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Águilas De Oro Día de los Muertos Nov. 2

INKLING Volume 5 Issue 1

School of excellence first monthly awards assembly, Tuesday Oct. 19 Continuing a tradition which was reestablished last year, GHS held its first monthly awards assembly for this school year.

This month’s Citizenship Awards were presented to freshman Adam Jarmillo, sophomore Autumn Ifft, junior Nicolas Martinez, and senior Tucker Ifft who all modeled the attribute of respect. Gotcha Awards were given to students caught in the act of doing something that deserved recognition. The following received this award: Betsy Paniagua, Jose Paniagua, Forrest Hopkins, Kyle Belleque, Angel Loya, Elias Vegas, Josue Escobar, Amy Stott, Megan Wolfer, Garrett Phillips, Alex Gomez, Angel Figueroa, Carina Llamas, Kaya Kalugin, Tony Leiva, Josh Sandvig, Maya Jaramillo, Cynthia Orozco, Sofia Llamas, Alyssa Perez, and Emma Hernandez. Every month, Gotcha recipients will be entered into a drawing for an iPod at the end of the semester. Betsy Paniagua and Josue Escobar’s names were drawn for a day pass to the Kroc Center.

Principal Mike Solem awarded Day Custodian Gustavo Munoz with the Staff Member of the Month. A Good News Postcard was sent home to Katie Brant from math teacher Gabe Hobart; to Alex Chavez from health teacher Adam Vasas; and to Yuridea Castillo and Rocio Daza from English teacher Bonny Atwood. These cards recognized students for their outstanding work in class.

This assembly also honored the Athletes of the Month for each fall sport. Recognition for volleyball went to Gabby Stricker; for boys’ soccer to Elmer Cortes; for girls’ soccer to Rosie Cam; for cheerleading to Shyla Banos; and for football to Joe Johnson. Ezekiel Sandoval received the Spirit Award.

What’s What’s Inside... Inside...

300 East Douglas, Gervais, OR 97026

October 2010

Outstanding state test results lead to celebration by: Nicole Pacheco and Ricky Diaz Mametiev

Tuesday, September 14, was a normal day at GHS, when at the start of fifth period, also known as Xcel, Principal Mike Solem announced that every student must report to the gymnasium. “Why are we to report to the gym?” asked sophomore Selina Romero, while every other student also started questioning and wondering what was going on. Upon entering the gym, students noticed that Solem had called them to the gym for an assembly. When they settled down, Solem announced that GHS was out of SANCTIONS! Flabbergasted, everyone cheered with excitement. That was not all Solem had to say. He also announced that for the rest of the day he had planned a celebration to honor everyone for their great efforts as a student body and staff in getting out of sanctions. Before introducing Scott Stalcup and Tami Cash, representatives from Taylor Publishing, Balfour, who hosted the day’s activities of celebration, Solem pulled out new royal blue tee-shirts with a white GHS logo on the front. Throughout the afternoon, students and staff laid claim to a shirt. Soon the excitement moved outside of the gym as everyone received a free picnic lunch of hotdogs and hamburgers with side dishes from the lunch program to be eaten in the cafeteria or outside. This was State test results continued on page 2

Deans enjoy Solem’s new approach to administration by Christina Kalugin The staff and students have already been experiencing the reconfiguration of GHS and GMS as one building under Principal Mike Solem’s administration. To ensure consistent supervision of each division’s programs, the administrative team was restructured to include deans of students at the middle school and high school. Dave Beebe is dean of students for GMS, and Anne-Marie Lessard and Jeff Taylor are deans of students for GHS. Solem said, “The [idea of] restructuring really grew through conversations that I had with the superintendent, teachers, staff, parents, and community members.” Once it was taken to the school board, everyone was given another opportunity to express their opinions one way or another before the school board made its final decision. The deans of students take care of the attendance records and disciplinary consequences; they basically do what their title states: take care of the student body. Dean of Students Beebe fits this position because he doesn’t have any in-school classes. At the 9-12 building, Deans of Students Taylor and Lessard both work together to manage the student body. While Lessard takes responsibility for attendance, Taylor takes care of the

disciplinary actions and evaluating the teachers’ curriculums. This is a shared position because they still have classroom responsibilities. This change of responsibilities hasn’t seemed to have affected the way these staff members are viewed by the school community. Beebe admitted, “I think students have always been afraid of me at first… [Until] they find out I’m a really nice guy, who always has candy.” Taylor feels the student body still views him the same as before and hopes he can still remain connected, despite this change. Lessard feels that it hasn’t changed anything between her and her students except that she may directly address more attendance issues for those in her classes. From the perspective of the GHS deans of students, it is challenging to balance the new position with the additional classes they teach; but they love this fresh approach to administration. So far, they each have had a positive outlook on this change. The deans love the new positions and Solem enjoys working with more staff and students. According to Solem, “The deans of students are helping me establish good systems so that this creation can be successful.”

Artists brighten up Gervais by Domnika Kolmogoroff

On Saturday, Sept. 25 people gathered together in front of Gervais Market, in the middle of town for the First Annual Chalk Festival presented by Gervais Telephone Company and directed by Harry Lee Kwai. There were lots of activities happening. Along the sidewalk in squared off sections, people of all ages, including kids, parents and teachers, were drawing with chalk pastels that had been given to each team as they signed up. There was no fee for this space if you were 18 or younger. Interspersed along the street were concession stands that featured a variety of different things for people’s enjoyment. Tacos, fried chicken, curly fries, cotton candy, and popcorn Artists brighten up continued on page 2

Sweep It!

