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14 - 28 July 2011

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BILTONG 2 GO Eat without limit

Shop No 38 Park Central Shopping Centre. Next to ABSA ATM We sell Biltong at R10 per packet Simba chips Cold drinks Popcorn Ass. Biltong and Snack Shop

Crackdown on ‘izinyoka’

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14 - 28 JULY 2011

Crackdown on ‘izinyoka’ Soaring world copper prices have led to an increase in cable theft Rudo Mungoshi


Cracking down...MMC Ros Greeff Pic : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

he theft of cables and illegal electricity connections pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of Joburg residents, and lead to huge operating losses for the city, says MMC for Infrastructure and Environment, Roslynn Greeff. She has vowed to crack down on cable thieves and people who are responsible for the illegal electricity connections. “Cable theft and illegal power connections are a major cause of power outages, resulting in severe disruptions in the lives of residents and loss of income to many

small and emerging businesses.” A spate of cable thefts in the city has left many residents in the dark. Greeff added that the community has to combat the perception that those responsible for illegal connections are heroes or modern Robin Hoods who ‘take from the rich and give to the poor’. “People need to recognise that cable theft is a crime, and those stealing copper cables and disrupting power networks are criminals who should be dealt with by the law. They are stealing from law-abiding ratepayers who are prepared to pay for the services they receive. Their actions put the

lives and livelihoods of thousands of ordinary Joburgers in danger.” City Power has arrested 334 suspects for various crimes, ranging from cable theft to theft of transformers, with a number of court cases still on. Soaring world copper prices have led to an increase in cable theft. Between 2004 and 2009, the price of copper rose by 600 percent. Thieves often target pipes and electrical cables for copper. They also vandalise electricity substations for transformers and metal coils. The loot is often sold to scrap metal dealers at half its actual

value, or to syndicates which ship it to other countries, such as India and China. There is always at least one attempt at cable theft each day in Johannesburg. Cable theft is estimated to cost South Africa’s economy about R5-billion a year. It was declared a high priority crime at a recent copper cable theft conference in Joburg. Illegal connections and theft of electricity, power cables or general electrical infrastructure can be reported to City’s Power’s risk management control centre through the telephone number 011 490 -7553.

City targets town planning violators ‘We will clamp down on infringers of the City’s land use, building control and outdoor advertising regulations’ Moses Moyo


oburg will take stronger action against violators of town planning and building control regulations as well as the Outdoor Advertising bylaws, says Clr Ruby Mathang, the MMC for Development Planning and Urban Management. He explains that such law infringements are major causes of crime and grime which manifest into the gen-

eral urban decay of suburbs within the city and surrounds. “We have to combat the perception that those responsible for unsanctioned activities which undermines the quality of the built environment which necessitates the regeneration of these areas, are untouchable.” He added that the the City will intensify its efforts to clamp down on habitual infringers of the City’s land use, building control, and also outdoor advertising regulations.

Mathang adds that the clamp down will focus on executing High Court Orders obtained by the City for illegal outdoor advertising as well as illegal building work. This will then be followed by illegal land uses. “People also need to recognise that law infringements and disregard of the City‘s town planning and building control regulations often lead to depletion of limited resources to provide basic services to residents.” He explains that any construction

which happens without following proper town planning processes has a negative impact on the provision of bulk sewer, water and electricity supply to residents in the neighbouring areas. He called on residents to support efforts to deal decisively with the issue of law infringements and violation of regulations that impacts on the built environment. Mathang adds that issue of illegal signage and advertising has been plaguing Johannesburg for some

time due to disjointed efforts to combat this problem. “The City has identified all illegal signage and outdoor advertising and with the Sheriff’s office will be rolling out a programme to remove them without fear of favour” says Clr Mathang. The Citys urban management also intends to conduct operations to remove posters and will make a concerted effort to clean bridges and walls from graffiti and posters.

CPF members to be screened ‘This process would ensure that crime fighting organs are not infiltrated by criminals’ Moses Moyo

Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko

The MEC for Community Safety Faith Mazibuko has applauded community policing forums (CPF) across the province and alluded that they form a vital component in the fight against crime, and that it is imperative to ensure people in those forums are properly screened. An amount of R423 million allocated to the Department of Community Safety in the 2011 /2011 budget would go towards providing resources for the country’s crime fighting machinery, the South African Police Service (SAPS) and related civil society organs.

Speaking at a dinner following her last budget speech at the legislature, she said the Department of Education had made a request for 8 000 patrollers to guard schools. “This is a sign that our patrollers’ project is paying off,” she said. Patrollers will soon be placed under the Expanded Public Works Programme, which will entitle them to a monthly stipend, but it will not be free for all. The MEC cautioned that police officers were finger-printed before they joined the service, to ensure that criminals were not allowed to join their ranks. “I believe the same principle should apply to the civilian compo-


nent of crime fighting. I urge members of the CPFs to submit to this process so that we can ensure our crime fighting organs are not infiltrated by criminals,” she said. Mazibuko said non-compliant officers should stay out of the forums. “I will demand a report that indicates how many CPF members have complied with the order to be finger-printed,” she said.. CPFs are statutory bodies, given strong powers in the 1993 interim constitution - including monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the SAPS, advising police on priorities in the neighbourhood and promoting the accountability of the SAPS to local communities.

The SACP in Linda Jabane District will host the Gauteng Province 90th Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday. Below are the details of the event: Date: Sunday, 17 July 2011 Time: 09h00 Venue: Metro Centre (Council Chamber), Braamfontein, Johannesburg 90th Anniversary Celebrations Main speaker: SACP General Secretary Cde Blade Nzimande Contact the District VD Coordinator, Cde Lucas, on 072 938 2954 for more details and transport.

Socialism is our lifetime!

