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12 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

EDITOR´S NOTE by Ananda Valeeva It’s a hot month! Birth and renewal... Time to recycle ideas and beliefs... To reborn and evolve! And to show how the "transforming fire" metaphor can be explored, nothing is better than giving the highlights to the most impressive and creative event of SL, the Burning Life and its amazing artists. The fascination and talent inspired by the organizers and participants of the event made this November issue an act of reflection! Their efforts to take Burning Man (the event of RL) to the Virtual world

Ananda Valeeva InnerWorld Magazine CEO

for so many years, as such intense giant art and free expression exhibition, deserves our applause. Although it is not possible to mention all names of the great artists, some were mentioned. Vincent Nacon and vroum Short show brilliantly the spirit of Burning Life and did very interesting interviews. Check Stamp Award and the interview with soraya Vaher of Violator, a fashion designer/artist that delights us by her impressive and unique costumes, a kind of flex sculptures. Our Fashion editorial shows very stylish pants for him and for her, and the Inspect during his exploration in Burning Life is a must. Check out the Top 5 tips that will inspire you to wear beautiful bracelets. So that's it! Have good reading and lots of fun! ★ Kisses Ananda Valeeva CEO / Writer / Editor in Chief INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

14 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

COVER´S CHALLENGE by Thereaver Barrymore I finally got an overwhelming cover. Challenges motivate me to always overcome obstacles and the theme of this issue revolves around the biggest arts festival within Second Life, the Burning Life. The event took place in late October and the peak was on the 24th, when they burned a huge wooden man, the symbol of the event that happens in real life too. One of its creators in RL, Larry Harvey, describes the inspiration for the burning of these figures is a spontaneous act of radical self-expression. When Ananda and I decided that this issue would be especially on the Burning Life, we had it clear that the cover could not be another element than the original "Man". My challenge was to overcome the lag and to portray the burning from beginning the end. In my time zone, the burning would start at forty-five past midnight. I logged in SL three hours before that and was standing in front of the wooden

Thereaver Barrymore InnerWorld Magazine Art Director

puppet. My Second Life crashed around 30 times. Promptly at 7:45 pm SLT the firework began, and in fractions of minutes, the man burned while we were shouting "Burn, burn, burn!" After that burned, the doll began to crumble, in pieces of burning coal, that fell on the ground. It was a beautiful event and I was glad I managed to photograph something so unique held inside Second Life in such realism. I wondered how the ritual should be in RL. I hope one day I will join it. It is a pity that BL lasted for so short time and we could show these wonders only after the end. But, we can wait for the next year's Burning Life. I´ll take advantage of this so special issue, and I´ll congratulate our Editor in Chief Ananda Valeeva. Her real life birthday happened on last November, 2nd and her third Rezzday is on the next 25th. Yay, double party! Don´t forget to send her congratulations :) I made a simple homage, but, from my heart and it is in the middle of this issue ^^ hahaha Have Fun! ★ Kisses. Thereaver Barrymore Photographer / Designer / Art-Director INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

16 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

20 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

BURNING LIFE 2009 Burn and Renew A lot has been said and photographed on the Burning Life since its first event in Second Life in 2003. The question is under what terms would it be possible to talk about something new or which face of that event will surprise you? The issue here is freedom to act, to express ideas and create from scratch, something that causes impact and talk to you; and that, surprisingly will only be seen for a week. We can consider 'Burning Life' a huge art exhibition, which

22 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

brings together multiple styles and events. Art is a dynamic and subjective concept, in connection with the ideas of a moment. And it raises questions about an event like Burning Life, its daring artists and their fascinating and spectacular creations. The freedom to create exceeds the actual bid, because in virtual worlds everything is possible and the limitations or "dangers" of RL are completely pulverized. What was behind the act of burning and for some, destroying what society tries to impose? Would it be the feeling of power and domination over their creations? The world tries to impose so many little rules, and sometimes it makes you wish to kick out the conventions and "own" your actions, even for just a few days.

The allure of Burning Life is perhaps the defense and the act confirming art as an ephemeral action designed to express messages, inspire thoughts, and depart from the scene in style, burning in its grand stage, which closes the curtains on burning fire, loaded with subliminal messages.

