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Joburg to host global summit Staff Reporter


Community Development MMC Chris Vondo

Pic: Enoch Lehung

oburg is set to host the global One Young World (OYW) summit next year. The responsibility was handed over to the city at the closing ceremony of this year’s edition of the event in Pittsburgh in the United States. Speaking on Joburg’s hosting of the 2013 summit, MMC for Community Development Chris Vondo said the gathering and what it represented held significant meaning for the city and its residents. “This summit is of particular importance to us, because we know that while we may plan and toil, strive and create, unless we pay particular attention to our youth, we can never become a resilient and sustainable city. We can never be the ‘vibrant equitable African city’ imagined in our Growth and Development Strategy.”

OYW is a London-based charity group that stages an annual youth summit that brings together some of the brightest young minds from around the world. Founded in 2009 by David Jones, the Global CEO of Havas, and Kate Robertson, UK Group Chairman of Havas Worldwide, OYW has become a formidable voice for the youth to discuss important issues with key global decisionmakers. During the closing ceremony of this year’s OYW summit in Pittsburgh, US, the host city baton was passed on to Vondo, who was elated at the city being given the rare opportunity to organise an event of such magnitude and significance next year. “I pledge to you that when you come to Johannesburg, you will find a city committed to the youth, a city full of possibilities, a city ready for young energy to make a mark,” he said.

At the Pittsburgh summit, 1 300 young leaders from 182 countries shared their views and ideas to create practical and achievable solutions for change in education, business, healthcare, development, human rights, transparency and good governance. After the summit, OYW ambassadors work towards delivering positive outcomes in these areas in their own communities. To date, almost four million people have been directly touched by the work of OYW ambassadors, who run or manage over 125 projects in 100 countries. The OYW summit gives the youth the opportunity to speak alongside global leaders like ex-US President Bill Clinton, Imran Khan, Jos Stone, former United Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Jamie Oliver, Pete Cashmore, Miller Matola and Fatima Bhutto. For more info about the OYW events visit

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Inner-city Gazette


1 - 8 November 2012

Diaspora group to open new office Akhona Zibonti The African Diaspora Forum (ADF) will soon open a community legal and referral office in Rockey Street, Yeoville, to serve citizens and migrants in and around Johannesburg. The ADF, funded by Foundation for Human Rights will officially open the

office in late November at the Yeoville Recreation Centre, according to spokesperson Nkosana Mabhena. “ADF is a platform for African migrants to work for an integrated society. We work with the the public prosecutor, Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (Comsa) and Wits Law for referral of cases that need immense funding to go further,” says Mabhena

He explained that the office will be an information hub where migrants and citizens can find information and advice about legal issues. “We deal with issues such as refugee problems, court orders, unlawful detention, services, disputes with landlords and unfair eviction. All services are rendered free,” he says. For more information contact ADF on 011 4870269 or email

Some of the shacks that have been erected alongside the rail line. Pics: Inner-city Press Agency

Shacks on the rail line Staff Reporter


he homeless have erected about 10 plastic shacks in the Metrorail railway area in Noord Street, between Twist Street and King George Avenue in the Joburg CBD. Thae shacks are just behind the space used by vendors in the Noord Street

Market. Some of the vendors say they are aware of the plight of the homeless, but that exposes them to danger. A Metrorail official who declined to be named said they will soon take action about it. “People may not live along the rail line because of the obvious danger that poses with the trains.” By the time of press comment from the municipality had not been received.

Ballet students from jgps asteri school and the vuleka christian schools perform at a concert presented by Pat and Beth Jones school of dance. Lessons are available at Rosebank primary school on Saturdays. Contact Pat Jones on 082 503 3522.

ANC Sefako Makgatho Branch religious centenary event The gathering was addressed by ANC chief whip and NEC member Dr Mathole Motshekga. In attendance were Reveleation Church Prophet Radebe; Chariot of Fire Tabernacle Pastor Hope Shibuyi and Assemblies of God members. The ANC had the event to give the churches a platform to engage it on policy matters. ANC Gauteng chairman Paul Mashatile hoists the Centenary Torch.

ANC torch leaves Gauteng Moses Moyo

of the ANC will host a celebration event at the Carlton Centre in Commissioner Street in the CBD. he ANC Centenary Flame will on SaturThe event will start with a convoy from day leave Gauteng, and the Joburg region Ghandi Square to Carlton Centre. According to the programme seen by Inner-city Gazette the Summer Specials the event will be addressed and attended by high ranking ANC officials, including the national chairperson Baleka Mbete, Gauteng chairperson Paul Mashatile and Joburg Mayor Parks Tau. Before the ANC Centenary torch leaves Gauteng province it will first be taken to minority areas. The first stop will be the grave site of Thambhi Naidoo and the next will be Cachalia’s grave at the Brixton cemetery; followed by a nother stop at the Braamfontein cemetery at the grave site of Ahmed Timol. Gauteng ANC chairman Paul Mashatile will speak at the gravesite visits.


1 - 8 November 2012

Inner-city Gazette

City officials held Bulding Control Department employees allegedly involved in R10 million scam Moses Moyo


he City of Johannesburg has confirmed the arrest of five employees from the Building Control Department by the Hawks for alleged involvement in a R10 million scam to defraud Council funds for the submission of building plans over a 12 month period. The scam involved money switching hands when building plans were handed in to officials, with the guarantee that the plans will be approved. Fraudulent receipts were then generated and reflected on City records as valid on the basis of proof of payment. The arrest follows the recent five year sentencing of a former JMPD employee in a bribery case. City manager Trevor Fowler says these events are paying good dividends to the hard work which the municipality’s teams have been quietly working on with the authorities in the past few months to rid the city of any activities of alleged fraud, bribery. “It also further confirms the City’s determination to take a firm stand against our employees who participate in activities which compromise service delivery, as announced