First time in GHS History Girls’ Soccer heads to Playoffs by Nicole Pacheco and Diego Arellano On October 14, 2010, the GHS Girls Soccer team dominated Jefferson when senior Rosie Cam achieved a hat trick, or three goals, and junior Charlotte Lafollette scored one bringing the final score to 4-0. Despite minor setbacks with the weather, the girls were able to control the game with little to no effort, hogging the center of the field and using space awareness to slow the game down to their advantage. As the game came to a close, the excitement only rose as the nonstarters subbed in and were able to show off their new skills. The game started sunny, but as the minutes ticked away, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up making for harsh playing conditions. This did not put a damper on Cougars’ spirits, to say the least, as senior Jessica Godinez crossed the ball at the very beginning of the game to Cam who easily kicked it in for the first goal of the game. Fifteen minutes later Lafollette scored bringing the score to 2-0 at the end of the half. Second half started out strong Girls’ soccer continued on page 8

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The Roar

Inkling - October 2010


Running politicians strive for excellence in Oregon by Zachariah Stites

The past two months have been very busy but a great start to the school year! Making AYP with an OUTSTANDING rating on the yearly school report card has really elevated our progress toward achieving that “SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE”. I am very excited that I was able to come back to Gervais last year and be a part of the special things we have going on here. Now that we have accomplished this tremendous feat, it will be important that we all work together and keep in motion the things that will hold us to it. If at any time over the course of the school year you run into adversity academically, socially, or personally, stop and remember, you can turn to any staff member to help you out. I am looking forward to sharing new accomplishments with all of you again this year. Keep up the great work and let’s GIT-R-DONE! Sincerely, Mike Solem

State test results continued from page 1 followed with delicious vanilla and chocolate cakes being served for dessert. As music blared from the west side of the school, the real fun began! Some chose to have zany pictures taken with cowboy hats, boots and a western night background, others entered dancing competitions like the Booty Shake that freshman Gabriela Rodriguez

won, Stanky Leg that freshman Cody Tesch won, and freshman Gustavo Marin won the jerking contest. While students danced, the DJ drew students around him as he threw candy and gave away cool prizes like movie tickets, magnetic guitar pins, and raffle tickets. From one of the raffle drawings, sophomore Megan Wolfer won a digital camera. Not

A battle of opinions and policies is raging between Oregon governor candidates Democrat John Kitzhaber and Republican Chris Dudley. Both of Oregon’s political parties are striving to gain a majority seat in the Oregon state government through the upcoming November general elections, and both are working to prove they are willing to go to greater lengths than before to help the state. They both agree the state needs help with its economics and education systems. While many in our country believe that the financial state of the nation is the major issue that we should address, both candidates agree that the environment and education are the milestones to solving the economic problem. Higher graduation rates in middle and high schools, as well as college, will bring the nation to a more educated and informed level of understanding. Better education will bring more experienced and informed workers into the job market, while also bringing in more to

help protect and continue building our state’s beautiful landscape. Though both agree that the environment is a key piece, Kitzhaber, in my opinion, appears the only candidate ready for action.

continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions while “we help not hurt the economy in the process”. Republican candidate Dudley plans, if elected as Governor of Oregon, to apply an eighteen-

Kitzhaber, once President of the Oregon Senate and a former Oregon governor (1995-2003), moved for a major forest act, Oregon’s Forest Practices Act. He has made several other achievements regarding the environment since then. Though Dudley appears confused and disorganized on the issue, he has, however, made some statements about Oregon’s environment. His thoughts were that we

point plan for our state’s education policy and the creation of more jobs. Democrat Kitzhaber plans to change the state’s education system through financial and economic planning. His central belief about our economy is to transform our Oregon economy into one that is “strong, resilient, internationally competitive and insulated from the boom and bust cycles that have plagued us in the past”.

only did students celebrate outside, but many enjoyed celebrating indoors by getting out of the heat to play basketball in the gym. TUG OF WAR! Many students participated in what they claimed to be the best contest of the day! Several teams put forth a great effort competing against each other, and some say the freshman team dominated. “We’re the best,” said freshman Mathew Deleon after winning the tug of war competition. As for other students, they didn’t really care if they lost or won because they still had that COUGAR pride. GHS had a right to be proud that day. Very few schools get out of sanctions, as GSD Superintendent Rick Hensel pointed out when interviewed by the Woodburn Independent, which ran a front page article in its Oct. 13 issue about the results of local schools’

state report cards. The article, by Woodburn Independent reporter, Lindsay Keefer, stated that only “37 percent of Oregon schools received outstanding status”. Gervais is one of 91 high schools that rated “Outstanding” out of 270 in Oregon. To receive this rating, GHS scored above the state average in both math and reading, had good attendance, and a low dropout rate. The two graphs demonstrate a long process that began

more than five years ago. Gervais Mayor Santi Platt said in an e-mail to Hensel, “Congratulations to every teacher and student, staff member, board member, volunteers, and assistants who were committed to making the distance. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere of the relationship between students and staff, and the personal acknowledgement of those who do not give up on our kids. … Go Gervais, We love you!”