24 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

This event is the antithesis of what we see in museums that worship art as the presence and maintenance of ideas, the creator and a way to perpetuate the creature for eternity. Fire is a metaphor, a changing element, which creates energy and turns the act of "burning" and the art concept into an act of rebellion. Again we were caught by colors, shapes, sounds and challenging movements, between 17 and 25 of October by breathtaking creations. The witnesses of that certainly enjoyed the freedom to act and dress a character, expressing their message. Did you dare? Maybe you wore bizarre clothes or something you've always dreamed? Burning Life allows it all. Even though Burning Life has been in SL for so many years, ever since Second Life also took its first steps as a virtual world, we must think of new residents and even some veterans that may not know the story that led it to the metaverse. The first celebration took place in 2003 and seems like an eternity when we think of SL, as everything happens faster than usual there. Perhaps, you ask, but what is it, anyway? Well, actually, the inspiration that led to its virtual version is based on a real festival of art and fire, and a community known as Burning Man, which could be compared to the mold of a Woodstock of arts.

And how did it all begin? In California in the USA, that looks like a country itself, showing habits and communities that act and think completely differently, with more freedom and social and environmental awareness. This “Californian” behavior has happened since the hippie "peace and love" movement, and the connection with technological advances, especially in the IT area. It offers opportunities for minds that are a few steps ahead, and dream and plan what could be a plus for the new millennium. It was not a surprise that San Francisco, a city of the future, full of eclectic and tuned people, has been the scene for the creation of Second Life by Linden Labs, and also as the home to the Burning Man (which was named Burning Life when it entered the SL). In 1999 Philip Linden, traveled as an

26 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

easy rider, on the roads near San Francisco, having many nice ideas in his mind. He found a crowd gathered around a project at an area in the desert near San Francisco. The community shared a philosophy to build a city, where there was nothing, no food, water, and they had to create everything in a vast area in the hot desert, and take everything for their survival. The most surprising was that everything would disappear after a week without a trace, after they would burn a huge sculpture in human form. The event and the city literally showed how to rise from dust and return to dust. During this short time event and intense experience Philip set out the guidelines for creating what became our Second Life and some time later, he also brought the Burning Man into the metaverse. What SL and Burning Man have in common is the freedom to create, and learn how to be part of the whole of a community that knows they need to

28 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Art: Vessel's Dream Artist: Bryn Oh

interact, be immersive in every act for good results. The participants know that the individual act reflects the general reactions and creates the whole. What a beautiful lesson to absorb, if we understand that our actions aect the planet and humanity. We can learn how to cooperate and understand that no

30 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

one is better, but can only be dierent, in dierent cultures, beliefs and habits. At last we are all PEOPLE and we can grow and create something better for our community. It is a lesson of how to be detached of things and only express feelings and ideas that are literally burned at the

Art: ..Out of the Box Not Allowed? Artist: Cienega Soon

Art: ArtEvolutionCube Artist: Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo

32 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Art: The Evolution Maze Artists: SkydiverAnarta Fall & SkydiverColorado Calloway

34 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Art: “Strange Repulsors" A "reactive" robot scrapyard Artist: Feathers Boa

end in an almost mystical ritual (for some). Perhaps it is similar to the feeling we have when facing how waves can destroy beautiful sand sculptures... as it shows the transitory aspect. It is Art as an ephemeral event. An important aspect is that both Burning Life and Burning Man are non-commercial events and therefore there are no transactions for purchase or sale, sponsorship or advertising. What are permitted and wellpublicized among the participating are the gifts they oer, which are

36 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

amazing. Another curiosity is how people take the event so seriously and also camp, as they would do in the RL Burning Man and assemble their tents, and trailers there. It's really fascinating to see how much they are engaged in the proposal.

This year the theme of 2009 Burning Man event was "Evolution." The wealth that inspired each artist and the power involving this evolutionary process so admired by Charles Darwin surprised us with remarkable beauty and impact. Know that we are constantly changing and that nothing is permanent reinforces the very idea of the event and its ephemeral existence. Burn to renew and evolve. This is a great idea. Questions have been proposed for further consideration, which also inspired the creators: What are we as

human beings, where we came from and how we can adapt to a changing world? There were fantastic creations, and it would be difficult to list all. But, it is worth to name some artists and their unique artwork: AM Radio is one of the greatest artists revealed in our metaverse and he surprised all by his new impressive new creation. His new installation "Surface" received a smaller version for the Burning Life “Among Other Things” and a proposal for full interaction and immersion. He offered a train wagon where we could make a graffiti with total freedom (since it was not offensive), by using tools offered on a website. Imagine that your art was automatically posted on Flickr as soon as your graffiti was finished and as if that was not enough impressive, then this art was immediately displayed on the wagon inside Second Life. Can you try to understand the mind of an artist like Am Radio? He left us speechless.

