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Look into the SLAY world!

The Fix

����������������������������������ARIES March 21 - April 19 The beginning of this month will bring a sense of peace in the world of Aries representatives, and with it, a sort of material assurance that your existential issues are resolved. This is a time when you will have a chance to build a strong foundation for the future, realize that you have the ability to earn and gain everything you need in life, and rest as much as your responsibilities allow you to. As April progresses, you will find yourself in a healing process, feeling more beautiful, and turning your focus to the sign of Gemini where Mars is about to end up. Preparing for this change, you will see words and information coming to find you, only so you can finally reach a rational explanation for everything that has been happening lately.

TAURUS April 20 - May 20 Problems with your expectations have little to do with your primal limitations and this is something you should keep in mind. The way this month arts is like the way it will end, and you’ll have a chance to spend it inside a dream, relying on the magic of Venus in Pisces, cuddling with its point of exaltation. You will go back only to deal with some emotions left in the past, take what you need, and finally be ready for a new cycle to begin.

GEMINI May 21 - June 20 This is one of those months that will begin with Mercury already deep in its shadow, and end with it still in retrograde motion. You will simply not be in your own element now, and the first several weeks will prove to be truly difficult through circumstances and everything you should fix in the material world. Debts will be repaid, misconceptions revealed, and you will have a task to take the mask off and show your true colors to the world. Throughout the middle of April, you will suddenly feel your wit coming back, your mind will seem clearer and faster, but you should really wait for May to make any big decisions and truly rely on your common sense.

CANCER June 21 - July 22 While others deal with retrograde Mercury, going back to finish leftover paperwork and things they didn’t deal with in time, you will feel like your senses are finally coming back. Even if you can’t think clearly, it won’t stop you from finally recognizing how you feel. Returning to your inner world and yourself is the main objective of this month for all Cancer representatives. Use this time wisely, don’t spend too much of it on work and exhausting activities, and be sure to leave enough room for satisfactions of life that the sign of Taurus brings your way. By the end of the month this initiative to satisfy your needs will already be leaving you, but you will find your batteries refilled and your heart clearer.

LEO July 23 - August 22 The first ever modern commercial refrigerator was built in Australia in 1856 to keep beer cold. Some things have an obvious purpose and it is often the first one you’d think of when you try to analyze things. This is something you should think about whatever comes your way during this month, for common sense can truly take you far. By the end of April, you will have many opportunities to ground ideas and make your energetic input count. You will come to collect what you have invested in the first several weeks, and it will become obvious what you are worth to your superiors and people who surround you.

VIRGO August 23 - September 22 This is a month when Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus, reminding you of the real sense of purpose you need to find in this lifetime. Problems you’ll deal with won’t be so bad, for as long as you see their meaning and ways to fix what is broken, returning to the past all over again and handling past mistakes one by one. Many Virgos will realize by the end of April that there is a lot of anger in their inner world they never attended to. When this happens, think about ways to put your body to good use, turn to physical labor, or simply go for a run, exercise, or find another way to vent and make this period count from the perspective of your physiology.

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