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Special from 22 September to 2 October 2011


FONTANA SUPERSPAR Highpoint, Kotze Str, Hillbrow FONTANA KWIKSPAR 157 Jeppe Str FONTANA KWIKSPAR Twist Str Joubert Park

TEL : 011 023-7588

FAX: 086 609 8601



Whole roast chicken, plus 2lt Coke plus 6 rolls


29 September - 6 October 2011

Distributed free to households, churches, schools, libraries and businesses in Bellevue East • Bellevue • Benrose • Berea • Bertrams • Braamfontein • City and Suburban • City and Suburban Industrial • City Deep • City West • Crown Gardens • Denver • Doornfontein • Elandspark • Elcedes • Fairview • Fordsburg • Glenanda • Heriotdale • Hillbrow • Jeppestown South • Jeppestown • Johannesburg Inner City • Kensington • Lorentzville • Malvern • Marshallstown • New Doornfontein • Newtown • North Doornfontein • Rosettenville • Troyeville • Turffontein • Village Main Ext 3 and Yeoville .





CID for Doornfontein The Doornfontein neighbourhood is set to receive a facelift to improve business prospects.


For distribution in your shop, school, church, building, police station, etc call +27 11 023-7588.





GDS 2040 FIXTURES 25 Days to GDS Summit

A street scene in Doornfontein’s End Street

Housing company AFHCO’s urban development manager Lebo Mashego


Facelift for Doornfontein precinct ‘There will be more income from mixed use projects due to more leasable square footage’ Sizwe Mathe The Doornfontein suburb will soon have a City Improvement District (CID) which will help manage the public environment and enhance investments. Once the CID is officially registered, it is set to provide services that include public safety, pavement cleaning, litter collection, maintenance of public spaces, and removal of illegal posters. Housing company AFHCO’s ur-

ban development manager Lebo Mashego explains the benefits of the CID. “This will unlock the area’s economic potential, while also improving quality of life, property value and the municipal rates base. The proposed public space upgrades include improvement of safety and security through policing pedestrian movement routes, waste management, greening of public spaces, pedestrian walkway upgrades, provision and maintenance of street furniture and support initiatives aimed

at encouraging the city’s civic life.” The proposed CID is bordered by Market Street to the south, Siemert Road to the west and the railway tracks to the north and east. “Improvement will also include points duty to direct traffic in the event of power failure, report infrastructure breakdowns and crime hotspots to the city’s CCTV agency,” he says. About the benefits to property owners, Mashego explains that through the CID driven marketing exercises, SMMEs will benefit from

local small business incubation exercises. “There will be more income from higher density mixed use projects due to more leasable square footage, more sales and higher property values.” He adds that cost savings in parking facilities in mixed use properties due to sharing of spaces throughout the day and night, will result in less duplication in providing parking. For more details contact Lebo Mashego on telephone 011 2242400 or email:

Mavern gunman held Michael Letsoalo Cleveland police have arrested a suspect in possession of an unlicensed firearm in Jules Street, Malvern, according to spokesperson Cst Mpho Mashakane. The 30 year-old suspect was arrested during a routine patrol when officers spotted four suspicious men. Cst Mashakane said in another incident a woman was raped by a male friend on their way home from a nearby club. Mashakane said the victim tried to scream for help but the suspect pressed his hand onto her mouth. He was arrested and faces a charge of rape.










The suggestion to ban publishing of matric results, as submitted by the Young Communist League, will not help improve the state of our education, or reduce the rate of suicides in the country. Matric results provide an indicator, albeit imperfect, of the functioning of the senior schooling system. It is a major barometer of systemic performance. But the notion of matric results itself needs to be treated with caution. Historically, the senior certificate exams came to serve two purposes, first to set the minimum requirements for entry to university and secondly to signal the successful completion of 12 years of schooling. The motive behind making matric results public give learners a sense of pride and also prepare them for the similar practice in universities, where results are laid bare for all students to see for the whole semester. To argue that publishing results influences suicide without proper statistics is disingenuous. Furthermore, to propose that ID or student numbers should be published instead, is preposterous and exposes the campaigners to their limited understanding of the education system. The call, as we enter the Transport Month and Red October campaign, as celebrated by the communists, should at least centre on establishing solutions about the unequal level of our education system in producing results. If the so-called underprivileged schools still perform below par compared to formerly Model C schools, then the debate about the publication of results in newspapers remains irrelevant. Senior certificate results continue to reflect past distortions in the education system in terms of access and success. Whereas the majority of white children have been able to stay at school until age 16, and their senior certificate pass rates have been over 90%, the same is not true for black children. This is what the campaigners must direct their energies in addressing.

