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16 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

18 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

EDITOR´S WORDS By Ananda Valeeva Happy New Year! Happy





everybody! It has been a wonderful time to celebrate and renew goals and dreams. Life is simply fascinating and I wish 2010 will be full of new challenges, happiness and success. Our magazine will soon complete a year. We are proud of what we have done and, certainly will do, as our goal is to improve ourselves and our mag for you. Lets start one more year of great real and virtual lives and live them the best way we can, by reaching beyond we have dreamed. 2010 is just the first of our best years!!! To start this New Year we decided long ago to talk about the awesome artistic talent and skills that come

from the East. It is amazing how those artists can express their culture, imagination and dreams in real textures, fantastic shapes and dreamy landscapes, fashion or avatars and typical decoration and architecture. Enjoy our special article: “The East Beauty”. Japan Tempura is a fulfilled dream of kikunosuke Eel, an amazing and very special person and artist from Japan, who also illustrates our special interview of this Issue. This “TP to…” is simply magical and very touching. She certainly deserves our Stamp Award and we applaud the incredible jewelry and fashion she creates. Check out the interview with deliziosa Vendetta, a super Italian artist, who charms us. You will love our Fashion, Inspect and Top 5 full of beauties … January is just the start of great surprises we are preparing for this year. Lets welcome, a Happy 2010!!! Enjoy our new Issue and have fun. ★ Kisses Ananda Valeeva INNERWORLD MAGAZINE CEO / Senior Writer / Editor-in-Chief

20 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

COVER´S CHALLENGE By Thereaver Barrymore I'm in love! When Ananda and I decided what would be the theme for this issue and we defined who would be the special interviewed, we immediately thought of kikunosuke Eel, the wizard creator of the JAPAN TEMPURA Sim. If he accepted the interview, he would certainly be the cover! It was what I had in mind. Since our first contact, kikunosuke always has been friendly and soon accepted the interview. We scheduled the shoot in his Sim surrounded by the beautiful orange trees and kikunosuke was accompanied by his interpreter Clione Clary and the Island’s Officer chikae Ella. kikunosuke Eel has a strikingly beautiful avatar and came dressed in a kimono and was brandishing his samurai sword. The cover could not be other than him. It would be nonsense not picture him! Clione helped us with the translations and made the photo shooting be a very nice moment. I clicked his best angles, highlighting also the beautiful scenery. After some close up, the cover was ready. I hope you enjoy the cover and this issue! ★ Thereaver Barrymore INNERWORLD MAGAZINE Art Director

26 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

SPECIAL The East Beauty It is true that multiplayer online games were a successful industry in Asia before the virtual worlds widespread around the world. So, it is natural that they would be interested in a Life Simulator such as Second Life. The Asian virtual community is so important and big that even Linden labs created a version of Second Life for The Land of the Rising Sun. Linden Lab CEO said that expansion in the country with one of the world's largest Internet populations - China - is not a priority, but certainly their strategies to conquer them will grow. China is a huge Internet-connected population, and has a large number



multiplayer online games and



worlds. LL has a small office in Japan for the Hime 1.5 by Sweetaholic

28 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010




evolved greatly over the years and we

engineering hub in Singapore. The Asian

can find many Asian countries already

market has everyone standing up and

connected to virtual worlds, especially

paying attention... But, the cultural

to SL. Japan created a project exploring

differences have to be considered and

how young people are using new forms

even the differences in languages. East

of digital technology to transform

and West meet somehow, but still they

personal identity, social connection and



productive activity. The results of these

Japanese, Thai and Korean markets, for

patterns of connectivity are new forms

example, are also separate. It is

of subjectivity and sociality. The SL

fascinating to be able to know so

residents have seen so wonderful

different culture and people and it

creations and the great interests of

attracts our curiosity. Thanks to Second

companies even by rebuilding the Old

Life for offering us this opportunity to

Tokyo in SL.






share different cultures from the East, their art, music, ideas, architecture,

The Singapore Government paid for a

traditions and incredible creations.

