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Ink and Fairydust

Premiering June 23rd - 26th,

2011 in St. Paul, MN! Check out www.theshadowofthebear for more info about the release!

As I sit down to write this, I find myself filled with gratitude. Who am I that I should have the privilege to run this magazine? How did I get to work with such fantastic writers? How did we gain such devoted readers? In December we received a mention from Gilbert Magazine as well as some interest from the Laura Ingalls Wilder community. As a result, our viewing numbers nearly doubled. This is a phenomenal increase and seems to represent a lasting trend. This means that not only are we gaining new readers – but we are keeping them. We also recently added five new writers to the staff. They are extremely talented people and I'm just blown away that all of them have volunteered to write for free. I don't for a minute take that for granted. You will have the chance to see some of their work starting in next month's issue. This magazine really is a labor of love, and while there is an awful lot of 'labor' going on, there is also a great deal of 'love.' We get to write about subjects we care about, and we get to give you all the magazine we wish someone would have created for us.

It is our desire to continue to give you all the magazine YOU want to read. However, we can't do this without feedback. We would love it if you'd drop us an e-mail at and let us know how we're doing! Is there a theme you'd like to see us cover? A column you miss? A writer you really appreciate? Let us know! It would mean the world to us. Speaking of the world... as America gets ready to celebrate it's only truly foreign culture holiday (St. Patrick's Day), we at I&F would like you to find a comfy chair, sit back and circle the globe with us in the following pages. Whether you've traveled a lot or a little, or just dream of it, I guarantee you will love this issue. Until next time – Ciao! Elizabeth Hausladen Editor-in-Chief P.s. Did you know that you can find back issues, upcoming themes, ways to get involved and more at our website? Just check out! (The photo was taken at the Palace of Versailles during my European Adventure. You can read more about this trip later on in the magazine!)

In April...

We are heading to Avonlea and Concord to immerse ourselves in the worlds of L. M. Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables" and Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women."

March 2011  

Around the World with the Staff of I&F! Explore England, Ireland, France, Italy and more!

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