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Special from 18 - 24 May 2012


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Rooftop gardens P 2 AGE

JHC CEO Elize Stroebel, JDA’s manager Sharon Lewis and Food Gardens Foundation’s Hilda Pheto in the food garden in Hillbrow. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

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17 - 24 MAY 2012

Garden on the roof of Hillbrow building ‘The rooftop gardens provide the inner city community with skills to produce their own food so they can be self-reliant’ Own Correspondent


recycled car tyres cut on the sides to make more room for planting. Leaves of other crops, including maize were used for dressing the soil as green manure. Green manure helps to improve the soil nutrients; any crop can used for this purpose but the most common one are legumes. The rooftop gardens project resonates with the government’s strategy to reduce carbon footprints by 42 percent by 2014. Speaking on site, CEO of JHC, Elize Stroebel, said her company not only provided housing, but also strove to create sustainable communities. “We saw the need to implement a long-lasting strategy to help our tenants out of the ciycle of poverty. The rooftop gardens provide the inner city community with skills to produce their own food so they can be self-reliant; they are can put food on their tables.” Fuelling Stroebel’s sentiments was the JDA’s executive manager, Sharon Lewis. She pointed out that the rooftop gardens initiative complemented the City’s call to promote food security, as pronounced by the mayor earlier in the year.

his week employees of JDA joined their colleagues from the JHC subsidiary, Makhulong A Matala, on the roof, where they spent the morning putting the finishing touches to the garden. Other partners in the venture include the Food Gardens Foundation, which provided the technical JHC CEO Elize Stroebel, JDA’s manager Sharon Lewis and Food Gardens expertise needed to plant a garden Foundation’s Hilda Pheto plant vegetables in the garden. of such nature. Rooftop gardens PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY are ideal for growing vegetables in an urban environment, where there is limited space for agriculture. And it is green in more ways than one: reBRIGHT FUTURE sources used to DRIVING ACADEMY CC set it up were recycled materiOpen 7 days a week al, which made From 6am to 6pm this model more Professional Learner cost efficient & Driving Tuitions Opening Special and environCode 08: 1 hour R100 ment friendly. Code 10: 1 hours R120 The planters 1. Full course available are made out of 2. Free ID photos & copies with all booked courses. See This !!!! Bring a client and on signing Crime Reporter earn R50 Ts & Cs Apply 159 Bree Street, Shop 12 This week police arrested three men for Newtown (Near Miriam alleged robbery, says police spokesperson Makeba Street) Sgt Jenny Pillay. Office: 011 027 8570/ 8571 Cell: 082 847 4520 Required to sell advertising She explains that a complainant was al082 931 8291 legedly approached by four men in Koch space for Inner-city Gazette. Street, Joubert Park, who demanded money Call 011 023 - 7588; or submit your from him. “The victim did not give them any money, CV through Fax : 086 609 8611 or so they forcefully searched him and stole Email : his R120. When they also sought to steal his cellphone police patrolling saw what was happening and approached the scene. Tel : 011 024 - 8513 EXCELLENT COMMISSION STRUCTURE The suspects fled and the police gave chase

“Rooftop gardens play a vital part in inner city development and as the JDA we are proud to be associated with this kind of development.” She encouraged all partners involved to continue working together to advance urban regeneration. “Everyone has a role to play in this regard, including the community.” The JDA has donated a small fee towards the initiative as part of its yearly social corporate mandate in places in which it does business. There are four similar gardens in the inner city; three at JHC buildings Douglas Village, Brickfields and Towerhill Mansions; the fourth is at the Africa Diamond Building in the CBD. Hilda Pheto, general manager of the Food Gardens Foundation, said the rooftop gardens initiative would restore a sense of independence for tenants. “In most households only one person is employed. It can be difficult at times for some to provide for their families.” She encouraged unemployed youths in inner-city buildings where rooftop gardens had been planted to help maintain them.

Joubert Park thugs arrested


and arrested three of them, one suspect is still at large,” Sgt Pillay adds. In another incident a 34 year-old man was arrested for carjacking, Sgt Pillay says. “Three men approached a man in Smit Street who was sitting in his car, pointed a gun at him and said they want the car. They ordered him out of the car and drove off.” Sgt Pillay says the victim then followed the suspects another car, which led him to Jagger Street in Hillbrow. “He then reported the matter to a police patrol, and when the police approached the suspects ran. One man ran into a building, police pursued and arrested him. His accomplices are still at large,” she says.

