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15 - 22 September 2011

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Safety focus PAGE 2

MMC for Public Safety Matshidiso Mfikoe with Junior MMC Tshepo Debele and JMPD chief Chris Ngcobo.

Pic : Inner-city Press Agency

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15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011

Safety week launch Public Safety MMC Matshidiso Mfikoe speaks during the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Nosizwe Tshabalala This week members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) and Emergency Management Services (EMS) attended the GDS Community Safety Week outreach campaign launch at the National School of the Arts in Braamfontein. Also at the event was JMPD chief Chris Ngcobo and Tshepo Makola of EMS.

Addressing the gathering MMC for Public Safety Clr Matshidiso Mfikoe said the campaign was aimed at stimulating youths into caring about safety and security in the city. “The campaign will also build a bridge between government and members of the public. New insights into crime prevention by way of urban design and management will be investigated. We will also discuss new and creative ways of taking back the streets of Johannesburg,” she added.

GDS 2040 FIXTURES 39 Days to GDS Summit

‘New insights into crime prevention by way of urban design and management will be investigated’

The MMC encouraged young people to get more involved in safety and security issues in their areas because crime also affects them. “Such campaigns will help get the youth off the streets and into constructive activities, like participating in volunteer work and sports,” she said. Dr Paula Miraglia of the International Crime Prevention Centre (ICPC) said crime is an international pandemic that affects everyone. “It takes a village to raise a child,

it is the communities’ duty to help the youths and stop them from becoming criminals; and that responsibility should not only fall on their parents or guardians.” Tshepo Makola of EMS said schools need to have initiatives that teach safety and security at grassroots levels. “Through this initiative we will create a much safer country, because these kids will grow with this training and they will teach it to adults. Young people have influence over adults, so if you get them involved in crime prevention and safety and security issues, adults will follow suit.” To volunteer go to nearest police, fire or emergency station; training is available for free. For more call 011 358 3408 / 09 or email Dr Barbara Holtmann announced that there will be a city wide competition in which learners would have to depict a Joburg they would like to see, crime and litter free. For more on the competition call 011 407 7505/6310/6251, or visit the GDS website.

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15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011


Drill Master JP Flank


Cadets march during a drill session



Fire dept instils youth discipline ‘I see my own children in them, so I sometimes tend to be a little harsh on them, but they know it comes from a good heart’ Nosizwe Tshabalala


he Joburg Fire Department’s Junior Cadets Programme is aimed at instilling discipline in youths, says Drill Master JP Flank of the Florida Fire Department.

He explains that this is to show them the positive side of uniformed work and to keep them active. “This is an after school programme open to youths between the ages of 12-18 years, which was started in 2004. Many youths apply to join the programme, but we may only

accommodate 200 applicants each year. When we have a lot of new recruits we get the older cadets to train them, since they already know the drills,” he said. Flank, who personally trains the cadets, says he has built a great relationship with the youths he works

with. “I love them like they were my own children. They have come to look at me as a father figure and a friend they can trust; not just as their drill master. I see my own children in them, so I sometimes tend to be a little harsh on them, but they know it comes from a good heart.”

Flank explains that the youths are trained in fire fighting and medical issues at the Florida Fire Station on Saturdays from 8:30 to 15:00, and it is free. For more information on joining the Fire Department’s cadet programme call 011 672- 2121.




15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011

Time to remember your roots COMMENT Giving money to street beggars always presents a dilemma. It simply perpetuates their plight, and teaches children to expect favours from people. It also indicates to parents that children may be employed as bread winners and prevented from going to school. To give money to beggars may do more harm than good. The more money you give, the greater the incentive for children to continue begging and stay out of school. Parents may see turning their children into street beggars as more lucrative than working. If people continue to give beggars money, they will be creating a new generation of beggars, as this may be seen as a lucrative trade; thereby creating a dependency syndrome and destroying the fabric of our country. Moreover, street beggars are often linked to robbery; hence giving them money may be an indirect contribution to crime. Plenty of children become beggars because of poverty, but instead of giving them money, try to change their circumstances. In addition to being constantly taxed for child grants, beggars have to tax you live on the road, and as much as one accepts that there is shortage of jobs in the country, some of these women are old enough to find piece jobs. There are many people looking for helpers, even if it is only for two days a week that would put bread on the table. They must stop being lazy, get out of the comfort zone and do something more serious to earn a living.

