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Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

A Reflection on the March for Life by Lady Rose The evening of the March for Life, after the crowds had all dispersed, the sun had set and we had all eaten our dinner, the "Awesome Group" (my group) went on a tour of some of the many monuments of Washington D.C. The first one we stopped at was the Lincoln Memorial. After I attempted to take some photos, I strolled over to the side of the monument where the immortal Gettysburg Address is engraved in the wall. Leaning up against one of the towering columns, I read the words written so many years ago, soaking it in. I read it as I always have, thinking of the Civil War, when I came to the last paragraph. I gasped slightly and read the words in a way I have never read them before. New meaning leapt out at me and I re-read them again. “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain— that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” I read them again, and felt my eyes well up with tears. That was why we were there, why everyone there that day was in Washington D.C. Why there is a March for

Life. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us. That we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain President Lincoln was speaking about the soldiers, but in a way, he could have been speaking about the unborn. Those children gave their lives, maybe without a choice, but they gave them anyhow.

the great task remaining before us - that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain! We must continue the fight, those of us who were given the chance to be born, to grow up, to live our lives for the honor and glory of God. It is my hope that all you who read this will read that last paragraph of the Gettysburg Address, and then read it again and again. Then resolve in your heart to fight for the pro-life cause. So that these dead children shall not have died in vain.

November is... By Delaney National Novel Writing Month! (NaNoWriMo) This month, aspiring novelists everywhere are preparing for this literary adventure. The idea is to write a 50,000 word novel (about 175 typewritten pages) in 30 days. The website calls it "an I read somewhere once that everyone was created for a purpose, and that you will experiment in pure output." NaNoWriMo is certainly not the time to give our "Inner not die until that purpose, that mission is fulfilled. It is my belief that the mission of Editors" full reign. Visit and take a look at the the aborted unborn children is to bring FAQ and the extensive forums for details, about the conversion of their mothers, to rules, and advice. If you decide to join in, serve as an example to all those be sure to drop by the discussion we have contemplating abortion and bring about their conversion, so that our nation, and the going in The Scribe's Corner, where you world, might someday realize and repent of can tell us a little about your novel, and groan (or gloat) over its current wordcount. the evil it has been allowing for far too Happy noveling! long. During their short lives, they were part of the Church Militant, they were Are you planning to do NaNoWriMo? Let soldiers too. Now that they are in heaven, they are part of the Church Triumphant, but us know! Send a summary of your they are still fighting with their prayers, so proposed project to Sweeetlilgurlie on the that not another child will have to die in the forum and we'll share it in next month's issue of “Ink and Fairydust!” war against The Enemy. In the words of President Lincoln, It is rather for us to be here dedicated to

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

A Note About Rain By Elenatintil October is a weather-y month. The gray clouds drift in, the wind speeds up, the bright green of summer fades to the golds and browns of autumn and the rain comes rushing down. We here at “Ink and Fairydust” love weather. Especially rainstorms. As a result, you'll see that we've chosen “rain” as our monthly topic. Look for plenty of articles relating to weather, and a series of rain and water related facts by Lantalamiste strewn throughout the issue. We hope that you will take time this fall to soak in the beauty of the world around you. There is glory and majesty in a thunderstorm and a peaceful hush in a gentle shower that rival the beauty of any rose or sunset. Weather is just another part of the glorious world God created, and we rejoice in its ever changing moods. So celebrate with us the artistry of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ – the greatest artist of all. -Editor in Chief

Lanta says: Did you know that.... ....the amount of water held in the atmosphere at any time is sufficient to produce about 2.5cm (1 inch) of rain over the surface of the earth. ....all precipitation starts as ice or snow crystals at cloud level. ....rainfall is classified as light if not more than 0.10 inches per hour, and heavy if more than 0.30 inches per hour. ....raindrops vary in size from 0.02 inch to about .031 inch diameter. ....big, heavy raindrops can fall at speeds up to 22 miles per hour. ....the wettest state in the United States is Louisiana, with annual rainfall of 56 inches. ....Mt. Waialeale in Kauai, Hawaii, has up to 350 rainy days every year. Try this... Forecasting the weather with pine cones: The scales will close when rain is on the way!

Padre Pio wanted to build a hospital. Many people scoffed at him, believing that by Maria it couldn't be done. He made an old building into a hospital; it was not as he Born on May 25th, 1887 and baptized imagined, but it was a hospital nonetheless. Francesco Forgione, Padre Pio lived in Then an earthquake struck. It destroyed the Pietrelcina, Italy. During that time, there hospital. When people heard about this, were many poor families in Italy. Padre they spread the word, and a flood of Pio's family was one of them. St. Pio was a donations started coming in. Padre Pio had sickly child. Many of the boys teased him the hospital built, and named it the "Home because he would rather pray than cause a for the Relief of Suffering." It was ruckus with them. Pio wanted very much to completed in 1956. go to school, but his family could not In 1968, Padre Pio knew that he would afford it. This was a blow to Pio, for he soon die. On September 23rd, with crowds knew from a young age that God wanted outside his door, he did. When he died, his him to become a priest. After working hard stigmata disappeared. Padre Pio was and yielding little, Padre Pio's father canonized on June 16th, 2002. We decided that he would go to America for celebrate his feast day on September 23rd. work and send money back home. With this new income, the Forgione's were able A Prayer for Trust and Confidence in to hire a tutor for Pio. God's Mercy At the age of sixteen, Pio entered a by St. Pio of Pietrelcina Capuchin friary, where he received his name. Padre Pio was ordained a priest on O Lord, August tenth, 1910. In 1911, Padre Pio we ask for a boundless confidence became very sick and was sent to recover and trust in Your divine mercy, in Pietrelcina. His father built him a small and the courage to accept hut where he could rest and pray. It was the crosses and sufferings there that he first noticed the beginning of which bring immense goodness the stigmata, or the wounds of Christ, on to our souls and that of Your Church. his hands. He didn't think anything of it. Help us to love You Padre Pio was drafted when World War with a pure and contrite heart, I broke out, but he was too sick to be of and to humble ourselves beneath Your any help to the army. Padre Pio was moved cross, to Our Lady of Grace Friary in San as we climb the mountain of holiness, Giovanni Rotondo. Once there, it was carrying our cross that leads to heavenly discovered that he had tuberculosis. glory. Eventually, the fresh, clean air healed May we receive You Padre Pio's lungs. The army found him with great faith and love in Holy again, and he was ordered to report for Communion, duty. Padre Pio did not like being in the and allow You to act in us as You desire army, though. There was no decent place to for your greater glory. celebrate mass. Finally, World War I O Jesus, most adorable Heart and ended, and Padre Pio was very happy to fountain of Divine Love, may our prayer return to his friary. find favor before the Divine Majesty of On September 20th, 1918, Padre Pio was Your heavenly Father. praying after mass. Suddenly, the figure of Jesus seemed to come alive! Arrows of light came from Jesus and landed on Padre Pio, then the vision ended. Padre Pio noticed bleeding wounds on his hands, feet, and side. He had received the stigmata! When people found out about this, Padre Pio became very famous. He disliked the attention, though. Many doctors examined his wounds, but no one could explain the phenomenon. A lot of people wanted Padre to hear their confessions, so he spent fifteen hours or more every day in the confessional.