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A traffic accident scene in Joburg.

Tighten the traffic laws Those who enjoy speeding must join motor racing organisations and not do it in public roads


fully agree with the Department of Transport’s proposal to tighten traffic laws. Hundreds of people die and get seriously injured in the roads because of drivers who disregard traffic safety regulations. This is otherwise the right time to consider such tightening of the laws, as we are approaching the end of the year festive season. Many people tend to drink too much and drive motor vehicles when they can hardly see beyond the windscreen. This often leads to serious accidents in which many lives are lost. This is a simple choice, if people choose to drink they must not drive, and if they have to drive they must not drink. Those who feel like opposing

such views should just think about the number of orphans that are left without anyone to care for them because their parents were killed by careless drivers. Similarly how would they feel if their whole family was wiped out in an accident that was caused by a driver who disregarded traffic rules? At the same time they must consider how many breadwinners can no longer fend for their families because they now suffer from disabilities they sustained in traffic accidents. The proposal to confiscate the driving licences of those caught driving while they are drunk is also welcome. This is because allowing someone to drive while they habitually drink and drive is

Key to address transport woes Nosizwe Tshabalala and Dorothy Mabelebele The month of October has over the years been designated to transport related matters and throughout the month extensive awareness campaigns are held. There are many challenges that users of public transport face daily. Among them is disrespect by taxi drivers. Approximately 10 000 people die on roads yearly. To this phenomenon are ordinary people using public transport that suffers the most. “We leave homes early in the morning to school, but sometimes you find the buses late and we have to find other means of transport. But aside from the lateness, the drivers are friendly and respectful,” said Tumi Mnisi of Waverley Girls High School. In contrast, Janet Radebe, who

uses taxis, complained of bad treatment by taxi drivers. “Some taxi drivers refuse to stop at bus stop signs, they beat the robots and force four people to seat in seats designed for two,” said Radebe. Some taxis in ranks should not be on the road; they are old, dingy and break down now and again. “One time a taxi broke down on a freeway at night, it had no lights so other vehicles could not see it, and this is not acceptable,” said another commuter Sipho Ntabeni. Thandi Mvundla, a train commuter, lamented about the abject conditions inside the train stations. To reduce traffic congestion, and road accidents, commuters, government, and the drivers need to create a strong communication line, said Donald Mabeba, a taxi owner. “We as taxi owners need to ensure that our drivers have the necessary documentation to be on the road, and teach them people skills.”

like issuing them with a licence to kill and injure other people. Confiscating their vehicles is also welcome, as that will also send a message to those who do not care about the lives of other people, and their own. The Minister of Transport Sbu Ndebele has suggested that the speed limit on the highways must be reduced from 120kph to 100 kph, which would reduce the general traffic speed and help motorists manage their speed. I urge all citizens to support this suggestion so that we can reduce the number of deadly accidents in our roads. I would otherwise suggest that the speed be reduced to only 60 kph, because just too many people

die every day and get seriously injured in our highways as a direct result of unnecessary speeding. Those who enjoy speeding must join motor racing organisations and not do it in the public roads. I am of the opinion that speeding is not necessary at all. If one is travelling by motor vehicle that person is sure to get wherever they are going in good time, as long as they drive properly and the vehicle is in proper condition. Otherwise if drivers need to get there early they must just start the journey early enough, so that there will not be a need to rush and expose other motorists to danger. Corine Saunders Via email

New system to support ESP Dintle Motlala The City of Joburg has launched a new system to support its Expanded Social Package (ESP), to make it easier for beneficiaries to access the programme. City’s spokesperson Nkosinathi Nkabinde said the programme offers subsidies for water, electricity, rates, refuse removal and sanitation to citizens earning below R3 681 per month. “The programme digitally links those with specific needs to the services.” The programme will focus on improving the landlord registration process, mobile registration, online forms, case management for people living in informal settlements and introduce additional benefits like rental subsidies and transport requirements. “It has received a boost from a new technology system offered by Accenture, that automates registration and enhances the benefits through the use of SMS and email,” said Nkabinde.

