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Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Digital Media Services for Publishers of Periodicals By Dougal Perman and Andy McColgan of Inner Ear Ltd. “Digital media tools, like audio podcasts and web videos, can compliment text and image and add audiovisual depth to magazine and newspaper websites. Inner Ear present an overview of how podcasting, as part of a social media marketing strategy, can bring visitors to your site, encourage them to stay longer and come back often.”

Seminar • • • •

Introduction and outline of the agenda. Brief history of Inner Ear (digital media production and promotion) and Radio Magnetic (the UK's longest running internet radio station).

Branded content creation: extending a brand through podcasts and videos, which can be embedded easily on websites, blogs and social media profiles, shared through online communities like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as part of a integrated online marketing strategy.

Some of our content creation • • • • • • •

Some examples of the content we create (audio and web video). Two created for clients and hosted on Radio Magnetic (Tune Up/Head To Head).  For Channel 4 For Scottish Arts Council Two created solely for clients (Hebrides Ensemble/Glasgow UNESCO City of Music).  For Hebrides Ensemble (see Podcast link) For Glasgow UNESCO City of Music These demonstrate effective use of digital media. We will discuss the basics of creating both audio and video programmes for an online audience.

Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Selected examples from the magazine market • •

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What are other magazines are doing? Clash Magazine makes great use of audio and video materials. Some of Clash's multimedia content is commissioned and produced under contract (like their interviews podcast, produced by us, for example) Some is curated by Clash and presented on their website (such as these music videos, displayed with the elegant Cooliris tool) Clash are keen to keep developing their strong audio and video offering because digital media properties like these, when placed on social media platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud, extend the brand, with the right call to action can act as inbound marketing tools and, when embedded on destination websites encourage website visitors to stay longer and visit again We think that magazines with popular websites, such as The List and The Skinny, given their content, audience and objective as magazines, have an opportunity to do more with video and audio. Specialist and contract publications can use digital media properties like blogs, RSS feeds, audio podcast and web videos in similar ways. Scottish Field has webcams of rural Scottish countryside areas: Skateboard Mag have a good video section: As does Farmer's Weekly, 2009's Business Website Of The Year Slideshows and PDFs can be used effectively to add dynamic content to websites. We use Slideshare's slidecast functionality (audio soundtracks to still image slideshows) to create online, on demand equivalents of enhanced podcasts. Not a PPA member (as far as we know) but arts and fashion magazine Stimulous Respond, makes good use of the Issuu service to display PDFs of the magazine, which gives users an impression of what the physical product looks like. In this way, it can stimulate interest in, and drive sales of, books and magazines.

Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Readily available online services • • •

The way in which people are consuming information is constantly changing. Platforms like YouTube are increasingly used by people to find out about new stories, events, activities and learn how to do things. YouTube can be more popular than search engines for finding practical 'how to' guides as well as factual and documentary information as well as, of course, straight up entertainment. As magazines already create lots of content, we recommend exploring ways to reach new audiences through multimedia products (like audio podcasts and web videos) We will discuss the following services, with reference to how easy it is to embed content from these platforms on to to your own websites, blogs and social media platforms.

Blog platforms: • • •

• • •

We won't dwell on blogging, but for creating blogs, we highly recommend setting up a free account on Wordpress: For creating fully featured sites, with a versatile content management system and excellent extensibility, we highly recommend building (or commissioning a digital media production company like ours to build) a website based on Wordpress. More information is available from the open source community-supported Wordpress resource: Hosting providers are many and varied. We highly recommend the feature-rich, very cost-effective Bluehost:

Audio platforms: •

Soundcloud: a fully featured resource for uploading and sharing music, podcasts and any kind of audio, easy to embed, audio can be linked to online shops, videos, made downloadable, if desired, and further customised with pro accounts. Comments can be used to describe parts of the audio.

Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Audioboo: a simple shortform podcast tool, with an iPhone App (and Android App in development) for recording audio on the fly, with unique RSS feeds to content and where the "audioboos" can be embedded on any website Mixcloud: similar to soundcloud except specialising in hosting, and enabling the sharing of, radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts of all kinds

Podcast-specific services: • • •

Podbean: a free (with pro accounts available) online podcast publishing and hosting tool, with RSS feed generator Feedburner: a useful RSS feed (for any feed including blogs, photostreams, video channels and podcasts) re-directing and metadata tagging tool (now owned by Google) providing analytics usage material about podcast subscriptions and downloads

Video platforms: •

• •

• • • • • • •

YouTube was the first major user contributed content platform, which, it can be argued, redefined the way we use the web. One of the most popular websites in the world, YouTube is a comprehensive video resource. Easy to embed on any website, blog or social network profile. Can be slow to load but now supports HD. Options for users to create and brand channels. Vimeo positions itself more for professional video creators, to distinguish itself from YouTube, similar features but with a more robust, and elegant, interface. Pro accounts offer enhanced customisation. Dailymotion is a video service which positions itself as an entertainment resource. Blip TV is a platform for video bloggers and podcasters: Cooliris is a gallery tool for displaying collections of photos and videos on websites and social network profiles.

Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Live streaming services: • •

• • •

• •

Sometimes live streaming of events are the best way to communicate with audiences. Here are several services we recommend. Qik and LiveCast are quick and easy services designed for instant field video reporting via mobile phone, with mobile apps for Nokia, iPhone, Android and more. Relatively low quality but robust and reliable. uStream and LiveStream are two fully featured services, free but with optional pro accounts, offering a sophisticated production client application, one-to-many online server platform, chat rooms and social media integration. Accessible via computers and smart phones.

Slideshows and PDF display: •

• •


Although we would rather see PDF newsletters reworked as dynamic web content, Issuu and Slideshare offer useful services for displaying brochures, programmes, books and magazines on websites, with the look and feel of a printed publication. Slideshare can be described as a "YouTube for presentations" and accepts PowerPoint, Keynote, Open Office and PDF documents. Upload an MP3 and use their online flash tool to create slidecasts.

Syndication and cross posting: •

• •

Labour saving services which allow you to cross post content are valuable tools for those short of time, however you should consider how your audience will respond to automated content updates and ensure you are able to respond to replies, comments and messages. is a powerful cross promotion tool, which allows you to link a large number of services to others, which is useful for linking a Tweet to a LinkedIn or Facebook status update, for example. Twitterfeed picks up RSS feeds (from blogs or any service which syndicates content via RSS, which includes most of the ones we recommend here) and reposts them to Twitter, via URL-shortening services like (which includes effective stats measurement)

Digital Media Services for the PPA by Inner Ear (© Creative Commons 2010 Inner Ear Ltd.)

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Contact details and further information •

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Our Delicious feed (see below) is packed with information and links about digital media production and social media marketing. Every bookmarked URL is tagged with descriptive keywords. The most appropriate are from two of the workshops and seminars that we deliver for client groups on a regular basis:

Contact us with questions about how we can help you make best use of digital media tools in social media marketing: • • • • •

Dougal Perman Managing Director 0141 226 8808 07949 084567

• • • • •

Andy McColgan Production Manager 0141 226 8808 07842 796857

Visit our website for more information on the services Inner Ear provides, view our video productions on Vimeo, listen to selected client productions in Soundcloud, help yourself to our publications in Issuu, view and listen to our slidecasts in Slideshare, search our bookmarks in Delicious and follow us on Twitter where, as well as promoting our work, we share useful tips, advice, links and resources. • • • • • • •

Digital Media Services for Publishers of Periodicals  

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