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uring this month when we observe the importance of heritage I urge the youth to appreciate the achievements of the generations before them, and above all contribute in preserving their culture. Many people today, not only the young generation, have lost touch with their culture because of the influence of Western cultures, which


are claimed to be ‘civilisations’. Such people have to know that Africans had their own way of living and doing things before the European ‘civilisations’ were introduced by end of the 18th century. When the Western way of doing things was brought in some people started to lose touch with their own cultures, and up to today some have lost everything, in-


cluding their clan and family names. During that time some people even translated their surnames into the Western languages or assumed the names of their masters in the farms. Today some people do not even know their totems and the clans or tribes they originated from. Some young people even feel ashamed to speak their own African languages,

especially those who migrated to the northern suburbs. Those are called ‘coconuts’ because they have thrown away their own identity. This is a time to remember your roots and relate to where you come from, in order for you to know where you are going. Mildred Mkhabela Johannesburg


Organisers and pupils from the Lutheran Church spent some hours on 10 September at the entrance of the Spar in Hillbrow. Shoppers and families watched in amazement as musicians played instruments and the children danced. They thanked Hillbrow Spar for supporting all their events.

2012 ELLE new talent fresh face Moses Moyo ELLE magazine and Woolworths are looking for a beautiful, spirited, sexy, stylish, dynamic and independent young woman who will launch her career as the 2012 ELLE New Talent Fresh Face. The ELLE New Talent Fresh Face competition provides a platform for young South African talent to enter the fashion industry and represent local brands and the essence of South African beauty. Like all competitions under the ELLE New Talent banner, Fresh Face is designed to expose young people to opportunities in the fashion and beauty industry and help them establish careers. Jackie Burger Editor of ELLE magazine says, “The ELLE New Talent initiative is our response to the need to groom new talent for the constantly evolving fashion industry and to grow the pool of talent by finding and supporting fresh faces and new ideas. “With the Fresh Face search, we are looking for young women who represent a realistic picture of natural and untainted beauty, and who could showcase South

Africa’s talent both locally and internationally.” Last year, ELLE and Woolworths’ search for a Fresh Face landed 17-year-old schoolgirl Alexandra Robertshaw a contract with Boss Models and a highprofile start to her modelling career. Shaheda Sayed, Head of Brand Communications at Woolworths, says, “We were delighted with the success of the first ELLE Fresh Face search. We were thrilled to have been able to feature Alexandra Robertshaw in our winter advertising campaigns, and have decided to continue to support the ELLE team in their efforts to discover beautiful, talented, capable young South African women,” Sayed says, “We are proud to be associated with a team that understands women and encourages them to pursue their dreams.” Competition entrants must be between 15 and 25 on 30 September 2011, and at least 1.73cm tall. Entrants younger than 21 are required to provide a parent or guardian’s written consent to enter the competition. Entrants must be South African citizens or have permanent residency in

South Africa. The competition is not open to individuals who are already signed with a modelling agency. To enter, visit www. to download an entry form. Winner will receive prizes to the value of up to R40 000, including make-up worth R20 000 from Woolworths, and a modelling portfolio worth R10 000 plus marketing costs (to cover prints, z-cards, e-books, etcetera) worth R7 200. She will have the opportunity to appear in the Woolworths campaigns for their 2012 winter and summer range, and receive a two-year contract with Boss Models, who will network her locally and to top international agencies. Each finalist will receive clothes and make-up worth R3 000 from Woolworths, a year’s subscription to ELLE Magazine, a portfolio shoot, including the costs of photography, hair, make-up and styling, and a Boss Models training course.

15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011



Abuses ahead of polling Banjul - Rights groups are worried that abuses against perceived dissenters will rise as the November presidential election nears. The campaign period has been shrunk to 11 days from four weeks, sparking concern among political leaders in Gambia. A report by Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, pointed to President Yahya Jammeh’s government repression of journalists and civil society, through ‘prolonged trials on baseless charges’ and ‘unlawful arrests’. It also noted that Jammeh appoints and dismisses judges at will, including the chief justice, and those who try to be impartial are dismissed. Amnesty International’s Ayodele Ameen said : “In a state of fear people cannot sparticipate freely in elections.” Henry Gomez, leader of opposition Gambia Democratic Party, said the 11-day campaign timetable declared by the electoral body is too short and does not favour the opposition. Omar Jallow of the opposition Progressive People’s Party said the campaign period was ‘inadequate’ for effective campaigning.