City manager Trevor Fowler

at the our recent launch of anti-corruption initiatives across all departments and municipal entities.” The anti-corruption campaign was recently announced by the City and supported by Corruption Watch and other community stakeholders a week ago. “Seven officials were suspended immediately after the scam was discovered in May. We then proceeded

with internal disciplinary action. Of the seven officials, one resigned while another took early retirement. All those involved are still liable to repay all the monies gained as a result of their corrupt activities, and also face possible imprisonment if found guilty in a court of law,” says Fowler. He adds that these arrests are a clear demonstration that the City is committed to make every effort to take harsh action against those reported for fraud or corruption. “Members of the public are urged to report allegations of bribery and corruption through an independent corruption hotline 0800 00 25 87 or send an SMS to 32840 (sms cost R1.50) or email to It is important for complainants to provide as much information as possible to assist this process which will lead to stopping wrongdoing. Confidentiality of those who provide information is guaranteed.” Fowler adds that whistle blowers and members of the public will be able to submit evidence of corruption or describe alleged incidents of corruption in their own languages.

DA’s tips to avoid cut-offs



Do not withhold payment, even in the event of a billing query Kgothatso Mokhonoana


he Democratic Alliance says over the last few weeks it has noted a steady increase in water and electricity disconnections by the Joburg municipality. DA spokesperson Clr Linus Muller (pictured above) says very few of the terminations are due to default payers, but are rather the result of arrears accumulated due to unresolved billing errors. “We would like to offer the following hints and tips to ensure that you do not become an unnecessary victim: • Ensure that your account is in good standing at all times. Do not withhold payment, even in the event of a billing query. Should you not be able to meet your financial obligation, go to your nearest municipal walk-in centre to sign an acknowledgement of debt and agree on a payment plan. • Scrutinise your account every month. Ensure that you are billed

for all services, that the correct water and electricity metres appear on your account and that the readings on your statement are in line with the actual metres on your property. Report any discrepancies to Joburg Connect on 0860 JOBURG and make a note of the reference number. • The City is allowed to take three consecutive interim / estimated water and electricity readings in a row. Should you be billed for interim readings for over four months, make sure you log a call with Joburg Connect and get a reference number. Do this every month until your query is resolved. Mullers adds that should any ratepayer be threatened with a pre-termination order or legal action, or suffer actual disconnection of water and / or electricity, they need to urgently contact their ward councillor. “It is also important to note that councillors act as facilitators between residents and council. They do not resolve billing queries personally, but assist in escalation leading to resolution,” Muller adds.


Inner-city Gazette


1 - 8 November 2012

Matrics must take it easy I have noticed that some of the learners currently sitting for their matric examinations are already showing signs of stress. I have tried to talk to some of them about it and they say it is because they meet things they did not expect in the examination papers. To all those in a similar situation I would say just do not get stressed over the difficulties you have dealing with the examination. Just take it easy and deal with the papers in an easy, relaxed manner. You must know that as long as you were there in class throughout the year and studied, you will vertainly pass. Kayleen Adamse Turffontein

Comment We are now heading for the festive season, a time when many people get into a celebratory mood. They also get into the roads and travel to some destination, which is mostly necessitated by the need to meet relatives who live far from each other, and also to get to exotic places at which to chill out. This is often especially so with city dwellers, who seek to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, albeit for a while. A phenomenon that is not strange to this arrangement is increased crime when the crooks seek to take chances and steal as much money and property as they can. The period sometimes gets referred to as the heist season because of the sharply increased armed robberies that take place. Lives also get lost due to the many traffic and other accidents that occur. In the past years the authorities have set up programmes to reduce the numbers of fatalities during the holidays rush. One major one is the Arrive Alive Campaign, which to a large extent has saved plenty of human lives. In this drive motorists are bombarded with messages reminding them to be more careful on the roads, and for them to refrain from drinking and driving, which is a good idea worth repeating all over again. If people would just remember the value of human lives, including their own, they would be able to adopt a more serious attitude that would preserve life and property.

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Zuma and Motlanthe: Shadow boxing over SA’s today and tomorrow The deputy president thinks South Africa is in a ‘rut’ and that Mangaung represents a ‘tipping point’. The president says his deputy is ‘exaggerating’ and the country ‘is not in a crisis’, Ranjeni Munusamy writes.


n order to serve as president and deputy president in the state, a level of like-mindedness is rather essential. The deputy president often has to serve as acting president when the president is out of the country. The two flank each other in cabinet meetings, and while executive powers are vested with the president, he would count on his deputy to support him in executing his responsibilities. There has to be unquestioning trust between these two people in order to govern the country effectively. The relationship between President Jacob Zuma and Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe started off like a house on fire when they were elected to lead the ANC in 2007. Since then, there appears to have been a cooling in relations. There is no longer any chemistry between the two. If anything, public interaction between the two seems somewhat forced. Perhaps it is the functioning of the presidency that causes friction. There two have separate offices which rotate on their own axes. There are no regularly scheduled meetings between the two to discuss matters of state: the only time they meet is when they have to attend the same event. It is consequently unsurprising then that the two have developed different perspectives on major issues. Of course, the relationship has to be viewed now through the prism of the ANC’s elective conference in Mangaung, where they are expected to compete for the position of president. Both Zuma and Motlanthe are reluctant to admit that they are now in campaign mode, although there is a subtext to much of what they say. Signs of divergence were first evident over the handling of the disciplinary case against the former ANC Youth League President Julius Malema. From the time Malema was charged, stories were circulated that the ANC’s top officials were not united on the disciplinary action. Malema himself believed that Motlanthe, Deputy Secretary-General Thandi Modise and Treasurer Mathews Phosa would break ranks. It has now been revealed in Motlanthe’s biography that he thought that putting Malema through a disciplinary process was “fundamentally wrong” and that a “political solution” should have been found to the transgressions of Malema and other Youth League leaders. This is in spite of all the top six officials being wheeled out in a

