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W et Kippers: the Secret of Our Success

Every morning something slaps me around the face like a wet kipper and literally throws me out of bed into work. I can’t lie in. I can’t amble around the house lethargically. I can’t wait to get into work and get busy! It’s not because I haven’t managed my work / life balance effectively enough. I’m not running from some domestic volcano, nor am I chained to my desk by some tyrant threatening to hand me my P45 if I don’t increase sales by another 25% this month. It’s because I thrive on that one challenge we all face every day in business – how to be a success, whilst truly enjoying what you do…. and I think I’ve found the answer! In a recent article I wrote, Sailing in Choppy Waters, I compared organisations who were either riding the wave of the current economic climate or treading water and hoping they don’t sink, and I wonder what is it that holds people back? What is it that prevents organisations pulling out that wet kipper and slapping themselves around the face a little? A number of business leaders and managers who are currently suffering under the cloud of the recession, come to us asking how best to batten down the hatches and weather the economic storm, until it eventually passes. My answer is always very simple, quoting the words of theologian William Shedd:

“A ship is safe in a harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” Organisations and their leaders were designed to grow, to challenge and to question the status quo. To confront adversity and embrace it with innovation. To take risks and develop a sense of organisational valour. Now is a great time of opportunity and organisations should take time to reflect on which direction they are taking, whether actively or passively. This period of time will be researched and studies by economic scholars for years to come and those organisations who remained at rest in the harbour will long be forgotten. Those organisations, those individuals who readied their ships for high seas in search of new adventures will not only have a crew of highly motivated and engaged employees on board, but will undoubtedly uncover opportunities previously out of touch to them. I don’t know what the historians will say about Innergy in years to come, but I do know that we will continue to do all we can to uncover and embrace every opportunity that is out there, for us and for our customers, and we will certainly be enjoying the journey on the way. It is the excitement and opportunity associated with taking these types of calculated risks, when many around me are burying their heads in the sand, that is my wet kipper every morning. What’s yours?

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Wet Kippers  

The Secret of our success