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Mandela Day City of Johannesburg employees sing for madibas.


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19 - 26 JULY 2012

Joburg Health MMC Nonceba Molwele, Gauteng Health MEC Ntombi Mekgwe, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi and Prof Helen Rees pose with Vodacom, Altech and Altron officials during the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

‘This state-of-the-art facility signifies other good things to come in the area as institutions, businesses and sponsors have faith in the rehabilitating of the area’

Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi addresses the gathering. Pic : Inner-city Press Agency

Minister opens

health facility Akhona Zibonti


he Minister of Health Dr Aaron Mostoaledi handed over keys to the newly completed Hillbrow Health Precinct to the Gauteng Department of Health on Friday in Hillbrow. Also represented there was Shandukani and Witwatersrand Reproductive Health and HIV Institute (WRHI). This project was sponsored by Vodacom, Altron and Altech to a cost of R28million, Dr Mostoaledi said there is a need to celebrate Shandukani for its attempts to reduce maternal mortality. “There are many people who live here;

for them to have a world class health facility is very commendable, as some of them are the poor of the poorest.” Gauteng MEC for Health, Ntombi Mekgwe said her department is committing to look after this facility. “I express gratitude to the people who were involved in the success of the project,” she added. Joburg MMC for Health and Social Development, Nonceba Molwele said the city is proud to be part of this hand over. “This signifies strengthening of relations between us and sponsors. This state-of-the-art facility signifies other good things to come in the area as institutions, businesses and sponsors have faith in the rehabilitating of the area.”

Facility manager Sister Mary Kekana said the facility is of benefit to patients. “It is spacious and can take more women who have come for prenatal health care. We have 25 midwives and we deliver over 300 babies every month. There is also an overnight facility for mothers who have given birth; we also have an in-house obstetrician and paediatrician.” WRHI developer Yael Horowitz said this is a 24 hour free facility which will deliver world-class maternal, HIV/Aids and TB services. “We are committed to ensure that more South Africans have access to better healthcare,” she said.

Security men held for murder Jacquelin Thenga Hillbrow police have arrested three men aged between 20 and 25 for alleged attempted murder and kidnapping, according to police spokesperson Cst Nkosinathi Mgimeti. He said the suspects were arrested at a building at corner Nugget and Pietersen streets

in Hillbrow. “Police got a tip off from a community member that three security guards were assaulting a young man because they suspected he had stolen copper cables from the Windybrow building nearby.” Cst Mgimeti explained that police found a 21 year-old victim being assaulted by the three security guards. “The suspects got arrested and the victim had to be rushed to Charlotte Maxeke

hospital after sustaining serious head injuries,” Cst Mgimeti adds. In the same period a 32 year-old man was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at a Bad Boyz security guard at the Matroosburg apartment building in Orkerse Street. “Police rushed to the scene and found the gunman in possession of a licensed 9mm pistol loaded with eight bullets, and he was arrested,” he added.

Ekhaya patrollers display the groceries they donated to the Tswelopele Frail Care Centre. PIC: INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

19 - 26 JULY 2012



A dirty section of the building.


The DA’s Tshepo Mhlongo, Nomantombi Mdodana, Tyrell meyers, Mmusi Maimane and Clr Rashida Landires. PICS : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

DA visits city shelter Persistance Nkomo City of Joburg employees sing and dance for Madiba. PIC : FULUFHELO MOBADI

City employees sing for Madiba Moses Moyo


he City of Johannesburg employees gathered outside the Metropolitan building in Braamfontein to sing the Happy Birthday song for former South African president Nelson Mandela, as he celebrated his 94th birthday.

Bursting into a son, the City’s employees clearly demonstrated to the whole nation, their appreciation to Madiba for the contribution he made in bringing about a nonracial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa. City of Johannesburg and all its employees wishes Nelson Mandela many more birthdays to come.


he Democratic Alliance (DA) has questioned the success of the City of Joburg in housing people in the inner-city when they visited the Moth building in corner De Villiers and Loveday streets in Braamfontein recently. Resident Christopher Litsielo says they have been living in the building since 2009 and the place was meant to be a temporary shelter, but up to date the city has not given them alternative accommodation. He says the living conditions are not good because they divide rooms using curtains, which is not a good place for children to grow up in and pleads with the city to help them.

DA activist Nomantombi Mdodana, who also lives there, says most of the people living in there are unemployed and they struggle to put food on the table for their families. DA shadow MMC for housing, Clr Tsepo Mhlongo says there are about 700 people living in the building. he says the place is a hazard to health because lots of pipes are leaking and there is poor sanitaion. Mmusi Maimane, DA national spokesperson questioned the success of the city in housing people due to the living conditions in the Moth building. “This shows the failure of the government in providing people with basic needs like accommodation and having children running around

the place instead of being at school leaves a lot to be desired,” says Maimane. He adds that the issues of sanitation have been ignored because many pipes are leaking and the sewage is blocked and nothing has been done to solve that. “We will be taking practical steps into helping the people in the building like writing to the Human Rights Commission to conduct an audit to see how people are living in the building,” adds Maimane. He explains that the city must respond urgently to the situation making sure living conditions in the building improves. Up to the time of printing the City’s housing department had not provided comment about the issue.




