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Women’s conference to solve African problems ‘Some of our countries still face deadly conflicts, which take the lives of innocent people, and results in displacement of civilian populations, mostly women and children. Especially noteworthy is that these conflicts are started by men’

UN Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka

Boksburg - On Monday over 1 000 women from across the African continent converged for the second annual African Women in Dialogue conference at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg. Organisers said the week-long event, hosted by the Zanele Mbeki Development Trust, is expected to broaden and inspire the vision of African women under a common development agenda. The conference, supported by United Nations Women; aims at ensuring that women are involved in solving African problems. Mojanku Gumbi of the Zanele Mbeki Development Trust said the second edition of the African Women in Dialogue focuses on how women can be agents of change in achieving peace, security and alleviating poverty in Africa. “Some of our countries still face deadly conflicts, which take the lives of inno-

cent people, and results in displacement of civilian populations, mostly women and children. Especially noteworthy is that these conflicts are started by men. This underscores the need to ask difficult but necessary questions about the formulation and practical implementation of policies for peace, governance framework that promotes peace, economic development and greater social justice with Africa’s resources at the centre of the achievement of these goals,” Gumbi said. United Nations Women executive director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said they seek to ensure gender parity. “We call on civil society to work together with government but to lead a process. I emphasise that we must galvanise a faster pace towards gender equality,” she said. Kenyan women activist, a survivor of

sexual abuse and now a parliamentary candidate, Editar Ochieng founded an organisation that helps other survivors of sexual and physical abuse in Kibera, the country’s largest informal settlement in the capital Nairobi. “As a sexual and gender based violence survivor it has been long. At the age of six, I was defiled, at the age of 16, I faced gang rape, and at some point my life was shattered. I realised that it had been happening to other women; but they kept silent; but I could not remain silent. I believe the only way is to share our stories and talk to each other, find a solution and fight gender based violence,” Ochieng said. Organisers have said the week-long women’s conference is expected to broaden and inspire the vision of African women under a common development agenda to improve life in Africa.


Inner-city Gazette


For further information contact Boston on 011 551 2000 Email: Visit, or Facebook

A Broad Based BCom “It can be difficult these days to convince students to commit to three or four years towards achieving a degree.” So says Ian Becker of Boston City Campus & Business College. “Technology is a great instigator of immediate gratification, many students want to leave school with their matric certificates and be a manager. Education is a long-term commitment that pays off in the long-term. Achieving the privilege of using B.Com after your name must be earned. Just look through the job ads and see what the requirements are. Most jobs these days require a degree – any degree. So making plans to achieve a degree is great start to making plans for employment, or promotion.” Ian continues that whatever your interests, a BCom degree is an outstanding way to secure employment. “Employers like the BCom degree – it shows you have persevered, and dedicated time and effort to studies, which in turn means you are committed to a successful future for yourself and your employer. She advises to investigate the career options, as discussed below. B.Com. graduates are preferred in the H.R. Department in all areas of Corporate Sector, Tourism, Hospitals and Hotel Industry — because they have the fundamental knowledge of finance, marketing, operations and systems, budgeting and business planning. Commerce graduates having studied marketing and marketing management can also take to management, consultation, product management, market research, and public relations — in the Promotional and Advertising Sectors. Banking is an option for graduates of the BCom management Marketing and the Bachelor of Accounting. Bankers are now

gives you the edge in business

Ian Becker involved in customer services, investments, advice and more. For those who choose to build a career in the banking sector, the range of opportunities is as diverse as the entire field of financial services. There are several areas in the banking sector – Retail banking and Wholesale banking, International banking, Risk management, Project finance, Banking strategy and new products development, Treasury functions. A BCom is an excellent starting point as an undergraduate. Do you enjoy dealing with numbers daily? Can you take pressure? Well, if you would like to be in the thick of the financial world, talking numbers – consider stock broking. There are a whole lot of people involved in the field including the dealing room, the operations, compliance, research, and sales. Most of the time young