Sim to be in Second Life and the

Maybe some Western people would

Philippines Department of Tourism

imagine if they kept their ancient

created a Virtual Island to showcase

traditions as a deep root, they would

some of the amazing destinations the


Philippines has to offer.





stagnation, those people are completely opened (long before westerners) to

Toyota and Nissan have already put cars

innovation as the key to grow.

on the market in the virtual world. They have done it for promotional purposes,

Japanese and Chinese cultures have

but performance in the virtual world is

Second Life Japanese site

style and how to use more tools to spread culture, there were lots of said to reflect performance in the real


world, too and the Asian market is really


very promising. After the Japanese and




events presented by faculty, teachers

running, more of their companies got

and researchers from around the world

involved in the metaverse... And first of

to present Second Life to the Asian

all, we can’t deny that it is the first




Education and

lectures, related

large-scale online game where real money is involved. Regarding this life

30 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

So many western people love their


fidelity to their traditions, culture, culture and feel attracted to their

architecture, colors and shapes and the

beauty, art, creativity and wisdom that

exquisite avatars, fashion, characters,

their creations are gifts we can enjoy a

fantasies, animations even for tai chi or

lot in-world. Second Life has been

geisha dance and the tea ceremony.

invaded by amazing Asian-themed sims and creations, which enchant us by their

It is like being in a manga (comic books)

beauty, extreme real textures, perfect

or anime (influenced animation for

television and film), sometimes or even

appreciate their cuisine by ordering

traveling across the borders and finding

some sushi to the waiter. The textures

the end of the rainbow. There are so

and shapes are simply perfect, and they

fantastic islands to visit, landscapes and

seem to be real food. Some have even

nature full of “Sakuras” (the cherry

script, poses and animations and you

blossom tree) to enjoy and incredible

can wear the Hashis to eat. It is so cute

creations such as furniture, clothes,

and perfect…

hair, shoes, special jewelry, tiny avatars and so on… There is sooooo cute stuff,

Of course you also can wear kimonos or

which we maybe haven’t seen in RL and

become a geisha as you can find

can find in SL.

everything in SL and become a perfect avatar. There are amazing shapes,

If you think about any Traditional

skins, hair and costumes. Or maybe you

Japanese art, musical instruments,

want to be an Emperor, Xogum, Warrior,

crafts such as ikebana, origami or dolls,

Monk or Samurai. There are many

you certainly will find it in SL. There are

Islands where you can wear swords and

some art galleries where you can see

fight. It is simply a dream for the ones

traditional, contemporary or erotic art

who love these traditions or their

too. It is really amazing!


Imagine the beauty of performances like

There are some special creators who

Kabuki (drama with elaborate make-up)

are fantastic artists of unique avatars


and your certainly can fulfill your





traditions like the tea ceremony. You

fantasies if you dream of being a

can even take your beloved to a virtual

samurai, geisha or a fantasy Asian

restaurant to have a typical dinner and


32 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

34 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

China is also very well represented in

performance, or a calm place for

SL. This ancient civilization has some

meditation or romance, keep your eyes

beautiful islands in our virtual world and

wide open and take a look to some of

their art can be found in wonderful

these creations, Sims, stores, etc, etc,










Calligraphy preserve and promote the

Ah and if you want to go beyond, you

culture of the empire, but they also

also can attend to some classes at a

show their progress and high technology

school for also be taught about the

in SL.

history of geisha and important aspects of Japanese Culture or how to become

I keep asking to myself how those

a Samurai.

amazing Asian artists create so special products, which are textured with very

Technology lives in perfect harmony



with traditions for them and don’t be

realistic textures. We can see historic

surprised when you find an entire Sim

castles, clothes, fans, sculptures and

dedicated to the next centuries and the

lots of different creations. China offers

dream of our future.

a surprise such as The Great Wall of

Prepare yourself to find the best

China in SL. You can explore it in a

tradition and modern creations.




guided walk around and know more about its history and culture.

We found some of the best Asian creators, Sims and products to tell you

Whether your plans are for one of these traditional Asian artforms, or just a place






and it will amaze everybody:

Hosoi Ichiba Owner: Amiryu Hosoi

It is an Asian-themed open air market surrounding a meditation garden located on the traditional Asian-themed cluster of 4 stunning islands. Hosoi Ichiba is well known for the high quality Asian themed furniture, buildings and decoration. It is one of the most wonderful places of SL to visit and shop.

