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9 - 16 August 2018

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Inner City provides hope for addicts The City has opened the Joubert Park Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre in Johannesburg Central. By Staff Reporter


ayor Herman Mashaba and member of the Mayoral Committee MMC for Health and Social Development, Dr Mpho Phalatse, opened the Joubert Park Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre in Johannesburg Central. The treatment centre is the fourth facility of this nature that is being launched by the City of Johannesburg. In an effort to provide for an integrated and holistic focus on the wellbeing of communities, ensuring preventative as well as curative health services across all age groups, the

City has a 24-hour Substance Abuse Crisis Line called iThemba, which is situated at 28 Harrison street, Marshalltown in central Johannesburg. The toll free service provides 24-hour access to professional assistance, tele-counselling services, containment of emotions and feelings, referrals to support services and home visits. Residents are advised to work closely with Metro police to eradicate drug peddlers and those who make a living from manufacturing drugs. MMC of Health and Safety said, “ I personally walked from Esselen Street Clinic to Joubert Park to determine the distance and i can assure you that the distance between the two fa-

cilities is less that 10 minutes’ walk.” As she adds that the broader community will benefit for having a Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre along a busy transport corridor. Outreach Foundation’s Johann Robyn said, “I am very excited about this clinic. I’m hoping it will take the load off our shoulders and help us with the intake. It’s an opportunity to share the responsibility with the government,” she said. “It also broadens our challenge because now we need to get the community more involved. It’s important that the community becomes more involved and owns the process of helping the fight against substance abuse.”

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba & MMC for Health & Social Development Cllr Mpho Phalatse at the launch of the Joubert Park Community Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre.


Inner-city Gazette

9 - 16 August 2018

9 - 16 August 2018

Inner-city Gazette


Joburg creates 100 000 jobs The City of Johannesburg has bucked the trend and created 109 000 new jobs in the first two quarters of 2018, reducing the expanded unemployment rate from 32.3% to

The City of Johannesburg believes that training opportunities will be created for 300 young would-be artisans, who would then go on to ply their trade. By Staff Reporter


he City of Johannesburg has bucked the trend and created 109 000 new jobs in the first two quarters of 2018, reducing the expanded unemployment rate from 32.3% to 30.8%. This comes after Stats SA released the Quarterly Labour Force Survey,

which shows the national expanded unemployment rate has reached 37.2% in the second quarter of 2018, with the youth bearing the major brunt. Stats SA reported that there were two consecutive quarters of job growth in Joburg. “The two consecutive quarters of growth is positive news that the work of the multi-party government

is beginning to generate the environment for job growth. It is positive especially to the nearly 900 000 people, many of whom are young people, who need hope of a better future,” said City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba. However, the mayor said Johannesburg’s growth has taken place at a time when 418 000 more people joining the ranks of the unemployed nationally, and 115 000 more in Gauteng over the same period. “Since coming into office, our multi-party government has worked to stimulate Joburg’s economy and kick-start a period of growth that will lead to sustained growth in jobs. The focus in now on infrastructure renewal, stability of services, re-establishing the rule of law and moving towards a professional civil service,” said Mayor Mashaba. The City has also achieved a record R8.7 billion in investment in the 2017/18 financial year, exceeding the targets by over R3 billion. He said the City was also fighting crime

Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba

and has declared corruption public enemy number one in Joburg. The City has established the Group Forensics and Investigation Services Unit, which has uncovered over 3 500 cases of corruption and maladministration involving close to R18 billion. “For the first time in the City’s history culprits of wrong doing are facing the consequences. The increase of capacity at the JMPD force through the recruitment of the additional 1 500 JMPD officers and the launch of Operation Buya Mthetho are restoring confidence in the rule of law.

“Operation Buya Mthetho has been pivotal with over 8 000 arrests by our law enforcement officials since January,” said Mayor Mashaba. The roll out of Opportunity Centres is beginning to assist budding entrepreneurs with crucial skills and support for growing their businesses so that they in turn can create job opportunities. The City aims to create 14 Opportunity Centres through Johannesburg, two in every one of the seven regions throughout the City of Johannesburg, by 2021. The revitalisation of the inner city is another intervention through which Joburg hopes to create more jobs. Last month, the Joburg Council approved the release of an additional 71 properties for mixed-use development. This is on top of the 13 properties released last year. “By attracting investment from property developers and turning our inner city into a construction site, we will create jobs during as well as post-construction. Training opportunities will also be created for 300 young would-be artisans, who would then go on to ply their trade and earn a decent living.