19 - 26 JULY 2012

We’re not guinea pigs I respond to the article entitled Institute tests HIV prevention gel, Innercity Gazette 5 – 12 July 2012. The work that the Follow-on African Consortium for Tenovir Studies (FACTS) is doing in Yeoville is trying to lure unsuspecting black single uneducated individuals into believing they are doing good by allowing themselves to be used in the Aids prevention research, yet they are destroying their future. FACTS should have done their research on animals. If this kind of study was in suburbs like Sandton, the organisation would have been out of their backyards by yesterday. Stop using us blacks as guinea pigs. I have no doubt that since you started your so called research there has been an increase in HIV infections, to eventually wipe out the black nation. Georgina Mbalekwa Yeoville

COMMENT This week the world salutes one of its greatest icons of freedom, peaceful co-existence and democracy. When the United Nations decided to establish 18 July as a day to acknowledge Nelson Mandela’s contribution to world peace and stability, it took into cognisance his steadfast stance against oppression and racial segregation. It also recognised that even when the apartheid government finally collapsed, he did not bear any grudges against the former oppressors, who jailed him for half a lifetime. For this, Madiba earned global acclaim as one of the top champions of equality, peace and democratic rule. That was to the extent that even those who hated him and called him a communist terrorist during the ugly days of apartheid rule, now celebrate his being and stature, and seek to be associated with him as much as they can. Madiba is also in the list of the world’s top revolutionaries, which includes names like Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere and Jomo Kenyatta. Like his peers, Madiba’s contribution to the struggles for equality cannot be overstated. Madiba also set an example for his successors in the global political arena. After enduring so much pain to attain freedom for his people, Madiba served only one term as president. That was unlike some African leaders, who seek to remain in power for the rest of their lives; which creates resentment among the people, leading to the leaders becoming dictators and killers. If all political leaders would take a cue from Madiba’s style, there would not be human suffering as much as we have in Somalia, Mali, DR Congo, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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A new Mandela in this winter of our discontent In this lifetime, an icon lives and breathes among us. Future generations will envy us for having been in the presence of a character and visionary so extraordinary that legends of fantasy can hardly compete. Yet we the blessed, the witnesses to the wonder of Mandela-ism, are in great need of a new light, Ranjeni Munusamy writes.


here’s a hive of activity all over the country today as South Africans do their bit to pay tribute to our most eminent citizen, Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday, as part of the international 67 minutes campaign to promote human solidarity and public service. It is a day when goodwill gestures make people feel better about themselves and we imagine that the thousands of little deeds will do something to alleviate the misery of the less fortunate. But in these desperate social and economic times, the millions of our fellow countrymen and women stuck in the poverty trap are looking for more than goodwill gestures. They live in squalor, have long lost hope and are fatigued by living every day as lesser humans. They want more from government and political leaders than promises about job creation and service delivery. They are fed up with hearing about the better healthcare that will come someday and how their children will be taught essential skills so that they may one day get jobs. For every hard day that passes, there is a new promise: maybe proper shelter to keep out the cold and the rain, a strip of land that will provide food, perhaps a factory that will create jobs. Each unfulfilled promise means another day in anguish. Those in positions of power tell us that the despairing conditions of the people living in extreme poverty keep them awake at night. Yet in the day, the talk does not translate into actions that are able to rescue those crying for help. The poor have no option but to wait. A generation of South Africans who have no employment and no hope sits and waits for these promises to materialise. A whole other generation is coming, and it may not want to wait because its future is destined for catastrophe. And what about the rest of us, perhaps less desperate but just

as hopeless? We saw the making of Mandela-ism – the cultivation of a nation through reconciliation and healing – and saw it disintegrate. We were the generation that bore witness to that sunrise on 27 April 1994 and watched the miracle of democracy and helped mould our special blend of rainbow patriotism. We walked the journey of our transition and watched the tall silhouette of Mandela disappear into the sunset. And now we’re standing in the darkness, where no light of leadership is visible. In the darkness, what was good about our nation is being stolen and violated. Our anxiety stems not so much from the evil that lurks in the darkness but that we do not know how to bring the light back. It is the winter of our discontent. In the darkness, we can dream of what we need to make the sun rise again: a new Mandela. A new incarnation of what made Nelson Mandela so exceptional a leader and so human an icon. A person who in word and deed encompasses the best in humanity and who can conquer the worst through goodness. What would it take to create a new people’s hero, a person motivated by Ubuntu and selflessness to lead a nation out of desperation? A person who could be a symbol whom we all look to in order to break the chains of powerlessness and subjection that prevent us from tackling the demons

