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Volume 5 Issue 2

Gervais raises money for the hungry with fun and games by Mareamia Snegirev

December 2010 Audience gives standing ovation to WWII hero by Rachel Bernhardt On Wednesday, Nov. 10, Gervais 5-12 School had the opportunity to hear from one of our country’s Great War heroes who not only helped us win WWII, but also helped shape equality for all races throughout America. At the conclusion of the assembly students recognized Alex Jefferson, a Tuskegee Airman, by a standing ovation for his outstanding heroic experiences. During his talk he said, “You can’t play football with the rules of baseball.” Relating to that statement, he complimented GHS as a group of people from different cultural backgrounds, and emphasized that the school is one community. He encouraged students to play as a team by the same rules to achieve their goals. Jefferson was born in 1921 and became one of the first AfricanAmerican pilots in the military. His training took place in Alabama along with other first-time

Above: Spotter Bob Martin points out the winning senior bidder.

Holiday decor contest

GHS has many winter holiday traditions, one of which include a door decoration contest. This is where staff use their imagination and holiday spirit to design a festive door design. This year, Language Arts teacher, Kristy Swans’ warm fireplace and collage of humorous holiday photos earned Swan first place of the contest.

A cotton Santa and the North Pole caught HOAP director Shandel Jumps’ door second place.

Left: Auctioneer Jeremiah Koop seals the bid for $85, selling Gabby Rodriguez to freshmen Cristol Cabrera.

“GERVAIS!!!” the crowd cheered every time the words, “we are”, appeared on the screen during the slideshow that introduced the Coin Drive at an all school assembly Friday, Nov. 19. It showed us hungry people all over the world. When students in America think of hunger they usually think of places outside of the U.S. like Africa, but it’s not only there, it’s here too, even in their own neighborhoods. Oregon is currently rated second highest in the nation for hunger, which means that there must be a lot of people in close proximity that go to sleep each night hungry and longing for some food in their stomachs. This assembly kicked off the coin drive and put kids in the mood to give. Last year we did well, raising $1500, but this year, Activities Director Bob Martin announced that the ASB officers set the goal at $3000. Martin bribed the students with a challenge that if they reached their goal, he would shave his head and beard, but not his eyebrows. Referring to the main point of this fundraiser, Martin said, “The important thing is that we’re reaching a hand out to our own community, not someplace else.” To get this thing rolling, everyday, the class officers take their money collecting buckets out from Martin’s room, where they store them for the night, and start taking them from class to class. The containers, which this year tended to be made from ice cream buckets or Halloween baskets, are passed among different classmates as they move from room to room throughout the day and is returned to the class officers who then store them in Martin’s room for the Coin drive continued on page 6

Tuskegee Airmen. Jefferson wrote what it was like not only to be an African-American pilot flying during WWII, but also what it was like being a prisoner of war in Germany. While he was flying above German territory, Jefferson was shot down and was immediately taken captive by German soldiers. He was held as a prisoner of war for 9 months. Jefferson continued on page 2

Tree lighting ceremony involved Gervais community in celebration by Mark Chilcote

Language Arts teacher, Lois Thurton received third place with her gingerbread house made out of candy and sugar. Several other staff members received honorable mentions as well.

What’s What’s Inside... Inside...

It was a cold Saturday night December 4 until 4:30 p.m. when the Gervais Middle School doors opened offering warmth to those attending the Gervais community dinner and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Families from all around Gervais, totaling more than 350 individuals, flooded inside the school’s cafeteria as they waited in line for a hot meal. Rigo Piñeda, former Gervais student and owner of the El Guacamole Market, which also does catering, donated two-thirds of the cost for the meals, which were served by members of GHS National Honor Society and Gervais community. After everyone had filled their stomachs, they moved on into the gym where there were many different activities for parents and kids to enjoy. These included booths run by the after school program activity leaders where people could participate in several activities such as making candy cane reindeer, paper snowflakes, and decorating gingerbread men, along with face painting by the Águilas de Oro club. There was also a special appearance made by the one and only Santa Claus. Laughter filled the gym as kids ran back and forth to each station putting their creativity to work. At 6 o’clock everyone thought the fun was over, but an announcement was made for everyone to move down to Fourth Street for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, where Mayor Shanti Platt welcomed everyone. As everyone gathered around they were asked to write their names on a small slip of paper that was then put in a bucket for a drawing. The winner was chosen randomly for the privilege of lighting the tree. After Mayor Platt initiated the countdown, the large red handle was pulled to the cheers of everyone when the tree lit up. While adults and children gazed at the glowing tree and sang a carol or two, Santa made another appearance taking pictures with those who wanted them, and passing out small gifts to all the anxiously waiting kids.

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Winter Holiday Spread.....4-5



• Solem Speaks • Campus Humor • ASB Travels to Seaside

• New Staff Features • Crystal Apple Awards • Dave Beebe in Administration

• Gift Ideas • Hot Fashion • Holiday Traditions

• Winter Music Concert • Águilas de Oro Dance • Class and Club Beat

• Fall Sports Banquet • Wrestling, Cheer, and Basketball • Staff vs.. Senior Volleyball Game

The Roar

Inkling - December 2010


Leadership, taking the lead to the seaside conference by ASB officers

I hope that each of you has an opportunity to spend this winter break with those that matter the most in your lives. This has been a fun filled fall with a lot of accomplishments shared by everyone in the school, which included the passing of “AYP”, receiving an “OUTSTANDING” on our school report card, and being an audience to a powerful presentation from Alex Jefferson, of the “Tuskegee Airmen”. It is my hope that this is just the beginning of great presentations and reasons to celebrate. Along with spending time with family and friends during winter break, it is a great time for individual rejuvenation both mentally and physically. I encourage each of you to take advantage of this opportunity. Those of you that need to use the break to catch up on school work, I encourage you to strive for excellence in academics and in all that you do. Once again I wish each one of you a fun, exciting, and safe Christmas break! I will see you all next year.

