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Events, Courses & Workshops for the Body, Mind & Soul tion is appreciated from those who can afford it.

Family Constellations Training 2015 Adelaide

Family Constellations is a powerful for m of healing, viewing, gathering insights, connecting to deep wisdom and revealing hidden dynamics in family systems. The constellation creates a map or model of the family system that unknowingly influences our thoughts, behaviours and emotional experiences. 12 Day Training based on Bert Hellinger’s work “Orders of Love” will provide you with education, knowledge and suppor t in order to: Work with the orders of love in your present private practice; Set up a Family Constellation Practice; Provide you with personal skills to take in life fully. The teaching section which will be informative and also interactive, followed by experiential practical demonstrations; Course Component: Principles of systemic constellation work; Working with people – holding the space; Practical practice. Working in this field of work you will need to have profound respect for the mysteries of life and the forces that shape it. Course Content: Knowing field,

orders of love, social orders, giving and taking, belonging, loyalties, entanglements, connection, guilt, accepting and avoiding in relation to the orders of love, movement, taking life in fully, old stories in the family system, new stories in the family system, holding the space, I see you, I hear you, knowing the process, learning your own unique style. Tr aining venue: 24 Edward Str eet Brighton. Investment $1,980. Early Bird and if paid in full by 30 July 2015 $1,780. Or $495 for each module. $300 deposit is required before 31 July 2015. Susan Altschwager is very committed in her work with over 25 years’ experience in this field. She was first introduced to Family Constellations in 2006 by doing a constellation on her own family. Susan did her Family Constellation Training in Brisbane in 2009 with Yildiz Sethi and she has received teaching from international teachers. Phone: 0488 030 471 susanaltschwager@

Quantum Bioenergetics

Quantum Bioenergetics is a revolution in natural healing. By using Quantum Bioenergetics your body enters a state where it focuses on damaged areas and reprioritises the natural healing system to repair itself. Think of it as a way of telling your body what’s impor tant. The Quantum Bioenergetics Balancing Technique was originally founded

by Melissa Hocking-Hughes This non-intrusive form of healing allows your body to be immersed in a series of quantum waves, operating on different frequencies, attuned to your body’s rhythm The founder of Crystal Blue Butterfly, Raul, was personally trained by Melissa Hocking-Hughes and he holds an advanced facilitator level certificate. Many clients describe it as peaceful, relaxing and comfortable.

For more information and/or to make a booking visit: www. or contact Raul on 0408 564382 “Transformation through Healing! ” Raul Estevez

Making Life Happy

Counselling might be beneficial for you if… Something has been troubling you over a period of time and you’re having difficulty finding a solution on your own; things are getting on top of you, and affecting your wellbeing, for example, causing depression, anxiety or stress; Issues from the past are having an impact on your day to day life; Things that are troubling you are having a negative impact on your relationships or work. Counselling can help you reflect and make sense of difficult life


As Winter rolls on in, we are less inclined to go out into the world, more inclined to stay home. As the Natural world impacts our physical drive, so too does it affect our mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. We often find ourselves becoming more internal in the colder months, more likely to become depressed and overweight. As a mental health therapist it makes a lot of sense to me. The culmination of precious little sun, a whole lot of damp, Southerly winds that can chill to the bone marry up with us slowing down. When we slow down, the shadow rises. Winter is the perfect time to go within, nurture ourselves and take stock. Nurturing our physical is easy enough: eat warming, whole, seasonal foods; do a little research on supplements such as D3, K2 and Mucuna to see if they are wor th a go; have long warming baths with magnesium salts; and dress warmly in natural fibres. Throw in a few extras such as eating raw fermented veg daily to improve gut health (which is where 80% of your immune systems is), some mild to moderate exercise most days and a solid 8-10hr sleep per night and your body will appreciate your efforts. Attending to our mental, emotional and spiritual needs, mmmm, well this is a very different scenario. It’s so much harder because “we lie best when we lie to ourselves”. That is - we delude ourselves easily, thoroughly and most often. We are champions at this. Insert laugh. And, we also take ourselves and our situation

way too seriously. Again, insert laughter. When we slow down and ‘do’ less, we can begin to process the year’s doings. Just sitting inside on a rainy Sunday (as I’m writing this) watching the weather blow – it’s the time to feel. Being in sync with the seasons, helps keep us balanced. Winter is the time for observation and quiet contemplation. As the bitter cold sweeps our part of the planet, we can harness this energy to get in touch with our own internal coldness. Winter is the perfect time to feel the frozen par ts of our hear t; the time to contact the darkness within; the time to ‘pull in’ the fragments of our lives to ultimately heal them. When we ‘stay in’ and take time out to observe and contemplate, perhaps examine our lives, we see that doing the same old, gets us the same old. If we want something to change to be different, then it stands to reason that we must change and ‘be’ different. When I was going through university I heard somewhere this fascinating line – we spend 18 years in childhood, then the rest of our lives coming to terms with those first 18 years. Insert small laugh. Self-help books, cds, dvds, podcasts, all great for getting the process started however, not so great for keeping the process going. You see, “we lie best when we lie to ourselves”. If we don’t want to get caught up in our own delusion, a therapist is required to keep us on track. Mental, emotional and spiritual growth is difficult. Loosening the ego’s (learnt cognition, behaviour and traits)

bond that ties it to us and us to it, is not done without struggle, without pain. And yet, if broken into small bite size pieces, with a hear ty measure of commitment and acceptance and an experienced therapist who can provide a bespoke service, personal growth can be very achievable. When looking for a therapist you need someone who is well experienced, up-to-date and personable. In fact the most important factor to look for in a therapist is whether or not you find the therapist personable. You want someone who tailors the sessions to meet you. For far too long now therapists of all professions have relied on the ‘one size fits all’ mentality and we now know this to be totally incorrect. Made to measure is the way to go. No prêt-a-porter here; I offer a custom made service, a service that fits you and your style. With nearly two decades of experience and a consistent commitment to professional development I am up-to-date and flexible in my approach. I believe in the adage “laughter is the best medicine” and utilise humour to balance out the heaviness and seriousness we humans get trapped in. If you have a particular issue you wish to work through and process or you’re interested in personal growth call me for an appointment. Do you need some assistance to move beyond the (maladaptive) rules and coping mechanisms learnt in childhood?

Louise Peacock is a fully accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist and is a registered Medicare Provider, in her 18th year of practice. Child, adolescent and relationship specialist. New age approach available. Out-of-office sessions are offered at no out of pocket cost to you (bulk-billed) with a GP Metal Health Treatment Plan. Working in the Adelaide Hills, Strathalbyn, Eastern Central and Southern Adelaide. Please contact Louise on 0435 469 123 or

Movement as Medicine Diversify your skills and learn verbal, tactile and movement approaches to assist clients.

Add to the skills you’ve acquired in your career by studying a nationally recognised qualification in: Movement Therapy | Mind Body Medicine | Kinesiology Youth Justice | Art Therapy | Counselling Open up more opportunities for yourself by offering more for your clients.

Louise Peacock Mental and Emotional Health Clinician Combining new age wisdom with Contemporary Psychological Strategies

Enquire now to start in 2015. Mid Year intake now open. NATIONALLY ACCREDITED TRAINING Graduate & Advanced Diplomas, Diplomas, Workshops, Professional Development




(08) 8350 9753 (National Office)

Brisbane. Adelaide. Perth. RTO No. 40263

MEDICARE REBATE AVAILABLE 96 Duthy St. Malvern 5061 Call for an appointment: 0435 469 123 Adelaide Hills, Central, Eastern & Southern Suburbs

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