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Welcome to The Rainbow Village

The Rainbow Garden:

In this garden, you can find colourful flowers, various kinds of fruit and vegetables. This garden welcomes people in the entrance of our village. Don't wait; plant a flower and make a wish.. Once your flower blooms, your wish will come true.. The Blue river and The Friendship Bridge:

When you enter The Rainbow Village, you come across The Blue River. This river is perfect for fishing as the number of fish increases only if villagers go fishing. There is a bridge over this river which leads you towards the center of the village. The Rubbish Bin: All the rubbish is collected in this bin every day before the Sun sets and the next day you can find this rubbish transformed into A+ tablets which serve as energy sources for our houses and some other places in the village. This energy is generated by the flowers of The Rainbow Garden.Two flowers are placed in the bin and a special substance coming from these flowers spreads into the rubbish and makes it small tablets full of energy. The Ali Baba Farm:

In this farm, there are cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens and other animals that provide us with natural food and milk.

The King Restaurant:

Our restaurant is the place where all people in the village eat all their meals together. Nobody cooks at home. We don't pay for the meals because money doesn't exist in this village. We work, cook and do the cleaning up in turns. We usually set the tables around the swimming pool. Eating times are very enjoyable. Why don't you join us?? Houses:

We live in houses in different colours. There is a small square in the centre where we all like to meet during the day or in the evenings to have a chat. Bosphorus Primary School:

In this school, there aren't any classrooms, desks or boards. There are corners: Mathematics, Arts, Music, Language and some others. Children go to the corners they like best and they study and learn there as long as they want. They don't take any exams. There aren't any secondary or high schools in the village because nobody graduates from this school. Teenagers or adults also can go there anytime and learn what they need to know.

The Rainbow Village  

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