38 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Kalel Venkman created a surreal work. Ok, ok ... think ... Is there ice in the desert? For its installation he showed a fortress of eternal ice, powered by generators and that looked like a world of aliens or who knows the home of a super hero? An amazing idea of a great artist. In fact, his work is nothing more than a fortress of ice of the Super-man. A trip of a great artist, who represented his art even outside of the world in the Daily Planet and for fans of the comics, there was a link that took us to the site's creator.

40 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Ub Yifu and Copan Falta presented us with their artwork "Gulliver's travel scene, which was one of the most impressive works of BL, for their creativity, playfulness and confrontational aspect at the same time. They expressed tough truths in a poetic form. At first, the scene of the giant doll lying and tied by the legs and arms take us to the tale of Gulliver's Travels, but after a closer look at the context, the figures and their actions as warriors, we saw how the exchange of humans by animals caused more impact. In a clear intention that we humans are not far from the animals in certain moments and how our civilization and evolution are lost in this process between the races and species. There were some poses and animations to interact with the incredible installation.

42 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Vicent Nacon and his giant creation "Dirt Punk" hypnotized us by the beauty in total harmony with the proposed theme "Evolution." A magnificent creature sprang from the desert floor, through the burning lava. It was the expression of pure creative explosion; a fantastic and scaring face looking for Evolution. A Sculpture that resembles the rebirth of a Phoenix, in warm, vibrant and unforgettable colors and shapes. Vincent showed us how much he can transcend the limits of imagination.

44 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

vroum Short made it again by the glow, lightness and delicacy of the forms, movements and colors; a giant sculpture that looked like a set of tentacles, in total harmony and creative chaos, bringing the evolution of subconscious, as she tends to demonstrate in her artwork.

46 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Well... you can not ignore lag in the region formed by 34 sims, as they were full of sculptures, installations and projects ranging from poetry to what could be considered bizarre by some. But, this is exactly the philosophy of this event: The freedom to express and create without limits. The extreme final moment on the October 24th, when everyone gathered to celebrate and burn the wooden sculpture, and screamed “Burn, Burn, Burn�, was a moment of extremely touching communion, when each one burned what was bad in their lives. Stunning graphics took the screen, creating a framework and a beautiful fire artwork.

We can wonder that no matter if the artist is an expert or a beginner. Who knows more, teaches anyone who wants to learn. They were all stars of the same show, which burns all illusions and prejudices, represented by a sculpture in human form, and much more. Maybe you (and I) will plan to participate of the next Burning Life. It can be a refreshing experience and a great challenge, after all. Our multi-talented designer Thereaver Barrymore laid out her beautiful piece "Visceral Colors" in 2009 and she was very successful.

48 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

We are part of the show, we are all equal... we have the tools to dare, to experiment and learn. Whether a wonderful creator presents us with something fantastic, we will certainly appreciate its wonders. But, remember that the best artists are also part of the whole and oer their talent. You also can donate your creations as a gift to the event. And if you decide to be just a spectator, enjoy and burn all illusions at the end of everything, to be reborn as a Phoenix, always. After all, the fire transforms and the world is spinning !!!!! ★

50 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

HIGHLIGHTS vroum Short She started a virtual life such as Second Life by curiosity. She came in SL in 2007 with a group of friends and they all became builders in different universes. vroum is French and she is not an artist in RL, but even then she was always sensitive in different arts as music, for example. She has been showing her unique 3D Art in many Art Galleries and Museums of SL. And she tells us how she feels about showing art in Virtual worlds. – “I am lucky to meet RL/SL Artists. I am fascinated by the fact of seeing their work and communicate with them. Beyond these virtual demonstrations, human relationships around the Art are rich and very real. It is a universal way of communication”.

52 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

She believes Second Life can help us to interact and express ourselves better through the art, because everything is possible and practicable. The anonymity inhibits this fear that we have to come to light. VeGeTaL PLaNeT is one of her amazing creations. A submarine environment that makes us go beyond imagination. vroum told she has no particular message to express by her Sim. – “I noticed simply that we are lucky in SL to be able to escape from our first life, from the everyday life and that it is pity to try to reproduce what we already know”.