17 - 24 MAY 2012



Clr Phineas Madisha poses with CWP Co-ordinator Florah Twala PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Move to utilise Yeoville land Sizwe Mathe


he area around Havana Arts Corner in Hendon Street in Yeoville will soon get a facelift, and projects designed to benefit communities will subsequently follow. Ward Councillor Phineas Madisha said plans are underway to turn the land into productivity. “When the land was handed over to the community it was planned that the youth would engage in various projects. One could not question it because there was a current councillor. Now it has become my responsibility to probe the matter about this land,” Clr Madisha said. Some community members had regarded the involvement of the Community Works Programme (CWP)

as a stumbling-block in the effective utilisation of the land. Among those charges were that CWP coordinator Florah Twala only involves people from outside the ward for activities in Ward 64. This includes activities at Havana Corner, where the CWP has a vegetable garden. Twala, who lives in Ward 63, has rubbished these allegations as false. “We have a community garden and other activities which stared in 2010. However, our major challenge in sustaining these projects has been water. We want the councillor to be involved, and as the coordinator I am prepared to work with him,” she added. Twala refuted the notion that she is at loggerheads with the councillor. “I do not have a problem with the coun-

cillor. People must not create divisions where they don’t exist.” The two had disagreed about Twala’s ostensibly two-timing of Wards 63 and 64. The councillor had questioned her commitment to his ward projects, with the former pointing out a conflict of interest. “We have all agreed to work together in the interest of people. We will have a meeting soon to devise ways to strengthen activities of the CWP. I will also arrange a meeting with the CWP regional head to address this matter. We want a situation where the community can be able to benefit through this property and agree on projects to run here,” explained Madisha. For more details about CWP call Clr Madisha on telephone number 071 542 7791 or Twala 073 380 6378.

BILTONG BAR OPENS The FONTANA SUPERSPAR has installed a biltong bar to serve the community’s biltong lovers. Visit the HILLBROW FONTANA SUPERSPAR for a tasty treat of the best prepared biltong in the city. Pictured above is biltong maker Lazarus Mathuthu and store manager Phindile Dlamini. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY





17 - 24 MAY 2012

Taxi strike that wasn’t


COMMENT The recent decision by the government to release some convicts who are deemed worth pardoning is a welcome development. Taking this action, the Department of Correctional Services, in conjunction with the Justice Department, stressed that this should in no way be misconstrued as tolerating or condoning crime, which is also a good stance. Needless to say, all communities do not tolerate crime, and so the release of convicted persons from jail must not send a wrong message to would-be criminals. One point that emphasises that communities do not condone or tolerate crime is the ‘mob justice’ that is often meted out to crime suspects. That is when people take the law into their own hands, which cannot be condoned either, and is itself a crime. But the fact is that many crime suspects have been seriously injured and murdered when community mobs responded to alleged criminal activities. The parolees must seize the opportunity to prove to society that they have reformed, or that they are doing so. If they participated in the many skills programmes offered to them in prison, they must by now be able to do something decent for a living. We have been informed that most of the released prisoners are petty criminals from poor communities who were involved in crimes like shoplifting. Sad examples are those of unemployed mothers who stole baby food from supermarkets and had to be jailed, often together with their innocent babies. This time there may not be a need to return to crime to survive or feed their kids, as they are expected to have learned some trade to help them lead a decent living. Community members thinking of getting involved in crime must realise that it is only a few deserving prisoners who have been released. All the thugs, thieves, murderers, robbers and rapists are still in jail, serving their many years and life sentences.

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Get rid of the bed bugs too I

would like to support your correspondent, Thandazile Dube of Yeoville, who wrote in an article entitled, Get rid of dangerous creatures in the 10 – 17 edition of your newspaper. In the article, Dube urged property owners to eradicate rats, which have proven beyond doubt that they are very dangerous. They also have to eradicate other

Control traffic in busy street

pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches, which are an obvious threat to our health. In the article Thandazile Dube did not mention another of the most dangerous pests in the flats. Those are the millions of ‘izimbungulu’ (bed bugs) that crawl into the beds as we sleep. I may say nearly all the flats in the inner-city have thousands, if