Shadow boxing over SA.

joint press conference in April to lend their weight to the decision to expel the Youth League leaders. The second issue of contention between Zuma and Motlanthe was the ANC proposal for a “second transition”. The concept was touted at the ANC policy conference in June and formed the backdrop for all policy discussions at the meeting. The original version of the discussion document suggested that the ANC should view South Africa’s political transition as being complete, and that a new transition focusing on economic and social transformation should begin. In the run up to the conference, Zuma owned the document and talked up the concept on several platforms he addressed. Motlanthe unexpectedly tore into the document, saying it was laced with “smatterings of Marxist jargon”. “Second transition! Second transition! Second transition! From what, from where to where? What constituted the first transition? What were the tasks of that phase, have all those tasks been accomplished or not?” Zuma retaliated, defending the need for the second transition but also pointing out that it was duplicitous for anyone (Motlanthe) to criticise the document after it had been endorsed by the ANC leadership. “It is important to understand how the ANC works. The ANC produces documents first and they are discussed by working committees. Once they are looked at by the National Executive Committee (NEC) they are sent to branches. This is what we did. Comrades at leadership level had the opportunity to see them and the time to look at it, not once but three times. The NEC discussed it three times. It is inconceivable for a member of the NEC to say he is not aware of it,” Zuma said at an

Pic: Reuters, Plus Creative Licence

ANC meeting in the Free State. The debate over the second transition document at the policy conference thus mutated into a proxy battle between Zuma and Motlanthe supporters. The compromise was to change the concept to “the second phase of the transition”. This week Zuma and Motlanthe’s clash of perspectives became evident again – indelicately in front of the international media. Political and economic developments in the country are being closely monitored by the international media due to consecutive international ratings downgrades and the unrest in the mining sector. The government has been stung by reports in several international publications, including The Economist, about the unravelling of delivery gains and growing socioeconomic crisis in South Africa. In an interview with the Financial Times, Motlanthe said Mangaung would represent a “tipping point” and that if the many expectations of the ANC conference were not met, “the levels of despondency will rise and the negative outlook strengthened.” Repeating a constant refrain of his about the ANC needing to “renew” itself, Motlanthe said this was the only way the party would be able to lead “all of South Africa out of this rut.” “There is no doubt about it that we need renewal or we’re going south,” he said. Zuma was clearly not impressed by Motlanthe’s comments. Speaking to foreign correspondents based in South Africa on Monday, Zuma said the country was not in crisis. “We are not at a tipping point,” Zuma said. “It is wrong to exaggerate, to say because there are strikes, then South Africa is in a big crisis.… To us (government), South Africa is not in a crisis. Tipping from where to where?” But is this a real difference of opinion

or an attempt to by Zuma to get Motlanthe to shut up? Zuma after all convened two meetings of government, business, labour and community organisations to deal with the economic situation and the crisis in the mining sector, after which he announced a package of measures to help the economy recover. Motlanthe seemed only to be echoing the general response in government and the ANC. At the ANC policy conference, Zuma repeatedly called for “a radical shift towards economic and social transformation” and “a militant programme of action” to deal with poverty, inequality and unemployment. How then is this different from the sentiments expressed by Motlanthe? In all the analysis of a possible ZumaMotlanthe showdown at Mangaung, it is often stated that there is very little difference evident between the two men in terms of policy and perspective. This could be a result of the fact that Motlanthe, as Zuma’s deputy, is restrained from expressing himself clearly and crossing swords with his boss. He probably also does not enjoy getting hammered down when he does. Zuma evidently sees Motlanthe not only as a competitor but an opportunistic critic. There is palpable discomfort having his challenger in the position closest to him where he has access to the levers of power and unfettered information. Media reports have also suggested that there are attempts by Zuma and those close to him to gag Motlanthe and control his diary in order to prevent him from stealing the spotlight from the president. It is becoming increasingly obvious though that the working relationship between Zuma and Motlanthe may not be able to last out their term of office. If they do go head to head at Mangaung, it will be virtually impossible to resume the façade of a symbiotic relationship afterwards. And even if they strike a deal, whether this can last out another two years remains to be seen. If they continue to bicker in public, they might reach their own “tipping point”. The SA presidency was not built to have opposing forces occupy it. It bombed out when Mbeki and Zuma occupied the same office space and it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Zuma and Motlanthe in it. Motlanthe may be right that Mangaung could deliver South Africa out of the rut, but he might be hoping it does the same for him. Daily Maverick

1 - 8 November 2012

Inner-city Gazette




Inner-city Gazette


Workers in the stitching department.

1 - 8 November 2012

Workers sort the fabrics.

A worker irons the finished product.

Rapid growth for CBD venture Angel Khwiyane


relatively new clothing manufacturing enterprise at 54 Siemert Road in Doornfontein, Joburg, has grown rapidly and now designs uniforms for big companies and created employment in the city. A shareholder of GSIZ Investments Pvt Ltd, Elias Vengayi, the venture started in July this year with only six employees and six sewing machines. “We first started the factory at a small building in Dubbary Centre at corner Berea and Marshall streets. But as the company got financially stable, we had to move to a bigger space. Now we have bought six more

new machines and currently employ 20 workers,” he says. Vengayi says through employing people they have shown that it is not only them benefiting, but the members of the community too, as they reduce unemployment in the city and try hiring new people as they buy new sewing equipment. “Our employees sew full uniforms from jackets, shirts and skirts. Whenever a company or school wants us to sew for them, they come to the factory to place orders, and we do our work in time so we deliver right away,” he says. He adds that his GSIZ Investments were happy to get an order placed by Discount Foods retail company. “Dis-

count foods are the first big company to place uniform orders with us and we were honoured as it shows that our work is recognised.” Vengayi says they are happy because the factory is doing well and orders are placed now and then. “It was very challenging at first because we did not have enough money, and could not register our company, but now we hope the company will run even better,” he says. Vengayi says they hope to get tenders and big orders. “As the company grows we will employ more people and reduce unemployment,” he says. For more information contact Elias Vengayi on 083 207 0619 or George Sibanda on 076 431 1285.