14 - 28 JULY 2011





At 108 years old, this house in Belgravia is one of Joburg’s oldest buildings. Recently restored, the building has received the JDA’s Halala Conserving Joburg or Colosseum Award. The building which was built in 1903 was on the brink of ruin in 2000, when the School of Practical Philosophy (SPP) approached its owners, the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC), with a proposal to restore it. The double storey building, on the corner of Berg and Marshall streets, was built to house shops on the ground floor, with flats above. Only one shop owner moved in, Anderson’s Chemist, which existed for some time. A dentist had rooms in the building too. Five doors along Marshall Street indicate the building catered for five shops, with stairs leading to the flats above. The building’s fine brickwork, broekie lace, green corrugated iron roof and cast iron posts along the street point to its Victorian origins. Christine Meissner, an architect involved in the restoration, says the building was in a derelict state. Tall pressed-steel ceilings have been repaired and wooden floors now gleam richly. Fireplaces have been replaced and brass door handles and light switches shine. Portions of wallpaper have been reproduced in one of the upstairs rooms, a unique challenge as the wallpaper was embossed. In other restoration work, the decorative cast iron balustrade running along the upstairs balcony of the house needed repair. Meissner says the bathrooms were also refurbished, and a complete flat was made upstairs, for use by visitors. The restorers repaired the gas installation and made the house fire compliant. She adds that the brass edging on each stair of the many stairways was stripped except for one piece; she hopes to be able to replace it. After the restoration in 2005, a car slammed into one of the balcony posts in Berg Street, bringing down that section of the balcony. This is to be repaired. She adds that the neighbourhood has improved, and they like to think that the work they have done with Salisbury House has made a contribution to the upliftment of the community. Lucille Davie –

People’s man...Nelson Mandela

Initiative for Madiba day Community group organises Mandela Day activities Sizwe Mathe


elson Mandela Day on July 18 is an internationally celebrated day. It is all about giving 67 minutes of your time towards a humane act and service to humanity during the birthday of the world peace icon. Cheesekids, the youth organisation that encourages social activism and community service among South Africans, runs the Cheesekids

Mandela Day 2011 initiative in a partnership with other groups, promoting volunteerism and community service. In Johannesburg celebrations will start at 8:30am and end at 4:30pm with an after party concert at the rally-point featuring artists like of HHP, JR, Khuli Chana, Nothende, Ihashi Elimhlope, and Group Jozi. The organisation’s publicist Lani Botha says the entrance to events is free. “Those who wish to attend

must go to and follow simple instructions to register,” explains Botha. She adds that bus shuttles will take registered attendees to community service projects of their choice as soon as they arrive at the rally point. “The projects include beautifying schools, cleaning homes, building and painting schools, gardening, cooking, playing with kids, vocational guidance, a sports clinic and

blood donation drives spread across 12 townships,” says Botha. All projects and rally points will be unveiled after registrations close on Saturday 16 July at12pm. “To ensure optimal crowd control, a maximum of 5 500 volunteers will be hosted in Johannesburg. Children are welcome as all events are child-friendly. Food and beverages, ablution facilities and celebrity hosts will be on hand at all points throughout the day,” adds Botha.

Masondo deployed to Luthuli House His appointment took many by surprise as they lobbied for him to join the Cabinet Moses Moyo Former Joburg mayor Amos Masondo’s wait for his next deployment by the ANC is over. He has been appointed to head the ANC president’s office at Luthuli House in Sauer Street, as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the president. The appointment of Masondo (pictured right) took many by surprise as the Gauteng ANC is lobbying for his inclusion in Cabinet, citing his experience as chairperson of the South African Local Government Association.


The former mayor of Johannesburg has been touted as the suitable person to replace ailing Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Sicelo Shiceka. For Masondo to join Cabinet he would have to be sworn in as an MP. President Zuma has used the two Cabinet seats reserved for non-MPs to appoint Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel. In this deployment Masondo will make sure that Zuma’s impact is felt at Luthuli House, even though the president spends much of his time at the Union Buildings.





14 - 28 JULY 2011

CBD accident - my son could have been killed


‘You are so worried about your car which can be replaced, my son could have been killed due to your reckless driving’

The hobos are human too A lot of articles have been written about hobos, for those who don’t know it is a term used to define people who are homeless and stay on the streets. Now so much has been done to make sure these people eat and are warmly dressed this winter; like the police women who always knit up scarves’s for the homeless when the winter season begins. We sincerely salute the government for taking time out and considering the homeless. Distributing the Inner-city Gazette newspaper to the community last Thursday we realized how people have forgotten the fact that hobos are human too. Many of us have forgotten that they deserve the same treatment or pleasures given to the Johannesburg commuters. We couldn’t have realized this until we gave one of the hobos a newspaper to read. He thanked us so much that he knelt down on his knees. It became clear that he was happy not because we gave him something for free; but he thanked us because someone out of all the people who pass him everyday considered him a human being. We are not saying that we should give our last bread to the homeless, but we are only saying that we shouldn’t forget that they are human beings too, which makes them part of the broader society. And because they live out on the streets does not mean they all chose to be in that situation. Let us not isolate and discriminate against our fellow South Africans just because they face extremely difficult circumstances. Africa belongs to all of us: the rich the poor, black or white race; and we all should feel comfortable in our own country.

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‘Rubbish strike’...a scene in President Street during the recent SAMWU strike. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Let’s hope SAMWU doesn’t strike ‘No one would like to invest their money on a mountain of rubbish’


ith the on-going NUMSA strike action we have to hope the secondary strikes by other COSATU affiliates do not include SAMWU. We all know that when SAMWU goes on strike the whole city grinds to a complete halt. This becomes especially so when the rubbish goes uncollected and accumulates into huge mounds in the streets. This also includes the rotting household materials that are dumped in the streets, the terrible stench and all. The last time this happened it looked like we would end up with an outbreak of many diseases in an epidemic that would have left many people dead. That was especially so because


many of our children played in the rubbish and contracted diseases, but fortunately the strike ended before deaths associated with the strike were reported. I sincerely hope the recent SAMWU strike was resolved properly, I mean so well that the SAMWU members were satisfied and do not feel this is their opportunity to down tools again, this time as a gesture of sympathy to their NUMSA comrades who are currently on strike. This is not to downplay the need for the workers to be treated properly and be paid sustainable wages. They certainly have legitimate grievances but we have to remem-