This is a request to JMPD Chief Chris Ngcobo and MMC for Public safety in the City of Johannesburg Clr Matshidiso Mfikoe. May you please deploy more JMPD officers in the Hillbrow precinct to direct traffic, especially on Sundays. We sometimes find it difficult to drive around with convenience. Last week a police van had to turn back into

not millions of them. It is obvious that if one flat in a building has the ‘izimbungulu’, over time they multiply and crawl into the neighbouring flat, and the next. This is one pest the building owners have to deal with, and make sure it is done away with in all the buildings in the city. Bongie Jongintaba Berea

another street because the police could not drive past the church crowd in Wolmarans Street that blocked the street. I have nothing against the church service or the church there, it has actually brought a new vibe to Hillbrow. The area only needs assistance in traffic control. Alicia Hlongwa Hillbrow

his week the taxi industry showed its other side once again. Suddenly in the morning there were very few or no taxis in the roads and taxi ranks, and there was no one to explain it. At first we thought it was a belated fools’ day joke, since 1 April is only a few weeks past. Later some taxi drivers told us that they were not going to transport us any more, until we help them to force the Joburg metropolitan council to allow them to use the ReaVaya bus lanes. The men said the ReaVaya bus steals their customers and is also given preference to rush past them while they are stuck in traffic jams. What we found interesting was that their umbrella organisation Santaco did not know and had not sanctioned the strike. Even some of the taxi drivers did not know about it either, and got surprised when they were told that their colleagues were on strike. What is really going on in the taxi industry? The next morning the taxis were there full of commuters as usual, but they were still not allowed to use the ReaVaya lanes. I sympathise with the taximen in their struggle to survive in business, and in solidarity with them I suggest that the Roads Department give them their own lanes too, like the ReaVaya, and let’s take it from there. Gladys Mfeka Troyeville

This police had to turn into another street, says the writer. PIC : ALICIA HLONGWA

Tips on how to use your credit card safely Staff Reporter


he prevention of credit card fraud remains one of FNB’s priorities and the bank continues to invest in new technologies that will provide customers with safe and secure electronic transactions. Yet, the most powerful prevention barrier to fraud is an aware and vigilant card user. Anyone who has found unauthorised transactions on their account will agree that the experience is highly stressful and financially painful. Henk Vermeulen FNB Credit Card Fraud Specialist says: “Often the simplest security precautions are the best. Protect your PIN when making a payment and treat your card with the same level of security you would give to a valuable bank note.” A current popular form of card fraud is the use of handheld skimming devices. These can be used when your credit card is taken out of sight by the cashier to process a

transaction. Another method, also with a handheld skimming device, occurs when fraudsters distract consumers at ATMs to obtain their PIN and card details. The fraudster then makes another card and draws money from the cardholder’s account. The third method of skimming involves fraudsters placing a device, disguised as part of the ATM, over the card slot. FNB advises that consumers should apply the following tips to protect themselves against card fraud: Stop ‘shoulder surfing’ where a fraudster tries to see what PIN you enter. Always cover your hand when entering your PIN number at the ATM Never accept help from strangers at an ATM Do not let anyone distract you while using an ATM machine as criminals can use this tactic to ‘swap’ cards or to ‘shoulder surf’ and obtain access to your PIN Never give your PIN number to anyone and don’t write it down -

memorise your PIN Register for FNB’s free inContact service or your bank’s transaction notification service Always make sure that you receive the correct card back from the cashier or ATM Never force your card into the ATM slot Stand close to the ATM and use your body as a shield to make sure nobody sees you keying in your PIN If the ATM retains your card, cancel your card immediately Be on the lookout for evidence of tampering on the ATM - such as a thin plastic sleeve attached to the card slot Always keep a record of your card account number, expiration date and the toll-free number to call should your card be lost or stolen Never allow a bystander to dial the toll-free number on your behalf - they could be tricking you into thinking your card has been stopped. Try to avoid using an ATM late at

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night and preferably use ATMs located inside supermarkets or forecourts when possible Do not use your birth year as a PIN number, as criminals may have access to this information after stealing your bag or wallet When swiping your credit card in a store, be sure to cover the PIN pad with your free hand to ensure that should anyone be watching you in an attempted to get your PIN, they are unable to do so. “FNB has a dedicated team that are readily available to assist customers should they expect card fraud on their account. Our technological process has helped us develop best practices that will benefit our customers and ensure that credit cards remains the safest way to pay and make transactions anywhere,” concludes Vermeulen. If you suspect fraud on your account, cancel your card immediately and report lost or stolen cards on toll free number 0800 110 132. If you suspect your PIN has been compromised change it.