It’s November at the Oregon Coast – what is there to do? Take a stroll on the beach while the wind howls and the rain falls sideways, play golf, go fishing? Well, this November, twelve GHS student leaders attended the Oregon Association of Student Councils’ Leadership Conference in Seaside for student leaders around Oregon. This year’s conference was attended by 1500 people – both student leaders and their advisors. Betsy Paniagua, Sam Martin, Maya Jaramillo, Adam Jaramillo, Anne Jungwirth, Alice Jungwirth, Mac Martin, Colton Herinckx, Selene Ortiz, Angela Kudrna, Amy Stott, and Charlotte LaFollette made up the GHS delegation. Their advisor, Bob Martin, was in attendance as well. Along with being the advisor for Gervais, Mr. Martin also serves on the adult executive board for OASC. They had the privilege of hearing two guest speakers – John Beede and JC Pohl. Beede spoke on the importance of setting goals and achieving those goals, and Pohl spoke on the issues of bullying and oncampus violence. Students at the conference had the opportunity to watch Pohl’s award-winning video, “Teen Truth Live: Bullying and School Violence”.

Mr. and Mrs. Gervais pageant contestants announced

The 11th annual GHS Doernbecher pageant had begun! On the morning of Nov. 18, the nominees were informed that they were chosen for this year’s pageant. The guys were Connor Bowmen, Elvis Lopez, Leonid Snegirev, Kameron Wolfer, and Tony Ruiz. The ladies were Gabby Stricker, Maddy Bowmen, Riley Rush, Betsy Paniagua, and Angela Kuderna. Terry Witter held a breakfast to start the nominees on a “new service project”. Little did they know it was a big project. The next day the school body was informed. Thursday, Dec. 2, a meeting was held to inform parents of their child’s involvement. Information was given about the requirements and they had to sign a committment sheet. They also had to state what their talents would be. Besides signing necessary forms they had to write letters to corporations or relatives to solicit donations for Doernbecher.

Sincerly, Mike Solem

Jefferson continued from page 1

His memoir, written by Lewis Carlson, is titled Red Tail Captured, Red Tail Free. His book is rare and important as it provides an unvarnished look at life behind barbed wire. A fellow veteran, Ken Buckelles, known by principal Mike Solem, was responsible for bringing Jefferson from Detroit to Gervais 512 after being contacted by Solem.

All the students seemed to really enjoy their experience with Jefferson while hearing stories about his life. The students showed their great respect the day of the assembly by wearing red, white and blue which really impressed Jefferson. Solem would like this to be the beginning of annual events that recognize those who have served our great country.

Inkling Staff Editor in Chief Leonid Snegirev

Reporters, Feature Writers and Photographers

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Diego Arellano, Rachel Bernhardt, Mark Chilcote, Ricky Diaz-Mametiev, Polya Egoroff, Victoria Hernandez, Christina Kalugin, Domnika Kolmogoroff, Nicole Pacheco, Cassi Ruiz, Emily Sanchez, Ivan Savelieff, Zacariah Sites, Mareamia Snegirev, Beverlyn Stott. Proofreader: Michele Paton

Assistant Page Editors Emily Sanchez, Megan McKinley Contributing Reporters Sam Martin and Betsy Paniagua Advisor:Lois Thurton

Letters to the editor, feature stories, poems, story ideas, and art work are welcomed. Minor corrections will be made as needed. Submit a copy, preferably on a flash drive, to advisor Lois Thurton in room 3 or to editor Leonid Snegirev.

Everyone who watched the video commented later on how powerful it was, and how they wanted fellow students to experience it as well. The weekend wasn’t limited to work and guest speakers. The first night included a dance with DJ Koup – the same DJ who will be working the Winter Semi-Formal Dance. Attended by almost all of the 1500 attendees, it made for a vibrant and crowded experience. If you want to experience an OASC Conference, run for ASB officer or class officer for the 2011-12 school year!

Kitzhaber won election but Dudley’s party wants a recount by Zachariah Stites In the last story I wrote for the Inkling’s editorial page, The Roar, we discussed the candidates who were vying for the Oregon governor’s position. In the article for this issue I thought that we would discuss how there is no longer any doubt or uncertainty for our candidates, that they could once again breathe. Though, one would breathe a breath of victory and triumph, while the other’s breathing would be a breath of pride for his lost gains that included his chance to work hard at competing in the general election race. Both, in my opinion, enjoyed battling with each other. Knowing his place and hearing the people’s voice calling for him, Democrat John Kitzhaber, stepped up Thursday morning, Nov. 4 about twelve hours after Republican Chris Dudley forfeited. Dudley had waited for all of Multnomah County’s votes to be

counted. To help bring support and votes for Kitzhaber’s democratic campaign, President Barack Obama came to Portland on a tour. While here, Obama said, “I hoped, I expected, that we could move beyond the game-playing and the partisanship and the bickering that had dominated Washington for so long, roll up our sleeves, and get to work, because, although we are proud to be Democrats, we are prouder to be Americans, and all of us have a stake in creating a better future.” This was among other important things that he said. He added that, “When John was governor, this economy grew, created more than 120,000 new jobs… When John was governor, he invested in education and improved Oregon’s public schools.” By Wednesday evening Nov. 3, honest with himself about the

peoples’ voice, Dudley conceded to Kitzhaber and said, “I’ve had a tremendous opportunity. I just feel so blessed to have gone through these past 11 months”. However, towards the end of the week, Dec. 6-11, Republican Chairman Bob Tiernan called for a recount in Multnomah County, Oregon’s largest county. Usually a recount is done when the race is too close to call, or there is evidence of some inconsistencies in the voting process. Tiernan is probably hoping to find enough evidence of inaccurices to warrant a recount. It appears to the Republicans that the majority of Oregon counties cast a vote for Dudley and consequently it was Multnomah’s count that swayed Dudley to concede. Therefore the vying for governor hasn’t really come to a rest in the mind of at least the Republican party leader.