ber that copycat strike action in support of union comrades has taken place in the past, and may as well do so during this period of strike action. With this in mind we have to cross our fingers that the municipal workers do not go on strike again, because if they do the city degenerates into a massive dump that threatens all the residents with an outbreak of disease. Besides this, such a state for the city does not bode well in terms of attracting investors. Simply no one would like to invest their money on a mountain of rubbish. Sister Ronia Mpande Yeoville

was shocked to find a report in your paper (Inner-city Gazette, 30 June – 14 July 2011) that my son had been involved in a traffic accident in the Johannesburg CBD. The report says that he was hurled into the air and the car’s windscreen was completely destroyed, with blood stains all over it. My son Thabang received extensive injuries to his leg and head and was operated on both. How then is it possible that the driver Alwnye Serfonetein was not driving fast if those injuries were caused? Mr Serfonetein, my son Thabang was on his way to work. He is a responsible young husband and father, and I object strongly to you making the statement: maybe this guy was drunk. You are so worried about your car, which can be replaced. What if my son was killed due to you being reckless? How then does his wife and daughter replace him? My family and I have not even heard from any of the police who attended the scene of the accident, which is also a shame as they claim ‘a case of reckless driving would be investigated’. Dollica Phiri Johannesburg

Public road safety tips Children under the age of nine often lack the judgement to make safe choices when dealing with traffic.

MATSHIDISO MFIKOE Pedestrian Safety Road traffic officials are now finding that more and more accidents are as a result of pedestrian inattentiveness. Most pedestrian accidents occur when the pedestrian crosses the street and many seem to result from pedestrian inattentiveness. Thus, when pedestrians are using mobile phones, distracted attention may increase their risk of accidents. We find a lot of people text messaging, on the phone, looking down or listening to music on their i-pods or other in-the-ear devices.

Distractions to Pedestrians • Cellphones are a source of potential distraction for pedestrians who multitask while walking to their destination. Pedestrians who attempt to multitask while talking on a cell phone have a reduced cognitive capacity to devote to potentially dangerous activities such as crossing streets. • Cell phone conversations • Texting while walking • Listening to musici-pod or ear phones • Concentrating on conversations with friends • Eating on the run • Reading a book, newspaper or magazine • Being lost in thought etc It is important to note that looking is not always seeing, and distraction caused by any of the above activities could result in pedestrians failing to look, or looking but failing to see. That may then lead to accidents taking place.

Safety Tips for Drivers • Buckle up • Be vigilant at all times as you can encounter pedestrians at anytime and anywhere • Pedestrians can be very hard to see- especially in bad weather or at night. You must always be on the lookout and slow down where there is poor visibility • Be very attentive around schools and in neighbourhoods where children are active or present Safety Tips for Pedestrians • Always cross at traffic intersections, within marked crosswalks where available. • If crossing in other locations, yield the right of way to vehicles. • Look left, right and left again before crossing. Watch for turning cars. • Never cross between parked cars. • Walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk available, walk as far off the roadway as possible.

• Always walk against traffic. • Obey traffic signals, especially when the traffic light is red for pedestrians • Remain alert! Do not assume that cars are going to stop. Make eye contact with the driver to make sure they see you. • Do not talk on a cellphone or wear earphones when crossing the street. • Wear bright or reflective clothing or shoes when walking at night. Avoid dark clothes; drivers can’t avoid what they can’t see. • Stay sober. Walking while impaired greatly increases your chances of being hit by a vehicle. • Supervise and teach your children about safe walking. Remember that children under the age of nine often lack the judgement to make safe choices when dealing with traffic. Their size also makes them difficult to see. Matshidiso Mfikoe is the Joburg MMC for Public Safety.

14 - 28 JULY 2011





Clr Mally Mokoena Corporate and Shared Services

Clr Parks Tau Executive Mayor

Clr Geoffrey Makhubo Finance

Clr Matshidiso MďŹ koe Public Safety

Clr Connie Bapela Speaker of Council

Clr Dan Bovu Housing

Clr Rosslyn Greef Infrastructure Services and Environment

Clr Chris Vondo Community Development

Clr Ruby Mathang Development Planning and Urban Management

Clr Nonceba Molwele Health and Human Development


Clr Prema Naidoo Chief Whip

Clr Rehana Moosajee Transport

Clr Sello Lemao Economic Development

Clr Justice Ngalonkulu Deputy Chief Whip




14 - 28 JULY 2011

The latest addition to a string of businesses that are flocking back into the inner city

Hidden gem in Joburg Above : the Slicy Delicious restaurant in Joburg CBD.

Lynley Main


ore businesses are returning to downtown Joburg, fuelled by the city’s public and private regeneration efforts. Sandwiched between the towering office blocks of downtown Joburg lies a hidden gem. This is a health restaurant, Slicy Delicious, the latest addition to a string of businesses flocking back into the inner city. Opened recently at the corner of Commissioner and Rissik streets, this may seem an ambitious location for a restaurant, perched next to an optometrist and in full view of the never-ending stream of traffic. Yet it turns out this is actually the ideal place to set down roots. Owner and business development manager of the restaurant, Mandla Ndlovu says this is their target audience. “Being in the CBD makes it a good location for meetings and lunch breaks.” The idea first sprouted in August 2010, and it took the intervening 10

months to get established and open the doors. The restaurant is based on a simple premise of ‘healthier and leaner’. “We capitalise on people’s attitudes to health and push health consciousness,” Ndlovu says. But if thoughts of roving packs of bean sprouts and rabid broccoli are drifting across your mind, there’s no need to worry. Options such as muesli and fruit, crunchy salads and healthy but flavour-filled sandwiches abound at Slicy Delicious, while hearty old favourites such as juicy burgers, wraps, curries and oxtail stew are also on the menu. “Our food is one of our value propositions. Our chef, who worked in Cape Town before, is well-experienced,” Ndlovu says. This experience comes through in not only the taste, but in the presentation as well. A wrap may just be a tortilla filled with edibles, but at this Slicy Delicious restaurant it does not look like just an unknown mass thrown together on a plate.

