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Objetivos   

To introduce the unit topic To activate previous knowledge about the Middle Ages To learn how Toledo has developed over time


Key vocabulary and structures: coexistence, emirate, fortress city, autpost, Reconquest, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Muslims, Visigoths; it became the capital of the Visigoth Kingdom.

Presentation 

Toledo was strategically important in The Middle Ages, and that it was called “the city of the three cultures”.

Interview    

What do you think the three cultures were? Where is Toledo situated? Why do you think Toledo was so important? What other Worl Heritage Sitesare ther in Spain.

   

How did the city of Toledo develop? Which civilizations cohexistec in Toledo. Find out which historic buildings these civilizations built Toledo? Does your town have historic buildings? Who built them?


Look for several photos of medieval buildings.

The visigoths  

The visigoths

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