Prayer Spotlight

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Winter of Death By Lantalamiste In a world of reflections, who thinks them a miracle? Few notice. Fewer care. And who looks beneath the miracle to the world touching it, yet ever closed? Do you look now? Amid your dreams, do you peer deep within that mirror and deeper yet into that lowly puddle? If you do, there is hope yet... And if you hear in your dreams my whispers in the dark, there is hope—and salvation. ~~~ Ours is a world of shadows shimmering amid light that filters to the deeps, creating fragmented patterns weaving around us and dancing through the feathery undergrowth. There is always sound, of waves shifting the sand, noiseless whispers of slim figures darting amid the undergrowth in silence. When all is alive with sound, the noiseless sounds of these brings a silent quality. When the world of men is at night, light comes to us and we awake and dance through the waters. But when day comes to man, we sleep, for no sun’s light will scald us with its hatred. All is darkness when night flees, and then do we hide; there is no beauty in darkness, only in light. We never lived in the shadow of the sun, burned and corrupted by it. The first portal between men and us is water, and only moon and starlight can filter through it. Mirrors make the second portal; the only light that can pierce through is candlelight, though we have seen little of that now when men light not their candles. Our light is moonblue, silver, and starwhite, everything tinted in a myriad of hues. Once there was candlegold, too, but now it comes to us so rarely that when we see the first flecks, there is immediate rejoicing, and a great celebration is held— the Festival of Gold. But there has not been one for more than a lifetime... There is peace in the depths; although there is ever constant movement of restless waters, in the perpetuity of their movement is stillness found. And the serenity amid the deep waters cannot be found amid valleys of verdant green where white sheep wander and lambs gambol. Here and there we flit, the waters taking us gently up in their flow, unhindered, unchecked, unnoticed by men—and there in the midst of our freedom does our downfall lie. For our world, though

independent and free of the world of men, unknown to man, is tied irrevocably to the soul of man. When men battle and die, our waters are stormy, and there is no peace for us or them. When men hate to the depths of their souls, then the silver light bleeds like blood, and red rain falls as if from a cloud. And when the world of men approaches its end, consuming itself from inside with its own hatred, then does our world writhe with upheaval from its foundations, for our end is nigh... The world of men is vivid with clashing shades of violent colors. Pools of bloody scarlet swallow up pastels; fierce, alive greens devour gentle grays; muted, subtle colors drown in fathomless oceans of blue. There is little peace, for when peace could be achieved, the ones who claim to strive for it grow dissatisfied with far less. The soul of man knows no repose; it searches always, restless, like the ocean waves, lacking their constancy... The violence of colors is matched by the violence of emotions. Neither man nor woman lives who could not find a secret hatred deep within their souls, giving them cause to kill. Some war; others murder the object of their hatred under the bloody veil of night; others turn their hatred upon themselves, ending their misery in life with self-bloodshed. They who kill not for hatred, kill for greed, doing themselves good at their neighbor’s expense. Those who do not kill the body kill the soul... In Spring of men’s lives, newness awakes amid bleakness, and beauty pokes tentatively through ugliness, but even then does hatred rear its fiery head... the beauty blooms full in Summer, but the searing sun of hatred burns with full strength, wilting beauty. Freshness of heart withers, blistered beneath the burning flame of eternal hate. But Autumn comes, signaling the beginning of the end, when men and nature alike are at their peak. The very trees prepare to die by reaching the height of their beauty, setting forth amid their boughs blazes of gold and red finery. The sun burns colder, but though it seems the fiery blaze of hate nears its end, instead it nears completion, for now it not sears but chills the bone, and heart and soul are encrusted with the finest gleam of ice as the sun of hatred wrecks its final, soulkilling deed—freezing what once burned brightly. But the final freezing comes only in death, and Autumn is only a foretaste of the end, the soul bleeding out its life to be

transformed into ice, growing colder and number with each day’s death... When Winter comes, the soul dies. Now is the Autumn of Man; emotions burnished to crimson while men grow daily colder, and night is longer... Dread deeds done by night are condoned by cold hearts by day, while the sun inside freezes their souls in hatred... Winter’s death approaches them; its footfalls grow louder as each day dies, but men and woman grow only colder. Their hearing dulls; few can hear the signs of their fate. Fewer care, for their souls are numb. ~~~ But at night, when hatred wanes and men sleep, we whisper our thoughts into the mind of men and hope... hope one will remember on waking; hope the ice will crack before the end... hope the sun even now can be vanquished... hope that even now can there be salvation. Can you hear my whispering, frozen soul? Let it cut the ice hatred has wrought in your silent spirit that once sang. For if you hear, there is hope yet...

Lanta says: World's one minute rainfall record: 1.23 inches of rain (Unionville, MD; July 4, 1956) Greatest rainfall in a day: 73.62 inches (Réunion, Indian Ocean; March 15, 1952) Greatest rainfall in a year: 1,041 inches (Assam, India; August 18801881)

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________ of returning it. Can you help me? – FRUSTRATED FUTURE KING DEAR FAIRY GODMOTHER: Despite DEAR FAIRY GODMOTHER: What do the terrible and rude advice you gave last DEAR FRUSTRATED: I do believe I can! you do when you're completely in love time, we have decided to give you another First, I'm so glad the ball was successful— with a guy, and he doesn't return the chance. Our sister is stealing the man of even though it means I no longer have a feelings? I met my prince charming at a our dreams. She hogged him all last night chance with you. I'm sorry you lost your dance last night. We danced most of the —he wouldn't even look at the rest of us. princess. But you're a prince! You have a night together, but I had to rush home— How do we get our sister out of the picture limitless amount of ways to discover who Dad didn't want me staying out late. I left —legally? – JEALOUS BEAUTIES this girl is! I'll give you a couple ideas. The my shoe there because my number is hard way—bring the shoe to every house in written on the inside. He hasn't called. I'm DEAR JEALOUS: You do realize, don't the kingdom and ask the ladies to try it on. disappointed and miss my shoe. What do you, that if you do manage to get rid of The easy way? Check the shoe for contact you suggest? – BROKENHEARTED & your sister, you won't manage to get rid of information. Here's a hint: look at the SHOELESS your problem? All three of you want the inside. A word of caution, Prince Charming guy. Only one can have him. Besides, he —take things slowly. You appear to really DEAR SHOELESS: Okay, let's look at this seems smitten. Taking his girl away won't like this girl. If she feels the same, the logically. You met the guy once. I highly change that fact. Find someone new to temptation will be to jump into it. That doubt you're in love already. That being love. Check the asylum. could ruin a potentially beautiful said, I do believe that, if not his heart, ___________________________________ relationship. Wait for God's timing in every you've captured his eye. If you wrote your step. If it's meant to be, He'll make it number on the inside of the shoe he DEAR FAIRY GODMOTHER: I took happen—perfectly. probably hasn't seen it yet—he's a guy, your advice and held a dance. The good ___________________________________ after all. When he does, I suggest you get news is, I met a young lady who is to know him a bit more as a friend. You charming, beautiful, witty, loves God, and Pricked your finger on a spinning wheel? seem to have a beautiful (if silly) heart. If is everything I could want. The bad news Pumpkin smashing when you take it for a this prince charming is as wonderful as you is, she left before I could ask for her drive? Evil Prince kidnapped you? Fairy believe, he'll soon see this for himself, and number. All I have is a shoe and no chance Godmother is here to help! Questions may you will be his. If not, God has someone be PM-ed to forum member “Froggy.” better in mind for you. Trust and pray.

Dear Fairy Godmother

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dress up as a Saint for Halloween By Dayandnight Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, used to be celebrated as the eve of the feast of All Saints. Most of us growing up, however, think of a night where people dress up as witches, skeletons, ghosts, and other evil or dead creatures, while their yards are decorated with tombstones and skulls. Some Christians, in reaction to the pagan celebrations, have decided to not do anything at all on Halloween. But why not dress up as a saint for Halloween and celebrate All Hallows’ Eve? Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Saint Patrick For the basic version of Saint Patrick, you will need a plain green robe and some symbol of either a three-leaf clover or a four-leaf clover. This can be cut out of a cardboard box or cereal box and either colored green or covered with green material. Some other symbol(s) associated with Saint Patrick can also be used. For the elaborate version, embellish the edges of the green robe with fancy silver or gold trim. Make it look more like a bishop robe as opposed to a plain robe. Add a crosier by using a stick with an elaborate cross attached to the top. A good way to procure such cross is to craft a hook out of aluminum foil. The hook hooks in a circle and comes upright to a cross. Add a bishop's miter and you are good to go. To make the miter, start out with a headband of cardboard. Construct the two panels and attach them to the cardboard band. Saint Francis of Assisi The basic version uses a brown robe with a piece of white or manila rope tied around the waist. Add any stuffed animal or animal picture to represent Saint Francis's love for God's creation. For the elaborate version, add a Rosary and hang it from the cord. Wear a brown (or black) hoodie under the robe or sew a hood onto the robe. Add a fake beard or removable dark face paint that resembles a beard. A crucifix or other appropriate religious symbol also helps. Blessed Virgin Mary

Wear a blue robe over a white plain skirt. Add a white veil and you have the simple version of this costume. For the advanced costume, wear a blue robe over a white robe and the veil. Add Rosary beads if desired, as the Rosary is often associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Cinderella Complex By Gwendolyn Rose

