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The program that returns money to you!

Youown Inland Power, which operates on a not-for-profit basis as a cooperative. Our sole purpose is to deliver safe and reliable power to you at cost. All revenue exceeding the cost to provide electric service is allocated back to you through our CA$H BACK program, also known as capital credits. Once allocated, these funds are held by the cooperative as a resource to replace aging infrastructure, increase capacity, maintain reliability and to operate your cooperative. This system helps keep your rates low and your service reliable.

The amount of cash back you are allocated each year is based on how much electricity you used during the previous year. In time, you will receive all your allocated cash back. The cooperative’s board of trustees retire these funds when finances allow, often on an

annual basis. Portions of all vintage years are retired each fall and may take up to 35 years to return all vintage year allocations to you.

2022 Allocation

Starting in 2017, the board of trustees voted to allow members to receive their CA$H BACK payment early, but it must be equitable with those who wait for up to 35 years. In other words, $1 today is not the same as it will be 35 years from now. Therefore, any early payment must be discounted or reduced to a level that makes it equivalent to those members on a 35-year rotation.

Your 2022 discounted CA$H BACK payout will be applied as a credit to your November bill. Any member who wishes to opt-out of the discounted CA$H BACK program may submit their request by Sept. 15, 2023 by returning the “Opt-Out” form found on our website at

By switching to the discounted payout method, members can participate in the benefit of being a cooperative member without having to wait 35 years for the full benefit. This also allows your cooperative to keep your rates as low as possible.

1996-2017 Vintage Year Allocation

For those members who have unpaid capital credits, or who opt-out of the discounted program and have current year capital credits, your capital credits will continue to be retired at the regular interval and paid to you as the board of trustees approves the payments each year.

For additional details, please visit our website at, or call your Inland Power member experience team at 509-789-4277

September 2023
Reading Inland Power is my cooperative!
SAFETY Back to School Bus Safety FAQs on EVs ENERGY inside... EVENTS Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo

2024 board elections

Help shape the future of your co-op!

As a member of Inland Power, you own the utility. That ownership comes with benefits including local control and accountability, meaning your choice of co-op leaders. Here at Inland Power, our elected board members are called “trustees.”

The word “trustee” gets to the heart of the matter. Co-op members entrust board members to keep their co-op strong. The job is more than attending board meetings. Trustees must learn about complicated issues in the energy business and foresee challenges in providing affordable and reliable power. They forge a long-term plan for the sustainability of the cooperative. They hire the CEO. They reach out and listen to the members, speak up for the cooperative and stand up for members at every turn. Trustees are stewards of that purpose and should make every decision big or small with the members in mind.

If this sounds like a position for you, Inland Power’s nominating committee is accepting applications for board positions in Districts One, Two and Three. Please send your request for the candidate packet outlining candidate qualifications, responsibilities and the application process to Andy Barth by emailing or by phone at (509) 862-9032 . Prospective candidates will be required to submit a candidate certificate of eligibility, complete an application and provide a photo by Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2023

The member-comprised nominating committee will meet in November to review all applications received and make nominations based on those with the most appropriate qualifications. Additionally, co-op members may be nominated by petition along with the prerequisite applicant documents.

District Description and Map

District No. 1 includes all the area served by Inland Power south of Highway 2 as it runs east-west through Lincoln county, then west of a line that runs north-south along the Spokane-Lincoln county line and the Lincoln-Adams county line as it runs east-west to the end of our service area.

District No. 2 includes all the area served by Inland Power north of Highway 2 as it runs east-west through Lincoln county and south of Lake Roosevelt and the Spokane River until the river intersects with the Spokane-Lincoln county line and travels south until it meets back with Highway 2.