Inkling - December 2010


Cruz-Muñoz goes from student to teacher by Nicole Pacheco

Swan’s tough but she’s fun by Mareamia Snegirev After being a student teacher and a part time teacher at GHS for two years, Kristy Swan came back this year with a wide smile teaching full time and supervising Xcel plus. Many students were glad to see that she was back and described her teaching as “less boring and more fun,” said Mark Chilocote, who is a senior, but others said differently. “She pushes us a lot and expects us to do stuff we’re not sure we can,” said freshman Domnika Kolmogoroff, who seemed to express a slightly different point of view. Swan is a very well organized person and both teachers and students respect her for that. Since she was a student not long ago herself, she knows what high school students enjoy.As Mrs. Paton stated, “She’s able to build relationships with her students.” Joining our staff not long ago, she’s already teaching Xcel plus and helping struggling students pass their classes. Her goal, she said, is that those involved would end the semester passing all their classes. “She’s very motivated, great attitude, very energetic, and has a great curriculum,” Language Arts teacher Bob Martin said when explaining why he believes she will be successful as a teacher.

While working at GHS as a student teacher, Mrs. Nancy Cruz Muñoz said, “It really makes me want to teach more, I want kids to succeed and have opportunities like me.” Cruz Muñoz not only wants to be a high school ELD and Spanish teacher, but also a counselor in the future. She chose teaching as a career because she enjoys working with high school students. She added that her high school teacher inspired her to become a teacher. She said, “From her, I learned a lot.” In her spare time, Cruz Muñoz likes to walk, draw, paint, knit, watch movies and hang out with friends and family. Recently Cruz Muñoz got married in July, after having been with her husband for seven years. Some memories that she has about her life is just laughing at random things that have happened; trust me, it’s a lot,” she said. Her favorite foods are posole and calzones. She also finds amusement in anything she thinks is entertaining. Cruz Muñoz graduated from South Salem High School, and graduated from Western Oregon University on Dec 11 2010. She graduated with a bachelor of Art degree in Education with an ESOL endorsement. GHS Language Arts and ELD teacher Lois Thurton said, “I think she has a good understanding of the Latino teen culture, and she uses that to develop creative methods to enhance her teaching.” From what Muñoz can remember of her high school years, she said that high school has changed mostly in the way that teachers teach. She added that while teaching at GHS, she has

Is Dave Bebee just a teenager at heart? by Rachel Bernhardt Addicted to mystery novels, holding a fifth degree black belt, and learning to play the guitar, Dean of Students for Building 5-

8, Dave Beebe, has now received his doctorate. He began working on a reading endorsement, with 13 other teachers in the Gervais School District, through George Fox University, when he and GHS Language Arts teacher, Bonny Atwood decided to go ahead and apply for the doctoral program, as well. They began classes in the Spring of 2005 and now after five years

he has doctorate in education with an emphasis on reading. Atwood is in the final stages of completing her doctorate as well. Bebee holds masters degrees in teaching and Medieval Poetry. For his doctorate, he focused on how to scaffold instruction through affective elements such as story and the use of imagination, testing the validity of the theories of Dr. Kieran Egan. Beebe took courses during the summers, as well as one or two each school term, and he felt he had no life. The study of his dissertation took about six weeks and writing his research thesis took about eight months. His purpose for earning his doctorate degree was to help him be a better teacher. He is in his tenth year of teaching at Gervais and has been teaching for 10 years as a second career.

Christine Williams, inspired to help by personal experience

learned a lot and every teacher has taught her something different. Cruz Muñoz said, “As a teacher, you learn to take a little from everyone.” Teaching is only one of her many goals. After teaching ELD and probably Spanish too, she would like to go back to school in order to become a high school counselor, and, of course, while doing all of this, she also wants to have a happy life with her husband.

Jeffers enjoys small communities and team work by Nicole Gates

Karen Jeffers, a special education teacher at GHS went to Portland High School and got her graduate degree from Pacific University. Jeffers picked the field of education, because she likes to work with kids and the kind of people who like to teach.

by Nicole Gates Christine Williams, special education teacher at GHS, works with Karen Jeffers, also a special education teacher. Before becoming a teacher, she graduated from The Dalles High School, went to Western as an under graduate, and graduated from University of Oregon. In choosing to enter the field of education she was inspired by her own child’s special education teacher. Williams said, “She encouraged me to be a special education teacher, because my child has special needs.” She had also been an art teacher. She taught at Salem, Stayton, Molalla, Gervais Middle School, and now GHS. Teaching at GHS, Williams said she loves working with her students. Life outside of school for Williams involves her three sons, Casey, a crew chief for Columbia helicopter pilot, J-R, a construction worker, and Hank, a lineman. All three of them support her by helping with whatever she needs. Williams also loves to spend time with her grandkids on her small farm out by Silver Falls State Park. Williams continued on page 6

She said, “I like to teach at Gervais because it is a small community atmosphere and everyone is working together.” Living in Beaverton with her cats, Jeffers likes to spend time with her kids Dan, Sara, Ainsley, and Tess. They support her by being very self-sufficient and not demanding. Jeffers continued on page 6

Gervais school district employees receive Crystal Apples by Rachel Bernhardt Four Gervais School District employees received the Crystal Apple Award. West Coast Bank sponsored this award ceremony along with a special dinner, which was held at Wellspring on November 4. The keynote speaker, Tim Sinatra, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club, presented the Crystal Apple awards to Maria Guerrero, Jan Houghton, Terry Long, and Helen Warberg. Gervais Telephone Company sponsored Maria Guerrero to receive this award for her tireless dedication, and in recognition of her grace and professionalism as the always smiling secretary at Brooks Elementary School. Jan Houghton, sponsored by the Silverton Hospital, authored her own book while teaching and counseling younger students at Brooks and Eldriedge Elementary Schools. GSD administration feels very fortunate to have such a caring and giving person on staff. Helen Warberg received the Crystal Apple Award, sponsored by Wal-Mart, for not only being a super tall and superior teacher, but also, because she really tries to get to know her students by being involved with them and their families. The fourth sponsored person from GSD was Terry Long for being one of the most respected business managers in the state. She received a Crystal Apple Award for extreme dedication and professionalism, while maintaining the GSD budget.