From the age of two to four, I was obsessed with Cinderella. For a little bit over a year, I would make my mom read the book “Cinderella” to me every night. Often she would pause while reading and I would Saint Maria Goretti finish the sentence. You can imagine how Saint Maria Goretti lived around the start many times she read it to me. Later she told of the twentieth century and chose to die rather than lose her virginity. My suggested me that she would pause on purpose to see Saint Maria costume is a white robe over a what I would do. Fed-up, she said in an red sweatshirt/long sleeved shirt. The white annoyed voice, “I am not reading that story anymore!” represents innocence and purity, and the My obsession with the fairy tale put my red represents martyrdom. Add white silk mom in a very sticky situation. One time flowers and you are good to go. my relatives came down and they were pressuring me to call my biological Dad, These are only some of the Halloween “Daddy.” I wanted to call him by his first Costumes of Saints. For my full list of name Erik. “Ella, this is Daddy,” they Halloween Costumes, visit my article at insisted. The pressure got to me. I stomped my little foot and answered, “No, he’s Erik. ._of.html?cat=46 He’s not my Daddy, my Mama is gonna marry a prince; and he’ll be my Daddy!” I remember this incident well because we have it on videotape. In the background of the video, you can hear my Mom saying, “I didn’t put her up to this!” Mama later tried to explain that it was because I was reading “Cinderella” and I thought my mama should marry a prince. This incident left Erik with a funny look on his face, which seemed to say, “I’m being dissed,” and my Grandma Eileen (his mother) in tears. To this day, I feel odd calling him “Dad” because he just doesn’t feel like my dad. Another thing that came out of reading Cinderella was that at the age of twoyears-old I would ask my Mom to let me help wash dishes—which I called the “dichers”. I wanted to pretend that I was Cinderella—especially because Cinderella’s real name was Ella. I would tell Mama to yell at me as if she were Cinderella’s evil stepmother. My mom was afraid that someone would drive up and hear her yelling at me. Nevertheless, her soft yells were not sufficient for me. I would say: “Meaner! Louder, Mompy!” (I had many pet names for my mama and “Mompy” was one of them). My mother still likes it when I “play” Cinderella and wash the dishes. She always said that even at a very young age I was good at cleaning the kitchen. Unfortunately, this gift has come back to haunt me in these five dreaded words: “Please wash the dishes, Ella.”

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Poetry Contest Winners!

It seems so strange, in ways arcane, To be so clean from falling rain.

1st Place

My heart is knit, my soul is found My wand’ring mind has come to ground I know my path; the storm has gone The sun shines out as if at dawn Birds around me all take to wing Their joyful song begins to ring. So peaceful now that darkened stain, Was washed away by falling rain.

“Waters of Grace” By Matthew Bowman The day grows dim as clouds roll in The wind picks up as storms begin The sky is split with lightning’s flash The air is filled with thund’rous crash The sun has hid behind the front The dull-gray clouds seem on the hunt. And growing on the windowpane, Comes now the sound of falling rain.

I softly smile at their reply To reappearance of blue sky No more alone, I turn for home, I know my way and shall not roam. My heart is still as I look out For someone cares about my life, My mind is plagued with thoughts of doubt Who’s ever there in mirth and strife. Betrayed inside and torn in two And I return, in no more pain, My soul adrift from all it knew My wounds were healed by falling rain. I feel confused, and so alone As though completely on my own. ___________________________________ And with these thoughts I can’t explain, 2nd Place I sit and watch the falling rain “In God's Faerie Garden” Although the storm may wail and rage The sounds of rain serves to assuage My grief and pain seems to retreat Replaced by thoughts of peace so sweet I set aside my strife and care And contemplate that wat’ry aire. You cannot make a fine champagne That might compare with falling rain And with that sound within my ear My clouded mind begins to clear I stand and walk to my front door The sound outside seems to implore I take no coat nor hat once there To hide myself, I give no care. I leave behind my world’s mundane And step into the falling rain. The storm seems less once I’m outside The rage, once strong, seems to subside Though quickly soaked, I do not mind; I left those petty cares behind Instead embrace the sound and feel As though it were the true ideal. And as I walk along the lane, My thoughts are soothed by falling rain. I lift my face without a fear I wash myself in waters clear So light and pure, with hidden force I raise my arms to meet the source Cool, fresh water on my face Seems to carry hidden grace.

By Lantalamiste I saw the forest come alive Each tow’ring tree a-breathing And the steady pulse of raindrops was The forest’s heart a-beating. Each lowly plant was all a-quiver With falling drops of water As though God watered now His earth, His broken, thirsting daughter. And with each drop, each raindrop’s fall A broken dream’s made whole And at each leaf’s receiving tremor A fairytale’s brought low— —from ‘magination’s soaring heights To earthly reach to feel For those who seek to find and see A glimpse of Heav’n made real. And now, though thornbush blocks my path And my way is lost for lack of light I slip into a trance-like dream Rememb’ring a vision green and bright Of peaceful forest breathing rain With shafts of green light through the leaves A faerie portal, a heavn’ly thing That leaves my soul etern’lly free.

3rd Place “The Midnight Rain” By Lillian Glittering silver spears of light Falling from the pitch-black night To shatter on my window's pane As inside I watch the midnight rain Every droplet like a knife Dies itself to bring new life Some plants live, though some still die While inside, I watch still warm and dry Perhaps I ought to be in bed Rest my body, rest my head But hearing this fall of fairy dust Watch every drop I know I must Midnight rain from end to start Calls to the magic in my heart And answer to its call I will My arms upon the window sill So silver spears and velvet night Watch with me til morning's light But only when the last drop fell Could I be free from this fairy spell ___________________________________

Honorable Mention By Lantalamiste Sun-dappled leaves, rainstruck leaves Fill a forest seeped with woe Clear rays of sun, droplets of rain Sunlight only masks the sorrow. Moonlit the clearing, bathed in silver Glist'ning beams drive only deeper Her sighs of sorrow, tears that fill her Moonlight masks another weeper. Dark is the night, without and within her Shadows taunt her, mock her tears Darkness surrounds her with empty allure But raindrops warn her of her fears. Starlit, the raindrops fill her void Stars replace the dark and pain Rainfall bathes her till filled with joy She dances in the rain. Poems judged by Lady Rose, Lady Adonnenial, Elenatintil and (partially) Lantalamiste.

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ It is this: God created each of these things and they are a reflection of Himself. In beauty we encounter our Creator in subtle and mysterious ways. Sometimes it By Jo March is soft and gentle beauty – like Moonlight Sonata or a spider’s web. Other times it is “Poetry so fine was like a harp being powerful and magnificent – like a huge stroked by a dozing musician with a waterfall or the night sky. Either way, this careless beauty that made her insides subtle encounter with God is so attractive ache.” ~ Waking Rose to our human nature that we need it – beauty – just as we need food, water, or Today I was playing Beethoven’s oxygen. Moonlight Sonata on the piano. Though I However, if we try to love beauty, in was playing it very, very poorly, as I am whatever form – music, architecture, nature only learning it, something about it – its – without realizing this, we are missing the beauty and mystery – satisfied something point, skimming the surface. The Reality deep within my soul. It was like drinking a and Truth behind beauty is the end and cold glass of water, or dancing in the beauty is only the means of discovering summer rain. I made the statement that “It that end. As with anything, to love the filled a hole in my soul nothing can fill.” means only and miss the end entirely is so Well, my sister thought that a bit odd (and great a loss. It is like being content with of course said so). But the more I thought looking at the ocean from the shore; we about it, the more I realized it was true. would never discover the wonders and This piece is truly beautiful. It can fill mysteries lying just below. our souls, just like any other beautiful thing Also, if we seek beauty only for itself, – sunsets, roses, European cathedrals, or we can never have enough. We are greedy, babies. Why does beauty satisfy us so? always wanting more and more. When we What is it in beauty that causes us to sigh recognize God as the everlasting Source of and revel in its loveliness? beauty – in fact, He is Beauty itself – we

The Source and Summit of Beauty

can appreciate it as it comes, enjoy it in the moment because we know that It is inexhaustible and eternal. Ad majorem Dei gloriam! “But the image was a lasting one, and he tucked it away in his store of memory as an unusual glint of light from the Kingdom Heaven, God’s odd reflection.” ~Black as Night “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” ~ Saint Augustine “And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good.” ~ Genesis 1:31 “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” ~ Psalm 19:1 “Life exists for the love of music or beautiful things.” ~ G.K. Chesterton “Beauty is just as useful as the useful, perhaps more so.” ~ Les Miserables

Photography Contest Winners! Monthly Theme: Rain and Water Monthly Judge: Lady Carmie Monthly Winner: Katerina

Second Place: Robyn Honorable Mention: Elenatintil (not pictured)

The November theme will be “Shakespeare and Writing.” Submit photos with interesting views of Shakespeare or writing related subjects to Lady Carmie on the Forum, via PM.