Fresh ingredients are combined to provide a simple but tasty meal, which will be enough to get you through the working afternoon. What makes it even more tempting is the restaurant’s free delivery service, which operates within the CBD and surrounding areas like Braamfontein and Parktown. “The deliveries have been successful so far, and our operational model is based on making deliveries. It is a revenue earner as lots of people can’t come into town themselves during their lunch hour.” In addition, Slicy Delicious also caters for corporate functions such as training sessions, with platters ranging from sandwich trays to finger-snack trays. The platters serve up to 15 people. The restaurant is open from Mondays to Fridays, and only opens on Saturdays or Sundays if a corporate function has been booked. “But as time goes on, we may open seven days a week if there is demand,” Ndlovu says.

Zamikhaya Mpiyonke of Deaf SA contributes to the debate. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

City’s language barrier seminar ‘Language centre should be established in the city’ Sizwe Mathe


he recently hosted language awareness campaign at the Yeoville Recreation Centre concluded that language barrier is a major concern to society. According to Thuli Mlangeni; assistant director for Migration Unit at the City of Johannesburg, the main objective of the campaign is to integrate immigrants with the South African community, and also establish the effects of language barrier in the community. “There is mistrust when there is a language barrier. For us to foster social integration we need to set a conducive environment so that both immigrants and local residents can treat each other as brothers and sisters. Immigrants should not be always speaking French among themselves, but we also need to learn

their languages,” says Mlangeni. She adds that a language centre should be established in the City. “From the response we received it is clear that there is a need to establish a language centre. This is the first consultative meeting but we will have more in other regions around the City,” adds Mlangeni. Provincial Director for Deaf SA Zamikhaya Mpiyonke, who made his presentation in sign language, says many people have myths about how deaf people live. “It was a beneficiary workshop. The integration of deaf people to society must include a two percent quota, access to general services and access to information readily available in visual fashion,” explains Mpiyonke. Adilia de Sousa of Bienvenu Shelter adds that learning other people’s languages helps to prevent cases of xenophobia and is vital in the integration of society.

Police seek stolen baby Crime Reporter Hillbrow police are appealing to anyone who may have information about a baby (pictured) who was stolen from the Door of Hope baby shelter in Berea recently. Hillbrow police spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay says the one month-old baby girl was stolen by a woman who pretended to hand over another baby belonging to a friend. “The suspect came into the shelter with a blanket and explained that she had the baby wrapped in it, but refused to show the baby to social workers. She allegedly said she would hand the baby over once the baby’s mother had arrived. The suspect managed to take another baby

who was in a cot and wrapped her in that blanket, and slipped out of the centre with the baby.” Sgt Pillay said a missing child docket has been opened at the station. “Police appeal to members of the the public who have information to call the following numbers: 079 541 2033 or the Hillbrow police station on (011) 488 6511.”

14 - 28 JULY 2011







14 - 28 JULY 2011

Holistic health approach ‘People who are diabetic ask us about disability grants, being diabetic is not a disability’

Gabi Khumalo


irst lady Bongi Ngema-Zuma (pictured above) has called for a holistic approach in effectively dealing with non-communi-

cable diseases (NCDs) in the province and country. Addressing the recent NCD Summit at the Poliomyelitis Research Foundation in Joburg the first lady, who is also the Founder and President of the Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation, stressed the need for cooperation by all stakeholders, including the private sector, government and civil society. “We are facing a serious health challenge and we need a revolution on health awareness in general. Creating awareness is critical as an effective tool for prevention and managing NCDs,” she said. The first lady encouraged direct interaction with communities through education on NCDs,

which will prove to be significant. “Strengthening partnerships will lead to a decrease in the morbidity and mortality rate. We have taken a challenge to spread the word to communities, especially in rural areas because education is critical for sustainable growth of our society. We are reaching out to schools and churches, especially in black communities where there is little information. We do screening for NCDs, including cholesterol, diabetes and weight and do referrals where needed,” Ngema-Zuma said. The NCD summit, which was hosted by the Gauteng Health and Social Development Department, aims to develop a plan of action to control and manage NCDs in the province, which account for 60 percent of all deaths globally.

NCDs include diabetes, hypertension, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. Head of Department for Gauteng Health and Social Development, Kamy Chetty, said: “The idea of the summit is to say, how can we be able to be innovative and give all the attention we can? Through active health promotion, we will be able to have an impact. Let’s make a difference for our children and ourselves.” Chetty noted that while NCDs mostly focus on diabetes and cancer, the focus should also be on mental health problems and substance abuse, which have a major impact on mental health. “We need to look at adequate budget for all programmes. The department has allocated an 18 percent increase funding for Pri-

mary Health Care,” Chetty added. The department will also be embarking on a door-to-door campaign, where community health workers will be visiting families to find out their health problems. Diabetes nurse educator from Diabetes South Africa, Sister Razana Allie emphasized the need for having diabetes nurses stationed on a full time basis at health care centres, who will teach patients how to manage their medication. “It is not only about eating correct meals, but how to manage their medication. Currently, some people who are diabetic approach us and ask about disability grants. Being diabetic is not a disability and they do not need any grants. All they need to do is to manage their NCD medication correctly,” Sister Allie added. BuaNews

