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LOCATION #12 (ANYTOWN, USA) WITHOUT BUXTON’S MARKET SHARE SOLUTION SCENARIO Lease expires in 11 months and management is considering relocating to a new development nearby, despite the much higher lease rates. The location has had 3 years of declining/ flat sales, in spite of moving their best manager to the location to help remedy the problem.

REVENUE: Flat OLD CONCLUSION Manager had no significant impact improving performance; time to relocate.

WITH BUXTON’S MARKET SHARE SOLUTION MARKET SHARE MARKET SIZE COMPETITION NEW CONCLUSION Based on conclusions from location #38 in conjunction with findings from location #12, the manager did a great job maintaining sales in a shrinking market and against more competitors. Consumer spending is down throughout Anytown, USA. The cause of declining/ flat sales IS NOT the location.


REPORT: Market Share  
REPORT: Market Share  

Client: Buxton