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She said her feelings exceed meaning, and I doubt, not without good reason, And I feel damned and extol treason, because all received love has been fleeting, Will there ever be another love to believe in, or will I always be left seething? Cos I need someone to help this healing and your sunbeam smile summons that feeling, I thought I’d never feel again, I know that we are still young and we could become another dog that’s had it’s day. I don’t believe in romance; it’s fiction. But your not a girl who’s stuck wishing, That the next boyfriend will be Prince Charming, you want a love that’s not self-harming, We’ll lock fingers like we’ve got the lovers disease, you’ll bite my mandible as and when you please, Make me shout with surprise as your fingers freeze to my back when you attack and you make me feel, What I thought I’d never feel again, I know that we are still young and we could become another dog that’s had it’s day.

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Indulgence Indulgence destroys love like a heart attack, The crippled pump floods itself but you’re searching for a way back. Why not indulge some more, you’ll only hurt yourself. But with no self control you’ll end up hurting someone else. You can’t see past yourself at any given time, So I’ll let you die in your footsteps with an audience in mind. emise. ublic d ied. your opur heart d m o r f y ort how as you d comf o see s long create ybody t ance, a You’vwe anted ever t r o p t of You own im momen in yourright, meone else a p u t h o Caug the it’s alleath cost s mise.d. brea every br blic de ur pur heart die o y But lives! m o ort fr how you their d comf o see world, create ybody t in this ered, You’vwe anted ever worthcome a batt f o g e b You thin de any ips and rself. not ma lationsh rt you You’venegated re only huurting ll ’ u o Just en girl. h y , p e more ll end u beat lge som l you’ t indou self contro o n y h W with n But one else. some

I’m feeling fearless but I can’t speak to you, I’m scared to death but I hope to hell you knew? And hope’s all I can do. I’m weaker than you could ever know, I have to hide from every confrontation, My spine is formed from lies whiter than snow, My thoughts can’t transcend any situation, You force in it’s path, My lungs are failing and my heart won’t last. Well, I’ve not had much darker days in the past. And I’ll find another way to break your heart. I find my feet following the same old path, I’d cut my toes off if it could be my last, Torrid journey through this baron wilderness, My thoughts will haunt me as long as I’m a part of this, I fall threw the abyss, All the time my mind meshes to a part of my life I want to forget. This feels like it could be the end of destiny, Cos I feel like a blackhole has engulfed the place my heart used to be.

You put too much emphasis on my inability to forgive, By falling in to his bed and dismissing the way you live. What’s more, you always want what you can’t have, And you’re never able to live without being in love. So with an incredulous smile I concede that I have lost, And with impeccable guile you deliver the riposte that you were... The aggrieved. Not the adversary. That I should be perceived as the malign mercinary. Quietly calculated and timidly tort you antagonise my affection, With your noxious nous and subtle suggest you allude to my intention. But I was the one left lost, dying bleeding in the gutter. I’m not the adversary!

I miss you so much, but I’ll hate you til I die, I miss your tender touch, but you repulse me and I don’t know why, I even miss you at all after what’s gone before or I even entertain the thought that love exists anymore?! And it was always jaded truth after excited lies, And there was always a make-up kiss after panda eyes. But you’d always manipulate, and I’d always capitulate, I just wish I’d let you fall by the side after the very first time. I have nightly fights with myself which often end in thoughts of death, I have nightly bouts of ill health caused by the sickening concept, Of this mess of my life and this mess of my mind and how your transient soul makes a mockery out of mine.

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So whilst my mind pertains to other thoughts I find distractions in people who offer more, Than pessimism and diffidence, like girls who don’t live a coquettish existence, So I’ll just stop… Writing about you daily and concentrate on finding something to contain me, Whilst you pull at these heartstrings just a little bit harder, I’ll avoid every attempt to make me suffer! We’re trying to forget every single thing about you! (woo) All my friends are imaginary, but they’re more real than yours. You’re surrounded by impostors and ingrates, but still you’re wanting more (?), More More More More

attention, more drama, things to make life harder. attention, more drama, things to make life harder.

Does he love you, as much as I did, yet? Do you love him as much as you loved me? Have you got his initials tattooed on your other wrist yet? It’s inevitable I bet! Cos I wish I could meet someone new, someone like you. I want to meet someone who reminds me of when I first heard Los Campesinos! Fueled with excitement, the doom and the foresight for destroying all romantic feelings. Cos I wish I could meet someone new, someone like you, But without the great void of fidelity, someone who knows how to live in monogamy. And when I say I want to meet someone like you, I mean I never ever want to meet anyone like you again, because you are disgusting, abhorrent and emotionally petulant. I wish that I could meet someone new, someone nothing like you, I hate you and wish I’d never met you. Why couldn’t it have been anyone but you?!

