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Board Positions Open for 2018 Election As a member of Inland Power, you own your utility. That ownership comes with benefits including local control and accountability, meaning your choice of co-op board members. Co-op members elect their board members to lead the cooperative. Here at Inland Power, our elected board members are called “trustees.”

south of Highway 2 as it runs east-west through Lincoln and Spokane Counties, west of Highway 195 and north of a line proceeding west from Highway 195 along the SpokaneWhitman and Lincoln-Adams County lines to Schoonover Road, then south on Schoonover Road to Rehn Road and then west along Rehn Road to the Grant-Lincoln County line.

The word “trustee” gets to the heart of the matter. Co-op members are entrusting board members to keep their co-op strong. The job is more than attending board meetings. Trustees must learn about complicated issues in the energy business and foresee challenges in providing affordable and reliable power. They forge Please send your request for the 2018 Candidate Packet outlining candidate qualifications, responsibilities a long-term plan for the sustainability of and the application process to Jennifer the cooperative. They hire the CEO. They Positions open in Hattamer at jenniferh@inlandpower. reach out and listen to the members. com or by calling her at (509) 747-7151. Trustees are stewards of that purpose District 1, Prospective candidates are required to and should make every decision big or submit a candidate certificate of eligibility, small with the members in mind. application and a photo by January 5, District 3 and If this sounds like a position for you, 2018. Inland Power’s nominating committee is District 5 The nominating committee will meet in accepting applications for board positions late-January to review all applications in Districts 1, 3 and 5. received and make nominations based • District 1: Includes all the area served by Inland Power north on applicant qualifications. Additionally, co-op members may of the Spokane River and west of a line along Highway 395 be nominated by petition along with the prerequisite applicant from the Spokane River to the intersection of Highway 395 documents. and Main Street in Deer Park and including the area running due north west of Main Street and south of 7th Avenue and Election results will be announced at Inland Power’s annual meeting on Saturday, March 31, 2018. Each active membership west of Short Road running north from Deer Park. is entitled to one vote for each district up for election either • District 3: Includes all the area served by Inland Power by mail, electronically or in person at the annual meeting. For north of Highway 2 as it runs east-west through Lincoln and those undecided voters and attendees at the annual meeting, Spokane Counties and south of the Spokane River and Lake candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves Roosevelt. and give a quick three minute speech to the membership • District 5: Includes all the area served by Inland Power detailing their qualifications during the annual meeting as well.

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Be Aware of Scammers

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Don’t Get Scammed


Inland Power members are being targeted with a new scam to get money. This last October we had several calls from members notifying us of an Inland specific scam. Members receive a phone call or message stating that they needed to contact a new 1-800 number to pay their current Inland Power bill. Inland Power has not changed any of our payment methods and will always offer our members several payment options. If we ever do make changes to our payment process, you will be notified well in advance and through several different communication avenues so that you are aware of any change. Scam attempts occur frequently, so play it safe. Do not provide confidential information to anyone or fall victim to high pressure tactics for payment. If you’re in doubt, please contact our member service representatives at (509) 789-4277 and they will be happy to assist you.

Holiday Greetings!

Energy Efficiency 101:

How Do I Manage My Energy Use? By Todd Williams and Lindsey Hobbs

In October we offered home improvement recommendations and talked about the conservation pyramid. Perhaps you have already made some changes to save energy, but how do you know if those changes are working? If only there was a way to see your home’s energy usage in more detail rather than waiting for the next monthly statement…we have good news for you - SmartHub! Making behavioral or equipment changes is only half the victory. Understanding how your meter reports usage is key to knowing what is using energy in your home. SmartHub catalogs meter reads by the hour and presents these reads in a visual format, while also providing weather data. This software has proven to be a highly efficient energy management tool. It allows members to experiment with switches, plugs and breakers to identify where power is going and find ways to reduce usage. Have you ever wondered why your bill seems high even though you are not doing anything differently? The answers can be seen in the SmartHub graphs. Some energy sources are known and correspond to the weather trend (home heating and cooling for example) but others such as well or pond pumps, heat tape and a variety of plug-in heaters can ramp usage up on us.

From all of us at Inland Power, best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Holiday Greetings!


In observance of the holidays, our office will be closed on:

You can log into your account at and see your previous day’s usage hourby-hour or expand the data to compare to last year. On the go? Download the app and see what’s happening while you are away from your home at any time of the day or night.

Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24

If you have questions navigating Smarthub, please contact us! Understanding new technology does not have to be overwhelming. We will be happy to help you log in to your account or help track your energy usage.

Christmas Day Monday, December 25

This is the fourth article in a five-part series. Watch next month for our final piece on Energy Efficiency 101: The Smart Home.

New Year’s Day Monday, January 1

If you have an energy related topic you would like to learn more about, we would love to hear from you! To contact Todd or Lindsey, call (509) 789-1801 or email

Happy Holidays!


Inland Tree Clearing Crews Gear Up for Another Busy Season Trees and branches falling into power lines are one of the leading causes of power outages. Because of this, right-of-way clearing is an important part of our goal of delivering safe, reliable, cost-effective electric service. Starting this November and continuing through January, Inland’s tree clearing crews are ramping up our right-of-way schedule and will be focusing on hazard tree removal in the Trentwood, Day Mt. Spokane, Springhill and West Plains areas. Due to the drought over the past several years, trees have been dying at an alarming rate. Inland Power will be working to cut down any hazard trees to prevent them from falling into power lines and creating outages. Our operations department will make every attempt to notify you when our crews will be working in your area. When Inland Power does right-of-way re-clearing, there will be no chipping of dead trees and limbs. Any wood that is cut on your property will be left on site for our members to use as firewood, etc. If you know of any hazard trees near power lines on your property, please contact our right-of-way coordinator and arborist, Joe Pace, at (509) 789-4287 and we will work to have your home added to the schedule. 10110 W HALLETT ROAD



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