Mrs. Stott to be Águilas de Oro’s new adviser by Brenda Gonzlaez This year the Águilas De Oro club needed a new adviser. Laurie Stott, wife of GHS teacher Ken Stott, has taken this spot gladly. Senior Crystal Colores, the club’s president, contacted her around October and asked her if she would be interested in being the club’s adviser. Stott accepted this job with the purposes of expanding the club and finding something to do with the time she had open. She had more free time than she previously had and was looking for something constructive she could be doing. The club doesn’t take too much time away from her regular life, depending on what the club has planned. Cinco de Mayo will require much more time to organize. Outside of that, the club only takes a few hours a week. She had been working as a substitute teacher in and around the district since 1991. She knows most of the kids within the Gervais School District and believed that she would be good for the job. She brings to this position multiple experiences with the kids around the school and within their Latino culture. Stott is bilingual, and has traveled to Mexico quite often. Her daughter has also been involved with the traditional baile folflorico. Also, for many years, she spent her spring breaks in Mexico as an interpreter and building houses. Some goals that she has for the club are to expand it, encourage the Latino group of kids to know more about [the history of their] culture and be proud of it. She believes kids should be proud of their race and where they have come from. She wants to help the club with their projects, advise them as best she can, and reach out to the community. She mentioned that in years to come she might possibly help the club make goals to get involved with other things as well.

Inkling - Dec


by: Nicole Pacheco


Rose & Pearlescent Bracelet $4.80


This two strand bracelet features a lacquered rose accent and an elastic band.

Polished Flower Earrings $5.80

High polished metal earrings with circle-shaped petals and a large prong-set rhinestone center detail.

Button Tab Peacoat


This double breasted peacoat features a soft woven construction and button tab details at the pockets and sleeves.

Sweetheart Lace Tier Dress

Turtleneck Top $8.90

F $27.80 A Lace tiers craft the skirt of this strapless S woven dress featuring a lightly padded bust and sweetH heart neckline. I O Polka Dot Slippers N $6.80 S Get cozy with these cute polka dot slippers!

Movie Review

By: Domnika Kolmogoroff

A timeless closet staple, this turtleneck features long sleeves and a finished hem.

Woven Shorts $22.80

These woven shorts are the perfect complement featuring a cuffed hem, knife pleats, and a two pocket front.

Movie to See

Mega Mind (PG), November 5

Mega Mind and Metro Man have been rivals from the beginning. On the opening day of Metro Man Museum, Mega Mind captured Roxanne Ritchi and trapped Metro Man into destroying him. Mega Mind was challenged to take hold of the city and therefore he had to eliminate his lifetime enemy and he also had to save the city from his own creation. The movie is very interesting. You have to hold on to every word. It’s laugh out loud funny. The story is part suspenseful because sometimes it makes you say, “What’s going to happen next?” Mega Mind is somewhat like “The Incredibles” because it has the whole Bad Guy/ Good Guy plot. I personally feel this would be a good movie to see with either friends or family. It’s too funny to miss.

The Green Hornet (PG-13), January 14

When Britt Reid finds out his father is dead, he realizes his life is going nowhere. Britt then meets one of his father’s employees, Kato; they both decide they want to do something amazing. Kato builds an indestructible weapon, the Black Beauty, an ultimate car with every weapon imaginable. With the help of, Lenore Case, they learn the criminal for all the cities crimes is Benjamin Chudnofsky. He has united all the gangs under his power but, Britt and Kato are standing in his way!

Holiday G Wal-Mart Second Hand Shops and Big Lots Other places to get good quality gifts without the big price tag would be Big Lots. Big Lots has lots of sales around this time of year. They have gifts to satisfy you and your budget. Now also don’t rule out Goodwill and Value Village. They always say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Recently, second hand shops have been cracking down on what they will accept so you are guaranteed to find gifts that will satisfy.

Getting the rig types of peop those people burn a hole i quite a bargain You can be granted us wi but, Wal-Mar a crafty pe kitchen prod cheap twenty

cember 2010


Holiday Traditions Around the World by Nicole Gates and Domnika Kolmogoroff

American Christmas:

Somalian Christmas:

Russian Christmas:

The two Somalian sisters Nimo and Faysa Jama, Christmas for Russians is later than most peoples’ The typical Christmas for an American family means who are new to GHS, celebrate the seasonal holiChristmas. Their Christmas is January 7th because decorations, stockings, the dinner, and presents. days. In their religion, they don’t celebrate Christthey go by the Julian calendar, which preceded the Decorations are usually done before for Christmas. It mas or Thanksgiving. They celebrate Ramadan, Gregorian calendar that is used in most Western is a time for families to decorate the whole house like Eid Al-Adha, and New Year’s. In 2010, Ramadan countries like the U.S. All the days are the same Santa’s North Pole so that they can get into the Christ- was August 11 but it varies from year to year. though. The Gregorian calender was named for mas spirit. Stockings are where Santa puts in candy, They celebrate the holidays by going to mosque Pope Gregory the 12th. The calender came into gum, fruit and little gifts. Another important Christto pray. On Ramadan, they eat rice, chicken, use in 1582 but wasn’t adopted in the American mas tradition for many families is when they sit down baked cakes, and lots of sweet things. Instead of Colonies until approximately 150 years later. with each other and have a nice ham or some other decorating a tree, they decorate their house. They The way Russians celebrate is pretty intense. On kind of meat dinner. Many people might say that don’t exchange presents during December but November 28th they start fasting for 5 weeks. The presents are the favorite part of Christmas because it they get gifts on Eid Al-Adha which is November things they eat usually consist of fruits, vegetables, is so exciting. 16. On this day, they eat meat, poultry, and pizza. beans, rice and bread. After the 5 weeks has ended, On Christmas Eve, junior Charlotte Lafollette and On New Year’s they have fireworks. Nimo’s on January 6th, people head to church at about 5 her family begin their holiday celebrations with a favorite part about New Year’s is that it’s her p.m.. The service is about an hour long, then they brunch and then head to their grandma’s house in birthday, so they get to celebrate New Year’s and go to church again at around midnight and may the evening to celebrate two of her cousins’ birthher birthday. pray until 5 or 6 a.m. on January 7. The clothes days. That evening, she and her brother, Daniel are they wear are the usual dresses for Russians but a allowed to open one present. On Christmas Day, little more festive. Families go home after church they either stay at their house, go to their grandma’s German Christmas: to feast on the foods that they were not permitor aunt and uncle’s house. For them, it is different ted to eat for the previous 5 weeks. The women every year. They open presents on Christmas The Ifft family, senior Tucker, sophomore autumn and and children prepare the meal for the rest of their Day and then have a big dinner with a freshman Sierra, celebrate with some German tradifamily. The food usually is whatever the famsalmon ball and deviled eggs as part of the tion for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. ily desires. After breakfast, everyone is free to appetizers. Her grandma throws in her cinnamon On Thanksgiving they get together with family and do whatever it is they please. Most people go to rolls, and special dinner rolls along with a fruit celebrate with a feast of turkey, stuffing and sweet po- sleep, although some go out to spend time with salad to make the traditional ham or turkey dinner tatoes. Thanksgiving is a day for them to be thankful. friends and relatives. Gifts are not a large part of a festive one. Dessert consists of pies made by They celebrate Christmas on the usual day, December the Russian Christmas, although some Russians do her grandma and aunt, while her Aunt Ardel 25. However, they open their presents on Christmas exchange them. Before modern times, presents did makes her famous pecan pie. If Christmas Eve, which is a German tradition. They also again get not mean so much to people because everyone had is on a Sunday, they usually attend together with family and have a feast of ham, mashed so little, but now everyone it seems has obtained church. Now that a lot of their family is potatoes, roast beef, cranberry sauce, clam chowder a gift giving tradition of some sort. The younger spread out, Christmas is the main time that and sweet potatoes. Though, the family doesn’t have Russians are more likely to receive and give gifts everyone gets together, so that is always a a Christmas tree Sierra’s favorite part of the holidays than the elder Russians, who are trying to preserve great time. is the food and not feeling bad about pigging out. their unique ways and traditions.

Holiday Recipe

by Mareamia Snegirev

Mexican Chicken Kiev


Prep Time: 30 min. Cook Time: 30 min. Ready In: 2 hrs. Original Recipe makes 8 servings Ingredients 8 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 2 green Chile peppers, cut into 8 strips 1 (8 oz.) package Monterey Jack cheese, cut into 8 slices 1/2 cup butter, melted 1 cup Italian-style seasoned bread crumbs 1 1/2 tsp. grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. ground cumin 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

For your friend who’s a little bit of a bookworm I would suggest you make a trip into Borders for all your nerdy needs. They have a large selection of books in every genre, from children’s books to Mangas (manga is a Japanese comic book). Gift Ideas For Family and Friends You can get mom that by Megan McKinley cookbook she’s been wanting. You can ght gift for somebody can be hard. There are many even get CD’s and ple in this world and many types of gifts to satisfy DVD’s. e. Getting gifts for holiday celebrations can really in your pocket. Then again, it doesn’t have to. I am n hunter myself. I am always looking for good deals. Pawn Shops a bargain hunter too. It’s not hard. That is why god ith the wonderful Wal-Mart. Okay so you’re laughing Also, don’t rule out pawn shops. rt has a wide selection of electronics, fabrics if you’re Pawn shops can be hideous on the outside, but inside they can have erson who likes to make homemade gifts, they have ducts, and clothing. You can buy your favorite cousin a treasures for every personality and y dollar video game and your older sister a new pair of person. So don’t let the holidays start a fire in your pocket. Do a headphones. little bargain hunting and I guarantee that you will have a great Holiday season.

Directions Place chicken breasts between two sheets of wax paper. Pound with a mallet until flat. Wrap cheese in green chili strips; wrap chicken breasts around the strips. Secure with toothpicks. Combine bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, salt, cumin and pepper. Roll chicken pieces in melted butter, in bread crumb mixture. Place chicken breasts in a 13x9” baking dish; don’t crowd. Drizzle remaining butter over breasts. Refrigerate 1 hr., or freeze to bake later (if frozen increase baking time 5 to 10 min.) Preheat oven to 400 F (200 C) bake 25 to 30 min. Chicken will be white and juices will run clear. By: Erin Clifton “This is a wonderful slightly spicy version of the classic Chicken Kiev. The kick of green chilies will make your family want more!!! You have to use strip green chilies not chopped.”

Inkling - December 2010


Coin drive continued from page 1 Classes had no limit to the number of containers, but each class tended to use only one. Martin, who always has words of wisdom said, “We can’t feed every person in the world, but we can make sure that our family, friends and classmates don’t go hungry.” Motivated by his words, students continued to put coins into their

favorite buckets, which slowly became heavier throughout the month of December. Then the challenge of an anonymous donor came giving $400, which was equally divided among the classes. This donation was just the boost the classes needed to pick up momentum. The ASB kept a daily running total and going into the

6 last week of the drive before Winter Break they announced an over all total of $976.91. As of press time the juniors were ahead with $263.68 for their buckets. Motivated students entered the gym excited for the Freshmen Auction Tuesday, Dec. 14. Twenty two nervous freshmen waited in line as Ag teacher Jeremiah Koop started the bidding. Freshmen in the bleachers tried to rescue their classmates by bidding against the seniors, while sophomores and juniors got a few bids in too. Senior Tony Ruiz was second highest bid, $65 on his sister, Olivia. ASB held basketball half-time activities and a Winter Formal Friday, Dec. 17 to increase donation totals. As of press time it was around $1,285.51, which, also, included coins students brought for the specific purpose of halting chosen teachers’ instruction during the Penny Roll on Friday, Dec. 10.