The finished product ready to be dispatched.

If you have news stories or tips please contact Angel on 082 091 2173 or email

Pics: Inner-city Press Agency

1 - 8 november 2012

inner-ciTy GazeTTe


fAceS of wArd 67


WArD committEE mEmBErs

Johanna R Matli Nandipha Masilela Health & Social Development 1 Health & Social Development 2 0724788270 0827854790

Vusi BE Mhlongo Yvonne N Titi Community Development 1 Community Development 2 0822658518 0728417955

Nthako D Modupi Housing 0720583308

Councillor S Myeki 0765174596

Vuyisile Mtwa Transport 0763547837

Mbuyiseni G Khoza Public Safety 0822657435

Nellie A Williams Finance & Economic Development 0846624851

Linda N Cose Moshira E Lekalakala Development Planning Environment & Infrastructure 0734973604 0720222886 *Information compiled by Tebogo Selowa

Regional backing plea Algiers-France and the US are pressing the Algerian government of Abdelaziz Bouteflika to back military intervention in northern Mali, where Islamist fighters have taken control. The head of the Centre of African Studies, Pierre Boilley said an intervention is possible without the military backing of Algeria but not without its green light. Algeria is the region’s biggest military power and has been dealing with northern Mali’s top Islamist leaders (most of them are Algerian) for years. US officials have called on greater regional involvement. “We encourage greater cooperation with the regional states in dealing with terrorist threats,” said Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs. “We encourage collaboration with the notion that terrorists don’t recognise international boundaries.” France’s envoy to the Sahel, Jean Felix-Paganon said many countries in the region think negotiations are possible with Ansar Dine. French officials discussed the crisis that split Mali since March during a visit by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in July. French President Francois Hollande is also expected there in December.

Embassy killing suspect dies

focuS on AfricA Omar al-Bashir Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Cairo - A Libyan man suspected of involvement in last month’s attack on the US consulate in Benghazi has been killed in a raid by Egyptian security forces, an official said. Karim Ahmed Essam el-Azizi was killed on Wednesday in a raid that targeted him and other fighters with suspected links to al-Qaeda, the official said. Four Egyptians were detained in the operation, he added. Azizi was killed by a bomb he had tried to use against the security forces during the raid, the security official said. It was not immediately clear what role Azizi had played in the US consulate assault on September 11, in which ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed. The security official said Azizi had been living in a rented apartment in Nasr City for the past three months, and police had found 15 bombs and assault rifles in the flat. The attack on the Benghazi consulate has become a highly politicised issue in the US presidential election season. It occurred during a wave of Muslim protests over an anti-Islam film produced in California, which also sparked violence against US diplomatic missions in Egypt and Tunisia.


Alleged coup leader held Bissau-The military has arrested the alleged leader of last week’s failed attack the government says was an attempted counter-coup. Captain Pansao Ntchama and two others have been detained, officials said. Seven people, including six of the attackers were killed on the October 21 attack on elite army barracks. Transition authorities have accused former colonial ruler Portugal of instigating a bid to reinstate former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior who was ousted in an April 12 coup. Ntchama headed of a commando unit believed to have assassinated President Joao Vieira in 2009. He returned last week from Portugal where he had been undergoing military training since July 2009.He is also a former associate of the government overthrown in the April coup. Tensions between Guinea-Bissau and Portugal have heightened since the military coup derailed a presidential election that Gomes Junior, now exiled in Portugal, was favoured to win. The nation has suffered chronic instability since independence from Portugal in 1974, and no president has ever completed a full term in office. Gomes Junior has said he hopes to return to rule, and the caretaker government has sent an extradition request to the Portuguese government for him.

Two more journalists killed

Capt Pansao Ntchama

Rising refugee influx strain Bujumbura-Tens of thousands of DR Congolese refugees have fled to Uganda and Rwanda since April. About 6 000 have sought asylum in Burundi, 4 334 arriving between April and September this year. The influx has put three camps for Congolese refugees, Bwagiriza, Musasa and Gasorwe under severe strain. UNHCR representative Catherine Huck said there is lack of accommodation for new arrivals, and resources for the health needs of sick individuals.

Hundreds of people fled clashes between the ethnic Hutu FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) and the Mai Mai militia. Burundi hosts more than 50 000 Congolese refugees and asylum-seekers, about half of them living in refugee camps and the rest in urban areas. The situation in North and South Kivu remains volatile, with frequent clashes between several armed groups as well as tension between ethnic groups.

In North Kivu, more than 220 000 people have been internally displaced since April by generalized violence and rights abuses, as well as fighting between government forces and the M23 movement. In the same period, more than 100 000 have been displaced within South Kivu. More than 40 000 people have fled to Uganda and some 20 000 to Rwanda.

Mogadishu – In the past week gunmen shot dead a 25 year-old journalist in the town of Lasanod, and he became the 16th journalist killed this year. Ahmed Farah Sakin, who worked with the London-based Universal TV station, was shot several times by unknown assailants on Tuesday. The previous day gunmen had shot another journalist, Mohamed Turyare of the Shabelle radio station in Mogadishu. He has since died of his wounds, bringing the number of murdered journos to 17 so far. Police spokesman Dahir Adan confirmed the killings, and said no arrests had been made. Fellow journalist Abdullahi Ahmed Nor said this is part of an anti-media campaign. Tom Rhodes of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said some of the killers may be those in authority, who can hide behind their positions. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has called 2012 the ‘deadliest year’ for Somalia, surpassing 2009 when nine died. Several killings are blamed on alQaeda linked al-Shabab insurgents, but other murders are believed to be linked to faction struggles among those in power. Al-Shabab fighters have claimed responsibility for killing more than 10 journalists this year. Ahmed Farah Sakin One of them was beheaded in Mogadishu.



