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copywriting Indulge Living

Inky Kiss

PROJECT: Indulge Living is one of Vancouver’s most successful purveyors of the daily deal. As part of their business model, they require enticing yet pithy write-ups about their daily offerings in extremely short time frames. Inky Kiss works on a variety of assignments for Indulge Living on a weekly basis. These may range from descriptions about a swank new restaurant or spa to automotive deals and events.

Inky Kiss

RESULT: The writers at Inky Kiss research each assignment, incorporating any key points as instructed to create clear and compelling copy designed to help consumers understand the specific benefits of each offering.

FOLLOW-UP: “Since working with Inky Kiss, Indulge Living has been able to help its members realize over one million dollars worth of savings. Indulge Living is now planning to expand into Seattle, and Inky Kiss is proud to be part of this growth.

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Copywriting in Vancouver Indulge Living

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