Williams continued from page 3 At home, her dog and cat keep her company, while she enjoys watching her favorite movie, “The Great Escape”, GT shows, grumpy old men, landscaping, and gardening. While Landscaping she likes to relax by getting her hands in the dirt. For quiet times, Williams enjoys reading books by James Mitchner

in which history plays a big part in stories such as his ones about Texas and Hawaii. When listening to music, Williams jam is all about Country, Western, and Rock & Roll. Williams can’t get enough of “The Long and Winding Road” which is her favorite song by the Beatles.

Jeffers continued from page 3

When she has moments for herself, she reads, and one of her favorite books is The Phantom Tool Booth. Types of movies that she likes to watch include ballroom scenes. On weekends, she likes shopping and listening to music on the radio such

as jazz, soft jazz, afro-pop, classical, folk, and other kinds too. She considers traveling and hiking exciting to do, because exploring and seeing new places captures her attention.

Winter Music Concert entertained morning audience by Victoria Hernandez

Fall days for FFA are full of fun packed events by AJ Burkholder and Zachariah Stites

Gervais High School FFA experienced an exciting and eventful packed four days at the beginning of the school year. From Sept. 16-19, they participated in festive activities during the Mt. Angel Octoberfest, a four day cultural event based on a German celebration. The GHS FFA drove trollies from a parking lot to the main festivities as its main contribution to the event. The next week-end, Sept. 26-27, the six person Gervais FFA officer team competed with other local chapters to see which chapter could present the best opening and closing of a meeting. The officer team consisted of FFA President AJ Burkholder, Vice President Dillon Tjernlund, Secretary Emily Sanchez, Treasurer Brad Allen, Reporter Konnor Kelly, who are all juniors and Sentinel Miguel Navarro, who is a freshman. Senior Ashley Warren also attended to support the Gervais FFA. Along with team building activities and officer workshops, they played games and had a great time. GHS took third place. “We had fun, learned a lot of new skills and learned to work together,” said Burkholder. Ag Teacher and FFA adviser Jeremiah Koop took his Ag 1 and horticulture students to the District Soils’ competition, where they took third place. This third FFA event for the fall is where students judge soil for texture, rust and water drainage problems. GHS hosted the event just outside Silverton. Gervais took fourth place at the Ag Sales, a competition where FFA members tried to sell Agricultural related items to judges and made a presentation to advertise products. Juniors Burkholder, Allen, Tjernlund, and Phillips made up the four person team. Before Winter Break on Tuesday, Dec. 14 FFA members helped with the Food Drive. They set up tables and separated canned food for helpers later to put together food boxes at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

by Betsy Paniagua Art Club Advisor Ruth Becker “The club is doing well; officers are planning more activities that have to do with art and were teaming up with the FFA for a mural, in the horticulture shed.” The Art Club is selling cupcakes on Saturday, Dec. 18, at the basketball game. They are also making plans to make a logo for club t- shirts. Águilas De Oro President Crystal Colores: “We are helping a family in need [during Christmas], in our community.” FFA Secretary Emily Sanchez: “We a currently working on the mural in the horticulture shed, we also have our Leadership CDE on Thursday, Feb. 10 and we have one officer that went for the State Degree Application.”

ASB Advisor Bob Martin: “Our goal is to build a better community at GHS.” We started off with a great atmosphere. We are trying to bring the school spirit up and get our student body more active. NHS Made a billboard that greeted the GHS students entering the school for the whole month of November to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to the school. They also held a blood drive on Thursday, Dec. 16, which attracted over 54 donors.

To prepare for the GSD Winter Concert, Gage worked daily with music students to perfect performance, sent letters of invitation to parents and families, and then along with the custodian, Gustavo Morano arranged the cafeteria. The concert was held in the morning of Thursday, Dec. 16 with the Concert Band playing New World Symphony and Pachelbel’s Carols. The audience was silenced by the band’s beautiful music and then burst out into spontaneous clapping and cheering. Band students looked professional in their white shirts and bow ties.

The Concert Choir sang A Carol Festival with solo by freshmen Jaime Jensen, A Christmas Trilogy with Soli by juniors Kira Chuprov and Hina Gostevskyh. Gage said, “I love being the choir teacher because I am working with seniors every day and this allows me time with other students.” She added that they all felt a little nervous and excited before they performed. Freshman Beverlynn Stott said, “I like to sing and my favorite song was What Child Is This?” She added, that in choir, she was learning how to sing.

After football dance celebrated Day of the Dead by Victoria Hernandez

Class of 2014 We recently did concession stands for the basketball game. Class of 2013 President Lauren Fleener: “The school year had been going good. ‘I am really excited because we just started a fundraiser dealing with the basketball program in hope that it will bring in money. Class of 2012 President Kira Chuprov: “We are planning to have a raffle before Valentines” The winner will get free movie tickets and dinner to a restaurant. Class of 2011 President Abigail Lopez: “We are planning to start the café shop during the week of finals.” The seniors just finished their poinsettia sale and their candy cane fundraiser.

Águilas de Oro club held a dance Friday, November 5, after the football game. This dance was to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead. Originating in Mexico, El Dia de los Muertos celebration lasts for five days during which time people put up decorations and place food and candy on their families’ graves. The dance was held in the GHS cafeteria, so about a week before, the club decorated it in a similar way with flowers, candies and artistic portrayals of graveyard symbols. The Águilas de Oro club organized this dance for fun, and also to help families. Everyone who wanted to go to the dance had to pay $5 in order to get in and the money collected went to local families in need. Although not a lot of people attended the dance, those, who did, danced the night away. The cafeteria was full of very high spirited students as they danced to the music provided by DJ Oscar Colores, GHS alumnae and brother of senior Crystal Colores, Águilas de Oro president.

