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“INK’D 4 LIFE” Way of Life A Letter from the Editors The INK’D 4 LIFE Magazine and movement represent the generation of people who believe that the present tattoo era is an undeniable way of life. We are a Charlotte, NC tattoo magazine that will reshape this industry by producing real stories about real people. The purpose of this movement is to highlight the rapidly emerging “in crowd” of the tattoo world by providing a seasonal print out and space that will give exceptional recognition to top Tattoo Artists, Pin-Up Girls, Tattoo Models, Miscellaneous Professionals, Athletes, Fashion Designers, and Recording Artists. Our goal is to eventually establish a global network of tattoo awareness and to illustrate the expressive nature of the tattooed world. We believe that tattoo artistry provides an outlet for personal, unique illustrations of life journeys. All of who we are, the things we love and cherish, and our past struggles and regrets can be found on our bodies in INK! This movement is, thus, dedicated to the radicals and introverts of the tattoo society! We must continue to go against the grain of the mainstream industry and defeat all odds! The ink that has been willfully etched into our skin is an indication of our dedication to this art form. The INK’D 4 LIFE generation is here and we continue to grow steadily, like an infection with no cure! Our self-expression is mandatory and we don’t give a f--- if you like it, or not! Salute to all of our INK’D 4 LIFE family and soldiers who are addicted to the INK! Stay Ink’d, William D. Martin, Founder and Editor-in-Chief


f you have more than 200 hours of art/ink work on your body, then you can definitely consider yourself as a person who is dedicated to the tattoo culture. With that said, I guess you can call Christian Wall a tattoo guru! This Queensland, Australia native has always been infatuated with art. As he grew older he became intrigued by tattoos and got his first one when he was 18-years-old. Although Mr. Wall regrets his first tattoo, his love for the art has not subsided. He believes being heavily tattooed is a lifestyle and not all of society accepts it. “You have to be able to handle it and take the good with the bad” is what he says about being a part of the culture. Christian describes his entire upper body as “One whole tattoo in progress.” He has the bottom of his leg started and a couple of small home jobs he did himself when he was younger. “I have a lot of quality artwork that I would love for people to see.” He is Ink’d 4 Life because he is passionate about the tattoo lifestyle and believes in the cause Ink’d 4 Life is promoting!

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here is no limit for Jordan “Tattoo Tripps” Kahai-Kim when it comes to the art of tattooing. From tattooing his shipmates in the barracks room, to becoming a licensed tattoo artist in Hawaii’s very first Pacific Ink and Art Expo, his journey through this legendary art form has been interesting. Tripps currently works for South Side Ink in Ewa Beach, HI with a staff of talented and well-rounded tattoo artists who all specialize in

Polynesian, black and grey, and color/realism tattoo styles. “Loyalty Over Everything” is the motto they stand by at South Side Ink and the motto does not fare far from Tripps loyalty to tattoos. Tripps is Ink’d 4 Life because there’s no other way he’d rather be! Tattoos express his way of life, his past struggles, the obstacles he has overcome, and they honor the lives of people he respects the most.

Name: Desmond Dunn City/State: Raleigh, North Carolina Why you think you should be in the magazine?


ecognizing and capitalizing on trends before consumers move on to the next big thing is a priceless skill Desmond Dunn has. Desmond is a Raleigh, NC native and a senior Psychology major at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) who believes in staying and being positive. His clothing line, The WHYL, is based off a movement that was started by him and his high school buddies. The clothing line was actually created by accident when the high school friends made a couple of tee shirts to wear and posted a picture on Instagram. They made a few more for people and decided to start a business. He says that The WHYL is about “…fulfilling life and living life like a party that never ends!” It was easy for him to hone the necessary skills (i.e. graphic designing, sewing) to become a successful, up and coming designer because he says that he has always been into fashion. Desmond is Ink’d 4 Life because his ink is an extension of himself. His tattoos are a part of his artistic expression to the world and represent his struggles, success, pains and joys, and they are his favorite features. He believes that this generation is all about beating the tattoo stereotypes and that everyone should follow their dreams and have the time of their lives WHYL doing it: “That’s the WHYL! It’s what wakes you up in the morning and tells you to BE GREAT TODAY; to find your WHYL.”



harlotte, NC native Wade Gibson is a prime example of being Ink’d 4 Life!!! When he was 16-years-old he got his first tattoo, but the real tattooing began when he moved to Southern California.

