoughtforms. We are all par t of the one God which is in each and every one of us. As we realise this we begin to get a greater understanding of the concept of universal or unconditional love, or universal compassion if that is easier to understand initially. The duality that currently exists can weaken our spiritual journey. It is only when we discover the true unity that we can move forward. I think many people struggle with the concept of universal love as many think only in terms of love as being romantic. The English language does not help with only having the one word to describe love, unlike, for instance, the Greek language

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We are but a speck…



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with Amanda De wARREN

OUR SIXTH SENSE Many have the ability to receive messages from guides, the universe and loved ones passed over (including pets), but they’re not sure how to interpret them or how to know if the messages are real. I’d like to take you through a part of my Inner Peace Workshop meditation that many find works for them, as after a little practice they begin to receive their messages. Firstly we need to open up our chakras. I find that the basic eight are usually enough to begin with. When you’re opening them up, you may see others that want to open so just go with it. This mightn’t happen straight away but after you have done this several times you may start to see and feel other chakras wanting to open. The most common is the Ajna which is just to the left and above the larger Third Eye chakra. Another can be the Meng Mein just below the left shoulder blade which is slightly smaller than the other chakras. You may see some on your hands or feet or even at the back of your knees or just behind your ears. There are many chakras so you may see a lot more as you practise. When opening up the chakras many see them in their mind as a flower opening or a crystal glowing, but it

can be anything you wish. Mine are lotus flowers which are closed until I open them, and all are different colours. Here are the eight that I use everyday when I’m working. The main chakras have several names so I’ll just describe them: • The crown • The third eye • The throat • The heart • Solar plexus between the rib cage and just under it • Just above the belly button • Just above the pubic bone • The base chakra just below Find yourself a quiet place to sit and open these chakras. Don’t worry if you find it difficult at first – for some it can happen quickly and for others it takes a bit of time to master. Your guides know what you are trying to do and they will help, so even if you feel the chakras are not open just continue. Now that your chakras are open you need to connect to the universe, loved ones and guides. This next step may seem a little tricky, but again your guides will help you as they want this connection as much as you do. Also, develop a type of mantra that you say to them when asking for help.Mine is, “Love to you

all, good morning and thankyou for all that I receive today.” Say that to each one that you connect to. See in your mind’s eye a place that you feel peace in and ask your guards to protect you while you do this meditation. Some see a garden or beach or some even take themselves to a place that meant a lot while growing up, such as a grandparents’ farm. Wherever it is make sure it’s a place of calm for you. Firstly connect to the universe and say your little mantra. Some even see the universe and when I do this it’s like I stand on a platform in the middle of the universe. If you believe in God, take yourself and stand in front of God and say your mantra. Then take yourself to your guides and ascended masters and take note of what they look like and if they give you a name. Observe them a little while. Next we go to our friends, family, loved ones and all who have passed over, including pets. See them all waiting to make a connection to you, which they will in the next step. The last mantra is to our gate keepers who protect us and who open the gates for us to go through and be with our loved ones. This mantra is slightly different as we ask for protection while connecting to our loved ones. Then they open the gate to let us through. I often suggest creating a peaceful house to meet with our loved ones and guides. It’s a place no one can enter unless you want them to. (It can be grand or simple – mine is a simple log cabin on top of a mountain with a huge window across the front.) This is where we meet our loved

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Discover your Psychic Val Hood

ones and our guides. Once we have finished making this connection we must cleanse our chakras and close them down, going backwards and thanking all that have come through with messages or even just sitting quietly and enjoying their presence. I hope that you enjoy your connection to your loved ones. Amanda Amanda De Warren is a respected medium, psychic and animal communicator who writes the Animal Whisperer column in Woman’s Day. She has brought comfort and closure to thousands by giving messages from passed-over loved ones or past and present pets. On her appearances on TV, radio and in print interviews, Amanda has regularly been put to the test by sceptics and stunned them with her accurate insights. She holds many events including Inner Peace Workshops, Animal Communication Seminars, Communicate and Learn Seminars, Messages From Beyond Shows and Face to Face Readings. She proudly sponsors Furry Friends Animal Rescue Queensland. Phone: 0434 713 615 Email: Website: Face book: amandadewarren1

International Medium Val, now living and working in Australia, hails from the UK. She has been travelling throughout Australia covering many regional towns and major cities in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Val now also a Spiritual Minister with ACSCOA, is passionate about her work and has professionally helped many people in her 25 year career, to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, in a kind caring and compassionate way. Her mediumship demonstrations are proof of survival of spirit. She is also determined to help people to learn about spirit and will be carrying out workshops across Australia catering for beginners and advanced students. Also holding retreat weekends that allow you to relax is a warm environment with other likeminded people, learning about spirit and how to enhance your daily life in a spiritual way. Val, who is the Author of “My Soul Purpose”, has also had many TV and radio appearances including “Most Haunted” on UK’s Living TV.