District No. 3 includes all the area served by Inland Power in the northern portion of Inland Power’s service territory. It includes everything north of the Spokane River along an east-west boundary line until the N 7 Mile bridge where it travels south on N 9 Mile Rd. to the intersection of W Francis Ave. It then proceeds East to Division/ Highway 395 then proceeds South to Trent Ave/Highway 290/Highway 53 and follows an east-west line to include all area north of Trent Ave/Highway 290 until the end of Inland’s service territory near Rathdrum.

Candidates will prepare a two-minute maximum speech that will be delivered and videoed at the Inland Power headquarters. Dates for the video process will be determined once candidates have been finalized. Videos will be posted at and SmartHub for the election.

Election results will be announced at our 2024 Annual Meeting. Each active membership is entitled to one vote for each district up for election. Look for election and voting details to be mailed to you by early February. Please see below for a territory

“ OUR mission IS OUR members.” –MISSION STATEMENT

Helpful FAQs on electric vehicles (EVs)

You’velikely heard or read that most automakers are transitioning many or all their new vehicles to electric-only models over the next 10 years. Regardless of the type of car you drive today, the electrification of the transportation sector is underway.

Since National Drive Electric Week is coming up Sept. 22 - Oct. 1, 2023 we thought it would be helpful to respond to some frequentlyasked questions.

Q. Why is Inland Power communicating about electric vehicles?

A: It’s no secret that consumer interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is growing, and Inland Power is providing information about EV charging requirements so that our members can make informed decisions when considering an EV purchase.

Q: Why does Inland Power have an EV?

A: We purchased our first EV in 2022 for research purposes. Our EV and charging station help us access key data and gain insights into how EVs operate and what infrastructure is needed to support them. We have an EV to help raise awareness and promote understanding of the technology of these vehicles.

Q: Can I charge my EV using an existing outlet or do I need a special outlet?

A: All EVs come with a 110-volt-compatible (Level 1) charging unit, which can be plugged into any standard household outlet. For an eighthour overnight charge, this will enable traveling around 36 to 40 miles a day. If you typically drive longer distances or are in a hurry, a Level 2 charger takes about half the time and provides about 180 miles of range over an eight-hour charging period. A Level 2 charger must be installed by a licensed electrician. Inland Power also offers rebates for Level 2 charger installations.

Q: Does the outside temperature affect the range of an EV?

A: Outside temperatures, particularly colder weather, can impact the range of an EV. Unlike a gas-powered vehicle, where the heat is mostly coming from the engine, an EV must produce cabin heat and manage an optimal battery temperature with energy that comes from the battery, which can reduce battery range.

Q: What kind of incentives are available for EVs?

A: There are a variety of tax credits, Inland Power rebates and other incentives available for EV purchases. Visit laws/electric-vehicles-for-tax-credit to learn about federal incentives available through the Clean Vehicle Credit program.

Inland Power is my cooperative!

Back to school time and bus safety

It’s back to school and a great time for a reminder regarding school bus safety. Here are some things to be aware of when traveling in a school zone:

Stay alert!

Slow down and be alert in residential areas and near schools. Be especially watchful of kids in rural areas without sidewalks.

Entering or exiting the school bus. Children should always walk in front of the bus where the driver can see them.

Drive safe!

Red flashing lights mean stop and wait at least 20 feet behind the bus while children are getting on or off. Stay stopped until the lights stop flashing, the extended stop-arm is withdrawn and the bus begins moving.

We wish everyone a successful, fun and safe school year!



Tailgate Nights

Join us for some football and fun! TAILGATE 1


Be sure check out our EV charger incentive page at inlandpower/com/ev. *Please

IPL Member Appreciation
6, 2023 6-9
Reardan vs Asotin at Reardan H.S.
2 Oct. 20, 2023 6-9 p.m. Riverside vs Deer Park at Riverside H.S.
note date and game change for Tailgate 1. *


Our journeyman linemen team included Andrew McCann, Robert Swiger, Kyle Hasenoehrl, CJ Greenfield and coach Cody Stratton. The group placed 6th overall out of 30 teams, and Inland Power was only one deduction away from receiving the top prize!

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