For the most part, Wade’s tattoos have not stopped him from personal and professional progression. He is a father to a beautiful little girl, the foreman for a well-respected company, and he’s also a tattoo model. When asked how many tattoos and ink hours he has he said that he did not know: “Honestly I have no clue how many actual individual tattoos, or hours I have wrapped up into this creation. All I know is that I’m literally covered from head to toe!” Wade considers himself to be Ink’d 4 Life because he went from getting one tattoo every so often to getting them on a consistent basis (he would go get tatted every week for months at a time!). He believes tattoos are admirable, whether they are all over a gorgeous girl, or a prisoner locked up behind bars. He sends his personal thanks to all the supporters, fans, and followers of the Ink’d 4 Life movement! Follow him on Instagram: @drippinpaint.

“Honestly I have no clue how many actual individual tattoos or hours I have wrapped up into this creation. All I know is that I’m literally covered from head to toe!”


randon Pirkle is a 21-year-old, up-andcoming tattoo model/skateboarder from Lewisville, TX. He got his first skateboard on his tenth birthday from a buddy and has been riding ever since! All the people he knows, the opportunities he’s been given, the memories he’s created, and pretty much the whole reason he got introduced to tattoos is because of his passion for skateboarding. Brandon is Ink’d 4 Life because he’s been obsessed with the whole tattoo lifestyle ever since he began skating with older, tatted skateboarders at 14-years-old. The idea that you could create and have amazing designs etched into your skin forever as a

visual representation of who you are and/or who you are to become as a person inspired him. Although tattoos are moving from taboo to mainstream, Brandon understands that the lifestyle is “... not for everyone.” Brandon, however, maintains his passion for the art. He got his first tattoo when he was 18-years-old and it just exploded from there. He has his whole left arm, left hand, knuckles, thumbs, left ear, chest, and throat tatted. His preferred tattoo artist is Paloma Romo from Denton, Texas: “She has amazing work and everyone should check her out!”


el Melz is a 24-year-old Pin-Up Model and emergency medicine employee whose careers most certainly fit her thrill-seeking personality. She is an Old Bridge, NJ native who has a hunger for extreme fitness and uses modeling as her motivation to keep going hard in the gym! Mel Melz started modeling in 2011 when a friend suggested that she submit photos to a few magazines upon completion of her first fitness competition. She fell in love with the reactions she would receive after she revealed to people that she had a tattoo sleeve, but was confused by certain comments people would make in reference to her tattoos. She once had a woman tell her that she thought she was pretty until she saw her tattoos, but this black-belt, weight lifting, cross fit junkie is definitely not fazed by any of the crude remarks she receives! “My tattoos express my personality and I love that they make me different and they’re all unique to me. Magazines like Ink’d 4 Life will help express the artistic inspiration behind body art and hopefully bring about a greater acceptance of it in certain careers and cultures.”

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hen it comes to being innovative, Charlotte, NC native Jeremy “Juice” Neal has what it takes to compete with the best of them! He’s always had a craving for the latest fashion, or the next trending clothing lines so it was of no surprise when he decided to start his own. Jeremy is now the founder of Young-N-Motivated (YNM) clothing. Tattoos and getting tatted, however, is not just a hobby to Jeremy; it is a lifestyle. His ink is the inspiration behind his unique style/personality and his clothing line. He started getting inked in the ninth grade at 16-years-old and has been addicted ever since. By the time he graduated from high school he had ten tattoos! The number of tats sky rocked to 30+ during his collegiate years at NC A&T University. Jeremy says he is Ink’d 4 Life because getting tattooed is a passion of his. He has many preferred tattoo artists, but Jhordan “Jag” Perry (Team Tatted), Pat (Tattoo Renaissance -Charlotte, NC), Puerto Rico (Flesh Art-Charlotte, NC), and Houston (Escape Artist-Greensboro, NC) are his top artists. He considers them to be the most important individuals who have had the biggest impact on his love for ink!