The ESP is currently the only register of impoverished citizens that operates as a one-stop shop for poor citizens to access welfare services. “This is a new era of service delivery, starting with the provision of basic services to those who need them; the low income earners and unemployed people,” said Health and Social Services MMC Clr Nonceba Molwele. She added that since the first launch of the programme over 140 000 people have received rebates. “As a result we have set ourselves a new target of extending more services to 300 000 people per annum.” Accenture director Lee Naik said in alignment with the city’s growth strategy, and conscious of the tight budgets and growing demands for social services by the most needy, it is important that Joburg leverages latest technology to streamline access to services and benefits in a truly integrated approach. For more information on this service call telephone number 011 407 6477.




Separatists to boycott poll Yaounde - The Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC), a separatist organisation seeking independence of the two English-speaking regions of the country, has called on all Southerners (Anglophone Cameroonians) to boycott the October 9 presidential elections. SCNC chairperson Otun Ayamba has made an allusion to two maps of Cameroon handed to President Paul Biya in May 2010 by a UN envoy, insinuating that even the UN recognises the differences between English and Frenchspeaking Cameroonians. “Southern Cameroon is not part of Cameroon. The freedom of Southern Cameroon, we are determined to regain our rightful place within the community of free nations”. Ayamba said all English-speaking Cameroonians who take part in the polls would do so at their own risk. It however remains to be seen whether the call will be heeded by most English-speaking Cameroonians as, even among Anglophones themselves, there is no unity of purpose. Before reunification in 1961 the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon were one entity attached to Eastern Nigeria under a UN trusteeship.

Paul Biya

Bemba trial reveals links Kinshasa - The 29th witness testifying against opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has implicated Libya, Uganda and the Central African Republic (CAR) in weapons supplies to the Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC). The witness testified in a closed session under the pseudonym ‘Witness 32’. Questioned by prosecution lawyer Eric Iverson, the witness said the MLC received fuel from Bangui, weapons from the Ugandan government, while Libyan planes were used in training MLC fighters. Witness 32 said he met ICC investigators in 2008. “They wanted to establish who were responsible for the crimes in the CAR in 2002 and 2003. They were looking for people who had some knowledge either through having received information or having been there themselves,” Witness 32 said. Bemba’s troops allegedly carried out mass rapes, killings and looting while they were deployed in the CAR. He is on trial for allegedly looking on as his troops brutalized Central African civilians.



Peace prize winner dies Nairobi - Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Wangari Maathai has died while undergoing cancer treatment, aged 71. Maathai was the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for promoting conservation, women’s rights and transparent government. She was the founder of environmental group Green Belt Movement, and had served as a memWangari Maathai ber of parliament in 2002. Green Belt also campaigned on education, nutrition and other issues important to women. Maathai, who was also a veterinary anatomy professor, rose to international fame for campaigns against government-backed forest clearances in Kenya in the late 1980s and 1990s. She branded the clearances a political ploy that caused irreversible environmental damage. The courts blocked her suits and Green Belt lawyers complained that their cases were dismissed on technical grounds or their files were mysteriously lost. In her speech accepting the Nobel prize, Maathai said she hoped her own success would spur other women on to a more active role in the community.

Amnesty for LRA rebel

Jean-Pierre Bemba

New president takes over Lusaka - Zambian opposition leader Michael Sata has been sworn in as president after beating incumbent Rupiah Banda in a tightly contested election. Sata, who had run for the presidency four times before, was declared the winner with 43 percent of the vote. Admitting electoral defeat, former president Banda said the people of Zambia have spoken, and

everyone had to listen. His Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) had ruled Zambia for 20 years. Banda was booed by Sata’s supporters at the inauguration ceremony in the capital, Lusaka. Patriotic Front leader Sata, was sworn in by the Chief Justice Ernest Sakala, and former president Banda gave him the ceremonial presidential flag.

He said he would fulfil his electoral promises, including forcing foreign companies to improve working conditions. “I promise to put Zambia first,” he told thousands of people at the ceremony.

