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Paucartambo is located in a fertile valley at 2,906 meters high; this forms one of the six districts of the Province of Paucartambo, located in the Department of Cuzco.

Paucartambo is today an example of the former colonial Peru Andean roots. Characterized by its cobbled streets, narrow and surrounded by lovely homes blue balconies. At first Paucartambo (Pawqartampu in Quechua, Tambo colorful) was located 110 kilometers from Cuzco, and served as a supply center for troops of the Inca Empire. Then corresponded to the old township of the Andes. Among the principal magistrates of the period are to: Manuel de Zamudio (XVII century) and Pedro Florez of Cienfuegos (XVIII century).

Paucartambo For administrative Matters WAS the province created on June 21, 1825, at the disposal of the Liberator Simon Bolivar. Today is the capital of the province of Paucartambo. The feast of Our Lady of Paucartambo That is a fabulous celebration calls for real human visitors and Masses of worshipers from all over the world always Accompanied by Its People and 12 groups of dancers radiating faith, charm, color and joy. These dances are the Most Precious gifts that can be afforded to the Virgin, is a sacrifice of the faithful made with love and devotion to the "Mamacha" in exchange for His blessing and protection.


This celebration magical and real at the same time has deep religious significance for social and ritual can be seen as constructed, is defined and maintained the identity and customs of the Andean peoples, mestizos clearly observed in

the "guerrilla" between Ch'unchus qollas the plateau and the east;

Where both nations dispute the lair of just over the bridge Mamacha Carlos III under the waters of this river Mapacho. Have a great opportunity to witness the natural spectacle of dreams in the town of Tres Cruces de Oro to 3739 meters above sea level gateway Manu National Park.


Paucartambo has important tourism resources of natural order,

Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen has a single nave, on the front

cultural and mixed. With regard to archaeological attractions, these

shows a small atrium with a typical pavement art, which also

are comprised of Chullpas Ninamarca Sonqo and T'oqra, the

performs the worship of the Virgin of Carmen.Tres Cruces de Oro is

archaeological site of Wat'oqto and colonial Carlos III bridge in sight

an exceptional natural site value landscape, why was highly

and every visitor arrival arises impressive silhouette, with firm

prioritized in equity Paucartambo tourist, this place is known as the

bedrock abutments and lying on the waters of torrential Mapacho;

observatory at the output of the sun.

Paucartambo DAY 01: July 16th. Travel to Paucartambo. We leave in the morning in private to the village of Paucartambo, stroll through the city, and nightfall will appreciate the different dances, and serenades to the Virgin of Carmen. At night we went to Tres Cruces de Oro, where we set the tent, for the night and wait

for the sunrise Food: Snack and dinner. Tour Time: All Day Overnight: At Tres Cruces (camp)

Paucartambo DAY 02: July 17. We got up early to appreciate the fantastic sunrise rarely seen in other parts of the world, after breakfast, return

to the People of Paucartambo, where we spend all day and observe the mixture of typical local dances. Meals: Breakfast, lunch and snack. Tour Time: All Day INCLUDES: • Private transportation • Meals: 01 breakfast 02 lunch 01 dinner • 02 snack • Professional tourist guides • Camping equipment Not Included • Sleeping bag • Tips


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festividad de la Mamacha del Carmen Paucartambo en Cusco Peru

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