10 - 17 MAY 2012




Fashion school celebrates 15 years In this industry you have to come up with something new and creative everyday Sizwe Mathe


he fashion school in the Johannesburg CBD Tlhabologang Fashion Designing School this year celebrates 15 years of existence. Since its opening in 1997, the school has won numerous awards both as a business and in the fashion industry. Having being in the fashion industry since 1981, founder Rebecca Ruiters says throughout this period she has gained experience, the understanding of custom-

Fashion school founder Rebecca Ruiters (centre) poses with some of the students at the institution. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

ers as well as the marketing dynamics of the industry. She however admits that it has not been easy to run the school for the past 15 years as she has to constantly keep abreast with the latest trends in the industry. “In early 2000 it was very difficult to run the school. This however had to prove my expertise and test my strength as I had to come up with creative ways to maintain the school moving forward. In this industry you have to come with something new and creative everyday,” she adds.

The school designs clothes, manufactures uniforms, curtains, designer wear, traditional-formal wear, and also provides training in fashion designing, illustration-drawings, pattern-drafting , dressmaking, curtaining, bedroom-sets, toilet-sets, kitchen-sets, drapping-deco, tablesetting, and flower-arranging. Ruiters says her inspiration to enter into the fashion industry came as a result of her body structure. “Whenever I bought clothes I was forced to take them to a fashion designer to alter them so that they

suit me. It became an irritation to me but it also inspired me to start designing my own clothes and the passion for fashion was born.” Among her numerous accolades Ruiters was a nominee to represent South Africa in Taiwan as a fashion designer, nominee to represent South Africa in Tanzania as a fashion designer, Sanlam Entrepreneur of the year nominee, winner of the Achievers Award, Grow your Business Sowetan/Hollard, Shoprite – Checkers SABC2 Woman of the Year and many others. “There is

nothing that I enjoyed as much as what I am doing now. It excites me, it’s my first passion,” she adds. To upcoming fashion designers, Ruiters says fashion must be their first passion. “An upcoming fashion designer must attend shows, and enter competitions. Some competitions offer scholarships to study advanced fashion designing abroad.” The school is at corner Loveday and Main streets,. For more details contact Ruiters on 011 8362577, or email




17 - 24 MAY 2012

Hillbrow youth wins drama award

Sizwe Mathe A 17 year-old Hillbrow teenager, Kediboni Rasekhula (picturedhas won the National Eisteddfod Young Performer Awards’ best senior performer in drama. The overall junior and senior winners of all sections will finally compete for the overall awards this coming weekend at the Joburg Promusica Theatre. Prize money of R50 000 will be awarded to the top junior and senior performers in the classical, crossover and contemporary music, speech and drama and dance genres at the ninth annual. Rasekhula says she did not expect to win the award. “At first, I did not believe that I have won until we were in our way back home. The competition was very tough, there were really brilliant actresses. Their perform-

ance also gave me a chance to learn from them, and to me that is greater achievement than the award.” Rasekhula started attending drama classes facilitated by Linda Mkhwanazi at Hillbrow Theatre Project in 2009. Her notable productions include a performance at the Inner City Drama Festival. She has won numerous awards such as Ga Sepatalala as a best actress and the Basement Best Actress in supporting role. She says her achievement came as a result of a strong support structure. “I had a lot of support from my director and my family. When I got involved in theatre I did not know anything about acting. This achievement only shows that when you put effort on something you will succeed. In this theatre, we do not only learn about acting, but the life in general through our rehearsals,” she explains. She remains modest about her future ambitions in the acting industry. “Everyone wants to grow but when one has reached that level its wise to plough back to other people. Teach others how to climb that mountain and that is my ambition. There are so many things that the world does not know, and as an upcoming actress it’s my duty to inform people through acting.” Rasekhula’s director Linda Mkhwanazi talks highly about her aspirant actress. “She is very good, well-behave and disciplined.”

A fire department officer explains fire safety precautions to learners who attended the event.

