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2017 Registration in Progress for Grade R - 12

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16 - 23 February 2017

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Rosettenville residents fuming, despite Gigaba visit Staff Reporter


ome Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba’s visit to Rosettenville on Monday meant nothing, residents of the crime-riddled area said. Just like the police’s presence, it would have no effect, some said. “They come and arrest the guys and the same day they are out. Something must happen, because they do nothing. It is either the police station must burn or I don’t know,” an angry Matshidiso Mofokeng said. They had had enough of the crime and violence in the area.

The 55-year-old woman had been living in Rosettenville since 2002. She claimed that police were friends with the Nigerians in the area. “They [police] come here and then they have drinks with the Nigerians. We have been reporting crime for many years. We are sick and tired of the Nigerians and the police.” During his visit on Monday afternoon, Gigaba (pictured) said the department and locals needed to agree on what to do. He appealed to residents not to take the law into their own hands. “The concerns of the community are genuine, therefore we need to act.” He said he had asked his department’s “community outreach programme” to visit areas populated by immigrants. In Rosettenville, residents followed him around as he

visited two of the 10 homes residents set alight on Saturday. They claimed they were being used as brothels and as hideouts for drug lords. Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said nine people were arrested over the weekend and that police were continuing to patrol the area. Community members held placards that read: “Drugs has no place in our community [sic]”. Gigaba said the social development department would be called in to help children allegedly lured into prostitution. A second resident, Ellen Dube, 37, said when they had referred matters the police, nothing happened. “They do absolutely nothing, so what must we do? We take the matters into our own hands.” She said Nigerians had told them that “money talks”.

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Inner-city Gazette

16 - 23 February 2017

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ur business

Follow your passion - Mark Cohen Why did you choose this career?

Mark: I always had a passion for technology – not just using it but actually breaking things open to see how they worked from the inside. In the process of my career growth a few items have been rendered unusable, and my family had to pay a price for being supportive of my IT career growth! I am so fortunate that there was an avenue for me to properly develop international skills, and to forge a career in an industry I am passionate about.

What formal qualification did you have to attain to enter into this field?

Mark: When you are young you are still deciding what career to choose. That was me. I started off studying engineering, and switched to a degree in IT. This got me a great start into the industry. However, because IT is so fast growing, and always changing, there are opportunities to enter the industry without specific formal qualifications. This is an industry where you can create a career with “building blocks”, ie, you can qualify with individual CompTia and Microsoft modules and international exams, and begin working in an IT company or department. It is also a career of lifelong learning, so as you move along in your career you have to always be updating your skills and completing the international exams. It is also a career where employers look at the modules and skills you have more than at which university your graduated from. There is no need to ‘requalify’ when you take up job opportunities in another country as IT is an international career. All that being said, having a diploma in IT will indicate to an employer that you have not only the passion, but also the tenacity, perseverance and intelligence required to complete three years of study in your industry, and this will put you in a better position when you apply for a job in IT.

What does your job entail?

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Mark: Systems developers create, maintain, audit and improve systems to meet the needs of the company. They test both hardware and software systems and diagnose and resolve system faults. It is a pressurised job that often strays beyond the average 9am – 5pm day. Developers will also create diagnostic programs, and design and write code for business systems. Network computer systems administrators take care of, install, and organize the network’s local area networks (LANs), wide

area networks (WANs) and intranets, as well as support an organization’s computer systems and other data communication systems. It is a far more hands-on job, so to speak.

What do you enjoy most?

Mark: The world of It is high tech – we get to test and play with new ‘toys’, we work on the latest technology in order to ensure we meet our client’s needs, we do a lot of problem solving which is always awesome when you are able to solve an issue for your client, and we are involved in high tech development that other people will just read about. I love working with my team. They are an incredible bunch of talented and creative people, who are also off the wall! It makes every day enjoyable, and they are able to work together to come up with out of the box solutions for clients – solutions that work.

Career highlights?

Mark: My career highlight is that I have been in this industry for 25 years, and I love my job. I have never been bored or wished that I had selected a different career. 3 important qualities that your position requires: Thinking laterally, creatively and with discipline. Working with teams. Perseverance.

Applications for 2017 are open, with no application fees payable. To apply, obtain the ‘application for admission form’ online, fill it in and submit it with the necessary supporting documents. Note that minimum entry requirements and closing dates vary from course to course. Contact Boston on 011 551-2000, e-mail, visit, or Facebook. and get loads of practice in order to understand the maths concepts well. As many of the international IT skills as you can gather, A+ and N+ are great starting point. And moving on to programming for those that have the mathematical skills.

Advice for grade 11 and 12 learners considering this career?

Mark: Two IT Diplomas will ensure you get the job of your dreams – both accredited by the CHE (Council on Higher Education). A diploma in Systems development, or the diploma in Networking. A Systems Developer earns an average salary of R265 131 per year in South Africa. (A skill in JavaScript is associated with the high pay for this job.)