Inner-city Gazette

MEC refutes DA allegations Kgothatso Mokhonoana


MEC Qedani Mahlangu

he DA has said 160 cancer patients are not receiving treatment at the Charlotte Maxeke hospital because radiation machines have been down for two weeks, owing to a broken backup server that failed all six machines, according to spokesman Jack Bloom. In response Gauteng MEC for Infrastructure Development Qedani Mahl-

angu said she visited the Chris Hani Baragwanath and Charlotte Maxeke academic hospitals to attend to maintenance concerns. Mahlangu said she met hospital CEOs and service providers assigned to work on generators, lifts, chillers, autoclaves and a variety of electromechanical equipment to resolve maintenance-related difficulties impacting on service delivery. “As an intervention the Department of Health will station a team of me-

chanical and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors and supporting artisans professionals within Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg, Chris Hani Baragwanath, Steve Biko and Dr George Mukhari hospitals. These professionals will maintain all equipment and conduct preventative maintenance,” she said. Mahlangu explained that the CEOs will be responsible for purchasing material and managing maintenance work that costs less than R1 million.

1 - 8 November 2012

Crime Briefs Joburg cops arrest 83 Joburg police arrested 83 suspects for various offences during crime combating operations from Friday 26 October to 29 October in the Joburg CBD, W/O Mbele says. “Among those three suspects were arrested for armed robbery, four for common robbery, eight for business breaking, one for possession of suspected stolen property, five for domestic violence and one for rape. The rest of the suspects were arrested for committing other crimes, ranging from malicious damage to property, possession of car breaking implements, intimidation, fraud, shoplifting, assault common, assault GBH, drunk and driving, theft and drinking in public,” W/O Mbele explains. Body found in flat A man was found dead in a flat in Yeoville on October 20 following a complaint from the community. Yeoville SAPS communications officer, Constable Thabo Malatji, said the man was found in his bed. “Police officers received a complaint of unnatural death on arrival they found the paramedics who showed them the deceased. “The cause of death is currently unknown,” he said. Drug dealer nabbed A man has been arrested for dealing in drugs in Yeoville at the corner of Rockey and Cavendish streets on October 20. Constable Thabo Malatji, Yeoville SAPS communications officer, said they received information about a man who was selling drugs inside a shop. “On arrival the police searched the shop and found drugs hidden under the counter inside the shop with a street value of R10 000 and they also confiscated R12 000 in cash. Men arrested for theft Cleveland police arrested two people for housebreaking and theft on October 20. Police spokesman Cst Mpho Mashakane said the police received a call about a housebreaking in progress in St Frusquin Street in Malvern.“On arrival police found the door had been forced open. The light inside the house was on and police officers found two people packing items into bags,” said Const Mashakane. The men, aged 24 and 25, were arrested and detained at the Cleveland SAPS. Stolen vehicle recovered Three men were arrested for being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle in Yeoville on October 20. Constable Thabo Malatji, Yeoville SAPS communications officer, said that police officers stopped a Volkswagen driving along Regent Street. “They searched the occupants and tested the vehicle via radio control and it was reported stolen at Sunnyside Police Station in August this year,” said Const Malatji.

1 - 8 November 2012

Inner-city Gazette



A community member, taxi rank manager HM Mbele and Clr Francinah Mashao during the road safety prayer event.

ANCWL members attend the event.

Pics: Inner-city Press Agency

ANCWL prayer for safer roads Moses Moyo


s the October Transport Month ended, government, inner-city residents, church members, SANCO, Community Policing Forum (CPF) members and Hillbrow police held prayer meetings at the Wanderers and MTN taxi ranks in Joubert Park. They marched to the taxi ranks and prayed to end road accidents. Ward 59 Clr Francina Mashao said the high number of accidents and fatalities on the roads show they are cursed. “We need to remove this evil

curse through prayers.” Managers of Tshedza Protective Services which guards taxi ranks said they will continue to join the women led campaign to pray for safer roads beyond Transport Month. The successful prayer event was organised by the Harry Themba Gwala Branch of the ANCWL, supported by various branches of the ANC in greater Joburg, most notable leaders branches of ward 59, 60, 67 and 123. The MTN taxi rank manager HM Mbele praised the women for taking charge and conducting the prayer session at the taxi ranks.

Help the cops catch ‘serial rapist’ Crime Reporter


oburg police are looking for a multiple rape and robbery suspect (pictured above) and have asked community members to help them find him. Police spokesperson Warrant Office Xoli Mbele 27 year-old Lucky Murovhi is wanted by the police in connection with rapes and robberies around Booysens, Mondeor and Honeydew areas. “The suspect is from the Muraleni

Village in Sinthumule District in the Makhado area, and he used to live in the Zandspruit informal settlement next to Honeydew. He was once nearly caught trying to rape a woman but he managed to run away,” W/O Mbele explains. He adds that anyone who has information about the whereabouts of Lucky Murovhi is requested to contact the nearest police station or call the investigating officer Warrant Officer Dzhombe on 082 822 7438 or W/O Duba on 082  780 2955 of Provincial Detectives.

