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From the principal… Spring should have arrived here by the time our students return from Spring Break… if not, there will be some long faces! Our School Council has been busy finding ways to make a difference in our school, and they have invested some of their fundraised money into our special needs classes. Thank you so much for the assistance from the Friends of Three Hills School. Students & teachers alike are very excited about the changes that they have enabled – especially a leadership camp experience for DLC 2! We are getting closer to the delivery date of our replacement bus for the old white bus we purchased from the Srs. Outreach program several years ago. We are grateful that after several years of saving we will be able to get the replacement in before the old one dies. Every two years, THS offers our grade 11 & 12 students a chance to expand their world through a Europe Trip. This year’s group will fly first to Athens, Greece, and then make their way by bus and ferry over to Italy. They will end up in Rome, and then fly home on April 6. There is a photo link on the homepage if anyone wants to track their travels with the planned daily blog. Mr. Vaughan & Mrs. Barkman have organized 40 students & 10 adults from THS & Trochu Valley School for this outstanding experience. Lots of activities hit their stride in April: Badminton players wish to thank the coaches - at the junior high level –Mrs. Bartsch, Mrs. Yemen, Mr. Hoover, Mr. Smithers and for senior high – Mr. Adams & the other Mr. Adams ;) The Sr High Drama is getting ready to perform Charlie’s Aunt, which will be unveiled at the end of April. Also, a Gr 4 – 12 student survey will be completed, as we begin the annual planning cycle for school initiatives. IF you were to come back after Spring Break with our students, you may be fortunate to be on a bus heading to a drama in Rosebud. You might want to join our K – 6 students in the gym as they view Sleeping Beauty, performed by the Alberta Opera Company. You


may notice students in Ms. Matwychuk’s Ceramics class working on their pottery creations, or Mrs. Yemen’s photography class arranging the perfect composition of light, structure, color, and motion. Other big items include Kindergarten Registration on April 17 – the same night as our secondary student’s interviews. To book an interview with a teacher, please call the office to coordinate your schedule (403-443-5335). Miss Teen will be enacted on April 12, so consider yourself warned. The winter seems to have stretched on, but we sure packed a great deal into it! 7 basketball teams all hosted their home tournaments, plus the Sr. Girls hosted and won the bronze at Zones. Two major ski trips to Banff were great times, and we have also successfully completed the first round of major tests. We are sad to say goodbye to our two practicum teachers from the University of Alberta. Ms. Scott & Ms. Stankievech have been a great addition to THS since February, and they have made an impact in the DLC, grade 3/4 and grade 1 classrooms. We especially appreciated their Royal Pride Photo Scavenger Hunt for the entire school last week! So farewell to them, and to Winter, and hello to Spring! Lloyd Boody

Literacy Tip for the Month of April Pick a regular time to read every day. By doing so, you demonstrate that reading time is important. Just reading to your child for 20 minutes a day adds up to more than 1,450 hours of learning, from infancy to the end of Grade Six. Use it or lose it! Reading is like a muscle, if children don’t exercise it often, they will not maintain the same level of reading ability as they get older.

Early Literacy Team


Dates To Remember April

Mar. 29 Mar. 31 Apr. 01-05 Apr. 08 Apr. 09 Apr. 10 Apr. 11 Apr. 11 Apr. 12 Apr. 12 Apr. 12 Apr. 17 Apr. 17 Apr. 17 Apr. 17 Apr. 18 Apr. 19 Apr. 19 Apr. 25 Ap 30-May 4 May 01 May 02

Good Friday NO SCHOOL Easter Sunday Easter Break NO SCHOOL Gr.8/9 to Rosebud Theatre- I Claudia Alberta Opera performs Sleeping Beauty Grad Meeting -Noon Hot Dog Day Self Defense Session for CALM Students-theory Self Defense Session For CALM Students -practical Jr/Sr Report Cards Go Home Miss Teen – 7 pm Kinder Registration 7 pm Jr/Sr Parent-Teacher Interviews Grad Bottle Drive Understanding & Preventing Suicide Session – 7 pm Hot Dog Day Breakfast of Champions Collision Course Session for Physics 20 Students Hot Dog Day Charlies Aunt 7:30 p.m. Rutherford Scholarship Application Deadline Hot Dog Day


Three Hills School

Kindergarten Registration for the 2013-2014 school year will be held on April 17, 2013 at 7:00p.m. in the Kindergarten Classroom. If your child is five years old before February 28, 2014, (born on or before March 1, 2009) they are eligible to attend Kindergarten in the fall. There will be a brief information session and an opportunity to fill in your child’s registration information. Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate. All interested parents are encouraged to attend.

Our spring Scholastic book fair was our best book fair ever. We had total sales of almost $2900.00, which translated into 86 new books selected from the book fair, and a credit of $600 to spend on books from Scholastic’s wide variety of catalogues. We were pleased to see many parents come in with their children on Parent Teacher Interview Night. Everyone enjoyed the great selection of books that Scholastic provided. We had six winners of our special draw held at the start of the book fair. Amanda Penner, Emma Pachal, Jered Jewell, Carter Boles, Landon McKiernan, and Cheye-Anne Wessels all won $10.00 gift certificates to spend at the book fair. Winners of the family night draw were Aaron Doka and Miss Stankievech. Aaron and Miss Stankievech both won $25.00 in books. We also had 18 lucky winners in the poster draw. A big thank you to my volunteers, Isabel McLean, Reece Doka, Callie Hanger and Megan Plant. Thank you to everyone for your continuing support for our book fairs.