exploiting the darkness? Nelson Mandela was born to be great. Every experience on his long walk made him even greater. His extreme persecution, his imprisonment, made him a legend for millions who could not see or hear him for 27 years. His character and gestures from his release to the time he disappeared from public life is what transfigured him into a living saint. A new hero may not need to be born great or be tormented and locked away to achieve greatness. A new leader need not be bent on rebellion or prey on frustration. The world has moved on since our legion of struggle heroes was created and the prototype of a liberation fighter emerging from meagre beginnings to rise against a powerful and oppressive system is no longer relevant. In a time of human advancement and the existence of constitutional liberties, a new type of champion is needed. A new Mandela may not need to be inspirational but would awaken us to the full reality of exploitation and dysfunction inherent around us. He or she would make us see that which blinds us into subjugation and break the cowardice and selfishness which makes us accepting of inequality and suffering. The new Mandela would show us paths to development and prosperity, and lead us away from the logjam of useless debate over

our economic trajectory. It is the values and vision which would set this leader apart from the rest, in the same way Nelson Mandela did. But in every other sense, this new leader would have to be just like us. A new-age leader would be educated, technology savvy and probably communicate via social media. They would probably live in a suburb, drive a sedan, shop at Woolworths and have frequent flyer miles. This leader would exist in the contradiction of fighting on behalf of the poor while not living among them. Who, then, are we looking for? A frail old man to replicate himself into a younger being or someone among us to rise and take up the challenge? Mandela knew the answers long before we had to ask it: “As we were our own liberators, so too must we change our own lives for the better.” On heroes, Madiba said: “No single individual can assume the role of hero or Messiah.” What he expects of us: “As I sit in Qunu and grow as ancient as its hills, I will continue to entertain the hope that there has emerged a cadre of leaders in my own country and region, on my continent and in the world, which will not allow that any should be denied their freedom, as we were, that any should be turned into refugees, as we were, that any should be condemned to go hungry, as we were, that any should be stripped of their human dignity, as we were.” And when that dreaded day comes: “On my last day I want to know that those who remain will say: ‘The man who lies here has done his duty for his country and his people’.” Happy birthday, Tata. May millions of Nelson Mandelas rise, ready to do our duty for our country and our people as you have. Source : Daily Maverick

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19 - 26 JULY 2012







19 - 26 JULY 2012

Brig Vukile Ntandane and Maj-Gen Pharasi with other officials during the event.


Cops honour Madiba Jacquelin Thenga


illbrow SAPS in partnership with Chartis Insurance Company, and the ANC Youth League donated clothes, a cake and soft drinks worth R10 000 to the Twilight home and the House Shelter, in

honor of Mandela Day, according to police spokesperson Cst Nkosinathi Mgimeti. “Hillbrow cluster commander MajGen Pharasi, station commander Brig Vukile Ntandane and other senior officers were among the people who were there to contribute 67 minutes to Madiba’s birthday.”

Cst Mgimeti added that Brig Ntandane encouraged the Twilight and House Shelter children to give back to Madiba by doing positive things and becoming great future leaders. Brig Ntandane also urged community members to take part in anticrime community projects in order to sustain a crime free environment.

MMC Chris Vondo (right) and City Parks officials during the ceremony. PIC: INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Trees for Madiba Persistance Nkomo


his week City Parks planted 94 fruit trees to mark the 94th birthday of former president Nelson Mandela in Thokoza Park, Soweto. The 94th tree was planted at Thokoza Park in Soweto in an orchard dedicated to Madiba, where he planted his 90th birthday tree. Johannesburg Community Development MMC Chris Vondo encouraged residents to water the trees and guard against vandalism of the park and other public services. “These parks are tourist attractions and it is not the duty of the govenment alone to look after them but the community as well. I challenge residents to take care of the facilities we have and guard against vandalism. When people protest, they should not burn the facilities and offices, it is our duty to protect the facilities and report any criminals,” said Vondo. Vondo explained that July is declared Mandela Month and people are to continue giving their 67 minutes of community service throughout the month. He described Mandela as an international figure who lived a selfless life to bring freedom to his community, and encouraged everyone to emulate Madiba’s character. “I would like to thank the Nelson Mandela Foundation for coming up with the idea of donating 67 minutes to community service, for it has made us to be selfless and remember the vul-

nerable in our communities,” added Vondo. He explained that Mandela Day makes the residents of Joburg work together by promoting social responsibility and togetherness. “This day gives us an opportunity to change the lives of people in Diepkloof and Orange Farm, among others and offer help where we can,” said Vondo. He committed the residents to giving value to parks, libraries, other public services and to keep the environment clean by avoiding litter. Meanwhile City Parks donated blankets to the PUSH Childcare centre and Thembelenkosini Children’s centre in Kliptown recently, as part of the 67 minutes of community service. City Parks acting manager Bryne Maduka handed over blankets to the centre’s principal Lorna Fisher and officially opened the food garden and playground equipment for the centre. “We are grateful for the donations from City Parks and I promise that our children will not be seen playing in the streets, but will use the facility that has been donated to us,” she said. Fisher explained that the name of the centre is abbreviated from its full name, Persevere Until Something Happens. She said the centre is a home for abandoned children and orphans, and is facing some financial problems. “The food garden will also help us with vegetables and the children will learn how to maintain the garden,” Fisher added.