aVonna is a San Diego, CA native who personifies the true meaning of art. She is a seasoned model who has been in the game for over ten years and has plans to continue to take it to new heights and set new standards. DaVonna is also business savvy! She is currently working on a t-shirt line for the tattoo junkies of the world. She is Ink’d 4 Life because she enjoys the art aspect of tattooing. She started getting heavily tattooed before it was the “IN” thing to do and likes seeing nice tattoo art on others. DaVonna says that she will continue to be dedicated to that tattoo life! Be on the lookout for her t-shirt line INK RICH in 2014.

www.Sophisticated-Genius.com shop.sophgecloths.com


SophisticatedGenius sophgecloths

Raquel Raquel Kay is the name she was given, but the people who know her well call her Shera, “princess of power.” She loves to hike and is very genuine and passionate. She’s an adrenaline junky, loves thrills, and taking unexpected turns in life. Raquel is definitely not afraid to take a leap of faith and live life to the fullest! Ms. Kay considers herself to be the best of both worlds because she is a pharmacist technician AND a welder. She is also a wanderlust, social butterfly, family oriented, and a very hard worker! People who don’t really know her would judge and say she’s a girly-girl, but don’t let that fool you. She is a true bad ass! Deep down she’s a tom-boy at heart and knows how to get down and dirty.


rom star basketball player to great collegiate student athlete and MC, Philip “BeeZy!” Branch is not only an up and coming artist, but an individual who could potentially change the world!

BeeZy! is a Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas native who represents his hometown to the fullest! He has gained much local recognition through his solid music and his Educated Hu$tle Movement. He describes the Educated Hu$tle Movement as “…an operation that represents those who followed the rubric of every day society and never saw the fruits of their labor. In essence, the movement thrives on a ‘Get it How You Live’ way of life.” Although his music is a bit edgy, BeeZy! does not shy away from the fact that he attended college and earned his degree. He wants to inspire others to live out their dreams as he is. BeeZy! has three mixtapes (“24/7: Educated Hustle: Vol 1, 2, & 3”) that can be found on DatPiff, YouTube, or Bandcamp. Look out for this up & coming sensation! The BeeZy! Era is upon us!



hen you speak to Roxanne, you don’t hear her wordsyou see them. She is a 19-year-old social butterfly who loves to go on adventures and is always optimistic. She was born in the beautiful state of Oahu and has dreams of traveling around the world. Roxanne is the perfect image of a tall Filipino Barbie and says that everyone knows her as a tough and adventurous person. Her family, friends, and loved ones are the reasons why she chose to live in every moment. Ms. Roxanne is most proud of her peacock and coi fish tattoos, which represent her independence, past struggles, and her way of life. In 2009, Ms. Roxanne decided to get a blossom of matching, heart forming plum flower tattoos with her sister

(Raquel Kay) to remind her of their special bond. She is a true Hawaiian native with her laid-back character and unique cultural medley. Roxanne is Ink’d 4 Life because her tattoos show her personality and are a reflection of her desire to live in the moment of every day!

ORIGINAL CRACKAGE Original Crackage is a brand that combines technical innovations with exclusive designs inspired by the visions of Wes Woods. The brand will be launching soon with a website. Original Crackage designs can be seen on Instagram.


originalcrackage ,wes_4x


Runway Rem is an around-the-clock tattoo artist, musician, clothing retailer, and social media honcho from Philadelphia, PA who has been making a name for himself and his Money & Ink brand. As founder and owner of Money & Ink Tattoo Studio, Runway Rem is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who allows his work and talents speak for themselves. We decided to get inside the head of this next-level artist who has continued to redefine the art culture as we know it!


Who is Get to know a little about the Philly based tattoo artist and owner of Money & Ink Tattoo Studio.

