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Corporate Collection

BU SIN ES S GI F TS Skyline Collection

A. Ice Bucket 15cm I 034025 I £70 B. Jug and Stirrer 27cm I 084089 I £85 C. Teardrop Decanter 27cm I 034035 I £145 D. Tumbler 9cm I 084082 I £28

C. B.

An exclusive collection of city skyline products. Skylines available: London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Moscow. Personalised with your own wording, dates and logos.


Designs can be made to order See online for details

A. D.

New York Skyline Tumbler 084083 I £28 single I £48 pair Customised from £48

1| Made in England

Moscow Skyline Highball 084085 I £28 single I £48 pair Customised from £48

Paris Skyline Tumbler 084084 I £28 single I £48 pair Customised from £48


Singapore Skyline 084133 I £28 single I £48 pair

Hong Kong Skyline 084023 I £28 single I £48 pair

Rome Skyline 084120 I £28 single I £48 pair

Shanghai Skyline 084127 I £28 single I £48 pair

All tumblers can be etched with added words, logos and dates. Skylines available are Brussels, Amsterdam, Rio, London in the snow or custom made designs available to order. All scenes can be etched on highballs, tankards, ice buckets, champagne coolers, jugs and decanters.

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SA L ES AWAR D S & CO N FE RE N CE GIFTS Crystal Hexagonal Tower Skyline Tumblers (Pair) I 9cm I £48 12.5cm I 317013 I £75 All designs are available in tumbler or 19cm I 317013 I £95 highball glasses and can be personalised 25.5cm I 317013 I £115 with your own wording, dates and logos. Available in clear, black or blue.

MAKE IT PERSONAL Etch your company logo, name and message

Oval Wingback Cufflinks Silver Plate I 126056 I £40 Sterling Silver I 126046 I £115

3| Made in England

Inkerman Silver and Leather Pens Rollerball I 018007 I £120 Ballpoint I 018005 I £120 Fountain I 018008 I £144 Available in black or red

Penshurst Decanter with Silver Neck 21cm I 022050 I £265 26cm I 022049 I £265

CUSTO MISED CORPOR ATE PIECES Crystal Champagne Cooler with Sterling Silver Foot Ice Bucket I 15cm I 022013 I £295 Champagne Cooler I 19cm I 022014 I £395 Customised from £400


LEATHER EMBOSSING We can emboss our leather items with initials, dates and logos to create a bespoke design. The embossing can be plain, in silver or gold.

SILVER & PEWTER ENGRAVING Our products can be engraved with hand writing for a personal message, signatures for a retirement present and the most intricate of crests and logos.

GLASS ETCHING We can etch logos, crests, dates or commemorative copy to make a unique gift. Crystal etching can be infilled in gold, silver or coloured enamel.

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B. A.


MAKE IT PERSONAL Emboss your company logo


A. London Skyline Recycled Leather Card Holder 283165 I £20

B. My Travel Stuff Bag 283062 I £20 Other colours available

C. Universal Travel Adaptor with USB Port 8.5cm I 225001 I £25

D. London Skyline Recycled Leather Luggage Tag 283164 I £20

Products A and D can be made in customised colours with any city skyline design and logos. Minimum quantities apply.

5| Made in England


City Skyline A5 Notebook 283107 I From £30 Showing Munich but designs available for any city.

Leather Receipt Currency Wallet 18cm I 283177 I £55

Leather Passport Cover 283045 I £40 Leather Luggage Label 283041 I £20 Other colours available

Leather Travel Cufflink / Jewellery Box 7cm I 283115 I £28

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RETIREMENT GIFTS A. Square Decanter with Sterling Silver Neck 25cm I 138034 I £350 B. Pyramid Decanter with Sterling Silver Collar 25cm I 022012 I £228 32cm I 022015 I £288 C. Jug and Stirrer with Sterling Silver Foot 27cm I 0222011 I £220

B. A.

Pewter Presentation Dish 20cm I 001117 I £65 25cm I 001118 I £100 30cm I 001119 I £125

7| Made in England

Custom Design Models Replicas made to order From £300 Min. quantities apply

MANY MORE ONLINE Etch your company logo, name and message


Etched Black Glass Presentation Plate From £500


A. B.


MAKE IT PERSONAL Engrave or emboss your company logo


A. Montblanc Starwalker Pens Ballpoint I 019040 I £290 Fine Liner I 019042 I £350 Fountain I 019050 I £435

B. Silver Plate Frames 4 x 6” I 013007 I £20 5 x 7” I 013006 I £25 8 x 10” I 013005 I £30

C. Leather Notebook Slip Cover A5 I 283011 I £90 A4 I 283009 I £145 Available in a range of colours

D. Nickel Plated World Time Zone Paperweight 6cm I 142011 I £35

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SPORTING TROPHIES Investec Women’s Hockey League Trophy 2016

Bangladesh Premier League T20 Trophy


Juddmonte International Trophy

AP McCoy Retirement Plate

Darley July Cup

Inkerman are proud to provide trophies for many prestigious sporting events.