State Test Result Statistics



Artists brighten up continued from page 1

were just a few of the foods sold. The sophomores had a paletas booth (frozen fruit ice-cream) that GHS math teacher Ken Stott was in charge of. From other concession stands, people could buy homemade bird feeders and hear stories read to children. Locals ran a bouncy house that energetic children frequented. Mayor Shanti Platt dressed like a clown for half the day while she also drew a beautiful parrot on one of the sidewalk squares. Towards the middle of the day, the entertainment was amazing when break dancers showed their spectacular moves and a local band played calmer music. An unexpected special thing happened when some boys, who live in town, were courageous enough to ask the director if they could show their moves, too. They were a crew of young jerkers, who did an awesome job that wowed the crowd!

Inkling Staff Editor in Chief Leonid Snegirev Program Consultant/ Page Editor Kameron Wolfer/ Emily Sanchez Contributing Sports Writers Sam Martin and Charlotte Lafollette Proofreader Michele Paton Advisor Lois Thurton

Reporters, Feature Writers and Photographers Diego Arellano, Rachel Bernhardt, Mark Chilcote, Zuleica Cortes, Ricky Diaz-Mametiev, Polya Egoroff, Araceli Guzman, Victoria Hernandez, Christina Kalugin, Domnika Kolmogoroff, Nicole Pacheco, Betsy Paniagua, Cassi Ruiz, Emily Sanchez, Ivan Savelieff, Zacariah Sites, Mareamia Snegirev, Beverlyn Stott.

Letters to the editor, feature stories, poems, story ideas, and art work are welcomed. Minor corrections will be made as needed. Submit a copy, preferably on a flash drive, to advisor Lois Thurton in room 3 or to editor Leonid Snegirev.

By three in the afternoon, everyone began packing up with smiles on their faces as they remembered the wonderful day they had had and how much fun it had been. Then later, at dusk, some families returned for the family-friendly movie shown on the big screen in the large cornered-off square northwest of the Gervais Market. Coordinator Lee Kwai and GHS teacher Lois Thurton commented to one another about how the day had felt a little like an experience of small town America.


Inkling - October 2010


Stay after school...

AP classes put students one step ahead in obtaining college credit

It’s Fun!

by Victoria Hernandez HOAP at GHS builds on the successful foundation laid last year in the Gervais School District, which was honored this past summer by three of its schools receiving the Bronze Award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation,

a group founded by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation. The three district representatives who traveled to New York to receive this award were Jennifer Uribe, Brooks Elementary HOAP Site Coordinator; Shandel Jump, GHS HOAP Site Coordinator; and Clare Columbus, District Nutrition Services Director, who coordinated the district’s Wellness

by Milla Snegirev

Policy. HOAP the acronym for Healthy Opportunities After-School Project that meets every school day from 3 to 5. It gives kids more time to do homework and to get physical exercise. The program right now is bigger than last year, with most of the students involved in the school’s athletic sports enrolled in HOAP. They offer a daily healthy snack, homework help, physical activities, and a weekly cooking class. Beginning Nov. 30 there will be a weight training program Tuesdays and Thursdays. OMSI will be coming to the high school twice this year, once with a program involving squid and shark dissection, and the other with the planetarium pod. There will be field trips to the Aviation Museum, Skate World, and to a Blazers game. In the spring, they will be traveling again to Diesel Fitness two days a week to continue the

physical activity piece; doing pottery classes; taking several bowling trips; and visiting the Kroc Center fairly frequently. Jump said that she is bringing in an instructor to teach Zumba, and organizing some Wii tournaments. The Evening Opportunity Program is a free program offered to all community members. The classes offered are computers, Russian, cooking, Spanish GED, English, Spanish literacy, advanced English, beginning Spanish, in addition to childcare . At break time, a healthy snack is offered. Referring to her vision for this year, Jump said, “Hopefully [there will be] more success as far as students in progress…and more success in physical fitness.” You can sign up anytime all the way up until the end of the year by talking to Coordinator Jump. Her office is located in the south hall.

This year, GHS started four new AP classes including calculus, biology, language and composition, and literature and composition which offer many more opportunities for students to earn college credits. In order to teach these classes, teachers had to attend classes over the summer, varying form one week to almost the whole summer. This was mandatory preparation for teachers offering students a more rigorous curriculum. Teachers selected many students to be placed in these classes who were prepared to be challenged and some students, who signed themselves up, were accepted into the classes. Most students are taking these classes seriously. Sophomore Neeky Chernishoff said, “Taking these classes just shows how much closer you are to college and I take [going to] college seriously.” Like this student, many take these classes seriously and persevere, but a few do drop out. “An AP class is a college level class, so the content is more difficult and more rigorous,” said biology teacher Gloria Wurdinger. At the completion of an AP class, students must take a state regulated AP exam and pass it in order to receive college credit, if they do not pass the AP exam, they would still receive high school credit as long as they received a passing grade in the class. Students that joined these AP classes were given homework to do over the summer. The homework wasn’t too difficult, it was just a review. Different teachers had different due dates. AP Spanish teacher Jeff Taylor had his students turn in their homework on the first day of school, while Wurdinger had her students turn in their homework by the end of the second week of school. Most students have been enjoying these classes, but with some fear while taking them. Revealing this fear in her eyes, Sophomore Cynthia Orozco said, “I’m scared that I’m going to fail and not get the college credit.”