Madiba week lecture Babalwa Bungane A friend of Nelson Mandela, Andrew Mlangeni this week introduced a lecture at the Joburg library on how he knew him, as part of a series of activities for Mandela Week. Mlangeni said Mandela came to Joburg because his Eastern Cape tribe wanted him to marry, when he was not ready.

The initiative is by organizations that include the Community Works Programme (CWP), Joburg City Region F, Nelson Mandela Foundation and EMS. Gert Boshoff, a 90.6 FM DJ who is a private Madiba collector was there to contribute by auctioning his autographed Madiba collections, which included a copy of Mandela’s Long walk to Freedom book, a copy of the April 1994 edition of Time magazine.

Members of the enviro group David Lehabe (left) and Stanley Madzimbalale.

Mandela Day clean-up Jacquelin Thenga In partnership with Piki Tup waste management company, Eyakho Environmental Group started a cleaning campaign in and around Joubert Park on 18 July to celebrate Mandela Day. Founder of the group, Stanley Madzimbalale invited students from Vector College, Freedom Community College, Johannesburg Polytech College, Rosebank College and Phoenix College to join the campaign. The cleaning started at the Attwell Gardens park at corner Joubert and Plein streets at 10am. From there they went and cleaned Plein, Wanderers and DeVilliers streets. Madzimbalale said the campaign is to change people’s mindsets about the importance of having a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

“We want people to know that working together we can achieve that. Every person can do anything if given a chance, proper assistance and the necessary resources.” The principal of Freedom Community College in Joubert Park, Christopher Ndlovu said they are happy to be part of the campaign because it will teach students responsibility and instil the spirit of working together. “A clean place begins with you, if each individual can be responsible wherever they are, then there will be no littering around the city,” he added. Felix Moyo, an educator at Phoenix College said the campaign would also teach their students not to wait for the government to do the little things for them, but instead do them themselves.

Vusi Khumbuza, an educator at Vector College said they are proud to be involved in the campaign. “We wish Mandela Day to be everyday, so we can can be responsible citizens. Piki Tup sponsored the campaign with gloves, litter bags, and masks.

Finance group donates computers Akhona Zibonti

This week members of the

commercial property finance group TUHF donated computers to the Izenzo Kungemazwi Community College in Bok Street, Joubert Park, in their 67 minutes of community service. TUHF spokesperson Press-

age Nyoni said they chose the school because it operates within their domain. “The parents of the children make our business strive. We will come up with a mechanism to ensure we support you in all possible ways; you require our support and we want to support you.” The col-

lege’s director, Judith expressed her gratitude to the people who donated five computers and also took time to feed the children. “Words cannot express how we feel, this will go a long way to fulfil our mission,” she added. An un-identified member of FASDA group For more info call prepares groceries for donations to Usindiso telephone 011 720 1950. Ministries. PIC: INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

19 - 26 JULY 2012


Bouazizi’s mother arrested Tunis - The mother of Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor whose self-immolation sparked the Arab uprisings, has been detained for insulting an official. The justice ministry said Manoubia Bouazizi, 60, was arrested after an altercation with a judge in her hometown of Sidi Bouzid. Manoubia Bouazizi had been trying to register for government benefits provided to the Manoubia Bouazizi families of those who died in the revolution. She has been charged with insulting an official while he was performing his duties, ministry spokesman Mondher Bedhiafi said. The uprising in Tunisia was sparked in December 2010 when Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old produce vendor, died after setting himself on fire in protest against his humiliation and extortion at the hands of police and government officials. His brother, Salem Bouazizi said his mother argued with a clerk of the court, not the judge, who pushed her towards the exit, and the two exchanged insults. There have been tensions in the town of Sidi Bouzid in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings over the international fame of the Bouazizi family.



Oil exploitation warning

Yoweri Museveni

Kampala - President Yoweri Museveni has warned African leaders to avoid manipulation from oil companies that seek unfair agreements for exploiting African resources. He said there have been attempts by oil companies to get oil exploitation agreements from his government. He cited a case in which some oil companies opposed the establishment of a refinery in Uganda, saying it would not be profitable because other East African countries have also discovered oil. President Museveni added that he rejected the pressure because more Ugandans are acquiring vehicles. He also warned of oil companies under-declaring the percentage of oil that can be exploited from the ground. Museveni urged his counterparts to invest in training local personnel from their countries, so that they effectively carry out the proper assessment of underground oil deposits. South Sudan leader, Salva Kiir on 9 July announced his country had embarked on the construction of its refinery in Upper Nile state, while that in Unity state is expected to commence soon.

Rebels drop secession bid

Foes sign security deal

Bamako - Tuareg rebels have dropped their claims for a separate state after the rebellion was hijacked by Islamist fighters. National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) spokesperson Mossa Ag Attaher said: “We seek cultural, political and economic independence but not secession, we consider the view of the international community to resolve the crisis.” MNLA has been sidelined by better-armed Islamist groups who want to impose strict Sharia Islamic law in the whole of Mali. Al-Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine has carried out public whippings of alleged adulterers and destroyed UNESCO-listed shrines of local saints in Timbuktu, saying such worship was un-Islamic. Ansar Dine spokesman Sanda Boumana said he was not aware of change in the MNLA position. Foreign military intervention has been withheld by divisions among neighbours and lack of proper government in Mali, whose prime minister remains in Paris after being attacked by protesters in May. The AU said efforts were underway to find a political solution and that military action was a last resort.