Yahya Jammeh

Editor held over article Yaoundé - Authorities have detained a journalist, pressing him to reveal the sources for a story detailing alleged corruption by a tax official. Editor François Fotso of Génération Libre has been interrogated without a lawyer about a story by reporter Boris Nembop, about financial transactions by public tax collector Célestin Tabouli. The police also pressed the editor to disclose the whereabouts of Nembop. Fotso appeared in court but not charged, and was returned to custody. CPJ Africa coordinator Mohamed Keita said the detention of Fotso is outrageous, demanding his release. The Association of Patriot Journalists of Cameroon has also condemned the arrest. Génération Libre claimed that it had documents detailing transfers of funds by Tabouli to his own accounts in amounts larger than his salary, and challenged him to respond to the allegations. The paper has submitted to the public prosecutor’s office documents it says prove its allegations. Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary said his government has nothing to do with this.


NEWS Terror suspects held

Addis Ababa - Police have arrested 29 people suspected to be linked to the banned rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Among those are nine members of the opposition Oromo Peoples Congress (OPC) and Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), the FedMeles Zenawi eral Police Joint Anti-Terrorist Taskforce said. Police say the suspects received military training from the OLF, regarded as a terrorist organisation. Police said the suspects were using political party membership to cover their OLF membership. Andualem Arage of the opposition coalition Medrek said government comes up with lies to prevent people from standing up for their rights, fearful that the Arab Spring-type protests could erupt. The arrests followed the detention of OFDM vice chairman Bekele Gerba and the OPC’s Olbana, after they met rights group Amnesty International. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government has been accused of cracking down on opposition campaigners from the Oromo ethnic group, the nation’s biggest with 27 million people out of a population of 80 million. Rights groups have criticised Zenawi for crushing dissent.

Pipeline blaze kills 100 Issa Bakary

Military pulls out of Abyei Juba - UN secretarygeneral Ban Ki-moon has welcomed an agreement between Sudan and South Sudan to withdraw military forces from the disputed area of Abyei, a source of tensions in the region. The governments reached an agreement this week in Addis Ababa, facilitated by the AU High-Level Panel, which is led by former SA president Thabo Mbeki. Ki-moon commended the

two governments for the agreement, which includes the launch of a joint oversight committee for Abyei. He welcomed the efforts of the AU panel in helping the parties adopt the modalities, and agreeing on a timetable to withdraw all forces from Abyei. Abyei, located within Sudan, is contested by South Sudan. A referendum on its status was due in January, but failed amid disagree-

ment on voter eligibility. Dozens of people have been killed in clashes, and over 100 000 people have fled their homes. The UN has established a new peacekeeping mission, the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), to reduce the violence.

Thabo Mbeki

Nairobi - About 100 people are feared dead in a fire caused by a leaking fuel pipeline in the capital. The Monday explosion occurred in the Lunga Lunga industrial area, which is surrounded by a sprawling urban slum. Flames leapt out from the pipeline in a radius of 300 metres, setting shacks ablaze and incinerating scores of people. Reporters saw clusters of charred bodies and blackened bones at the site, burned bodies floated in a nearby river, according to AP. Homes had been built right up to the pipeline, residents said. “We are putting the number of dead at over 100,” said Thomas Atuti, a local police commander. Resident Joseph Mwego said there had been a leak in the fuel pipeline, and people were collecting fuel that was coming out. Then there was a big explosion. “The worst was a woman burned with her baby on her back,” he said. President Mwai Kibaki visited patients with severe burns at the country’s largest public hospital.