Mrs. Connie Anhorn

On Tuesday, March 26th, our Europe Travelers impatiently waited for the day to end and their trip to begin. Cole Christie created this countdown poster to help pass his day.

Wishing them all a safe and amazing journey!

…(Oxford University, 1985) As graduation is rapidly approaching, two young gentlemen decide that they need to propose to their young ladies before they “go down” (graduate) and lose their chance forever. However, as it is the 1890’s, how can they meet with the girls? They have no chaperone. Enter Charley, with a letter from his long lost aunt saying that she is in England and would like to meet him. With growing excitement the boys realize that they have a chaperone and ask the girls to come for a luncheon. Immediately following the girl’s agreement to lunch, Charley receives a telegram from his aunt telling him that she will “be delayed on business.” Finding themselves in a dilemma, the boys panic. They can’t allow the girls to come to lunch unchaperoned as that could destroy the girls’ reputations, but they can’t cancel as they may never get to see the girls again. Well, they come up with a novel solution, and mayhem and hilarity follows…

CHARLEY’S AUNT COMING TO THREE HILLS SCHOOL The Three Hills School high School Drama class is very excited to present Brandon Thomas’s hysterical comedy, Charley’s Aunt. Many feel that Charley’s Aunt was the introduction of a new style of theater and this style eventually became the source for our modern sitcome shows on TV. The play will be presented from April 30 – May 4, and will begin at 7:30 pm. We hope to see you there for some wild family entertainment, suitable for all ages.

Three Hills School - Class of 2013

Jessica Aitanke

Matthew Dancey

Bryan Halford

Allyson Kahler

Lawrenz Amoncio Luke Anhorn

Colton Denis

Vanessa Hanger

Nicole Kahler

Mack Bayes

Eric Dugie

Daryn Hebert

Lynn Lai

Shane Moldrup

Jordan Moos

Matthew Dyck

Jessica Fortier

Brady Hoover

Saad Husain

Spencer Lang

James Manning Charlotte Maxwell Julia McNeely

Teanna Moar

Madison Buckland

Bryan McRae

Connor Cunningham

Justin George

Cory Jensen

Sanne Lansink

Scott Metzger

Yan Luo

Elizabeth Miller

Shaniah Morris Cory Nakaska Brittany Patterson

Ashleigh Penner Megan Regehr

Katie Skotheim Hanna Snelgrove

Daniel Weatherald Fangshuai Wu

Jay Reimer

Kelci Steen

Fangyuan Wu

Rebecca Richards Rhenzo Rodrigo Myles Skelton

Westley Svederus Alex Trentham Taylor VanCauwenberge

Shu Ting Wu

Please feel free to drop any cards, etc., at the school office and we will make sure our grads receive them.

2012-2013 Yearbook The following students have ordered yearbooks as of March 22nd, 2013


If you would like to have your name added to this

list, the following are your choices:

$40.00 for a coloured yearbook $45.00 for an engraved coloured Please make your cheques payable to Three Hills School and send to the school office.

PLAIN Brandon Adams Mackenzie Andrews Luke Anhorn Serena Buchert Madison Buckland Emma Campbell Connor Cunningham Lauren Cunningham Nicholas Desrosiers Patrick Desrosiers Reese Doka Liam Druskin Paige Druskin Braden Fenton Ashley Ferguson Nolan Ferguson Jessica Fortier Shaelynn George Ryder Guttridge Ethan Hagel Zachary Hall Daryn Hebert Laura Hood Denika Johnson Denver Johnson Talyn Johnson Riley Keiver Sadie Kientz Sydney Kientz

Sanne Lansink Logan Leuf Ashley Maerz Ashley Maksymiw Sabrina McCallum Laura McNeely Laramie Meding Bryana Nagy Jordan Nagy Graham Park Brittany Patterson Nicole Plant Ross Pomper Dylan Reece Alexa Rosgen Braelyn Rosgen Tessy Rupert Kirsten Schlaugh Kadence Smithson Rowan Smithson Dane Steen Kelci Steen Jordan Trentham Tristin Trentham Kylie Van der Kuil Kyra Van der Kuil Willem Van der Kuil Owen Van Doren Danielle Varga Sarah Vaughan

Connor Viste Alec Whitehead Taylor Willis Blake Wilson ENGRAVED Sarah Benson Chelsea Bushey Hunter Frere Aiden Hanger Austin Hanger Callie Hanger Layne Kolke Spencer Lang Tyler Miller Shane Moldrup Jordan Moos Mackenzie Moos Cory Nakaska Landon Nygard Natalia Nygard Dylan Reece Hayley Reece Brandon Rempel Rebecca Richards Alexander Trentham Keigan Vaughan Daniel Weatherald






Three Hills School Newsletter April 2013  

Three Hills School Newsletter April 2013