Taxi drivers get back to school ‘Course will focus on advanced driver training and safety, customer care, first aid and business management’ Lynley Main Joburg’s taxi drivers will soon be engaged in a course for compulsory specialist training. Plans for the academy have been in place since last September, when the Department of Transport announced its intention to implement an overhaul of the public transport sector. The taxi industry is the main target as taxis carry over 60 percent of SA’s commuters. It will focus on advanced driver training and safety, customer care, and first aid, as well as lessons in business management. The academy is to be running by end of the year. Its headquarters will be in Welkom, but satellite centres will be opened around the country. In Joburg it falls under the Gauteng Taxi Council (Gataco). Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, Robert Mkhatshwa says Gataco has appointed a skills development facilitator, Elize Drage, to assist in estab-

lishing a training college for the taxi industry in Gauteng. “Gataco and its skills development facilitator identified a place in Krugersdorp, where training will take place, and has already applied for accreditation from the Transport Seta.” The Transport Seta had already approved the funding needed for the training, Mkhatshwa adds. Drage says this funding would be a discretionary grant, for which the college had to apply every year. About 135 taxi drivers from around Gauteng are expected to take the inaugural training programme; 50 will be from Johannesburg, 30 from Tshwane, another 30 from Ekurhuleni and 25 from Sedibeng. “The 12 day training course will begin at the end of July, including the practical component of the course. Regional associations and councils will be responsible for recruiting drivers and referring them to us,” Drage says.

Bachelor, 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom Flats Berea From R 1 800 Office : (011) 544 - 3900 Cell : Steven 073 339 7410 Email : SMS ‘‘Letting” to 34007 and we will call you. SMS costs R2

Eviction scene...members of the city’s law enforcement agencies conduct the evacuation of tenants

City shuts slum building ‘Fire could erupt because the shacks in it were divided by highly flammable flash boards’ Limakatso Khalianyane


joint venture called Operation Nyanga Ntathu by Joburg’s Emergency Management Services (EMS), police, City Power, Environmental Health and Urban Development departments, has shut down the City Hives building in Kruis Street in the CBD. This is a three-month campaign to enforce building regulations and by-laws in the inner city and surrounding areas. The three-storey block was used for business and residential purposes, and the people who lived there illegally were evicted and the building locked up.

EMS Divisional chief Buyile Shabangu said it is a business building but was used for residential purposes. “The building is a high risk; fire can erupt because the shacks are divided by highly flammable flash boards.” The building’s owner, who lives in Durban, had been warned several times about the matter since 2009. “Two weeks ago we indicated to them that they needed to meet the standards as outlined by the City,” said Shabangu. To meet these standards, the building should abide by the rules regarding safe evacuation of people when fire broke out; must have easily accessible fire-

fighting equipment; should withstand a certain amount of heat; and must be adequately ventilated. “Should the building’s owner decide to comply with regulations, it would be returned them,” Shabangu said. EMS spokesperson Percy Morokane said water and electricity were illegally connected. “Each room, the size of a bathroom, accommodated up to five people,” he said. Each floor was divided into sections containing plastic and wood shacks. Each tenant paid R20 for water and electricity, and rent ranged from R850 to R1 200 per room.

14 - 28 JULY 2011




Baby shelter tightens security Infant sanctuary improves security after one baby is stolen Makoena Pabale


trict security is now being enforced at the Door of Hope Children’s Mission in Berea since one baby was stolen recently. The manager of the baby sanctuary at number 17 Doris Street, Francinah Phago pleads with anyone who has any information about their missing baby to report it to the Hillbrow police. “Because of this incident, stricter rules for visitors have been enforced, which includes searching people before they leave the premises,” she says. Phago explains that this is a haven for babies who have been abandoned by their parents. The organisation provides shelter for these babies, while waiting

Report robot vandals

for them to be adopted, she explains. The church has installed a baby bin on the premises, where mothers can anonymously leave their babies at any time of the day or night. It was started in 1999 by a Berea Baptist Church pastor, Cheryl Allen and her church deacons who found that a high number of newborn infants were being abandoned daily. Phago says the organisation accepts any forsaken baby. “We have a baby bin on the premises, where mothers can anonymously leave their babies at any time. There is a sensor where the baby is placed, and if an infant is put down, the home receives a signal and someone immediately checks the baby bin. Although the bin

is very necessary only 10 percent of the children are received through it.” Inside the home, there are two rooms for house mothers, a kitchen, an isolation room for sick babies, a room for young babies, room for older babies, a living room and a bathroom. It can accommodate 12 babies at a time. At the moment, there are nine babies at the shelter. Last month there were 12 infants there; two were adopted and one was stolen. Phago does not want to talk much about the missing baby. “This is still very painful, it is just like losing one of your own children. We are putting our trust in God and hoping that the baby will be found and returned soon,” she says.

Prasa evicts city traders ‘There was no need for a court order since we were removing illegal traders’

‘Traffic lights have been deliberately turned around at intersections’

Moses Moyo


Sizwe Mathe The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) urges motorists and the general public to report vandals who tamper with traffic lights with the aim to cause accidents. JRA spokesperson Thulane Makhubela says this follows numerous complaints by motorists that traffic lights have been deliberately turned around at several of the city’s major intersections. “Vandalism of traffic signals is a serious problem, more so because it is placing motorists in danger.” He however does not confirm claims by motorists that tow truck drivers are responsible for vandalising the traffic lights. “We are in no position to say it is tow truck drivers who are involved in this act, we do not know as yet. People should report cases of vandalism to the SAPS or JMPD officers,” Makhubela says. In several occasions pedestrians have been blamed for not observing traffic signals. “Traffic signals are there for the safety of all road users and should be obeyed at all times,” he says. Makhubela adds that those people found guilty of tempering with traffic signals will face the wrath of the law. “This is a criminal offence and if caught, they will be prosecuted. They are also endangering the lives of motorists and could thus be liable for even more serious crimes than just acts of vandalism,” he said.

Some of the babies at the shelter.

PRASA workers demolish the buildings.


his week Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) workers demolished spaza shops and other business stalls in Nugget Street near Doornfontein rail station in Joburg CBD. Prasa spokesperson Kenny Ramuthivheli confirmed that his company evicted the traders from the place. “We evicted the illegal traders who were stealing electricity from a substation of PRASA on

our land there,” he said. On whether PRASA used a court order to evict those businessesRamuthivheli said: “There was no need for a court order since we were removing illegal traders. Police were also involved in the eviction.” He added that they have a contractor who will secure and fence off the area. “We will also install a gate with security to control access to the land. The space may be used as a taxi holding area, and we are already in discussions with one taxi association,” he added.

