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Three Spam Bday SKU: BDSP001

Spam Sunglasses Bday SKU: BDSP002

Musubi Beard Bday SKU: BDMU001

Owl Bday SKU: BDOW001

Cow Bday SKU: BDCW001

Shark Bday SKU: BDSH001

Crab Bday SKU: BDCB001

Beagle Bday SKU: BDBG001

Pig Bday SKU: BDPG001

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283 Page 1


Pucci Bday SKU: BDDG001

Chow Motorcycle Bday SKU: BDCH001

Otter Bday SKU: BDOT001

Chow Sunglasses Bday SKU: BDCH002

Manatee Bday SKU: BDMA001

Unicorn Bday SKU: BDUN001

Ice Cream Bday SKU: BDIC001

Akita Steak Bday SKU: BDAK001

Spam First Bday SKU: BDSP003

Corgi Bday SKU: BDCR001

Cat Bday SKU: BDCA001

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Cactus Bday SKU: BDCT001

Fish Sunglasses Bday SKU: BDFS001

Peguin Bday SKU: BDPE001

Bird Bday SKU: BDBR001 NEW!

Chow Birthday Hat SKU: BDCH003 NEW!

Birthday Trout SKU: BDFS002 NEW!

Bday Llama SKU: BDLL001 NEW!

Bday Spam Tie SKU: BDSP004 NEW!

Tiger Bday SKU: BDTG001 NEW!

Bear Bday SKU: BDBE001 NEW!

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283

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Prenatal Peace Dad SKU: PPDA001

Prenatal Peace Grandpa SKU: PPGP001

Prenatal Peace Father SKU: PPFA001

Caramel SKU: PPFA002 NEW!

Mocha SKU: PPFA003 NEW!

Chocolate SKU: PPFA004 NEW!

Prenatal Peace Twins SKU: PPTW001 NEW!

Prenatal Hearts Father SKU: PHFA001

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Dino Book Dad SKU: DADN001

Chow Dad SKU: DACH001

Cat Baby Dad SKU: DACA002

Cat Car Dad SKU: DACA001

Whale Mom SKU: MOWH001

Rabbit Mom SKU: MORA001

Elephant Mom SKU: MOEL001

Hippo Mom SKU: MOHP001

Dog New Dad

Bird Mom SKU: MOBR001

Otter Mom SKU: MOOT001


Bear Hug Love SKU: LVBE001

Pig Love SKU: LVPG001

Hedgehog Love SKU: LVHE001

Spam Musubi Love SKU: LVSP001


Rabbit Love SKU: LVRA001

Horse Love SKU: LVHR001

Slippers Love SKU: LVSL001

Answer Love SKU: LVAN001

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283 Page 6

Otter Love SKU: LVOT001 NEW!

Manatee Kiss SKU: KIMA001

Otter Wedding SKU: WEOT001 NEW!

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Cat and Rabbit Love SKU: LVRA001 NEW!

Owl Wedding – Black SKU: WEOW001

Pig Wedding SKU: WEPG001 NEW!


Musubi Wedding SKU: WEMU001

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283

Spam Family SKU: FASP001



Corgi Baby – Blue SKU: BACR001

Corgi Baby – Pink SKU: BACR002

Corgi Baby – White SKU: BACR003

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283

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Bears Sympathy SKU: SYBE001

Dog Pray SKU: PRDG001

Corgi Get Well SKU: GWCR001

Dog Miss You SKU: MYDG001

Spam Miss You SKU: MYSP001

Musubi Thank You SKU: TYMU001

Pineapple Thank You SKU: TYPN001

Otter Thank You SKU: TYOT001

Monk Seal Thank You SKU: TYMS001

Penguin Grad SKU: GRPE001

Turtle Grad SKU: GRTU001


St Bernard Grad SKU: GRDG001


Sloth Grad SKU: GRSL001

Giraffe Grad SKU: GRGF001

Chick Grad SKU: GRCH001

Panda Grad SKU: GRPA001

$2.25 each. 424-337-0283 Page 10

$2.25 each. 424-337-028

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Corgi Xmas SKU: XMCR001


Bear Xmas SKU: XMBE001

Tree Dancing Xmas SKU: XMTR001


Bear Dance Xmas SKU: XMBE002

Boston Xmas SKU: XMDG001

Sloth Xmas SKU: XMSL001

Chihuahua Xmas SKU: XMDG002

Otter Xmas SKU: XMOT001

Cactus Xmas SKU: XMCT001

Hula Girl Greeting SKU: GRHU001

Thanksgiving Bear SKU: THBE001 NEW!

Corgi Congrats SKU: CNCR001

I’m Diana, creator and designer of Ink Delights! I have been drawing and making greeting cards for my friends and family as long as I could remember. I love snail mail, and had pen-pals growing up, even when email started getting popular. I started Ink Delights when I was pregnant with my one and only. I had a difficult pregnancy and drawing was a way to cope. After giving birth, Ink Delights has grown into something that I didn’t expect, a passion to spread delight through my little ink drawings. I am so excited to create new designs and share them with you to help celebrate life’s many happy occasions! I hope you love my creations as much as I loved making them. Thank you for looking!

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4.25 x 5.5 (size A2) printed in the USA on 120# cardstock Comes with a white size A2 70# envelope Individually wrapped in protective cellophane


$2.25 each – minimum order quantity is 6 per design Opening order minimum of $100 Reorder minimum of $75

Order wholesale with Diana Sakata Lou by contacting her directly at: or (424) 337-0283 or at Faire at

We accept all major credit cards and paypal. We can email you an invoice unless otherwise noted. Payment due upon ship date. Net 30 terms are available after the first order

Orders are shipped via USPS unless another method is preferred. Shipping cost will be calculated based on the weight and will be added to the final invoice. One year of free shipping costs if you order through my Faire link. Please allow 2 weeks from order date for shipping.

I do not accept cancellations or returns. If your order arrives damaged, please contact me within 2 days of receiving your order, and I will send a replacement.

Diana Sakata Lou (424) 337-0283 (text and call) Instagram: @inkdelights Facebook: @inkdelights Page 13

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Ink Delights 2020 Catalog  

Greeting card line of unique hand drawn illustrations.

Ink Delights 2020 Catalog  

Greeting card line of unique hand drawn illustrations.