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Special Valentines Issue, February 2009

Issue 6

Cover Photo Ingrid Lemme

Hi, I am Witt Graham I reside in Blowing Rock, North Carolina and Grew up it Sanford, North Carolina, I moved to Blowing Rock shortly after my 15th birthday. I am currently seventeen and about to graduate from Watauga High School. How am I familiar with Hyde County? Well my father (Mike Graham) and his best friend (Reggie Bain) have been taking Matthew (Reggie's son) & I on an annual father son hunting and fishing trip sense we where five years old. I am so thankful for all the people that have let us keep coming down all these years (Don Nixon, Reid Sattler,

Mark and Lisa Carawan, Lan).

Camera Setup: Bodies: Nikon D80, Nikon D50 - Lens:     18-70mm, 50mm, 100mm, 70-300mm   Passion for Photography: I spent all my life trying to find something thing I am go at. Baseball was my first love, but I found out it did love me back. After that I tried golf and loved it, but moved to a place where I cost 150 to play eighteen holes w/o a cart. So I start getting interested in filming because I was snowboarding & really want to be able to film the art, as my friends and I perused it, but a digital film camera was way out of the price range. The summer of 2006 is when I meet one of my best friends Sam Cassidy. Sam was a photographer and let me play around with him equipment and for then on I was hooked.       Witt Graham

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Artist of the Quarter: Photographer Witt Graham


















quote of the quarter


“Ocracoke is not the place you go to enjoy a Hilton spa or play a round of golf. Traveling to this remote island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is like going back in time.” - Dr. Beach


My Dear Neighbors

This message is for my wonderful lady neighbors and friends on Valentines. To Pam and Lynn and the always busy Stephanie. Thank you for all your caring, kindness, hugs and for being you. Love Ingrid


Reader of the Quarter

Miss Judi Raburn - Alt and her husband Doug Alt live in Ponzer. Their house is featured on page 13. Miss Judi wrote:

There is so much stress in the world that we decided to publish a special Valentines issue this year. I asked my son Dominic and my daughterin-law Neli for permission to share their love story. See, ‘Dom’ is a rather private man and not like his mother at all ;), but after I convinced him “ "love it," your Swan Quarterly, that is!   ;-) I look forward to the next issue... when does it come out?...”

that non of his hunting and fishing buddies would make fun of him - he finally agreed. Since many of our readers who live in Hyde know about the ‘making of the Swan Quarter Castle’ and my son is ‘almost’ done with our house we are also sharing its renovation story here with you. Thank you Miss Judi. Please send us your emails comments and suggestions to

The Ponzer Ruritan Club was awarded a $2,000 grant from AgCarolina Financial Group on December 15 at the Hilton in Greenville. Pictured at the presentation are (left to right) Eugene Charville, president AgCarolina Financial, accepting is June Wagner, president Ponzer Ruritan Club and Congressman Walter B. Jones, Third District North Carolina.

Lady of the Quarter: Miss June Wagner


Annual Events In and Around Hyde County Sunday, February 8th Annual Wedding Show Show Case at the 4H Conference Center in Tyrrell County April 12 The Bouncing Bulldogs Mattamuskeet School April 12 Hyde Trail Ride Mainland Hyde County April 23 Hyde County 4-H Livestock Show & Sale May 17 Engelhard Seafood Festival Learn more, visit:

Boat of the Quarter: Miss Stacy

...On the Board Walk... Man of the Quarter

Mr. Pat owner of NOName gas Station in Swan Quarter, posts nice news on his sign.

Buiness of the Quarter

Lake Landing Realty in Engelhard. Office: (252) 925-8200

Lady of the Quarter

Miss June Wagner, the charming President of Ponzer Ruritan Club

Anchorage Inn Pony Island A and Marina Motel VALENTINES www.ponyislan OCRACOKE www.theancho

Good Neighbor of the Quarter

Bryan Jones, here with his dog hunting in Hyde County. Bryan is a friendly and caring guy.

Teen of the Quarter

The real pretty Miss Macy Sadler. She is truly is a fine young lady.

