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About New Delhi

inlingua New Delhi

Why choose us?

New Delhi is the capital of India, and it’s also the travel hub of northern India. It’s an excellent base for visiting places like Agra and the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, a colorful city of Rajasthan, Shimla, a picturesque hill station, and many other exciting places.

i nlingua New Delhi was opened in

i nlingua New Delhi was the first

2002 and since then has established a strong reputation for high quality language training combined with an extremely personal service, paying particular attention to the needs of our students.

New Delhi is also recognized as a center for the arts, with some excellent theaters, regular concerts and its own international festivals. Combine this with the wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants, some of the most exclusive shopping in India and excellent sports facilities and you will find that New Delhi has something for all tastes.

The school has three departments: Language Training, Corporate Training and Teacher Training.

inlingua school to open in South Asia. The personnel, teaching and training divisions were started after meticulous planning and in-depth analysis of the Indian market. With our experience in setting up operations in a competitive market like New Delhi, we are in a position to offer you a range of training and consultancy services.

New Delhi has an extensive network of international and domestic flights. All the major airlines in the world fly through New Delhi. Domestic air links cover New Delhi from all the major cities in the country.

The Department offers the ideal combination of quality teaching and a high degree of personal contact between staff and all of our students. It is housed in centrally located, South Extension and is superbly positioned for access to buses, shops, restaurants and pubs. It is also an easy meeting place for students at all times of the day.

The Language department is divided into three separate sections: General and Specialized English for Adults, Foreign Languages and our Young Learners sections.

The building is used for all adult group courses and also for foreign language and teacher training. It is also the main administration center for inlingua New Delhi.


Our first six-month package includes support in designing the layout and management of your new center, recruitment, inlingua methodology and skills training, and the setting up of systems and procedures. After that you can choose from our on-going training programs and other services. Our processes have been successfully transferred to other inlingua schools across India. At inlingua New Delhi we believe in being flexible to cater to our clients. We can conduct our training programs at your center or invite you to our center at South Extension. All these services and more at prices that will surprise you!

Resource Management HumanHuman Resource Management Talent Search

Job Descriptions and Employment Contracts

Performance Appraisal System

Grievance Redressal System

The unique inlingua classroom experience is achievable only with the right kind of instructors.

A clear and detailed job description ensures that there is a near-accurate fit between people and roles.

Full of life, creativity and enthusiasm, inlingua instructors get the students to speak in the target language with confidence.

We at inlingua New Delhi have a suite of detailed job descriptions along with job standards and requirements that encompass all possible job roles in the teaching and teaching-related divisions. This ensures that every new recruit to the organization clearly understands his/her job roles and responsibilities, right at the outset.

The performance appraisal system is an integral part of the continuous improvement cycle in the organization. The aim of this system is to measure the performance of the staff against preset parameters to enable the following:

It is an undisputed fact that ‘happy’ people at a work place translate into a ‘zerodefect’ work environment. Since it is impractical to expect all systems and processes to run smoothly all the time, inlingua New Delhi has a comprehensive Grievance Redressal System in place. The sole aim of this system is to provide every staff member with a forum where his/her complaints are resolved in a fair and unbiased manner. The system will help you ensure that complainants have the opportunity for a fair hearing and address grievances that can be caused from factors ranging from perceived discrimination to occupational health and safety issues.

How can you reach out to the best of locally available talent who have it in them to become such an instructor? Which medium should you use for advertising? inlingua New Delhi can assist you to get people with the right kind of attitude, who can make a difference to your students … and to your business.

Hiring the right people inlingua New Delhi has a highly effective recruitment process in place. It consists of a post-screening initial assessment followed by interviews. The applicants are first tested for their mastery in the language by means of grammar, listening comprehension and written tests. The interviews are designed to evaluate the core competencies of the individual and cultural fit within the organization. We will help you find high caliber individuals with a passion for the language and a flair for teaching.