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ each other. Apply a small dot of glue or clear fingernail polish. By Nenetta Always remember simplicity. Although the designs may be full of intricate details, Have you ever watched The Lord of the the overall effect should be flowing, free, Rings or another fantasy movie, and longed and simple. for the beautiful jewelry? Have you ever Here are a few ideas to get you started: despised the fact that replicas cost upwards of $50? Deplore no longer! You can make Rings. These rings sweep around the your own Elvish jewelry for only a few finger in a delicate swirl. The fact that the dollars! ends are not connected allows them to To begin, you must have the right adjust to any size finger. supplies: floral wire, 20 gauge craft wire, needle nose pliers, tweezers, wire cutters (or an old pair of scissors), and beads. All of these should be available at your local craft store. Use the floral wire to test your designs and for the more intricate details. The craft Ear cuffs. This unique design hooks onto wire is used for your final project. Needle the ear. To wear it, slide the hooks over nose pliers and tweezers allow you to get a the earlobe and ease into place. It can be better grip on the wire. adjusted to any size ear. To create large loops of wire, rub the inside of your thumb along the wire, Circlets and crowns. forcing it into a curve. To make swirls, hold the end of the wire in the pliers and twist them. Use your fingers to make the swirl lie flat. If you want to attach two ends of wire together, twist them tightly around

How to make Elvish Jewelry

Book Review By Lady Rafka Jane Austen's “Persuasion” Anne Elliot is unhappy. Not miserable because, although others in her circumstance would be, it’s simply not in her nature to make a bad situation worse. She is content in her mirthless state, despite being reminded frequently by her looksobsessed father that at twenty-seven she has completely lost her bloom; as consequence of the latter, all possible favoritism is directed at her younger, much prettier sister Elizabeth, but Anne is prepared in the event that no change will come to her rescue. Change does come, though, in the form of her father’s bankruptcy. Enter Admiral Croft and his wife, willing renters of the Elliot manor while Sir Elliot and Elizabeth relocate to a less expensive place in Bath; they leave Anne behind to tend to her other, perpetually ill sister Mary.

Her new situation is a bit happier, until Mrs. Croft’s brother, a Captain Wentworth, comes to visit; the same Captain Wentworth whose proposal Anne was persuaded, despite being in love with him, to refuse years before. He has returned, looking for a wife who will not be so easily “persuaded”. Thus Anne Elliot finally becomes miserable. Life has other ideas for the heroine, though. To any of the readers here in the least way familiar with Jane Austen, it would hardly be a spoiler to state that the story ends with Anne and Captain Wentworth finding their way back to each other. How they do so does require some conversion for both parties, but chiefly it comes down to the basic idea of persuasion and being persuaded. Because two of the three main male characters are seamen, discussions of the sea and its effects on those who live on it are brought up again and again. The sealife, according to Sir Elliot, “cuts up a man’s youth and vigour most horribly; a sailor grows old sooner than any other man.” (pp.13, Dover-Thrift Editions) Life

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on the sea requires many sacrifices, including one’s looks, and because of them they make the men who go out to sea stronger than they were before. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the purpose in mentioning the sea is not as a thing in itself, but as a metaphor; a quicker and harsher simile of life in general, on land or no. Life forces sacrifices on those who truly live, oblivious to rank, status, etc., and thus it is our choice to become virtuous and stronger because of it, or sink.

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Regina Watch! “Notable events in the life of Author Regina Doman” By Lantalamiste This month, we bring you an interview with your favorite author!

BTW I have ideas for a middle book featuring Debbie's viewpoint where Paul and Rachel would be characters, but I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to do it. I have a fairy tale, but I need a plot that makes sense and fits with the tale. It would be another fun, summery book like Alex, and I promise to tell the fans more about it if I get some clearer ideas.

You’ve finished the first draft of “Alex O’Donnell & the 40 Cyberthieves” and are And what about Blanche and Bear? Have on to editing...when’s the soonest we can they faded out of the FTN books entirely? hope to read it by? Regina: Summer 2010 is what I'm shooting for: pray for me! Will you release an excerpt just for forum fans like you did with Midnight Dancers before it was published? Regina: I probably will figure out some way of doing that for the forum. Right now the opening chapter is being redone (just as it was constantly with MD!) so I don't think I can release anything until that's revised. So, you’ve said Alex and Katari will be the main characters, but will Fish and Rose come in at all? Or Blanche and Bear? Or Paul and Rachel? Regina: Nope. Right now, it's just a very small, personal story about Alex and Kat and Alex's family and the relationships among all of them. I think a story would need to be 'bigger' (like Waking Rose) in order for me to pull other outside characters into it.

The theme of this month’s newspaper is rain... how do you feel about rain? Regina: Makes me want to make tea, sit by the window with a good book, and curl up to read and watch the patterns on the windowsill. Thank you for the interview, Regina!

Regina: Not at all. I do have half a book where they both play parts, but I have no idea how to end it. Perhaps after "Rumplestilskin," I'll look at that one again. When you’ve finished “Alex O’Donnell & the 40 Cyberthieves”, which book are you planning on working on next? Regina: Probably Rumplestilskin will be the next FTN, but there's actually a new series I'm contemplating starting, which I am actually writing now. It's a much broader scope, it requires much, much more research, and will make me go back on my public statement that I will never write a fantasy. More on that as it starts to transpire. I'm trying to keep it rather Top Secret now...

Movie Review: “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything!” By Miss Kathleen

The movie starts when the main characters, George (Pa Grape), Elliot (Larry the cucumber) and Sedgwick (Mr. Lunt), get fired from their job and find the help Regina: Do you have to call it that? seeker. They are transported back to the Probably, but we have to work it out so it high seas in the 1700’s. They then help the Speaking of Paul and Rachel, will we get doesn't coincide with the Catholic princess to go find her brother who was another book about them? Marketing Network/Catholic Writer's captured by their uncle Robert. During the Conference, which I've already been tapped course of the movie George, Elliott, and Regina: I was actually just kicking around to speak at for next year. That's also in Sedgwick learn what it means to be heroes, ideas about West of the Moon, as I'm August, so we will probably do the event because in the beginning of the movie calling their final book. There's a lot I either in July or October - Andrew's the Elliott is scared of every thing, Sedgwick is really like about the draft of that book, but schedule man. We'll figure something out. lazy, and George does what Elliot and a lot that needs to be changed. I had an idea Sedgwick tell him to, and his kids don’t on how to completely restructure the entire Were you in a household when you went to look up to him. In the end they rescue the thing, but it would take research, and work! Steubenville? princess and her brother, and go back to the But that would be a 'big' book, a sort of present. finale, and I think you can expect to see Regina: Yes, I was in Israel's Hope, which Fish and Alex at least making an died a few years after I left. It was an appearance. awesome household and I keep hoping someone will resurrect it. Nah... Is it too early to ask when next year’s ReginaCon will be? August again?