Howard’s Pub & Raw Bar

Deepwater Theater

www.howards www.molassesc

Organization of the Quarter

Pet of the Quarter

Bryan Jones’ dog who is a good watch dog and excellent hunting buddy.

For 70 years, the Health Department has led the way in responding to the health care needs of Hyde County residents.

Movie of the Quarter

New In Town starring Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr . Must See and laugh!

Feedback by February 13th Friday, February 06, 2009, RALEIGH — Transportation Secretary Gene Conti is requesting input from more than 1,500 local and state stakeholders on how the N.C. Department of Transportation can improve its decision-making process for all transportation modes. The request is being made in conjunction with Gov. Bev Perdue’s executive order requiring the department to implement a professional approval process for highway projects. Sec. Conti is seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders including local governments and chambers of commerce as well as members of

transportation-related associations and planning organizations. They have been asked to provide feedback by Feb. 13. Though the executive order pertains specifically to highway construction, NCDOT is seeking to improve its decision-making process for all modes including aviation, bicycle and pedestrian transportation, ferry, public transportation and rail. “We want to make decisions regarding transportation projects in an equitable, transparent and efficient manner,” Conti said. “Involving our partners across the state in this process helps keep us accountable and ensures that our work reflects the priorities of North Carolinians.” Issued Jan. 12, Gov. Perdue’s Executive Order Number 2 requires the Secretary to implement a professional approval process for highway construction projects within 60 days of the order’s signing. It also directs the N.C. Board of Transportation to delegate the Secretary authority to award highway construction contracts until the new approval process is in place.

Teen of the Quarter

Miss Macy Sadler

Magazine of the Quarter

North Carolina Aviation Facts and History Sheet • In 1873, the first documented airplane in America was built by Henry Gatling outside Murfreesboro. • On Dec. 17, 1903, Orville Wright achieved the first powered, sustained, heavier-than-air flight at Kitty Hawk. The flight lasted 12 seconds and covered a distance of 120 feet • In 1907, Levi Paul of Davis was the first person in the world to get a helicopter to lift off the ground when his helicopter lifted four feet into the air. • On May 14, 1908, the first passenger flight took place in a Wright plane at Kitty Hawk. Wilbur Wright was the pilot, and Charles Furnas was the passenger. • In 1913, Tiny Broadwick of

Oxford became the first woman to parachute from a plane. • On May 2, 1928, a monument celebrating the first flight was unveiled at Kill Devil Hills. • North Carolina has 74 publicly owned airports and more than 300 privately owned airports. • If the runways from the state’s 74 airports were laid together end to end, they would equal a two-lane highway that stretches from Manteo to Murphy (about 610 miles). • Each year, about 2.6 million airplanes take flight and land in North Carolina. • There are three major airline hubs in North Carolina, and more than 47 million passengers fly in and out of the state each year. • Commercial and general aviation brings in about $11.8 billion to the state each year. • Commercial and general aviation accounts for about 88,400 jobs in North Carolina. • North Carolina has 13,993 certified pilots and instructors. • 8,223 registered private, corporate and government aircraft are based in North Carolina. • Gregory Peck’s character in the WWII movie “Twelve O’Clock High” was based on the experience of Frank Armstrong Sr. of Hobgood. • Steve McQueen’s character in the WWII movie “The Great Escape” was based on the experiences of pilot John Dortch Lewis of Goldsboro. • The WWII movie “Memphis Belle” was based on the plane piloted by Robert Morgan of Asheville. • The character “Trapper John” in the television show “M.A.S.H.” was derived from the experiences of Dr. John Lyday, a former airman from Greensboro. • North Carolina Department of Transportation

Friends of the Quarter Mrs. Robinson & Lynn Sadler, the ladies used to be neighbors until the Robinsons moved away. But they have since then come every year to visit with the Sadlers, except once when Mrs. Robinson was ill.