Michael Sata

Kampala - A court has ordered release of one commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Thomas Kwoyelo faced 53 counts of murder and other crimes, but the constitutional court said he deserved amnesty in line with other LRA rebels. At least 30 000 people died as the rebels terrorised northern Uganda for over 20 years, displacing some two million people. The LRA, listed by the US as a terrorist organisation, is notorious for kidnapping children, forcing the boys to become fighters and using girls as sex slaves. The group now operates mainly in DR Congo, South Sudan and Central Africa Republic. Ex-LRA colonel Kwoyelo was captured two years ago in DR Congo during a Ugandan army operation and charged with killing and abducting civilians. LRA leader Joseph Kony is still at large, wanted by the ICC since 2005 for rape, murder, mutilation and forcibly recruiting child soldiers.



ReaVaya is back Zinhle Phakathi and Dorothy Mabelebele When the ReaVaya bus strike ended on Tuesday after eight weeks it had forced about 40 000 commuters to seek alternative transport per day. A statement by the City of Johannesburg, COSATU, Piotrans and SAMWU states that all parties agreed that the interests of the commuting public should be at the centre of dealing with the impasse. COSATU Gauteng secretary Dumisani Dakile said agreements that were reached include a basic salary of R6 550; that the drivers get a onceoff payment on returning to work; a company contribution to their provident fund at 10% of basic salary; and a guaranteed 13th cheque. Transport MMC Rehana Moosajee said the ReaVaya bus system is still a safe and reliable form of transport, and remains committed to its commuters. “It is not the only form of public transport that has withdrawn services, Metrobus, Metrorail and the taxis have done this before. We are aware of the suffering the commuters had to endure,” she said. Eric Masono of Piotrans said his company lost up to R25 million because of the strike. “But the financial loss is nothing compared to the suffering commuters went through. There will be no increasing of the bus fares,” he said.



Transport Month activities Sizwe Mathe


he City of Johannesburg has lined up activities for the Transport Month, October. This year’s theme is ‘connecting people and places’. The focus is on the role of transport in connecting people and places, and events are aimed at giving people the opportunity to connect with each other. “Transport availability plays a key role in providing access to amenities and each other. Many people in our Transport MMC Rehana Moosajee city do not know what is on offer in Johannesburg due to lack Joburg inner city on 2 October. of easily available transport. Too “Joburg residents are invited to many people do not cross the transport divide to get to really know each come to the inner city and walk, cyother,” said MMC for Transport Clr cle or skateboard from Constitutional Hill on a 5km route to Newtown, Rehana Moosajee. The scheduled transport month’s past key city sites such as Chancelevents will begin with a walk, cy- lor House, Gandhi Square, the High cle and skateboard through the Court and Drill Hall. The commu-

nity walk starts at 9am and entrance is free,” said Moosajee. This will be followed by a race across Joburg on Friday 7 October. “The city will invite teams of Joburg political and business leadership, and celebrities to race across the city from the south to the north using public transport, passing public places of interest, ending at the Kyalami Race Course. This event will highlight the many public places of interest and how to access them using public transport,” Moosajee added. On Tuesday 11 October, Moosajee will lead will lead city councillors to clean kerb inlets and other storm water infrastructure in Alexandra. On the same day Johannesburg Road Agency will focus on cleaning kerb inlets throughout the city. “The event will highlight the important role of storm water infrastructure in making roads safer and preventing flooding,” added Moosajee. For more information visit:

Crime Reporter


Hillbrow Police suCCESSES BETWEEN 16 AND 26 SEPTEMBER Assault Common 25, Drunk and Driving 23, Statutory Rape 2, Assault GBH 22,Shoplifting 4, Sexual Assault 1, Failing to report stolen firearm 1, Possession of drugs 9, Driving motor vehicle without license 8, Malicious Injury to Property 8, Armed Robbery 1, Possession of unlicensed firearm 3, Reck and Neck 4, Possession of stolen property 5, Dealing in dagga 3, Possession of dangerous weapon 2, Possession of car breaking implement 1, Possession of counterfeit cigarette 1, Dealing in second hand goods 1, House breaking and theft 1, Hit and run 1, Crimen injuria 1, Fraud 5, Intimidation 1. Illegal immigrants 47, loitering and public drinking 29.

Jabu Nxumalo

Police arrest murder suspects

his week Hillbrow police arrested two suspects aged 25 and 27 in connection with a murder that happened in early July this year near the corner of Catherine and Goldreich streets, according to corporate communications officer Sgt Jenny Pillay. She says the victim was assaulted by two men and died in hospital due to the injuries sustained in the attack. “The suspects fled the scene, but after investigations police managed to trace and find both of them in the Hillbrow neighbourhood. The two men have appeared in court facing murder charges,” Sgt Pillay adds.


