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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Editor´s Note By Ananda Valeeva We Love Couture, beauty, good taste, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Armani, Tiffany & Co, Prada and many other great brands. So, why can’t we enjoy fashion in our second life? Of course we need to understand that some “Objects of desire” can be just a far way dream, a fantasy and wish, a bit different than what we really can buy. So, in times of Global Economy and the changes we have been facing, everybody applauds new projects that offer high quality and good prices in real life, but it is even better if we also find them in SL. Not only that, but the ones that also help people in need and promote charity campaigns.

This Issue covers this new “fever” of Discount Shops events and shows how you can be stylish and pay less for that. Take a look to the Dress Code Column. It is amazing and full of great and cheap looks. The Opinion has our dear collaborator back. Thanks sis Evora Laminsk for your nice text. Check the Special interviews with the creator of The Dressing Room, Linka Demina and the charming Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice. They are simply “Très Chic”. Thank very much to Sissy Pessoa for her super kindness and gifts. She simply offered the complete look to Ananda for the Editor´s Note. Her creations are more than gorgeous! This Isuue has beauty, elegance and shows that we don’t need to expend a lot to look amazing! I hope you enjoy it. ★ Ananda Valeeva CEO / Editor in Chief / Senior Writer INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Cover Challenge By Thereaver Barrymore Gold, gold, gold, gold, golden, was just what I had in mind. Once the theme was set with Ananda, we began our brainstorm on the main article title. After talking to her, I had some ideas for the opening image of the article and not just for the cover. I just knew I needed a gold cover. We are no longer in the golden age of Second Life, but it is certainly a golden age for the economy and fashion, taking a new direction. The economy is re-heated because of events like The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue. Well, read the article written by Ananda Valeeva ;) For the cover I highlighted the model of the main article, which wears a Baiastice´s beautiful dress, by the cute Sissy Pessoa. It is certainly a very rich Issue. I really hope you like it! ★ Kisses, Thereaver Barrymore Art Director / Photographer / Designer INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Not all gold is expensive How the economy in SL has found new ways for fashion By Ananda Valeeva

Many people would say that Fashion is superficial, but its influence has codes and sends subtle or direct messages to human beings since the start of our civilization. We deal with fashion everyday. Even people, who say they don't care, will express their choices, which say a lot about them, their personality and beliefs. This world changes everyday and there are massive new fashion ideas coming from movies, TV and music and cultural icons have always influenced our choices. Since Ancient times, even prehistoric human beings wore some clothing made by animal skins. The main purpose of prehistoric dress was to ward off insects, protect the body from the environment, and for warmth. They had their own codes and clothes were a way of language and communication. Ancient Egyptian clothing is an example

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

of style and how “fashion” could talk by itself as a messenger of people, an Era and their culture. Almost all clothes were made of linen, which is made from flax. The dress code of that time separated poor/slave and rich people, as workers wore simple tunic dresses made of linen or worked naked, but wealthy people wore wide clothes of white transparent clothes and gold jewelry. Not only clothes were part of this dress code. They wore wigs made from human hair or wool and it should be a new wig each day. Jewelry, make up, shoes… the civilization developed also many signs to represent culture and its people. Many artifacts have been found in archaeological sites, which show that beauty and vanity have followed together for long time. Tattoos also represented status and codes of certain

groups, tribes and communities. They still are a way to tell others who you are and show a life style and ideas. What you wear shows who you are and reveals what groups you are in. Let’s talk about the Fashion Industry and its influences in our culture, behavior and economy. Culture definitely influences fashion and it has a very strong anthropological meaning. Every season we can see or read about the new tendencies, that Yellow is the new Black, this summer it is Boho chic, short hair is more elegant now… and on and on. So, fashion designers gather their inspiration from so many sources, that this Industry is more powerful than we could imagine and it moves lots of money. Fashion culture has grown a lot and has helped to improve the economy. New economic conditions and technology tend to guide the fashion industry and we can’t ignore how large of an impact does fashion and all its subcultures have on our society. Buying the latest shoes, dress or make up has