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Athlethes recognized for their achievements in fall sports by Ricky Diaz

Coaches honored athletes at Fall Dessert night, Tuesday Nov. 9 in the GHS gym. A slideshow put together by Tyler Lemon showed highlights of all sports during the fall season. Between the slideshow and the award presentation, FFA served cake to the guests. During the evening, GSD Superintendent Rick Hensel recognized all who had assisted with the fall athletic programs. Special recognition was given to Jeannine James for keeping all the sports stats and for taking pictures. Athletic Director Tim Bowman introduced each coach, who then proceeded to present the all-league awards. Presenting first was Girls’ Soccer team coach, Michael Mulkerin, who recognized senior Rosie Cam for wining 1st team all-league; junior Charlotte LaFollette for 2nd team all-league; and senior girls Gina Lemon, Katia Loya, Katie Brant, and Jessica Godinez for honorable mentions. Next was Cheer Squad coach Corinda Craig, who mentioned that the cheer squad supported every team’s game and that they were amazing. Football head coach, Dan Lever, recognized freshman Austin Garcia for receiving 2nd team all-league punter; and recognized for honorable mention were seniors David Wright and Connor Bowman, juniors Angel Martinez and Marady Chun, and sophomore Anthony Scott. Then Volleyball coach, Becky Miller, recognized senior Gabby Stricker for receiving 1st team all-league, senior Maddy Bowman for receiving 2nd team all-league, and senior Riley Rush for receiving honorable mention. To climax the evening Boys Soccer coach Eve Castro awarded Senior Anuar Cortes 1st team all-league award, and gave honorable mentions to seniors Venancio Cortes and Edgar Delgado; and juniors Pedro Cruz-Cruz, Pedro Bartolo and Nick Topp. Athletes and guests were dismissed to separate rooms where individual recognition was given by team coaches and players.

Senior soccer defender Anuar Cortes [first on left] said, “I felt honored to receive this award my senior year, it now gives me something to remember when I graduate.” Senior soccer forward Edgar Delgado [third from left] said, “It felt good [to be recognized] because my goal was to work hard, and I accomplished it.”

Soccer forward senior Rosie Cam [top left] said, “I felt good and happy to win something [All League first team] my senior year.” Forward junior Charlotte LaFollette [far left picture], who made All League second team, said, “ I felt excited. I had wanted to get 10 goals [for the season], but got 12. I couldn’t have done it without the team, and I wanna thank them.”

Senior volleyball outside hitter Riley Rush, middle and outside hitter Gabby Stricker, and setter Maddy Bowman said, “We enjoyed playing together on the team, and look forward to more moments to share in different sports too. One quote that we will always remember is, There’s two pains in life, discipline and regret. Choose your pain.”

Senior wing back and defense backer Connor Bowman’s family, friends and cougar pride motivated him to play hard. His favorite moment was making his first rushing touchdown against Dayton, and getting eight solo tackles against Sheridan. Connor’s plan for next year is to attend OSU, to pursue his career of becoming an athletic trainer. Tight end and line backer senior David Wright’s favorite moment was during his last game, when he rushed over 115 yards and scored his first touchdown. David’s plans for next year are to attend OSU to work towards becoming a pharmacist. He said, “I am glad that I played football for my last year with this team. I love this team, and I see them as if they were my own family.”

Austin Garcia: “I felt good that I accomplished my goals for this year’s football season, and a good job to all the linemen for their excellent work.”

Staff dominate seniors at annual spike by Kameron Wolfer and Emily Sanchez The annual “spike” of fun and comedy made its way onto the gym floor Monday, Dec. 13. The senior class and staff brought “their game” to the court, but just what game, that was the question everyone spent a dollar to

find out and three to answer. The seniors faced their opponents with skills in hand and tricks in mind. Their secret weapon for winning the game was to have seniors Artemio Piñeda and David Wright come on the court first with a high level of enthusiasm. They sprinted, jumped, and hit the volleyball along with the three senior varsity volleyball ladies in pink and the soccer girl in green shoes. Since Piñeda and Wright are well known for their comedy, both seniors made a difference on the court to the level of spirit that the senior team possessed, and thrilled the crowd when they stripped down to their spandex shorts.. The second secret up the seniors’ sleeves was

the “double vision admission”. They snuck in a seventh player on the court while the referee, sophomore Maria Toran, turned a blind eye. The final attempt to win the game came when the seniors pulled the “all-in” move, and rushed onto the court to try for a win. Unfortunately for them, it turned out to be unsuccessful and they still ended up losing. The staff, on the other hand, played all of their players hard throughout the whole game. With enough players on the team, the six that came out always brought with them the fierceness that they had been saving for this competition. They played serious, smart, and most importantly fair, so when each unfair call was

made on them, they yelled at the student refs. On one play a blind call was made and GHS secretary Julie Lemon received a red penalty card. Because of their strength on the court, they dominated the seniors. ASB advisor, Bob Martin, announced the game with witty comments like, “ We’re the only volleyball team playing in slacks”, referring to the staff and to the senior comedians, “ I think the spandex are too tight, its cutting off the circulation to their brain.”