36 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Grasp / Sweetaholic Owner: Asalt Eames

It is an entire island for two stores of its creator, Asalt Eames. The Grasp specializes in modern and dark clothes for men and women, and its design is fantastic. The Sweetaholic is near Grasp and it is gorgeous. This store is simply breathtaking and sells only Kimonos, traditional clothing and accessories for Geishas.

38 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

AKEYO Owner: artoo Magneto

Akeyo was one of the first stores to use sculpts in its creations. They also apply ultra-realistic textures on their creations, especially on the most famous and perfect sneakers of SL. Besides their amazing products, the shop has futuristic furniture and architecture and was also one of the pioneers to apply shadow on their creations, which makes everything more real. Currently AKEYO is one of the largest stores in MOCAP (Motion Capture).

Ryushosha Owner: ryusho Ort

His creations are perfect and impress per its art, details and real textures. He offers realistic altars, sculptures, complete avatars of Buddhist and Hindus deities, amazing silk kimonos, special Asian outfits and has built an entire Sim just to homage Buddha and his faith. You will get very touched by the art of this sweet and kind creator called ryusho.

40 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Off-Brand Furniture Owner: Haruka Ackland

A furniture store whose name already tells about what we will find there: unusual creations. Each detail is a surprise and each furniture is very detailed. You will get very charmed there. Take a look everywhere and try to “feel� the shapes and uniqueness. If you like to be different, this is your place to find decoration.

ARGRACE Owner: rika Oyen

It is one of the biggest fashion brands of SL. Besides the awesome outfits and hair they create, the store itself worth the visit and the talented artist who creates everything there is rika Oyen. You will find decoration and fashion there and I guarantee, it is really difficulty to not fall in love with ARGRACE´s products. Colors, shades and any tiny details are impressive. They also were the first store to link hair with Berets, Caps and Hats, and it all are modeled in 3D.

42 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

COCO DESIGNS Owner: yamaimo Allen (owner) / Cocoro Lemon (designer)

Its store has always kept our attention. The architecture and special landscape where we could find poses were an invitation for photographers. The store is still very attractive now days, even though it has a new design now. This place is perfect for taking photos. If you like to explore and be surprised, run to visit COCO.

JAPANESE GOODS SHOP Owner: Giorno Brando

A tiny spot in the sky invites you to a new adventure. This platform will take you to visit a nice town where you will find small Asian themed stores. You will enjoy a lot this place where you can buy traditional creations from Japan. Take some time to visit the beautiful Buddhist temple. It worth!

44 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

This subject is really fascinating and I love their culture. Actually, I love Eastern culture and will certainly talk more about it soon. I want to thank my dear Thereaver for helping me with information about the stores. ★

54 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

STAMP AWARD deliziosa Vendetta An Italian artist who has been creating awesome jewelry in Second life for her brand “Gems & Kisses�. Her pretty avatar and creations amaze all and her sweet and kind words will conquer you. Deliziosa Vendetta talks about how she joined this virtual world and her feelings about her inspiration and lives.

“At first I would like to give heartfelt thanks to InnerWorld and, in particular, to Ananda  Valeeva  for  this  interview. My  landing  on  Second  Life  was accidental;  the  reason  was  a  simple invitation by my friend, who knows my openness  for  art,  technology  and innovation.  I  noticed  after  some  days that Second Life is a social, cultural and artistic transposition of real life, with typical  such  vices  and  virtue  of  our daily life. The border between virtual and reality can become undetectable in Second  Life,  as  a  lot  of  what    people talk in virtual or real life is the same thing. I've decided to start a real life because  I  retain  Second  Life  as  a platform of inspiration and sharing of creativity between artists and designers from all over the world. I  can  paraphrase  it  by  saying  that Second  Life  is  a  big  Byzantine  mosaic where everyone shares their opinions; or  even  a  great  book  where  everyone can share their page. It is just like that.