Movie of the Quarter

A Valentine’s Story Dominic Piosczyk-Lemme was born in Germany and moved with his mother to the US when he was five. He grew up in the little fishing village of Montauk on Long Island, where he learned to fish and swim like one, in the ocean. Dom moved to Oregon to learn the carpentry trade from the bottom up with one of his uncles. When he returned home to Montauk, he met Neli, a student of International Business from Bulgaria; she worked on a ferry as mate and also prepared and sold sandwiches. Neli made Dom a sandwich and they spent the rest of a summer together. Neli returned to Bulgaria after the

summer. She cried all the way home on the airplane. They were not sure that they would see each other again. Dom moved that winter to Columbia. When Neli returned the next summer they were able to meet on and off in Montauk and in Columbia and when it was time for Neli to return home, Dom drove nonstop to Montauk to take her home forever. They got married November 18th, 2006 at the 4-H Center in Columbia and still live in Columbia together. They have two cats, Porter and Bacon and a dog called Buck. Neli has become the co-publisher of the Scuppernong Gazette and Swan Quarterly and Dom works his trade on the Beach and in Tyrrell and Hyde County. He loves to hunt and fish, but more then anything else he loves Neli. They have made a lot of friends in Hyde and Tyrrell County and have become part of these wonderful, embracing communities.

LEMME FIXIT... Remodeling a home is not just something most people jump into, unless it looks how Ingrid and Sunny's used to. My parents had bought their house in Swan Quarter after Hurricane Isabel and it was in dire need of TLC. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the renovations project had to be put on hold for over a year.  The adorable, but neglected old Victorian style house was in bad shape when they were finally able to start the renovation two years ago.  We started at the top.  The shingled roof was leaking like a sieve and the water had pretty much ruined the most of the interior of the 2000 sq. ft house. Mold

was a factor and not much of the dry wall could be saved. After a solid weekend of 'tear off and replace' the roof once again did its job of protecting the damaged interior.  Not long thereafter, a crew recommended by FEMA came and raised the house nine feet off the ground onto a sound block foundation lined with brick accents and stucco.  A new heating and cooling system was installed, the entire house rewired and all exterior walls insulated.  Before the siding crew could proceed in drying in the rest of the house with new double dutch lap vinyl, the wrap around roof on the front porch needed some serious attention.  While temporarily supporting the roof, new headers and support posts went in one by one.  Also new supports for the underpinning were installed at that time along with a solid spot for a front porch swing, that was very important to my mother. Thirtyone new double hung vinyl Sears windows and a new  hurricane backdoor was  installed, followed by new white Sears vinyl siding with sky blue house corners and window trim.  The new sky blue soffit and fascias were the icing that turned the house in to what appears to be a little castle. The outside was ready and people often stopped on the road to take photos.   - Now the interior challenges began.  Before the new kitchen cabinets could be installed, the kitchen floor

...LEMME FIXIT needed to be replaced. All new floor joists went in to replace the old rotted logs and where then covered by ¾-inch plywood.  Removing the ceiling dry wall exposed wonderful hand-hewn beams.  Dry wall and tile gave the new cabinets and granite counter top a 'Ready to Cook' feel. Then the down stairs received a sheetrock makeover, paint began to bring everything together. The bathroom's new tiled shower and floor accented the color scheme, which today compliments the built in shelves of the new walk-in master bedroom closet.  The downstairs master bedroom floor received a beautiful ¾-inch oak tongue and

grove hardwood that extended out in to the living room and on into the dining room. New interior doors give privacy while adding a nicely painted touch to the house. New blinds, curtains, and pictures on the walls really create an 'at home' feel, though there is still some work to be done upstairs.   We celebrated our first Christmas with family at my parents   little Victorian house in the village of Swan Quarter that they love. Sounds now like a piece of cake, doesn't it? Let me assure you that it was not only a lot of   work and that there were major setbacks, one of them the darn 'budget'. Every vacation my parents spend working on their house, saving budget and helping me. There were times when they slept on an air mattress on the floor, took their showers in still  badly dilapidated facilities and bought their hot food meals at the Swan Quarter Grill.  My wife Neli turned out to be darn good helper, after some training ;) ...Contractor Dominic Lemme, owner of   'LEMME FIXIT', is based in  Columbia, Tyrrell County.   252.796.4513

"The house in the woods on the river"

Keeping Hyde County Beautiful! You can see Judi and Doug Alt’s house from the Pungo River looking toward Bear Grass Landing in Ponzer.

Romantic Tyrrell County
















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Swan Quarterly February 2009 - Special Valentines Issue