· · · ·

inlingua New Delhi offers both full time and part time opportunities for teaching and teaching-related support functions. Detailed employment contracts have been formulated for both of them clearly stating all the terms of employment.

Help your instructor chart out his/ her career path Balance his/her professional goals with those of the organization Identify training needs Reward/recognize instructors who consistently match the KPIs

inlingua New Delhi has developed a highly comprehensive Performance Appraisal System for its teaching staff based on the above mentioned philosophy which has enabled the organization to ensure optimal utilization of its human resources in the teaching division.

AIESEC-inlingua New Delhi partnership AIESEC is an international, non-political, non-profit, student-run, independent, educational foundation. We at inlingua New Delhi have tied up with AIESEC in India to employ interns from different corners of the world as part time instructors. We will be happy to extend this service to you so that your inlingua center has the advantage of having native speakers as instructors and you are able to provide your students with an opportunity for cross-cultural interactions – something that is vital to teaching and learning languages. We will give you a head start by training these interns in the inlingua methodology and making them familiar with the inlingua materials and the teaching-related administrative procedures before they take up their assignments with you.


In-centerManagement Management In-center Designing the center

Course Schedules

Customer Feedback


Your center is the place where potential customers are first introduced to the world of inlingua. The layout, lighting and colors are important to create the right atmosphere. Our architects* are available to design a center that is international in look and conducive to learning.

inlingua’s wide range of courses attracts people from all walks of life; working people who are free only in the evenings, students who prefer early morning hours and home makers who can take time off only in the afternoon.

The students are your customers and their feedback is crucial to the success of your business. You need to have a continuing dialogue with your students and listen to them. You need to find out what they think about your front office services, the usefulness of the course, the effectiveness of the instructor and the facilities provided by you.

Keep in touch with other inlingua schools across India via the intranet.

How should inlingua teaching materials and reference books be arranged for easy access? Where should you mount notice boards and shelves? What documentation is required to keep track of ongoing classes? How can instructors manage their paperwork with minimum effort? How can files be organized effectively on the computer? We will guide you through all this and more, so that instructors can work in a professional manner and concentrate on what they do best … teach.


To cater to all of them, you will need to have classes from early in the morning to late in the evening and also on weekends. This means that all resources like instructors, rooms and equipment have to be carefully organized so that lessons can be held in a seamless fashion.

inlingua New Delhi will provide you with questionnaires that help you gather customer feedback at every stage of his/her interaction with the center. We will help you understand what impressions a customer forms when he/she walks into the center for the first time.

We will help you keep track of the courses that are taking place, the availability of instructors for different time slots, the peak hours and the nonpeak hours.

The first-week feedback will help you evaluate a new student’s experience of inlingua.

We will help you plan each week so that manpower and classrooms are utilized effectively as your business expands and student intake increases.

Mid-course feedback provides an opportunity for the instructor and the student to have a candid exchange of ideas regarding the progress of the course.

Our experience in the Indian market would be of great value to your marketing campaigns. We are aware of the market needs and how to appeal to your target customers. Our creative advertisers* will be able to guide you so that you can gain maximum mileage in your city/town.

The end-of-course feedback will help you get an overall picture of the student’s experience with inlingua.

Materials We can assist you in getting the best deals on teaching materials and reference books. We can guide you and help you source the most popular books on language teaching from the international markets. We’ll also help you set up a cross referencing catalogue that will enable your instructors to find activities and exercises in the books, which are most suited for the lesson. * Charges extra as applicable


The user-friendly intranet on is a fabulous resource for teaching ideas, news, jokes and much, much more. Learn about new courses, training programs and initiatives; share your experiences with others. Sometimes instructors are hard pressed to find activities that are apt for a difficult lesson. Use the intranet to share your concerns with inlingua instructors all over India. Suggestions and ideas will soon pour in.