Trilingual soccer player enjoys spending time getting to know GHS Mathilde Renquin, an energetic seventeen year old from Belgium, has come to America to learn more English and experience a new culture. She lives with her hosts Mark and Deb Holum, who have two children, Josh, 23 and Alexa, 19. What she enjoys most about America is being on the girls’ soccer team, being able to drive at 16, and being with people who are easy to get along with. In Belgium, she lives with her mom, Annick, dad, Philippe, and two brothers, François, 15 and Charles, 13. At home, she also has one dog and three fish. Being trilingual, Renquin speaks French, Dutch, and English. She enjoys spending time with friends, swimming, skiing, and watching movies such as her favorites “Transformers,” James Bond, and “Incep-

by Nicole Gates tion”. Some movies in Belgium are in French. Movies come out a few months after they have been released in America. She enjoys reading Eragon and listens to everything but country and rap. She grew up as a Catholic, though her family does not attend church very often. Their tradition for Christmas would be Belgian chocolate and a turkey dinner. For birthdays, the Belgian-French have a lot of Italian food. She does not think that Belgium is even close to being like America, because in many ways it is so different. For instance, even though Belgium does have McDonald’s and some other fast foods, the schools are much stricter, and at lunch time all the students eat together.

by Betsy Paniagua Art Club President Mathew Del-

gado: “The officers for art club are Vice President Beatrice Santos, Secretary Emily Sanchez, Treasurer Valentina Mesino, and Public Relations Cinthya. We held a pumpkin carving contest, and we went on a field trip to an art gallery in Portland with advisor Ruth Becker.”

Aguilas de Oro President Crystal Colores: “2010 officers include

Vice President Yesenia Gonzalez, Secretary Irene Botello, Treasurer Katia Loya, Public Relations Valentina Mesino, Historian Elvis Lopez, and Sergeant of Arms Jose Zamora. Also, we have a new club advisor: Mrs. Stott. We have a planned dance for Nov. 5. Currently we have decorated the cafeteria for Dia de los Muertos. Our new theme is ‘Don’t be ashamed of your background.’ ”

FFA President Anthony Burkholder: “Our newly inducted club

officers include Vice President Dillon Tjernlund, Secretary Emily Sanchez, Treasurer Bradley Allen, Public Relations Konnor Kelly, and

Keeper of Circle Javier Sentinel and Miguel Navarro. We have helped out with the Oktoberfest, attended a leadership camp, and hosted the official FFA soil competition.”

class officers are Vice President Emily Sanchez, Treasurer Jenny Stoyer, and Secretary Daniela Cortes. The Juniors also worked on several volleyball concession stands.”

NHS President Kameron Wolfer: “2010/2011 club officers include Vice President Leonid Snegirev, Secretary Riley Rush, Treasurer Ulinia Savelieff, and Promotion Coordinator Anne Jungwirth. We have helped out in volleyball concession stands and are planning a blood drive for December 16th.”

Class of 2013 President Lauren Fleener: “2013 class officers are Vice President Selene Ortiz, Treasurer Ruben Garcia, and Sergeant of Arms Yesenia Gonzales. We are currently looking for fundraising ideas.”

Class of 2011 President Abigail Lopez: “Our new 2011 class

Class of 2014 President Brenda Gonzalez: “Current new class

officers include Vice President Carina Llamas, Treasurer Rachel Luna, and Secretary Lily Chavez. We are presently brainstorming fundraising ideas for the upcoming year.”

ASB President Betsy Paniagua:

Class of 2012 President Kira Chuprov: “Newly installed Junior

officers are Vice President Rosa Isiordia, Treasurer Katia Loya, and Secretary Tucker Ifft. We have currently worked in the volleyball concession stands. Also, senior parents are having their poinsettia fundraiser.”

“This year’s officers are Vice President Sam Martin, Secretary Alice Jungwirth, Treasurer Angela Kudrna, Public Relations Amy Stott, Special Events Coordinator Gina Lemon, Historian Maya Jaramillo, and Assemblies Coordinator Mac Martin . We also implemented a new theme: Connecting the dots; bringing everyone together despite their color, religion, language, or academic standpoint.”