City’s winter safety drive Community members trained in basic firefighting Romaana Naidoo


oburg’s emergency management services (EMS) has launched the Gauteng public information, education and relations (PIER) pre-winter safety campaign, which looks at safe energy sources and safety in the home. To create maximum exposure and education about safety, joint provincial awareness initiatives take place in each city in Gauteng. This year, Joburg hosted the campaign on 11 May at Florida Park’s Besafe Centre in Roodepoort. Representatives from other Gauteng municipalities were also at the gathering. Public safety MMC Matshidiso Mfikoe explained that earlier this year, in his state of the City speech, Mayor Parks Tau emphasised that Johannesburg

would be a high-performing metropolitan government that built a sustainable, socially inclusive, locally integrated and globally competitive Gauteng City Region. “The safety campaign is testimony that the City would always be in the frontline in making all its residents safe. As part of the EMS’s ongoing winter safety awareness programmes, this event confirms the City’s commitment to making Johannesburg a safe city for all of its people.” To support this ambition, the Gauteng PIER programme had nominated Johannesburg to host the launch of this year’s pre-winter safety campaign. Since June 2011, Joburg’s EMS pier unit has trained 81 community emergency response team members in the Zandspruit informal settlement. They have been trained in basic firefighting; Stay Alive Till We Arrive (Satwa), which is a basic first aid course; traffic safety management; and domestic violence. Earlier in the day, before the gath-

Rent-a-Factory Estates Tel : 083 458 5145 011 397 3187

FOR DETAILS CALL 011 023 - 7588

ering moved to Florida Park, the first group of 50 of those members received Jozi safety kits, which concluded their training. Each kit contains a bucket, which can be filled with sand or water to put out fires; a small paraffin stove, which has a safety mechanism that switches it off if it is tilted or is left unattended; a paraffin bottle; a solar heated light; and a small first aid kit for use if necessary. Apart from the education initiative in Zandspruit, 120 children from the Arthur Mathews Primary School in Florida learned how to operate safe paraffin stoves; what to do in case of a fire; about the dangers of smoking while lying down; and about the dangers of unsupervised fires. According to PIER officer Deon Esau, primary school children are being educated so that they can relay the message to their parents and other grown-ups to be responsible adults. For all related emergencies call 10177 from landlines or 112 from cellphones.


Theft 6, Contravening court order 7, Assault Common 19, Drunk and Driving 12, Resisting arrest 2, Malicious injury to property 3, Possession of drugs 13, Trespassing 2, Shoplifting 2, Obstruction and defeating the ends of justice 1, Assault GBH 23, House breaking and theft 2, Possession of dangerous weapon 5, Common Robbery 8, Possession of suspected stolen property 3, Possession of dagga 2, theft under false pretense 1, Attempted murder 3, Pointing of firearm 1, Possession of unlicenced firearm 1, Reckless and negligent driving 3, Armed Robbery 10, Hijacking 1, Driving without license 6, child. Pornography. And rape 1, rape 1, Statutory rape 1, Fraud 1, Murder and kidnapping 2, Possession of stolen vehicle 1, Arson 1, Contempt of court 9, failing to appear in court 1, crimen injuria1, bribery 2, child pornography 1, Kidnapping and assault 2, undocumented persons. 26.

17 - 24 MAY 2012



Violence over poll delay Conakry - Over 40 people and 17 police officers have been injured in clashes as protesters demand long-delayed parliamentary elections this week. The clashes followed an opposition call last week for a national protest demanding talks with President Alpha Conde’s government on holding elections, and for an audit of the voter roll. Opposition leader Cellou Diallo said they were speaking out against President Conde’s desire to rig the legislative elections. Conde’s government has long delayed polls, which, according to the constitution, were to be held within six months of his inauguration in December 2010 as head of a transitional council tasked with overseeing the move from military to civilian rule. The government had promised elections for July 8, but postponed them in April as Conde said there were “technical problems.” The last legislative polls were held in June 2002 during President Lansana Conte’s rule, who died in December 2008 after 24 years in power. The European Union (EU) has warned that it would not release aid to Ginea without democratic polls.