Training and Development Development Training and Induction training

Courses Overview and Oral Assessment

Weaving skills and Error Correction

Lesson Observation

This five-day program introduces trainees to the unique inlingua teaching methodology. New instructors are introduced to the concepts of lesson stages, the 3Ps methodology, eliciting, weaving, and production activities. They’ll learn how to make students talk in the target language from the very first class.

This module introduces new instructors to the different GPP levels that inlingua offers, trainees understand how each course develops and what structures and functions are covered at each stage. This helps them prepare for a course as a whole rather than look at it lessonby-lesson.

This is an extremely important program for inlingua instructors. The controlled practice stage of the lesson is crucial to the success of the inlingua class. Students interact with each other in imitation of what they’ll face in the world outside the classroom. To be able to handle this stage confidently, the instructor should know how to produce a clear oral model, maintain a fast pace and follow the standard correction procedure. To reduce teacher-talking time, the instructor should be able to use gestures effectively. Correction and reinforcement procedures encourage students to use structures, functions and vocabulary in an effective manner. All these techniques are discussed, practiced and perfected in this 8-hour module.

inlingua instructors, in their quest for excellence, are always keen to develop their teaching skills and imbibe the best practices from other experienced instructors. Periodic lesson observations will help instructors get an objective viewpoint of their classes and confirm that they are going in the right direction. We will do the first round of observations for your new instructors; give them feedback on every aspect of the lesson (planning, classroom management and lesson content) and suggestions for further enhancement. inlingua New Delhi will train you on how to conduct lesson observations in a professional manner and also to write meaningful and precise observation reports. The inputs received from these observations can be used to plan training programs. Your instructors will enjoy your observation sessions and look forward to them.

The sessions are held in an informal, interactive and encouraging environment that equips instructors to manage themselves, their students and their classes with confidence. Packed with activities, practical exercises and plenty of teaching practice, this workshop gives new instructors a first hand experience of why inlingua is so popular with students all over the world.

Customer Care Your front office is the face of your center. If you believe that the first and last impressions of your customer are crucial to your business, then this training program is meant for your front office. They’ll learn the basic principles of customer service, how to develop a solution-oriented approach to customer complaints, and basic telephone etiquette. There are role plays for the trainees and case studies to discuss. This program will groom your executives into professional representatives of your business.

inlingua classrooms are successful because participants are grouped together after a two-tier level testing. Students are less inhibited and speak with confidence knowing that their colleagues have the same linguistic ability. This program helps instructors and front office executives conduct the level-testing, oral-interview in a warm and friendly manner. Participants in the program are trained to ask relevant questions and evaluate the prospective student’s language based on listening, comprehension and spoken skills.

Pronunciation Skills This interesting program is an eyeopener for new instructors, because they learn to look at English from a completely different perspective: the rhythm of the language. Starting from simple concepts like production of sounds, this program moves on to more complex topics like intonation and stress. A blend of theory and practice, this 25-hour program equips instructors to help students reduce mother tongue influence and speak clearly. Instructors who successfully complete this program will be able to conduct ‘Voice Quality’ or ‘Pronunciation’ classes with confidence.

The two modules put together, give instructors and front office personnel a first-hand look at what to expect in an inlingua classroom.

End-of-course assessment The word ‘test’ always brings to mind unpleasant memories of school and university examinations. At inlingua, each level ends with an assessment of what the student was able to imbibe during the course and not a ‘test’. Conducted in a manner that highlights the positive attributes of a student, this assessment should leave the student with a positive impression of his/her experiences at inlingua. How can an instructor judge the progress made by the student? Is it possible to check if a student has improved on his conversational skills as a whole? How should instructors conduct mid-course tutorials and write progress reports that will help each student individually? All these questions and more are discussed, practiced and answered at length during this 3-hour module. Instructors are then ready to add the perfect finishing touch to their courses.