Youth event addresses building hijacking Sizwe Mathe The youth event hosted by Joburg’s Region F on Friday in Newtown created awareness about building hijacking among the youth through games, theatre, music, comedy and sporting activities. The region decided to mobilise the youth in order to spread the word and assist in identifying bad buildings, according to its director Nathi Mthethwa. He added that the event follows a resolution taken at the building hijacking and slum lording summit held in April this year. “The innercity has a population which consists of sixty percent youth and we are working hand in hand with the youth by tackling issues of building hijacking. Together we are positive that we can build a brighter, more

prosperous city which will offer bonga Radebe left the crowd in The celebration was hosted in partyoung people hope and opportuni- stitches with his jokes. He said that nership with Youth Ina City. ties for the future,” said Mthethwa. comedy can be essential in the fight Report building hijacking He added that the City needs to against building hijacking. anonymously to 0860 111 381. accommodate more positive aspects of the inner-city by highlighting its successes in curbing building hijacking and slum lording. The youth were also informed and educated about drug abuse; HIV/ Aids; entrepreneurship opportunities; bursaries and study programmes; youth with disabilities; women empowerment and moral regeneration. Comedian SiyaYouths dance during the event. PIC : ZINHLE PHAKATHI / INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY




14 - 28 JULY 2011

Bold musical debuts in Joburg Production illustrates challenges facing women who aspire for top leadership posts Arts Correspondent


Samke Mkhize as Madame President

imes are changing, and women the world over hold positions of immense power, politically, socially and economically. It can be argued that it would be a natural progression in the future of South Africa that a woman could emerge as an appropriate leader, and ultimately be elected to the highest office in the land; that of President of South Africa. Madame President, written and directed by Edmund Mhlongo, with music and direction by Linda Ngcwensa (leader of the gospel group Avante), looks at just that scenario. The large-scale production is ideal for public audiences, as well as for daytime school groups. The show’s run in

Johannesburg appropriately coincides with Women’s Month. Mhlongo says South Africa (like Liberia), is ready to be led by a woman president. “The production also illustrates the challenges facing women who aspire for top leadership posts in the country. It does so by following the journey of Nobuntu (played by Samke Mkhize), who has her ‘eyes on the prize’. Madame President challenges stereotypes, and examines the hurdles faced by ambitious women in the past. Acclaimed female African leaders in history serve as Nobuntu’s role-models, as she travels towards achieving her goal.” Former President Thabo Mbeki had this say on the subject in 2005: “African women are ready

to lead, but social beliefs and attitudes hinder their quest. United we stand, divided we fall. We have to make the point practically, not just in words, to have a woman leading in an equal position with a man.” Women played an important role in the liberation of South Africa. Like their male counterparts, they suffered restriction, imprisonment, torture and even assassination. Despite the noble stand they took, however, it appears that there are still barriers to their advancement, and these impediments come under the scrutiny of Mhlongo’s musical. The production also showcases the talents of Thembisile Ntaka (of Coca-cola Pop Stars fame), and pop group Adila. Thembisile,

who originates from Durban’s Hamasdale township, has just returned from a three month tour of Holland, where she appeared in a production called African Mamas. Madame President debuted in Durban in August 2009, and its largely sold-out two week run proved to be a good omen for the production. The next stop was the Izulu Theatre in October 2009, and the show then went on tour internationally, covering Dubai and Italy, in addition to New Orleans and New York in the US. It was last staged in June and July last year at the Kingswood Theatre. The production will be presented at Joburg’s Victory Theatre between August 3 and 7.

Yeoville prostitution theatre A fast paced, humorous play written with wit and compassion Sizwe Mathe


ollowing its resounding success at the 2011 edition of the Grahamstown Arts Festival, Last Pro in Yeoville will soon enjoy a full season at the Windybrow Theatre in Hillbrow. The theatre production, written and directed by Martin Koboekae, will be staged at the theatre from 21 to 30 July. Koboekae says the story is about an ageing white prostitute whose name is Camellia who loses her sex appeal in an upmarket brothel in

Rosebank and seeks better places. “Camellia causes her clients to run for cover, she is forced to migrate to the less illustrious streets of Yeoville to retire ungracefully. There she plies her trade in Pope Street and immediately becomes a hit with the black clients who think they are scoring big with a white pro,” he says. Overlooking the spot where Camellia solicits for business is a flat occupied by two men, one a celebrated short story writer and his incorrigible flatmate who are down on their luck. “They keep themselves busy by watching Camellia

from their balcony and making wild assumptions about her. One thing they agree on is that she is a real ‘pro’,” adds Koboekae. Danger lurks uncomfortably and luck comes knocking unexpectedly. “What is revealed is a 26 year old mystery in the form of a coloured boy’s picture which elicits conflicting truths about paths that have crossed dramatically in the past. The play is humorous, fast paced, and written with wit and compassion,” adds Koboekae. The production casts Peter Mashigo (Billy), Lunga Radebe (Poiho), and Onida Cowan (Camellia).

Top honours for music group

A scene in Last Pro in Yeoville

The group counterpoints modern saxophones and trombones with traditional kudu horns Arts Correspondent


Re-alignment... some members of the Sibikwa Arts African Indigenous Orchestra

he Sibikwa Arts African Indigenous Orchestra, whose styles range from Afro pop to marabi to contemporary jazz, with traditional influences thrown in for good measure, took their latest show, Re-Alignment 1, on the road to this year’s Grahamstown Arts Festival. Enthusiastic audience members, some of whom caught the show more than once, agreed that it was an experience not to be missed. Apart from picking up scores of new fans, the super-talented outfit also picked up an Ovation Award for their show; a lively exchange of rhythms and beats between audience and musicians that set the festival-goers’ tongues wagging. The festival’s Ovation Award is awarded for ‘excellence, the exploration of new performances and styles, and the courage to open new conversations through the arts’.