Kigali - DR Congo and Rwanda have agreed on a deal for a regional pact to eliminate armed rebels. Along with other leaders from the Great Lakes region, the DRC’s President Joseph Kabila and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame signed an accord to create an international military force to fight insurgencies in the provinces of North and South Kivu. The neighbours who have gone to war with each other in the past, have swapped accusations about backing rival rebel groups, which both Kigali and Kinshasa deny. The agreement proposes a military response to an offensive by M23 rebels in east Congo’s turbulent borderlands. Rebel advances have sent the Congolese army fleeing, displaced thousands of civilians, killed an Indian UN peacekeeper and stoked tensions between the two states. Congo accused the Rwandan army of equipping the M23 rebels. Rwanda has denied the accusations despite UN evidence supporting the allegations. The M23 rebellion has hundreds of Congolese army defectors who support General Bosco Ntaganda, wanted by the ICC on war crimes charges.

Mossa Ag Attaher

Riot cops attack protesters Mbabane - Scores of people were injured last week as over 200 police officers fired rubber bullets and teargas and attacked striking public servants. Police attacked the members of the National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU) who were on strike, joining teachers who have been striking for two weeks. Police detained the strik-

ers in a park for most of the morning and prevented them from attending a march through the city. In the afternoon some strikers tried to leave to get food. Police fired rubber bullets and teargas at them. The strike had been permitted by the industrial court, but police said a march had not been sanctioned by the city council. Freedom of assembly and

to protest are limited in Swaziland, which is ruled by King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch. Swazi police routinely attack protesters with teargas and rubber bullets.

Paul Kagame

City Power celebrated Mandela Day with a blanket-making project. The blankets were made voluntarily by City Power employees from poly-fleece material. Fifty blankets were made, and all were donated to charity organizations.

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19 - 26 JULY 2012

19 - 26 JULY 2012




Cops seize rhino horn Crime Reporter Yeoville police have arrested two men who were found in possession of a rhino horn in Hopkins Street, according to police spokesperson Cst Thabo Malatji. “Police received a tip-off about the men who were busy cutting a rhino horn at the corner of Hopkins and Kenmere street, on arrival the police found two male busy grinding a rhino horn.” Cst Malatji adds that the police

found one rhino horn, seven unknown animal horns, one grinder, a scale, a sword and a carcass of a rhino. In another incident police arrested four males aged 28 to 32 for possession of gold weighing 1.558 kg, Cst Malatji says. “The police were on routine patrols when they stopped a VW Golf with four occupants at the corner of Hunter and De la Rey Street. Upon searching the vehicle they found gold and the suspects could not account on how they found it.”

Shoppers sift through the piles of clothing in the DeVilliers Street market.

Shoppers invade informal market Second hand goods market attracts hundreds of shoppers Priscilla Sigida


Irvine Nyaruoto (left) and Godknows Paradzai display some of their products.

he second-hand goods market in Joburg’s DeVilliers Street between King George and Hoek streets is a hive of activity, where second-hand goods traders ply their trade and hundreds of shoppers converge. The goods sold there are mainly imported second hand clothing, most of which is high quality designer labels. The clothing offered there is for all, male, female and also for children of all ages, sold at very low prices. There are varieties of dresses, shirts, trousers, jackets, shoes and plenty more. The traders there, most of whom are refugees from west and east Africa, shout their advertising to attract customers. A man selling children’s clothing shouts: “Abantwana, abantwana!” Someone corrects him and tells him that it sounds like he is ‘selling children’. He however fails to shout the correct version, laughs and reverts to his “abantwana’.

All around him the other traders also shout their own advertising. The place is crowded with customers sifting through the piles of clothing in the stalls. Price tags printed on cardboard are displayed there. Shirts go for R10, expensive looking jackets for R20, designer shoes for R30. One of the vendors, Kenneth Chikunga says competition is very high there, and he has to make sure his prices are low in order to win customers. “I started working as a vendor at this street seven years ago. There were not many of us vendors here. In those days I made good money, but now I don’t get many customers anymore,” says Chikunga. Martin Themba from Malawi says he has been working there for over six years selling all kinds of shoes depending on the season. He says the shoes were imported from the United Kingdom. “I use the money from the sales to support my family and pay rent. I get very little money from the sales

of these goods, and if I could get another job I would go for it.” Regarding nearby shops Themba says he sees no problem because they are not selling similar goods, and even the prices are not the same. One of the hundreds of customers there, who provided her name only as Nonkululeko, said the DeVilliers Street market provides quality clothing at very low prices. “This is a better option for me because they have what I always need,” she said. Another shopper, Elsie, said the clothing designs are unique and not available at any other shops. “I compare the price and the quality of the same clothing in other stores and find these to be a better option,” she added. A shop owner in the area, who provided his name as Sadikur said he used to sell all kinds of clothing, but now sells Tupperware and blankets, because he would not win the competition with the vendors. By the time of going to print comment from the Metro Trading Company had not been obtained.