AdditionalTraining Training SeriesSeries Additional The Four Skills

Training your Corporate Clients

Management Skills Series

This training series helps the instructor in teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Corporate clients can be demanding and while most instructors learn to enjoy the challenge of teaching business professionals, it could be perturbing for the first time instructor.

This training program is important for the development of your instructors as well-rounded professionals. This series, which deals with developing management skills, includes:

This program introduces inlingua instructors to the world of corporate language teaching – what their expectations are, how to do the needs analysis, how to tailor-make courses to cater to their requirements.


This is an important training program for instructors who teach the IELTS and TOEFL courses or conduct clubs. Instructors will be trained on how to make passive activities like reading or writing into interactive, fun sessions.

Language Awareness Series inlingua English instructors are native or near-native speakers of the language. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts on English grammar. This series of training programs looks into different aspects of the language and how to teach it effectively. An extremely interesting program this will help develop the confidence of instructors to handle students’ grammar-related queries.


Depending on your market demands, you could choose the modules for this program that would benefit your instructors the most. We offer options including Teaching APP courses, Teaching Business skills, Voice Quality and Grammar-based teaching to name but a few.



Assertiveness at work: Learning how to express yourself with confidence while respecting the other person’s point of view. Time management: Equips trainees with the skills and tools to make the most of their work day, so that they can achieve work-life balance and reduce stress. Team briefing: An effective communication technique for team leaders to convey important information down the line to negate the impact of the office grapevine.

We can also offer you specialized courses on: · · · ·

Leadership skills Selection Interviewing Performance review Managing people

Remember all our training programs can be tailor made to suit your requirements. At inlingua New Delhi, we understand your training needs are unique.

FurtherInformation Information Further I would like to know more about inlingua New Delhi’s other services. Please send me further information on:

o o o

Human Resource Management In-center Management Training and Development

Name Designation Address



Please print and post this form to: inlingua New Delhi, Consultancy Division, N-12, First Floor, South Extension I, New Delhi – 110049 Tel: +91 (0)11 2464 6265 / 2469 4198 / 2469 4199 Or e-mail the details: E-mail:


Training Calendar 2005-06 Training Calendar 2005-06 Our trainers are available to travels to your centres on the following dates for the programs specified: Programs Induction Training Customer Care Training Review and experience sharing How to conduct Oral Interviews How to conduct End-of-Course Assessments

Start Date













Weaving Skills Error Correction Pronunciation Workshop Additional Training Series

On a needs basis

You are also welcome to participate in our regular training programs conducted at inlingua, New Delhi Programs

Start Date

Induction Training





Review and experience sharing





First Observation

1st week Feb-05

1st week May-05

1st week Aug-05

1st week Nov-05

How to conduct Oral Interviews How to conduct End-of-Course Assessments

8-Feb-05 10-Feb-05

10-May-05 12-May-05

9-Aug-05 11-Aug-05

8-Nov-05 10-Nov05

Weaving Skills





Error Correction










Please get in touch with us, should you require dates other than those specified above. We would be happy to service your requirements at a mutually agreed location and dates.


Get There HowHow ToToGet There

STUDY CENTER PITAMPURA 165, 2nd Floor, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi - 110088 Tel.: (011) 2715 7766, 2715 7788, 3096 7188 E-mail:

STUDY CENTER NOIDA C - 56/4, Sec. - 18, Noida - 201301 Tel.: (0120) 3942291 / 3948527 E-mail: INFORMATION CENTER F-15, 2nd Floor, Sector 18, Noida, U.P. Tel.: (0120) 2512 897

STUDY CENTER GURGAON S.C.O. 22, 3rd Floor, Sector 14, Old Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon - 122001 Tel.: (0124) 5085 436, 5016 331 E-mail:

STUDY CENTER SOUTH EXTENSION N-12, First Floor, South Extension-1 New Delhi - 110 049 Tel.: (011) 2464 6265, 2469 4198/99 E-mail:,,


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