The Sibikwa Arts African Indigenous Orchestra fits that bill, by exploring new sounds on old instruments; for example by counterpointing modern brass instruments such as saxophones and trombones with traditional instruments such as kudu horns. Last year, the orchestra’s sister outfit, the Sibikwa Arts Dance Company, walked away with an Ovation Award, which makes it a two-in-row crowning for this innovative arts organisation. Artistic Director Phyllis Klotz was thrilled by this latest acknowledgement of excellence. “We’re delighted that the orchestra was recognised for its innovation. Our musicians will not be sitting on their laurels, despite the acclaim that has greeted their efforts. They will instead return to their rehearsals, where they will continue to refine and develop what they already have,” she said.

14 - 28 JULY 2011




Girl secrets at the Market This is a reckoning, an act of empowerment for girls and an illumination for parents and us all Arts Correspondent


Richard Forbes displays his work at the Joburg Art Gallery.


expo at JAG ‘The argument that the exhibition lacks African resonance doesn’t hold water because Africa is developing a new language and I am part of that language’ Sizwe Mathe An exhibition called Acoustic Resonance Collector at the Johannesburg Art Gallery is the latest work by contemporary artist Richard Forbes, running until 15 August. Forbes says the exhibition represents the energetic interactive dispersal principle he has researched and engaged within all his work. Visitors to the gallery have the unique opportunity to interact with a 14 metre suspended dirigible clad in Forbes’ largest ever ink rendering. “This is about finding the higher inner-self through potential, selfawareness and our connection to the universe. I am privileged to present the multiple layers of my work in this art museum. I came here when I was 16 years-old and the gallery has influenced my direction in the world of arts. It has a special place in my heart,” says Forbes.

His previous projects such as Quiet Revolution and Ripple are also on display in the gallery. “I am trying to bring all elements of arts together. The ark in display in the gallery symbolises the significance of communication. It also highlights the energy within us, it changes the sand inside. My work reflects a dynamic energy of society, effectively making a mirror of society, is shifts one’s consciousness,” he adds. Forbes quells criticism by visitors that his exhibition lacks the African touch. “Art talks about our highest potential considering our past and the political statement made in it. The argument that the exhibition lacks African resonance does not hold water because Africa is developing a new language and I am part of that language, the exhibition adds new dimension to that language. But again we are a multicultural society,” he says.

Drama for Life Aids fundraiser Join Drama for Life (DFL) on 28th July 2011 at the Market Theatre for its annual fundraising event. This year DFL presents internationally acclaimed Pieter-Dirk Uys, who will perform For Fact’s Sake, adapted for the fundraiser, for this one night only. Drama for Life was established in 2006, with the goal of using applied drama and theatre in the fight against HIV/Aids in Africa. Today, this ambition remains relevant, and Uys’ performance all the more appropriate. With Uys’ ability to infuse serious social and political issues with comedy, the evening is bound to have a hilariously enlightening outcome. He speaks about the roller coaster ride of sex, HIV/Aids in a contemporary society. After a 10 year period Uys shares the facts and fictions about this great fear in the lives of all of us. Much of the information made up the core of

he Market Theatre Laboratory presents the show, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World between 15 and 27 July. In her daring, provocative, and insightful new work, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World, internationally acclaimed playwright (The Vagina Monologues) and V-Day founder Eve Ensler (pictured) writes fictional monologues and stories inspired by girls all around the globe. Among the girls’ voices are a young girl struggling to ask her boyfriend to wear a condom; an anorexic blogging as she eats less and less; a Masai girl from Kenya unwilling to endure female genital mutilation; a Chinese factory worker making Barbies; and a pregnant girl trying to

his award-winning performance, Foreign Aids and this presentation of For Fact’s Sake has been specially adapted for the DFL fundraiser, and promises to be a most memorable not-to-bemissed event. Uys’s performance is in aid of raising funds for the DFL Scholarship Programme and the DFL Site Partners. DFL has financially supported 81 postgraduate scholars from 15 different African Countries over the past four years. Additional funds are also needed to feed directly into the ongoing work that DFL implements through different partnerships in community and education sites in and around Johannesburg. This includes Hillbrow Theatre. All the work done by DFL uses this to negotiate and interact with social issues, especially those around HIV/ Aids, human rights and social justice, environmental sustainability and diversity and transformation.

decide if she should keep her baby. Moving through a world of topics and emotions, these voices are fierce, alive, tender, complicated, imaginative, and smart. Girls today often find themselves in a struggle between remaining strong and true to themselves and conforming to society’s

expectations in an attempt to please. They are taught not to be too intense, too passionate, too smart, too caring, too open. They are encouraged to shut down their instincts, their outrage, their desires and their dreams, to be polite, to obey the rules. I am an Emotional Creature is a celebration of the authentic voice inside every girl, and an inspiring call to action for girls everywhere in the world to speak up, follow their dreams, and become the kind of women they were always meant to be. Through rants, poetry, questions and facts, we come to understand the universality of girls: their resilience, their wildness, their pain, their fears, their secrets, and their triumphs. The show, I am an Emotional Creature is a call, a reckoning, an education, an act of empowerment for girls, and also an illumination for parents and all.

