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Take a Seat and Help Guide Your Cooperative

The business and affairs of Inland Power & Light are managed under the direction of a board of trustees comprised of members. Your board of trustees determine policy and direction that allow management to carry out the day to day business and operations. Inland’s board is comprised of nine trustees, seven of which represent a specific geographical district and two represent the cooperative at large. Inland Power trustees serve a three year term and are typically elected at each annual meeting held in March. However, Inland Power had a trustee recently retire from the Inland Power board and the board is beginning the process to fill this vacant trustee position. Filling the Vacancy:

Trustee Opening

According to Inland Power’s bylaws, Article III, Section 6, “vacancies occurring on the board between meetings of the members may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining trustees, but the person selected must comply with the trustee qualifications. Trustees thus selected will serve for the remainder of the terms of the trustees they replaced (March 2020) or until their successors have been elected subject to other terms of these bylaws.” Responsibilities:

Trustees are asked to attend monthly board meetings and must learn about complicated issues in the energy business and foresee challenges in providing affordable and reliable power. They forge a long-term plan for the sustainability of the cooperative. Trustees are stewards of the cooperative and should make every decision, big or small, with our membership in mind. Qualifications:

To represent your cooperative, a trustee must be a member in good standing, have a primary/permanent residence in the district from which the trustee is elected or chosen and use, receive or purchase a cooperative service with Inland Power.


Candidates for at-large positions can be from any district but both At-Large trustees cannot be from the same district. Currently, the At-Large Position A trustee resides within District 4. Therefore, no members from District 4 will be eligible to run for this trustee seat.

Process & Timing:

Please send your request for a Candidate Packet outlining candidate qualifications, responsibilities and the application process to Jennifer Lutz at or by calling her at (509) 789-4273. Prospective candidates will be required to submit a candidate certificate of eligibility, complete an application and provide a photo by September 1, 2018. The board of trustees will review all of the applicants during the September board meeting and will proceed from there. In person interviews may also be held. Results:

The new trustee member will be announced via Inland Power’s Light Reading newsletter, bill message and website when the Inland Power board of trustee’s decision is complete.

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Energy Efficient Windows

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Inland Power Offers Energy Efficiency Rebates for Window Replacements

Inland Power Sponsors West Plains Little League Softball: “The Power Rangers”

Are you losing heating and cooling energy right out the window? Do you have metal frame windows or single pane windows? Is your home electrically heated? If you answered yes to these questions, Inland Power & Light has just the program to help. Upgrade existing windows to high efficiency windows and stop letting cool air out the window! Qualified replacement windows are double paned, filled with argon gas, have a low “e” coating and vinyl frames. The thermal efficiency of windows is measured by a “U” value which is the opposite of an “R” value of insulation. With insulation the higher the R value the better the efficiency. Window U values are the inverse; the lower the number the better. Look for U values to be 0.30 or less. The low “e” coating filters out ultraviolet rays which can fade carpets and furniture. Replacing your windows can save 7% to 15% on your bill annually depending on the total area of windows in your home. Advanced window technology slows the movement of heat through your windows improving your overall energy efficiency and the comfort in your home. In addition, high efficiency windows, because of their insulating qualities, reduce noise from the outside world when closed and can also enhance the value of your home. Inland Power offers a rebate of $3 per square foot of installed window. For more information visit our website, www. or contact Todd or Lindsey in the energy services department at (509) 789-1801 or conservation@



On a near perfect spring night, in the quaint town of Reardan, Washington, tucked just beyond Highway 2, are two lush and green softball fields. It’s 5:30 p.m. and the sounds of softballs hitting the ground, bats dinging, and girls laughing waft through the air. Two teams, one decked out in light blue and the other in bright orange, are warming up for their next game. It’s 75 degrees, the sun is shining and the West Plains Little League softball spring season is well underway. Yet, these two teams wouldn’t be here without the support of the community and local businesses. Since its inception in 2004, the West Plains Little League has grown to include between 400-500 children between the ages of 4-12 years old on over 35 different teams. Their mission? To allow any child that wants to play baseball or softball to play without worrying about some of the high cost expenses. To do that, the WPLL reaches out to local businesses in the community and asks for their support in the form of monetary sponsorships. These sponsorships help each team purchase their uniforms, pay for daily field use, insurance fees, field maintenance, and any other outstanding little league fees for the upcoming season without transferring that cost onto the players and their families. Keeping these costs low allows more players to participate and be a part of a local team. For over 20 years, Inland Power and Light has participated as a team sponsor and this year, we sponsored a girls softball team, decked out in bright orange, and led by head coach, Krisann Hatch. “The girls love the Inland Power sponsorship and we have used it to our full advantage,” said Krisann Hatch. “We even call ourselves the Power Rangers.” Each week, the girls look forward to their games and have taken it a step further creating specific “power” related cheers and even a team song. “We use “Power Hits,” “Power D,” and “Go-Go Power Rangers,” for our huddle cheers. Even our theme song is SNAP’s “We Got the Power,” said Hatch. It’s all part of the team culture and building a sense of camaraderie among the girls. “Without the sponsorship, we would not have a team,” Hatch added. Stories like these are why Inland Power and Light is always happy to sponsor these community leagues and jumps at the chance to do it every season without question. Inland Power takes pride in supporting the community and taking care of our members. All of our members. SPOKANE, WA 99224

Each year, Inland Power and Light sponsors teams in three to four local little league teams around the area hoping to ease the burden of the cost to participate for young children and their families. This is just a small part of what Inland Power proudly does to assist our local communities and we hope to continue giving back for many more years to come.”

July light reading final  
July light reading final