Wire deco art Patients celebrate Madiba Day for survival Babalwa Bungane

Jacquelin Thenga Working from the corner of Wanderers and Wolmarans streets in Joubert Park, a group of Zimbabwean wire artists design various objects, which they sell to make a living. The group’s spokesperson, Irvine Nyaruoto says they can design almost anything using the materials. “They design decoration artworks like animals, cars, fruit bowls, flowers, flower pots; key holders and musical instruments,” he adds. The designs are sold at prices ranging from R30 to R1 500, depending

on the size of the artwork and the material used. “We sell our products at very low prices so that people can afford them. When we started; we were designing key holders and cars using only wire, until we decided to design things like animals, flowers using steel, wire and beads,” says Nyaruoto. He adds that they manage to design about 60 items every month. “We sell the artworks at the Johannesburg botanical gardens and in flea markets all around the city, and sometimes we travel as far as Mafikeng to sell our products.” For more call 074 803 8167.

The Hillbrow Community Health Centre organized a fun day for patients in celebrating the Mandela Day, which was sponsored by Woolworths, Wedge, Blue Label, Telecom, Bayport Financial Services and CSS Tactical. JR Group Mapantsula, Moka Project and many others performed for the

crowd. Sbusiso Leope, better known as DJ Sbu entertained his fans. “When one thinks of this day only positive things come to mind. For me Mandela Day means the values Madiba implanted, inspiration, forgiveness and of course the legacy.” Mary Kekana, the clinic manager, said she is grateful to Prophet Radebe who helped them at the ‘eleventh hour’ by providing them with the sound system

and 50 chairs from his church. Portia Mogomotsi, event coordinator and radiographer said the event was to give hope to the community. “We honour Tata Mandela’s principles of ‘ubuntu’ and unity. As most of our patients are foreign nationals we want to break the stigma of xenophobia and show that we are all united as one nation,” she said. The crowd received food parcels, winter scarfs, and were served meals.

HILLBROW POLICE ARRESTS 10 - 16 JULY 2012 1. possession of suspected stolen property-05 2. rape-02 3. theft-06 4. shoplifting-07 5. driving motor vehicle without license-02 6. assault GBH-15 7. fraud-04 8. posession of drugs-09 9. drunk driving-09 10. armed robbery-01 11. possession of dagga-03 12. murder and kidnapping-03 13. common robbery-07 14. common assault-17

15. hijacking-01 16. hit and run-01 17. theft out of motor vehicle-01 18. pointing of firearm-01 19. housebreaking and theft-02 20. possession of car-breaking implements-01 21. dealing in dagga-0 22. reckless and negligent driving-02 23. theft and malicious damage to property-03 24. business robbery-01 25. undocumented person(s)-25 Inquiries: Cst Nkosinathi Mgimeti Hillbrow SAPS Cell: 082 414 1650 or 073 521 7448

CONFISCATIONS Dagga - 161gr Cocaine powders - 38 pieces Knives - 6 Blankets -8 Plasma TV - 1 Fake DVDs - 30 Alcohol Kits - 4 Copper cables - 3X1m cables




19 - 26 JULY 2012

Drama activates dialogue Season tackles social transformation in SA Arts Correspondent


his year’s Drama for Life SA Season entitled ‘Crossing Borders’ tackles the critical debate about social transformation in South Africa and invites all public to engage in performances, exhibitions, films, reflections and debates about who we have become 18 years into a constitutional democracy. Altogether 11 drama performances, two theatrical interventions, a documentary film series titled Why are we so angry? presented by SABC 1, an exhibition and a debate competition started at Wits Theatre, multiple sites across the university campus, and the Market Theatre on July 17 to proceed up to July 29. The festival is curated by direc-

An image from Illuminating Change

tor, educator and therapist Warren Nebe and includes performances directed by young upcoming professional South African artists. One of the much anticipated plays that will be staged in this year’s SA Season is The Line by multi-award winning actress and director Gina Shmuckler. Having spent several months in the townships this outstanding piece is constructed from a series of interviews with South Africans involved or affected by the xenophobic attacks that shocked the international community in May 2008. The piece explores the fragility of goodness and questions how the attacks were born, who is responsible, what makes good people do bad things and how one crosses the line. Delivered as spoken, ver-

batim theatre, The Line has been described as ‘powerful’, ‘chilling’, ‘a must-see’. The official opening of The Line takes place on July 20 at the Market Theatre. In contrast to Gina’s work that is based on personal narratives, Phala Phala’s play Red Peter’s Way Out takes a metaphorical view on South African society. Based on Franz Kafka’s A Report to an Academy, Red Peter’s Way Out is a solo performance about a primate’s struggle to overcome the confines of captivity. The play attempts to ask what it means to be free. One of this year’s highlight performances also include darling of the public Omphile Molusi’s oneman-show Itsoseng that deftly balances comedy and tragedy in the story of a young man, his love