56 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

I have my own page, without limit of

“Thanks  for  choosing  these  two

argumentation,  where  I  can  dream,

adjectives  to  describe  my  jewels.  My

fantasize  and  express  my  emotions.

life  is  a  dichotomy  between  art  and

Everything can change in Second Life,

science.  Professionally  I  work  in  the

so  you  won’t  be  able  to  tell  the  real

field of science and for passion and love

from the virtual apart, true from the

I dedicate myself to art and design for

false or night from day. In Second Life

many  years.  Since  I  was  a  child  I’ve

it is possible to play and imagine our

dedicated  myself  to  art  in  different

own life, realizing thousands of desires

ways, because I spent my days around

no matter how obscure they can be”.

artists. All this, a melting pot of art, culture and emotions have influenced

Deliziosa creates fantastic and artistic

my  life  so  much  that  I've  taken  this

jewelry for Gems & Kisses. When asked

passion and love into Second Life”.

if she is a designer in RL, she told: -

Regarding the sources of her inspiration,

combined  with  my  creation.  I  retain

Deliziosa shares her ideas and feelings:

myself as a more curious and positive

- “Inspiration often is the result of the

person. Curiosity makes it possible to



encounter a subject, object and ideas,

experimentation and sharing. All artists

and catalyzing, is often fortuitous, of

have  days  during  which  they  aren't

the creative process.



inspired and creative, but if they have the  curiosity  of  exploring  the  art

In  our  past  we  are  enriched  with

universe, they can find new lines and

experiences  and  knowledge.  In  the

ways to express them.

present we can find means to realize them.  The  final  work  of  art  is  a

Art  inspires  art.  But,  technical

projection of the future. The nights are

background is needed to express it at

the moments when I feel myself full of

its  best.  Technique  is  sharpened  with

imagination  and  creativity,  probably

experimentation, positive or negative

because  the  noise  of  real  life  fades

that  it  may  be. Ability  of  sharing  art

away  and  I’m  able  to  focus  only  on

with other artists is the right behavior

myself. I can define it like a sweet and

for the creative process. I would say all

independent  loneliness,  prelude  of

this  has  to  be  flavored  with  your

creative explosion”.

individual inspirations, influences and instincts.  The sources of my inspiration

She expresses her opinion about the

are  instinct,  curiosity  and  night.  I

strong and weak points of creating in a

express what I have inside of me, as a

Virtual World: - “I  take  advantage  of

result  of  what  I  have  lived.  It  is  an

this answer to invite the community of

instinct  because  suddenly  something

artists  and  designers  of  Second  Life:

that  I  have  kept  in  my  heart  is

share!  Second  Life  is  a  technologic

58 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

platform  and  so,  for  it  to  develop

it is needed an adaptation of one’s own

itself, it has to follow the technological

skills, and second, we learn something

progress.  Those  are  the  weak  spots,

new  every  day. All  this  requires  time

because maybe they are tied to purely

and  patience.  Second  Life  doesn’t

technical points, but those in time, can

represent  one  work  to  me,  but  I  can

become the strong points, a supply of

define it as a new creative path, which

suitable  knowledge  and  tools  for  the

leads to other paths of creativity, that

entire community. I think that any limit

I  have  accomplished  and  hope  to

can  be  passed  when  the  artist

accomplish in the future”.

generously shares or teaches part of his experiences  and  knowledge  to  his

Thank you dear Deliziosa, for sharing so


nice thoughts. ★

Deliziosa shares more regarding how she has developed new skills because of SL and if this virtual job is a part or full time job: - “When we notice that a new platform is surely necessary, first of all,

60 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

64 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

66 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Skin & Shape: Skin & Shape 0102 by Sweetaholic Eyes: Eyes Black by Sweetaholic Hair: Minm Salmon by Mirai Style Jewelry: TAKARA Bangle / Buddha / Black Nails & Rings by MANDALA Outfit: School Girl - Indigo+Red by Sweetest Good-bye Shoes: Furry Boomers White by Neko Yo

70 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

72 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

TP TO JAPAN TEMPURA Japan Tempura has been mentioned in many magazines and blogs since its grand opening. When you visit this exotic and blissful Sim you will realize how fantastic and creative an artist can be. Tempura is a fulfilled dream of kikunosuke Eel. His very creative imagination is heaven’s gift to him, who kindly shares this beauty with us.