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ when I saw that it was full of people, stood looking at the bread in the display case, By Lady Blanche Rose Now it’s all coming back to me. and then, quick as thought, picked up a loaf and hid it deep in the folds of my cloak. I PROLOGUE *** thought that I had moved the other loaves As I sit here reflecting on my life, it seems enough to cover the absence of the missing almost too fantastical to be true. I’m not “Where is she? The little thief!” one, but apparently I hadn’t. I sighed. I sure if you will believe it. I’m not sure if I truly hated this life of thievery. I was so even believe it…too much of it seems like I sat up with a start, wrapping my cloak small for my age that no one would hire me some strange dream. But if it never really closely around myself, and then became without many complicated questions that I happened, how would I be here now, very still. I scarcely dared to breathe, for felt sure would lead to me being sent to an sitting on the cool green grass, hearing the fear the loud voices outside would discover orphanage. I had a strong dread of being cheerful voices I love? my hiding place. Automatically I reached sent there. I had heard only terrible things out my hand, pulling my small bag closer about them from the few other children I It couldn’t have happened. It would be to myself to prepare for a hasty flight. met who were drifters like myself. A few impossible of them had spent brief stints in The loud shrill voice of the baker’s wife orphanages, and told of the meager food; How did I come through so much, and, shattered the frosty air. “She was here last the cruelty of the “heads”; the people who moreover, why did I? night, I tell you!” she cried. “Look, a whole came to look for “help”, when in reality all new loaf of bread is missing!” they wanted was a slave. No, I could not let So that is why I am sitting here, pen in myself be caught. hand, recounting the events of my life up to I bit my lip, feeling the remainder of the this time. I want to understand these events loaf in the bag under my hand. Stealing I heard the voices outside. “These must be as much as I am able, to fully believe what was one part of my life that I had never her footprints,” said the policeman in his happened, to be thankful with my whole quite reconciled myself to, but it seemed to deep voice. I had seen him around and heart. me that there was no other way to live. naturally hid from him, but I felt he was probably quite a nice man in reality. I My dear reader, I am about to open up my Footsteps squeaked and crunched in the couldn’t be as complimentary about the soul to you. Try to understand my life; that snow just on the other side of the wall, baker’s wife, however. Shrewish and mean is what I myself am trying to do. Laugh, inches from me. I guessed that it was the was her small, pinched face, shrill and and smile, and cry, and feel my gratitude baker’s wife accompanied by a policeman, complaining her voice. being poured out. judging from the heavier, more ponderous sound of his footfalls. A feeling of panic “I’m sure they are!” she exclaimed now. So here I sit. I close my eyes and feel the gripped my heart as I realized they were “Hiding in our shed just because it’s warm, warm sunlight on my eyelids, the soft, wild paused right outside the door of the little like the little parasite she is!” breeze tugging at my hair. I smell the fresh shed that was my shelter. What would they scent of the grass, the cool, mysterious do? Would they send me to jail? Would “Now, now, it’s the coldest day of the year! smell of the stream at my feet, and the they put me in an orphanage when they Surely you wouldn’t begrudge a poor child sharp, piercing odor of decaying leaves. I found out I had absolutely no family, not a place to sleep?” said the policeman can hear the birds singing in the tree above even an aunt or uncle or a distant cousin? reasonably. I wouldn’t be surprised if she me, the stream softly murmuring as it slips The terror of the unknown made me would begrudge it, I thought. past, a distant dog barking, beloved voices desperate to hide. laughing and calling…and something else “Well, not in my shed! This girl is nothing – a voice deep inside. I looked around the small room frantically. but trouble. I’ve seen her around, up to no The only exit I could see was the small good.” So I listen. door I had entered by, and the baker’s wife __________________________________ and the policeman were standing right “She should be in a Home,” said the there. I silently stood up and began to run policeman firmly. “The streets are no place CHAPTER ONE my hands along the walls. There had to be for a girl.” a crevice, a loose brick, something! Voices. And I agree with you with all my heart! I The brick wall was cool under my hand. thought fervently. I would like to be in a Not the accents of beloved friends that is The night before, when I had sought refuge home, just not the kind you are referring to. music to the ears, but harsh, confusing, in this little shed, it had been warm from I must find a way out of here! babbling voices. I can hear them deep the ovens in the bakery next door. I had within my heart, and they will never go slipped in to the bakery around dinnertime

A Work of Fiction


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OPERATION LIBRARY! Forum Family Fantasies By The Editor All right, friends! We are all of us fans of Regina Doman and there's nothing we like better than getting other people involved in the fun as well. So I'm issuing a challenge! I challenge each of you to go to your local library sometime before October 31st and fill out a request form for each of Regina's four Fairy-Tale Novels. Some of you will even be able to do it online at your library system websites - I was. It took me less than five minutes per book to track down the info and type it in and I'm going to make it even easier for you! There will be a small form to fill out, for which you will need the following information: Title: The Shadow of the Bear Author: Regina Doman Publisher: Chesterton Press ISBN: 0981931804 Price: $17.00 Format: Book Title: Black as Night Author: Regina Doman Publisher: Chesterton Press ISBN: 0981931820 Price: $18.00 Format: Book Title: Waking Rose Author: Regina Doman Publisher: Chesterton Press ISBN: 0981931847 Price: $20.00 Format: Book Title: The Midnight Dancers Author: Regina Doman Publisher: Chesterton Press ISBN: 0981931863 Price: $17.00 Format: Book

“The latest adventures of our online family” By Lady Rose Rivendell – We have heard from a reliable witness that Annette nearly became a vampire just this month past! In an effort to save Annette from becoming vampirized Elena, Theodred, Rose, Josh and many othes made haste to Dracula’s castle to find a cure. We are told one was found and that Dracula was killed in the process. On top of all that, Elena and Delaney discovered that they have become werewolves. Angmar – The residents of Angmar recently saw a visit from Liz, Riley, Emmy… and Murtagh. We regret to report that Murtagh – who was decidedly NOT himself – sent Emmy to another world, from which she shall never return. We were also told that Lanta temporarily lost her mind (it has found her body again, never fear), and that a mysterious young girl named Bailey has arrived. Cullen Manor – We have been informed that the Blythe family has been normal lately. Ana Blythe and some of her daughters were kidnapped and held for ransom; which all turned out to be a case of mistaking Ana for Princess Anastasia. The affair ended well and all are back home. Bayport – We are delighted to report that Joe may have finally found a cure for his cancer. However, we are not delighted to report that it is terribly risky and may end up killing or damaging him permanently. We would like to extend our congratulations to Ella and Joe, who are expecting another child; Liz and Riley, who were finally married September 19th; and to Katalia and Frank and Rosa and Robert on the birth of their children!

And if you're really ambitious, send off an e-mail with this info to any of your friends Clare’s Headquarters – who are also fans of our favorite authoress! We are deliriously overjoyed to announce -Elenatintil, Editor-in-Chief that Alex has returned!

Wind in the Willows – We are informed that McKay and Rosemary are still kidnapped, Fluffy is still with her deranged grandfather, Hadassah

has been rescued, Carpe has returned and Rosebud was stabbed by a Morgul blade and has not yet recovered. The last we heard, Q and Carson Drew were in the capitol of an alternate universe and are trying to find Katerigirl. Cair Paravel – An eyewitness reported to us that Michael and Josh both nearly died – Michael of an unknown poison and Josh by Dracula’s poisoned sword blade. We are glad to report that Josh is on the mend, but are sorry to say that we suspect the poison did something to Michael, who has locked Jo in prison on the grounds of trying to assassinate him! On a happier note, we have been told that Rose and Jo are both expecting! Green Gables – The identity of Katerina’s mysterious stranger is finally revealed! We have been told that his name is Adam Wayne of Notting Hill.

SOTB Production Update By Elenatintil I met with Hannah and Sharayah to discuss the fall filming schedule this weekend. We were able to pinpoint a number of days that should work for filming, much to my delight, since both of the girls are once again engaging in theatrical performances (“Little Shop of Horrors” and “A Christmas Carol”). This fall we will begin work on the school sequences, as well as smaller scenes such as the girl's bedroom and the thrift shop. We are still looking for a church to use for the interior scenes in St. Lawerances. If you have contacts with a church in Mpls/St. Paul, please contact us.

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On the Dangers of Making Assumptions By Lady Rose (Editor's Note: Our adventures on our family threads are widespread, ranging from werewolves in Old London to Empire/Nazi alliances in alternative universes. Yet what makes our stories so real is that we find ways to dramatize even the simplest aspects of life. Lady Rose, in a clever effort to raise questions about certain circumstances, wrote a hilarious lecture to her daughters that I asked her to submit to the newspaper for everyone's enjoyment. So happy reading – and remember, appearances aren't always what they seem!

person is eager about what they are about to hear.

followed, they found him again, caught him and beheaded him. So we can therefore see how making Point 3 = assumptions can lead to death. Okay, so how often are positive test results I hope you have now all seen how a good thing? Positive tests always mean making assumptions is very often not a you have something, and that's only a good good or wise idea, as well as how you thing if you have a baby. But honestly, really have no reason to think that Rose is after 17 kids (though some of them were pregnant. I shall now step down from my adopted), don't you think Rose would know soapbox and let you continue on with... if she is pregnant without needing a test? whatever it was that we were doing. Point 4 = Rose: Thank you, doctor.

