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keda r kantha e x p edition

double t r ouble

coo r g mobile

This year you are Spoilt for Choice! But GAINers beware. It gets bumpier, splashier, and higher for you in 2011. Are you ready to rumble?

A r e yo u r e a dy fo r The Great American Bicycle Ride, Coorg Mobile, Double Trouble & Kedarkantha

w i l d e r n e s s e x p l o r at i o n b e g i n s We explore the local terrain and get used to our bikes. From basic handling to maneuvering gears and riding on different kinds of roads and from basic maintenance to riding as a group, we do a crash course (not literally!) and build basic endurance.

D A Y 1, 2


w i l d e r n e s s e x p l o r at i o n b e g i n s


Potlatch state Pa r k


0 km W e w i l l k i c k o f f o u r a d v e n t u r e i n S e at t l e

lake sylvia state pa r k


On the first day we browse the stalls D A Y 1 of fresh fish thrown by fishermen straight up from the ocean. Next we head to America’s first Starbucks Coffee shop. We will ride along the pacific ocean with an afternoon swim in the ocean.

twin ha r bo r s state pa r k

s e a tt l e

bay cente r


wa s h i n gto n E

E ka r ka


n e g o t i at e w i t h t h e d i r t r o a d s


We make our way to the coastline where the bright blue surfing waves of the Pacific Ocean will crash on the beautiful sandy beaches to our right and the evergreen forested mountains rise on our left. In Washington we will get used to the riding and the daily schedule starting with a few low mileage days and fun afternoons cooling down with an afternoon swim in the ocean.

N aladi

We leave our base camp Honey Valley at 9 am and hit the off roads. We cycle till 1 am. Travel through spectacular grass lands. We stop in the middle and cook ourselves a delicious lunch. After a resting session, we hit the off road again. Early evening we will reach Kabbay. We will pitch tents here for the night under the stars.

D A Y 3

D A Y 4

b a g m a n d a l a

matla r oad

We leave Kabbay and ride through through dense forests. Our journey today starts with a ride of 20 kms on metal road and continues post lunch with 10 kms on dirt roads. We park our bikes alongside the picturesque water falls, bathe in natural pools and cook delicious meals. We reach our second camp site, 5 kms from Naladi.

D A Y 4

KAB i n a k a d o

N ehalem B ay S tate Pa r kh

how to survive in the wilderness


We will learn to navigate and figure out how to get to our next pitching site. On the way we will negotiate and interact with the locals. We pitch tents today at Malta road. End the day with a much needed relaxing session next to camp fire. Bring your guitar along!

D A Y 5

ca p e lookout stae pa r k

203 km c r u i s e o v e r t h e b o r d e r i n t o oregon We will cruise and camp on the D A Y 4 stunning beaches of Oregon. You will be in heaven as we pull our bikes into the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and to try the wide variety of delicious cheese and ice creams that they make on-site.

A D A Y 1 honey valley

B kabbay cam p

c h i n g a r a

the last miles Our last destination is Karka. We arrive and celebrate the completion of our biking expedition and hitch a ride to spend the last night at the base camp back in Honey Valley.

D A Y 6

Oregon is known in the USA as being one of the best

states to go to if you thirst for an adventure. It has world-renowned skiing and snowboarding, hiking, white water rafting, and is the ULTIMATE destination for sand boarding! We will test out our group skills on the dunes! We take our first day off from riding and outfit everyone with a board and will film each other’s sweet tricks at the Sand Master Park.


beve r ly beach state pa r k

o r eg o n

Beach camping Over 200 miles of Oregon, we camp night after night on stunning beaches. After we pitch tents, we will check out the local beaches and play games, cook a delicious dinner and a decadent dessert.


J essie M . honeyman memo r ial state pa r k

887 km C a l i f o r n i a , h e r e w e c o m e !


welcome to devbhumi!

Time Off From Biking we take two more days off the bikes to go rafting on the Klamath River! We will learn to navigate class 3 and 4 rapids and will camp on the side of the river

D A Y 1 5


Natural Giants! We again mount our bikes and head

south through an awe-inspiring forest of the largest trees in the world: the Redwoods, natural giants! These trees are so big that if we stand hand in hand, our entire group would not be able to hug one tree. We will also have the opportunity to ride our bikes right through the middle of one of the largest redwoods alive.

B eas G hat

Our base camp is situated at the D A Y 1 lovely silver sands beach near Byasi. We begin with safety briefing. We raft till Shivpuri village today. Back to Camp for tea, evening games, and overnight Camp.

sunset bay state pa r k




B odysu r fing

shiv p u r i

Get into rafting gear, and raft down the high volume Ganga white water. We end today’s trip near Laxman Jhula.

D A Y 2

humbug mountain state pa r k

Here we will be camping at some of the most beautiful and well-maintained campgrounds with world-class facilities.


S ilve r sands cam p

D eva p r ayag

fo rwa r d h o !


D A Y 1

K audiyala

Retu r n to S ender

Crossfi r e T hree B lind M ice

ta k e o n t h e w a l l We raft the upper section and take on the Wall. We learn the basics of paddling a kayak in the eddy, you also practice balancing and bracing in grade 2 rapids, you learn techniques of self-rescue and safety management. Three safety kayak instructors and a gear boat accompany you to make sure all safety requirements are met.

