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Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ discovers that it was Bilbo who took his stone, he tries to strangle Bilbo. by Gwendolyn Rose In the end, Thorin dies because of his greed, but not before repenting. Bilbo also The Hobbit, a fantasy, by J.R.R. Tolkien makes reparation by giving away all the EDITOR IN CHIEF Elenatintil tells the tale of Bilbo Baggins, a rich and treasure he gained on his adventure to his respectable Hobbit from the Shire who friends and family. They both found that goes on an adventure with a company of the only wealth truly worth having is stored COPYEDITOR Delaney dwarves. Bilbo is hired as a burglar to in heaven—earthly wealth only assist the dwarves on their quest to retrieve complicates life. Today great wealth and ADVERTISING EDITOR Lantalamiste their lost treasures from the evil dragon, the need to gain that wealth wreaks havoc Smaug. On their way they encounter many on the lives of many people. Take FICTION EDITOR McKay dangers, and Bilbo finds a magic ring that Hollywood as a prime example; the money makes him invisible. The Hobbit is the often allows them to ruin their lives. When SUBMISSIONS EDITOR Lady Anastasia beginning of Tolkien’s wonderful trilogy, money becomes the focus of your life, you The Lord of the Rings. allow the devil to enter you life. Always When we first meet Bilbo, he is sitting keep God the center of your life and you on his front stoop blowing smoke rings; he will never stray. SENIOR WRITERS seems rather dim-witted and dull. On the Froggy, Jo March, Lady Carmie, Lady When I re-read Tolkien’s books I always Rafka, Lady Rose, Lantalamiste, Maria, contrary, through the course of the book, come away with a greater understanding of Bilbo proves that not only is he clever, but the characters and another message to Naiadgirl, *~*Rose*~*, Qiscrazy he is also a loyal friend. This is shown apply to my own life. This is a sign of a when he risks his life to save his friends, truly great author, one who writes book the dwarves, in the forest of Mirkwood. He that will always be relative. ILLUSTRATOR saves them by using cunning to trick the Nenetta ___________________________________ extremely large, man-eating spiders. Bilbo again demonstrates that he is a steadfast friend, when he frees the dwarves Princesses in Disguise CORRESPONDANTS By Naiadgirl Dayandnight, Delaney, Gwendolyn Rose, from the dungeons of the wood-elves, by packing them into empty apple barrels. In Lady Blanche Rose, Miss Kathleen, "Have you ever felt that there was this instance it would have been very easy Nenetta, Robyn something going on in life that not for Bilbo to abandon them; instead he everyone was aware of?...As though the stays, risking his own life to save his people you meet aren't just their plain, friends. SUBMISSIONS Bilbo shows us that courage and loyalty prosaic selves, but are actually...all sorts Regular submissions may be no longer than of fantastic creatures who've chosen to are buried in the heart of every coward. 600 words and should be submitted to When the dwarves first meet Bilbo they tell hide there real shape for one reason or Lady Anastasia via PM on the forum. the wizard, Gandalf, “He looks more like a another?" -The Shadow of the Bear grocer than a burglar to us." They mutter Fiction submissions may be no longer than darkly about how he will not be any help 1000 words and should be submitted to At my school there is a girl who looks so on their journey to the lonely mountain; McKay via PM on the forum. like an elf, I almost expect that if I look at they expect him to be a hindrance. On the her ears, they will be pointed. She is short, contrary, if they hadn’t brought Bilbo Advertisements should be submitted to has big grey eyes, and her nose is slightly along, then they would have never made Lantalamiste via PM on the forum. bent and upturned, and she has a wide anywhere near the Lonely Mountain. Though never underestimating anyone is mouth. (These column statements are all All submissions may be edited at the true, I kid you not!) an obvious lesson to be learned from this discretion of the Editor with no prior book, in my humble opinion, the most notification to the author. poignant warning in this book comes in form of the dwarves’ greed. They are willing to do anything, no matter how great Questions? Comments? Letters to the the harm that may come to others, to Shakespeare and Writing! Editor? acquire and protect their treasure. The Was Shakespeare a Catholic? PM Elenatintil on the forum or send an e- dwarves were willing to sacrifice Bilbo’s NaNoWriMo! mail to, life just for gold and silver. In his turn, How to Write Tolkien's Elvish! subject heading “Letter to the Editor.” Bilbo was swayed by greed, for as the dwarves reveled in their regained treasure, ...and more! Bilbo pocketed Thorin’s most prized possession, the Arkenstone. When he

Ink and Fairydust

A Look at “The Hobbit”

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Ink and Fairydust, October 1st, 2009  

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