Now note here that Rose only says "Thank you," which is the natural polite response -Elenatintil) for any feedback someone gives you, whether it be good or bad. Now if Rose had said "Thank you doctor *beams*", or Since my daughters have been making "Thank you doctor *looks disturbed,*" you assumptions right and left around here, I could assume more. But all she said was thought this 'twould be a good time to zap "Thank you," which is, as I said, the natural into my motherly teaching role and point and polite thing to say. out how making assumptions can be Now, moving onto the dangers of dangerous. making assumptions. So you are all assuming that Rose is going to have a baby. I shall start out with Point 1 = From personal experience. examining what I have said so far that has Once I tried out for the role of Saint John led you to assume so, and conclude with the Apostle, for a production that my examples of when making assumptions led theater troupe/girls club was going to be to disastrous results. performing. I must have done pretty well, because a lot of the girls told me afterward Point 1 = Rose was dizzy. up until we got the results "You did so Well, that perhaps was not a good choice good! I'm sure you'll get the part." That led of adjectives, but I did sufficiently explain me to assume that I probably would get the why Rose was dizzy with "I wonder how part. So when I found out that I didn't get long it's been since I've slept?" I don't the part, quite naturally I was crushed for know about you, but I tend to be a bit dizzy about a week or so, before I was finally myself when I haven't had much sleep, able to accept it and move on. been stressed out and have not been eating So we can therefore see how making properly. Due to Josh and Michael both assumptions can lead to disappointment. being very sick, I should think it obvious that Rose has not done much sleeping, Point 2 = hypothetical situation relaxing or eating since she is a mom and Let us say, that there is a person who is mom's just don't do those sorts of things. escaping from some place, say a castle. The person uses every ounce of his wits Point 2 = and thinking skills to outwit his pursuers until at last he hasn't seen hide nor hair of Doctor: Thank you. *as he them for several days. He continues on in leaves* I just remembered, cautiousness, until at last, he assumes that the test you asked for the he is safe and is no longer being followed. other day. This causes him to become less careful as Rose: *looks up quickly* he otherwise would have been, and ultimately lands him back in the castle because he was still being followed. The This is a minor point, but 'looking up pursuers had lost the trail, but due to the quickly' doesn't necessarily mean the escapee assuming he was not being

(A few days later...) Now my darling children, by your responses both online and off, I feel it is time for a lecture. Don't fear: this one shall be much shorter. *clears throat* Brief Lecture on Paying Attention It has come to my attention, dearest children and niece (Yaviel), that none of you must be very good at paying attention. For shame! Didn't your mother ever teach you critical reading? (Don't answer that question.) Now, if you had been paying attention - or if I had been a little less brilliant - (Ignore that part) you might have noticed that never once did I ever, anywhere say that Rose was not pregnant. Not once! Did none of you pay attention to the essay on not assuming anything?!? You read it and then assumed that you were wrong!!! (Never mind, though, that was what you were supposed to do!) All I did was point out that you had no proof for assuming. Now that my lecture is over, I shall extend my sincerest sympathies to you, for having to put up with a mother such as myself, and can only say that I'm glad that I'm not you and don't have to put up with myself and my diabolical schemes (because I would go insane). (Second Editor's Note: Just a few days later Rose revealed that her character was, indeed, pregnant. But she certainly led her daughters on a confusing ride before admitting the truth! Bravo, dear sister! -Elenatintil)

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Concerning Waterfalls.... By Lantalamiste Though there are many very tall waterfalls in the world, not all are well-known, many being located in areas so remote that they have only been discovered recently. There might be even taller waterfalls still undiscovered... so if you ever go backpacking through the Amazon, keep an eye out for one. ;)

cascading water can create extra “limbs” of separate tiers. Two are visible from the air, the falls. and when water drops into a large basin, a It was discovered accidentally in the 1930s third plunge emerges. Trees in the surrounding forests reach as tall as 100 by Jimmie Angel, an American aviator. feet. (However, the native people had already known of it.) And... The area surrounding Angel Falls is known for its particular beauty—myriads of ...the highest waterfall in the USA is the flowering plants grow near the plateau, Olo'upena Falls, located in Hawaii on the including orange and yellow lantana, the island Molokai. purple Princess Flower, pink Mimosa, and many varieties of orchids and bromeliads.

Number Two Tugela Falls, South Africa

The Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, but at only 176 feet, there are others even taller. Read on to find out about the three highest waterfalls in the world...

Number One

Surrounded by huge mountains on either side, most pictures of this waterfall are aerial photos. Beginning at the top of Mont Aux Sources, Tugela Falls consists of five separate tiers. Its tallest single drop is 1,350 feet, but the waterfall’s total height is 3,110 feet. It’s a fairly thin waterfall, with a 50 foot width, and an average volume of about 50 cubic feet per second.

Olo'upena Falls is tiered and would likely be classified as a ribbon waterfall because of its extremely thin appearance. The waterfall doesn't have much water running through it, but it makes up for a lack of water with its massive height—at 2,953 feet, it is also the fourth tallest waterfall in the world.

Number Three Three Sisters Falls, Peru

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Angel Falls, Venezuela Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world, plunging down for an astonishing 3,212 feet. Because of the plunge’s tremendous heights, gusts of wind create massive mists and spray around the nearby plateaus, and rains mixing in with the

Advertisements must be submitted to Lantalamiste by the 20th of the month. Reaching about 3,000 feet, the falls are called the Three Sisters because of its three

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*~*Rose*~*'s Reviews Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott has always been one of my preferred books to go back and read again and again. Ever since I received it as a birthday present quite a while back, I have continued to reach for this one not once, not twice, but countless times. Inevitably, I ask myself why it is that I have not lost interest in this classic like I lost interest in so many other stories as I entered the teenage years. I was engrossed in the plot the first time I read the book as a young girl, though I did not fully understand everything in how it symbolized certain traits, such as responsibility, integrity, and courage in the face of hardships. (Seton corrected that fault.) Still, I knew when I closed the cover after the first reading that I had not closed this volume for the last time. Something about the lives of these four girls touched my heart and soul more deeply than anything I had ever encountered in a book. What is immediately noticeable is the size of this charming tale. It is quite long, but I can assure you that it is worth every second of your time. Be sure to take time to really take in the action, the girlish hopes, and the crushed dreams. I am reading this through yet again. As always, the book has an entirely different meaning for me now that I am older. Marmee’s advice on how to make sure that you are either happily married or an old maid was both humorous and bigger than life to me. I am in the midst of a transitional phase in my life, and her gentle yet firm words went straight to my heart, something that had never happened before in all of my previous readings. I am a lot like Meg, the oldest, who likes to be in charge of those who she knows and loves. When I was re-reading the fictional story made up of various significant characters

such as Mr. Brooke, Laurie, Jo, and Fred Vaughn in the chapter entitled Camp Laurence, I noticed that Mr. Brooke’s beginning really showed what he was feeling about one of the March girls at the time. You just have to look deeper to find that deeper meaning beyond the surface meaning. As is true with any work of fiction or nonfiction for that matter, you will be rewarded beyond belief if you only look at words with a focus on the story between the lines, so to speak. In conclusion, this is a very heart-toheart story. Just like real life, it is not composed entirely of laughter and sunshine, romance and joy. It has a very real tragedy and a personal struggle that is resolved only after coming to grief and severe pain. I do not know what else I could say to convince you to read this book, so I leave you with that.

Therefore, this band not only sings about their faith, they live it. Every single day I have seen them in action, they have been a light shining in the darkness of the world. During this retreat, there was an event titled “The Olympics.” This was a memorable occasion, to say the least. I had the opportunity to compete against a team containing members from The Thirsting. They all joined in the fun! Matt, one of the band members who plays the keyboard and piano quite skillfully, was up against me for something that I would never choose to do on a voluntary basis: sumo wrestling. Please understand that this was not by my choice; I was the tallest one in my team who had not gone yet. While Matt is tall and slender (as am I), I discovered right off the bat that he was much stronger than me. (Who would have thought this to be possible?) Seeing as I have no brothers, I had never The Thirsting’s had that much experience with wrestling Companions of the Lamb whatsoever. Inevitably, he won. I did enjoy the match though. Now I can say I wrestled with a Catholic rock band member. Watching them perform, I could just see the passion in their voices, faces, and every gesture. They all loved their Creator and King and it showed plainly. Each song they sang was imbued with feeling, emotion, and above all, spiritual meaning. Each spiritual experience that they chose to enhance with their musical talents was so I honestly cannot say enough good things beautiful. about this CD. It contains wonderful I will never forget the recording session. Catholic rock songs that you can relate to, Daniel Oberreuter, the leader of the band, pray along with, and dance to. Could it get was enjoying himself immensely. I could any better? Maybe, in their next acoustic just tell in his laughing eyes and smiling album, which I will be in! Let me explain. face. After being recorded with the rest of They came to a Catholic retreat that I the youth that attended that retreat, I really attended this last summer. Everything have a new appreciation for what it takes to about this band absolutely amazed me, and make music that others will want to hear, still does. They could have chosen to just again and again. I am very excited for their look down on us and do their job, play the next CD, as my friends and I can be heard music, be in charge of praise and worship in two of the songs, “Companions of the and making the youth excited, and be done Lamb” and “Ocean of Mercy”. with it. However, they did so much more In closing, I will include some lyrics than that! Even though they did not have from one of my favorite songs on this CD, to, they really took the time to connect with “Companions of the Lamb” (this also each person attending. At meal times, they happens to be the title of the song). “I took the time to sit down with everyone think about the road ahead and the pain and really get to know them for who they that awaits us there but I know I will never were. They asked about their passions, fear cause His love will still be here and their goals, their hopes, their fears, and we will be companions of the Lamb…and their dreams. Not only that, but they came we will follow wherever he goes.” to Mass with the retreat every single day.