The real Joburg Water employees like these wear badged uniforms and have identification cards.

Crooks pose as water inspectors Beware of criminals who masquerade as Joburg Water employees to enter properties Own Correspondent


ohannesburg Water (JW) warns residents in against bogus agents pretending to be its employees, wanting to gain access to properties on the pretext of testing tap water. JW spokesperson Baldwin Matsimela says they have received complaints about the bogus agents. “They claim to be out to test tap water quality in properties. Water samples in the city are taken by qualified scientists with JW identity

cards and branded vehicles.” Matsimela says the quality of Joburg’s tap water has been rated the cleanest in the country, and awarded the Blue Drop status by the Department of Water Affairs. “This confirms the City of Joburg as the number one provider of the cleanest, healthy, and refreshing water in the country. To maintain this status we routinely sample over 500 drinking water samples per month. Tap samples are taken from bulk supply to reservoirs across the city, and taken to Cydna Labora-

tory, a SANAS accredited facility where 41 determinants are tested and analysed.” He adds that through this rigorous testing and monitoring process JW is able to respond quickly to any water quality problems. “We ensure that the quality of every drop of the water that passes through our network is within the SABS standard for Class One drinking water.” Residents are advised to alert relevant security agencies should they be approached by unidentified and suspicious people.

Cops observe decrease in CBD crime Duduzile Choba


he Johannesburg Central police precinct has seen a reduction in crime over the past two weeks, following intensive weekly crime prevention operations. From 9 to 12 September, the station arrested 143 suspects for various offenc-

es, but the figure has since decreased to 137, says police spokesperson W/O Xoli Mbele. “Most of the suspects were arrested in Joburg CBD. Three suspects were arrested in connection with rape, six for possession of suspected stolen property, nine for common robbery, three for possession of unlicensed firearms and two for attempted business breaking. The

anti-crime operation resulted in the decrease in the number of of suspects arrested late in the month compared to the previous weekends.” The aim of the anti-crime weekend operation is to reduce crime in Joburg central, said Mbele. “Police are doing everything within their power to ensure that society is protected.” Report crime through 011 497-7135.

Easy way out of dealing with heritage Last Saturday all South Africans ‘celebrated’ the national Heritage Day; many with a braai. This day aimed at remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa, has, just like many of our national holidays, lost its allure. This year’s ‘celebrations’ were no different, with drab government events sparsely attended. It is therefore not surprising that capitalist opportunists have tried to hijack this day and rename it National Braai Day. I don’t have anything against braaing, but who wants to have a holiday named after a braai? Although I must admit that this is what many South Africans do anyway during most of our holidays, be it Easter Monday or Youth Day and even Christmas – most people braai and booze. So next time we will be told that we need a National Booze Day! Certainly it is crucial that we preserve and celebrate our heritage as Africans, for if we don’t our history will perpetually be told by foreigners. As the old African proverb goes: “Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.” Who can forget the Bantu education history curriculum, where we were brainwashed to nonsense such as Vasco da Gama discovered Mozambique? It is important that a laughable suggestion such as the ‘braai day’ should be scorned at, and we shouldn’t take such threat of usurping our history lightly. Recently a certain Judge Lamont made a ludicrous judgment against one of our struggle songs. Instead of having masses entertained by gyrating dancers, study tours, seminars, debate sessions and many other forms of edutainment should be explored to teach our heritage. Granted, ours is a unique one and hence ‘united in diversity’. But such an approach will only be useful when there is proper guidance from government structures. Honestly, I would like my grandkids to remember me as an offspring of gallant fighters who confronted the colonisers in the Battle of Isandlwane and Ncome, not just a beer guzzler who enjoyed a boerewors, steak and pap. This debate, taken lightly, could easily be lost in the context of more pressing issues. However, if we are serious about addressing unemployment and poverty then it might be worth to venture into the psychological makeup of the formerly oppressed masses. The apartheid education system did a lot of damage by portraying Africans as backwards, savages not worth anything in the quest to continuously oppress Africans mentally, emotionally and physically. Through national days like Heritage Day, our government has the opportunity to correct the history and reverse the emotional and psychological scars. There are many great African discoveries, apart from the Egyptian pyramids, that have not been accorded their proper place in the history books. The pre-colonial African history and culture, not properly documented and often told from the colonial perspective, is indeed rich. From Egypt, to the Horn of Africa, the trading cities of the east coast, the kingdoms of the west coast and the Iron Age settlements (Zimbabwes) of the Limpopo valley in the south, to mention but a few, are some of the stories that many of us will die without hearing about. Heritage Day offers that opportunity to learn about ourselves and understand our heritage.




