Board chairman Gideon Sithole

Some members of The Cows group that helped fund the ward’s renovation. Pics: Inner-city Press Agency

Renovated cancer ward reopens Angel Khwiyane


he Childhood Cancer Foundation SA (CHOC) recently helped renovate the paediatric oncology ward at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital. During the reopening ceremony for the upgraded ward Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital board chairman Gideon Sithole said CHOC works in partnership with the medical staff. “That ensures facilities are of a high standard, and units provide a warm, comprehensive and child friendly environment aligned with the World Health Organization standards. This is one of many strategic relationships that the Department of Health and the hospital continues to undertake to ensure that we give effect to our mission of providing excellent and integrated health care services.” He added that the survival rate indicates that the hospital’s intervention

has more chances of success when children are presented to the hospital in the early stages of cancer. “It is therefore important that the community heeds the call to consult health professionals at the primary healthcare facilities when children present early signs of cancer. This awareness information can be accessed at any nearest local clinic in and around Johannesburg.” CHOC chairperson Nagm Azar said the organisation started as a love support programme for children with cancer 32 years ago. “As the cancer grew to affect a number of children, we felt the need to help more. Treatment for children with cancer takes time and it is often difficult for parents living outside Soweto.” Azar added that the CHOC housing programme was able to provide temporary homes in Johannesburg for parents to stay during the period of their children’s treatment in the hospital. “The houses help parents

Child rape suspect held Crime Reporter


oburg Central police have arrested a 38 year-old man for alleged rape at Standard House, corner Bree and Simmonds streets, saya police spokesperson Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele. “The suspect allegedly raped a 15 year-old girl on around 3am. The victim was sleeping alone at a flat in the Fattis Mansions building at corner Harrison and Jeppe streets, while her mother was working night shift.

The man came into the victim`s room looking for his daughter, who is a friend of the victim. He couldn`t find his daughter; he then threatened to stab the victim with a knife before he raped her.” W/O Mbele adds that the girl then reported the matter to her mother when she came from work, who then reported the matter to the police. “The man was arrested and faces a charge of rape,” W/O Mbele says

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to visit their children who are hospitalised for a long period. At times the parents need to be close to their children,” he added. Azar said CHOC provides parents with money for transport and food when they are located in Soweto. “Being able to renovate the paediatric oncology ward was a great achievement. There hospitalised children are in a clean and comfortable home,’’ he said. Azar added that they wanted to renovate the place four years ago, but because they did not have enough money, they could not start the renovation. “The amount that was required was R6 million and we only had R3.5 million. The rest came from The Cows charity organisation and other donors.’’ Azar added that they hope to have enough money to move across the country and help other children who require treatment for cancer.


Inner-city Gazette


1 - 8 November 2012

The winning Rosettenville school team.

Various traditions will be represented at the festival, the Adivasi Sidi Dhamal Goma Dance Group from Gujerat Pic: Suzy Bernstein

Festival of light starts

‘The celebration is a way of promoting awareness of the Indian culture to other communities and integrating Indian cultural activities into the broader South African community’ Staff Reporter


his weekend the South African Hindu Maha Sabha (SAHMS) hosts the fourth FNB Gauteng Diwali Festival in Newtown’s Mary Fitzgerald Square. Festival director Jayespri Moopen says this year’s theme is ‘The World is One Family.’ “This coincides with the SAHMS celebrating its 100th year. The Diwali celebration is one way of promoting awareness of the Indian culture to other communities and integrating Indian cultural activities into the South African community.” Moopen adds that the festival kicks off at 10am with a Havan ceremony, and over 180 artists will participate in the day’s activities. “The morning will be filled with vibrant colour, as children create

a giant Rangoli, a decorative floor design and enter a clay lamp painting competition. The Rangoli, a Sanskrit word that means a creative expression of art through the use of colour, will be done on the square for all who attend to paint in colourful powders and share this feeling of togetherness. Rangoli is also an integral part of Diwali celebrations,” explains Moopen. Entertainment highlights include the Adivasi Sidi Dhamal Goma Dance group from Gujerat. Dhamal is a unique dance form of the Sidi community. Also featured will be the Soweto henna artists and the Soweto Marimba Youth League, as well as fire dancers and drummers. A fireworks display will complete the day’s extensive line-up. This year the spectacular fireworks display is put together by

world champion pyrotechnician Bonnie Pon. Other highlights consist of the various dance groups from across the region showcasing their talents, as well as a raffle announcement of the four tickets to Dubai from Serendipity tours and an after party hosted by DJ Zuby. The festival of lights would not be complete without all the various retail and food stalls. The retail stalls offer everything from DVDs and CDs to Indian attire and religious books at special festival prices. President of the Gauteng Branch of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, Sinthal Ramiah says the Diwali theme of ‘The World is One Family’ will resonate in the hearts of all who attend the celebrations through the exciting active and interactive programme of music, dance and songs.

Metropolitan College GDE 134007 Registration Now Open for 2013 Grade 01-11 170 Pritchard Str Nugget / End Str

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Members of the winning Unified Public School.

Library project boosts literacy Kgothatso Mokhonoana


he Joburg’s Library and Information Services (LIS) recently conducted prize giving ceremony for schools at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein. MMC for Community Development Clr Chris Vondo described the Battle of Books and Story Skirmish competition as sharpening literacy skills of the city’s young citizens. At least 188 schools across the city took part in the ‘story skirmish’, while the ‘battle of the books’ attracted 181 schools. The cornerstone of the roadmap is to sharpen the literacy of children and commitment to life-long-learning. “This is part of Joburg’s Growth and Development Strategy (GDS), as we move forward to 2040; we want to see our libraries being considered not just as recreational facilities, but as educational centres for the community. For instance, universities have a major role to play in the educational landscape of the country from Early Child Development (ECD), primary, secondary, tertiary and ABET level,” Vondo said. This year’s Battle of the Books competition winner was Rosettenville primary school, while the winner of the Story Skirmish is Unified Public School. Both schools won trophies, certificates, books and food vouchers worth R400 per each child in the team. “The literacy competition among the Johannesburg primary schools is getting bigger and better in each

year,” Clr Vondo added. Vondo said LIS buy books for the schools. Apart from operating a network of libraries, LIS also delivers a number of developmental programmes that are coordinated on a citywide scale and delivered from the 86 service points. “We do this in order to provide library services to under-serviced areas, as well as to address social inclusion,” he added. Vondo said the Battle of the Books is an annual inter-school knock-out quiz for learners in Grade Six and Seven. The competition aims at broadening children’s reading experience as well as to encourage relationships between public libraries and schools. “The Story Skirmish is also an annual inter-school knock out quiz for learners in Grade Four and Five. It is intended to reinforce the reading culture in children by encouraging them to read for fun,” Vondo explained. He said both competitions have the same format and run concurrently. “Librarians set questions based on the books on the competition list. They ensure that at least half of the titles are African and South African to build up an appreciation of indigenous literature.” He added that according to the feedback the librarians receives, the children love the cut and thrust of the play-offs. “The educators, through the feedback, say they appreciate the improvement in the reading skills, but most important aim is to introduce children to the love of reading.”