By Ink’d4Life staff When did you get into tattooing? I ‘ve been drawing my whole life! When I started high school, tattoos were becoming popular and everyone knew me for my artistic abilities so if anyone needed a tattoo design, or idea I was the kid to come to. I’d say after about 30-40 drawings a few of the artists that tattooed the people I did drawings for would ask if they personally knew the artist of the drawings. One artist in particular was inspired by my designs and contacted me and so, here we are! What is your tattoo style (i.e. realistic, traditional, black and gray, portrait) and who/what inspires you? Do you look to the art world for inspiration? I’m inspired by any tattoo style/idea that a client may come in with. Over the years I’ve developed an intense love for the craft and livelihood of the tattoo industry. I respect the pioneers of the industry because they made it what it is today! With that said, my passion has always been to create and I enjoy the traditional tattoo style, but my favorite tattoo styles are new school black & grey and color work. As a tattoo artist, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face? I’m willing to take on any challenge-it’s part of the business. Now, I will say that one of the obstacles I face is when a client walks into the shop with no clue as to what they want. I usually want the client to get a tattoo, but I want it to be something that they can appreciate for the rest of their life. So, it’s a challenge to create a piece of art that both myself and the client will like if I’ve only known them for a few seconds, but once we get some ideas out, it’s magic every time! What is your favorite client story? An older man in his early forties walked into the shop and had never gotten a tattoo before. In my mind I’m thinking that he would want something small like a rose with his mom, or wife’s name. So, we get to talking and he says that he wants his whole back done! Although I recommended doing the back piece in sessions, the client insisted on doing it all at one time and said that he would pay extra if

he had to! I said ok cool, NO PROBLEM! [laughs] We discussed some ideas and he went to grab a bite to eat while I sketched some ideas up. After eleven hours of tattooing, he looked at his tattoo for the first time and fell in love with it! The tattoo was a big memorial piece dedicated to his wife and three kids who lost their lives in a car crash. When did you get your first tattoo and what was the experience like? I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, but my OG took me to get my first tattoo when I was 12-13 years old. [laughs] We lied and told the people at the tattoo shop that I was older! All I remember at that time is him saying, “If you b--- like a lil’ girl, I’m gone kick your a---!” [laughs] So, I had to suck it up for the most part. The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I would say that’s when I got addicted to tattoos-I was in the parlor at least twice a month after that. Where on your body did you get it? It was on my arm. What made you decide to keep getting tattoos? I developed a love for the culture and it became an addiction as well as therapy for me. I know readers may feel like tattoos and therapy don’t mix, but a dope tattoo will make you feel a hell of a lot better if you ever decide to get tatted when you are stressed, or have a lot of stuff on your mind. [laughs] What normally happens when you are deciding on whether, or not you should get a certain tattoo? I have no regrets about any of my tattoos! I am fully dedicated to this art and this lifestyle and all of my pieces have a specific meaning to me. Some are to remind me of my past, while others encourage me to grow. So, when I’m deciding on a tattoo I think about my personal connection to the art. How many tattoos do you have? I honestly lost count-I have over 200 pieces! [laughs]

What is your favorite/regrettable tattoo and why? [laughs] Like I said, I have no regrets, but I think my first tattoo was my name, which I later covered! Later on in life I was like why the hell did I get my name? [laughs] What are your plans for the future? Of course I want to get better at my craft and continue to compose dope artwork. I would also like to open up another shop just to provide other artists with the opportunity to perfect their craft. Do you have any suggestions for aspiring tattoo artists, or models? Hard work beats anything and you are only as good as what you do every day! Love what you do and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you can! Why are you Ink’d 4 Life? This is full time dedication and commitment for me. I have invested my time and life into this industry. My decision to be a part of this industry is just as permanent as the ink I wear-so, I’m definitely Ink’d 4 Life! I INK IT, I WEAR IT, I LIVE IT!

Location: “Money & Ink Tattoo Studio”; Philadelphia, PA

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aniel “DanStyles” Scott is a 23-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. He moved to North Carolina and later received a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion from North Carolina Central University (NCCU). Dan has always liked the artistic expression that fashion embodies and believes that his NY roots influenced his eagerness to learn more about it. It wasn’t until his second year in college, however, that he decided to take it to another level and pursue a Fashion degree. Last year he officially launched his DanStyles brand and has been grinding ever since! DanStyles is Ink’d 4 Life because he believes that the Ink’d 4 Life move-

ment symbolizes the whole tattoo lifestyle. He got his first tattoo when he was 17-years-old and is now sleeved up with hardly any space on his upper body! DanStyles genuinely embraces the tattoo culture and has never gotten a tattoo for attention, or to impress someone else. He doesn’t really know how many tats he has and says that if you are able to count them, then “…you’re probably not that tatted!” If you want to find out more about Dan’s DanStyles brand, visit www. Dan-Styles.com.


taying trong

AN INK’D EXCLUSIVE COMMENTARY A routine check-up for Mary Maynard turned into something neither her or her new husband could imagine. After returning from her honeymoon, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After months of tough times and surgeries she is now cancer free and enjoying her life.