and fresh people are taken into sales, research and operations function. A stock broking firm is divided into three parts - Customer interface, Research department, Back office functions. You need subjects like Mathematics, Commerce and Economics and at least elementary Finance. The economy has changed the Insurance Sector into a career area with almost unlimited potential. The Insurance Industry is emerging as one of the largest employers in the country today. Commerce graduates will also find profitable openings in this field as agents or in various capacities in the large number of insurance and banking companies. Start generating ideas and let your mind be open to all possibilities. Entrepreneurship is about initiative, imagination, flexibility, creativity and the capacity to see change as an opportunity. Commerce graduates are better suited as some of the skills needed to be an entrepreneur are people skills, knowledge of financial management, understanding of the markets and ability to plan and act. Ian concludes that commerce graduates gain good employment prospects. “The choice is yours, look at all the opportunities, ask questions and seek advice. There is almost no area of business today where your analytical, accounting, marketing, and H.R. skills cannot be used. No other degree has the advantage you have in the job market. You will learn a variety of subjects and develop skills best suited for today’s globalised business requirements”. Speak to a Boston Counsellor today – complete the career compass online skills and interest assessment and follow your passion to create a successful career. Call 011 551 2000

7 - 14 November 2019

Twitter bans political advertising Own Correspondent


witter has said it will stop accepting political advertising globally on its platform, responding to growing criticism over misinformation from politicians on social media. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said while internet advertising “is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power brings significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes to affect the lives of millions”. The move comes with Facebook under pressure to apply fact-checking to politicians running ads with debunked claims. Dorsey said the new policy, to be enforced from November 22, would ban ads on political issues as well as from candidates. “We considered stopping only candidate ads, but issue ads present a way to circumvent. Additionally, it isn’t fair for everyone but candidates to buy ads for issues they want to push. So we’re stopping these too.” Dorsey said the company took the action to head off potential problems from “machine learning-based optimisation of messaging and microtargeting, unchecked misleading information and deep fakes”. Twitter’s move comes in contrast to the Facebook policy that allows political speech and ads to run without fact-checking on the leading social network. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said political advertising is not a major source of revenue; but that he believes it is important to allow everyone to have a “voice”, and that banning political adverts would favour the incumbents. Dorsey said he disagreed with Zuck-

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey

erberg’s assessment that stopping ads would favour incumbents. “We have witnessed many social movements reach massive scale without any political advertising. I trust this will only grow,” he said. Some initial reaction to the Twitter announcement was positive. “Until privately owned social media platforms can develop and consistently enforce standards to prevent demonstrably inaccurate information in political advertising, this is the right move,” said Michelle Amazeen, a Boston University professor specialising in political communication. Nina Jankowicz, a Wilson Center fellow specialising in disinformation, also welcomed the move. “It’s great that this move has been made globally. Too often these companies operate in a cloud of wilful ignorance about the effects their products have,” she said. Jankowicz said the decision could level the playing field by preventing wealthier candidates and groups from dominating the social conversation. “Paid speech essentially quashes some groups’ ability to speak out and be heard because they can’t compete with the reach that their richer counterparts pay for,” Jankowicz said.

7 - 14 November 2019

Inner-city Gazette



Cops’ warning against dagga Own Correspondent Police have issued a warning that dealing in dagga is still illegal. In a joint statement with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said illegal outlets, online sites and social media platforms marketing and selling dagga and related products to the public remains illegal, except where specifically allowed in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act. “Some of these illegal businesses, purporting to be operating legally in terms of the Traditional Health Practitioners Act (No 22 of 2007), are also being sold to members of the public as franchises authorised to deal in dagga and related products. In terms of the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, the definition of ‘traditional medicine’ means an object or substance used in traditional health practice for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a physical or mental illness or any curative or therapeutic purpose, including the maintenance or restoration of physical or mental health or well-being in human beings, but does not include a dependence-producing or dangerous substance or drug. As a result, the Traditional Health Practitioners Act does not create a mechanism to