AU builds military force

Alpha Conde

Amnesty for rebel chief

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Top Islamist operative held Kano - Security sources say troops have arrested leading Boko Haram fighter Suleiman Mohammed, in a raid in the Farawa neighbourhood of the city. The arrest came hours after blasts rocked the restive city of Maiduguri. Military spokesman Lieutenant Iweha Ikedichi said Mohammed has been described as Boko Haram’s head of operations in Kano under the

group’s suspected leader, Abubakar Shekau. The army’s Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa said they recovered three pistols, a rifle, 1 000 rounds of ammunition and 10 IEDs. Boko Haram opposes Western-style education and wants Nigeria, which is divided between the Muslim north and Christian south, to adopt Sharia law throughout the country.

The state of Kano has witnessed the worst attacks by Boko Haram, mainly bombings and shootings. At least 185 were killed in January while an estimated 1 000 have been killed in the since mid-2009.

Kampala - Captured LRA commander Maj-Gen Caesar Achellam may apply for amnesty, says Nathan Twinomugisha of the Uganda Amnesty Commission; but the UN insists he should face justice. The Ugandan army’s capture of Maj-Gen Achellam raised hopes it is closer to catching Joseph Kony, the rebel leader facing war crimes for nearly 30 years of child abductions, rape and mutilation. The hunt for Kony was thrust into the spotlight in March after the video Kony 2012 went viral on the Internet and watched by almost 90 million people. The UN representative for Children and Armed Conflict Radhika Coomaraswamy said: “He is one of the worst perpetrators of child rights violations and I hope they bring him to justice.” The army said it captured Achellam together with his wife and daughter, and he was armed only with an AK-47 and eight rounds of ammunition. Speculation is that he may have defected and cut a Maj-Gen Caesar deal with the army, because he is not among those facing international war crimes charges. Achellan

Cold weather - learners bunk lessons Persistance Nkomo


ome school children have recently started absconding lessons due to the weather changes around Johannesburg it has been revealed. This is a cause for concern as many inner-city schools have had this problem. Teachers are concerned about this, and they encourage learners to attend school.

Gauteng Education Department spokesperson Charles Phahlane (pictured right) said weather changes cannot be an excuse for not going to school. “Learners must go to school despite the weather changes for this is for their own good. If they have started absenting themselves from school due to cold weather, does that mean they will not go to school if it rains?” asked Phahlane. It has been noted that most of

those students who have decided to stay home this winter do not have enough protective clothing for the season. Parents are however encouraged to make sure their children have enough winter clothing before the season approaches. One parent, Thulani Ncube of Hillbrow said: “We try to provide everything that our children need for school but sometimes we might not meet all their demands for the

times are hard. Our children should also understand the times and use what they have for the betterment of their future.” Teachers have shown much concern that if the learners start absconding school now when winter has just begun, it may get worse as the cold season progresses. They plead with parents and guardians to make sure their children go to school every school day, never mind how cold it becomes.

TASTY EATS IN HILLBROW For a bite into some tasty flame grilled chicken and succulent meals, Tasty Eats restaurant in the corner of Claim and Pretoria streets in Hillbrow proves to be a perfect place for all.


Addis Ababa - The formation of the AU’s African Standby Force (ASF), reset for 2015, is being woven into current AU security operations. This force could number about 30 000 troops to be deployed in a range of scenarios, from peacekeeping to direct military intervention. The AU’s Commissioner of Peace and Security, Ramtane Lamamra Ramtane Lamamra says there is strong support for ASF under the principle of bringing about African solutions to African problems. The ASF will be based on five regional blocs each supplying about 5 000 troops: the SADC force, the Eastern Africa Standby force , the ECOWAS force, the North African Regional Capability, and the Economic Community of Central African States force. The forces shall be composed of standby contingents in their countries and ready for rapid deployment at appropriate notice. The ASF is the logic of the AU’s Constitutive Act adopted in 2000; giving the AU the right to intervene in grave circumstances like genocide. The AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was held up as an example of what the ASF could be, and is shaping up in that model, Lamamra added.

Focus on women’s rights Monrovia - President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Malawian Joyce Banda have committed to improve the lives of women across the continent. Both have long championed women’s rights, and during the AU’s ‘Women’s Decade’, they pledged to accelerate those efforts. Using the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a barometer, Liberia and Malawi generally score low in gender equality and women’s empowerment, education for girls, and maternal health. According to 2010 UN Development Programme (UNDP) reports on the two countries, Liberia is only likely to meet certain goals on equality and education, and Malawi remains unlikely to meet its targets for any of the three MDGs that focus on women. Both women govern countries with development challenges. After Liberia’s civil wars ended a decade ago, the country is still in a state of reconstruction. In Malawi, Mutharika’s last years were characterised by an economy crumbling under government mismanagement, which was compounded by the withdrawal of donor aid because of human rights abuses.