Full details of her schedule can be found on her website: www.valhood. email:; Mobile: 0414 984 769 PLEASE DO CALL and if I am not in your area maybe I could be.

Christine Rose

Christine is a gifted Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairvoyant and Clairscentient and has been since she was a child. She followed the path that was opened up to her, one guided step at a time. And then after many years of learning to trust her intuition she began to read. For family at first. Then the extended family and friends. Eventually, like many other gifted mediums, strangers were led to her door. She has been reading professionally for over 25 years also using Tarot Cards and Numerology, and in the past few years the media has learned of her gift - she reads on television and radio. Christine surrounds herself with bright light - positive energy that helps bring in the good. She is also a teacher and her workshops can help show you how to tap into your own intuitive self. Perhaps this is your first encounter with a psychic... Christine will help you on your journey. Christine offers Face to face readings at Body Calm 342 Camden Valley Way Narellan NSW., also does telephone readings for clients who live some distance away, interstate or overseas. She also does corporate functions and group readings and presents regular Tarot workshops and Psychic Development classes. Fees: 1/2hour $90, one hour $150. Contacts: email,Web www. and Mobile Phone 0438 601 916 , and Facebook.

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Signs You May Have an Energy Blockage

by Rachelle Terry

My clients most likely to notice and repor t that something in their body/psyche is “blocked” are often those who have a yoga or meditation practice, as well as professional actors and singers. They recognize their blockages because they see them reflected in their daily practice and, interestingly, their work opportunities. However not everyone recognises such obvious feedback. At certain times in our lives, we may just be too busy or distracted to realize that our emotional and physical “machine” is not running as well as it could. Signs you have an emotional block may include some of the following: • You don’t feel well. Every illness has an underlying energy block. When there is a natural flow of vital force through the body, you will be in optimal health. As soon as there is a disruption in that flow, you will be susceptible to manifesting physical health problems. • Life is not flowing. You may find that, in one or more areas of your life, things do not seem to flow as they once did. You may feel blocked or stuck. • You’re lacking your usual ra-

diance. Energy blocks tend make people look tired and weighed down. Clients, after clearing their blocks, often have friends asking what surgical “touch ups” they may have had. Energy blocks can affect your body and your life. (Always be sure to have your medical practitioner check any medical issues as this is information is in no way a diagnosis.) The following blocks are among the most common: Love: Energy related to love is located in the chest area. Blockages here will manifest with issues in relationships or difficulties finding a relationship. Chinese medicine also suggests that grief is stored in the lung meridian. This appears as a white or purple colour in the heart chakra and lung meridian. Many clients experience coughs or colds after a loss or break-up. Another manifestation of blockages here includes panic, or hyper-aler t states and an inability to pause and recharge. Money: Money issues are related to blockage in the base chakra (located in the base of the spine). A common pattern where there is been a great loss of physical or financial security

can be imprinted in the genes. Often this is present when a family or their ancestors have had to move and suddenly lose their home or security. It also a common pattern in decedents of war survivors. When this pattern exists, the client may experience “leaky bucket syndrome”. In other words, regardless of how hard they work, they cannot seem to get ahead financially and feel physically drained. Feeling financially and physically drained can also be attributed to a state known as “parenthood”. Career: If the solar plexus chakra is blocked you may experience blocks in your career or purpose, along with low confidence, motivation and self worth. This can easily become a catch 22. Physical manifestations of this feeling of “stuckness” can include adrenal exhaustion, liver meridian stagnation and digestive issues. Just like a knot in a hose will prevent the flow of water, a block in your energies will hold back the flow in your life and body’s vitality. If you’re ready to shift your blockages, conscious movement such as yoga will be a wonderful start. You may wish to dig deeper and have it addressed by a healing practitioner. Then you can look back at the wonderful opportunity that your energy block has given you to star t you on your healing journey. For consultations or more information, see: Rachelle Terry – Medical Intuitive. Rachelle Terry, a Sydney based therapist, has had an ability from childhood to clairvoyantly see the human aura. She works with local, interstate and international clients by means of private consultations and group healings. Wonderful results are experienced after having life, health or relationship patterns cleared and it becomes possible to be in flow again. For phone, Skype or in-person consultations with Rachelle, Phone: 0414 317 323 or Email: auratherapist@gmail. com *Baby and child readings also available*