15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011

Booysens crime prevention drive Prostitutes should be arrested together with their clients, MEC says Duduzile Choba

Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko addresses the gathering. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY


he Provincial Department of Community Safety launched a know your neighbourhood campaign at the Turffontein Race course on Tuesday. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness on issues affecting the community of Booysens. Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko said key to fighting crime is community cooperation with police and street patrollers. “The main objective of the campaign is to decrease crime, in particular at Booysens as it has over the years been a hub of crime. But the

challenge remains with the community to support and report crime to the police,” she said. Mazibuko added that suspects in drug distribution cases at Diversity High School have been arrested. She also raised concern to the increase of prostitution within the province. “We must address this issue from two sides, when we arrest prostitutes; we should also arrest their clients as they contribute to the spread of prostitution,” added Mazibuko. Since the campaign started, three shebeens which did not have liquor licences have been closed, said Mazibuko. The MEC also gave her cellphone

number to people so that they may talk to her directly on matters pertaining to crime prevelance. “If the police do not respond to your queries, call me directly on 083 280-7460, but you must also bear with my busy schedule. I may not be available at all times, and if you can’t find me leave an SMS, “ she said. She added that sharing a same mindset about crime problems will benefit the community. “If the community brings back the culture of togetherness in their neighbours and the love for the neighbour which used to exist in the past, then the spirit of ubuntu will be reborn,” Mazibuko added.

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15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011







15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011


Dangers of Judge Lamont judgement To attempt to rewrite our history in the courts is naïve or plain short-sighted

SAGDA marketing manager Semopo Mokgabudi (left) and NYDA programme support officer Duduzile Mathonsi address the gathering. PICS : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Graduate empowerment seminar Lack of experience, industrial training, communication skills and self-confidence identified as supreme contributing factors to graduate unemployment Sizwe Mathe


n August, overall employment declined by 2.1 percent, according to ADCORP employment services company. The index showed a plunge which translated into an annual job loss rate of 49 306 workers. In an attempt to address this plight, the South African Graduates Development Association (SADGA) hosted a graduates and students empowerment seminar on Tuesday to find solutions on the unemployment of graduates. The seminar, attended by various students and graduates, identified lack of experience, industrial train-

ing, communication skills as well as lack of so-called ‘soft skills’ like problem solving, and self-confidence as supreme contributing factors to this problem. SAGDA’s executive director Thamsanqa Maqubela urged graduates to accept social and civic responsibilities. “Initiate and implement constructive change in your communities, including professions and workplaces. Have excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills, including an awareness of personal strengths and limitations, and mentor future generations of learners,” Maqubela said. He added that for the country to achieve a double digit economic


growth there is a need for graduates who are mobilised, informed and inventive. “Through such seminars we can begin to steer graduates and students in the developmental trajectory conducive to nurture responsible and productive graduates,” explained Maqubela. The programme support officer at the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Duduzile Mathonsi urged graduates to send their CVs to the agency’s jobs and opportunities support services database. “Moreover, through job preparedness workshops, graduates will receive assistance to become more employable; more likely to find

work and will help them in preparing their CVs.Understand what employers are looking for, how to find job opportunities, how to prepare for an interview and many more practical skills relating to job seeking,” added Mathonsi. The seminar was sponsored by Nedbank banking group. For more information about NYDA programmes contact Mathonsi on 011 651-7130 or visit their offices at 17 Diagonal Street, Old JSE Building, Newtown. To secure an internship contact Constance Sathekge on 011 3330761, email:, or visit their offices at 208-209 Corner of Jeppe and Von Wielligh streets, 13th Floor, Marble Towers.



By Jo Buitendach Pino’s Italian Coffee Shoppe in Fox Street, Marshalltown has done the Joburg Inner City Proud and won the Huletts Coffee Quest-Search for the Perfect Cuppa. Pino’s beat out applicants from all over Gauteng to take first place in the province. A Prize Giving was held at the Coffee Shop on Monday the 12th of September. Huletts representatives from Joburg and Durban attended the event and presented Pino’s owner Justin Dickenson and his staff with a certificate and cash prize. Pino’s is located in the heart of the Financial District and is a great spot to grab a delicious cappuccino, latte or light snack. The majority of Pino’s clientele are business people from the surrounding areas but the occasional student or tourist do come in looking for a great cup of coffee. Dickenson has owned the Coffee Shop for 6 years and is supported by a fabulous team of chefs, a waitress and Barista who are always on hand to ensure you have a great experience. If you have not been to Pino’s yet, get their now and try their “perfect cuppa” Pino’s Italian Coffee Shoppe Fox Street; Tel : 011 834 3993

Pino’s owner Justin Dickenson receives the Huletts Perfect Cuppa award with his staff Maria Mthimkhulu, Nadia Albany, Thandi Zondo, Betty Zondo, Frieda Sibanyoni and Eugenia Sithole. PIC : JO BUITENDACH