By Mary Maynard

am very outgoing; never met a stranger. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, fishing, and at times I even like to walk park trails. My passion, however, lies in the time that I spend with my family and friends during cookouts, or group functions. I am a 48-year-old mother of three wonderful children; two beautiful daughters, 27 and 29- years -old, and a wonderful 33-year-old handsome son. I also have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. I made Midland, NC home when I married my amazing husband, Richard Maynard, and became acquainted with my two step daughters. I got married on April 29, 2012. We had a wonderful wedding with family, friends, church family and our honeymoon was absolutely amazing. We returned from our honeymoon ready to begin our lives together, but neither of us were prepared for the sudden changes in our newly found family life. I never was much for going to the doctors, but my husband insisted that I go in for checkups. He was truly concerned about our overall health and wanted to make sure we would really be able to grow old together. With this in mind, I decided that I would go and get my first mammogram. The procedure was nerve racking and waiting to hear the results was even more heart wrenching. Eventually the nurse came in and said that they had seen a few things that needed further analysis and that an ultrasound needed to be conducted. At this point there was a lot going through my mind. Could I really have breast cancer? Is it aggressive?

Those few minutes of sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my results seemed like a lifetime. My thoughts and emotions were interrupted abruptly when I heard the door to the room open and the doctor came in to further explain my results. He sat down and told me that he noticed a white mass in my right breast. He stated that it could be calcium build up and that he was going to schedule me for a stereotactic biopsy. My appointment was set for June 25, 2012, which gave me five days to think on the information I received and to prepare my family for good, or bad results. During these five days, my family tried to console me, but I knew and felt it at this point. I knew that I had breast cancer. I tried to explain this emerging feeling to my husband over dinner, but he did not want to hear it; he did not want to accept the truth. Knowledge of my husband’s discomfort prompted me to retrieve courage for myself. I felt this innate need to find comfort within myself; a need to settle this uneasiness. I found within myself that God gave me the strength to console my family. June 25, 2012. My heart raced as they called my name to come to the back room to conduct my biopsy. They numbed the area where they saw the mass on my right breast, proceeded to remove samples of tissue from the mass to be sent off for testing, and inserted a small chip in my right breast so that they would know where the mass was. The next day I went outside and sat by the pool with my daughter. Even with all that had transpired we decided we would have a good day and enjoy the outdoors. At

9:15 am the phone rang. It was one of the representatives from the doctor’s office calling to give me my results. The news was just as I expected. The mass was cancerous. Upon receiving the news I offered a deafening silence in which the representative questioned my emotional state. I put on a smile and told them I was fine. At that time they proceeded to explain my option. I thanked them, got off the phone, told my family the results, and proceeded to formulate my plan to fight this disease. My first phone call was to a breast cancer specialist. I was in his office the next week. The MRI showed that I had Stage I cancer and that it had already spread. My next phone call was to a plastic surgeon and reconstruction surgeon to see what my options were.

I wanted both breasts removed. The reconstruction surgeon gave me some more information on the double mastectomy procedure and wanted me to have a few weeks to myself to think about the procedure before he conducted it just to make sure that I was sure; but my mind was already made up. I knew that family genetics would leave a 98% chance that the cancer would return in my left breast within a six month time frame if I did not go through with the procedure. With that in mind, I returned to the surgeon’s office with the support of my family and lovely husband of seven months and set the date for my double mastectomy for July 30, 2012. I knew the journey would be long, but God prepared me. I had my support system. I was ready. The day of the surgery came and went. I arrived at 5:00 am to see my family, friends, church family, my husband, and God who were all there as my support team. The surgery took 5 ½ - 6 hours.