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo

sell cannabis and cannabis-related products that are not exempted in terms of the Medicines Act.” Naidoo reminded the public of the effect of the Constitutional Court judgment of September 18 last year. “Only an adult person, 18 years and older, may use, possess or cultivate dagga in private for personal consumption in private. The use, including smoking, of dagga in public or in the presence of children or in the presence of non-consenting adults is not allowed. The use or possession of dagga in private other than by an adult for personal consumption is also not permitted,” Naidoo said. Naidoo said dealing in dagga remains a serious criminal offence in terms of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act. “The police are mandated to and will act, not only against businesses that sell dagga illegally, but also against the customers who buy these products,” Naidoo said.

Some of the people who attended the Pride parade.

Pic: Thami Tyler

Thousands attend Pride parade

Destiny Rogers


ver 20 000 people recently turned out to celebrate the 30th annual Johannesburg Pride parade. Johannesburg Pride is the longestrunning pride event in Africa and also one of the largest such parades in South Africa. This year organisers unveiled a new flag inspired by the flags of all 54 African countries to advocate for the inclusion of all African LGBTIQ identities. Organisers said Johannesburg Pride was all about celebrating The Pride of Africa. “LGBTIQ Africans from all over Africa flee to South Africa

as the safest country for them on the continent. South Africa’s constitution explicitly ensures the rights of LGBTIQ people.” The country was also the first African nation and the fifth in the world to legislate same-sex marriages. During the march through the Sandton area a rainbow lit up the sky above the celebration. Some took the rainbow as a sign the weather approved of the march while others took it as a sign from God. Rami Chuene tweeted: “God is such a show-off though. Hello to the righteous washed by the blood, whiter than snow, judgmental homophobes!” Some Christian groups announced

they would attend Johannesburg Pride, not to protest the occasion but to support the LGBTIQ community. However, about 200 women mounted a protest along the route. They claimed that because of social stigma and cost disadvantaged LGBTIQ people in the townships could not attend the event. They also protested the commercialisation of the event. In fact, the parade enjoyed notable corporate support from the likes of MercedesBenz. The protesters also noted predominance of white LGBTIQ participants in a country with a majority black and coloured population. QNews



Inner-city Gazette

Dept concerned with increasing

road fatalities

‘In Gauteng seven people die per day on the roads, mostly on weekends; and some 48% of all road fatalities are pedestrians’

The department’s Yusuf Bhyat

Johannesburg - During a recent Road Safety Seminar, the Department of Community Safety said between January and October, the province has seen 2 155 road fatalities as compared to 2 077 during the same period last year, with 48% of victims being pedestrians. As the province experienced a spike in fatal traffic accidents, an infant and a two-year-old toddler were among 22 people killed in road accidents last weekend. The children were among six people who died on the N12 near the Golden Highway in a head-on collision.

The department’s Yusuf Bhyat attributed this to failure of the media to emphasise importance of correcting human behaviour on the roads. Profiling Gauteng road fatalities at the event hosted by Gauteng roads and Transport MEC Jacob Mamabolo, Bhyat said 90% of fatal crashes in the province were due to human factors. “Almost all fatal accidents have an element of alcohol use. In some cases, drivers wore seatbelts and passengers didn’t,” he said. Bhyat said Gauteng’s three metro municipalities contributed 80% to road deaths, with Tshwane having the highest motor vehicle fatalities, while Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni lead in fatal accidents involving pedestrians. “In Gauteng seven people die per day on the roads, mostly on weekends; and some 48% of all road fatalities are pedestrians. At the current rate, we will exceed last year’s total, if nothing drastic is done in the next two months,” Bhyat said. Mamabolo said his department is working on promoting Gauteng to be a province of smart mobility. “We will attend to the issue of driver behaviour, which is the biggest contributor to high fatalities on the road. We will look at how to leverage technology to impact challenges and fatalities,” he said.