Events venue...part of the revamped Mary Fitzgerald Square

New look Newtown party spot ‘Now families may also use it for leisure, and also as a vehicle parking facility’ Romaana Naidoo


he Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown has been given a new look, complete with drinking water fountains and grassy mounds. Situated in the heart of Joburg’s arts and entertainment hub, the square is a prominent concert space and is regularly used for arts activities. It accommodates about 22 000 people, and during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, it was used as an official Fan Fest. The upgrade, a Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) project, was funded by the City, at a cost of R12.7-million. The initial budget was R10-million but more money was allocated for additional up-

grades. The work began in January. JDA project manager Celestine Mouton says the square is now aesthetically pleasing to the eye. “It is surrounded by restaurants, as well as the Workers’ Museum, Market Theatre and Museum Africa.” Work at the square included layer works, storm water reticulation, new paving and lighting. Trees and grassy mounds were planted, and water fountains installed. Mouton says the square will continue hosting events, but now families may also use it for leisure and as a vehicle parking facility. During construction, Mouton says the paving was dug up and new layer works and storm water reticulation was installed. This was necessary as

the old paving was loose and lifted easily. “The layer works were not sufficient for trucks to drive over. After the upgrade it will be more sustainable in the future.” The square was named after Mary Fitzgerald, an Irish immigrant who became known as Pickhandle Mary. She made a name for herself in Joburg for her trade union activities and being the city’s first woman trade unionist, first woman printer and first woman city councillor. The Joburg council approved the name Mary Fitzgerald Square in 1939 for the Newtown square. In 1986 a plaque was erected on the nearby Museum Africa building, officially renaming the city’s popular arts venue.




14 - 28 JULY 2011

14 - 28 JULY 2011




14 - 28 JULY 2011




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14 - 28 JULY 2011


Trophies galore...The winning Madulamoho Girls’ soccer team



The winning Madulamoho under 12 boys’ team pose with their coach Freedom Jacob. PICS : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Youths compete in neighbourhood tourney ‘I am interested in seeing these children growing in an environment where they can respect their elders and know each other as brothers and sisters’ Sizwe Mathe


ouths from the Hillbrow neighbourhood recently took part in a sporting tournament organised by Ekhaya Neighbourhood, a City Improvement District (CID) and property owners at Ekhaya Park. The tournament had earlier been scheduled for 16 April but heavy

rain resulted in the postponement to last week. The day-long soccer tournament involved eight teams divided into under 12 and under 16 boys’ categories, as well as two girls’ teams. The coordinator of Ekhaya Neighbourhood, Josie Adler said the main objective of the sporting tournament includes making the Hillbrow neighbourhood an appropriate and

liveable place for young people. “I am interested in seeing these children growing in an environment where they can respect their elders and know each other as brothers and sisters,” he added. Overall winners received trophies, while runners-up took home medals. Freedom Jacob, the coach of Madulamoho under 12 team played against Glamour Boys in the final,

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said the tournament was well-organised. “I am happy with the way my boys played. They have improved their level of play and have showed great potential. But the tournament will also help them foster friendships,” added Jacob. A large crowd of young people came out to witness the soccer action. A euphoric Antony Nyoni, 12,

said the tournament was the funniest he has ever watched. “It is very funny when you see a guy miss a sitter. I wish there were soccer tournaments every weekend,” he added. In the under 16 final between Umlazi Stars and Madulamoho, Stars won with a single goal. Madulamoho Girls beat Izenzo Secondary School 5-0 in the final.

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Jubilant...Amakhosi fans dance during the last derby.


Fans set for thriller derby Soccer Correspondent


rlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs fans are set for a thrilling encounter in the Carling Black Label Cup derby clash on July 30. In the last match the Soweto rivals played they drew one all, with the Bucaneers having to score the equaliser in the dying seconds of the thrilling game. The fans are said to be the ‘coaches’ and given the right to select the team through the Black Label beer

programme. Up to the time of going to press the fans had not changed much of their teams, and seem to stick with their favourite players who featured in the PSL campaign last season. The Pirates ‘fan-coaches’ have not changed their team since the last update at the beginning of this month. They have stuck with the players who won the treble last season. With a combination of Andile Jali, Isaac Chansa and young sensation Bongani Ndulula, the Buccaneers

INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY The Ghost...Bucs fans watch the last encounter.

Proceeds from the competition will benefit several charity organisations

are set to pose a strong challenge against their rivals. The likely Bucs line-up on derby day is as follows: Moeneeb Josephs, Happy Jele, Lucky Lekgwathi, Rooi Mahamutsa, Ruben Cloete, Isaac Chansa, Andile Jali, Oupa Manyisa, Mark Mayambela, Katlego Mashego, Bongani Ndulula. Amakhosi fans have not made any significant changes either; with Dominic Isaacs and Lawrence Molekwane trading places. However, Isaacs has much more experi-

ence than Molekwane. The former has played 40 matches while the latter has only appeared 11 times for Amakhosi. There is doubt that defender Punch Masenamela will feature in the game as he is on his way to Sundowns; and also Knowledge Musona who is believed to be moving to German Bundesliga side TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. The likely Amakhosi starting lineup would be as follows: Itumeleng Khune, Jimmy Tau, Thomas Sweswe, Punch Masenamela,

Lawrence Molekwane, Josta Dladla, Abia Nale, Mandla Masango, Siphiwe Tshabalala, Knowledge Musona, Kaizer Motaung Jnr. Black Label marketing manager Shaun Katz says proceeds from the competition will benefit several charity organisations. “We have soccer icon Ruud Gullit as ambassador of the tournament. He will announce the charity work linked to the match, and also conduct coaching clinics in soccer development projects,” he added.

Bafana to improve ranking The next rankings will be used to determine seedings for the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament Sports Reporter


he latest FIFA rankings indicate a world nine place drop for Bafana Bafana to number 47. The previous ranking had the SA national soccer team ranking at number four in Africa, but now ranks at number seven after Nigeria, Senegal and Burkina Faso moved ahead of them on the CAF list. The rankings are calculated using results from the last four years and

based on a weighted system with the most recent results carrying more importance. The drop comes despite a good showing for the team against African champions Egypt in the recent Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers. The next rankings will be released on July 27, and are to be used to determine seeding for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification draw three days later. Bafana Bafana coach Pitso Mosi-

mane said : “Other countries have been playing matches while we did not. With the next game against Niger the result will restore our place in the rankings.” Ivory Coast has displaced Ghana as the top African team, followed by Egypt, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa. Spain is still world number one, followed by Netherlands, Germany, England, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Mexico and Argentina.


Bafana Bafana hope to improve their rankings in the next announcements to stand a chance of an advantage in the World Cup seedings.




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14th July - 28 July 2011 Edition

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