Inner-city Gazette

9 - 16 August 2018

Fleeing motorist nabbed As he fled he dragged a female officer for a short distance who was hanging onto his car in order to get him to stop

By Staff Reporter


Johannesburg Metropolitan Police officer was admitted at Milpark Hospital with fractures to his right hand after he was bumped over by a motorist in a black BMW sedan on Eloff Street. The driver drove away when stopped by officers, trying to evade a roadside check at corner Marlboro Road and Turffontein Road. He dragged a female officer for a short distance who was hanging onto his car in order to get him to stop. He then drove away and was cut off at Webber Street and Eloff Street where he was arrested. The driver of the black BMW is currently in custody and appeared at the Johannesburg Magistrates Court today to face charges of Attempted Murder, Reckless and Negligent Driving, Inconsiderate Driving and Assault. As I have said before, the attack on our JMPD officers, is not only

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice for proposed reinstatement application at CIPC within 21 days from the date of this notice for ALITES F I N A N C I A L 2000/007416/07 is hereby given. For any objection please contact 083 300 9400.

an attack on government but an attack on our efforts to return the rule of law in our City. It is an attack on the people of our City, who are desperate to feel safe in their homes, communities and streets. “For years a culture of lawlessness was allowed to fester in our City and it falls to society, as a whole, to declare that ‘enough is enough’. “I am pleased to note that other spheres of government have also joined our call to bring back the rule of law in our society and ensure that those who break the law suffer the consequences. “On the same day as the attack, I joined the Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele, Executive Mayor Ekurhuleni Mr Mzwandile Masina, the new of head of the Hawks, Advocate Godfrey Lebeya, National Commissioner of Police, General Khehla Sithole and the Gauteng Provincial Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant General Deliwe de

Lange, at the launch of Operation Buya Mthetho for the entire Gauteng region. “Earlier this year, the City of Johannesburg launched Operation Buya Mthetho as a campaign, to restore the rule of law in our City to ensure we create safe communities for our residents, and I am proud to see the same change brought to the entire Gauteng region. I am hopeful that one day, this may become a national campaign as well. “Operation Buya Mthetho has proven pivotal in the fight against crime in the City, crime against residents, as well as crimes committed against our police officers, who selflessly protect our City with their very lives. “I would like to commend Chief of Police in the City of Johannesburg, David Tembe, and the JMPD officers for the sterling work they continue to do and for ensuring that The Executive Mayor Mr Herman Mashaba together with the law breakers are held to account,” said Cllr Chief of Police Mr David Tembe check up on Officer Molapo at the Milpark hospital after he was knocked over. Mashaba.


PUBLIC NOTICE Notice for proposed reinstatement application at CIPC within 21 days from the date of this notice for RUANGWA C O N S U LT I N G ENTERPRISES 2001/018604/07 is hereby given. For any objection please contact 083 325 7924.

JMPD has intensified visible policing and foot patrols at Small St, Joburg CBD after a man was heckled and robbed recently.

MMC of Public Safety Cllr Michael Sun hands out roses & safety pamphlets with whistles to women drivers, commuters & pedestrians in celerbration of Womens Month. But more importantly to spread the message of women safety.

Placement of Gauteng pupils underway By Staff Reporter he placement of pupils in Grade 1 and Grade 8, who applied for 2019 admissions with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), is now underway. In a statement recently, the department confirmed that as of 3 August 2018, it started placing pupils in school. “This means all parents who applied for the 2019 admissions for Grade 1 and Grade 8 during the application period (16 April 2018 to 28 May 2018) will receive offers of placement via SMS. “Parents must visit our website to accept or reject the offer of placement within seven working days,” said the GDE. In the event of lost login credentials, such as username and password, the department urged parents to contact its call centre on 0800 000


789 or visit the nearest district office. “Failure to respond to the offer of placement will result in the forfeiture of the offer to the next applicant on the waiting list. Parents with pending status on the system are requested to be patient as offers will be issued throughout the placement period,” said the department. Parents who failed to submit the required documents to the schools during the allocated timeframe of 16 April 2018 to 5 June 2018 have been given another chance to submit their applications. “Parents are requested to submit documents at District Offices from Monday, 10 September to Friday, 14 September 2018. These applicants and all those who could not be placed by schools due to capacity will be placed by districts,” said the GDE. According to the department, it plans to place all Grade 1 and 8 learners for the 2019 academic year by 31 October 2018.