I am not sure whether I am allowed at all to write about one of my favourite struggle songs Ayesab’amagwala, lest I be charged for contempt of court, or even worse for inciting violence. You see, I have known this song for as long as I can remember, for it is part of me and I’m an active part of it. Even my two year old son sings the song with gusto, raising his right hand as if he’s carrying a gun, every time he sees his favourite character (who shall remain nameless) on TV. This is a song that characterizes who I am - the poverty, the sadness, the scars, the anger and everything associated with heartbreaking upbringing under apartheid. During winter nights, we will chill in the street corner around ithezi ‘fire’ singing all struggle songs, including Ayesab’amagwala. The part ‘mama ngiyeke…’ energized most of us and we couldn’t wait to be old enough to join our local heroes we knew of in Angola and across the Limpopo river, and return with is’bhamu ‘machine gun’. During apartheid you would be thrown into jail, maimed or even killed for singing this song. It seems we have come full circle. In his judgment Judge Collin Lamont clearly succumbed to the tomfoolery played by an Afrikaaner fringe group - Afriforum, to the detriment of our young democracy. Made on September 12, on the anniversary of the death of Steve Biko in the hand of apartheid security forces, this judgment will do more damage than meets the eye. Whether appealed successfully or not, Judge Lamont has ensured that September 12 remains a sad day for many Africans in this country. In the month when Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng ascends to the highest position in the judiciary, amid loud noise mainly from the liberal quarters and, once more, questions have been raised about transformation in the judiciary, this judgment does further damage to many ordinary people’s view on the transformation of this system. To attempt to rewrite our history in courts is rather naïve or plainly shortsighted by someone as learned as Judge Lamont. In an attempt to accept our past and preserve our heritage, many Africans have been wearing with pride their Springbok jerseys, even when the sight of that symbol makes some of us nauseous. When clear signs of oppression such as the Springbok, Die Stem and Pretoria have been accepted because we know the importance of unity in diversity, this judge and his friends, Afriforum, are hell-bent to take us backwards. The South African Communist Party (SACP) is therefore spot-on when it talks about key sights of power, with the state being one of them. For if we leave these key sites of power such as the economy untransformed, we are likely to get such primitive people like the good Judge presiding over them and that has all the hallmark of taking this country back where it was in 1990. Judge Lamont has been grossly negligent in his duties by handing over such a judgment, and should therefore do the honorable thing and resign.

15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011




Junior MMC addresses crime ‘A major focus is to bring improvement in debating forums, study groups and school patrols’ Dintle Motlala


unior MMC for Safety Tshepo Debele says he needs to be very patient and listen attentively when spoken to, and there are many responsibilities that come with the position. “We need to work together with the community to identify the challenges that are faced by learners in Johannesburg. A major focus is to bring improvement in debating forums, study groups, school patrols and other activities that include planting vegetables in our schools,

Junior MMC for Safety Tshepo Debele.


Police recover hijacked vehicle Crime Reporter


his week Hillbrow police recovered a motor vehicle that was reported stolen on Tuesday. Police corporate communications officer Sgt Jenny Pillay says the vehicle, a Toyota Hiace, was allegedly hijacked by five unknown men in King George Street, Joubert Park. “A lookout was given of the hijacked vehicle. Later police received a report of a vehicle being stripped in Olivier Street, Berea. When the police officers arrived they noticed that the vehicle is the Toyota Hiace which had been hijacked earlier. Police are investigating a case of hijacking and malicious damage to property,” she adds. The officers who recovered the vehicle are Cst Mafihla and Cst Shihundla of the Crime Prevention Unit.


9 SEPT AND 12 SEPT Assault GHB 19, Assault Common 35, Malicious injury to Property 10, Intimidation 3, Fraud 12, Copyright Act 14, Reckless and Negligent Driving 10, Possession of dangerous weapon 5, Possession of unlicensed firearm 3, Robbery 7, Theft 18, Dealing in drugs 7, Possession of drugs 15, Dealing in liquor 1, Driving motor vehicle without license 7, Dealing in dagga 3, Possession of suspected stolen property 5, Business robbery and Attempted murder 1, Shoplifting 6, Violating a protection order 1, Contempt of court 1, Drunk and driving 26, Kidnapping 1, Possession of car breaking implement 2, Possession of Dagga 6, Crimen injuria 1, Domestic violence 1, Attempted murder 1, Attempted robbery 1, Possession of suspected motor vehicle 1, Possession of counterfeit goods 1,Bribery 1, Theft under false pretense 1, Murder 1, Interference with police duties 1, Armed robbery 1, Theft of motor vehicle 1. And illegal immigrants 43 and B crimes including gambling, drinking inn public, loitering and urinating in public were 46.