7 - 14 November 2019

City to open new shelters for the homeless The shelters are expected to be opened in Florida and Windsor; to be extensions of the overnight shelter in Hillbrow, which accommodates 150 people

Johannesburg Organisation of Services to the Homeless founder, Mary Gillet-de Klerk

Johannesburg - The City of Joburg hopes to open two shelters for the homeless before the year ends, to deal with homelessness in the city, according to Alan Grobler of the City’s Displaced Persons Unit. Grobler said homelessness is worsened by reluctance to use existing facilities by the homeless. “Some of them come and never return, and some do not come at all, for different reasons. We hope to open fully functional shelters by December, and to have a shelter in every region,” said Grobler. The shelters are expected to be opened in Florida and Windsor; to be extensions of the overnight shelter in Hillbrow, which accommodates 150 people, Grobler said. “Some of the services at the shelters will be psycho-social treatment, food and facilities for sleeping, bathing and laundry. The City introduced a new outreach programme called Safe Spaces, which encourages homeless people, estimated to be more

than 5 500, to use the facilities.” Grobler said many of the homeless do not want to be controlled. “There are rules at the shelters, security guards search whoever comes in, and some of them refuse to abandon their knives,” he said. Randburg-based NPO, Johannesburg Organisation of Services to the Homeless (Josh) founder, Mary Gillet-de Klerk estimated the number of homeless people in the city to be over 7 500. She said her organisation provides food, counselling and skills to help with chances of employment for over 300 people. “Efforts to start a shelter have been unsuccessful. The city is hellbent on owning every shelter. People become homeless from being victims of crime, fake job scams, evictions and retrenchments. Homelessness in Johannesburg is at alarming levels; and to deal with it we need a creative approach from different sectors,” Gillet-de Klerk said.

7 - 14 November 2019

Inner-city Gazette

Health MEC tables main causes of unnatural death

‘Johannesburg Water is regulating reservoirs at the rate of 20% to 40%, in line with restrictions by Rand Water’ MMC Nico de Jager

Joburg on Stage 2 water restrictions

Johannesburg - Following concerns that residents are using too much water as a result of the recent heat waves and little rain in the city, Johannesburg Water has implemented Stage 2 water restrictions. In a statement Johannesburg Water said water demand is high in Midrand, Joburg CBD, Soweto, Lenasia, Ennerdale and Orange Farm, and urged residents to use water sparingly. City of Joburg Environment and



Infrastructure Services MMC Nico de Jager said: “Rand Water, which is our bulk water supplier has implemented Stage 2 water supply restriction mainly due to high demand and consumption.” De Jager added that Johannesburg Water is regulating reservoirs at the rate of 20% to 40%, in line with restrictions by Rand Water. “We need all hands on deck to ensure that we reduce consumption in order to protect the infrastructure,” de Jager said.

“Accident and emergency departments in our hospitals are the busiest around the month-end period, with a notably high number of gunshot wounds, stabbings and motor vehicle accidents patients coming in. One of the contributing factors is the high level of alcohol consumption, which leads to violence and reckless driving” Johannesburg - On Tuesday Gauteng health MEC Bandile Masuku said over 4 000 people die in a year due to shootings, stabbings and assault. Masuku said in the 2018/2019 financial year, 4 894 deaths were recorded as a result of gunshots, stabbings and assault. He said 2 416 gunshot deaths were reported in 2018/19; which translates to about six deaths a day. “The rate of unnatural deaths as a result of violence was a cause for serious concern for the country in general and the Gauteng province in particular,” Masuku said.

Taximan shot dead Johannesburg - A taxi driver was shot dead on Saturday during an alleged altercation with two pedestrians in the CBD, according to police. Police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters said Johannesburg Central officers arrested two suspects, aged 22 and 29, for murder as well as for the possession of an unlicenced firearm and ammunition. “It is alleged that a taxi driver argued with two pedestrians, he stopped his taxi and confronted them, and one of the suspects took out a firearm and shot him. Police on routine crime-prevention duties heard two

gunshots. They rushed to the direction of the sound and found a 34-year-old male lying in a pool of blood. The victim was shot in the upper body and paramedics certified him dead on the scene,” Peters said. Peters added that police were given a description of the suspects and the direction they took. “The officers used the information and arrested two suspects within a short space of time. The firearm that was used in committing the murder has been sent for ballistic testing to establish a possible link to other serious and violent crimes,” Peters said.