54 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Some of her creations look like an amusement fantasy Park, as the amazing OKABU SHORT LIVED she offered to the Burning Life. She said she never have a precise project or a particular influence. All creations take us to a direction to the main actors, which are the light, the colors and the movement. There is always a possibility for the one who looks to see what he wants to imagine in his own scene. When I asked her if she developed any new skill because or in SL, vroum told – “SL still amuses and fascinates me and unfortunately I have no time to dedicate to another activity. Nevertheless, I bought the material and began to paint. As I have difficult using a brush, then I use my fingers!” Regarding the possibility of finding better tools for

creators in SL, vroum said she is not in search of particular techniques concerning the creation. She has not enough knowledge to know what it would be possible to make, or to improve. She learns and adapts herself to the techniques, which are provided by SL. Thank you vroum, for your kindness. ★

Pictures inspired by soraya Vaher´s works

60 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

STAMP AWARD soraya Vaher She is a fashion 3d designer and builder and has been creating completely unique conceptual fashion. Soraya amazes per her creations and very impressive personality and talent. Soraya was born in Milan (Italy), and has been living in Berlin. She came here in SL out of curiosity and to express her imagination using a more advanced media, by being free from any limitation. She told – “I truly, deeply do hate any kind of limits even if psychologically. I have the tendency to "bind" myself very well sometimes... lets say I’m pretty contradicted about this topic). My partner Minx Glaz and I have the same philosophical vision about SL and virtual 3d environments: We make no difference between RL and SL. We see SL as part of the Reality and

the "SL vs. RL" - dualism more artificially created to categorize/separate a new media. SL is not more "virtual" than a WordPad, it has just more options. As I do not consider SL a "virtual experience" I live it like my first life. There is no difference between my avatar and me. I do not interpret a "role"; I do not play a "character". Even in "role play" I always play my contradictions and true personality, adding simply a more romantic and dreamy aspect. I am 100% Soraya Vaher“ About my art... “I started to create my new own fashion because it was very difficult for me to find something fitting 100% in my imagination. I was used to mix, since the beginning, different outfits and accessories, to create my own outstanding look, mainly haute couture gowns with cyber implants. From this

62 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

first experiments I made, I conceived the idea to create a new look, never seen before in SL, based on a syncretism between high haute couture, art, tentacles and cyber inspiration. I like to call it "hybrid couture", a crossover style based on a mix of different suggestions and a perfect inspiration for a new world. The "tentacle haute couture gown" I created like "Creatura" or "Death of the Black Swan" represent very well this kind of hybridism I am speaking about.“

Soraya sounds a very intense and free person and regarding her unique digital 3D art as an expression of herself she told - "As for the aesthetic, for this kind of medium, I mainly prefer 3d virtual and computer games. That’s why, in my photography too, I always shoot photos "in-world" and don’t rework that very much on Photoshop. My creations must be shown in a fitting scenario that follows the same aesthetic concept to take corp completely in the imagination of the observer.

"For this reason I can say I am really not a fan of "imitative" couture, and I never get dressed here in SL like I would in RL... I like to use the media and the possibilities as far as I can, falling in a total dreamy new imagination, breaking the limits of what is real and what is unreal. What has to be worn and what not...and breaking all categories that come from RL and don’t make sense here in SL.“

Out of the nature of our core business and creative goal, I don’t care that much about trends and tend to create my own trend.

64 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

The main focus is on our independent personal style and autonomy - outside stereotypical categorizations. My fashion is conceptual, substantial, and definitive. A perfect balance between inner content, meaning and final aesthetical representation."

Her creations look like amazing sensual sculptures and true masterpieces. Soraya shared her ideas about her inspiration. "The inspiration comes from dierent reasons: After a bad nightmare or when I feel a strong rage hard to leash. So, I would say when, in any case, I refuse to "feel" bound in a certain situation I try to manipulate my moods and my contradicted switch personality to be productive instead of destructive. The process of "create" is a sort of "taking control" of my own contradictions and dominance, reaching the goal of the final synthetic representation. It sounds like a paradox, the fact I represent perfectly what psychologically I am convinced I cannot reach and more... It is not just a "mood" factor that influences my creativity and visions. Events from the

66 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

past, ambitions, books I have read or movies I have seen that touched me intensively and so on... And finally a sort of "lyric" and individualistic procedure that hits some more universal topics with a certain syncretism and focus: representing always-hard contradictions, keeping a natural outstanding elegance in all what I create. Playing with the extremes of each dierent suggestion: baroque,