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Chilli Boy is back in Joburg A hilarious portrayal of an old Indian woman reincarnated as a white gangster Arts correspondent


ne of the most successful shows in South African history The Chilli Boy is back in Johannesburg. It is to be presented at the Joburg Theatre’s Fringe Theatre from October 5 to November 6. Geraldine Naidoo’s surreal and groundbreaking play has come a long way since it premiered nine years ago at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. This theatrical phenomenon has kept South African audiences flocking to theatres over the past few years and also had a successful run as one of the shows selected as part of the West End Festival of Performance in London in 2007.

The Chilli Boy is the hilarious portrayal of an old Indian woman reincarnated as a white gangster from Boksburg. At the age of 30, the gangster starts suffering flashbacks from his previous life as an Indian woman. These visions prompt him to don a sari while cooking delicious Indian curries and biryanis. He no longer wants to brawl his way around the streets of Boksburg as his newly discovered maternal instincts start to determine his behaviour. His tough reputation is threatened by the resultant turmoil. Naidoo has created a play that tackles several issues of cultural identity, racial differences and masculinity in an extraordinary and highly entertaining manner.

“The play continues to attract huge audiences from across the vast racial and cultural spectrum that constitutes contemporary South African society,” Naidoo said. While Naidoo’s conception, writing and direction have been lauded as brilliant, it is the masterful performance of multi-award winning actor Matthew Ribnick (pictured right) that has had audiences gasping for breath. “Many audience members describe Ribnick as a cultural chameleon. In just over an hour, he skilfully snaps back and forth between characters

ranging from the ordinary to the bizarre,” Naidoo said. Bouts of raucous laughter are punctuated with poignant moments of absolute sincerity as the audience comes to grips with a remark-

able story told by a ‘madman, with a few hats. The show is not suitable for persons under the age of 12. For more information contact the Joburg Theatre on 011 877 6854.





Talented youth

orchestra to play in Joburg Arts Correspondent

Winner...Mahlatsi Mokgonyana tells the story to an audience during the event.

Youth wins story contest ‘This bodes well for the future of storytelling in SA’ Arts Correspondent


he recent storytelling competition that was hosted by the Sibikwa Arts saw some talented orators bring to life some incredible stories. The judges, who included celebrated storyteller Gcina Mhlope, were

amazed by what they experienced. The first prize winner was 18 yearold Mahlatsi Mokgonyana from Tembisa. For his effort he won the amount of R2 500. The second prize of R1 500 went to Simphiwe Doshana, and the third of R1 000 was won by Tukani Lukhanyo from Soweto. Most

promising was Kgomotso Mashilo from Vosloorus, who won R500. The artistic director of the Sibikwa Arts Centre said it was encouraging to see so many young entrants. “This bodes well for the future of storytelling in South Africa. We had 26 entrants who spoke a variety of languages; English; Zulu; Xhosa;

Venda; Tsonga and Sepedi. The winner told his story in Sepedi.” The competition formed part of the Sibikwa Stories Without Borders Storytelling Festival, held this past weekend. Contestants had to be 15 years or older, and stories could be told in any of the 11 official languages.

The Zurich Youth Symphony Orchestra is set to mesmerise audiences with superb playing and a varied programme during its nationwide tour. On 11 October its performance will be at the Linder Auditorium in Parktown, Joburg. The orchestra was founded in 1987 by Howard Griffiths, aimed at offering talented young people orchestral training. Inspired by successful concerts a mere string ensemble became a real symphony orchestra with 70 members aged between 11 and 24. The group rehearsed and performed from 1997-2002 under the artistic direction of Marc Kissóczy. Since November 2002, Massimiliano Matesic has been its principal conductor. The repertoire of the group includes baroque, classical and romantic works, as well as premieres of contemporary composers. The main focus of the orchestra is on classical and romantic literature. In addition to numerous concerts in Switzerland between 1997 and 2005, various tours in the US, France, England, Germany, Greece, Spain, Canada, South Korea and Italy followed. In 2008, the group toured Japan. In addition to collaborating with teachers from the Zurich Conservatory, the orchestra works with young, talented soloists. The group won first prize at the 2006 Murten Classics Festival, a contest for young orchestras. Cobus Swanepoel, well-known South African cellist and teacher at the Zurich University of the Arts, will accompany the orchestra as soloist on their South African tour.


