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The ROYAL REVIEW Three Hills School Newsletter

March, 2013


From the principal… Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors (ianua), beginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions. January is named for this unique perspective of looking back and ahead at the same time. I like to do the same thing with the newsletter, so let’s begin with a little glimpse backwards. February hosted some awesome activities. SuperMen 8, our senior boys’ home tournament with 16 teams, was one of the best tournaments ever seen in our school. The nail-biting final was won by SCA Eagles, with a hair-breadth 1 point victory over the #1 ranked team in the province – the Picture Butte Sugar Kings. Our boys were competitive, and did earn a victory in their final game. Speaking of basketball, our 7 teams are in the process of drawing their seasons to a close. Zone tournaments for the junior A girls & boys are this weekend in Hanna, and the 3 senior high teams hope to qualify to be playing a week later on March 8 & 9. All of our teams have seen growth, improvement, and successes this season, thanks in no small measure to the investments made by coaches, players, and fans. We enjoyed another dance, hosted by Mrs. Lammle & the Junior High Students’ Council. Thanks to all who were part of making the event a success – the DJs, supervisors, and parents – even the dancers who had a great time! The Junior Council also ponied up the bus money for us to take the grade 7 – 9 students out to Banff for an awesome outdoor activities day. February 20 saw the buses loaded up at 6:00 am with sleepy heads, who were dropped off at Mount Norquay for an excellent day of schussing downhill on skis or boards, or riding pell-mell down the mountain on tubes! Mr. Vaughan and his cohort of supervisors offered our students a great experience in the Rockies – something they will remember for life.

Valentine ’s Day was memorable for Mrs. Hoover... with the gift of a great Talent Show! If you missed it, wow, did you ever miss out! Great performances, breakout singles & duos, and the steadily rising star talent of our elementary students are great theatre every year – but this year topped them all. The finale with the grade 6 students and performers doing a full ensemble / flash mob was the cherry on the cake, and the audience was in full roar as they expressed their appreciation for the great show. Bravo! Now, to look ahead. There is a reason I made reference to a Roman deity... in case you missed it, the month of March includes some of our students & staff winging off to Rome. Mr. Vaughan has a crew of 50 travellers from THS and Trochu Valley School ready to embark on an outstanding tour of Greece and Italy, beginning on March 27. Spring Break for these fortunate globetrotters will include visits to the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, and a tour of the new Pope’s museum and cathedral at the Vatican City in Rome. Check out the link on the THS website to follow the action via our blog as the students soak up the experiences in the cradle of Western civilization. Report cards (Learner Profiles) come out in March for our elementary students (March 7), with the ensuing Parent – Teacher Interviews on March 14. Secondary dates for those events are in April, after Spring Break. Secondary teachers will be inviting a student to be their guest at the 2nd Breakfast of Champions, on March 22. Watch the webpage for the picture celebrating those students following the event. Badminton begins this month, with competitions following in April and May. As spring pokes its nose around the corner, winter activities draw to a close. Gymnastics hosts their meet, hockey schedules come to an end, skating has its last twirl. Quickly following them as they exit are the outdoor activities for students of soccer, ball, golf, etc. It may be difficult to visualize them while shovelling the latest dump of snow, but they are coming. So get your bikes tuned, cleaned and ready – there are only 77 days to the Bike Roadeo!

Lloyd Boody

MARCH DATES TO REMEMBER Mar. 02-03 Mar. 04 Mar. 07 Mar. 07 Mar. 08 Mar. 10 Mar. 11 Mar. 12-15 Mar. 14 Mar. 14 Mar. 17 Mar. 18 Mar. 20 Mar. 20 Mar. 21 Mar. 22 Mar. 26 Mar. 27 Mar. 28 Mar. 29 Mar. 31 Apr. 01-05 Apr. 08 Apr. 11 Apr. 12 Apr. 17 Apr. 17

Sr. Girls BB Tournament JRAC Hot Dogs (e) Elementary Report Cards Sent Home Flex Friday (NO SCHOOL) Daylight Savings (Turn Clocks AHEAD 1 Hour) Interview Lieu Day (NO SCHOOL) Library Book Fair Hot Dogs (s) Elementary Parent/Teacher Interviews St. Patrick’s Day JRAC Wind-Up School Staff Meeting (3:30 p.m.) First Day of Spring Hot Dogs (e) Breakfast of Champions Parent Council Meets (7:00 p.m.) Europe Travelers Depart Hot Dogs (s) Good Friday (NO SCHOOL) Easter Sunday Easter Break (NO SCHOOL) School Resumes Hot Dogs (e) Junior/Senior Report Cards Go Home Kindergarten Registration 7 pm Junior/Senior Parent-Teacher Interviews


Literacy Tip for the Month of March Be creative! Help your child write, bind, and illustrate a book, photo album, or scrapbook. The book(s) could include photos and personal narratives, featuring family events and milestones. This is an opportunity for your child to practice and share their literacy skills. Early Literacy Team


Kindergarten Registration for the 2013-2014 school year will be held Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 7:00 p.m. in the Kindergarten Classroom There will be a brief information session and an opportunity to fill in your child’s registration information.

Please bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate. All interested parents are encouraged to come!

Say ALOHA to Great Books! Don’t forget – Our spring Book Fair arrives soon. It will run March 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. We are open at noon, and after school until 4:00 PM. On ParentTeacher Interview Night, the book fair will be open until 9:00 PM. Parents are also welcome to drop in at any time during school hours. Students, be sure to enter the draw before the book fair. Six lucky winners will receive gift certificates to spend at the book fair. Mrs. Anhorn

Due to the success of last year’s Coco Brooks Pizza fundraiser the DLC classes are once again selling Coco Brooks Pizzas. The pizza will be delivered pre-frozen. They are really yummy! Cheques should be made payable to Three Hills School. Please send in your orders on or before the three collection days:  Friday, March 1  Thursday, March 7  Monday, March 11 All orders must be turned in Monday, March 11, 2013 We plan to have the pizza’s here for pick-up on March 27, 2013. Thank you for supporting the DLC classes.