Inkling - Oc



by Domnikka Kolmogoroff When the doors to GHS opened Monday, September 27, students walked in, filling the halls with color. It was class color day. The freshmen wore brown, sophomores green, juniors black and seniors were decked out in orange. Some loved the colors, others not so much. During Xcel that day, the week’s first assembly announced the Homecoming Court [see story by Rachel Bernhardt] whose members represented each of the classes. Students, dressed up as celebrities, introduced individual court members. Senior Samantha Jackson was dressed as Lindsey Lohan, junior Elmer Cortes as Pauly D from “Jersey Shore”, sophomore Lauren Fleener as Lady Gaga, sophomore Selina Romero- Moreno as Snoop Dogg, and Angel Martinez as Taylor Lautner from “Twilight”. The audience cheered them on as they made their anticipated entrances. On Tuesday, students entered the school dressed in tie-dye colors, or ready to save the world. Some designed their own superhero costumes while others bought theirs. Two games started off that day’s assembly. Students from each class competed to see who could pull out the most tissues from a box while counting each one. The seniors won, while the sophomores came in second. During the second game, another group of students came out of the bleachers for class competition to be the first to get an Oreo™ cookie into their mouths. They had to get it from their foreheads to their mouths without using their hands. The freshmen won this one, and the sophomores came in second. At the end of the assembly, each class entered enthusiastically into a cheering competition to see who would get the spirit stick. The seniors won this one. On Wednesday, teachers thought all their students had received make-overs as beauties and geeks roamed the halls. Students enjoyed wearing geeky clothes and many were heard to say, “We get to express our geeky side,” or as others dressed to impress, “We normally don’t dress this fancy,” Thursday, athletes and injured students limped and hobbled from class to class, with fake injuries that is. Some wore sport blazers, and others walked on crutches or had wrapped limbs. Some even had broken skulls. In the assembly that day, classes competed in a very challenging game. A boy and girl represented each class when the boys put their heads through garbage bags and then stuck their faces into a bowl of brown stuff in order to find 5 things. Once these items were all found they had to try and shoot a basketball through the hoop from the free throw line; then it was the girls’ turn. They were to do the same thing, but dunk their faces in a bowl of white stuff. It seemed like a disgusting game, however the seniors came in first and the juniors second. As each class coveted the spirit stick, their noise throbbed through the gym, raising the level of their cheers to a high decimal peak. The judges had a tough call, but they gave it to the seniors. Traditionally, students and teachers wear school colors on Friday, so they entered school that day wearing blue and gold. Everyone entered the gym in high spirits for the week’s last assembly. The roar had come back to Gervais in all its glory. The choir, for the second day in a row, opened the assembly singing the National Anthem in well-pitched harmony. Principal Mike Solemn spoke words of praise for the awesome participation of both students and teachers during what he referred to as one of the best Homecoming spirit weeks he had experienced as a high school principal. The Cheer Squad again gave it their all as they once again initiated class competitions for the spirit stick. For the last time that week, the judges asked for more cheers as they tried to decide on a winner. Finally, the juniors won it. When the last bell of the school day rang, students rushed to take down the hall decorations and to get their floats ready for the five o’clock parade through town. As they did this, some were heard saying to each other, “Man we did an awesome job this week!!!”

2010 GHS Homecoming Court Offic

By Rachel B In the tradition of GHS, leadership students and Activities Director Bob Martin introduced the Homecoming Court to the extremely spirited student body during Monday’s assembly that kicked off a week of fun festivities. Students representing each of the four classes were elected to Homecoming court during class meetings before Homecoming Week, Sept. 27Oct. 2. On Wednesday of Homecoming week students voted for the king and queen. Behind the scenes court members had been practicing for a dance routine which they performed Friday at the last Homecoming assembly. Later at 5 p.m. court members also rode on class floats that paraded through Gervais from which they threw candy and participated in cheering and singing with their classmates. During half time of the Homecoming football game that night the court greeted the crowd as they rolled up to the stands in brilliantly shiny corvettes, which Willamette Valley Cor-

ctober 2010


Hallways by Cassi Ruiz

cially Introduced Monday, Sept. 27

Bernhardt vette Club had freely donated for the evening. Seniors Gina Lemon and Artemio Pineda were crowned queen and king by last year’s Queen Adriana Gonzalez and King Marco Martinez. The rest of the court included Crowned Prince senior Elvis Lopez, and Crowned Princess Rosa Isiordia; seniors Connor Bowman, Riley Rush, Robert Ruiz and Maddy Bowman, along with juniors Lety Gomez, Mac Martin, Sonia Espinoza and Angel Martinez; Sophomores Lauren Fleener, Colton Herinckx, Selene Ortiz and Angel Loya; and freshmen Adam Jaramillo, Raquel Luna, Daniel Lafallette, and Brenda Gonzalez. Climaxing the week, Saturday night at eight, King Artemio and Queen Gina lead the court in the evening’s first dance at “A Night on Broadway” in the star-studded school gym. Throughout the evening everyone swung, jerked and stepped it out to the multi-talented DJ Doc’s varied music score.

Activities Director Bob Martin still brought the ROAR to the gym when he walked onto the floor to lead the school in one of the best spirited Homecomings GHS had experienced in a long time.

The theme for this year’s Homecoming was Broadway musicals. The freshman class chose “Phantom of the Opera”, while sophomores chose “The Lion King”, juniors picked “The Adams Family”, and the seniors chose “Grease”. Although everyone worked hard, it was a close call between the seniors and juniors. In the end, however, seniors took first place. Not far behind the seniors were the juniors, winning second, followed by the freshmen in third and the sophomores in fourth. Many of the classes found this year’s Homecoming to be a very stressful one due to the fact that it came much earlier than it usually has in the past years. When asked if she thought her class was successful in the results from all the hard work, sophomore class president Lauren Fleener said, “Yes and no. We kind of had a late start on things because Homecoming was so early, but then again I feel we were successful because we got everything done in only four weekends.” Poster parties mainly took place within the homes of the class presidents or class officers. Many of the classes had trouble in finding a variety of people to participate with poster parties, but a lot of students were unavailable because of their busy schedules with work, family, and sports. Despite their downfalls, each class was successful in accomplishing their goals. Each class’ hard work was evident as the GHS doors were opened Monday morning September 27. Students walked the hallways in amazement, with an astonishing glaze over their eyes, most being freshman who had never experienced homecoming week before. Freshman Chris Gills said, “I thought it was cool and exciting. I felt the school spirit everywhere.” Although the freshmen worked hard in earning their place, it came as quite a challenge to them. Freshman class president Brenda Gonzalez said, “Our biggest issue was that we couldn’t work together very well and make good ideas. For the most part it was the limitations of ideas that were most difficult.” However, their experience this year has also taught them a lot for the next upcoming three years, and that being said, Brenda and her fellow classmates have already gathered some ideas for next year’s Homecoming. As for the senior class, things didn’t always go as planned, but in end it worked out. Senior class president Abigail Lopez said that this year’s Homecoming theme was her favorite out of all of her past years, even though it was the most stressful. She said her advice to lower classmen and upcoming seniors would be, “Plan ahead, get as many people involved as you can, and have fun.” Friday, October 1, everyone felt a rush of emotions as each class had 30 minutes to clean up all of the decorations in their hall, and then after the hall was clean, they had two hours until the parade was to start in order to decorate their floats. With people running everywhere, trying to get everything in order, it was a hectic afternoon, but they didn’t let that ruin the fun. After a brutal two hours, the floats were finished, and everyone was pumped and ready to go. From the school fight song to “we got spirit,” cheer, the classes paraded through the streets of Gervais showing off all of their hard work and throwing candy to the people in the streets in order to compete for spirit points. After judging the halls, spirit assembles, and the floats, the seniors were announced at the football game later that night as the winners of Homecoming week.