been a sign of wealth and a way to feel special and included in a group. So many people sacrifice their “pockets” only in the name of fashion and it can cause many problems if you’d do anything to have “the” new shoes, dress or… anything fashionable. But, we have lived new times and the Global economy has changed a lot. We have seen how Europe and North America have suffered because of the recent economic crisis. People are looking for better ways to get adapted and even to survive. So, as we live a Life Simulator, which absorbs everything we are, believe and face, we can’t ignore that Second Life also reflects many situations of real life and needs to be reorganized as an economic society too. This new moment of SL became very interesting and has brought new ideas and amazing projects, which are showing we still can be elegant, have fun and even use this whole thing to help people. Such entrepreneurship has helped many real life charity institutes, allowed us to save money and it makes the virtual life richer and meaningful.

If you can have high quality products and pay less for that, would you complain? There are some fascinating people behind very interesting Fashion projects that have this touch of “consciousness” about economic changes also in SL. And the biggest example of a successful Fashion low price project is the very well known The Dressing Room (TDR) and TDR Blue created by Linka Demina, which I interviewed for this special issue. Just read it. It also has spread many brands and the business has increased because they are part of the project. Even when they maintain a higher price store, many brands such as Baiastice also offer their outlets to reach and please more customers. Residents can buy clothes, skins, jewelry, accessories and more from some of the best designers, and the best thing is that they don’t need to expend lots of money for that. TDR offers more than very reasonable prices to attract many residents, but also there are novelties, as they change collection every 2 weeks and also invite

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

new guests. It is always very tempting a Discount shop. Raise your hand and say which woman never got anxious and ran to the store that announced Sales and exclusive products, especially if she is in PMS? LOL It is great medicine! TDR team has some great designers and brands such as [ glow ] Studio, Aoharu, Magic Nook, Cheerno, LG CONCEPT, Shade Throne, AA fashion, YourSkin & YourShape, Glam Affair, Ricielli, So many styles, Tuli, Fishy Strawberry. And TDR Blue also has amazing designers and brands such as Emery, Exile, Tee*fy, Veschi, Loq Hair, BAIASTICE, Kunglers, Milk Motion, Mimikri Hot Couture. Many guests also offered their special releases and some of them are COCO DESIGNS, Leezu, Dekade, Vive9, Boon, Maitreya, Artilleri, Bliss Couture, Chantkare, Tres Blah, LeLutka and more. Inspired by TDR some new projects have emerged in SL and they add not only good prices, quality and beauty, but also

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

promote actions for charity. Keira Seerose is the creator of CHIC Management, also a very interesting project, which presents fashion, charity and awareness events. Some brands that participated of her projects are Gizza Creations, Tutti Frutti, cns Emotion, The Sea Hole, Adore&Abhor, LOULOU&CO, Ducknipple, Glam Affair, Morantique, Boudoir, KMADD, Ugly Duck, Studio Sidhe, Donna Flora and many more. There are other similar projects that can be found. I could tell tens of names, but you can have fun and find them too. We have never seen so many campaigns

to help people through fashion shows, hunts, discount shops, outlets, fairs and events to help Japan after the tragedy, the American cancer Society, Autism and many more wonderful people have gathered to use fashion not only to make our avatars beautiful in times of tight economy. Fashion goes far beyond nice fabrics, colors and shapes. Fashion is communication, action and represents the culture of people and an Era. Self esteem and balanced vanity are healthy. So, go shopping, help people, get elegant and pay less for that! ★

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Opinion By Evora Laminsk (Ana Veet Maya)

