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Today’s clients are smarter. They own an iPad® or tablet and use real estate apps. Don’t get left behind. Become the agent who stays up-to-date with technology.

The Handheld “iOffice” For Agents Part 1 – Morning Only $49

Part 2 – Afternoon Only $49

This 3-hour workshop is for beginning to intermediate users. Learn about iPad essentials elements such as syncing, gesturing, multi-tasking, and keyboarding techniques. Discover important real estate apps used for Productivity, Home Searching, Finance, Security, and more.

It’s time to become an iPad pro who is up-todate on the latest and greatest apps that will completely transform the way you show a house to a buyer, set-up an Open House, deliver a listing presentation, and store your important docs. It’s time to be a Paperless, hyper-organized, “tech savvy” real estate agent.

Brand Yourself as Tech Savvy!

Attend BOTH Sessions for $79 and SAVE $20!

Q: A:

I own a Tablet, not an iPad. May I still come to this class? As long as you understand that the instructor will be using an iPad2 for demos and illustrations. Many of the apps will work with either device.

Q: A:

How should I prepare for this class? You should make sure your iPad is running the latest version of iOS. We also recommend that you bring a fully charged iPad to class.

Module 1 - Fire it Up – Let’s Get Started (Demonstration)    

Common Interface Essentials to Launch your iOffice How to work faster with iPad Gestures (i.e. Flick! Drag! Tap!) How to digitally sign real estate documents How to create an audio To-Do list using a dictation app

Module 2 - Beyond the Home Screen

     

Take the App Challenge – (Categories: Home Searching and Productivity) How to sync your iPad with your computer How to use a free app to store contracts, files, photos and videos How to use a free app to store all of your passwords How to write on a .pdf, screenshot, and an image How to set-up multi-tasking

Module 3 – Going on a Safari   

How to create a web clip for FMLS, GAMLS, and websites you visit often How to use the READER in your web browser How to protect your privacy

Module 4 – Organization Essentials - Email, Appointments, Contacts    

How to send, reply, and forward electronic mail How to sync your email, appointments and contacts to your phone and computer How to create and save new contacts on the iPad How to gain easy “cloud” access to your appointments, contacts, and notes

Module 5 – Additional Tools for the Road

   

How to use quick financial apps to answer (1) Can I afford this house? AND (2) What would my payment be? How to summon immediate help (for your personal safety) with the push of a panic button How to set up your iPad to enlarge the font on their screen How to set-up voice activation on your iPad

Module 1 - Watch the iPad Go to Work for the Real Estate Agent    

How to use the iPad for the Buyer Consultation and Buyer Transaction Learn presentation options when you use the iPad or tablet. How to control a computer remotely with an iPad Role play – real life Seller/Agent with the new “iOffice” on-the-go

Module 2 – The APP BOX - 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents (Demos and Student Sharing) 

Students learn and demo applications that will change their real estate lives forever

Module 3 - Lights, iPad Camera, Action  

The Shoot – How to properly take a picture with your iPad How to use the built-in camera and video applications of the iPad to accomplish business tasks such as: o A video conference with a potential homebuyer (Role Play) o A “live home tour” for an out of town buyer No fax machine? No Problem. How to scan a document and send it to a client as a .pdf using an app that is as good as a fax.

Module 4 - iPad and Media  

How to prepare audio and video files for the iPad How to use AirPlay to Stream DEMONSTRATION – The 21st Century OPEN HOUSE

   

How to stream media to an iPad How to import and edit photos on the iPad How to copy or move media from an iPad to a Computer How to showcase a home or neighborhood video on an external display using the iPad.

Module 5 - Printing on the iPad  

How to Print with Your iPad Questions and Answers

On-Site Training

On-site training allows you to train your teams, work groups, and entire departments. Give your members and staff the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to meet the challenges of this industry head-on. To book a class, call us at: InMotion Students Speak Out:

404-955-9740 or email us at

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“Just looking to see if I was missing anything—and I was!” “One word – awesome.”

“I was wishing I hadn’t bought it, but now I feel so much better and I will use it.” “So much new information. Thanks for the handout.” “Fantastic class. Great instruction! She gets a 10 out of 10.”

About the Instructor “iJuanita” McDowell has a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the owner and lead trainer of InMotion Real Estate Institute. Last year her school trained over a thousand real estate agents and entrepreneurs in Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee in the area of marketing and technology. In 2010 and 2011, Juanita was named "Instructor of the Year" for the Georgia Association of REALTORS ®. She is a member of the Georgia Real Estate Educator's Association and the American Society of Training and Development.

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