74 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

76 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Just clean all thoughts of your mind and behave as you’d start meditating. Tempura has this spiritual aura, which surrounds our souls and senses, bringing peace and happiness to our hearts. Colors, shades, shapes and very unique surprises are waiting for you. So, turn the music on, relax and forget everything. This journey into the spirit of beauty is starting and time is just a detail‌ Open your eyes to see purples, oranges, pinks, yellows and an endless magic palette of colors. It will touch your soul and bring the best feelings. Where else could you find the merge of images, like a Lotus flower field and the perfect harmony of East and West cultures, which gives the sensation that we are part of a Post- Renaissance or Impressionist painting? You also can enjoy romance with your beloved or just relax and meditate there.Please, visit Tempura completely free of any worry or judgments

78 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

and live this moment in harmony with this spiritual aura of a Mandala. This is the concept behind this dream of Tempura, the dream kikunosuke realized under the best feelings of love and beauty. Don’t explore the Sim only around, but take a look from above to see the Mandala shape he created to build the whole Tempura. Go beyond your imagination and find love, beauty and spiritual art. Our souls feel lighter and many feelings come to surround our beings… Keep dreaming, exploring and searching for each detail and I am sure you will fall in love with Tempura! LOCATION: tempura island (123, 44, 32) ★

80 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

82 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

84 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

86 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

92 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

He is a very special artist from Japan. His talents and charming personality enchant everybody. Kikunosuke is kind and a beautiful soul. I felt honored to interview him and his avatar is one of the most beautiful and exotic I have ever seen. He is one of the best examples of the gorgeous art and creations we can enjoy from the other side of the world.


exploring here and there, but it didn't

kikunosuke Eel

take long before I got fascinated by the world of SL Art in which anything (any

InnerWorld: You are a fantastic and

expressions) could be possible.

unique artist and designer. Have you any art background in real life?

Soon after I came here, I had crush on this woman, I had so-called "SL love",

kikunosuke Eel: In real life, I am a mass

and which made me start expressing

media related artist. I am attached

myself through the form of art. I started

to/pursue "beauty", do love "beauty"

taking pictures to keep those beautiful

and living in the world of drawing

memories of my love and my friends.


Then, I came up with the idea of purchasing an island, the whole Sim,

InnerWorld: Tell us why did you

and do whatever I wanted to do or

choose a Virtual world to express your

create in there.

art, such as photograph and the amazing






InnerWorld: Which influences from the culture of your country have you brought to Second Life?

kikunosuke Eel: Well, what brought me to SL at first was to gather materials for

kikunosuke Eel: I am actually a very

my RL work.

religious person. With my prayer for our ancestors, the design motif of Tempura

There was a craze for SL in Japan back

is taken from the drawing of MANDALA.

in 2007, and I went in-world during that

(The geographical feature of Tempura is

period. At first, I was just visiting and

symmetric if you see it from above).

94 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

In Buddhism, Mandala is a utopia where

kikunosuke Eel: Just like music has no

Buddha lives. I also thought of merging

borders, nor does the sense of "beauty",

the essence of East and the West. The

and I believe they are global. I simply

concept of Tempura is... to bring the

wanted to express the beauty, which

atmosphere of an old bell epoch and its

goes beyond the time or age, you know.

castle, with the placidity of modern art,

In such cyber-world as we're all living,

the world full of colors like a painting,

we need to have this special place

and a complex of post-Renaissance and

where we can appreciate the "beauty,


which never fade within time".

InnerWorld: Tempura has a magic and

Second Life, in my understanding, is the

spiritual aura of beauty and peace.

best qualified canvas to create such

Tell us what inspired you to create this

place coming true.

amazing and peaceful paradise?

96 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

InnerWorld: How did you develop

I needed a place to heal my heart,

Tempura and talk more about your

which was tired out from my RL work

creation process.

and also from my lost love. I had this sense... I knew that we all need a place

kikunosuke Eel: Well, it all started

to heal ourselves, where we can make

from my breaking up with my SL

ourselves truly relaxed. Once I decided



to do it, I wanted to do it thoroughly

experience for me, and in agony, I

and make it look perfectly beautiful. I

thought of abandoning the island I

made a precise plan with my friends,

bought for her. My close friends,

made a blueprint, and tried to find a

however, suggested and convinced me

creator who could bring our ideal world

with the idea of creating our paradise

come true in SL.





on that island. In the process of building up the sim, I

had to face differences between what I

changed the colors of plants, and so on.

had in mind and what the creator

"What else do we need?"

built/rendered in-world. In fact, I had

missing in here?"