Gauteng Health MEC Bandile Masuku

Motor vehicle accidents were the second highest cause of death at 1 695, followed by stabbings at 1 295. A total of 1 183 died due to assault. Those who died due to hanging were 970, and over 1 000 people died as a result of medical procedures. Poisoning is the next highest cause of unnatural deaths at 909, followed by burns at 795, stillbirths at 710 and falling from heights at 416. Drowning stood at 223, motorbike accidents at 190, railway deaths at 177 and electrocution at 177. Sexual assault caused 37 deaths in 2018/19, which indicates a signifi-

cant increase from 13 in 2017/18. “These figures, recorded by state mortuaries, reflect deaths at the incident scene or people who survived the initial trauma, but later died of complications,” a department statement said. “Accident and emergency departments in our hospitals are the busiest around the month-end period, with a notably high number of gunshot wounds, stabbings and motor vehicle accidents patients coming in. One of the contributing factors is the high level of alcohol consumption, which leads to violence and reckless driving,” Masuku said.


Inner-city Gazette

7 - 14 November 2019

7 - 14 November 2019

Inner-city Gazette

Art expo explores future of comics

Queen B is Africa’s Influencer of the Year

Bridget van Oerle & Sneziwe Dube The Art of Comics exhibition, showcasing the best South African and Francophone comics is on at the Joburg Art Gallery until 17 November. The exhibition looks at the fine detail, subtle nuance and rich tapestry that can be found in South African and French-speaking comics today. Collaboration between the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), the French Embassy and the French Institute of South Africa, The Art of Comics completes its gallery run and workshop programme on 17 November. The November programme, entitled Beyond the Page, looks to the future of comics with workshops featuring artists Loyiso Mkize, author of Kwezi, Kay Carmichael, the artist behind web comic Sophie Giant Slayer and Mogorosi Motshumi author and cartoonist of The Initiation. While looking at the many forms comics can take and the practical side of creating comics, all three artists also address the future of comics. Many workshops for both adults and children were organised on vari-


The Arts

Youths view an artwork by Loyiso Mkize

ous topics, from the history and techniques of comics to virtual reality comics and animation. An educational supplement designed in collaboration with artist Nas Hoosen was distributed to learners who participated in the workshops. Total SA organised a special school programme throughout October, and sponsored 800 learners from primary schools selected from Soweto. The learners are treated to The Art of Comics exhibition tour and culture experience, including a workshop about the production of comical art. “Development of artistic talent needs to be nurtured from a young age. We embark on these experiences with learners in the hope that they will be inspired to create artistic pieces and perhaps realize their talent and even build careers out of this experience,” said Total SA Social Investment Manager Nyameka Makonya.

Pic: Alet Pretorius

The first exhibition of its kind at JAG has been running since 19 September and invites visitors to explore the rich variety of contemporary South African comics and graphic novels related to history, folklore, science fiction, autobiography and new developments in the field, such as augmented reality comics. It also includes a special section on French Speaking Comics Today. The exhibition is curated by Raymond Whitcher, Tara Weber and Thierry Groensteen, one of France’s leading bande dessinée researchers and theorists. It features works from SA artists including Mogorosi Motshumi, Joe Daly, Loyiso Mkize, Nas Hoosen, Daniel Clarke, Daniël Hugo, Tasmin Naidoo, Luke Molver and Kay Carmichael, and some of the best French artists including Riad Sattouf, Pénélope Bagieu, and Lewis Trondheim.