For details call Lax on 011 024 8621 or 076 564 5409

and also various sporting activities” he adds. Debele adds that they also engage in different kinds of projects like community work and awareness campaigns. “The challenges I face in my committee is that some members do not focus, some of them do not even attend meetings. We need to have a strong, disciplined, determined committee in order to fulfill our objective and achieve our goals. One of the reasons we have foreigners attacked in our country is because these people come here and open businesses, then South Africans at-

tack them, claiming that they are taking their jobs whereas it’s not true. They do this because they do not think out ideas that can make money for them. Foreigners work hard to make money, and they take it to their countries, and that causes a decrease in our economy in terms of development.” Debele adds that safety is the foundation of every workshop. “We have to be safe where we live, work and at schools. Safety is not an individual activity, it should be practiced by all, we all need to have a right mindset and work together in order to fight crime,” he adds.







15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011


R2 094.37 - shared 2 bedroom R2 529.51 - 1 bedroom units R4 088.74 - 2 bedroom units Special for all Phumulani - new tenants can pay off deposit over 3 months 24 hour security with secure parking in complex and playground. Phone Peter on 082 385 1721 to view or our leasing department on 011 241 6927 for more information.

Tel : 011 241 6927

15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011




Last week for theatre programme Arts Correspondent


his is the final week of the Refuse the Hour programme of live performances at the Market Theatre. The event was created by artist William Kentridge, composers Philip Miller and François Sarhan, dancer and choreographer Dada Masilo, video editor Catherine Meyburgh and performance director Sue Pam-Grant. The programme, presented by the Market Theatre in association with the Goodman Gallery and the French Institute of South Africa, includes work made in the past few years and premieres a new concert, Dancing with Dada, to be staged at the Market Theatre’s Main Theatre between 16 and 18 September. Kentridge worked with composer Philip Miller and award winning dancer and choreographer Dada Masilo to create Dancing with Dada. The work wrestles with our changing ideas about time, the history of the standardisation of time, and resistance to a linear construction of time and space. It includes dance, live music, strange machines, and projection. The 18th provides Georges Méliès: A cine-concert. This is a selection of his pioneering shorts accompanied by piano improvisations and narration. William Kentridge’s film Journey to the Moon, a homage to the work of Méliès, follows soon after that.

Male voices...members of the BMG gospel group.

Gospel vocal power Arts Correspondent


oburg based Bosmont Male Group (BMG), a Christian vocal music group which performs normally in churches or for community based projects, is set to inspire the audience with their Gospel sounds at the Joburg Promusica Theatre on

24 September. This performance will showcase the group’s talent to a much broader audience. What started out as ‘a group of guys’ who led praise and worship in their local church in 2005, has become a renowned group on the Christian music scene. After finding an immense appreciation for

their music and its messages at church performances, the group has quickly moved on to performing at a number of gospel concerts. The members say they strive for excellence in all aspects of their ministry, and relish the idea of making every event they participate in a success, while at the same time

bringing hope for the future and enriching lives via the ministry of the Gospel through music. BMG ensure that any money made from their performances either covers the costs of their shows, or is donated to charity. For more infoon call 082 770 5816 or email




15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011

15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011






15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011


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15 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2011