68 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

hentai, and classic mythology. The woman I dress is very ambivalent (like me): very dominant, livingly, full of desires, ambitious, aggressive, feral and assassin (no I never killed someone in RL, but sometimes I would really like... eh eh eh) even a monster... I would define her "THE ultimate fear" and as contrast a sweet, h u m a n , outstanding in her uncatchable gentleness. The power of the Dionysian nature and the classic elegance of the apollineum flow together in this woman. The male I tend to represent has the same contradictions too: a bit dandy, dominant and shy at the same time. In both case let say I like to play outside "supposed gender roles". A woman can represent the apotheosis of femininity even showing some strong masculine attitudes and a man as well too. As I do hate the imprinting archaic ideology

70 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

very much spread in RL, that tend to cage a woman in a sort of static role about her "being female" and force her to follow some supposed attitudes she must have coz of her inner nature, with all the consequent psychological and physical violence deriving from the concept of "guiltiness", I don’t support this ideology in both worlds, rl and sl and I will never do it. "Femininity" and "masculinity" are both categories that in an enlightened society don’t have sense. Paradoxically it is visible how a certain kind of old classic literature and art break these rules more than certain contemporary tendencies of thought. One of my main intents, with "Violator", is to break these rules, not just in an obtuse simple anti- attitude, but playing with the whole contradictions, desires and fears." She would like to find better tools besides what we have in SL to created in-world. - "I’d really appreciate the introduction of more attachments for the avatar’s body, this would really help to create more complex gowns, better fitting to the body itself and to match that better with the jewelry and other garments; a better shaping for hands and feet on the avatar body would help very much too; the use of invisiprim for shoes is always a bit reductive and unaesthetic, like the conflicts between transparent textures especially using png format. Another important issue is the limitation of the "permissions" just

72 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

to one person. I think LL should introduce the possibility to share the permission of an item between partners of the same company. This would really help a lot to handle better the business structure and the costumer care service as well. All the management system would work faster and more effectively." Soraya told that in the last 7 months she has increased her skills a lot and that she will never stop to learn, of course. She really considers SL very helpful on a psychological level to get more knowledge about yourself and take control of some existential contradictions. Of course it depends on how you use the medium. – "I don’t think that playing a chat or splitting yourself in too many alter-ego should help very much in any case, as this risk to create a strong alienation with the reality itself. Just live it for real, as it is, accepting the whole contradiction and take the final control of yourself... " Gnòthi Seautòn (know yourself) - Socrate Thank you very much for your attention, Soraya

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Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors - Lano Ling Shape: ABS Shape Male E Jeans: Salopette Denim (black) by anuenue Watch: Night Man Watch Black by Kal Rau Skin: Mathieu Med 4 by Belleza Body Hair: Body Hair Set by Body Hair Shop Necklace: Razor Dog Tags - Male by Nefarious Sunglasses: Aviator III (Chrome) by FNKY! Boots: Long Combat Boots (4 parts, boxed) by TonkTastic Aviator Sunglasses: Extinction Series - Aviator equipment by TonkTastic Cigarette: Cigarette II (long ash) by FNKY! Backpack: The Backpack by TonkTastic

88 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

TP to ... VeGeTaL PLaNet The name is very interesting itself. And even if you try to imagine what you will find there, you will not glimpse the beauty and amazing art of VeGeTal PLaNeT. A submarine world of total fantasy and dreams awaits you ... Futuristic Colors and Shapes invite you to explore a vegetal wonderland. Aquatic plants in many different shapes of flowers, wracks and huge sculptures, glow in blue, yellow, lilac and many lovely shades, coming from the French artist's palette, its creator, vroum Short, who also participated in the Burning Life and I interviewed. Don´t miss the fantastic surprises and interact with her 3D animated sculptures, to experience the most of this "immersive journey”. Orchids, and stunning coral shapes are also part of an art exhibition, a unique gallery, which depicts the wish of the artist, to create a world where anything is possible to the imagination and she wanted to express her subconscious. Her inspiration lives in the wildest, colorful and perfect dreams, where the real world and its limits and rules have no place! Prepare yourself to an adventure to the enchanted world of harmony... I forgot the outside world and let it take me...