9 - 16 August 2018

Inner-city Gazette


Let’s step up fight against abuse By Staff Reporter


n order to stop gender-based violence, South Africa must ensure the systems that are meant to protect women are working seamlessly. This is according to former Minister Barbara Hogan (pictured) who addressed women at the Women’s Jail at Constitutional Hill, in Johannesburg as part of Women’s Month. Hogan was incarcerated at the jail after being charged for treason for her activities against the apartheid government. The anti-apartheid activist said it was important to understand what allowed the abuse against women to continue and out of that shape initiatives. “Our task going forward is to start under-

standing how we can take the struggle against gender-based violence to another level. We are protesting, we are making it visible, that’s got to be done because without that visibility and without people understanding that this is not the norm, women must not be abused [it will not stop],” Hogan said. She said it was also important to understand why women who experience abuse suffer in silence. “We need to be getting more into the social environments, what is happening in those environments to allow for it to continue to happen? We know there’s silence that allows it [to continue] but what are those fears that prompt silence, what is that invisibility,” Hogan said.

Call to promote healthier relationships between men and women The best gift our society can offer to women in this year’s Women’s Month would be to invest in promoting healthier relationships between men and women By Staff Reporter


ugust as Women’s Month is upon us. We will be repeating the same mantras about women empowerment and their greater representation in all institutions in our public and private sectors. Is it not time to refocus our discourse during this year of the 100th anniversaries of Albertina Sisulu and Nelson Mandela? It is only when the focus shifted to “consciousness” of the power relationships within our society based on colour coding to justify exploitation of the majority by a minority, that things began to change. The majority population no longer waited to be “empowered” but declared themselves black and proud, and ready to liberate themselves from the imposed inferiority and superiority complexes that perpetuated racist exploitation and injustice. Young black people realised that liberation starts with freeing oneself from the psychological damage of inferiority complexes at the personal level. This then sets the tone for confident professional and political leadership. The young people in the leadership of that Black Consciousness Movement in the 1960s-1970s went further. They invited their white counterparts, beneficiaries of the colour coded unjust system, to also do the work to free themselves from the psychological damage of superiority complexes. The new energy young people from the Black Consciousness Movement and all others inspired by them accelerated the road to our celebrated political settlement. It gave impetus to the Mass Democratic Movement that mobilised citizens across the society to become their own liberators. Both white and black people were liberated from the en-

trapment of power relationships that perpetuated apartheid. We now need to apply the lessons from this historical experience to complete the liberation of our society from the persistent social ills from the legacy of that unjust system. Structural violence that perpetuates poverty, inequality and unemployment lies behind our very high gender-based violence and deeply entrenched patriarchal system. Promoting healthier relationships between men and women needs to go beyond the “empowerment of women” rhetoric. The problem does not lie with women. The problem lies with the quality of relationships between women and men and societal norms that frame and promote them. I have the privilege of working with a man who has used the lessons of his personal journey to transform his understanding of masculinity as a complementary gift to femininity to make whom we are. Craig Wilkinson, the founder of Father A Nation, is working with me to promote healing of our nation. We have seen our approach over the last few months enable both men and women to celebrate their femininities and masculinities. Healing ourselves as men and women is essential to create complementary relationships to support healthier homes, families, communities and society in which boys and girls can grow into confident citizens. Ancient African culture infused with Ubuntu provides us with models of these complementary relationships that contrast sharply with the European inspired patriarchal systems that undermine the place of women in society. We need to resist the temptation to fight fire with fire. Toxic abusive masculinity is no excuse to demonise men.