Last year she was the first recipient of the 5 For Changemaker Award, and came out top at the Global Social Awards earlier this year in Prague. Johannesburg - Media personality Bonang Matheba has won the inaugural African Influencer of the Year award for her influence on the African continent. Matheba, AKA Queen B, was the first recipient of the award, to be presented at the 45th annual E! People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, US, on 11 November. She had been nominated along with African stars that include Cassper Nyovest, Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Tiwa Savage, Davido, Diamond Platnumz and Wizkid. Soon after the announcement that fans had voted in her favour Matheba said she could not believe it, and went on to cry in joy. “I am much more than thrilled to be the first ever winner of the Af-

Media personality Bonang Matheba

rican Influencer of the Year award at the E! People’s Choice Awards. I can’t thank my fans enough for voting for me. Being able to represent Africa and all it has to offer on such a global scale really is a dream come true,” she said. Last year she was the first recipient of the 5 For Changemaker Award, and came out top at the Global Social Awards earlier this year in Prague. Queen B will join the A-list celebrity winners of the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards; who include Gwen Stefani, winner of the Fashion Icon Award, Jennifer Aniston, who will receive the People’s Icon of 2019 award and P!nk who will get the “People’s Champion Award”.

Strong team for Under -23 Afcon “We had to make some tough calls to compromise the quality in order to get this team. Some of the players might not be available for the first match but I’m still hopeful” Sports Reporter


outh Africa Under-23 coach David Notoane has announced a strong squad to take on Nigeria‚ Ivory Coast and Zambia in the U-23 Africa Cup of Nations. The tournament will produce three teams to represent Africa at the Olympic Games in Tokyo‚ Japan‚ next year. Notoane said it was not an easy undertaking to procure players for the U-23 Afcon‚ which starts on November 8 and finishes on November 22. “It’s been a tedious process but a lot of effort was put into it and we have to acknowledge and commend the persons who were involved in the process.” Notoane said most of the players with Premier Soccer League (PSL) clubs will join the squad later. Those in the GladAfrica Championship will be released thanks to the agreement reached between

the PSL and Safa to postpone First Division matches. “We had to make some tough calls to compromise the quality in order to get this team. Some of the players might not be available for the first match but I’m still hopeful‚” he said. But with most PSL teams playing until November 10‚ Notoane’s call might fall on deaf ears as no club is obliged to release players before the official start of the Fifa break. Ivory Coast will be second team faced by Notoane’s team on November 12 before finishing the group matches against Nigeria on November 15. The semifinals will be played on November 19 and the two winners will qualify for Tokyo while the losers will meet on November 22 to determine the third team to represent Africa. SA Under-23 Afcon Squad Goalkeepers: Mondli Mpoto

(Bloemfontein Celtic)‚ Darren Johnson (Ajax Cape Town)‚ Andile Mbanjwa (Richards Bay FC) Defenders: Keagan Johannes (Ajax Cape Town)‚ Siyabonga Ngezana (Kaizer Chiefs)‚ Thendo Mukumela (Ajax Cape Town) ‚ Thabiso Monyane (Orlando Pirates)‚ Happy Mashiane (Kaizer Chiefs)‚ Tercious Malepe (Chippa United)‚ Katlego Mohamme (University of Pretoria)‚ Keanu Cupido (Cape Town City) Midfielders: Sipho Mbule (SuperSport United)‚ Athenkosi Dlala (University of Pretoria)‚ Kobamelo Kodisang (FC Braga‚ Portugal)‚ Kamohelo Mahlatsi (University of Pretoria)‚ Grant Margeman (Ajax Cape Town)‚ Teboho Mokoena (SuperSport United)‚ Luther Singh (Moreirense FC‚ Portugal) Strikers: Phakamani Mahlambi (Mamelodi Sundowns)‚ Lyle Foster (Cercle Brugge‚ Belgium)‚ Itumeleng Shopane (Swallows FC)

SA Under-23 soccer team coach David Notoane

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Inner City Gazette 7 -14 November 2019

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Inner City Gazette 7 -14 November 2019