The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra will feature in the production.

A host of international and local celebrities will bring this magical fairytale to life

Exquisite and timeless performance

Arts Correspondent The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra will once again be accompanying the SA Ballet Theatre for its production of The Sleeping Beauty. This exquisite and timeless ballet performance will be presented at the Joburg Theatre from 30 September to 16 October 2011. The SABT company, includ-

ing stars such as principal dancer Burnise Silvius, international guest artists Lily-Ann Bones, Daniel Convery and Adam Thurlow, as well as a host of local celebrities; will bring this magical fairytale to life. The JPO continues its long-standing association with the SABT by taking up residence in the pit of the Mandela Theatre for this very special ballet season, except for performances on 6, 7 and 13 October,

when it will be danced to recorded music. Under the baton of Sonja Bass; marking the first time the SABT is working with a female conductor, the orchestra will perform Pytor Tchaikovsky’s sweeping score. Based on the original Marius Petipa choreography, The Sleeping Beauty promises to be a memorable family entertainment experience. More details on tel 0861 670 670.







29 SEPTEMBER - 6 OCTober 2011


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Time to refocus on challenges ahead ‘This week will determine just how flexible Peter de Villiers can be in selection, going ahead in the tournament’ Brenden Nel


pringbok captain John Smit’s influence on the team became apparent once again on Monday as he pulled the side together for a crucial team-talk to keep their focus ahead of their crucial final Pool D game against Samoa at this year’s Rugby World Cup. After a weekend where the Boks were given time off, Smit stepped into the void to bring the team’s focus back. There is no doubt the Boks see this as the first of a fourweek cycle, with the physical Samoans posing a massive challenge to their hopes of winning their group. But with their goals clear in their minds, the physical challenge is certainly something the Boks are really looking forward to.

There is no doubt that while the Boks need to negotiate a tough quarterfinal next week, they certainly see this game as ideal preparation for a planned semi-final against the All Blacks in Auckland. This is why the focus has been upped this week. The Boks know all too well just what a good hard win over Samoa will do, not only for momentum but also for their confidence and message to the pretenders in the competition. Smit may be rested this week, he is expected to start from the bench, but will still play a massive role in the team’s preparation. Prop Tendai Mtawarira revealed that Smit had addressed them, stirring them with a speech intended to remind them how vital their contribution against Samoa will be. Smit’s speech was timed perfectly

Getting the team together...Boks skipper John Smit (centre) with his team mates.

to refocus the group, turn their attention to a side that is both dangerous and physical, and to hone in the focus on an area where relaxation comes naturally. The significance of this isn’t lost

on all, especially as Victor Matfield is set to return to lead the side into battle, and Bismarck du Plessis is finally unleashed on the opposition. Smit still controls the side through his captaincy, and given his track

record in leadership, the manner in which the team is allowed to focus this week will determine just how flexible coach Peter de Villiers can be in selection, going ahead in the tournament.


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Bafana ready for final Afcon match Soccer Correspondent


afana coach Pitso Mosimane has announced a 23-man squad to take on Sierra Leone at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit next Saturday. Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Reneilwe Letsholonyane and Mamelodi Sundowns striker Katlego Mphela return to the squad in the final Africa Cup of Nations group match. Mamelodi Sundowns midfielder Lebohang Mokoena and defender Punch Masenamela have also been recalled. The only newcomer in the squad is Turkey-based striker Bradley Grobler of Goztepe Izmir. Mosimane will be without Crystal Palace’s Kagisho Dikgacoi, Tlou Segolela of Orlando Pirates, Teko Modise of Mamelodi Sundowns,