They removed both breast and inserted temporary tissue expanders, which were breast reconstruction implants that were periodically filled with salt-water solution to expand the breast skin and muscle to build a pocket for implants. I went through a lot after the surgery, but I knew I had to stay strong on the outside for my family. Every step in the process to rebuild my breasts was long and hard, but God taught me patience. I went in for 6-7 fills and had to keep the expanders in for three months to build a firm pocket for my implants. I was scared that I would never be the same. My therapy during this time was Martina McBride’s song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.” There were a lot of tears during this time in my life, but this song inspired me to stay strong. My husband never made me feel like a burden. He stood beside me as my rock when I was weak and he loved me through it all with open arms, a kiss, or encouraging words. I was blessed when God joined our two hearts. He is such an amazing man. It took three to four months for my implant pockets to form. It was then time for yet another surgery.

The love I received and felt from this team and my faith in God is what kept me going.

This time, however, the expanders would be taken out and I would finally be getting my implants!

I am most thankful for what I’ve gone through because it taught me to appreciate the little things and to understand my purpose on this earth.

The surgeons began reconstructing my new set of areolas and nipples about three weeks after my surgery by crafting skin from my side. I was so excited about getting the implants and the reconstruction process because I felt like a very big part of me was missing. I would finally be able to feel whole again. Little did I know how much June 26, 2012 would change my life. I went through a lot during those few months of my life, but here I stand; alive, well, and breast cancer free! I had a special team of family, friends, and doctors.

I truly believe that my bout with breast cancer was my test for my testimony which is the reason why I decided to have tattoo artist Jamie Burleson cover up what breast cancer left behind. I have twenty-three tattoos with a story behind each one of them. I love my artwork and Jamie did an awesome job in covering up my scars. Cancer took a lot from me, but it didn’t change my heart.

Address: 623 S. Cedar St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Instagram: @qddstudios Facebook.com/QDD Studios Twitter: @qdd_studios


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InkFest Live is the only tattoo expo of its kind! It was a great event that hosted a historical concrete jungle of leading tattoo artists from around the world, graffiti demonstrations, car and bike exhibitions, live performances by some of today’s hottest recording artists, and the expo even had a DJ battle segment! InkFest Live was developed by industry veterans who felt it was time to change the way professional tattoo artists and manufacturers of body art products display their goods. The expo captured the livelihood of the art industry by showing a great appreciation for masterpieces created by renegade and graffiti artists. InkFest Live excelled in the art expo department and did not fall short of any expectation!


Cape Fear Tattoo & Art Expo The 3rd Annual Cape Fear Tattoo & Arts Expo was definitely an event to remember!!! This weekend long, public expo was filled with tattoo contests, art showcases, seminars, art fusions, and other artistic related events. The event was held at the Wilmington Convention Center located in historical Wilmington, North Carolina. The convention center’s convenient location allowed interested attendees to explore Wilmington’s Carolina beach side, restaurants, and museums. The 3rd Annual Cape Fear Tattoo & Arts Expo was a great experience and turned out to be an interesting venture for all friends and families in attendance. This expo is becoming a Carolina cornerstone in artistic exhibition and will continue to showcase vibrant works of art!


EXPERIENCE Sophisticated Genius Clothing Brand is the brain child of two urban intellectuals. Roland Reaves and Brandon Norman saw the need for a unique product in the “copy paste” world that we live in. As designers, they strive to encourage their customers to have a sense of self and to acknowledge their own original creativity. Their brand is for those few that understand that going against the grain is cool and that fashion is really what you make it. Their slogan “Stay True and Just Do You” is the recurring message in all of their designs and is emphasized in their signature logo Cham the Zebra. Cham comes from Chameleon and represents the versatility of their brand. The Zebra emphasizes the brands sophisticated black and white outlook. The wearers of this brand, thus, master sophisticated distinction in any setting; relaxed, casual, or professional.

The Experience is a Music & Fashion Showcase presented by The Port, Sophisticated Genius Clothing Co, and First Class Lifestyle. The event will showcase performing acts from The Port and other outside artists. Sophisticated Genius will premier it’s New Spring/Summer line “Safari” also lots of local vendors.

5920 South Blvd. Charlotte, N.C. 28217

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