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Ed stared in awe at the gigantic poster of The Boy Who Lived. Three more days... three more weeks and the movie would be out! After a decade of devotion, the first installment of the last movie would be his for the viewing. His and his girlfriend, Cassie Oh man! Ed hit his head in horror and dug his hand into his pocket to pull out his cell phone. He speeddialed Cassie’s number with the frantic haste of a man running from a horde of angry dragons. “Hey Ed! What's up?” “Cassie! Oh man, you'll never forgive me! I forgot to ask you to come with me to the midnight opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!” There was a long silence on the phone line and Ed frowned. “Cassie?” “Uh, yeah,” said Cassie slowly. “Ed, you know I want to see that movie just as badly as you do... but you see, I've already got plans for my November evenings.” Ed's mouth dropped. “You... already... have... plans? But what's more important than seeing Harry and the others go searching for Horcruxes?” “Well, some of my forum friends talked me into signing up for this thing called National Novel Writing Month – NaNoWriMo for short. We're all gonna write fifty thousand words in the month of November! And since I've got school all day and play practice on weekends, my only free writing time is in the evenings.” “But...” Ed stared at the poster of Harry and swallowed hard. “It's going to be really awesome!” Cassie continued, not noticing Ed's despondent protest. “I've been researching and I know all the tricks! I've got to get my plot settled ahead of time, and sketch out my characters as much as I can.

I've got a goal of writing a thousand words a day – and an extra three thousand on Sundays. Mom and Dad know all about it and have promised to support me. I've even made a word thermometer for my wall that I'm going to color in as I pass goals so that everyone can see how close I am to the end!” “Fifty thousand words,” said Ed. “That's... well, sounds like you've got a good... goal...” Cassie finally realized that all was not well with her boyfriend. “This is really important to you, isn't it?” “Yeah. And... well... won't it be good for you to take a break from writing? I mean, watching the movie might even inspire you!” “I guess you're right,” Cassie said at last. “I can make one exception. But I've got a condition.” “What's that?” asked Ed. He could hear the smile in Cassie's voice as she responded. “You bring me an extra large coffee the next day so I can make up for lost time!”

In November A l e x O ' Do n n e l l and the Forty Cyberthieves


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A Love of Music  

What was it like to play Maria in "The Sound of Music"? What are ten musicals everyone should see? What is the true meaning of "The Phantom...

A Love of Music  

What was it like to play Maria in "The Sound of Music"? What are ten musicals everyone should see? What is the true meaning of "The Phantom...