Omphile Molusi in Itsoseng

for his childhood sweetheart, his yearning for change and the misbelief that the end of apartheid oppression would bring harmony. Other productions include four striking new professional directors, including the award winning Pusetso Thibedi - who has just assisted Janice Honeyman with the new Athol Fugard play, The Blue Iris, as well as Benjamin Bell, Lamar Bonhomme and Sibongile Mazibuko. Together these four original productions, specially commissioned for this SA Season, critique the failed transformation project in South Africa. The exhibition Illuminating Change - Transforming Wits attracted excellent student photographs which spoke to many kinds of transformation - through race, class, gender, sexuality, (dis)abil-

ity, accessibility in built spaces and transformation in nature. The Drama for Life SA Season is completed by a debate competition organized by Wits Debating Union, as well as the theatrical game ‘Who wants to be a South African?’ Conceptualized and directed by: Kgomotso Matsunyane the play is set in modern society and mimics- through parody- the popular TV game show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. The 2012 Drama for Life SA Season ‘Crossing Borders’ aims to be a platform for young cutting edge artists to showcase their work and to provoke a debate about what it means to be South African in 2012. For more information on the SA Season email Madimetja.Teffo@ or call 011 71 74 732.

Seasoned comedians present hottest comic ‘It isn’t all influenced by politics, instead it’s always about what’s current’ Kim Mari


outh Africa’s biggest comedy brand, Blacks Only, is coming to Emperors Palace in Johannesburg for one night only.

The show has a side-splitting lineup that includes comedy giant David Kau (pictured) and same of the country’s hottest black comics. Blacks Only, presented by Real Comedy, takes to the Centre Court

at Emperors Palace on July 28. The show – which has taken laughter all over the country for the past eight years, is back for another show at Emperors Palace this year. Kau will reprise his role as the MC.

He will share the stage with comic heavyweights and Comics Choice Awards nominees and winners, Dillon Oliphant, Sifiso Nene, Robbie Collins, and Mpho Pops. Also on this massive bill is female comic star Celeste, and one of Cape Town’s finest, Mumzi. David Kau needs little introduction and his name is synonymous

R336 Per 1 000 Flyers / Pamphlets

with many firsts. At the current age of 32, this Kroonstad-born comic began his career as the first black stand-up comedian in the 1998 Smirnoff Comedy Festival in Cape Town - the only black person on stage out of 44 comics. Of his material Kau says: “It isn’t all influenced by politics, instead it’s always about what’s current.”

PAMPHLET DISTRIBUTION Call 076 681 0577 * Minimum One Thousand

19 - 26 JULY 2012



Her singular voice and deeply personal perspective make her a one-of-a-kind recording artist Nolwazi Hlebela


Johnny Clegg live in Joburg Kim Mari


ne of South Africa’s most prolific musicians, Johnny Clegg will make his debut at The Teatro at Montecasino on 15 and 16 September. With a career spanning over 30 years, Clegg is currently touring the US to rave reviews having recently sold out two nights in New York. One New York review says: “Clegg’s audience is fiercely loyal, and he speaks to them with humour, intelligence and respect. You can hear a pin drop when he talks, because fans are nearly as keen to hear him reminisce, opine, and tell stories as they are to hear him sing and play guitar. He is a tremendously committed and gifted performer who remains deeply engaged with the world.” “Clegg’s singing is better than ever. He reworks familiar melodies with ease, adding nuances, and he arranges songs so as to feature the band’s excellent vocal harmonies.” These will be one of a few of his performances in Johannesburg before he leaves to go to perform in Europe for Prince Albert, The Sovereign Prince of Monaco and Princess Charlene in Monte Carlo at the end of September this year.

This show at The Teatro is brand new, which will include Dance, the Soweto Gospel Choir and stunning visuals which will compliment Johnny’s hits throughout the years. Clegg has sold over five million albums worldwide. He has wowed audiences with his live shows, including performances with Nelson Mandela, and won a number of national and international awards for his music and for his outspoken views on apartheid and migrant workers in South Africa. He has released two dozen albums, the most recent of which is Human, in 2010. Clegg is a dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic, activist and French knight. While all of these tags are fitting, none of them can accurately describe the energetic, passionate human being who has become one of South Africa’s greatest musical exports. Clegg is an icon of South African music. Recently awarded three honorary doctorates from Dartmouth College, CUNY and University of the Witwatersrand, on Freedom day, 27 April, Clegg received the presidential Ikhamanga award as part of the National Orders ceremony. The National Orders are the highest honour a citizen can receive for his/her contribution to South Africa.