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1 - 8 November 2012

Inner-city Gazette

Star cast in classic tale Mermaid dreams of living in the human world, meeting a prince, falling in love, and living happily ever after

Arts Correspondent


his enchanting production, The Little Mermaid, is based on the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about the bubbly little mermaid, Ariel; to be presented at the People’s Theatre, Joburg Theatre Complex from 5 November to 23 December. Ariel is played by Alexandra and Isabella Snyman. Alexandra made her People’s Theatre debut in the 2011 production of Beauty and the Beast, and played the role of Miss Pepper in the Gingerbread Man 2. Her sister Isabella has appeared in numerous People’s Theatre productions including The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and

The Gingerbread Man 2. Alexandra and Isabella alternate in the role of Ariel, who dreams of living in the human world, meeting a prince, falling in love, and living happily ever after. But the “seaweed isn’t always greener in somebody else’s lake”, and if she’s serious about making her dreams reality, she’ll have to defy her father King Triton (Sipho Hlongwane, who has performed extensively locally and internationally), make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula (Sanelisiwe Jobodwana), and convince Prince Eric (Reynard Slabbert, who recently appeared in Ester the musical, Aladdin, 7de Laan and the movies Wolf Wolf, a 100m Leeloop

and Babalaar) that she’s the girl with the enchanting voice that he fell in love with. Prince Eric’s sidekick, Grimsby (Kefilwe Mohlabane, who is a third-year drama student at Tshwane University of Technology) is committed to finding the right girl for Prince Eric. Audiences will remember Sanelisiwe Jobodwana as Mrs Rabbit, Mrs McGregor and Mrs Tiggywinkle, from the People’s production of Peter Rabbit and Other Tales in September and October. The Afda College graduate (Jobodwana studied a BA in live performance) made her stage debut in 21 Poets and a Poem, which played at the Fringe theatre in 2011, and returns

Intern programme invites applications Arts Correspondent


ualified applicants are invited to apply for the 2013 Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) intern programme. Now into its fourth year, the programme allows a new graduate into all aspects of arts administration. It also allows the intern to identify their own learning goals and work towards those during the year that the internship runs. So far Karabo Legoabe (2010), Arthur Nkuna (2011) and current intern, Lakin Morgan, have benefited from the programme, which sees the intern work out of BASA’s Johannesburg offices from January to December. BASA marketing and operations manager Lonwabo Mavuso says the intern programme has proved an invaluable way for graduates who are passionate about a career in arts administration. “It helps them get robust experience and an intimate feel for what the career entails.” The Internship gives an emerging administrator the opportunity to access mentorship, grow in several administrative skill areas through training, and also drive projects, which provide synthesis between study and practice. For Morgan, a National School of the Arts and Tshwane University of

Last year’s intern Arthur Nkuna

Technology graduate, the highlight of her experience during 2012 has been working on the 15th BASA Awards, supported by Anglo American. “Being involved with the awards on various levels tested my project management and communication skills. To be challenged in this regard has exceeded my expectation of the internship,” she says. Morgan also points to her involvement with BASA’s different

programmes, including the organisation’s thriving volunteer-based programmes; which have enabled her to see the value of giving arts organisations the tools, support and resources to see themselves as businesses “with a sound product that the business community will be willing to support”. “This has impacted my perception and understanding of the arts sponsorship landscape. Working with the BASA team has been invaluable. Everyone has their specialities and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Their assistance has richly enhanced my time as the 2012 BASA RMB Intern.” The 2013 Business and Arts South Africa intern programme, supported by Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) selects interns based on their education, experience, and enthusiasm for the arts. The intern selected is expected to engage in the diverse projects that BASA is involved with, reports to the marketing and operations manager, and works closely with the entire BASA team. Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to: Att: Lonwabo Mavuso, PO Box 962, Parklands, 2121; or email application to For more information call 011 447 2295. The closing date for the internship applications is 30 November 2012.


The Arts

Emmanuelle Girard

to give King Triton grey hair as Ursula. Emmanuelle Girard joins the cast as loveable crab Sebastian. The popular actress, who holds a master’s degree in performing arts from Lumière University Lyon 2 in France, has appeared in 12 People’s Theatre productions, and in addition to many cabaret performances around the world, lists The King and I, Janice Honeyman’s Snow White (Miss Passionella Porky), and Magenta in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sebastian is joined by his quirky friends who try their best to help Ariel make her dreams come true. The Little Mermaid is directed by People’s Theatre Jill Girard and

Sanelisiwe Jobodwana

Keith Smith, who have brought all the classics to life, most recently, Peter Rabbit and Other Tales and The Jungle Book. The skilled Marius Boshoff designed the set and the gorgeous costumes are made by Linda Wilson. The cast and crew are delighted to welcome the celebrated Heidi Edeling, master vocal coach for Idols South Africa, to the team. Another newcomer is Ian Mills, choreographer and performance mentor from the UK. Mills trained with the National Youth Theatre in London and has worked with Arleen Phillips, Trevor Nunn and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. For more call 011403 1563/2340 or visit