If you seek beauty, enchantment and news while staying in touch with everything that happens in fashion in the real and Second Life worlds, the media and fashion events are excellent tools! The InnerWorld Magazine, as opinion making, is always up to date in all areas. By its articles on behavior, it helps us to reflection and promoting inner beauty. And the articles about fashion encourage us to take care of our appearance and improve selfesteem! Our minds learn from the experiences in SL, and are recognized by it as real. Fashion adapts to global changes, reflecting the global economy, not only in real life as well as in SL! We learned

from the fashion how to be flexible and detached, because everything goes away. But, to cultivate good taste is a great habit! This new wave generated by numerous projects in the metaverse brings the realization that fashion influences attitudes and may represent codes and subliminal messages through design, color and style. So let us bring the beauty and good taste from SL to our real life. This is the experience and you don´t need to spend a fortune to leave your mark! Be stylish in both lives! ★

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

SL Stories by Betwixt Epsilon Pictures by Thereaver Barrymore

There are only so many stories in the world. And the truth is that none of them are true. I am not who I am. I never was. There probably is a real you. But the you that lived and laughed was the you that I created. The you in the story. The you in the story that met the I in the story. The you and I that fall in love over and over in so many words, few of them true. The you and I that go our separate ways in so few words, many of them true. Of course those words, they don't write themselves. Or do they? Does the I in the story have free will? Does the you? Perhaps the I in the story is a puppet, soulless and thus guileless, pulled by the strings of good story writing, a slave to dramatic flourishes. You and I wouldn't write an inelegant story, now would we?

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

In the unending rain, morning blurs into midday and so I wasn't sure what part of day it was when I stepped out of the house. Turned up collar and a hat provide meager shelter against the downpour, as I crunch my way in boots on the graveled walkway past the bed of flowers that you had planted and onto the path leading into the forest on the hill behind our house. Today I am going to meet you for the first time, again. I don't know why for our chance encounter, for this first of impressions, I cannot seem to make it bright and sunny and flowery and have butterflies and singing birds. Instead, for all our first meetings all I have is rain, never ending rain. I walk up the soggy sloping path into the forest, rivulets cross the path to disappear into the thick undergrowth, the canopy of weatherbent trees blot out the diffuse sunlight so that it feels like it could be late evening. Blinded by the rain and a potent mixture of desire and apprehension about what was to come, I blunder along the path seeking you. A flash of color, incongruous in the rain, and yet anticipated makes me quickly

step off the path and into the shadows of the trees. There you are, in gorgeous if soaked colors, standing in the midst of the path as if looking for something or perhaps someone. Streams of raven hair cling to the side of your face, rivulets of rain trail off down your throat and onto your bare shoulders to disappear into the embrace of your warmth under your gown. Your eyes sweep back down the path towards and then past me. There you are, the one who will envelop my words with hers, intertwine my desire with hers, and plant the seeds of perennial flowers in our garden. I stand completely still, eyes riveted to your face, suddenly the rain not blinding and blurring but instead washing everything down to its purest essence. We stand again at the threshold of a first encounter, you and I. I know where my story goes. I wonder what happens in yours ? ★

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Interview Sissy Pessoa – Baiastice

InnerWorld: Couture is a cabinet of curiosities and second life can be a very rich place of experimentation. Why did you start creating fashion in SL? Sissy Pessoa: First of all thank you so much for this interview Ananda, it is always a big pleasure for me to be featured in InnerWorld Magazine. Baiastice was born in early 2007, just about the same time I joined SL. I understood pretty soon that designing was my future here, the best way to express myself and it is also a great place for trying fashion experiments. InnerWorld: Leading fashion designers have long been associated with the performing arts. Is your “fashion art” inspired by your Italian culture?