Launchpad into arts profession Nkosingiphile Khumalo


he Artspace Mentorship Programme has opened a call for nominations for artists to be considered for the 2012/2013 programme. Nominations close on 9 September; and only hard copied nominations can be delivered to the Artspace Gallery or at the Artspace Gallery booth at the Joburg Art Fair. This is an opportunity for visual artists who have been working on developing their artistic voice and guiding their careers, and are ready for their first solo exhibition at a contemporary commercial gallery, that would

serve as a launch platform into the professional art sector. Successful candidates will work with a mentor towards a sponsored solo exhibition at Artspace Gallery. Artspace curator Teresa Lizamore says navigating through relationships with galleries can be intimidating for an artist with little experience. “This process introduces the gallery to new voices, and the artists to the gallery in a supported process,” Lizamore adds. Some of the past participants have made impact in the art industry. For more information call 011 8808802 or visit

he Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City Casino presents exclusive performances by AfroSoul vocalist, Lira on 3 and 4 August. Lira (pictured) is one of Africa’s biggest music artists, following in the footsteps of the legendary Miriam Makeba and Letta Mbulu with four platinum albums under her belt. This Afro-soul vocalist’s elegant, soulful and radiant sounds have made her one of the best-selling artists in South Africa. Widely regarded as one of South Africa’s top adult contemporary artists, Lira has an impressive series of achievements since launching her musical career nearly a decade ago. She maintains one of the largest Facebook followings of any South African musician, with over 335 000 fans. Her career has seen her collect a multitude of accolades and nominations including South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Awards, BET Awards, Channel O Awards and MOBO Awards, as well as Glamour Magazine South Africa’s ‘Woman of the Year’. She is a topflight concert attraction - selling out venues across Africa and Europe. While Lira’s music reflects her love for greats such as Miriam Makeba, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone and sits comfortably alongside the likes of Sade, Maxwell and Lizz Wright, her singular voice and deeply personal perspective make her a one-of-a-kind recording artist. Lira will be supported by hot emerging band, The Muffinz, who have just released their debut album, Have You Heard? The title track from the slick new album is already burning up the airwaves on South African regional radio while Khumbul’ekhaya is enjoying heavy rotation on public broadcasters. For more information call 011 248 5000.

Exclusive performance This Afro-soul vocalist’s elegant, soulful and radiant sounds have made her one of the best-selling artists in South Africa.

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19 - 26 JULY 2012

19 - 26 JULY 2012






19 - 26 JULY 2012


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Health MMC visits Hillbrow gym

MMC Nonceba Molwele poses with boxers at the gym. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Moses Moyo This week Clr NoncebaMolwele, Joburg MMC for Health and Social Development Department visited The Bronx Gym. The Bronx Gym consists of state of the art training facilities which include a boxing training centre, squash court, running, cycling, steps and rowing machines. Molwele said, “The City recently launched the Healthy Lifestyle Campaign to promote healthy lifestyle. The City will continue to form partnerships to educate the public on the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and reduce

‘The City will continue to form partnerships to educate the public on the benefit of living a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases’ Soccer action at the BG Alexander.

the risk of developing chronic diseases.” Joburg’s GDS addresses the over nutrition and under nutrition of the citizens of Johannesburg. By 2040, the City of Johannesburg aims to achieve substantially enhanced quality of life for all. It envisages development initiatives that enable selfsustainability, improved health and life expectancy and real social inclusivity. She said, “We have to encourage residents to exercise regularly and eat healthier, with this facility here now it will make thing better. Healthy lifestyle habits need to be developed from

young. We are doing health promotion programme with schools and we will also encourage young people to utilize this facility as part of living healthy lifestyle. Some of us find it difficult to find time to exercise regularly due to busy schedules. But one hour to do some physical activity in the gym is better than none at all. If health is wealth, let’s all be proactive and work towards as healthy and wealthy. It starts with you and me”, emphasised Molwele. Anthony Agrella, owner of The Bronx Gym said: “We want to give the community the tools to make healthier lifestyles.


Pre-Mandela week soccer tourney Akhona Zibonti


he Madulamoho housing scheme, Ekhaya neighbourhood and the Hillbrow SAPS held a pre-Mandela day sports against crime tournament last Saturday at the BG Alexander ground in Hillbrow. EKhaya neibourhood co-ordinator Bafikile Mkhize said the event started with a cleaning campaign in Twist, Esselen and Smit streets, and also in front of the Silverdale and Elkero buildings. This is an ongoing process because EKhaya is about safety, friendliness and cleanliness,” said Mkhize Councillor Mzwandile Tyobeka said the event is a build-up to what will be implemented until December every second and

third Tuesday of the month. Hillbrow police spokesperson Cst Nkosinathi Mgimeti said the tournament is another way of preventing crime. “It helps children to keep motivated,” he added. The tournament consisted of under-15, under-10 and open soccer teams, which the Hillbrow SAPS was part of. There game was lively when Helderburg played with the girls team Super Strikers. Helderburg was not popular among the spectators, who occasionally booed them. In the finals, BG Alexander 2 beat BG Alexandra 2-0, in the under15 Elkero FC beat Madulamomoho 1-0 on penalties, in the under 10 Jozi Dudes FC won 2-1 beating Young Star. Under10 player Mxolisi Ngwenya receiving the player of the tournament trophy.


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Inner City Gazette  

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