Bev Giles & Lacey Vickery

2012-2013 Yearbook The following students have ordered yearbooks as of March 1st, 2013 If you would like to have your name added to this list, the following are your choices: $40.00 for a coloured yearbook $45.00 for an engraved coloured Please make your cheques payable to Three Hills School and send to the school office.

Ackerman, Brett Ackerman, Morgan Andrews, Mackenzie Anhorn, Luke Bayes, Mack Becker, Brooke Bell, Kirsti Benson, Sarah Boody, Carleen Britton, Luke Buchert, Serena Buckland, Madison Cunningham, Connor Cunningham, Lauren Desrosiers, Nicholas Desrosiers, Patrick Doka, Reese Fenton, Braden Ferguson, Ashley Ferguson, Nolan Gall, Tate Gall, Sydney Gorman, Bailey Guttridge, Ryder Hagel, Devon Hanger, Aiden

Hiller, Clayton Holm, Darby Holm, Nicholas Johnson, Denika Johnson, Denver Johnson, Talyn Johnston, Maya Johnston, Mona Keiver, Riley Kientz, Sadie Kientz, Sydney King, Cara Lansink, Sanne Leuf, Logan Maksymiw, Ashley Maxwell, Charlotte McKiernan, Kohen McKiernan, Landon McLeay, Jarod Moldrup, Shane Morton, Aislinn Morton, Megan Nagy, Bryana Nagy, Jordan Nakaska, Cory Nygard, Landon

Nygard, Natalia Olson, Austin Ou, Yulun Park, Geoffrey Pomper, Chelsea Reece, Dylan Reece, Dylan Reece, Hayley Richards, Rebecca Rosgen, Alexa Rosgen, Braelynn Rupert, Rinske Sangster, Megan Smithers, Kyle Smithson, Kadence Snelgrove, Hanna Tan, Adam Toews, Danielle Trentham, Jordan Van Doren, Owen Viste, Connor Wallace, Sharlotte Weatherald, Daniel Whitehead, Alec Willis, Taylor Wilson, Blake

THS is happy to begin using their new Cardboard Recycling bin, as constructed & delivered by the Town of Three Hills. The bin was purchased with funds from Conoco-Phillips, who provide grant money annually for environmental projects in schools. This bin joins the others so we now feature paper, cardboard, and drink container recycling at THS.

THS is proud to welcome back 2 alumni who will be completing their teaching practicums. Timi Scott &Tammy Stankievech, both from the U of A, will join us for 2 months starting Tuesday. Tammy is spending her time with the lucky students in the grade 1 classes, while Timi is lending her talents to the DLC 1 classroom. Welcome back!

UNDERSTANDING AND PREVENTING SUICIDE Community Information Sessions Sessions are for ADULT parents, caregivers, coaches, and teachers who work with children and adolescents. TOPICS INCLUDE:  Warning signs  How to talk to children and adolescents about suicide  When to and how to get help

 Community resources PRESENTED BY: Alberta Health Services – Mental Health Kneehill Community Resource Program

Three Hills – Wednesday, April 17th, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. THREE HILLS SCHOOL, 400 - 6th Avenue, South Carbon – Tuesday, April 23rd, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. CARBON SCHOOL, 221 Bruce Avenue For additional information, contact your area Family Resource Worker Glenn Berg, Trochu Area, 403-442-2755 Jessica Fasoli, Acme Area, 403-546-4379, Carbon Area, 403-572-3448, Linden Area, 403-546-2594 Yvonne Wilson, Three Hills Area, 403-443-2460

Newsletter Insert

TOPIC- Assessment FOR Learning Golden Hills teachers continue to focus on improving student learning through the implementation of “Assessment for Learning” strategies. These strategies are the activities that teachers and students engage in while the students are learning.

Key Strategies of Assessment for Learning:          

Share learning targets in student-friendly language Use student-friendly scoring rubrics and set criteria in advance Use examples and models of strong and weak work Offer regular descriptive feedback of strengths and how to improve Use effective questioning techniques Teach students to self-assess and set goals Use peer-assessment Focus on curriculum essentials when planning Provide meaningful tasks Encourage different ways for students to show what they know

How Can I help my Child at Home? As a parent it is important to focus on your child’s learning and not just the grade. Ask your child about what they have learned in order to understand what the learning target is. Encourage your child to self-assess and ask questions. Communicate with your child’s teacher to understand where your child is at in relation to the outcomes. When your child brings home work, ask:  “What did you do well on this assignment?”  “What changes would you make next time?”  “How will you use the feedback to improve your skills?”  “What did you learn from doing this work?”




Access KidSport Kneehill KidSport Kneehill is a volunteer committee that believes all children should have the opportunity to participate in organized sports. To help make this possible, KidSport Kneehill provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organize sports. KidSport Kneehill has increased the available funding for young athletes to $275.00 per child per year. The increase is a response to escalating costs for registration in organized sport. This increase would not be possible without the generous support of local private and corporate donors. Thank-you! It is our hope that qualified families will continue to enroll their children in organized sport activities. School sports, minor hockey, pond hockey, curling, figure skating, soccer, swimming, dance, fencing‌there is something for everyone! Applications are available in our schools, town/village offices, libraries, and online at If you have any questions regarding KidSport Kneehill funding please call 403-443-3800.

Three Hills School Newsletter March 2013  

Three Hills School Newsletter March 2013

Three Hills School Newsletter March 2013  

Three Hills School Newsletter March 2013