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Fall weather getting you down? Check out these great ideas!!! From a Kitchen Window By Qiscrazy October brings distinct changes to our outside world. A few flowers have held on through the whole month of September; late bloomers like mums and asters fill the garden with vibrant color. The weather plays an important role in our ability to enjoy nature; crystal clear skies can change to low foaming rainclouds very quickly as the cool arctic wind swoops down from the north. On days with turquoise blue skies there is no limit to the activities you can enjoy in this glorious month; but on days where the sky is perpetually gloomy, finding ways to spend your time becomes increasingly difficult.

the next number. When everyone has done this, they pass their paper to their left. Then everyone answers the second question, and so on. When everyone has finished, place the papers in the middle of the table. Mix them together and hand them out so no one gets the same paper that they had for the fifth question. Going clockwise, have someone ask each person the five questions. They respond with the answers on the paper. You can play for as long as you like. Remember the object of the game is absolute silliness. You’ll need at least three people to play.

In the Kitchen With all the fun you’re going to be having indoors you’re going to find your guests very hungry. You could just order in, Gloomy Day Fun everyone loves pizza, but why not make it If you find yourself at a party that’s plans have been unfortunately gloomed out, there yourself? It doesn’t take long and tastes is a quick and relatively easy way to liven twice as good. Here’s Q’s incredibly up your friends. Grab some paper and give yummy pizza recipe: each person one sheet and a writing utensil. Tell them to write the numbers 1-5, leaving 3 cups flour 1 package yeast enough room for a few sentences in between each number. Inform your friends 1 teaspoon salt that you are playing “How did it all End?” 1 cup warm water The easiest way to not forget what happens 2 tablespoons cooking oil next is to make a “master sheet.” Write out Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. (For two larger pizzas double all the 1-5 on the left hand side of the paper and ingredients.) then write these questions next to the numbers. Combine 1¼ cups flour with yeast and salt. Stir in warm water and oil. Slowly add rest 1 Where were you? of flour. Remove dough and place on 2 Who were you with? floured counter. If it's too sticky add more 3 What did you see? flour until it is easy to knead. 4 What did you do? Let dough sit for ten minutes for thin 5 How did it all end? crust. For thick crust let set for more than Your friends don’t have to write the twenty minutes. question on their paper unless they want to, Separate dough into even halves. Use a answering the question is enough. rolling pin and roll the dough to the size of Have everyone sit in a circle. Announce your oiled cookie sheets, then transfer the what the first question is and set the master dough onto the sheets; spread the dough sheet in the middle of the table for out to the edges of the pan. reference. Then everyone must write Toppings: something—it doesn't matter what—next to 1 jar sauce number one. Keep answers short to keep Mozzarella cheese, shredded the game going. When you have finished writing fold your piece of paper over so that it covers what you have written but not Pour sauce onto dough, spread with spatula. Sprinkle cheese as thin or thick as

you wish – thinner if you’re adding other toppings. After the first layer of cheese add your other toppings. Place the pizzas on the middle oven rack. You really have to watch in the next fifteen minutes. Depending on your oven the pizza will cook slower or faster. It should take approximately twenty minutes. Don't try to judge by the crust—it won't be golden brown. Judge by the cheese, and stick a fork or toothpick into the crust, when it comes out clean your pizza is done. Take the pizza out immediately. The sooner you take it out the better it will taste. Place it on hot pads or a heat resistant surface. Slice the pizza up and serve to your friends! ___________________________________

Robyn's Recipes Homemade Starbucks Mocha Frappachino Ingredients: 2 cups Coffee 3-4 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream 2-3 cups ice cubes-crushed 3 TB chocolate sauce 1/3 cup chocolate chips (or chocolate covered expresso beans) 1 cup Milk 2 TB Hot chocolate mix Add all ingredients to blender and pulse. Serve immediately and enjoy!! Passion Fruit Frozen Bars~by Robyn Ingredients: 1 (or 2-3 cups) fresh Mango-chopped 1 (or 2-3 cups) fresh Pineapple-chopped 2 banannas 1/2 cup of Vanilla Yogurt (or 2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream) 1 orange -zest and chopped 1 lemon -juice and zest Add all ingredients into a blender and liquidify. Consistancy should be soupy and at room temperature. Spread on 9X13 waxed cookie sheet. Freeze for 1-2 hours and cut into squares. Serve right away and enjoy!!!

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ neither. I would like to try this, though. In years past, I have created carved pumpkins with everything from makeshift “braces” (crafted with toothpicks and rubber by *~*Rose*~* bands no less) to earrings. We have now entered that While my taste in pumpkin time of year in which some carving has decidedly been start sighing that it is “that pushed far back from my time of year again” and in thoughts, it is somewhat which others enthusiastically refreshing to write this article start planning for their myriad as all these much-neglected of autumnal happenings and ideas are coming to the forefront of my celebrations. Whether you are of the mind. For instance, what would happen if former or the latter sort (depending on your you created a pumpkin that looked very temperament and outlook on life in much like Saint Joseph with a “staff” and general), there is bound to be some sort of an old-fashioned head covering? Only an activity belonging to this time of year that attempt will tell. Maybe I could try to carve will delight your fancy. Saint Therese of Lisieux out of my While I do enjoy certain Halloween imagination, giving her a veil and a humble festivities, my family tends to focus more smile. The possibilities are truly abundant on the spiritual “All-Hallows Eve,” the in this area. evening before All Saints Day. This being On the other hand, when it comes said, there is perhaps no other person in to dressing up, I have been very this world who more enjoys carving experienced in this area. I have dressed up pumpkins, dressing up, and making as many saints and other things which I do caramel apples than I. Of course, each one not really care to mention here. Let us just of these pastimes can be given a spiritual satisfy ourselves with the thought that they tangent if only a minor effort is given. were not holy characters. Nothing bad did I Imagine the results when this is the focus dress up as, just very secular. Now it is of a party! very enjoyable to poke your head in a Have you ever tried to carve a turtleneck top and pretend that you are a pumpkin with a Catholic idea in mind? Me nun. That is, it surely was for me. I did

Ideas for Halloween, or other Fall Parties

love dressing up as a nun and acting very devout and pious. Well, I should act that way anyhow, but you know how it is. I do try my best. Last All-Hallows Eve, I made a rather feeble attempt at dressing up as a saint. I put on an old frock from days gone by and felt rather elegant with earrings and I put my hair up. When it came time to guess who was what saint, I simply looked in the dictionary of saints and selected a rich female to present. While this effort was lame, I did laugh a good deal during the telling of her story. I suggest that your family adopts this practice. It creates so many wonderful memories. Caramel apples present many fond memories for me. I could not eat them when I had braces, so I believe we made some sort of molasses popcorn instead. Your family could talk about the recent festivities or share Catholic tidbits that someone has heard on Catholic radio, and so forth. Perhaps you could discuss the “sticky” situations confronting the Church, and how you can “bite into” the crunchy solutions. I leave the rest to your creativity and action. May you all have a glorious autumn and Halloween (All-Hallows Eve).

Concerning Fountains... By Lantalamiste

Trevi Fountain—Rome, Italy Construction on the Trevi fountain started in 1732 by Nicola Salvi, and after his death was finished by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. Its theme is Taming of the waters, with Tritons guiding Oceanus' shell chariot, taming seahorses. In the niches flanking Oceanus, Abundance spills water from her urn and Salubrity holds a cup from which a snake drinks.

A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome. Approximately 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day (about $4,411.50). The money has been used to subsidize a supermarket for Rome's needy. However, there are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain.