Where: VeGeTaL PLaNeT, Coral Springs (228, 194, 22) ★

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SPECIAL INTERVIEW Vincent Nacon This amazing Graphic Artist in multimedia and scripting production from Ohio, USA is unique, has a teasing sense of humor and ideas, and has created more than special art and solutions to make our Second Life easier and richer. Vincent told – “It is hard to remember how I came across Second Life for the first time, but mainly because it was a place to share my creations with friends. I never thought about having chance to market few of my works till after I was able to learn scripting language. I almost felt like there were two birds and a stone there”. When asked about his background and if he is an artist also in RL, Vincent shared – “I naturally born artist from the heart, yet none of my parents were artists. I was also born with hearing impairment to both ears. Bound to hearing aids for rest of my life, which I think had given me more chance to use my eyes, more than I do with any other sensory systems. Some say it's a trade-off gift. But, it's not something that

116 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

I would say it's a gift, just something that most other don't normally see what I do see”. Vincent has contributed in many ways to make our experience of Second Life better on SL Wiki, Jira, and developing interfaces, scripts and projects. He is more than a mentor and tells us his opinion about helping and LL offering a better SL. – “Yeah, I do like to help out whatever it could make my world better. Same for most of my friends, who share the same view. I know they do have the ability to offer, but as of lately... Things between the

company and their residents had gotten real thin”. InnerWorld: Do you believe the SL we have now is made for the ones who have high performance computers? How can we deal with Graphics, being able to enjoy fully something like Burning Life, for example? Vincent Nacon: Actually I don't think Second Life is made for one thing anymore. I had recently built my own PC to run SL viewer at the max setting. Turns out that there's more issue with

the viewer itself. Linden Lab had gotten in a big mess for trying to support both low and high performance PCs. Resulting a terrible programming codes. Not forget to mention they tried to update their outdated codes from many years ago. I think its importance that they should produce two versions of their viewer. One for lowend PC and one for the latest PC gaming system. They also need complete new rendering engine, such as CryEngine2 or Unreal Engine. ...They got too much work to do. InnerWorld: By the way, the art you offered to BL is simply teasing and has perfect harmony with the “Evolution” theme for 2009. What inspired you and tell me your ideas about BL? Vincent Nacon: Oh no idea actually. The original work was based on whatever I had finished at the time. The head was finished on

118 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

one day. I scaled the head to the max and made it blend onto a sim's ground, matching texture, to create a creepy looking face sticking out. I kept working on rest of its body, and the next thing I knew, the figure was jumping out of the ground. So this art, "Rock Punk" was sitting in my pocket (inventory) for nearly... 2 years, I think. A friend of mine kinda bugged me into getting a parcel at Burning Life. So I grabbed one without knowing what I wanted to put it up. I was kinda lazy at the time, so I figured why not pull out one of my old works and be done with it. I pulled out Rock Punk and realized that he doesn't match with the ground texture. So a new theme was created for it. Lava kinda fit with the theme, so he gets a lava Mohawk. Regarding Burning life‌ Well it's random, and a collage of random arts. I knew it wasn't intended for virtual world, but it has gotten along

120 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

pretty well. There has been a few artwork that are too dangerous for public display for Burning Man. Thus safety issue is no longer a problem in SL's Burning Life. No limit in what they can do with their art InnerWorld: Have you ever been to the Burning man? Vincent Nacon: Nope. Too far away to travel and I hate traveling. :/ InnerWorld: What do you do in SL besides creating? It seems one of your passions are Motorcycles and Cars.

Vincent Nacon: Aye, I had dreamed to plant my own car band foundation, marketing wise and simply be the most realistic driving experience there. Unfortunately, vehicle system isn't bright enough for Second Life. Which became a long-term challenge to push Linden Lab in the right direction. Havok 4 update was a good example as of lately in physical related news. InnerWorld: There are some problems in virtual worlds and Internet. How do you deal with copyrights in Second Life, even being something about textures? Vincent Nacon: Well I simply do what most lawyers would tell you to do... Don't put it up until you're in the green zone. I have been trying to stay in touch with my creative friends to be aware of these issues. Some of them don't create anymore and some would just ignore and press on. I know they can stop all the madness but... I know it's not going to happen if they don't stop open source projects. They're already o into the deep area. They would need to recode their client and server, adding more work to be done. They are pretty much one step before point of no return... and I have a feeling that they won't help the creators the protection they need. I know they're too far deep into their work and can't turn their boat around without ease. So, they will be doing whatever that will cost their time and money at the very least amount.