Mark: Follow your passion. If you are lucky enough to have a passion for something you can earn a good living out of, the world is your oyster. Work hard at school. Do as well as possible in Maths,

Mark Cohen is the CTO of Domain Group. An international IT professional, and Consultant to Boston College.

16 - 23 February 2017

Financial Tips

Inner-city Gazette


Buying your first home in 2017

By Chloe Hackland


uying your first home is very exciting and if 2017 is the year in which you plan to make this leap, ensure that you have done as much research as possible to make a good choice from both a financial and personal point of view. “There are many factors that need to be taken into account when buying your first house which don’t only include the actual costs that come with a home,” says Albertus van Staden, head of credit for FNB Housing Finance.

Albertus van Staden - Head of credit for FNB Housing Finance. It is imperative to have a grasp of the bigger picture when it comes to buying a home. Factors such as what is happening in the property market, the interest rates as well as in your own life. Understanding

these aspects could make a big difference to whether your first home is a boom or bust. What is happening in the property market? According to the FNB House Price Index, the property market is currently stagnant with an increase of a mere 3% expected over this year in nominal value, although there are signs that the economy is improving. “While you may not have paid much attention to the expected house price growth, this is something to take note of, because if house prices are stagnant it will take much longer for you to recuperate the full amount, this includes the costs related to the transaction should you decide to sell for any reason,” says van Staden. For example, if your home cost R600 000 you would have paid around R29 000 in transfer, bond costs and initiation fees. If the property market only grows by the 3% and you sell at the end of the year, you are still left with a shortfall of R11 000. This is before you have even added the costs to cancel the bond and estate agent commission for helping you sell your property. What is happening in the general economy? Taking note of what is going on in the South African economy is important, as interest rates, inflation as well as expectations of the job market may have a direct impact on

‘Owing your very own home is a great ambition’

your home buying aspirations. “Other expected changes, such as those in food prices or the cost of petrol can all have an impact on your pocket and affordability,” says van Staden. “So stress test your budget, which means assume that the cost of living will go up and see if you can still afford to pay the basics and your house cost.” It is also important to have understood which industries are battling in 2017. “If you are in an industry that is predicted to struggle in 2017, or is currently struggling, you need to be

aware that you may not receive a bonus or salary increase, this will squeeze your disposal income,” says van Staden. “In extreme cases there may be the chance of retrenchment, so ensure that you have enough of a financial buffer for a period of say around three months.” Be aware of your own personal circumstances? The most important factors to take into account when buying your first home is where you are in your own life stage. You need to ask yourself questions such as why are you buying a

home, is it for investment purposes, security for you and your family and how long do you intend to stay? If you plan on living in your property for a long period of time, is it big enough should you want to start a family or want to upgrade later? “Buying a home is a long financial and personal commitment,” cautions van Staden. “You need to be sure that you are in a space to be a home owner, because, if you take the example above, you will see that you don’t make money in the short-term.” This means: - Being in a good place financially; having a strong reserve of cash for a deposit and to show the bank you are able to save. - Having a good budget in place which also takes into account any external increases throughout the year such as rates and taxes, food or petrol prices. - Being settled – not planning a move for at least a few years - Having financial discipline to pay for the bond as well as all the additional costs that comes with being home owners such as rates and taxes. “Owing your very own home is a great ambition. If you are financially and personally solid, you will be in a good place to buy your first home this year,” concludes van Staden.


Inner-city Gazette

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Inner-city Gazette

Low turnout in last round of ward committee elections

Council Speaker Cllr Vasco da Gama Staff Reporter


ess than half of the 66 000 residents who were expected to vote in the third and final round of the City of Johannesburg’s ward committee elections in regions D and G at the weekend turned up to cast their ballots. The low turnout – only about 32 000 people voted – has been attributed by Council Speaker Cllr Vasco da Gama to the lack of participation by councillors in the build-up to the Saturday February 11 polls. The 74 voting stations managed to record an average of 300 votes each. Region D consists mostly of Soweto, while Region G includes areas such as Naturena, Eldorado Park, Lenasia, Zakarriya Park, Vlakfontein, Grasmere, Orange Farm, Poortje and Drieziek. This was the lowest election turnout compared to the two previous rounds – the first in regions A and E on January 28, and the second in regions B, C and F the following Saturday. “In the first and second rounds of the elections, councillors formed part of the awareness campaign, sending letters out to communities and encouraging them to come out and participate in the elections. We’re still going to conduct a proper analysis of what actually went wrong. But so