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ disuse. After World War I, Villa d'Este was purchased for the Italian State and restored, and refurnished with paintings from the storerooms of the Galleria Nazionale in Rome.

Villa d'Este Gardens—Tivoli, Italy Villa d'Este is a 16th century water park, commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este in 1550. In the eighteenth century the villa and its gardens were neglected and the hydraulics fell into

Weather in Film

Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a fine example of Renaissance architecture and the Italian Renaissance garden.

As it would happen, nearly all the films that include active elements of weather are movies that have been adapted from books. "It is going to rain!" There is a conscious difference between "It is not going to rain." someone who is thinking the whole time "You always say that and then it always they're writing "Oh, well they'll just be able does." to see that," to someone who is actively ~ Sense and Sensibility involved in creating a written portrait for their audience. Jane Austen’s landscapes In our day of special effects, green screens have been beautifully captured in recent and synthesized audio it is very easy for us films such as the 2005 version of Pride and to become oblivious to the little details in Prejudice and the 1995 version of Sense our daily lives, especially in the films we and Sensibility. watch. As Hollywood churns out more and While some people dislike these movies more B-rated movies every year it becomes because they do not exactly match word for a real treat when we can sit down and word with Austen and maybe some of the watch something that is simply beautiful. sub-plotlines are missing, I offer this; these In days gone by, weather was used to directors, while not recreating an exact enhance movies to a great extent; Singing replica of the original work have captured in the Rain, The Quiet Man and The Man much more of Austen’s spirit than we give from Snowy River are all wonderful them credit for. The golden sunrises, dark examples of how weather effects the plot brooding clouds and glorious sunshine of and adds to the storyline. Somehow this Pride and Prejudice truly add to the picture everyday occurrence of our lives makes an painted in every scene of this movie. incredible change to a story when it is put The use of day and night was also very on a movie screen. intriguing in this film. The director chose Of late directors shy away from adding to put several important events at either the the element of weather to their films. very beginning of the day or late at night. Unless you're filming an epic trilogy or Having Lady Catherine appear in all her series the weather of films stays about the glory, just as the family was settling in for same as it usually is in California: Sunny the night only helps show how distressed and 72 degrees outside. This is why these she was at the thought of her nephew next few films are so wonderful to see in marrying Elizabeth. the midst of all the cookie cutter movies. Sense and Sensibility is truly a favorite of mine because of the director’s attention to lighting and weather. Every single frame By Qiscrazy Sirius-Bridger

of this movie is lovely; paying close attention to Austen’s detailed account of everyday life, the story is full of amazing scenes. Willoughby would have never met Marianne if there had not been a rain storm and the slippery grass caused her to fall and sprain her ankle. Similarly, after Willoughby leaves without explanation the mood of the film becomes melancholy as everyone is stuck indoors due to several days of rain. Marianne’s sickness is caused by her journey to the top of the Palmer’s hill to look at Willoughby’s house during a downpour. Margaret, the youngest daughter is told to, “Keep her conversation restricted to the weather,” if she cannot think of anything nice to say. Everything works in harmony in this movie because of this attention to weather. Our way of understanding is rooted in our senses; we see a certain setting in a movie or scene, see the surroundings, the trees, structures, but what we connect with the most is the weather. In a small scene used to depict their new life at Barton Cottage, Elinor jumps into bed and snuggles under the covers. Her statement to Marianne of, “your feet are cold”, instantly connects us to her as a character. When Mrs. Jennings becomes impatient with the endless amounts of rain we understand her feelings. While all these things might seem trivial, somehow this author finds it quite marvelous to see a film with real scenes, real places, real situations, rather than a few actors on a sound stage or in front of a green screen again.

Ink and Fairydust October 1st, 2009 Issue 2, Volume I __________________________________________________________________________________________________ discovers that it was Bilbo who took his stone, he tries to strangle Bilbo. by Gwendolyn Rose In the end, Thorin dies because of his greed, but not before repenting. Bilbo also The Hobbit, a fantasy, by J.R.R. Tolkien makes reparation by giving away all the EDITOR IN CHIEF Elenatintil tells the tale of Bilbo Baggins, a rich and treasure he gained on his adventure to his respectable Hobbit from the Shire who friends and family. They both found that goes on an adventure with a company of the only wealth truly worth having is stored COPYEDITOR Delaney dwarves. Bilbo is hired as a burglar to in heaven—earthly wealth only assist the dwarves on their quest to retrieve complicates life. Today great wealth and ADVERTISING EDITOR Lantalamiste their lost treasures from the evil dragon, the need to gain that wealth wreaks havoc Smaug. On their way they encounter many on the lives of many people. Take FICTION EDITOR McKay dangers, and Bilbo finds a magic ring that Hollywood as a prime example; the money makes him invisible. The Hobbit is the often allows them to ruin their lives. When SUBMISSIONS EDITOR Lady Anastasia beginning of Tolkien’s wonderful trilogy, money becomes the focus of your life, you The Lord of the Rings. allow the devil to enter you life. Always When we first meet Bilbo, he is sitting keep God the center of your life and you on his front stoop blowing smoke rings; he will never stray. SENIOR WRITERS seems rather dim-witted and dull. On the Froggy, Jo March, Lady Carmie, Lady When I re-read Tolkien’s books I always Rafka, Lady Rose, Lantalamiste, Maria, contrary, through the course of the book, come away with a greater understanding of Bilbo proves that not only is he clever, but the characters and another message to Naiadgirl, *~*Rose*~*, Qiscrazy he is also a loyal friend. This is shown apply to my own life. This is a sign of a when he risks his life to save his friends, truly great author, one who writes book the dwarves, in the forest of Mirkwood. He that will always be relative. ILLUSTRATOR saves them by using cunning to trick the Nenetta ___________________________________ extremely large, man-eating spiders. Bilbo again demonstrates that he is a steadfast friend, when he frees the dwarves Princesses in Disguise CORRESPONDANTS By Naiadgirl Dayandnight, Delaney, Gwendolyn Rose, from the dungeons of the wood-elves, by packing them into empty apple barrels. In Lady Blanche Rose, Miss Kathleen, "Have you ever felt that there was this instance it would have been very easy Nenetta, Robyn something going on in life that not for Bilbo to abandon them; instead he everyone was aware of?...As though the stays, risking his own life to save his people you meet aren't just their plain, friends. SUBMISSIONS Bilbo shows us that courage and loyalty prosaic selves, but are actually...all sorts Regular submissions may be no longer than of fantastic creatures who've chosen to are buried in the heart of every coward. 600 words and should be submitted to When the dwarves first meet Bilbo they tell hide there real shape for one reason or Lady Anastasia via PM on the forum. the wizard, Gandalf, “He looks more like a another?" -The Shadow of the Bear grocer than a burglar to us." They mutter Fiction submissions may be no longer than darkly about how he will not be any help 1000 words and should be submitted to At my school there is a girl who looks so on their journey to the lonely mountain; McKay via PM on the forum. like an elf, I almost expect that if I look at they expect him to be a hindrance. On the her ears, they will be pointed. She is short, contrary, if they hadn’t brought Bilbo Advertisements should be submitted to has big grey eyes, and her nose is slightly along, then they would have never made Lantalamiste via PM on the forum. bent and upturned, and she has a wide anywhere near the Lonely Mountain. Though never underestimating anyone is mouth. (These column statements are all All submissions may be edited at the true, I kid you not!) an obvious lesson to be learned from this discretion of the Editor with no prior book, in my humble opinion, the most notification to the author. poignant warning in this book comes in form of the dwarves’ greed. They are willing to do anything, no matter how great Questions? Comments? Letters to the the harm that may come to others, to Shakespeare and Writing! Editor? acquire and protect their treasure. The Was Shakespeare a Catholic? PM Elenatintil on the forum or send an e- dwarves were willing to sacrifice Bilbo’s NaNoWriMo! mail to, life just for gold and silver. In his turn, How to Write Tolkien's Elvish! subject heading “Letter to the Editor.” Bilbo was swayed by greed, for as the dwarves reveled in their regained treasure, ...and more! Bilbo pocketed Thorin’s most prized possession, the Arkenstone. When he

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Art, Literature, Fairy-Tales and's all here in this one of a kind publication put out by the members of the Fairy-Tale Novel Foru...

Ink and Fairydust, October 1st, 2009  

Art, Literature, Fairy-Tales and's all here in this one of a kind publication put out by the members of the Fairy-Tale Novel Foru...