Inkling - October 2010

6 by Leonid Snegirev

Mission Beach sweater Carpinteria jacket Rated R was Rihanna’s dark album, and now she’s back to her feisty, fun-loving self for Loud. While “Only Girl,” the lead single, isn’t as great as her previous hits like “Umbrella” and “Rude Boy,” she’s sure to have more heat on her album with production from Stargate, Ne-Yo, and Polow Da Don. Loud officially drops in iTunes November 12, 2010.

Little Dume tee top

Cali Diver’s Cove button down shirt

HCo. Ocean Beach skirt

Huntington Slim Straight jeans

Country-pop singer, Taylor Swift , has been through a lot this past year. She was big before, but the Kanye West drama catapulted her to new levels of fame. Her new album will tackle all that she’s been through in her usual catchy style. Speak Now was released to iTunes October 25, 2010.

Via Spiga Edwina Sandal @ Nordstorm

Vans Rata Vulc Hemp shoe @ Zumiez

Being off the major scene for over four years, poppunk hit makers, Good Charlotte finally have a released Cardiology, their long-delayed fifth studio album. Their previous albums being more dance-y, the band has moved back to their pop-punk roots and have since released their first single “Like Its Her Birthday.” Cardiology will hit iTunes November 2, 2010.

Life seems perfect for John until his wife is suddenly arrested for a gruesome murder she says she didn’t commit. Three years into her sentence, and with the rejection of their final appeal, his wife becomes suicidal and John decides there is only one possible, bearable solution: to break her out of prison. Refusing to be deterred by impossible odds, John devises an elaborate escape plot and plunges into a dangerous world, ultimately risking everything for the woman he loves. The Next Three Days premiers in theaters November 19, 2010.

The new iPod nano with Multi-Touch

Remixed for Fingertips...

The 6th generation of iPod nanos is finally out! This iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch-- the same technology that makes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch so amazing. Now the nano is half the size and even easier to play where everything you want to hear is just a tap or swipe away. Designed to be easy, intuitive and fun, coming in seven bright colors, iPod nano makes a statement: You are, most definitely, ready to rock.

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Inkling - October 2010



Ten cheerleaders let loose the roar at games and assemblies by Nicole Gates

Above: Rodriguez, Sandoval, and Daza perform a stunt with Banos.

“We are… we are Gervais! Let’s go, Cougars!” yelled the ten Gervais cheerleaders at assemblies and games so far this fall as they brought back the roar from last year. Those that stayed on the squad from last year welcomed not only several new members, but a new coach, Corrinda D. Craig. She had read in the newspaper that a spot had opened up for coaching the GHS cheerleading squad, because Michele Paton, after having coached the squad for four years, was retiring in order to spend more time with her family. She responded to the interviews posted by Athletic Director Tim Bowmen and was interviewed by Paton and Bowman. Paton took an interest in Craig because of her involvement in cheerleading, which included being a mascot, from her high school freshmen year. Craig had also been coaching cheerleading for three years. She coached NHS and Newberg Youth Cheer. Now, she presently coaches NYC and the GHS squad. Coach Craig said her goals for the squad are “ continue to grow and improve all the girls while having fun and supporting GHS.” Although lack of funds kept competition from being a goal for this year, she hopes it will be a goal for next year. This year she is glad to have the experience of senior Captain Shyla Banos, a cheerleader since freshmen year, leading the squad.

Craig, married 14 years to Mark, lives in Newberg, Or. with their two boys, fourteen and eight, and a girl, eleven. She loves spending time with family; watching movies, chick flicks and the new hit show Castle; reading; and riding four wheelers. Preparing for cheerleading, she listens to rock and roll or hip-hop, but when relaxing, classical and 80’s kick Banos said, “It’s a great and new experience [being a captain], because I can take charge and learn how to be a leader.” Practice for her is all about hard work and commitment, and a great way to correct mistakes. Along with Shyla, two great helpers to the squad both started last year, junior Maritza Daza, and sophomore Ezekiel Sandoval. Daza has the greatest toe touches and acts as part of the triangle base for stunting along with Sandoval and sophomore Yaneli Romero. Daza said, “Performance is the best part of cheerleading. When I am on the side waiting to perform, I am so nervous, but once I actually perform I get excited and pumped up. All my fears just disappear and I don’t want to stop getting the crowd fired up.” Sandoval, being the only male cheerleader on the squad, said, “I hope I can encourage other males to join cheerleading.” He finds it a hard but exciting task to be both the mascot and a cheerleader. Having an impact on other students, Sandoval loves to show his Cougar spirit by getting the crowd going wild, while encouraging the other cheerleaders to do likewise. Thus, with nervous hearts beating fast, the cheerleaders lead fans to a crescendo of excitement at games and assemblies.