Opened in July last year, the eatery offers a variety of luscious meals to flat dwellers in the vibrant Pretoria Street. It boasts an appetizing menu such as tasty combo meals, tasty stews, meals for one, and meals to share, breakfast, as well as different burgers. In their breakfast menu are livers with a roll, toasted chicken mayo, toasted cheese and egg, giblets and a roll as well as black and white coffee. The restaurant’s senior manager Kizzwell Takavada defines the restaurant’s menu as one that Above : Manager Kizzwell Takavada inside the eatery. accommodates everyone. Top right : Entrance to the Tasty Eats restaurant. “We offer a good mixture

of African and the Western food,” he says. If you are combo meals enthusiasm, in the restaurant you will have chicken, chips and a roll, a combo chicken burger and a combo beef burger. What seems to be a popular meal are pap and beef stew, rice and beef as well as rice and chicken stew. “What attracts our customers the most it’s that distinct taste. To our advantage, there is no restaurant offering the same recipe in this street. Our customers come all around Hillbrow,” adds Takavada. For something to share, grilled half chicken, small chips, two rolls and a garden salad are available. In addition to the above,

a royal pack will include a full chicken, large eggs, four rolls and a garden salad. A jumbo family has two full chicken, large chips, four rolls as well as a garden salad. The restaurant also offers a variety of lip-smacking burgers such as chicken, cheese, chicken hot dog,

beef burger, beef burger and chips, double chicken as well as double beef burger. Different salads are also available, they include Greek and garden salads. For your meals to be delivered to you contact the restaurant on telephone number 011 484-4445.

To feature your restaurant in this section call Thembi on 011 042 - 8675




17 - 24 MAY 2012

17 - 24 MAY 2012




Pop meets opera A cream of music talent and invigorating group of distinguished voices who provide perfect harmonies in celebration of music Arts Correspondent

Part of the Sibikwa Arts Indigenous Orchestra, from Left: Lucky Tshimbudzi, Thokozani Nsibande, Esther Maumela and Lydia Mokhele. PIC : RUPHIN COUDYZER

Music experience for schools Orchestra engages learners in an experiential music lesson, which provides them with a creative feast for the senses Arts Correspondent


each an ensemble of 15 supertalented handpicked musicians to play traditional African instruments like Marimba, African Percussion / Drumming, Kudu Horns, Dinaka Pipes, Kalimba, Uhadi and Makube; add a contemporary 21st century context and back this up with decent financial support from MMINO (The South African-Norwegian Music Education Co - Operation) and the National Lottery Distribution Board, you get the award-winning and ultra-fabulous Sibikwa Arts Indigenous Orchestra. Think Afro Pop, Latin American Jazz and polyrhythms combined with energetic elements of choreography and you have a truly unique music experience. Founded in 2008, the orchestra has

garnered success, including winning a coveted Ovation Award at the Grahamstown Festival in 2010, for a score they composed to support a dance choreographed by the Sibikwa Arts Dance Company; a trip to Berlin to perform at the Delphic Games, in 2011; stunning performances at the Jaffna Folk Music Festival in Sri Lanka, also in 2011; and yet another Ovation Award from Grahamstown for their programme titled Re-Alignment. During this period the orchestra also embarked on a successful schools tour of Lecture Demonstrations, which led to the group being employed by the National Sasol Schools Festival to perform nationally. Then, more recently, the group recorded their first CD under the musical direction of award-winning master percussionist and singer Tlale Makhene. The al-


bum is titled Celebration and it lives up to its name with its festive, upbeat tracks. Following the ensemble’s massive success of the schools’ music Lecture Demonstrations this year in Cape Town, the Sibikwa Arts Indigenous Orchestra, in association with the Market Theatre will offer this innovative music experience to schools in Johannesburg at the Market Theatre in Newtown. The Indigenous Orchestra Lecture Demonstration is targeted at grade 4-9 learners and engages them in an experiential music lesson, which provides them with a creative feast for the senses. Even better, it is an essential part of the Creative Arts, National Curriculum, Policy and Assessment Statement, introducing learners to traditional Southern African instruments,

their history and cultural context. During the 50 minute Lecture Demonstration, the orchestra will provide the learners with a comprehensive journey into music theory and practice in an exciting and powerful manner. This year, the Indigenous Orchestra launches an educational CD aimed at the grade 4-9 learners and educators, and introduces listeners to the very instruments which the children will become so enthralled with in the handson Lecture Demonstrations. The CDs also come with support material for the teachers in the form of a booklet, both aligned with the South African National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement. The CDs will be available to educators at the Lecture Demonstrations. For more information about the events call tel +2711 832 1641.