Sissy Pessoa: Yes absolutely. I think everything can be an inspiration, specially for fashion design, but personally I really love RL fashion, designers like Armani, Ferragamo, D&G and many more. Real fashion gives the main concepts, then details and crazy ideas come from anywhere when you less expect it; mix them and you have a new and original creation. InnerWorld: Your Brand Baiastice is a Fashion Icon and an example of good taste and elegance. Is this your style also in real life? Sissy Pessoa: Yes, Baiastice is the expression of my personality and this is my style in real life too, but I'm a casual girl for most of the time. InnerWorld: Do you believe Second

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Life offers an anarchic freedom to fashion creators? Sissy Pessoa: Second Life is totally free from this point of view; all fashion designers are free to create what they want without limits. InnerWorld: The Dressing Room is a successful project. What do you think of this option to offer your couture for cheaper prices and be part of this idea? Sissy Pessoa: The Dressing Room it's absolutely a great idea, when like one year ago, Linka Demina, a designer and TDR creator, called me I could not imagine how popular it would became and now I'm really happy to be part of it. InnerWorld: Some people say that there are the people who gather ideas inspired by all around, and the people who create something out of nothing. Which group do you think you are in? Sissy Pessoa: I jump from one group to another! Sometimes I completely take inspiration and sometimes I have ideas totally original and never seen before. Thank you very much for your kindness and gorgeous creations, Sissy. Sissy Pessoa: Thank you so much Ananda for this opportunity. ★

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Special Interview Linka Demina The Dressing Room

My first contact to invite her for this interview was a nice preview of her kindness and sense of humor. Linka is famous for her unique style and she knows how to cherish people. Owner of special ideas and impeccable taste, she is smart and knows how to find treasures and inspire people of great talent. Her words show exactly her light way to see fashion and enjoy what she does. InnerWorld: You have been creating fashion in SL and have your own brand. What attracted you to this virtual fashion world? Linka Demina: I am not so much deep inside fashion world in reality, I really have no idea how it could happen to work in the fashion here. When I was a

child, I preferred to play football rather than dress a doll... maybe now I do the things I lost in my childhood, lol. When we opened [ glow ] studio it was just for fun. We did not suppose that our store would be such a success. InnerWorld: Digital technology allows designers to create freely and reach thousands around the world. Would it be a future vision to do a live stream of a show over the web and not only inside the SL? Linka Demina: I think it is really interesting. Of course we have to find the “right channel� to get these "thousands" of people, but as we arrived to this point I am sure we will find a way through. InnerWorld: We see culture and the

history of generations through Fashion and its subtleties. So, what is the meaning of Fashion to you? Linka Demina: Some people say it is art... maybe, somehow, it is. But, for me it is more like a hobby. I don't give it too much a culture meaning, I am not looking for the essential abstraction of it. If it was like that, I would be a stylist in reality, and surround myself of critics who would talk about art even if I did a horrible thing... I was joking, but really for me its beauty, fun and... money. I don’t judge people just watching the way they dress. In life there are more important things than matching shoes with a bag.

InnerWorld: What is your own fashion sense and style? Linka Demina: It depends on the day, on my mood, on the things I see in reality and also on the texture I use. It is not so precise, maybe because it depends on my emotions. For example, this summer I am in love with strong colors and floral

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

motives. The new collection, which will come out in July, will show it very well :) InnerWorld: Do you wear in RL the same style your avatar wears in SL? Linka Demina: laughs.... Actually the last 3 months my avi has been wearing random clothes. Sometimes I am bald, sometimes naked, or without shoes and with the "female dress" of the system. So, I really hope to look a bit better in reality. When I was posting the looks on my blog, I cared about my avi more than about my rl body. Now it's opposite, I think I brought a lot from my avatar's look to the way I dress in reality. InnerWorld: Global economy has changed and it also affects SL. So, now we have also high quality choices to dress our avatars, but for very reasonable prices. How and