At the left: Gaby Rodriguez, Yaneli Rodriguez, Kasondra Sandoval, not seen is Shilah Banos, Maritza Daza, Zelena Miller to the right Nicole Gates, in front Ezekiel Sandoval, Maddie McPherson, Bailey Bichsel lined up ready to cheer at an away game against Horizon Chirstian on Friday, September 24.

Cougar football players end season with injuries and perseverance

by Sam Martin After a great week of school spirit, the lights were turned on and our Gervais Cougars took the field against the visiting Sheridan High School Spartans. It was time for an exciting end to a fantastic Homecoming week. Hundreds of current students and alumni packed the stands to cheer their Cougars onto victory. Despite a valiant effort by the Cougar offense and defense, the Spartans took a 46 point lead into halftime. A re-energized Gervais team took the field during the second half with the philosophy to have some fun and put some points on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, their efforts weren’t enough. As the horn sounded for the end of the

fourth quarter, the scoreboard read; Sheridan 64, Gervais 8. There were some bright spots for the Cougars as junior Angel Martinez (23) exploded for 94 yards rushing, along with the Cougar’s lone touchdown, followed by the twopoint conversion run by junior Marady Chhun (2). The Cougar football team experienced numerous injuries in this game. Starting quarterback junior Sam Martin went down with a knee injury putting him out for the remainder of the season; junior Garrett Phillips left the game with a concussion sidelining him for a week forcing him to miss the next game; junior Kyle Belleque suffered a neck strain also putting him out for a week. Along with those inju-

Hard work and dedication finishes off a great season for boys’ soccer

Lever welcomed by football team by Sam Martin In the mornings you might see a new face sporting a GHS athletic cap pull into the high school parking lot from the direction of his home in Aurora. It is Dan Lever, current head GHS football coach, driving and listening to country western music crooning from his 1994 red Ford Ranger’s stereo. Lever attended Canby High School where he participated in football, wrestling, track & field, and baseball. He went on to play football at Linfield where he became known as a hard-nosed running back. He was also known as one of the hardest workers for the Wildcats. He attended Linfield

to carry on a tradition of Levers at Linfield. His great-grandpa Henry was known as one of the best coaches in Wildcat history. Lever’s grandfather played for Linfield from 1956-1960. D. Lever graduated from Linfield College with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Health and Physical Education. This year is Lever’s first year at the helm of the Cougars. He was told about the job by current Gervais Boys’ Basketball Coach Paul Henderson, who is a friend of Coach Lever. Joining Coach Lever on the sideline this year are assistant coaches Adam Vasas,

ries, earlier in the week wide receiver Jose Paniagua broke his collarbone, and two weeks before lineman junior Mac Martin suffered a broken foot. The next week, the Cougars faced off against the Dayton Pirates. The Cougars offense got off to a strong start, but failed to put the ball in the end zone. Once again they went into the locker room at halftime with a 33 point deficit, and weren’t able to come back for the win. The Cougars are looking at the end of the season strong with one more home game on Friday Nov. 5 against Valley Catholic and a road game tonight, Oct. 29, against Colton.

by Diego Arellano

who has coached at Gervais for 6 years; Jon Iverson, who played football at Canby High School; Dan Lever, Sr., Lever Jr.’s dad and former head football coach at Monroe High School and assistant at CHS; Mark Koch, who played football at CHS and wrestled in college with Lever; David Gier, who played football at Sprague Coach Lever continued on page 8

The day started out cold and cloudy, but ended warm and sunny by game time as the GHS Boys’ soccer game approached. The stunning texture of the field was due to all the attention it got from Tony Miller, and his crew during the summer. Gervais along with Western Mennonite, practiced their shots, and then did a little scrimmage before meeting in the center of the Cougars’ field. The game went 0-0 in the first half, though competitive, the opposing team worked up the field, closing in on the goal. The opposing team was given opportunities for several shots on goal from the corner. Gervais, too, had opportunities at goal but kicked the ball out near the corner. In the second half ,Western Boys’ soccer continued on page 8