An imitation of life

Theatrical balancing act between certainty and uncertainty about information Arts Correspondent The works of Swiss born director, space designer and curator, Boris Nikitin (pictured right) centre around notions of identity and perceptions of truth, often questioning societal norms and various theatrical schools of thought. He plays with the manner in which each performance is framed, with the codes of theatre, perception, spectatorship as well as with the boundaries between reality and theatre. In Nikitin’s productions the notion of acting itself often comes into question, as the performers don’t usually play any roles as such, rather they appear on stage as themselves, often engaging directly with the audience. He will bring two such works, Imitation of Life and Woyzeck, to South Africa from 23 November to 2 December 2012 at the Market and Joburg theatres. The tour is supported by Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the Swiss Arts Council. Nikitin collaborated with writers and performers Malte Scholz and Beatrice Fleischlin to create Imitation of Life, a documentary style piece around the illusion of reality and how this illusion is created. Two actors take to the stage as experts of trickery, opening the audience to a series of questions i.e. What is real? Who influences our perceptions? What do we believe and for how long? Imitation of Life is a theatrical balancing act between certainty and uncertainty about information. A profound piece, which points to the origin of our suspicion that things might not be what they appear to be. Imitation of Life will be performed in German, with English subtitles, providing a sense of full emergence into the

real lives and minds of the performers. The second piece, Woyzeck, also conceptualised and directed by Nikitin and performed by Mark Scholtz, is a lecture piece combining elements of radio. It is founded on Georg Büchner’s famous play, Woyzeck, first published in 1879, about a military barber who stabs his common-law wife to death for her infidelity. Nikitin’s piece deals with themes of mental capacity and guilt on the one hand; and questions around authorship - who indeed wrote the original play, Woyzeck - on the other. The overarching questions that arise are: Is there a soul where one can allocate responsibility? Are you the author of your life or not? What is life, really?



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1 - 8 November 2012

1 - 8 November 2012

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1 - 8 November 2012

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Tennis stars to feature at Ellis Park expo The sisters have signed on to champion ‘Breaking the Mould’ because they exemplify how determination, passion, hard work and self-belief can turn dreams into reality, despite obstacles one may face Staff Reporter


merican tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams will play an exhibition tennis match at Joburg’s Ellis Park arena this week Sunday 4 November. This will be part of the launch of the Breaking the Mould (BTM) empowerment initiative, aimed at recognising women achievers in to

inspire and encourage the youth. According to Octagon’s MD, Qondisa Ngwenya the BTM is a campaign to catalyse, acknowledge and reward South African women who have risen above their challenges to succeed and inspire. “This is to promote a Breaking the Mould culture in South Africa.” Comprising a number of initiatives, BTM will launch the 2012 season with a series of Pop-up Col-

leges at six universities, led by four of South Africa’s current leading Mould Breakers, who include Khanyi Dhlomo, MD and Founding member of Ndalo Media; Thembi Kunene, Chief Quality Assurance Officer, South African Tourism: Tourism Grading Council of South Africa and Jenna Clifford. The 2012 campaign will culminate in the arrival of the Williams sisters who will attend a coaching

Serena Williams

clinic in Soweto, a gala dinner and a televised exhibition match; the first time the sisters will meet each other in competition on African soil. “We’re excited to be coming to South Africa. After Serena’s Gold Medal at the Olympics, her win at Wimbledon and now the US Open, I look forward to taking my sister on in this match in South Africa.” Serena said they are humbled to


Venus Williams

have been chosen for the inauguration of this women’s empowerment platform. “We hope we can help inspire South Africa’s young women to break the mould too.” The Williams sisters have signed on to champion ‘Breaking the Mould’ because they exemplify how determination, passion, hard work and self-belief can turn dreams into reality, despite obstacles that one may face.

Green light for the vuvuzela

Sports Correspondent


he SA 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Local Organising Committee (LOC) has announced that vuvuzelas will be allowed at matches during the tournament. LOC chief executive Mvuzo Mbebe said the organisers had no

reason to doubt the musical instruments and their place within the South African soccer experience. “Vuvuzelas are part of our culture and our soccer nation. Teams come in different forms, until somebody proves otherwise, vuvuzelas will be allowed into the stadium,” Mbebe said.

He was speaking at a media debate on various issues regarding the hosting of the tournament, including the price of tickets, their distribution and the presence of the controversial vuvuzela. “They are instruments of enjoyment and up until there is an issue, they will be part of this tournament. At this point, vuvuzelas are just fine. Our control systems will ensure that violence does not happen. We are confident that the vuvuzelas will add to the spirit of the tournament,” Mbebe added Last month, angry Mamelodi Sundowns fans threw vuvuzelas at coach Johan Neeskens as police escorted him from the field. Concerns about the drone produced by vu-

Ndlovu loses IBF decider Boxing Correspondent SA boxer Takalani Ndlovu lost his chance to fight for the IBF junior featherweight title when he lost the match against Alejandro Lopez in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday night. The SA veteran put up a courageous fight but came up short against Lopez, who won on points over 12rounds. The scores were 116-111 on two cards and 117-112. Ndlovu held his own during the first half of the bout but Lopez, who improved his record to 23-2, with seven knockouts, seemed to have more in reserve during the last few rounds.

The South African’s record dropped to 33-8, including 18 knockouts. During 13 years as a professional, Ndlovu has held the SA, IBO and IBF junior featherweight belts and the Word Boxing Foundation featherweight title. The 25 year Lopez, who is now the No1 challenger for the title, had remained unbeaten in his first 16 fights before losing on points to Jorge Diaz in March 2010. In his last two fights Lopez beat Teon Kennedy in a bout for the interim NABA super-bantamweight title and, in January this year, outpointed Jose Palma in an exciting 10 round bout.

vuzelas during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa were raised by representatives of international football teams, spectators and sports commentators following the tournament, but Mbebe said he had no concerns. The noise levels produced by vuvuzelas during the 2010 World

Cup prompted various sporting organisations to ban them at certain events, including the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, and the Wimbledon tennis complex in England, United Kingdom have also banned the instrument at their facilities.

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