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The Fringe at Joburg Theatre will host the return of Thailand’s sensational super-voice band, VIVA! to South Africa during the Gauteng run of their Southern African tour. This pop-meets-opera super-group will be performing an entertainment feast for the soul which will include their exciting classical cross-over music from 29 May to 16 June. Featuring five singing superstars from Thailand, VIVA is the first-ofits-kind pop-opera musical ensemble in Asia. The band consists of classically trained, talented operatic songsters, who have been known to not only get an audience to their feet when they perform their fabulous selection of traditional, opera and pop classics but they do it with a unique flair. Musical arranger and conductor Mark Cheyne and a musical team based in Bangkok have assembled the cream of Thai music talent to produce a fresh and invigorating group of five distinguished voices who provide perfect harmonies in celebration of music. Meet baritone Bodin Piyatanasirikul, who started singing when he was 11 years old; Fueanglada ‘Organ’ Prawang, one of the group’s strong soprano voices; she started playing piano at age four and began to sing at 13; tenor ‘Film’ Thanapat Yartcharoen, who began studying Thai performance art at the age of eight where he first fell in love with singing; baritone Tulanan Narasetapisarn, who started singing at age 10 and studying the harp at the age of 19; and the group’s other soprano Kamonporn Huncharoen, who learnt the art of singing from her mother and brother as a young child. The vocalists made their triumphant debut in Bangkok, in December 2010, and as their popularity grew, so the super-group was also featured on numerous Thai TV specials, including Asian’s version of the Oscars, the star-studded Pattaya International Film Awards. They have headlined at the Chiang Mai Music festival and shared the stage in Bangkok with South African’s Freshly Ground and Garth Taylor. Then, a little over a year ago they did a lightening tour of Southern Africa with performances in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Harare, where they were greeted with standing ovations. VIVA! will perform a variety of eclectic pop and rock classics that include numbers like 21 Guns, You Raise Me Up, Unchained Melody, Libiamo, Adesso and Barcelona.




17 - 24 MAY 2012

17 - 24 MAY 2012






17 - 24 MAY 2012


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17 - 24 MAY 2012


The referee parades young boxers Mlindeni Khondo and Thabani Mtshali.



An official congratulates Anita Powell (left) and Alicia Spies (right) after the bout. PICS : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Boxers impress in tourney Exciting display of boxing talent in local tournament Sizwe Mathe


Luvuyo Majavu (left) lands a blow onto Lusindiso Mlamla’s face.

undreds of boxing fans gathered at the Hillbrow Boxing Club to witness aspirant boxers compete in a day-long tournament last weekend. The boxers came from as far as Soweto to impress promoters present on the day. After beating Mlindeni Khondo on points, Thabani Mtshali, 16, of Orlando Boxing Club in Soweto said before the fight he was nervous. “I am excited to have won and

receive this medal,” he said Another Soweto boxer, Thabiso Madupe, 13, fought Roger Katumba, and won the match on points. “My opponent had hard-blows in the first round. He nearly finished me but my coach motivated me to try harder, and I managed to fight back and win,” he added. A towering James Moyo was disqualified for hitting his opponent, Mzwandile Nojawe while on the ground. After winning the match, Lusindiso Mlamla, 22, of Hillbrow Boxing Club said it was difficult to fight his opponent, Luvuyo Majavu

because he is short. “But in boxing you must also use your strength to defeat your opponent,” he added. The most anticipated match of the day between Anita Powell and Alicia Spies did not produce sparkle as expected. Spies wrapped up the match in less than a minute. Spies had kind words for Powell after the match. “She has a future in boxing but she must train harder.” The Hillbrow Boxing Club will unveil other boxing matches before the end of the month, said club manager George Khosi.

Inner City Gazette  

17 - 24th May 2012 Edition