Bump, set, spike, SCORE! by Emily Sanchez The Varsity Cougars once again started the season off with the excitement, determination and skill that gave them the kind of season to get them into the playoffs. Coach Becky Miller said that it is her goal to keep the momentum up to carry them through several matches at playoffs. The team has improved a lot since the beginning of the season, so it is hard to choose which girl improved the most. Every night a player has her time in the limelight and if each girl lives up to her potential and they work together as a team, then they will have the ability to beat the other teams. Playoffs start with a game Thursday, Oct. 29. Winning their first game, the Cougars showed that they came into this season with confidence. Beating Horizon Christian (3-0) gave the girls their first win in the conference games. In their second game of the season they beat Vernonia (2-0). This year’s seniors helped boost the confidence of underclassmen on the team as they have been together for four years! Gabby Stricker, Maddy Bowman, Riley Rush, and Angela Kudrna are finishing their high school volleyball careers as strong leaders on the team. Having played together for so long, they know each other well enough to read one another, which is one of their greatest strengths as a team. When they were asked about what kind of examples they were hoping to be to younger team members, Stricker said, “We tried to be confident, and we lead by example.” One of the younger players that has shown outstanding improvement and is frequently recognized by her teammates for showing outstanding skills on the court is sophomore Maya Jaramillo. Sophomore Amy Stott said about Jaramillo from their game against Willamina on Thursday, Oct. 21, “It was so amazing when Maya blocked Chelsea Moser (6’ 1”). It was clean, perfect, and pumped up the whole team.” The team had taken on Willamina that night with a goal to win the match, in order to be the first team to do so against them that season. Westside had taken one game from them, but not the whole match. According to Stott the first two games were their “A games.” The first game ended really tight with Willamina on top 25-23. She added that, in their after match wrap-up time, Coach Miller said that in game 3 the girls kind of lost their faith… believing in themselves that they could do it. The team needs to keep consistent as it goes into playoffs. Coach Miller would like the team to perform at its best every night, in every game, and not give into the low if a win isn’t there. She said that bonding is important in order to do “battle” and succeed in every game. One way to do that is by spending recreational time together like the sleepover they had two weekends ago. The Cougars have shown that with confidence, hard work, and dedication, anything is possible. A motivational quote put forth to the team by Miller is “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is VITAL!” One thing admired by GHS staff is how these girls are role models off the court, but once they hit the court they are very focused and ready to give the other team a hard time. During the last home game of the season, injured junior Jessie Rush supported her team from the bench. She said, “The seniors really stepped up their game and showed some heart on the court.”

Inkling - October 2010


Girls’ soccer continued from page 1... with Cam making a breakaway run down the field from a beautiful pass made by junior Anastacia Esquivel resulting in Cam’s second goal. Co-captain senior Gina Lemon had a chance to score but a very lucky tip from the goalie blocked it at the last moment. Lemon said her most memorable moment in soccer was faking girls out with her foot skills and making them fall for it. A cross from senior Katie Brant finished again by Cam sealed the game. As the leading goal scorer, Cam said she loves playing forward just for that reason, the feeling of scoring a goal. “They did not change their game,” said Brant after their win, “It was basically like practice when we played them a second time. We just did the same thing and got an even better result.” Co-captain and goal keeper, junior Katia Loya said, “I love this team, and without each one of them we wouldn’t have gotten this far.” The girls’ team also beat out Dayton on Monday, Oct. 18. This secured their spot in the playoffs for the first time in league history.

You control your effort and you control your attitude. -Coach Mulkerin When coach Michael Mulkerin was asked whom his best player was he responded, “I have a strong eleven. They are all awesome.” In previous years, the team has had a couple of good athletes, where as this year the team is very balanced. Godinez wisely said, “Real soccer players don’t just wear the jersey, they represent it.” Senior night took place on Thursday, Oct. 28 when eight seniors were honored for their hard work and dedication that had brought them to the playoffs at last. These included Brant, Cam, Antonida Dos Reis, Godinez, Rosa Isiordia, Abby Lopez and Valentina Mesino. With their more recent win against Santiam Christian, the girls’ record stands at 5-4-1. The Girls have one more game left in league against Creswell Monday, Nov. 1 and a playoff game, Saturday, Nov. 6.

Boys’ soccer continued from page 7

Mennonite changed the scoreboard to their favor. One of the reasons for this was that since the GHS defense, along with the forwards, were the team’s strong suits, they assisted the midfield so much that by the time they got the ball they weren’t able to maintain strength in their own positions. The defense did make a great effort, and junior Elmer Cortes gave it his all playing goalie. He was there when the shot was being taken but the ball rolled over his fingertips, or he just

could not get to it fast enough. By the end of the second half the opposing team had made two goals with corner kicks and one goal by a regular shot. Reflecting on the season , Head Coach Eve Castro said, “Some of my goals for these boys are to have a winning season, and to go to playoffs. I know they have potential to get there, but they just need to be a little more confident, and they need not to be afraid to pass the ball. I would have to say their strength is in their skills’’. According to senior Cocaptain Edgar Delgado (10), playing mid front, some of their difficulties is lack of cooperation and injured players.

Coach Lever continued from page 7

He said, “I have an all right kick and understanding of the field, and I try to give other players the opportunity to shine I’m not really a ball hog.” The other Co-captain, senior Anuar Cortes (3), playing sweeper defense, also thinks that the players need to work on communication as they play the game which would improve cooperation. He thinks they could use more conditioning because some tire too quickly. He said, “My set of skills are understanding the game, pushing teammates, telling them were to be, to move up or down the field, and speed.” At press time the team looked strong and still had a chance at a spot in playoffs.

High School and played football with Lever when at Linfield, and was also assistant coach at SHS. After practices and games, Coach Lever goes home to his Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Gus, named after Augustus McRae, a character from the T.V. show “Lonesome Dove”. In Lever’s spare time, he is an avid duck and goose hunter. He is also working on receiving his Master’s Degree from Oregon State University. When asked about his current year with the Cougars and his near future with them, Lever said, “We knew coming into the West Valley League that the competition would be tough. It’s been a transition, but we are responding, and regardless of the score we are getting better. I look forward to finishing this season strong both on and off the field. I also look forward to seeing some guys commit to the weight room and go out for other sports.”

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