"What is

to ask to redo it many times. That took so long, and when the due date came it

The opinions of women were very useful

was yet far from its completion.

and they gave us some good ideas. For instance, there are many places in-

Luckily we didn't open the sim to the

world where people can appreciate

public then, otherwise it wouldn't have

each other and probably make love, but

been as the one we have right now. I

most of those places are in a mess and

reviewed everything in detail just with

are not fancy, nor romantic. They can

my close friends and we spent a few

hardly find any place for women to be

months to re-texture many parts of the

in the mood for being in the arms of

island. We reorganized the garden and

who they like, their beloved…

98 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Even now, Tempura is improving or

InnerWorld: Your photograph is simply

elevating with those opinions of women.

stunning. How is this process to you,

It's already been a year and half since

when it shows a virtual world?

we opened Tempura to public. And we plan to renovate the island a little by


little next year.

processed with image edit software.

InnerWorld: The different elements in

I may mix them with RL materials if they

Tempura, the energy of some symbols

are in need, as sometimes it's unable

such as Lotus flowers, colors and lights

with limited in-world materials... like,

are an invitation for meditation. What

I may add some drawing, patching,

are the fascinating secrets behind this

moving, or mixing colors, and so on.




project? I try not to use dark colors. It’s the same kikunosuke Eel: In the process of

as drawing pictures. I feel it directly

creating Tempura, I was aware of the

reflects my feeling when I shot that

psychological stimulus you get from

picture. At the moment, I am taking a

colors. I, however, create by instinct. In

leave from my official SL work. I started

other words, I create as my instinct

a family in RL, and also I am occupied

leads me. It is quite difficult for me to

with my RL work... and I don't have

explain what's behind this project...

much time left to come to SL lately.

probably I even don't know it myself. But, it can be said that Tempura is the

InnerWorld: You express your talents


in many ways. So, how do you feel




Tempura is how I feel, and what I am.

about your work for Dejavu magazine?

100 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

102 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

kikunosuke Eel: I used to work as a photographer for my friend and taking snapshots for her blog. Then, we came up with this idea of visiting the owner of dejavu without making any appointment! Later that "sudden interview" I was asked to take photos for his magazine, and WOW! What an awesome surprise!! LOL Since then, my life as a photographer has totally changed as you can imagine. I've been learning to take photos that fascinate readers, and charm their souls... I still keep close relationship with those friends I got to know through dejavu. InnerWorld: What do you like more about living a virtual life? kikunosuke Eel: I think....a rapport, good relations with other people, is what counts. It happened to me like... I could find a clue to solve a problem

104 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

in RL through what I learned from some SL resident. Each avatar has somebody in behind, I mean they're all humans, real people behind them... and feeling or touching their souls through those avatars is somewhat so precious, but yet scary in a way. I enjoy the differences between national traits and I heard that some couples found each other in Tempura, and got married in RL. I was quite touched by the fact that the digital world I created even changed some people's REAL lives. I am so happy that I've created Tempura Island. I feel so grateful to all my precious friends in SL. And I am thankful that I could come across this world where I could train/educate my soul. InnerWorld: What have you learned because of Second Life? kikunosuke Eel: hmmm.... the "beauty" and "ugliness" of virtual world. For instance, it is not always good to have the skill or touch to make it look so real. You know, it looks or feels more

gentle/warm if you draw shadows with your hand than the ones baked with rendering software. The beauty that influences the (five) senses





whereas artificial or contrived beauty may give you just a cold impression. Even when I am in virtual world, I feel as if I came back to the same starting point.... I mean the "power of healing" is what matters to all of us after all.... that is what I've learned in here. ★

106 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

112 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

Hair: SAKURAN Ash by Tukinowaguma Hair Style

114 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

116 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

118 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

120 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

122 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

124 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

126 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

128 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

130 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

134 | InnerWorld Magazine :: Issue 12 - January 2010

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