D A Y 3

1,563 km S a n F r a n c i s c o ! WE MADE IT ! We finish cycling down the famous cycling route, Pacific Coast Route 1 right over the Golden Gate Bridge. We will enjoy a day off in San Francisco, reminiscing, shopping for souvenirs, exploring and going out for a welldeserved gourmet dinner!

D A Y 2 7


A DATE WITH SILICON VALLEY ENTREPRENEURS . We meet some exciting entrepreneurs of Indian origin. who knows, some of us may even start a new business right there!

E lk P r ai r ie C am p g r ound



Today you put in your kayaks just where the Bhagirathy meets the Alaknanda to form the mighty Ganges at Devprayag.

D A Y 4

E u r eka

C L a x man J hula

The night out You paddle down 09 kms to the fantastic beach at Beas Ghat, northern India’s most famous fishing spot. Here we camp overnight, relax near a campfire and cook a delicious meal.

Ou r Typ i cal Day The day starts early around 6:00 am (unless the group revolts :) A king size breakfast is followed by a team huddle to plan for the day. We grab all our gear, pack up, and get on our bikes for another day of madness on our bikes.


We cover between 70-90 kilometers on our bikes, with pit stops to grab some bread, cheese, salamis, and sodas! We then continue biking with our sights firm on The Golden Gate bridge. All bikes ahoy!!

B u r lington C am p g r ound

COMPETE & COLLABORATE Today, we kayak 15 kms in the remote part of the Upper Ganga gorge till Kaudiyala, we practise our strokes and become more confident of the craft, and handling it on bigger rapids.

D A Y 5


S tandish - hickey S tate Rec r eation A r ea

We finish the biking part of the day by early afternoon. Then it is time to explore the local area, eat, buy souvenirs, send postcards to the folks, or simply resting our behinds!


We cook our own food (unless you beg and plead with your instructors for a day of junk food), camp out in our tents and wonder aloud “am I really here?” Won’t be long before you knock off though!

M ac K e r r iche r beach

s a n


f r a n c i s c o C a l i fo r n i a

M ancheste r state beach


keda r kantha 12000 ft


a c c l i m at i z e , p r e pa r e a n d pa c k

R C a l l ie


Get ready for an experience where children can challenge their limits. Kedarkantha is one of the most beautiful and largely untouched places in the Himalayan mountain range at a height of 12,500 feet.

B odega D unes S tate B each

D A Y 1

keda r kantha base cam p

S amuel P. Taylo r state pa r k


Ask Callie what she is currently working on, and you will hear “I am becoming a Doctor of Bicycle Touring.” This is not far from the truth. She just finished a master’s degree in Outdoor Education where she wrote her thesis on the educational aspects of cycle touring for high school students. Currently, she is working on her PhD in Parks Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah. Callie also has a breadth of experience in the cycling and outdoor education world. She has cycled across the United States twice, cycled from Seattle to San Francisco (our route) and toured in Canada, Alaska, and Australia. Last summer she was a mountain bike instructor with inme at both the Uroli and Coorg campuses. Her love for cycling and her eight years experience of teaching and leading students on tours make her a superb instructor. Asides from biking, Callie loves snowboarding and playing interactive board games.

11000 ft

s ta r y s ta r y t r e k


Jo n at h a

We trek for 8 kms to Judatalao. An excellent medium to tough grade trekking experience through rhododendron, fir and oak forests the trek ends with some fantastic views of the snow capped ranges.

D A Y 2

G olden G ate b r idge

n D e Ro u s se

Jonathan has been biking since he could walk. In his words, “If it has pedals, I ride it.” He grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and got a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from Louisiana Tech. After working for an airline which allowed him to travel, backpack and explore the USA, he decided to move to the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado to make his passions of biking and snowboarding his livelihood. When he is not racing bikes or riding his green single speed bike ‘the green machine’ over 12,000 foot mountain passes, he works in a bike shop building and fixing bikes during the summers, and manages a ski/snowboard shop during the winters. In addition to being an excellent cycling instructor, Jonathan will also be our professional mechanic. If anything goes wrong with a bike on the trip, Jonathan has expert knowledge to keep us rolling on!


S a r a b j it



8000 ft

its cold outside

W a l l ia


For the next two days you climb to 8000 feet. Not only will you need physical endurance but you will have to dig in deep mentally to keep heading higher. You will work closely with your teammates and you will also need to take charge on many occasions. You will discover a lot about yourself and others in the process. Onwards to Kedarkantha!

D A Y 3, 4, 5

Follow the voice ardently discussing an education revolution in India and you’ll meet Sarabjit Wallia. After working with the founders of inme for nearly 10 years, he finished his masters in the field of Outdoor and Environmental Education from Latrobe University in Australia, where he also taught Outdoor Leadership to graduate students. His love for the outdoors was kindled at a very early age while rafting down the emerald waters of Ganga - a passion that has never flagged since. By the age of 16, while at Doon School, he had, among other things, successfully scaled Mt. Trishul; completed a cycling trip from Dehradun to Manali; and twice earned his gold in the International Award for Young People. He has been based in US since 2003 and every summer sees him beating the path to the Indian Himalayas to do the work he likes best – working on Outdoor Survival and Leadership skills with young Indians.

B sank r i

back to the base camp we spend the last 3 days at the base camp. Our days will be action packed with activities like rafting and climbing. We will raft on the upper part of the Tons. Give a good shot at rifle shooting, relax with bonfire dinners.

D A Y 6, 7, 8


D A Y 1 tons cam p us

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