122 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

124 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

InnerWorld: Could you evaluate your SL experience in one sentence? Vincent Nacon: In one sentence? I think I would have to say "auuuuuuugghhhhhhhhhhh". 3 Years is too long for me to stick around… InnerWorld: …and have you anything else to tell to our readers you’d like to express? Vincent Nacon: Hum... school! Thanks a lot, Vincent. ★

stay in

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Hair: Milk Pale by Lamb Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors Skin: Aerin Light Daybreak Darkbrow by Vive9 Shape: Aerin Shape by Vive9 Shoes: IXkin Pewter – Duo by Maitreya Gold Jeans: Jeans Ripped Xtra – Light by Dutch Touch Bangles 1: Takara Bangle Zebra Fur Set by Mandala Bangles 2: Tarnished Gypsy Bangles by EarthStones

132 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Autumn – Glade by Poetic Colors Skin: Mathieu SK 4 by Belleza Shape: Jonas Shape by Belleza Jeans: Homme Loose Flare Jeans Blue by COCO Tattoo: Unite / Sleeve Variant by Aitui Tattoo

134 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Hair: Kira Hair 2 (Black) by Laqroki Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors Skin: Maya [light] Sweety 3 Skin by Vive9 Shape: Aerin Shape by Vive9 Shoes: Angelina Spangles by ByKay Necklace: Soul Jewelry Set (Cream Gold) Female by Mandala Sunglasses: LeFemme Glasses (Black) by FNKY! Jeans: Ripped Skinny Jeans Blue by COCO Bangles: 7 LUCK Bracelet / Female / Brown by Mandala

136 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Autumn – Glade by Poetic Colors Hair: The Poynter by Armidi Skin: Mathieu SK 4 by Belleza Shape: Jonas Shape by Belleza Sunglasses: FNKY! Aviator III (Chrome) Jeans: ShredR Jeans Low by FORM Tattoo: Unite / Sleeve Variant by Aitui Tattoo

138 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Hair: Tia Blonde by Exile Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors Skin: Aerin [light] Daybreak Darkbrow by Vive9 Shape: Aerin Shape by Vive9 Tattoo: Old School Tattoo 2 by Artilleri Boots: WorkBoots Black by J's Bangles: Ring Cuff - Black by FNKY! Necklace: Razor Dog Tags – Female by Nefarious Sunglasses: LadyBug (Black) by FNKY! Cigarette: Cigarette II by FNKY! Jeans: Garage Jeans – Turquoise by League

140 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Autumn – Glade by Poetic Colors Hair: RICHI by MADesigns Skin: Mathieu SK 4 by Belleza Shape: Jonas Shape by Belleza Jeans: VSL Jeans Blue Wash by Muism Tattoo: Unite / Sleeve Variant by Aitui Tattoo

142 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Hair: Maitreya Bo - Reds Pack Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors Skin: London Pale Makeup 5 by LeLutka Shape: Aerin Shape by Vive9 Shoes: Esprit Pearl by Maitreya Gold Jewelry: Audrey Pearls (set) by ByKay Bracelets: Carolyn Bracelets Collection *Group Only* by ByKay Jeans: MISCHA Jeans/Green Light by LeLutka

144 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Autumn – Glade by Poetic Colors Hair: CRUZ by MADesigns Skin: Mathieu SK 4 by Belleza Shape: Jonas Shape by Belleza Sunglasses: Aviator III (Chrome) by FNKY! Jeans: Dark Blue Jeans by Kal Rau Tattoo: Unite / Sleeve Variant by Aitui Tattoo

146 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Hair: ARPEGE Hair Selection - Platinum – by 69 Eyes: pc eyes by LL - Ocean - Ocean Mist by Poetic Colors Skin: CleO - Pale Apricot – Smokey by Dutch Touch Shape: Aerin Shape by Vive9 Armband: Nizam Bajubandh (Armband) White by Zaara Bangles: Nizam Choodiya (Bangles) White by Zaara Necklace: Nizam Necklace (long) White by Zaara Shoes: Esprit Pearl by Maitreya Gold Jeans: Jeans {Jewelled} Charcoal by Zaara

148 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Autumn – Glade by Poetic Colors Hair: Army Crop by MADesigns Skin: Mathieu SK 4 by Belleza Shape: Jonas Shape by Belleza Jeans: Maverick Jeans Regular Black by GearShift Tattoo: Unite / Sleeve Variant by Aitui Tattoo

150 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009

00 | InnerWorld Magazine | Issue 10 - November 2009