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Gervais wrestlers gain valuable experience at tournament by Sam Martin

The Cougar Wrestling team traveled Friday, December 10, to the annual Willamina Dual Tournament. As a team the Cougars placed sixth, but that doesn’t measure the amount of experience gained for a mostly inexperienced team. Iban Gomez wrestled tough, winning three of his four matches. The biggest win came against sixth ranked Skyler Voigt of Willamina. Junior Sam Martin finished the night winning two matches by pin and gaining another victory

by forfeit. The other Martin brother, Mac, won all three of his matches including a pin over eighth ranked Cody Heidt. Sophomore Angel Figueroa defeated one of his opponents to finish with two wins and one loss on the night. Angel’s other win came on a forfeit vs. Warrenton. Another sophomore, Trifily Martushoff, ended Friday with one win and a heart breaking loss to sixth ranked Justin Rosenberry. Unfortunately, the rest of the Cougars ended the night winless, though everyone had personal victories because

Wrestling 2010-11 Schedule

Gervais High School’s basketball teams, making wins left and right

Date 12/18

Event Scio Tourney

Site Scio


Bob Bishop



Jefferson Tourney



Cougar Classic


12/21 Nestucca @ Home

1/27 2/3 2/10 2/18 & 2/19 2/25 & 2/26

District 3-way District 3-way District 3-way District Champs State Championships

GHS Corbett Warrenton Rainier PDX

12/28 Cougar Classic 11, & @ Home 12:30, 12/29 2, 3:30

Seven contestants selected for winter cheerleading by Nicole Gates

Fall cheerleading is out and winter cheer is in. Because some cheerleaders were leaving the squad and other girls wanted to join, coach Corrinda D. Craig made a decision to hold winter cheerleading tryouts from November 13 to 15. For those that cheered fall season, it was no big sweat, but for girls wanting to join, it was a nerve-racking and an exciting moment. Junior Nicole Gates said, “It got our hearts pumping and our spirits high.” Twelve competitors tried out and they all showed what skills they had by bringing them to the table. Unfortunately, Coach Craig had to make a decision. Nervously they waited outside the door to see who had made the list, and as soon as the door swung open, they anxiously ran forward to check it. Those making the GHS Cheerleading team for the winter season were juniors Nicole Gates, Hionia Gostevskyh, Araceli It got our hearts pumpGuzman, freshmen Bailey Bichsel, Raquel Luna, ing and our spirits high. Carrie Mariano and Mad-junior Nicole Gates die McPherson. Though, a cheerleader last season, this season Sandoval will represent GHS as its mascot. At the first practice for this squad, they had to immediately work very hard for their first performance, which was that Friday’s pep assembly on December third. GHS cheerleaders came together, though, and threw some round offs that fired up the crowd. After showing their team spirit for the winter sports, “Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas came over the speakers and they got their groove on. They are excited about leading the great Cougar fans in cheering on the Cougars to a winning season.

all of the Cougars, winning or losing, wrestled hard and never gave up. Saturday, Dec. 11, the Cougars competed at the annual Colton Invitational at Colton High School. They placed fifth with 92 points. Gomez took first, M. Martin second and S. Martin third. Look for some great things this season with fun for Cougars and supporters. The Third annual Cougar Classic will be Saturday, Jan. 22, and league meet Thursday, Jan. 27.

Winter Break Basketball Date


Time 1, 2:30, 4, 5:30

Basketball 2010-11 Schedule Date






12/18 1/4

Culver Westside

Home Away

1/25 1/28

Westside Dayton

Home Away

1/7 1/10

Dayton Amity

Home Away



















2/8 2/11

Horizon Sheridan

Home Away

by Emily Sanchez and Connor Bowman Again this year, GHS Varsity Boys’ Basketball shows off their great skills on the court with Paul Henderson as coach. Henderson’s goal for the season is to win more games in league than last year which was only one league win in four years. Friday, Dec. 3, they played their first home game against the East Linn Eagles. Crowds of fans for both schools filled the stands as the game began. While warming up to the sound of the fans, the varsity boys got pumped. The tip off started the Eagles out with possession of the ball, after putting a few points on the scoreboard, the Cougars caught up with great defense. The first quarter was tough; they had a challenge on their hands. By halftime the team was down only two points. A pep talk by Henderson inspired the boys to keep their heads up and not give up. Senior co-captain Connor Bowman said, “He’s always giving good pre-game and half-time talks to get us ready, this one wasn’t any different. He said what we did right, what we needed to work on, and what our second half strategy was going to be.” Though the Cougars consistently gave it all they had, the Eagles started to pull away. When the last buzzer went off, the Eagles held the victory. Junior Mark Belleque said, “We did alright for our first home game, even though we had lots of mistakes. We fought hard and kept our heads up.” Now with a win over Faith Bible on Tuesday, Dec. 14, Cougars are 3– 3 and have played in the Damascus tournament where they took third. Coach Henderson said, “The losses were because of rebounding, that’s it. If we rebound better and fight for the ball, we win ... It’s just something we need to work on as a team.”

by Domnika Kolmogoroff The roar of the Girls Varsity Basketball team was heard from miles away when they won their game against the Delphian Dragons. Giving them their first win in the pre-season warm-up everyone was excited. Supporters of GHS can see that great things are going to come out of this team during the league season. Coached by Dave Matlock the Lady Cats hold a 3-3 record defeating Delphian (57-13), Vernonia (36-33), and Faith Bible (60-12). Matlock had already coached most of the varsity girls last year, so the team was decided quickly at tryouts. Two new additions to the team were junior Stephanie Oral and sophomore Joanna Martinez. Having a limited time to practice before their first game, the girls had to play with the experience they had last year against Kennedy High School on Dec. 1. Though they worked hard, they still came up short and lost. The girls also lost their second game against the East Linn Eagles, but bounced back up with a win Dec. 7 against Delphian (57-13). Jessie Rush and Maya Jaramillo are currently injured. Since Jaramillo is injured, she is supporting her team and learning more about the game. When they come back they are going to give 100% effort on the court. Matlock expects 3 things from the girls. First; to represent themselves and their school with class and sportsmanship; second, to work as hard as they can in the classroom and on the court at all times; and third, to have a great attitude about everything they do and get along with each other. When asked what she thought about the season so far junior Vanessa Villegas responded, “So far we have done very well, and I can’t wait to start playing the league games.”

Gervais High School December 2010 Inkling edition  
Gervais High School December 2010 Inkling edition  

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