far, that is our assessment,” said Cllr Da Gama. Established in terms of the Local Authorities Act of 1998, ward committees play a crucial role in municipal affairs in that they assist democratically elected public representatives in all wards to carry out their mandates. However, Saturday’s elections went off relatively well, although several isolated incidents of disruptions and disturbances were reported in a number of wards. “In Slovoville, we had a voting station that was moved to another location, about 200m from where elections are normally held. “It was moved to a cleaner space with toilet facilities for our staff members. The move angered people in the community, who demanded that the voting station be moved back,” said Cllr Da Gama. He said this could not be done as there were also illegal connections in the old voting station and no toilet facilities for officials. “JMPD officers moved in to calm down the situation. But the community went back, took the ballot box away and destroyed the remaining ballot papers,” he said. In Lenasia, the elections were disrupted when community members protested against the non-appearance of certain candidates on the ballot papers. Other minor incidents were reported in Orange Farm. Ntombi Maseko, a presiding officer at the Lenasia Cricket Stadium voting station, said: “In our voting station, we did not have any difficulties at all. We opened on time and community members started trickling in from early in the morning. We had a smooth voting process. The electoral committee is currently looking at all objections presented to it. The election results will be announced only after all the objections had been dealt with.

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Inner-city Gazette

16 - 23 February 2017

Inner-city Gazette

16 - 23 February 2017


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Chippa hold Sundowns to 1-all draw Staff Reporter


hippa United held Mamelodi Sundowns to a 1-1 draw in an Absa Premiership game at the Sisa Dukashe Stadium in East London. The draw sees the Brazilians remain fifth on the league standings, while the Chilli Boys climb up to eighth spot on the table. The Brazilians enjoyed the lion’s share of possession in the opening stages of the game as they looked to penetrate the Chilli Boys’ defence. Sundowns winger Yannick Zakri made a run from the left cutting inside, before forcing goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi into a decent save at the near post three minutes into the game. But the Nigeria international was beaten 16 minutes later when stand-in captain Wayne Arendse controlled the ball beautifully inside the Chippa box, before firing home to make it 1-0 to Sundowns. The home side then took control of the match with Chippa centre forward Rhulani Manzini keeping the Sundowns defence very busy with his good runs near the box. The former Platinum Stars striker was fouled just outside the Sundowns box by Soumahoro Bangaly in the 23rd minute and Manzini fired the resultant free-kick inches wide of the target. Chippa were awarded a penalty 12 minutes later after hard-tackling defender Arendse was adjudged to have fouled diminutive midfielder Buyani Sali inside the Sundowns box. Manzini got the goal he had been looking for as he stepped up and sent Sundowns keeper Wayne Sandilands the wrong way to make it 1-1 with the halftime break fast approaching. Chippa and Sundowns were unable to find the winning goal in the late stages of the game and they settled for a 1-1 draw on the night. Rhulani Manzini of Chippa United and Wayne Arendse, Captain of Mamelodi Sundowns during the clash between Chippa Utd and Sundowns.

Bidvest Wits piles more misery on Orlando Pirates Staff Reporter

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sublime first-half brace from Gabadinho Mhango had Wits in the driving seat but Happy Jele pulled one back in the second period before his side’s attempts to restore parity were curtailed by the dismissal of Jackson Mabokgwane. Both sides took a little time to adjust to the sodden pitch which got a serious soaking an hour prior to kick-off but it was Wits who settled quickest. The Clever Boys were twice denied by Mabokgwane in the eighth minute with the stopper first getting hands behind Mahlambi’s stinging effort before denying Keene on the follow up. Pirates began to get a foothold as the half wore on and the home side strung together a few clever passes that released Memela but he could do little more than scuff a tame effort towards Keet’s goal. Lorch was the next to test Keet as he found space out wide and cut in before firing straight at the keeper before Memela made the stopper work with a much better strike than earlier in the match. The Buccaneers were made to pay for their inabilty to convert their chances as Wits broke the deadlock through Mhango with Mahlambi having been denied only moments earlier. The goal came just before the half-hour mark

Ayanda Gcaba of Orlando Pirates challenges Bidvest Wits’s Phakamani Mahlambi

as the Malawian neatly beat two defenders before curling an absolute pearler past Mabokgwane. In the 37th minute Pirates felt they were deserving of a penalty as Manyisa drove into the box and went to ground as Allie slid in and failed to make contact with the ball. However, the referee was unmoved by the appeals as it appeared the Pirates captain may have already been going to ground before the challenge from Allie. As the game went past the hour mark the home side finally made a breakthrough as Jele pounced upon a loose ball after Wome’s header was kept out.

A barrage of Gcaba long throws kept the pressure on the Clever Boys as Pirates pushed for the equaliser but a nightmarish mistake from Mabokgwane led to his side being reduced to 10 men. The stopper was forced to rush from his box as Mhango tore forward to meet a ball over the top and Mabokgwane handled outside of the are as the pacey attacker attempted to chip him. With Jele in goal Wits resorted to shots from range but were unable to test the stand-in glove man until the final minutes when Mhango was denied from close range.

Inner City Gazette  

16 - 23 February 2016