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

why did you create this wonderful project called The Dressing Room? Linka Demina: It wasn’t the first project like that in Second Life. I made it better bringing all the discounted items to the one place. Customers don’t have to teleport from shop to shop; they find everything in one store. I think that’s why the project is so successful. Both, The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue work well. High quality and low prices… Well, I would like to say thanks to the great TDR designers, they are with me from the beginning and to Jocelyn Anatine - she supports the project as well! InnerWorld: We are talking fantasy, when we think of a 3D World and Runway Shows or dressing avatars. But, when we think in three dimensions it seems everything is possible. It is known that RL inspires creations for SL, but how SL can influence creations in RL? Linka Demina: It is possible. A lot of designers create fashion in SL just copying the ideas from reality. It’s a

huge work too, and sometimes the creations are made in really high quality but, aren’t new ideas. I think I know a few shops that can make their own brands in reality using SL ideas. Future will show us if it will happen. InnerWorld: What have you learnt from doing fashion in a Virtual World? Linka Demina: I learnt that you can never be sure of what will be the most popular creation you do... Many times happened that what I thought was the best creation I made, was sold far lesser than what I thought it was the worst! Thank you very much for your kind attention and for bringing more beauty to our second lives, Linka. ★

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Shape: Silvia shape by [glow] STUDIO (TDRB 60L) NOT AVAILABLE Skin: Layla Dark by Glam Affair (TDR 70L) Hair: Lucia roots-midnight mix by Exile (TDRB 60L) NOT AVAILABLE Earring: Buzzi Earrings by [glow] SUDIO (TDR 70L) NOT AVAILABLE Eyelashes: Fancy eyelashes by [glow] STUDIO (TDRB 60L) NOT AVAILABLE Dress: Rock on by Peqe (TDR 70L) Jacket: MATILDA minijacket / aurora by R.icielli (TDR 70L) Shoes: OXFORD II gold by R.icielli (TDR 70L)

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Shape: Kawaii shape by Cupcakes (50L sunday) NOT AVAILABLE Skin: Kawaii Cooper by Cupcakes (50L sunday) NOT AVAILABLE Hair: Iced Coffee - blonde by Loq Hairs (TDRB 70L) NOT AVAILABLE Earring: Black friday earring by [glow] STUDIO (TRDB 60L) NOT AVAILABLE Tunic: New Yippie cian by Baiastice Outlet (50L) Pants: Pants Zoe Black by Mimikri (70L) Shoes: TDR gift PUMP's black (TDR and TDRB 1L)

Shape: Glam Affair Jadis by Body Doubles Shapes (50L sunday) NOT AVAILABLE Skin: bitu * paradise bird bronze by Al Vulo (The Fashion Garret 50L) Hair: Tiramisu dark blonde by Loq Hairs (TDRB 70L) Earrings: G Hoop Earrings by Boom (50L) Mini dress: Breeze Dress beeswax5 by Nemesis (The Fashion Garret 70L) Jacket: Bionic Black Leather Jacket by La Blaq (50L) Legging: Leggings/Zebra by Orion (75L) Shoes: MIB stilettos by HOC industries (50L)

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

Shape and skin: AGHATA by R.icielli (195L sale on marketplace) Hair: Hair Maya citrine by D!va (2nd anniversary group gift) Necklace: Eleganzah Pearl Necklace by La Blaq (50L) Bangle: Big Bangle dore & fur by MONS (75L) Blouse: Charlton blouse saphhire by Baiastice (TDRB 70L) Skirt: skirt mini border spa by [AWRAM-VIIE] (59L) Shoes: MIB stilettos by HOC industries (50L)

Shape: CAMILA model shape R.icielli (195L sale on marketplace shape + skin) Skin: Monica Med Special edition by Natural Beauty (The Fashio Garret 50L) Hair: Elena sand mix by Exile (TDRB 70L) NOT AVAILABLE Earrings: Look at me Earrings Lila by [glow] studio (TDRB 59L) Dress: Frou frou pink by Mimikri (TDRB 70L) Shoes: in Sunday Girl Pumps Sunset by KLETVA (TDRB 70L)

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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InnerWorld Magazine - Issue 21

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