Tsepo Masilela of Getafe in Spain and David Somma of Leeds United, who are injured. Captain Steven Pienaar of Tottenham Hotspur is doubtful. Siphiwe Tshabalala will captain the team against Sierra Leone should Pienaar not be available. After five matches in the qualifiers, South Africa is second in Group G with eight points, one behind log leader Niger. Sierra Leone is in third position with eight points, followed by Egypt, who have only two points and have already been eliminated from the race to qualify for the AFCON finals to be held in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon next year. Mosimane says the plan was to get nine points from the three home matches and three from the away

games, and it was working well until the last match against Niger. “This was a difficult group even though we started very well, and you will notice that none of the four teams managed to get maximum points away. It was a group where home matches were crucial for survival.” The coach is still confident that Bafana will be at the finals next year. “We need to play attacking football like we always do when we are at home. If we do what we have been doing in the last year we should get maximum points, even though in this case we still depend on others to come through for us. “This is a win-at-all-costs encounter. We have to put our bodies on the line and I believe we have a team that will deliver. We believe, trust

Confident...Bafana coach Pitso Mosimane

‘The plan was to get nine points from the three home matches and three from the away games, it worked well until the Niger match’ and know we can beat Sierra Leone at home and we are committed to doing that,” added Mosimane. The coach has also urged fans to come in numbers to support Bafana in their quest to qualify for the Equatorial Guinea and Gabon soccer showpiece. The squad will assemble on Thursday and travel to the Royal Marang Sports Complex on the same day, where they will hold camp. The Bafana Bafana Squad: Goalkeepers: Itumeleng Khune (Kaizer Chiefs), Wayne Sandilands (Mamelodi Sundowns) Defenders: Morgan Gould (SuperSport United), Happy Jele (Orlando Pirates), Eric Mathoho (Bloemfontein Celtic), Siboniso Gaxa (Lierse, Belgium), Bongani Khumalo

(Reading, England), Anele Ngcongca (Racing Genk, Belgium), Siyabonga Sangweni (Orlando Pirates), Punch Masenamela (Mamelodi Sundowns) Midfielders: Daylon Claasen (Lierse, Belgium), Hlompho Kekana (Mamelodi Sundowns), Oupa Manyisa (Orlando Pirates), Thanduyise Khuboni(Golden Arrows), Andile Jali (Orlando Pirates), Siphiwe Tshabalala, Reneilwe Letsholonyane (both Kaizer Chiefs) Lebohang Mokoena (Mamelodi Sundowns) Strikers: Bernard Parker, Lehlohonolo Majoro (both of Kaizer Chiefs), Thulani Serero (Ajax Amsterdam, Holland), Katlego Mphela (Mamelodi Sundowns) and Bradley Grobler (Goztepe Izmir, Turkey).

Tournament to be held every four years in the year preceding each Olympic Games Nthambeleni Gabara South African Under-23 First ever Thenational team has been drawn in Group A in the first ever African African Under-23 Championship, which will serve as last round qualififor the 2012 London Olympic Under 23 ersGames. The Shakes Mashaba coached tourney team has been drawn alongside hosts Egypt, Gabon and Ivory Coast in their group. The draw was conducted at the headquarters of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in Cairo

at the weekend. Group B has Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and Senegal. CAF decided to turn the final phase of Olympic qualifiers into an African U-23 Championship. The tournament will now be held every four years and will fall in the year preceding each Olympic Games. The inaugural Championship starts on 26 November and runs until 10 December, when the final match will be played. Group A matches will be held at the Military Stadium in Cairo, while Group B will play their games at the Arab Contractor Stadium.

The third and fourth place playoffs and the final, will take place at the Cairo International Stadium. SAFA CEO Dr Robin Petersen, who was present at the draw, said this is a tough draw. “Whoever we would have got in our group would have been equally tough because all eight teams are good. Having said that, l think this is a group that we can come out of with some positive results, and we are confident that we can make it to the London Olympic Games and join our women’s team, which has already qualified for the event,” said Petersen.

South Africa will first take on Ivory Coast on 26 November, before they face Gabon three days later. The final group stages match will be against Egypt on 2 December. The semi-finals are scheduled for 7 December, where the first placed in Group A will take on second placed in Group B, and first placed in Group B will face off against second placed in Group A. The top three teams will qualify for the London 2012 Olympics, while the fourth placed side will engage a team from Asia in a play-off for the remaining spot. BuaNews

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