9| Made in England


Grand National

Rugby Barbarians

Royal London One Day International Trophy

Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Investec Trophy Crystal Slant Cut Towers

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POPULAR TROPHY PIECES Four Sided Penshurst Vase Investec Women’s 25cm I 317017 I £60Hockey League Trophy 2016 30cm I 317018 I £90

GIFTS FOR OCCASIONS Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays online

Pewter Whitehall Carafe 28cm I 001122 I £145

11| Made in England

Racing Jug 27.5cm I 084075 I £85

Penshurst Decanter 21cm I 317038 I £80 26cm I 317037 I £80

POPULAR TROPHY PIECES Sterling Silver Chippendale Salver Engraved from £2,000

MAKE IT PERSONAL Etch your company logo, event details and signatures

Pewter Westminster Jug 28cm I 001095 I £150

Sterling Silver Alms Dish with Raised Centre Available with or without 20cm I 138005 I £1,200 30cm I 138007 I £2,500

Hartfield Vase 22cm I 084019 I £75 30cm I 084018 I £80

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C LA SS I C T ROP H I ES 32Red King George VI Steeple Chase

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Alms Dish Your own horse shoe mounted on a dish. 15cm I From £900

13| Made in England

Alms Dish with Horse’s Head Horse’s head available in silver or gold. 15cm I From £190 in silver plate Also available in sterling silver

Pewter Chelsea Ice Bucket 20cm I 001126 I £145 Pewter Chelsea Champagne Cooler 24cm I 001127 I £180 Can be customised with a bespoke finial

BADGES, PINS & MEDALS Investec League Champions Trophy

Investec Derby Festival Guest Badges

Lawn Tennis Association Pins

Investec Test Series Medals

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SPORTING SCENES Racing Scene Jug 27.5cm I 084075 I £85 Highball 15cm I 084126 I £28 single I £48 pair Tumbler 9cm I 084076 I £28 single I £48 pair

MANY MORE ONLINE Visit our site for more scenes

Rugby Scene Pint Tankard 084121 I £42.50

15| Made in England

Golf Scene Teardrop Decanter 27cm I 031091 I £145 39cm I 031079 I £165

Hockey Scene Tumbler 084110 I £28 single I £48 pair


Golf Scene 084080 I £28 single I £48 pair

Cricket Scene 084078 I £28 single I £48 pair

Shooting Scene 084096 I £28 single I £48 pair

Fishing Scene 084118 I £28 single I £48 pair

All tumblers can be etched with added words, logos and dates. Scenes available in rugby, football, netball, alpine, polo, grouse, stalking or custom made designs available to order. All scenes can be etched on highballs, tankards, ice buckets, champagne coolers, jugs and decanters.

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M ODER N T ROP H I ES British Takeaway Award in acrylic & aluminium

Polished Pewter Slant Cut Tower

Crystal Gold or Silver Infilled Globe

Bespoke Blue Crystal Sail

Silver & Gold Plated Trophy

Aluminium Award Crystal Slant Cut Towers

17| Made in England

CUSTOMISED TROPHIES Forage Aid Award Made from brushed and polished aluminium on a wooden plinth, standing 32cm tall.

Nickel Coin Grand National Festival Trophy

Royal London U15 County Cup Trophy

Black Glass Lifetime Achievement Award

At Inkerman, we pride ourselves on our capability to deliver custom made gifts, trophies and awards to suit your brief and budget. Our bespoke service has flourished over the years, with our master craftsmen designing and crafting countless pieces from cufflinks to sporting trophies. Online | Call 01892 752211 | Social


PRIVATE GIFT BROCHURE available online or by request. PACKAGING

Pure Luxury in a Red Ribboned Box All Inkerman gifts arrive wrapped and ribboned in our distinctive red gift boxes. Custom made flight cases available. Priced individually. WORLDWIDE DELIVERY All delivery charges will be confirmed at the time of ordering. PHONE +44 (0)1892 752211



SHOP 11 Sham Farm, Sham Farm Road, Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9JA All prices, dimensions and product details are correct at the time of printing. Sterling silver prices may vary. Prices include VAT. Colours are rendered as accurately as our printing process allows. We reserve the right to amend prices, dimensions and product details without notice.

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Corporate Collection  
Corporate Collection