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SoulConnection with nicole cody

Why am I waking up in the middle of the night?

Are you waking up in the middle of the night? Does it happen on a semi-regular basis? For some people it’s a healing thing. Your liver is working overtime and needs a little support, and your head is stuffed full of worries. If that’s you (and you’ll know it!) then this article will still be relevant. It would also be a good idea to change your diet, get some more exercise, and manage your stress better. Finding a supportive naturopath or other alertnate medicine practitioner will help with that. But really, I’ve written today’sarticle for everyone else. For all of those people waking up in the middle of the night with no apparent reason why. You might think that it’s insomnia. I don’t think it’s insomnia. I diagnose this as a psychic connection issue. If you’re reading this, in fact I’m sure it’s a connection issue. And I know just what to do about it. For many years (and sometimes even now…) I woke up at around 2am. It was especially prevalent while I was going through Spiritual Awakening – that whole process of becoming actively more psychically and spiritually connected. At first it drove me nuts. I’d wake from a deep sleep, lie in bed uselessly, eyes wide open and fully alert, and by around 4am I’d drift back off to sleep again. It was my Guides who finally explained to me what was going on… Somewhere between 2am and 4am, when we’ve had some sleep and are rested and relaxed, is the easiest time for spiritual Guides and other energetic BEings to connect with us psychically. At 2am we are free of mental clutter. At 2am there is much less ‘noise’ from other people’s thoughts, from electromagnetic energy or from life in general. It’s a little like driving your car down an empty freeway in the middle of the night – it’s a safe, fast trip, with no interruptions. When we are first connecting energetically, it’s always easier to do this in the early hours. After the connection is made, and we become practiced at it, we’ll find that we are no longer woken up, and that psychic or spiritual knowing and energy become a natural part of our waking hours. So, what can YOU do if you wake at 2am? Here are some suggestions based on my own experience, and on the advice of my Guides: • Drink some water – hydration always enhances connection • Ask to be ‘connected’, and then lie back and relax. Be aware of any images, names, impressions, ideas or information that comes to you. You may also find that after inviting connection, you are suddenly sleepy again, and return to the sleep state. (you’ll still be connecting, although it will no longer be a conscious act). • Write. Many people find that their best ideas come to them in the middle of the night like this – it’s a form of channelling. These ideas may be aligned to your talents and skills, they may be creative ideas, or it could just be information that’s relevant to your life right now. You can keep a pen and paper beside the bed, or get up and go sit at a table – but do use pen and paper rather than a keyboard. • Move into meditation for a while. You can do this in bed, or get up and sit somewhere quiet where you are warm and comfortable. Once again, be open to any messages, images or impressions you might receive. • Do some simple hands-on healing for yourself by channelling energy through your hands and into your body. You can come to see this as a sacred time, a time of healing and connection. A very special time in your life, and not one to be worried about at all. This practice of waking up in the middle of the night won’t last forever – just long enough for you to pay attention and get what you need. Back in your normal life, adopt some spiritual practices, such as a regular meditation time, or time in spiritual reflection. Yoga, tai chi, exercise and other forms of moving meditation are also good. So are creative hobbies, and hanging out with like-minded people.There is an increase in consciousness right now, and enhanced opportunities for conscious connection. So if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night for no obvious reason, maybe it’s the Universe, tapping you on the shoulder, and reminding you that it’s time. You’re here for a reason! Trust in Divine Timing, and in your own ability to connect. Who knows what wonderful energies and ideas you might bring forth… Much love to you. Bless ♥ Nicole xx Nicole Cody is a psychic channel, metaphysical teacher and Soul Guide. For more information or an appointment contact 07 3256 0815, www. or come visit her blog to get the support and inspiration you need!


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