The silence is so consuming, it’s hard to fall to sleep, I’m enslaved to this post bound in chains made out of sheets. The air in this humid room hangs round my neck like a noose, My legs twist outside the covers rebelling against tonight’s tune. The darkness envelopes, the heat persists, The night lives on as I try to resist, Allowing my thoughts to wonder and stray, There’s always relief upon the lambent light of day. Maybe one more smoke, maybe one more drink, Maybe one more of anything will aide me not to think? It’s half past two which isn’t all that late, But this night has no plans but to make me wait. As the night creeps in like claustrophobia, It chokes the life from my bones like a weird, a weird inertia. Bored to death and bored of this night, Practically paralyzed I can’t even turn on a light. The thoughts that run your mind at night are the worst ones; the ones where you’re half asleep and on the way to the land of nod and you’re aware you don’t want to be thinking about that person, or that situation but you just carry on. I always think about what could have been and never what’s to come. I beat myself up about what I should or shouldn’t have done. I just hope that one person suffers to her conscience as much as I do.

Hello Bear are: Luke Fox - Vocals, Guitar Tom Harvey - Bass, Vocals Daryl Blyth - Drums, Vocals Recorded at: Sickroom Studios & Leeders Farm. All tracks produced by: Owen Turner. Tracks x & x, these were produced by David Pye. Mixed by: Owen Turner & Hello Bear. Tracks x & x mixed by David Pye & Hello Bear. Mastered by: Philosophers Barn. Cover Photo by: Clare Myers Photography. Back Photo by: . Artwork by: Daryl Blyth Photos & Images taken/supplied by: Noukka Signe, George Fairbairn, Daryl Blyth, Luke Fox, Kelle Blyth, Barry Ford, Our Lost Infantry, Heather Gibb,, Lauren Tyson, Kelly Anne Hunt, The Barlights, Jason Baldock, Adam Doughty, Glenn Burrows, Rebecca Pratt,....If we’ve missed anyone out it’s because we were more than likely too drunk on Sailor Jerry to realise who was taking the photo. So put your name here ___________. Background Sound on track 12: "Fogma" from

All tracks copyright blah blah blah blah

Thanks Luke: Margaret: for all her love and support. Chris Turpin: for giving me the direction to release the feelings explored on this album (which surely would have killed me otherwise). Tom and Daryl: for believing in this band from day 1. John Fox: without him I wouldn’t be playing guitar. Kingsley: for seeing something special in us. Nikita: for giving me something to write about, and opening my eyes to the reality of love and life. The rest of you for buying this album and helping us carry on as a band by turning up to gigs. Tom: Family: for putting up with me. Chris Turpin: for convincing me to pick up a guitar and for being generally awesome. Luke & Daryl: for being like brothers...but better. Kelle: for her support, sewing and friendship. Kingsley: for taking us on. Daryl: Kelle: for her love and being extremely supportive, going to the ends of the earth for Hello Bear, putting up with me and putting me in touch with Luke. Parents (Graham, Cheryl & Ian): for introducing me into the world of music. Luke & Harvey: Thank you for being my musical brothers and helping me make dreams come true. Beauchamp Partnership/ Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo/V8 Rumble/ Wayne Beauchamp: for putting up with me having to miss out on gigs and work, thanks for sticking with me. Kingsley: for believing in Hello Bear. Barry: For support and Bear suits. George Fairbairn & The Fairbairns: for giving Hello Bear some fantastic promo stuff to work with & friendship. James: for being a fantastic friend and going to the ends of the earth to help us. BBC Norfolk Intro (Kelly, Lauren & Garry). The 405. Anyone who has comes to our shows, buys our stuff and gives us “woos” put your name here:_______. Billie Blyth: without you I don’t think I would be working as hard as I am on this, trust me my little Ewok this time next year you’ll have your own pony and/or intergalactic ride along spaceship. XoOXxxO. - -

I remember when we both wrote our names in the wet cement, One straddling, one holding up the heart we had drawn in between, And she was sure that she’d never want to love again, But I was sure there was a fall waiting for the idealistic “you and me”. For four months she created disaster upon disaster, Rationalised by being a fucked up girl who’s falling faster and faster. But she couldn’t control, and she couldn’t create, She lost her knife in my back and tried to blame it all on fate. I’m not sure if it’s cathartic or a disaster, To admit that I might still be in love with her... Her scent was left lying lingering on my bed sheets for weeks, Every night I would lie there contemplating sleep... But with every scenario my mind conjured up to dream, Would leave her lying licentiously there next to me.

Guilt is a powerful presence and I’m projecting mine upon your essence, But I can’t be sure if you’re as abhorrent as I first thought, Maybe you’re a misguided soul, trapped inside a mind darker than hell? It’s over-saturated! This market which we lead. Of lost, young hearts! So I’m going to leave. And I anticipate defection... But I don’t want to be alone so I go on pretending. It’s hard to collate how this happened, and to see when you joined the faction, Of cheating hearts and harlots. I hope that your conscience conspires against your mind in the moment and in your future endeavors! Cowering in the corner with my guilty head in my hands considering the options and never wanting to think again. Maybe you projected your guilt to force me further away? You got your wish, I wasn’t strong enough; so had to come this day.

this one girl...  

A selection of pages from Hello Bear's Next album release, Proof 3

this one girl...  

A selection of pages from Hello Bear's Next album release, Proof 3