Rugby World Cup no onesided affair Outstanding aspect of Rugby World Cup first round Rugby Correspondent


he outstanding aspect of the first week of the 2011 Rugby World Cup was that in the first eight matches not one of them was a one-sided affair. Teams like Romania, Namibia, Japan and the USA not only showed that they deserved their spots at rugby’s most prestigious event; they actually turned the first weekend of tournament action into a real spectacle. All Blacks loose-forward Victor Vito said: “If those were ordinary test matches, you would have expected teams like France and Scotland to win easily. But this is the underdogs’ time to shine. They grow another arm and another leg in World Cups.” Those extra arms and legs that Vito spoke about grow weary as

the realities of performing on the world stage for weeks on end set in. Injury niggles, form dips, squad depth and vastly different opponents that study your every move. These are issues the big teams deal with for half of every year. The first match in Dunedin was right out of the big match manual. It was all about big hits on defence, controlling possession and territory on attack, and all the while making sure the side’s final score is divisible by three. It was reminiscent of so many previous Rugby World Cup deciders, apart from the fact that neither England nor Argentina had a goal kicker that could hit a barn door with a beach ball. The intensity was good to watch, but the lack of execution from both sides means we can’t see either team pose any real threat further down the road.

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RWC action in the match between the Boks and Wales on Sunday.

The same cannot be said about the game in Wellington. The Springboks were well below par and barely scraped past a Welsh side that they have beaten with even a B team in recent years. They didn’t manage to secure even 40% of either possession or territory during the match, and apart from the build-up to their two tries, they didn’t look at all like a team interested in becoming the first ever to successfully defend a World Cup title. With that narrow win the Boks got

themselves the pool’s inside lane when the playoffs come around. More importantly, their risky plan of going into the tournament under-prepared, playing themselves into both form and match-fitness in the pool of death now has a chance of succeeding. We find hope in the fact that the Boks did it despite not playing half as good as we know they can. There is no denying that Wales had an incredible match on Sunday. The way in which they purposefully starved South Africa of pos-

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session, the clinical way they attacked the flyhalf channel, or with John Smit on duty, the blindside. Their proficiency at line-out time, the way they played for territory. It all spoke of a team that knew exactly what was needed to beat the Springboks on the day. They missed by a whisker, but they couldn’t have tried any harder. Out of all the big guns at the tournament, they are the only ones that can look back at Round One and say they played anywhere close to their potential.

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Chiefs coach Vladimir Vermezovic PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Top award for Chiefs midfielder

PSL action...Josta Dladla (right) in a tussle for the ball with Ajax Cape Town’s Thulani Hlatshwayo.

His move to Kaizer Chiefs two seasons ago was a bit of a surprise to many fans, as he was one of Sundowns’ star players Azwihangwisi Mukhuba


ports communications group has introduced a new feature, the Absa Premiership Player of the Month. The accolade will go to the month’s top performer on the football field. With three matches already played in the new season, there have been outstanding players who entertained

fans with their skills, ingenuity and goal-scoring prowess. One such player is Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Josta Dladla. The veteran player has set the Absa Premiership alight with his scoring. His goals against Chiefs opponents, Jomo Cosmos, Moroka Swallows and Bidvest Wits, displayed nothing short of genius. The way he played in the middle

SAFSA lauds broadcasting settlement

of the park reminded many of the Josta Dladla we came to know from his early playing days at Wits University and then at Mamelodi Sundowns. His move to Kaizer Chiefs two seasons ago was a bit of a surprise to many fans, as he was one of Sundowns’ star players. In the games he played back then, he was a shadow of the Josta Dladla of old. That is

Soccer Correspondent


he South African Football Supporters’ Association (SAFSA) is delighted about a five-year deal with Sport Five to

history now as Dladla is once again showing his abilities on the field. His influence in the Kaizer Chiefs team seems to have rubbed off on new players like Lehlohonolo Majoro and Bernard Parker. His creativity has so far been unrivalled. His runs into spaces are what led him to be among the top goal scorers. Credit must also go to his coach

broadcast AFCON matches. SAFSA has been lobbying stakeholders including the Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula to help find a lasting solution to what looked like a ‘perpetual’

debacle between the SABC and Sports Five. SAFSA secretary-general Siyabulela Makunga said this saves the nation of further disappointments. “We congratulate

Vladimir Vermezovic for allowing him to express himself freely. One marvels at his combination with Jimmy Tau on the right flank. They seem to have telepathy and easily locate each other. Dladla’s runs into goal-scoring positions have been something of a revelation. He proves that age is nothing but a number; and runs like a 26-year-old. the SABC for putting the people’s woes to rest; we now call on SAFA leadership to finalise negotiations with the SABC to deliver a long term and sustainable agreement,” he added.

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Gazette15 -22 september 2011

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Gazette15 -22 september 2011