She said it was important to look at the broader impact of abuse as it affected women emotionally, psychologically and their functionality going forward. “I think it’s great that women are standing up, the #MeToo movement ignited a lot and expanded on what was being done,” Hogan said. The #MeToo campaign encourages women to speak out against sexual harassment and assault. During the commemoration on Women’s Month Hogan reflected on her 10 year sentence. She was arrested in 1981 after coded reports she had sent to the African National Congress headquarters in Botswana were intercepted.


Inner-city Gazette

9 - 16 August 2018

9 - 16 August 2018

Inner-city Gazette


Calls to support girl learners during women’s month By Staff Reporter


ational Women’s Day was first celebrated in South Africa on August 9th 1994, in commemoration of the twenty thousand women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in 1956 to petition against the Country’s pass laws. The subsequent concept of Women’s Month each August is a tribute to the pioneers of the women’s movement. Around the world, many women continue to remain on the margins of society and are vulnerable to social risks such as violence, abuse, unemployment and poverty. These issues are currently being highlighted by such international movements as #MeToo, which spread virally in October 2017. The smash hit, multi-award-winning musical The Color Purple addresses the vital importance of female empowerment through the eyes of its protagonist, Celie; a woman who, through love, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world. Following the unanimously acclaimed South African premier of

SUBURB Turffontein Turffontein West Turffontein Jeppestown Jeppestown Jeppestown Betrams Betrams Berea Troyeville Troyeville Yeoville Yeoville Yeoville Yeoville Yeoville

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TYPE Flat Cottage Room Cottage Cottage House House House Flat Flat Flat Flat Cottage Flat Flat Flat

Scenes from the award winning musical, The Color Purple

the musical directed by Janice Honeyman at Joburg Theatre earlier this year, the decision by producers Joburg Theatre and Bernard Jay to bring the joyously empowering show back to The Mandela stage for Women’s Month became a ‘no-brainer’. In a bid to ensure that the production is accessible to disadvantaged

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Parking Y N N Y N Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

schools, girl orphanage homes and girl learners, Joburg Theatre has called upon all corporates to sponsor tickets for special daytime performances of The Color Purple on Wednesday August 8th at 13h00, Tuesday August 14th at 11h00, Wednesday Au-

PRICE 4,750.00 2,310.00 935.00 3,750.00 2,200.00 3,975.00 6,200.00 6,200.00 3,350.00 3,450.00 4,350.00 4,950.00 2,100.00 4,725.00 4,500.00 5,500.00

Pics by: @enroCpics

gust 15th at 11h00, Thursday August 16th at 13h00 and Thursday August 23rd at 13h00. Tickets for this initiative are only R100 and, in return, Joburg Theatre will match all the secured sponsorships by providing a snack

pack for the learners for each ticket bought. These performances are aimed at youngsters aged 13 years and older. “It makes me very proud to know that the musical version of The Color Purple has finally arrived on stage in South Africa,” says global superstar, producer of the show on Broadway and leading female rights advocate Oprah Winfrey. “Your country has a rich history of women who have demonstrated immense strength and courage in the face of adversity. Women played an integral role in the struggle for equal rights during apartheid and women continue the fight for equality today.” Corporates are invited to make their pledge towards sponsored tickets by calling Justine Lipson at Joburg Theatre on (011) 877 6831.

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Tlhabologang-Fashion-School SPECIAL



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Sirino impresses Pitso

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Neat and clean rooms from R100 singles, Two people R200. We have twin, double, luxury and 3 or 4 sleepers.

We are very close to the Carlton Centre and major shops and factories. Food outlets are also nearby.

From left: Pitso Mosimane, Gaston Sirino and Patrice Motsepe.


amelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane believes Uruguayan Gaston Sirino can win the Player of the Season gong in the Premiership in 2018/19. Sundowns began the defence of their PSL crown when they drew 1-1 with Kaizer Chiefs on Saturday at the Loftus Versfeld


Stadium in Pretoria. Despite making a mistake which led to Chiefs’ first goal, Mosimane takes the view that the 27-year-old deserves praise for the rich potential of his overall performance. In addition, the Brazilians mentor highlighted the displays made by striker Jeremy Brockie as well as recent recruit Lyle Lakay.

Contact Peter or Frans Tel : (011) 404 - 1353/4 Fax: (086) 699 - 4371 Email:

Gaston Sirino


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Inner City Gazette  

09 - 16 August 2018

Inner City Gazette  

09 - 16 August 2018